EarthStar Globe: The Natural Geometry of the Earth
The Science Behind Earth Magic

The Becker-Hagens EarthStar has been featured in numerous books. It shows the natural geometry of the Earth, and the geometric relationship of megaliths and sacred places around the world.

Two of EarthStar’s 30 diamonds. The EarthStar Map easily assembles into a globe, or it can be displayed flat.


Dutton 1979. Algerian megalithic ruin 21. German underground Antarctic base? Based on Ancient Stones Speak: A Journey to the World's Most Mysterious Megalithic Sites. Southern Japan Dragon's Triangle. the Candlestick of the Andes & the Nazca Lines 40. Lima. Bimini. Callanish 12. Pyramids in Xian. Sarawak. the Great Pyramid 3. China. the date that Edgar Cayce had predicted that evidence of Atlantis would be discovered 20. nearby lies Hawaii. Borneo. The sophisticated canal civilization of Cibola 18. Gabon. Ring of Brodgar. Micronesia. natural atomic reactor in operation about 1. Lake Baikal. Zimbabwe with its ancient mines & structures 44. David D. Tyumen oil field. Zink. the site of huge man-made walls underwater. many unique plants and animals 9. present location of north magnetic pole 11. the largest in the world 14. Pisco.com Megaliths Around the World: Built to the Same Geometric Plan Megalith: Large stone monument. West Africa.7 million years ago 41. Mohenjo Daro-Rama Empire culture 13. Giza. 2 . Pohnpei Island. Megaliths at Axum. Easter Island and its megaliths 62. Hamakulia. Bangkok and Angkor Wat 26. which also has megalithic ruins 47. Peru. Maes Howe. site of ancient megalithic structures 28. Hudson Bay. site of the megalithic city of Nan Madol 35. scene of high volcanic and earthquake activity 17. great seismic activity 16. discovered in 1969. USSR. the Coptic Christian center in Ethiopia 25. USSR 4.VortexMaps. Northern British Isles. boundary of the Nazca Plate. The Maralinga Atomic Test Site. 1.

the Hawaiian Ridge.2° E 139.8° W 76.57° N 19 31.com EarthStar Grid Points Latitudes and Longitudes & Geographic Features No.2° E 148.2° E 175.2° E 103.72° N 14 26. at approximately the midpoint between the two outlets of the Nile at Masabb Rashid and Masabb Dumyat On the Sozh River east of Gomel.62° N 11 58.8° W 76.81° S 24 0° 25 10.8° W 112.28° N 8 52. just West of the Jiuding Shan summit At the intersection of Kydshu Palau Ridge.VortexMaps. the Carlsberg Ridge and Maldive Ridge into the Mid-Indian Ridge Ceylon Abyssal Plain Kompong Som. directly north of Karachi At the east edge of the Himalayas in Szechuan Province. Alberta. at the edge of White Nile marsh fields Somali Abyssal Plain Vema Trench (in the Indian Ocean) at the intersection of the Mascarene Ridge.8° W 112. at the edge of highlands In the highlands along the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk Slightly east of Attu at the western tip of the Aleutian Islands Edge of continental shelf in the Gulf of Alaska Buffalo.2° E 148. a highpoint just south of the US/ Mexico border near Sonoita and lava fields Edge of continental shelf near Great Abaco Island in the Bahamas Atlantis Fracture Zone In El Eglab.28° N 4 52.57° N 21 10. Lat.72° N 16 26.2° E 67. and the Emperor Seamounts Northeast of Hawaii.8° W 4. a bay in the northern area of Sulawesi Midpoint of the mouth of the Gulf of Carpentaria 2 52.2° E 31.2° E 49.2° E 103.28° N 6 52. 1 31. in the Mediterranean Sea.2° E 85.2° E 139.28° N 12 26.8° W 31. and the Iwo Jima Ridge At the intersection of Hess Plateau.57° N 17 31.72° N 18 26.81° N 26 0° 27 10.62° N 9 58.81° S 3 .62° N 7 58. Byelorussia.72° N Long.2° E 121.2° E 175.2° E 67. 31.8° W 4.57° N 13 31.62° N 3 58. and Russia In the marshy lowlands just west of Tobolsk In the lowlands north of the southern tip of lake Baykal.8° W 40.8° W 67. midway between the Murau Fracture Zone and the Molokai Fracture Zone Cerro Cubabi.2° E Description On the Egyptian continental shelf. at the edge of highlands in lowlands Just east of Port Harrison on Hudson's Bay Gibbs Fracture Zone Loch More on the west coast of Scotland On the edge of the Kirthar Range bordering the Indus River Valley. a natural bay on the southern coast of Cambodia southwest of Phnom Penh At the midpoint of Teluk. a highland peninsula at the edge of the Sahara Desert sand dunes Sudan Highlands. at the boundary junction of three Soviet republics .Ukraine.57° N 15 31.2° E 103.72° N 20 26.62° N 5 58.8° W 40. Tomini.81° N 22 0° 23 10.2° E 139.28° N 10 52. the West Mariana Ridge.

