Pay & Accounts Officer, Telugu Gangs Project Nellore. To The District Treasury Officer, Nellore.

Lr.No. A P A O/TGP/NLR/Sn.III/Cash/2005-06/ Sir,



Sub:- Issue of Drawing Account Authorisation - Reg. Ref:- (1) (2) (3) Lr.No. WA-1/1/2005-06/233/Dated: 23.2.2006 of Accountant General, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad. AG I/I/2006-07/10 Dt. 16.6.2006.

JDWA/W&P/Sn.II/Co.ordn/06-07/18 Dt. 22.6.06. ****

With reference to the Accountant General’s letter under reference cited, I request that the following Banks and Sub. Treasuries may please be authorized to honour the Cheques drawn by Asst.Pay & Accounts Officer, Telugu Ganga Project, Nellore continuation of Drawing Account from 1.7.2006 to 31.3.2007. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) STATE BANK OF INDIA, NELLORE STATE BANK OF INDIA, GUDUR STATE BANK OF INDIA, KAVALI STATE BANK OF INDIA, SULLURPET. STATE BANK OF INDIA, VENKATAGIRI SUB.TREASURY OFFICER, ATMAKUR (NELLORE DISTRICT) SUB.TREASURY OFFICER, RAPUR (NELLORE DISTRICT)


From K.Prasada Rao, Divisional Accounts Officer (W) SSLC & SB Division No.II Nellore.

To The Director of Works Accounts Finance & Planning Department Manoranjan Buildings M.J.Road, Hyderabad.

// Through Proper channel // Sir, Sub:- Estt – D.A.O.(W) – Sri.K.Prasada Rao, D.A.O(W) for placing full additional charge of D.A.O.(W) Central division, Nellore - Sanction of allowance – Requested – Reg. Rer:- DOWA Proceedings No. DWA/Hyd/D.A.O(W) File/4-1/2005-06 Dt. 27.9.2005. **** I submit that I have been placed in full additional charge of the post of Divisional Accounts Officer (Works) Nellore Central division, Nellore as per Director of Works Accounts proceedings cited.. I have taken over charge of Divisional Accounts Officer (W) on 13,10,2005 FN and continued upto 4.1.2006 AN. In this connection, I submit herewith the for Application in prescribed proforma for favour of taking further action to sanction additional charge allowance for the period for which I hold the full additional charge. Therefore, I request that additional charge allowance at 1/5 of my pay may please be sanctioned for the period from 13.10.2005 FN to 4.1.2006 AN and communicate early. Encl:- 1) One application in proforma 2) Copies of C.T.Cs Yours faithfully, (K.PRASADA RAO) Divisional Accounts Officer (W) SSLC & SB Division No.II, Nellore

Nellore Additional Charge

GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH IRRIGATION & CAD (PW) DEPASRTMENT From Sri.G.Sangameswara Rao, BE., Executive Engineer, A/C SSLC & SB Division No.II, Nellore. Lr.No. AB/EC/ Sir, Sub:- Estt – APES – proposals for sanction of Additional charge allowance to Sri.K.V.P.Ch.Sekhar Rao, A.T.O for holding Technical officer – Due to retirement of superannuation – reg. Ref:- Application of Sri.K.V.P.Ch.Sekhar Rao, A.t.O. Dt. 7.11.2006. **** I submit herewith proposals for according sanction of Additional charge allowance as claimed by Sri. Sri.K.V.P.Ch.Sekhar Rao, A.T.O to hold Full Additional charge of the post of Techl.Officer in this division. Due to retirement of the incumbent on attaining the age of superannuation for the period from 1.10.2006 to 5.11.2006. I request that necessary orders for payment of Additional Charge allowance at 1/10 of pay to the A.T.O may please be accorded and communicated early.

To The Superintending Engineer, SSLC & SB Circle, Nellore.



Encl:- Applicaion 1x2 Yours faithfully, Sd/-G.Sangameswara Rao, Executive Engineer, A/C SSLC & SB Division No.II Nellore. // t.c.f.// Divisional Accounts officer (W)


To The Executive Engineer, SSLC & SB division No.II, NELLORE. Respected Sir, Sub:- A.P.M.S – Sri.V.Lakshmipathi Rao, Sr.Asst kept under Additional Charge post of Superintendent – proposals for sanction of Additional charge Allowance – Req-Reg. Ref:- Divl. Proc.No. 88 M Dt. 13.2.2008. **** In according with Divisional Proc. Cited, I submit that I had worked as Superintendent under Additional charge post of Sr.Asst of SSLC & SB Division No.II, Nellore with effect from 12.2.008 onwards and relieved from duly on 12.3.2008 AN. Consequent on joining of Sri.P.Sattar Khan, Superintendent on 13.3.2008 FN after expiry of leave. In this connection, I herewith submit the proposals for sanction of Additional charge allowance in prescribed proforma for the period from 12.2.008 FN to 12.3.2008 AN for favour of taking further necessary action.

Encl:- Proposals for Additional Charge allowance – 1x2. Yours faithfully, (V.LAKSHMIPATHI RAO) Sr.Asst Division Office.

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