FIRST Semester B.Tech. (Part- time Restructured) Degree Examination OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2011 ( Part-time) (2008 Scheme –Regular, Supplementary and Improvement from 2010 Admissions)

Day Wednesday Friday

Date 19.10.2011 21.10.2011

1.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Engg. Mathematics II (CMETR) Mechanics of Structures (C) Solid State Devices (T) Problem Solving & Programming in ‘C’ (R) Fluid Mechanics I (C) Fluid Mechanics and Machines (M) Hydraulic Machines and Heat Engines (E) Mechanics of Solids (M) Network Analysis and Synthesis (E) Electronic Circuits I (R) Surveying I (C) Solid State Devices and Circuits (E) Electronic Circuits I (T) Digital System Design (R) Engineering Drawing (M) Digital Electronics (T) Building Technology and Drawing (C)

Tuesday Friday Tuesday

25.10.2011 28.10.2011 01.11.2011

1.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. 1.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Thursday Monday

03.11.2011 07.11.2011

1.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. 1.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. 1.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.

third Semester B.Tech. Degree Examination OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2011 (2008 Scheme –Regular, Supplementary and Improvement - also Part-time 2008 & 2009 Admissions) 1.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. Engg. Mathematics II (CMNPHETARUFB) Mechanics of Structures (C) Humanities (MPUE) Mechanics of Machines (N) Solid State Devices (TA) Problem Solving & Programming in ‘C’ (RF) Bio-process Calculations (B) Physical and Analytical Chemistry (H) Fluid Mechanics I (C) Fluid Mechanics & Machines (MPU) Metallurgy and Material Science (N) Hydraulic Machines & Heat Engines (E) Network Analysis (TA) Discrete Structures (RF) Cellular Organismal Biology (B) Process Calculations (H)

Wednesday Friday

19.10.2011 21.10.2011



1.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.


to 5.m.11.2011 03. to 4.m.m.11.m.2011 14.10. to 5.503) 2 .m. Engineering Mathematics IV (CM – 08.303) Concrete Technology (C -08. to12.30 p. to 4. Thursday Monday 10.10.30 a. 9.304) Thermodynamics (M – 08.m. to 5. 1.00 p.00 p.11.30 p.00 p.30 p.11.m.2011 2. Thursday 03.m.m.30 p.m.30 a.m. 1. to 4.30 p.305) Engineering Geology (C .m.00 p.Tech.2011 1.306) Computer Organization (R – 08.30 p.2011 9.00 p. to 5.304) Programming in C++ and Data Structures (T – 08. (Part.11.00 p.m.501) Engineering Mathematics IV (ER -08.m.30 p.08.2011 2.30 p.From 2010 Admissions) Friday Tuesday Friday Tuesday Thursday 21.2011 9.m.m.303) Discrete Structures (R – 08.306) Tuesday 08.time Restructured) Degree Examination OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2011 (2008 Scheme .30 p.30 p.m. Monday 07.503) Computer Organization and Architecture (T -08. 1.502) Structural Analysis –II (C – 08. to 4.m. third Semester B. to12.08.30 p.10.501) Electrical Technology (M – 08.Friday 28.m.m.m.11.30 p. (P) Auto Chassis (U) Solid State Devices & Circuits (E) Electronic Circuits I (T) Functional Electronics (A) Digital System Design (RF) Biochemistry (B) Computer Programming in C++ (H) Engineering Drawing (MPU) Engineering Geology (C) Thermal Engg (N) Electrical Machines – I (E) Digital Electronics (T) Electrical Machines & Drives (A) Computer Organization (RF) Practical Technology (H) Microbiology (B) Building Technology and Drawing (C) Tuesday 01.2011 1.m.502) Advanced Mathematics & Queing Models (R – 08. 2.30 a. Concrete Technology (C) Mechanics of Solids (MPU) Mechanics of Structures (N) Network Analysis and Synthesis (E) Programming in C++ and Data Structures (TA) Electronic Circuits I (RF) Principles of Momentum Transfer (B) Machine Drawing (H) Surveying I (C) Thermodynamics (M) Electrical Machines (N) Mechanical Engg.30 p.2011 28.11.m.30 p. to 4.10. to12.2011 01.30 p.501) Engineering Mathematics IV – Complex Analysis and Linear Algebra (T -08.30 p.302) Network Analysis (T .2011 1.30 p.2011 25. Humanities (ME – 08.Regular .m.306) Electrical Machines – I (E – 08. 1.m.11.m. to 4.

