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Thread: Please Critique: Extreme Heat Endurance & Scorching Spell
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Feats - Please Critique: Extreme Heat Endurance & Scorching Spell
Extreme Heat Endurance [General]
You are capable of surviving the worst dangers of the desert.
Prerequisites: Base Fortitude Save +9, Improved Heat Endurance.
Benefit: Your fire resistance increases by +5. You can exist
comfortably in temperatures up to 180
F without having to make
Fortitude saves. Your protection against heat is Level 4.

Scorching Spell [Metamagic]
Your fire magic is further bolstered, and burns your enemies to a
Prerequisite: Fiery Spell
Benefit: A scorching spell deals an extra 3 points of fire damage for
each die of damage the spell deals. This feat can only be applied to
spells with the fire descriptor. For example, if a 9th level wizard with
this feat casts a scorching , the deals 9d6+27 points of
damage. A scorching spell uses up a spell slot two levels higher than
the spell's actual level.

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