8° W 22.81° N 34 35 10.2° E 148. Mary Peak (highest point in the area) and north east of Rio de Janeiro At the edge of the Hebrides Trench.2° E 67.2° E 31.62° S 59 58.2° E 148.8° W 13.57° S 48 31. at tip of minor watershed highlands Vema Fracture Zone Romanche Fracture Zone Edge of Mid-Atlantic Ridge in Angola Basin just southeast of Ascension Fracture Zone Gabon highlands.28° S 60 52. southeast of Rio de Janeiro Walvis Ridge Enderby Abyssal Plain Kerguelen Plateau Ocean floor.72° S 45 26.8° W 112.2° E 175.8° W 76.2° E 175.8° W 76.2° E 67. Mid Pacific Mountains and the Magellan Plateau Nova Canton Trough Society Islands Galapagos Fracture Zone East end of the Clipperton Fracture Zone Junction of the Cocos Ridge and the Carnegie Ridge.62° S 57 58.62° S 55 58.28° S 52 52.2° E 103.57° S 42 31. just southwest of the Fiji Islands Undifferentiated South Pacific Ocean Easter Island Fracture Zone Nazca Plate In deep ocean.81° S 32 33 10. at the edge of the Haeckel Deep South Sandwich Fracture Zone Boivet Fracture Zone North Pole South Pole 29 10.8° W 130.8° W Center of Solomon Plateau Midpoint of abyssal plain between Marshall Islands. just west of the Galapagos Islands Lake Punrrun in Peruvian coastal highlands State of Amazonas.28° S 58 52.57° S 46 31.81° N 30 0° 0° 0° 31 10.57° S 44 31.81° S 40 0° 41 26.57° S 50 31. at the intersection of three borders L'uyengo on the Usutu River in Swaziland Intersection of the Mid-Indian Ridge with the Southwest Indian Ridge Tip of the Wallabi Plateau In a lowland area just east of St.81° S 36 0° 0° 37 10.28° S 56 52.72° S 51 58.8° W 112.2° E 166.8° W 94.8° W 40.72° S 47 26.com 28 0° 157.VortexMaps.8° W 4. at edge of continental shelf.62° S 61 62 4 .8° W 4.2° E 103.72° S 49 26.8° W 40.62° S 53 58.8° W 76.28° S 54 52.8° W 148.8° W 4.2° E 139.2° E 139.8° W 58.8° W 112. midway between Kerguelen Abyssal Plain and Wilkes Abyssal Plain Kangaroo Fracture Zone Edge of Scott Fracture Zone Udintsev Fracture Zone Eltanin Fracture Zone South American tip.2° E 175.81° N 38 39 10.72° S 43 26.8° W 31.8° W 40.

