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PEFC UK Newsletter - October 2011

PEFC UK Newsletter - October 2011

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Published by PEFC UK Ltd.
Highlights the main changes from 26 November 2011 for PEFC Chain of Custody holders, the first delivery of chipwood from a privately owned scheme from Scottish Woodland to a leading manufacturer and also, PEFC Certified Glulam in award winning project
Highlights the main changes from 26 November 2011 for PEFC Chain of Custody holders, the first delivery of chipwood from a privately owned scheme from Scottish Woodland to a leading manufacturer and also, PEFC Certified Glulam in award winning project

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Published by: PEFC UK Ltd. on Oct 12, 2011
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PEFC /16-01-01


In August, PEFC-certified chipwood from a privatelyowned Group Scheme from Scottish Woodlands was delivered to a leading manufacturer of timber products for the first time. In keeping with its ambitious sustainable procurement policies and quest for certified raw material, chipwood was delivered to Egger UK, one of the leading manufacturers of wood-based panels in Europe.





hectares of UK forests were dual certified as PEFC and FSC under the United Kingdom Woodland Assurance Standard (UKWAS). This far-reaching development includes all the Forestry Commission forests in England, Scotland and Wales and some 500 privately-owned forest estates, including a number in Northern Ireland, managed through the Scottish Woodlands and UPM Tilhill forest group certification schemes. The amount of domestic PEFC-certified timber is thriving and becoming more plentiful and more popular. Scottish Woodlands is at the centre of this boom in available forest resource. The company has grown and developed significantly in the last two decades to become a major player in the British forestry and timber

industry, delivering over 750,000 tonnes of timber per annum into UK sawmillers, and planting in excess of 25% of private sector new woodland expansion. Its annual sales in 2010 exceeded £46 million and PEFC-certified UK timber is set to become a key component.

Manager at Egger UK commented: “We were delighted to take the first deliveries of privately grown PEFC round wood from Scottish Woodlands. As a result of increasing demand for PEFC certified chipboard from our customers, we needed a guaranteed supply of PEFCcertified round wood. Scottish Woodlands responded to our request and, having already obtained PEFC chain of custody, was in a position to deliver. We have a long established trading relationship with Scottish Woodlands Ltd and they have once again proved themselves to be responsive to market requirements”. The growth in homegrown UK-sourced timber and wood products has been on the rise since 2010 when over a million

After the 26 November 2011 all new assessments and surveillance visits will be undertaken against PEFC ST 2002: 2010. Chain of Custody of Forest based products – Requirements. The main changes are itemised on page 2 >>

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The main changes are: l The precise definition of PEFC formal claims – x% PEFC certified. To be used on delivery documentation. l Clarification on information received from suppliers and sent to customers: i The organisation’s name as the customer of the delivery ii Supplier identification iii Product(s) identification as being certified iv Quantity of delivery for each certified product on the documentation v Date of delivery vi The formal claim for each product on the documentation vii The supplier’s chain of custody or forest management certificate number l Complaints procedure required l Sub-contracting/out sourcing clauses added and requirements clarified l Where volume credit method are used, a ‘credit account’ is now mandatory l Revised Due Diligence System (Appendix 2). Procedure required if mixing certified material with non controversial material. Also a changed definition of ‘controversial sources’. l Clarified requirements for multisite and group certifications including company size for participants in group schemes (Appendix 3) l New recognition of recycled material l Addition of social issues (Appendix 4) l The terms and definitions have also been updated. The new standard can be downloaded from www.pefc.co.uk ‘news and resources’ – ‘publications and documentation’ – ‘technical documentation’. A guidance document PEFC GD 2011: 2011 is also downloadable from the same web page and will help with the changes. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact the PEFC office at info@pefc.co.uk or on 0114 3072334.

The winner of the Commercial & Public Access category at the 2011 Wood Awards had PEFC-certified timber as a key element. The visitor centre at the Brockholes Wetland & Woodland Nature Reserve in Preston, Lancashire, picked up the best in category prize and builds on its RIBA-competition winning and BREEAM Outstanding background, as one of the most sustainable and innovative buildings in the UK.
The centre comprises a group of timberframed and oak clad buildings, housing various facilities including a café, conference area and shop. The buildings are all raised on a large concrete floating pontoon on the lake within the reserve. The main structure of the buildings is centered on glulam portal frames that are protected under a timber Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) ‘skin’. This provides racking resistance to the buildings while ensuring a high level of insulation and airtightness. The splaying V-shaped glulam rafters are up to 10 metres long, joined with steel flitch plates due to their complex geometry and high connection forces. Sustainably sourced from Austria, these were precision engineered to reduce onsite time and eliminate wastage. B & K Structures delivered the five PEFC-certified whitewood spruce glulam beams, alongside the SIP panel system and oak shingles – these rough tiles were formed from tree stumps that would otherwise have been discarded. Internally, recycled newspaper insulation was sprayed on to the underside of the SIP panels, providing an excellent low-cost and sustainable acoustic dampening fix. The project aimed for zero-carbon both in use and production, using materials of low embodied energy (the engineered timber), high levels of thermal insulation and airtightness, natural ventilation, offsite prefabrication, on-site energy generation and waste treatment. The sourcing and durability of the materials used, potential for recycling, and the distance to site were all considered within the design, with the glulam beams forming an integral part of the overall project success.

