To Ann Riviere,
1::lL1tV!, 111.),


Ma:e Fiuct[iW,.'fllI:ld Dorothy Ny~in~my l'noth·el"-ilt<'!iJ1Icl! my ffie_l1!d-roie models all"

Ths lise (i·f people to thank has 1:10 begin with my husb<)nd. He has ~C',e~1J.dyretired (I am, as one fsiead put it, at the'~bdf-cloobJej-j part of my Urre ha~.f~h(i~J,one-y"double ·t[jjeIl'l.)sb<llld)l,ood instead of havillg a partnertn do D1]ngs wiith, he found the dOQ.1.'to the smdlo elesed .r.lindthe cDifnpurer o:ff-hn1li.tS. He is: even leanlirlg' 00 cook .. TI~0 second penon 011 th.. list is Iouue .MeC1ll!uLe-y. e ill hired her to- help me, and never bas an. employer been soblessed, She l,g. dellight to war} with, ~se]]jdlesdy erestive, find 1.1.1I:!i a ki]]er a sense of hliffiO~'-U;()t to In.e:.tltlOn a black belt in br:ate ..Her involvement went wOly b~ond h,f)]pil,g]nak~r:_h(': ~rlJnts; she k~p!:me S3Jne


throughoue the :prOCiess .. As a]w~~ys~ seudents and :fl'k~nd$ mly have sharedtheir :in:u:u.1v8Jlions and the]]': qU]]W:~ nocably M<l.ry El~enKI':)nz,. ShM"l'O.n EVil:~l;S~ L1lIVel"ne SOimel"v:u]le,Jefl~l Biddi,dk, Denise AUen,. <l:n.d.JO<'illmeCo:rfidd" Th:al.1!k
you al1,

And flna.lly} wrhe mi~de workers

at M3XI:~[1~Le &:


hf!Jlge tbilnk you a~in fur !.) my box:1:U11 of q\lnts~ mny mObnll.1!Lseripe, '<lindIlily sq.u:igg]y drswings and turningtheminto a.wonderful hook. With a team that includes .M1U:y G{'!eel]" T:irl!;) CoQI:.:~ El,len Pah], Lu M:cGehee, Stall Greeirl, Laurel Stlr:anm,. s..lle]]}, Garrison I Rr~nt K~M'le,{;,tren Solty$~DQ~m;1!,.e~tj She]l~yS:u!J.t:1!,and RhQd~ l [ Reynolds, how aOrUhi ilt he anyt'bing but sllcoeS:Sil;d~

[,salw3iYs a. good idea. to g(lt an 1(~we:£View of a rechnique before starting It p!'Oijecl:~me sure to review the se-ctions describing tile basic construction of i",e:v,ersibleblocks and how tlley are jomed tog;e, Then tab ~ 100lk ~t th~ secden on ~~d::rtgS and sasbing,fullowed by the section on bindinS. AI"med wid'll an of tftil.;'lt tec.l'it'licaI i.n.fut'matiOJ'i, you C-'<lIliIJI proceed with any oi the projects iin this book or you can let your imsginetien run free and C1,e<l'OO your Oi\\1Q version of a. reversible quilt. Remember,

the light war to, make

II,'q1~ilt is


that works for you. If there is something },O'1i.l! d(l!::!i"t Iike abour my methed, by all. means dt'fllnge it to suit Y'orlm-sdf. AJ~d if YOIll eome l!lip w:i-rJh a.nea't nelV 'iMay 00 do, rd Io'''""'('~ bear about it. [ have learned to

so much from 1l~~1 students thar I almost feel guilty receiving ['oyalties for this beokl (roo'n notice I said ..I . til') amos" Wllat has, changed since Rroersible Q,iilts, was published? We]~. I've chang@d d1,~dimeasions of the wide side of reversible hind]lr"lIgs fliOIllIIi I %''' eoI %'" " This makes'littill'.lig ~i'ls.i.eli' to remember, Only 3, brain . .su~op-or ~ 'Qf!:dh:et-l'fould ,,,orry :8ibOUt:81 %" difference. ALso.,I've inelnded the optIon of dra wing a .1ne on the b13.ttiftl:g to help line up the fih"St two sjrips, i But the biggest change-has been the d.iseovmy of Hobbs Fusible Batting. I can't believe how much easier it is to work with reversible blocks when you have ~ bit of h~sibLef hoMing on" for yon. fusible wlib that is permanentoace YDU a,pply it 'j,\I'icil! heat, Hobbs Fusible B9ittillg' ,caD be repesieioned :if'FO''IiJI ci1ang,e fO'l.lX mind. Also" the "glu~j, mslles Q1!l~,th~ titsttime you bundil!,)fyour quilt; so it'~not permanent.

making yO'illiir fll"St reversible q-uilc 1 recommend making a scra,p quilt. (F01" the uninitiated, that shnpJy means using lots of different fsbrics rather



F you~re

My personal preference is to work in block sises
ne:ish at 9" or Jess. Anything bigger' may 100k a bit clunky, or it may look like Y'0~_] gottired of piecing. L{I ger blocks are more r
that start to easily diseortedwhen you machine quiltthem

than justtwo orthree.) You won't have to WOrry

about running ODIt of (lIJ1'e fabric, and yo-u can p~t small amounts of m~ny d:ufferent fabrics. in yiour piece, H you do, l'iJ:lnout of any of them, there are lots more at ym.lll localquilt shop. I also feel that quilts with just 3J fel'!!.' fuhdcs in them. aren e u5!lally as interesting as selc3pquilts ..I know when I started qui]tinr.r' I played it safe and made quit!;i .~ fe-w 1iihlr'ee~f3bric. quilts, You know the kiimd: yOI]5118.1'1 with. a "theme" fsbr!e and then choose two colors from thae fubdc i1.syow· eomplemencs. fs S':lI~e',]:mt ll: CSln also be Iboring ..I kept looking at the wild and wonderfu~ quilts i~ the magaziaes and decided rhat it '!'3JS time to gIve up safe and tty something HlIOJ·e· ~J«;iti!:'lig, One other thjug to remember: there is no. quilt sergeant om there who will ma&eyoo do UJOposh-ups .~f ou break some of the "rules' y \"hen YOll combine fahr:ic.'>" [d; all. right to pur colorsthait clasb.wgether: ..It is also nota federa I. o:ffeosJe to use Illi'lny diiffer,ent pstrerned fabrics toge1i:!her.Look in magazines Of visit a qu.llttshow to see haw much more: ,ex.dting mtdtifabtic quilts are. Having said all of the above, ifyoliJl likethreefabrie

because dley are quilted wjm.o1L~tthread basting. Eiowev-er~ thisis ~argely eliminated if~}fO':Uuse; fusibl,e batcio§'j so fOU can make the block as big as you "\l"311t.Personsl pl~efel-en,ce pl:al'S:;'I big role.




first step in making .~rev~s.ib]e block

cue batting sqil,!l!;):res. They ar-e your on~y •

reference point, so [t's important to cut them accurately, I usu.-aUy stack just: ttl/O layers of batting wh~l!ll In cutting to avoid the distortion you g'E!,t when }'ioutry to cut too many layen

qll~i]trsj then

that is, the I~ght wily for you to

C'IIlItrhe baJtting squares an ~n.chblI'g.e;1," d:Jan yo~r desired :5nlshed b]ock. If YOll 'want YOUI' finis:hed block ItO be B'"square (after k's sewn into your quilt), cut your batting squQlres9" x 9"'"This gi.v,es you !hi' foil' your seam 8inO\vance~ and the other M:" Is your ~itcle insuraace policy Ihis win allow you W trim 'each of the bto~ks to the exact sl z:e YOI]! want them 1i0 he.

You: are d'iie

artist-you. deckle 'Ji,'.h~1twCifb

for you"




The basic block consists of <l. half-squaee triangle and ~1:!li!ltof trips on each side (front atnd reverse] s of tile block. or the triangles, cue squs.res.6Ist and then cut me ~qnaj'e-sonce diagonally to make h1:1J]f~squa(letri3ngles. The size ()If t!l1liisqu:I!!1'e: s


It is not neeessaryto match them witb each other or ttom block eoblock. 'If YO!.ve chosen for the large: t:ri'(In~e.cnemes.referred to ss side and side B.O'f batting' .'Imm~ Jides togeth. _ . One wary would be tolUssy u ing a triangle ruler' of 'an 3JIPPro~o. which -end'sup ]ooi!:Jng mre a.ctl'ttl:ng stripS n nell W"lIiri'ill. For the bobbin" use a thread that looks good on the fabric YOIU h. ·lJlTL. flt· eurb pair of srpJJ1.i/" ~ >'4' gray cotton thread .iim be go:ing' in..e-~en't bobbiln threads.f>1J.larsertban the batting square.squares.<""'0" block.w very disti net color s. cutthe squares for the.!are using a multleolored fabric on either side. bm'! 1f. one 10 match sflde A and OI1@ 'to metch side B. and a ~c-rQSS the width of each -of -yOllil" There's no need to cut specific strip .er way is to put two squares toaethe:ran.. rf YUill do use tri:1lDJgles~ ou must be carefu] can placethe elltire strip on the dien sew. Om: (JfI the dlAg01. Vi/h.e of the last strip. . }'y favo'_flte sizes are . in additi(wt tOtJihmgh:s and strips for both sMes a! flour . 'the right direction.en you sew snlps on side A.d make the diagonal cut direction every time.3J narrow. 'r recommend using directional lir:st reversible quilt.. So. I would I!.~~)_tbe ... £Iip~and. :x 9%".the finished siz.7't$. the bobhinl:IUellid is quilting side B. an"".1i"I~ same' bobbin thread forr both sides If you ha\f€ .smaU triangle can v~uy as mnch as half an inch nom block to Mode AS'SEMBLINH THE BASile BLOICK Now you are ready to make :row~firs.ow y heeause me stripe . Bobbin Thread If the two sidesof yom block are simil1alir'in color.!: Mode You should b:aJv'll!.vin be going in lIirc:cti<lDS .:121/" • .. This gives you 'i. you can probBlb~yU$~ t. you wi n need '00 use two diff. CtU. . trimthe excess.. better.. '.quihr. however.lf11 m SllJ'lli! dh'ec-fi. In face. I strongly recommend that you not '1:131' to march them. 14 'Wiid e. TING S1R~rS us'€:strips of any wtdth myaw' reversible V e strips from your scrBp baskell: and cut 1..l. Put an 80/12 Universalneedle in your machine and thread it with 50/3 medium as needed. '.::I. hodOlll is.iS~ ilnvisible thread in the bobbin.1Io!1':. It migh-t be dii~licult to find CI thread to match. a medium. In then case. lJ ~fjllat'eS. '. Beeaase of tlte"t:ar blocks are trimmed lat'e~r.. sro.s on side B of your block.\. Strip widths are entil'dy up to you..

ip: the edge of the td:l:ngi!~wj[h dght on sides together. C.. :all imligin'~!J11diOlgol~il] line Ifnrnling fromceenee to coruer.5 lon. The two triangles sheuld be 0:1] opposite sides and O[>pos:iw corners oftthe batti:n:g Sqjll'ilJre" woking Chtck %" tetJ. wide strip :rl'li'I~.~tr~<lllgh~~nd:S1!tip (mjt move. pla!ce aJ wide !Ott'ip Qt. sJde of the triangle '~the'hypol:e~mse)is lfii" beyond.C. S~rti])g with side A.ler a narrow one. tlM katt.ih~r(lyOll . .rtt afl'rJwtmre by rmi/'(tnlC(l:tJ.brkbene:llth yom' .1" Put t11e 'Wll'lkingfOOI: en [lI.u:efuLly nun the squareover. place alarge triangle. Ma:kiesure you can see iiiit least one tR'lii-eadofthettrjmg]e i.i11[cnvllnot: 0111tile ottill.'e oor~'li$:r of .h1i ~tJl~'{fU. Place the fi:rst ~~tJ.the oatlriing sqUfare 011 side I!.e:r just as you did on side This w·]Jj] ensure tiut the triangle doesn't slip beneath the strip (".wider seam .g as the strip lswide enough to lcok good.'ith right sides togeth.llrmaebine. Of~e-ll~wlm]e than getling a peJl"feci: " Sea.!.angl. :'lwaryfixu::n the ce:n'oor (s:ee "OptiOlllll[ P]aceme·nt Li. making sure t:l..s:quaFe.4. 01" dE3'1'''' a cluiago:n:lI line ~ •.'.)U~r:: ri. Place :a d 1<1I'getri.g[lt side up" [QI\g (If I a biluing . the tr~angie "'. Lrecorumend side of the block This is neta mis:t3ke. So that the see it) and miss being caught in the seam.. The extra sesm :SiUowa~:Lce doesn!t matter 3. strip.1l1 allewanee on the ~ side you are s. 3.ew]lfIg:.. F:or tine first strip.e on tl1Ler~)tppo~h.m¥get a. page 15)" ~.

liIgle'. you may want batting foE' added layers using a.fusJble batting.t 'takes too long andadds another step. se-am all~nce. }lDU mae the ttja~gJes tSO the through :81]] are using .i. t.ill p@nCiIor wash· able. On side B. 3LW other strips with :iii standard ~ .ni""" If the seam allcwaneeis wider 1/<".sults is aJ benefit. Use tliese llnes to.. positlon the tr:ia.e the pieces p }'Otli Optional Placement Llne Over the COlli'S-€ tec. to the you ."' from the' diagonal on side A of your batting square.. by alii meens use lit.niln9 lip the 'first snip 011 both h:rve at least !4" on both sides. rea:rrang. dH~: ins out and. I have 'found that many smdents like the added s."":1f. .draw'a line 1/. anything that improves the n. This is the on~ly you need '00 use. of t~a:chnlllg tine re\l'ersible·quill~s. 2. markingl pen .t ang]es. you time orelimiool:es frustration.'I'ita~Dy~ pin a:t rigb.holque. then continue' with step 4.' on the side you are sewing I it: wiU be narrow on the other side.the strips and triangleson the stioching ~ ()l.hingline.n.. This win sholl if you have all ~dleqllate seam allowance the oilier side. I don't do it because. ~~ll1e~ for this technique.. place but p..'!! seam . With a see-through ruler and . draw a I!nee'V'l!1 from 'the opposite side of the diagonal.scant ~. a scant seamallowance.of the bash: instru(ti:oM on lPage14. I-Ilowever. S fm tille s:ritc. So if it make's it easler and saves. 'Iurathe block: o¥e'J·and If 'the seam allowance isn't adequate.tep of drawing a guildeUne on the batting to mak'€ lii. sides easier..

Up point..w.Iprperleh if Y0lJI. none .8ind jojnedwiili other bloch later.l!p'p~!i .e8il' the.p ~:pit'l..\Nhen both sides ()f~he boliiW:L'ig eCft]<tt'e are eovered with strips.of th.handedolf1.l· sere yo~ have a 'Wher! you are one r. 'V\Jim a $~$-tl.lHplltibl. cO\t:!'J!~'S.l"rO'''j d~~f~wl. repeat forthe other side.1.v(ll.L Co·ntiiL1Iij!€: :addjng strlps ~Q side A lU1iti.. t:l1. Be sureoofi. the hatting squ~ue is almost covered. it's enclosed inthe seamon both sides. SiideA and add srtrIl)~ side E.U be h:~rdly arilytlling left when the block is tdmm.::e sure blotto U you: . to' cover the oa.9.l.. I ]ili::e f.lti. the bobbin thread \\I'm be visible ontheother side. Place YOUl" b~ock on me CllIltlting m3t~with. lJI"f!. Plaee ~n: rjgl'l!ts:idles togetllier OF! '~~ rurs:tstdp. right OOrl'iler (l. (Jill 14..ed. "'lith die 1.]l If there is. th. Sew wlt. lining up the end with.·U~e.~thread is v~si'b]@.'lIl"Q'1!:ig:h :squ. o l\ square .efirst str~p.'8Il lrun~of the .ss'off 00 YO-U<1lFet~l Siu~ggli:ng \ll':itt'h long tails. III your bobbin thread is oOi!np~db]c whli.l[~mler at r:igllt".ecenjter' diaguifl'8il seam between the rriangle <lindthe tlrnt strip.have used a . "1113rks of the reler ]E11the upper finger-peess . move the euleruntil you OOIDe almosttc 'we edge ·o{ thefibt:ic on hand side 3Jnd rhe top of m.left seams going least as bi. illt C~U) be any '\V'idih yOou want.e eorners we.42"-io[l_g stl:ipju~ the ex:ee.aJlle lefthanded).ciJiigq1!!!alej' [!J()t '(vIm ~ the end o:f~1h.e thread in the bob'b~ l L Choose the second stdp for sjde A.l'd cheupper right if you are if y01!Jl are lefchilinded.. Open the strip and l1mrg'f::r-presl\: the seam. it 'IMfU off the dl<lg(lin3!~'l.~h.. a ~itd:e p~eaJt n. H]. diagofl. notOa.1fthe ].g as you:r b~ook.u will l'l5le~:abU' ss 3i referenee point to SlCIllHue up the wow ru.~place the.illge:r'"pfless to $:Q d~~'tth~ batting is. choose:a wide sui. the edge of the blilt.e block.nger=prress tll. NIa.'tl1'Ji )1Vltl:' b~oclk: ~~a::..h a standard ~" seam aUD".ast ::luip is too ua.e righltTdm the .:uip from ehe end. ]t"s rime 00 s~aJfe up rnhe block by U'ii'i'iming the '~g~.:va~1ire"Openthe stripand 15.e di:8igonal to. th.tliened bY8in ]]lOil1. But to this rOl!] when add the nesr strip.

