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VLTOR Catalog 2011

VLTOR Catalog 2011

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Published by: Mario Lopez on Oct 12, 2011
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Table of Contents Legal Info and Returns A5 Buffer System The BCMGunfighter Charging Handle M14/M1A Modstock Improved Modstock Kits (IMOD) MUR Upper Receiver Enhanced Modstock (EMOD) VIS Upper Receiver System Scout Mount (Flash Light Mount) Single Attachment Sling Endplate Receiver Extensions and Adapters CASV Rail Systems Low-Profile Gas Blocks Sight Assemblies Accessories Rifle Modstock Kits ModPod (Bipod) Flash Suppressors Clothing and Collectibles Page 1 Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page 1 2 3 4 5-6 7-8 9-10 11-12 13 13 14 15-16 17 18 19 20 20 21 22

Vltor Weapon Systems
3735 N. Romero Road Tucson, Arizona 85705 Phone 520.408.1944 Fax 520.293.8807 www.vltor.com

NOTE: The assembly or installation of firearm parts and components should only be performed by a qualified gunsmith or certified armorer. Vltor Weapons Systems is not responsible for any injury or damage resulting from the improper installation or use of our products. Vltor Weapons Systems strongly supports your 2nd Amendment Right! We promote the safe handling and responsible ownership of firearms, and encourage everyone (no matter your level of experience) to participate in firearms training and education programs. While the Federal Crime Bill of 1994 expired in 2004, some State and Local laws still prohibit the installation of collapsible stocks, flash suppressors and possibly other items sold by Vltor Weapon Systems. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the installation of any product is not prohibited in your area. All items defined by the National Firearms Act of 1934 (machine guns, short barreled rifles/shotguns, suppressors, destructive devices and any other weapon) will only be sold to a government agency or a properly licensed manufacturer or dealer. Sales of machine guns to an FFL/SOT holder require a Letter of Demonstration. Vltor will not manufacture or rebuild any firearm, receiver or serialized part for another manufacturer, without a BATFE approved Letter of Variance.


Our Warranty and Return Policy is available on our website: www.vltor.com All photos by Military Moron (www.militarymorons.com) or Stickman

Vltor A5 Buffer & Recoil System
The unique design of the new buffer and receiver extension tube allow the A5 System to adapt a MilSpec EMOD Stock to any M16/AR15 rifle. Tests show that the A5 System reduces the cyclic rate of the M4 Carbine and lowers bolt carrier velocity; and recently, extensive testing conducted on the M16A4 proved that the A5 System was the most reliable and consistent stock system available for that platform!

The A5 Buffer and Recoil Assembly was developed by Vltor Weapons for the specific needs of the U.S. Military. As the M16/AR15 series of rifles have evolved into specialized configurations, such as the SPR, M4 and Mk 18, each of these designs uses a new combination of barrel and gas-systems. Attempts to universally use the standard collapsible stock on all platforms - from M16A4 to the Mk18 - have proven unreliable at best. The A5 Buffer and Recoil System takes a new approach to this problem, providing a single collapsing stock and buffer system that can be used on all current configurations of direct impingement systems. The A5 System reduces cyclic rate on the shorter barreled rifles and maintains a much more consistent bolt velocity and rate of fire across all current issue weapons based on the M16. All models include a Vltor EMOD Stock. $235.95 AEBK-A5B, Black EMOD AEBK-A5G, Foliage Green EMOD AEBK-A5T, FDE/Tan EMOD Note: In some applications, such as severely over pressured rifles, piston operated guns and normally suppressed guns, a heavier buffer may be required. Please contact us for more information on these. A5H3, 6oz, Specialty Buffer $49.95 A5H4, 7oz, Specialty Buffer $59.95
Government Agencies and Military Organizations are encouraged to contact Vltor regarding test data, contract pricing and availability of the A5 System.


