Customer Service

V Rajesh Author of “The INDIAN reTALEs”

com/ . Etc…….Clichés • • • • • Customer is the King/ Queen Customer is always right Customer comes first Etc….. http://v-rajesh.blogspot.

blogspot. .Who is a Customer? • • • • • • Person/ Individual Employee/ Owner of a business Answerable to people Responsible for results Leads a team Affected by poor/ lack of delivery by business associates.

Timely Sincere Ownership PASSION No Excuses Responsive Understanding Great Service is delivered from the heart and reaches the heart of others .

Right Expectation Don’t Disappoint Understand the Unsaid Understand Differences Respect the Person Information/ Update YOU Context/ Need .

Organizational enablers • Be strict about proper expectation setting • Processes should help and not hinder • Drive the culture of – “Everyone is a customer.blogspot. http://v-rajesh. Internal or external” • Employee is the King/ . They come first.


com/ .All The Best http://v-rajesh.blogspot.

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