E-mail: bhargav_raam@yahoo.com Ph No : 919043936915

CAREER OBJECTIVE To serve an organization with my skills, qualification and deep commitment. And to grow myself while making the organization growth.



Name of the Institution


Year of Passing

B.Tech (E.C.E) XII X 

Karunya University



Vikas Junior college Goutham High School

95.7 % 86.5 %

2008 2006

*CGPA till 6th semester

ON GOING MINI PROJECT: Title : “Study Of Radiation Pattern Of various Antennas” Description : Studying the radiation properties of various antennas using CADFEKO software.

COMPUTER LITERACY  Programming in C,  Basics of “ AUTO CAD”, “MATLAB”,  MS-Office, MS-Windows, 7.

SCHOLARSHIP BENEFITS  MHRD scholarship awardee.

N. PERSONAL DETAILS Name . Willingness to learn.ACHIEVEMENTS:  Won first prize in a National Level Student Technical Symposium in AMAZING RACE at Karunya University. OUTSIDE INTERESTS  Indian economy.G.  Won second prize in a National Level Student Technical Symposium in ELETRO TALK at Karunya University. Hindi Date of Birth : 15-01-1991 Address : D. katlatpalli Road. Place: COIMBATORE Date: 18/09/2011 (Uppu Bhargava) .517325. hereby declare that the information furnished above is true up to the best of my knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above mentioned particulars. STRENGTHS     Ability to learn out of failures. Excellent analytical skills. DECLARATION I. Listening to music Languages known : Telugu. Tamil. Madanapalli.  Probability. English.No:2-250-45-3. Uppu Bhargava Sex : Male Nationality : Indian Hobbies : Reading news papers.Palli. Ability to work with diverse background.V.



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