BhajaGovindam – An Introduction By Ramakantha Rao Chakalakonda

Bhjagovindam – An Introduction


I pray Lord Vishnu, who has four arms and who is dressed in white clothes and having a pleasant face, to remove all obstacles from my path, I also pray Lord Ganesh, and my spiritual Gurus.

Bhjagovindam – An Introduction


An Appeal
Dear Friends, Jagath Guru Sri Adi Shankaracharya composed Bhaja Govindam, which is one of the major musical compositions, teaches us that NaamaSmarana and refuge in the Lotus feet of the Lotus eyed Lord is the only tool available with us to cross the ocean of Samsara. Swami Sri Vidyaprakasanda, the great Guru from Sukabramhasram, Sri Kalahasti, gave an excellent commentary on Bhajagovindam. Based on these works, I have written a book on Bhajagovindam in Telugu, and this is an extract from my work in Telugu, explaining the meaning of each verse. The copies of this book are available in Cincinnati and Dayton Temples, can be procured with a small donation of 2$’s to the temple. The Telugu Text is being published in Vedanta Bheri, a monthly magazine from Suka Brahma Ashram, you can procure the e-Text from me for a small donation to SukaBrahma Ashram, contact me through my email below. I gave the full rights on this book to publish and sell to Sukabramhasram, Sri Kalahasti. The book is being published in their monthly magazine “Vedantha Bheri”. But for the benefit of those away from India, I made an e-copy of this book. You can procure this e-copy by seeding me an email. Please down load and read. If you like this work and found it useful, kindly send not less than 5 $’s to Sukabhramha Ashram to the following address, towards cost of this e-Book. Sukabhramha Ashram is doing excellent service to our community: The Manager,Sukabrahmasramam Sukabrahmasramam PO- 517 640 , Sri Kalahasti, Chittor dt, AP, India Or you can send your contribution using PayPal Account, ID #

If you are generous enough, kindly send what ever you like to Sri Vyasasramam, which is doing a lot of service not only religiously, but also to poor children in giving shelter, food and education. The Manager,Sri Vyasasramam, Yerpedu – 287528,Chittor Dt, AP, India May God bless you. Ramakntha Rao Chakalkonda, Sri Venkataramaniyamu Welfare Society, Email:

Bhjagovindam – An Introduction


Lord Sri Venkatswara

Venkatadri samam sthanam brahmande nasthi kinchana, Venkatesa samo devo na bhuto na bhavishyathi.
"There is a wonderful uniqueness associated with Lord Venkateswara, and His abode, Venkatadri."

Bhjagovindam – An Introduction v Shri Shankaracharya Shruti Smruti PurANAnAM AlayaM KaruNAlayaM NamAmi BhagavatpAdaM ShankaraM Loka ShankaraM Srimachhankara bhagavadpAda sadgurubhyo namaH vandE taM sacchidAnandaM yativaryaM mahAmatiM vEdavEdAnta sArajnaM sadguruM praNatOsmyahaM SadAhaM saMpradAyajnaM saMyamIndraM sadAshrayaM .

Chaduvula Talli. you are the basis for the whole Universe. Oh ! Amba Tanaya. Gangadhara suta Gnana Ganesha Modaka Hasta. You are as soft as a flower. Lambodara. Kindly give me the power to explain Bhajagovindam which leads us to the path of Knowledge. Please show kindness on me.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction vi Visweswara Oh! Venkata Nayaka Viswadhara Vishnu Swarupa Vimala Gnanamu Vibudula Kosagedi Govindam Na Kantamu Nimmma! Hey Lord Sri Venkatswara! The Kali Avatar of Lord Vishnu. . Mangala dayaka Sankara Geyamu sagaga Nimma Hey Ganesh! Son of Amba and beloved son of Siva. Mapi Mopave! Aytam ganamu Avgathamavaga Deevena Lichhi Dayalau Joopave! Hey Mother of Education. please remove all obstacles in my path to explain the meaning of the Song of Sankara to every one. Champaka valli! Mrdu Ni Karamu. Please keep your soft hand on my on my head and bless me so that I get self realization.

Shivaguru and Aryamba. without any fear of contradiction. within a very short time. his contribution to Indian philosophy is without any parallel. Shivaguru died while Shankara was very young. Still. a small village in Kerala. As the propounder of Advaitavada in Vedanta philosophy. The forces opposed to Vedic religion were more numerous and powerful at the time of Sankara than they are today.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction vii Dear Friends. The child . the devastating fire and the religious intolerance of the successive invaders. This is an extract from my Telugu book. Sankara overpowered them all and restored the Vedic Dharma and Advaita Vedanta to its pristine purity in the land pure knowledge and spirituality. if Sankara had not lived the life he lived and taught the lessons he taught. Shankara was born in Kalady. one of the Great works of THE GREAT SAINT ADI SANKARA. India. Bhajagovindam. Adi Shankaracharya is one of immortals of India’s cultural history. I thought this kind of work is necessary. so that the meaning of the great saint’s song in Sanskrit can be understood by everybody. The existence of Vedic Dharma in India today is due to Sankara. The original work of mine is in Telugu in a very simple language so that every body can understand and sing for them selves and follow the great Saints teaching in their daily walks of live. single-handed. Sankaracharya occupies a very important position in the history of Indian philosophy. It can be affirmed. that Bharata Varsha would have ceased to be Bharata Varsha several centuries ago and would never have survived the murderous sword. Jagadguru Sri Adi Sankaracharya was the greatest exponent of the doctrine of Advaita Vedanta and a savior of Vedic Dharma. It is my great please to put forward you. to a Namboothiri brahmin couple.

and with scholars of the Purva Mimamsa school. Shankara composed the Kanakadhara Stotram on the spot. It is a traditional belief that Adi Sankara installed at Srirangam a yantra called janakarshana to attract pilgrims to this sacred temple. on one occasion. He died only at thirty-two years of age. Following the common practice of that era. Adi Shankara has authored many works of stotras. Rather than consume this last bit of food herself. Shankara left Kerala and traveled throughout India. Vishnu sahasranama. Shankara was initiated as his disciple. Srirangam is the most visited Hindu temple in the world. Shankara traveled extensively. which summarizes his ideas of nondual Vedanta The commentary Bhashya on the Brahma Sutra The commentary on the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad The commentary on the Taittiriya Upanishad The Thousand Teachings or Upadesasahasri Bhaja Govindam Shivanandalahari and Saundaryalahari respectively Commentary on Vishnu Sahasranama The commentary on Gaudapada's Karika to the Mandukya Upanishad . while accepting Bhiksha. It was customary for students and men of learning to receive Bhiksha or alms from the laity. Shankara is believed to have visited the Sarvajnapitha in Kashmir before he withdrew to Kedarnath and attained samadhi. Moved by her piety. and his work helped Hinduism regain strength and popularity. At the time of Shankara's life. Shankara came upon a woman who had nothing to eat in her house except a single dried amlaka fruit. he met Govinda Bhagavatpada. Shankara lived and studied at the home of his teacher. and Tirupati is the richest. many of these are debated and questioned but below is a list of books certainly written by Adi Shankara: viii • • • • • • • • • Viveka Chudamani. Legend has it that on completion of the stotram. golden amlaka fruits were showered upon the woman by the goddess Lakshmi. In due course. in praise of Vishnu. His philosophy is known as Advaita Vedanta. while writing commentaries on the Upanishads. Although he did not live long. and is said to have mastered the four Vedas by the age of eight. and the Bhagavad Gita. and bhashyas. When he reached the banks of the river Narmada. Brahma Sutras. the pious lady gave away the fruit to Sankara as Bhiksha. He engaged in a series of debates with Buddhist scholars. Indeed. one of his most famous works. which helped in cementing his spiritual ascendancy.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction showed remarkable scholarship. Hinduism had lost some of its appeal because of the influence of Buddhism and Jainism. The Kanchi followers believe he achieved the same in Kanchi. He then composed the Laksmi-Nrsimha stotra. Another famous composition of Sri Adi Shankara is his Bhaja Govindam. he had traveled on foot to various parts of India to restore the study of the Vedas. just as at Tirupati he installed the dhanakarshana yantra. the disciple of the Advaitin Gaudapada. Shankara stressed the importance of the Vedas. Once he was saved by Sri Narasimha from being sacrificed to goddess Kali by a Kapalika. One of the most famous of these debates was with the famed ritualist Mandana Mishra.

