Transmission Identification & Decoding

Transmission Identification & Decoding
General Transmission Identification
Transmissions are marked and identified by: Casting numbers on the case, extention housing and side cover (on manual trans). Date Casting Codes Assembly Date Code Stamping - can be stamped anywhere... Chassis Vin Number stamping - beginning in 1962 Transmissions are also expressed via the RPO number, usually beginning with "M".

Automatic Transmission Identification & Description
Automatic transmission types are generally id'ed by their pan shape.

The THM200 and the THM250 have pans shaped like a THM350, HOWEVER, the THM200 will have the words HYDRAMATIC DIV. and METRIC stamped into the pan. Automatic Transmission Description & Usage THM200 - Light duty, "metric" 3 speed transmission. THM250 - Used in small 4 cylinder cars (Vega, Sunbird, Monza) from 1973 to 1981 and some Nova/Camaro/Chevelle 6 cylinders in 1974 & 75. The 4 cylinder models have 4 large cooling holes near the torque converter, while on the "bigger cars" there are no cooling holes. THM200-R4 - Used in GM rear wheel drive cars with the 3.8 V6, 305 & 350 Olds and 301 pontiac from 1981 to 1989. This is a 4 speed, overdrive unit. THM350 - Medium duty 3 speed trans used from 1969 to 1989, Used in Buick, Olds, Pontiac and Chevrolet cars and Chevy & GMC light trucks until 1987. Generally used in straight and V6 and small block engines. Generally able to handle up to 400 foot pounds of torque.
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Transmission Identification & Decoding

THM375B - This trans is identical to the THM350, but is considered a heavier duty transmission. THM375 - This transmission is a derivative of the THM400 sharing the external appearance of the 400. It'll be marked 375-THM on the bottom of the tailshaft housing. It's a light duty version of the THM400, has ABSOLUTELY NO RELATION to the THM375B, and was found in 1972 to 1976 full-size cars. The Turbo 375 was modified to accept the Turbo 350 driveshaft yoke. THM400 - The THM400 was GM's Heavy-duty 3 speed transmission used from 1964 to 1990. Used on large displacement, high torque engines and engines with towing packages. Generally found in Chevy & GM trucks, cadilacs and large displacement engined, full size GM rear wheel drive cars. THM700-R4 - 4 Speed transmission used in GM cars and light trucks with the 2.8, 3.1, 4.3, V6, Chevrolet built 305, 350 and 454 engines from 1982 to 1992. 4L60 - Early 1990's saw the 700R4 renamed to the 4L60, and "electronic" models were named 4L60E. 4L60 means 4 forward speeds, L = longitudily mounted (rear wheel drive). 60 is the strength rating (less than the 4L80). 3L80 - The 3L80 is a renamed THM400, used in the early 1990's. The 3L80HD would be the THM475 (heavy duty unit). 4L80 - An overdrive model of the THM400. The 4L80E would be the "electronic" model. Transmissions with a suffix of "C" on the end of the type (THM200C) indicate the transmission has a lock up torque converter.

Automatic Transmission Identification & Decoding
Specific methods of identification are as follows (and yes, this section needs to be rewritten).... Some transmissions have a code stamped onto them. Others have a tag rivited to the case. Most transmissions will have a "source serial number" (chassis vin) usually found close to the transmission code. This number will contain division ID #, model year, assembly plant and production sequence (last 6 digits) of the VIN stamped onto the transmission. Example: 19N500001. The source serial number is from the CAR the transmission originally went into, NOT the assembly plant. Location of source serial number On the THM350, the VIN will be stamped on either the drivers side housing near the shifter, on the right

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Transmission Identification & Decoding

side of the housing just above the pan, or on a boss behind the bellhousing flange on the passenger side of the transmission. On the THM400 the VIN is stamped on a machined surface just above the pan on the drivers side. On the THM200-R4 the VIN is stamped onto the housing towards the rear of the pan, on the drivers side. On the THM700-R4 the VIN is either stamped onto a boss behind the bellhousing flange on the passenger side, just above the pan on the drivers side, or just behind the governor cover, stamped vertically where the case meets the tailshaft housing.

Prior to 1967, transmission ID numbers contained the plant prefix code, month and date of production (expressed numerically) and a shift code (D = Day, N = Night). From 1967 on, the ID number contained the transmission type or plant prefix, Date (coded below) and a shift code. The constants in decoding the trans ID number are the date the transmission was produced. Pre-67 Example: C213N - (C = Cleveland Powerglide, February 13, Night Shift) Post-67 Example: P9E03 - (P = TYPE, 9 = year (1969), E = Month, 03 = Day of Month) Month code: (NOTICE this is NOT in alphabetic order) A = Jan, B = Feb, C = Mar, D = Apr, E = May, H = Jun, K = Jul, M = Aug, P = Sep, R = Oct, S = Nov, T = Dec

The dropbox contains Camaro transmission codes. What SHOULD have been installed, or what was offered for the year selected.
1967 Transmission Codes View Selected Code

Manual Transmission Identification & Description
Manual Transmission Eyeballing

Muncie (left) Saginaw (center) Borg Warner (right)

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Transmission Identification & Decoding

To quickly finger what you have, notice in the above picture: The muncie reverse lever is in the extention housing, and the cover has 7 bolts. The Saginaw reverse shift lever is on the cover, and the cover has 7 bolts. The Borg Warner has a 9 bolt cover. Muncies are the hot tip, since they usually were used with high performance engines. Again on the muncie, and looking at the cover, 3rd/4th gear lever is on the left. 1st/2nd gear lever is on the right. Further Muncie identification 3 Muncie 4 speeds were offered. The M-20 wide ratio, the M-21 close ratio, and the "Extra heavy duty close ratio" M-22, also known as the "Rock Crusher". The M-22 was generally installed behind severely powerful (high torque) big-block engines. The M-22 is distinguished from an M-21 by the angle of the gear teeth. The M-22 has "straight cut" gears. Due to this, the box tends to be noiser (whines or howls almost like a blower, which is why it's called a "rock crusher") than other boxes. The M-21 has a higher pitch angle on its gear teeth. The close ratio gearboxs generally came with 3.73+ gear ratio'ed cars. 3.55 geared and higher (numerically lower) cars used the wide ratio gearbox. Due to the wide combination of id's, stampings, numbers, etc... varied and even GM couldn't keep track of what was what, it's best to ID your gearbox visually, taking what is stamped on the box FWIW. The best way to ID the transmission is to count teeth.

Muncie 4 speed spline, groove and tooth count characteristics.
Input Spline Input Groove Input Gear Tooth Count Cluster Gear Tooth Count Output Spline Gear Ratio


M20: 1963 - 65 M20: 1966 - 70 M20: 1971 - 74 M21: 1963 - 70

10 10 26 10

none 2 2 1

24 21 21 26

29-22-1917 25-22-1917 25-22-1917 27-22-1917

27 27 32 27

Note 1 Note 2 Note 2 Note 3

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Transmission Identification & Decoding

M21: 1971 - 74




27-22-1917 27-22-1917 27-22-1917


Note 3

M22: 1965 - 70





Note 3

M22: 1971 - 72





Note 3

Note 1: M-20 gear ratio: 1st 2.56:1, 2nd 1.91:1, 3rd 1.48:1, 4th direct Note 2: M-20 gear ratio: 1st 2.52:1, 2nd 1.88:1, 3rd 1.46:1, 4th direct, Rev 2.59:1. Note 3: M-21/22 gear ratio: 1st 2.20:1, 2nd 1.64:1, 3rd 1.28:1, 4th direct, Rev 2.27:1 Effective October 21, 1968, an additional letter was added to the plant prefix number to help identify the gear ratios in Muncie transmissions. The additional letter codes as follows: Muncie 3 speed Manual Suffix 1st gear ratio A 3.03:1 B 2.42:1 More info: Marks comprehensive Muncie Info Muncie 4 speed manual transmissions Suffix A B C 1st gear ratio 2.52:1 wide range 2.20:1 close range 2.20:1 Rock Crusher

Of course like engines, transmissions come and go over time, so below is the (as complete as I can make it) transmission plant prefix list: Plant Type Cleveland Manual Powerglide Cleveland Turbo Hydramatic Cleveland Powerglide Hydramatic Turbo Hydramatic Saginaw Overdrive McKinnon Powerglide Muncie 3 speed McKinnon 3 speed GM of Canada Turbo Hydramatic Prefix A B C CA D E H K L Plant Type Prefix Saginaw overdrive O Warner Gear 3 & 4 speed P Muncie 4 speed P Muncie 4 speed R Saginaw 4 speed R Muncie 3 speed S Saginaw 3 speed S Toledo Powerglide T Cleveland Turbo Hydramatic X

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Transmission Identification & Decoding

Muncie Muncie

3 speed and Overdrive 4 speed



Turbo Hydramatic


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and a 700-R4.htm (1 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:29:21 PM] . The "L" for longitudaly mounted (as compared to Transverse on a FWD car). Since the 4L60 is hydraulically shifted based on governor pressure and TV cable position. "60" is the relative torque value. This was only intended to help you understand what is going on. you will be able to narrow down possible causes by eliminating unaffected items. the Clutch and Band Application Chart will be your best friend.700-R4 Diagnosis Fundamentals 4L60 (700-R4) Diagnosis Fundamentals Lets first talk about the difference between a 4L60. lets move on. which is stronger than 40. For example. The name only changed to better identify the transmission. The only real difference is the name. it is delete the "E" at the A 4L60 is a 700-R4. Diagnosing can be very complex. If you are unfamiliar with the 4L60.. etc. The four meaning it has four gears (1-3 plus overdrive).. and rule out definite no's. and help you decide between possible causes. 80 is stronger than 60. The "E" you are seeing in the last sentence denotes it is electronically shifted by a computer. Then. You must first distinguish which gears are working properly. by using the Clutch and Band chart. and even give the best of us a difficult time.sethirdgen. With that said. and then distinguish which are not. This was not intended to diagnose your tranny for you. A 4L80-E can handle more torque than a 4L60-E. Take a look: http://www.

it goes back into second.700-R4 Diagnosis Fundamentals Ok. So by using this chart. Remember. Look and see what is applied in Notice the 2-4 band disengages. or the apply piston has a blown seal. Here are the symptoms: Reverse works good. As the vehicle slows down. Reverse works good. Starts out in first good. Go back to the chart. RPMs go soaring. we can pinpoint that the 3-4 clutches are slipping. the forward sprag must be OK. then right before shifting into third. The vehicle is slipping badly. Cross them out. Go to the chart. Either they are burnt. we can also assume that we don't have fourth either. since we have reverse. We can see that the forward clutch must be good. We already know from first gear. We now know that the reverse input clutch. then the band is OK. shifts normally into second. Using those symptoms. and the lo-reverse clutch is OK. now lets look at a common problem with the 4L60. but now we have the 2-4 band being applied. But since we have second also. Shifts into second normally. that the forward clutch and forward sprag are OK. and the lo-roller clutch should be OK.sethirdgen. but the 3-4 clutch applies. Starts out in first good. or whatever. Now take a look at the difference between second and third. we lost third gear. lets rule out what can't be bad. http://www.htm (2 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:29:21 PM] . Cross them out. By using this chart.

htm (3 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:29:21 PM] . The sprag is faulty and needs replaced. Most shifting problems can be traced to the valvebody.700-R4 Diagnosis Fundamentals This is an easy one. they get much more complex. [TECH INDEX] [HOME] http://www. the engine just revs up. and Third. try and digest this much. so that there is engine braking. These will come in another installment. Think you got the hang of it? Try this one on for size. I won't go into it. Give up? Since the car will go in revese. right now. Second. The symptoms: Put the shifter in Overdrive (OD) and vehicle will not move. and First. Because you need hydraulic schematics of the valvebody. Because of this. we can deduce that in OD. the foward sprag was not holding like it was supposed to. and the two main factors that influence it. but not in the OD position. but take a look at the difference is first gears for Shifting problems are a whole new ball game. the foward clutch is good. and pull foward in Third.sethirdgen. Reverse works OK. The TV Cable. Notice that for Third. we know the pump is good. the overrun clutch is applied. and First. but by putting it into Third. and the Governor. thus overriding the sprag allowing the car to move foward. The vehicle will pull foward and move in Third. Second. pump. The purpose of the overrun clutch in essence is to lock the sprag together. Second. and what they control. the reverse clutches are good. the overrun clutch applies. and First.

sethirdgen.Technical Database Technical Resource Database General Information: Frequently Asked Thirdgen Questions (FAQ) VIN Decoder Reading "Trouble Codes" Understanding VATS (PassKey) The Lowdown on EGR Part I EGR Part II Diagnosisng 700-R4 Fundamentals Shopping for TPI conversion parts Third Gen Performance Data Rear Axle Information Third Generation F-body Production Numbers How to...htm (1 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:31:06 PM] . :

Technical Database -SUSPENSION/DRIVELINE Install Lower Control Arm Relocation Brackets (requires Java) Box your LCA's Install a Wonder Bar GM 10-bolt build-up Part I GM 10-bolt build-up Part II GM 10-bolt Part III (installing it) Install a T56 transmission -INTERIOR Replace a Heater Core Replace a Dashpad Installing White Faced Gauges -ENGINE/FUEL "Ultimate" TB Coolant Bypass Set Minimum Air (TPI Engines) Set TPS Replace your Vbelts with a Serpentine setup Replace an A/C compressor shaft seal (requires Java) Siamese/Port your TPI base Swap an LT1 intake onto your SBC! Install a 3-wire Heated Oxygen Sensor Replace your 100 amp alternator w/ a whopping 140 Amp! (2 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:31:06 PM] .sethirdgen.

htm (3 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:31:06 PM] .org/trd.sethirdgen.Technical Database -BODY Fix sagging doors Replace your broken Air Dam Fix clearcoat scratches NEW!!! Install a Strut Tower Brace Replace a Convertible Top NEW!!! -TRANSMISSION Adjust a TV Cable Tranny Upgrade Part I: Corvette Servo Replace Speedo Gears (Automatic) Replace Speedo Gears (T-5 transmission) NEW!!! [Home] http://www.

driver ability. To see what a few stock thirdgens have been reported to run based on magazine publishers testing. driver. you may be able to go to the nearest GM Dealer and have them look up your VIN number and they may be able to retrieve your codes. if any. To see a list of some production numbers. LO3 engine. There have been reports of them also being stuck in the rear storage compartment. What will my car run at the track? -A lot of that has to do with year. Exhaust can get pretty cramped under a thirdgen as it is. But if your really set on being like your buddies Mustang. I have seen stock 350's run 15's in the quarter mile. true dual exhaust is not needed. it can. equipped options. so unless you have a real radical setup. or how many Z28s or how many 350's were recorded. engine. in conjunction with the package code). what modifications have been done.Third Gen F-body Frequently Asked Questions Thirdgen F-body FAQ General Questions: What options did my car come with? -The best way to tell what options your car came with from the factory is to find the SPID Label (Service Parts IDentification) also known as the RPO codes. Can I run dual exhaust on my car? -Technically. you want to run the pipes over the axles. It will list "codes" for all options available that were installed from the Ideally. The most common place for this sticker was in the center console. A decent mandrel bent 3" single exhaust will support what most people put under the hood. http://www. click HERE. and has been done before. click HERE.. and G80 was the code for limited slip. dual exhaust isn't needed or even provide benefit until 450+ HP. Its really hard to say what a given car will run due to the amount of variables involved. or group of options. and of course. forget about it. etc. and supposedly. If you cannot find your SPID label. Each code will indicate a specific option. let alone a pair of exhaust pipes. GU5 axle were made. How many (insert your car here) were made? -Thats not an easy question to answer. M30 Transmission.sethirdgen. GM produced books that list all of the option codes. GM didn't keep track of how many cars were made with certain options. I have seen setups that had straight pipes run under the rear axle which is not desirable. Its all about engine output. as well as other websites. Production numbers didn't get that detailed. For example. yes you can. vehicle weight. and I have seen modded 305's run 13's. but mostly in the center console. "studies" have been done.. Not to mention. but code G92 was a performance package that included both options (the options will still be listed separately. but if your looking for how many Purple RS's with Gray Leather. Is it easy or necessary? Thats in the eye of the beholder. Major combinations like how many T-Top cars. tranny.htm (1 of 5) [4/10/2004 11:32:43 PM] . Oval tubing has been developed that will allow two pipes run side by side without taking up as much space. N10 was the code for dual converters.

it will turn the fans on. but you will need the V8 manifolds or upgrade to headers.. There are many other things to consider. with stock calibration. This usually involves installing a toggle switch inline to the relay signal wire and ground. You could try different rear axle gears.. whichever you prefer. This included a four cylinder. However. V6 F-bodies had a 60° bellhousing pattern. Once the ECM sees the coolant temp get to the specified value. forgetting to trip the toggle switch could prove disastrous.3L V6. You can do simple "bolt-on" mods like a "high-flow" air filter. etc. For those wanting lots of speed. make sure it really is running hot. but its actually performing as designed. such as another V8 or the 4. then to forget about it and really have a problem! How can I make my fans come on sooner? -There are really two ways that have been accepted into the Third Generation community. TBI or carburetor. First you have to decide how far you want to go and how much you want to spend.. incase the switch fails or the user forgets to turn it on. etc. wiring. There are two ways to know what the stock engine/induction combination was. which means that the V8 will not bolt to it. How can I make my car faster? -This is a loaded question. high flow cylinder heads. to much to list here. you could get a Nitrous kit. click HERE. The stock exhaust from the catalytic converter and back will work. The easiest is to look at the VIN. it would behoove you to get it checked out. exhaust. however. If you have dual fans.. so you can swap in the TPI assembly. There is no user input required. Also. etc. but you will also get minimal gains. cat-back exhaust and perhaps a higher flowing intake manifold. When it comes to speed. Many things will have to be addressed. Obviously. if you are in doubt. which usually include a lower thermostat. To see what VIN character or RPO's were used sorted by year. For even more gains (and of course money) you can go for a larger camshaft. It doesn't have to be limited to just the engine either. if you have completely disabled ECM control over the relay. You will need the proper wiring to go with the induction system. will not turn the fan on until 225°. for not a lot of money. This is effective. its idiot proof. Its very possible that the gauge is inaccurate. you may want to monitor the scantool's reading of coolant temp and compare it to the gauge. etc.. Therefore.htm (2 of 5) [4/10/2004 11:32:43 PM] . various V6 combinations and a plethora of V8s. Anybody who does chip burning on there own can also perform this function. This is most desirable because once the chip is burned. like induction system. but a very common Manufacturers make a variety of performance parts for almost any engine. transmission. but it can be done! http://www.. you will need to find a tranny that shares the same 90° bellhousing. The stock gauges in these cars leave much to be desired. The second method is to install a manual fan switch. suspension mods. The engine code in the VIN is the eight character. The first and most reliable is to have the EPROM (computer chip) reprogrammed with lower fan temp settings. giving you false readings.sethirdgen. and usually the engine RPO code will start with the letter "L". You can increase your budget and pick up items like headers. Also be aware that the ECM.. or you could also find your sticker containing RPO codes. better tires. so that the ECM can provide a backup. Most people that use a toggle switch tap into the ECM control wire. If a scantool is available to you. or a supercharger or turbo. If you can find a V8 car that has been totaled for a donor. the secondary fan will not come on until over 230°! So the car may appear to be running hot. Its better to have it checked and there be nothing wrong. the sky is the limit.Third Gen F-body Frequently Asked Questions Why does my car appear to run hot? -Before you start chasing a problem. the V6 intake/fuel system won't work on a V8. Aftermarket chip makers sell chips with lower settings. lower thermostat.. but it all comes with a price. you must turn the fan on and off manually every time. Engine/Performance/Drivability What engines were available. not to mention you can see where everything needs to go. what did my car come with? -There were several engine options available. Can I swap my V6 for a V8? -Absolutely! Its a big undertaking. thats a good way to have most of the parts you need handy.

the MAT sensor screws into the bottom of the TPI plenum. which can get very hot. They are coolant lines that run in front of the engine. then the TPS. Normally. If the cylinder head does not have guideplates. What are the coolant lines running in front of my engine? -If you have these. then it will not give you any gains. Two methods are used. used on both the 305 and the 350. One is to use guideplates and non. Using to large of a throttle body is just like using to big of a carburetor. it will register the incoming air as a much lower temp (and much denser) and cause the computer to add more fuel. you have an engine oil cooler. If the engine cannot support the added airflow. check out the tech articles. You must set the minimum air first. You can tell a self-aligning rocker as it will have "guides" or walls on both sides of where the valvestem contacts the rocker. just different names. They measure the temperature of the Air in the Intake Manifold. If there is a piece sandwiched between the filter and the block with coolant lines plumbed to it. and can actually hurt performance and cause drivability to suffer. then you must use self-aligning rockers. This is important because if its to low. What size throttle body should I use? -This is an often debated question. Do I have an engine oil cooler? -If you have an oil cooler from the factory.htm (3 of 5) [4/10/2004 11:32:43 PM] . is also important because there is a voltage range that the computer needs to see at idle and if the minimum air was adjusted (throttle plates opened or closed) then the TPS voltage will be incorrect. all you need to do to find out why it came on (or at least a general idea) is to find yourself a paper clip. What is setting "Minimum Air and TPS?" Minimum air is the adjustment of how many RPM's the car will idle at when the Idle Air Controller is fully seated. which will keep the pushrod from moving.sethirdgen. but most use self-aligning rocker arms. relocating the sensor isn't required. and back to the oil filter http://www. The other method is to not use guideplates and use a self-aligning rocker to keep it centered. This is an input to the ECM for determining proper calculations for air/fuel mixture. Its not uncommon.Third Gen F-body Frequently Asked Questions What type of rockers arms do I need? -You'll have to look under your valvecovers to find out for sure. if its adjustable. and if its to high. the car will you will have RPO code "KC4". the idle will be too high and the computer will not have proper control over the idle. and read this article: Checking DTCs What is a MAT/IAT sensor? -These are the same sensors. To find out how to perform these. General rule of thumb is for anything less then a 383. What do I do when my "Check Engine Light" comes on? -First. use a 52mm. MAT stands for Manifold Air Temperature and IAT stands for Intake Air Temperature. selfaligning rockers. don't panic. but it shouldn't mean your stranded. Setting the TPS. Another way to tell is by looking right above your oil filter. you have a cooler. With either an adjustable fuel pressure regulator or the ability to burn your own computer chips. There needs to be some method of keeping the rocker centered on the tip of the valve stem. Second. which in turn keeps the rocker arm steady. the light came on because some sort of failure has been detected. The stock size is 48mm. use the 58mm throttle body. By relocating the sensor to a much cooler place. when viewed with a scantool. 383 and above. Can I relocate my MAT sensor? -This is a common modification to "richen" up the fuel mixture. Coolant that had passed through the radiator after being cooled is routed through the oil filter adapter to cool the oil. to see MAT temperatures over 100° even when the outside air temp is much lower. usually when coming to a stop or after being revved.

It replaces the 3-4 shift valvetrain. Another way to tell is look for RPO code "JG1". If you want to use these heads and remain emission legal. but it requires alot of work. and the mos accurate way to know for sure what your gear ratio is.000 RPMs. http://www. If your using TPI. so most street setups will be just fine with a two bolt. Or you can use the Throttle Valve bushing from Superior. 3. you can simply use a Corvette TPI base and plumb exhaust into the port provided. 3. Did my car come with an aluminum driveshaft? -One way to tell is to get under the car and look. It doesn't hurt to run a four-bolt. you will need to have the EGR externally plumbed.. The only drawback to these heads is the lack of EGR provisions. 4th gear for T-5 manuals). Most street combinations are well under 500 HP. When you reach 70MPH.230 RPMs +/. Do I really need a 4-bolt block? -General rule of thumb is unless you realisticly plan on running over 500HP or plan on turning lots of Assuming you have a 26" tire.htm (4 of 5) [4/10/2004 11:32:43 PM] . assuming your tachometer is correct. as well as the Police Car packages like that found in the Caprices upfitted for police use. look at your RPMs. or look on the axle itself for the Axle Code. a two bolt block will suffice just fine. You can either install the "Police Package Correction kit" which is available from your GM Dealer.730 +/. etc.Third Gen F-body Frequently Asked Questions assembly where the coolant cools the oil as it goes through the oil filter adapter. Transmission/Rear Axle Can I swap out my auto tranny for a manual? -Yes you can! There was a very detailed article written about how to perfrom an auto to T-5/T-56 swap. An RPM reading of 2. you can travel at 70 MPH with your tranny in the 1:1 ratio (3rd gear for 700R4s. Finally.23s. Usually you can see these numbers stamped on the head of the pinion. The steel driveshaft will probably be rusty and a magnent will stick to it. or you can either block the Detent passage in your Throttle valve plunger bushing.73. Assuming your rear end/ gears are stock. 3. or just replace the plunger bushing with an aftermarket one from companies like Superior. is to remove the ring and pinion and count the teeth. The GM Valve kit is P/N 8671953. and never go past 6.42.would indicate 2.420 = 3. They are aluminum and feature 58cc combustion chambers which will boost up the compression. you may just want to buy the aftermarket one! What gears do I have? -There are several ways to find out.sethirdgen. Click HERE for more info on Axle/RPO codes. Vortec TPI base has the same provisions and the adapter pipe can be purchased from the same supplier as the base. Can I use the Corvette Aluminum L98 heads on my car? -Absolutely! These are great heads to boost perforamnce.73 gears. There are two ways to allow your car to hold 4th at WOT. You can read it HERE. Take the number of ring gear teeth and divide by the number of pinion teeth. This indicates that the car came from the factory with the aluminum driveshaft. The aluminum will have a gray/silver color to it and a magnent will not stick to it. Some of the high performance models allowed you to do this. just cost a little extra.730 = 3.would indicate 3. Why won't my car shift into OD at Wide Open Throttle? -Most 700R4s will not let you hold fourth gear at Wide Open Throttle (WOT). or you can modify your existing bushing. you could either look at your RPO codes.

GM started using the "non World Class" T-5 tranny in the thirdgens starting in 1983. Only early thirdgens had the 200C. or could even be something more serious than a shift problem. What tranny do I have? -First you need to determine if its a manual or automatic transmission. there isn't much you can do about it to fix it. other than yank on the cable a few times or ride it out hoping it frees up. Only the early thirdgens had the 4-speed manual. If its still shifting late and hard and the adjustment didn't help. the 700R-4/4L60 holds 11 quarts. it has a patented "self cleaning" Throttle valve w/ booster springs. It could be something simple like the TV Cable not being adjusted properly. being transfered over to the new carrier and resetting up the rear end. it was a 700R-4/4L60 (not to be confused w/ a 4L60-E).htm (5 of 5) [4/10/2004 11:32:43 PM] . You can try removing it and seeing if the valve in the center moves freely. There were also a 4speed manual and a 5-speed manual. Suspension Interior/Exterior http://www. it holds 4-5 quarts. After just a filter change. If it shifts late and hard or soft and early. Since carrier sizes can differ due to manufacturing there were two available. so if you have a 3 speed auto. You'll want to make a backlash measurement and tooth pattern contact BEFORE dissasembly. If its not shifting at all.sethirdgen. In the kit. you have have the Throttle Valve itself stuck in the valvebody.Third Gen F-body Frequently Asked Questions How do I install a Posi? -You can either replace the whole carrier w/ a limited slip unit like the Eaton or Auburn. or get an OEM unit like the Torsen takeouts for sale on the SLP website. the World Class T-5 made its appearance in the thirdgens. it may not be the "shift" but the clutches slipping. it was a 200C (not to be confused w/ a 2004-R) and if it was a 4-speed auto. click HERE. you MUST setup the rearend as though you were installing a new ring and pinion. This will require removal of the ring gear. Starting in 1998. try adjusting the TV Cable first. As it sits in the car. You also must get proper side bearing pre-load. How much fluid does my Automatic Transmisson hold? -Completely empty. The only way to fix it for good is to install a TransGo Reprogramming kit. If the vehicle slips on the 2-3 shift. It may not even be a shift problem at all. Whats the difference in T-5 transmissions? -There were two available: The Borg Warner T-5 and the World Class T-5. Not sure how? Click HERE. and it was a three-speed. The WC T-5 was much stronger and a more desireable tranny. but actually burnt clutches or broken parts. If its an auto. The 200C and the 700R-4. and put it back together to acheive the same readings. or has a "flare". This is a common problem w/ the 700R-4. To find out more about setting up rearends. you might have a stuck governer. This would require an overhaul. Why does my tranny shift funny? -There are numerous problems that can cause the transmission to not act properly.