._n joi ned widt a s~s:hingsnip ()ou]d be made as a reversible qjlliLt. ~_r1""r' the diagonal !ine of the ruler. Ill'St triangle..g a. turn the you can do 'lthe £i:rst cuts over ag~:in.JlU as you complete them.. I used 'to say that . This is even s:umpkr dum tnt: basic bl.'~.: leeks good Vl.I'iations aloe possible wicll the reversibI1r:. Your'lll be trimming qUlit€' a bir[ off when you Sqjuare up the' b~o<k..ges of the bleek. di agon:aJ~line of the ruler on tile fcIl. ul.I'l'n ~v~n cbaUengirng that assurnplion. fixirn9 a Bare Corner wm:ry if there"sa comer of battIng ~howirlg aft'er you add your last strip. "mID on p<'!ige 41).on one. For example. trim they are: made without theFreezer" l!ilily sa$h~og(see ~!.'Sirredmeasurements on the ruler pret4o\1s1y cut edges.. sew a srfliilJlI piece ofthe same fabric to the corner to coverthe batt'inQ.ld:u. ·~l!l'ld vertica'i marks on the ttll-er cu[ edges. \lVh.ll.bordee of side B of "Jean's Sitail:'" on P~]g:e Jnsresd 'Oif addi.oc'k (see thoe corner Use tl!. the extra 'YJ" is for seam "VtH!l1 }1QU itav.lf not..'st'('1:\1'0 SO cuts 'ill problem when yol].e.1 move the ruler dt.l-qu:i:lt technique. place another triangle on top with risht sides together" Then turn the block over and treat the other side ill ally ay you wish." measuremenes!!Olilill seam as you (Lid for d:li~ first ll!eJ'lll11{l.e the s.CSJjU.will he 6"finisboo.'5 posia( You will soon seethat mtllty \\'a.c.!O sqU~:l'es@i.and 'Dolll'1 cnences are your litde bi. 1l?'1acehe Mocks t 01[) your design W.1be trilmmingilie mmt on these 'fil. em even make reversible qwbs that look like me appropriate . it is best .t of ~sJlip~howing~ wHI disappear ~hen.en. dj:abtQn~~ S. I'll. Block Variadon 1 'trl:311gJes:. If YOll]treat a I)(iecedblock as sashing you. .ide. strip O~l~O'the '9).:..using two trinng['e5 on one side. .n the top. side. You..yth ing ti1ta.! align me.l.

"{)(Ji]t!l'llue8iddjng strip$ as in variatien 2 (:see side . l"ill~.ltJ. milt side. then in the center of e'a:clI. Block VOJriaUon 4 Use apieeed tr.Plscetwn striJ.l"g:~e and one ~..g]e. you can just sdd it Block Varia. Block Vari. because occasionally yon get anesera-wide !>eaJn:lI ..e piece of fabric.Si~.gedafigJe . be e:\'. Cemer the secene piece direcdy enthe dblgQ.e:601oo llnodler stdp.l:llcehe t !>qual"e of fsbrie.y$imi~llr block.lS r.ation 5 Useon.2. sewi!I st':antr ~" seam ilI~lowan~.trem:e:iy car.gerjau.of'~Alrered Amish" on pagie: 85) .iangllflS:~ yo-or '[rhogie ends up beirJJgtOO smaH 00 cover the b~t!ci. [ However. (S:~ "Optional fb .ff il![]:'l'p~. ement L-i:l'.i~1[ s~d~ Hli~thet instead ()f one strip and a.tion 2 Use all.lUG'ii\i'OlIlC:e On the side you caa't see. . to block 'lil:<'!dation sew' of "/\. If you choose 1)0 11~t'i.f:Wy:s {Jiuiltas: you go. t Jl.1istremember to place the edges of the str"iiPs%" beyond! the :iu:'I.1..15)..ttimgsquare andtem tile block Qver:.'{3l11:ple).tion 3 Use ~n accentstrip Tills ]S ~r.1~' to corneronthe blllwng square. . This Gillie is theeasieat of a]1. b ~i.:i!~.rseam :a~~owanoewhen 1(l!sjnJ. DepeDdin. doesn It matter. it may 'be illecessa:ry 1LO :5oulequ]hilllg Hues to add :andlli)rfue bnuing .ge S5 and side 13of "Log C<1Jb~~] yfhe I. t Block Varia..<!giIDUY di<'lgo:n:ai]inernjjtlfng' &om OO!t'. (If draw a plaeemene line.~1:le"on page 75).. Ifyou get a w~de.le~' c an page .Jtaiof the (. dod.i:.l1lg square. ri~ht s:ide:up~ 011 All Strips the bQ.hered Amis11" on Jl~ge 85fol" ~I1 e.AiV.strips on Ollie sidle (see side il. If you geta wider seam aUO'I'V:anceon a side wilJi'l! [l~.nplyplaee a piece of fabric the same size as the ba'tcing $qua~ on one side (see side A of '~Altered runisJI'~ OJlp~.g on what yO!!] put ontheother side.\I"Q trlangles on both s~deSOif yOllrMo-ck. it. backing fabrk. For setting trit1!Dgl.~ ana Loves EU1I:na II on pag. trim only thetwo short sides.9).ado:nwhere w0U]d] be a g)QQdlchoice (see side n ugh Cats" 011 pa.y the Long side. vVlllienthe quilting is done" the block is then fused to whatever you iU'C punlngon theother side (see "Peace. Use fusible baning for this varianen. ' Ieahh.would be a good choice farmis Block Variation 8 This is very similar to block variation 7.e. ill be adding 3. but instead of piecing d-irecdy onto me batting'. fO'r. leSe this • DU '\.e5J trim Ol'[~. Afterdte ~u:ilt is 8.ujJtin~ stitches 011 the reverse side. . comer ta'hi!ngJ.thorut a This is another :siru. This is 3: good solution when you do not want q.compl"ered Oftit'O 'il use fusibl batting!. Block Variation 9 Setting and comer triangles are another place to ~qu:are ofba. wi. . Dr 8ppli.cid block on one side. you will be quUting on the b:miog wilil()fOt a.ltt1. and Happiness" on page 69 and" . if }lOlli mangle between side A 1lJl1!dide B trians gles and quilt as desired. Layer a fusibleib. $I)•.ttill'lg.qu.erse side and then . the remaining slides will he trimmed.

ow eachcae ]ooh. that w~e p.ide-the 1W:idth.rDlll block eo b~Qcl:(see . OGc.l¥() di:Ef~~t £::!ibrics.It pel'forms tWQlmsks: it i15~ wn(. Then place .SHING to • Cut sa-ips [["Om as nJiil.l~] the Mocks.<lU~j onefabeic will both. Both S'~d!es·of ~FI.Oj' ~:S~1h'). £01' sashing Cain bethe s.~t f.Il~tmind wasting a.:a$ion. y0a~Uneed oop~ck j. Your cho~De of f:abr.go. sides.~ SA.:iIi oo]]d block.l!iit. W.rung. [~V~ . LlI.d!iti!!)J1 s<'!shin:g fJlbl'ics fOif bOith sides o:f the (]JlUilt.. Sash~Dgcan tone tllu. tJh.:l fabri!cs as you w~r5lh piece cll1lJt' jOIj:[IS audidon. wim appl'oxllnarely %!! :s:pace b€:l"W>een them.t tl1:e q1!Jrult" or ] the ene that looks b~srw:ith the bloeks.l[' q1i. pleced bloek. and ir is ~jso.m:: throughou. dO'i. a design delueJrt. so I cut strip. 0.~tt you. <1 DOFet £o:rrget tll. and borders . of the tfil1]shed sa:5h~ng. 8 5l 0[' it: A can ma!rea]mo.C.!:'~vio~ly eoasidered lil!i1likdy candidates {OIl' the reversible ooc]ln~qiJJe. small j piece..tement~ as tillu~: guen does lime on sjde lB of '~Al~e1eil mish" on ]lab"€. remove ~t ~~. one at a time. Don't forg8't W seand :118 !far back as you cfln W see the eff~t of di:e eeloren Y0li. the strips.'.ik fOir . I{.ssi]bmtie$ !oll: qldlts.pllge 79).111 the bloeks ~osee h.uditio:nll1lg'.\i'u a I.o:j[]ir blocks fro~11iehe des:igt1.e4'l.n teo b-!ls-yoJ: ]h'.lbcnlJiil:%" w.Hl make i'I strong sta. Inl this no :!H<lmment.i:c £O.Placethe potential slIIshin:g fahric onrhe w:)11. sides 100k as if t:hey we-remade witl:lJOlli!t illly ~sll]ng :i!t all.'Dlnthe Freezer" on pilge 41 mike use of 4'" -':\\l~de s:iI:ming •.e. c:omp1etely disapl~ea:r. st: being c:fI["t:fidto nD!t~mek ])osition:s .. and side 13uses .@:!) a'(!idh±otblllg f<lbrjcs lJJIntil youfi. Side A uses 3. :.tio~.qmk th:ol!t'.M '~~I' 'further~nd ]l'i1:tmdiuoe:dme use 'o<f a p]~ced block as sashlng. ml(lcst o:f!J.a~.]de A of uJeaJ~1J)sStal~'O(fl.cha:nge f.Sleaning ~~fOl~-d oo.k~I d(li. If] have lots of a particular f~br..[OUt Loves Emma" enpage 51.. Thefabrlc yU!J 1!00. WOil'. both If you hav'e!Ji ]imited an1Lount of fabric and WQuLdrather not wastea piece for <3.g iseomposed of sttipst:ihat join rile bloeles~ rows.e four h]och on the s1lJsh]lilg'fabrie. ill think rhisopens l!l!p:il]]orts of s po.r$Il:llh~ng '. Clitll. up a .~ng ~5 you call 500 on both sides of "Ni'l!l. but more often tbBli'I mDt.hen I am satisfied with the ~!tlng of the blocks Olll:1J1!Y d!esign '1¥'111 ]laud ltlon :fabdcs [ think will work 'SiS ssshing.wa]].

tinue sewing sashlng srt'ips between Mocks unti] you finish.... B.. full .II 'C'I!l!1t snips of different widths" .W ~dge of d1J. -wide strips fi"Otn one sashing bib~'ic. I'3.dp. increase your seam allowance. You are sewing 3. the ~ 1 %. the two dliiffere:nt sjdeg. if the two edges overlap.-. Trim the ends of the strips even with the top a:nd bottom of the block.l Y8"wide and 'I ¥.rossthe.:v~dth of 5.ASHINIG finisbes at %" wide both sides of . \\'rQfl!g 1.engili. Sew .. Con.lID t'lUOlN'311ce.edge of the 1 W' -wide . the 1'0'\11'. aHgn the ri\'i'V ." strips ill.Mi "-wide ~t. 'Use the '[\VQ widths.e the]">and press full... ~g Strips to the same block at the seamallowances s. half ~el~glJl:!l'. cut 1%" -wide strips hrom the (J'~he. re dolnga pieced sasbing (s~ "Pieced p:lge 22}.tile s-econd block to. wide for the (:1I:h'er~ Ir doesn~t ieh side you. ~ide'i together:" Sew 'both sashing snlps to t block w:i1t11 ~ "seam.. If ON'O Note: The edges of the there is a gap between the t\ '0 edges. Pin the roMed strip in S. On side A e Ii"<lJW· edges of the fclded serip with edges of the 'urn block 1:0 be by Ll13dlini. 6. I. You now have three of 'the fO'Ul edges of the sashing strips s€:l. decrease your . Cut il!c.ho~d meet ill the middle of the sashing strip and fill die SI).jse.r fabric.Se1. Oil 4..asni ng 21 . of the strips.lCe between the ~tD the t~w edges of the S'almeblock..

you \\fouid be ableto precut strips to match the size of }rour blocks.irlll the vertical seam between the bloc and green &hri:s. Ifyou need to.'C worth it.l:IDing----inthis ease. Sew me I'em:~intng folded edge b}r hand or machine (see: "'Finishing Ma. I recommend using it (ll'lly on the single-:layer side (Il$ill. IIP~nhe joined strips eo the b~Qeb~m_akJ:ng t surethe s. and [dQ111t J. So rather d~afipIoecutdie S8!sJ:i][lg pieees to' whatthey sheeld be. Ti"im the excess fabric and pressthe seam open. 8. you wculd CUt strips 8M" long ify01Jll ale werkins with 8:'" finished blocks. To. Then measure the the next. needm join the differenr colors me 7. 2.ll'll'ered Amish" on prng¢ 95. before S'ewjngthe sashing 1)0 a row of blocks. Len. you cam sew diR'erefitcolored strips between blocks as described 'l3!bove.when 1:Iecessary~ to eondnue the design. this isn't a perfect world.kto block This ilIa. ()W crIl:reJuUysmooth the blue fabric OL1I.chin~" oa page 23). iliJthough I b~¥~ used pieced sashing on !:hill: folded side. end. follow the same directi.lg. I CUt strips a lit[le be sure 'to line up the verticaL strips between the blocks from one row to Ieasere the distance fot . n.i'S (]I]' 1:0 add a border.Tl) use diffe:r·~nl:: olors in tbe horizontal e ::iIIsh.join the OO'!'. Se-w the f.~'fe~ys. top of the blue blocks and make a fold at the next . measuring {ro.ons as for jo:inillg 'block to Mock but use kmger s3shing strips.'l-een and navy blue serips together. for example.g UW'-\iOi'idescrips) whenever possible because it is much easier co 'work with and Jess bulky. but mln€: isn't ai.m bJQc.e:ring the machine stitching.ollger and loh) 'them. B of iiAJl'ered Am]Sh~IO!l1 page 85 was created by piecing the sashing. to end" 3. FO!f' velft!cill Sashll. sound a.Htrle tedious but the results!mis aligned Wr. Press seam open.Ionger.. navy blue Mocks and cut a navy blue strip a little longer. me Saslting by TlH~:lime green sitar on side. In ~ perfect world. However. perfect. see how tlbis is dOile for a n3:\ hlae block with ill lime green sashing strip' used f( -I continue a design line as in side B of #i\.the 61"stpiece (:If horlzonral si. one by one.. Ume gr'~enand cut :i'l: il Utt! . piece sashing stIL'i:psJ ew th'e ends s together 1m a diagonal sesm.. "Vilben fo:in:ing hozizonral rows o:r' about your piecing.

thJ1!space and lund stitch or machine stitch the folded edge down.It can be 2" wide 3JS ill "Not Enough Cars" em . ~he bobbl 1"1. Out 4 !. strip in place and s'ew along the is to set the m(lchine rom.Using the srrips from one sashing fabric~ eurn (inc long edge under ~" and press.& an esample.ge89 or 4" wide as in "Fecm the Freezer" on page 41 (see ~slriJ1g det~i]sQIl p<'Ig.tting :un. This is particularly t. e:uttillg'. Sew ~ een Strjp ttl the blue stdp re~cdy tI.'ips from both side A lind side B sashing fubr.4'"-\\ ide stl.W.e distance between the two scam :~]]owances: ~nd cut a strip of battillg thwt wide .en the. in 2. quilt toe sashing sU'i pas ou complete each I:'O.Y that yom WG1ill[d section d for the ~imegreen em a piece sl ittle longer. It the Sashing by Ma(hi:]'1J(~· :sew the remaining side: of the my ta\forite wtry is to set the ry narrow . Se. Jet's S3. such as !l. blue and green fabrics. the front ~uil.yi:ng gee.zigzag stitch. Se-wthe nexr block to the strip thardoesn have the edge turned under. 1. To hold the batring In place.e ba..<. md pimUl1g until you have e horizontal Sc1Lshin. Lirlyth.\~lthe-unfolded raw edges of the strips to the raw ed.ics. Trim U1Je ends of the stripseven with thetop and bottom of the bleck this manner mC<'lsm. Pin this portion of the sa.(or use !'I pieced strip m .'ing. WIDE SASHING Wide sashing can be any width you "'~l:!'lt. Thread 60/2 cotton 'thread that malt~hes and use a 60!S n@@dleand read ill"! ieasure th.. hi~g to the Wl\' back of the block .o.gfor the row. dOG! nice on . ~nll'i"<." the fold.slling to blocks.e4f" siliming. 4.e 45)..:l.t the same time.

Meas(!lre the . Far b(l(1'der!l. nd a ['(JeWS (see "Basic S3:sh~l'lIg" on page . desired finished size.~.ces and ~". the batt~ng in the'l. to allow for :8J[1!Y B OBUERS..lgdtof yam' quilt thl"OUgh. I'IlIM:. M ¥Oij.l~lt li.2lif .i' and Jaye:r".e eemes Add an exrra 1" III bodl d[[i\ectioirls.}IDJe ~b~·k)it just If di. 7.. do forhloeks . HyQ~ are usingfu5i']h~e hlluing~ fuse d~e three .vidl s5:sh~ngstrips..:er (It 'C!I!. If yuu use .~eJ.ks are 5.Add all extra 1" foc seam <I]]QW311Cesand to allow for 'i. Sqjll::iIIIl1es .leinquihiiog. Cnr s~ips ~oy sUpP3gre of I~ttmg th.eqlrih acoordi. H Y0ll!are using 1'~. ooge~tthea.qu:illsare joinedto the quilt with :sa~hi.sashillg will look likean i~.. widersed longer than the .:iddl strips. joined together.e same size. Cut corner to (lie size neededplus an e. yO'~ use the $. Q~iJt :fI$ .-!i2"'fur seam Thm eothe desired ~ellgtlhand widdl~ ]e~nrThng 6. iI BlS[ C lli cut borders .l'D.)~des the quilt.d~$'\ir~d" . S:ID. with 4.ghl:l'll. :2..ttl borders.gto your' melilsu:reillents.RDER'S WITH C OINEI SQUiRES.Uf"(! ~hl'Qug. Me1!s~~~ewe\!. of 3. ].i!::n bawng.ridth of YQ~rqllU1t du·ou. The sashingfabrie uS:edl1JO jO~IDi.ippage hatting" pin or S:Pllffy"$~to add bordetstctlie !.. 3.Vhoo qIJUd~'lg. Mea:smre the ~.e bCIII'der can s ~hrk or acontrastiirng fabric. Cun: border strips Ibir each side of d1.iayersoog:ethel·. r:eliu. It all depends on the look 'yam WliIlf'Ilt.ecen~I· .I~~eded). Join berder strips to the $~de$of tlfle quilt :. orders 'OIJ11"eversib. C][II. sl..<'1 Cffl1Jtr$s:iiogfubrk. th.ik be '!:!heame as th..lXll1l:ligh the ce:lll:ter.I.tililJe .sappears.2. and repear SL~pS 2~-6 to aiM the t"(llP and bQtt'Q1.(1 v."l~ 1.ste the three j~yers. just as [OW!. add an esrra 1 in both directioes..~ BORDER'S • ~" ror :$G!<"lfl'l allowances.u1JerbQ~-der.e:ngt:h3]1.a border to '3..[e . F:oUow :steps 2-6 for "Brasic Bo~d. ofbl!Zlc.