The AR15 platform has undergone some significant changes; and so has how we use it. The manual of arms and immediate action drills we use today, stress the conventional charging handle latch in a way the original designers could have never imagined. Think about it... “Mortor Drills” or “Kick Starting” the charging handle for an FTE? Eventually, the latch or its roll pin will fail. Vltor developed the Gunfighter charging handle for Bravo Company, specifically to address this problem. The Patent Pending design protects the latch from these forces, while offering the option of a medium or long latch extension. Go ahead and put it to the test, you’ll find that the new BCM Gunfighter series certainly lives up to the name.


5.56mm, AR15 Style Rifles $47.32 BCM-GFH3 (Long Latch) BCM-GFH4 (Medium Latch) BCM-GFH5 (Short Latch)

7.62mm, AR10 Style Rifles $57.95 BCM-GFH3-762 (Long Latch) BCM-GFH4-762 (Medium Latch) BCM-GFH5-762 (Short Latch)


M14 & M1A Modstocks
All Models $514.95 M1S-1E, Black with EMOD M1S-1ET, FDE/Tan with EMOD M1S-1EG, Foliage Green with EMOD
Some special application M14s may have difficulty fitting the Modstock. These models include: Match, Heavy Barrel, Additional/Improved Bedding Lug, M21 and M25 type rifles. Please contact Vltor or a qualified Gunsmith before purchasing. For select-fire guns, please specify this at time of order.

Both the M14/M1A and the Mk14/EBR stocks are adjustable to five lengths of pull and the stock’s receiver extension is adjustable for elevation. The total elevation adjustment is up to one inch in height: in its lowest position the stock will allow the use of iron sights or the stock can be raised up to one inch higher for use with mounted optics. Also available is a Vltor Stock Adapter for the Mk14 Enhanced Battle Rifle. Kit includes an easy to install adapter, grip and EMOD Stock. All Models $414.95 RE-EBR, Black Kit RE-EBRT, FDE/Tan Kit RE-EBRG, Foliage Green Kit

New Stock Adapter for the Mk14 EBR!

Note: The M14 Modstock Kit includes only the modified stock, pistol grip, stock extension tube and EMOD assembly. The Mk14 EBR Stock Kit includes a replacement adapter, pistol grip, stock extension tube, EMOD Stock and all mounting hardware. The cluster rail offered on the Springfield SOCOM rifles is made exclusively for Springfield Armory - all inquiries regarding the SOCOM Cluster Rail should be addressed to Springfield at 800-680-6866.


IMOD: The Modstock Improved
The evolution of the original; after years of reliable service, the Vltor Modstock has undergone design changes prompted by feedback from real world use on ranges, battlefields and patrols around the world. Taking features from the Enhanced Modstock, the IMOD has been beefed up to be even stronger than the original, the ergonomics have been improved and snag hazards even further minimized. The IMOD also features an integral rubber buttpad with increased negative camber to make shouldering and holding the weapon more positive; all while adding only a couple of ounces to the design. IMOD color options include current military colors such as: Foliage Green, Flat Dark Earth (Tan) and Black. All colors are available in the original “Standard” model or our unique and battle proven “Clubfoot” configuration. MilSpec Vs. Commercial Note: There are two common sizes of carbine receiver extensions on the market. The Vltor Improved Modstock (IMOD) and the Enhanced Modstock (EMOD) are available for either size. Make sure that your stock and extension tube are the correct size: MilSpec – The tube diameter for a military specification extension tube is 1.150 inch. Commercial – The diameter of the commercial tubes is 1.170 inch. Know the difference between Clubfoot and Standard Clubfoot version (left) has a squared off portion of the stock’s toe. This “Clubfoot” portion assists the shooter during prone position shooting, using the support hand to secure the stock against the shooter’s shoulder. The Standard Version Modstock (right) was designed to mimic the conventional and more traditional MilSpec carbine and M4 Enhanced Stock.