Character: Position: 1 1 G 2 2 3 F 4 W 5 2 6 1 7 8 8 0 9 H 10 N 11 0 12 0 13 0 14 0 15 0 16 1 17 1982-1984 Position: 1 Meaning: Country Value: 1 = USA 2 = Canada 2 3 Manufacturer Make G = General Motors 1 = Chevrolet 2 = Pontiac 4 Restraints A = Manual Belts B = Automatic Belts 5 Carline P = Sport Decoder VIN Decoder No F-body website is complete without its own version of a VIN decoder. http://www.sethirdgen.htm (1 of 4) [4/10/2004 11:32:46 PM] . so here it is. Z28 S = Berlinetta S = Firebird W = Trans Am X = Trans Am Special Edition 6 7 Body type Body type 87 = 2 Door Coupe Used with postion six.

12345=15=6) C = 1982 D = 1983 E = 1984 11 Plant N = Norwood L = Van Nuys 12-17 Production Sequence This is a number assigned to the car during production 1985-1986 Position: 1 Meaning: Country Value: 1 = USA 2 = Canada 2 3 Manufacturer Make G = General Motors 1 = Chevrolet 2 = Pontiac 4 Carline F = F-body V8 (LU5)[1983] 9 10 Check Digit Model Year The number produced when all numbers and characters(converted to numbers) are added up untill it is down to a single digit (ex. V8 (LG4) G = 305ci. L4 (LQ8) 2 = 151ci. V8 (LU5)[1982] S = 305ci.sethirdgen. L4 (LQ9) 1 = 173ci.Vin Decoder 8 Engine F = 151ci.htm (2 of 4) [4/10/2004 11:32:46 PM] . V6 (LC1) H = 305ci. V8 (L69) 7 = 305ci.

V6 (LB8)[1985] S = 173ci. V6 (LB8)[1986] F = Decoder 5 Carline series P = Sport Coupe. V8 (L69)[4BBL HO} 9 10 Check digit Model Year The number produced when all numbers and characters(converted to numbers) are added up untill it is down to a single digit (ex. 12345=15=6) F = 1985 G = 1986 11 Assembly Plant N = Norwood L = Van Nuys 12-17 Production Sequence This is a number assigned to the car during production 1987-1992 Position: Meaning: 1 Country Value: 1 = USA 2 = Canada 2 3 Manufacturer Make G = General Motors 1 = Chevrolet 2 = Pontiac http://www.htm (3 of 4) [4/10/2004 11:32:46 PM] . L4 (LQ9) 1 = 173ci. V8 (LG4)[4BBL] G = 305ci. V8 (LB9)[Tuned Port Injection] H = 305ci. Z28 S = Berlinetta S = Firebird W = Trans Am X = T/A Special Edition 6 7 8 Body type Body type Engine 87 = 2 door coupe Used with position six 2 = 151ci.

Drivers Air Bag 4 = Automatic belts 8 Engine S = (4 of 4) [4/10/2004 11:32:46 PM] .sethirdgen. V8 (LB9)[Tuned Port Injection] 8 = 350ci. V6 (LH0)[1990-1992] H = 305ci.Vin Decoder 4 5 Carline Carline series F = F-body P = Camaro (all models) S = Firebird W = Trans Am 6 Body type 2 = 2 door coupe 3 = Convertible 7 Restraints 1 = Manual Belts 3 = Manual Belts. V8 (LO3)[TBI][1988-1992] F = 305ci. V6 (LB8)[1987-1989] T = 191ci. V8 (L98)[Tuned Port Injection] 9 10 Check Digit Model Year The number produced when all numbers and characters(converted to numbers) are added up untill it is down to a single digit (ex. 12345=15=6) H = 1987 J = 1988 K = 1989 L = 1990 M = 1991 N = 1992 11 Assembly Plant N = Norwood[1987] L = Van Nuys 12-17 Production Sequence This is a number assigned to the car during production [Tech Index] [Home] http://www. V8 (LG4)[4BBL][1987] E = 305ci.

the Check engine light will illuminate. It is terminals "A" and "B". What do I do with the Codes? This is less simple.Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) GM DTC's (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) What is a DTC? A DTC is a diagnostic Trouble Code. this code will not show up. The two terminals that you need to be concerned with is in the picture. OBD-I codes are very vague. pause. just a simple paper clip. The first code that will flash will be a code 12. http://www. Simply turn the Ignition to "Run" (Do not start the vehicle) and put the paper clip in the two terminals. and may even say "Diagnostic Connector". flash. It will start flashing. MIL. it lets you know the ECM is in the "Field Service Mode" You will also notice the cooling fans come on. There are many acronyms for the Check engine light such as CEL. flash. It will be "flash. Now watch your CEL.sethirdgen. and diagnosis sometimes isn't that simple.htm (1 of 2) [4/10/2004 11:32:52 PM] ." and repeat the cycle three times. Locate the ALDL (Assembly Line Diagnostic Lead). Code 12 simply tells you the ECM is not receiving any pulses from the distributor (since the car is not running). It is usually under the drivers side of the dash. The ECM will flash each code three times. Its no big deal. the ECM (Electronic Control Module) uses the Oxygen Sensor (O2 Sensor) to monitor exhaust gas for being to rich or lean. For example. this is normal. It may have a cover over it. but also is capable of performing a self-diagnostics of the engine management. it will keep flashing code 12. but it isn't. pause. If you have no codes stored. It will look like Morse Code. Most people think that a code 32 (EGR system) means the EGR valve is bad and needs replaced. If the computer feels that the conditions are right for the sensor to be malfunctioning. You don't even need an expensive scan-tool or code reader. Once a DTC is set. How do I pull DTC's? This is simple. The computers used on Third Generation F-bodies are considered OBD-I (First Generation On Board Diagnostics). If you pull codes with a scantool and the car is running. but we will use CEL (check engine light). because not only do they control the engine management system. They are called that. it will set a DTC 13 (O2 Sensor circuit fault). This isn't always so!!! There are many components in the EGR system that could cause the code to set OTHER than the EGR valve itself! Below is a list of codes and what they mean. and move on to the pause. and is real easy to interpret. This is the ALDL. SES.

cylinder select error Electronic Spark Timing or Bypass fault Electronic Spark Control fault Lean exhaust Rich exhaust VATS system fault PROM fault CALPAK fault System over-voltage Fuel pump circuit ECM fault Oxygen sensor fault (degraded sensor) [Tech Index] [Home] http://www.Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) Code: 12 13 14 15 21 22 23 24 25 32 33 34 35 36 41 42 43 44 45 46 51 52 53 54 55 61 Meaning: No Distributor pulses Oxygen sensor Coolant Temp sensor circuit Coolant Temp sensor circuit Throttle Position Sensor Throttle Position Sensor Manifold Air temperature sensor VSS (Vehicle Speed sensor) Manifold Air temperature sensor EGR system MAP sensor or MAF sensor depending on engine MAP sensor or MAF sensor depending on engine Idle Air Control Valve MAF Burn-off circuit No Distributor pulses.htm (2 of 2) [4/10/2004 11:32:52 PM] .org/dtc.sethirdgen.

It is the "brains" of the system. Lets break it down even further: Operation: Operation is fairly simple. was later introduced in other models in later and the resistance value as seen by the module is not the same as the value stored in the module. When this happens. Normal: Normal is when the correct resistance is seen during cranking and the module will ground the Start enable relay. Once the relay is grounded. Later versions include PassKeyII. The module reads the resistance and determines if the resistance is the correct value. therefore 15 different types of keys each with a different resistance. There is "Tamper" "Normal" and "Fail Enable". This basically "turns on" the injectors. the injectors will never pulse. This is a resistor "pellet". the module shuts down for 4 minutes. because it does anything but read the key. and after proving successful. Even if the correct resistance is then seen.VATS/PassKey Understanding GM VATS (PassKey) This system seems to cause much confusion. If the Fuel Enable signal is lost or not sent. depending on what the module sees. and misery. but has to do it via the contacts in the lock cylinder and the related wiring.htm (1 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:33:01 PM] . voltage is allowed to the "S" terminal of the starter. The module is what actually "reads" the resistance. but lets discuss what all makes up the PassKey system. This reduces the likelihood of a potential thief from having the correct resistance resistor on hand. It is commonly referred to as PassKey. I will explain more later. Then you have to have a special lock cylinder to "read" the key. and the wires and contacts the Multimeter Leads. and send a "Fuel Enable" signal to the ECM. the car will not start for the 4 http://www. There are 15 possible resistances. I use the term "read" loosely. The ignition key as a little "chip" in it. stress. PassKeyIII and PassLock (which uses no resistor "pellet"). this will help elevate some of that. Think of the module as a Multimeter.sethirdgen. It does most of the security work. VATS stands for Vehicle Anti-Theft System. and the ECM is told to pulse the injectors and the car starts. GM first introduced VATS in 1985 on the Chevrolet Corvette. The module will go into several modes. The signal is a unique "Pulse Width Modulated" signal. The most obvious part is the key. Next is the VATS module. which is a series of rapidly switched "on" and "off" voltages that would be near impossible to duplicate. Tamper: This mode happens when the vehicle is cranked. Hopefully.

However. The Start Enable Relay will not energize and the Fuel Enable signal will not be sent.htm (2 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:33:01 PM] . The security light will remain illuminated to let you know a failure is present. It allows the vehicle to be restarted. and assumes it is the wrong key. Fail Enable: This mode is to help keep the motorist with the right key from being stranded. try cleaning the pellet. A dirty pellet will give a higher resistance than what the VATS module expects to see. Check all of your fuses. Diagnosis: If your car doesn't want to crank and the security light comes on. If your car fails to crank/start and the security light comes on. wait 4 minutes. The security light will also illuminate for the 4 minutes.VATS/PassKey minute "time-out". this also means that the car can be started w/o a key. here are a few things that may hopefully get you back on the road: First. even with a failure present. and try and is vulnerable to potential thieves. HINT: if the key pellet is dirty. If a failure happens to the PassKey system AFTER a valid start. this mode is initiated.sethirdgen. it will put the module in the "Tamper" mode. If a fuse is blown or missing. make sure the pellet is clean. it can cause a security problem. Lets take a look at the basic setup. http://www.

but attached to a rotating lock cylinder and over time. I see tons of theft recoveries that never make it out of the parking lot thanks to the VATS system.sethirdgen. it will have to be taken to a reputable repair facility. Bypassing: I do not endorse bypassing the VATS system. It Any fluctuation in resistance means a bad lock cylinder. sometimes with orange insulation around both). or bypassing the Start inhibit relay and disabling VATS in the EPROM. this time while moving the key from "Off" to "crank" several times. http://www. It works. thereby fooling the module into thinking the correct key is in place. Bypassing involves finding the resistance of your key. just drop me an email. Now measure the resistance at the two wires with the key in the ignition. These are the basics of VATS diagnostics. I can perform this service. the lock cylinder is bad. If the resistance comes up OK. to never seeing your car again. If it doesn't come within a few Ohms of the original key resistance. Working at a dealership. This is the most common cause of failure.htm (3 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:33:01 PM] . measure it again. Bypassing the system makes your car very vulnerable to potential thieves. This is read by the module as an incorrect resistance. The wire are anchored to the stationary steering column. or in a ditch totalled. Then remove the hush panel on the drives side of the dash and find the wires that go to the lock cylinder (usually two thin white wires. therefore I will not go into great detail about it. Although I don't reccomend doing this.VATS/PassKey Obtain a multimeter and measure the resistance of the key. the wire breaks inside the insulation and usually becomes "open" in the crank position. If the problem is not found. and using a resistor in place if the lock cylinder. Consider the cost of having the system fixed properly.

operation and diagnostics of EGR in hopes that you will not be needlessly swapping parts. Life is grand.htm (1 of 5) [4/10/2004 11:33:04 PM] . it picks up another Oxygen and becomes Nitrogen dioxide (NO2). here is the deal. Whats going on? You go home and check for codes and what pops up but the notorious code 32. You take off again and the light is You are shocked. The purpose of this article is to teach you the theory. EGR serves one purpose and one purpose only. In the presence of sunlight. That purpose is to reduce Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx). Nitrogen(N2) Oxygen (O2) in the air and Hydrocarbons (HC) in the fuel combind into water (H2O) Carbon dioxide (CO2) and the Nitrogen remains unchanged. Under normal combustion. You pull over to the nearest gas station to do a quick inspection of under the hood and find nothing.sethirdgen. your cruisin’ down the road at 70 Mph. http://www. EGR Theory. you got the T-Tops out and the stereo blaring.EGR part I The Lowdown on Code 32 (EGR) Ok. After being released into the atmosphere. I will try to not make this a boring science class or a useless lecture but an informative tool. Then out of nowhere comes that annoying bright orange “Service Engine Soon” light. Under very hot combustion temperatures. the Nitrogen reacts with the other two byproducts and forms Nitrogen oxide (NO).

When the throttle is opened. The solenoid is a Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) meaning that the amount of vacuum is controled by the computer rapidly switching on and off to ground. so there isn’t any ported vacuum. So by being introduced into the combustion the ECM will ground out the solenoid. RPM. Like mentioned before. this really isn’t noticable. but at idle.sethirdgen. you can command the EGR solenoid to say 50% Duty Cycle and actualy feel the pulses if you put your finder over the vacuum port of the solenoid. but instead of relying on ported vacuum. the reintroduction of exhaust gas will cause a very rough idle and can cause stalling if to much is introduced into the combustion chamber. F-bodies use the basic diaphram EGR valve. ported vacuum is lost and the valve closed. At higher RPM’s. Earlier systems used ported vacuum straight to the EGR valve. it will lower combustion chamber temps enough so that the Nitrogen doesn’t react with the other compounds and is passed unchanged out the tailpipe thus not contributing to smog. ported vacuum starts to build..EGR part I it combines with other compounds like Hydrocarbons and forms Smog. As throttle is increased. the EGR valve opened further. measured in Duty Cycle. so some sort of control needs to be place on the EGR system. The more throttle. This is how vacuum advance distributers work. TPS position.. the more time it lets the solenoid remains grounded. EGR flow is good at higher RPMs. Most Third Gen. etc.htm (2 of 5) [4/10/2004 11:33:04 PM] . Now. the throttle blades are closed. since exhaust gas doesn’t burn. The solenoid is controlled by the ECM. Once the throttle is closed. At idle. With a scantool. it relies on vacuum that is allowed to pass through a solenoid. Since exhaust gas is inert (very stable) it doesn’t burn again. http://www. When conditions are right (engine temp. The more vacuum the ECM wants to go to the EGR valve. but not good at idle. the more ported vacuum. EGR Operation. it doesn’t exactly help with combustion.

EGR part I EGR After commanding the solenoid on. If you are driving in closed loop. In theory. make sure that the solenoid is getting vacuum.sethirdgen. Once this is established. If you don’t the solenoid is probably http://www. When cruising on the highway. first. then the system "should" be working. than the ECM has control over the solenoid and adequate vacuum is reaching it. you may need to drive the vehicle with a vacuum gauge hooked up to the solenoid. you should see some vacuum. the computer will pulse the EGR solenoid so that vacuum will pass and go to the EGR valve. Since exhaust gas if being introduced into the intake manifold. make sure the ECM has control over the solenoid. Since exhaust gas is hotter than fresh air. Highway speeds is when the most EGR flow is commanded. If you feel vacuum. Usually you can rev the engine while it is in closed loop and it will be enough for the ECM to command EGR so you will be able to feel vacuum at the solenoid. Speed density computers can recognize EGR flow by looking for a drop in vacuum via the MAP sensor. if the valve is getting vacuum. things like manifold vacuum and airflow reduce slightly.htm (3 of 5) [4/10/2004 11:33:04 PM] . A plugged or broken vacuum line will make everything else inoperative. MAF systems use either a temperature switch mounted in the base of the valve or a diagnostic vacuum switch. The vacuum switch monitors vacuum going from the solenoid to the valve. it will look for signs that the EGR valve opened by one of the means mentioned above. If the ECM does not see the change its looking for. lets see why sometimes it doesn’t do it. it surely will not get to the EGR valve. his is when the light comes on. Visually make sure that the connector is firmly seated into the solenoid and that the terminals inside the connector are not corroded or damaged. it can pick up EGR flow by sudden increases in temp when the valve is open. If vacuum isn’t getting to the solenoid. Now that you understand what EGR does and how it does it. If you do not feel vacuum. What are some possible causes of no exhaust flow? Well.

This is a common problem with the V6’s and will leave many technicians scratching their head because the passages can’t be seen. we can further fuel economy by advancing the timing. the ECM will command EGR operation. Well. But when we keep the combustion temps down. We know that to much timing will cause “pinging”. Make sure it isn’t seized by manually lifting up on the diagphram. It is not uncommon for previous owners to plug these vacuum lines with sticks. Here is why. With a blocked of EGR. The lines can also become plugged with carbon deposits over time. BBs. If it still doesn’t move. In actuality. inspect the vacuum line going to the EGR valve for plugging or being broken. the valve is bad. If it is clear and free from defects. If all else checks out. If it doesn’t move. lifting on it some will act as the backpressure). get a rifle cleaning brush and a shop vac and start cleaning.htm (4 of 5) [4/10/2004 11:33:04 PM] . If everything still checks out OK. You will be surprised the amount of carbon chunks that will come out of there. As we already know. screws. at certain thorttle postitions and the ECM commands EGR operation and will advance timing accordingly. disabling the EGR can hurt performance. then the only other thing that will limit exhaust gas flow is plugged up passages in the intake manifold and cylinder head.EGR part I bad. try lifting a little on the diagphram (it may be a positive backpressure vavle. or the ECM is not controlling it (bad ECM grounds or ECM) providing you had vacuum going to the solenoid. the timing can be advanced without the “pinging” effect. or anything else to try and cure a “rough idle”. or wont hold vacuum. put a vacuum on it. If all is OK so far. Other notes: Most people like to disable the EGR because they claim that hurts performance. the computer thinks it is http://www.sethirdgen. This is to cool combustion chamber temps under load. If it moves freely. At highway speeds. check out the valve itself. It should move and stay there (hold a vacuum). with cooler combustion chamber temps.

sethirdgen. and if it still occurs it will further retard timing. your total advance may be. it must retard timing to like 25* to try and stop it. Since detonation can severly damage an engine. If the EGR was working properly. All rights reserved. [Tech Index] [Home] All content © 2000. If the computer advances it one more degree to 31* and it detects detonation. For example. Part II includes these updates.EGR part I flowing when it is not and will advance timing. it can’t just go back to 30* to stop it. documented consent of SEThirdgen's Administrators. it will retard timing. EGR PART II Many items were forgotten about when this article was the advanced timing is no longer a good idea and detonation occurs. at highway speeds. lets say 30* BTDC. http://www. It takes more to stop detonation that it does to cause it and this is where it hurts knock sensors are used. the temps would have stayed cool enough to operate at 31* with no problems. Now that the combustion chamber temps are much hotter. SEThirdgen.htm (5 of 5) [4/10/2004 11:33:04 PM] . When the knock sensor detects detonation. No part of this website may be reproduced without the expressed.

sethirdgen.EGR part II EGR Part II 1985-1989 V8: These systems use a typical EGR valve with one exception. Because these systems are Speed Density (using a MAP sensor) it can detect EGR operation in another way. either way. The V6 uses a vacuum switch that is basicly "Tee'd" with the EGR valve. It is wired directly to the ECM. 1985-1989 2. The ECM assumes that if the diagnostic switch is getting vacuum. and is not as accurate as the temp switch. but with the vacuum switch. 1990-1992 V8: These systems use the same EGR valve for the previous V8's. They usually fail always "open" telling the ECM that the valve is never getting vacuum. you also need to look at it. It can get clogged. and it gets held open. This will tell the ECM that the valve is open. http://www. This is usually a correct assumption. with the addition of the temp sender. poor connections to the solenoid or diagnostic switch. Usually the EGR diagnostic is run on a long decell. Another failure is the Vent on the solenoid/switch assembly. This one is based on assumption. since it is deleted. it will set a code. Everything is the same as mentioned in Part I.htm (1 of 2) [4/10/2004 11:33:06 PM] . vacuum will be trapped in the switch. it has similar failures encountered as the V8 systems. it also goes to the diagnostic switch. except the temp sensor. then the EGR valve is too.8L V6: Once again. or they fail "closed" telling the ECM that is is always getting vacuum. When the vehicle is in decell. Because these cars are equipped with a MASS Air Flow sensor. Primarily. The ECM begins to monitor MAP sensor voltage very closely. There is a Diagnostic Temperature Sensor threaded into the base of the EGR Valve. it is looking for a sudden rise in temperature when the EGR valve is opened. Failures for these cars are similar to those on the previous V8's. If it does get clogged. When the ECM commands the EGR solenoid to allow vacuum to the valve. the EGR valve is closed. we are dealing with a Mass Air flow system. it uses this temp sensor to detect changes in temperature. Because of this. except the deletion of the Diagnostic Temp Sensor. Some potential problems that would cause a code on these systems are: Ruptured EGR diaphragm. broken vacuum lines. This one is not like the V8 diagnostic switch. defective or plugged EGR Solenoid. or a failed diagnostic switch. and serves as an EGR self diagnostic only. we once again use a diagnostic but it doesn't mean the Valve is working! Because this is also a diaphragm type EGR valve. and will cycle the EGR Solenoid to open the valve fully and then closed again and watch for the sudden changes in MAP sensor voltage. It is not unusual for the diagnostic switch to go bad. due to the introduction of exhaust gasses into the intake. and it will be! This can cause rough idle and tip-in hesitation because the solenoid cannot release the vacuum built up in the EGR Valve.

or a chunk of carbon can get in there and hold a solenoid open. so when a different amount of exhaust gas is required. Sometimes the springs can get weak enough to let exhaust backpressure push the solenoids off their seat. since each solenoid lets more exhaust gas to pass through. No part of this website may be reproduced without the expressed.1L V6: This system is totally different. During the diagnostic. It has three solenoids. and opens one with a bigger orifice. Other problems include the solenoid themselves. All rights reserved. Another problem is carbon buildup in the Intake Manifold. so it relies on the good 'ol MAP sensor for diagnostics. please let me know! Webmaster [Home] All content © 2000. These solenoids are "on/off" solenoids. documented consent of SEThirdgen's Administrators. these solenoids are exposed to hot exhaust gas. the ECM will cycle each solenoid once. and watched for the MAP sensor voltage to change more and more. It uses a Digital EGR Valve. and then cooled back down when EGR is no longer needed. If any inaccuracies are found.sethirdgen. Carbon gets accumulated in the EGR passage (because hot exhaust gas is allowed to cool in the intake) and restricts it.EGR part II 1990-1992 3. There are many failures inherent with this system. For one. http://www. 2001 SEThirdgen. These cars are once again Speed Density. and will set a code. It does not use a diaphragm type EGR Valve as used on previous engines. each one mounted above a different size orifice. This restriction will cause only a small drop in MAP sensor voltage. they can just quit working and never open. it closes one solenoid.htm (2 of 2) [4/10/2004 11:33:06 PM] . or something is This causes excessive thermal cycling and weakens the springs over . regardless of which solenoid is opened.

I will focus on the used setups. or upgrading to other forms of Fuel Injection.sethirdgen. shopping for TPI parts Swapping a TPI into a car that didn't come with The more you plan before you shop. It can be even harder.htm (1 of 8) [4/10/2004 11:33:44 PM] . and the parts needed to operate them. In this installment. and then some fall in between. can be overwhelming. and many used setups for sale. distributer. if you don't shop smart.TPI Conversion Parts TPI Swapper's guide: Part I. sensors. You can often find a good deal on a decent used TPI setup from just the intakes and runners. I am writing this to help others avoid some of the pitfalls that exist (mostly ones I have encountered). Here are some highlights: q http://www. ECM. Used TPIs are fairly cheap as many people are converting to carb. the easier the swap will be. to the whole nine yards including the wiring harness. There are many parts and accessories out there for TPI. TPI UNITS Here is an example of what is for sale on eBay.

Not only is this unattractive. If you are using an '89 or later PROM or wiring harness. Notice they point towards the drivers side of the assembly. q Notice this unit was equipped with the cold start valve. none to serious. The more the "package" includes. the less you have to shop around: http://www. the and don't want to use it. you won't be using a Cold Start Valve. There are large dents in the runners. the plug and cap cost $20. and we all know that costs horsepower. q q Here is a checklist of things you will need. Although they are cheap new from the Dealer. but can be a hassle. If you do get one that came with the valve. No big deal. its another thing you will have to buy later. This is important depending on what you are installing it on. but can obstruct airflow. This is no big deal. q Here is another auction. The more complete it is. If they were straight out. every little bit counts. This unit was equipped on a car WITHOUT the Cold Start Valve. q The assembly comes with the Throttle cable bracket.htm (2 of 8) [4/10/2004 11:33:44 PM] .TPI Conversion Parts 90° fuel lines off the fuel rail. you can get plugs for the hole in the runner and a cap for the fuel rail. This setup has some pitfalls. This is very important if you want to use factory fuel lines. then it came off of a Corvette. Some of the bolts are missing.sethirdgen. and thats $10 you can spend on something else. This denotes that the setup came off of an F-body.

