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11 Steps to Vibrant Health Energy

11 Steps to Vibrant Health Energy

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Published by: Othmane MEZIAN on Oct 13, 2011
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  • Introduction
  • – The Food & Pharmaceutical Industry “Conspiracy”
  • The Quality Of Our Lives Depends On The Quality Of Our Cells
  • IV – Positive, Directed Thinking
  • What Causes Specific Health Challenges?
  • Conclusions & Next Steps
  • Final Thoughts
  • Appendix I – About The Author
  • Appendix II – How Can I Tell Whether I Am Healthy?
  • Appendix III – Further reasons why our cells might break down
  • Appendix IV – ‘Getting Old’ Is A State Of Mind!

Vibrant Health & Energy

A revolutionary program GUARANTEED to produce extraordinary results and transform your health.

By Mark Anastasi

2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.


The writer of this material believes that a natural and holistic approach to health and maintaining a balance within the human body (our ‘inner terrain’) are of extreme importance in experiencing energy, vitality, and vibrant health throughout life. The author recognizes that within scientific and medical fields there are widely divergent viewpoints and opinions. This material is written for the express purpose of sharing educational information and scientific research gathered from the studies and experiences of the author, healthcare professionals, scientists, nutritionists and informed health advocates. None of the information contained in this eBook is intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease, nor is it intended to prescribe any of the techniques, materials or concepts presented as a form of treatment for any illness or medical condition. Before beginning any practice relating to health, diet or exercise, it is highly recommended that you first obtain the consent and advice of a licensed health care professional. The author assumes no responsibility for the choices you make after your review of the information contained herein and your consultation with a licensed healthcare professional. None of the statements in this article or in the book have been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), or the American Medical Association (AMA).

I would like to thank authors and public speakers Dr. Robert O. Young, Anthony Robbins, Joseph McClendon III, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Warren Borsje, and Peter Sage for being such inspirational leaders, for the courage and heart it took to share their message with the world, and for the impact their work has had on my life. Ever since walking on my life’s true path, living out my purpose, I have been showered with miracles every single day.

2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.


Disclaimer Acknowledgements Table of Contents Introduction An Investment In Yourself My Outcomes A Second Opinion Start Valuing Your Body Today It Is Time To Choose – Choose HEALTH The Current Disease Epidemic – Reaching Crisis Point Explanation Of The Current Crisis The Truth Is… You Are Out Of Balance Everything You Know About Health Is Wrong – The Food & Pharmaceutical Industry ‘Conspiracy’ Beware Of The Cultural Hypnosis Slaughter Of The Innocent How The Present-Day Legal Drug Cartel Was Born Doctors & The Medical Establishment – The Blind Leading The Blind The One True Cause Of Disease The Germ Theory Fallacy The Quality Of Our Lives Depends On The Quality Of Our Cells Our Cells Need IOxygen IIWater IIINutrients IVPositive, Directed Thinking VAn Alkalized Inner Terrain a. Dr. Young & The Ph Miracle™ b. The Importance Of Your Ph Balance c. How Do We Create Acid In Our Body? d. How To Get Back Into Balance – Cleansing & Alkalizing What Causes Specific Health Challenges? Conclusions & Next Steps Final Thoughts Appendix I – About The Author Appendix II – How Can I Tell Whether I Am Healthy? Appendix III – Further Reasons Why Our Cells Might Break Down Appendix IV – ‘Getting Old’ Is A State Of Mind!
2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.

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Doctors. for having an open mind.Introduction AN INVESTMENT IN YOURSELF I wish to congratulate you for making this investment in yourself. ask questions. I want you to be keenly aware that… IF YOU ARE READING THESE LINES RIGHT NOW… YOU ARE BLESSED! YOU ARE LUCKY BEYOND BELIEF & ABSOLUTELY BLESSED TO COME ACROSS THIS INFORMATION. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. Do your research. 4 . pharmacists. The majority of people choose to leave it in the hands of others. Please do your due diligence in regards to this information. Don’t simply take my word for it. It is a radical departure from what the current medical establishment preaches. Having said that. There are a lot of great resources available to you out there. You will have to decide who you are going to believe. drug companies… They avoid taking responsibility for the number ONE force they have to carry them through life – their own body. The Internet and word-of-mouth have proved to be the only two avenues open to us for getting the Truth out there. and educate yourself. Chances are. FOR IMMENSELY POWERFUL ECONOMIC INTERESTS ARE FIGHTING TOOTH AND NAIL TO KEEP IT SUPPRESSED. and for being willing to educate yourself about how you can improve your Health. It is meant to be a steppingstone towards gaining a full understanding on how you can experience vibrant health throughout your life. You will have to ask yourself: “What makes sense to me? What is common sense? What actually produces RESULTS?” This book was written to inform you of an alternative for treating – and curing – ailments and diseases than that espoused by the medical establishment. the information I will be sharing with you over the next 7 days is unlike ANYTHING you will have ever come across in your life so far.

see. You don’t have to take on board anything I say. the reader. A SECOND OPINION I understand that the material contained in this book is simply a point of view. getting sick. Free from disinformation and cultural hypnosis. It is my sincerest desire that you. 5 . Yet in a time of busy lifestyles and constant demands. and free from the fear of getting ill. and if you disagree. I leave it all up to you. Stop and think for a second about how magnificent the workings of your body truly are… Without you even having to think about it. But if you practice what I suggest for just 10 days… … I PROMISE YOU A TRANSFORMATION IN YOUR HEALTH AND IN THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE BEYOND ANYTHING YOU PREVIOUSLY THOUGHT POSSIBLE. what I will share with you goes completely against traditional medical dogma. nothing else matters. After all. taste… regulates your temperature… operates this incredibly powerful supercomputer called your brain… Your body is the result of billions of years of evolutionary perfection. we often neglect what we know is most important – only to regret our decisions when our lifestyle catches up with our health. smell. and despite all the demands you make of it. What I want to do is give you a second opinion. I KNOW this information will transform your life in the way it has countless others. START VALUING YOUR BODY TODAY! We all know that without our health. will in turn educate others about these fundamental principles for vibrant health and energy. An alternative. makes you hear. feel. It puts any man-made technology to shame. that is your right. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. your body produces billions of new cells every second. By reading this book my hope is that you will become FREE. A choice. getting old.MY OUTCOMES It is my absolute passion and mission in life to share the vital information contained herein with as many people as possible.

perfectly and delicately balanced self-healing organism. IT IS TIME TO CHOOSE – CHOOSE HEALTH Every moment of your life you have a CHOICE – what you put in your mouth. or Diabetes (these are preventable. but has not been diagnosed yet). Vibrant Health or Pain & Disease. still… we abuse it! Know this: you ALWAYS end up paying the price (or reaping the rewards) for your life choices. Cancer. 6 . 121 million people worldwide suffer from Depression. And yet most of us take this miracle completely for GRANTED! Worst. What do YOU choose? THE CURRENT DISEASE EPIDEMIC – REACHING CRISIS POINT Despite major advances in science and technology. drink alcohol. whether to exercise or not. 1 in 2 Americans will die of Heart Disease. RESPECT it. the human race has never been so diseased. eat meat… or not.4 million Americans are diagnosed with Diabetes (35% of the population has Diabetes. 18. Osteoporosis affects 28 million Americans. To NOT take care of your body is to reject LIFE. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. take drugs. 43 million Americans suffer from Arthritis. is a CHOICE. by the way). 42 million people in the world currently live with AIDS. 64% of the American population is overweight. • • • • • • • • 1 in 3 Americans will die of Cancer.It is a beautifully created. lifestyle-related and diet-related diseases. HONOUR your body. whether to smoke. Your body is your VESSEL OF LIFE. 95% of Americans will die of either Heart Disease. you will discover.

seeds .cereals (uncooked. that you are driving a 2-billion year old car. 7 .grasses .nuts . perfectly and delicately balanced self-healing organism. Cancer has gone from being the #8 cause of death in 1970 in the US to the #2 cause currently. Not 1 person has been cured by conventional means. per capita. organic. A child under the age of three has a 1 in 2 chance of developing Cancer in its lifetime. your body is the result of billions of years of evolutionary perfection. Despite spending more on health care.roots . Since the 70s. this car has been using fuel such as: .water . THE “2-BILLION YEAR-OLD CAR” METAPHOR Imagine if you will.4 trillion as of 2003. In the US – a 10 trillion-dollar economy – the cost of treating patients has reached an astronomical $1. An all-natural.If you are reading this right now and you lead the same lifestyle as the average person. It is a beautifully created. breathing car… For 2 billion years.fruits . This situation is quite simply horrific. and utterly unsustainable. than any other country in the world.herbs . and now Cancer is an epidemic. the US has spent more on fighting cancer than on anything else except landing a man on the moon.vegetables . THAT is your most probably outcome. WHAT IS GOING ON? WE HAVE AN EPIDEMIC ON OUR HANDS! WHY ISN’T ANYONE SAYING ANYTHING ABOUT THIS??! WHY DON’T WE HEAR ABOUT THIS EVERY DAY ON THE NEWS??? EXPLANATION OF THE CURRENT CRISIS As I mentioned previously. the United States are rated only 37th in the world in “overall health system performance” by the World Health Organization. and is the fastest growing sector of the economy. living. by the way – not processed until all their natural goodness is totally and utterly destroyed…) 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. Despite billions of dollars being spent on discovering drugs for Cancer.

suddenly. cheese. It was MADE from that stuff. coca-cola fats & oils cigarettes alcohol vinegar pharmaceutical drugs caffeine chemicals.000. What do you think would happen to this ‘vehicle’? THAT’S RIGHT – IT WOULD BREAK DOWN. white sugar. Better yet: an INSTANT ‘fix’. So you bring it to the mechanic. modern mixture of: sugar sweets biscuits crisps chocolate coffee. white flour. mind you…) Think about this carefully.000. pesticides. Then. after 2. So… that’s what the mechanic offers you. right? Now. you’re experiencing pain and are ‘immobilized’. ice-cream refined carbohydrates with ZERO nutritional value (white rice. MOREOVER. A ‘fix’.000 years… that car switches over to – for the last 100 years – a new.THAT’S the fuel it is used to. 8 . bread…) etc. you’ve got places to go. you are a busy person. pasta. tea. WHAT SHOULD YOU DO? 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. is it in the mechanic’s interest to resolve the SOURCE of the problem (your choice of fuel)? … or does he give you the instant fix that you want to get the car going again for a little bit? After all. and preservatives (loads of them) meat (loads of it) milk. you need this problem fixed as soon as possible… You even ask for a ‘fix’. (It’s not going to last. THAT’S the fuel its entire system is based upon.

You see. you won’t have mosquitoes for a little while. Something is unbalanced. THE ROOT of your health problems. far-from-natural – societies have the highest incidence of Cancer. Chronic Fatigue. ultimately. So… the most ‘modern’ societies are the sickliest on the planet. or clean the fuel tank and use a cleaner fuel? For every health challenge out there. But what about the SOURCE of the problem? THE “MOSQUITO & STALE POND” METAPHOR If you kill all the mosquitoes around a stale pond with DDT chemicals.. Diabetes. 9 . modern. FeelGood & pop a pill to make yourself feel all better again… Sure… take drugs to make the symptom go away. I wonder why. Heart Disease. Diseases are just warning signs of something very fundamental happening inside of you – something is out of kilter. Fibromyalgia… despite the billions spent on so-called ‘cures’ by the pharmaceutical industry.. Hmm. Multiple Sclerosis. all you ever hear in the media or from doctors (the ‘mechanic’) is: take this drug or that drug. disgusting pond where mosquitoes can find food and a propitious ground for laying their eggs – mosquitoes will come back! It’s the same with your body! You need to eradicate THE SOURCE. Arthritis. Deepak Chopra refers to this as “The violation of simple laws of nature that make our body function.What is the INTELLIGENT thing to do? Keep taking the car to the mechanic. any ailment you experience comes from a breakdown within your body. Simply go to Dr.” The richest – read: most industrialized. Osteoposis. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. But since the SOURCE of the problem is still there – the stale. Interesting.

And yet you’ll rarely hear this in the media. 10 . if the delicate balance of our body’s systems are taken ‘out of whack’ because of our modern. And it ain’t pretty. How come? I’m about to give you the shocking answer. personal care products. air. rest. we experience DISEASE. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. The “holistic”. exercise. etc. “alternative” ways of treating people have been around for thousands of years. “complimentary”. water. Our diseases are nothing but a SYMPTOM of this imbalance. and they absolutely WORK. and medication we ingest and use. Lead a healthy lifestyle and there is practically NO chance you’ll ever suffer any of the ailments mentioned above. unnatural lifestyle.) you will put your body back into balance – that’s what holistic medicine is all about. In as simple a language as possible. What you will soon discover through these pages is that those ailments are all lifestyle and nutrition-related. There are on average over 300 synthetic industrial chemicals present in our bodies that did not exist 50 years ago… We are filled with toxins from the food. If you adopt a healthy lifestyle (healthy diet & mindset. cleanse & detoxify.THE TRUTH IS… YOU ARE OUT OF BALANCE We now live a ‘far-from-natural’ lifestyle.

The truth has been with us for thousands of years. Health. radio stations. germs. Do NOT believe ANYTHING the media tell you. viruses… Our society as a whole has been led to believe that most sickness and disease comes from external agents “attacking” our body. Keeping people afraid SELLS! It sells medicine. It sells newspapers. It is total manipulation. I’m here to remind you of the truth… YOU ARE NOT FRAGILE. however. We have been conditioned to believe that drugs are the answer to disease. in the name of profit – it is in certain people’s interest that we feel vulnerable. It increases TV news’ ratings… Television stations. newspapers and magazines are paid billions in advertising to condition us a certain way. You see. Yup. For example. We have been conditioned to believe that things are happening to us.Everything You Know About Health is Wrong – The Food & Pharmaceutical Industry “Conspiracy” BEWARE OF THE CULTURAL HYPNOSIS We live in a cultural hypnosis that has taught us that we are fragile. fear will make us buy and consume just about anything. You are the end result of tens of thousands of generations of human beings. We are genetically programmed to be utterly HEALTHY and to THRIVE. and is also lost from within. 11 . 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. This is simply not true. The truth is that health comes from within. It has been swept under the carpet. the pinnacle of evolutionary perfection… You are a ‘genetic champion’! Most of us believe that our bodies are constantly under attack by bugs. The truth is that our natural state is one of Strength. the cure for cancer is just around the corner… This charade has been going on for 50 years. and Energy. We have been conditioned to feel “in danger”. every other week it seems that I hear on the news how this drug company or that drug company is just about to discover a cure for cancer.

etc. but never deal with the SOURCE of the disease. AIDS. Make no mistake.SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENT The root cause. Pharmaceutical companies will NEVER discover a cure for Cancer. After this there is no turning back. That’s where it all happens. It is a sad fact. 12 . you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. you stay in Wonderland and I’ll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. and it is costing trillions of dollars and millions of Americans’ lives. Have you seen the film “The Matrix”? Millions of human beings that THINK they are experiencing reality. and exploited. Remember: your ‘dis-ease’ is a symptom of something very fundamental happening within you. the surface cause of your discomfort. the symptom. or Diabetes. the story ends. If you take the blue pill. This is the most incredibly disgusting deception ever inflicted upon the unsuspecting American public. but 99% of people out there are completely asleep. You see. Oblivious to what is really going on. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. when in fact they are living an illusion whilst locked up. it’s MUCH more profitable this way… Cancer is allowed to reach epidemic proportions for no other reason than the billions of dollars the pharmaceutical industry is earning from it. Drugs deal with the short-term effect. I am about to give you the red pill/blue pill choice… “This is your last chance. in ‘The Matrix’. It is not in their interest at all to discover a cure for your disease. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on finding treatments for SYMPTOMS of diseases. ‘harvested’. They are raking in billions every year from selling you consumable products to treat symptoms. They want us to keep applying an ‘ointment’ on the symptoms. the real source of the problem is the way you live your life. If you take the red pill.” – Morpheus. Products that you have to buy over and over again every day of your life until the day you die. A cancer cure would instantly wipe out billions from their profits! Our lives are being sacrificed so that the food and pharmaceutical industries may make more money. Ignorant.

