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Published by: Mala Renthlei on Oct 12, 2011
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Skip to navigation <#pageNavigation> Skip to content <#pageContent> Return to the EFSF homepage </about/index.

htm> /S/ earch About us </about/index.htm> Investor Relations </investor_relations/index.htm> Mediacentre </mediacentre/index.htm> -----------------------------------------------------------------------About EFSF </about/index.htm> Key figures </about/key-figures/index.htm> Organisation </about/organisation/index.htm> Operations </about/operations/index.htm> Publications </about/publications/index.htm> Legal documents </about/legal-documents/index.htm> Corporate Governance </about/corporate-governance/index.htm> Careers </about/jobs/index.htm> Useful links </about/links/index.htm> Banner About EFSF The *European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF**)* was created by the euro area member states following the decisions taken May 9, 2010 within the framework of the Ecofin Council. As part of the overall rescue package of â ¬750 billion, EFSF is able to issue bonds *guaranteed by EAMS for up to â ¬ 440 billion* for on-lending to EAMS in difficulty, subject to conditions negotiated with the European Commission in liaison with the European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund and to be approved by the Eurogroup. EFSF has been assigned the *best possible credit rating*; *AAA* by Standard & Poorâ s and Fitch Ratings, *Aaa* by Moodyâ s. EFSF is a Luxembourg-registered company owned by Euro Area Member States. It is headed by Klaus Regling, former Director-General for economic and financial affairs at the European Commission. http://be.sitestat.com/eib/efsf/s?en.about.index Focus

* EFSF places â ¬3 billion bond in support of Portugal </mediacentre/news/2011/2011-010-efsf-places-3-billion-bond-in-support-of-po rtugal.htm> * EFSF mandates BNP Paribas, Goldman Sachs International and Royal Bank of Scotland as joint lead managers for its second issue for Portugal </mediacentre/news/2011/2011-009-efsf-mandates-bnp-goldman-sachs-internation al-and-rbs-as-joint-lead-managers-for-its-second-issue-for-portugal.htm> * EFSF places â ¬5 billion bond in support of Portugal

eu> -----------------------------------------------------------------------How to find us </mediacentre/how-to-find-us/index.eu <mailto:info@efsf.europa.htm> Sitemap ------------------------------------------------------------------------ .europa.htm> * Letter to Editor of Financial Times </mediacentre/news/2011/2011-005-letter-to-editor-of-financial-times.</mediacentre/news/2011/2011-008-efsf-places-5-billion-bond-in-support-of-po rtugal.htm> * EU and EFSF funding plans to provide financial assistance for Portugal and Ireland </mediacentre/news/2011/2011-006-eu-and-efsf-funding-plans-to-provide-financ ial-assistance-for-portugal-and-ireland.htm> </generic/sitemap. avenue John F. Deutsche Bank and HSBC as joint lead managers for second issue </mediacentre/news/2011/2011-007-efsf-mandates-barclays-capital-deutsche-ban k-and-hsbc-as-joint-lead-managers-for-second-issue.htm> * How to find us? </mediacentre/how-to-find-us/index.htm> Contact * 43.Kennedy L-1855 Luxembourg * Tel: (+352) 260 962 20 * Fax: (+352) 260 962 62 * info@efsf.htm> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------EFSF 2011 Contact </mediacentre/how-to-find-us/index.htm> * EFSF mandates Barclays Capital.

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