MAF relays if using a MAF system) Air intake system w/ filter Misc.sethirdgen.htm (3 of 8) [4/10/2004 11:33:44 PM] Conversion Parts q TPI lower intake TPI Upper intake Pair of runners Throttle Body Fuel rail 8 injectors TPS sensor MAF/MAP sensor Distributer Wiring harness IAC motor CTS IAT sensor Knock sensor ECM PROM/MEMCAL fuel pump and/or sender assembly high pressure fuel lines fuel pump relay other needed relays (i. q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q http://www.

you will either need to use a chip for '86-'88 systems. TPI Upper intake. 1989 was delete of the cold start valve. so you know what you are looking at. runners: q 1985-1988 had provisions for a cold start valve. and what to look out for. The Fbody rails have a 90° bend towards the drivers side for the "intermediate" fuel lines to hook up to. http://www. before going into the flex lines. vs the Y-body (Corvette) fuel rails. will sell the harness. the upper and lower If you want to use a TPI off of a Corvette. Many people who have totally gutted the car. so if you wan't to use a pre-87 intake on an '87 or later engine (or vice versa) you will have to modify the four center holes to make it bolt up properly. distributer also. q q Starting in 1987. since '90-'92 was speed density controlled.sethirdgen. A fuel rail cap and CS valve plug is available to do so. but also had provisions on the Plenum for a MAP sensor bracket above the vacuum nipples on the rear of the Plenum. runners. the lower intake was made to bolt up to cylinder heads that do not have EGR passages. runners. The throttle linkage supposedly changed in '89 so you will need to order a throttle cable for whatever year throttle body is on the car. The Ybody fuel rails come straight out. and will impact how you run your fuel lines. 1990-1992 was also delete the CS valve. They are distinctly different. unless you want to delete the EGR. If you are going to use these. or use a newer ECM/chip combo. be carefull. the higher the price. and prices for this are usually $600+ I will try to go into some of the "checklist items" in detail. firebird) fuel rails. the "package" includes what you see in the pictures above. and lower intake do not have provisions for the valve. and will need custom fuel lines made to work. lower intake. so the upper intake (plenum). Prices usually start around $300 for just that.htm (4 of 8) [4/10/2004 11:33:44 PM] . ECM. the angle of the four center bolts of the intake changed. so you won't be able to use a Corvette intake. You will need the Fbody rails if you want to use factory lines. Throttle body Fuel Rail The fuel rails are essentially the same between the years. The more thats included. fuel rail w/ injectors and the throttle body. the major difference is the Fbody (camaro. and block off cold start system.TPI Conversion Parts Usually.

to an F-body. All the Y-body units should come w/ 22lb/hr injectors. If you are using MAF w/o the cold start. but if you are converting from carb. Due to the unreliability of the MAF sensor. speed density systems (MAP sensor) are more desireable. and should be avoided. http://www.sethirdgen. If you are using a MAF system w/ a cold start valve. you will need to get a TPI harness. and just leave the CS valve connector unplugged. or at least know the engine size they were on. and these harnesses should be avoided. you will need the harness for that. If you are using speed density.htm (5 of 8) [4/10/2004 11:33:44 PM] . Wiring Harness You WILL need a wiring harness to operate the TPI system. providing the one that is currently installed IS NOT a vacuum advance distributer. 19lb/hr injectors were used on 305s. You want to make sure you have clearance between the alternator and bracket if you are retaining the V-belts. and all '85 and '86 F-body units should come w/ 19s since the 350 wasn't used on these cars untill '87 unless it was retrofitted. q NOTE: 1985 MAF systems used a MAF Burnoff module in conjuntion w/ the ECM and were very unreliable. you will need a speed density harness. or don't want to mess w/ converting the TBI harness. Distributer More than likely. You can either use the large "coil-in-cap" or the small style. NOTE: 1985 used a MAF burnoff module. A TBI harness can be modified to operate a TPI. Injectors You will need to know what size injectors come w/ the TPI.TPI Conversion Parts Here is an example of Custom fuel lines made to adapt a Corvette style Fuel Rail. MAF/MAP sensor q 1985-1989 systems used a Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor. and easier to install. you can use the same harness. since the Vette didn't come w/ 305s. 22lb/hr injectors were used on 350s. you can re-use your stock 1990-1992 used a Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor. you will just have to wire accordingly.

You will need high pressure fuel lines from the pump to the fuel rail. If you are using Speed Density. you will need the 16198262 (730) ECM. you will need to address the VATS/PassKey issue. Except for V6 Camaro's the Coolant Temp Sensor (CTS) and Intake Air Temp (IAT) sensor are the same Part Number. If you are going to use an inline pump. if you have manual or auto trans. High Pressure Fuel Lines Since TPI fuel pressures can reach up to 45psi. and w/ an Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator (AFPR). but they are still not original replacements. such as stock pumps and Walboro pumps. I reccomend new ones with the swap. It is very easy to "disable" the VATS feature w/ a custom chip. you will need '90-'92. or cut the harness in half. or other engine.) PROM/MEMCAL Which PROM you use will depend on alot of things. 350.htm (6 of 8) [4/10/2004 11:33:44 PM] . I reccomend a new one. If you install an in-tank pump.sethirdgen. and cheaper to fix (comparison of replacing a MAP sensor vs. and big problems can arise if bad. I have heard several people having much luck w/ their inline pump sucking enough fuel through the stock sending unit.. you NEED fuel lines that can handle the http://www. the TBI fuel sender has the high pressure fitting on the sender. you will need to drill a hole in the firewall to run the wires. Your car WILL NOT START w/ an '89 or later chip and you do not have VATS. you will need the 16198259 (165) ECM. even if a TBI pump is still hooked up. *update: Painless now makes longer harnesses. and also different between MAF systems. If you are not using a CS valve but keeping MAF. and Speed Density (primarily becuase the MAF has an external ESC module. the Carb fuel sender does not. The Speed Density systems use a MAP sensor. Fuel Pump/Fuel Sender The decision to install an in-tank pump vs an inline pump is highly debated much like the MAF vs Speed Density debate. ECM This is an important decision. and solder in the needed amount so it will be long enough to be run through the factory pass-thru behind the passenger side fender. or you can retrofit PassKey into the vehicle. a MAF sensor. If you are using Speed Density. CTS/IAT sensors Knock Sensor The knock sensors are different between 305s and 350s. you wil need one from an '89. you will need a PROM for '86-'88 vehicles. if you are using MAF or Speed Density. If you are keeping the CS valve. they can reach 50+. you will not need to mess w/ pulling the fuel tank. the TBI guys have an advantage.. if you are putting it on a 305. Painless Wiring has impecable quality. and should be replaced w/ a fuel injection sending unit. and are very reliable. If you are keeping the cold start valve or not. Also note that Corvette PROMs and F-body PROMs cannot be interchanged.TPI Conversion Parts Many after market companies make wiring harnesses for TPI. You can either send the chip out and have it "disabled". but ARE NOT MEANT TO BE USED AS A STOCK REPLACEMENT. etc. If you want to use a Painless Wiring harness. Since they are relativly So purchase accordingly. If you want or are using a MAF system. Also note that if you are using an '89 or later chip. Many pumps are available for in-tank use. and the SD is internal to the ECM.

sethirdgen. and screw them into the fuel rail. One easy.htm (7 of 8) [4/10/2004 11:33:44 PM] . reliable. and Fuel injected V6 F-bodies all use the same fuel lines. You can also make a custom cold air. Your wiring harness should have provisions for this.TPI Conversion Parts pressure. as long as they meet pressure specifications. You can either look around for a kit that routes to the drivers side. It is reccomended you use a new one. and affordable alternative is to buy used fuel lines from a salvage yard. black plastic to seal off the filter from the engine bay. Testing has proven around a two tenths gain w/ a throttle body http://www. most of your "Cold Air" kits are routed to the passenger side of the radiator. you need these lines. First off. so lines from any of those cars will work. A throttle body mounted cone filter should be avioded at all costs. or you can relocate the battery. You can usually get the entire lenght of line. works great. Here is a custom cold air setup using 3" exhaust pipe painted black w/ a 45 degree bend. and cost less than $50. and how you hook it up depends on what wiring you will use for the TPI. If you are converting from Carb. TPI. and a snorkel from a TPI firebird turned up-sidesown (so it points to the drivers side). Air Intake This is a simple. You will definatly need one of these. a 3" cone filter on the end. Since the battery is on the drivers side for TPI. This is installed on an '87 LG4 converted to TPI. This is easy to do. Many companies like Summit sell AN-"O-ring flare" adapters. fuel filter bracket and both rubber flex lines for less than $30. the Carb guys are cursed w/ a passenger side mounted battery. You can also run other forms of High Pressure Fuel line from the tank(or pump) to the fuel so you can use AN fittings. wich can reach 200+ degrees. yet always confusing topic. You will need to plumb clean air into the throttle body but there are many ways to do it. TBI. you will also need a MAF Power Relay and the MAF Burnoff Relay on top of the Fuel Pump Relay. you already have these lines. They suck hot air directly from the radiator. Fuel Pump Relay Relays(other) If you are using a MAF system. If you are converting from TBI to TPI.

Misc. but you can usually get the lower gaskets in a kit w/ the runner gaskets.*** Special thanks to Jim (aka Jim85IROC) for contributing. When the intake is off. it will not fit between the turn signal housings. [HOME] http://www. block. etc.htm (8 of 8) [4/10/2004 11:33:44 PM] .sethirdgen. The stock components will work. ***If you find any inaccuracies. and will also not clear the hood where it goes over the radiator.. You will also need to purchase the gasket set for the TPI. please email ADMIN. Camshaft.. Lower intake gaskets should be the same for the Carb/TBI engines. its the ideal time to replace the camshaft and such. The front support is different (excessive cutting required).org/tpi1.. and throttle body gaskets. You will need Lower. Also note that a Camaro's "dual snorkel/filter" air intake WILL NOT fit on a firebird. or have anything to add. Other notes: Except for the differences in Intake Manifold center bolt angles (which can easily be fixed) all other mechanical aspects of the engine can be re-used w/ the TPI setup. runner. such as Heads.TPI Conversion Parts mounted filter vs a cold air induction. but it is not required.

1988 Chevrolet Camaro (Hot Rod Magazine) Specs: Performance: http://www.92g Drivetrain: 5 Speed Manual Transmission. 3.5:1 1/4 mile: 15.10 @ 92 MPH Drivetrain: 4speed Automatic Transmission Skid Pad: . Tuned Port Injected.27 rear axle.htm (1 of 4) [4/10/2004 11:33:47 PM] .Untitled Thirdgen F-body Performance Data 1985 Trans Am 1987 GTA 1988 Camaro Sport Coupe 1988 Formula 1989 Trans Am 1989 GTA 1989 Turbo TA 1991 GTA 1991 GTA Convertible 1991 Formula 1991 Formula 1LE 1991 SLP GTA 1992 Trans Am Convertible 1985 Pontiac Trans Am (Hot Rod Magazine) Specs: Performance: Engine: 305ci (5.sethirdgen. Rochester 4 9. 9. 3. TQ: 320@3200 Performance: 0-60 MPH: 6.0L HO "L-69"). HP: 190. HP: 210@4400 RPM.30 @ 92.85g (700R4).8 seconds 1/4 mile: 15. TQ: 240 Skid Pad: . 1987 Pontiac GTA (Hot Rod Magazine) Specs: Engine: 350ci (5.7L).41 MPH Compression Ratio.73:1 Rear Axle.3:1 Compression.

86g 3. Skid Pad: .45:1 Rear Axle.3 MPH Drivetrain: 5 Speed Manual Transmission.4 MPH Drivetrain: 5 Speed Manual Transmission.Untitled Engine: 305ci (5. Skid Pad: .3:1 Compression.27 rear axle. 1989 Pontiac Trans Am (Hot Rod Magazine) Specs: Performance: Engine: 305ci (5.6 seconds 1/4 mile: 15.44 seconds 1/4 mile: 15.3:1 Compression 0-60 MPH: 6.3:1 Compression 0-60 MPH: 7.07 @ 93. HP: 215@4400 RPM. HP: 170@4000 RPM. 3.8 MPH Drivetrain: 5 Speed Manual Transmission.0L).13 @ 94. Throttle Body Injected. Tuned Port Injected.3:1 Compression Ratio.7L).72 seconds Ratio. Performance: 0-60 MPH: 6. TQ: 285@3200 RPM 1/4 mile: 15. HP: 215@4400 RPM.71 @ 89.0L).1 seconds Ratio. TQ: 255@2400 RPM 0-60 MPH: 7.sethirdgen. TQ: 340@3200 Drivetrain: 4speed Automatic Transmission (700R4). 1988 Pontiac Firebird Formula (Hot Rod Magazine) Specs: Performance: Engine: 305ci (5. 9.64 @ 92.82g 3. HP: 235@4400 RPM.htm (2 of 4) [4/10/2004 11:33:47 PM] .08:1 Rear Axle. 9. 3.08:1 Rear Axle. 9.3 MPH 1989 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am (TTA) (Hot Rod Magazine) Specs: Performance: http://www. TQ: 285@3200 RPM 1/4 mile: 15. Tuned Port Injected. Tuned Port 1989 Pontiac GTA (Hot Rod Magazine) Specs: Engine: 350ci (5. 9.

7L). 0-60 MPH: 6.7L).86g 1991 Pontiac GTA Convertible (Hot Rod Magazine) Specs: Performance: Engine: 305ci (5. 3. Tuned Port Injected.36 seconds 1/4 mile: 14.23 rear axle. TQ: 340@3200 Drivetrain: 4speed Automatic Transmission (700R4).87g 1991 Pontiac GTA (Hot Rod Magazine) Specs: Engine: 350ci (5.0L). HP: 250@4400.23 rear axle. HP: 240@4400 RPM.3:1 Compression 0-60 MPH: 7.0L).0 seconds 1/4 mile: 14.72 MPH 1991 Pontiac Firebird Formula "1LE" (Hot Rod Magazine) Specs: Engine: 305ci (5.): 145MPH Skid Pad: .53 seconds 1/4 mile: 14. 3.42:1 Rear Axle. 9. 9. 9. Performance: 0-60 MPH: 6.21 @ 97. Tuned Port Injected.42:1 Rear Axle.Untitled Engine: 3. TQ: 300@3200 Drivetrain: Drivetrain: 5 Speed Manual Transmission. Tuned Port Injected.95 MPH . 9.55 @ 92. HP: 225@4400 RPM.htm (3 of 4) [4/10/2004 11:33:47 PM] Performance: 0-60 MPH: 6.4 MPH Top Speed ( TQ: 340@3200 Drivetrain: 4speed Automatic Transmission (700R4).0:1 Compression. TQ: 300@3200 RPM 1/4 mile: 15.73 MPH Drivetrain: 5 Speed Manual Transmission.2 seconds 1/4 mile: 14.3:1 Compression.37 @ 89.92 @ 91. 3. http://www. Performance: 0-60 MPH: 6.8 MPH Skid Pad: . 8.3:1 Compression.23 rear axle.45 @ 94. TQ: 340 @ 2800 Drivetrain: 4speed Automatic Transmission (200R4).3:1 Compression. HP: 225@4400 RPM. Tuned Port Injected. 3.8L Turbo. 3. HP: 235@4400 RPM. 1991 Pontiac Firebird Formula (Hot Rod Magazine) Specs: Engine: 350ci (5.36 seconds Ratio.

TQ: 285@3200 RPM 1/4 mile: 15.18 MPH 1992 Pontiac Trans Am Convertible (Car Craft Magazine) Specs: Performance: Engine: 305ci (5. 9. 9.Untitled 1991 Pontiac GTA w/ SLP Package(Hot Rod Magazine) Specs: Engine: 350ci (5. 3.7L). HP: 290@5500 RPM. Tuned Port MPH Drivetrain: 5 Speed Manual Transmission [TECH INDEX] [HOME] http://www.4 @ 91.3:1 Compression.0 seconds Ratio.93 seconds 1/4 mile: 14. Performance: 0-60 MPH: 5. Tuned Port Injected.sethirdgen. TQ: 360+@3200 Drivetrain: 4speed Automatic Transmission (700R4).3:1 Compression 0-60 MPH: 7.23 rear axle. HP: 205@4400 RPM.htm (4 of 4) [4/10/2004 11:33:47 PM] .08 @ 98.0L).

73 GU3: 2. http://www.42 GT4: 3. but use pan gasket ID to determine whether its a 9-bolt or 10-bolt axle.62" 10-bolt Axle Codes *Note: Do not assume the codes are correct in these charts for 9-bolt/10-bolt identification.Thirdgen Rearend Data Rearend Data RPO Codes Cover ID 10-bolt axle codes 9-bolt axle codes 10-bolt assembly specs 9-bolt assembly Specs RPO Codes: G80: Limited Slip G92: Performance Rear Axle Ratio GU2: 2.08 GU5: 3.70 GH4: 2.93 GU4: 3.27 GS4: 3.77 Cover Identification 7.sethirdgen.73 GM3: 3.htm (1 of 4) [4/10/2004 11:33:52 PM] . The ratios are correct.92 GH3: 2.23 GU6: 3.5"/ GW6: 3.

73 3.73 3.08 3.42 3.08 3.08 3.23 3.08 3.42 3.08 3.08 3.42 2.08 3.htm (2 of 4) [4/10/2004 11:33:52 PM] .Thirdgen Rearend Data 1982: 2JE 2JG 2JH 2JJ 2JR 2JW 2JX 2JY 2JZ 2KE 2KF 2KG 2KH 2PE 2PW 2PX 2PY 2PZ 2.23 Posi Std Std Std Std Posi Posi Posi Posi Std Posi Posi Posi Posi Posi Posi Posi 1985: 4PW 6JG 6JH 6JJ 6JK 6JQ 6JR 6JY 6JZ 6KK 6KY 6KZ 6PN 6PQ 6PR 6PY 2.73 3.92 3.73 3.92 3.77 2.73 3.73 2.32 2.93 3.42 3.08 Posi Std Std Std Std Posi Posi Posi Posi Std Posi Posi Posi Posi Posi Posi 1986: 2EA 2EN 2ET 8JC 8JD 8KA 8KB 8XA 8XB 8XC 8XF 8XN 8XO 8XP 8XQ 8XU 3.77 3.73 2.42 3.73 3.08 3.08 3.93 3.73 2.08 3.08 3.73 3.42 3.70 2.23 3.23 Std Std Std Std Posi Posi Posi Posi Posi Std Std Std Std Std Posi Posi Posi Posi 1983: 4JF 4JG 4JH 4JJ 4JK 4JQ 4JR 4JX 4JY 4JZ 4KJ 4KK 4PG 4PQ 4PW 4PX 4PY 4PZ 2.08 3.42 2.73 3.23 3.73 3.42 3.42 3.27 3.23 2.27 3.73 3.93 3.42 2.93 3.23 3.42 3.23 3.45 3.73 2.23 3.42 2.73 2.23 3.73 2.73 3.73 3.42 3.73 3.42 3.73 3.42 2.sethirdgen.73 3.23 Std Std Std Posi Posi Posi Posi Posi Posi Posi http://www.23 2.73 3.08 3.73 3.23 Std Std Std Std Std Posi Posi Posi Posi Posi Std Posi Std Posi Posi Posi Posi Posi 1984: 4PW 6JG 6JH 6JJ 6JK 6JQ 6JR 6JY 6JZ 6KK 6KY 6KZ 6PN 6PQ 6PR 6PY 6PZ 2.08 3.23 3.23 3.73 2.73 3.08 3.23 3.93 3.42 3.08 3.73 3.73 3.77 2.08 3.08 Std Posi Posi Std Std Std Std Std Std Std Posi Posi Posi Posi Posi Posi 1987: 2HA 2HL 2HP 2HR 2HQ 2HT 4HB 4HR 4HV 4HY 3.08 3.

08 3.23 3.sethirdgen.73 2.23 3. but use pan gasket ID to determine whether its a 9-bolt or 10-bolt axle.23 3.73 3.08 3.73 3.42 3.73 2.27 3.23 3.08 3.08 3.23 3.92 Posi Posi Posi Posi 1988: 6HT 6HE 6HP 6HB 6HF 6HK 6HL 6HQ 6HJ 2.73 2.42 Std Posi Posi Std Posi Posi Std Posi Posi Std Posi 1991: 8HP 8HT 8HE 8HK 8HF 8HB 8HJ 2PM 2PN 8HC 2PN 2.08 3.23 3.73 3.42 3.08 3.45 3.23 Posi 8XV 8XW 8XX 8XY 3. The ratios are correct.73 2.08 3.73 2.23 3.htm (3 of 4) [4/10/2004 11:33:52 PM] .Thirdgen Rearend Data 6PZ 3.73 3.08 3.08 3.42 3.73 3.75" 9-Bolt Axle Codes *Note: Do not assume the codes are correct in these charts for 9-bolt/10-bolt identification.23 3.73 2.42 3.08 3.08 3.42 3.08 3.08 3.42 Std Posi Posi Std Posi Posi Std Posi Posi Std Posi 1992: 8HP 8HT 8HE 8HK 8HF 8HB 8HJ 2PM 2PN 8HC 2PN 2.23 Posi Posi Std Posi Posi Std Std Posi Posi 1990: 8HP 8HT 8HE 8HK 8HF 8HB 8HJ 2PM 2PN 8HC 2PN 2.08 3.23 3.42 Std Posi Posi Std Posi Posi Std Posi Posi Std Posi Borg Warner 7.73 2.23 Posi Posi Std Posi Posi Std Std Posi Posi 1989: 6HT 6HE 6HP 6HB 6HF 6HK 6HL 6HQ 6HJ http://www.70 2.73 2.23 3.73 2.73 2.23 3.08 3.

27 3.45 Posi Posi Posi 1989: 4ET 4EU 4EW 2.70 3.08 3.sethirdgen.27 3.08 3.45 3.77 3.42 3.27 3.45 Posi Posi Posi 1988: 4ET 4EU 4EW 2.27 3.75 3.27 3.70 2.27 3.htm (4 of 4) [4/10/2004 11:33:52 PM] .08 3.45 3.Thirdgen Rearend Data 1985: 10032243 10032244 10032245 10032246 10032248 10032250 10032268 10032270 10032272 10032274 14085324 14085325 14085326 14085327 3.77 3.45 3.45 Posi Posi Posi [HOME] http://www.42 3.27 3.73 Std Posi Std Posi Posi Posi Posi Posi Posi Posi Posi Std Std Std 1986: 10032270 10032272 10032274 10040660 3.77 Posi Posi Posi Posi 1987: 4ET 4EU 4EW 2.70 3.

863 744 1988: Sport Coupe. 8-cylinder (of the 88. 6-cylinder Z28.744 64.htm (1 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:33:58 PM] .859 24.050 3. 6-cylinder Z28. 8-cylinder 1984: Sport Coupe. 6-cylinder http://www.400 100.650 127.479 38.Untitled Thirdgen production numbers. Coupe.761 83.925 62. Coupe. Coupe.585 were IROCs) 99.890 263 52. 8-cyl (of the 53.487 1989: RS Coupe.403 1983: Sport Coupe. Sport Coupe. Sport Coupe. Coupe.sethirdgen.403 Z28s. Camaro Production Numbers: 1982: Sport Coupe. 8-cylinder Z28 Sport Coupe Conv. 4-cylinder Berlinetta. 6-cylinder Z28.607 Z28s.882 6. Sport Coupe. 8-cylinder 1985: Sport Coupe. 8-cylinder Z28/Z50 Pace Car Edition 78.132 Z28s. 8-cylinder (of the 68.761 39.292 33.360 63. Sport Coupe. Sport Coupe. 4-cylinder Berlinetta. 8-cylinder Z28.605 1. Coupe. 6-cylinder Z28.806 27. 4-cylinder Berlinetta. 49. Sport Coupe.177 were IROCs) 1986: Sport Coupe. 6-cylinder Sport Coupe Conv.899 97.966 13. 21.608 4.889 were IROCs) 83. 6-cylinder Sport Coupe Conv. 8-cylinder IROC-Z IROC-Z Convertible 66. 6-cylinder Z28. 4-cylinder Berlinetta. 4-cylinder Berlinetta.649 68.132 1987: Sport Coupe.

259 48.854 5.Untitled RS Convertible.309 55.334 2. 8-cylinder Z28 Coupe Z28 Convertible 1992: RS Coupe.934 31.374 95.245 20. 8-cylinder Z28 Coupe Z28 Convertible Camaro production figures adapted from "The Camaro White Book".463 59.203 60. 8-cylinder IROC-Z Coupe IROC-Z Convertible 1991: RS Coupe.htm (2 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:33:58 PM] .304 62.880 46.994 2.208 44.644 5.329 12. 6-cylinder RS Convertible.sethirdgen.294 79.254 1990: RS Coupe.562 5. 1996 Firebird Production Numbers 1982: Total: Firebird Formula Trans Am Total: Firebird Formula Trans Am Total: Firebird Formula Trans Am Total: Firebird Formula Trans Am Total: Firebird Formula Trans Am 116.028 110.683 21.197 1. 6-cylinder RS Convertible.940 28.870 1983: 1984: 1985: 1986: 1.020 10. 8-cylinder IROC-Z Coupe IROC-Z Convertible 3. Micheal Bruce Assoc.960 74.621 10.719 52.067 3. inc. 6-cylinder RS Convertible.884 32.362 41.930 128.750 729 4.452 3.

669 24. If you feel that one of the numbers are inaccurate.404 32. numbers vary from source to source.102 62.631 1.Untitled 1987: Total: Firebird Formula Trans Am GTA Total: Firebird Formula Trans Am GTA Total: Firebird Formula Trans Am GTA Turbo Trans Am Pace Car Total: Firebird Formula Trans Am GTA 88.555 20.762 989 5.164 21.793 11.643 777 508 1992: Adapted from the Pontiac Historical Society production number figures.013 637 2.172 9.558 13. please email the admin and cite your source.544 4.475 8.htm (3 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:33:58 PM] .052 1. Thanks! [HOME] http://www.834 1. and you KNOW the correct number.455 28.sethirdgen.325 1.447 1988: 1989: 1990: 1991: Total: Firebird Firebird Convertible Formula Trans Am Trans Am Convertible GTA Total: Firebird Firebird Convertible Formula Trans Am Trans Am Convertible GTA 51.212 4. Please note.612 42.788 11.364 1.915 29.670 4.860 37.214 64.973 13.060 1.553 16.

It is also known as a trailing arm. Using flat bar stock that was about the same width as the LCA.sethirdgen. It was trial and error. From the factory.Boxing your Thirdgen Trailing Arms. but if your on budget. wich are very weak. these are stamped steel. and then grooved the bar for easier bending. but patience paid off. you may choose to do it yourself (aftermarket ones are much lighter however). but I got these for free. You can use narrower bar to fit inside the LCA. Two of these and a torque arm is really all that bolts the rear end to the body of the car. The bends were made in a vice and test fitted. A total of four undercuts and four bends were needed to match the contours exactly. Aftermarket ones are available that are much stronger. so you can see the importance of these peices.htm (1 of 2) [4/10/2004 11:34:27 PM] . Then the bar was cut to I marked where the contours of the LCA changed. After undercutting the first two grooves. Boxing your rear LCA (trailing arms) This is the stock rear control arm. http://www. the first two bends were made to fit the contours of the LCA. so thats what I used.

Boxing your Thirdgen Trailing Arms. After final assembly. [TECH INDEX] [HOME] http://www. and some of the excess bar was also ground off. This is also a prime time to install the Poly Bushings. and I would have benefited more with Poly Bushings. Gains were minimal. After welding. but I didn't have them when I did This really stiffens up the LCA's. the welds were ground smooth. and can deal with the little extra weight. than this is the way to go. it can then be welded to the LCA. it was then painted. but evey little bit counts. If you can't afford aftermarket ones. Once the bar is bent and cut to length.htm (2 of 2) [4/10/2004 11:34:27 PM] . Here is the final product.sethirdgen.

org/wbar.sethirdgen. Installing a WonderBar (Steering Brace) This is what is known as a "Wonder Bar" or also known as a steering brace. The wonderbar mounts parallel to the sway bar. You can expect to spend about 15 min in your driveway with just a ratchet and 15mm socket. http://www. This really is a no-brainer. since fatigue and stress cracks are common around the gear box mounting. This will help tighten up the front end and prevent stress cracks from occuring.Installing a WonderBar on your Thirdgen. giving extra strength to the steering gearbox mount.htm (1 of 2) [4/10/2004 11:34:39 PM] . It ties both sides of the engine bay together from underneath. Installation couldn't be any easier. Here is a view of under the car.

Let the bar hang down.htm (2 of 2) [4/10/2004 11:34:39 PM] . Here it is The actual "bar" portion goes to the front (its almost impossible to get it wrong) and then reinstall the six bolts you removed. A new WonderBar won't look likt this. Enjoy! [TECH INDEX] [HOME] http://www. and I sanded. mine was originally black. Thats it! Thats all there is to it. You must lower the sway bar and to do this remove the three bolts shown on each side (six total).Installing a WonderBar on your Thirdgen. The sway bar is only held in place by two bolts on each end. but you will need to remove the third for the brace. primed and painted red.

sethirdgen. none of that stock. is the pinion shim present (I will talk about this later). who want to pawn it off on some unsuspecting person. and/or doing the drum to disc conversion. no 8. I picked up the whole assembly (in pieces) for a great price. Part one will be all the "prep" work done to the axle. Part II will be the ring&pinion setup. Here a a few things you will need when building it up. I felt. I had to order the 3. etc. Part I GM 10-bolt Build-up. and what you are talking about. Part I This feature will be done in three This leads me to another point. Know what you need. and rent a pickup truck to retrieve it. B)be very observant. Either the Saginaw 10-bolt 7. All of this was done to a 2.. To pick up the "jewel" that I did for $150. all thirdgens were equipped with two axle options.5" ring gears. or the Borg Warner 9-bolt.73:1 ratio. Well worth it. Everything needed was present and accounted for. did the posi work.65".73. you have to: A) Be very patient. Know what you are getting into before buying. If you want a deal. what series carrier is it. Since this was a 2. posi. To clear up some confusion I have seen out in the "F-body message boards". disc brake axle out of an '88 IROC as a disc to drum conversion.htm (1 of 5) [4/10/2004 11:35:10 PM] . I had to drive over 6 hours roundtrip. No 12-bolts. and Part III will be the replacement of the rear axle.GM 10-bolt build-up.. http://www. and C) be willing to travel. There are some people who have junk.73 gears that are specially made for "2 series carriers". Some of the things I MADE SURE OF before buying was: Were the main caps in the original position (they CANNOT be mixed side to side). consider it a deal.