! ERS WlTH A ASTING I NNEB. top -and bottom 3! eppeers tj)arl: . B.:ufu s.''gel'"bed and her qJuHt was.a qui It ~aJI'geraher 'it had b@'en qu illted and bOUJ1d. rererrmg toi. '1'0 achieve this look. Sew the side border strips 00 the q1!" .i]. Jo.'(:s Emma" on p(ll~5]!.IQRDER Lm.'rr.jps.. using one of the techniqees ebove. rtlct. a 1measier than 'making a wha. end .IU(1I110\' ances and sev ds ef the remaining borders sashing.border be-added with sashi1ng. '0f a sid • • r' "D' a $1 e sas-Iling sttrlP'.J(hat' the top i'lnd bottom quill: 'W.entiyas~d iff there was any to m:3Jike .ilil.le' t [lew f!"I~ add a ror quilt.lecec 1Sash~llig"onpage 22:. would be biggl. I 'suggested tn~1Itlhe 'binding be removedand a..twiththe pieced sashing strips. It wei.r. FoE' r:h~ binding because the quiit. You would need] to bo. ]re(.. of 'border fabric to each.ic rhe sashl ilg. no longer big enough. OI.nJnst:tng fab['.deli' Strips to the q:u.a <child had ugira:eiUlat'€d" fmma youth bed '10 a I.trim to '[he desired for Je:a.. Enlarging a Quilt: I was. }loud I $00 lilting rhat joias the borderm the quilt sn innerherder.)shing s:tt.quares •.

. each side will nSJVie pe. from the corner.. If . 'I was t~l1:ghttt. 4.·~ BINDING AND FINIS. It makes a.iJlg 'l.engthwise!. In S(U'liJieqU]]t§~ lll..'im m..1lOl'lsstrip. Remoee the q-~[i1tfrom the machine. beautiflli] finished corner on bOothsides of the quilt.2lh. Beginning ~ .c wiU'W/Qrk on berth sides.Il{i. . auchoi: your stitches and sew the binding ItO the :lir~t side of the q ullt wtm a a.HING • t:!li~ jnd~ng: need not be just the . BtS.ay want the binding to just you disappear.a try.NDING •room the width o:f the f1l brie. gi. Starting at a comer and ]eavillg a 2" making a quilt . Join the serips end 'to end to make a long GOIJItin1!. me Foldl the str1ilp in hslf ~. you a:r:e lucky.[.'rays loved it. of the qu~[:tplus 8'!'extra for joinllll. Yard<'ige r®qub~eJlleIiJts £0·1 both basic bi. wrong sidles: to~thel~ and press.. yUIi!:l' :2. in a eoraer ~t. cut .g st:nps and. J om themwith a dtegonal seam as you did :f~rlong saciWngstrips {s-eepage 22' for details if Ifl..ood~d) . uonreversiblequih. machine-sewn mke:rs.-wide strips to' goaround all sides. foUocwthe Basic Binding" inStrl.there ]$110. need to do t:h:at b:oiflliiblething withjoini 1'1. ma.elJdil! (li~HltpIToJect.> bit at the ~nd of 3. .nding are provided with .t~ see "Reversible Bin. while in others 'Y0Ufilay 'w-ant iii: to make ·aJ bold sta!~e-men~.nding and reversible ibl.ding" on I~ige 2 S. {lCtidy:irog upl.rrect.l)ltive. 'rorniDg' corners.. which ~illwafSlooll::sm:essy when I tty it.lC BI.tch.1!~ role. Draw a perpendicular line from the stitching ]itle (1\) to the f. Ifso. the same If ]Put the 'lII:~d~ng' foot on HlaC'nme. as well as 3 fuJncriQn.Like sashing it can playa dOOQ. call] this I baseliue.ld (C) ..enough ..e rawedgecs of the quilt.'liCilions below.".. S~QP :Y<I" from ehe comer and 3Ig. like it because the two ends: of the bmnding are enclosed.'lIln anchor )TOUr stitches. " seam allowance. If you haVlen't dene binding this way. This brj:nding 18the smne as Twould use on !I.hi$ method sho~·tly after] learned C(iI q~jh and have ilIn. the law edges: of the bind. the ends.o.

Draw a ints A and C to' point B to form l1! s.." l. pivot. Then point B.~ ~ L . : Ij I j r\J r. I~" "- l~ 1"..anchor }'QUI' stitches. 1'''·"'"''"'' '"._... 1\. a:nch.•• "'.I' 1').da. II" I'.27 .Ugn binding with the edge ofthe next side of qmillt. ~Iignl~ng the fo..\.. .m .re t~J~t d the folded edges are not 011 ign. Ma:rk the. anchor your stitches" Draw the ABC tdangl.". ~ . ~ I" ~ . and sew to point C. i... but ins:wad cf folding the binding under: pm...~~.(l hinding under at point B.. Fr.. this is: under pom:lt A.. I \.~..@_ dli~ tr:inngle you''l. .. Do not sew 3ICl"OSS the a you did for the...In . I' '.._. Repeat seeps 4-7 f~)rthe secead ~ID!dthird corners.r the needle :..I w ... III.'It point D.. previ us three comers. ~~I~~ .it to the 'rail you i...... ~i I'.. .". ·~d1. 'point at which you stilrt point D. Omlthe rou:rdl side. Find the center of the baseline.• ~ ". " I~ WI L'U . '".~..m:]) measure ~ '" to the right of the and make another mark (0)..· ~~ ••"'" '-O~~..grOUT stitches. St:llrting with~he 31 point }.. . the qUlk from the machine (uJ. .lded edges.ed.'efe at the beginning.()riIt... anchor youII'stit-ches and then sew to Wi from the nexr corner. from the ioldC)d edge and 1\ line) and make merk.1'..... . Binding <lind Finislling . rmlI stitches.edge of }fi)l1r binding strip. the 'wrong wray. Pin in If Ylln (.. $e\1i' to where you srsrted (!4'" from the end of side 4).... ""'_ . . ~.distan(:e from the stitching line . . ..~"'''. " .an~t S€i.

This."l. 2.exaID_p[e.g:~. w Aliter tblding 'and sewilng the binding to the QU]]1I:S:. e~sy to do. measurement to mark t.rji!vh. F'rQ'mthe width of ehe fabric.lIl.etbe[" single layer of binding and the folded ~3.e s:rdps end to end with a d[agon:8!~seam as. 'together.~ 'r. both sJdes of yOg~quik.l!l!:dling"sew the: sing1e la.e t<jght side out. If 1:he' sides of the quUt are corner on.) It does not maner 01 which side you use the 'l:Wowidths. boreom edges.of binding to"ed1l. ehereehniqucwill :sri~l these inst!..i f 'rlie same Mw]diing fa bric just won't do f~)[ both sides of tlleifllUt? both pieces.I'O'\l er ~ strip wjll goon the front of the qullt. \\rm giive y." ~$hjng. CU[ snips :for me other side 1%'" wide. the D31'.yer .~gthwi.he point of the tri31ngl.m~tclling raw iI 1l . Turn the b~ndil1g to 3.o~ a mitered v:ery UWe difference:.v triangle corresponds with mil! 'Cl!ltting fur 5. 1.. you attach the binding to the quilt.ier to remeroher ihis \iJ. Press the seam open.e.J.'9.• :f[ght sid~stog.quilt first.of . fold thern%"'mw:ide strip in haH·l. (B). in corner scam. 5.Witb the reverse side and hand or msebine :sewthe folded edge to. ~1~S. Trim rhe corners from eaeh 'triQJogl and turn . WLt:h . Instead. the quilt.h makes REVERSIBLE BINDING 4.'5. c<1Im]otdo a n'iJic'~r'@dorner as c you did fOif du: OOS]C binding.4. and ii'se:as.d~ the. edges" sew the ~I~~ layer Note: If you want to use strips w~de:t·han 21h" t :fOli }!Ql'l'U' bjncling. me W. This helps the binding fold at the midpoint when. and pT~S .nd:in.'e'J' wim a ~ '''-'w'ide seam allowance. . [anger than 40" join dl. wrong sides. bl1lt you.ible: binding' is. cut enough I !4I:"' -wtde strips to go' around the quilt plus a ~ew inches flOr the corners.u~·tioJis. measure the distaace b etweeJl the stitching line and the folded edge (step 5) and divrnme the m~<l:rUTeil1len. of b:i. asen . S~V the bi:tldh:tg 00 opposite edges ofm~~ . you de when piecing s3hing (see page 22). (This is Mt" widerthan the instreerions :imRJWeniblc QUJllS. you win sew the: binding liD the sides firstand then 00 tile top' and. Se.t][Ihalf" U5~..yer. :But what . t~reby enclos:i:llg tb.dght sides together and ~w edges m. ene side of the quilt. l"evenib]e quilt? Unless you can incorporate it intoa block on 'One side of tlrl!equllr.the first two sid¢s. T['.:with . Hand. sew' the S'jngl~[aye... side of che »I1St sewn the with the quilt..dge of the seam i'i UO\!. to the reverse side of the qu. Make sure you keep the folded edge lined up with the fold~de. LABELS.e sew the folded 'edg' ~.IiJ at the heginnlng 'l1nd end. Trim the seam ~i~O'waJ:l.eavirJI.r of binding' tn the remaining edges of th@'quil. sew 'the ends of the 'binding flush wjtb the ends of the quilt. '0[' urnclrin.' as you did 'l-vith . erse 7. ~ suggest you Ji'lIlit it on the 3 \~lItere do you pu't al~beI on bi.'''t1. . Fold the binding at line and hand or machsne ~jiM the edge to the rei.nding.t. and L.nC'€ YOIl ha.'ce 'turn right sides out.dgbt sides togerher.

Even ifyOl1 are planoin~ 0]1 using basic binding em }'{mrquilt-where you would Ilorm.gro the sleeve.. blends in with the' black drapes of:t. "Vith right sides together. CUf two pieces of bj".typed' my name. Cut HI 4. Thiswill produce the 4" hangends ing sleeve rumaLtyrequired for quile ShCMIS.()ideJ"ed alphaber. one r W' bythe length }TOn h.quilt snd add 1..e the wI' of the .My sewing rnachine has an enlibr. IRa.11 to the quilt wlthilie binding. 3. Fold length wise.. 'Iurn under and hemthe two s.i f you were maklnga reversible bindina. side to side aJon. where I live and the current year ]nto the memolly.. of rOIH qJill]t~ you willhaveto cut two pieces as . half ~eng:th'\v:ise-yOlJ wil] have to cut two pieoes (of the same f~bl'icif desitlecl) so that the sleeve can be 5ieW. II:is the only way to have a regulation-type hl'inging sleeve on a reversible quilt that doesn't interfere with the top 4" of one side' of it. piece of fabric 8~1!'w~de and the lent-rd.l.\i\lhen [ prepare my bind.:u:lil1g.lttached"between" thebmdings and extends abovethe quilt .1. m se'\\ this informaeion onto the folded side before I se-wthe b. S~W the rWQ pieces of bindin.. determined frl step 1.. ~fyoUl Make It Black are entering your quilt in a show" 'I["Oumight want to make the hanging sleeve from black fabric so it. so ] ". Ic is nor sewn '00 either side of the quilt) but is j).nn:in. L.Measure from.-~-----~Fold . wi'on_gsides togedJier" and press.01L"t . Even if you are pI3.:d]y use A .ai'iidllhem_~--~---1' 30 Bi l1d1ing and Finishing .r 0'[1 l. Fold the 1%'i strip in half lengthwise with wrong sides together and press.i. Center the sleeve on rhe fokled blnding S[rip lilling' up tl~e raw edges.lilv€: determ ined and rheoeher one 1 % " by the same length. I! 8112" TII~·~~ ." 1" .inding eo the quilt. .2 ~" -. Measu['.ings.matching raw edges".mg the same fabric to bind both sides.. who b~:sgenerously agreed to share it 'with us..enused ffi shows.I. center the 1yg" bU'lldil!lg' strip.". 5. The other 1t[1r~e~jdesof thequilt will be bound in the usual :£:ilsbiol.t and subtrilct 2"'" 2~.g the of the qllH. on the tOI) edge other side of tbe hanging sleeve.ide strip folded ill. ~ ~~ __ -=~ ~ ~.u.\!I! edges HANGING SLEEVE ~ I) !'old This methodwas created by Sharron Evans.

€:binding...:fa.. nd leftover pieces to l'Q'ta~'me a I've prQ. or «Re\" on page 26.fI][. s~mp.vid~dyall'd.g~ on page 2'8. .~de strips.~OUS parts of the quilt. PV"e also included bi.i.[1 each side.s]h]e. you see ehe phrase "total of assorted .ysfinlshes at %'" 0'."Wit!!:lI 40'" of • .l.ucSt would with the folded edge of sashing 8. combination of $ITlPS:.iTldm.:an't'to' use the ssme fabric for 'any of the . sew the sleeve (If your qJui~~" OT '00 machine finish tbe folded ed Ere ). It's diffj~h to Y<l.rdage l'eqmrelil1en1!S foit some of the .\f.c.nding amounts fol[ basic b]:[Iding ::ilind ll'ew:rsibl.becaese they use nuny different modes. Bnsie Bindi-ng THE QUIlT PROJECTS he materials list 1m"each pr-oject is based on 42"'-wide \¥a:shlng. Basic sashing alwf). Bask binding is based 011 cllttil!lg 2~1'~. Rind the other three sides. If you '". foUowing "Basic means that you need 3.age amounts for sashing in both widths that you'U need to add the yardages together and buythe total amount.the single thickness.

M.adle by Shanlr11l Pederson 1 9.llnner: 1i4112l1 x 40'" .Tab'le rl.I~P 32 .' flinished block: 9")(.






hen R€'v~rMbk {fulks came out II WilS inunda:tedl with requests
class sample, It just


something quick


use es e

happened tlia~ I also needed a small gift for someone, She wo'uldn't

a quilt om the WCI'11.. so th~t elimunat~d a wall! hClfllgi'Plg • . . table runners are smalll, 1~l1ought; I'll rnal~e her ·111 thh:"lkin9 Q,ffabrics to • because

a: ~ab!l€ runner.. After malking ,aboult six of we: should i::ailthis the' "Salt.ed P€amit you

for enothererel

I decided

you cerrt make jius,t one, Th:€!yareo lots 'of fun to' mak~' and g'o together so qudly
fabric lis the onethet you

a dozen of them iln no- time at all.
runner, tile ~nil'lg·uiangle

the most, I IISiuallly choose it f'illstand

block febrlcs. fher,e ar,eapproximately
me 'of tl1em ere qulre short. 'so you

2'0 'strips. of varying widths

eaeh side of the t!lb~e

won't meed much of any partku~ail' fab:rie to make one ~JP.

to U5@ lip those bits and pieces that are- left over from other plrojects.

Bssle SiLshing • ~ yard for 1 !4 "-wide strips
ad!: printfor block triangles

• Y4yard for 1 W"-l ide strips

Df gold print

settling tri9ingJes

of ·~oo[,ted pli'ints for blecks:

• %yslrd
Reve1J'sitMe BWu(llEng
• ~. yilli'd for

2gn,'l!;;fi,2 gold, Ilnd! 2 m;an,ge
of varying widths)

1Vi"~" ide strips

.' !/.i, ym!"d. fQr 1 %" -wide scrips

• ~ yard of 96" -wide batting

f sssorted prjnts: for' bl.odrn:: 2 'M~. 2: greea, and 2 purple Qf- aryhlg w'd:ilis)

~PIUr;h.tlstt.lf;(JrW fobric :ifjl(JZ~ Imsy .wt,

!Directional Fabrics To ~ a dlrectional fabric (0 ns best adlvant~:ge" I lJ'iwlly fussy cut ihe settilng 'triangles. 'SO I have ('!IIIof .~ stripes or de~ign images going the same w~,


[ . Refe,,g' wHRever.sibLe Blocks" on p~' make three hlocks. Trim to 9 ~ .. x 9%·'.


2. :Referring w·!BJocl::, Variation '\)'"on pam make rour s~,tttilgui3!ngles; trim only dl I

, _ squares,


shore sides. There will be very Httle to basically, you are just tidying' up the "...:~~ .. 3. Referring to «Ba.slc Sa.sbing" on. page 2 ~. sashing strip for sides A and B. Ioin the and lOWS as s~lown in the di~gnun.

F rom the battimg, ,cut;

3 squares, :100"x~O"
.:II" ~ ." lQijl."· cut once on tlU~ UlHlg'Ql1a~ ",~,;; eo yieLd 4 'tlri:lllngles. Or, if you have a, h'l:E,ge-

u' n

enough pl:~e~ cut

square, [4" x 14,"; CU,]; twice

on the di'~gonil to yield 4 tlLian,g1es.

From the black I_Jlint" cut:: 2 squaees, NH4!1x lOW'; cut oneeen the diagon,l).l to yield 4 triangles, (You will lise only 3.) Fr-om ilie ft(!lra~',.dnt;. !l::ur:
.2 squares, 10%" x lOW"; cut: once (loll tile dlsgonal to y'ie1d 4 triangles, (You will, useonly 3.)

4 .. Trim the long sidles of the setting tria:ngl' round the corners if desire.dl.Roundingth corners will make the hindi f,g g'o'on easier.

.JI • Fl1J:lX ~:i.. go'[.til, pont '* , curt:; ene

I 'quare 14" x 14"; eur twice on 'the di~g;on:aleo
yie]d 4 setting triangles
FroHn, Itib.'egreen striped fabr1c4'; CiU.'t: 1 squal"e" 14" .X 14";, cut t'I.~ice on the diagonal to

yjeld 4 seui.ngtri,al'llgles tJr~ filJS)1 (1tttblg; 111.akc II ttmtplote the so.1Ite size as YO:U1' ltll1.ti:ng Wi{mgks .tmd C't~!:ffJ1J;1' rritJ~~gles.


ff dellired.


