How parameters are controlled in Process Industries ?

The external force which can alter the parameter SetPoint is the reference value which can be initially set manually for the desired parameter .


DATA TO PCS SAP Process Management RFC .Where Process Management can be used in Process control.


The production level can be controlled as follows: • Manually: the planned production steps are carried out manually by the process operator • Automated: the planned production steps are carried out automatically by the process control system • Partially automated: the planned production steps are carried out both manually by a process operator and automatically by a process control system .PURPOSE This component can be used to coordinate the exchange of production-relevant data between the R/3 System and the R/3independent production level.

Overview .DATA FLOW .


.Process Instruction Process instruction contains the data to be fed to the external system or to the line operator. Process Message Process message is the output from the external system which will be the input for SAP to complete business transactions. Control Recipe Control recipe is the combination of Process Instructions through which the parameter are transmitted to the PI Sheet or to the PCS PI Sheet A sheet which have some process parameters on its display and will have editable fields which can be filled by the line operator according to the actual data.

The process control system processes the data to control and regulate production. Process management receives the control recipes and sends them to the process operator or process control system responsible. the production-relevant data is combined in control recipes and sent to process management. The process operator can then use the PI sheet to execute the production steps manually. Once the process order has been released for production and has been saved. If a control recipe is sent to a process control system. the production data stored in the control recipe is sent as parameters to the production control system via the PI-PCS Interface. the production data stored in the control recipe is prepared as text that is displayed as PI sheets on the screen.You can store production-relevant data as process instructions in the process order. If a control recipe is sent to a process operator. .

Control recipe Destinations ( PI Sheets or PCS) Sent to Control recipe Contains Process Instruction category PI sheet Data or Output of PCS Message destinations ( SAP or Sent to PCS) Triggers Business Transactions Contains Process Message category PROCESS FLOW IN PROCESS MANAGEMENT .

Thro operations in recipe.Assigning the Process message category to the process instruction characteristic (PPPI_Message_Category) 2. Using PI Assistant in Configuration. 3. Process Instructi on Char Should be grouped and to be released for a Plant DATA FLOW IN PROCESS MANAGEMENT .Message Destination Characteristics Process Message category Destination specific Fields Process Message Char Process Instruction Category Link: 1.

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