Puri in Orissa in the east. The following is excerpted from his introduction to Bhaja Govindam Sri Sankara has packed into the "Bhaja Govindam" song the substance of all the Vedantic works that he wrote and he has set the truth of the union of devotion and knowledge to melodious music which delights the ear. intolerance. The matha at Kanchipuram or Kanchi in Tamil Nadu claims that it was also founded by Shankara. which are important to this day. occupying much bigger positions. intelligence. accounts which claim that he attained mahāsamādhi at Kedarnath. just look attached. while living in the material world. it was where he settled in his last days and attained mahāsamādhi (i. As lawyers. and always lead a spiritual live. Raja Gopalachari has written a commentary on Bhaja Govindam. I was praying Lord Sri Venkataswara to give me peace of mind. in the south. Hastamalaka. Padmapada. Some critics of Indian philosophy believe and say that . jealous. Shankara is said to have founded four mathas (a matha is a monastery or religious order). the mental weaknesses like pride. to heal the mental injury.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction • ix The commentary on the Bhagavad Gita. and tend to forget so many important things. and Jyotirmath (Joshimath) in Uttaranchal in the north. there is no concrete evidence for the existence of these mathas before the 14th century.e. Dwaraka in Gujarat in the west. He composed a number of hymns to foster the sense of devotion in the hearts of men and this One of these hymns is the famous "Bhaja Govindam". doctors. Adding fuel to fire. at the same time it stresses the need for Human beings to best utilize their time. Pre-eminent Hindu scholar. Each of the heads of these four mathas takes the title of Shankaracharya (the learned Shankara) after the first Shankara. short temper. to guide the Hindu religion in the future. forgetting our identity. anger. Bhajagovindam explains us the very truth of Human life. However. The heads of the mathas trace their authority back to them. It tells us that we should lead the life in such a way. and Trotakacharya respectively. but always mentally detached to the worldly things. just like a water drop on a lotus leaf. make us behave like animals. knowledge gets covered by Maya and we fall in the worldly affairs so deep that we forget our very existence and origin. The reason is all our education.. and Swami Sri Venkataswara bestowed me the boon. professors. teachers. we feel that we are very great. Due to a small incident. The tradition states that he put in charge of these mathas his four main disciples: Sureshwaracharya. happened recently I was terribly upset for a few days. C. It worked like a peace medicine for my heart. According to this matha. its vanity and emptiness. rulers and ruled. but there are other. Sri Sankara wrote a number of Vedaantic works for imparting the knowledge of the Self. professionals. as words are more powerful weapons than swords to inflict injuries. left his body). HE gave me Bhajagovindam into my hands. These are at Sringeri in Karnataka.

to over come our weaknesses. When that wisdom is integrated with life and issues out in action. it becomes devotion.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction the way of devotion is different from the way of knowledge. successfully. I request all readers to excuse me for any of my mistakes I committed in this. Ramakantha Rao Chakalakonda x . Bhajagovindam aids in understanding life’s real purpose from the Vedantic viewpoint and thus improve the quality of living the lifedivine. it becomes wisdom. to take up this small work of mine. To hold and to say that jnaana and bhakti. If it does not get transformed into devotion. are as different from each other as gold is from baser metal is to expose one's ignorance. When intelligence matures and lodges securely in the heart. who indirectly was responsible. Sri Sankara has packed into the "Bhaja Govindam" song the substance of all the Vedantic works that he wrote and he has set the truth of the union of devotion and knowledge to melodious music which delights the ear. I must thank that Great person. such knowledge is useless tinsel. knowledge and devotion. Bhajagovindam shows a mirror to human frailties and provides a safe passage through life with the advice contained within. I pray all GOD’s to help me to complete this work. Bhajagovindam is that beckon of light that can show us the way. Primarily aimed at those who wish to take to a monk’s life there are many verses that are useful for others. Knowledge which has become mature is spoken of as devotion.

He started n 1963 a monthly magazine “Vedantha Bheri” spreading the meaning of Vedas in simple language for easy understanding of common man. Vizag. 1950. Gita and several Hindu religious books. 1998. He spent 12 years in penance eating only uncooked food and 1 year full of Mouna Vratha. at Kalahasti. Vedantha and other religious matters. His Holiness attained Maha Samadhi on April 10. and Vedantha Dimdhimam speak about his depth of knowledge. Born on April 13. He then assumed that that was a signal from GOD to take a spiritual path in life.. and “Kovid” exam from “Kasi Vidya Peetha” from Banaras. Bhaja Govindam. 1936 he became a disciple of Sri Sadguru Maharshi Malayala Swami ( Sri Asanganandagiri swami) of VyaAshram. a garland of flowers. 1914 AnandaMohan completed his graduation from Andhara University. On July 3. 1947 he took Sanyasam and took the name Sri Vidya Prakashanada Giri Swami and started Suka Brahma Ashram on January 20. The 100th Gita Yagna was performed in Hyderabad in 1981 under the administration of Tirupathi Tirumala Devastanam. He wrote more than 40 books on Gita. While he was taking bath in Ganges in RushiKesh. At the age of 13 on May 17.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction xi Swami Vidya Prakashanada It is a great pleasure and opportunity for me to write a few words about Swami Sri Vidya Prakashananda. with Kumkum and Bhagavat Gita in Sanskrit reached his hand. His commentaries on Bhagavat Gita. wrote so many books explaining the secrets of Vedanta. . He performed several Gita Yagna’s.

and equally well on importance of GNANA. enjoyment. I am presenting the last few pages of my work. But for completion. one old Brahmin. including man. Sri Kalahasti. was studying a Sanskrit grammar book called DUKRUNKARINI. then what is the difference between a human life and life of an animal ? At least animals look to be better than humans in some respects. false prestige. do the same thing.devotion and knowledge. That is why Sri Adi Sankara. sleeping. One day Sri Adi Sankara was walking on the streets of Kasi. Seeing the situation HE was shocked and got pity on the old man. With his selfishness. asking for Bhiksha. doing so many crimes on all other creatures including on his fellow human beings. ambition for power. I like to give brief information about swami. to reach the Almighty. wild creatures. he always does so many bad things. in a plain simple Telugu language. Both are equally important for a smooth flight. For the benefit of those does not know Telugu. gave an excellent commentary on Bhajagovindam. or in a sophisticated human society. The objective of Bhajagovindam is to explain the vanity of life and make the human life more sacred by cleaning the mind from the dirt of bad habits. which even animals don’t do. without any difference. But human being has degraded several steps below the animals and other creatures. the great Guru from Sukabramhasram. I wrote my work in Telugu. If we see the pages of human history. explaining the meaning in small verses. which are suitable for singing. he has done. reproduction. It gives us an opportunity to rise to heavenly heights. Human life is some thing very rare and very holy. with our GNANA. If all the living things. water or on the earth or under the earth. through out the life. they all do the same things. They do not kill others. All living things on earth. drinking. it needs two divine wings . may it be animals. like eating. birds. Based on his work. Bhajagovindam stresses the need for Bhakati and prayer. to achieve what he wanted. so old that he may die at any time. he wanted to correct him and . Great guru Swami Sri Vidyaprakasanda needs no introduction. and thoughts. for the sole.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction xii Introduction Swami Sri Vidyaprakasanda. position and money. greed. had written so many devotional Slokas. prayer and devotion. though did volumes of work in the field of Knowledge ( GNANA). To make the sole to fly to heavenly heights. and trying to mug it up. He stressed the need of Bhakati. They found near a home. that are living in forests. very briefly here. except for food or when threatened.