5. Relerring to "Basie Binding 011 page Reversible Bindicg" on p:age 28, rut

(ome(') thM are qre~ler than 90°, on this. w:bl@ runner, ~love tile 001 made' by Jackie RQbi'i'lsorn. Il is a thallt maJk~ these mn~ers,a breeze. on page 94.

11M bindthe edges of the


1'1 d II

The S(!IIted Peanut Table RtJf1lle.

IQUUt: 40~" x '60'n • fi'nished, bloo'k: 91h'l! x 91f2'r1 Made by 'Shar,on 'Pecilerson,


cun Frmnetlci of tille pr~uyql!h::t but a. developedan Somerville is atelerned ql.ith thA'! technique.~)&bricsfuil:' 6 stl.jni~ss just fun wirh them as I did. The numbers of qll~its made foil' dO'narioni:lndi 1ft. II couldn't s.rd of 96" -wide balling CUTTING From 11l~. hand stitch in ! Whern ).of blue print fahrie fOIf' blocks . .h n~<cwdl~me.yard fo]" l:~"'-wtde strips .and f~g~r~ 'QUit a watt to make h eesier: U'la~isex.e(J:ci) ·of th.tep'r~~. I!tld~ of 1%"'-wide Stl.l hal!J~t:O get some'thiillig made)'ts!ttrday.lVe'J.uherr who lillies ~n my pain: of the world.-backS'_i.11:fabr~cforb-locks : Batting '. lya. To vil!l! af1~1ra trage(iy.. thls quilt makes it po&slbl~ you d@cid€ to i:1aJ1. friend of mine has.~"d~~l.iHere:nt f3br~csfm'R:i!I]~ blocks .strips.cut: 3. They gilve so much of theilr t. .~.are some of the mOSt 9tnerous peopleen earth. 2 % x 42 " i l! side A. .Ol. d'1lerei:s.of whi.n'ta.a q~~lt .stl"He: f ability tollook et .. Sh€' 'ha. too.!I~"i.g • . Ri.ebawng 0%" x 42" .eand wh~'lieprinlts! .ii@ of !ne-se quilts aw. fot . shre has aftern waIV' hIJeT!!lie groups to ma~e Ciluiltsfor ~pedal=rueeds bab~es or pabents iiril long=term >car.s~bJ)~ Bi. 10 Wi it 42"€: (arnd their il'lf srash) to dli5adivanta:g~d groups ~hei~ wmmuniti:e-s-I am wnstal1lt:Jy amazed at how qUliddy the charritioes areS't(tgg€'r~ng.actly what she did w.omethillllg a I~ttje .FASTEST-EvER CHARITY QUILT • uilrers .nn a quilt using the rev€'rs~bl!i2' technique. % y~rd. 6 pieces.@ tliiat.dif~r'ent on that 'side.']PS 5 d. this quih is c'Omplele:~ymachine se-wn.e-a(irl1ries.

Sew sashin_ st. shown.jet1e to t1'Jim.togmher). YOoU are sewing sashing snips 001" 'ho:th side.-ic SimpS.Refe:rr.Ikesix of t1rlese strips tluee wid! blue fabric onthe back and three with. three strips with blue fa. fabri:1. on your\\foik stlrra. sametime.igbt sides together. the right side on[y of the dl!iiFd. Repeat '!.p) .g up.'ith !the remainmg :sidle A f'ahdcs .. you. througlll all thi. the !.lI!s:hingstripsto bOlth sides of one: stl'ip.sfo. There will be very !. (wro!'l£ s-id!e u.3!4" scam. Remember..ef1:side ool}.shing" '0:11 page 21" cu S sashing \>trip. <Ind to.. Trim the long' sides.eael).u... on the batting and pin. A and. Sew s. Side B. white. . right side down. ··· ." Plaice one side B strip. are just tidyin._ . 6. for side A.. 2.briCOid the back.BLOCK ASSEMBLY 1. flip and finge:£'-press open. place two filb. I' IBatlin:g 5. Kee the fabric sttips tu rhe :S3Jne order for . r. side B at the f 3.M1. Sew. e and cover with . Tw-o rabrics fm stde A (i'iiht sT~es. . eknesses. Set: aside the..y:ith. of another. 4.iflg to '~Bals.l batting c piece. Lining up the taw edges with the lef[ side of the bilitring.i"ca. .dps to tbe pieces with 'l.esSeittiaUy.1i hite fubdc on the back as..r sides A and B.

3. cut 5tfl.i~n whiM:! '!~~rir. Sew strips m <1! block with sashing o. You sbQ~M ~.B. design walll. QUILT 1. St"bJ~mI!g'only QJ~ 1ill.PS al.of 24 b. 18:. .ing <lui!the blocks w]'mo'l.eblock s and rows 'togeme:r.l.1ld btil!lid tile ed.1Y 3:dd~tio.~dc" e :2 • Refer to ". i'ifr~llfi.~Ile:rn~~~illgc the blocks with s.ges: .HI/dl Sew one set of strips w 11 block B.m~~e~v(lgesoff the .Hll..bIOC~Sj ~. Re:f~rri~ 1]0 join eo "Baste BwOO:ig)j (lID to. rt. 01).26 or "Reversible .B:a:s~c a.1 AS'SEMB.sbil1g" on page 21 S 1ill.]'1 0.l)t as ~ll{}wD inthe q~nt d~agr.£ 2:4.'liWtlf' on PQge.:llik btLle tab:ric Olll lradk.ged~e.. n b.:Ish.e left ss shown.nal 10" SQsb~[Igs:t-. w.~illke :. Ma~el2 wIIh .O'f fhe ql.nly :ght.ripsfOl' both -. stdp [Olf end of all six :suips iuto 10" $qullLrc::s.t..ocb as shown.1 ®oral. Ie:~:sk!e 011"u· a tot..

fmn'ished bl'ClCk:9'" x 9"" Made' by Shamn Pede'rson .Quilt: 441f2" X 441h" '.

3 'yeUow~2 blue. referred (0 '[00 as a UFO (unfinished <Oil:1j..rdfur 1¥I. it. S.!. you mCilkfthings" 'then ff'eez.. B.tS for Mocks yard of prine for borde:rs yard eath of assoeted p:ri[lIi.!? and havllng .tS for bto.!.e BinclUl1g • ~ )Hlfd form !Is'" -wide strips . for 1!Is"-wide strips ~..amazing ~\lEf~ible qlli~'ts.eo)?Cite having a piile .' % ylltdl fer 1%"-'wide strips .In"instant'" dinner? \'tJeJI. 1 red." -wide strips: tbis will open up even More possibilhies fOlr .ble q'Uli~t5us'llng "'frozen" blocks from my II'f. YOIJ5i. % ~r~:rd 'Re~rsil1Jl.aS:hi~lg . 2cll:an~e.ilme.yards ll1ota~.mply !piece the blocks "firsl and then treat them the way as.' % }'a. ~think. here is ~ . when you'd (.ather spend one more hour sewing.g or assorted dark [lIlrirm:I.of blocks in my'S'fudio I be put togeth€'!r at a mO'me'llt"s 'Ilo~ice tnstead oOf haMing to start from s. out for .t nice. 'II\\lam to know why thatfs considered a vin.. And isn't i. plllin sashing. ks ~r~:u:d total Basic Bmding . Ygl:idsof blue-green andhoeders J print for ssshing . and then changed my mind lhe quilt and '~hey get pushed aside.~@'rer"othE!rwi~ known a~ !ne ( of the closet. in my studio).e them to be at a la.crGlI!ch every t.ii(. just 9rab oneend 'rn sure a 10'1: of you have containers in ycrur fre@zer 'with 'spaghetti sauce or homemade soup in them..a pile of already rnade up prints for I.dO:$: 3 green. . When you have time (or too many tomatoes).al pieced block ~susedas sashing.of assorted 1igl.ter date. So. !4: ~li'd. and I • * yard of 916"-'Wide batting pUl])ie 11 . • made the Hen and Chicks bloch yea rs ago.)ii~. on our theme of rev@'rs'i. ~his quillt.FROM THE FREEZER .

rn M:'" :lil l!h" ctlt once diagonalJ}' to . 4":( 2 strips.1~res. cut once d:ia.gonaUy to y~e]d108 tri:. tri~f)lgJes. 2%" x 2%".p~.. 4" l'i F~ro.48 2'4 tl't. 24td3ng." tnang es Gilt :e rrom tne Tis d ark squ3J'es. eut. 2 red. U!II1t.trips.0 35%"~ 8.:: %".lld'Qbbr:k.oreach bl~ck. ]0 yellow. From d1:€b. 5" x 3 B'" 3 strips. rectangles. 5" it 42" 'for e.i" (4 gr~e:nj ~ yeaow.5 x 3 8 3 s:ttl1'.'Rit 1mtii ]OIl m:ea them tiO'i1»I tOCllt 12 rectangles.6 orange. .:" x 2 % '". template C on p<'ll~49 (ID if) green.2 s:i:ri. a"( <) ~ 1.Cl~t: thenJ.fOm the U' side n. 9Yi" x '9W' 6. Sew tile units from step 1 to the ha]f-squllLl't "'1 ""'.iI)s}$" x 42" From the ~~orte. 'cut: 9 quares. 8 squ3r'e$J 2 v.2.e ~ cu:t: s 12 diamonds using ~.f!4" x 9D.~es usingtemplate B 0[11 page . and 2 orange) to 5 U". .~~W!' . 5" ){. l!.ttJ.'OTTING From the ba. 6 blue.] bh.ts 36 ttiangles using 2 purple) 'fQit ~ide B.:(IIi::1Ul: priBts: ·fuf side . 2 blue..7 A 4 squ~r.'." s 4%" ~I the assorted dark prints for side: A. lFl"OU~.". q1l3f€S.' ligll't and (I'ark triangles rogetl 3S shown. n . Milike4 .e:!npl~te on page 4. .es~.A.l'ue-~een pitiut :ft'Orid.6.mgles 36 rectangles. border !1:)(lmt. cut once diagonally yield 16 triangles "4 Sew the 2%. 47" "These might baV't 'W betf'immed bes« to! rl. cut once diagonally 'to . 'cut.l]Smg template Don page 48 (3 gr~! "3 ye]]ow.g:j.H~t 3W" x 2 . It's .:le and ~ ounge) j _ strips. I.3 8'" _ su·jps. M~:~e4 is squares. Make 3.Ulg_lecs usingooluplate B :reverS'ed to. 2%" x 2%".. 4 yidd 36 til'langles [7 Gil :f." 5" x.4. y]dd 36 trj<tng[es 9' squares.mth:e ~S50ll1l'ed prln.

eunits from step 2:. Nlal:o:_t: 4.~ ~ and-green triangie squares.Make 12. Arrange the blocks.b~S and B A to make the dtamond rectangles as . tI. SIDE B 1. 6."lC Mi1Jk~L . Number 0 them as shown and remove. i'vIake 9 blocks. one orange-andyellow triangle sq1i'lia:re~ one greenand. and s.n!!le-Sl make 't'!.g' sq 1l0'iJ'Ji'eS[1 a design wall. the pieces cut fromremp~3.ect~ulgies~nd the l~" dark a as shown to make the lien ~fid block.nin. and-blue triangle square. Sew the 3W' blue-green square togem~r withthe 211" light triangles to< rna k(! the squa:re-wit'h1n-a-Siquare bloch. S. di:llimond rectangles.. "With D the 4W' light f.. 0 v' now~ .· tth.

finger-press die.tO. remove the two triangle units for block] f["Om.g. orange triangles. and SOQin.inrung with the uppet· right comer. rin to secure the triangle. S(11l31'e 2. Be. rwo redtrlangles together. the other seam.of the He'll and Chich block underneath. ne Mock ~t a nine. Ansnge the triangles: so that the seam w:i]] create 8J di. . nv. if'des:ir~l. \V1'1:e'fl you . Stitch in the dit:dl Place them back on thedesign wallto keeptrsck ofyout (iII} tOI) of thenatw'ilg square.Amu'Ige [he C trl~mgh:: rectangles.tme upper right comer.have them arranged the~" YOll ~WUI:t ehem .ell and Chicks Mock as shown. Be j sure thil'~ you have the triangles oriented in the same daeceion as du:y were on the desi Vl2H. Place Hen o :and Chicks block 1) right side down.[ the comers .Number the blocks.:s togeth. ]nakjn sure you have lined ir 1!IDp so the 1bobbi~1 ~hl'e. lind triangle squares for side B on <1 design WiiliU j as shown. sew . With invis.thl'ough aU tllidmes~s and. seam.e: and place a battling IOn !top of it. L .f[WO purple tri ~~l'iSh. beginning'l the center of the H. 4.Place them.kl.•gonal sti.the design wall.)!ds'will. b100k 11 (Wf6n'8:side up) J.•remove: jUS1i: two triangles <'it: a time and sew the: triangles of the same 00]01· wgethu in pairs--sev. riglu sid 't'ogeth. inOO:i:5~C. 3.iMe thread in your bobbin.l\rQilkw~dn.tching line eJiQctly l thl"(IU.. on yoilJtrwork l:1lol. He'f1I and Cllii(.l~I"~ngement.

.x '9ll" . Quilt in the: ditch around the diemonds as fO't] go.: 'n ~ne~<lnlng ~'eC'tln~lIe " the space and cover \vith the diamond .. Sew two s:ashing rows for side and Ilr. widl block 2 from side R Align j. ICta!ng.. lO.e to thoedeslign ¥alt Repeat for all nine .~ith die Hen and Chic_b side the block. Sew togedu~r. rig}l'~sides together. Add. usi ftg thereetangtes shown . bl. the fo]cled 's.. 11.5lilin. will be vel'}f liule to' trim. 7. :Repeat."WW'.' 3'IL" ..g remoee .oclits ''I. long edge. quilt in the ditch . ' ' .}time from the design waU.!!sbi.. you are juSt "tidying up" t!l')e bloc_k.IU. Sew sashlng rows :Fo.t'i\'een die two seam aUQW3UCeS <lindcut a piece'eothe same at the same time. 1IiO.~.g $!~ip!l ~o 'Ihe 't11!l! $arne time..... the. trim and the block m '9 Yi" x 9~ '" if needed.~" .ether 'iI. fectang~e at . and Chi~' blocks. Hand Qr machine in the same joinedi the blocks together. 9..:.edown.~e". :._PIace ~L b" '. Be sure . .. .g one lo. M'~cSm-e the space .the Hen :81'lld Ch id:s side.out.e: (side B) . the next s<lsl'li:ing recranglesnd blockin the .rside A.''[he block oriented in the correcc ~lltIlOIl. Press under ~ "akii'l.ound the diamonds .iarllgle sqU3r'es as shown.ngedge f the side B rectangle. riabc tog. Ir should. us:ing the diamond receaogles and square-In-a-square two units 8S B".. .) Rerum th.g th-e same size. be IL -_l a". with the :si..n_gedge of [he: Slide A sashing 1'"0\" and join the fowsrogether ew the next Mock (3) to' the other l'Oi. jiO]1!li 8.>( . Sew bUlh :5a.of bleck 1. to Take the diamond rectangle 2 fl"Om A and rum one long edge l!Ddel: %" and A~ign the unfolded long edge. .'arne manner to create the top row. VVith ]Dvisiibl-e thre-ad in your\rith wid. to make three rows. ou will he Y _ll1ina' bom :pieces of s. lj\~ly you se.':.

Cur .. ReJening '00 "Borders vl:i:tllil CQV1. bind. Piau:. 'mt~edges of the quilt.e 26 or uR. ClIl1!: strips and.IS desired. Make two berder strips. Place a 4-7"-I. -. Refer·ri.1 border-fabric rectangle to ' end of th. Binding" on page 28.47'''-iong 'border strip. two fur each side ofcl-l!it. h'~kc two border sm ps. "'-Iong ba:uing strip betweena centrasti ng s9Ishing S'ti'lpS" ]. from.. the two quilted borders to 4 ~ vide by the measured. Trim.tbe qui It with th(! pieced sasbin. the center ro determine the ~lel1Jgthneeded for me wp and bottom borders. 5" x 47":1 for the borders.g strips . Re.g strip between a side A and a side If. li and Se'!V .9.!t' on p<age22~ Cllt I _"~Ieasure your Quilt fil"Om side to side through.! quilt Join itlle sidle borders to. Re-fertll:lg to Pieced Sash to "Basic Binding" on p3!g.p.tIasting a lnnel' Border" on page .e sashingstrips for the pieces..Pin or sptay-baste~ and . ':in or spray-baste and quiLt as desired.quilt . h'9. length.the two quilted borders to 4y:" 'wide by the measured l7. top to bottom thl"OUg:I.. M. side .peat wirh 'fne side B border . .1 the OO-H'[:el' and trim . join the top and bottom border srrips to the quilt with.\ border end to 'end tn make one '[I!!._ mel a sidle B 38"-'~ongho]['dle:r 5:lJ'i.eversibie.oug bani.• p\.lVleasu:re the quih.!.".n. psI_. I ~.long blne-green strips for .2 5._".

\ ~ I I I I ~\ . "\ I I \ I I I I I I \ \ \ \ \ \ I " I I f I I I I I \ \ \ \ \ \ .\ ~(II \ / I I I \ '\ I I \ \ I I \ \ \ \ I I I I \ I " f . \ \\ I I I \ \ \ I j I I ( A s I a ~ \ \ \ \ ~ a "I I I I I I \ \ \ \ \ \ \ I \ \ ~~ -'4. 01. -. \ / I / I - ~.I I I I I\ -\ \ .

\ __ .I // /" / / // \ \ " I /' V / / / / / / / / / / / / / / . . /" I I I ! A .1 II I \ \~ ~ ~ I ! l I I I I I I I I I I I / : II I I I I II I I B .-Il ! I II \ \ \ I '!? .- -- ~ ~'--I III \ \ \ \ \ B feversed ~ I I I \ '\ '\ \ ~. \ I I I I II / // ~ I I I . I I l I I I I / I ~ I ~ I I I I_ L._.'i"" --. I ._~ I ." St' \ \ al ~ -----------------------7/ I ~ I / \\ \ "\ 1·' . .

