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Project Work

Project Work

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Published by Dheker Sfeyhi

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Published by: Dheker Sfeyhi on Oct 12, 2011
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Project Work

The idea of Dheker Sfeyhi & Mohammed Amin Baatout


Are these three the same place?? • Are these different places?? • Wait until the end of this presentation and you will discover the answer ... Grand Britain and England . .To start with • The United Kingdom.

We will focus on this part of the world: .

.K: A country of countries.The U. .

K .The 4 countries part of the U.

We call them: • • • • Those who are from England : English Those from Scotland : Scottish Those from Northern Ireland : Northern Irish Those from Wales : Welsh .

Great Britain:The biggest island in the UK .

Northern Ireland : The second largest island of the UK .

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