This EMS Guidelines is prepared to facilitate contractors to set up an EMS for their company and as such be able to understand and implement a system suitable for their company. This is envisioned to bring about confidence and prepare the way to attain the International ISO 14001 Certification which would allow Malaysian companies to compete globally in an equal footing with their counterparts from other countries.

More and more companies are implementing Environmental Management Systems (EMS) to reduce their environmental impacts, improve their efficiency, comply with legislation and demonstrate to clients their commitment to environmental protection. Many companies have chosen to obtain independent certification of their EMS to the international standard ISO14001. Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia 14001 EMS, for the construction industry to implement in order to: i) provide assistance to the local construction industry to conform to the environmental stewardship beseeched by the regulations (to stay competitive in the environmentally-conscious world business market); ii) iii) help the local construction industry to get prepared for future pressure in ISO 14001 EMS; and enhance the environmental performance of local construction industry has developed a support package of Construction Environmental Management Standards (CEMS) based on the ISO

This EMS support package is designed to help local construction industry to implement an effective environmental management system. The support package comprises of:

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Generic ISO 14001 EMS Templates – to be used as a basis of the CEMS by companies that can tailor them to suit their specific needs. User Manual – with easy-to-use guidance on how to apply the Generic ISO 14001 EMS templates in the company and work progressively towards successful CEMS implementation.

This User Manual and Generic ISO 14001 EMS Templates are designed to be of assistance to any construction in any sector. The construction environmental management system is meant as ‘A more holistic approach involving procedure to identify total environmental and social costs and alternative solutions to construction problems’.

Any development projects, irrespective of size, type and location that will cause impacts onto the environment arising from the construction activities, for as long as the construction goes on until the commissioning stage

An effective CEMS requires the involvement of all staff in the organization, from top management to the general workers. However, this guideline should be made known and made available for understanding and implementation at all levels. One of the key players that would be responsible for the smooth implementation of these guidelines would be the Environmental Management Representative (EMR). The EMR would be able to

EMS Guidelines for the Construction Industry


PREAMBLE guide and be responsible for the effectively implementation of the company policies, develop EMS documentation and eventually, to achieve a level that would allow the organization to be ready for ISO 14001 Certification. Even so, other staff will still need to be involved in various ways. Different parts of this support package should be read by the relevant people as follows:

Responsibility Top Management i. Director

Which part to read User Manual (Introduction, and sections on policy and EMS manual)

Expectations • General perspectives on ISO 14001 Provide the resources needed for a successful EMS Develop a tailored EMS documentation Implement an effective EMS Develop plan to achieve ISO 14001 certification or self-declaration

• • • •

EMS Manager Coordinator i. Senior Engineer ii. Site Engineer


This User Manual, the Generic ISO 14001 EMS Templates, and Practical Examples of ISO 14001 EMS

iii. Quality Manager iv. Site Manager v. Safety Manager vi. Environmental Management Manager vii. Contracts manager Department Heads User Manual and Practical Examples of ISO 14001 EMS Practical Examples of ISO 14001 EMS

• •

Knowledgeable on how their functions need to support the EMS Manage the environmental impacts related to the daily working activities, and how they can be controlled.

Frontline Staff

Who should read the manual  Contractors  Developers  Subcontractors  EMS Manager / Coordinator  Site Supervisor  Environmental officer  Health and Safety Officer Others who should read the manual • Project Management • Suppliers • Civil Engineers • Mechanical and Electrical Engineers • Architects • Quantity Surveyors • Regulators • Councils

EMS Guidelines for the Construction Industry



Others who are directly or indirectly related to the industry

• • • •

Describes the guidelines and how it should be used Summarises the EMS concept with an overview of the development and implementation approach Describes the process for planning an EMS Explains the general ISO 14001 certification process and steps involved leading to the ISO 14001 certification.

     To project the environmental issues that might arise from the construction To prevent unwanted environmental problems To minimize environmental risks associated with construction To comply to laws and regulations To improve the overall environmental performance of the construction industry of Malaysia

EMS Guidelines for the Construction Industry


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