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Published by Sophie Alice Morley

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Published by: Sophie Alice Morley on Oct 11, 2011
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Local Vs Global

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ASF International Workshop Ghana 2011

In a rapidly developing country at what cost do visions for a modern global society come?
In this two week workshop, open to all built environment professionals and post graduate/masters students interested in sustainable development, we will explore how a rapidly developing country such as Ghana, is increasingly turning its back on local construction, in favor of western principles perceived as the vision for a modern globalised society, and try and discover the effects that this is having. The concentrated two week workshop will compare traditional and contemporary construction practice in Ghana and consider the social, economic and environmental impact that the changing practices are having. The outcome of the workshop will be a design and construction practicum based around a synthesis of local and global visions for a sustainable future.

When? 3rd - 17th September 2011 Where? Ghana Cost? £750 How do I apply? Send applications to s.morley@asf-uk.org Application deadline is 18th June 2011 Succesful apllicants will be notified within 14 days of this. Apply Before March 31st for a 10% EARLY BIRD discount. Email, visit the ASF Website or go to www.localvsglobal.wordpress.com for more information.

ASF-UK is a UK registered charity, concerned with education

and training in the development sector. ASF-UK’s primary objective is to make global agenda issues, in particular those impacting on disadvantaged and vulnerable people, integral to the practice and teaching of architecture. For more information please go to www.asf-uk.org

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