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Published by: AnnaHernandez on Oct 13, 2011
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SAN BEDA COLLEGE OF LAW Alabang, Muntinlupa


Submitted to: ATTY. JOHN JACOME


October 2011

Ignacio Salonga vs. Jalandoni Agustin vs. Chief of Staff ARTICLE II – FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES AND STATE POLICIES Section 1 Villavicencio vs. CIR Gov.CASES IN POLITICAL LAW San Beda College Alabang THE CONSTITUTION OF THE PHILIPPINES De Leon vs. Farrales Section 12 . Hechanova In re: Garcia Section 4 People vs. Williams Almeda vs. COMELEC Lambino vs. Lukban Section 2 Kuroda vs. Ruiz Taruc vs. Dela Cruz Section 10 Calalang vs. Esguerra Gonzales vs. COMELEC Sanidad vs. Hernandez Gonzales vs. COMELEC Tolentino vs. COMELEC Occena vs. Legman Section 6 Aglipay vs. vs. NACOCO Philippine Virginia Tobacco Adm. of the Philippine Islands vs. CA Ondoy vs. Valdez Tan Keh People vs. Edu Ichong vs. COMELEC Santiago vs. Monte de Piedad Co Kim Cham vs. Misa Ruffy vs. COMELEC Imbong vs. Gozo Laurel vs. COMELEC THE CONCEPT OF THE STATE Bacani vs.

Eastern Shipping Lines vs. Tanada vs. Ang Tang Ho (43 PHIL1)35. Rodriguez vs. POEA (166 SCRA 533)34. US vs. Electoral Commission (63 PHIL139)26. Nebraska Pierce vs. Municipal Judge Section 16 Oposa vs. COMELEC Section 28 Legaspi vs. Cuenco (103 PHIL1051)28. Ynot vs. Mangelin Section 26 Pamatong vs. Singson (180 SCRA 496) DELEGATION OF POWERS Garcia vs. IAC (148 SCRA 659)36. Factoran Laguna Lake Development Authority vs.Meyer vs. Gella (92 PHIL603)32. Dinglasan (84 PHIL368)31. Gutierrez (152 SCRA 730)37. Belmonte Aquino-Sarmiento vs. CA Secrion 19 Garcia vs. Board of Investments Section 21 Association of Small Landownersin the Phils. COMELEC (73 SCRA 333)29.Executive Seretary Araneta vs. Tablarin vs. Secretary of DAR Section 25 Basco vs. Vera (65 PHIL112)33. Auditor General (15 SCRA 569) FUNDAMENTAL POWERS OF THE STATE POLICE POWER . vs. Daza vs. People vs. Society of Sisters Vitouso vs. Sanidad vs. Civil Service Commission Valmonte vs. Aquino (92 SCRA 642)27. Morato SEPARATION OF POWERS In Re: Manzano (166 SCRA 246)25. Angara vs. PAGCOR Limbona vs. Casibang vs. Pelaez vs.

Guerrero EPZA vs. De Castellvi Amigable vs. San Diego Ynot vs. Fajardo Republic vs. Court of Industrial Relations EQUAL PROTECTION Dumlao vs. Rodrigueza Section 3 . Secretary of Public Works Punsalan vs. V.M Realty Corp. Dulay Municipality of Paranaque vs. Drilon Ichong vs. Araneta Association of Small Landowners vs. Martinez DECS vs. Chinese Community of Manila Republic vs. Aquino ARTICLE III – THE BILL OF RIGHTS Section 1 DUE PROCESS OF LAW Ang Tibay vs.Philippine association of Service Exporters vs. Cuenca Philippine Press Institute vs. PLDT co. Del Rosario People vs. COMELEC Section 2 SEARCHES AND SEIZURES People vs. Ericta POWER OF EMINENT DOMAIN City of Manila vs. COMELEC Manosca vs CA Sumulong vs. People vs. Municipal Board of Manila LLADOC vs. Secretary of Agrarian Reform Lozano vs. Vda. Hernandez Lutz vs. POWER OF TAXATION Pascual vs. IAC City of Government of Quezon City vs. CIR Abra Valley College vs.

CA Section 4 FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION Reyes vs. CA Navarro vs. Feati Bank & Trust Co.PRIVACY OF COMMUNICATION AND CORRESPONDENCE Ramirez vs. CA Silverio vs CA Section 7 RIGHT TO INFORMATIOM Legaspi vs. Secretary of Justice Section 8 RIGHT TO FORM ASSOCIATIONS SSS Employees Association vs. Esteban Ortigas & Co. . Elizalde Rope Workers’ Union Section 10 NON-IMPAIRMENT CLAUSE Rutter vs. Civil Service Commission Echagaray vs. Partnership vs. Division Superitendentof Cebu Section 6 LIBERTY OF ABODE AND TRAVEL Manotoc vs. CA Victoriano vs. CA Section 5 FREEDOM OF RELIGION American Bible Society vs. Bagatsing ASSEMBLY AND PETITION Dela Cruz vs. City of Manila Ebralinag vs. Ltd.

People Section 17 RIGHT AGAINST SELF-INCRIMINATION Villaflor vs. Summers Pascual vs. Judge Sison Section 14 PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE People vs.Section 12 CUSTODIAL INVESTIGATION Gamboa vs. AND PUBLIC TRIAL People vs. IMPARTIAL. Fortes Baylon vs. Tee Section 15 SUSPENSION OF THE PRIVILEGE OF THE WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS Lansang vs. Secretary of Justice . Dramayo RIGHT TO SPEEDY. Garcia Section 16 RIGHT TO SPEEDY DISPOSITION OF CASES Padua vs. Dy Section 13 RIGHT TO BAIL People vs. Ericta Flores vs. Cruz People vs. Board of Medical Examiners Section 19 PROHIBITED PUNISHMENT People vs. Esparas Echagaray vs.

Lindayag Lozano vs. Balisacan . Obsania People vs. Martinez Section 21 DOUBLE JEOPARDY People vs.Section 20 NON-IMPRISONMENT FOR DEBT Serafin vs.

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