2.m. (B) Monday 21.30 p. Electrical Drawing (E) 3 .m.30 a.2011 1.30 p.504) Industrial Electronics (M – 08.2011 1. I (E) Digital Electronics (TA) Data Base Design (RF) Electrical Technology (H) Chemical Reaction Engg. Transportation Engg.00 p. to12. (N) Automobile Engg.also for Part-time – LAST CHANCE) Wednesday Friday 16.11.30 p. to 4.00 p. Fourth Semester B. Drawing (U) Power System Engg.m.504) Electrical Drives and Control (T – 08.30 p.00 p.m. November 2011 (2003 Scheme – Supplementary only .2011 9. to 4.m.00 p.11.m.30 p.11.m.m.m.Tech Degree Exam.m. Monday 28.30 a.11.11.11. Mechanics of Machines (N) Computer Programming (P) Solid State Devices and Circuits (E) Surveying II (C) Hydraulic Machine (M) Management Science (N) Production Process I (P) Auto Power Plant (U) Digital Electronics & Logic Design (E) Analog Communication (TA) Computer Organization (RF) Organic Chemistry (H) Bio-Process Technology (B) Structural Analysis I (C ) Theory of Machines (MU) Operations Management I (N) Production Drawing (P) Electrical Measurements I (E) Signals and Systems (TA) Object Oriented Techniques (RF) Mechanical Operations (BH) Fluid Mechanics II (C ) Electrical Technology (MU) Electrical Machines (N) Electrical Engg.30 p.30 p. Mathematics III (CMNPHETARUFB) Humanities (CHTARFB) Thermodynamics (MU). to 4.30 p.11.504) Power Electronics (E – 08.506) (F) Monday 28.2011 2.2011 9. (P) Engg.30 p.30 p.m.2011 1.m. to 5.30 p.2011 1.11. Wednesday 30. Engg.30 p.504) Elective I (E – 08.m. I (C – 08.2011 1. to 4.11. Friday 25. Material Science (E) Electronic Circuits II (TA) Data Structures and Programming Methodology (RF) Fluid Flow Operations II (H) Biochemistry II (B) Concrete Technology (C ) Machine Drawing II (M) Thermal Engg. to 5.Monday 21. Wednesday 23.m.2011 18.m. to 4.m.m.m.506) Data Communication (R -08. to12.

2011 9. Wednesday 30.30 p. to12.m.30 p.m.30 a.30 a.2011 9.11.fifth Semester B.11.m.2011 9.m.2011 10.2011 9.m.30 a. Thursday 24.11. Engineering Mathematics IV (CMNPHETARUFB) Structural Analysis II (C ) Thermal Engineering (M) Decision Modeling I (N) Mechanics of Machinery I (P) Automotive Transmission (U) Engineering Electro Magnetics (E) Industrial Management (TABH) Advanced Mathematics and Queing Models (RF) Building Drawing II (C ) Dynamics of Machinery (MU) Work System Design (N) Production Process (P) Electrical Measurements II (E) Linear Integrated Circuits (TA) Operating Systems (RF) Heat Transfer Operations I (H) Bio .30 a. 9.m.30 a.process Engineering (B) Housing Architecture and Planning (C) Metallurgy and Material Science (MNPU) Power Electronics (E) Computer Organization (TA) Systems Programming (RF) Chemical Technology I (H) Molecular Biology and Genetics (B) Geotechnical Engineering I (C ) Manufacturing Process (MN) Applied Electronics (P) Applied Industrial Electronics (U) Electrical Machines II (E) Applied Electromagnetic Theory (T) Microprocessors and Interfacing (RF) Elective I (H) Environmental Biotechnology (B) Elective I (C ) Except Advanced Surveying and GPS Approach Industrial Electronics (M) Mechatronics (N) Machine Tools I (P) Manufacturing Technology (U) Elective I (E) – Except Operation Research (E) Elective I (TA) Computer Hardware Design ( RF) – Common for (R) and Elective I (F) Elective II (H) Elective I (B) Basic Instrumentation (A) Elective I (F) Except Computer Hardware Design Elective I (C) Advanced Surveying and GPS Approach Elective I Operation Research (E) Monday 14. to12.2011 9.m. Monday 21. to12.11.m. to12.m.11.30 a.30 a.m. Monday 28.m.30 p.m.also for Part-time ) Tuesday Thursday 08.30 p.2011 9.Tech Degree Examination November 2011 (2003 Scheme – Supplementary only .30 p.m.30 p.11. to12.m. to12. to12.30 p.11. 4 .

