Political advertisement

“I Yam What I Yam”
If I’ve got something to say, I tend to come right out and say it. Hell, I’ll fly an airplane banner over town if there’s a point I want to make. That’s me. And I’ve gotten some flack. Too negative. Too old. Bald guy. Gay guy. I’ve heard it all. But I wouldn’t be running for mayor if I didn’t think my policies could truly have a positive impact on Northampton. I’ve been active in labor unions, civil rights and local politics for all of my adult life. I’ve recently co-founded the Dementia Initiative, which is working in collaboration with Cooley Dickinson Hospital to provide support and advocacy for families affected by the disease. I currently serve in the mentor program at the Hampshire County House of Corrections and Jail, counseling prisoners who are trying to turn their lives around. We need a mayor who truly relates to all of Northampton, not one who kowtows to a wealthy and influential few. There I go again. But what can I say? I tell it like it is.

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