SURPEME COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF NASSAU ------------------------------------------------------------------------------X Shyster Financial, Index No: 000000/2011 Plaintiff(s), REQUEST


John Doe , Jane Doe Defendant(s) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------X


Did the Shyster Financial, use savings accounts, certificates of deposits, depository accounts or investors funds to purchase note/assignment? According to Shyster Financial, charter Charter are they authorized to purchase bad debts? Who is currently the rightful owner of the promissory note in issue? Please explain how Shyster Financial obtained ownership of the note? Exactly when, i.e., what point in time, did Shyster Fainancial become the rightful owner of the note? Did Shyster Financail become the rightful owner of the note when the note was signed? the note was signed and handed to Third Party Shyster inc. the note was signed, Shyster Financial and/or Third party Shyster inc. and then physically took the note and put it into Bank records? Did Shyster Financial gave lawful consideration/legal tender for the note before or after the note was assigned and recorded? Where is the original note physically being stored currently? Custodian? 1


3. 4. 5.

6. (a) (b) (c)



Pro Se City xxxxx 2 . Dated September 11. 17. 12.9. Has said note been sold. 16. 11. assigned or transferred to a third party during or after Shyster Financial was substituted as the plaintiff in the present case? Who? Did Shyster Financial take the note in good faith and for value? (Yes) How much value did Shyster Financial take the note for? ($?) How did Shyster Financial determine the note’s value? By what standard? By whom? How is the value recorded? What does the bookkeeping entry look like? Asset/liability? Is the note accepted for value as an asset? (Yes) What did Shyster Financial give in exchange for the note? (Certified checks) Has the note been placed into a REMIC? (Real Estate Investment Conduit) (Yes) (No) Has the applicable taxes for such placement been paid if yes to No: 17. 14. (Yes) ( No) 10. 13. 15. 2011 New York ________________________ Peoples Advocate Anytown Road.

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