Also good to have a service manual handy. Once you read the instructions fully.GM 10-bolt build-up. front and rear pinion bearings. Richmond gear reccomneds that you check pinion depth with the proper tool. J65 E-brake cables (conversion only). Keep the main caps on there respective side. we will use Richmond's approved "alternative" method. If you don't have the shim. use a 6 point 5/16 socket to break it loose. they will come in handy. read the instructions that come with the ring and pinion. You will need to have the bearings pressed off the pinion and carrier. and of course. One quick pointer. I will not bother. read them again! Trust me. wheel bearings and seals (x2). Part I In the picture. Since 95% of the people reading this will not have access to this tool. BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING.htm (2 of 5) [4/10/2004 11:35:10 PM] . pinion seal. so they know best about what it needs to function properly. Mine were painted. Also knock out the old bearing races. You will also need the save the pinion shim when you take the bearing off the pinion. Instead. you will be glad you did! The first step is to totally dissasemble the axle. side carrier bearings (x2). posi additive. http://www. a local shop can do this if you don't have the capability. so it was easy to tell. re-use it. Make sure you save the old bearings.035" pinion shim for starters. You will check this later with a "tooth pattern". The instructions are written by the people who design the gear. use a . crush sleeve (spacer). to save from rounding the pinion shaft lockscrew. there is Richmond ring & pinion. save these also. If you have the old

This is where the old bearings come in handy.sethirdgen. Also don't be afraid to use By no means press the bearings on by the outer race! They will be damaged. and side carrier bearings need pressed on. It will get sandwiched when the bearing gets pressed on. Both the rear pinion bearing. and CW to loosen.htm (3 of 5) [4/10/2004 11:35:10 PM] . politely remind them of this! The yellow arrow shows the inner race being used to press on the new bearings inner race. http://www. You will now need to bolt the ring gear on. You will need to knock the rollers off the inner race. Part I This pinion shim goes between the pinion. PLEASE NOTE: ring gear bolts are REVERSE THREAD!! You need to turn them CCW to tighten. its ready to install. and the bearing. If you take this to a shop. it will be your best friend! Once all the ring gear bolts are torqued to spec (consult your instruction sheet/repair manual) then set it aside. and use the inner race to press the new bearings on by its inner race.GM 10-bolt build-up..

not everybody has three and a half feet of socket extensions. it works great for tapping the new one in without damaging it. Since the old race is the same size as the new I use a seal puller to remove them. but if not. but any similar method will work. Then you will need to remove the bearings. Thats about it for the "prep" work. a flat piece of metal a little larger than the race. You should have removed them during dissasembly. Onc method that works well is to use the old bearing race. http://www. You will need to tap in the new bearing races. Then you just need the metal and drift to beat on the old race. I used all of my 3/8" socket extensions all put together. and a brass drift or something similar. Part I Nows a good time to go ahead and do the wheel bearings and wheel seals. and hammered the end of the extensions (opposite end of housing). Tap it in untill fully seated.sethirdgen. This isn't as easy as the seal. Tap the seal in after that so its flush with the axle tube.GM 10-bolt build-up. and "rodded" all the way through the axle housing. but since this article is for the average DIYer. I used a FWD axle nut socket. Just beat the both out without damaging the axle tubes. There is a special tool for it. I will explain an alternative. Part II will be the ring and pinion setup. Granted. You will hear a change in pitch of the hammering when its seated.htm (4 of 5) [4/10/2004 11:35:10 PM] . and rested the end against the inside of the bearing. do it now. Then use a suitible tool to hammer the new bearings in. but any metal rod or the like will work.

htm (5 of 5) [4/10/2004 11:35:10 PM] .org/10bolt1.GM 10-bolt build-up.sethirdgen. Part I [Part II] [Home] http://www.

If you don't have any gear marking compound. Then set the carrier down inside with the outer races installed. The pattern looks fairly decent. You will need to set the pinion down inside the housing. Part II will cover the install and set-up of the ring & pinion. Hopefully you had the old pinion shim. You will need to oil the front and rear bearings. A service shim is the thick cast iron shim most axles come from the factory with. you will need some. Part II GM 10-bolt Part II Hopefully if you made it this far. This will be your final "test" along with backlash measurements. Since I determined to use the existing pinion shim. I will go ahead and set the pinion bearing preload. http://www. and finishing touches.GM 10-bolt build-up. you have completed Part I. I didn't fully seat it since I was just making some checks.sethirdgen. so I will leave the pinion shim alone. I used two "production" shims to give some initial preload so I could check the "tooth pattern" to give me an idea if the pinion depth is (1 of 8) [4/10/2004 11:36:08 PM] . here is where it will come into play.

org/10bolt2. and in small increments. but whatever you decide to do. Once you crush it. turn the nut some more. and start over. slide the crush sleeve on the pinion shaft. The reason it gets so hard is because you have to press the front bearing on the pinion. and tap in the pinion seal. Now. you will start to crush the crush sleeve. I used a 3/4" pull handle to make turning the nut effortless. and you have to crush the crush sleeve. so if you over tighten. You want between http://www. Once this is done.htm (2 of 8) [4/10/2004 11:36:08 PM] . you cannot "uncrush" it. set the pinion in the housing. Part II Install the front bearing. you will have to use your imagination. get a new one. put the companion flange (yoke) on and the washer and start the nut. Turn the nut until the pinion won't rock back and forth inside the housing.GM 10-bolt build-up. Once all the play is gone. If you don't have access to one of these. just remember it has to withstand alot of torque. You want to eliminate all play.sethirdgen. you will have to throw the sleeve out. I used the special tool to hold the companion flange during tightening. but go very slow.

9-15"/lbs on used bearings. I have appoximatly 30 inch pounds of preload on the bearings. tighten the nut slowly and in small increments. http://www. Set it in with the outer races installed. you need to work on the carrier.sethirdgen. Remember. but you can make do with about anything you can (3 of 8) [4/10/2004 11:36:08 PM] . and the bearings oiled. There is another special tool (of course!) to tap the shims in. A very small turning amount yields very large increases in preload!!! Now that the pinion is in.GM 10-bolt build-up. Part II 15-30"/lbs for new bearings.

equally on each side. so I will need to stack several thin shims (shim pack) to get what I need. This is where it gets crazy. untill there is no clearance (using a feeler gauge) on either side of the carrier.htm (4 of 8) [4/10/2004 11:36:08 PM] . I will not be able to use the thick "production" shims. First you need to establish "no clearance" while getting no preload.008" of backlash (its also etched on the ring gear). I have . you will need to check backlash. You will need to swap shims around. Part II This shim is to thick. to move the ring gear further or closer http://www. So you need to start with thin shims. Once this is achieved. Richmond Gears recomends .005" of backlash. and get thicker. wich is to tight.GM 10-bolt

but because there is such a varience offered. 40-30=10x3. You will have to pound these in. and turn the pinion nut. Whatever you subtract from one side. Add more paste to the gear teeth and turn the ring gear foward and backward so you can see both sides of the pattern. We are right on the money! Now doublecheck the backlash just for re-assurance. then tap the whole other pack in. you will need to add a . you will now need to pre-load the side carrier bearings.73= 37. http://www. I will have to move it left (away) from the pinion. We are still at .73s. then install the carrier and one shim pack. so I am at the upper limits. To keep from bending it up. you will need to check the side bearing pre-load.sethirdgen. but OK. You will need to do one at a time to get the C-clip in.008". So we are doing good. To determine total pre-load.GM 10-bolt build-up. if the original "production" shims fit. Specs for new bearings is: 30-40 inch pounds. simply take your beam type torque wrench as used in the pinion bearing meaurement. I had 40 inch/pounds. and I installed 3. add the . Torque the main caps in place. After verifying that zero clearance is achieved. slide the axle outwards to seat the clip. Richmond Gear reccomends for their 49 series gears (like what was installed) that the pattern be basiclly centered. time to move on. Once the clip is on the axle. You will need to slide the axles into the tube and align the splines so they will fit into the side gears of the carrier. You should have 32-55"/lbs of preload.Pinion pre-load x gear ratio. which is a simple formula: Total pre-load .004" shim to EACH SIDE. Once you get the backlash set right. the "tooth pattern" Part II to the pinion.3. you will need to check side bearing pre-load and total preload. you won't need to go through all of this. now one final check. you MUST add that shim to the other side to mainain zero clearance. With that done. Since I am to tight. 30 at the pinion. Remember. So I had 40 total.004" to each shim pack. I remove the carrier.htm (5 of 8) [4/10/2004 11:36:08 PM] . with a slight bias to the "toe" of the tooth.

htm (6 of 8) [4/10/2004 11:36:08 PM] . I waited untill the internals were set-up to paint. and it would have gotten all scratched. so I had to push them in. My next step was to paint Part II Once both axles are in. After all. You have come to far to round that bolt off! Now that the ring and pinion is set-up. http://www. since there is alot of positioning of the axle during setup. its all down hill from here. There is a tool that rotates the piston while pushing it in. no sense in it looking like it was stolen from a junkyard... etc.sethirdgen.GM 10-bolt build-up. Remember to tighten the bolt down with the 6 point 5/16" socket. Next step (disc conversion only) was to install the rotors/calipers. if you did this much work. The pistons in the caliper where too far out for the new pads. you will need to install the pinion shaft to keep the clips from unseating.

org/10bolt2. Tighten all four slide pins down (two on each side) Of course.sethirdgen. These brakes aren't the greatest.GM 10-bolt build-up. and don't forget to lube the slide pins with Silicone lubricant. since I am going to "walk the walk". Part II With the pads installed. They are very easy to install. set the caliper on the mount. I also installed new E-brake cables. so take the extra step to help them work at their peak. I had to get new cables since my current set-up is drum.htm (7 of 8) [4/10/2004 11:36:08 PM] . you better believe I will "talk the talk"!! I think this is one of the most recognized items on an axle! After insalling the brake lines. The axle is ready to install! http://www.

htm (8 of 8) [4/10/2004 11:36:08 PM] .GM 10-bolt build-up.sethirdgen. Part II Part III will cover the swap of the rear Part III will be coming soon! [Part I] [Home] http://www.

now all we have to do is install it. but this can be done in a driveway as long as you have something to help you remove the axle (its very heavy). There are two endlinks.sethirdgen. http://www. Drum brakes and an open 2.htm (1 of 4) [4/10/2004 11:36:42 PM] . You will need to remove the Torque Arm and the driveshaft. and two clamps that hold it to the rearend. Once the axle was built up with a posi and Richmond 3. and the driveshaft u-joint straps have four 11mm bolts. I used a lift with a Fuel Tank Jack.73s.73:1 gear ratio was very inadequate. This was the set-up the car came with from the I am replacing this axle with one equipped with rear disc. They look like muffler clamps. The T/A has two 21mm bolts.Swapping 10-bolts on an F-body This is part three of the "10-bolt build up". You will need to start by removing the sway bar.

Make sure everything is disconnected. Once removed. remove the retaining clip and seperate the lines. lower the rear and remove the spring and rubber. remove the LCA bolts and the shock nuts. there are a few attaching points that must be installed before the support can be removed. You will also need to remove the rear rubber brake hose. and put the new one on. Once out. Once supported. You will need to support the rear before removing any thing. Once the rear is up in place on the car.sethirdgen. Now is the time to install new speedo gears. They are: 1: Shocks 2: Torque Arm (2 of 4) [4/10/2004 11:36:42 PM] . and remove the rear. remove the old axle from the support.Swapping 10-bolts on an F-body You will need to loosen the ebrake cables so that they can be removed. Once you crack the fitting loose.

Make sure you get the brake line back together. http://www. Double check everything.htm (3 of 4) [4/10/2004 11:36:42 PM] . There is no easier way to put it. so you need to replace the proportioning valve. You don't want to fully tighten the LCA bolts. since they must be tightened with the car at ride height. you arn't done yet. You may also need to loosen the e-brake some more to get the cables in. Drum brake hydraulics are different than put the wheels. But if you went from drum to disc like I did. You will basicly need to re-install everything that you removed.sethirdgen. I had to loosen it alot since I had new cables for the disc. You don't want something coming apart going down the highway or dragstip. and Track bar back in.Swapping 10-bolts on an F-body 3: Lower control arms. and get the fitting tight and re-install the clip. Once everything is bolted back up.

the gears will become "soft". If the pedal does not feel right. Make sure the brakes are working properly! Enjoy! [HOME] http://www.htm (4 of 4) [4/10/2004 11:36:42 PM] . for street applications. You will also need to tighten the e-brake cable since it was loosend. then you can bleed the brakes. something may be wrong. Basicly. and you may injure yourself or others. Richmond reccomends for the 49 series gear. and very vunerable to breakage. Now. If you overheat them. Make sure the pedal feels good before you take the car out on the road.sethirdgen. Make sure you read the instructions since manufacturers reccomendations may vary. you want the gears to establish a "wear pattern" without overheating. that you drive for 10 miles and let them cool for thirty. Repeat this two more times. Richmond also reccomends a "break-in" for threre gears.Swapping 10-bolts on an F-body Once you replace








BUT THEN AGAIN WHAT DO I KNOW! GOOD LUCK ON YOUR SWAP. ELECTRONICS IS SORT OF FUNNY IN MY OPINION. IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR GAS MILAGE AND COULD BE THE REASON WHY MY ECM FRIED A 1.sethirdgen. This article was written by Craig Skiles.htm (8 of 8) [4/10/2004 11:36:46 PM] . JUST DON'T LET THE VSS GO UNCONNECTED FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME.Installing a T56 transmission.000 MILES AWAY FROM HOME. JEGS TECH PEOPLE. WHO KNOWS. LAST OPTION IS FOR YOU TO FIGURE OUT SOMETHING [HOME] http://www. then I highly reccomend getting one of these. or you smell coolant. or if your carpet is wet with antifreeze. If you are serious about working on your own car. I could smell a very faint antifreeze smell. You will need to remove the radio and console around the radio.sethirdgen. but though it was coming from under the hood. I left the A/C controls hooked up. If your windows keep fogging up. and is worth its weight in gold.htm (1 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:37:11 PM] . then one day it totally blew leaving this large puddle on the passanger side floor. This is far superior to any other manual that is produced. The Instrument panel trim will also need to be removed. then your heater core is probably leaking.Replacing a heater core in a thirdgen F-body Replacing a Heater Core. This is the personal one for my car. it gave little warning. wich is what is used at the GM Dealerships. your heater core will probably start leaking at the worst possible time. When my heater core went out. If you are like anybody else. and just pulled it through the console. This is a "Helms" manual.

the circles show where the four screws are located and the three with arrows are apoximate since they can't be seen in the picture. http://www. The reason I had you remove the ducts in the radio console was so that you could access this screw (circled in red) and bend back that piece of plastic as the core/bracket is removed and installed. you will need to remove the two heater hoses at the firewall from under the hood. Once again. The yellow circles mark the two bolt locations. Be very careful.Replacing a heater core in a thirdgen F-body You will also need to remove the ducts that sit inside the console. You will need to remove this to better access more bolts behind them. Years of thermal cycling (heating up and cooling down) makes these pieces very brittle. If you haven't done so already. The arrows are to let you know that although they can't be seen in the picture.htm (2 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:37:11 PM] . Once you remove the case. This is the case that covers the heater core. I used about 18" of 1/4" drive extensions right below the Map Pocket to access this bolt. this is what you will see. The heater core is attached to a The Core and Bracket will need to be removed as an assembly. This is at the very top of the case and is hard to access. this is the general area.sethirdgen. I have pictured it out of the car so that you can see the hidden bolt (circled in red).

Once the glue dried.htm (3 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:37:11 PM] . Now you just have to re-attach the new core to the bracket and re-install.Replacing a heater core in a thirdgen F-body All that is left of removing the core is to actually remove the heater core. [HOME] [TECH INDEX] http://www. Fixing items like this made installation much easier and the end result was a better looking interior. there are two retainers wich utilize a total of three screws (circled in red) remove these screws and seperate the Here.sethirdgen. I have Hot-Glued the vinyl/foam covering of the radio console back to the console. it looked almost good as new. Once removed. While everything was apart. I found it a good time to fix some other items that needed fixing.

and they require a 7mm (9/32) socket.htm (1 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:37:34 PM] . and there were two huge cracks right down the center of my dash pad. Replacing your Dash Pad Much to my unfortunate surprise.sethirdgen. Once again. they are 7mm and very one morning I went out to my car to go to work. I picked up a used one from the boneyard from a wrecked '86 Firebird for $15.Replacing a dashpad in a 3rdgen. This is about the approximate location of the lower screws that hold the dash pad in place. Many places sell them new for between $400-500. Careful not to drop one down the defroster ducts! http://www. This is where you will find the top five screws. There are a total of seven.

My speakers were blown.sethirdgen. then put all 12 screws back in place. I also had to re-install the side defoggers.. Before you can put the new one in. or replace any blown speakers. etc. and the 7 short on the bottom. lift up the front corner. Now is the perfect oppurtunity to clean up a little. you must transfer any parts needed I opted to throw away the "plastic grill" speaker covers. so I put these in (shown in picture). since they were missing from the boneyard. and re-use my cloth covered ones. and pull out. Remove completely from the car. The 5 long ones go up top.htm (2 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:37:34 PM] . All done! http://www.Replacing a dashpad in a 3rdgen. Then simply re-install like it was taken out. Once all the screws are removed.

Replacing a dashpad in a 3rdgen.htm (3 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:37:34 PM] .org/dash.sethirdgen. [HOME] http://www.

you will need to remove all the trim around the gauges.htm (1 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:38:01 PM] .Installing White Faced Gauges Installing White Faced Gauges Here is your chance to go from This: To this: First step is getting at the like the fog light switch housing (Pontiac).sethirdgen. to gain access to some of the trim bolts. including some items you wouldn't think. http://www.

The hole is the same size as the base.Installing White Faced Gauges With the trim gone. Then remove the black little screws. including the notches on the (These are taken out of the car. Just push the overlay down over the base of the needle. but don't tighten them fully. which conveniently. Some screw out. DO NOT overtighten the black screws. otherwise. You need to start by removing the Trip Odometer Reset button. http://www. but be carefull not to scratch or crease the overlay! Then insert the black srews. So leave all the cluster bolts in place. Here is what it looks like when you take the bezel off. which you will not have to do). others just pull out. so it just fits over it. It is reccomended that you do one gauge at a time. is that they are EXACT replicas (although white) to the originals. then fit the hole over the base of the needle. since the screws of some gauges are longer than others. and make sure the cluster lights will shine through the numbers. The great thing about buying quality gauges. can be used as alignment marks when tightening down the screws. make sure that all of your letters/numbers can be seen through the insert. The trick to getting these on without removing the needles. just the lens and bezel. you can now start to remove the lens and gauge bezel (black plastic around the gauges) You don't need to remove the cluster. but you won't notice once its all the way down.sethirdgen. Before snugging the screws down.htm (2 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:38:01 PM] . is to feed the needle through the center hole. your cluster lights won't shine through.

register properly. w/ two needles each.htm (3 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:38:01 PM] . Just take your time and don't crease the overlay! This is also a great chance to make gauges that were not quite right. The other two pairs of gauges get tricky. since they have one needle and two black screws.Installing White Faced Gauges The TACH and SPEEDO are the easy The TACH and OIL PRESSURE should both be at ZERO with the key on. engine off.sethirdgen. [HOME] [TECH INDEX] http://www.

TV cable and Cruise if equipped. rather hokey. I used cardboard behind the holes do give the JB Weld support so it wouldn't just run through the holes. In the picture you can see after grinding.htm (1 of 2) [4/10/2004 11:38:15 PM] . You will need a new gasket. Once the nipples are cut off. thus helping in performance. but is well worth it. unscrew the IAC motor and remove all of the IAC/coolant housing bolts and remove the housing. any vacuum lines. and then the four mounting bolts. This does require a little more work. Then fill the voids with JB Weld or equivilant. Here is a way to bypass it and make it look good. While this is effective. The first step is to remove the Throttle Body from the Plenum. http://www. well. a second application was applied so that there was excess. This will require disconnectiong the TP sensor. After the first application was allowed to dry. you will need to grind off the two nipples flush with the housing. wich can be purchesed from GM in a kit. it looks.The "Ultimate" TB Coolant Bypass The "Ultimate" TB Coolant Bypass Many people have bypassed the coolant passage in the Throttle body to help keep the air charge cooler. throttle cable. Once removed. some final fileing may be needed to ensure totall Once off. The normal way to do this is to unhook both hoses from the Throttle Body and connect them together with a piece of pipe. IAC motor.

Then it was final sanded. you can usually find a pre-bent hose that will work. [TECH INDEX] [HOME] http://www. I used Black engine enamal to help with the high temps. heater hose goes off. cleaned w/ paint prep (don't use anything real strong) and apply some coats of paint. you'd never know it was supposed to be there if I didn't tell you. Here are some pics of the final product: Top left: Front veiw showing the shaved nipple. the excess was filed down so that it was completely smooth across the surface. From above. it can be reinstalled. Screw the IAC motor back into the housing using the new gasket included in the kit. Doesn't even look like anything was ever there. Then reinstall the Throttle Body to the Plenum and reattach all the vacuum lines. If you go to the parts stores.htm (2 of 2) [4/10/2004 11:38:15 PM] .sethirdgen. completly away from the TB. I ran a new heater hose from the intake to the heater shutoff valve. Top right: Here is a side veiw if the other shaved Once the paint is dry. no nipples in sight. electrical connectors and throttle cables. Bolt the housing back up to the Throttle Body using the new gasket.The "Ultimate" TB Coolant Bypass The blue is where the nipples used to be. Left: Here is another shot. this can't even be seen. After the second application was allowed to cure overnight.

From the factory. than the plug has been removed.. [TECH INDEX] [HOME] http://www. the plug is probably in place. You probably set a code for having the IAC disconnected.Setting Minimum Air Setting Minimum Air Take a paper clip and insert the ends into the "A" and "B" pins of the You will need a #T-20 torx bit (tiny little momma) for this part. Reconnect the lead to the IAC and start the engine. If you can turn the screw. It may not be there. Turn on ignition but don't start car. there is a tamper proof plug in place.htm [4/10/2004 11:38:17 PM] . but who has got that kind of time?). or already be removed. It will need to be removed. Set the idle speed to 450rpm if it isn't already. The computer (ECM) will control the idle rpm once again. Start the engine. Written by: Mike Meyer aka "Lounge Lizard" for SETHIRDGEN. Just disconnect the negative lead on the battery for 30 seconds (book always says 5 min. Wait about 30 seconds. You will find the adjustment behind the throttle stop on the driver's side of the TB. Remove the paper clip.. then disconnect the lead running to the IAC.sethirdgen. If you can't find where to turn the screw. Once it is adjusted turn off the clear the error codes.

lets determine what method is right for you.htm (1 of 4) [4/10/2004 11:38:38 PM] . Now that we have found it. First. See picture below. I feel this is the BEST way. I cheated and used bolts from a hardware store so that I could make quick adjustments using a standard screwdriver. since it is reading what the computer sees.sethirdgen. It is located on the right side (from sitting behind the steering wheel) of the Throttle Body. You will need a very small Torx bit if you still use the factory bolts to retain the TPS to the Throttle Body. My personal preference is to use a Scantool. and there are really three methods of determining actual voltage.Untitled Udjusting your TPS (Tuned Port Injection) This is a very simple procedure. Just plug the Scantool into the ALDL connector and pull up the DATA list and look for TPS voltage. you need to locate the TPS if you don't already know where it is.

but both require a DMM (Digital Multi-Meter). Turn the key "ON" and note the reading. I use a paperclip in a bind.htm (2 of 4) [4/10/2004 11:38:38 PM] . You may have to wiggle it some and see if it goes in further for a good contact. The second Its the BLUE wire. not everybody has a Scantool. conductive apparatus. There are two other methods. Then simply hook the "positive" lead of the DMM to the paper clip and the "negative" lead to a good ground. You will need to carfully insert the unfolded paperclip into the connector. it seems to work well. or similar type of thin. is to use a thin paperclip. http://www. You will need to "tap" into the CENTER wire. Just slide it into the connector where the wire goes in at. Push it in untill it bottoms out.sethirdgen.Untitled Unfortunatly. and hook the negative lead to a good ground and note the reading. to cavity "A" of the connector. Unplug the TPS sensor. and install a jumper wire from cavity "A" (the top one) of the TPS.sethirdgen. instead. You will need three jumper wires.Untitled The last method still uses a DMM. install a jumper wire from cavity "B" (the center) of the TPS. http://www. but seems to be the most common among the "tech" articles that are out there. hood the positive lead of the DMM to it.htm (3 of 4) [4/10/2004 11:38:38 PM] . with both ends stripped off. but do not put it in the connector. Do the same for cavity "C" (the bottom one).

You can play around with it to get the best throttle response or track times. Once the initial reading is obtained.htm (4 of 4) [4/10/2004 11:38:38 PM] . the best part of having an adjustable TPS is you don't have to stick with factory settings.sethirdgen. Once it is obtained. you will need to round up the appropriate and re-check. if it is incorrect. +/.Untitled Hopefully. you have figured out which one will work best for you. Factory specs are: .54 Volts.. However. Do a few turns Wide Open Throttle and re-check. loosen the two mounting screws on the TPS and rotate it until the desired reading is obtained. tighten the screws down. [HOME] [TECH INDEX] http://www. by now. Once you decide.

If you are going to remove the smog pump. suction/discharge A/C hose. Anytime you look up a procedure in a repair manual. It looks cluttered. and the studs and bolts for everything. if not all of it can be picked up at the boneyard. power steering pump. the belts tend to squeal. you will also need to replace the metal fuel pipes that run in front of the engine. since you will be altering the alternator wires.Installing a Serpentine belt setup. crank pulley.sethirdgen. I used a Dayco 968K6. they tell you to disconnect the negative battery cable. well.htm (1 of 9) [4/10/2004 11:40:14 PM] .org/serpentine. They run from the fuel rail to the flex hoses (not shown) This is a glimpse of what the stock V-belt setup looks like. water pump (serpentine pumps spin backwards). If you have '85-'87 TPI. A/C compressor. or other sources of used parts. pump pulley. you will need to reroute the belt differently. belt. You will need the left and right brackets. is difficult to work on (too many akward brackets). You can get this about anywhere that sells belts. Most of this. Replacing V-belts with Serpentine belt setup. for this one. http://www. causing you to need a different size belt. and so on. They are P/Ns: 10055875 & 10055874. you definatly want to do that. alternator. First you will need to acquire all of your parts. I will talk about belt routing later.

htm (2 of 9) [4/10/2004 11:40:14 PM] . http://www. you will need to have the A/C system sucked down by an A/C recovery machine. you can commence work. You will also need to drain your coolant. which means for most of you.Installing a Serpentine belt Once you disconnect the battery cable. Then remove the Air ducting going to the throttle body. taking it to a shop.sethirdgen.

