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The 7 Biggest Dating Mistakes That Keep Men Lonely and How To Avoid Them
How To Take Control of Your Dating Life and Finally Attract The Women You’ve Always Wanted
Written by Michael Anderson http://www.FlirtingFormula.com

If you received this guide from anywhere except FlirtingFormula. indirect. effectiveness or applicability of any sites listed or linked to in this eBook. you are taking full responsibility for your actions. No part of this may be copied. if you wish to apply ideas contained in this eBook. This eBook is © copyrighted by Michael Anderson. The author and publisher do not warrant the performance. which is provided “as is”. incidental or other consequential damages arising directly or indirectly from any use of this material. fitness. or changed in any format. The author and publisher of this eBook and the accompanying materials have used their best efforts in preparing this eBook. The author and publisher disclaim any warranties (express or implied). All links are for information purposes only and are not warranted for content. merchantability. sold. punitive. applicability. © Michael Anderson 2007 2 www. The information contained in this eBook is strictly for educational purposes. or completeness of the contents of this eBook.The 7 Biggest Dating Mistakes That Keep Men Lonely and How To Avoid Them DISCLAIMER AND TERMS OF USE AGREEMENT Warning: This is NOT a free eBook. special.com . or used in any way other than what is outlined within this eBook under any circumstances. Therefore. accuracy or any other implied or explicit purpose.FlirtingFormula. and without warranties. or fitness for any particular purpose. The author and publisher shall in no event be held liable to any party for any direct.com please let us know. The author and publisher make no representation or warranties with respect to the accuracy.

Ryan now believes he has firsthand evidence that women value men's appearance above all else.. acted unconfident or sleazy. we try to relate to situations using our own personal experiences. would stop dead in it's tracks. The sooner men realize that the needs of women are completely different from their own.. As a result. ” Unfortunately. Suddenly the conversation stops as the women spot a handsome guy across the room. he has missed a vital piece of information. Don't believe me? Don't worry. As humans. But how can you understand and relate to something you've haven't experienced yourself? (Like I dunno. neither did I.The 7 Biggest Dating Mistakes That Keep Men Lonely and How To Avoid Them Mistake #1 – Believing You Need To Be Handsome This short story of Ryan explains why most men believe good looks attract women. when I started to try and figure this stuff out myself. Being able to attract a beautiful woman has very little to do with how you look.water-over-your-head" wake up call to turn your beliefs around. being a woman. If this hot guy was to walk over and introduced himself to the group of women but didn't know how to flirt or talk to women properly. any interest these women might have had in his physical beauty.) © Michael Anderson 2007 3 www.. So what do women find irresistible? SECRET: The ONE thing women find irresistible above all else is. the sooner they'll become more successful at dating them. Sometimes you need a big "cold-bucket-of. confidence. “Ryan sits with groups of women as they talk about the latest gossip during their lunch break..FlirtingFormula. They laugh and giggle about how much they'd love to date him and even joke about how great he would be in bed.com .

When you tell a woman how you feel about her BEFORE she feels anything for you. Some women aren’t looking for a long-term relationship. when can you finally tell her? Not until long after she’s shown her feelings towards you. others want to move very slowly because they’ve been hurt by men in the past. People know when you idolize and have worship-like tendencies towards them. No. they make the mistake of assuming that she is also attracted by physical beauty. And women aren’t attracted to weak men.com . This gives them an ego-boost. When you envy someone for his or her coolness. ” No. popularity or. So if you’re head-over-heels in love. NO! Telling a woman early on how you feel about her is treading on very dangerous ground. in this case. You communicate she has more power than you. you communicate something very strong to that woman. and even though they may appreciate your compliment they place you below themselves on the social ladder and © Michael Anderson 2007 4 www. Mistake #2 – Telling Her How You Feel “I have to let you know that I really like you. When you prematurely reveal your feelings directly to a woman you stop her developing a deeper emotional connection with you. beauty. it could end your relationship. but there is some fascinating psychology behind this.FlirtingFormula. Mistake #3 – Complimenting Women On Their Beauty It seems logical to give compliments when you really like someone.The 7 Biggest Dating Mistakes That Keep Men Lonely and How To Avoid Them FACT: Because men are primarily attracted to a woman's physical beauty.

but deep down the real reasons are that they want to get attention. but you shouldn’t do it too early. Why do people buy Porsches? Sure they want to drive fast and feel the rush a powerful car gives them. They do.com . © Michael Anderson 2007 5 www. except how I look. this isn’t to say you can’t buy women gifts. Would you buy a present for someone you just met at the train station? Some men actually believe they should bring women a gift on the first date or give her a present after secretly obsessing over her for years.The 7 Biggest Dating Mistakes That Keep Men Lonely and How To Avoid Them disrespect you for it. But think about what it means to give people gifts when you don’t know them. Why is this guy buying me presents already? He doesn’t even know me yet? He’s only interested in intimacy because he doesn’t know anything about me. Instead. Everyone likes to be complimented – but to attract a woman this is not recommended. If a woman receives a gift as soon as she starts dating a man she thinks. Attraction gone. impress people and gain respect. Her generosity or sense of humour… Mistake #4 – Buying Gifts Too Early Let me ask you something. Does this mean you can never give women compliments? No but try giving compliments about their CHARACTER rather than their looks e. As with most of these guidelines and rules. If you ask them how they want to be treated they’ll often mention they enjoy compliments. so you compensate with material possessions.FlirtingFormula. Women love compliments. reward a woman with a spontaneous gift after your relationship has blossomed successfully.g. “ ” IMPORTANT: Buying women gifts early on says you don’t believe your personality is enough.

