English Assignment IMPORTANT!

Katerina Check 6 October 10, 2011 Period 3 Socratic Seminar Questions A Long Way Gone Questions World Connection What

would you have done or how would you have acted if you were in the middle of a war in your country? How would you have felt? Does this affect your opinion of Ishmael? If so, how? Literary Analysis How did the author use the point of view to enrich the story? Close-Ended How does Ishmael’s reaction to the war in his uncle’s town contrast what he felt as a boy soldier? The Last Lecture Questions Literary Analysis Did the author’s writing style contribute to your understanding of the book? Why or why not? Universal Theme What are three things a reader could learn from this book? World Connection Have you had a teacher or a coach that you will never forget? If so, why are they important to you?

Katerina Check 6 October 10, 2011 Period 3 Socratic Seminar Questions I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Questions Open-Ended What is significant about Marguerite achieving her dream job of being a streetcar driver? Literary Analysis How does Maya Angelou manipulate the point of view in her book? Universal Theme Can this book’s themes be applied to modern times? What is one example?

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