IMOD Basic Kit - Includes stock body, buttpad and battery compartments. $99.95 AIB-MCB, MilSpec, Clubfoot, Black AIB-MCG, MilSpec, Clubfoot, Foliage Green AIB-MCT, MilSpec, Clubfoot, FDE/Tan AIB-MSB, MilSpec, Standard, Black AIB-MSG, MilSpec, Standard, Foliage Green AIB-MST, MilSpec, Standard, FDE/Tan AIB-CCB, Commercial, Clubfoot, Black AIB-CCG, Commercial, Clubfoot, Foliage Green AIB-CCT, Commercial, Clubfoot, FDE/Tan AIB-CSB, Commercial, Standard, Black AIB-CSG, Commercial, Standard, Foliage Green AIB-CST, Commercial, Standard, FDE/Tan AIBK-MSG

IMOD Basic Combo Kit - Includes stock body, buttpad, battery compartments, receiver extension tube, buffer, spring, end plate and lock nut. $159.95 AIBK-MCB, MilSpec, Clubfoot, Black AIBK-MCG, MilSpec, Clubfoot, Foliage Green AIBK-MCT, MilSpec, Clubfoot, FDE/Tan AIBK-MSB, MilSpec, Standard, Black AIBK-MSG, MilSpec, Standard, Foliage Green AIBK-MST, MilSpec, Standard, FDE/Tan

1-866-468-5867 www.vltor.com



The Modular Upper Receiver (MUR) is a rigid MilSpec flat-top upper receiver made to fit all AR15/M16/M4 rifles and carbines. The MUR was developed to give the customer a MilSpec correct upper receiver with a thicker wall, making the MUR upper receiver a stronger platform. This more rigid upper receiver will increase accuracy and reliability, while extending the life of the interfacing components, such as the bolt carrier group and barrel assembly.

The main benefit of the MUR is that it is dimensionally correct. Vltor ensures reliability and accuracy of our production process by using precision machining equipment, thorough quality control inspections, and a 100% final check of all critical dimensions. When you own a Vltor MUR, you have the highest quality upper receiver available on the market today.


MUR: Modular Upper Receiver
The MUR is made from a 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum forging. Prior to machining, the forging is fully stress relieved, heat treated, aged twice and undergoes a proprietary cryogenic treatment. The MUR is precision machined and each part finished by hand. There is not a better upper receiver available. The MUR comes in two models: one with a Bolt-Assist/Shell-Deflector and the second with a Shell Deflector only. Vltor offers the selection at the time of purchase, but does not offer a service to exchange the Bolt Assist or Shell Deflector. All MURs feature a MilStd-1913 scope mounting rail and come equipped with an Ejection-Port, Dust Cover Door.

MUR-1S (Shell Deflector Only) - $179.95 MUR-1A (Forward Assist & Shell Deflector) - $199.95

WWW.VLTOR.COM 1-866-468-5867


The EMOD is based on the same rugged and practical design as the original Vltor Modstock with specific features designed from lessons taken from the modern battlefield. The EMOD is the most durable and rugged collapsible stock available. The EMOD is approximately one inch longer than the original Modstock, and with the rubber butt plate installed, is about a quarter of an inch longer than the CRANE SCB. The increased length of the EMOD is a major benefit when used on scoped rifles (SPR/DMR), increasing the available comb for any given length of pull. The buttplate of the EMOD is slightly wider and longer at the toe than the regular M4 stock with a noticeable negative pitch, making transitions from the ready position feel much more natural. The EMOD was given enough weight to help balance out the normally muzzle heavy feel associated with negative pitch buttstocks. The toe of the buttplate is rolled under, giving the EMOD a superior feel when the weapon is held in the “out of pocket” heads-up hold. The buttplate is covered with a removable rubber buttpad that is molded over a metal strike plate. The shape of the buttplate and the rubber buttpad give a solid stock purchase in all situations.


