Standalone application is any application that runs on your computer locally, fo r example: Notepad, Wordpad, Paint, MSN messenger

, Yahoo Messenger etc. are all example of standalone applications. Web Application is an application that you cannot run without a web browser. Web Application also run on WebServers where the web application is actually hosted . You connect to the web application by: 1- Launching your browser 2- Entering the URL to the web application, URL is usually of this format: http: //webserver:port/webapplication 3- Once the correct URL is entered, web application loads in your browser. Examples of web applications are: 1- Hotmail, 2- Yahoo Mail A standalone application runs on a user's machine. It's either launched through the command line or by executing a jar file (just like an executable). When a user is interacting with a web application, the inteface is pure HTML and their requests are purely HTTP driven. HTTP requests are sent to a servlet or e nterprise java bean container. A container is a Java program that runs on a web server. The container manages servlets, java classes, java server pages, etc. Th ese files hold the code that generates the HTTP response (with the HTML).

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