Also remove the A/C lines from the back of the compressor. You will need to undo the fitting at the condensor and the accumulator. You need to finish removing the A/C lines.Installing a Serpentine belt setup. and will help "clean up" the engine bay once gone. take them all the way off and set them aside. ALWAYS use two wrenches to avoid twisting the line. http://www. Since the A/C sytem is sucked down. we can go ahead and remove the A/C compressor.sethirdgen. You will need to remove all the brackets and bolts that hold it in place. The V-belt suction/discharge line is bulky and rather (3 of 9) [4/10/2004 11:40:14 PM] . Don't just loosen them.

you can remove the power steering pump. Set these four bolts aside from the heap of V-belt crap. What you see in the picture is not what you will have.Installing a Serpentine belt setup. it is reccomended you break it free with a flare nut wrench. especially for the smog pump. and since you must reuse this line. If you have the '85-'87 TPI. The fitting on the back is a 16mm. Once the pump is gone. just remove the four bolts that hold it on.sethirdgen. these are custom lines to adapt a Y-body fuel rail to an F-body car.htm (4 of 9) [4/10/2004 11:40:14 PM] . Don't even bother removing the pully. Make sure you get the brackets off too. since you will need to reuse these on the new water pump. you will need to replace the metal fuel lines. Now we can remove the Alternator. Now is also an ideal time to remove the lower radiator hose. Next step is to remove the water pump. One thing to mention is the fuel lines.

The last step to freeing yourself from the V-belt nightmare is to remove the Crank pulley. if so. If the Torx bolts didn't get stripped out during removal. There are three 5/8" (16mm) bolts that bolt it to the balancer. and one crank bolt in the middle.Installing a Serpentine belt setup.htm (5 of 9) [4/10/2004 11:40:14 PM] . you will need to find a suitable alternative. There is one stud on the passanger side. While you are down there. you can reuse them. so that you have something to hold the bracket in place while you line other stuff up. put the new one on. Hopefully you got the bolts and studs with the brackets. Now is the time to start putting brackets on. since there are several different sizes. It is best to put the stud in http://www.sethirdgen.

and don't over tighten. After you get the bracket tightened down. http://www. This is good. Now is also a good time to install the new A/C suction/discharge line. Make sure it is good and tight.htm (6 of 9) [4/10/2004 11:40:14 PM] . PAG/POE oil is NOT good for A/C orings. Also. just don't round it off. There are two small studs for the drivers side USE ONLY mineral oil on the o-rings. It may be easier to get the line started. You can also hang the bracket without ever removing the powersteering pump.sethirdgen. then hang the bracket. hook your lines up.Installing a Serpentine belt setup. They are made of soft aluminum. It is reccomended that you use new O-rings. and don't forget to lubricate them with Mineral Oil (R-12 oil) even if you are using R-134. since it requires a special tool to do so. don't forget to double wrench them to tighten the fittings.

When you put the water pump on. http://www. down to the first stud on the exhaust. but we will worry about that later. The alternator can now be installed. and install them dry! NO RTV!!! You don't need it. since it is moved from the other side. The one I used runs from the back of the alternator. I reccomend liquid teflon which is available at most parts stores.sethirdgen. There should also be another bracket to support the back of the alternator. make sure you use sealant on the bolts. and it says so in the warranty! Make sure you install it. Your leads won't reach.htm (7 of 9) [4/10/2004 11:40:14 PM] . use new gaskets. Make sure you have it! Most alternator manufacturers warranties are void if this isn't used. Also. Then put the pulley on.Installing a Serpentine belt

org/serpentine. use the alternate routing shown below. 1988 Belt Routing 1989-1992 Belt Routing Smog Pump Delete Routing http://www.sethirdgen. The A/C compressor can be mounted and the lines hooked up. If you are not using the smog pump. use mineral oil. If you are using the smog pump.Installing a Serpentine belt setup. Make sure you use new O-rings on the compressor and remember. install that also and use the factory diagram to install the belt.htm (8 of 9) [4/10/2004 11:40:14 PM] .

sethirdgen.Installing a Serpentine belt setup. since with a partially discharged the alternator could try and pass 60+ Amps through it! Take care of any finishing touches. The wires for the compressor will need to be shortened (or you could just roll them up and tuck away) and the alternator wires will need to be lengthened. or under high load. You can now have your A/C system Evacuated (sucked to a vacuum) and recharged. Before and After [HOME] http://www.htm (9 of 9) [4/10/2004 11:40:14 PM] . top off the P/S fluid and coolant and doublecheck everything. Make sure you use suitable gauge wire to lenghten the battery lead to the alternator stud. You will now need to alter the wiring to accomodate the new location of the alternator and compressor.

siamesing. You want them to be the same size. Also notice the http://www. You will also need someting to operate the bits. You can use the gaskets to outline the ports so you know how much to take off. or both to your TPI base.Siamese/Port your TPI base. and if you go to far. like the porting bits. you won't be out a car till another can be found! You can also go ahead and get a new set of intake gaskets. You can see how much larger the gasket is compared to the manifold. I reccomend finding a spare.sethirdgen. Siamese and/or port your TPI Base If you are interested in porting. since you will need them to install the new intake. An electric drill or air powered tool will work. 1: cartridge rolls and a long shank 2: assorted grinding bits 3: cross buff kit. You will also need the TPI base. so that your car will not be down the entire time. Stock TPI bases are very restrictive. this if for you. or siamese and port it.htm (1 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:40:41 PM] .org/TPIbase. You can opt to just port it. You will need a few basics. and every little bit counts.

The only real instruction needed once you mark the gasket. This is where I remove most of my material. Now you will need to use the same porting bits to remove all the sharp edges and make everything a smooth transition. If you are going to siamese the intake. Once the socket will pass all the way through.htm (2 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:40:41 PM] . you will also need a large cutoff wheel. http://www. This can be discarded. is to grind grind grind! One point to mention is that the arrows on the left point out what seems to be the biggest restriction. Here is the "wall" that will be removed. casting bumps in the port. cut out the back so the piece can be removed. I used a socket that just barely fits in the port as a guage so that as I grind. Then with the dremel and small wheel. I can make sure the diameter remains consistant.sethirdgen.Siamese/Port your TPI base. I use the sanding cartirdges to smooth it out. and a dremel w/ a small cutoff Use the large wheel to cut two horizontal grooves to remove the wall that seperates paired runners.

Once you are done grinding. Obviously. This manifold is ready to be cleaned and installed. Since this is a dry manifold. and then you can use the Cross Buffs to make the whole port smooth as glass.sethirdgen. it is best to do the same on the cylinder head if it is removed. this isn't practicle. it is OK to make the ports real smooth. if the heads are still on the motor. but is a suggestion if the heads are off.Siamese/Port your TPI base. Since the ports on the head side were gasket matched to the lower intake gasket. On the left is a just started pair of ports. [HOME] http://www.htm (3 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:40:41 PM] . and on the right is a completed pair. use the sanding rolls to smooth it

Distributor must be shimmed about 1/4" higher due to the shortness of the LT1 intake.Swapping a LT1 intake into a 1st Gen Small Block Chevy John Millican's: Swapping a LT1 intake into a 1st Gen Small Block Chevy People told me it won't fit. I figured if it doesn't work out I'm only out $100. Found a rumor one person has done it but I couldn't get in touch with him. I bought a used LT1 intake off of e-bay for $100 including fuel rails. Problem #1. I decided to try myself. I took the gasket as a temple and drilled the new holes in the intake. everything was perfect except for some of the mounting holes. in case you haven't noticed there's no rear distributor on a LT1. What I did before I started was get a cheap $6 intake gasket from DAP and just laid it on the intake (already off the car). No problem.htm (1 of 2) [4/10/2004 11:40:48 PM] . there are several problems with the STOCK LT1 intake but the ports and coolant passages are not one of them. Not bad. still no. warning-this hole must be in perfect location. I had to drill the hole for it. Right? You say it's impossible? Won't bolt up? Well your right but ANYTHING is possible when cost is a factor. the 4 corner ones were good. I asked more no more http://www. Also must use the small HEI distributor with remote coil found on 1987-later. Problem #2. Here's some of the biggest issues you're going to run into and a quick explanation of what to do about it. I used a old TPI base and made an aluminum template utilizing the rear two mounting holes to locate the dist hole.sethirdgen.

About $40 if you supply the ends. Problem #4. Well. Available from Pep Boys. I will have to mod the remote thermostat housing for an additional it's for the computer temp info. I just drilled and tapped two 3/4" heater nipples vertically where the coolant would normally exit the head.sethirdgen. Problem #3.htm (2 of 2) [4/10/2004 11:40:48 PM] . I will run 3/4" heater hose to a remote thermostat housing I found on-line. the was a temp sensor in the front of the TPI intake base.Swapping a LT1 intake into a 1st Gen Small Block Chevy problem. must have custom fuel lines made to attach to the fuel rail of the LT1. It will use the same outlet neck and return to the radiator as it should. Now for the detailed explanations Acquiring the parts Modifying for the distributor Modifying the bolt pattern Modifying the coolant route Modifying the fuel lines Minor mods Final pictures [Millican's Home Page] [SETHIRDGEN] [Tech Index] http://www. Problem #5. No front coolant passages to return to the radiator. it will be mounted on the fender well.

sethirdgen. but any "hot" wire in RUN only will work. First. I perfer to use AC Delco parts. a self-heated sensor can be installed. The reason for this article is to explain how to properly wire it up.htm (1 of 2) [4/10/2004 11:40:55 PM] . and the other must go to a 12V switched ignition source (Power w/ the key in the "RUN" position). just a 7/8" wrench. To combat this. and also provide shorter times to closed loop operation. which in turn can affect Oxygen Sensor performance. sensor socket. Once must go to a good clean ground.34 You will notice the sensor has two white wires and one black. The part numbers for these two items are: 3-wire Heated Oxygen Sensor: 25176708 GM List: $109. polarity does not matter. since it doesn't take a brain surgeon. to ensure proper operation regardless of exhaust temp. Headers tend to cool the exhast gasses down. Many people tap into the MAF power wires if you have a MAF sensor. it is reccomended that you purchase the "pigtail" or connector w/ leads. It can't be HOT all the time.00 3-wire Weatherpack Connector: 12126012 GM List: $29. or you will drain your http://www. you will need the parts. The quality is unsurpassed. so that the sensor can easily be plugged and unplugged as needed. Also to ensure proper installation. either on the body or the engine block. or crowsfoot and some of your time.ORG-- Installing a 3-wire Heated Oxygen Sensor This is primarily advisable if you have headers. The white wires can be interchanged.Installing a 3-wire Heated Oxygen Sensor --SETHIRDGEN. and easy replacement in the future. I will spare you the details on actually installing the

ORG-- battery. This is the signal wire to the ECM. Here is a schematic: http://www.sethirdgen. The black wire goes to the stock PURPLE wire that originally went to your one-wire Oxygen (2 of 2) [4/10/2004 11:40:55 PM] .Installing a 3-wire Heated Oxygen Sensor --SETHIRDGEN.

I run dual cooling fans. even if working properly. the bracket was used on early model Caprices and Cadillac Eldorados to upgrade to a 120 Amp alternator.CS-144 Conversion for your thirdgen Upgrading your charging system to a CS-144 If your thirdgen is like anybody elses. http://www. I run the A/C. but it is yet to be proven. but when I find out. These parts can be obtained from any GM dealer or any online source that sells GM parts. It was often "rumored" that B4C thirdgen "cop cars" had a CS-144 alternator from the factory. both wired to come on together. and with head lights on and wipers.sethirdgen. but actually. I'll update. the alternator is ready to fry. One way to correct this is to install a CS-144. I don't remember the sizes I used. was 105 Amp. is hardly sufficient to power all of today's most popular accessories. First thing you will need to do is aquire the parts.htm (1 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:41:26 PM] . 140 Amp alternator. These are large The largest you can find in any parts catalog for these cars. you've probably noticed that the little 105 Amp. You will also need some hardware (bolts and nuts) to fit the alternator to the bracket. Here are the part numbers: Bracket: 10118722 Alternator: 10463338 It was beleived that the alternator and bracket were from the "B4C" Camaros. and amplifier. even at the dealer.

I was using a 968K6 belt. I had to move up a size to a 987K6 belt (2510mm). I have yet to find a suitable substitute. Unfortunatly. some modifications are required. so some grinding must be done for it to sit in the bracket. Next. Set the alternator inside the bracket and use your new hardware to mount it to the bracket. Then remove your alternator. go ahead and remove the Negative Battery Cable. but after the alternator swap. Go ahead and hook up your plug (yes the original plug works!) and your charging you will install the bracket just like you would an alternator using the same holes and bolts. Also comes the matter of a belt.htm (2 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:41:26 PM] . so you won't see it when your done. Its better to remove some from the casing. but if and when I do. I do not have the smog pump. If you are still using a stock setup (smog pump) you'll just have to try some larger sizes and see what works. You only need to remove maybe a 1/16 of an inch. Once its ready to instal. then it is to remove from the support.sethirdgen.CS-144 Conversion for your thirdgen Since these two parts were never designed to go together. You'll have to test fit untill both bolt holes line up. I'll update. The casing on the mammoth CS144 is to big for the support bracket. so my accessories are routed a little differently. Go ahead and tighten them down. http://www. you will not be able to use the old support on the rear of the alternator. This is actually the bottom of the alternator.

one to the alternator and the stock one down to the starter. but my setup is not stock.sethirdgen. [Tech Index] [Home] http://www. This is one thing you don't want to skimp on! I just purchased a new GM battery cable (I picked through several to find the size I needed).org/cs144.htm (3 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:41:26 PM] . I'd post the P/N.CS-144 Conversion for your thirdgen Here is the front and side view of it installed. I noticed after the swap that the original charging wire was way to small and it got very hot. Its much larger. so it may not work for you. but it still clears the valvecovers and there is still plenty of room to shut the hood. I also purchased a long battery bolt and spacer so that I could run dual cables.

A little word of advise when replacing the pins/bushings: http://www.Fix a sagging door on your 1982-1992 Camaro or Firebird Fixing a sagging door This is a very common problem. This is a new pin and bushing installed. I did the pin first. Replacing the pin and bushing requires a little patience. In case you can't see it in the picture on the right. Be careful. Then remove the spring between the door and body. There will be enough slack in the door wiring harness (if applicable) to move the door far enough out to knock out the bushing. You will then need to re-install the spring. Hopefully this will provide some relief. Its very inexpensive and will be a relief when it comes time to install the spring. You can get the proper tool to remove the spring from places like Harbor Freight (1 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:43:13 PM] . There are two reasons why a door sags. All you have to do is raise and lower the door. This will reduce the likelihood of the paint chipping when removing/installing the door. but there is no bushing. First step is to put masking tape on the forward edge of the door and the rear edge of the fender. this is a worn out hinge pin. but my top hole on the bottom hinge was also worn out. there is too much going on to try and balance the heavy door end on a floor jack. You can't see from this picture. and each instance needs a different repair.sethirdgen. or vice versa. this spring packs a mean punch. I would highly recommend having a friend help you. You can try and tap out the pin and then unbolt the upper hinge. I simply drilled the hole out oversize and tapped a bushing in there also. and you will see all the slop in the pin and bushing. especially on 3rd Generation F-bods since the newest one is still eight years old. and go up to eighteen! So having a sagging door is nothing new to many owners. This obviously needs replaced.

Also note that the bushings are BRITTLE and if not installed carefully will crack and break. this one in particular was from MAC Tools (PN: DHA7554) and retails for $55. The socket will allow the top of the bushing protrude out of the hinge and the wood stirrer will prevent damage to the soft bushing.htm (2 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:43:13 PM] .95. you must install the new one the same way. http://www. but it may be difficult to get something on the end of the pin to tap on.Fix a sagging door on your 1982-1992 Camaro or Firebird The pins simply tap out. You must orient the bushings properly. To install like pictured above. then just reverse the procedure (socket at the bottom of the hole. They are available from a variety of places. If the bushing installs from the top-down. You need to use the channel locks to press the bushing into place. and tap on the vice grips to move the If the old ones installed from the bottom-up like pictured. Set-up is a snap and even easier to use. stirrer and bushing on top of the hole). You can also take vice grips and clamp unto the center of the pin. This is simply due to gravity pulling on the heavy doors. but the door still sags. The tools you will need is pictured on the right. I would place a socket larger than the bushing on top of the hole. then use a wooden paint stirrer on the bottom of the bushing. The pins and bushings may be OK. The other "Cause/Correction" is simply a sagging hinge and you just need to bend it back. Channel locks work great for "squeezing" it all together.

htm (3 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:43:13 PM] . you will be surprised with the difference. if you wish to not purchase the tool. If it needs more. all you need to do is give a few short "tugs" upwards. http://www.sethirdgen.Fix a sagging door on your 1982-1992 Camaro or Firebird Once properly installed. Most body shops should have this tool. hook it back up and do some more. After the final fit is obtained. and probably any Give it a few tugs and then take it off and test fit it. This is a "trial and error" type deal.

the upper took most of the abuse. Other models and years will vary.Replacing your broken air This was done on a 1987 Pontiac Trans Am. I painted it black also. Then install it with the 10mm bolts. The new upper deflector comes from GM painted glossy gray for about $20. Then remove the remains. (Jack stands perfered). remember that there is an upper deflector and a lower deflector. When you order your new Air Dam from GM. and the upper is in four pieces. The upper deflector is held in place by several 10mm bolts. This car had more bailing wire than it did screws. from the factory. Simply raise the vehicle up and support it.sethirdgen. You will probably need both. so it all had to be cut apart.htm (1 of 2) [4/10/2004 11:43:25 PM] . Below is the abused lower deflector. even if you don't have a lift. Below. On this car. Remove these also. you can see that this one was held together with zip-ties and bailing wire. Since most of my car is black. Replacing your broken Air Dam This is a real easy procedure. it is held in place by several 7mm screws. To remove the lower deflector. http://www.

sethirdgen.htm (2 of 2) [4/10/2004 11:43:25 PM] .org/airdam. This came from GM already black.Replacing your broken air dam. and the rest of the body with the 7mm screws. Then simply screw the new lower deflector to the upper. and will set you back another $20. thats it! Now just remember not to pull up so close to those curbs! [TECH] [HOME] http://www. Start at the center and work your way out. Once all tightened down.

The first stage is to buff out the wetsanding scratches. however it should be smooth. then you'll need to "wetsand" it to blend it in with the surrounding paint. as well as "orange peel" can be "finessed" out. to avoid removing excessive clearcoat. I like to use a foam Meguires pad and some 3M Machine polish compound. most clearcoats can be 3-5 mils thick. This is a W-8000 pad which is just right for working on wetsanded paint. The foam pads are great because they absorb some water. depending on severity. One thing to look for when selecting a buffing compound is that it contains no WAX and no SILICONE.sethirdgen.Paint Finessing Paint "Finessing" This is an all too typical "scuff" on some clearcoat. do only what is needed. Remember. Most scratches and scuffs. I stay away from Wool Bonnets because they are very aggressive and can leave severe swirl marks and are more likely to "burn through" the paint. or working on freshly painted surface. It appears to be from something being drug across the paint. If you are working in a painting environment. they are flexible.htm (1 of 2) [4/10/2004 11:43:48 PM] . and a typical "finesse" job can remove . and the end can be used as a squeegee like shown in the picture so you can gauge your these are two things to avoid! 3M Machine Polish contains neither. http://www. However. it may just need to be buffed out.0 mils of clear If the scratch is very light.51. The final product should be a dull chalky appearance. I prefer to use 2000 grit "wet-ordry" sand paper on a foam sanding pad. if its deeper. You need to tread lightly.

You should see good results in just a few passes.sethirdgen. I like to use 3M Swirl Mark Remover and a Meguires W-9000 foam pad. The pads should be dedicated for the polish you are using. You just need to experiment and see what works best for you. soft terry cloth towel. and some recommend between 2 and 10 o'clock. If this is a freshly painted panel. Some people recommend most of the work be done between the 3 and 9 o'clock positions on the pad. Don't forget to get all the excess out of the cracks and seams! And here is the final product! You'd never even know there was a scratch there! http://www.htm (2 of 2) [4/10/2004 11:43:48 PM] . The next step is to clean up whatever the buffing stage may have done (i. I like to finish it off and protect it with a good quality wax.Paint Finessing Put some of the polishing compound on and begin to buff it out. Once the wax dries. You'll apply this just like the previous stage. then simply clean off the excess compound with a soft. I used a polisher from Harbor Freight tools. slight swirl marks) and to give it a finer gloss. clean terry cloth towel and you are done. It has variable speed which I set at 1500 RPM and one great feature is that it comes with a Velcro backing which will let you use the Meguires pads. it can be polished off using a polishing cloth or a clean. If this is an old panel.e. Its softer than the W-8000 pad we used in the previous step. Keep the pads and the polishing compounds I favor the 2 & 10 position. Don't use the soft pad with the polish and don't use the aggressive pad with the Swirl Mark remover.

get it centered. its easy to put it exactly back where it was withough having to recenter it. and turn the threaded portions on each end (if it has them) to get it the right length. use some masking tape to mark the location of the Installing a Strut Tower Brace First you need to size up the brace. Once its centered.SETHIRDGEN. http://www. that way if something moves.Installing a Strut Tower Brace .htm (1 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:44:25 PM] .sethirdgen. Lay it on the strut towers.

htm (2 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:44:25 PM] . then paint over the exposed metal. Make sure its level! http://www. you can tighten the jamb nuts on the bar so it doesn't turn.Installing a Strut Tower Brace .SETHIRDGEN. Bolt on the end and make sure it lined up w/ the masking tape.sethirdgen. drill them out. Once its all tight. then set the bar down on the ends and bolt it up. Install the other Scribe the holes.

ORG [Home] [Tech Index] http://www.htm (3 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:44:25 PM] a Strut Tower Brace .

Here are some parts that make up the Top Stack: A: Bow #1 B: Bow #2 C: Bow #3 D: Bow #4 E: Bow #5 F: Backlight Staypad http://www.Replacing a Convertible Top Replacing a Convertible Top Here is what the top on the car looked like. First lets go over the names of parts for the folding mechanism.sethirdgen. The entire folding mechanism is call the "Top Stack". It was a cheap vinyl top that was poorly (1 of 9) [4/10/2004 11:45:52 PM] .

Its glued to Bow #5. The only thing that holds the back of the top in place is cement.sethirdgen. They help retain the corners at the rear of the windows.htm (2 of 9) [4/10/2004 11:45:52 PM] . Once you peel the top off of Bow #5.Replacing a Convertible Top G: Quarter section headliner (front section removed) H: Rear Rail I: Top Retention Cable J: Side Staypad First you need to remove the two elastic straps that are screwed to the folding just be careful! http://www. you can peel the top off of Bow #5. they may not. remove the side rail weather strips. They may be glued in place. Once you remove the elastic straps.

Under the retainer. http://www. one on each side. Simply peel it back as well. You will find the retention cable threaded through the sides of the top and screwed to Bow #1. Now we need to remove the front of the Remove the large black trim piece (aka Garnish Molding) from around the latches and remove all the screws from the Top's edge retainer.Replacing a Convertible Top Now remove the three screws that holds the weather strip retainer in place and you can peel the top away from the side rail area.sethirdgen. the Top is glued to Bow #1.htm (3 of 9) [4/10/2004 11:45:52 PM] . Remove this screw.

there is an attachment to Bow #2. you will notice that the Top is attached to Bow #2. Use a small screwdriver and pry down on the long plastic clip. Remove the three screws that attach the rail to the Once you remove the headliner from Bow #2. It bolts to Bow #3 with several screws. Then. http://www.htm (4 of 9) [4/10/2004 11:45:52 PM] . To attach the top. Remove these screws and remove the front headliner from the car. The very front edge is glued to Bow #1. there is a "pocket" sewn to the top all the way across with a metal rail inside. pull the top away from the Bow and slide the rail out. which simply clips to the bow. then the rail it screwed to the Bow. Now you can remove the remainder of the Front Headliner. simply peel it back. you can start to remove the Front Headliner.sethirdgen.Replacing a Convertible Top With the top peeled back more.

I used a coat hanger that I straightened out and put a small hook on the end and pushed the hanger through the pocket. You will now need to thread the retention cables through the pocket on the new Top. You need to do this for Bow #3 and Bow #2. http://www. you'll have to stand the top up to screw the retaining bolt in. so once threaded.Replacing a Convertible Top With the Front Headliner removed. You should now be able to completely remove the top from the Frame. then dropped the rail down in the Bow and started the screws. pull back on the Rear Headliner and remove the three screws that holds the rail that attaches the Top to Bow #3 (just like whats used on Bow #2). hooked the cable it and pulled it Lay the new Top on the Frame assembly and center it. The cable may be to flexible to simply push it through. Pull the pocket out of the Bow and slide the metal rail of the of the pocket.htm (5 of 9) [4/10/2004 11:45:52 PM] . Now you need to feed the metal rails through the pockets of the new top. I used a sharp punch to line the holes up. The cable is spring loaded.

Smooth out any wrinkles and bubbles. Don't install the weather strip yet. Do not lower Bow #5 until the glue dries.sethirdgen. You now need to cement both sides of Bow #5 and attach the Press it firmly down and smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles. in case you need to make adjustments.Replacing a Convertible Top Take your cement and put a layer on the Side Rail of the folding assembly and on the Top.htm (6 of 9) [4/10/2004 11:45:52 PM] . You will need to trim some of the "flap" off and tuck it under the weatherstrip. Install the Weather Strip retainer to help secure the Top in place. The edge of the top (next to the rear of the window) should be at the corner of the rail. because the tension on the top will pull all of this out. http://www.

I just took some short self tapping screw. Double check to make sure the tip of the screw does not protrude out of the other side! I was able to trim it so that it sits flush. First. STOP or you will puncture the top. You want it some what snug and no I got it like I wanted and temporarily held in place with clothespins. and cut and filed the tips off. Now test fit the front edge of the Top. to help retain the top to Bow #5. This will help keep the sides from peeling away. Make sure the screw does not protrude past Bow #5 or it will puncture the Top.htm (7 of 9) [4/10/2004 11:45:52 PM] . Here is the screw installed. Its something you have to be VERY careful if you want to do. I then drilled through the "flap" of the Top at the seams and through Bow #5. http://www. You must drill VERY SLOWLY so that once you penetrate the metal. I made a set of screws that were very short and have no point.sethirdgen.Replacing a Convertible Top This next step is something I did.

http://www.sethirdgen. Put the retainer back in place with all the screws previously removed. Re-install the Garnish Molding that goes across the top and around the handles.htm (8 of 9) [4/10/2004 11:45:52 PM] . I lined the old holes in the headliner up with the trim holes in the bow so that I knew I had it back on I left the clothespins in place until the glue dried. You will also need to glue the edge of the headliner to the bottom of the Bow as seen here. You may want to shut the top and inspect from inside to make sure the liner is pulled tight evenly (no wrinkles between Bow #1 and #2).Replacing a Convertible Top Stand the top up and glue the edge to the #1 Bow.

Replacing a Convertible Top

Re-install the Rail Weather Strip. There is a "Tab" on both sides of the weather strip that must be tucked into its appropriate channel on both sides of the retainer. Double check the alignment and fit of all the seals and the rest of the top.

The only think left is to stand back and admire! (9 of 9) [4/10/2004 11:45:52 PM]


Adjusting the TV Cable: 4L60 (700R-4)

This is a very simple and misunderstood procedure. The transmission uses the TV Cable to adjust pressures according the throttle position. With the throttle at WOT, the TV Cable should be maxed out. To acheive this, follow this procedure: The absolute first step is to find the TV Cable adjusting mechanism. If you don't have a clue, it is on a bracket with a cable going to the throttle linkage. A TPI is shown, but the TBI and Carb are similar.

