Volunteer To volunteer your time is the request To spend time saving the lives of others Be a volunteer “why me”

is the sound that goes through your head How can I make a difference in another’s life? What can one person do that would cause a monumental change Be a volunteer you are urged and you will see the change you make Small or larger the change is there and you see it in the first day you are there When that person smiles, laughs or votes for the first time The “why me” attitude changes to how can I get another to see what I see Your life changes and you look at the world with a new understanding Comprehension comes slowly like an awaking of the dawn each day As night falls, you are glad you made the choice to volunteer It is a choice we all make in time to serve others or ourselves You made the choice to serve our country To volunteer is the request you now make to others See what I have learned and how much I have grown Thank you to the volunteers in my life as I was growing up From teachers to scouts to friends – you volunteered your time to me The least I can do is repay the favor by continuing the tradition and giving my time To serve this country we love so dear – you will not be forgotten as long as I am here Created by Shannon Farnsworth

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