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Grocery List

Grocery List

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Published by Debra Dane

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Published by: Debra Dane on Oct 11, 2011
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Peas Corn Oven Chips Spinach Pastizzi (Pepe’s) Fish Sticks (Birds Eye) Ice Cream Puff pastry

Tins and Jars etc
Tomatoes Kidney beans Chickpeas Canellini beans Mushrooms Beetroot Baked Beans Evap skim milk (coconut) – long life milk aisle Tin soup: Pickles Tuna Pasta Sauce Olives

Mince: Pork: Steaks Chicken: thighs or breasts Whole chicken Lamb: Bacon Sausages

Seafood and Deli
Ham Twigs Salami Shaved Chicken breast Smoked Salmon Sushi crab stuff Flake Prawns Other seafood:

Dairy and Cooler Case
Milk Cheddar Cheese Ricotta LF Mozarella (shredded) Parmesan Yogurt (Jalna): strawberry Vanilla, blueberry pots Hokkein noodles Sour Cream Plain yogurt Cream Cheese Olive oil spread Butter Hummos

Apples Oranges Pears Grapes Mandarins Honeydew Cantaloupe Watermelon Mango Bananas Kiwi Plums Pineapple Other:

Broccoli Eggplant Pumpkin Green beans Peppers – green Peppers – other Sweet Potatoes Potatoes Onions Carrots Beets Zucchini Other:

Salad stuff
Lettuce Cucumber Tomatoes Purple Onion Fresh spinach Fresh herbs:

Bagels Reg. loaves Spice bread Crumpets English muffins Pikelets Pita / lavosh / tortillas Biscuits Crisps / popcorn/corn chips Rice cakes Crackers : Oats – quick cook Cold cereal: muesli Guardian Rice krispies Pasta: Rice:

Ketchup Mustard Minced garlic Minced ginger Lemon juice Tomato Paste Salad Dressing Jam: Peanut butter Vegemite Maple Syrup Honey Mayo Vinegars: Oils: Nonstick spray Curry paste Asian sauces:

Baking /Bases
Flour Sugar Baking Powder B. Soda Cream of Tartar Vanilla Salt Pancake mix Stock powder: Dried herbs & spices: Cooking bases / pkts: Dried fruit: Extras: choc chips, cake decorating etc:

Beverages Teas (herbal) Teas (regular) Coffee: instant Coffee: ground Hot Choc (Jarrah – blue) Soft drinks: Diet Coke Flavoured water Diet Ginger beer V8 Juice for Liv Diet cordial for Deb

Paper Goods
Toilet paper Paper Towels Napkins Tissues Paper Plates

Personal Hygiene
Shampoo Girls detangler (pink) Soap Toothbrushes T’paste: Deb / Jeff / kids Shaving gel

Cleaning and extras Bathroom spray Laundry det Napisan Stain remover Bath tub/tile cleaner Toilet cleaner Windex

Other: eggs


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