Ogden, Peter S. Jr.

(1817- 1870)
Peter was born on January 18, 1817 in Ile-a-la-Crosse, the son of HBC Chief Fa tor, Peter !"ene #$%en an% &arie Co'tois (Co'tois %e &onti$ny, b( 17)7)( Peter was hire% as an a**renti e in 18+, an% was *ro'ote% to Chief -ra%er in 18,.( In 18.+ he 'arrie% Phrisine Brabant (b( 18/7) an% they ha% ele0en hil%ren in lu%in$ se0en %au$hters( #ne %au$hter, !arah #$%en, 'arrie% Ja'es &ars%en 1in%say 2le3an%er, a ! ot an% Chief Fa tor of the HBC( 2lon$ with his father, Peter !"ene #$%en Jr( %ie% of influen4a in 1870 but his sisters sur0i0e% an% 'arrie% %ifferent fur tra%ers who a'e to the %istri t fro' outsi%e the re$ion( &ar$aret (b( 18.)) 'arrie% ! ottish-born 5a0in Ha'ilton an% the ou*le a**ear in the 1881 Census li0in$ with their thirteen hil%ren an% &ar$aret6s 'other, Fran ine, an% sister, &ary (b( 18,))( !arah (b( 18,/) 'arrie% ! ottish-born, HBC e'*loyee Ja'es &( 1( 2le3an%er an% they a**ear in the 1881 Census with their fi0e hil%ren( 7a hel (b( 18,+) 'arrie% HBC ler" 7obert Hanley Hall in 1878( • • • • • • • • • • • Peter !"ene #$%en III b9 18.. in :orthwest Cana%a( &ar$aret Julia #$%en, b( 17 July 18., in Fraser;s 1a"e, 1ewis Co(, #re$on -erritory (now British Colu'bia)( 2%elai%e <i toria #$%en, b9 June 18.) in :ew Cale%onia (now British Colu'bia)( Charles 5riffin #$%en, b9 18,1 in :ew Cale%onia (18.8-18,8) (now British Colu'bia)( !arah Julia #$%en b9 ( 18,+ in !tuart;s 1a"e, :ew Cale%onia (now British Colu'bia)( 7a hel !arah #$%en, b9 +0 2u$ust 18,, in !tuart;s 1a"e, :ew Cale%onia (now British Colu'bia)( Christine #$%en, b9 1, # tober 18,8 in !tuart;s 1a"e, :ew Cale%onia (now British Colu'bia)( &ary =li4abeth #$%en, b9 1+ June 18,8 in British Colu'bia( =li4abeth &artha #$%en, b9 1881 in Fort !t( Ja'es, British Colu'bia( Isaa #$%en, b9 1+ 2*ril 188/ in Fort !t( Ja'es, British Colu'bia( Henry #$%en, b9 +0 &ay 188. in Fort !t( Ja'es, British Colu'bia(


Peter !"ene #$%en !r( was born in >uebe , 17)0 to 2'eri an 1oyalists Isaa an% !arah #$%en( Isaa #$%en was a Ju%$e( Peter !r( ?oine% the :orthwest Co'*any( In his tra0els he 'arrie% &arie Co'tois a Cree wo'an, @à la façon du pays” a or%in$ to the usto' of the ountry in Ile a la Crosse, !as"at hewan in 1818( &arie ha% two sons an% %ie%( Peter !"ene #$%en was transferre% to the Colu'bia Ae*art'ent( In 18., he be a'e one of a triu'0irate of Chief Fa tors of the HBC 'ana$in$ the Forts with Ja'es Aou$las an% John & 1ou$hlin( He ser0e% on the boar% of $o0ernan e of Fort <i toria(

Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell Coordinator of Metis Heritage and History Research Louis Riel Institute


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