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Eat That Frog! - TRACY_ Brian

Eat That Frog! - TRACY_ Brian


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Published by: arc_room on Oct 12, 2011
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Be a Sales Superstar .

Crunch Point .


Eat That Frog! .



California 94104-2916 .San Francisco.

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Indexing by .the West Productions.




Contents .

7 Focus on Key Result Areas .



Preface .

And forget about solving your time .

I have . and many.Covey. many others.


that other people are doing better than I .

Wow! What an idea.experts. .

as well. .

I currently give talks and .companies.

personal effectiveness I have ever .

necessary. One strategy might be .


Introduction: Eat That Frog .

You will .You will never be caught up.

.gets very little done.

.ugliest one first.


themselves to work steadily and single- .


size or importance. you feel a surge of .

endorphins and to the feeling of .

No Shortcuts .

.the habits of focus and concentration.

be. It consists of your thinking continually .

you will move yourself onto the fast track .


1 .

objectives. and they don't deviate from .

as people of equal or better education .

they have not had this critical discussion .

Step three: Set a deadline on your .

Take a few minutes to decide .sequence.

kind of success. . execution is everything.

The Power of Written Goals .


" .and such a car.


2 .

make plans. and take action .to set goals.

for you to get the highest possible return .

or time planner is based on the .program.

your subconscious mind will work .before.

every new task or responsibility that .

These are the specific activities .daily list.

Organize .project from beginning to end.

personal effectiveness is the 10/90 Rule.


how much easier it is to eat your


3 .

" the bottom 80 percent.many. .


Not .Focus on Activities.

done. .

mind loves to be busy working on .

.satisfaction at all.



4 .

next frog really is.

Rule: Long-term thinking improves





Think about the Long Term .

.enormous positive impact on your future.


Obey the Law of Forced

didn't complete it within the time limit.

carefully in advance and then build in a

have to eat to make the greatest .

This is something that only you can do. .

Your job is to ask yourself this question. .


Begin it.heated. and the work will .


5 .

.procrastinate on something. Therefore.

To set proper .Here is a key point.

early and say it often. Remember that .

and careers. You must avoid this .

abandoning most of his golf games could .

you to get your time and your life under .

and work activities and evaluate it .


6 .

the job. .

serious positive or negative .

these tasks. but it is nowhere as .

can free up more time for the A tasks that .

The key to making this ABCDE Method .




7 .

. and get promoted faster.get paid more.

Key result areas are similar to the vital .

one of these areas can lead to under- .


be a key result area. Hiring the right .

underperforming? .

effectiveness. Poor delegation skills .

you will be to get the job finished. .

Look .your career for the rest of your life.


with your staff and coworkers. Talk .


8 .

ninety days ago. you claimed that you .


"You then said something that .

help in delegating and outsourcing all my .

twice as much.'" .

my key tasks has transformed my life." .

" .goals in life right now.

Try it yourself and see. .improvement.

What are your three most important .6.

happy.is to live a long. . and healthy life.

love you in return. .

Don't waste time.little harder. Every .

done at the office so he has to bring it .

I ask them in return. "How often does a .

.happier you will be.

plans for their accomplishment. and .


9 .

highest value tasks. .

Set up your work area so that it is .

When everything is laid out neatly and in .

reporter out onto Wilshire Boulevard to .

Be prepared to .even the first few times.

Take the First Step .

1. Take a good look at your desk or .


10 .

.you to take it one bite at a time.

that stretched to the horizon in all .

to cross the biggest desert in the world .

and then going on to the next .and well.

your life on which you have been .


11 .

of a task. Feeling weak or deficient in a .

the more energy and enthusiasm you .

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