Here follows what Mr. There are two major problems with medicine today: the way R&D dollars are spent. So the packaged food companies follow the rule of “OK. so much. how do we get them to consume more?” The food industry. They don’t want to damage their career. but who are the sponsors of all the TV shows you see? Fast food and packaged foods companies… They have enormous influence over TV channels’ editorial choices. is worth $1 trillion (the entire US economy = $10 trillion).And no one says anything. by the way. They go to Med School. You see. in the knowledge that the food business was causing the problem. holistic treatments. The reason is that doctors are totally dependent on technology. They spend $1. It gets worse – now. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. and the fact we are spending ‘other people’s money’ when it comes to healthcare. even going as far as lobbying the European Commission to pass laws banning vitamin and supplement companies! Our health is being taken hostage! The noted economist Paul Zane Pilzer. In fact. and natural remedies and cures mean bad business for the drug cartel. the healthier you get. Pilzer had to say to delegates of a network marketing business in 2001: “When I started looking at the packaged foods companies. They don’t eat this kind of junk. the less money the medico-pharmaceutical establishment makes. exposes and blames the processed food and pharmaceutical companies for the current sad state of affairs when it comes to America’s health problems. they teach them about the things they want to sell to them. I could start to see what the problem was.paulzanepilzer. the pharmaceutical industry and medical establishment are doing EVERYTHING in their power to discredit 3. 13 .000-year old science. in his excellent book “The Next Trillion Dollar Economy” (www. they learn all these wonderful things – half of which are obsolete by the time they’re out of school! So they’re dependent on the medical/pharmaceutical companies to teach them new things. I then started looking at the medical business. but the physician. prevention. And they don’t teach them openly about new things. Hollywood actors and actresses know not to publicize their diet habits when they endorse these products. a healthy lifestyle.3 trillion. Increased awareness. we’ve got these customers.com). The medical companies made the food companies look like Mother Theresa. it’s much easier and cheaper to sell additional products to an existing customer than it is to sell to a new customer. and they target their own market – not the consumer.

So you go for a consumable product. Or… you can make a product that treats a symptom of the disease for $1 a day for the rest of that person’s life. That applies to any treatment. they’ve totally ignored “Wellness”. Your company is interested in keeping you healthy and productive. insurance companies). But the effect is 10 times worse. Where do you spend your money? They didn’t hire you to be Mother Theresa! They hired you to sit on the Board and help the company make money. It’s like a conspiracy. 14 . which is why we spend $1. stopping smoking. It’s not like the medical companies and the food companies get together in a meeting. that’s worse than any conspiracy. No one voluntarily becomes a customer. Worst part of all: when it comes to going to your physician / health system for weight loss.” . At present rates of increase by 2050 it will surpass US GDP. Really the entire medical business is what I call “The Sickness Business”. And yet we spend 1/7 of our economy on it and it is our fastest-growing sector. but not over the long-term.3 trillion on these. It’s the fastest-growing segment of the US economy.If you sit on the board of one of these pharmaceutical companies. Our Health Insurance system is breaking down. Today people work 4-5 years in each company. Think about it! Somebody’s entrusted you with their money to make the most return. it’s not covered. People and doctors are spending other people’s money on treatment and healthcare (government.Paul Zane Pilzer 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. anything to do with “Wellness”. because this conspiracy is governed by the laws of economics. nutrition. Something is going to have to break in such a system. you’re not there to help the world. no one wants to stay a customer. 90% of our pharmaceutical sales are from “maintenance” drugs that you take for the rest of your life. They only cover “treating the disease”. Meanwhile. You can make a product that cures a disease! Cost: $100. So we’ve seen the entire medical business shift to treating symptoms versus curing diseases. ahead of your competitors. Virtually all R&D money goes into products that treat symptoms of a disease. of course not. as opposed to a drug that cures the disease. And you decide every day on where the Board is going to spend the money for R&D of new medical services and products. hopefully for the rest of the life of a patient. Each of us seeking our individual gains has caused a terrible collision here.

I urge you to visit the website to find out more. The Columbia Publishing House. in which the local power company bought a large advertisement every week.org/fc/drugstory. Naprapaths. HOW THE PRESENT-DAY LEGAL DRUG CARTEL WAS BORN I wish to share with you an eye-opening report on how this all came about. and The House of Rockefeller. This account took quite a lot of worry off Bealle' s shoulders when the bills came due. and Morris Bealle received the dressing down of his life from the advertising agency which handled the power company' s account. you never read about it in the big newspapers. Bealle Essay by Hans Ruesch http://educate-yourself. Christian Scientists. live the truth. in 1949. and he decided to get out of the newspaper business. Faith Healers. Or maybe you are ready to take responsibility. Bealle. But according to Bealle' s own story. was just a prime example of the silent but adamant censorship in force in 'the Land of the Free 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. Spiritualists. They told him that any more such 'stepping out of line' would result in the immediate cancellation not only of the advertising contract.shtml "The truth about cures without drugs is suppressed.If you want to play into their hands. and be free from all dis-ease? The choice. unless it suits the purpose of the censor to garble it. GO AHEAD AND INGEST FOODSTUFFS THAT ARE KILLING YOU.The Drug Story.. Morris A. The Drug Story By Morris A. That' s when Bealle' s eyes were opened to the meaning of a 'free press'. Naturopaths. Herbalists. Whether these cures are effected by chiropractors. but not all newspaper editors are that lucky. Osteopaths. Washington D. The fact that in spite of his familiarity with the editorial world and many important personal contacts he couldn't get his revelations into print until he founded his own company. a former city editor of the old Washington Times and Herald. but also of the gas company and the telephone company. as always. was running a county seat newspaper. or MDs who use the brains they have.C. He could afford to do that because he belonged to the landed gentry of Maryland. Bealle used his professional experience to do some deep digging into the freedom-of-the-press situation and came up with two shattering exposes ." In the 30's. 15 . one day the paper took up the cudgels for some of its readers that were being given poor service from the power company. AND THEN MAKE PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES RICHER BY HAVING THEM TREAT SYMPTOMS OF THE DISEASES YOU’VE CREATED THROUGH YOUR LIFESTYLE. is yours.

to the tune of over 200 million 'shots'. ete. Not the least of its holdings are in the drug business. it was already in its 33rd printing.433 of Rockefeller's Drug Trust money. Although The Drug Story is one of the most important books on health and politics ever to appear in the USA. when we first got to read it.842.418.106 . asked Bealle.' And while 'giving away' those huge sums to drug propagandizing colleges. but were actually forcing drug trust poisons into the blood streams of American soldiers. That was during the luscious war years when the Army Surgeon General's Office and the Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery were not only acting as promoters for the Drug Trust. and they total somewhat over half a billion dollars. and use all of their other interests to bring pressure to increase the sale of drugs. etc. Orem.072. another Rockefeller controlled company. of course.371..719 after taxes. Otherwise there would be no more gifts. teach their students all the drug lore the Rockefeller pharmaceutical houses want taught. Squibb.463. Louis $2. the Federal Trade Commission. just as there are no gifts to any of the 30 odd colleges in the United States that don't use therapies based on drugs. reported Bealle. Utah. as ruthless an industrial pirate as ever came down the pike. the Better Business Bureau.531. in 1945 made not 6% but 576% on the actual value of its property. built up and developed the most far-reaching industrial empire ever conceived in the mind of man. As Bealle pointed out. under a different label . the main cog and largest holding company in the Rockefeller Drug Empire and its 68 subsidiaries. The story of Old John D. the Army Medical Corps. and was sold exclusively by mail. Washington University in St.a 54% profit. These colleges.132. the Rockefeller interests were growing to a world-wide web that no one could entirely explore. The keystone of this mammoth industrial empire was the Chase NationaI Bank. Nevertheless. but is being today conveniently ignored. Public Health Service. has received $8. Sterling Drug. now renamed the Chase Manhattan Bank. a business which makes 6% on its invested capital is considered a sound money maker. Already well over 30 years ago it was large enough for Bealle to demonstrate that the Rockefeller interests had created. sailors and marines.S. that the Rockefellers. in the 1970s.. is well known. the U. New York's Columbia University $5.. Is it any wonder. should combine to put out of business all forms of therapy that discourage the use of drugs.and the Home of the Brave'. 'itemizes the gifts it has made to colleges and public agencies in the past 44 years. on net assets of $43. Cornell University $1. Yale got $7 . 'Harvard. 'The last annual report of the Rockefeller Foundation'. and thousands of health officers all over the country. The fact that most of 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. Johns Hopkins $10. and their stooges in the Food and Drug Administration.108.424. Inc. it has never been admitted to a major bookstore nor reviewed by any establishment paper.800. 16 .927.Biworld Publishers. The Rockefellers own the largest drug manufacturing combine in the world.764. Standard Oil was of course the foundation upon which all of the other Rockefeller industries have been built. with its well publicized medical school. showed operating profits in 1961 of $23.709. the Navy Bureau of Medicine.

It was thus easy for the Rockefeller Trust to persuade the Associated Press Science Editor to adopt a policy which would not permit any medical news to clear that is not approved by the Drug Trust 'expert'.then and even more recklessly now.. 'and there is no reason for a news editor to suspect that a story coming over the wires of the Associated Press.' Bealle pointed out. with a view to turning it into a population of drug and medico dependents. M. AIDS.000 separate drug items on the market are harmful is of no concern to the Drug Trust..374. Emanuel M.104.. which go out brazenly over the wires to all daily newspapers in America and abroad. Of this staggering sum the interlocking Rockefeller-Morgan interests (gone over entirely to Rockefeller after Morgan' s death) controlled about 80 percent. Therefore.the 12. A compilation of the magazine Advertising Age showed that as far back as 1948 the larger companies in America spent for advertising the sum total of $1.' In fact in the '50s the Drug Trust had one of its directors on the directorate of the Associated Press. or those presented before a body of scientific peers. when the dollar was still worth a dollar and not half a zloty. So the stage was set for the 'education' of the American public. This accounts to this day for the many fake stories of serums and medical cures and just-around-the-corner breakthrough victories over cancer. publisher of the New York Times and as such one of the most powerful Associated Press directors.224. It is therefore not surprising that the House of Rockefeller has had its own 'nominees' planted in all Federal agencies that have to do with health.' 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. He was no less than Arthur Hays Sulzberger. 'Even the most independent newspapers are dependent on their press associations for their national news. 17 . pointed out that the National Association of Science Writers was 'persuaded' to adopt as part of its code of ethics the following chestnut: 'Science editors are incapable of judging the facts of phenomena involved in medical and scientific discovery. the influence the advertising revenues had on the media makers. and this censor is not going to approve any item that can in any way hurt the sale of drugs.D. and utilized it to manipulate public information on health and drug matters . ostensibly to supplement the General Education Fund. Yet this is what happens constantly. An organization called the Rockefeller Foundation. diabetes. the United Press or the International News Service is censored when it concerns health matters. with the early help of the parents and the schools. 1913. last but not least. then with direct advertising and. whom the Drug Trust has been unable to intimidate despite many attempts. multiple sclerosis. Josephson. they only report 'discoveries' approved by medical authorities. was formed in 1910 and through long finagling and lots of Rockefeller money got the New York legislature to issue a charter on May 14. The Rockefeller Foundation was first set up in 1904 and called the General Education Fund.

500 'science writers' on its list. As Morris Bealle pointed out.. Confronted with government bulletins to the contrary. Spiritualists. Faith Healers. Christian Scientists. 18 . Whether these cures are effected by Chiropractors. When the FDA. it is their considered opinion that it has no therapeutic value. which can be obtained only with clean air and wholesome food. Adolphus Hohensee of Scranton. and furnishes the quack doctors to testify that even when they know nothing of the product involved. was taken to court for 'misbranding' his product. especially among children. Children are now given 'shots' for this and 'shots' for that. In one case. has to put an independent operator out of business. unless it suits the purpose of the censor to garble it. America's biggest publisher. who had stated that vitamins (he used natural ones) were vital to good health. although according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 1.5 million people landed in hospitals in 1978 because of medication side effects in the U. the American Medical Association (AMA) is the front for the Drug Trust. The American Medical Association furnished ten medicos who reversed all known medical theories by testifying that 'vitamins are not necessary to the human body'.This explains why Bantam Books. a Dr. Osteopaths. it goes all out to execute those orders. alone. when the only safeguard known to science is a pure bloodstream. Thus newspapers continue to be fed with propaganda about drugs and their alleged value. But the orders do not come directly from Standard Oil or a drug house director. you never read about it in the big newspapers. Pa.S. the medicos wiggled out of that one by declaring that these standard publications were outdated!' 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. or MDs who use the brains they have. whose officials have to be acceptable to Rockefeller Center before they are appointed. vaccinating and serumizing the human system. the health of the American nation has sharply declined. To teach the Rockefeller drug ideology. Herbalists. Meaning by natural and inexpensive means. made a colossal mistake in its initial enthusiasm and optimism sending review copies of SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENT to the 3. The truth about cures without drugs is suppressed. these Drug Trust persecutions leave no stone unturned to destroy the victim. One single censor decreed NO and SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENT sank in silence. But statistics issued by the Children's Bureau of the Federal Security Agency show that since the all-out drive of the Drug Trust for drugging. and despite recurrent statements by intelligent and courageous medical men that most pharmaceutical items on sale are useless at best. instead of addressing them to the literary book reviewers who are not subject to medical censorship. Wrote Bealle: 'Financed by the taxpayers. Just what the Drug Trust most objects to. Naturopaths. If he is a small operator. it is necessary to teach that Nature didn't know what she was doing when she made the human body. the resulting attorney's fees and court costs put him out of business. but more often harmful or deadly in the long run. Naprapaths.

Surgeon General of the Air Force. When Bealle revealed this fact. of Niagara Falls. Rockefeller' s various 'educational' activities had proved so profitable in the U S.6) ever made by a doctor taking the Connecticut State Board examination.D. The medico drug cartel was summed up by J. that in 1927 the International Educational Board was launched. which was making huge profits from its drug traffic. To the important post at the head of this agency. as Junior' s 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. The National Academy of Sciences in Washington is considered the all-wise body which investigates everything under the sun. Every sanitarium who attempts to restore the sick to a state of health by natural means without resort to the knife or poisonous drugs. the Palmer Institute Chiropractic in Davenport a minimum of 4. In 1958. 19 . Federal Trade Commission. Every practitioner of the healing art who does not ally himself with the medical trust is denounced as a 'dangerous quack' and impostor by the predatory trust doctors.. Navy Bureau of Medicine & Surgery. Bronk. M. took the basic science examination of the Connecticut State Board along with 63 medics and osteopaths. deadly toxins or vaccines..000 hours each to qualify for a degree.S. disease imparting serums. is at once pounced upon by these medical tyrants and fanatics.W Hodge. frauds and humbugs.000 60-minute classroom hours. the University of Natural Healing Arts in Denver five years of 1.the real reason being that they cure their patients without the use of drugs. vilified and persecuted to the fullest extent.. Any and all methods of healing the sick by means of safe. Grimaldi. He made the highest mark (91. National Research Council. He was none other than Alfred N. National Health Research Institute.326 classroom hours for graduation. Richards resigned forthwith. simple and natural remedies are sure to be assailed and denounced by the arrogant leaders of the AMA doctors' trust as fakes. National Academy of Sciences. euphemistically called the American Medical Association.496 hours.In addition to the FDA. Nicholas P.Y. Yet the medico drug cartel spreads the propaganda that the practitioners of these three 'heretic' sciences are poorly trained or not trained at all . dangerous and despotic organization which ever managed a free people in this or any other age. and gives to a palpitating public the last word in that science. The National College of Naprapathy in Chicago requires 4.' The Lincoln Chiropractic College in Indianapolis requires 4. U. N. Richards. one of those 'ill trained' doctors. but the most arrogant.i.e. Public Health Service. and the Rockefellers appointed in his place the President of their own Rockefeller Institution. especially in the field of health. the Drug Trust had one of their own appointed. in these words: 'The medical monopoly or medical trust.S. with the health of the Drug Trust to the detriment of the citizens as being dependent on Rockefeller: U. bitterly denounced. who had just graduated from the Lincoln Chiropractic College. Veterans Administration. Bealle listed the following agencies having to do with 'health' . Army Surgeon General's Office. one of the directors and largest stockholders of Merck & Company. Detlev W. is not merely the meanest monopoly ever organized.

