Dear Sir/Madam: Greetings!

I come to know from a reliable source that the school is accepting applicant for the position of ______________________. I believe I have the necessary qualification and would like to ask from your good office to consider me as an applicant. I am EMALYN ARO TALLEDO, 23 years old, a graduate of Cebu Normal University who finished Bachelor in Elementary Education (B.E.E.D) with English as my field of specialization. While I am aware that my experiences are not enough yet, I am very determined to learn and to be trained. My sincere interest and strong determination will be my weapons to welcome challenges. Moreover my previous working experience and my practicum training both in-campus and off-campus enhanced me the value of patience, hardwork, versatility and integrity. Herewith is my curriculum vitae for further references. Should this application merit your favorable consideration, I shall be very glad to come for a personal interview anytime at your convenience. Respectfully Yours, EMALYN ARO TALLEDO

EMALYN ARO TALLEDO BACHELOR IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Cansipac, Catarman, Cordova, Cebu Mobile #: 0916 226 4692 WORK EXPERIENCE June 2006 March 2007 Treasure Trove School Phase II Camella Homes Basak, Lapu-lapu City

Grade School Tutor • • June 6, 2005 October 7 Handled grade I and grade III pupils from other schools in a tutorial way of teaching Covered all comprehensive subject areas suited for grade I and grade III kids. Osmeña, Blvd., Cebu City

August 20, 2005(1st in-Campus) Cebu Normal University November 29, 2005(2nd in-Campus)

In-Campus Practice Teaching(Practicum Trainee) • Had a systematized training providing norms and standards of making fulldetailed lesson plans, analyzing/understanding the kids and teaching them in all subject areas. Cordova Central School Poblacion, Cordova, Cebu

August 23


October 4, 2005(Off-Campus)

Off-Campus Practice Teaching (Practicum Trainee) • • • Handled Grade I, II and VI pupils Provide training programs that enhance their understanding skills Teaching the pupils in all subject areas Cebu Normal University Osmeña, Blvd, Cebu City

November 2001- March 2002 Working Student • •

Served as an assistant of Dr. Liduvina Aliño, Dean, College of Nursing Responsible in checking all the necessary documents and papers in correspondence to the duties and responsibilities of the dean towards her collide students. JVD Merchandise Cordova Public Market Poblacion, Cordova, Cebu

March 2003 - January 2005 (Part-time Job on Weekends) Salesgirl/Cashier • •

Meat products seller Solicit customers feedbacks, suggestions to ensure best service and satisfaction to the customers.

Ensure cleanliness of all the meat products by following quality standards i.e. monitoring expiry date, suitable and clean place for storage

EDUCATION AND TRAINING Bachelor in Elementary Education (ENGLISH as a field of concentration) Cebu Normal University – March 2005 Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City Secondary Cordova Cooperative School Poblacion, Cordova, Cebu Graduated as 5th Honorable Mention 1997-2001

Intermediate Cordova Central School Poblacion, Cordova, Cebu Consistent Topnotcher Primary Cordova Central Schol Poblacion, Cordova, Cebu Consistent Topnothcer



ORGANIZATION AFFILIATION Member (2005-Present) National Organization of Professional Teachers Inc. (NOPTI) - A national organization of Professional Teachers Member (2001-2005) Educator’s Club - A club for active students which aimed of enhancing skills and knowledge through academic activities. Deputy S2 Officer (2000-2001) CA CAT – 1 Corps Officers - A designation whose job is assisting the S2 (Intelligence Officer) in making weather reports, teaching the cadets and cadettes in a hall setting. Academic Excellence Awardee - A special award in excelling in military or citizens Army Training. Election Committee Chairman (2000-2001) Supreme Student Council Organization - Responsible in planning and preparing in casting out of votes for the nominees of SSCO Officers. Literary Writer (1999-2001) Ripples School Paper - An organ for selected students enriching the values of communication pertinent to recent issues through writing. INTEREST Group discussion, in-depth reading, literary writing, singing OTHERS Can excellently communicate with English, Tagalog and Cebuano. Computer literate and familiar in using Microsoft Office Application.


LET passer (Licensure Examination for Teachers) Conducted on August 2005.

SEMINARS ATTENDED • • • Living Values Education Program(LVED) – 2005 - A program teaching the right attitude and virtues towards individuals. Media Literacy Seminar – 2004 - A talk about awareness of current issues through the medium of paper, radio and TV stations. Youth Campus Experience (YCEX) – 2001 - Youth – oriented program carrying the bests and weaknesses among fellow students with their respective families and made amends of it.

PERSONAL DATA Age : Civil Status : Citizenship : Sex : Religion : Date of Birth : Place of Birth : Provincial Address: Height : Weight : Health : CHARACTER REFERENCE 1. Mrs. Angeline Pogoy Student Teachers’ Mentor Cebu Normal University Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City 2. Mr. Alfredo Acuña Professor Cebu Normal University Cebu Normal University Osmeñ Boulevard, Cebu City 3. Mrs. Mariza Tajanlangit High School Teacher Cordova Cooperative School Poblacion, Cordova, Cebu 23 Married Filipino Female Catholic March 28, 1984 Cansipac, Catarman, Cordova, Cebu Cansipac, Catarman, Cordova, Cebu 5” 45 kgs. Excellent

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