11.m.30 a. Thursday 24.m.11. to12. to12.Tech Degree Examination november 2011 (2008 Scheme – Regular.11.11.30 a. to12.30 a.30 a.m.m. Monday 28.2011 9.30 a.30 a. Improvement and Supplementary also for Part-time 2008 & 2009 Admissions ) Tuesday 08. 5 .m.30 p.2011 9.2011 9.30 p.30 p. to12.2011 9.m.m.m. Monday 14.m.2011 9.11. to12.m. Engineering Mathematics IV (CMPU) Engineering Mathematics IV (ERHBF) Engineering Mathematics IV – Complex Analysis & Linear Algebra (TA) Introduction to Stochastic Models (N) Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures (C ) Electrical Technology (MPU) Operations Research (N) Electronic Instrumentation (E) Digital Signal Processing (TA) Advanced Mathematics and Queing Models (RF) Fluid Flow Operations II (H) Genetic Engineering (B) Structural Analysis II (C ) Theory of Machines (MP) Methods and Systems Design (N) Automotive Transmission (U) Electrical Measurements II (E) Computer Organization & Architecture (TA) Data Base Design (R) Theory of Computation (F) Heat Transfer Operations II (H) Enzyme Engineering and Technology (B) Transportation Engineering-I (C) Industrial Electronics (MP) Auto Electrical & Electronics (U) Precision Engineering (N) Power Electronics (E) Electrical Drives & Control (T) Control System Theory (A) Systems Programming (RF) Industrial Management (H) Principles of Heat Transfer in Bioprocesses (B) Urban Planning and Architecture (C ) Machine Tools (MN) Production Process II (P) Machine Design (U) Electrical Machines II (E) Applied Electromagnetic Theory (T) Power Electronics (A) Microprocessors and Interfacing (R) Operating Systems (F) Mass Transfer Operations I (H) Bioprocess Engineering (B) Elective I (C ) Elective I (MPU) Elective I (N) Elective I (E) Elective I (TA) Object Oriented Design and JAVA Programming ( R) Data Communication (F) Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (H) Thermodynamics of Bioprocesses (B) Thursday 10.2011 9. Monday 21.30 p.fifth Semester B.30 p.30 p.11.m.m. to12.

30 p.m. Wednesday 02.m.10. II (C) Machine Tools (MN) Computer Integrated Manufacturing (P) Auto Electrical / Electronics (U) Electrical Machines III (E) Digital Communication (T) Transducers & Measurement Systems (A) Computer Graphics (R) Heat Transfer Operations II (H) Enzyme Science and Engg.m. I (C) Principles of Management (MPU) Financial Management & Accountancy (N) Power System Engg.m. to 4.10.2011 1. Thermodynamcis (BH) Programming and Numerical Methods (C) Design of Machine Elements I (M) Machine Design (N) Machine Tools II (P) Finite Element Analysis (U) Microprocessors & Application (E) Microprocessors (TA) Computer Communication (RF) Mass Transfer Operations I (BH) Quantity Surveying and Valuation (C) Computer Aided Design (MN) Mechanics of Machinery II (P) Applied Thermal Engg.2011 1.m.m. 6 . II (E) Antenna and Wave Propagation (T) Control System Theory (A) Advanced Microprocessors (R) Elective II (F) Elective III (H) Computer Programming and Numerical Methods (BH) (Common for Chemical – Elective III ) Elective II (C) Elective I (MNPU) (Except –Marketing Management) Elective II (E) Monday 24.m.2011 1.30 p. Monday 31. Reinforced Concrete Structures (C) Heat & Mass Transfer (M) Statistical Quality Control (N) Metrology and Instrumentation (P) Elements of Mechatronics (U) Numerical Techniques & Computer Programming (E) Digital Signal Processing (TA) Chemical Engg.m. to 5. to 4. (B) Transportation Engg.m.30 p. to 4.11.m. Thursday 27.Tech Degree Examination. Friday 04.m.2011 1.10.2011 2.30 p.30 p.30 p.00 p.30 p.30 p.m.sixth Semester B.30 p.10.11. (U) Electronic Instrumentation (E) Industrial Electronics & Instrumentation (T) Power Electronics Systems (A) Theory of Computation (RF) Chemical Technology II (H) Heat Transfer Operations (B) Geotechnical Engg. October/November 2011 (2003 Scheme – Supplementary also for Part-time ) Thursday 20.00 p.30 p.2011 1. to 4. to 4.

