------------------------------------------mapa integrante pack com 112 mapas ------------------------------------------pack mapas exclusivos pra counter strike 1.

6, com seus respectivos bots. este pack se usado para counter strike 1.5, nao tera os bots. os mapas contidos neste pack de mapas, foram todos coletados na internet. pack com 112 mapas ----------------------------------------by pirocahp - .:>> f!n4lshare <<:. ----------------------------------------kavern - ka_vern - version .9 (beta) map by exogen (exogen@home.com) textures by mattc a group of terrorists were on the search for powerful crystals of enormous value in a deep cavern. counter-terrorists were sent to stop them, but upon arrival all entrances to the cavern caved in. there is no food. when the two groups meet up, they decide they must turn to cannibalism. now you must kill the opposing group in order to survive.

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