VortexMaps. David D. Dutton 1979. Zink.com Megaliths Around the World: Built to the Same Geometric Plan Based on Ancient Stones Speak: A Journey to the World's Most Mysterious Megalithic Sites. 5 .

Length determined by planar geometry. WATER LINE 2160 miles . The meanings assigned to the line segments are taken from the nested geometric figures which make them – and so symbolized by Pythagorean geometers.com Universal Proportions in the Earth & EarthStar Globe How can I map the EarthStar lines in my area? Copy this diamond on to clear plastic to overlay the EarthStar globe.921 days) • 60° of arc = 216000 seconds. Five octahedra will fit within the 62 major intersections of the grid.VortexMaps. • • • Dodecahedron edges form LIFE lines. • 666 (Number of the Beast) 6 x 6 x 6= 216 • 2160 years in a cosmic (zodiacal) month • 2160 = 5 x 8 x 3 x 9 x 2 x 1 (the exact synodic period of Venus is 583. 217600 is the Biblical "flood date" 6 . 2176 miles . Every line of the planetary grid is a great circle (equator). Octahedron edges form AIR lines and overlap all WATER and LIFE lines. 2160. Icosahedron edges form WATER lines. Each triangular face angle of the icosahedron is 60° . and 2592 miles.Average length determined by planar and spherical geometry. and each of the UVG Basic Triangles is the same-with side lengths measuring 1440.

canonical numbers that occur throughout creation.Average length using planar and spherical geometry. Hagens and Bil Becker.Length using spherical geometry. 20 with AIR lines. • 12 x 120 (triangles on the EarthStar globe) = 1440 • 20 x 72 years (1° of precession. Distances within the Triangle reveal a number of "cosmic counts".000 who will be saved to re-establish the kingdom of heaven on earth after a great catastrophe • LIFE lines make 30 intersections with WATER lines.35 = 116 Mercury synodic period The geometry for our Unified Vector Geometry (UVG) sphere of the world grid is taken from R. The synodic period is the time that it takes for the planet to reappear at the same point in the sky.35 = 378 Saturn synodic period 24 . from the galactic spiral to molecular orbits.1 = 280 human gestation B . 2008 © Bethe A.24 = 399 Jupiter synodic period B .VortexMaps. 7 .920 years in the total cycle of precession LIFE LINE 1440 miles .com AIR LINE 2592 miles .1 = 584 Venus synodic period B . and also 1/30 of a cosmic month) = 1440 • 144 is a harmonic of the speed of light The Great Pyramid at Gizeh falls at a UVG diamond center. relative to the Sun. • 1440 minutes in a day Bible refers to the 144. and are opposite 12 AIR/WATER line intersections. Proportional Distances: B . as observed from Earth. Buckminster Fuller's Synergetics 2.7 = 780 Mars synodic period 7 . • 25.

we find Oxford (2). Cordoba (32). home of St. Chartres (17). 2008 © Bethe A. and Assisi. and Lourdes (line 24-36). including the "Michael Line" in England. Alta Mira (24). North Sea oil deposits (4-5-6). 8 . village of the Pied Piper (17). Hagens and Bil Becker. In triangle 11-20-2. Hameln. Rotterdam (9). Delphi (19). we find Athens (10). Frankfort (19).VortexMaps. Berlin (13).com EarthStar Grid Points Over Europe The diamond-pattern lines of the EarthStar Globe show a transcontinental system of energy (“ley”) lines. Hamburg (12). Barcelona (35). Francis (43). In triangle 20-21.

2. Assemble the stand. Crease the folds embossed into the paper. Apply the tape on the inside. so it doesn’t show. 3. Place three pieces of tape on the inside of each of the last three edges and gently press the diamond down to make a secure. Begin taping together the edges of the EarthStar Globe. 5. Place the globe face down on a flat surface such as a table top. 1.com Assembling the EarthStar Globe is Fun You will need transparent (“Scotch”) tape.VortexMaps. 4. The last diamond of the globe is attached on one side. 9 . invisible closure.

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