Dear Fin Donnelly, Member of Parliament for Coquitlam – New Westiminster, Hon.

Harry Bloy, Member of Legislative Assembly for Burnaby – Lougheed.

By now you’ve likely heard of the ongoing protest in New York called Occupy Wall Street. This Saturday, a solidarity protest called Occupy Vancouver will start. People are expressing why they are protesting by writing down what they do for a living and their financial predicament. Common to these stories is hard work gone unrewarded because of financial crises in recent times and during the 1980`s. In Canada, we avoided some but not all of these troubles because of strict regulations on our financial industry. Like these protestors we`ve seen hardship because of corruption in other countries. That`s why I feel this protest is a supportive opportunity for you as a representative of Canada to do two things: Promote a dependable Canadian-style banking system internationally, and protect our banking system from becoming more like the system in the US or in countries like Iceland, Ireland, and Greece that have had major collapses. Personally, I`ll be at the Occupy Vancouver protests this weekend because of concerns about our increasing reliance on a commodity as price-volatile as oil. Oil`s price has moved from 30 up to 144, down to 33, and back up beyond 110 US dollars per barrel in the last eight years. My livelihood depends on both personal effort and the state of the economy; I don`t want my work to be nullified by a shift in a single commodity price. More than anything else, I hope that you take these demonstrations seriously as a representation of the wishes of many Canadians and not those of a vocal minority. Thank you both greatly for your time,

- Jack Davis. (Voter in every federal, provincial, and municipal election since 2003, new resident to Coquitlam from Kelowna, and PhD student in Statistics at SFU.)