The next step is to push in on the "D" button on the adjuster mechanism. While pushing down on the button, you need to push in the cable retainer until it bottoms out. You may have to push very hard on the "D" button, it may be stiff. (1 of 2) [4/10/2004 11:46:05 PM]


Once the cable retainer is bottomed out, then you need to turn the throttle blades (by turning the throttle linkage) all the way. This may require some effort, since the TV Cable will need to ratchet out of the adjuster. Rotate the throttle all the way and the adjuster will "ratchet" out. Once you are sure the throttle is all the way, then no further adjustments are needed. DO NOT open the throttle from the gas pedal, this may cause inaccurate adjustments.

[HOME] [TECH INDEX] (2 of 2) [4/10/2004 11:46:05 PM]

Installing a Corvette Servo into your 700R-4

Tranny Upgrade Part I (Corvette Servo)

This seems to be one of the most popular tranny upgrades next to a shift kit, and usually done in conjunction with a shift kit. The Corvette's "YDM" transmission is unique to all other 4L60s (700R-4) in part to its very large 2nd Apply Piston. Take a look at the picture: This is the piston housing. The Corvette's is on the left, and the standard F body is on the right. There is actually a third size (not shown) that has an even larger piston size used for non-performance vehicles.

The other half to the servo is the piston. Once again, the YDM (Corvette) is on the left and the F-body on the right. Notice the substantial difference in size. The larger piston allows for more holding power. (1 of 4) [4/10/2004 11:47:28 PM]

Installing a Corvette Servo into your 700R-4

Installation is a snap, and some good news: 1) you won't have to lower the transmission, and 2) you only loose about a quart of fluid. First thing you need to do is raise the car up, either with jackstands or a lift, ramps, or whatever you have, just make sure it is safe. Then locate the servo cover (painted black in this picture). There is a snap-ring to hold it into place. I cheated and used the "special GM tool" to depress the cover to remove the ring, but a simple prybar against the transmission tunnel will work, then just pry out the ring, and remove the cover. (2 of 4) [4/10/2004 11:47:28 PM]

Installing a Corvette Servo into your 700R-4

The cover has a large O-ring around it and may make it difficult to remove, just make sure you purchase new seals, because this one will probably tear. When you order the servo, it will come with Teflon rings, but you will need the Cover O-ring, and the Housing O-ring. Once the cover is off, the trick is to disassemble the servo in the case. First remove the housing. Then remove the E-clip, washer and spring.

Cover and 4th (overdrive) Piston removed.

Cover, 4th Piston, E-clip, Washer, Spring, and Housing removed.

Once all of this is removed, you will probably need to employ the services of a friend. You will need to pry the transmission towards the drivers side (or away from the passenger side). You may need to take the nut off of the crossmember to allow more movement. You want to pry it over far enough so that the apply piston will clear the transmission tunnel with the servo attached. If you have to lower your trans to get it out, just make sure you remove your distributor cap so you don't risk breaking it. I didn't have to lower mine.

Once out, you will see that there is a "plate" inside the piston and is spring loaded. You will need to squeeze this together and remove the snap-ring. Once apart, the servo will separate from the pin/spring assembly. Simply install the new servo onto the pin, squeeze the assembly back together and install the snap-ring. Install the new seals and use ATF to lubricate the assembly. When you go to put the assembly back in the trans, look out for the spring still in the case. It may still be on the "nub" or it may have fallen. If you feel inside the case, you will see the hole for the pin is in a raised "nub" and the spring must rest around this nub. Then pry on he tranny again and install the assembly. Once in, push on the assembly, it should feel springy. If it does, its in right. (3 of 4) [4/10/2004 11:47:28 PM]

htm (4 of 4) [4/10/2004 11:47:28 PM] . RED). depress the cover into the case.sethirdgen.Installing a Corvette Servo into your 700R-4 On the left is the Piston. Install the Piston. Once all in place. Using the same method for removal. lower the car. install the cover (with new seal of course). The side you see goes in towards the transmission. Enjoy! Part Numbers: Piston: 8642079 Housing: 8673039 [TECH INDEX] [HOME] http://www. and install the snap-ring. Make sure you get a new seal (as shown. and check you fluid level and add as necessary. Re-install everything that was undone. and then the 4th Piston. This goes towards the outside of the transmission. On the right is the 4th Notice the nub on top.

Untitled Changing speedo gears (4L60/700-R4) This is a fairly simple procedure.73s. and simply pry it out. and light blue driven gear. to tell you the drive/driven gear tooth count.sethirdgen. and it will slide right out of the bushing. you need to determine what speedo gears you need. I replaced my speedo gears since I went from 2. wich would have resulted in about a 15 MPH error in the speedo. you will have to remove the Torque Arm and Driveshaft. This is a back view of the tranny with the T/A and Driveshaft removed. You will need to remove the "sleeve" if it has a speedo cable. Then the driveshaft bolts are 11mm to remove the two U-joint straps and remove the shaft. I can tell you that you need the gray drive gear. If you are putting in 3. and the "VSS" if it has an electric speedo. First. Part numbers: 25513052. 8642620 After you get the gears you need. This is a 10mm bolts. or they tell you what color you There are only two bolts holding the T/A on. There are many "gear calculators" out there.htm (1 of 4) [4/10/2004 11:47:52 PM] .73s to 3. http://www.73s and this is a large step.

org/vss. It should slip on and off easily. There is also a retaining clip to keep it from moving around on the shaft. It simply pulls off. Pull straight back so you don't scratch the driveshaft support bushing. http://www. There are four 15mm bolts that hold the tailhousing on. Once you remove the bolts.Untitled Here is my VSS with the old "red" gear installed.htm (2 of 4) [4/10/2004 11:47:52 PM] . On the right is the new Lt Blue gear. the tailhousing will pull right off. It is almost pressed on. Here is the "drive" gear. and slide the new gear on.sethirdgen.

"OH no. Remember. it is almost pressed on the shaft. so that you know what you are working with. and make sure the VSS hole is centered on the drive gear. You will need to press in on the end of the clip.Untitled You must be careful in removing the gear. When you go to put the drive gear on. because once the gear is installed. I used the same 32mm wrench to install the new gear. It has to be lined up perfectly. http://www. and I didn't see which hole the clip went into". it can not be rotated on the shaft. so you will need something to help you remove the gear. because you need to line the clip hole of the gear.sethirdgen. then install the tailhousing on the tranny. If you don't get the gear to clear the clip. and VERIFY the VSS hole is CENTERED on the drive gear. Like said earlier. you will damage the clip. I know what you will think when you tap the gear off and the clip goes flying.htm (3 of 4) [4/10/2004 11:47:52 PM] . install the clip in the hole towards the FRONT of the car. as you move the gear off the shaft. put the clip in the foward hole. I use a 32mm wrench to "tap" it off the shaft. to the hole in the output shaft. there are TWO holes in the output shaft. so you don't damage the clip. Here is a close-up of the clip. It can be tricky.

sethirdgen. Once installed.htm (4 of 4) [4/10/2004 11:47:52 PM] .org/vss. Its real easy now. You may need to turn the output shaft to get the two speedo gears to mesh. now is the perfect time to replace it. and thats it. since you don't have the output shaft in the way. and tailhousing square-cut seal (shown here) when you order the gears. Re-install the T/A and driveshaft.Untitled If you had a leaking output shaft seal like I did. Once this is done. you will need to hook the electrical connector back up (or put the speedo cable back on). [HOME] http://www. re-install the tailhousing. Put the VSS (or sleeve) back in the tailhousing. You will need to order the seal.

remove the four bolts holding the shifter to the tranny. Remove the top bolt of the Torque Arm mount and remove the outer half of the mount. the 700R-4. you can lower the tranny and let it hang (the engine mounts will support it). You will need to tap the roll pin straight down enough for the shift shaft to move freely. Remove the driveshaft. The first step is to remove the center console. With the transmission in Nuetral (and parking brake on). There are only two bolts holding it on at this point. Once this is done.sethirdgen. Now is also a great time to replace your mount if it is shot or upgrade. Release the parking brake (the wheels need to be able to turn). just make sure it moves independantly of the shift shaft. you will now need to remove the roll pin in the "offset shift lever". then can easily fall off and the needle bearings may fall out. remove the crossmember bolts starting w/ the tranny mount nut (1) then the four bolts (2-5).org/t5speedo. but its still something that can be done in the driveway by average DIYers.htm (1 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:48:10 PM] . the shifter removed. Don't try to remove it. Now raise and support the vehicle. Then remove the rubber shifter boot bolted to the transmission tunnel. be very careful of the U-joint endcaps. This will allow you to move the Torque Arm towards the drivers side and up against the body. replacing the speedometer drive gear in a T-5 tranny is much harder than its counterpart.T-5 Speedo Gear Swap Replacing Speedo Gears on a T-5 Manual Transmission Yes. With a jack under the tranny. WithWith http://www. w/ common handtools.

let the fluid drain out. and the gear is retained by a metal clip. You will have to tap the new gear on also. The gear is fragile. You will also have to be very carefull in lining up the gear w/ the clip. Be very carefull once you remove the extension housing. You will need to push down on the retaining tap while you gently tap the gear off. and has been known to shatter if handled to roughly. Then reach on top of the housing and grap the offset shift lever (the item we tapped the roll pin out of earlier) and guide it off the shift shaft as you slide the extension housing off the output shaft/shift shaft. and should now be swapped out if needed. Removing the gear. both w/ nuts on the other side. Once you break the seal. you will have to remove the gear and try again. This vehicle had a large vibration dampner on the end of it. one welded to the bracket. Make sure you have a large catch pan. so it had to come off. and you may not. You can now start to remove the plastic speedo drive gear. http://www. If it isn't lined up. Two words of caution.htm (2 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:48:10 PM] . The driven gear (located on the VSS sender or cable housing) can easily be accessed now. Once you have the tranny lowered. Place the clip in the hole and tap on gear over the clip. I use a 30mm open ended wrench against the gear. you will loose about 3-4 quarts. Getting the new gear on can be a challenge. you can break the seal loose by tapping on the end of the extenion housing. you can remove the 8 bolts holding the extension housing to the The bracket is not removable untill the tranny is lowered away from the body. you found out how tight of a fit it is. Make sure it locks in on teh gear (like it was when you removed it). then tap on the wrench to remove the gear.sethirdgen.T-5 Speedo Gear Swap You may need to remove the remainder of the Torque Arm mount. There are two long bolts holding it on. The offset shift lever has a spring loaded ball in it and you don't want to lose them or the roll pin that you tapped out. Once you remove the 8 bolts.

Reinstall the remaining removed components (Torque Arm mount. it to pour the fluid into the top of the extension housing since the shift lever is out. Then reistall the fill plug. and the upper being the fill). and can easily have fallen off during dissasembly. and you can't overfill because once it gets to the proper level. crossmember.htm (3 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:48:10 PM] . wich is Anerobic Sealer. You will need to align the hole in the shift shaft w/ the hole in the offset shift lever so the rollpin can be re-installed. the lower being the drain. Once you slide the extension housing over the shafts. and enjoy! http://www.T-5 Speedo Gear Swap Now that you are ready for re-assembly. you can now put the extension housing back on. along w/ the center console. With that said. Make a quick double check that everything is tight and there are no extra parts. Tap in the rollpin and reintall the shift lever and shifter boot. the remaining will flow out the fill Use it just like RTV and spread it evenly over the mating surface. My secret to filling this back up easily. you are correct. make absolutely sure the bearing and plastic funnel are still on the 5th gear (overdrive) assembly. It has a drainback hole. you will need to reach back on top of the housing and guide the offset shift lever back on the shift shaft. These are very important if not in place. You should use the reccomended sealant.sethirdgen. remove the fill plug on the side of the tranny (there are two plugs. Once you get under the car all back together. If you noticed that there was no gasket or O-ring. This is tricky because you need to make sure the spring and ball are installed into the offset shift lever and that they didn't fall out. You may need to crawl up inside the car halfway through installation to make sure its going together properly. Install the 8 housing bolts. Torque Arm and driveshaft).

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ORG Southeastern Thirdgen F-body http://www.SETHIRDGEN.htm (3 of 3) [4/10/2004 11:48:18 PM]

Moving the cable housing to the rear raises the pressure. not dark brown or black. The 700R4 didn’t come in a one ton truck. you’re at the wrong shop. This means don’t get a price plus hard parts. Smell the fluid to see if it smells like oil or has a burnt smell. The cable must be hooked up and adjusted correctly at all times. They know about what the parts will cost. The cost may be higher in your area. when towing a trailer. the cable must be fully pulled out at the exact same time. This is how to make the adjustment on the cable.. When you have a problem with your transmission always check the fluid level and condition first. Place the transmission in drive position. if you adjust the pressure too low you could burn the clutches. Never try to save money by reusing a torque converter that is full of debris from a failed transmission. This 700R4 converter also has a clutch in it that could be bad. smells burnt or has a large amount of debris in it.000 mile warranty. Be careful. This transmission has been in use since 1982. rebuilt and new hard parts available at low prices. Get the price before the transmission is removed from the car or truck. The money saved will be eaten up in higher gas cost in no time. The only part of this transmission that is electronic is the torque converter lockup. because the 350 transmission isn’t any stronger and you will only save about $100. The cost of a rebuilt 700R4 transmission and torque converter installed in a car or two-wheel drive truck at our shop is $880. know how much the job should cost and how to have the problem corrected. Never install a V-6 transmission with fewer clutches on a V-8 motor. When you step on the gas pedal the throttle valve cable turns the transmission pressure up. If you need a one ton get one. This will overheat the transmission on a long trip. because you can get better results by installing a larger Corvette servo or even a http://www. You can get up to 40% better gas mileage with an overdrive. the transmission won’t work correctly or last vary long. This means there are plenty of used. you’ve got a problem. because of a design change made in late 1984. There is no need for a shift kit in this unit.00 as of October 2003. With the throttle wide open. There is no need to replace a 700R4 with a 350 transmission. Always install a new torque converter when the transmission is rebuilt. When you have your 700R4 transmission rebuilt it’s always better to get your original transmission back. Remember the parts aren’t high on this transmission. You will still have all four speeds with the wires unplugged. This comes with a 6 month or 6. Look in the oil pan for trash (debris) from a clutch or metal part failure. Look to see if the throttle valve cable (passing gear cable) is connected to the carburetor or throttle body in the case of fuel injection.transmissioncenter. If you get the wrong 700R4 in your car or truck. If you have a 1982-83-84 car or truck never drive it with the wires on the side of the transmission unplugged. Don’t tow a trailer that is too heavy for your car or truck.00 on the swap. The adjustment is made at the bracket. This information could save you hundreds even a thousand dollars or more. If they can’t give you a price up front. Never allow a repair shop to give you a price on this transmission that isn’t a guaranteed price. A very small amount of debris could be normal. not overdrive position (on a stock 700R4).700R4 700R4 700R4 adjustments 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700r4 700r4 700r4 700r4 700r4 700r4 700r4 700r4 700r4 700r4 700r4 700r4 700r4 700r4 700r4 700r4 700r4 700R4 / 4L60 – Transmission FREE "Advisory Tip Sheet" This information is provided for the non-transmission mechanic to help them identify the problem.htm (1 of 17) [4/11/2004 12:30:04 AM] . The fluid should be red. A stock transmission will only tow a light trailer and last. You must push a button in or pull a button out to move the cable housing forward or rearward. Also your gas mileage will drop. On a 1985 or later it is O K to have the wires unplugged. Because the 700R4 comes in everything from the S-10 pickup to the much larger Suburban. because this controls the pressure.00 to $150. If the fluid is black. The transmission will have to be removed and because it isn’t strong enough for a one ton in stock form. The calibrations are different for each type car or truck.

This 700r4 has 7 Blue Plate Special clutches in the 3-4 clutch drum. spark plug wires.00 plus tax. this doesn’t always mean you have a problem. This should cost about $360. The governor is a speed sensor. torque converter and rebuild the pump all at the same time to correct this front seal leak. We charge $100. If your transmission shifts at too low a R. If you have a 1982. when the throttle is to the floor. This could cost $50. and hit the gas pedal on and off hard with your foot. fuel filter.000 miles is high mileage. This is a preventive measure. Some problems that can be mistaken as a transmission problem are motor mounts. it is most likely caused by debris in the fluid from a part failure. if it sticks the transmission won’t shift or takes off in 2nd gear.H. Also included in the price is a heavy-duty stall converter with furnace brazed fins for added strength. servo. Change your fluid and filter about every 20. it will only leak or blow off again. pull the cable in and out very fast. As a general rule the better the warranty.000 RPM's at 70 miles per hour.000 mile warranty on a 700R4 transmission. If a shop rebuilds and installs your transmission. You can also install extra 3-4 clutches and a larger pressure valve at a small charge when rebuilding the unit. with the motor at idle in park. This will turn your seals to mush over a period of time. Most shops have a local warranty. If you have a sudden large loss of fluid on a 700R4. unless both rear end ratios are changed to allow for the larger tire size. The wires don’t have to be hooked up on a 1985 up transmission. It will give a firmer 1-2 and 2-3 shift. the higher the price. look to see if the governor cap has come off. You will pay alot more for a national warranty. U-joints and others. All of our high performance 700R4 transmissions come with a 13 vane high performance pump and "The Beast" reaction shell. If you have a problem with the front seal. If you don’t have a lot of experience installing transmissions. if you develop a problem have it rebuilt. don’t buy the transmission from a re-builder and install it yourself. You should be turning at least 2. because when they get old it will rattle when the torque converter locks up. The case has a hole for the clip but they don’t come with a clip from the factory. If this happens in a newly rebuilt transmission this could be caused from old debris coming from the fluid cooler. The 700R4 transmission will not last in a 4-wheel drive truck that has oversize tires. 1983 or early 1984 transmission (27 spline input shaft) it can be replaced by a 1988 up transmission for a better feel. If your transmission doesn’t shift out of first gear or shifts hard at too high a R. This might do the job. If you do the job.H. Never use a transmission additive that says it will stop leaks. This servo gives a firmer 3-4 shift.transmissioncenter. don’t try to do a patch job. This torque converter can http://www.00 extra for a 12 month 12. On 1982. It also has a high performance overdrive servo with 50% more holding power than the stock overdrive servo.P. We can build you a high performance 700R4 transmission (700 Raptor) with all of the updates. If your transmission doesn’t shift out of first gear look and see if the governor gear is stripped. One extra clutch is added to reverse. Our 700R4 come with the Mega Valve for higher pressure and firmer shifts and a oversize low / reverse boost valve.htm (2 of 17) [4/11/2004 12:30:04 AM] . at wide open throttle this can be raised by installing lighter governor springs. not a fix for a problem. this might work.P.M. As a general rule the 1-2 shift should happen at 40 to 45 M. If this happens in an older transmission. it’s your problem if the transmission is defective. they will only charge you one installation fee. you may still have the same problem. catalytic converter. This works well on the early S-10 Blazer. Never rebuild your transmission without an expert diagnosis first. Use a governor clip from a 350 transmission.00 to $100.M. Also there are oversize overdrive servos on the market. This sometimes happens after a rebuild. fan This can happen when someone left the safety clip off of the governor cap.700R4 700R4 700R4 adjustments 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 high performance servo. installing a new seal is a waste of time and money. meaning they do their own warranty work. If that doesn’t work remove the throttle valve cable end from the throttle. You must install a new seal.00 parts & labor for this H. P.P. When it’s done. regardless of how many times they have to take it back out. This transmission comes with a high performance intermediate servo that has far more holding power than a Corvette servo.P.00. This could be a stuck throttle valve caused by a small piece of trash.000 miles. Over 100. If your 700R4 transmission has high mileage. Sometimes the throttle valve can be unstuck without removing the valve body. Get up to about 20 to 30 M. We charge $105. 1983 and early 1984 transmissions the transmission will burn up if the torque converter doesn't lock-up. if not the valve body must be removed by a transmission shop to be unstuck.

33% of the throttle lever total travel must be to the rear of the throttle shaft centerline.transmissioncenter. This will be about ½inch to the rear and 1 inch to the front of the throttle shaft centerline. #6. The shift timing is controlled by the governor springs. http://www. 2600 and 2800 RPM. install lighter springs. The throttle valve cable must be hooked up in this manner so the pressure will rise faster off idle and slow down at heavy I pull a 5500 pound trailer in overdrive all the time.htm for free freight deals.htm (3 of 17) [4/11/2004 12:30:04 AM] .net/highperflist. hold the throttle wide open with your left hand. Overall this is the best 700R4 on the market at the best price. Looking at the throttle shaft lever from the left side at idle position. free cooler offers and free deep pan offers. 2000. 4L60 and 200-4R transmissions. For lower shift points at wide-open throttle.00 to $150. 5 and 6. This 700R4 transmission can be shipped to you anywhere for the sum of $1695. #2. Update your ride to the best 700R4 overdrive on the market. And at wide-open throttle.00 in most cases. install stronger springs.transmissioncenter. #1. Throttle valve cable adjustment instructions. #5. The cable must be adjusted so it is pulled fully out at wide-open throttle. Do not attempt to adjust the shift timing with the throttle valve cable. To make sure disconnect the cable. 67% to the front of the throttle shaft centerline. The button that the cable hooks to at the carburetor or throttle body must have a 1 and 3/32-inch radius from the center of the throttle shaft to the center of the button the cable hooks to. 4L60 or 200-4R transmission. Adjusting this cable is the most important step when installing a 700R4. special Transgo separator plate if needed. See www. For higher shift points at wide-open throttle. numbers 4. free t-shirts offers. The throttle valve cable controls transmission pressure. If the pressure cable is pulled in a more even manner the pressure will be too low at light throttle. Failure to hook-up the throttle cable in this way will burn the three-four clutch pack up fast. The final step is to adjust the throttle valve cable. This price includes the core charge. #4. heavy-duty 29 element sprag and roller clutch. Testimonials Toll Free 1-888-8771008 Performance Automotive and Transmission Center SUBJECT: Proper installation of the throttle valve cable on after-market carburetors or fuel injections.700R4 700R4 700R4 adjustments 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 be ordered with stall speeds of 1800. Raybestos Pro Series Kevlar 2 / 4 band.00. Also included in this package deal is a throttle valve cable. special governor springs. You don’t need a trade-in. dipstick and tube and an automatic converter lock-up switch. The cable should also be pulled out 3/8 to 1/2 of an inch at idle. extra wide sun gear bushing. This information applies to all 700R4. pull the cable fully out with your right hand and see if the cable end lines up with the button on the throttle lever. The freight charge is $110. Some of the other features are a 30 spline input shaft. #3. I have one in my one ton Suburban with 463 cubic inches and 455 foot pounds of torque. 2300.

Once it makes the first 3-4 shift.700R4 700R4 700R4 adjustments 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 #7. Many types of noise are transmission (4 of 17) [4/11/2004 12:30:04 AM] . A stuck valve. trash in the fluid or an air pocket. usually causes this. Run the speedometer as high as 100 miles per hour. it may not make the 3-4 shift when first installed. place the transmission in overdrive position. #9. to say the least. You can get a cable button off of a junk GM vehicle and weld it to your throttle valve lever. you must install an adapter on the carburetor linkage for the transmission to work correctly. work the shift lever back and forth between drive and overdrive until the 3-4 shift works correctly. Raise the rear wheels off the ground. If you have a Holley or Edelbrock carburetor. Published in Transmission Digest. pop the throttle on and off and see if you can force a 34 shift. May 2001 Diagnosing a noise can be a real challenge. We sell a cable correction kit for Holley and Edelbrock carburetors. Sometimes it's nothing more than a normal noise that sounds louder because of bad mounts or because part of the transmission is touching the frame or underbody of the car. One reason is that what creates a noise does not always look damaged. http://www. Sometimes on a newly rebuilt 700R4 or 200-4R transmission.transmissioncenter. #8.

If the noise is there only in gear with the drive wheels stationary and goes away in neutral. This sounds easy enough but is often overlooked. A restricted filter can also cause pump noises. and then examine what this change did to affect the noise. http://www. The direct drum of an AOD is always turning while the engine is running. the only suspect is the pump (or some other hydraulic component such as the pressure-regulator valve). a converter noise will go away in those ranges. When the transmission is in gear and the drive wheels are stationary. you can rule out the torque converter. They change when pressure changes. The test here is to vary line pressure by changing the vacuum at the modulator. The best way to check this is with a pressure gauge. If this were an AXOD. The planetary are not rotating relative to each other while the transmission is in third gear. Also.. If the noise varies with a change in pressure. Because of this the torque converter can be ruled out. suspect the torque converter. Torque converter noises are easy to isolate. a torque converter noise can be easily confused with the noise made by one of the direct drum bearings. Here is where it gets tricky. Remember. it must be from a component that is connected to the turbine shaft. Next. First of all. turbine and stator) turns while the transmission is in park and neutral.. This rules out the entire gear train. Pump noises are simple. its time to look at the pump (including the pump drive shaft). The trick is to find a way to make the noise change. If the noise is not coming from a planet and changes pitch as the transmission shifts. The noise goes away when the transmission is in gear.. Since the entire converter (pump. final drives or even something like a valve buzz that can cause you to want to tear your hair out. There is an exception with the AOD transmission. With a 4L60-E. The following is a list of components that commonly make noise. for example. There are several rules that will help isolate the component that is causing the Now. a 4T60-E has a noise in neutral while stationary. This is where it is important to remember the first rule: A component cannot make a noise if it is not moving. Since third gear has a 1:1 ratio. it is still there. Tip: A torque converter noise will get quieter as the drive wheels begin rolling slowly from a stop. This is when the bearing between the turbine and main housing of the converter is working. For this reason. in effect. the needle will vibrate when the demand for pressure increases. Putting the transmission in gear stops the entire gear train from turning. The trick here is to remember that when two components are rotating in the same direction at the same speed. Since the pump is producing the same pressure in neutral as it is in gear. Right away. pulling the TV cable would do the trick. Planetary and bearings. This means that if the noise is caused by either planet. the turbine in the torque converter doesn't spin. two components that are rotating at the same speed in the same direction are considered not moving relative to each other. because a final drive makes noise only when the vehicle is moving. and simple methods of diagnosing them: Pumps. the noise did not go away in third gear. or stop. a 4T60-E that has a noise whether it is in or out of gear. planets. Further diagnosis requires an intimate knowledge of the unit being tested. all other components have been eliminated. Torque Converters. although the noise is quieter in third gear.transmissioncenter.700R4 700R4 700R4 adjustments 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 Then there are actual components like pumps. a component cannot make a noise if it is not moving. Take.. The final drive can't be the problem. you can also rule it out. This leaves the two sprockets and their related bearings. because the turbine shaft is stationary.. a component cannot generate a noise if it is not moving. not moving relative to each other. it will go away when the transmission shifts to third gear. but it did change in pitch as the unit shifted to the next gear.htm (5 of 17) [4/11/2004 12:30:04 AM] . If the noise is caused by a clogged filter. disconnecting the solenoid wire harness will work. it will change when the pressure changes. For example. Unfortunately. At this point.. they are. These make the most difficult noises to diagnose. if the noise is pressure related.

Knowing which component is not causing the malfunction is as important as knowing which component is causing the malfunction.45 tooth driven gears. As with other diagnoses. The number on the driven gear housing must match the number of teeth on the driven gear. 2WD . its easy to mistake the noise from a bad power train mount for a final drive noise. / 4L60 check the mounts carefully first. The important thing to remember here is that the noise will not change with engine speed or when the transmission shifts.transmissioncenter. The following speedometer drive A spring clip retains the speedometer drive gears and driven gears are available for the 700R4 gear on the transmission output shaft. Unless driven gears with more than 45 teeth and / or drive gears with http://www. Rule out as many sources as possible by using clear testing methods. Here again. finding the cause of a noise is a process of elimination. These noises are perhaps the easiest of all to diagnose. One driven gear housing for 34 . The noise will increase in pitch as vehicle speed increases.. and see which components are left.39 tooth driven gears and another housing for 40 . Twelve speedometer driven gears are available for the 700R4 / 4L60 transmissions to calibrate the speedometer with various axle ratios and tire diameters.. Most cars and trucks with low rear end ratios will take a 15 tooth drive gear. However.700R4 Speedometer Calibration Variables such as the vehicle's axle ratio and tire diameter affect the accuracy of the speedometer.htm (6 of 17) [4/11/2004 12:30:04 AM] .700R4 700R4 700R4 adjustments 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 Final drives. only with vehicle speed.