EMOD: The Enhanced Modstock
The EMOD features additional storage in the removable, waterproof side compartments and holds up to four CR123 or three AA batteries. There is also an additional weather proof compartment in the clubfoot area of the stock, which is easily accessible and holds two AA batteries or other small parts. The EMOD is constructed from the finest materials and will stand up to the most rugged demands. The EMOD is available for either the standard MilSpec receiver extension tube, or for the aftermarket “Commercial” size tube. Available colors include Black, Foliage Green and Flat Dark Earth (Tan). The EMOD is only available in the Clubfoot model.

Basic EMOD Kit $125.95 EMOD stock, battery compartments, butt pad & strike plate. AEB-CB, Black, Commercial AEB-CT, FDE/Tan, Commercial shown AEB-CG, Foliage Green, Commercial AEB-MB, Black, MilSpec AEB-MT, FDE/Tan, MilSpec AEB-MG, Foliage Green, MilSpec

Basic EMOD Combo Kit $196.95 EMOD Kit and receiver extension tube (milspec only), buffer and spring, lock plate and nut. AEBK-MB, Black, MilSpec shown AEBK-MT, FDE/Tan, MilSpec AEBK-MG, Foliage Green, MilSpec

1-866-468-5867 WWW.VLTOR.COM 10

VIS: Versatile Interface Structure

WWW.VLTOR.COM 1-866-468-5867
VIS Receiver System Frequently Asked Questions
Can I fit the gas block or a suppressor inside the VIS handguard section? Only a “low-profile” gas block will fit. There are no railed gas blocks or suppressors that will fit. Does the VIS accept standard AR15-type barrel assemblies? The VIS uses standard AR15/M16 barrels with a modified barrel nut (included). Can I get an assembled, complete VIS upper? Complete uppers are available through several of our qualified dealers. Is Vltor going to offer a VIS in 7.62 NATO? This is currently in development. Does the VIS work with any of the gas piston systems? This is currently in development.

The VIS System at a glance VIS-1 Standard Carbine (7 inch) 14.5” Overall, 21.5 Ounces VIS-2 Standard Midlength (9 inch) 16.5” Overall, 25.0 Ounces VIS-2A Extended Midlength (10 inch) 17.5” Overall, 26.0 Ounces VIS-3 Standard Rifle (12 inch) 19.875” Overall, 29.0 Ounces


One of Vltor’s most innovative products is the Versatile Interface Structure (VIS) upper receiver assembly. The VIS is a polylithic upper receiver assembly that ties the normally individual receiver and handguard into a single, aggregate part. This combination overcomes many problems that are associated with the traditional “two piece” design; most notably the greatly improved structural strength and repeatable accuracy. This affords the user all the benefits of a free-floating barrel and rock-solid railed forend.

VIS1 Carbine Length VIS-1SK, Shell Deflector only - $574.95 VIS-1AK, Bolt Assist with Shell Deflector - $599.95 VIS2 Midlength VIS-2SK, Shell Deflector only - $604.95 VIS-2AK, Bolt Assist with Shell Deflector - $629.95 VIS2A Extended Midlength VIS-2ASK, Shell Deflector only - $624.95 VIS-2AAK, Bolt Assist with Shell Deflector - $649.95 The VIS features four Mil-Std-1913 Picatinny rails: The top rail is one continuous rail, from the back of the receiver section to the front of the VIS. The removable lower section allows for the attachment of the M-203 grenade launcher, as well as assists in cleaning and maintenance. VIS3 Rifle Length VIS-3SK, Shell Deflector only - $654.95 VIS-3AK, Bolt Assist with Shell Deflector - $679.95 Each kit contains: Upper and Lower Assembly, Barrel Nut, Wrench and M203 index plate.


