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reaction paper!

reaction paper!

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Published by: api-26570979 on Oct 16, 2008
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Kayseline Gunida II-B BSMT A Holiday!

PE 3 Prof. Arceo

I am a very out-going person. I love spending my leisure time with something that could break the ice within me – surfing the net, chit-chatting, going to a friends house or even having a pajama party. I am also fond of going to mall with my friends or even with my sister. But the thing is, I don’t usually spend for anything except for snacks or food or for something that is needed for my schooling. After many months of not seeing each other, my friend, Marny, and I decided to go out and have some fun. That was the only time that I remembered that as a partial fulfillment of our requirements in PE 3, we were asked to have a mall tour, watch a movie, buy something and make a reaction paper about it. That’s why I asked her to meet me at SM Marilao. Let me share you some details about our exciting “reunion” that made me come out with the title, “A Holiday!”… We met at around 4:30pm, (actually, it should be 1pm but it was postponed because of some unexplainable reasons) in a convenience store. Arriving at the mall, we went directly to the movie theater to choose what movie are we going to watch and to find out if any snacks and drinks other than popcorn and coke-in-can could be brought inside since both of us were not fond eating the said meals. After that we went to the hypermarket to buy something that we could eat and got back to the theater. Inside it, we were actually surprised to see that there were only around eight to ten people watching. But then, it never really affected us and was still in the mood to watch with a little chitchatting. Moreover, when the movie reached into its climax, two teenage guys went before us and tried to acquaint with us. But then, since were not actually interested with them despite the fact they were actually drop-dead-gorgeous, we never entertain them (choosy? Ahehe...). It was already late when the movie ended that’s why whenever got any chance of roaming and having a window-shopping. But before we leave, I asked her to accompany me to National Bookstore, because I needed to buy something. Well, obviously, I absolutely enjoyed the mall tour and consider that day “A Holiday” for me.

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