73 3.73 3.73 3. it will be impossible without using a ratio adapter to have an accurate speedometer with rear end gear ratios lower (higher numerically) than 4.10 3.73 3.23 3.56 4.10 4.73 3.10 4.23 3. but will read about 3 MPH fast at 50 MPH.73 Axle Ratio 3.10 4.73 3. unless 27 inch or larger tires are installed With 15 Tooth Drive Gear Axle Ratio 4.transmissioncenter.42 3.23 Tire Height 33 35 26 27 28 29 30 31 33 35 26 27 27 1/2 28 29 30 31 Driven Gear Teeth 42 39 45 will work.56 4.10:1. 45 44 43 41 40 38 35 43 42 41 40 39 38 36 Driven Gear Teeth 45 44 45 44 43 42 Driven Gear Teeth 45 44 43 42 With 17 Tooth Drive Gear Tire Height 28 29 26 26 1/2 27 28 Tire Height 26 26 1/2 27 28 With 18 Tooth Drive Gear http://www.42 3.10 4.42 Axle Ratio 3.10 4.73 3.23 3.10 4.htm (7 of 17) [4/11/2004 12:30:04 AM] .700R4 700R4 700R4 adjustments 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 fewer than 15 teeth become available.42 3.10 4.73

transmissioncenter. 2nd-1. 2WD Transmission Swap Information Swap a 350 transmission with a six inch tail to a 700R4 transmission: #1.70. If you have a Holley or Edelbrock carburetor you need a carburetor adapter. With this kit getting the correct http://www. The passing gear cable connection on the carburetor can be reused. 184 lbs.91 Maximum Engine Speed: 6250 RPM Maximum Towing Capacity: 7000 lbs. 3. approx.06.00. The passing gear cable bracket on the motor can be The drive shaft will need to be cut three inches. #3. R. (dry). #5. #4. D. 1 Print This Page Out Now This is the same tip sheet we've sold for years for $9.95. if you have the original carburetor. 700R4. Our #29.7 inches) Converter Stall Torque Ratio: 1. 4th0. N.) Fluid Type: Dextron III Weight (with converter): 164 lbs. (dry) (Refer to service manual for complete instructions on fluid fill capacity. The cross member will need to be moved two or three inches.63. Gear Ratios: 1st-3. Maximum Gross Weight: 8600 lbs.29 Converter Diameter: 298mm (11.700R4 700R4 700R4 adjustments 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 / 4L60 Transmission Assembly Specifications Transmission Dimensions 700R4 A 30-3/4" B 23-3/8" C 22-1/2" D 3-3/4" E 20" These specs are for the best one GM builds. adapter for a Holley or Edelbrock carburetors to install the throttle valve cable correctly. Usually this part will correct a hard light throttle 1-2 shift. 2. Type: Automatic four-speed overdrive with torque converter clutch. Fluid Capacity: 11 qts. #2. (wet) Shift Quadrant: P.htm (8 of 17) [4/11/2004 12:30:04 AM] . Reverse-2. 3rd-1.

#7. 1983 and early 1984's with a 27 spline input shaft you must install a lock-up kit or the transmission may burn up. Our #15. The 700R4 transmission doesn't need vacuum. You will need a new 700R4 throttle valve cable and dip stick. http://www. The drive shaft yoke is the same on both transmissions. If you want the torque converter to lock-up you must in install a lock-up kit in the transmission pan. Buick or Pontiac motor. D will be OD. #13. If you have a 700R4 transmission and one of these two carburetors you need this part. The auxiliary cooler always goes in the top return line on a 700R4 transmission. Our part #12. The cooling line positions stay the same.htm (9 of 17) [4/11/2004 12:30:04 AM] . #8. #9. #10. The 350 vacuum line will need to be removed. #12. #6. On 1982. #11. 2 will be D and 2nd and 1st will be to the left and right of the 1. This is an adapter plate to install the 700R4 transmission on an Olds.700R4 700R4 700R4 adjustments 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 geometry is easy. If you have a 350 transmission now with a nine inch tail the drive shaft will not need to be The shift linkage can be reused.

if you use a special 700R4 tail housing. The drive shaft will need to be cut and a smaller yoke installed.700R4 700R4 700R4 adjustments 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 Swap a 400 transmission with a four inch tail to a 700R4 transmission: #1.transmissioncenter. The cross member can be used in the same location. This moves the rear transmission mount to the same position as a 400 (short-style) transmission. Our #8X. #2.htm (10 of 17) [4/11/2004 12:30:04 AM] . Universal Throttle Valve Cable Bracket. #3. Will need a throttle valve cable bracket on the motor. This extension housing can eliminate transmission cross member modifications when replacing a 400 transmission with a 700R4 assembly. These are almost impossible to find. Our #49. 700R4 tail housing with transmission mount (7 3/8 inches long). This will move the mount to the rear 5 1/2 inches.

The shift linkage is the same on both transmissions. The throttle valve cable and motor bracket can be reused. Buick or Pontiac motor. #8.700R4 700R4 700R4 adjustments 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 #4. The cross member can be used in the same location. #6. If you have a Holley or Edelbrock carburetor you need a carburetor adapter. #2. if you use a special 700R4 tail housing. because the return line http://www. The shift linkage can be reused. #3. See #29 above. The auxiliary cooler always goes in the top return line on a 700R4 transmission. #5. On 1982. #9. #6. The 400 vacuum line will need to be removed. #10.transmissioncenter. This is an adapter plate to install the 700R4 transmission on an Olds. You will need a new dip stick. #5. If you want the torque converter to lock-up you must in install a lock-up kit in the transmission pan. You will need a way to connect the throttle valve cable to the carburetor. The throttle valve cable connection on the carburetor can be reused. You will need a new 700R4 throttle valve cable and dip stick. Our part #12. See #49 above. 1983 and early 1984's with a 27 spline input shaft you must install a lock-up kit or the transmission may burn up. #7. #8. Our #15.htm (11 of 17) [4/11/2004 12:30:04 AM] . D will be OD. The drive shaft will need to be cut three inches. If you have a Holley or Edelbrock carburetor use #29 above. #9. 2 will be D and 2nd and 1st will be to the left and right of the 1. The cooling line positions on the transmission will need to be swapped. Swap a 200-4R transmission to a 700R4 transmission: #1. The 700R4 transmission doesn't need vacuum. #4. if you have the original carburetor. The cooling line positions stay the same. The drive shaft yoke is the same on both transmissions.

On 1982. Adapter to install a Chevy 700R4 transmission on a Ford Small Block motor. We're an Advance Adapters Dealer. #56. The auxiliary cooler always goes in the top return line on a 700R4 transmission.htm (12 of 17) [4/11/2004 12:30:04 AM] . #10. Buick or Pontiac motor. This is an adapter plate to install the 700R4 transmission on an Olds. http://www. Comes with the flywheel. 1983 and early 1984's with a 27 spline input shaft you must install a lock-up kit or the transmission may burn up.700R4 700R4 700R4 adjustments 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 on a 200-4R is on the bottom and the 700R4 is on the top. Our #15. Our part #12. If you want the torque converter to lock-up you must in install a lock-up kit in the transmission pan. flywheel adapter. #11. adapter plate. See the AOD page for more details. dust cover and

. The Electronic Ratio Adapter (ERA) is designed to correct this problem.700R4 700R4 700R4 adjustments 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 Electronic Ratio Adapter (ERA) Now You Have the Solution to Your Speedometer Problems.htm (13 of 17) [4/11/2004 12:30:04 AM] . you simply hook up four wires. What does the Electronic Ratio Adapter do? http://www. set the DIP switches according to the calibration table included with your order.. With the ERA..transmissioncenter.. #69. For 700R4's with electronic speedometers. and you are ready to Any change in a vehicle's tire size or rear axle ratio will cause the speedometer reading to be inaccurate.

and it is corrected using the Electronic Ratio Adapter. but regardless of make.htm (14 of 17) [4/11/2004 12:30:04 AM] . Nowadays. blue or brown clutches and thin steels in the 700R4 3-4 clutch pack will not hold up in a performance / heavy duty 700R4 transmission. shapes and descriptions. Some have machined the drum in an effort to give the wide band a flat surface to ride on.700R4 700R4 700R4 adjustments 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 The automotive industry has a great variety of part sizes. but other modifications could have the same result. but the same principle applies. However. this Pulse Ratio can be made to vary from the true when modifications are made which change the number of electronic pulses per mile on a particular vehicle. a few things are standard. For this reason we only use the more expensive Raybestos Blue Plate Special full thickness clutches and steels in our level 3 and 4. 700 Raptor When the Pulse Ratio is thrown off. electronic pulses have replaced the rotating cable. The reason being the thin clutches burn up and the thin steel plates warp up from the extreme heat.7%. This is most commonly caused by changing the tire size (increasing the outside diameter of the tires will cause the tire to travel further before making a complete revolution). 3 and 4. since the same distance is travelled and the same number of pulses have occurred each mile no matter what the speed was during that mile. http://www. The thin steel plates will not dissipate the heat fast enough. regardless of speed. GM Ratio Adapter #54RA. The Pulse Ratio (the number of pulses per mile travelled) remains the same. For this reason we only use Raybestos Pro Series black Kevlar bands on our level 2. One of those standards has been the number of revolutions a speedometer cable will make for each mile travelled.transmissioncenter. model or year. This relative difference between true speed and the speed indicated on the speedometer is called the Variance Ratio. Made for low rear end ratios with short tires. Thin red clutches work well in all transmissions. types. the speedometer/odometer will be inaccurate and corrections must be made. This only weakens the drum and makes it cup worse the next time. This GM ratio adapter will slow your speedometer cable down 26. Important 700R4 Transmission Information Thin red. 700 Raptor transmission 3-4 clutch packs. The problem is a combination of thin and narrow design. but not in the 700R4 transmission 3-4 clutch pack. Wide bands will not work in a performance / heavy duty 700R4 transmission unless used with a new reverse drum because they burn on the two outer edges.

You want the good parts that have been proven to last. core charges. you want the good parts. Ask yourself this question. We are a Torque Drive distributor. 700 Mega Raptor transmissions and as an upgrade for $187. The off brand planet gears are made of weak steel and snap like twigs. We sell the total package. know what you're actually getting. Conclusion: Don't buy a 700R4 / 4L60E transmission with any of the above parts that have been proven not to work over time. not something that will cost more in the long run or cost more after you buy everything you need one part at a time. Oh.00 for your 5 pinion rear planet gear it's not the real OEM 5 pinion planet gear. 700 Raptor transmissions cost us 6 times as much as a Corvette servo. We install the Torque Drive package in all of our level 4. 3 and 4. If the above parts wont work for us how could they possibly work for you? The above parts may work in light duty use with a stock motor.htm (15 of 17) [4/11/2004 12:30:04 AM] . dip stick and tube. Why pay extra for everything when the transmission doesn't even have the correct combination of parts that work together in the first place? We only use a Corvette intermediate servo in our stock 700R4 transmissions. We use two new OEM 5 pinion planet gears in our top of the line level 4. billet 40% oversize overdrive servos and other parts. If you didn't pay over $250. 3 and 4. These 700R4 counterfeit parts are inferior to the real patented parts and there are several law suits pending at this time. Some have made things appear hard to do. Get your moneys worth. 700 Raptor transmissions. When comparing transmission prices. After market 5 pinion planet gears are not as strong as OEM 4 pinion planet gears. 700 Raptor transmissions that cost 2 times as much as a 30% oversize overdrive servo. 700 Mega Raptor transmissions. We have been building performance / heavy duty 700R4 transmissions for 13 years and have tried and tested every performance 700R4 part and combination of parts that there ever was. You be the judge. you say. This same company claims to have been building automatic We use a 50% oversize overdrive servo in all of our level 2. These gears are made of powdered metal. What's the reason we do this. The performance intermediate servo we use in all of our level 2. freight fees. T-shirts and others are usually an extra charge. We have shipped these transmissions all over the world. 2 and 3. coolers.700R4 700R4 700R4 adjustments 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 We use OEM (new) 5 pinion 700R4 rear planet gears that cost us five times as much as the weak off brand 5 pinion rear planet gears. deep pans. the more you buy the better the price. I've been in the transmission business sense 1958 and the people in this company have a combined transmission experience of 160 years.transmissioncenter. In an effort to make the price appear low such things as torque converters. We know what works and what doesn't. which GM claims allows for a higher overall strength.00 in our levels 1. throttle valve cable. Wake up! It's even been reported to us that several 700R4 performance transmission companies are making counterfeit Torque Drive input drums. these are the patented 700R4 hardened input shafts. and they forgot to add the core charge to their price on the chart. If you are a transmission builder you can buy from us at a discounted price. This is the old apples and oranges trick. input drums and reaction shells. There's even a new performance 700R4 transmission company out there that has a chart comparing the price of our level 4 transmission to their transmission that might be equal to our level 1 or 2 transmission on a good day. such as cooling lines and throttle valve cable adjustments in an effort to sell you their expensive package to do these things.

Beast Reaction Shell. Recommended for over 450 Torque.transmissioncenter. 2800 Extra Add $187. 2500 Extra Add $187. 1600. Another California performance 700R4 transmission company is in bankrupt court at this time for making and selling counterfeit parts. Cast Aluminum Pans. Anchorage Alaska $240. 1800.00 No No Yes No No No No No No No Level 4 .net/700r4.00. Full manual shift valve body add $207.htm (16 of 17) [4/11/2004 12:30:04 AM] . It's right there on their website. Air Freight after $110. Honolulu Hawaii $165.500" Stock Borg Warner Brown No No 1600.700 Mega Raptor Level 3 . Poly Mount. 700R4 Price Chart 700R4 Transmissions Torque Converter Throttle Valve Cable Dip Stick and Tube Free Shirt Core Charge Servos Pressure Valve Band Clutches Free Cooler or Deep Stock Pan Free Freight Stall Speeds Speedometer Gears Torque Drive Package. 4WD Case.700R4 700R4 700R4 adjustments 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 transmission for 75 years when automatic transmissions where only invented a little over 60 years ago.00 $1434.00 1700. Hardened Output Shaft. Torque Master Kit 5 Pinion Planet Gears Oversize Lo/Rev Boost Valve 13 Vane Pump Beast Reaction Shell #38 Pump Slide Spring #41 Servo Valve 29 Element Forward Sprag Performance 1-2 Accumulator Spring #19B Extra Wide Sun Gear Bushing 4th Gear Lock-Up Only Comments 2WD Price 4WD Price Quantity Discount Level 1 ."Stock Plus" Mega Valve and Corvette Servo Stock No No No Included Corvette . Tail Housing with Mount. Powder Coating. because it says something else on the other pages.00 $1745. 1400. servo.700 Raptor #2 No . http://www. The price doesn't include C4 Corvette tail housings.700 Raptor Junior #1 No No No Included Oversize 35% & 50% . check it out.4 Clutch Raybestos Blue 3 . You can add or subtract from any level transmission. MegaRaptor. overdrive.500" Raybestos Kevlar Borg Warner Brown Choice of One Up to $110.00 $2169.You Pick Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Included Included Oversize 35% & 50% Oversize 35% & 50% .00 $2219.00 $1384. Bionic MegaRaptor.4 Clutch Raybestos Blue Plate Plate Choice of One Up to $110. Wide Band.00. 2000 Extra No No No No No No No No No No No Level 2 . 2600.00. Fairbanks Alaska $315. They claim to scare the competition.00 $1695. Five Pinion Planet Gears.00 off on each. Deep Chrome Pan. Torque Master Package. $980. 2000.00. This must be some kind of a type-o. Pinless Accumulator Pistons. it's you the buyer that should be scared about these low ball tactics without the good parts. Guam Japan to Airport $250. #2X or #5X Converter.00.500" Raybestos Kevlar Raybestos Kevlar 3 .00 discount on performance / heavy duty transmission and torque converter. Speedometer Gears. Germany to large Airport .00 You Pick Extra Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Torque Drive Shell Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Upgrades Freight Deal Notes Stock Wiring Yes Yes Yes Better than stock with the Tow up to 4000 pounds in Tow up to 6000 pounds in Best of Everything Mega Valve and Corvette overdrive. Speedometer parts are extra. 2300. plus converter Buy two level 3 or 4 transmissions and converters at the same time and receive $50. 1800. LS1 type Bolt Pattern Bell housing.$65.00 to $240. Torque Drive Package.00. The tail housing will be left off if you are going to use your old speedometer parts. Drain Plug. plus converter $1030.00 1200.00 to $240.00 No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Choice of One Up to $110.500" .00. 2000.00.

net/700r4. 4WD.transmissioncenter.700R4 700R4 700R4 adjustments 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 700R4 Transmission ratings are for non-supercharged systems using pump gasoline. Oversize Tires and Weight will lower these ratings. Add torque converter upgrade if Stock +. Superchargers. Click Here Testimonials Add to Favorites Performance Automotive and Transmission Center Order Now Toll Free Transmission Order Line 1-888-8771008 Transmission Parts Order Line 1-888-2012066 Back to Transmission Price List. Click Here http://www. Add torque converter and Torque 700 Raptor Junior 500 400 / 500 with Torque Drive package Drive upgrades if needed. Nitrous. Transmission Horse Power Rating Torque Rating Notes 700 Mega Raptor 700 700 Best of Everything Add torque converter and Torque 700 Raptor 600 450 / 600 with Torque Drive package Drive upgrades if needed.Speed Shop. PATC .htm (17 of 17) [4/11/2004 12:30:05 AM] . 700R4 350 300 needed.

tripod. 1 http://mmerlinn.htm (1 of 10) [4/11/2004 12:39:48 AM] . compress EZ-Snap 700. and in LESS than 30 SECONDS you are DONE!!! What could be simpler??? The EZ-Snap 700 is very similar in looks and operation to the EZ-Snap place tool and return springs in case.EZ Snap Transmission Tool SNAP RING INSTALLATION TOOL TH 700-R4 Item Code = e0ez Are you TIRED of fumbling for 20 MINUTES with snap-ring pliers trying to install the low/reverse snap ring in THM 700-R4 transmissions??? If so. then you NEED the EZ-Snap 700!!! Snap-ring pliers are NOT needed! Just place snap ring on EZ Snap 700.@ TH700-R4 .

@ TH700-R4 .htm (2 of 10) [4/11/2004 12:39:48 AM] .com/pics/e0ez/e0ezlist.tripod.EZ Snap Transmission Tool 2 http://mmerlinn.

com/pics/e0ez/e0ezlist.@ TH700-R4 .EZ Snap Transmission Tool 3 http://mmerlinn.htm (3 of 10) [4/11/2004 12:39:48 AM] .tripod.

EZ Snap Transmission Tool 4 http://mmerlinn.htm (4 of 10) [4/11/2004 12:39:48 AM] .com/pics/e0ez/e0ezlist.@ TH700-R4 .tripod.

tripod.@ TH700-R4 .com/pics/e0ez/e0ezlist.htm (5 of 10) [4/11/2004 12:39:48 AM] .EZ Snap Transmission Tool 5 http://mmerlinn.

com/pics/e0ez/e0ezlist.tripod.@ TH700-R4 .htm (6 of 10) [4/11/2004 12:39:48 AM] .EZ Snap Transmission Tool 6 http://mmerlinn.

htm (7 of 10) [4/11/2004 12:39:48 AM] .@ TH700-R4 .com/pics/e0ez/e0ezlist.tripod.EZ Snap Transmission Tool 7 http://mmerlinn.

com/pics/e0ez/e0ezlist.@ TH700-R4 .EZ Snap Transmission Tool 8 http://mmerlinn.htm (8 of 10) [4/11/2004 12:39:48 AM] .tripod.

@ TH700-R4 .tripod.htm (9 of 10) [4/11/2004 12:39:48 AM] .EZ Snap Transmission Tool 9

EZ Snap Transmission Tool Contact us c015/010-w069-r025+1h+2s TH700-R4 .htm (10 of 10) [4/11/2004 12:39:48 AM] .tripod.

htm [4/11/2004 11:58:17 PM] . To: Crosley's Page http://www.Transmission Identification The links below provide info for a 700/4L60 and a location of a reliable year of manufacture of the Sumner's 700/4L60 Tech Info page Lockup wiring some tips Driveshaft warning Filter warning Pump stuff Send your questions to Me. 700R4/ 4L60 I D info! Trans case measurements 700R4 problem areas Valvebody bolt warning 700R4 electronic to cable speedo info.

Use the correct nuts & bolts! When you buy a tranz from a rebuilder or wrecking yard ask for all the needed bolts. Pan bolts are 8mm x 1.ID a 700r4 transmission This is basic information for the DIY type person. First.25 Shift linkage lever & Converter to flywheel are 10mm x 1. Here are some pics of a 700r4/4L60 transmission to help you folks identify this trans when out looking for a unit to TV cable & speedo are 6mm x 1.htm (1 of 6) [4/12/2004 12:00:16 AM] .5 American (US) threads are "not close" like some people think.highperformancecars. let me make sure you understand that the 700/4L60 transmissions are METRIC units! The threads and threaded holes are all metric in this transmission.5 Valve body.0 Trans mount & tail housing holes are 10mm x 1. http://www.

highperformancecars. Notice the casting line that is shaped like a "rainbow". These plugs help http://www. Notice the pressure taps with plugs in them.htm (2 of 6) [4/12/2004 12:00:16 AM] .ID a 700r4 transmission This is the passenger side of the trans main case. This is a good indication that you have a 700/4L60 trans that is new enough to have the good parts in it. It flows through the upper cooling line fitting. Here is a 1988 700

highperformancecars. I have been "told" that the removal of these pressure taps was a "running" change which means that some 1989 cases may have the taps. Please notice the flat area near the rear of the pan rail.ID a 700r4 transmission ID the trans as earlier than 1989. http://www. Notice the "lack" of pressure taps on this (3 of 6) [4/12/2004 12:00:16 AM] . This is a 1989 case.

A tag is usually attatched to the trans case by the authorized rebuilder. but the number "9" was used for some reason. it may be from the unit being a factory rebuilt unit at one time. There are more numbers and letters stamped into this area after the first number that I will not explain here since it is not necessary to find the year of the trans.htm (4 of 6) [4/12/2004 12:00:16 AM] . Now it gets a little difficult. A "3" would be a 1983 unit . This is something you find out when the pan is removed! http://www. etc. Sometimes I have seen a year of rebuild ( ie:1989) but the case is an earlier year.highperformancecars. Stamped in this area is a row of numbers and After that GM used matching numbers for the year of manufacture. not a 1980 unit. The "first" number is a very reliable number of the year of manufacture. This tag may or may not contain correct year info. In 1989 GM removed the pressure taps from the passenger side of the trans. 1982 was the first year of a 700.ID a 700r4 transmission This close up view shows the small flat pad area on the right rear of the pan rail area. If the 700 you are looking at has a pad area that has been ground smooth. So a "0" for the first number on the pad area with no pressure taps on the pass side indicates a 1990 unit.

ID a 700r4 transmission

This picture shows a 1999 4l60E tranny. Notice that the case is 3 pieces. The bell housing unbolts too! About 2 inches behind the ROUND 2 - 4 servo is the connector for the PCM.

The links below provide additional info on the 700/4L60 trans.

700R4 problem areas Trans case measurements Valvebody bolt warning 700R4 electronic to cable speedo info. (5 of 6) [4/12/2004 12:00:16 AM]

ID a 700r4 transmission

Sumner's 700/4L60 Tech Info page Lockup wiring some tips Driveshaft warning Filter warning Pump stuff

Send your questions to Tony.

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Exterior measuremnets of 4L80E & 700/4L60 trans

4L80E exterior specs

Here are the various measurements of a 700R4. (1 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:00:36 AM]

Exterior measuremnets of 4L80E & 700/4L60 trans

700R4/ 4L60 I D info! Trans case measurements 700R4 problem areas Valvebody bolt warning 700R4 electronic to cable speedo info. Sumner's 700/4L60 Tech Info page (2 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:00:36 AM]

Exterior measuremnets of 4L80E & 700/4L60 trans

Lockup wiring some tips Filter warning Drive shaft warning

Main tranny page Crosley's home page (3 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:00:36 AM]

700r4/4L60 problems

700r4/4L60 problem areas

This is a drive shell from a 700r4. Notice that the right unit is now two pieces! The area to watch is around the splines, check for cracks! (1 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:00:53 AM]

htm (2 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:00:53 AM] . Lots of power will twist the aluminum drum splines or break this drum in the spline area around the steel input shaft. The spline area at the right end of this broken drum often split. 700R4 problem areas Trans case measurements Valvebody bolt warning 700R4 electronic to cable speedo http://www.700r4/4L60 problems Here is the input drum of a 700R4. The links below provide additional info on the 700/4L60 trans.highperformancecars.twist or the drum breaks there. The notches that you see on the out side of this drum are not the ones that break.

htm (3 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:00:53 AM] problems Sumner's 700/4L60 Tech Info page Lockup wiring filter warning Email me! OR Tranz page http://www.

http://www. The gold bolt(next to the tube)in the picture is shorter than the other long bolts in the valve body of the 700/4L60 transmission.http://www.highperformancecars.htm (1 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:01:02 AM] .htm Pay Attention here! This is a picture of the aux valve body at the rear area of the transmission with the pan removed from the Early trannys have a bolt with yellow paint on the head that wears off! Check the bolt length! Installing a regular long valve body bolt here will usually strip the threads out of the case.highperformancecars.

highperformancecars.htm 700R4/ 4L60 I D info! Trans case measurements 700R4 problem areas Valvebody bolt warning 700R4 electronic to cable speedo info. Sumner's 700/4L60 Tech Info page Lockup wiring some tips filter warning (2 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:01:02 AM] .highperformancecars.

highperformancecars.htm E-mail Transmission home page http://www.http://www.highperformancecars.htm (3 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:01:02 AM] .com/crosley/

This will show you how to convert it back to a cable driven speedo if that is needed. it could have electronic or cable speedo.htm (1 of 5) [4/12/2004 12:01:27 AM] . Speedo and output shaft Info Early T-700's came with regular cable driven speedo's. Install a standard retaining clip and plastic speedo drive gear for a 700R4 in the "front hole". unless you are working on a Corvette trans. Some yokes have breather holes in the end near the u-joint. Installing a standard speedo bullet and gear into the tail housing will complete the conversion from electronic speedo to cable speedo. http://www. The rear hole seen slightly covered by the disc and is used with corvette tail housings. under it will most likely be 2 holes. This is used for an electronic speedo. Depending on the vehicle that your 700/4L60 came from.700R4 speedo info. they did not change all applications at the same time.highperformancecars. Some where in the 80's GM Started changing to an electronic Here is a "signal generator" disc on an output shaft of a 700R4. You can remove this disc(pull it off). The sleeve behind it is for sealing up the drive shaft yoke.

Here is a picture of the needed parts to refit an electronic speedo to a cable type. The wrong tooth count and the gears will tear themselves up or not work at all! Here are a few GM part numbers for the "driven" speedo gears.highperformancecars. The speedo "bullet and gear" replace the electronic pick-up.htm (2 of 5) [4/12/2004 12:01:27 AM] . The speedo bullet has numbers on it to tell you what tooth count of gears it is set to handle.700R4 speedo info. The clip fits into the mentioned hole on the output shaft and holds the drive gear 9774413 34 Lt Green 9780628 35 Orange 1359270 36 White 1359271 37 Red 1359272 38 Blue 1359273 39 Brown 1362048 40 Black 1362195 41 Yellow 1362049 42 Green 1362196 43 Purple 9780470 44 Dk Gray 9775187 45 Lt Blue http://www.

all you need are the speedo bullet and gears to convert to cable.highperformancecars. http://www.htm (3 of 5) [4/12/2004 12:01:27 AM] . Here is a picture of an early gear driven electronic speedo bullet for the 700R4. To replace speedo info. Here is a signal pick-up coil for the electronic speedo that you are converting.