I have written. The references or examples given here are totally impersonal and does not directly or indirectly refer to any individual or group. Make your life spiritual. like us. Dukrunkarini” Hey! Old man Listen to me. Nahi Nahi Rakshate. please accept this with your kind heart. just when death about to invade you.. don’t waste your time like a fool. He says “ Bhaja Govindam. understand the meaning of the great ACHARYA’s teaching and remember it always. and follow what he said. and what ever I could write. please pardon me for my ignorance. the ultimate abode of spirituality. I humbly take the responsibility of all the mistakes that are there in this small work. Pray God Sri Vishnu. and SRI VIDYA PRAKASA. of this modern life. this Grammar book DUKRUNKARINI is not going to help you from the jaws of death.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction put him on the right spiritual path and gave a lesson in the form of BHAJAGOVINDAM. what ever you are doing. successful. he told a few verses to teach him and his students ( we call them Sisya’s hence forth) a few more verses to the old man. USA xiii . Ramakantha Rao Chakalakonda Dated : June 24. With high regards. this teaching equally applies. So friends. peaceful. they are due to the great saints. For persons. Mudha Mate. ( though there is so much to write). when you are in your last few days of your life. that much only. Samprapte Sannhite kale. that is GOVINDA. what ever little I know. they are all mine. and what ever great things you find here. SRI ADI SANKARA. Bhaja Govindam. Govindam Bhaja. 2005 Cincinnati. What ever little I understood. and pave the way to attain MOKSHA. Ohio.

At this crucial juncture. The pride of a Nation depends on its civilization and historic values. Vedic scholars and practitioners of Bharat. Under several extension programs. well preserved in renowned Universities and world famous libraries. In 1984. Chennai India (1993) and Illinois. In addition to the above mentioned programs for the spread of the Vedic Dharma. has been instrumental in executing several Spiritual and Social projects. which is one of its kinds to establish and propagate the Vedic Science. These qualities instill self-confidence and inspire people to excel with moral pride. HH. Rajahmundry. HH also undertook unique programs to relieve the people of India from misery and calamity. by training and preparing great . lack of freedom and constant slavery through tyrannical invasions for over 20 centuries. In spite of much greater Vedic wisdom that India has. intellectual excellence and creative self-sufficiency. They are the sources for not only the latest modern technologies for advancement. which is more powerful than Super Computers. The spirit of Vedas is available in its live form in India. HH is a profound Sanskrit scholar. HiH's love for mankind is universal and HH is the mother and the benefactor of the entire website: We have heard several stories and legends about incarnations of God. HH started the Vedic University under Jeeyar Educational Trust (JET). But very rarely can we come into the living presence of divinity like HH (His Holiness) Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Chinna Srimannarayana Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji. The ageless Vedas are proven treasures of higher sciences and supreme knowledge. Peace and Fraternity. an epitome of learning & enlightenment and an embodiment of divine wealth. to make this a better world. USA (1995). Such an initiative makes a Nation worthy and wealthy. started by HH with hundreds of youth forming its core.chinnajeeyar. Guntur Dist. India with various units in Hyderabad India (1983). "Vikasatharangini" a Youth Force. Godman and Acharyas in the past. a similar school for young children to impart the Vedic Agama lore was started at Jaggaiapet in 1990. India (1991). Fortunately. has been visiting USA since 1994 spreading and teaching the principles of Universal Love. Vedic literature is available all around the world. Narayankund Nepal (1985). have it in their memory. has deprived the world of this Higher Vedic Wealth. India is more fortunate.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction xiv An extract from. But. JEEYAR INTERNATIONAL VEDIC UNIVERSITY has come forward to play a proactive and responsible role. not being satisfied with the services he has rendered in India. a realized soul. HH started the JET (Jeeyar Educational Trust) in 1982 at Sithanagaram. but for the emanation of a whole new life in this wonderful universe. today.

It is only human being out of all the creatures in the universe that have thinking power. This centre for Vedic research stands unique here. I have read the Bhajagovindam translation you have sent me. The warmth is the soft feeling in the heart. The Gnanam which transforms in to love juice is Bhajan. AP Dear Sri Ramakantha Rao. under the able guidance of traditional Vedic Gurus & bridging the original science of Nature and values of Real Life. For More Details see the website : http://www. Let us march ahead in unison from darkness to light. when it gets mixed with love. Pure Gnanam is like a green -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- xv Blessings Jeeyar Educational Trust. to empower the present towards a golden future. not stopping with explanation in Telugu. We should never forget our goal. The one which creates both this soft feeling and the goal oriented energy is called intellect ( Gnanam) or Love or Bhakti. society. which is goal oriented. Srimad Narayanaynamaha! Blessings to you.Let's all join hands in this great Yajna for 'Harmonious Development'. The one who enjoys the fruit is GOD himself. The energy in the heart gives direction toward destination. Let's add twigs into this perennial fire of knowledge. This Yajna is for us . Sitanagaram – 522 501 Guntur District. 23-09-05 .Bhjagovindam – An Introduction Vedic practitioners. If one can use that properly. The bear Gnanam is just not enough. One who has the softness in the heart gets moved with the sufferings of others. Dt. To do this one requires one requires the warmth and energy both. it is nice that you have given an English commentary also. HE is none but GOVINDA who protects all of us. That one only gives happiness to the person eating it. and tries to help them and can happily share with the comforts of others. Men who can use their brain in the right way can make their life’s useful and can get appreciation from their family. there is worth for human life. the one that is required is the Gnanam mixed with love. universe in general and GOD also. It is excellent. it becomes a juicy fruity mango.chinnajeeyar.

how they come in our way. and I am sure it will catch the eyes of so many learned people. how to keep our mind controlled in the right path.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction With a heart full of love and kindness which have to bow before GOD and lead our lives. by Swami Adi Sankara. The whole song in written in 32+1 =33 Stanzas. in easily understandable language. how we have to dedicate our selves before Lord GOVINDA. Blessings to you. the Bhajagovindam you have written is excellent. at the same time filled with rich philosophy to the intellectuals. how can we get rid of those difficulties. Chinna Jiyar Swami. xvi . as if this is Brahma Vidya. Appreciating the meaning and philosophy and with the help of comments provided by elders. Jai Sriman Narayana. this is the substance of Veda’s. GOD him self gives the strength to overcome the hurdles on the way. What are those difficulties. is well explained in the musical song Bhajagovindam.

7. smooth. On the whole your work is really good. Great Gurus bless you. 18 your translations and picturization is really good. soft. In the 3rd Slokam starting with “Nari” . The explanations in certain places is very beautiful. which you have written with Bhakti and Sradha. is received. Sri kalahasti 517 640. musical and simple. I have gone through that book. explaining fully. Dear holy sole! I received your book Bhajagovindam. nice. meaningful. We like to print this book in our monthly magazine “Vedantha Bheri”.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction xvii Blessings from Swami Vidya Swarupanada Sri sukabrahma Ashram. 9. Dated: 9-9-2005 Sriman Chakalakonda Ramakantha Rao – Sriman Narayana. AP India. Your work is excellent with full of bhakti and it is really enjoyable to read it. 8. easily understandable for everybody and it touches the heart Very happy to see this great work The Lord of seven hills may bless you with more and more thoughts to produce more this kind of works. Swami Vidya Swarupanda. especially Stanzas 2. you were cautious to use very decent and etiquette language. May God. Suka Brahma Ashram PO. without losing the meaning of Sankara. .