Rockefeller in her 'History of the Standard Oil Company'. nor of Junior. money as an end.. And he calls his great organization a benefaction. There is but one name for it – hypocrisy. and points to his church-going and charities as proof of his righteousness. as well as his business practices. with all the usual strings attached.000 into 'westernizing' (read: corrupting) Chinese medicine. through the front door. which had to be replaced constantly with new ones. 20 . this money maniac secretly.. How was this achieved? 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. personal charity. The Rockefeller Foundation invested up to $45. Nobody informed the beneficiaries that every penny the Rockefellers seemed to be throwing out the window would come back. 'No candid study of his career can lead to other conclusion than that he is victim of perhaps the ugliest of all passions. ' This was the description Ida Tarbell made of John D.own. Medical colleges were instructed that if they wished to benefit from the Rockefeller largesse they had better convince 500 million Chinese to throw into the ashcan the safe and useful but inexpensive herbal remedies of their barefoot doctors. and endowed with $21. patiently. bearing substantial interest. in America or abroad. Its millenarian effectiveness proven on human beings was of no concern to the Western wizards. who had followed in his father' s footsteps.. He has turned commerce to war.000.. It is not a pleasant picture. when the fatal side effects could no longer be concealed. that for money. Today's various encyclopedias extant in public libraries of the Western world have nothing but praise for the Family. nor of Junior' s four sons who all endeavored to emulate their illustrious forbears. and if they couldn't 'demonstrate' through large-scale animal experiments the effectiveness of their ancient acupuncture. And that was several years before the 'Ludlow Massacre'.. eternally plotting how he may add to his wealth. serialized in 1905 in the widely circulated McClure's Magazine. So he put up money to establish the China Medical Board and to build the Peking Union Medical College. this could not be recognized as having any 'scientific value'. to be lavished on foreign universities and politicos. a single criticism of JDR. in favor of the expensive carcinogenic and teratogenic 'miracle' drugs Made in USA. India and Latin America. so JDR was as yet far from having reached the apex of his disrepute. This Board undertook to export the 'new' Rockefeller image as a benefactor of mankind.000. This is supreme wrong-doing cloaked by religion.000 for a starter. Rockefeller had always had a particular interest in China. playing the role of the Great White Father who has come to dispense knowledge on his lowly children. and honey-combed it with cruel and corrupt practices.... the Rockefellers suddenly lost interest in the health of the Chinese people and shifted their attention increasingly to Japan. But after World War II it would have been hard to read. which had withstood the test of centuries.. where Standard Oil was almost the sole supplier of kerosene and oil 'for the lamps of China'. But when the Communists came to power in China and it was no longer possible to trade.

churches and benevolent organizations.the Time & Life Building. the Harrimann family and other members and allies of the House. Via Motta 51-CH 6900.” 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. Fall-Winter 1993 CIVIS: POB 152. Rockefeller was also co-owner of Time's 'rival' magazine.eurosolve. and built for them an expensive 14 story home of their own in Rockefeller Center . Indeed. the massacre of foreign immigrants for the dazzling display of generosity and philanthropy financed by the ballooning Rockefeller fortune and going out. […]” Taken from the CIVIS Foundation Report number 15. The plan was accepted. for in the days of the gold standard and the five-cent cigar there was a maxim in every newspaper office that a million dollars was always news. which Henry Luce started in 1923. 21 . For all his innate cynicism. hospitals. who got the tough assignment of whitewashing the tycoon' s bloodied image. JDR must have been himself surprised to discover how easily the so-called intellectuals could be bought. he came with a plan to donate large sums – none less than a million – to well known colleges. to various 'worthy' institutions. Switzerland Originally web posted at: http://www. Newsweek. By founding and lavishly endowing his Education Boards at home and abroad. starting with the Medical Power – the organization that forms those priests of the New Religion that are the modern medicine men. When Morgan died and his financial empire crumbled.[…] The worldwide revulsion that followed [The Ludlow Massacre] was such that JDR decided to hire the most talented press agent in the country. That was the beginning of the cleverly worded medical reports on new 'miracle' drugs and 'just-around-the-corner breakthroughs' planted in the leading news offices and press associations that continue to this day. Rockefeller won control not only of the governments and politicos but also of the intellectual and scientific community. together with its sisters Fortune and Life. with thunderous press fanfare. had been taken over by J. Ivy Lee.com/charity/bava/story.P. and the flighty public soon forgot. or forgave. And they made headlines all over the world. So were the millions. the House of Rockefeller wasted no time in taking over this lush editorial plum also. Morgan when the magazine got into financial difficulties. which had been established in the early days of the New Deal with money put up by Rockefeller. but whole newspapers were bought. not only newsmen. Massagno/Lugano. they turned out to be among his best investments. So Time Magazine. No Pulitzer or Nobel or any similar prize endowed with money and prestige has ever been awarded to a declared foe of the Rockefeller system. financed or founded with Rockefeller money. In the following years. Vincent Astor. When Lee learned that the newly organized Rockefeller Foundation had $100 million lying around for promotional purposes without knowing what to do with it.htm “If you’re not absolutely outraged… you haven’t been paying attention.

000 Americans a year! They are the 3rd leading cause of death in the U. Medical School is an incredibly de-humanising process. It is an intentionally gruelling process. 22 . and that the only solution is medicine and surgery – if we’re lucky. We do not feel empowered about our health and we place it in the hands of ‘experts’ in the hope that when we get ill. Doctors care immensely. It is unbelievable what students go through out of their desire to help others.htm to read the relevant article) WAKE UP!!! We are being medically treated in a way that endangers our health. designed to physically push the weaker students over the edge. and families – to help people recover from disease in the only way they know how. We are led to believe that germs and viruses cause disease. (Click on http://www.Doctors & The Medical Establishment – The Blind Leading The Blind On average 100.com/2000/jul/30/doctors_death. and they will give their heart and soul – at the expense of their own health. They want to ensure that as a doctor you will be able to take the pressure in a real life-or-death situation and that you won’t “trip up”.mercola. wellbeing. they will be able to help us get healthy again.000 Americans die each year from CORRECTLY PRESCRIBED PHARMACEUTICAL MEDICATIONS! The medical profession and their pseudo-scientific dogma kills 250. for no good reason. Hardly a wholesome learning environment! They are given more work than they could possibly do. After all WE don’t know what to do. so isn’t it a good thing that we have all these experts and drugs researchers out there to tell us what to do? Don’t get me wrong. The professed solution: avoid or ‘kill’ the germs and maybe you can avoid the disease… We are taught that illnesses like cancer and diabetes just show up. and they learn early on to be dependent on chemicals to stay up late to study… 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.S! And yet over 50% of Americans ingest at least one pharmaceutical drug each day.

according to the American Medical Association.Students have no time to stop and ask themselves if what they are learning makes any sense to them. On top of all that. doctors rarely have time to further their education. we allow these salespeople to become our Health Gurus even though they patently have other interests other than our wellbeing! 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. This means that a doctor leaving school today knows 50% more about medicine than someone who left 4 years ago. But as soon as the doctor is done. and a knack for ‘thinking outside the box’. pump the fluids out. as he’s walking by a stream. Some would freeze. perform CPR. a doctor hears someone yell ‘Help! Help!’ Someone is drowning! Most people would walk past and get some help. These traits are all but trained out of doctors by the time they leave medical school. Anthony Robbins tells a good metaphor for “being a doctor”: “One day. The person survives. As a result such doctors are rare. do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation…. we ‘The Consumers’ if you like. It takes a long time for medical convention to accept anything ‘holistic’ or ‘new’ and doctors who stick their necks out publicly to examine or recommend anything ‘unconventional’ are risking their reputation. guess what he hears coming from the river? TWO yells going ‘Help!’ Then 4 more yells! 8 more yells! In fact. With so many patients to see. A doctor would jump right in. And then they are too busy rushing around trying to save people’s lives. the half-life of the current medical education is 4 years. 23 . How do doctors keep ‘up to date’? Doctors are primarily educated about new advances in medicine by the drug companies’ salesmen! Similarly. They just learn it all by heart. drag them out. Not a doctor. are constantly being told what to believe – usually through advertising by the pharmaceutical companies interested in selling their drugs! As doctors and patients. not knowing what to do. for a doctor to opt out of the conventional way of thinking and search for what really helps people. the doctor is so busy he never has time to go upstream to see who’s throwing them in…” It takes a great deal of courage.

all he could do was tell his patients to go home. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. that’s true.GOD’S POINT OF VIEW The most extraordinary book I have ever read is “Conversations With God”. It does it because it is scared. Do you want to hear what God has to say about the modern medical establishment? God: “What if I told you your own medical profession holds back cures. But doctoring and politicking have become institutionalized. by Neale Donald Walsch. yet it is insidious. No doctor wants to deny a cure. Faced with a shortage of drugs in his city one day. and drink lots of fluids. WITHOUT ANY MEDICINE! This caused him to question some of his beliefs. sometimes even unwittingly. In yet another example of how they operate. I know that’s the populist view. to admit that certain alternate modalities might just provide some healing. He began to ask new questions. to give you just one very simple and obvious example. refuses to approve alternative medicines and procedures because they threaten the very structure of the “healing” profession?” Author. doctors in the West deny the healing efficacies of doctors in the East because to accept them. THE ONE TRUE CAUSE OF DISEASE I shared with you already how the ‘Rockefeller gang’ (read: ‘medical establishment’) regularly squashes any dissent and contrarian thinking. Book 1.” God: “No individual doctor. He had been fortunate enough to escape his ‘conditioning’. Miracle of miracles. The profession doesn’t do this because it is evil.” Excerpts from Conversations With God. but I can’t believe it’s actually true. and it’s the institutions that fight these things. these people got well. by Neale Donald Walsch (go buy this book… now). This is not malevolent. And so. which only produced more doubt. as well as question his traditional medical education. rest. Neale Donald Walsch: “I’d have a hard time with that. but inevitably… because to those institutions it’s a matter of survival. 24 . and drove him to look at other possibilities. sometimes very subtly. would be to tear at the very fabric of the institution as it has structured itself. Isaac Jennings. Anthony Robbins relates in his “Living Health” seminar the story of Dr. a famous allopathic medical doctor in the late 1890s.

(1940) People throughout history have practiced the fundamental principles of “Natural Hygiene” to attain better health. Your body will use up every ounce of energy to fight the poison. your body would respond by doing whatever it could to get it out of the body in the fastest way possible through any elimination channel available. burping. fever. irritations. disease is due to a “Deficiency of Force” THINK ABOUT THIS – If you took a poison and put it into your bloodstream. He had began to notice that his patients were just ‘run down’ (they lacked strength. Unfortunately the rise of modern medicine threw the baby out with the bath water. M. kidney problems. Question: do you know of any disease that does not have these symptoms? 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. and ridiculed by “The Establishment” (funded by the pharmaceutical industry). Interesting how.) “Twenty-five years in which I used prescribed drugs. You might experience headaches. Dr. should make my belief that drugs are unnecessary and in most cases injurious. joint pains. fatigue. to preserve the integrity of your system – throwing up.D. our first reaction as soon as we get unwell is to rush to the doctor and inject a load of toxic chemicals into our bloodstream.He decided to conduct an experiment – he was going to treat people just with some instructions about their lifestyle. drink loads of fluids to cleanse your system.) (Now. low energy. And yet. diarrhoea. and placebos (i. etc. instead of winning a Nobel prize for his discoveries.e. WITHOUT the use of medicine. though. fake pills filled with coloured water. so he simply told his patients to do things that would allow them to build up some nerve energy (rest. acne. Dr. Jennings was violently attacked. Tilden. whilst telling the patient that it is medicine that will certainly make them better). sweat. energy). convulsions.” . sued... Jenning’s results with his patients were simply astounding. inability to sleep. 25 . we ALL know that our body heals itself. According to Jennings. worth something to those who care to know the truth. exercise. etc. etc.John H. and 33 years in which I have not used prescribed drugs.

But no matter what happens. The bowels & the colon. and you’re pushing them back in! Most of us mistakenly think that the symptom IS the illness. when in fact it is the CURE to THE REAL PROBLEM! Step 5: Because we’ve bought into this whole cultural hypnosis. The urinary tract) Step 3: Your nerve energy drops. What you truly need to examine is THE SOURCE of the disease. So one of the first things that shuts down is your process of elimination. and your toxin levels build up. and then start to take care of ourselves in the simple manner prescribed here. and as a result you develop a lowered level of resistance (“enervation”). waste builds up inside of you. THAT YOUR BODY LACKS THE ENERGY TO ELIMINATE! Any ‘dis-ease’ that you are experiencing is nothing but your body trying to find some way to get rid of the poisons you put into your system through your lifestyle. it no longer has the energy to protect and heal itself! What really causes us to become ill is therefore a ‘Deficiency of Force’. Jennings found that when the natural strength and energy of the body is depleted. Your ‘disease’ is nothing but a symptom – a critical sign that all is not right with your body. 26 . we ingest more chemical toxins and we try to stop these poisons from coming out of our body! These are poisons trying to get out of your system. “disease” would be seen for what it really is – a warning sign that our bodies are at threshold and need looking after. (The 4 avenues of elimination are the skin. over-exert yourself. Instead we are trained to stop the flow of poison out of the body! We are conditioned to think that the flow of poison is the disease itself and that if the flow of poison is quickly and artificially stopped then we have cured the disease. Step 2: Your body does not have enough energy to make everything work (a “Deficiency of Force”). or not allowing it out of the body. more build-up of toxins and eventually… A MAJOR HEALTH PROBLEM! THE SYMPTOMS OF DISEASE ARE THE SAME AS THE SYMPTOMS OF POISONING – BECAUSE DISEASE IS THE RESULT OF AN OVERLOAD OF POISONS IN THE SYSTEM. At this point the body’s integrity is being challenged. overeat junk food (that has no real nutritional value). The lungs and respiratory tract. play hard. Pushing all that poison back in. Your body has to react or else you are not going to survive.This is how disease occurs: Step 1: You work hard. When you are not eliminating efficiently. Step 4: Your body will do whatever it can to get rid of the poison (toxins) – this is what most people term ‘DISEASE’. If we would only let the toxins out of the body. can only result in one thing – more enervation. it must constantly make your heart pump and your blood flow. You lack the energy to eliminate the poisons and defend yourself from disease! 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.

unless you create an environment that attracts an overabundance of them. The entire medical and pharmaceutical establishment is based on this erroneous theory. then fear an unhealthy lifestyle! 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. “There’s the cause of disease!” From then on everyone has operated on the mistaken supposition that germs and viruses cause disease. The germ theory had taken hold and moved into mainstream science. then you will get ill. Now.THE ‘GERM THEORY’ FALLACY We’ve been taught that germs cause disease. because they are nature’s way of ‘cleaning up’. And so he concluded. 27 . Pasteur had made a classic scientific error –‘correlation is not causation’ i. on his deathbed later admitted that he was wrong about germs causing illness.e. if you throw those same seeds in a dirty muddy field on the other hand… The ‘Rats & Trash’ Metaphor: Put a bunch of rats in a clean. You have to create an environment where they can multiply. you need germs. You really don’t have to be afraid of “bugs”. The truth is. where there is no food… and they won’t be sticking around for long! Rats are attracted to a certain place only when there's junk there for them to feed on! They then grow. If you create an environment where germs proliferate to a tipping point of imbalance. then you are going to be ‘diseased’. The ‘Seeds On A Clean Surface’ Metaphor: If you throw seeds on a nice. He had noticed with his microscope that when you opened up dead people. clean floor… they won’t take root or grow. In fact.” but by then it was too late. there were plenty of germs and micro-organisms inside of them. If you want to be scared of something. Germs do play a role in your “dis-ease”. you are filled with millions of them right now! Germs are scavengers! You will find germs any place you can find a tremendous amount of waste. ‘toxic’) inner terrain! Germs feed on the dead matter that we create in our bodies through an inverted (unnatural) way of living! Germs are your friends. just because two things occur together. and add to the filth by creating their own waste! The same happens with your inner terrain! You must make sure that you do NOT have a compromised (read: ‘dirty’. it does not mean that one caused the other. Louis Pasteur came up with the theory of germs. the terrain is everything. stating “the microbe is nothing. leading to an imbalance inside of you. sanitized place. but they cannot do it on their own. If because of the toxic “terrain” created by your lifestyle your body no longer has the strength to deal with the germs. That is false. multiply. Even Pasteur.

we need plenty of ENERGY. A SOLUTION. and the web of lies that this problem stems from. I wish to share with you a different approach. We now understand that Disease is due to a ‘Deficiency of Force’. Therefore. An alternative to the current cultural hypnosis. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. to take responsibility of our own health! Let’s examine a different approach – one that has been around for thousands of years. and that WORKS.So far in this ebook I have exposed the problem we are facing. to be truly healthy & vibrant. NOW is the time for us. we need to take real good care… of our cells. To have plenty of energy. The Consumer. 28 .

you’d better take real good care of YOUR CELLS! The cells in our bodies must be nurtured. What do cells do? Well. toxic. where do you think that leaves you? One of a cell’s many jobs is to create energy. They create the ATP (Adenosine TriPhosphate) that fuels our body. Given the right conditions. our beating hearts. and it will get better of its own accord! 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. they don’t just fill you up like polystyrene packaging – each cell is a living. a sick cell DOES NOT NEED INTERFERENCE! It needs nurturing. with a specific job inside your body. Every living thing. smell and taste. and our brains. If your cells are sickly and weak. So you can see that cells are absolutely essential to life. you read correctly – on almost every occasion. undernourished and constantly lacking oxygen.The Quality Of Our Lives Depends On The Quality Of Our Cells The approach to living a long and healthy life that I am going to share with you is based on this fundamental principle. Give a nerve-cell information in the form of a tiny electrical pulse and it will help transport this information to brain. our muscles. reproducing organ. For example. sound. It therefore only makes sense that maximizing our overall health requires that our body receive the optimum ingredients for ensuring health at a cellular level. What are cells? They are the tiny building blocks of life. each in their specific way. breathing. Every organ in our body is made up of cells. It stands to reason that if you want loads of energy. and remove waste products. Our cells. plant or animal is made up of cells. on top of performing their own individualized function. every nerve in our bodies. We are nothing but cells. You are composed of approximately 75 trillion cells. 29 . and when every cell can do its job effectively you will feel Energetic and Ready for Action! Cells are very sensitive little devices protected by an extremely fragile outer membrane. take the information and resources that are given to them and process these to get a specific result. a cell is programmed to get better all by itself – even cancerous cells! Yes. our skin… even our blood. or organ. give a cell water and it will absorb what it needs and use it to support chemical reactions. These tiny powerhouses are what keep us energized and alive. They make up the lungs that we breathe with. They compose our organs of sight. When you have cells that are strong and vital they will easily be able to create enough energy.