11.30 p.30 a.m. Friday 11.2011 11.m.m.11.m.m.30 p. to12.30 a. Water Resource Engg.m.011.00 p.m. to 5.30 p.Tech Degree Examination. & Management (E) VLSI Circuits Design (TA) Computer Networks (RF) Transport Phenomena (BH) Computer Method for Structural Analysis (C) Gas Dynamics (M) Design for Manufacturing (N) Mechatronics (P) Vehicle Maintenance (U) Control Systems (E) Information Theory & Coding (T) Data Communication (A) Algorithm Analysis & Design (R) Mass Transfer Operations II (BH) Design for Machine Elements II (M) Human Aspects of Management (N) Production & Operations Management (P) Heat Transfer (U) Power System Engg. to12.11. to12.00 p.m. to 4.30 p. 7 . II (C) Metrology and Instrumentation (MN) Machine Theory and Design (P) Electronic Communication (E) Control Systems (T) Biomedical Instrumentation (A) Principles of Programming Languages (R) Web Applications Development (F) Downstream Processing (B) Friday 04. to12.m.2011 15.m.30 a. 2.11.2011 1. 1.30 p. I (C) Compiler Design (RF) Internet Technology (F) Elective I (N) Marketing Management Elective I (R) and Elective III (F) Multimedia Systems (Common for both R & F) seventh Semester B.m.m.2011 9. Design of Steel Structures (C) Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (M) System Modeling and Simulation (N) Product Development & Design (P) Machine Design (U) Industrial Engg.Elective II (TA) Elective I (R) (Except Multimedia Systems) Elective III (F) (Except Multimedia Systems) Elective IV (H) Elective II (B) Wednesday Friday Tuesday 09.30 p. to 4. November 2011 (2003 Scheme – Supplementary also for Part-time ) Wednesday p.30 a.2011 9. (T) Process Dynamics & Control (A) Computer Peripherals & Interfacing (R) Software Testing (F) Chemical Reaction Engg.30 p. Wednesday 09.2011 9. III (E) Microwave Engg.m. I (H) Energy Engg.m.2011 9. (B) Transportation Engg.

30 p.2011 9.m. Thursday 27.m. 9. Friday 18. to 1. III (E) Optical Communication (T) Robotics & Industrial Automation (A) Design & Analysis of Algorithms (R) Internet working (F) Geotechnical Engineering II (C ) Gas Dynamics (M) Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems (P) Vehicle Dynamics (U) Quality Engineering (N) Chemical Reaction Engg.2011 9.30 p. (H) Bio-informatics (B) Digital Signal Processing (E) Microwave Engineering (T) Discrete-Time Control Systems (A) Computer Networks (R) Cryptography (F) Monday 24.m.30 a. Design (H) Advanced Structural Analysis (C ) Principles of Management and Decision Modeling (MPU) System Dynamics (N) Downstream Processing (B) Control Systems (E) Industrial Management (TA) Computer Graphics (R) Software Project Management (F) Design of Hydraulic Structures (C) Mechatronics (MPU) Reliability Engineering (N) Chemical Technology II (H) Bio-process Instrumentation (B) Power System Engg.m.30 a. 8 .30 a.30 a.m.also Part-time 2008 Admissions) Friday 20.30 p. Chemical Engg.m.m.10.m. to 1.30 p.30 p. 9. to12.30 p.2011 9.Tech Degree Examination.m.10. Environmental Engineering I (C) Industrial Engineering (MPU) Elective II (N) Elective III (TA) Elective II (R) Elective IV (F) – Except Optical Networks Elective V (H) Elective III (C) Elective II (MPU) Elective III (N) Elective III (E) Elective IV (TA) Elective III (R) Elective V (F) Elective VI (H) Elective III (B) Internetworking (F) Design of Hydraulic Structures (C) Elective IV (F) –Optical Networks seventh Semester B.m. 25.m. Tuesday Friday 22.30 a.30 a.m.30 a. to12.2011 9.Wednesday 16.30 a.2011 9.30 a. 9.2011 9. to12.m.11.30 p. to 1. to 12.m.11.m. to 12.11.30 p.m.m. to 12.2011 9. to 12.10.m.m.30 a.m.30 p. October/November 2011 (2008 Scheme –Regular .11.30 p.