/ / / / / /' /' /./ /t /' t fl I I f I I /' . // . I I I / /'/' /' /' I I /' /' / /' / i I I I I I I t I I .

.on Pede!rSon. lann.0 !' .e McCau~ey. 2 611411 x3 SIhil 1 1 Made by 'Shiu.and Mary' IEUenKr.'Qui'l1t:.i lii' 'lee :: alDl roe 5··-"1 B IF" "I.

page 5'50.brir {1.fused toe appliqu.bricror background and B.hter~ Em. wanted e free-forrn tOQk without having to S@W unusua'i shapes together.e shapes and then blanket st~t.B:indliug Y<iyrn:li'id forI m.atia.1h Mary IW@rl.R. ""Set fA. scraps fOE R:. I also. See (11m f NUMfrt.writing iii bookacout the us'e ·of photographs on qutlts.! f tht lmfl_-vaPII ffJ1" the :sasbmg tIM! j()in.s" -wide strips • Vii ya:rd fOr I % "-wide strips Batting' • % y~iid of 9'6"-wide fusihle b!llrring a.le .a" youfI"S'elf .ched~hem (ombiningi appUqu~ and quilting: steps int:o one.ld had done 'them~thal~S what peo'pl'e who (. rectangles .aqtleek.. and I was thrilled when she offered arquilt for my book You 'can see. class wi. I block'Srhat would be easy to w>v'~ogerhe:r._ 'f~~'abackl''Oll11d lnlm'j_"or 1:l16tfhing diD f .a.. yard for 1~ "'-wide strips • % yard fm" ] %" -wide stdp.ild WtJte that 11l:J. who quilters. tfKhnique' used on the' 'Other 'sid@ of tne qu'i!t c()mput€!:rskllls'to WilS taught to me by my Irl'erndi M~Pi 'Eijlel1KJan.of b1ack fu. See ~'ResQUI"(~~" page 94 for tunl1er illform~tion on !her dssses.z.eversih.1. bl@ I dr:ew tile applique images tc look as jf a chi. on Bask Sasl~ing* • ~.aln'~ to (Oller up the faa that '£heycan't drawl I.e:sr)1.m~".AA L OV EsE or my newest grandd(lug.s .:tl_gf 55 if ygu ro1!Jz.JlJ p/Jgt~ 9'4.rl of qui]ler and geek."Cd the Sftt~li(!o. A'fter .p~'lti!r Ima frdIJm!1: . On 'g:raph 'p~peir.1.'_' eacb· off 6 assorted bright prints for . which is of a combin.r the blotks' on tam .. Then I fused "wonky" (a highly technical term.fJ'Ces'.ppli'que of da.rk 'p:f]:lJit fO!f background al. I wanted 'to make a whim~ical quilt to t'ell her I loved her.Optlu}ts'" em /. on Ellen ~s.k BhWing % yard can e.

'and other leeeers you need using the 1'3trerns on pages 56-. " .9" 2 pieces.. 7" x I2 N [ookwonky. longer perfect S" :!l 1.c~t= m piece. 3I'0'W1d 1 pieces 4~'" x 20'" 2 pieces.sI. . 1 flower. 7'" x 1. 3"' 2:.. x 12'. ece. ~e stitch patterll to add other de . 10'" x 13" black badbg'Wund piece. cut: 1 piece. VlifiilEih ]nvisiMe thf.5" x lOW' Fr-om t. backing fabric. 7" and fuse. 8'.away from ainy ~... .applique fabri. 6" x. WitJh black ·thread in lbbe needle and x 19'" use decorative stitches onyour machine.riDt.a'rge pieces.' fabrk when you are fusing so it won't the batting. to avoid the shaggy appli..piece! . cwt: 1 piece. T' x 10" [ piece.qi!J~ look. go-add feet andantenna to the and my!> around the sun .lUj !(]If the black ~iJ~l!d da[l-plnnfh &lblrics.5 7...(1 Os..1 11: 20" 2 pieces.'l21 :fused to the blaek background I! edges are at least ] . 4W' x 38" Fro. 1 piece.:c From tbe bartling"..dybDgI>.0" 12!' H die black background. 5'" x 7 W' 1 piece. 4~:" x 38" the app]i<llJie pieces or From the fusibJle 'web and .E-oldrihe iron ahout W' . Fuse Of sprfll}'-oos~e me 1NonL1" sha x 9" I piece. 6. zigzag stitch the edges. To avoid stlffness.. 1 piece. 4.t .i A piece.2 small . . 10" x 13. Use a rotary cuuiIo:r and ruler to 'ubn rectangles cut from the bright prjnm ~le no.". S.g~~I}S~-lnlg.)0 'mat wh·en r(::(. 9" ] piece. Layer each side A block onto its 1 piece. the 6 bright . rr..cs. Be sure the fus'iblle web qoes out to the edges... Trim them 1.". J. ladybcogst :XS 3:11. 1 scar. For Softer Appliques.cut.. This is ~~):iI!i!lo trin'l!ming after the Mock is quilted.". around ~'. use just ClI"I!!urow strip of fusible web the edges."r. 6" :K W~ 1 piece" 5" ~ 9" 1 piece. 4!.(!ad .oque l'llJlotiifs onto each following t~e manufacturer's ".2'" ] piece. T" x 12" 1 piece 6" x 12" ~pi.. Fuse the iilfppli.You will be without 5. 1 piece" t" 1i.[0 T NG I L A re(~Wl. 10'. J sun 3 large ~3. when fti!ling 11.

e Look of a. 4. use photo managefrware to arrange them in gr01.~. bulletin board or ocr8pbook vi'itb lots of pictures arranged :r:andonily. print: 'rh~m.. lwant~d 'W. In box aad <CO\I:er a !piece offl['eez~er with shiny tide down.brk: with "'window" . paper.ce t.x.leaving W" S@<l1fI1I ali(lMl\. If you don't h:a:ve 3... leaving b~(ween l/S!1 and l/t/" seam alilowam:e.ique. T~illl'1l f.~brir. TIlm SI:OI'ma'''ow.. .lps that witi. you can ::1150 t"a. ~e~l\re spaces 31'Oood each one 'or them if you prefer:.lplique in place'- .ets.ppl. cover u.e. "Vim an ink-jet printer. Then gently 'remove the fl'ee.'b c . Trim the .an/a download them from VOiU:r .. reverse flpp~jqued or pieced into blocks.. Pfa.. p1n in place.. an(l 're!1l1OV!!. 4.1L1I'i the dimensions of'your blocks. Making Templates for Reverse Applique C!lternplate fur re'!le'ISe a.a'ceon top of your photo images... l!ion lhe freezer-pape"r template onto the 'Wmng side df' yom background fabric. of me dark-print background pieces.l~.. 3.appliq!. very narrow zigzag stitch.p as much of the whire fabric sbeet as possible..-Transfer In the cempueer. arouod each photo onto the dull of ~he' freezer paper and then cut on the lines.ont-o :fabric sl1. plac'e ric wirth photo irn~ges.olte~ tT~IIs:lelJ'ed photos anti B'f. Pl.zer 'Cut: on drawn lilft'lis.I1'1. Tum the seam aUowallice under and press or glllle· in place with fabric gl ue.r P:b. appliqued. right side down..part of this quilt i:s collecring the Once you have decided which ones scan them i. I UgOO reverse applique to. li~e any other piece of fabric ...@'~'s fabric away.(~ under.. foUowing the ma_nufacwxel"s instructions.e. Applique a group of phoros to each. '5.nto yOUI'" computer.. and ..oto.i nee'. If 3! d~gi. POl' this quilt.They ean be ironed. Now you can treat the p:lioto-iO'lhnic sheets see "Ot1!e.t~I amera. I use a. ~. ~IlQ your computer.

3. Reteir.rdogw ~Piecem Sashi. Layer dte sideB piecesend the side A..3S:iC I!.dng to 1~]3.the Star Mock to 6W' x 9W'~ the Flower block to' 7W x 11 WI' th~ Loves block ro 6W' x UW'. iNf' ~lon. Afte:r joini ng the N ana and the Starblocks for row ss I LY '4. P'l3Jc:e 20" -long barring' strip between 3. . and hind the edges of the quUt. join the bloch and rowstogetber. 11"iJu the serips to' 4" wide ('ii!'l!d tho deoo:rnuned Le.j'il''1d the XOX blocks for row 2.f.g'tl1. 1" of bbu:k ba.ind:in.. . Join the side bordees 'to quilt with the pieced sashiog strips.ck_gI"C'llf:ldomes in handy.e. .. 12 %'" . 'Trlm the Nana block to 9W. Thls is where the" on page 9e"!'1 a border-fubt·jc rectangle to each 'me sashing strips for me sidles.en':ing to "Borders with a o':m..rsibleBinding» on page 2 . Re:ferring 'to {lBa:s~cSashing" on page 21. the X!OX b~ocll::o 5~" x 1~Ih". Make two border Measure the w~dth of ymllli quilt through middle.fe. "'lliteve. 2'. (10 any additiional trill lning necessary to' ffi<1Jke them the same width.y.g"00 .. Sim:iJ-<'!. border Trimm 4" ".gside A and side: B border :5tri:p.. :Re.tbe same height aJ$ the Flower the blacks for side A as sllilo'\:'i'fi. quilt as desired. ~and: the Plower 'Mock! the Loves block . . join the top bottom border Strips to the quilt with eontr . and.25. pleces togeth. c 5. Repeat ~tep 2 for the 3S"-I.n.5. jo'ini'lg tile Loves block amr and the XOXb1ocksl you l1ligllt have eodo some trimming to make them .~ with the batting and fuse.1VleasuLe thll: of the quilt and trim the side borders eo correer Jength... 3.r. ~ (j 6.~. ~ ~~ " EMMAI . M1!Iike side A and two fa:r side B.l. sting sashing strips. R. ' It LT L ArfaIl.ill1JS'tMg Inner Border" on page .ride. ~l1idlhe EIiliIl[l3 block to t t 6W' xl 8!4'1!.J J.

Tbis is ont: oj the tedmi(juf!! sbe t(lncbf!J it): .s. You might want~o tape them onto a sheet of paper to k~p them inpiace.' o. Beg.iewedthrou.e some .y and .. lFoHowthe maliluInstructions and be. and I . or digital (arne'!' (I..€veral W'fJYS to tr.1/Jgle pilOt().·.wards on your quilt.transfe.a) laser (o! or IIWW()i@[.'1'1I9! right way for the fusiblethe tEchnique.f). scanner. Find a re-nCible copy center whe'ue you get assista1il(~ if you need it Use . Some quilt shops a heat press tha.U'IIIPTi'l1 books avail.rJ:u:fJg' s tmd . them in gir'oupings to. Each side of this ddigh.t your famil. sur.ntofabric sh~t!i 'wing lJ'crinkjet pri1'rt.\?the desi.11l iron or 'Il@at press .able to help you .. x 11n pnoto-trraJPlsfer paper.e m~s by Mary .fomt 'l!. first. apprQ)(ima.efini'sbed (juilt M'Ok.Then Imtruct the to print the text mirror-image<!.ntsl di'fTeient 'f.'e1J}fi'tm1..Sharon's Suggestion .gb lJ pam!it"tc!· Mgtther 1J}ith J4sb.. .ha· C~eter· Siti_1l$ for ~ilm-J: dim . rme sb&?pstbe V. a!"e not bao'k.o-ntfor the letters n€'~ded your vers-ion of "Nana Loves Emma.lso gone to a company lhat makes c. ~ fri~nJ Mary EIJm enlarged each photfl . them onto. Otllt:@ ¥O'U have chosen your photog.pnotographsontothe. for uppercase '~etters..toc.ustomKi ..r paper for mpieus. Nan'] Loves Emrl'lQj 55 .tfiti q't~iltfla.aJnsferphotos to f.Type your sentlmem and then a 'font 'that you Uke foil' YOUI" quHt Enl'i:lrge until it is the's~ze ynu" USIti .t~ly ..n$f'er Options are $.itms .a settions and printed tIM sm.a.see on page 9(4)..Bf'f«h C(jttaJg. You ind that you need roreduc@ or o!2'lidlilu1g. If you don't have accsss OIrnpUler.e to mirror-lrnaqe photos when copyang 'so tha. your wUt:h.dnJuw of a rottage) and th'6 other sbQWJ:the view frlfm tiJe b:fJck.tur~S' .]' aphrs.~brk . !ht thelfectanglf:s for (I seme "'d1~g 'lJ. the: way is to U5'i2' photo. Other Photo~Tlia. tbt.t'J~ She the:n !ftitched .tt01i1en S()tbat . Oirn::. g'rood to go.t you can use for a at step 4 of 'side B '0111 . so the wi'll be istransfened onrofabnic.Ellen K'I':i'1. Wilen the' photos erecopied Orl'to the transfer " you win need to

... u . '"' ...• . . .. ... . . . '. . ... .'... '"' ..:1 . "" ".. " . I i . .... . . ... . . .. .. . I . . . . ."_i . : .. .. .• . • ..' .tI$ <lre (evefSed {:or (a~ibl@fJPpljqul!:. . . ·•·. . • ~ '".. .....Applique .' . . · ·· . r . " r ...PaUer-niS Pa~r.. .. ' ...•· . . .. .-. . . iii . . . " . .. ..

t:l ~~d fl. redt'OO' fn.Applique P·attems· Pa!!eMS {iN .rslbfe appfi:q~e. .Clr.Jarge Of GS n~d'ed.

2'911 M!\i!d~ by h:.IIl!li1e' McCa.dJ.e~gy''~ontaiJriled - '58 .Qumllt: 29111 X .uiey Side B~ EnerylJ' Radiate.En.

" The sp'iral remlncs me of suckers '~ used to !g~t 'wh~i'II ~ wer'~ kud!s.r but I han91 OUit w~th al!o.e from me. but I 1lIlQu~d probably break outin if I tried to do It. Ilol1ln~(lj11 day t'O it. E:~. lanne made' this OrJ>E:!'." "Il))i(l~a~J.ilng this.m J:Y.l!dling • ~'j"3l.I1lJtqu'ilt in this book. total of a:sooIlled hand-dyed fahrics :and p:r.~p~Q. 22" x 22" :!Veen batik for ~pual j "The:pi~ :r/~/n6ftw'.ints 0..ff people who d~flra. I ma.('Ccu.ppli'es .wg.'drOr . ifll~e'ntiofillsto g~ve YO'llan idea as a springboard. ~onn€ M.\fildiing pMt'ern 'for an art quillt a ~$an OXYiI1fiOTQl1.o you remember lying on your back waJtcl1irng'doudsfioot by? lhar's when the other side reminds So here we have t. had lots of fun mak. ~ornneclrewtlh. ond ~tmok. S~. with only tE:chnicaladvic. II Ilo.strips [%" -wid~ rolf s:tl\"lp~ Batting and.e spiral becausel jchan~ng~(t ~ Good thing' h. [).'WO of my favmilt~ ( Reve:~:s~ible. '59 .€ was sm Bing when he said lt. ~ yard Qf96" -widelbsiblebatdng I .13" to.'r(t}:J:t f t@ .:rd l'~" -'wjde: .wg cieeles with a 9'%" ra.afury net of a pettern.11 varieuswidehs aad Le'Jlgti'~~ 22" x 2:2"~red batil!::fer spiral • 1 yard of rt'!slb1e "Web • Freezer psper • Compass SrI for cl..!l~ey ~ put OUT heads togetherr and 'came up with the ~:AII'and .one. not 5pe-dfirc: paue'm pieces.ALL nAY SUCKER ~I amnot alii art qu~itew.dius.biliity te wOl'k hiIV€S. without the s. Now it's upto you to was ornce tDld b¥ a tl!Oicher that II was YOUirown art quilt By the 'Wfjf. but II l'eal'ly wanted to incllude a piece you cell alii .(jhood memoli'ue'$iI'O~led into .J I U" . % y::.

4.I. A quartet eireles.e<. Re~e:rto 'tnephotograph of side A on page Or! the midpoitlt at the edge of the paper.of exa'.Usingwhateeer techniques you prefer!."a. 1.1l.!::ssa EnlIide.ighc sides.gru..UQ'W{lnce. x 29". -." seam 11IlQwanee.. Set the compass: p(I. Ienne used a eomhinaeien of piecing and raw-edge iI. Yon use all ei.draw <'I quarter circle on each square.58 and study the quarter circles.UiU"itlS.SIDE t.. Set thecomer p~e('esaside. You might want to sketch des:i... and wid'! a radius of '9%:". and trim tbe stJ.efi~ee~erpa!pel"and.viliig ill '14"!ileam .. T~irm siIai~1ttedge~only) lea. piece four sections a little larger than 'the I)I)~ther to makea 60 All-Day S~dN .]'klue to ereaee rhose sections.------~--------------------------.righr onto tb. Cut twopieces of freezer paper.! as shown above :riigh[. Find the center of the ~ong side and draw a vertical line to divide the pa. Carefully cut each piece in half and cut the circle pieces-out. some of the excess fabric around the outer edge if bllt leave prenty . Iron the freezer paller Onto the \\'l'ong side the fo.'!Iv]ng for Xl.PP.p~r inro two. each [4 ~ . You can trim. She pieced snips randomly and then machine appliqued curvedshapes onto . wm 3.Jf pieced sections youheve just . Sew the four sections circle.ght pieces as templates. equal S'Q.