and we can attain MOKASHAM. and take his SARANAM ( Refuge). but that death becomes an easy task for us. where as spiritual comforts are ever lasting. the day to day life related problems. must die. at the time of your death and after death. For that matter. he obviously realizes that VISWA TATWA and easily attains the abode of happiness. and what he should not. He realizes that the worldly comforts and pleasures are temporary and momentary. once you surrender HE will help you. make him realize the importance of his life. through life and death. DUKRUNKARINI. and such people become examples to others. Spirituality makes a person. his thinking towards live changes totally. . So don’t waste time in the world matters and take spiritual education. when death knock’s your door. but not beyond. when we attain BHAKTI and GNANA. saMpraapte sannihite kaale nahi nahi rakshati DukRiJNkaraNe Oh poor sole! old Brahmin ! don’t be foolish. perfect. take the name of GOVINDA. of body and mind. that is going to help you through out your life. it is a relief. Don’t waste your time in reading this grammar book.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction 1 1. That makes him a perfect man. how one should plan it. how he should live. pray LORD GOVINDA. is not going to help you Pray lord Sri GOVINDA. spirituality makes us bold to face death. Every body on this earth. we can get rid of all kinds of problems. the universal lord. bhajagovindaM bhajagovindaM govindaM bhajamuuDhamate . Then death is not any more a devil. That may be helpful to the extent of making our lively hood. now if he prays LORD OF THE UNIVERSE. what he should do. nobody can escape death. So dear friends. take HIS name and sing. this book what you are reading. One who acquires GNANA is well equipped with all the power. (Birth-less-ness) once we fall on the lotus feat of GOVINDA. That is what is called GNANA. when your life is going to be over. We get mentally prepared for death. Where as spiritual education is going to help you through out live and even in death. he realizes the vanity of life. he will give us relief from all problems of BHAVASAGARAM. its emptiness. who is born. not any worldly education is going to help us. when one gets GNANA.

The money you earn either with your hard work. did not they die. fellow humans or service to GOD. What happened to the richest fellows on earth lived so far. and serviced GOD. spend your time for service of GOD and in prayer. 2. the worldly knowledge. so you must put an end to your desire. where as see those people. or what ever way. after death. your self and to show charity. target your self to earn that much only. the power and position. who sacrificed their lives for others. what kind of house or palace we live. Gold. soon take up the path of spirituality. etc. and the amount of assets like currency. none of these are going to help us in the last minutes of death. what ever money you acquire. the more you want it. it is going to be waste. Satisfy your mind with what you have achieved through your past deeds. Leave off the desire for accumulation of wealth. we have. Their names are eternal on earth. First of all where there is an end for earning money. servants. that is good enough to live. other wise your thrust of money is not going to stop. So get complacent. devoid of passion. Be content with what comes through actions already performed in the past. after death is there anybody bothered about them ? People do not even remember their names. when you die. how many friends. except surrender on the feet of LORD GOVINDA. the more you earn. good or bad means. so be more intelligent. create in the mind thoughts about Reality.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction 2 What ever money we have. did they carry any thing with them. devote your mind to thoughts to the Real. is not going to be carried with you. mUDha jahiihi dhanaagamatRishhNaaM kuru sadbuddhiM manasi vitRishhNaam. That is why Kabir Said: . as long as Sun and Moon shine on earth. not for earning material assets. What you carry with you is the fruits of good works you do either for society. you are not going to carry with you even a single coin. Give up your thirst to amass wealth. relatives. yallabhase nijakarmopaattaM vittaM tena vinodaya chittam. Dear friend! Don’t waste your valuable time for earning money. diamonds. The more the money. what ever great assets we have. the more the problems. sufficient for your family. So.

without a second. with absolute wisdom. all these become nothing but loosely hanging skin and broken bones. naariistanabhara naabhiideshaM dRishhTvaa maagaamohaavesham. As an individual. When age increases. that is enough for me and for my family and for my guest. fears and disturbance. the more problems. blood. don’t get attracted with her beauty and get mad and lusty. Don’t give me more or less. sky. please try to acquire that to be ever happy. pure. water. covered under skin. All this is not worth. Nityaanandam Parama Sukhadam Kevalam Gnana Murthim Dwandaathitam Gagana Sadrusham Tattwamasyadi Lakshyam Ekam Nityam Vimalam Achalam Sarvadee Saakshibhutham. Dear friend! When you see a beautiful women. Think well thus in your mind again and again. so many wars were fought and so much destruction was done to human society due to woman’s attraction. etanmaaMsaavasaadi vikaaraM manasi vichintaya vaaraM vaaram. So concentrate your mind on divine things and keep your mind. unchanging and the witness of all the functions of the intellect. earthy. they are nothing but flesh. Do not get drowned in delusion by going wild with passions. So understand the bodily pleasures are not ultimate. you would have seen the history. member of a society and citizen of a country. The divine is always blissful. expansive and all pervasive like the sky. 3. The body is made of the five elements. Give that much that is enough to feed my self and my guests.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction 3 God! Give me only that much. eternal. there is a divine please and happiness. The more you want to acquire money. beyond the pair of opposites. indicated by the feeling of being synonymous of the goal of the principle of oneness. deceases catch the body. . Seeing the female form. The body one day becomes useless and has to be mixed back in to these five elements. most happy. air and fire. body and soul away from these attractions. fat and bones. you should be very clear with one point that the womanly attraction is most dangerous. do not fall prey to frenzied delusion What ever you think that are very attractive.

your subordinates. for the fear of you that you may harm them.. except GOD.api na pRichchhati gehe Dear friend! As long as you have earning power and earning money. When you are in power and position. which may skid any moment. and smitten with sorrow. and to cross the ocean of life ( BHAVASAGARA) is very tedious. servants. At the time you feel insulted. viddhi vyaadhyabhimaanagrastaM lokaM shokahataM cha samastam Dear friend. may catch our neck at any moment. 5. no one would even speak to you a word. naliniidalagata jalamatitaralaM tadvajjiivitamatishayachapalam . So surrender to LORD and make your life’s journey easy towards heaven. life is very small. so think of GOD right now and pray him every moment.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction 4 4. Your wife. nobody cares you. because of age. The life of a man is as uncertain as rain drops trembling on a lotus leaf. But the moment you stop earning you lose all your respect. man may die at any time. yaavadvittopaarjana saktaH staavannija parivaaro raktaH . it is like a water drop on lotus petal. The entire world is devoured by disease and conceit. decease or accident. It is like a water bubble which may explode any moment. so that you are prepared mentally to take up any situation. lost and horrified. everybody respects you. The GOD of death. the lotus feet of GOD. they will be attached to you. . at that time nobody will be on your side. children and relatives show a lot of importance to you. pashchaajjiivati jarjara dehe vaartaaM ko. To make this journey very easy and simple. or to get benefits from you. they just stop caring you. that there is only one solution. The world is full of miseries. colleagues respect you. Once you are down the power. On the contrary they may even show disrespect or they may even insult you.

enquire you about your state. They may even kill you to steal the money. now the problem is protecting it. so everybody wants to get rid of it as soon as possible. yaavatpavano nivasati dehe taavatpRichchhati kushalaM gehe . By legal or illegal means you earned lots of money. water. you . nobody wants to touch it. this is the truth. even your wife gets worried to approach the dead body. fire and air. Wealth is not welfare. putraadapi dhana bhaajaaM bhiitiH sarvatraishhaa vihiaa riitiH Dear friend! see the irony of having more money. friends and relatives.. When dead it becomes so much decade that it starts smelling. but the moment you are dead. he is with you all the time. 7. rulers. lest they should get any decease. or as long as they believe that you are useful to them monetarily they respect you. truly there is no joy in it. your relatives. earth. Bear in mind always that wealth could mean disaster. they weep once or a few days and then forget about you. your life is in danger and becomes peace less. friends. because of fear. The body is made of the five elements. GOD. the only thing that is eternal is sole. sky. gatavati vaayau dehaapaaye bhaaryaa bibhyati tasminkaaye Dear friend ! As long as you are alive. So the physical body is useless and perishable. think of your own children. Why only dacoits. So Wealth is no good. As long as they have money interest with you. there is happiness even after acquiring wealth. Nobody even remember you latter..Bhjagovindam – An Introduction 5 6. whether you are poor or rich. When your dead body is lying on floor. and wife and children. arthamanarthaM bhaavaya nityaM naastitataH sukhaleshaH satyam. once they feel you are useless to them they ditch you. you have fear of thieves. So the body has to get mixed again with those five elements. they show a lot of interest in you. so make your sole purified and try to achieve the lotus feet of GOD where there is perfect tranquility and eternity. there is even danger from them also.

