Need of the advent of Islam


Comprehensiveness of Islam.

Changes in the previous teachings The people attributed many sins to their Prophets.continued 2. 3. 4. . Universality of Islam.

The proclaim of Hazrat Isa Alaihissalam: ‫وإذ قال عيسى ابن مريم يا بنى إسرائيل إنى رسول هللا إليكم‬ ‫مصدقا لما بين يدى من التوراة ومبشرا برسول ياتى من‬ .‫بعدى اسمه أحمد فلما جاءهم بالبينت قالواهذا سحر مبين‬ .Q: Do earlier revelations speak of Islam?   Ans: Yes in the Holy Quran it is mentioned that Allah Taala made a covenant with the previous Prophets that they would believe in the last Prophet and support him.

‫يعرفونه كما يعرفون أبناءهم‬ .w.s.      The incident of Salman Farsi (r.‫وكانوا من قبل يستفتحون على الذين كفروا‬ .Cont. The journey of the holy prophet (s.a. .a.) and Buhaira rahib.) The prediction of Waraqa bin Naufal.

. Allah knows better. They will be in A’raf.The people in the time of Ignorance    The people who lived in the time of ignorance or did not receive the light of Islam will be asked only about the things which are in the range of.

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