Set :asjde.D:ilJD~=Ttemplates as guides. in the spiral g and a.tdd~ the d[x:. YOll is Duly IS" 'l:n:re. .v"'€:the freezer paper from side 'B and trim the SP1ri1l] even with the bl\lJctillg. draw a ['9" and.: t'Cip 011'0 pieces together because freezer :&tbr. quilt frolll the spiral side in random circles or f'Onow the 5. guide'. stitch 011 the 5pi. Fuso the three iJiiyers togeth. Layer your ItW'O spiral fabrics r. butlesve itpirmed 100 the area oij. 'Carefully inserta seam TIpper !'O get it start.i" onto freezer paper to use as 'aJ guide to OJt a 19" circle from the ~u. This: is so you 'W'On~lt et ]QS:i. ·!rftOl. from the spiral.. piece fOlil&'cQt'ne:r sections. Cutting close 00 the sdwJting line C'tlir thi.ftlf:li you have finished cutting. In a similar manner.$jb~eseting.pill"al des:ign. of the spiral. 1}ifitl~ deco1":ati.(Id in }~OUl' needle :and black thread in yom bobbm.val faJirly easy.::'Ii spiral within lit.iter the side ". leaving one spl1r!ilias .eezer the phoregraph of side A and study ections.'ccidentally cut a\vay something you shouldn't.. U"iJdl a short stitch and thread that matches tbe top fabric. Do not stitch around the outer edge of the circle.1!a.l~[ lines 11Jnd. b CCII'l.el:. Iii you have any trouble lremO\l'~ilgIll.l'eof fr. [he outside circle ~ine.ed.p d iron the freezer-paper t mplate onto the top piece. Re.igbt sides U... circle on the batting circle and trilm thefabric edges even with the batting. using the rzelr". Remove h~lf of ch. Sharon's SU9gestion Thedosest.ic a\w}' from the section with no freezer papel". :I 22" slqua. Drnw a eircle with a F('ldius of 9'1Y:. VVlth deceradve thread.j]ity:" ). can remove the remaining freezer paper. You will have to B 4.e. Pin the three 19yers together.. frClezer' s. Make the ~bout W" larger mall the templates all . Center the side B spiral on the other side.:I.. 1. satin sritcb around ~Uedge..ltchiilg will perforate the freezer paper to ma~kerem(j. 2.

A.e bobbin. If you of dOllltt: . ContinJne Q. stili. StIrring . 4.ght side up. four_ side' 113 ..r·t~npl<1!w for th¢ oo·:rner pattern to C1!. fusible a %" se:flIm..tly with the tip of the iron.1.linll. C~l1'e:"-~Uyiron the pi.\f~boo w:mng side of each pieee andeenter ODe' over each of the hutted edges. the sashingoo be nQticeahle.~1Lchingthread in y.dding wedge-sh . Attalchfus-iMe '\. each 1"1>::5 ~h" 10 j the four cm-[I. j 9.eaes open hyoomcl!lng very gen. dgh. Place ~ second piece on to·])) wjrh.s:. MaJ1i::e.llie eoener ·ofme fused batting. so ehoose :!'Cl. wedge-shapedstl'ip !'i.'a~gJrtsides of the sectiensasa pieces of corner secdons even wlrh the batting.ped p~eces until the balting jsooi. FliIDse1 side A canter piieoe to : each one. cut the from f<1Jb:!:ie~ thetwillmateh Oil' b]tlnd wim areas they will join.t:f:O!UI 7. Use 3. Tl"im only the inner stl. . Repeat side 1l..lnethiug dieool:iiltive or invisible. Cut: :four sashing pieces.bove it.W1th Il]. pl:l!cea. 01: :6~1.our <lind!]nv~s:ib]e ~lIf€:aJd~n t'!h. free'ZeI"-. 6.t sides oogeLhe~.iltll rdle sashing. Fuse the sections to~tiIer W.3. sew edges of the sashing strip with a wid/e. Rememiber your bobbinthread lllfm show on s:!de .~rud. R i\r:Jl'itlnge the four corner secdons as SU!:ttMrtI butt me edges together.pape.@:I!"S side pressthe seam :and then hold ehe iron V~" a..

ers.!: A was nor donethis '!it'~y. . YOIllf'OOttm_g to'libie 14. draw a circle onto ttll'llf: I~pe:lr bacldng off:usib]e web. if tlle-spuraL Umgr1l1e same freezer-paper guide you used cut the ba. R. OJ(' "Reeerslble ~mding" on p"g.ddng on one side <lea! time.on c.aJsJ~r.f rhe <]1ilIilt . s~cles [S amore WaJS secure alrernstise.ed~ of 'mecirc]e and fuse them.ngme ~dge of me&-eezer-pa.:u:face" p.r' pi!lper.lle fiQ1. . can cut it into quarters to ..Sharon's Sugge-stt~.A. you could foldm~ &€l~ popex in half and .cu[jr ()!pe~Jng.1. Note: OU!. ft.ed both.l!r . s&d!~~~ui]'~ O''\l'er the lines w~th deoonrtive or Invisible ti'lre. MahernrQ.~ed'ro held '~epJeces in place.Airel:" YOW! .all£dr< ~ .n·.mlte:r it G!llr. '[0 pieC:~5~o oilend in an sl.til!lt pressh]'.cth:e:r iilllle ~i' Oin either side of ~[ledrde.tting il!l. Q~m.e~'O!cdy i~w this open~Rg.'1'1 wilil h.draw two l1.. iii <.g SI.:s:~ i~ e. draw :'JJ line on tile qnilt tep.k side :zi~~g scitcl.11\__ might the sec:tilons of ' uim the 19" S$Cti~H)S<'llJ]_dJ iren ( it m place ilI]Qugthe edges.i[' qui~. a OO!!Jti~1ll:Qllsdrc'le.o put atowel OJ]..26. It isn't neceSSi'l:l}' to do your sashing in.ightliy 'W€dlg'ew~th the p~'e(ed wedlges 13..i:ng ~[)flBa:s]c Bind:i:n. lin.rth('l sashfngp~eces Qver the .ib~e n webtogether~ 0.-s would also 11 low you I to lise four dHferent "br~cs Y(I<1IlJ want.u1t: the drt:. Usi..e 28.~1'~ . . hlIs:ing the .e d'~·a!i!. ~ashlngfab:rks ood cut our.Thi. iiii ~. .'1. theIDI (it .nll. Ciuwtom the 'Du11$idelines . ¥OiI..ul. The circle p::II. Using S'8Jshill'lg on both.e:fe.tIiUnlilg sasi1i'ilog 'for joining • Y.JI.]r.1!e.t9"cir'!de ·Qf £oo~e.fus.You U'lI!ly eedto "piece" 'ilie. Cll]t s11Yips 3lndbjlld.. Draw an. will 5tall1id:ard h-onil'lg board is probablytoo To create sliIs:lringfor joining the circlero rhe WI". W6.V'~fuLs.c.You midiYhave t. On a l-arge. Remove ehe freeser paper and trim right en me line. P]n 'I:ll'ILerus~b[emW':eib all!'esto rtr1'!iE: wrong YOUT side o:f' so that Y(lII..~eedges Qi..c lie com:pJ~~lilyliat.Jl.r'· on p~ge .per circle l3is: YOfl[r guide.piece into~e .tiQ:D will.

finished biocCk: .Q'ldl.S6 IIi x 154til .8]h '" X SIn:" Made bV Sba:l"onPederson and h:mne McCaulley ..1t.

e in 'the f'a1mHy.~hop€' thls helps keep peac.1' I Vs"-w:ide strjps. Blask Sasbifrug • %: YO'br. but she • . too. Why not.E [PI G PEACE I THE FA ILY hen I went to school. ew etiquett. make it teversib~'e and whoe¥er made' could choose which side was IlJP. she . IIsugge$\~d an alle'rnaJi'lle. _yards of ttlt3J~ of ~s~oned fllbr. ofthe !lew~yarrived gral"ldchildr. of 96"-wjde bstring Iloral prlne fur triangles .G.wide 5IT~pS . SQ.k~d!5 had one Mom and one Dad endassorted sist~lS.' 9.and brcthers=sernetimes a lot 'of them..lcs for sJtdps • % ya["l1 for ] ¥4!" -wide strips Battmg • % ~:rd. and two thm came with tliEllr mothers.e is often T'equire(!.lts. W{)iill to make two q.2 }/<lird Rerve:r8~ib~e he!" what color she 'Ukeher quilt to be'.. most of the. The sa1dpurple and yel'low end notolid·fashioned look~iig.of course" andthis one would. % }1u." 1 ~"-.lIilts. When I asked a new friend how marny 9rand<hUdren she had. and my frlend .d1tion:a'L As you can . Now th~re are many vcu"iationsen the theme of fam'ily.(I foJl. yard £0.'d for 1%"-w~de sJtdJls B~sic Bind:iDJg . her mother said pink and t!ra.g R • !.en warsa young teenage gil'll.' II0000edher way ofil1ducling I alii of the ro he1i circle of lov@whl:le managing to indii(M€ the way they arflved. Allof her other griindchildl"e'U1 had qllJi. "Ihree homegrown. my friend warned to please !both her new granddaughter and her new daughter·in·law.

¢d:u!. Qnc.-------.."-mde seam allowance. ij.Clltt: Nal-rmv!.24 triangles F:r'oEl.We bawn:g" 24 :squ~[es~ 9" x 9" CItlt: 3.24_ From ·~~tt~d... and Se'lil\' the pieces toged1J6r witha W.e A rnrn[I] .2 pUirp]e squares and. 12 yellow 8qu3i1i'es~each 10~'" x lO%" From n squares.~ lOp 'Or bettom.e versa.. ~~~Qi\V' .I writ'elhe Plumber Oil masking talpeand stick it on 'each block on tlu~ -d1€:5~glllwall t If' there is .~m~ arrange the blocksoli'i ~ d$.-.cs~ (. Sharon's Sug:gestiol1 'When rlumb€'ring b~ocks. :25 C.sign wall. Sw.U<lrE$.lgon_!. stluare.medium.fabr'~c ~aJnd ~'i:nlhe t blocks to 9" x 9''' _ 4. th.::.nlng at the ' left.ef[l. me 3SS011ledl.Clune. Pin."lith 11l~ODlly OB.dcs Wil" siidle J: strips!.(I(nlI~ pnnltj cut: Ct1~ 9%" x 9%".f:llbl[ii.e d:f11~kel.llly to yield .. number theblocks trm1l1 1 to . I ~dd (I'll arrow to ilndiQlt€ the top.1111:1:: 1.yeUO"W' :sq'I~['e) bodl I.eod. Press [he se:ilnrli.'ll!tter. f3Jt. .."d 11l1.CUTTING li'ronl.-ight sides u..-£1 pmJl!le: . random a wwvy s:tr:iipput of the middle of each. llererriog rothe q1il]]t dl:ll. 2. Sep1'l1f'1lffihe t t\!I!O colors and s\VlliCh the midd[e p~eceso that there i:s 3 yelLow stJrip in the middle of file purp]e square and v]c. ~[I]OO'~ rn[]]rn~ [!][!J~ Ib_.. jf desu-.c$]ng a gentle CIIJllve....--I[JJ" .~~1 _'_ ~_~~ R1Ir!ld'om~y M~I1~o~~h bo!tJJ S'q.of a. 1IQwal. and wide sU']Psasneeded ~[!]~~ SID E [_ Place pm'p]e square on il]OP' ..

Referring li.lorik:ing on one block at a time. Add strips ss fur the basic block (seepage 1" for detaiL~.sketch for side. join. you]"sJk. ( !ilartLn_gill the opposite corner ensures that thJ:l numbers on the fl'OlfIt iJnd back WJiU cerrend to each oeher.) B 3.ray for each Mock" L R·e:r~ning to. Place a £Iorrr'llprim: ·tiiaJngle~right side up~ on the batting. l1umbe:r the Mocks froni. 1 to 24. Make 24 blocks" keeping the diagmial lute in the m~ddleof the block going the correer \l.inding" on page 26 or "Reversible Bindiag" on pi3ige 28.. B.~tch and '00 ":Basic Sashing" OD page: 21. referrllng to your sketch. cut strips aud bindtbe edges of the q1ll!Ht~ . on your work ~rf~oo and cover with a batting Sll1iI3re. Starting in the a upper right. the blocks and rows tog'ether. IJQ' 2:.if needed).la11::e. ph~ceblock 1 from side ~ ri\glllit side down. "Basic ]3.

launt: 23" X 2.8" .' friTTl~shfl!dexagom h 7V4"1i x 8112111 Made by Sharon IPedersoil1iand! Jloanne Corfie~d 68 .

and luck. ~halfia laue: s~i ng machine that also embroiders.. added to. A'S if we d idn 't have enouqh choices.ibie Bmdmg •* y~u:d :for 1!:4"-wide strips fOf • !-4 yard 1 "-\ride strips 69 * .i1 QfbQckgrQ"I(l![[d fa. health .) Basic Sasbml I!)i' --.erns from IndJonesian Batiks {see r on page 94).) • Yz yard <!)If fubric for setting and corner trja. And of SideR + 'I.)S friend. 'Sticce'.·"Q/:ide trips s Beisk:B. panels hand embr. consider making this quilt with appliqued designs ~Il IOn B. purchase batik art..nes.\)]dery wou~d be lovely.lire.lln-its.'IIehad many requests for ~IU''-~'''''':)for that qullt. into thewords: pe. ~I AND HAPPINESS • blocks w~'thmad'nine- n the phoro gaJU'erv of my first book. ~@wing machlnes.ers. My i1.I used some wonderful 'kan]il patt.~nding • !4 yard Rev. (This allows for the extra fabric needed 1l0fit ~nto [he ernbwidery hoop machiue. but you coul!d use .hrit on "".. lf • ~ yard for 1 ~"~wiie strips.o:idery. y:J.x 9 lAO' (See "Choosing Motifs" M pag·e 70. 'so here rhey. . I wmild 'enjoy Ci .. . HEALTH. II irndudeda quilt that used h~gon appliqu:e. 01" theme to use on side' B. You could also.• happlness.dll to embroider..chine thai does erobr.ngl~ yard of solid ifuhric fOI: setting LTia:ngles .r.Japa. I h~. fanh. Since then. The kanj~ designs II chase . another color. Sc'meone once asked me what team!'!? 1 would '1Iir[Qe'~o. for I. • Dh yard. on YO'UF motifS. now we have to thousands of beautifu~ designs that can be 'embroidered yoU! don't have by your machine. %·". panem..PEACE.rstquesti'on when 1 y neJ.d . bsnk artt panels or s1n1lilar fa. on them.v Bernina 200 was how can I incorporate machine em1:noidery in al reversible quih? OJ ma.any des'ign~print<@ldor appliqued.e Family (rest patH~nlis.' unle did 'II know that there wotLiid soon be alii improvement that.dti.ace. My 'first response 'S-e€ -lfh:llV€' it serve laues~.

desjgl'lllpatte-fIl!.~ iEmbr~id'eIY • . 4%. cut six .ntil?d fabrics .• mbroidery .. I used FM706. 2 rectangles. i!4" x 12!. S\I. 1 strip. 'FM 759.' ~ yard of 96"-wide ru:s~bleba.epri. as I d~don side A.2. If you choose to do app'lique or hand embroidery l.'" x l5" From etlib oflbefahries mr'selmn. (www"o€' and Supp']ie~ .lSll at 4W. each of'd'le fabrics fur corner triangles.awa circle on template p~ascicor cardboard.) • Emblr'Qiide. ~I- y *' .&:u:your sewing Choosing Motifs machine SeE ~Re:sour(. 7 M X 12~ '\ cut once diago.(om). 'FM 76.1. 11K . FM 756.mog' HY01(l! are usingn 0 different fabrics fOII'mhe settingttiangles.cut: 1 receengies.:..E:mbfo~de[yhoep . fMi '761. IFM 75.g (utting: the Setting! Triangles. cardboard MaciU. and dr. To draw (1 ~ s!t_r~!p~. use template A on page II' M 1 KIN G HEX A G'O N WINDOW [ .ery Supply and Design. "Choosing Motifs~ be1ow.t"k J] yom O Filler. 4W' x 35" Frmn.Hy to' yield 4 comer tri:angl. you wiU n'E!~d~%yard of backgrou nd 'fabri( far .grns.l'lllooight sides r together 'alld cut once d~3gonaHy to yield 4 Cl1JC bottom.e5"on page 94 for sou rces of pr. p.orif you prefer. h~~l)i3. end FM no hom Oklahoma Embro'id.c.eadb • Compass for drawing drdes wid): a 4 Yi" rndiu:s • 10" square of transparene template plaseic or ChI"!nVQ &btk .rorim:Jlwly 5 Y4" -4W.achside of your qu jlt" From me CUI: each of the 4~ 'I' x J.nst'@'. a:pp. diameeer (See.8.:at is 9" from top to set your comp..ry' threads.eo.'. .gon '(Jh.i" x 9W' 2 rectangles. .d buyIng kanji parh€l~ and embroidering by of machine.." strips of ba1tringalld fabric into 12 tri<"i!Dg[es~u:siHg the 6O"m.f:u..~. (the 'I"adi- T E~'P L AT H S CUlC 'tnan.aInd embroidery desi.

window. "Irim the panel on the lines.. Mark.g' inside tll!etemplate.. 3. 5. Adhere one 8 ~" x '91h" rectangle of fusible bat. circle ~[ld connect dillemarks uneil you.1ak. have six sides. compass tothe poia on the circle that is dJr.cters in the mlidldl. WJiliout clt<ll)gillgthe compatSSl.e of tili1. Layer triangle between a side A and ~ side Scorner triangle andros(:. 9 batting ..rong side of 3: btlji. To do this.. Repeat for all se en blocks. You WOl1rt have a bcadin. Rep eat [Oi aU l2 setting tri~ng[es.rung to the . batik pane]. Using your hex~gon window template. Cue out the hexagon and usethe window oompb:te when cen~f.~t1y above tI . bauin.b.the steam fuse the batdng so you won ~tflIatten it. 2.mark the circle and move the compass point to that mark and m8irk the circle :agaiD.gmiangLe between a side A and a side B setting ." above ci')e pieces and l~t .g fabric underneath since youwill fuse a machineembl"Oide~·edpiece to the battililg when the quating is done.' .r a. llght-eolored thread lin }"O'U!I" bo.e the first sjde of your thread in your needle) quilt around the design. center eke kanjj cban. Laye.ttiang[e and fuse.ecenter. :. Connect 't_he l'WO points 1:0 ll.1liIe tomark around t'he SinE A t.~ ove the point of t1l'I.e window. Repesc for Son four corner triangles.e..ring the motifs. Q:nlt:l[l. hold the iron about M. 4.h~n and bia. With. Quilt as desired . S. the cutting line by'l1'achiJ.

inding'" OJl page 28.ccl!.. Fuse the battitilig(~ifl he F~lerse side ·©f the t sevea kanji d1l:8Jr8Jctel' blocks. excess ·off. ~1l1aking SUJre YQU eenter the mot'~f in the templatewindow . eenterrhe triangle om roe side ofrhe h!ei. join the b]oclrs and rowstogether Ol.gon blocks ~re qnilted lWound N01ie~ The se'[)tingan.5~n d~['i]gnsonto fOUl. pt~oo. to Center ~ne'trisngCEt.mng in plfllC>e.Cut ::lIlongme marked! llines.USl~n~the h~~gl.rgertha!1 necessary so they w.di eornertriengles are the.S shown.Referringu} "Basic S.n. Rdening to "Bssic Binding" on page 26 '~Reversible J." b:i!ckwound f". Be Sl1J:'e that both sides are going ]:11 the correct direetien.ill have tobe trimmed a:foor dH? and corner triangles Ol1i your designwall.G.erO"i(:!!I)gl..s:..gce the bl. It 3. The manurncrnrer!s recommendation for Hobbs ~a. cut sui and hind the edges of the quilt.·es eed some n quilting to hold d\e b. bl:l!jii charaerecs. sewn in place.. the a F m:iiMe Batting is 00 qrult 'L3tvezy 4:". E:-mbroider or ap:pJ]q~e . Jl Ho¥!'ever~~heoon].'HlgQln~nd when.y are 9~V!l It'). trim. .setting tdangl. ines. .bri.NO'te:~ The hex:a.lln wiuc:kll\V ~m])bre~ mark the rntci.\I"V]'lJ~n joiningthe Seittmg itr]angJ~sto the hexagon blocks. L Atrsll. [nlm.." 2.a~hj!1g"onpage 2: l. 2. O'lIDd the setting trl8!ogles are sm . enough to le a~ unquih:ed if desired.

