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Published by: Shinsetsu Otsuo on Oct 10, 2011
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Intro to Social Work: Profession Paper

The Choices of a Social Worker

Should single mothers of young children be required to work or should they be entitled to public assistance? In the profession of Social Work we are used to seeing mothers who cannot sufficiently provide for their children as well as themselves. Single mothers of young children should be entitled to both work and receive public assistance. However this is not how things go. There are qualifications for public assistance which is to help meet the necessities of self sustenance. Many American women are forced to make a difficult choice between getting employment and receiving public assistance. Public assistance is an all or nothing proposition. If you have no income, the state and federal government will provide basic necessities. Woman who accepts employment at minimum wage are faced with a difficult task of balancing providing the necessities required for life. For most single mothers the necessities include: Child care + rent + utilities + food which equal around $928. Many women make this work by living with other family members who also help with child care. Some are forced to work two separate eight hour shifts everyday to balance out the cost. In today’s economy education is often seen as an answer for these financial issues, but with the national unemployment crisis employers are happy to pay degreed professionals ten dollars an hour for work. It would be easier on single mothers who are working at minimum wages to get help from the government so that they can make the cost of living as well as afford to give their children a life with few treats but more opportunities.

Homeless people either stay in shelters or transitional housing funded by a private non-profit agency in the local area. which is often seen as the same as public housing. If you leave a child in an abusive environment that child could be seriously hurt or may even be killed. Most of what we call public housing was built in the 60s and 70s. They are a lot of undesirable tenants and often have an increase in crime. However. hotels can take in people who will help with cleaning and cooking. The public housing stock has not been increased in the last 40 years. Section 8 vouchers are used for public and private housing.Should public housing routinely be provided to homeless people at the public’s expense? In the profession of social work. If you see or suspect a child is in an abusive environment it is your job as a social worker to use your best judgment on weither or not that child needs to be moved. Should children in families suspected of child abuse be placed elsewhere. people are hesitant to report because they fear that the child will automatically be taken from the home. Some buildings are entirely Section 8. Nothing is free. There are other programs of newer subsidized housing units but you have to go through your county Housing Authority for these. or should treatment focus on the strength of the family? In the profession of social work children in families suspected of child abuse should be placed elsewhere. one of the primary goals of child welfare is to keep families . In some areas if someone needs a place to stay. With our economy where people are losing their jobs and homes every day we cannot afford to cut these programs. homeless people are nothing new to the eye. If we took out programs such as these we would have the biggest increase of homeless people our countries ever seen. Some buildings have "affordable" units you can apply directly where the waitlist is sometimes only a few months long. Many times.

They fear that they will be taken away from their family or that the abuse will continue or get worse because they have told. Removing children from the home is usually a last resort. Children in these situations need to be supported and reassured as well as live in a safe space for them to share their story. While they may want the abuse to stop. but sometimes it is necessary to ensure that children and families are safe. Should national health insurance be provided to all Americans or should they be expected to obtain health insurance through employment or their own purchase? In the profession of a social worker it is easier if the government provided health insurance to its people while allowing them to go out and purchase their own. so that they can spend a more reasonable amount of time . They may. In countries where free health care is normal. more and more private clinics are popping up. also blame themselves for what has happened.together. They need to be informed that the main goal is to keep them safe and keep their family together and made aware that it is wrong for people to hurt them. This means that doctors who excel at their specialty still have to work hard and spend little time with each patient if they want to earn a fair wage while in a private setting they can charge accordingly. There are many types of interventions that are used to help families learn how to resolve their issues without violence. This system limits opportunity for income to physicians. It can also help provide them with the services they need to make their family stronger and healthier. and only happens in the most severe cases. Everyone need to see the doctor however not everyone can afford it.Children who report abuse are experiencing a wide range of confusing and conflicting emotions. Mandated reporting can seem overwhelming. they may excuse the behavior because they are trying to protect a parent they love. This is because high quality physicians and other health care providers feel stifled by the system that is in place.

This would create even greater problem in access to healthcare.with patients and care for them as they see fit. If the government pays for health insurance for all. most quality providers would opt for private clinics where they can operate as they choose to. many people would not have access to the best doctors because they would be located in settings where health insurance is not accepted. . because quality would only be available to those who could afford to pay. This means that even though health insurance is provided by the government.

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