INDONESIA FOCUS: Top 10 brands by Nielsen

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JAKARTA - In partnership with Campaign, Nielsen has compiled an exclusive Top 10 brands report offering insights into Indonesia’s consumer base, as part of a monthly focus on individual markets across the region.

Mineral water brand Aqua is the top brand in Indonesia : Nielsen

Mineral water brand Aqua has emerged as the top brand in Indonesia, according to The Nielsen Company's research into the market, conducting face-to-face interviews with consumers in the market from 14 February to 12 March. Nine out of the top ten brands are local brands that have been in the market for a long time. Consumers tend to remember these brands as they grew up with them. Following Aqua in second position is local battery brand ABC, ulcer medicine brand Promag in third, chili sauce brand ABC in fourth and anti-insect brand Baygon in fifth position. Tied in sixth position is butter brand Blue Band and toothpaste brand Pepsodent. Instant noodle brand Indomie follows in seventh position with plaster brand Hansaplast and mobile phone brand Nokia also tied in eight position.
Top 10 brands Weighted (in '000)

98 10620.Aqua ABC Promag ABC Baygon Blue Band Pepsodent Indomie Hansaplast Nokia 13415.04 12297. Kopiko (candy) 8. Anlene (adult powder milk) 6. Extra Joss (energy drink) 9. The top brands in this section are ranked from 12 beverage categories. Silver Queen (chocolate) 6. Indomie (instant noodle) 3. Pocari Sweat (Isotonic) 7. 1.24 10620.16 11598.42 11458. Walls (ice-cream) 7.68 11179. Dancow (powder milk) Top food brands. The top brands in this section are ranked from nine food categories.24 INDONESIA'S TOP BRANDS Top beverage brands. Roma (biscuits) . ABC (syrup) 4= Coca-Cola (soda) 4= Sari Wangi (tea) 5. 1.2 10759. Aqua (mineral water) 2. Kapalapi (coffee) 8.12 11738. Kraft (cheese) 4.2 11179. Aqua is the leading mineral water brand in Indonesia. Eight out of 10 are local brands. Energen (cereal) 5. Blue Band (butter) 2. Bendera (sweet condensed milk) 3. except for Coca-Cola and Dancow.

including fever medicine. Bimoli-Net (cooking oil) 3. The top brands in this section are ranked from 12 personal care categories. Indofood (soy sauce) Top pharmaceutical brands. Promag (ulcer medicine) 2. cough medicine. Diapet (diarrhea medicine) 4. Condiments are considered important for Indonesian consumers to add flavour to their meals. Indofood (chili sauce) 7= Sania (cooking oil) 7= Tropical (cooking oil) 8. Paramex (headache medicine) 7. . Sedaap (soy sauce) 9. Relaxa (candy) 10. 1. producing chili sauce. Bodrex (fever medicine) 8. Sun (baby meal) Top condiment brands. headache medicine. Entrostop (diarrhea medicine) 5= Komix (cough medicine) 5= Bodrex (headache medicine) 6. ulcer medicine. Insto (eye drops) 3.9. 1. Bango (soy sauce) 5. OBH Combi (cough medicine) 9. Filma (cooking oil) 6. The top brands in this section are ranked from seven pharmaceutical categories. ABC (chili sauce) 2. ABC is the leading brand for condiments. Panadol (headache medicine) Top personal care brands. tomato sauce and soy sauce. diarrhea medicine and vitamins. The top six are heritage brands that consumers in the country grew up with. ABC (soy sauce) 4. eye drops.

Formula (toothbrush) 6. Citra (body care) 7. Hansaplast (plaster) 3. Pampers (baby diaper) 9. Baygon (anti-insect) 3. including plaster. Tessa (tissue) 8. 1. Daia (detergent) 6. Stella (air freshner) 7. Glade (air freshner) 9= Fogo (air freshner) 9= Soklin (detergent) Top digital camera brands 1. Attack (detergent) 8.1. Sony 3. Pepsodent (toothpaste) 2. Laurier (sanitary napkin) 10. detergent. Canon 2. battery. ABC (battery) 2. air freshener and anti-insect. Rinso (detergent) 4. Lifebouy (body soap) 5. Mamy Poko (baby diaper) Top household products. Pepsodent (toothbrush) 4. Fujifilm 4= Samsung 4= LG Top handset brands . Bayfresh (air freshner) 5. The top brands in this section are ranked from five household product categories.

Yamaha 3. Suzuki . Nokia 2= Huawei 2= Sony Ericsson 3. LG Top SIM card provider brands 1. Esia 5. Toyota 2. Honda 3. Daihatsu 5. Flexi 6. Telkomsel 2. Blackberry 4. Indosat 3. Honda 2. Samsung 5. Suzuki 6= Mercedes 6= Nissan 7= Mitsubishi 7= Phanter Top motorbike brands 1. 3 Top car brands 1.1. BMW 4. XL 4. Nexian 6. Axis 7.

The top brands for banking are all local brands. CFC 4. Lion Air 3. Garuda Indonesia 2. Hoka-Hoka Bento 5. Bank Central Asia (BCA) 2. Merpati 4. 1. . MCD 3. Adam Air 5= Batavia Air 5= Air Asia Top supermarket/ hypermarket brands 1. KFC 2. Hypermart 3. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) 3. 1. providing insights into Indonesian consumers. Bank Danamon Indonesia Top airline brands 1. managing director at The Nielsen Company. Carrefour 2.Top bank brands. A&W Campaign's focus on Indonesia will continue on Monday (4 April) with an opinion piece by Catherine Eddy. Bank Mandiri 4. Matahari 4= Ramayana 4= Giant Top fastfood restaurant brands. Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) 5.

000 people in six urban cities across Indonesia) Coverage Jakarta.974. the number of people in the population represented by the sample or respondents Makassar Age range 15+ years old Income class All SES (Social Economic Status) Gender Male/ Female Data collection methodology Face-to-face Interviews The Nielsen Company conducted the face-to-face interviews from 14 February to 12 March. Semarang.indonesia-focus-top-10-brands-by-nielsen. Also access Top 10 brands in Vietnam. personal care and household products.e.aspx . Medan.campaignsingapore. http://www. The weighted number against each brand is the projected value to population. Surabaya. i. asking each respondent What brand comes first to your mind for a category? Several categories were combined to give ranking in foods. The ranking was then determined through the number of respondents who chose the brand. Bandung. beverages. condiment.Methodology Sample size n=2030 (projected to 13. published last year.

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