~ \ 1i1i.. I I I / I I I / I .~ . ." I I 1\ \ \ \ I I I I I /.~ I Seffil1lS A \\ \.graTf'I )r ._~~~~SnaTght 0'1' ..mgl:e. \ \ \ \ \ '\ / L I I \ \ \~ . \ \ \ \ \~ \ "'~ o' I I '\ "M .

Qui It. Made by Shantm Evans II ..:111h. Fi nished blodc.-.1. 48!~ x . 1.Mllncan '-"mRS t_E! --: 11£· : 74 .112:'11 S"d-.48" .0.Ii.

/}'$J art ytJtl1' ~ tn~tJl1:gks. is a 'I overheard hel'talking wlith another student about the of her stash of exdt1:ng African print you two very different Ioo' custerners.ngto follow directions?) Bun.bleBmdJng % yard for 1~"-w.rlcs. SharrO'1il had signed up for allifive in Morris. content.if you wrn~t to fi1.g:a hangling sleeve to a r€"'ilers4ble quilt.LOG CABIN BY THE LAKE • met Sharron E.f airplanes .on is 'On p.ize 'I.30.go:i.• yard of'yellow Jl(rilillt for strips % yard o.lnw solid for strips (' pI d ror u 17<1~WI.recommended who. 'I.lI.f orange fabric for strips % Y3Jnl of red fn.• she usedsome . I have to t'en you. The Africc)n side gives you plenty of opporwn'irty to embe.nJ1n~1'l w~51arger than the s. 0111 IALS % y~. the first block wasn't a. are a'lw.viUe'. ey€' I just kepr a close on how she II/. but by the time she had four done i was very e~cited about her quilt I'm sure you will agree'.. lik.Ibsequently w@'nt s. Di: IZ yard of yd.of S:ide B 2% yards total of assorted Mrlll:an print'S Beads and buttons for embellishment (optional) Basic SIOl$Mng % 'Y~fd for ] W"-wicle strips • novelty print or aceent fa b!ric f.000 ju rnos she had msde out Qf ai rplan.vans in th@:summer of 2:002 whil:e teaching an:Ouilring·by~the-Lake York. On the reverSE! side of Sharron"s pieced block .age . ShanQ!1il $l.ilYs lr'i. jiJ'mp5 out o.I·as doing".olurti. INew days.t~achl. ./'" • _j s. with me.lIIish to your to solve the problem of a.nyrhing to write home£ 96"-wide batting M'Pur(th'(js~'(li fabric .brkf'ol1:' strips BSiS1:C B:iill!diili1l:g % yard lReven~. students.• and I knew she wasn't your overage qUilt@li ln the supply HSL (INlo'WII ask you.Ilemps '1.~red print 'Feu: strips ~ yard for 1~"-wMe 5'll'ilPs Batting • 1% yards 0.or tl'langies" t.€'$" Her wasn't ty-pical 'either-it -. .ide std[J~ W yam of blil.

and flinger:.~ ornn.!p) Nove'lty iabfrl: (\i1.pdN!t" cut: -I sU'~p$~ 2" x. cut once di:agomaUy to yield 112 tl'iang[es From the ycll!ow :Eibric. Se"Wj . 3%.4. 76 lLog Cabin by the Lake- . batting squiiJll'e..u dIe gr.r=:pr. Place another 2" x 3~ n yeUQw strip on the otlber side.e. 1']" " ' . I.tlip and finger-press. 2:. 3%".cU From [N G du~ 'b<l1ttil.e~ right side down. right side up" and ~ noveltyfahrictriafig]. eun S squares.t~ 32 ' 77) OR S6 sqaaees.[llares.triangles F:rQ!IU the yellow print:. red fuibric.. (wforig~ide.prlnt"cu. ~a.Ct'l't:: From the ~ Hi S(.3J:re.J oW 'pl.ce dia."']1.eeD. rz it 3 P~ down. . W] FrQlll Yellow f'ab:ri:c (fli8lT!t side !. Place one Afrkan-pdnt square.~ FI"OlU BLOCI iSSEMR T . 3~" x 3¥i". flip open and i:1ng'e.. 2" X 9H" Itlhe 'bJack. 2" x 8'" _.". stnp. eue 112 A triangles (see template pattern on pa. cut: tllle Macligr-eenlr~dprinl:" cu~ 32 Place one yeUo. sew. ng l' . cut on. 12 W' 12 W" pri1l! .ca vour work surface and cover wiith a.'w solid triangle. Side B. Sew through aU tihklm.t. 3. Frol. ~abr.g cut: J on a corner of a batting squue. (lino:nJ~ side of the sq]lI.' 3 It'" y. up} I 8aWng 16 squares. right side down.cut: 32 strips" 2" x f" J2 stdp-s~ 2:" x ..sses with a~" seam.II'!OII8: side 'LIp) .rmiJ!. .. nW' x I1 %" lfii!om the noc-ve]ty pd~t.1] .6%:" Fi"Oiin :Fro:m: the.gomsHy to yield l6.i~ .n. cut: sz strips! 2" x )..e.cea "'I" X:. flip. j.

eedges of the qJuik. ~ M HIT beyond the comer OJf tile square. :oli. Be sure to allow %"i foOr seam allowances beYOind_the triflng]e points at the solid yellow corner.c~~'.cut strips and bi!lclcl1.ring to uB. 'l'I]ignir~gthe.5. pae~ 21.n page.ic Binding" on p~lge2." square I:tder "vir_h the triangle pom.RefeniDg ~o "Basic Sashilnt' Oil 7.u.bric. blOlicklredl g. M 4. . . beads and bueeens desired F'u!!iS'!f~CUt1I'riang.l~ A. A1jgnilie .ith.a1 line on. on the yeUow!.0 or "Reversible Binding" o. Dra'l'l'!I .[1prim. flip and fjnger-pre:s~. j trim the ~~5S yeUow fabric!.ngLe: whh the p e:ltdl line.[~g:h..Ii. 2S~. novelty fa bric 'triallg1e . Embellish side B w. long -edge of the trb. and black print. 2. Continue jIi dll~s £ashino1l with the on~:nge:f(!. side t down.. Refer...diaJgo'} E. greeJlpr. red fa'bdc. . Sew. 3. pl~ce 2.~. JOIn the blocks and :rows w]lli sashing strips.u and trim the block to 12" x 12".em 83:sliljng strips fai' sides A8iII. 6.

an)" Pederson and ~onne McCalu'lev ." Made by Sh. Finished b~loCik.'Qui1111] 47!1 )(41i-' ..~ x gIl g.

]00.~mm~r of 2002. !I heve ohen thought of ut and knew£:omeday i would mak€ one 'for mys.~gn lna fl.darks. .li % "-wide strips • 1 ymrdof96"'-Mde b~uj~g • 1% yards ~Ol:'(1j] of assorted ~rughts. % yard e'IJcb of . AU I did was s{how 'her !how to' put the b'l:ocks and she (amle up w~lh thh.ub . o£as50rrlled oraHgefilbJ"ic-s 3S00lIiOO..ay good·bye lt '[I() it when ~E"II 11)0 send lt off.eqd %]tl:t'd cachoof the :w~b:luejflbrics.. I have re-created a quil!'[ ~made many years ago ln wnabora.~iOIilwith my friend ILynne I. 79 ..will n.ching" you gel students who are so crl@<atu~ can just Slit hack and W1litCh you (hem run with the techrifilque.Bln. 'In Monisvilll@" M~w York" inl ~he'S.ltur'. dreaming about the days she used 'to . The 'cat J quilt is Hombo/ who arrived on OUIf doorstep 17 )'1&11"5 .e ontbe Mr"'tiln. when le(l.brks for blocks • ~ yard! of brown "weod grain" p:rintfor l %!! -wWesasrung strips "'If y()'f. he S now spends mostot her tim.agiO.1t (pJI!u'a:erof black fa bdc fa. mG. outend '~~rrorLt~th~ birds."ut'" III(over thebasebesrd heater).pJJ(Jtograpb.go. :110000ed then and wasn'l quIte ready to s.the two di_ffo1~t t lwrdeJ'S {lS in the fl~iJt .elf..' ~'pwd • % yard of bh~e print for borders R~V'ers:ible . Je~!i' Biddid" w~s 'One '0" those veFY ereetive stud>e'lilts.()rli ~"~wide Stdj)5 blocks and 1%''' -wide sasnjng .ght :'/linddat. bookthst carne out of thet class.l!' book On the other side.miear~lf'!ie fmal mutuZi.r C3t • mo % ¥('uidcllOOt'<ll of~SBorted bluefa:bl'ics for blocksand 1W'.k:fur bo:rdel"S~ • m fa.JEAN'S STAll ('i'lsuonailly.mtbtt .l_ 'l~NMt he bii':ti/i:J!g'tQ ":Ml.Basic BiDding .~w1desashing total.k Mue rnbr.Ii. ~hadsuch a There are two q1U~llt)in thus. % y~wdtotal of Sidle B yelklw fa brics for Mocks and 1~ -wide sa:sh:ing '! • % y:aIld B.diing for • ~ ~11d • % yard f.g ror . I ask@d her them if I could use her dEs.delighitflllls:tar.lfriendi'sfirst had I baby. notal coJol"Wash-type fa. __attl:l1. .:.

1sSQ. . H"" x 3%" 3" Toeachn-i1lllg]e square sew two blue triangles. 1%" s: 42" From the bllJileborder print fo.::. cut once diagonaUy to yi~ld . Sew two orange l:. N a:rf()'''"'. Se\veignt orange triangles to eight blue tllUang~es 00 m3b .CUTTING Fr-on1dIe battling cut: 16 squares.~ffOW~ 1.side B.: 2 strips. S" :lil . )'1 N 39'" 2 squares. 4"j· . medium.:QIie5. 5!. and w~destrips needed lirrtHli1I.e:i:gi1Jt tiI'i~ngle squares.fabrics" cut: 3 serips.abricsj 'CIll.ue. Fro'm dite brown u~'i!'oodgrnllil" .. with the ol-:ange ti'iangt .' cut once <i:iagonaUy eo yield 16 triangl.riimgb:s eo each S" blue sqll.Ieft :ii!ncll~ouf'withthe orsnge triangle: 9iS$O.5 W'.3S medium. meke four. ur x ur' j . 4 stdps. Ph" x 42'" F]J\(juuthe Narrow.t: .aad dark blue bom. I it lis' X It. l.el" fabrics :fuw. cut: 144 squares.1"·x $Y2." I:rom t-ach of the liight ..iI1!~d yeUo-w .biics~ cun 8 SqlJ.rj~t'" c. bmu~f.ian.-ut: U'··lPS" .2 stnps. 110 .2 4 tr.I/__U!.es " .. ".tbe iooloTI'Vash&bl'ics for side B.["s~d1~ cut: A" 4 strips.rtedi 3S needed 2. medium" and wide strips as needed on the right. cut o[we d:ia~"OnalIy yield: 4 tt~~l1g]es. 100 the .' 12 squares.". 5 W" x . I~ ._. trips From the 3. 5" x 5. 5" x 3'9'" 4· squares." '''I'' 4.gies 4.4 squares. and wide. 5" x 39'" 4 squares 5· x 5" From tbe assorted onngefa. :) M" x 5 % '''. 'CPllt.

using your fuVOlrite method of appli.ers from ulree • P 'no IJ. on page 18.EMBLY I.Il-5Hlg '1'/" ~e(l:!.' in three rm\fSof "I.'~~CWi~moe.J 1'1II' .' X . Sew me three rows together. .~ um1i 'lUi~e'.pa~Cj l tOo 3 V" .' i. C· . resstne 'the floral pnnrs. I{~§ . Refer to o(~ :I). '10 Mocks 1. ~rral.y:out and tr'i1'll the B parches to umber the blocksfrom [ to 16 starting in the upper righe-hsad ccrnee 3·Ii!" '70il ":13. S~ning in ehe upper kft~h~od oorn~:r number the blocks from 1 to 16. Sew tlille patches t-ogethel.'Il. 11. L. Press toward the center row and returnthe blocks tome design. in alternate directions as shown. ]] a ~oi.u. no and 11 ..1ig.eJertin_gto the COlOf photo of side B on page 78. seams..' X ..%"" squares Into 16·me Psreh blocks em a design w~ILKeep track of your ]a.hOlto o. -.!" J l~.f side lB. . lR.que. BLOCK ASS. Ma~e a colored skellch. 'wall. of side A. -.3. I 1~ 4.e the[iquefl()V!F.

(VIirollig S'idle u. and then cut tn fitthe blo ~• 4. right side sarfaee and cover with d·Q'Wt1[. Trim allthe blocks to. one block at a time.. 9 Yo! " x 9W". . QUILT A'S8EMBLY 1.Yon wi]] need to pif:ooth'e 1Y8"-widle blue. use the • correct 00101.. Refer to y..'" shading and be sure ro keep the ine Pstch block frQ[[':lsidle B in its correct erienration.2. pa_ge :18.. OI'l1 you:rwork 3J !O" batting square.p) Side B !blOOk 3.D page 22 For'details as needed . Refer to "Block VariaJtiotl 6" on page 19 and make 12 blocks.[·.f[J. yenol~'!and! cDlnUige sashing strips fm' side A. place Mock 1 frorn side E. :R'efe.]j2" OJ:lJ.w~ and orange stripsto make block 1. and 16. where necessary.ou:r color-ed sketc-h. yeUo. Refer to "Basic Sashing" on page 21 and "Pieced Seshing" O. using: the units made for side A. Repeat to make blocks 4 13:. Piece them with 11 diagonal seam. \Norking·i). S. Refer to your sketch and keep all the Nine Paeeh bloclks in. 2.tin:g to "mock VaJ:r~atio. the correct orientaden.

