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lRKA-NSAS GAZETTE, Thurs., Aug. 11, 1960.

II Presentation of McClellan Air Safety Award \
Col. John Inskeep, commander of the Army Helicopter School, and Vice President Raymond :
' I Thomas of Southern Airways (on the right) receive the James H. McClellan Aviation Safety 'I
Award from Senator McClellan (Oem., Ark.). The awaid, named for the senator's son who
was killed in an airplane crash, goes each year to the persons selected by the Army Avia-
Ition Association as having made outstanding contributions to aviation safety. Next to the I
is Howard E. vic,: president of the Army Aviation Association and president I

of the McClellan Memorial Foundation. - . I
. -
President of McClellan Memorial Aviation Safety Foundation
Vice President of Army Aviation Association of America
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