Flashlight and Sling Mounts
Scout Mount The Scout Mount is a quick detachable rail mount for certain SureFire™ flashlights. Installation is simple and the mounting is solid. Scout Mounts are available for E-series (Executive), G-series (Nitrolon) and CK-series (Classic Knurled) SureFire™ flashlights.

Offset Scout Mount. This Scout Mount offsets sideways by 1.300 inches. Fits flashlights widths 1.010 to 1.040 inches (CKseries and Nitrolon-series). Also available as a quick release, throw-lever mount. SM-OCG $59.95 SMQ-OCG, Quick Release Model $84.95 Standard Scout Mount (shown) SM-E (E-series Scout Mount) Flashlights widths: 0.810 - 0.826 inches SM-G (Nitrolon Series Scout Mount) Flashlights widths: 1.025 - 1.040 inches SM-CK (CK-Series Scout Mount) Flashlights widths: 1.010 - 1.026 inches All Standard Mounts $34.95

Single Attachment Sling Endplate (Ambidextrous) Made for right and left-handed operators, Vltor now offers an ambidextrous Single Attachment Sling Endplate (SASE). These sling plates are a direct replacement to your existing receiver endplate. Two models are available: one accepts a 1 1/4-inch slings and the other accepts an HK-type hook/carabiner. Choosing the right or left hand placement is easy. Simply install the indexing washer and screw which interfaces with the rear of the receiver. Models Available: SASE-1 (1 ¼-inch sling) SASE-2 (HK-type Loop) Retail Price $19.95

SASE-2 HK Type Hook

SASE-1 Sling Loop


1-866-468-5867 WWW.VLTOR.COM

Receiver Extensions and Adapters
AK47/AKM/AKS Stock Adapter and Extension The Adapter and Extension Combo is a direct replacement for the standard fixed AK-type stock. With this adapter installed the user will have five stock positions, a watertight storage compartment accessible from the rear, and an ambidextrous single-point sling mount located near the firearm's receiver. RE-47 $89.95 Note: This kit is the adapter/extension only, stock or QD sling-swivel not included. Will fit sheet metal AKM variants only (excluding the Yugo or the Iraqi Tabuk). The adapter uses a MilSpec extension tube. Vltor Five Position Receiver Extensions Vltor Carbine/Collapsible Buttstocks will only fit MilSpec Receiver Extensions. RE-1 (for M4 & CAR15 Series) $46.95 RE-10 (AR10 Carbine Series) $49.95
AR10 Owners: The RE-10 extension will only work when using the Armalite AR-10B Operation Spring, part# EA1095 and AR10 Carbine Buffer, part# EC0120. The receiver extension has a MilSpec outer profile and will only accept MilSpec dimensioned buttstocks.

Storage Compartment Receiver Extension This 5-position Receiver Extension was made specifically for weapon adapters that accept a CAR15/M4 type receiver extension. This extension features a watertight storage compartment that is accessible from the rear. The receiver extension has a MilSpec outer profile and will only accept MilSpec dimensioned buttstocks. RE-2 (Tube and End Cap Only) $49.95

Adapter and Pistol Grip are not included!


The CASV is one of the simplest rail systems to install, and doesn’t requires any special installation tools. Each handguard assembly has a rigid, continuous rail section along the top, and comes with a removable lower shield and removable rail sections that allow the user to install rail sections where needed.

The CASV-EL fits all M4 style carbines with a flat-top receiver and a carbine-length gas system. The CASV-EL system will not work with Mid-length or Rifle length gas systems.