Without ATP our bodies would immediately shut down.Imposing foreign influences on the body (drugs and chemicals) just gives it another imbalance – interference – to deal with. This is what your cells need: 12345Proper Oxygenation Water Proper Nutrition Positive. optimal oxygenation of your cells. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. as we have discussed. Directed Thinking Alkalinity – maintaining the body’s pH balance HEALTHY CELLS NEED… I – OXYGEN OXYGEN is the #1 force of energy that cells use and must have! Health. on top of the weakness and sickness it is already experiencing. and cells need a lot of OXYGEN in order to create the ATP (Adenosine TriPhosphate) that fuels the body. through proper nutrition. So the key question is: “What do I need to do to ensure optimum health at a cellular level?” There are a few simple principles you need to follow to ensure optimum health at a cellular level. We have learned that when we get ill. and fluid intake is absolutely vital when it comes to experiencing vibrant levels of Health. or worse still. Energy is created at a cellular level. 30 . there would not be any ATP. basically comes down to Energy. Consequently. or chop off! And then we wonder why we don’t seem to get any better over the long term! Health starts. Alas current ‘health’ culture intrudes again. and without oxygen. burn. and ends at a cellular level. cut in. exercise. so that you may experience extraordinary levels of Health & Energy. we must inject or otherwise absorb foreign matter directly into our bloodstream (the direct supply line to each cell). with no filtering device to protect it.

nightmares. Deep Breathing ensures that you're putting more oxygen into your bloodstream to start with – so that the cells have as much oxygen as they need. sickly cells. The cells that take in and absorb the most oxygen into your body are ‘reached’ through deep diaphragmic breaths (such breathing ‘open up’ the lower lungs. Shallow breathing can give you stomach upsets and heartburn. muscular cramps. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. hallucinations. Movement stimulates the flow of blood around the body. chronic or intermittent fatigue. which circulates and eliminates the waste produced by your cells. Why? Because athletes get a lot more oxygen flowing into their body! Energizing Breathing The #1 factor determining how much oxygen we get is THE WAY WE BREATHE! Most of us are so stressed that we don’t allow ourselves to have a full breath. slow breaths by pushing our stomachs outwards. Although you have 4 times more lymph than you have blood in your body.We can increase the amount of oxygen that gets to our cells through Movement and Deep Breathing. in a way. we lack in energy simply because we don’t adequately ventilate ourselves with enough oxygen! As simplistic as this may sound. where the richest blood flow is). WE MUST LEARN TO BREATHE MORE EFFECTIVELY. the ‘sewage system’ of the body. concerns your lymph system. panic attacks. which means carrying more oxygen to each cell and removing more waste products. struggling to survive! 1 in 3 Americans get cancer. The lymph system is. chest pains and palpitations. If you’re hunched over and still most of the time (picture the average student or office worker) you're not doing either! Less oxygen means having deprived. tingling and numbness in the arms and legs. The only way your lymph system ‘moves’ is through exercise and deep diaphragmic breaths. etc. Your body stays healthy thanks to your lymph system. it has no ‘pump’. This means taking deep. but only 1 in 7 American athletes get cancer. 31 . Another reason why this is so important. instead of breathing from our upper chest area! Often.

Training yourself aerobically does wonders for your heart. exercising aerobically stimulates your entire system. lymphatic. your blood vessels become enlarged. means having all the systems in our body (our muscular. and hormonal systems) working optimally. you will have a lot more energy. If you breathe deeply 10 minutes every morning you will experience a huge shift in your energy levels. eliminate waste better. A diminished blood supply causes cells to weaken. you can increase our blood supply massively! When you increase your aerobic capacity. Jack Shields discovered that a deep diaphragmic breath sucks the lymph up the thoracic tract and stimulates the lymph in your body (thus cleansing you) 10 times more than through any other normal activity! This is the equivalent – metaphorically speaking – to taking a vacuum cleaner to your bloodstream and sucking out all the poison. This is because Aerobic Exercise relates to your body’s ability to carry oxygen. because less oxygen flows to your cells. In fact. aerobic fashion for a period of 6-9 weeks. it makes your lungs operate more efficiently. circulate nutrients better. and you do not have a solid aerobic base first. But if you train in a gentle. nervous. 32 . If you are exercising with pain. comfortable. So don’t go out and ‘murder’ yourselves at the gym. It does not mean ‘Having Great Muscles’.Lymphologist Dr. digest better. That’s how important deep diaphragmic breaths are. because you will have a lot more oxygen available! You MUST exercise aerobically so that you have enough blood to keep every cell in your body completely vital and ALIVE! This will create a MASSIVE shift in the quality of your life! Try it for 10 days!!! ‘Being Healthy’. thanks to your lymph system being stimulated and the consequent cleansing effect for your body. and your blood supply increases. digestive. It helps you sleep better. by the way. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. you are making a huge mistake. Aerobic Exercise Aerobic Exercise is critical to your health. circulatory. it helps you eat better.

you’re “getting old”. Water is only below oxygen in its value and importance. It is not long before the body starts to overheat. Water is essential for the blood to flow. so it will start to shut down systems that are not absolutely and immediately essential to life. and more mental clarity. pretty soon you start feeling like you’re “ageing”. Robert O. The body is programmed for survival at the minimum. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. One of Dr. that much). and this creates major health problems. Why make your body beg for water in this way? Constantly depriving yourself of water is a certain recipe for disaster. and from then on life is immediately endangered. for starters! You should be drinking approximately 1 litre per 35 pounds of weight! That means 3 to 4 litres per day for an average person (yes. You will have more energy. Mental clarity is the first thing that goes! Closely followed by your elimination process. Drinking enough water can almost instantly clear up many of the above symptoms. “Pee Your Way To Health”… Without water you clog up. and can have a major impact on your health. And I am talking about water.. Young’s mottos (more on him later) is. here – not tea or coffee which actually de-hydrate you. It is absolutely critical to life. Water is involved in every reaction in the body – most chemical reactions in the body can only be carried out if the reacting substances are dissolved in water – including that most basic of life processes – getting oxygen into our cells! Water is also an actual ingredient in many bodily reactions.II – Water The second most important thing a cell needs is water. More than 70% of our bodies are made up of water – which we are constantly losing when we sweat. 33 . Most people are constantly in a state of dehydration. If you are clogging your system and building up toxins more and more each day. A person is dehydrated long before they feel ‘thirsty’. It is critical to your blood and to your cells (as it helps transport nutrients and oxygen through your blood to every cell in your body). Our bodies can operate on a low ration of water – but this means that every function in the body is slowed and reduced in efficiency. breathe and eliminate waste. It is the number 1 way to cleanse the body.. and for messages to pass along our nerves. Are you constantly tired? Do you get headaches or just feel sluggish? Do you wonder why you are not as clearheaded as you used to be and can’t seem to think straight? Are you dogged by constipation? Are you overweight? Chances are that you are constantly dehydrated.

34 . your cells do not have the building-blocks they need to create ATP – our ‘life force’. with anything you ingest – If your body can’t break it down or use it in someway.TruthPublishing. instead of getting replenished with energy! That’s why many people need more than 6 hours of sleep and still feel tired! Remember. 90% of all chronic disease in humans is caused by nutritional imbalances and deficiencies: cancer. is NUTRIENTS. Here’s the great part about this: 99% of the cells in your body a year from now will be brand new cells! What do you want them to be made of? Potato chips or healthy vegetables? Inadequate nutrition causes cells to atrophy. We are talking here about things like vitamins and minerals. diabetes. Not ‘food’. In our modern societies we are over-fed but under-nourished! Our bodies are NOT designed to process all the foods we ingest in modern times that have no basis in nature whatsoever! ANYTHING YOU PUT INTO YOUR BODY MUST BE ASSIMILATED OR ELIMINATED! Most people eat food that DRAINS THEM of life force! Their body has to work overtime to eliminate it.com). heart disease. You literally are what you eat… What you eat is turned into new cells within your body. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. Indeed. and it does not provide your cells with anything they need! Nutrients are important because they provide our cells with the raw materials they need to rebuild themselves and perform their function within the body. strokes. Definitely NOT the fast-‘food’ you pick up at your local takeaway to get you through another day. NUTRIENTS! Much of what we call ‘food’ (chocolate cake. it is wasting away your energy! According to Mike Adams. obesity. If you don’t get the nutrients you need. the Western diet is the #1 cause of all chronic disease. author of “The 7 Laws Of Nutrition” (www. wasting the energy they have. McDonald™ hamburgers…) has no nutrients left in it at all! It is totally devitalised. etc.III – Nutrients You Are What You Eat! Stop Digging Your Grave With Your Teeth! The third most important thing your cells need to thrive.

high in protein) Sea vegetables (kelp. etc. Whoever started cooking food 40. brazil nuts. that’s dead food you’ve got on your plate. must be a gel. dulse. vegetables. a box.TruthPublishing. for example. You cannot ingest dead substances without your body requiring immense amounts of energy to convert it and reconvert it. macadamia nut oil Tomatoes (raw only) Carrots (raw. almonds. And it is more cleansing to the system. People that are incredibly vibrant and healthy. and are an absolute GIFT for your body! 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. containing minerals and vitamins (fruits.com) – raw foods with high nutritional value: Chlorella Spirulina Broccoli sprouts (and other sprouts) Onions Garlic Ginger Berries (all types) Soy products (soy milk.) Nuts (macadamia.) Avocado (high in heart-healthy oils) Wheat grass.Do you want to feel ‘alive’? – then eat living foods. cashews. not a liquid) Quinoa (ancient grain / fruit.000 years ago didn't realize that we are not designed to eat cooked food. barley grass and other cereal grass juices Fish oils. Any food that you buy that comes in a package. Mike Adams recommends the following “superfoods” (www. can make much better use of living vitamins rather than the synthetic chemicals from random off-the-shelf vitamin supplements. Ed Douglas.) Aloe vera gel (right from the leaf. flax oils. unpeeled only) Wheat germ (very high in essential fatty acids) Molasses (very high in B vitamins) Beets. To truly get the most out of your vegetables and fruit you should grow them yourself and eat them “fresh from the vine”. radishes (liver cleanser. I can assure you. or in a jar is basically dead food. if you cook your food." The more your foods are cooked or processed the more nutrition they lose. raw only) Buy yourself a juicer TODAY! Fresh vegetable juices in the morning are delicious. Any stored food loses most of its nutritional value after a few days. tofu. grasses). seaweed. etc. We're designed like other species to eat food in the raw form. It takes a lot less energy when your food is ‘live’ because the body can use it immediately. nori. by the way. Also. apricot pits. easy & quick to make. destroys 97% of nutrients in vegetables. are not leading a devitalised life. Water-rich LIVE foods. blood cleanser. director of the American Living Foods Institute. 35 . too! Most food we eat nowadays is incredibly clogging! Your body. etc. Microwaving. states that “The source of most health problems is what we eat.

I am often amazed at the total lack of a will to live that permeates our modern societies.htm http://www. If you want to healthy. It is one of the saddest yet most ubiquitous aspects of our modern human condition. please.com). 36 .com/tobacco/smokelungs. It is a nerve toxin. It irritates and alters your body.harriscountyhealth. People are resigned. And yet the food industry now puts sugar in almost all processed foods. You’ve seen what it does to your lungs & brain. Do you really think coffee brings your body ANYTHING it needs?? Coffee is totally destructive for your body! The only reason you drink coffee is because you’ve been conditioned to do so. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.mercola. and radically destroys the amount of oxygen in your brain! ALCOHOL IS PURE POISON! WAKE UP!!! IT GIVES YOU NOTHING!!! And our surprise entry… Sugar The effects of sugar on your body and to your mental states is simply disgusting. As for prescription drugs. please do whatever it takes to quit (visit www. I want to address the issue of self-destructive habits or addictive substances.com/htmlfile/pictures.htm Alcohol & Vinegar – There are few things the body cannot use at all and that are total poisons – alcohol is one of them. living “lives of quiet desperation”. Please don’t drink coffee!!! Drugs – You already know their effect. Indeed. you MUST put an end to the consumption of the following: Caffeine – coffee is PURE ACID. If someone pointed a gun to your head and threatened to end your life there and then. nothing will… (click to visit the websites) http://www. they want to numb their senses. Please visit http://www. there’s no point going on with this Health e-book if you are one of those people who are wilfully poisoning themselves day after day. If the pictures below don’t do it. It makes no sense. you are basically ingesting toxic chemicals that cause further imbalances within your body. Please. Also. unhappy. Need I say more? You’re essentially poisoning yourself. you’d be upset! And yet most people think nothing of doing EXACTLY THE SAME THING TO THEMSELVES day after day.presmark. alcohol destroys your ability to digest anything else. They want an escape from their world. Period.com/article/sugar/dangers_of_sugar.Self-Destructive Habits Before going any further with this book. and has no intention of stopping.htm to read “124 Ways Sugar Can Ruin Your Health”. You take this toxin in every day because of a social hypnosis.allencarrseasyway. Nicotine – you cannot smoke AND be healthy. I’m sure.

The 3 Poisons What I am about to share with you might be – excuse the pun – hard to swallow. the skin. detoxification. But you must make sure that you keep your unhealthy fat intake to a minimum. and fertility. Animal Flesh. Unhealthy Fats and Oils Our body needs certain fats and oils. digestion. and almost certainly any oil that comes in fast or pre-packaged food are produced and refined in such a way that they contain many toxins and can only poison your immune system. Fats are an essential part of each and every cell and without them we would not be able to survive. heart health. known as Omegas 3 and 6 are absolutely essential for every aspect of our health. and as a result you get far less oxygen reaching your cells. unhealthy diets are often tired and sick. diseases. 37 . including any oil that you find on the supermarket shelves (with the exception of cold pressed unrefined olive oil) and any oil that is cooked with. Refined oils in any shape or form. The ‘Essential Oils’. That’s why so many studies show high fat intake related to cancer. ailments… Then you must Eliminate Your Ingestion of Unhealthy Fats & Oils. some of it is pure common sense. People with fatty. Well… it’s time we stopped doing so. You see. and Dairy Products. your red blood cells stick together. There are certain things that in our modern world we ingest quite casually. when there’s too much unhealthy fat (and toxins) in your system. unaware of the damage we are actually causing to our body. to weight loss. the immune system. and some of it goes completely against anything you’ve been taught previously. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. If you truly want to be healthy… If you truly want an extraordinary quality of life… If you truly want to overcome your illnesses. from energy and stamina. Some of it you already know. The body needs fat – the RIGHT KIND OF FAT! Essential Fatty Acids that you absorb for example from fresh nuts and seeds – and some types of fish – are very good for you. Your cells then become weaker – some cells may even die or mutate. they move more slowly. brain function.

com). Heating your essential oil will destroy it. Is this problem due to ‘germs’? No. Animal Flesh If you want to be healthy. radioactive material. As Udo Erasmus says – “the safest thing to fry with is still WATER!” Unfortunately. This is a huge problem. Not to mention what the animal fat does to your body… You have been taught culturally that eating meat is ‘ok’.udoerasmus. Do you know what goes into these mass-produced ‘food animals’? Cement dust. 1 in 3 of cancer – those are the statistics! Is that what you want for your life? 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. etc.The world’s foremost expert on this matter is a man named Dr Udo Erasmus (www. dead carcasses. It is driven by our lifestyle. because what he discovered about how fats relate to health is just too important to ‘sit on’! I highly recommend that you purchase some ‘Udo’s Oil’ at a health food store. He has made his extensive studies available for the public. Spend just 10 days without eating meat. and see how you feel. just try it on for 10 days. animal faeces. stop ingesting animal flesh. Anybody who has any intelligence at all KNOWS that eating such mass-produced animal flesh is stupid. These clog our system to such an extent that they prevent our blood to flow through to our cells and provide nutrients and oxygen. Meat is highly toxic and truly breaks your body down! Amazing shifts occur in people’s quality of life when they stop consuming animal products – but don’t take my word for it. You can also get your essential oils from fresh (un-roasted) nuts and seeds. and deep-sea fish. 38 . Don’t buy into the cultural hypnosis! Don’t do something just because everybody else is doing it! ‘Everybody else’ is unhealthy! 1 in 2 die of heart disease. In addition animal flesh doesn’t give you much energy after you take into account the amount of energy needed to break it down. we live in a society where we are ingesting refined cooked oils on a regular basis. That’s why 1 out of 2 people die of heart disease in the US! It is the Number One killer of men and women in America. Every single time you ingest animal flesh your body suffers dreadful consequences.