Dissatisfied mind is the breeding ground of crimes: at home. then after marriage you are after money and family matters. Finally when you get old. you are attached to sport When young you are after woman. This is for the benefit of the disciples and devotees. so as a youth. we may use it for good purposes. The more a man gets. The man who gets a thousand will hope for ten thousand. The truth is. Money often makes a man arrogant. But we shouldn’t become a slave of money. vRiddhastaavachchintaasaktaH pare brahmaNi ko. All for money. To the Supreme Brahman. is attached! Then also you do not think of . Sri Sankara here gives a sound advice good for householders and other sadhakas. We should impress ourselves that it is a misconception that money brings happiness. no one. in society also. Will more money ensure more pleasure and peace of mind? Chances are little. the greedier he becomes. your mind is preoccupied with the matters like. alas. nevertheless understood its ways precisely. though not a man of the world. Know that money will mean more misery than pleasure. in all the four stages of your life cycle! When you are a child because of ignorance you were more attracted with play and pass time. man doesn’t trust even his offspring’s. Also at that time your age and weakness. the better it is for us: To help say farewell to ignorant ways. your children’s feature etc. Can a sadhaka live with this situation? No amount of money will satisfy us. decease brings you more head aches. There is nothing wrong if we work hard and earn money. The one who gets ten thousand will hope for a millions… No end to desire. Sleep is lost. money cannot buy happiness.api na saktaH Dear friend! See the pity.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction get the acme of peace in his service. no end to greed. baalastaavatkriiDaasaktaH taruNastaavattaruNiisaktaH . In money matters. Strange it may seem. 6 8. Rivalries start. We have to satisfy ourselves by what we legitimately earn by hard work. So when you are old. The rich man sometimes doesn’t trust even his children on monetary matters. you are attached to young woman. so as a boy. He is doubtful on others and their intentions. The earlier we understand the truth about the world and its ways. Quarrels ensue. The Acharya. He is jealous of those who have more. Even murders result. so pray GOD and achieve happiness. which the material comforts and people cannot give you. how you are wasting your time. No one is satisfied with what he gets. you are attached to anxiety. but this is the way of the world. how to protect your money. There is no end to the greed for wealth.

we are actors. caste.ayamatiiva vichitraH . be careful. O! Be careful. involved deeply in our action. kasya tvaM kaH kuta aayaataH tattvaM chintaya tadiha bhraataH Dear friend! Think for a moment. no father. The whole world is a stage. and others. Tasmat Jagratha. is this empirical process! Of whom are you? Who are. Naasthi Sahodara Artham Naasthi. they hold good for some time. So get rid of your mind with the cloud of MAYA ( the attracting power). kaate kaantaa kaste putraH saMsaaro. what relation you have with your children before birth. always in your mind think of GOD and pray him. what is the relation between your wife and you before marriage. Pita Naasthi Naasthi Bandhu. Gruham Naasthi. same logic applies to your parents. There is no mother. that is the only one that can save you. Jagratha. better start praying GOD right now. Come out of this plane of MAYA ( Cloud of ignorance) and think. indeed. Neither siblings nor relations. in that last moment you may be in a position of thinking of GOD or not. and cease to exist after a period. finally when death invades you. you will find that what ever role you are playing is false and untrue. who are you? Who is your wife? Who is your son? what are these relations. There is no wealth or dwelling. that is the first step in acquiring divine Knowledge (GNANA) and one step toward the ALL MIGHTY! Your vision makes you call a man ‘father’. 7 9. irrespective of age. playing different roles. creed or community. even if you think of HIM. Exceedingly wonderful.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction GOD. Jagratha. then you are clear of facts and truth. your daughter as ‘daughter. there is no use. be careful. Actually. it means these relations are temporary in the dimension of time. who is father.’ You give name to various relationships since the bodies are different. The Samsara (Universe ) is very Strange. what ever is your profession. . what ever you are engaged in. who is daughter? Maata Naasthi. think of that truth here. you? Whence have you come? Oh brother.

So too visualization of the self is the understanding of the singularity in the plural world. From selfsettledness (delusionlesness) comes Jeevan Mukti (liberation in life). Especially the need of a good teacher is very important for spiritual matters. Company plays a major role and it influences your mind and sole. what ever they learnt. all are one and are the embodiments of God. you have to better choose good company for your own good. saints and good teachers (Guru’s). If you are in bad company you acquire bad habits. 11. energetic then if you have control over mind and get detached to worldly things. vayasigate kaH kaamavikaaraH shushhke niire kaH kaasaaraH . the first benefit you get is. but . The Atma is the regulator of unity amidst multiplicity.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction In essence. they glow by the same electricity that runs through them.h . they will pass on this knowledge to you and you can easily acquire that. from nonattachment comes freedom from delusion. Though the bulbs are different. if you are in good company good habits. good habits. kshiiNevitte kaH parivaaraH GYaate tattve kaH saMsaaraH Dear friend! When you are young. the diversity should be renounced. you can learn things very easily. Dear friend acquire the friendship and company of devotional people and acquire spiritual knowledge. you get detached with the worldly matters. and you get attached to divine things. you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. If you are in the company of HARI DASA’s (Servants of GOD). then we can say you are like a saint. if you reach that stage then you are very close to GOD. satsaNgatve nissN^gatvaM nissaNgatve nirmohatvam. In order to journey to this unity. nirmohatve nishchalatattvaM nishcalatattve jiivanmuktiH Dear friend! From Satsangh (the company of the good) comes non-attachment. which leads to self-settledness. The principle at the spirit (atma) is to visualize and experience the unity in diversity. very strong minded. peace. If you are in a good company. 8 10. in size and luminosity.

eligible for divine prayer. So with self realization. what dependents are there? When the Truth is known. night comes. When you acquire that you will be sailing in the ocean of tranquility and happiness. what lake is there? When the money is gone. the only strength that is real. So don’t get proud of them. and never say that I will start from tomorrow. when you have assets everybody comes to you to enjoy them.maa kuru dhana jana yauvana garvaM harati nimeshhaatkaalaH sarvam.h . So get realization. position and mob behind them. 13. years go waste. what empirical process is there? So friend. Free yourself from the illusion of the world of Maya and attain the timeless. get detached from the worldly things right from beginning. but that tomorrow . and night goes. just like frogs leave the tank when it is dry. power.dinayaaminyau saayaM praataH shishiravasantau punaraayaataH . but all these great assets what they have are temporary. 9 12. Do not boast of wealth. Then they become Zero from Hero. kaalaH kriiDati gachchhatyaayuH tadapi na muJNcatyaashaavaayuH Dear friend! Life is very short. if you lose interest in worldly attractions. they think that they are very great and insult others. but where there is no a drop of water. Day comes and day goes. what lustful play is there? When the water has evaporated.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction when you are old and have no energy. don’t waste time. Like this days. Time plays and life ebbs away. make self analysis. get proud and head strong. maayaamayamidamakhilaM hitvaa brahmapadaM tvaM pravisha viditvaa Dear friend! Those that have worldly knowledge. But the storm of desire never leaves. wash them off and become a pure sole. money. where is tank it self? When youth is spent. any time. this makes you understand what bad things in you are. strength. what is great! When there is full water. months. one day they lose them. beauty. that tomorrow never comes. they all leave you alone. they do so many atrocities on human society. friends. and youth. acquire it with your spiritual knowledge. That one day can be any day. eternal is GOD’s strength. then only we call it a tank. don’t post phone prayer. Start prayer right now.