m.m.2011 9.m.m.30 p. Friday 04.30 p.30 p.30 p.2011 9.30 p.m. to 12.11.m.m.30 p.30 a. to 12.Tech Degree Examination.30 a.m. October/November 2011 (2003 Scheme – Supplementary also for Part-time ) Wednesday 19.2011 9. to 12. to12.2011 9.m.10.30 a. 9.m.Monday 31.m.30 a.30 a.2011 9.10. to 12. I (C) Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (M) Theory of Metal Cutting (P) Production Process for Automotive Components (U) Financial Engineering (N) Elective II (H) Elective II (B) Elective III (E) Information Theory & Coding (T) Process Dynamics & Control (A) Elective I (R) Web Applications Development (F) Elective III (C) Design for Machine Elements II (M) Machine Tool Design (P) Modern Automotive Technology (U) Heuristics for Decision Making (N) Elective III (H) Elective III (B) Electrical Drawing (E) Elective III (TA) or (T) or (A) Elective II (R) Elective I (F) Elective III (MPU) Elective III (N) Elective IV (TA) or (T) or (A) Elective II (F) Wednesday 02.10. 9.11.m. Environmental Engg. 9 .30 a. to 1.m. eighth Semester B.m. Design & Drawing of Reinforced Concrete Structures (C) Energy Conservation and Management (M) Theory of Metal Cutting (P) Machine Tools (U) System Dynamics (N) Process Dynamics & Control (BH) Advanced Control Theory (E) Optical Communication (T) Digital Control Systems (A) Internet Technology (R) Enterprise Networking (F) Design & Drawing of Steel Structures (C ) Computer Aided Plant Design (H) Computer Integrated Manufacturing (MN) Operations Research (P) Vehicle Dynamics (U) Electrical Machine Design (E) Radar & Television Engineering (T) Computerized Process Control (A) Computer Architecture & Parallel Processing (R) E – Commerce (F) Bio Informatics (B) Friday 21.30 a.30 p. to1.

m.30 p. Construction Management (C ) Automobile Engineering (M) Elective IV (N) Tool Engineering (P) Advanced I.m.30 a. Monday 07.m. University Buildings. to12.2011 9.11. Tuesday 01. to12.m.Tuesday 25.30 a.2011 CONTROLLER OF EXAMINATIONS 10 .C Engines (U) Electrical System Design (E) Computer Communication (T) Industrial Instrumentation (A) Software Engineering (R) E-Security (F) Chemical Reaction Engineering II (H) Bio-process Plant Design (B) Environmental Engineering II (C ) Machine Tool Design (P) Engine & Driveline Design (U) Digital Signal Processing (E) Satellite & Mobile Communication (T) Optical Instrumentation (A) Distributed Systems (RF) Environmental Engineering (H) Process Instrumentation (B) Elective IV (C ) Elective III (MPU) –Except Environmental Pollution Control Elective V (N) Power Semiconductor Drives (E) Elective V (TA) Elective IV (R) Elective VI (F) Except Client Server Programming Elective V (C ) Elective IV (MPU) – Except Industrial Quality Control Elective VI (N) Elective IV (E) Elective VI (TA) – Except Communication Protocol Elective V (R) Elective VII (F) Elective VIII (H) Elective IV (B) Economics and Management of Chemical Industries (B) (also for Elective VII (H) Material Science (Elective VII (H) Elective III (MPU) – Environmental Pollution Control Elective VI (F) .10. to12.30 a.30 a. to12.m.2011 9.m.30 p.11. Tuesday 15.30 a.m.11.30 p. Thiruvananthapuram 27.m.30 p.2011 9.30 a.m.m.10.11.30 p.m. to12.2011 9.2011 9.30 p.2011 9.m.Client Server Programming Elective IV (MPU) – Industrial Quality Control Elective VI (TA) –Communication Protocol Friday 28. Thursday 03. to12.09.