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how - To: Step 1 Turn key on but don't start car.

Step 2 Pull PCM BAT and PCM IGN fuses in engine compartment. You should be able to pop open the cover to the fuse box with your hand, if not a small screw driver works well.

Step 3 With the fuses removed, wait a few minutes - I've set myself on 5 minutes which works for me - your key should still be in the ignition in the on position - NOT STARTED.

Step 4 Turn ignition off.

Step 5 Replace the two fuses. BE SURE TO PUT THEM BACK WHERE THEY CAME FROM! One is a 10a, the other is a 15a, the cover marks them in case you mixed them up.

Step 6 With the fuses reinstalled, fire up the car and your car should have no SES light and will begin going through the learn process again. It may take a few (3-4) on off cycles to get the idle, fuel and timing down but you shouldn't notice any differences.

-unplug TPS sensor -turn key on (don't start car) for 30 seconds -turn key off -plug sensor back in