And you ingest 16 grains of uric acid with the average serving of meat. There is protein in practically everything you eat! Any food that is remotely ‘alive’ – such as green vegetables – has protein in it! 48% of broccoli is protein! Gorillas and rhinocerii are amongst the strongest animals on the planet. For an animal-eater. the ingestion of uric acid is related to gout. You need to wait. What about bones getting weaker? All the research shows that vegetarians have the highest bone strength of all. If that wasn’t bad enough. so as an omnivore. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. As the poisons and germs that resided in the animal’s colon now secrete through every cell of the animal. As if we didn’t have enough waste of our own to deal with … why would anyone ingest waste products from another animal?! FYI… it is uric acid that gives meat its taste – the urine of the animal! Just think of this while you’re eating meat: “Mmmmmhhhhhh! I love this urine!” Urine gives meat its taste. That’s why you have to pee it out – it’s a waste product! If this acid is kept in your body. and therefore weakens your bones (more on that later). The acid gets in their intestine – to break down the flesh – and then is quickly eliminated. because eating meat requires a lot of acid to break it down and digest it. then fats. on the other hand. Understand this: putrefactic germs are colon germs! By the way. they begin to break down the tissue until its soft enough to be eaten. and they only consume fruits and grass! All the research shows that the body re-circulates your protein. it’s an absolute fact! And it doesn’t end there. is almost 20 feet long. We are made to absorb things over a long period of time. meat does NOT give you energy. including your immune system. The body uses carbohydrates and fruits first. Do you need more convincing? Biologically. and arthritis. The most your body can deal with is 6 grains of uric acid at any one time. The human small intestine (that absorbs all the nutrients). with muscles that would make Arnold Schwarzenegger proud. 39 . the less protein it needs! If you ingest too much protein you actually create excess nitrogen in your body. you DO NOT need meat to get your protein. Protein is the last thing the body needs for energy. and let it ‘age’. the acid that comes from trying to break down animal proteins in your stomach actually leaches calcium from your body. and the more efficient your body is. you’ll find the tissue and flesh to be incredibly tough.Furthermore. what tenderises meat are putrefactic germs. it breaks your whole system down. causing you to feel unbelievably tired. Our bodies are NOT designed to eat meat! A carnivore’s intestine is tiny. pain in the joints. then protein. If you kill an animal and try to eat its flesh right away. It is tremendously poisonous for your body.

But it doesn’t stop there. STOP consuming dairy products.25. Every mammal on Earth gets weaned off its mother’s milk.000 people die of starvation EVERY DAY. PLEASE stop eating meat. and can then eliminate it through urine.the food is going to sit around in your small intestine for much longer than it would in that of a carnivore. As an omnivore we can eat all kinds of things and survive. notice how our teeth are not like those of carnivores. Cow’s milk contains hormones. pus. So here’s the deal: TRY THIS FOR 30 DAYS! I promise you a radical shift in the quality of your life.000 pounds of potatoes. fruits. we get 1 pound of beef. .000 blood tests on people – people who consume more than 2-3 glasses of milk a day have the lowest levels of blood calcium of any group tested! Here’s the explanation: milk sugars (lactose) metabolise into acid. except humans who move on to cows’ milk instead! It makes zero sense! Grow up! I know how ‘radical’ this all might sound. Milk actually DEPLETES YOUR CALCIUM RESERVES! Drinking milk can actually cause Osteoporosis! Cheese is even worse! It is just concentrated milk! (It contains 4 times the amount of milk!) 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. It’s not good for you. better health dictates that we select the vegetarian option… Besides. Robert Ellis – the world’s foremost expert on calcium metabolism. . and when we have the choice. To buffer this acidity your body leaches the calcium from your bones (which is alkaline in nature).1 acre of land can produce 20. Dairy Products If you want to be healthy. Finally. According to Dr.For each 16 pounds of grain and soybeans we give to cattle. and it’s not good for the planet. roots. Further proof that our ability to eat flesh is a back-up mechanism. 40 . etc. artificially modified fats… Heart disease is just one of the consequences. but only 165 pounds of beef. who has conduced more than 50. pesticide residues.US livestock consume enough grain and soybeans to feed the entire US population 5 times over! . not a way of life. But just because we can eat animal flesh and survive it doesn’t mean that animal flesh is good for us. attaches it to the acid. They’re made to crunch nuts. some environmental facts: .

Furthermore, you are ingesting baby cows’ food – and baby cows grow from 100 pounds to 1,000 pounds in 2 years. Can you imagine what ingesting this much growth hormone does to your body? There have also been many studies to prove that the amount of sex hormones given to cows by farmers to control their birth rates actually affect milk drinkers (and meat eaters). In one study it was found that children with premature sexual development returned to normal when taken off cow milk! Milk is the most mucus-forming food you can imagine! The WORST part is, it covers the inside of your intestines and it hardens it like concrete! It coats the villi that absorb the nutrients, preventing them from performing their role! This means that the more dairy you consume the more difficult it is for you to absorb nutrients! Milk will actually STOP you from getting nutrients from

your food.
Dairy products are pure POISON! Please visit www.milksucks.com and www.juiceguy.com/Milk-the-deadly-poison.shtml to find out more.

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Ok, so you’ve stopped self-destructive habits, you’ve stopped consuming unhealthy fats & oils, meat, and dairy products. That’s a great start. No for some finer points on nutrition. To really get the most out of your food, you need to properly combine your foods. The main thing you need to remember about this is quite simply, do not mix carbohydrates with proteins. This comes down to fundamental bio-chemistry. Carbohydrates require alkaline digestive juices to break them down. Proteins are digested with the use of acidic digestive juices (Hydrochloric Acid). When you eat proteins and carbohydrates at the same time (say, a baked potato + a steak) these different digestive juices neutralise each other but the food still needs to be digested! Your body uses immense amounts of nerve energy every time it does this – and your food is still not fully digested! As a result, the carbohydrate ferments, and the protein putrefies – little if any of your food is digested, and your body has used up huge amounts of energy in the process. Forget how you’ve been taught to eat in your culture, this is how your body actually works. If you don’t follow this guideline, you will have taken a 3-hour digestive process and extended it to 11-14 hours. All night long, instead of resting, your body will work like crazy to break down this food, usurping your nerve energy. Use your common sense! Look at nature! Animals eat ONE concentrated food at a time! Don’t let food become recreation instead of nutrition! Also, only eat comfortable amounts of food. Don’t force yourself if you are not hungry. And please don’t eat while you are stressed! Stress instantly stops the normal secretion of digestive enzymes. Whatever you eat will either ferment or putrefy (it will rot in your system). Drink water before your meals, not during or after. Drinking water during or right after your meal will hamper your digestion as it dilutes your digestive fluids and your body then needs to produce extra digestive juices to get the same job done. So wait at least 20 minutes after a meal before drinking.

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Ok, so you’ve now taken on board all I’ve suggested – you are a live food health-conscious food combining vegetarian. No meat, no dairy, and plenty of fresh fruit & veg. One would think that we’re out of the woods now, right? Well… not exactly. In today’s world of mass-produced processed foods, we simply cannot get all the nutrients we need from our neighbourhood grocery store. If want to experience outstanding levels of health, we need excellent nutritional supplementation. Indeed, the over-exploitation of fields by modern agricultural techniques has depleted our soils. Your grocery store veggies contain only a fraction of the vitamins and minerals that they did 100 years ago. You could be eating all the fruit and veg in the world, and still not be getting ALL the minerals and vitamins your body needs (though it’s still great for the body, because they still do contain minerals and vitamins, and are water-rich, cleansing, ‘live’ foods). There are plenty of great nutritional supplementation companies out there. I personally use Dr. Robert O. Young’s Supergreens™ (more on this extraordinary breakthrough science later on), Udos Oil™, and Mannatech’s Glyconutrients™. (I have no financial links with any of the above organizations)

I was introduced to Glyconutrients by my good friend Stephen Bragger. Stephen had been in a terrible motorcycle accident 11 years earlier. This accident left him in a wheelchair, with over 20 broken bones, no short-term memory, Asthma, a speech impediment, taking innumerable painkillers and anti-depressants… the list goes on and on. 8 years later, and within 6 weeks of taking Glyconutrients he could walk properly again, no longer had Asthma nor required drugs, his speech impediment was gone, and had regained full memory faculties. His body has just grown stronger and stronger. The results I have witnessed in people’s health as a result of taking Glyconutrients have bordered on the miraculous. I have spoken to people who have overcome Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, Lupus, type 1 Diabetes, allergies, Neurofibromatosis, even reversed Down Syndrome, blindness, paralysis, and slowed down Parkinsons and Alzheimers, all thanks to supplementing their diet with Glyconutrients. Here is what Stephen has to say about the science of Glyconutrients:
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their entire bodies. with a vast increase in consumption of processed foods and a corresponding reduction in consumption of fresh. it is our diet.huge fields of just one crop grown year after year on the same soil. with weeds and insects suppressed by toxic chemicals and little or no shelter for animals and birds. suffering and unnecessarily early death are as common in our society as they were in earlier centuries but with entirely different causes. Unfortunately. The 8 Sugars That Heal Many of the chronic. most people died of infectious diseases caused by bacteria and viruses. No pesticides or herbicides were used. with insects. cancer and diabetes have only really become a major problem since the early 20th century. Today. like heart disease. developed over many thousands of years. animals and birds all around to contribute more nutrients to the soil from their body waste and. rather than pathogenic bacteria and viruses which is responsible for all this suffering. when we first started to change from natural farming techniques. have created a situation in which disease. They all practised what is now being called 'organic farming' – the only fertilisers used were manure from healthy animals and the composted remains of the plants that produced the food. farmers used crop rotation to prevent the soil from becoming depleted of minerals and salts. “Everything man needs to sustain health can be found in nature. when healthcare systems in the developed world seem to be so advanced? Since the 1930’s. For many thousands of years. So what has changed – what is causing the upsurge in these chronic diseases now. radical changes in our lifestyles have taken place. Today. this means they do not develop the essential phytonutrients that we need to nourish our cells. to increase their shipping and shelf life. monoculture is the norm . to scientific farming techniques. 44 . the fruits and vegetables that we buy are often picked early. locally grown produce. These replaced all the nutrients that had been taken from the soil. our diets have changed dramatically. eventually. It is the job of science to find these substances. days or weeks before reaching the supermarkets.Glyconutrients. mature plants. Only fully and naturally ripened foods can provide us with the nutritional benefits our bodies have evolved to obtain from these phytonutrients. The problem is made worse 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. This does make their crops grow full of calories and fibre but they are lacking in the essential nutrients our bodies need – trace elements such as selenium and natural compounds called phytonutrients that are only produced by fully nourished. raw natural foods grown in nutrient-rich soil or from animals that grazed on other plants growing in the same rich soil. Over the same period. Before this period. along with a relentless rise in the production and use of chemicals and plastics that have never existed on our planet before and an associated increase in environmental pollution. To add to the problem. coupled with the blind pursuit of profit.” Paracelsus What is wrong with our diet? Our bodies have evolved to be able to get all the nutrients they need to function from fresh. Most modern farmers do not carry out this essential soil maintenance – they simply add the three most important minerals to the soil in the form of NPK fertilisers. so a variety of plants would grow together. Ignorance of the effects of these factors. degenerative diseases that afflict the western world today.

People with inborn errors of metabolism are especially vulnerable to a breakdown in this process but all of us with inadequate nutrition are at risk. Also. very little was known about carbohydrates. Only two of the eight special sugars are commonly found in foods we eat. this communication occurs at the cellular level. A large proportion of the general population is apparently at increased risk for this reason. cancer and osteoporosis. minerals. Until recently. in the form of glucose. plant-based and 8 of them are key ingredients for effective cell-to-cell communication. The average fresh vegetables in our diet in the 1930’s. additives and excessive processing of our food by various methods such as cooking. contained 50% more minerals. such as cardiovascular disease. then you would have to eat 10 times as much of it to get the minimum required nutrition.” Hippocrates The Missing Ingredients For years. 45 . “Let your food be your medicine.. amino acids (proteins). compared to the minimum of five portions that the medical departments of most western government now recommend. If a food has lost 90% of the required nutrition through heat. we have known about vitamins. Whenever these necessary monosaccharides cannot be made. The most exciting and most recent scientific advance is the discovery of other special sugars called glyconutrients which are non-toxic. and must have accurate internal communication to function properly. A healthy body consists of many components working together in sophisticated harmony. the average person in an industrialised country eats only 2-3 servings of fruit and vegetables per day. essential fatty acids and water being the building blocks of the human body and of the need to take them as our body requires them. let your medicine be your food. canning and drying. weight for weight. communication is slowed or impaired as a result. the high prevalence of sub-optimal vitamin levels implies that the usual diet provides an insufficient amount of these vitamins. Viruses can also interfere with our body’s ability to make the conversions.” The article concludes by recommending that every adult should consume high quality supplements. than they do in the 21st century. The Journal of the American Medical Association has stated that “Recent evidence shows that sub-optimal levels of vitamins even well above those causing deficiency syndromes. requiring energy and time as well as numerous enzymes and vitamins. While the body has the potential ability to manufacture all of these monosaccharides (sugars) from common sugars like glucose found in the diet. In its most basic form. cheaper methods of mass producing food consequently we are not eating foods that once supplied a greater variety of these sugars. the conversion process is complicated. Even if we are the one in ten people who eat our five servings of fruit and vegetables a day. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.by use of preservatives.. Our diets have changed in response to demands for quicker. apart from their ability to provide energy. are risk factors for chronic diseases. This is a major and significant change in our diet. there is evidence that this is no longer enough to sustain us.

much research effort had conclusively demonstrated that of the 200 or more known monosaccharides. on the left. These sugars attach themselves to the protein surface on each and every cell in our body to form a complex connection for cell-to-cell communication. Just as 4 simple shapes make up the 26 letters of our alphabet. and disease and premature ageing begin to take hold. a blind person would get confused and have great difficulty finding his or her way around. we have proper communication. The individual cells in our bodies use glycoproteins (the building blocks of our immune system). the role of these sugars is fundamental in life’s progression – and key to OPTIMAL HEALTH. glucose (found in plants and table sugar) and galactose (found in milk products and certain pectins) are common in our diet. and this is the method by which cells ‘talk’ to each other. and protecting every cell in our body. Below. Safe and natural. B or O. If the bumps on an elevator or other signs were damaged or altered. Good Communication Poor Communication Our blood type is determined genetically by the type of glycoprotein on the surface of our red blood cells. in his book: ‘Sugars that Heal’. in the body. They allow our cells to effectively send and translate commands from one cell to another through our body’s network of trillions of cells. even mothers’ milk has the same eight essential sugars. On the right. The sugars form the ‘fingers’ at the end of the protein molecules. They make up the letters and words of the cellular language. which enable us to form thousands of words. communicating with. we see the resulting miscommunication. M.These glyconutrients perform one of the most complex functions in the body. “Only two of these essential sugars.D. How Does It Work? Glyconutrients are described as the alphabet for the cellular language of life. six of these sugars are not in our modern diet. 46 . much like the Braille bumps used by the blind. By the late 1980s. eight sugars in various combinations make up the extensive vocabulary of our cells. Lack only one of these sugars. We must have all eight sugars for maximum health.” writes Emil Mondoa. controlling. eight of these glyconutrients or simple sugars are essential to maintain optimal cellular health and communication. The difference of one single sugar on the receptor determines whether we are type A. From cell division to cell protection. for information and communication. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. with just 1 of the 4 shapes that make the English alphabet removed. Unfortunately.

This leaves the general public in the dark on the most important nutritional breakthrough for their health.Our immune system cells roam the body all day long rubbing up against these ‘Glyco Braille Bumps’ attempting to discover the identity and condition of our cells. our immune system attempts to operate much the same as the blind person using damaged Braille bumps. Are These Sugars Safe? Our body was designed to use glyconutrients. Since 1965. diabetes. Five of the eight are found in human breast milk. clinical trials and various individual studies. Then the body can fend for itself. who gets their information from doctors. Medical schools are sponsored in large part by pharmaceutical companies. Our body may decide to attack healthy good cells resulting in auto immune diseases such as MS. our systems get confused. B or 0. more than 20. They simply restore basic cellular functions to normal. As Dr Steve Nugent says: “The vast majority of medical schools teach nothing on the use of dietary supplements. who have no interest in manufacturing and selling something that they cannot control financially. while bad cells like cancer are left to grow and multiply because our killer cells are confused. and arthritis. and fail to protect our body from day to day attacks. our cell cannot talk to each other. The difference of one single sugar on the receptor determines whether we are type A. not drugs. lupus. is unaware as well. but are not taught about dietary supplements to any great extent. Our blood type is determined genetically by the type of glycoprotein on the surface of our red blood cells. Doctors have worked with drugs for so long they find it difficult to believe that a natural product can help our bodies overcome so many serious health conditions. Why Don’t Most Doctors Know About It?” Glyconutrients is one of the newest areas of health science. They are taught about drugs and surgery. THESE SUGARS ARE NOT PHARMACEUTICAL AGENTS AND DO NOT CURE ANYTHING. They have no toxic side effects. (one of the reasons why babies are protected from disease by breast feeding). They are food. and cells may not know which vitamins and minerals they need. fibromyalgia. 47 . The immune system can be restored to normal to modulate itself in response to attack. chronic fatigue syndrome. they are an essential part of the diet. the majority of doctors have not heard the word ‘glyconutrients’ nor do they understand why they would need it. Without these surface sugars. there is no money to drive the knowledge of glyconutritionals. Most doctors are not aware of the information about glyconutritionals and consequently the media. “If This Is So Good. Despite these documents.” 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. leaving us with physical and emotional problems. Because of the lack of six of these sugars in our diet. As such. to incorporate them into our glycoproteins. Therefore.000 papers have been written on glyconutrients. Hormones could be misdirected. The natural killer (NK) cell will work to identify and destroy diseased or cancerous cells.