CASV Carbine Length Handguards CASV-EL, Black $239.95 CASV-ELX, Black $189.95 CASV-ELT, FDE/Tan $239.95 CASV-ELTX, FDE/Tan $189.95 CASV-ELG, Foliage Green $239.95 CASV-ELGX, Foliage Green $189.95

The CASV-M is designed for the popular mid-length gas system rifles. The area forward of the top rail can be filled with a short rail, or used to mount the optional flip-up sight assembly (see page 18). The CASV-M will work with a Carbine Length gas system; however, a low profile gas block must be used. CASV Mid-Length Handguards CASV-M, Black $239.95 CASV-MX, Black $189.95 CASV-MT, FDE/Tan $239.95 CASV-MTX, FDE/Tan $189.95 CASV-MG, Foliage Green $239.95 CASV-MGX, Foliage Green $189.95


The Step-Level CASV offers a forward rail that is stepped down to match the height of the standard flat top A4/M4 upper receiver rail, allowing the use of optical sighting devices that would normally sit too high for a usable co-witness with the weapon’s iron sights. The Step-Level CASV also allows for the use of a standard rail mounted front sight. The CASV-S is designed for a Midlength gas system and will work in any application where the weapon uses a MilSpec flat top receiver and 9” handguard system. The CASV-S will work with a Carbine (7”) gas system, but will require the use of our low profile gas block. This system is also available for carbine length gas systems with a conventional front sight, as the CASV-ELS. The CASV-S and ELS are available in black only. CASV-S, Mid-Length, Black $249.95 CASV-SX, Mid-Length, Black $199.95 CASV-ELS, Carbine, Black $249.95 CASV-ELSX, Carbine, Black $199.95

All CASV-EL, CASV-ELS, CASV-S and CASV-M kits come with two 2”, two 4” and one 6” rail sections and hardware. All “X-Series” CASVs come with only one 2” rail section and hardware! The installation of this handguard does not require any modifications to the firearm except for the removal of the sight tower sling swivel when installing the CASV-EL or ELS series of handguards. The CASV series of handguards is under constant development. Currently, designs are being tested for the HK 416 and the FN SCAR-L/H. For the latest availability and pricing, please check our website at www.vltor.com or the web store at www.vltorstore.com.

The FAL Rifle CASV - One of the newest additions to the CASV line of handguards is the system designed for the ubiquitous FAL series of rifles. The new CASV-FAL and CASV-FAS mount solidly to the standard inch or metric FAL with a short version for the carbine style FALs. CASV-FAL, Long $325.95 CASV-FALX, Long $275.95 CASV-FAS, Short $299.95 CASV-FASX, Short $249.95


Gas Blocks

Clamp On Models

Set Screw Models

Low Profile Gas Blocks These low-profile gas blocks were designed mainly to be used when a rail system/hand guard is mounted over the entire gas system. These are slim enough to fit within most rail systems. Please check your application before ordering. All Vltor Gas Blocks are made from 17-4PH stainless steel and offered with a dark matte black oxide finish or with a matte silver blasting. Available for the following bore diameters: 0.625 and 0.750 inch, and offered in “Clamp On” and “Double Set Screw” versions. Combination set screw and taper pin models are offered exclusively through Noveske Rifleworks. Special order gas blocks with brand marking and OEM use are available, please contact Vltor directly.

Clamp On Models $65.95

Set Screw Models $58.95 0.625” Bore GB-1S, black GB-1SS, silver 0.750” Bore GB-2S, black GB-2SS, silver

1-866-468-5867 www.vltor.com

0.625” Bore GB-1C, black GB-1CS, silver 0.750” Bore GB-2C, black GB-2CS, silver

Sight Assemblies
Vltor VST Front SIghts VST-1C $225.00 Clamp-on with QD Socket VST-1P $225.00 Taper pin with QD Socket VST-2C $225.00 Clamp-on without QD Socket VST-2P $225.00 Taper pin without QD Socket
Note: Taper-pin models do not come with pins. Clamp-on models come with all installation hardware.

Completely redesigned for 2010, the VST folding front sight and gas block is an all steel, flip-up design, with a spring loaded detent. There is no lock; if hit, the sight will fold down rather than damage a locking mechanism. The VST is precision machined from tool grade steel, yet only weighs about a half of an ounce more than a standard A2 front sight tower. The VST is currently available in a cross-bolt clamp or taper-pin design, with or without a stainless steel sling swivel insert. All models of the VST use a standard AK front sight post and come with an adjustment tool. Note: The taper pin VST sights require drilling of the sight and barrel to install.