your desire naturally grows stronger and stronger because you have no other outlets in your life. What happens if the woman you are pursuing decides she isn’t interested? Then you’ve just wasted two weeks chasing this woman.com . These types of encounters really crush men.. linger on the phone until she finally says. look at every new woman you meet as a possibility for a date. we often tend to get ‘tunnel vision’ and only notice the GOOD things about a woman we like so we can continue to have that warm ‘love’ feeling inside us. The idea is not to date hundreds of women and saying that you’re exclusive with every one of them. Who’s doing the chasing now? Ultimately. When you concentrate exclusively on just one woman. without even realizing it . this is not to say you should abuse the rights of women. only to get rejected.FlirtingFormula. I have to go now. They put so much thought into a single girl that they fall in love with her and sit locked in their room for days after the rejection disaster.you call too often. losing all sense of masculinity.” and you beg her to “get together” with you. © Michael Anderson 2007 6 www. To make this curse even worse. you will put enormous pressure on yourself to succeed.. Instead. “Ahh.The 7 Biggest Dating Mistakes That Keep Men Lonely and How To Avoid Them Mistake #5 – Focusing and Obsessing Over ONE Woman Have you ever been in love with a woman you’ve never spoken to? Most of us have. If you put all your focus on getting just one woman. this throws you back into the scenario where most frustrated men stay all their lives. This extremely “goal oriented I have to score” way of thinking is very destructive and leads to natural signs of eagerness. Although you want to become a strong. independent man having your own life. What happens when you can’t live without someone? You act clingy and insecure.

make jokes. He doesn’t make jokes or laugh with the woman. but how often does this stuff work? As much as this attitude appears to make sense to men. it just doesn’t attract women at all. ultimately making them “Mr. They give them compliments and buy them gifts. have fun and don’t take things too seriously. He takes things way too seriously. usually without even realizing it? Men are afraid to lose their only chance with a particular woman. Remember this simple law: Serious = Boring Men have such a strong desire – “I must have this girl” – that the more they desire women.FlirtingFormula.The 7 Biggest Dating Mistakes That Keep Men Lonely and How To Avoid Them TIP: Date multiple women with an abundance mindset rather than scarcity until you find a great girl you want to get into a relationship with. Why do men change their actions around women. Mistake #6 – Acting Too Plain Around Women When most men hang around with their friends they laugh. He forgets his true personality because he thinks it will lower his chances of success with the woman.com . serious man”. when a man finds himself interested in a beautiful woman he becomes completely toned down. instead of keeping up the friendly vibe he has with his friends he suddenly becomes boring. So men do everything women ask them to do. strangely. © Michael Anderson 2007 7 www. But. These may seem like intelligent actions to encourage women’s interest. he doesn’t play around like he does with his friends. The remarkable thing is: men don’t even realise they’re doing it. • • • • He He He He stops stops stops stops laughing making jokes teasing having fun In the presence of a potential mate. the more serious and boring they become in their pathetic attempt to date them.

embarrassment and humiliation. interesting women triggers the previous painful emotions. Confident men succeed because they aren’t afraid of failing. Powerful stuff. It only takes a few uncomfortable experiences to lower a man’s self-esteem to the point where he actually believes all women dislike him. If you © Michael Anderson 2007 8 www. because they associate meeting and dating women with positive feelings that they experienced in the past. Interesting huh? Sadly. Your own reality becomes so strong that nothing and no one can alter your world. rejections or failures. This allows you to continuously improve your dating skills. regardless of results.com . Successful men aren’t all that different from the average guy.The 7 Biggest Dating Mistakes That Keep Men Lonely and How To Avoid Them Mistake #7 – Not Doing Anything About Their Situation If your first attempts at dating ended with a woman laughing at you or saying. When replace your negative memories with success you’ll see amazing results with women and dating. you loser!” it’s highly likely that your confidence would take a severe knock. Unfortunately if men only have negative past experiences with women. the sight of new. and they conclude it’s much safer to do nothing. if men knew that confidence itself is the equivalent of physical beauty they’d realise it’s the only thing that must be turned around in order to have success. “No way. such as rejection.FlirtingFormula. except that they have allowed their skills to develop. Why? Because afterwards you won’t care what women think if women reject you. then the pain from these experiences can paralyze them from attempting to interact with women ever again! From then on.

I’ve put together a special report that includes all the things I personally use on a daily basis to attract women myself.The 7 Biggest Dating Mistakes That Keep Men Lonely and How To Avoid Them limit your potential by telling yourself something like “women hate me”. and attract women faster by learning proven. Click Here to learn how to attract the women you’ve always wanted. your mind searches for answers to make this belief true. Let's face it. nobody wants to feel the pain of unnecessary rejections and humiliating moments in the dating world. and bottom line – your dignity. You can limit your embarrassing mistakes with women.FlirtingFormula. tested strategies that you can apply immediately. This is a recipe for disaster and a long life of unhappiness and loneliness. To Your Dating Success. feeling depressed and lonely? Actually.com . Michael Anderson © Michael Anderson 2007 9 www. this is disturbing to even think about. Your own negative thinking could destroy your self-esteem to the point where you can’t imagine having success with women or dating any more. end frustration. And that's why you want to end your frustration. money. save time. So let me ask you this: Do you want to crawl through life without the sort of women you deserve. In fact. It's a waste of time.

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