Neurological Examination

Initial Assessment: What is the problem? Why are you here? Dive buddy,where is he? Pain describe it? Can you Dives in last 12, 24 How does he feel? pin pt. it? When did it start? period? Sharp, Dull, Throbbing Dive Profile, normal Sym noticed before during Sym increased or descent & ascent? after the dive? decreased since first What Rig & Where? noticed? Hit yourself on bottom? Unusually fatigue? Ever been bent before? Hydrated before dive? Take any medications? Anything Unusual ? Call the DMO & MDV Mental Status: 1. What is the Date & Time? 2. What did you have for lunch? 3. How old are you? How long have you been diving? 4. Count Backwards by 5's from 100. 5. Spell (Ford) Backwards / Remember: Red, Tree, Monkey 6. Name the last three Presidents. Coordination: 1. Walk away normal, come back heals. 2. Heal to toe 3. Heal Shin Slide 4. Romberg 5. Finger to Nose / Finger to Fingers 6. Rapid Alternating Movement

Cranial Nerves: 1. Smell (Not Usually Tested) Do you wear Contacts? 2. Vision Read something Do you wear contact? 3. Follow Finger "H" Pattern Are you Color Blind? Are you color Blind?- 4. Light Check (Dilation) 6. Peripheral Vision 5. Sensation Forehead & Face 7. Facial Muscles / Scalp Forehead / Eyelids Ears 8. Hearing & Balance "Eyes Closed" 9. Upper Mouth / Throat Sensation / Gag 10. Roof Mouth, Vocal Cords, Hold Throat Swallow 12. Tongue all four corners 11. Head Turn Shoulder Shrug

How’s the pain? Worse How'sorthe pain? since Worse or getting better we stated? Getting better since we started?.

Triceps 3. Knee 4. Hands LOWER: Hip Flex / Hip Ext Hip Add / Hip Abd Knee Ext / Knee Flexion Dorsiflextion / Planterflextion Toes / Feet / Babinski Sensory: 1. Triceps 5. 120/60 . Ankle Normal Vital Signes: 1. Latissimus 3. Test Hands. Biceps 2. Respiration's 10-20 per min READ THIS: What where the three things I asked you to remember? .Muscle flicker only 2 . Forearms 6.Slight force to examiner 5 . biceps 4.140/80 3. Pulse 60-80 BPM 2.Motor: Strength 0-5 0 .Can move against gravity but not examiner 4 . Arms and Legs 3. Deltoids 2.Contract muscle but no movement against gravity 3 . Body: Up and Down around shoulders 2.No movement possible 1 . Fingers and Toes Separately What where those things I asked you to remember Deep Tendon Reflexes: 1.Full Strength both sides What where those things I asked you to remember UPPER: 1.

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