The CASV-M Flip-Up Front Sight Made exclusively for the New Mid-Length CASV Handguard, the New CASV-M Front Sight can be installed on the forward part of the CASV-M Handguard. When folded down, it sits no higher than the Picatinny rail section. Truly a snag free, out-of-the-way, backup sight. When deployed, the CASV-M front sight is the same height as the standard “F Marked” front sight base. The CASV-M Front Sight uses a standard M16A1 five position front sight pin. CAS-FS $69.95

Flip-Up Sight for the New CASV-M shown on page 15 of this catalog.


Accessories & Miscellaneous
CASV Handguard Rail Kit This is the same MilSpec, Picatinny rail kit that is included with our CASV Handguards. The kit includes: two 2” rails, two 4” rails, one 5” rail with all mounting hardware. CASV-RAIL $69.95

Quick Detachable Sling Swivel This 1 ¼-inch large push-button sling swivel will attach to all Modstock variants, the IMOD/EMOD, the AK47 Stock Adapter (RE47), the M1A/M14 Stock Assembly as well as most commercial “Sling Swivel Sockets”. The QDS is made in the USA and is all stainless steel construction. QDS $14.95

M249 Stock Adapter Kit Specifically designed to allow for the installation of a MilSpec collapsible stock on the M249 and Mk46 series of machine guns. The M249 Stock Adapter works extremely well with the Vltor EMOD stock and provides the operator with a more compact and adjustable stock system and the ability to use a quick disconnect sling swivel at the 10 and 2 o’clock positions. RE-249 $249.00
Military contract pricing available on request.


Rifle Modstocks
The Rifle Length Modstock is a dual-purpose stock system which mounts to either a Carbine Collapsible Receiver Extension (MilSpec only) or the Rifle Length Receiver Extension. The stocks are offered in two sizes: M16A1 length and the 5/8-inch longer M16A2 length stock system. Note: When mounted to an adjustable receiver extension tube the Rifle Modstock is legally considered an adjustable stock! M16A1 Length Models ARM-1S, Standard, Black ARM-1C, Clubfoot, Black ARM-1ST, Standard, FDE/Tan ARM-1CT, Clubfoot, FDE/Tan ARM-1SG, Standard, Foliage Green ARM-1CG, Clubfoot, Foliage Green M16A2 Length Models ARM-2S, Standard, Black ARM-2C, Clubfoot, Black ARM-2CT, Clubfoot, FDE/ Tan ARM-2CG, Clubfoot, Foliage Green All Models Retail: $119.95

ModPod kits include two legs (left and right) and all of the mounting hardware is self contained. No small parts to lose when the bipod is removed! MP-1, Black $189.95 MP-1T, FDE/Tan $189.95

Side Mounted Bipod (ModPod) Another Vltor innovation is the ModPod, a bipod assembly that mounts to the side of railed forends. The individual bipod leg attaches to the side rails, allowing the user to have an obstructed lower rail, where most bipods normally mount. This design lowers the weapon’s center of gravity giving the weapon a more secured stance. The ModPod legs rotate 360 degrees, locking every 90 degrees. The lock is a simple and silent push button for each leg. The ModPod also allows for the use of the M203 Grenade Launcher.


