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History of Bahrain

History of Bahrain

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Reem Alzari

New York Institute of Technology Dr. Ali Kamaluddin

The dead are buried with their belongings because it was believed that the dead will return back and use their belongings in another life. .BAHRAIN NATIONAL MUSEUM  Hall of Graves:   Contains graves dating back to the Dilmun era is in the form of hills.

Epic of Gilgamesh .BAHRAIN NATIONAL MUSEUM (CONT. tools. copper.)  Dilmun Hall:      Dilmun is the oldest civilizations in the territory of Bahrain. You will find information and stuff that were discovered in some of the temples and tombs from pottery. Dilmun was known as the land of immortality and the belief was that anyone who drinks from its fresh waters becomes immortal. Contains the great epic of Gilgamesh. Another belief of the existance of the goddess of water on the land of Dilmun. shoulders and spears.

Model of the first mosque in Bahrain “Khamis mosque”.)  Tylos & Islam Hall:    Contains a section for all the pottery and statues dating back to Tylos.BAHRAIN NATIONAL MUSEUM (CONT. Different types of weapons and ammunition belonging to the Islamic period. Pottery .

BAHRAIN NATIONAL MUSEUM (CONT. Quran . conventions and private correspondence and documents of land ownership.)  Documents & Manuscripts Hall:    Contain a large amount of papers and rare exhibits such as treaties. Samples of the first driver’s license and passport. Collection of decorated Qurans which are the rarest assets in this hall.

where there are large statues/models reflecting all professions and trades that were practiced by people in the early days. Pearling & Fishing .BAHRAIN NATIONAL MUSEUM (CONT.)  Crafts & Trade Hall:  When you enter this hall you will feel that you are living the real life in Bahrain.

 All kinds of clothing and popular games. every corner tells a story of its own.)  Customs & Traditions Hall:  Here.BAHRAIN NATIONAL MUSEUM (CONT.  This hall shows the simplicity of life back then in spite of its difficulty and lack of amenities. Wedding .

 Had a major role in the infrastructure and architecture of the country (Ex.  Organized the police and judiciary sectors.  .  His contributions were:  Administrative reforms of the government.  Organized the Education sector.  Organized the health sector. Bab Al Bahrain).  Organized the customs sector.CHARLES BELGRAVE ROLE IN BAHRAIN He was appointed as Bahrain’s government advisor in 1926 until 1957.

municipal and legislative councils. Political freedom. Media freedom. No Parliament. No freedom in politics.      New Freedom of speech. Parliament. . No elections.OLD & NEW BAHRAIN (POLITICALLY)     Old Unstable due to the many colonial invasions. Freedom of election.

OLD & NEW BAHRAIN (ECONOMICALLY)  Old Limited sources of income:     Fishing Pearling Agriculture   Strategic location for the purest pearls in the world. Banking & financial sectors increased job opportunities.  New New sources of income. Strategic center for investments in the Gulf. due to discovery of oil. .

Individuals spend more time away from family. Stronger friends & neighbors bonds. Relationships are based on the individual’s interests. Face-to-face communication was common.OLD & NEW BAHRAIN (SOCIALLY)      Stronger family bonds. Individuals communicate through the new means of technology more. New . Old     Weaker family/friends bonds. instead of the face-to-facce interaction. Friends were also friends of our families. Pure relationships are not based on any kind of interests which lasted longer.

Known to have a high level of intellectuals. Bahrain was and still is the focus of many ambitions for its strategic location.     Bahrain Bay Bahrain World Trade Center Bahrain Financial Harbor Durrat Al Bahrain     Known for its security & stability. .BAHRAIN’S INTERNATIONAL VALUE  Considered a center for strategic investments in the Gulf. Known for the kindness of its people.

change or cancel a law through the council of representatives.    Men & women participated in parliament elections.THE REIGN OF KING HAMAD  New political reforms. Establishment of the Supreme Council for Women. New newspapers established with full freedom to express opinions respectfully.   . Bahraini’s can make. Transparency in dealing with corruption through the council of administrative control. Unemployment insurance through Ministry of Labor.   Launch of advanced schools & increased numbers of private schools & universities.

Freedom of practicing politics.   Disrespect of community’s principles. Increase political awareness programs. .  Educate the community about the limits of freedom. Misuse of freedom of opinion.PERSONAL EVALUATION (POLITICS)    Great political opportunities.

Suggestion: translation of Arabic educational books written by Arabic writers to English and propose them within the cirricula in both public and private schools and universities.   .PERSONAL EVALUATION (EDUCATION)  Formal education was introduced in Bahrain in 1919. Current cirricula highly exposed locals to foreign customes. with the opening of boy's school in Al-Muharraq and the first girl's school opened in 1928.   Educational movements in the early stages was very strong. traditions and values. Cirricula that is taught now lacks the strong values & ethics that were taught previously through the teaching of Quran. therefore. allowing locals to adabt to foreign values.

Develop the education system to provide approperiate education.    To insure an economic growth that will benefit all Bahraini’s fairly. Existing (ex.  . allowing a better economical opportunities & perspective.PERSONAL EVALUATION (ECONOMY)  Bahrain will remain a strategic center for high investments due to its geographical location. Increase the investment portal in Bahrain.  Banking & financial fields in Bahrain are internationally exposed.  New economical visions for the year 2030 is put together by the Economic Development Board (EDB). Formula 1) & upcoming projects will attract more investors and give the economy in Bahrain a push forward.

 Technology puts us in a box and turns us into robots. imaginations. facial expressions.  There’s a lack of visual input. body language.  Different options in dropdown menus (ex.  . dropdown menus in a website) limit our choices. and clear emotional content between individuals. The relationship becomes between the individual and the tech device. our thinking. but it still has its draw backs on individuals and the society as a whole. and actions. SOCIAL LIFE IN BAHRAIN  Technology could help a lot in means of communication within social life.TECHNOLOGY VS.

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