It could also be that due to the dramatic increase of chronic illness and disease. Heart disease. High blood cholesterol. Crohn's disease. Fibrosis -cystic. Macular degeneration (Blindness or going blind). Irritable bowel syndrome. Bladder cancer. Arthritis. Anorexia. Arthritis -juvenile rheumatoid. Arthritis -rheumatoid. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. But as Dr Ian MacRobert writes “The truth is coming to the fore now. the John Hopkins Medical Centre and the Mayo Hospital to name a few. The AMA in Australia has just released a paper acknowledging the patients right to use complimentary medicine. Influenza. Cystic fibrosis. Lung cancer. Joint pain. Heartburn. Asthma. Leukemia. Dr Axford has noted that the severity of Rheumatoid Arthritis was directly related to the degree of deficiency of the glyconutrient called galactose. Diabetes -type 1. Perhaps they simply do not make the time to research wellness alternatives and the many studies and benefits available on glyconutrients. ADD/ADHD. over 100 published abstracts and letters. Dyslexia. Hepatitis B. Oxford University has nearly 60 full-time staff in their Department of Glycobiology. High blood pressure. Colitis. Flu. past president of the Clinical Immunology and Allergy Section of the Royal Society of Medicine and Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians has gone public stating “These are the molecules of the decade!” Dr Axford has authored and co-authored over 50 published peer-reviewed scientific papers.migraine. Arthritis -osteoarthritis. Back pain. Hay fever. Cancer. In his work. Colds. Chronic fatigue syndrome. Cholesterol -high blood. Heart attack. Graves disease. Enlarged thyroid. doctors are busier than ever. Dr John Axford. They are essential nutrients for human cells to communicate properly. Autism. AIDS-HIV. Hepatitis A. Cerebral palsy. Fetal alcohol syndrome. Liver cancer. Autoimmune diseases. He is actively involved with research in rheumatology and is very interested in the glycobiology of arthritic disease. These studies acknowledge the use and support of glyconutrients in the treatment of such conditions as: Acid reflux.000 papers in many established medical journals globally. The last four Nobel Prizes in Physiology or Medicine were awarded for discoveries in the field of Cellular Communication. Glyconutrients (or glyconutritionals) are NOT vitamins. Menopause. demonstrating the importance that this world-leading research centre places on glyconutrients. Lack of energy. Fibromyalgia. Fevers. herbals or Alternative medicine. Headache . 48 . Adrenals. Allergic reactions. Diabetes -type 2. Knees -pain. Infertility -female. Infections. Brain tumor. Migraine. Food allergy. Such a concentration of manpower is distinctive. Lupus. ALS. Breast cancer. Kidney cancer. Attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder. Research on glyconutrients now run to over 80. Lyme disease. Lou Gehrig's disease. Alzheimer’s disease. Hepatitis C. Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Infertility -male.” Several eminent American hospitals use glyconutrients. Allergy or Allergies. and two best-selling medical textbooks. There are several thousand medical practitioners in the USA who regularly use glyconutrients in their practices. Eczema. Down syndrome or "Downs". Depression. minerals. Bipolar disorder. Cold. HIV-AIDS. nor a cure or cures for specific diseases.

it simply has no answers for the flood of autoimmune diseases. “Sugars modify many proteins and fats on cell surfaces and participate in such biological processes as immunity and cell-to-cell communication. It is about stopping the epidemic by turning off the tap – a better answer than simply try to mop the floor!” For more information on Glyconutrients. Sclerosis -multiple. As good as modern medicine is. Poor vision. Tourette’s syndrome. ABC News reported on October 21. cancers and degenerative diseases which are bombarding our world. Multiple sclerosis. Overactive thyroid. Ulcer r (Ulcers). Parkinson's disease. Never mind our own personal responsibility for our own lives. please visit www. Ovarian cancer.MS. the July 2002 cover story titled “Sweet Medicine” stated. Prostate cancer. Thyroid -overactive. Pancreatic cancer. Testicular cancer.” • The National Institutes of Health recently awarded the Scripps Research Institute in San Diego. Muscular dystrophy. Tumor (Tumors). 49 . Myasthenia gravis. And the list goes on and on. 2003 that the United States spends more on health care. Toxic shock syndrome. Ulcerative colitis. Sinusitis. than any other country in the world and is rated only 37th in the world in “overall health system performance” – just below Costa Rica (WHO). We must invest in our health today otherwise we will pay a huge price tomorrow. Stroke. Psoriasis. the schools to educate us and the State to look after us. Skin cancer. Glyconutrients are listed in the PDR for compromised immune systems. Obesity. Underactive thyroid and other health problems. • Harper’s Biochemistry. PMS. Stomach cancer. a medical textbook identifying the necessary monosaccharides (sugars) necessary for optimal health. Osteoporosis. Psoriatic arthritis. Thyroid -underactive. Osteoarthritis. CA.8essentials. a $34 million grant to understand how cells and the immune system use these sugars. per capita. Don’t you owe it to yourself and your family to find out more? We have come to a point in history where we expect medicine to heal us. Oral cancer. Who studies and recommends glyconutrients? • The Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) is consulted by 99% of all doctors and healthcare professionals before recommending solutions to their patients. As Dr Iain MacRobert says “Glyconutrition is about getting to the root cause of chronic degenerative disease. Rheumatoid arthritis. Scleroderma. This text book has been educating healthcare professionals since 1996 about glyconutrients and their role in health and healing. • Scientific American.com 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.

I strongly urge you to educate yourself further about optimum nutrition. Think of the tens (hundreds) of thousands of dollars in medical bills incurred. brain. Parkinson’s. I hear some of you moan. decades of your life cut short… What is your life worth? What are 20 years of life actually worth to you? Prevention through proper nutrition is a bargain. your immune system. 50 . the function of every organ in your body will also improve – heart. skeletal system. gout. trust me. diabetes. liver. kidney. the better your mental function. years. osteoporosis.Conclusions Every system in your body is affected by your nutrition. “But that’s expensive”. impotence. The better your nutrition. the better your self-healing ability. fibromyalgia. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. colon etc. Nutrition is a vital area to study if you choose to lead a healthy life. lost productivity. and to buy quality nutritional supplements. Alzheimer’s. Expensive? Compared to WHAT?? How much does it cost you to suffer from Cancer. arthritis. Multiple Sclerosis… Think of the pain involved. cardiovascular system. pancreas. nervous system. heart disease.

someone incredibly happy has his or her immune system constantly stimulated! 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. Fear compromises your immune system. Fear. 51 . briefly. I’ve already touched upon. Conversely. anger. you literally create toxins and poisons in your system! People who are emotionally depressed will have a depressed immune system as well. The growing field of psychoneuroimmunology is fascinating. The mind has tremendous power over the body. and absolute anathema to traditional medical thinking. Happiness stimulates your immune system. Depression depresses your immune system massively. You MUST gain control over your emotional states. and usually 25-30% of patients treated with placebos will get well! This is known as ‘The Placebo Effect’. jealousy. you MUST master your emotions. Fear compromises your immune system. after Oxygen. and Nutrients… is your state of mind. are MENTAL TOXINS – POISONS FOR YOU BODY! They have a chemical effect! If you are in a state of anger or resentment. worry. Directed Thinking The 4th element that affects the health of your cells. or how you breathe. resentment. Your mind can make you sick no matter how you eat. etc.IV – Positive. If you want to stay healthy. anguish. how you exercise. stress. This is quite astonishing – our mind has been scientifically proven to be an incredibly powerful healing tool that can reverse cure practically any disease or condition up to 30% of the time. People who are fearful experience a drop in their Tcell count. “The Placebo Effect”. Patients that are given water pills and are TOLD that they’ll get well… actually get better just from the BELIEF that the ‘pills’ work! Take virtually any disease known to man. Water. with zero side-effects and at zero cost… and most doctors completely ignore this fact.

1989. playfulness.You can actually STIMULATE your immune system through your emotions! Positive emotions – happiness. will to live. passion. They have electro-chemical connections that play a large part in the workings of the immune system and. don’t you think? If you’re unhappy. purpose. but out of the magnificent apothecary that is the human brain. The modern physician. excitement. and determination are not merely mental states.Job dissatisfaction – people who feel they have no meaning or purpose to their lives 2. Will prescribe not just out of the pharmacy or his little black bag. The roster of emotions are hope. etc – release endorphins! Having great emotions running through your body releases these completely natural ‘happiness chemicals’ into your bloodstream. festivity.” – Head First: The Biology of Hope. faith. 52 . indeed. by Norman Cousins. Ever heard a doctor mention this to you? “Hope. or feel like your life lacks meaning… you become diseased and drop dead. and can bring about a positive change in your health with little or no change to your lifestyle! These natural chemicals in your body would cost you tens of thousands – even millions – of dollars to buy from a pharmaceutical company… and come without any of the side-effects! Norman Cousins cured himself of cancer through laughter therapy! He laughed himself back to health by watching funny films for 8 hours a day! Research shows that the 2 most important factors in heart disease and predictions of fatal heart attack are: 1. These are powerful biochemical prescriptions. which can activate and potentiate the healing system. joy. purpose. therefore…. love. and determination.The ‘Self-Happiness Rating’ – answering ‘yes’ to the question ‘Are you happy?’ Pretty incredible. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. enthusiasm. in the entire economy of the total human organism… The emotional state of the patient has specific effects on the mechanisms involved in illness and health. laughter.

This is called “The Law of Attraction” You thoughts are pure energy! Think about it! Everything you see around you was once nothing more than someone’s imagination. What would you be doing if you were totally healthy? How would you act? What would you believe? What would you say? How would you be around other people? Only health can attract health. or your fear of dying… the energy that you are flowing towards the Universe will attract to it similar energy and bring it back into your life. and goals. ‘As A Man Thinketh’. Where your attention goes. or negative thoughts. You may be doing everything right with your diet or your lifestyle. energy flows. The Universe will then ABSOLUTELY bring that picture into reality. so start feeling vibrant and healthy and see how your body responds! You want to be healthy? YOU MUST VISUALIZE AND FOCUS ON A MENTAL PICTURE OF YOURSELF BEING HEALTHY & VIBRANT & HAPPY! Then eliminate from your mental constructs any inner doubt. In fact. This is where I get all metaphysical on you. Negative people. depression. What I want to talk to you about is the process of Manifestation. Most of you are probably unaware that you are currently manifesting things in your life at the speed of thought. you have done so your entire life. The Universe just provides you with a big printout of your thoughts. (Please visit www. but if you keep flowing energy towards your fear of being ill. you attract to you what you think about most of the time – what you focus on. he explained this simple Universal truth that… as you think. illness. There is immense power in what I am describing a– The Law of Attraction – as it means that you are automatically pulled towards the realization of your thoughts. And now it’s here. dreams. This absolutely WORKS. In James Allen’s short classic. pessimism. 53 . negative circumstances. in front of you. etc. If you focus on your disease… you will only experience MORE disease. realized. The flip side of the Law of Attraction is that what you fear you attract. If you are vibrating at the frequency of fear. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.THE PROCESS OF MANIFESTATION Now for the really weird stuff.net to download James Allen’s short classic) Another way of putting it is.AsAManThinketh. anger… you will only attract more negativity into your life. so are you (or so you become). lack of money.

I presented you with THE ONLY TRUE SOLUTION FOR BEING HEALTHY. 54 . First. directed thinking The final piece of the jigsaw puzzle called ‘taking care of my cells’. Young. I informed you of the disease EPIDEMIC we are currently experiencing in the developed world. Essentially. Thirdly.V – Maintain An Alkalized Inner Terrain Let’s recap. The pH scale ranges from 1 to 14. (www.Our unnatural. Young and the “pH Miracle” I am very excited to introduce you to the work of the American microbiologist and nutritionist Robert O. Robert O. is your pH balance. with 1 being highly acidic and 7 being 'neutral'. how to put your body back into balance. Ph. Young’s scientific findings have led him to a philosophy known as The New Biology. In contrast. He is head of the InnerLight Biological Research Center and co-author of the best-selling book The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet. Secondly. Reclaim Your Health as well as Sick And Tired.phmiraclecenter.The web of lies spun by the medico-pharmaceutical complex and the media. the ‘old’ biology (based on the work of Louis Pasteur in the late 1800s) stems from the idea that disease comes from germs which invade the body from the outside. The term ‘pH’ stands for ‘Power of Hydrogen’. covering up the truth. that is causing our body to literally ‘break down’ 2. THE NEW BIOLOGY Dr. 0 acid 7 neutral 14 alkaline Introducing Dr. unbalanced lifestyle.D. how to be healthy and vibrant by taking care of yourself AT A CELLULAR LEVEL – allowing for proper cell functioning – through: 1234proper oxygenation & exercise water excellent nutrition positive. I exposed the SOURCE of the problem 1. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.com) He is a brilliant research scientist who is currently sending shockwaves throughout the scientific world.

fungi. sweat. joint pains. I strongly urge you to visit his website (www.phmiracleliving) and also to pick up his extraordinary book. molds – are unable to get a foothold. irritations. inability to sleep. burping. toxic microorganisms – such as germs. Young has found that when the body is in a healthy alkaline balance. kidney problems. bacteria. The Importance of Your pH Balance Why is it so important to maintain our pH balance at 7. It’s all about the terrain.36 is paramount for our health. Sick And Tired. viruses. the New Biology states that there is only One Sickness and One Disease. and that is to alkalise the body and break the cycle of imbalance. if you throw those same seeds in a dirty muddy field.36? What happens when you become ‘acidic’? What are the consequences? It has been discovered that maintaining our body’s natural pH balance of 7. Based on Dr. fatigue. there’s only one sickness. (signs that your body is fighting and getting rid of the ‘poison’) What’s great is that YOU control this entirely. throwing up. headaches. This over-acidification leads to the over-growth in our body of micro-organisms (such as yeast and fungi) whose poisons produce the symptomologies that medical science refers to as “disease”. these micro-organisms thrive in an acidic environment. An acidic inner terrain – the ideal environment for toxins and micro-organisms Do you remember the ‘Seeds On A Clean Surface’ metaphor? If you throw seeds on a clean floor… they won’t take root or grow. An over-abundance of these toxic micro-organisms leads to the SYMPTOMS we typically call ‘disease’: fever. vitality and true health we’re all meant to have. and there can therefore be only one remedy and treatment. and eating. acne. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.Simply put. yeasts. 55 . thinking. Now. low energy. on the other hand… they will thrive. Alkalize your inner environment (through what you eat and drink) and you will wipe out all these toxins – it’s like switching the thermostat to ‘15’. convulsions. Young’s theory. Dr. thus allowing us to experience the energy. Indeed. etc. and that this one ‘sickness’ is the over-acidification of the body due primarily to an inverted way of living. filled with the nutrients they need. when these toxins only survive at ‘30’ or above. diarrhoea.

This keeps the blood cells from sticking together (they constantly repel one another).Alkalinity maintains your inner electro-magnetic conductivity Electro-magnetic current is what actually runs our body. Our pH balance of 7.36 allows for the conductivity of electro-magnetic power throughout our body. For example. your body will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to maintain this balance. Imagine someone ‘pulling the plug’ on an electrical plant. This is a very delicate balance. And that’s where the real trouble begins. An acid inner terrain destroys your Energy levels Your blood is your ‘river of life’. It MUST remain at a pH of 7. and that nutrients are passed on to every cell in your body.36 in order to be able to continue doing so. In fact. bringing oxygen and nutrients to every cell in your body. this is so important. As a result. and acid coursing through our system breaks it down completely. your energy goes through the floor.36 constantly. that if this were to change by just a couple of points. In order to maintain this powerful electric current inside of us. First. since your survival depends on your blood maintaining a pH of 7. An acidic environment strips these negative electrical charges from your red blood cells and as a result the blood cells start to slam into each other. That electrical power is created by our internal bio-chemistry. You see. cells are very sensitive little devices). moving slower and ripping apart (remember. it will use up your stores of alkalinity – ‘Alkaline reserves’ – to neutralise the acids. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. it is your red blood cells that carry the oxygen through your body. clumping together.36. DON’T let your body get into ‘survival mode’ Furthermore. You would die instantly. That’s how important alkalinity is. it is through tiny electro-magnetic pulses that nerve signals are sent through your body. 56 . it would alter your chemistry so radically that your entire system would simply shut down. they now go through the bloodstream more slowly and less oxygen and nutrients flow through your body. With the blood cells sticking together. our body MUST maintain a pH of 7. and the outside of each blood cell has a negative (-) electrical charge.