Flash Suppressors
The Vltor series of compensators are unique. During product development, the Vltor designers compared the various types of flash hiders and compensators on the market, and decided to offer a dual purpose product. The unique venting of the Vltor Compensators forms a hybrid muzzle device that serves as both a muzzle compensator and a flash suppressor. Muzzle control is greatly enhanced while shooting, while flash reduction is comparable to the current issue A2 flash suppressor. Based on the M4K Flash Suppressor, the VC-1 is designed to facilitate the mounting of devices that rely on the rear shoulder of the suppressor as a mounting surface (such as the Gemtech HALO Suppressor). With conventional flash suppressors, the crush/peel washer can interfere with the shoulder surface and cause unstable mounting of muzzle devices, often leading to loosening or improper alignment. The VC-1 provides a dedicated shoulder that is not affected by the flash suppressor washer. The VC-1 is also manufactured with the correct 22 millimeter diameter body to allow for the use of any NATO standard muzzle attachment. Also available for 7.62 NATO applications is the VC-301 & 302.

VC-1 Compensator

VC-A1 Compensator

Vltor also offers the unique five flute “star” design in a replacement unit for the conventional AR15/M16. It is exactly the same size and shape as the standard issue AR15/M16 flash suppressor. Available in either A1 (open all around) or A2 (closed bottom) designs, the Vltor series of compensators are available for all popular calibers.

Vltor Long Model Compensators - $59.95 VC-1, 223, thread 1/2-28 VC-301, 308, thread 5/8-24 VC-P90, for FN P-90 only Vltor Short Model Compensators - $54.95 VC-A1, 223, thread 1/2-28 VC-A2, (closed bottom), 223, thread 1/2-28 VC-65, 6.5mm, thread 9/16-24 VC-302, 308, thread 5/8-24

VC-A2 Compensator


Clothing, Art & Collectibles
The Vltor & TangoDown Warrior Poster. Vltor and TangoDown teamed together to bring our customers this high quality, full color poster that reflects the true spirit of the Professional Warrior… “Only the tools of the Warrior change; not his mindset” Printed on heavy 18X24 inch poster stock with excellent photography and art work from Military Morons, this poster is suitable for framing and display anywhere. Proudly display the finest tools, pure focus and intrepid nature of the modern warrior. Poster is shipped in a protective cardboard tube, price includes standard shipping. VAP-1 Warrior Poster $9.25

Vltor Flex-Fit™ Hats. A quality self-adjusting hat, available in two sizes, features the large Vltor “V” logo on the front and the Vltor “Sword” logo on the back. Available in Small/Medium and Large/Extra-Large. Offered in Black, Tan and Red. Please specify size and color when ordering. Vltor Flex-Fit™ Hats $24.95 Vltor Polo Shirts. Our stylish polo shirts are made by 5.11 Tactical. They are as rugged as they are sharp looking and the embroidered Vltor “V” logo makes these shirts stand out in any situation. Available in Small thru 3X-Large in Black, Red or Grey. Please specify size and color when ordering. Vltor Polo Shirts $37.99 ($41.79 for 3XL)

Vltor T-Shirts. Made of 100% quality cotton, these t-shirts feature the large Vltor “Sword” logo on the rear and the Vltor “V” logo on the front. Available in men’s sizes: Medium thru 3X-Large. Offered in Black, Tan and Green. Please specify size and color when ordering. Vltor T-Shirts $19.95



Complete Firearms and OEM Solutions from Vltor Weapon Systems
2011 marks the first time that Vltor Weapons has offered commercial production firearms. Vltor’s new line of AR15 based Short Barreled Rifles and Carbines has set new standards for design, function and reliability. Dealers that are interested in handling this exciting new product line should contact Vltor directly - we are taking orders now. Vltor Weapon Systems has once again raised the bar by developing complete Technical Data Packages for the foreign small arms that are currently being used on battlefields around the World. Additionally, Vltor Weapons Consulting has partnered with some of the top names in the firearms industry to assist with the design, development and advancement of the state of the art. Government Agencies, Military Organizations, and qualified industry entities that are interested in the Vltor Weapon Systems Foreign Weapons Project or small arms consultation can contact Vltor Weapon Systems for more information.

Vltor Weapon Systems 3735 N. Romero Road Tucson, AZ 85705 866-468-5867

www.vltorstore.com www.vltor.com

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