MAINTENANCE AND SERVICES - APARTMENT Common area maintenance services are provided as part of the management fee contributed

by all lessees, at a monthly rate of THB 40 / sqm of unit area plus VAT. Each lessee is required to contribute towards a sinking fund, at a rate of THB 500 / sqm of unit area plus VAT. This sinking fund is a ONE TIME contribution. The sinking fund is for long - term scheduled repairs to depreciating communal assets including swimming pool, front gate, parking area, etc HOUSEHOLD MAINTENANCE Twice a month cleaning both inside the unit. Household Garbage Disposal Regular refuse collection for the disposal of household. Pest Control Monthly pest control in every unit and common area. COMMON AREA MAINTENANCE SERVICES Property Management VILLA BOTANICA is professionally managed by Wiphanai Development, Security Gated community with guard house and 24-hour controlled entrance. All visitors are registered and access is controlled. Common Area Landscape Maintenance Daily inspection and maintenance of common area, landscaping along streets and the property’s private park to assure grounds are clean and well-kept. Utility Systems Routine inspection of the swimming pool, electricity transformer/meter, common area water supply, wastewater systems and pumping system. Common Area Improvements As necessary, make improvement and upgrades to common area facilities.

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