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Trigonometry and Geometry Conversions
Ratios for sum angles
A s the examples s howed, s ometimes we need angles other than 0 , 3 0 , 4 5 , 6 0 , and 9 0 degrees . I n this c hapter you need to learn two things : 1 . Sin(A + B) is not equal to s in A + s in B. I t does n't work like removing the parenthes es in algebra. 2 . T he formula for what s in(A + B) does equal. Firs t to s how that removing parenthes es does n't "work." H ere: make A 3 0 degrees and B 4 5 degrees . Sin 3 0 is 0 .5 . Sin 4 5 is 0 .7 0 7 1 . A dding the two is 1 .2 0 7 1 . Y ou know that no s ine (or c os ine) c an be more than 1 . Why? the ratio has the hypotenus e as its denominator. T he mos t that the numerator c an be is equal to the denominator. A s ine or c os ine c an never be greater than 1 , s o a value of 1 .2 0 7 1 mus t be wrong.

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Wanted sine, cosine, or tangent, of whole angle (A + B)

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Finding sin(A + B)
T he eas ies t way to find s in(A + B), us es the geometric al c ons truc tion s hown here. T he big angle, (A + B), c ons is ts of two s maller ones , A and B , T he c ons truc tion (1 ) s hows that the oppos ite s ide is made of two parts . T he lower part, divided by the line between the angles (2 ), is s in A . T he line between the two angles divided by the hypotenus e (3 ) is c os B. M ultiply the two together. T he middle line is in both the numerator and denominator, s o eac h c anc els and leaves the lower part of the oppos ite over the hypotenus e (4 ).

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