Germs start to multiply rapidly – bacteria. This leads to obesity. This leads to Osteoporosis. releasing their own acids into the bloodstream. but our modern lifestyles often make it an overwhelming task. and as all that acid builds up. We’ve always thought in terms of the outside world ‘attacking us’ (bugs. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. Alkalinity is everything. and moulds – because you have created a feeding ground for them. But it wasn’t designed for the junk food onslaught and other examples of an unnatural lifestyle we put it through on a consistent basis. You are about to have a major “dis-ease” affect your body. these cells weaken and die. Cells are now being destroyed more rapidly. An acid inner terrain leads to the destruction of your cells As the environment becomes more and more acidic. This deteriorates more and more. Once you’ve depleted your reserves. yeast. Your body’s innate intelligence knows how to respond – under normal conditions. This compounds the problem. until pretty soon you start experiencing various pains and aches around your body. your inner environment gets more and more polluted. but we now see that everything comes down to our inner terrain. viruses.But it takes 20 parts of alkalinity to neutralise 1 part of acid. fungus. We are constantly challenging our body’s ability to remain alkaline. and you will soon use up these reserves if you keep putting in more acid than your body can deal with. When it comes to health. You are then well on your way to experiencing debilitating diseases and ageing… Conclusion Your body is designed to get rid of acid. to eliminate the acid you’ve created with your lifestyle. 57 . you are in an extremely dangerous situation. for example. for example. is leach calcium from your bones to attach the calcium molecules (that are alkaline in nature) to the acid in order to get it out of the system. You MUST be alkaline. Another thing your body does. Your inner environment is now compromised.). etc. Your body now takes the acids out of the bloodstream and away from the vital organs of the body (as this could lead to serious health problems) and stores them into the fats of the body until they can be neutralised.

pasta. Pick up some vegetarian or vegan cookbooks. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. actions and emotions impact our bloodstream and create acid within us) Pollution Tobacco Alcohol & Vinegar Coffee Pharmaceutical drugs Salt Sugar (metabolizes into acid) – in processed foods. bread. Sources of acidity in our diet and lifestyle: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Stress and negative emotions (our emotions have a drastic effect on our health.) Refined carbohydrates (sugar metabolizes into acid. ice-cream… Eggs Cooked oils “Gosh. pulses. eggs. biscuits. Excessive amounts of fruit (fructose is a sugar. dairy. you might say… Trust me. etc. meat. desserts. pasta. what’s there left to eat??”. etc. alcohol. etc. potatoes. sugar. cakes. fruits. rice.HOW DO WE CREATE ACID IN OUR BODY? Our modern diet and lifestyle are the major culprits. salt. 58 . words. and carbohydrates such as bread. convert to sugars… that then metabolize into ACID). and you’ll be amazed at the thousands of delicious – and healthy – dishes and snacks you can create with a little bit of imagination. sweets. Meat Dairy products – milk. fruit juices. cooked oils. chemicals. beans. cream. butter. soft drinks. ice creams. coffee. you are still truly spoilt for choice. sugar converts to acid) Practically any processed foods (they are filled with preservatives. nuts. cereals. pharmaceutical drugs…! We’ve turned food from nutrition to entertainment… and this has exacted a HUGE price on our HEALTH. chocolate. There are hundreds of types of delicious vegetables. salads to choose from! THAT’S what your body was designed for!!! Remember the “2-billion year-old car” metaphor? THAT’S the fuel your body has used for over 2 billion years! Cavemen did NOT ingest biscuits. cheese. negative thoughts. seeds.

‘dead’ foods. One way of doing a cleanse (or ‘detox’) is to switch to a healthy. This means ingesting green drinks. This is rather like never throwing out the trash – your house would soon become disgusting! Pretty soon the cells start to run out of energy. It is time to do a bit of ‘spring cleaning’. What happens if the cell is living in an environment (i. It is not long before the bloodstream starts to accumulate waste and toxins – substances that stop a cell from functioning at it’s best. and the ability to eliminate their own waste. alcohol. the process of life is… ‘Consuming and Eliminating’. resulting in mounting health problems. In order for cells to be healthy and vibrant. The first step on your way to breaking the cycle and getting back in balance. they need oxygen. alkaline. green soups. but that their inner environment has been compromised! Their lifestyle has weakened their body and has caused their inner environment to become polluted. nutrients. etc. juicing your vegetables… 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. the functional efficiency of your system begins to drop. ‘liquid diet’ for 7-10 days. As your cells become weaker. 30 days). Both need to happen smoothly in order for a cell to be healthy. As I mentioned at the beginning. is YOU MUST CLEANSE! You have built up A LOT of toxicity and acidity inside of you throughout your life. our bodies break down because they have gotten OUT OF BALANCE. – the body’s energy gets used up to eject all this waste. The ultimate gift you can give your body is to go on a 7-10 day cleanse (ideally.e. the bloodstream) that is polluted? If day after day we constantly consume more things than can be assimilated by the body – junk food. The real health challenge most people have is not that some ‘bug’ is attacking them. 59 . processed foods.THE SOLUTION How to Get Back Into Balance CLEANSE & ALKALISE! At its basic essence.

and is electrically charged at 250Mhz (truly LIVE food). thanks to Dr. and would recommend it to ANYONE. Young’s alkalarian approach to health and his nutritional supplements (please visit www. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. AIDS. is the equivalent of ingesting 5 pounds of organic vegetables. Just one scoopful. skin brushing. and b) you won’t be ingesting any toxicity for the duration of the cleanse. with over 100 vitamins and minerals. There are hundreds of testimonials of people who’ve turned around their Cancer. because it is LIVE food. drink a lot more fluids than you normally do).com to find out more). Diabetes. [Note: I am not linked financially to Dr.phmiraclecenter. Your body will no longer be in ‘survival mode’. It is made of 49 different grasses and vegetables. Cold showers in the morning. Fibromyalgia. Make sure you drink fluids that are alkaline in nature – ‘green’ drinks – such as wheatgrass juice or Dr. Young’s Supergreens™. You will not believe how amazing it will make you feel. The effects of using this product are simply miraculous. Arthritis. 60 .e. you will begin to balance your system. etc. mixed with 1 litre of water.What you need to do is super-hydrate your system (i. and heal and rebuild itself. picking up some healthy eating habits. and massages are also helpful in detoxing your body. It comes in powdered form. Osteoporosis. This will also let your body flush out your system of all the toxicity you’ve built up. since a) it will now have the energy to do so. and it is in liquid form so they don’t need to break the food down). By cleansing and alkalising. Chronic Fatigue. Multiple Sclerosis. so you can take it with you anywhere and just add it to water. You will have so much alkalinity in your body that it will create a ‘buffer’ to deal with any challenge. I drink 4 litres of Supergreens™ a day. Young or any Supergreens-related enterprise] Going on such a ‘liquid feast’ will give all your organs a break (they won’t require much energy to digest all this. My take on Supergreens™ Personally. and exercising on a regular basis (in an aerobic fashion).

This is toxic matter that has been lodged inside of you for years. makeup. PLEASE use natural products instead. multiply. and avoid this CHEMICAL POISONING of yourself! 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. these ARE killing you.htm to see what mucoid plaque in your intestines looks like.rawesome. or auto-intoxication). Visit www. The average American has 15 lbs of faecal matter lodged in their system!!! It’s been there for years! Yuck! When your colon remains so clogged up and toxic. soaps. These contain incredibly toxic elements! Shampoos. it ‘clogs’ up the system. most people don’t use their colon very effectively.Colon cleansing Your colon – or ‘large intestine’ – is a major way for your body to eliminate waste and toxins (literally: toxic waste). and fester for a while… Imagine having a whole container of dangerous. The modern diet is incredibly clogging. skin care. But make no mistake. laundry detergents… the list goes on and on! Because each of these products individually do not contain enough chemicals to KILL you on the spot. right? Unfortunately. manufacturers can get away with producing them. toothpaste. Your stomach and intestines use billions of germs to break down your food. and beauty products we use. leaking out and contaminating your entire house. deodorants. Taken together. Toxic personal care products Another way we poison ourselves is through the modern personal care. Imagine if all that resulting waste and billions of germ kind of stick around. Whenever you ingest something that your body can’t use right away (live foods). the better. 61 . and consequently it gets clogged up.com/mucoid_plaque_exp. PLEASE go on a cleanse AND get yourself a colonic irrigation – you will be amazed at the difference it makes to your health and levels of energy. because it mostly consists of DEAD FOODS. compromising the integrity of your inner terrain. You would want to get rid of that container pretty quickly. so that you can digest what is digestible and eliminate the rest. You are literally poisoning yourself. perfumes. all these toxins back up into your bloodstream (this is knows as toxaemia. highly toxic chemicals stored in your basement. The fastest it eliminates that toxic waste out of your system.

What Causes Specific Health Challenges? In light of the information presented here about how health problems are due to over-toxicity and over-acidification. That is utter nonsense. nutrition. 62 . that’s where the acid will go and where you’re going to experience the biggest problems. smoking. because that part of the body can’t clean up the mess as quickly. You didn’t “catch” a cold. drinking. a similar outcome in your body? Think about it! Furthermore. let’s examine what is really happening in regards to specific ailments: “Genetic diseases” Here is the truth about so-called ‘genetic diseases’. recreation. A lot of the things we think of as being ‘genetic’ really aren’t genetic at all! We simply inherit and duplicate the lifestyles and habits of the people we live with! Could it be that you are modelling your parents’ lifestyle (their beliefs regarding health. you are not condemned to experience the same ailments as your forbearers. First of all know this: when it comes to genetic weaknesses or ‘genetic diseases’. or your liver. etc. exercise. food. drugs. Flu Most people are afraid of getting infected by some ‘flu bug’. say. The acid will settle in the weakest part of your body. If you have a genetic weakness. is the acid. apart from any initial genetic weakness. They are afraid of “catching” a cold from someone. you created a cold by your lifestyle! You built up so much poison that it came to the point where your body had to get rid of it! What are the symptoms of the flu? 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.)? Could that produce a similar result. Have you ever seen what acid can do to a block of marble? Now imagine that acid going through your organs and your tissues! Acids go to the weakest parts of the body. what tears your body’s processes down. or in your breasts. in the prostate. weakening something that is already in trouble (the cells and tissues there are not as ‘strong’ or as efficient at getting rid of acids and toxins/poisons).

Remember all these movies about Swamp Man. Cancer is due to having a toxic ‘inner terrain’ arising from your inverted way of living (the modern. radiation. or Godzilla. isolating them to protect the body’s integrity. which is costing millions of lives and billions of dollars in healthcare. nutrients and oxygen (that your cells NEED) don’t flow as easily. sweats. and drink loads of fluids. to augment the flow of poisons coming out of you. It is pure bad luck some of your cells turn cancerous. stress. Most people get the flu around January. after the Christmas period’s heavy drinking and over-eating! Turkey and gravy and cakes and ice-cream and alcohol… your body is at threshold! If you have the flu. water. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. etc? These were creatures that mutated because of the toxic or radioactive environment they were in. That is utter nonsense. fatigue. etc. That’s what a tumour is – toxins wrapped in lymph. and that’s that. diarrhoea. alkaline environment (inner terrain). Cancer Conventional medicine tells us that science doesn’t really know what causes cancer. as our cells adapt to the toxic environment we have created for them. maintain cells’ ability to eliminate their own waste. Give your body what it needs! You need to provide your cells with a cleansed. lymph nodes enlarging… in other words the symptoms of your body trying to eliminate excess toxicity. and nutrients they need. and provide them with the oxygen. The EXACT same thing happens with your cells! Life does not want to give up! LIFE WANTS TO LIVE! That’s what cancer is. simply get some rest.Fever. Your lymph system – the ‘sewage system’ of the body – will try to protect you by wrapping lymph around the toxins inside of you. 63 . It’s just a genetic lottery. such as negative emotions. In such a compromised inner environment. Their bodies HAD to mutate. in order to survive. This causes your cells to mutate and expand in order to get the nutrients and oxygen they need to SURVIVE. until the body has enough energy to break it down. in order to adapt to this environment. eat healthy live foods. and make sure you avoid things that can disrupt your cells. It is actually life moving forward. Cancer is in fact one of the easiest diseases of all to overcome! Proper nutrition makes it a piece of cake – and this is entirely within your control. unnatural lifestyle).

2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. Other white blood cells then have to break it down and ‘eat it up’. going through your bloodstream. This gives the illusion that your white blood cells are ‘attacking’ other white blood cells when in fact they are just clearing away the junk! This is not a ‘immuno-deficiency’ problem! Your immune system is not attacking itself! It is simply a manifestation of how toxic and polluted your inner terrain is! One of your best defences against AIDS (with all the other precautions of course) is to cleanse and alkalize your inner environment. and are grouped together under a single name. gobbling up all the dead matter and toxins.Your body has cured itself of cancer thousands of times already! It knows exactly what to do! Everyone has had cancerous cells at some point in their lives that have been taken care of by their immune system! Diabetes The pancreas is.” It is now clear. where the acid accumulates and breaks down your tissues and joints day after day. By alkalizing and energizing your body you can slowly rebuild your pancreas. Your lifestyle has created an imbalance within your body that is throwing it into ‘survival mode’. bursting at the seams – it often dies. the ‘shock organ’ of the stomach. causing inflammations and aches. that the HIV virus alone cannot cause a person to develop AIDS. Diabetes is an illusion. Switch to a healthy lifestyle!!! I have seen people go from being HIV-positive to HIV-negative within 30 days of alkalizing and energizing by taking Dr. the stomach is going to pump all that directly into the pancreas. AIDS ‘AIDS’ is an illusion! It is a ‘syndrome’ – another word for “a collection of symptoms that doctors have no idea as to the cause of. after 20 years of effort and over $50 billion completely wasted. If you fill yourself with acidic foodstuffs. With your pancreas functioning optimally. A white blood cell is like a janitor. in a sense. Diabetes is due to the breakdown of the pancreas by an over-acidification of your system. Arthritis Arthritis is due to the over-acidification of the body. AIDS is due to having a highly acidic and toxic bloodstream. you no longer experience the symptoms associated with ‘Diabetes’. 64 . Young’s Supergreens™. When it is filled to the hilt with all this toxic matter – imagine a big garbage bag. where your white blood cells are overcome with toxins and morbid matter.

Allergies The acid irritates your tissues. THAT YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DISCOVER ANYWHERE ELSE: To lose weight you need to alkalize. because the acid eats them away). but that of the curriculum). processed foods. Osteoporosis Osteoporosis is due to the over-acidification of the body. Indeed. and permanently? HERE IS THE KEY. and consequently the weakening of your bones. healthily. your body leaches the calcium from your bones (which is alkaline in nature). to buffer the acidity you are creating through your lifestyle. and attaches it to the molecules of acid so that it can then eliminate it through urine. pollen. your body will use up your alkaline reserves. If you want to eliminate any allergies. Have you ever noticed how people tend to shrink as they get older? Did you ever wonder why? It is because their bones are getting weaker and weaker. ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – what a sham! Our kids’ IQ scores have grown tremendously over the last 50 years but we’re teaching them the same old boring stuff at school. GET YOUR KIDS OFF SUGAR! We’re putting kids on Ritalin and at the same time filling them up with soft drinks!!! This makes no sense! Take them off sugar. and consequently they get more and more ‘compressed’. naturally. making them highly sensitive to dust. causing the withdrawal of calcium from your bones. To combat the over-acidification of your system. the same old boring way! ADHD should be called ‘Boring Teachers Disorder’ (not the teachers’ fault. Then. Acidity is ‘stealing’ bone mass from their body (incidentally. and alkalize! Obesity Are you overweight? Well guess what… you are not over-fat… you are over-acid! Obesity is due to an over-acidification of your system – your body is preserving the integrity of your system by creating fat reserves to store away all the acidity coursing through you! Do you want to lose weight quickly. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. their muscles get flabby too. Osteoporosis is actually incredibly easy to reverse. THE AMAZING SECRET WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD. 65 . white flour… and switch your kids to a more alkaline diet and you’ll be amazed at the difference this will make. etc. More importantly. it will store the acid in your fat reserves or use up your stores of calcium. of course. quit meat and dairy. first.

