Screening Room

Click on the picture to view the video! w a t c h ? v=o4mhnwIt3pQ&feature= relmfu http:// v=o4mhnwIt3pQ&feature= relmfu http:// watch/jennifer-lopez/ papi/USUV71101382 watch/jennifer-lopez/ papi/USUV71101382 watch/jennifer-lopez/ h t t p : / / w a t c h ? feature=player_embedde d&v=TNfW-Ku61G4 h t t p : / / w a t c h ?

Rumer: “Am I Forgiven” w a t c h ? v=UTAZHTKY6qU&feature =player_embedded http:// v=UTAZHTKY6qU&feature =player_embedded http://

Jennifer Lopez: “Papi” w a t c h ? v=lbGa2UHh8Fw&feature=y http:// v=lbGa2UHh8Fw&feature=y http://

Sinem Saniye: “I’ll Confide” 29939081 http:// 29939081 http://

Nicole Atkins: “Vultures”
http:// h t t p : / / w a t c h ? v=BdGs6eNvfxc&feat http:// w a t c h ?

Yael Meyer: “Everything Will Be Alright” 29961032 http:// 29961032 http://

Evelyn Evelyn: “Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn” h t t p : / / watch?v=GHTEQkz6IOk h t t p : / / watch?v=GHTEQkz6IOk h t t p : / /

States: “Timebomb” statesmusic

Emii: “Stilettos (Behind The Scenes)”

Kristen Faulconer: “Fun”

Songwriter’s Monthly - October ’11, #141