start your prayer right away. today's work do right now. This bouquet of twelve verses was imparted to the grammarian by the allknowing Shankara. These twelve stanzas are good enough to clear the cloud of ignorance and MAYA from our minds. these are essence of all teachings in all the philosophical books. if you have to do some thing today.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction never comes. if you have to do some thing tomorrow. Bahuri Karoge Kub Tomorrows work do today. do it right away. That is why Kabir Said: 10 Kaal Kare So Aaj Kar. then you may not find even one moment also to pray. rest of the lessons were preached by swami’s students (SISHYA’s).dvaadashamaJNjarikaabhirasheshhaH kathito vaiyaakaraNasyaishhaH . yet one does not leave the winds of desire. upadesho bhuudvidyaanipuNaiH shriimachchhankarabhagavachchharaNariH Like this. That in turn generates peace. start today. life is fleeting. happiness and BRAMHANDAM and finally MOKSHAM. Those who understand. in one moment there could happen some big disaster. in one moment there could be total universal destruction. so start today it self. Time sports. then you can not utter even once the name of GOD. adored as the bhagavadpada. 14. Swami Sankara gave his divine lessons to the old Brahman in twelve verses. and in the end another three. realize and practice the meaning of these twelve stanza’s will acquire Knowledge and can detach their mind from worldly things and can get self realization. . Aaj Kare So Ub Pal Mein Pralaya Hoyegi. so without waste of time.

ambition. just wearing . does not make an ignorant fool (AGNANI – a person who lacks divine knowledge) a knowledgeable. Oh mad man ! Why this engrossment in thoughts of worldly things ? There is GOD to guide us. Get into that boat of satsangha quickly.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction 11 15. He said. wealth. long hair. If mind is not clear from the weaknesses. HE created us and also created food for us. Worries about family. kaate kaantaa dhana gatachintaa vaatula kiM tava naasti niyantaa . attraction towards worldly things. The saffron colored dress of a saint. jaTilo muNDii luJNchhitakeshaH kaashhaayaambarabahukRitaveshhaH . it is only the association with good people that can serve as the boat that can carry one across the sea of birth (metempsychosis). dear friend! Why are you bothered about any worldly matters. trijagati sajjanasaM gatiraikaa bhavati bhavaarNavataraNe naukaa This lesson was taught by Sri Padmapadchrya. and get self realization. greed. etc. so HE will defiantly feed your family and you. Start praying GOD and that will sail you happily on the world of ocean. are mere foolishness. pashyannapi cana pashyati muuDhaH udaranimittaM bahukRitaveshhaH This lesson was taught by Swami Totakacharya. The outside dress of a person is not a measure of knowledge. don’t worry about them. There is only one thing in three worlds that can save you from the ocean from samsara. GOD is very kind. 16. So listen to Great Guru’s words and acquire peace. He said. not the dress or appearance. envy . leave your worries to sky.. what is required is a pure determined mind. dear friend! For pure spirituality and Bhakti. as anger. Is there not for you the One who ordains? In three worlds. Stop worrying and start praying. the realized person ( GNANI).

many who have clean shaven heads. the mass of desires does not go. then the way of practice ( Moksha Margamu) is very clear to you. If head is gray and body is old. 18. As long as ignorance (AGNANAMU) and attraction ( MOHAM) does not go away from mind. nobody can get peace of mind. yet others in various colors --. aNgaM galitaM palitaM muNDaM dashanavihiinaM jataM tuNDam. try to know him and give value to his Knowledge. then the attachment is strong and he clings firmly to fruitless desires. does not make a person eligible for ultimate detachment and acquiring salvation ( MUKTI and MOKSHAM). then what is the use ? Even though strength has left the man's body. the way you have to proceed and way you have to do things. many whose hairs have been plucked out. dear friend! The change should come mentally. This lesson was taught by Sri Hastamalakacharya. There are many who go with matted locks. then also. stability and concentration.agre vahniH pRishhThebhaanuH raatrau chubukasamarpitajaanuH . if you don’t have these. vRiddho yaati gRihiitvaa daNDaM tadapi na muJNcatyaashaapiNDam. this varied disguise is for the sake of the belly. karatalabhikshastarutalavaasaH tadapi na muJNcatyaashaapaashaH . he said. you will know by your self. some are clothed in saffron.all just for a livelihood. the mind will be immersed with worldly attractions. So Don’t give importance to the external appearance of a person. Indeed. 12 17. not physically. you cannot sit and pray even for a minute. Those kinds of makeup and dress may be helpful for him to deceive others and get some monitory benefits and livelihood but not useful for getting MOKSHAM. in the path of acquiring salvation. so clear your mind of all wrong thoughts and attractions.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction a saint’s dress.

then what is the use. where lead a life in jungle taking shade under a tree. as long as we have bondage of desires. not detaching worldly physical things. if your mind is not attached to any. it does not help. filling stomach with alums. If we are a wretched puppet at the hands of passions. peace of mind. that is what is most important.h . As long as we are slaves to desires. if your mind is still not stable and gets attracted with the desires of human life. dear friend! The main secrete of acquiring salvation is getting detached with bad habits.kurute gaNgaasaagaragamanaM vrataparipaalanamathavaa daanam. Bhajan. getting warmth from sun. dear friend! Even if you dip your self in river Ganges thousand times a day and routine spiritual activities like prayer. there is no use. you should attach your self with the lotus feet of LORD. if you pray even one moment that is good enough. 19. Even if you sit in a forest. tranquility and salvation. he said. So control your desires which are the first step to acquire Moksha. that is not a prayer at all. Whether you sit under a tree in forest. then only you can acquire things like. he said. and your mind is moving through out the world. what ever we do is a waste. in Kabirs words: With a concentrated mind. If Japa Mala is moving in your hand. vratam. GYaanavihinaH sarvamatena muktiM na bhajati janmashatena The next lesson was from Sri Sureswaracharya. and your tongue is moving and chanting the name of LORD. then what is the use. . danam and mundane spiritual works. thoughts and bad practices. for hours together. with worldly thoughts.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction 13 The next lesson was taught by Sri Subhodacharya. or in a comfortable chair in a palace. Desires are the enemies for us.

he does not gain release . your mind will shine like sun with knowledge. No routine prayers or practices help you. You acquire the bliss of tranquility. once we acquire that then we will know the right path to take. taking bath in Ganges. and lead a simple life in divine thoughts. if you pray Lord. the PARAMANDAM. the enlightenment. they help you once you acquire knowledge. Pilgrimage. observing the religious vows with care. away from thoughts and worldly attractions. giving away riches in charity. What is important is Gnana.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction until you acquire GNANAM ( self realization). the cloud of worldly desires. it does not mean. they are useless. Blessed with such Vairagya. and with concentration. dear Friend! With a fresh mind. 14 20. sura ma. and detach your self from all the worldly things. not the ultimate goal.even in a hundred lives. sleeping on the ground wearing deer-skin. yasya brahmaNi ramate chittaM nandati nandati nandatyeva . he said. sarva parigraha bhoga tyaagaH kasya sukhaM na karoti viraagaH The next lesson was taught by Sri NityanandaCharya. then the ultimate stage of devotion. could any fail to be content ? 21.according to all schools of thought. Living in temples or at the foot of trees. yogarato vaabhogaratovaa saN^garato vaa saNgaviihinaH . are definitely useful in the path of spirituality. But if he is devoid of knowledge. Once the cloud of MOHAM is cleared. they are only a means. or offers gifts to God.ndira taru muula nivaasaH shayyaa bhuutala majinaM vaasaH . the MOKSHAM will be in your hands. until that point. where your mind is clear from ignorance and whom will not dispassion bring happiness? Give up all attachments and renounce all comforts. renouncing all possessions and their enjoyment . then you can see the right spiritual path.