If you keep getting more and more acidic. in an article titled “Aspartame Kills” (July 16th. Athlete’s Foot This is simply waste – dead matter. your body keeps producing cholesterol and lining your arteries with it. Psoriasis. all that acid will start to flow through your arteries. Here’s the reality: MS is a symptom of acidity attacking your myelin sheaths. then your fat stores. and then anything it can do to balance it out! Once you have ‘maxed out’ those reserves. Young talks about how the consumption of Aspartame (a chemical now present in over 5. Acid is corrosive – it burns through things – so having acidic blood would burn holes in your blood vessels! To stop this from happening. You will simply release it out of your system. your body secretes cholesterol and places it on your arteries’ walls – to protect them from acid. 66 . Acne. It tries your alkaline reserves first. Are you excited about your life? Your future? Do you have a compelling future that makes you feel powerfully alive? 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. Furthermore. your body has to respond. Eczema This is simply acid coming out directly through your skin. Taking people off this toxin created a major reversal in their health (please visit www. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome This is often caused by psychological factors. 2002). Robert O.36. until pretty soon there’s no room for the blood to flow through. initially. Dr. coming out through your skin. if your blood becomes too acidic.000 products. By getting more alkaline. toxins – caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. such as chewing gum and Diet Coke) is linked to Multiple Sclerosis.com for the full article).Cholesterol The only reason you get more cholesterol in your body than you need is because you are out of balance. Multiple Sclerosis Conventional medicine says the cause of MS is unknown. your body doesn’t need the cholesterol anymore.phmiraclecenter. Since your body must remain at a pH of 7.

As a result.Perhaps more importantly. Young advocates the following simple concept: “Make sure you get much more alkalinity and energy into your body to begin with. This is basically a cleansing through the orifice of the nose. And since there is no lymph flow when you’re sleeping. your cells are ‘screaming’ from all the toxins inside of you! As a result. What you need to do is breathe properly and super-hydrate (to cleanse your body). in order to help circulate the lymph. When these crises are repeated for years.” Does all this make sense to you? This is groundbreaking information! 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. and make sure you get some aerobic exercise (minimum 4 times a week). Sleeping Disorders If you don’t sleep well at night. there may be too much toxicity in the system. or your body is not getting enough OXYGEN! Some doctors now recognize shallow breathing as the number one cause for creating fatigue in people. Dr. At this stage hay fever or asthma develops. because although they have slept. you toss and turn to try and move yourself. from a physiological perspective. closing the nasal passage. One of the reasons people don’t sleep well is because they’ve clogged themselves up with so much junk that their body is working overtime to carry oxygen through. I guarantee you that you are ‘toxic’. Most people’s diets require their body to work overtime during the night. to break down all the junk they have put in there. the mucous membrane thickens and ulcerates. do NOT eat late at night (especially animal products). so that it does not have to draw from its reserves. Do the things we’ve talked about in this ebook and you will experience a radical shift Asthma When the elimination of acid takes place through the mucous membrane of the nose. and the bones enlarge. And whatever you do. it is called a ‘cold’. 67 . they wake up still feeling tired. their body did not rest. your cells may not be getting the nutrients they need.

has delivered his “Living Health” seminar in front of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. author of Unlimited Power and Awaken The Giant Within. Water. www.anthonyrobbins. You will feel AMAZING. 68 .com PLEASE GO ON A CLEANSE! START TODAY! I highly recommend you buy a book on how to detox. I highly recommend that you read or listen to his material. - - - 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.Conclusions & Next Steps Recap: YOU NEED TO PROVIDE YOUR BODY WITH WHAT IT NEEDS! • • • • • • Take care of and nurture your cells! Put your body back into balance! Give your body enough Oxygen. Young’s extraordinary book.com to find our more about the pH Miracle and to purchase some Supergreens™. For more information please visit www. You will LOOK AMAZING.com to find our more about this breakthrough science and purchase some Glyconutrients. You can start with The Vibrant Health & Energy 10-Day Cleanse below. and Nutrients! Maintain a positive state of mind! Eliminate the junk out of your life! Maintain your pH balance! Alkalize! Cleanse your inner terrain! Everything shifts in your life when you put your body back in balance.phmiracleliving. Anthony Robbins. and go on a cleanse. Robert O.8essentials. and strongly urge you to attend his life-changing seminars. Please visit www. Please visit his website. Sick And Tired. FURTHER ACTIONS TO TAKE RIGHT NOW: Please buy Dr.

and soft drinks for 10 days. • • 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. tobacco.phmiraclecenter. get a massage. water-rich LIVE foods! Buy some nutritional supplements Eliminate Self-Destructive Habits from your life! – cut out sugar. drugs. Ingest only fruit and juices up until noon. do some Yoga… Optimize Your Nutrition (Stop digging your graves with your teeth!!!) Alkalize your diet! Eat loads of green vegetables. alcohol.com) Take deep. etc. Your health and your life will be utterly transformed. vinegar. ice-cream. caffeine. get some sun. You will feel phenomenal. not during or after. and only on an empty stomach Properly combine your meals – don’t eat carbohydrates and proteins together Eat in a relaxed state (eat slowly!) Eat comfortable amounts Drink water before your meals. salt. Eliminate Your Intake of Unhealthy Fats and Cooked Oils Eliminate Your Intake of Animal Flesh Eliminate Your Intake of Dairy Products – no milk. what would you be doing right now?) Get some rest. slow diaphragmatic breaths for ten minutes in the morning Take a cold shower every morning Exercise 6 times in the next 10 days! (Warm up properly. Your life will never be the same again. 69 . Warm down properly) Direct your Mind! (Focus on what you are truly grateful for in life! What are you excited about? What are you proud about? What are your goals in life? If you had no limitations and you knew you could not fail. Exercise at your proper heart rate for at least 20 minutes. cheese. • • • • • Super-Hydrate your system! Drink plenty of alkaline water! (You can also buy ‘green drinks’ at www.The Vibrant Health & Energy 10-Day Cleanse For just 10 days… give yourself this amazing gift.

) They are NOT willing to destroy their body. then all passions are raised against this threat and no method is left untried to suppress it. They are joining the gym. their LIFE. speaking disparagingly of it. And so a new truth can have a long wait before finally being accepted. etc. however. someone else now comes along with new ideas that contradict he Credo (that has been recited for years and passed on in turn to others) and in fact even threaten to overturn it. The 19th-century German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer once said that all truth passes through three stages. it is violently opposed. They value themselves and have high self-esteem. it is ridiculed. for foods that may taste good but that are killing them. Heart Disease.Final Thoughts The Smartest People Are Taking Control of Their Health Smart people are realizing that they need to take personal responsibility for their lifestyle choices. Secondly. as if it were not even worth the effort of looking into the matter. people quickly come to regard as their own personal property that which they have learned and had passed on to them at the universities and academies. Their life is too precious. and taking nutritional supplements. Cancer. They are educating themselves more and more about Health. instead of leaving it in the hands of conventional medicine. Arthritis. They understand the price there is to pay if they don’t do this (a mediocre life filled with pains and aches. “In the sciences. The Truth Is Here.” – Goethe YOU HAVE READ THE TRUTH TODAY. If. Firstly. eating LIVE foods. ONE DAY IT WILL SHINE SO BRIGHT THAT YOU WILL WONDER HOW YOU EVER DOUBTED ANY OF IT. 70 . going to health food stores. The Truth Is Now There was a time not so long ago when saying that the Earth was NOT flat was considered heresy. Diabetes. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. And thirdly. and you would be burnt at the stake. their health. it is accepted as self-evident. People resist it in every way possible: pretending not to have heard about it. Osteoporosis.

And as the executives of the food industry and pharmaceutical industry stand on trial for crimes against humanity.” Dr. Natural alternatives will revolutionize all of that. and dying of heart disease or cancer. James F. PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELVES MORE ABOUT HEALTH & NUTRITION! YOUR LIFE AND THOSE OF EVERYONE YOU CARE ABOUT DEPEND ON IT! AND MORE THAN ANYTHING… TAKE ACTION! 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.. We will look back in disbelief at how billions of people let themselves be conned by the medico-pharmaceutical establishment for so long. being broke. It costs them a lot of money when they get sick. 71 . People are bound and determined to take an active role in their health care. overwhelm.from such things as cancer and cardiovascular disease. we will watch in amazement as some completely un-enlightened individuals will still – despite everything – continue to poison themselves and their loved ones with dead. Cancer will be a thing of the past. As a society we are tired of living in a pharmacopoeia – a culture dominated by drugs and pharmaceutical companies. If you want that. Balch. There are things that they can do to keep themselves well – even safe . toxic food. an unfulfilled life. in his foreword to the book “The Antioxidant Revolution” If you want to be like everybody else.“There’s a revolution happening out there right now. Circa 2050 I hold the belief that 40 years from now. fat. M.D. but they have finally caught on to the idea that they don't have to get sick. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. day after day. We will wonder at how we could have missed the glaringly obvious link between nutrition and chronic disease for so long. The World. you will suffer what everybody else suffers: Unhappiness. I URGE YOU. It's become too expensive and unreliable. live like the majority of people do. frustration.

I know that you will put this invaluable information to good use. This concludes my book. “10 Steps To Vibrant Health & Energy”. and Happiness in the world. Either choice will carry its consequences. for immensely powerful vested interests have fought tooth and nail to keep it suppressed. I look forward to hearing how you have used this information to turn around your health challenges and take back control of your life. You now have a choice – you can use this information …or go on with your lives as before. Mark Anastasi 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. Success.I sincerely hope that you realize – like I did – how truly BLESSED you are to come across this information. You may email me at health@mark-anastasi. 72 .com I wish you all the Health.

000 per intervention. seminars. Please visit www.com 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. His company LifeQuest Education has as its mission the promotion of life-enhancing and empowering education throughout the world. Only 12 clients a year.Appendix I – About The Author Mark Anastasi is a businessman. To that end he is setting up Inspiration TV – a global satellite television station devoted to personal development. 73 . and positive/inspiring news from around the world – and LifeQuest Healing Centers®.000 per consultation and delivery of training. Mark Anastasi Public Speaking $4. and overall wellbeing of your staff. spirituality. specializing in the area of Health and Nutrition. The Live Forever Clinic is a London-based consultancy for high net-worth individuals interested in longevity extension and physical immortality. The LifeQuest Corporate Health-Check $12.mark-anastasi.000 an hour Corporate events. LifeQuest Healing Centers® $200. We use cutting-edge non-mainstream technology as well as esoteric principles to heal and rejuvenate. exhibitions. conventions.000 per franchise We are seeking investors to set up LifeQuest Healing Centers around the world.com to find out more. natural health. Massively increase energy. Contact: Email health@mark-anastasi. Benefits: drastically reduce lost productivity due to sick days. Live Forever Clinic $50. creativity. as well as empowered about their health through education. where patients will be treated and healed through natural means. as well as an author and public speaker.

html to find out where you can get scanned in your area and www.com/pharmanex-contacts. and cleansed! I urge you to do a live blood test – your blood does not lie.TruthPublishing. (Please visit www. should have big.000 points.com to read more about this scanner.000 you are probably safe. round.com to find out where YOU can get a live blood test done) UNHEALTHY BLOOD HEALTHY BLOOD The Pharmanex Biophotonic Nutrition Scanner You can now measure the precise level of nutrition in your body by simply placing your hand over a ‘blue laser’ device. health-wise. This is a revolutionary new technology that will very quickly tell you where you stand. Your blood is The River Of Life. This inner terrain needs to be alkalised. energized.newstarget. but should still aim for 60. on the other hand. Please visit www. A healthy bloodstream. 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. and lively red blood cells. 74 .000 to 80.phmiracleliving. plump. you would most probably see misshapen blood cells that are breaking down – the sure signs of a major disease being on its way. you are almost certainly headed for a major health disaster by the time you are 50.000 points. If you score above 40. If your scan scores below 20.Appendix II – How Can I Tell Whether I Am Healthy? Live Blood Microscopy If you were to look at the average person’s blood through a microscope.

lack of energy. send help!’). junk food and self-destructive habits. as well as negative mental states. We need to be wary of staying too long close to computers. There are a few more things that can also affect our cells negatively. kill or mutate them. and that’s where our structural problems come from. through your spine and your nerve connections. The human body is designed to develop and maintain itself through motion! Human bodies compensate for lack of motion to our detriment. I use a Q-link and Purple Plates to protect myself from such fields and energize my body (please visit www. lack of water. cell phones.Appendix III – Further reasons why our cells might break down ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMF) The key lesson in this ebook is that in order to be healthy. lack of nutrients. One of these is disturbances in the cell’s electrical field.PurplePlates. Very often certain aspects of our spine become ‘mis-aligned’. You must support yourself in order to become re-aligned. Find a good chiropractor and get yourself structurally realigned! 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.com and www. and power lines. Most of us are not moving enough.com to find out more) Nerve Impingement Nerve impingement is a further source of disease. 75 . not using all our muscles. big electrical devices. Your nervous system sends messages across your entire body (e. Electro-magnetic fields can cause such disturbances. Lack of oxygen. a toxic or acidic environment. we need to nurture our CELLS.g. As your cells go… you go. Personally. Our nerve flow of information and energy is then reduced. ‘There’s a challenge here. which puts pressure on some nerves. If you disturb the electrical charges of the cell membrane (with one form of toxic substance or another) you will damage this balance – this can stress. Please make sure that there are no magnetic devices anywhere near your bed! Your body is a delicately balanced electro-magnetic machine! Anything that’s going to mess up that delicate balance is going to mess up your cells.clarus. for example. all contribute to the destruction of our cells. so that the natural flow of information and energy runs through your entire body.

or that there is no meaning to their lives anymore. however old you are. the following question – probably THE most important question one can ever ask – “If you had absolutely no limitations whatsoever and you knew you could not fail. you need to have a sense of purpose in your life. that excites them. what you be doing right now?” And then DO IT! The Cultural Hypnosis of ‘Old Age’ You see people around you getting older and older… They’re not getting ‘older’. Seek out more challenge! Use your body & mind in intense ways! 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. Seek out new challenges! Expand your identity! Break through your limitations and comfort zones! I don’t care what age you are at. that makes them feel passionate! EVERYTHING ON THIS PLANET EITHER GROWS… OR IT DIES. they are getting more and more toxic! They are over-acid and over-toxic. because they are not doing anything that has an impact. They look old. excitement. and this affects their bodies drastically! You don’t need to experience any of that! The good news it that you can halt or even reverse the ageing process. On the other hand.Appendix IV – ‘Getting Old’ Is A State Of Mind! I know 18-year-olds that seem to have the weight of the world on their shoulders. wonder. they would say they feel old. that drives them. acting with total child-like innocence. I know some 70 and 80-year-olds that are simply the life of the party. and if you were to ask them. and delight! They are truly ALIVE! They experience the full juice of LIFE! Age Is A Mindset!!! Change your mindset! The majority of people die within 2 years of their retirement – they feel like they lack purpose. Ask yourself frequently. bouncing off the walls. 76 . you lose. Do you want to reverse the ageing process? Easy! Eat the right foods! Supplement your diet with glyconutrients and other high-quality supplements! Alkalize! Detox regularly! Get loads of oxygen into your system! Exercise! Do Yoga! Stretch! Know this: making less demands on your body makes your cells atrophy and weakens the body! What you don’t use. too.

your mind has an incredibly powerful effect on your body! Imagine an 80-year-old person that is surrounded only by young and vibrant people all the time.educomindpower. using hypnotic subliminal suggestions such as ‘every day you get younger and younger. that I would like to share with you. as I find them very intriguing and can expand. Whilst on the Educo website above. and complete physical mastery (breathing exercises. etc. Tony Quinn’s work. in the book Conversations With God. so they start believing that THAT is what should be happening to THEM! They then MANIFEST in their body the symptoms they expect to have! As I mentioned before. don’t you think? 2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. etc. Amongst his many accomplishments. God himself (herself?) states that the human body has been designed to LIVE FOREVER. by making an increased demand on the cells of their muscles! Don’t buy into the cultural hypnosis that would have you believe that because you are over the age of 60 you are ‘ageing’. and eliminate the waste (toxins) from their environment. Maybe there’s something to all this. and pass away. your body gets stronger every day’. you must have less energy. experience disease. your cells rejuvenate more and more.Studies have shown that you can create the same level of strength in people in their 70s that is found in people in their 20s and 30s. How much of a difference do you think that makes? Please visit http://www. He explains how. perhaps. and you have to experience the same ailments that everyone else does! It all comes down to your mindset! Most people see their friends around them get old. one’s awareness. they can LIVE FOREVER. Worth a look-in. and other oriental countries. author Leonard Orr. Finally. he has had some amazing results from his relaxation audio programs. Secondly. and that human beings used to do that… before. cleansing. The human cell is INCREDIBLY POWERFUL. First of all.) one can attain immortality. research has conclusively shown that if you give human cells the oxygen and nutrients they need.com/Educo_makes_huge_Advances_in_Rejuvenation.htm to find out about Dr. There are apparently many hundreds of immortal yogis in Nepal. India. Bob Delmontique. I strongly urge you to find out more about Dr. 77 . Tibet. through spiritual practices. yoga. in his amazing book Breaking The Death Habit. maybe not. the healthiest octogenarian on the planet (!). explains that dying is a cultural hypnosis – we die because we see other people dying at a certain age and we therefore EXPECT to end up the same way. compared to an 80-year-old that is in a retirement home. I would like to share with you 3 interesting pieces of information that I have come across. Thirdly. that have mastered the physical and spiritual disciplines necessary to be able to live off the sun’s light.

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