Repair of broken power supply in Apple Time Capsule. Edition 2. Try to make some points clearer.

The time capsule power supplies are proving short lived with many now failing after 18months of operation. The supply is very specially designed to fit the space and is filled with silicon goop to prevent components moving. As a result the supply is well neigh impossible to repair. Symptoms of bad supply are pretty simply. The on light maybe flickers then nothing. It may have been getting harder to start over a few weeks or months. Now it won’t start at all. Rather than repair I chose to simply replace the internal supply with an external one. You can find plenty of pics on the web of how to pull it apart. I don’t want to repeat that so please just look it up. I got these pics from one of those sites. page1 24254876@N03/sets/ 72157604011791554/ In brief...Remove the rubber bottom with a heat gun to prevent tearing it. Undo the small philips head screws, then lift the metal can being careful with the fan cable. Disconnect the fan so the base unit is completely free. Remove the hdd and power supply. The pinout for board connector. Sata power connector is standard. The original power supply was rated at 12v 1.2A 5v 3A Looking at the normal hdd, the 5v line should be around .7A so the rest of the current is required by the board. About 10W to the board and 20W to the hdd is about right.
Pinout as follows 5v 5v There are several methods to fix G this. It is easy if you remove the G G existing sata and power plugs from 5v

the supply and simply supply them with correct voltage externally. But you can also use a 12v regulated supply and a 12-5v dc converter internally.

5v to the bundle of 4 wires. Perhaps later models will have better revised power suupplies. Open the insulated cover and warm up the iron. Once you assemble the molex into the hole. 12v to the single cable. And contrary to some it is actually a well made supply.Remove the original power supply It says Flextronics.. just solder ground to the 5 wire bundle. 12V--1. Try to rock the cables from side to side as they are both stuck in the goop and tight in the holes. Unsolder the connectors. This takes a fair bit of time to get it all hot and pull it out of the goop. .. 2008. The issue is Apple designed the TC without enough cooling. Look carefully at the pic.2A 5V--3A The board on this one is marked Rev:A Jan 08. To remove the cable bundles you need to add solder and heat them all at once.

The female inline molex socket has a lip around it so half the socket will sit inside and half out. bits of solder left in side will short out components.. If you want a quick and dirty job.... . I did file slightly too deep and left a mark on the outside.. I pushed a pin (brad nail) through the hole as a locking device and used a drop of silastic but it was very tight so just to be certain it won’t come out.I used an old pc cover plate to protect the inside while filing. Before mounting the molex I drilled a 1mm hole through the connector (between the two ground wires so doesn’t matter if they short). You need this for the socket to hold in and also not interfere with the fan. Actually on second thought. Remember if you drill a hole straight through the board it will probably never work again. And a small grove that it uses as a locator. just leave the molex socket hanging out of the hole. just file off the locator on the molex.. You are responsible for your actions.!! You want a really neat fit to the Molex connector. if you are rough remove the board. No filing required. That will hide any imperfections in the hole. I did it by pushing the molex in and marking the connector. Be warned filing off components tends to make the board no longer functional. Then removed it and drilled the hole.. Remember nails.

Someone suggested a Cisco. Solder up the cables as shown and connect the sockets to the hard disk and board.cfm?t=1267631&p=2#r35 I have suggested other methods in the thread as well. http://forums.whirlpool. I wrapped the whole length of cable in insulation tape although shrinkwrap would be better. Stand it at least 20mm off the surface to get cool air from below. Please see. If you put the rubber sheet back. Time Capsule from Mattrixx and repair by Ray Haverfield. and use a piece of foam as a filter to stop dust Replacements are available fairly cheaply on ebay. Make sure your solder joints are double wrapped so they cannot short to themselves or the board. It has a 6pin molex so I would recommend to chop that Finally powered on and running again. Even leave the present power supply in place and just solder the leads to the PS board. But cooling is an issue. You can do this in a simpler way. ADP-30RB supply. Remove PS to help air flow. Remember to short ROF to ground to start the supply. Please email me at rayhav@gmail. Melbourne Australia 1st Sept 2009 (Revised document 4th Sept) I am Revs Per Min in whirlpool forum. and solder on the 4 pin molex. The ebay supplies from China are cheap but poor quality. But easy to get suitable power supply like ebay for external hdd or even a computer power supply or itx supply. Reassemble with the temp probe. through the aluminium base plate and cover the top of the fan with a piece of tape. I would also suggest you cut a hole below the fan. ... (Don’t power it from AC of course).Only slightly strange outside connector. cut out a square corresponding to the fan if you have suggestions or queries.

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