bhagavad. provided you do that with sincerity. sakRidapi yena muraari samarchaa kriyate tasya yamena na charchaa The next lesson was taught by Sri Druda Bhakta Charya. he said. So what is important is what we do in our daily activities. if your mind revels in Brahman. you will be happy. and verily happy. (the Lord of Death). and who has perform the worship of the Destroyer of the demon Mura (viz. floating along with the waters. who drink a drop of the Ganga water. then you will be the most happiest man. what is important is with how much concentration and dedication. One may take delight in yoga or bhoga. Shri Krishna) at least once. hey friend! If your mind is filled with thoughts of Lord. and if you spend all your time in his prayers. then that is good enough to acquire MOKSHAM the salvation. . devotion. happy. or in solitude. or in a jungle. engaged in any activity. You will be smiling enjoying the thoughts of Lord in your mind. In such a condition. it does not matter. just like a wood will be sailing in the river. Your mind is then always happy. Whether you practice concentration or let your self indulge in sense-enjoyment. dear Friend! If you read a small verse in Bhagavat Geetha.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction The next lesson was taught by Sri Aynandagiri Acharya. they have no altercation with Yama. whether in mist of worldly pleasures. no one else. Your mind. word and thought should coincide in doing that. complacent and detached from sorrow and sadness. weather you are a Yogi or not. he said. you will be leading a detached life. Means keep in your mind the Lord irrespective of what you do in your dally walk of life. what ever life you are leading. Those who study the Bhagavadgita even a little. whether you are in the company of saints or not. or your find pleasure in company. You will be sailing in the river of worldly matters. 15 22. But only he whose mind steadily delights in Brahman enjoys bliss. and take a holy dip in river Ganges. may have attachment or detachment. then you got MOKSHAM. dedication and concentration and fully involved. irrespective of what is there on the shore. what ever physical life you lead.h giitaa kiJNchidadhiitaa gaNgaa jalalava kaNikaapiitaa . and pray God at least once. we think of Lord in Mind.

then it will give you protection.apaare paahi muraare The next lesson was taught by Sri Nityanada charya. Oh Murari ! Redeem me through Thy mercy 24. iha saMsaare bahudustaare kRipayaa. there is only one way.this transmigratory process is extensive and difficult to cross Is there any end ? If you want to come out of this vicious circle. become old and deceased and die. work. fully involved in the worldly matters. Like that how many times do you spend time in mother’s womb ? Repeated birth. Hay LORD it is indeed hard to cross this boundless ocean of samsara. yogii yoganiyojita chitto ramate baalonmattavadeva . and repeated lying in the mother's womb. reproduce. without achieving anything spiritually. We take birth.h . we are in a journey which is endless. lead a life. and again go back to birth. rathyaa charpaTa virachita kanthaH puNyaapuNya vivarjita panthaH . repeated death. immediately take the refuge in the lotus feet of Lord. punarapi jananaM punarapi maraNaM punarapi jananii jaThare shayanam. this cycle is going for ever. he said. HE will take you away from this to eternity. eat.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction 16 23. drink.

What ever you do in a dream is not true.ahaM kuta aayaataH kaa me jananii ko me taataH . a man who acquires self realization. Freed from vice and virtue. He is not bothered at all how others look at him and what they think and say about him. what dress he wears. where he will be in the service and prayers of LORD. Who is your mother and who is your father? Who are brothers and sisters ? Who are you? Who am I? Whence have I come? Who are all these persons.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction The next lesson was taught by Sri YoganandaCharya. don’t take it seriously. sadness and all those worldly problems.h The next lesson was taught by Surendracharya. 17 25. So understand your role and play your role sensibly. . The life is like a dream. don’t get much involved. and is essence less. is least bothered about the world. Similarly life is like a dream.kastvaM ko. dear Friend. leaving aside the entire world which is comparable to a dream. He who wears a dress made of rags that lie about in the streets. iti paribhaavaya sarvamasaaram. Do your duty and leave things to Lord. He said. We should take our relationships with anybody as sprit to sprit. but he is in his own world. what food he eats. dear friend! Take life in the right sense. he said. for the world he looks like a mad man. How he lives. and how he leads his life. he who walks the path that is beyond merit and demerit the Yogin whose mind is given up to Yoga revels (in Brahman) just as a child or as a mad-man. If you see them with the bodily relation. There is no shortage of clothing for a monk so long as there are rags cast off the road. The one you have to take serious and get involved is the devotion and service to Lord. what is your relation with them ? Thus enquire.. He is in his blissful world of tranquility and eternal pleasure. pure and uncontaminated. onward he wanders. full of happiness and joy. We are all sprits (Atma). Then again it leads to sorrow. One who lives in communion with God enjoys bliss. then you feel attracted back in to the cloud of MAYA. Look at everything as essence less and give up the world as an idle dream.h vishvaM tyaktvaa svapna vichaaram. like a child and as someone intoxicated.

Show equal behavior to everybody. tvayi mayi chaanyatraiko vishhNuH vyarthaM kupyasi mayyasahishhNuH . to a big elephant. in you and in everything. if you do any thing like that . So get rid of such bad things and develop equality. bhava samachittaH sarvatra tvaM vaaJNchhasyachiraadyadi vishhNutvam. Your anger and impatience is meaningless. See the Self in all things. envy on others. like you. why do you inflict mental and physical injuries on others. don’t hurt others. Dovu Eke Saman. both with senses and without senses. animals and humans. we recite all kinds of Stotras and do Bhajans all the time it is useless. bacteria. show love and good behavior with others. none but the same Vishnu dwells. don’t do any damage to others. both mobile and immobile things. right from a small ant. it means your are still immature and incomplete in GNANA. water and on earth in different forms as birds. Vainly you get angry with anybody. In every sprit. and treat them kindly. so if you do any harm to others. love everybody. all your virtues are useless as Kabir Says: Kam Krodh Mad Lobh Ki. whether we pray God 24 hours. it means you are doing it to your self. and leave off everywhere ignorance which is cause of difference. As long as we are slaves to our feelings. Every body is images of Lord Vishnu. dear friend! The whole world is made of GOD. visible and invisible. In that case. So don’t scold others. tempers and weaknesses. he said. Else even if you are a well learned man. Tab Lag Pandit Murkhu. .Bhjagovindam – An Introduction 18 26. he is present in everything. amphibians. It means you did not wash away all your bad habits. living in air. have samabhava always. they are all forms of GOD. Don’t be impatient.h The next lesson was taught by Sri Medha Thidi Acharya. In me. he is present as PARAMATMA ( The Supreme sole). all creatures are his forms. the Supreme God. fishes. If you wish to attain the status of Vishnu soon. why do you harm and hurt with words and weapons other human beings. this is an excellent step you have taken in your spiritual path. Be kind with others. Why do you have feelings of anger. Jab Lag Man Me Than.

Auran Ko Sukh Hoye Speak such words. True Love defies all description.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction He also says this world is of Love: 19 The Lord. don’t use harsh words. Sunhu Loka Main Prem Ras Paiya Durjan Maarey Vairi Sangharey Satgur Moko Harnam Diwaiya (Pause) Prathmey Tyagi Haumain Preet Dutiya Tyagi Loga Reet Sri Guru Granth Sahib (370) Always speak using sweet language. Prem Ras is a rare Divine Elixir. Mun Ka Aapa Khoye Apna Tan Sheetal Kare. is a rare privilege of a rare blessed soul. No words can adequately portray this rare and unique experience. Aisee Vani Boliye. sans ego's ploy Body remains composed. the Great Guru is an Ocean of True Love and Purity. giving the listener joy . He is the Sole Mighty Magnet and attracts and draws with infinite force a true divine lover unto Him. True Divine Love transcends all other sentiments and experiences.