8.-Ughl: and d'atai U in. gashing strips. bille' liiiang£es ---..trips. Referring to "Basie n~nding" on pilge!! strips. layer a 5"-\~fide hatting stdp between two fabric horder . ill 7.~. it an.i Ilusion of depth achieved by using Li.right side down.d gO' through the top 9.r:h. and qwk as des. I" it was necessary to use corner squ~u-es. .kefou[·bo:r'der strips. 'Irim each block to 4W" x 4W'.6 Ol!" "Reversible Bind~nlf' on pa. join the side border pieces to the quilt with sashing strips. (~~ht ~1d1e5I:og.ifed.0 make fQUll' blocks... Referring to "Block lhiriation.'!!nlC :f~bric the b squares just disappear.__ ill suggest that you. ade with ]ight and dade blue trianm gles.IUl1:!5t ~. usethe light and dark hl:Ute. H 'one side of rile border has corner slq1!]3:res:. 7.ether) . Join these 1:0 the qu..he other side .Pin 0'1 spray-basre. y using' 'me S'.of Mt: quilt." lIppl ique .[J':lilItg]es 1. Tdm the hm~der strips to 4W' N: the :Icngth and width of your quilt.etermine the arrangement of the border trips £0[' side B of thequilt.ghr and dark blue fabric in the borders on side B.q]1JI31"eS correctly.e: To achieve the look of "'attit windows" on side. Ma.iJ]!!itfi. r the pattern on page 93atnd referring to the photo of side B on p~ge 78. ] n on p{lge.el' on]y. 10 maintain the .ge 28~cut strips and 'bindrhe edges .. on yoor work surface and cover it with a 5' blltting square. bind them wim the same fabrics.I'jth Corner Squares" on page 24.s. R. making sure you place the triangle 5. on the border.lSQj even thougft1l. hand ]Qy.5" border square for side . Join the corner squares to the ends of the remaining border pieces with sash.eferring to "Borders 'i!. Not. Place ~. applique a cat on Ihe~windowsill.

eks:5" x 5~' and 101f.'! x '. Mc.01121i Mad!e by Sharon Pederson indmonne.IQ:ui'lt::: .4511 x 45'~1 • 'finished bl!o.(a!Ulley .

the w~ ideas Ilomne and jl../ sashing created the interest In short order we figll. we had had a relel>.rwwvy strips • ' 1 ~ yards .!'l!9 with sashilng" This ls enother greiM.f the Amish 'hanging dlamcnd. Our "must indude~ hst had some th'ings while we we1l'estlll (hinkililg insidethe tna.IOheads beingl bauer than one.iw.t . we 'I'.si'ble" Then.l-S~ take oft I were discussing l1ow~o inwrpo-rate' nne remaining ideas that we really wam~d 10 undude In the book.'lge 9'4) .nthe same quillt By u5~ng wo''ilY strips on the Amish 'side. !4 yaxd for 1ile"-~irle $tr~ps •.ne of the best th ungs.[ for the day (OK.(If blue :fGr 1 %" -wide sashing SIdle B • 2 Yi'I-.dmg • % yard .0']1 . they wOIi. '.red out tnat 'the ( ideas c.rds tol'all of assorted navy bLue prints and solids for Mocks.-dlyed 'F~b['iefell' h.r.]e Il(llrlld.. the quilt lent it'Seilf wonderfully to the idea I had of designi.'''-wide sash:ing strips % y~])d oJ lime green fabdc for 1 YS" -widie saslting stripsacd blocks • 1~ y:ardis.oject. into ome quilt. Ba'tting and.l' are based on 4. 'exampije'of f:i!!.e qllillt. . % rami! of 96"-wide ·fu_sibteba.rg1e blocks • ~ yard . late ollie afternoon after we had qul. lonne wanted to makil!' an Amish·stYI.f wili"ile).ou~d 'be included 1. ~ yard £or 1%" -wide strips.tting • The W~~el:dge Ruler (see "Resources" p. Su"ppJies.iflglgll(l!$$ o. And. Side A t.didn't seem '0 HI.ign ldeas.• +4 y.ATEBtALS. naIl: was box.ewcnik o.of black for small blocks Bas[c' IJ.ard of hlaek for 1%" -wide sashing • ~ yl'ltcl of J~lilirp. total of assorted hand-djed £<.l~dbe flln to about working w~th efrlend on ~ny pw. end II also together.ALTERED AMISH .2 "-'Widefolffle. as we work-ed within the fram.g . we took cere of two of our des. M. fabir~Ces •* yard of blue :fahnc for I !4.. fwtln.admit.a qunr where the WiJiI.e-a'li~d that the 'ideas we had would not on~y work w-ell lines. Re. 1"11 . i wanted to make sometthililg with wanl'eO{Omfl. .

ochu..filv-eEdgeRuleron top ·of the 0:11 ~ID:·i. ~ 2. placethe first sm.4 " ii ~ m. e\~aJ~~·.i.Ci:liti 8 snlps.".CUTTrNG Fll10m too ba:ttiJng~ eut~: B SqUaJI'eSi.::" 'U Xv' x t:: '.id .1:!)d. th. o w~'l[]fime Thereare no specific cutting instril!llcti.blb]e with the technique."1f ti'i1l!lfig[~S F'r.illHH][Ig..m<l!U bJoCcks.BgtUltd ~o yie.g]e with a line oa your u1tdng lll'Jit. that thetwo curved edges are :right. 6'" x 6 '" From . The ~nstrucdom with tJhe rulerare goo d . ..l)S so that the right line. ofF<'!b!!"ic" R.elbne green &briC.AAso f']ght.p·urp]e tI1'l3I1. R. "'lith.]..t~:ngtrips and s men mskea couple ofblecks before I Edt CQ1:r!'l!p~e~ely ormfo . I scromgDy recommend makJJJtg a practice b]Qck W3!veEd. CI!1IC. the fab~~lC:dglu side \1p~align the~oflg ~d~ of a. [ W' 4.vVii : Cllli..l your project.)~ squares C>'1<. .f1 the strip (FVe~ beC8illl:$le. 1 '~. ¥CHl "lim "!fitly the them 100 srlrit YOllfSeli. ~!I' deep! in.~" TUI. 12W' x 12%.left 'e. Make four or five cjj~ me abour ~" apwrt <111d Qif bGth pieces. . ll·M:.lJlt the le$t side averl(lps the longedge of trhng]e by 1". ofmc: rn]er. Use Oiip.1.1E ~lhllOUgh both pieces edge. ffiied]~m~ andwide strips as needed SLDE A.vy str...urple h:olind~dJodfabr1c~cutl 2: squares.el1l10'!JCl: the Jl squares. (Cutnnce OIl ehe di.bil.. side up. sides liogt:trher and tna.()111the me b'lack€ilbric j ~~ s.onsfo:r Ruler before st(l:r1tlng OJ. From. .p the hills <'lindvalleys . Place tftllili:'Vi. tl.·.~iong~entle-curve g a smdll"QCl[YClI-ltter.. OLt tile ruler is the .dgeof the tc)iPpieceof fabric.cut! prittLts and N :1[frOW.t mhad eopraerice m:J.p' of hand-dyed fiabric &0 t1.2" narvybblllIt: Frem the:~ssQned :!i1D~ids:~.

Lng 00 "'.p.rr]]l:g eo "liockVirria.sqmarew-:im Ol 6" sqU<lr~ of fusible batrtin.~!!I'~fb~nin. :!ls.4".ge the blocks on a design '\v~]]find numoe. Make four more Moch UCSlng strips me WarweEdge C~.of th. \¥Olk:ing wim one bloek at a rime.s.tion 2" (JIll p:8ig:e 18~ :U:'ialben6 blocks.e:tlJo "Bleck V<1I:i't:!lrio.pkeethe begjluiiing . in yo !rut msehtne.e. Then :l'e:re. Line ijjp strai. in the middle of the block and :ref. vaUeyOiPPQSJW each other.g.'ipto irs .i[lg . Re{e.a~]b]ue 5t1:"i. Trim to 5~"x 5!.[ [1 H" . The remaining :9 b~()cl. 2:.ra!s in the d i. fuse side A block Lto an 11~" Sq1!l!'H'G ofrostible b~n:ing.of side i.<'Igr~:m.4 et x 1[ ~ M~--e four. 'use rogethe['. oru]y You :8 of the 16bl. Each. Trim to] 1'~" the SlO be V®'.. will have.!!\.c~ c~rr~furn do not YOijl it. Remrnthe triangle: is bias :ittret. 81]] ()other strips blae. with p m. wllith Rnler. Vadaciol'll 2~~00 page 18~ ~[~e phote . U8mg the 6" La-ye]:a. .g with black o B becaese yrJll a:r~ SlC'lwing tl. sve Just sewn h on YOUl'cu. Anchor your $ti.e hills .ehape.n on and r-e. Pressthe seam toward the strip.:s are all black.:j:aJ~')Jgl.tcbes~ gentlly fulling thetwo ed~wgether.lo'ckV:ariation3" OEI p~ge 18~:mi3JKeli6b1ow nsmg lime g!t'~~ll strips ·fol.ropaJg~ S4J ~nd~~ quilt . 'b'i. :<l!ndsti. rum. so dtat the right sides are tog:eti.:tge Hi as 2" needed. Ti"~llll a s to 1[ 1. of the snip YOot].1i:Jt:ilng' m. Arrall.!: maehlne.~ you have i~medup thetwo ends. successive s'I:lip wiU be shadier me·i'lt with the nesr ~n:ip. 'SIDE 6..6" black .l!n: ehtstlme withno iV1:i@J[lg[. 3O. 7.Qrig).h. m1l1ing SUI.ocb made af thiSPQil1LC.n·. ii.l osirlen. MlIlkie 32:..!' the censer strip and.and. The ed.gnt 5" It'Vith a !4"rooit on yon.:llI.Ther a~in and p1n the middle of each l1LiM the midtUe of to its vaJl~y. and r'e'ierdfJJg ~o"'B. S.

lWllS CeJ'U1G:f sqU'l~S.. ill d the bobbh:LTrim 00] 1" x 11·~..~m.. -epe:1!1i:\lIitb R bloch 1. with side A blocks 5.eIl1em~er to lise' Invisible til lhDuesasn]ng str~ps.8:tI 1..I:.ind:ing~'on pilige 28. M3~e sure YOll have 11'h.. Tt'im to 11" ~. . The light hQilf should cm. are in their. sides.. wall. W dllewary Strips on the. Sew tile H-i" on blocks :rn~lI. Refer to "Bask Sa:sbi~lIJg" n page: 2: 1 and o "Pieced Sas:ll:i1.dI :rows togethe~: . and wide MillieSt1rlp.\ paS'e 26 {)if «neu:rs:iMe B.lg>' page :22:. medium.djng"" ·OJ. be: S\H·e the suips . 4. gmdingthe CO.eferring to "'BaSIC BJn.lIl'e going in the samedlrectlon both. R. (Jill QUILT AS'SEM. It should be: bwoingin rhesame direction as-the side A block R.11". 88 Ahwredi Ami:sn . ooned Rnmbered pesinons. using n.avy hluepti[JJt$ only.lOl" fmm dark to light. side A sashing will be b:i~C'l!t All elro~P't for mf..cilJlt strips and bind theedges ofthe qu]lt ....:grlflm MaL:. 6~T. ndB. QEIi a design.vjth ]ime greoen or 3.. gr~m be]ow~S~ n:arI"OV... 3..ediagonal gG]ng· the r.dt. :Sijd:e B 2 . Repe~t . (lither sjile. and 4. aJrrange the side B blocks as ]]1 me d]3.ight~y on each block.res:pOIiJi. as' shown ]D the dlO'!gu.e snre (he Jaeger blocks .s to the block.

. ~'UI my I had a pllcUJrre mind of alii old 5!tJftlilg·p~~c.g' • % yard ReveniihW.!JIlI/U: 't()filSSYtNt.""'wide strips .c$ep:r. 7i yard for ]o/. II would often tllJke t.of assorted solid fabrics Afdc<liID! B~tti~_g .i. dark background.iilJfld $. .'fabrics. ~rd of black &b:rlc 89 .'id.ard £:0':1: 1 W'-wide strips . "Not Enough (at5" wes.. S~$hting .i 'l{1'lFds .l1lg by making it planned.n€Xt and pull:ed 'O'l.C:Ul p:r. ~ yardfu..[ !4:yal'dS of 9'6" -widefu..tlripsgoing up and down arne oth~rs gni[ng $k~eway$. ecause I liiav'@bee-n hoorrding b fabrk for yeaJrs. I cani~d en.'dage. ] V~yard$tot~l] 'Of '1lS$OJ. born.. 1:Y.. Horrors! BUltrhe not come 'to.~duilt set iii! long vertical strips w~th some of tile :String' q pit'ldngl :il.intfor bO!i:\ders* will 'need Ill' sl!Jf'f~redfa!brk Jlapa:l1e~ealillci wOl"llldn''t mornnlflg WlY~lld did A"frUGilM'I derprivati:o:rl ln a plf~ious ijt~tim@'. fabric.~...:!.J: n w:" -wide S'Uip5 .ts ...t of insomnia.r tlJ'e b{lsc."t~clJ!"Ipa:. ~ had a !:cU w~'th mys>elf. bl.he fabrlr:'1 out and fondle them.r. but ~ dsre use them~ One ~iglht du:rilng a bou. .evious!y heerded African fabric.* ~«I of eceal .il..vor~tequiU II made wh€1i1 ~ f~rst learned to machin@'aJpplJiqll@: Japan~@.. The twO ideas seemed to go 1)ogetner.. 0/.an end. % yard of J~p:aID. Side A...J:~ alllhep:T.Sic.d of lmvy blue print . look I'ike paRt of the block.i.i ~ 42"-1..e BUlJdimg . Another idea II wanted tQ e-x~lore was to ~hudJeN the sastfii.i~thi$ t~mel vo~d to use my ho~rded Bii'lsic S~shmng for borders SidleI • 1~ ra:u:dstoealof assorted A&i.i. % Y.] M yarcl~of ~<:!vy blue fabrlc I©il'beekground .nes:e prints ifo~ cats . Thai was something ~wan't~d to do again.ibleoouil'lg >IINl~l pr.NOT ENOUUH CATS must h~. so ollie slldie'was cats appiiquit§d on a Then ~remembered a fa. Y-l.. !hi yard rOlt' I~ftwide slffjps B~sic Bi'llDl(lillJ. I glOt up the. Tihus. 2 "~wiide.tartedwtting it fiihrit: ifyau.

.' F:inisl'led b.....Quillt: 44"1 x 61112" .' .-.oc:k~91h!l X 1211411 Made by 1.~ 1... ~~ _'!I 1M" M 90 ...."'~*..lorrne McCauley . A" J""p~"'rn-""·"'· .and Sharon Pede~son - S·ld. I ..

the pattef. FnJlutbe . an ehe Afl'fcall fabric. x 6. s!id!e'up) Afri«!11'i (WlO. place a solid B ~.ctangles~ lOW' J{ B W' FroUl eheassoreed . eu.'"wedgepiece. 4 ~".rely 3() reerangles. Leave them there unci] you. l. matchlngthe lefc raw . S~W' to the batting mth a W'seam. Alternating l)J:int :i!Lndolid fabrics and alters 1:. onto a batting rectangle. 4W" x 42:" .t~ Ar1prQ}dma.odcut eut and " . Fuse.CUTTING FOOI!iI! battiug.o'pen '~od finger-(Yress 'the seam. facing@ast and some facing west if you prefer. continue sewillngwedges 001]0' the batting until it is covered. 3" x 1O!6" From d~~Japaf!i~e bonil. place ~ 13 Y-1" wedge-shaped piece of Af[']can fabric.2. 1.!1 on page 93 and y'O'UI" favorite applique meth.cut: the 12 reersngles.brie'with die left: raw edge of the u!'(lH. Make' 6 blocks. top. right sides f. B 2 strips.lL 'I'll (lPP'1u:I)\1e cats onto me 1011 ~. cnt: 5 strips.e~ l)dlilit.briC!i. 3" x 13 W' A:pproNima.. 13 Y4'" SlUE 1)0.0 na'ltingthe wide part [rmn bottom Sharon's Suggestion Ybu can ha"lfesome of your cats.Aftican prinrs and solid &. 1()~. that a desi.4 navy 1'~ blue rectangles. cut. .ain ·r'albric {("8Jqt :side up) 3 .edge of the fa.lrom dIe Davy bltlle 'baclgm'Ou:nd IFabrict cut:: 12 re.ange ehe cae Mocks 011 holding the ilionW' aW:iry. wedges as Sh:O·lYJl" V:uy the angle from pieee piece so the strips are random .ooty 36 rectangles.:i't the bottom.). 'II 'II A right side up. the strips to t:hebatl'ing'" by ~ .5" F.. ." x. Flip . 5 strips. Remember to l"@V~rS'e'tih@ t@'mpIM~ if you choose 2" An. 4 W' x lS:" 2 4-W' x 42" SIDE L Using . Mak~ 12 'Mocks. nll~]~ch~lfIIg lfflW edges. are readyto fuse them to the side B blocks.ab~ic: P~.~. Cut the Atrican-pl'lnli: and solid rectangles illw. With the wide part at thetop. to do.iVith rh(l wide part .Afrimnborder pdnt.

ttlmgstrip between the fubrjc border strips. Cut 2 ~"-wide sashing strips from side A and. Referring to "Bask: Sashing'" on page 21~sew the blocks together. 10'" x 12%" and return it to the desig)l wall. place :1 side A block (a ~t) on the :ba..e'6. fabries fOr sashlng ndliilr t_han the bl-ad fabric that wiU beused f01" the wider sashing between the. '.vertical and!a horizontal block on sidle B.r]m the .ge 23 . contnlsting' s:a:d1ing strips.. Milke two for each side of the quilt.~ing to "Pieced Sashing" on pa. Ma~e 6 blocks. < ]" 1'rhn the b]ocl:: to.. 7. Repeat with side B border fabrics. OJ]'~ A'SSEMBLY side borders.rient~rio. quilt ]:1} the direh around ·~jhe }ppUqu.ow the quilt dliagr.can .Fon.r all 1.ed cat..5" for the top and bottom borders. fQ·t side x A end to end to make one ]nng 22~ eut and se'i. ReferJ~jngto "Eorderswitll a Contrasting Inner Border" on page 25~join the tOP and bottom border strip to the quilt wilth 2:. You "YiU be alternating a. Cut two pieces 4*" x tiS" fOJ: the Mak.2blocks.ttfulg·of a side B block (Afric3~1) fabric) and.!fa border filbric recl:~:ng~. B. 6. 1L~S'eone of trllie Mli'i. IQ1..fO pieces 4!h" x 3. R.4. Cut N.length to march the measueemenes of your quilt.end! o.eto.r. T. border stl"ip.nof the block on side B.lit ith the lOW' wedges and tum the w batting the opposite direction.epeat :Fo. Join the side borders to the qui[~wilh the pieced sashing strips.ft:he $ashing strips fur the sides.4. Fuse and quUt as des]r.11:" 42 .am to be sure you bave dieeorrect ·.ed . Jojn the ... Ul Referring to "Basic Binding" oDpage 26 or "Reversible Binding" on page 2S~L"Ut strips and bind the edges of the quilt. .five 4. fuse. 9. Rek]j. side IS sOMihJirlg' fabrics and refemngeo "~cle SllSh:Ufig>' on ]M. 10 blur the edges: of title blocks on side B. .[~l1lpe!. Laye:r a the :rows ·rogeth_e. VVidl 1nvjsjMethread in the bobbi n. QUltT t 'V\f(n~ki_ng with block at a time. S.V.ea'cn.

Applique Pattem fnil!1rgepalWn l ro%. ..

he~gon complete in an afternoon shapes.99) $24. is back with more ideas for . and even a table runner that you can Join blocks with simple ssshing strips=perfect if you are short on time or space-+orwith pieced sashing for even more Interesting looks Get a "two-for-one" - twist with these beautiful quilts I (G.CAAFTSIQUILTING More Rev'ersible Quilts 11 NEW PROJECTS Double yOUI' Q_ui]tingfunJ Sharon Pederson. Choose from 1] projects that are qilllt:ed at tile same time they are pieced • Try fusible applique.trtl $36.quick and easy reversible quilts. New patterns and techniques show you how to create romplctely different designs on both sides of your quilts.9'5 .

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