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Wife Bath's Tale

Wife Bath's Tale

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Published by Yalisa Tu
linda, esther, sean
linda, esther, sean

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Published by: Yalisa Tu on Oct 12, 2011
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Scene1:in the bedroom wife bath tell a story to her childrens.

Wife of Bath: in the old days of King Arthur, there were elves and fairies living in our kingdom. Of course we can't see them now because our fairies cast out all the evil elves out of our country. Okay, my story begins with a knight who fall in love with a beautiful maiden of king Arthur. (knight comes in walking/riding/) (maiden passes him, going in the opposite direction. He stops then turns and follows her. Slowly first, then faster. He reaches her and grabs her arm then--) (a long pause) Kids: then what???!!!!!!!!??????!!!!!! Wife of Bath: (whispers) he took her maidenhead by force. When king noticed about this thing he was very angry at him. Scene2 ( at court) King: you dirty rat! How dare you commit such a dirty crime to destroy my reputation!!!!!!!!!!!! Surely I will ki.......ll Queen: dear, spare him please! King: (bored) what for? He commited a crime against society.......blah blah blah Queen: (in earnest) dear! Please! Leave him to me! King: (tired) fine. (knight has been listening. When the queen looks at him he’s on his knees) Knight: my lady. My queen. Thank you! A thousand thank you’s! I – Queen: (cuts him short) stop your blathering! You’re still in trouble. (she looks at him all snobby like) (knight looks worried and confused) Knight: then why – ? Queen: I want you to answer this question. I’ll spare your life if you can. My question is: what is the thing that most of all women desire? Think quickly, or I’ll have you lose your head to the axe. If you need time, then you have a year and a day. No more no less! Knight: (looks alarmed) but – Queen: no buts! Now pledge your honor to return. And be willing to die should you fail. Knight: (sighs. Then does on one knee and pledges) I pledge my honor and my life to return to your ladyship in a year and a days time, with or without an answer.(sad) Scene3:(on the street) Wife of Bath: so the knight starts his journey to find the answer for the question that queen asked him. he travels and passes every house and every place, He asked every women he met. Knight: excuse me madam may I ask you a question? Lady1: please Knight: what is the thing that most of all women desire? Lady1: money of course, If you have money you can buy everything you want.(laugh) Knight: thank you madam. (he saw another women)

happiness. Others say popularity , maybe sport in bed. Still others say flattery, and maybe this is true. Lady3: It is the ability to keep secrets. But everyone knows that women can NOT keep a secret! Just like it’s told by Ovid, in a story of Midas. (women starts her story) Scene4: One day, his wife glimpsed that he has donkey’ ears under his hair. He begged her not to tell others and the wife promised. However.......... Wife of Midas: Water! You won’t tell anyone, right? (takes a deep breath) My husband!! He has… donkeys ears on his head!!!! His head!!!! Scene5: Wife of Bath: Now, back to our knight. He crossed upon the woodland and saw a group of dancing women. He went closer to them and then he saw… a witch!!! Witch: (laugh) Knight! What are you seeking? Tell me! Tell me!! Knight: Woman, I must find out what women want the most or I will die!! If you tell me, then I’ll give you what you want! Witch: Then give me your hand. And swear to me that you’ll do what I ask you!! Knight: I'll keep my promise to you. Witch: Then your life is safe. Now listen carefully to me. I'm sure no one will say no tp this answer. (knight leans in and she whispers something) Scene6: Wife of Bath: Finally, the day came for the knight to return to the queen and tell her his answer. He stood in front of the queen and said... Knight: My king and queen. The thing that women want the most is the freedom to rule over their husbands and have their way in love. Wife of Bath: No one were able to deny him. Finally the crowd shouted: Crowd: He deserves to live!! Spare him!! Spare him!! Wife of Bath: At this moment, the witch stood up and said: Witch: My queen, before you all, listen to me! The Knight had promised me to fulfill my request. And my request is.........he needs to marry me as his wife. Wife of Bath: The knight's face turned pale. Knight: No, please take this request back. You can ask me for everything except this. Witch: I’m sorry. But that is all I want. Scene7: Wife of Bath: At the end, as his honor tied him, he married the old witch. There was no feast. He married her in private and was embarrassed to have a such ugly wife. Witch: Why do you treat me this way? I am your love, and your wife. I have saved your life. Tell me my faults, and I will correct them. Knight: Amend it? It can never be amended! You, old, hateful witch!! God have mercy on me! Witch: So that is the problem? Because of my look?

Knight: Yes! Witch: Aren't many a nobleman who committed shameful acts, still called noble? But I am nobler than them, as I live in virtue and not in sin! As for my poverty, which you dislike, our Lord himself chose poverty too. Now you blame me for my age but do you not respect your old men and call him father? But as you think me so horroble, I will give you a chance. Now choose. Would you want me old and ugly or young and fair? Make your choice now! Knight: (thinks about it for awhile then gives in) My love and wife. I have promised you with my honor. You choose what you think will make us both happy. I am happy no matter how you look. Witch: So I have the freedom now? Knight: Yes. Witch: Kiss me. And I promise you, I will be fair, and faithful. Wife of Bath: He turned and saw that she was no longer ugly, but beautiful. He took her in his arms and kissed her. Then they lived, happily ever after. ----------------------------------------------------------

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