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DBA ARCHITECTURE QUESTION & ANSWER PAPER 1) What is SGA and what it contains?

2) What are the background processors and how many are mandatory?

3) What is instance?

4) What are physical structures and logical structures?

5) What is a control file and what it contains?

6) How to categorize the views, what they are?

7) Write the data dictionary views for the following: 1) How to see what are the data files available: 2) How to see what are the table spaces available: 3) How to see what are the background processors are available: 4) How to see the current database name: 5) How to see what are control files are available:

8) What the information Oracle block contains?

9) How many types of Redo log files are there?

10) What type of information collects in alert log file and trace files?

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