Project Chain of Custody is a specific form of Chain of Custody certification that allows project managers to take advantage of PEFC certification for specific projects.
Project Chain of Custody certification is often the most efficient option for shortterm projects involving different, uncertified contractors, such as in the construction or shipbuilding industries, or the one-off production of a specific product. Projects which engage a range of different suppliers, all of whom provide products with differing contents of certified material. To make things easy to understand for everyone involved, PEFC Project Chain of Custody certification utilises the simple percentage-based method to account for PEFC certified material used for the project. Project Chain of Custody is explained more fully in two new publications: Project Chain of Custody Certification - An Introduction provides an overview of how and when Project Chain of Custody can be used and details the benefits that Project Chain of Custody provides; and the second, PEFC Project Chain of Custody - One Project, One Message explains the process in greater technical detail. Both brochures are available for download from the PEFC website and hard copies can be ordered by e-mailing- hilary.khawam@pefc.co.uk.


Two new publications are now available, The Responsible Choice for Wood and Paper Products – A Consumer Guide to PEFC and PEFC – A Guide for Retailers. Both publications can be downloaded from the PEFC UK website below or hard copies can be obtained by sending an email request to hilary.khawam@pefc.co.uk. Chain of Custody certified companies who would like to adapt either of these publications for their own customers should contact info@pefc.co.uk to obtain original artwork files.

Last month, PEFC partnered with the Malaysian Timber Council (MTC) and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) to exhibit at the UK’s first dedicated timber show – Timber Expo.
This new show sought to promote timber as a key material to help deliver an attractive and sustainable built environment. Over 4,000 visitors including architects, specifiers and major contractors made their way to Coventry’s Ricoh Arena for the show and over 100 companies exhibited. PEFC used the occasion to co-host a Chain of Custody workshop in conjunction with BM TRADA and also spoke at a seminar session with FSC. The show also enabled PEFC to meet with a number of companies at the Timber Buyers Forum and extol the virtues of certified timber. We also sponsored the main conference – In Touch With Timber. We were delighted to note that all of the show’s printed promotional materials carried the PEFC logo as an assurance of responsible paper sourcing. Timber Expo provides PEFC with an exciting new platform to enable us to engage with a broad spectrum of stakeholders from across the timber and construction industry and we’ve already booked for next year’s show which will take place at the Ricoh Arena from 25-26 September 2012.

For further details visit www.timber-expo.co.uk.

All too often, the full range of benefits derived from the sustainable management of forests are not integrated throughout supply chains nor incorporated when comparing the sustainability of different sectors. While stakeholders are eager to ensure that wood used in forest products originates from sustainably managed forests and go to great lengths in defining and assessing “sustainability”, there is little market recognition of the overall benefits of sustainable forestry and related trade, especially compared to other raw materials. Next month, PEFC International will be hosting a stakeholder dialogue event Recognizing the Real Value of Forest Products in a Changing Climate. The one day event will be held at the Hotel Royal Plaza, Montreux, Switzerland on 9th November. The Stakeholder Dialogue seeks to reflect on the positive attributes of the forest sector and to strengthen our unified position on the market. Moreover, the dialogue seeks to advance the sector by showcasing innovations that are bringing new means of valuing and utilising forest products and services. Finally, recognising the broader global environment and development challenges, new methods for advancing the sustainability of the sector beyond sustainable sourcing will be considered. Specifically, the dialogue will seek to: l Build unity & clarity amongst the forest sector to better position and promote the use of forest products l Highlight innovations in the sector which offer new opportunities for valuing and utilising forest products & services l Enhance the sectors ability to link sustainable fibre supply to broader ambitions of full product sustainability with links to Life Cycle Analysis, GHG Emissions and product footprinting, for instance l Establish a plan to further disseminate findings and strengthen the sector’s posting The dialogue is open to all interested stakeholders. If you would like to participate, you can register on line at www.pefc.org by 18th October.

PEFC Construction Roundtable In 201 27 October 2011 London For further details email hilary.khawam@pefc.co.uk

PEFC Stakeholder Dialogue 9 November 2011 Recognising the real value of forest products in a changing climate Hotel Royal Plaze, Montreux, Switzerland Register at www.pefc.org by 18/10/11

IPIA Meet the buyer event 14 November 2011 Stansted For further details email info@ipia.org.uk

Ecobuild 20-22 March 2012 ExCel, London For further details visit www.ecobuild.co.uk

Two Sides/Print Power are holding an Autumn seminar which will take place on Monday 7 November 2011 at Stationers’ Hall in the City of London. The event will bring together leading media figures including brand owners and media decision makers to discuss Print Media’s key role in a multi-channel world. Martyn Eustace, Director of the Two Sides campaign commented, “The seminar is a unique opportunity to hear the developing debate on the sustainability and effectiveness of print media and delegates will also be able to contribute to the discussion and participate in the launch of the first of a regular series of Print Power magazines.” The results of the Two Sides’ 10-country European and US consumer survey will also be unveiled at the event. In total 5,000 people were questioned about their perception of print media’s sustainability and attractiveness and also the way in which they interact with print media today. Admission is free but pre-registration is required. Email your ticket application to Sarah Collins at Two Sides by 14 October 2011. sjc@twosides.info

Alun Watkins PEFC UK National Secretary e awatkins@pefc.co.uk t 0114 307 2334 For all general enquiries and queries about chain of custody, use of the PEFC logo Hilary Khawam PEFC Communications Director e hilary.khawam@pefc.co.uk t 01689 819902 Marketing and communications enquiries

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