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Renee Scott

Renee Scott

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Published by: Danielle Johanns on Oct 12, 2011
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Danielle Johanns Mr.

Neuburger English 102 Fall October 11, 2011 Response Renee Scott Testimony
Renee Scott was born in Calais, France on February 13 of 1906. During the interview she was 91 years old. Scott explains a lot of cases of what many would consider a glamorous life but with a lot of heart ache. Before the camp she traveled all over the world with her ballet crew. Even to Germany. Through her friend she started to work for the underground, carrying documents with a fur coat. It was during this time in which she made false identification cards for the Jewish. Soon her privacy was taken away and she was arrested. She says,” I was sentenced to death and told that the world did not belong to me anymore.” Her cell number was 151 and she mentions that throughout her life this number has followed her. The guards took away all of her jewelry and killed all of her friends as she was transferred from camp to camp. Although she went through Auschwitz she did not stay. While in prison she went to the dentist to find a man who could help her. Unable to do so, she had a tooth pulled as a result of her reasoning. During her stay in the multiple camps she visited, she came down with many different illnesses. Also, she had bleeding behind her eyes and now she has lost her sight. Scott also mentioned frequent nightmares that involve her experiences at the camps. Scott was never caught for anything that they would consider wrong. She spoke of a lot of the guards and nurses who took a liking to her, helping her survive by giving her alternative jobs or sneaking her medicine. There was a female guard with a mouth full of gold that at least did not beat her up. She also spoke of the coffee they were given which had camphor in it, lots of turnips and moldy bread. Once, after counting heads there was one person missing so they forced everyone to stand outside

naked in the cold for hours. They huddled together and got warmth from one another and survived this way. She said, “When we were all suffering together we were all friends”. Soon an American came and bought 165 of the survivors from the Germans for flour and gold, including Renee Scott. The Red Cross also contributed to their survival by sending packages of food and supplies that they finally got to see after this time. Word count :406

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