infatuation. wash the mud of sins from your mind. See yourself in everyone and give up all feelings of duality completely. enemy. Get rid of these weaknesses. and you will become week enough that you lose control over them.aham. The only way to come out of their influence. Once you are in their hold. or relative. then you are a pure sole. There are six enemies to everybody. The group of five evils comprises kam (Lust).minded towards all things. and . be of balanced mind. but a group of five of them came to be identified because of the obstruction they are believed to cause in man's pursuit of the moral and spiritual path. they are tortured. with your spiritual hard work. if you make friendship with one. Krodha ( anger). son. you don’t have any external enemies. no anger or love. lobh(Greed). or in league with. The common evils far exceed in number. no rag or virag. Lead the life as a water drop on Lotus leaf. that will make you knowledgeable to control them. kaamaM krodhaM lobhaM mohaM tyaktvaa. you do all bad things. moh (Attachment) and ahankar (ego). Make no effort to be either at war with. just be balanced.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction 20 27. the Guru Granth Sahib. friend. traveling in the path of spirituality. others will become your friends automatically and then you will be in their trap. be detached while attached in the society. Moha(mad attraction). their individual names are Kama ( desire). Lobha ( greediness). the five major weaknesses of the human personality at variance with its spiritual essence. he said. Give up lust. according to Sikhism. questions your self who am I ? They are fools who are without Selfknowledge: as captives in Hell. If you want to attain the status of Vishnu (Godhood) soon. dear Friend. acquiring peace is a dream. and all your enemies are in your mind. krodh (Rage). Every body in their inner hearts should make a self-enquiry.h . Leaving off egocentric desire. anger. Unless one comes out of these weaknesses. be equal . Mada (recklessness). FIVE EVILS or five thieves or pancadokh or panj vikar as they are referred to in Sikh Scripture. aatmaGYaana vihiinaa muuDhaaH te pachyante narakaniguuDhaaH The next lesson was taught by Sri Bharati Vamsa Charyulu. they are called with the team name Ayrishadvarga.atmaanaM bhaavaya ko. is by surrender to GOD. anger. are. greed and delusion. These are all good friends and relatives. Matyarya (envy).

dear friend! The essence of all Vedas. The next lesson was taught by Sri Sumatha Charya. brothers. treat your friend. at play. Cast into hell they suffer there endlessly. Donate at least a small part of your wealth in charity to the poor and the needy While doing your daily duty. keep Lord’s image in your mind. and love. Don’t get attracted by worldly things. always mind should meditate the Lord.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction greed. for that matter anybody with kindness. Hey Brahmin!! Be kind towards all. and chant His thousand glories. Tantras. reverence. pray him always. then ultimately you will lead your self to Moksham. geyaM giitaa naama sahasraM dhyeyaM shriipati ruupamajasram . children. serve poor. as . three times daily. 29. don’t show enmity with anybody. At the same time be kind to fellow human beings. deceased and old and help depressed. he said. he said. sastras. at sleep. servants. The mind should be led to the company of the good. spiritual and yogic practices is in the form of Vishnu Sahasra Namam.h The next lesson was taught by Swami Sri Sankara himself. Meditate on Vishnu [thro' Vishnu sahasranama] in your heart.shatrau mitre putre bandhau maa kuru yatnaM vigrahasandhau . purana’s and all spiritual books is in one place. Fools are they who are blind to the Self. Similarly the essence of all Mantras. enemy. neyaM sajjana saNge chittaM deyaM diinajanaaya cha vittam. sarvasminnapi pashyaatmaanaM sarvatrotsRija bhedaaGYaanam. love everybody. While you are at work. lead a spiritual life. so read these verses regularly. that is BHAGAVAT GITA. Ponder over your real nature. 21 28. and keep their teachings always in mind.

Though death brings an end to everything. the inquiry consisting in the discrimination between the eternal and the non-eternal. they come one after other in succession. Hey Brahmin! The worldly desires are unending. afterwards. were taught by Sri Adi Sankara. So control your desires. jaapyasameta samaadhividhaanaM kurvavadhaanaM mahadavadhaanam Hey Brahmin! Control your mind. if you satisfy one. death is the refuge. there is disease of the body. the method of mind-control associated with the muttering of mantrasperform these with great care. the withdrawal of the senses (from their respective objects). 22 30. they bite our life. except to control them. man does not give up the sinful path. in the world. The comforts and happiness from desires are limited and small and momentary. sukhataH kriyate raamaabhogaH pashchaaddhanta shariire rogaH . you are angry with your self. lo. so there is no point in satisfying worldly desires. if you are angry with anybody. they lead us to displeasure. Desires all like snakes. Regulate the pranas. 31. The regulation of breath. remain unaffected by external . and unhappiness. even then one does not relinquish sinful ways.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction everybody is mirror images of Lord. Although. decease. yadyapi loke maraNaM sharaNaM tadapi na muJNchati paapaacharaNam. the next one is ready waiting to be satisfied. develop concentration and practice breath control (Pranayamam). praaNaayaamaM pratyaahaaraM nityaanitya vivekavichaaram. He who yields to lust for pleasure leaves his body a prey to disease.h Rest of all the slokas follow. One easily takes to carnal enjoyment.

23 32. so the best way to acquire knowledge as much as possible in a limited time. physical and worldly pains. Guru plays a major role in our life.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction influences and discriminate between the real and the fleeting. If you are in the hands of a wrong Guru. you are wasting your time. you will behold the Deity that resides in your heart. Thus. he will lead you go GOVINDA. Bali Hari Guru Aapne. If he has all these good qualities. That is why selection of right Guru leads to your success. sendriyamaanasa niyamaadevaM drakshyasi nija hR^idayasthaM devam. Perform these with care. It takes a hell of time to start learning from beginning. acquire the lotus feet of knowledgeable spiritual teacher. he will show you the right path. good habits and spirituality. through the discipline of sense and mind-control. Kaku Lagu Pai. and finally you cannot reach your goal. gurucharaNaambuja nirbhara bhakataH saMsaaraadachiraadbhava muktaH . his knowledge. you can fast reach your destination. then you acquire ultimate pleasure. Your success depends on your Guru. where you can do your prayers undisturbed. divert your mind from worldly things into spiritual things. Then with that tranquil mind you can acquire SAMADHI STITI. become released soon from the transmigratory process. Being devoted completely to the lotus-feet of the Master. Start AYSTANGA MARGAMU. is taking the help of a good spiritual teacher. then you can reach the feet of LORD. Chant the holy name of God and silence the turbulent mind. Take the experience and knowledge of Guru and taking his tips. the ultimate yogic stage. Jin Govind Di Yo Batai. life is very short. Everybody need not reinvent the wheel. spiritual knowledge is like a ocean. with extreme care. the eight yogic practices. happiness and comfort. it relieves all your mental. keep mind concentrated on Guru’s teachings. learn from him. Keep away from worldly pleasures. one life is not enough to acquire it. Dear Friend. Knowing the importance of Guru Kabir says: Gur Govind Do vu Khare. .

Bhjagovindam – An Introduction When Lord and Guru stand side by Side. thou shalt come to experience the Indwelling Lord of your heart ! 33. shriimachchhamkara bhagavachchhishhyai bodhita aasichchhodhitakaraNaH Like this Sri Adi Sankara and his students taught the old brahmin. spiritual lessons. and the old man listened to their sayings. He also Says: Gur Dhobi Sikh Kapda. meaningful and become example to others to build a great spiritual human Society. thoughtful. Through disciplined senses and controlled mind. We also should do this. Nikse Jyoti Apaar 24 Guru the washer man. Saboo Sirjan Har Surti Sila Pur Dhoiye. who showed me the path to Lord. muuDhaH kashchana vaiyaakaraNo DukRiJNkaraNaadhyayana dhuriNaH . joyful. and should make our lives useful. . Thus was a silly grammarian lost in rules cleansed of his narrow vision and shown the Light by Shankara's apostles. peaceful. be a devotee of the lotus feet of the Guru ! May thou be soon free from Samsara. I will first fall on the feet of Guru. disciple is the cloth The name of God liken to the soap Wash the mind on foundation firm To realize the glow of Truth So. leading to spirituality and ultimately acquired salvation. understood them and followed them in rest of his life.

Oh fool ! Other than chanting the Lord's names. that attracted everybody and made the human garden smell with their essence of Viragya. Blessing to all of you from the two great saints ADI SANKARA and Swami Vidya Prakasha. Let peace and happiness prevail every where. worship Govinda. worship Govinda. Bhakti and Prapatti.bhajagovindaM bhajagovindaM govindaM bhajamuuDhamate . SRIMAN NARAYANARPANAM! ******** . Gnana. Let us all thank them and follow the path showed by them. whose lives were like roses.Bhjagovindam – An Introduction 25 34. there is no other way to cross the life's ocean. naamasmaraNaadanyamupaayaM nahi pashyaamo bhavataraNe Worship Govinda.

Bhjagovindam – An Introduction 26 Sri Sankara Astotharam .

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