080 in diameter The links below provide additional info on the 700/4L60 This picture shows the different speed-O housings. The T-350 BOP housing may leak with the O-ring out further when used in a 700/4L60 unit. 700R4 problem areas Trans case measurements Valvebody bolt warning http://www.935 in diameter. BOP means Buick.Pontiac. On the left is a T-400. The 700/4L60 unit is 2. middle is T700/4L60. last is an early BOP T-350.htm (4 of 5) [4/12/2004 12:01:27 AM] .700R4 speedo info.highperformancecars. The T-400 is smaller at 1. Notice the O-ring "groove" location on the BOP and 700 units.Olds .

700R4 electronic to cable speedo info.htm (5 of 5) [4/12/2004 12:01:27 AM] .700R4 speedo Sumner's 700/4L60 Tech Info page Lockup wiring some tips Filter warning Pump stuff Email Tony.highperformancecars. Tranz page Crosley's Home Page http://www.

...... 700R4 Transmission Info Page 4 -....................................................................Using my Harbor Freight 12" X 36" Lathe ......................... Tech Information Index 700R4 Transmission Info Page 1 -..................................GM Transmissions.and Enco Gear Head Mill/Drill on the 700R4 700R4 Transmission Info Page 2 -......Frequently ask questions about the ............Transmission Gear Ratios Vs..........Tech Information Index .......................Valve Body Pictures 700R4 Transmission Info Page 5 -......................................................................................... Other ......Reference Books and Transmission Dimensions Metal Working Projects to Sumner's Home Page ......html (1 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:01:30 AM] ..................................Electrical & Cable hookup and other ..........700R4 700R4 Transmission Info Page 3 -...............................................

SBC Cylinder Head Information -.Basically how I do paint and bodywork and tips.Chamber sizes. Setting up and Spraying with the Harbor Freight HVLP Spray Gun The Small Block Chevy Should Have Built -.How to build a cheap. flow.From an article in Rod & Custom How To Setup Your Driveline -.html (2 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:01:30 AM] . Sheet Metal Press Brake -. but good metal brake. December 1997 Reprinted with permission of StreetScene magazine http://purplesagetradingpost.Tech Information Index Paint & Bodywork Information -.Over 413 Hp and Great Torque 440. One Wire Alternator---If you have a 1 wire alternator you might want to read this.Power Train Set-Up Guide By Greg Frick of Inland Empire Driveline Service Originally published in StreetScene Magazine. How I chopped my GMC's Top -.

html (3 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:01:30 AM] .............Tech Information Index Return to Sumner's Home Page http://purplesagetradingpost.......

Use this information at "your own risk!". If you are not sure take the damn pan off and look. http://www. if you cannot perform this swap without troubles then you need to sell your car and tools.htm (1 of 4) [4/12/2004 12:02:24 AM] . I will attempt to show you how to convert your wires on a 700 to lockup in 4th only and a connection to attach a switch to lockup the converter in 3rd & 2nd 4th gear lockup 700/4L60 lockup information This does not apply to all 700/4L60 transmissions.highperformancecars. only those with this wire setup. This is basic information.

Easy 4th gear lockup Here is the trans with the pan off.htm (2 of 4) [4/12/2004 12:02:24 AM] .highperformancecars. http://www. This is a common 1988 in 1993 the 4L60E was introduced. The wiring is similar through 1992.

The silver NO switch is a GM part # is 8642473 http://www.htm (3 of 4) [4/12/2004 12:02:24 AM] . Cut the "A" wire off at the double connector at the thermal sensor "B". NO or NC switch. If the switch you see is a dark color (dark grey almost black) it means that the switch is a normally "closed" type and will not work here.highperformancecars. From this same connection there is a wire that runs over to the case connector that passes through the case. Cut this wire off too. Remove the connector and wire from the pressure switch "A". In the lower mid left circle "A" is the pressure switch for 4th gear. In the middle is the thermal sensor "B" that you will be removing. This means it's a normally open type. Notice that the pressure switch "A" is silver in color. Using an OHM meter in the air check shown below where will tell you what you have.Easy 4th gear lockup Pay attention

leave it (4 of 4) [4/12/2004 12:02:24 AM] .Easy 4th gear lockup If you are afraid to remove the thermal sensor.highperformancecars. It will just sit there and do nothing. Want to air check that Pressure switch? Page two E-Mail Tranz page http://www.

2. The trans guy does not need it. Drain the fluid from the trans. remove them so they are not lost or damaged. 4. 700R4 problem areas Trans case measurements Valvebody bolt warning 700R4 electronic to cable speedo info. Stand it up on end in a Do not transport the trans with the converter in it. You can damge the pump if the converter is not supported. 7. Be honest when answering questions about your engine's power and car useage. 6. 1. If you have some special brackets on the trans.Taking your trans in for an Over Haul? Taking your trans in for an over haul? Here is a short list for you. 5. The links below provide additional info on the 700/4L60 trans. Sumner's 700/4L60 Tech Info page Lockup wiring Driveshaft warning Filter warning Pump stuff http://www. Leave the dip stick and filler tube at home. Remove the TV cable to avoid damage to it. 3. Remove the mount.htm (1 of 2) [4/12/2004 12:02:25 AM] . (2 of 2) [4/12/2004 12:02:25 AM] .Taking your trans in for an Over Haul? Tranz page Crosley's Home Page http://www.

com/crosley/drvline.highperformancecars. See where the bearing is moved "away" from the tube? The bearing was moved by hand! This center support bearing is a PRESS FIT and must not move freely! When the front section of drive shaft can move forward towards the http://www.htm (1 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:02:42 AM] . Look closely at this position of the bearing to the tube of the drive shaft.Driveshaft carrier bearings Pay attention here! In the following photos I will show an over looked problem with two(2) piece drive lines. Now look at this photo.

htm (2 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:02:42 AM] . 700R4/ 4L60 I D info! 700R4 problem areas Trans case measurements Valvebody bolt warning 700R4 electronic to cable speedo Sumner's 700/4L60 Tech Info page http://www.highperformancecars.Driveshaft carrier bearings tranny it will put pressure against the output shaft of the tranny and cause damage to the thrust beraings and washers inside the tranny! The links below provide additional info on the 700/4L60 trans.

Driveshaft carrier bearings Lockup wiring Driveshaft warning Filter warning Use your "back button" to return to the previous page.htm (3 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:02:42 AM] .com/crosley/drvline. OR Main Trans page Send your questions to http://www.highperformancecars.

highperformancecars. Does this person pull the sleeve out or remove the new sleeve off of the new filter?? NO! The results is the new filter is pushed lower with 2 sleeves and when the pan is tightened up the tube can crack or deform resulting in the pump sucking air.Broken 4L60/700R4 Filter Pay Attention! Often a DIY or quicky lube person will service an automatic transmission of the 700r4 family of transmissions.htm (1 of 4) [4/12/2004 12:02:59 AM] . When they drop the tranny pan and pull the filter out the filter sealing sleeve will stay inide the pump.

Remove both sleeves carefully to avoid damage to the http://www.htm (2 of 4) [4/12/2004 12:02:59 AM] .Broken 4L60/700R4 Filter Here is a photo of a 700/4L60 pump with 2 sleeves in it.

htm (3 of 4) [4/12/2004 12:02:59 AM] .Broken 4L60/700R4 Filter Here is a pump with one sleeve inside of it. Carefully remove this to avoid damage to the aluminum where the sleeve seals ! The links below provide additional info on the 700/4L60 Sumner's 700/4L60 Tech Info page http://www. 700R4/ 4L60 I D info! 700R4 problem areas Trans case measurements Valvebody bolt warning 700R4 electronic to cable speedo info.

htm (4 of 4) [4/12/2004 12:02:59 AM] .com/crosley/filter.highperformancecars.Broken 4L60/700R4 Filter Lockup wiring Driveshaft warning Use your "back button" to return to the previous page. Or Main Trans page email me http://www.

Drive the bushing out the back side of the pump! The drum the pump half is sitting on is Broken! Do not use a good drum like this! (1 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:03:06 AM] .700/4l60 pump information Pump warnings for the DIY person! This picture shows the direction to drive the bushing OUT of the pump to avoid damage to the pump.highperformancecars.

Sumner's 700/4L60 Tech Info page Lockup wiring some tips Filter warning Pump stuff Driveshaft warning Email Tony. The links below provide additional info on the 700/4L60 trans. Tranz page I've been busy. 700R4 problem areas Trans case measurements Valvebody bolt warning 700R4 electronic to cable speedo info.htm (2 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:03:06 AM] .700/4l60 pump information More to follow.

com/crosley/pump.highperformancecars.700/4l60 pump information Crosley's Home Page http://www.htm (3 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:03:06 AM] .

In the late 60's and into the 70's I did alot of Drag and Street Racing! Since that time I have become interested in unusual automobiles.2 The above links work! Send your questions to copyrighted--1998/2002 Automobile Welcome to My World Well you have found me. Choose Your Poison Family Work Crosley Autos Just Stuff Link's My Shop OldCars Transmission Info 1948 Simca 61 Lancer 61 Lancer pg.htm (1 of 2) [4/12/2004 12:03:08 AM] .highperformancecars.

Crosley Automobile use the information on these pages at your own risk!! (2 of 2) [4/12/2004 12:03:08 AM] .

Bonneville Racing Back to Purple Sage Trading Post Home Page Welcome to Sumner's (1FATGMC) Home Page! Hot Rods.bloke..html (1 of 7) [4/12/2004 12:09:22 AM] .com http://purplesagetradingpost.Sumner's (1FATGMC) Home Page . Customs. Powered by counter. Street Rods. Teardrop Trailers spoken here. Teardrop Trailers.Street Rods.

.. E-mail me if you have any questions or would like to tell me about your truck or car......... Alphabetically by Subject........ by Rodder's Home Pages and by Teardrop Sites and Teardrop Supplies http://purplesagetradingpost... Hi.. Want to get in touch with me? Email me! sumner1@purplesagetradingpost....Street Rods.html (2 of 7) [4/12/2004 12:09:22 AM] . Teardrop Trailers. Bonneville Racing .. Hope you enjoy this site and the links to some of my favorite sites....Links are arranged: Alphabetically by Name.... Sum 1FATGMC is my GMC plate and FATTEAR is my teardrop plate....Sumner's (1FATGMC) Home Page -... Turning 100. Honk and wave if you see If you have time check back as I will try to keep adding more.......... ...... Links to Automotive & Teardrop Sites Over 338 Automotive and Teardrop Links (updated 05-0400) C ya.000 miles near the Oklahoma-New Mexico State Line in May of 2002 going to Missouri.

My Teardrop Trailer Pages ....... My High School '51 Ford Vicky & '61 Chevy Wagon (3 of 7) [4/12/2004 12:09:22 AM] ........... Bonneville Racing Links to different areas of my site: Construction Photos Of My New House.... Teardrop Trailers........Sumner's (1FATGMC) Home Page -.....Street Rods.. Under Construction Photos Of My '48 GMC ....

etc. Dimensions. Chamber sizes.. etc.Installation Information.. runner sizes..Information... Teardrop Trailers. Paint & Bodywork Information -. http://purplesagetradingpost. (updated 03-08-00) One Wire Alternators -.html (4 of 7) [4/12/2004 12:09:22 AM] . Setting up and Spraying with Harbor Freight HVLP Spray Gun #38308 SBC Cylinder Head Information -.I built this and used it to build my teardrop. Bonneville Racing .com/sumner/sumnerindex. Homemade Sheet Metal Brake -.Basically how I do paint and bodywork and tips. Questions.From an article in Rod & Custom. Tech Information:Metal Working Projects using my Mill/Drill and Lathe 700R4 Transmission -. flow numbers.Comparisons of 20 SBC Heads. (updated 02-1100) How I chopped my GMC's Top -..Sumner's (1FATGMC) Home Page -..Street Rods.

Bonneville Racing How To Setup Your Driveline -...Pictures from 2000 and 2002 Car Show Pictures -.. ....from various shows.......Just getting started........ Bonneville Pictures -.... http://purplesagetradingpost..Sumner's (1FATGMC) Home Page -..Street (5 of 7) [4/12/2004 12:09:22 AM] .......Power Train SetUp Guide By Greg Frick of Inland Empire Driveline Service My Bonneville Lakester Construction Pictures -.. My Great Uncle Len Zengel . Teardrop Trailers.... Rodder's First Rides--Pictures of Rodder's First Cars ..

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.) cable linkage properly to prevent damage to your transmission.... I really like the transmission and like to read about it.... You need to talk to a repairman or you might trying posting on Rodder's Roundtable Forum and post the question to Tony (board name is Crosley). so please don't e-mail me about those kind of problems.. I have that info here along with wiring information for the lockup converter...html (1 of 6) [4/12/2004 12:10:12 AM] ............ He works on these transmissions all the time and you can trust his answers... builder or anything else so if in doubt check with a good transmission person. If you have anything you would like to post here about the 700R4 e-mail me................ All of these distances and angles will determining where the cable is at close throttle and WOT and all points in between... I adjusted mine until the point it wouldn't do the downshift and then back the other way with the slider so that it would...... One way to test the linkage setup is to take off in first with normal acceleration and then when the trans does the 1-2 shift nail it and it should kick back down into 1st. It is very important to set up the Throttle Valve (T.. I am not a transmission expert.......... I can't stress how important the geometric relationship of the hook up point on the carb for the T..... Take the time to set it up properly and it will last a long If they aren't right it is going to be hard to get the transmission to shift right under all load combinations and you sooner or later you will be fixing the transmission..... .. c ya.. Sum http://purplesagetradingpost... I use a 700R4 in my truck and have accumulated the following information that might help you........ If you can't read any of this stuff let me know and I will help you... I will be adding to this page as I get more 700R4 stuff.. This is a great transmission.............. but I can't help... A lot of problems with this transmission after installation are due to improper TV cable hookup and adjustment.......... 700R4 Information PLEASE READ THIS: I am not a transmission repairman.V...700R4 Info Page 1 Return to Tech Info Page..Return to Sumner's Home Page ........ If are having internal problems with the transmission I'm sorry. cable is with this transmission (see following pages).V.. I used the following info to set mine up on two different carbs and it has been working correctly..... Next Page of 700R4 info........

com/sumner/techinfo/700R4p1. On one of the Q-jets I used there was a mounting hole at the right radius from the throttle shaft center http://purplesagetradingpost.700R4 Info Page 1 The following drawing shows the geometry for the cable connection to the carb.html (2 of 6) [4/12/2004 12:10:12 AM] .

It only took a few minutes to do this on both of the carbs and needs to be done to make sure you don't ruin your transmission.700R4 Info Page 1 line. Some mounting tabs are now also available for different carbs if you don't feel like doing this yourself. I moved the mounting hole to the correct location and welded a little filler piece behind the two parts to relocate the mounting hole in the proper position so it was at the correct radius from the center line and at the correct angle. I cut almost all the way through the throttle shaft bell crank above the mounting hole and bent the bell crank to the right angle and mig welded the gap I just put a wet rag next to the carb body and welded in a couple short bursts.html (3 of 6) [4/12/2004 12:10:12 AM] . On another Q-Jet I cut the bell crank on the throttle shaft above an existing mounting hole and below the center line of the shaft. http://purplesagetradingpost. but not at the right angle.

com/sumner/techinfo/700R4p1. Using the three switch positions as follows: center off position -. and up position -. but it shows how I wired in a DPDT center off switch into the wires going to the transmission that control the lock-up for the convertor. down position -.html (4 of 6) [4/12/2004 12:10:12 AM] .manually locked in 2nd.never locked. 3rd or http://purplesagetradingpost.automatically locks going into 4th and unlocks on the 4-3 shift. which is the kit I used and I can recommend. The following image might be a little hard to make out.700R4 Info Page 1 This next image is from the TCI instructions.

If you don't use the engine (ported) vacuum switch then the wire from terminal D should be grounded at all times.html (5 of 6) [4/12/2004 12:10:12 AM] .com/sumner/techinfo/700R4p1. If it lights and then you still have no lockup you know the problem is not no voltage to the lockup solenoid or no ground as if either of these was missing the LED would not light. just something I wanted. When it goes to ground then the LED lights. The LED in this wiring mess is in my instrument panel and lights anytime the convertor is locked. That way if for some reason you don't have 12 volts going to the lockup it will be a clue as the LED will not light in 4th. Don't need to have it.700R4 Info Page 1 4th. With the vacuum switch this line is grounded any time there is vacuum above about 2 to 3 inches. ADDITIONAL LED WIRING INFORMATION: One side of the LED goes to the 12 volt source for the lockup (wire going to the A terminal on the transmission). Now all of this will only work if you have a kit similar http://purplesagetradingpost. Note: Look further down the page for Peter Row's wiring diagram on using a SPDT center off switch. This wire is connected to ground only when the pressure switch closes going into 4th to lock up the convertor or it will be grounded if you use a second manual switch attached to the B terminal to manually lock the transmission. The other side of the LED goes to the wire that goes to the B terminal on the transmission.

......... Next is a wiring diagram by Peter Row that looks good to me. If you have an LED that works on 12 volts then you don't need the resistor.... Peter ............................ No real reason to cut the 12 volts.... I'll try and see if I can find the value of the resistor I used......... Next Page of 700R4 info... It uses a SPDT center off switch.html (6 of 6) [4/12/2004 12:10:12 AM] .... This circuit controls everything via the ground Mine does this also. but I see no reason why it won't work........... I used a radio shack LED and since it wasn't for 12 volts I run a resistor in series with it to drop the voltage.700R4 Info Page 1 to the TCI kit I'm using that has a pressure switch that goes into a port that sees pressure only when in 4th and/or you are using a manually operated switch connected to terminal B on one side and ground on the other side of the switch. http://purplesagetradingpost. This is untested... so you might want to give this a try......... ...... but cuts the 12 volts in the center off position to the clutch...... Thanks..

....... Next Page of 700R4 info...... the tranny is the factory TH700-R4........... if your carb has a ball you will need to change it and install a walker # 72-1350 carb lever stud available through you local carb shop . The following is a post by Wayne Petty: >got a 1986 Chevy K-10 with a 350......700R4 Info Page 2 Return to Tech Info Page.... the resting position is pulling on the cable......... but it doesn't seem like its describing too good cause I can't follow it at all. but due to a different carb..... all kinds of little goodies on it.. the cable is the stock one that came with the truck..... please HELP go to your trans parts shop and get a 39" replacement throttle valve cable from fits all 1800 527 2544 it has a long center cable with an adjustable screw stop which will compensate for the difference in the tbi unit you took off and the 4 bbl that you installed .. My manual explains how to adjust the cable... terrible situation here............ the cable is hooked up.........Cable Suggestions -- ....... the trans is not vacuum modulated...... controlled by the cable attached to carb.... if anyone can help me out........... as I recall the throttle cable needs to be maxed out at WOT for proper adjustment if the 30 mm centerlines are not adhered to you may torch the trans as the pressure curve will be wrong best of luck wayne fixer of most things broken http://purplesagetradingpost... the cable stops the throttle from opening all the way.. -. I would appreciate it........html (1 of 4) [4/12/2004 12:10:14 AM] .....(I know what you are doing) measure the centerline of the throttle shaft to the center of the t/v stud (usually 30 mm) and make sure that the replacement carb has the same dimension ....................Return to Sumner's Home Page .. so at WOT. so.

com/sumner/techinfo/700R4p2. The single wire case connector looks cleaner and some ppl cannot figure out the proper hole to put 12 volts into on the OEM 700 case connector. I say this offers the best "feel" since there is a few split seconds before the pressure builds after the shift to 4th to close the switch and engage the convertor. normally open grounding type. The switch must be a normally open type. Just wire the 12 volts through the pressure switch to the self grounding solenoid. closes with pressure. Also from Tony: Sumner.Idea using no lockup kit -The following is from Tony on RRT on 10-21-99: Actually all the parts you need for the Lockup convertor to work is already in the 700 unit. I have never seen the need for a brake light switch from a late model vehicle to cancel lock up of the converter. I have found the best shift to 4th and convertor lock up "feel" comes from using a 2 wire lock up (late style) solenoid. And you can use the square OEM case connector too.html (2 of 4) [4/12/2004 12:10:14 AM] .700R4 Info Page 2 -. A single wire solenoid can be used just as easily. You wire 12 volts to the solenoid and run the ground wire from the solenoid to the correct pressure port on the valve body. http://purplesagetradingpost. The switch to use on the VB is a single wire terminal type. A single wire case connector from a T 400 and BOOM you are flying. non computer shifted 700's have pressure switches and a wiring harness in them that can be modified for 4th gear lock only. Only need to hook up 12 volts to the case connector for the convertor lock up. With my system you do not have separate switch for convertor control like some kits provide.

Just get the vacuum switch and the brake cutout. but not for a long period. TCI's diagram even looks like the GM switch.html (3 of 4) [4/12/2004 12:10:14 AM] . as even in third. I don't necessarily see any problem. you'd be going at a good clip when the vacuum switch allowed a lockup.Another Idea using no lockup kit -The following is an e-mail conversation from Jeff Fennema on 10-22-99: Saw your 700 page. 3 and 4th. wire the same 'cept run the wire (12v. A 5/16" check ball is OK I then replied: Jeff. Just as the factory designed the trucks. You can do what the TCI kit is doing for you cheaper by cannibalizing any GM vehicle with a lockup converter. Thanks for the info. I have found the brake light switch cancel feature un necessary for 90% of cars. so the converter only locks up in 4th gear. It down shifts very harshly though since the convertor is locked.700R4 Info Page 2 Also no electric is needed for convertor l/up. http://purplesagetradingpost. Also you speak of the convertor un locking on down hill coasting and saving some gas as the rpm drops. -. Wiring it the way you stated wouldn't the converter lock up in all gears except 1st and maybe 2nd? and he replied: Indeed it would. At low rpm the cooler/lube flow is reduced.) from the vacuum through the brake switch before heading down to the trans. The TCI kit gives you a pressure switch which you use in the valve body (a port that only has pressure in 4th). The sprag is designed to over run. Thanks for collecting the info. Installing a 1/4" check ball ( same size as used in the 700) into the hole on the end of the solenoid will l/up the convertor in 2. What is happening inside the trans is a one way sprag is "over running" and can over heat if you have a long coast. except I got a question.

com/sumner/techinfo/700R4p2. http://purplesagetradingpost.... Can the sending unit be changed or does the tail shaft assembly have to be changed? Tony Says......... The output shaft has a "signal generator " on it for electronic speedos.............. Pull it off and there should be a hole in the out put shaft where a regular metal retaining clip for a plastic speedo gear will install............. Next Page of 700R4 info.I have a G20 van '85 year model I bought used it has a turbo 350 trans in it and I bought a 700r4 trans to put in it but the speedo sending unit has two wire plug and my van has a cable.. .............html (4 of 4) [4/12/2004 12:10:14 AM] .700R4 Info Page 2 Going from 'signal generator to speedo cable Question from Darren on RRT (11-06-99)....... It's a metal disc with thin square edged teeth on it.. Tony has a lot more on this subject on his 700R4 pages ( converting to cable ) Also from Tony: Look here for a speedo cable inline signal generator for ECM's..

....1.700R4 Info Page 3 Return to Tech Info Page.1..82 1st Need More Info: This site has some great 700R4 help and information along with areas for information on other transmissions..............48..75 Note: Some Powerglides come with a (1 of 2) [4/12/2004 12:10:14 AM] ...3rd..2.............06....................................1......0 700-R4/4L60.....67 4L80E......1.1..... other GM Transmissions: ......2nd................Return to Sumner's Home Page .....3......1..........0............70 200-R4....0 TH400.....2.....52..........1st...0 TH350 .............1. -.........2.....1....1...4th Power Glide....More Tech Info on the 700R4 -Gear comparisons for 700R4 vs..... Next Page of 700R4 info.0........... transonline..1.74......48.......

.html (2 of 2) [4/12/2004 12:10:14 AM] ............................ Next Page of 700R4 info.. Info Page 3 .......

... -............. This requires removal of the valve body from the trans......In the photos of the 700r4 valve bodies with and without switches: "A" is where the switch for convertor lock up in 4th gear needs to be installed...890 long works Leave the spring in place...... This blocks the "line bias" valve and improves shift firmness above 1/2 throttle............ In the photo with out switches : "C" is a valve that should be blocked in place.... Next Page of 700R4 info...................... ... It's easier to block the valve during the rebuild process of the trans.. (thanks Tony) -........... http://purplesagetradingpost..More Tech Info on the 700R4 -The following information is from Tony of RRT.......... A blocking pin about 1/8th diameter (welding rod).. ........ I recommend removal of the other switches (if any) and 1/8th inch pipe plugs installed......Return to Sumner's Home Page .html (1 of 5) [4/12/2004 12:10:27 AM] .... Many DIY ppl will not do this since gasket tear is possible.........700R4 Info Page 4 Return to Tech Info Page.

factory wiring harnesses in 700s have been many and varied! they became consistent in http://purplesagetradingpost.html (2 of 5) [4/12/2004 12:10:27 AM] . Power is routed thru brake lite switch first. 2 wire is later model (85 up. 1 wire is self grounding. lock up Solenoids can have 1 or 2 Info Page 4 Transmission Identification for 700R4 -. never did. i think) and is what most ppl see now a daze. 2 wire is not.Tony's 700R4 pages More Information from Tony: 700 trans have NO modulator. that way the brake pedal over rides every thing.

Industry trans ppl have told me the vane count increase was to quiet the operation of the pump. Speedo gears are the same from 1981 till the 700 went to electronic speedo which was not all models in the same year of start of electronic speedos. Always use the 4L60E bushing as it has a Teflon type coating. Early pumps have 7 vanes. later pumps have 10 vanes.late 85 & up 2 springs). so take it any way you wish. slider springs (early 1 spring. The 700 pump is virtually the same from 1982 thru 1992 except for vane count. Depending on price a later trans is Your kit provides for l/up over ride as I remember. with 1996( I think) and newer have 13 vanes. Temp sensor over rides lock up in cold climates. That statement makes little sense to me. The second valve body on 700's is actually an accumulator for forward clutch pack engagement. I remove the reverse ball and either limit the accumulator pistons movement in the second valve body or install a stiffer spring in place of the stock spring.700R4 Info Page 4 about 86 or 87 with some variations. This softens the apply feel of the trans into drive. In later pumps the bushing must be installed from the inside of the pump because GM left a machined lip to help prevent the bushing from walking out the front. They also installed a check ball into the case to soften reverse clutch pack engagement. I am not familiar with the lock up kits since I do not use them. That is why they route the ground back out the case connector "D" which is the same for the factory setup for many years. not really to increase pump volume. Installing dual springs for the slider is simple and cheap. but early ones can work just as well. and pump bushing bore with a retaining edge. http://purplesagetradingpost. On early pumps you file some notches on the inside edge of the bushing bore and "stake" the bushing in place while using red lock tight. I do not believe your kit has a temp sensor in the harness like the factory does.html (3 of 5) [4/12/2004 12:10:27 AM] . 12 volts to "A" and ground to "D" should provide lock up on most late 700's . A 7 vane pump has plenty of volume to operate the trans.

. only fewer friction plate count... That servo is also the accumulator for 3rd gear. The seal popping is a reason the drain hole must be enlarged on the early pump bodies. Your trans expert will have the tools to test this... not locked up. Keith. Also check the TV "up" and "down" valves in the valve body. about an 1/8 inch thick to shim the 2nd servo area with. which is easily corrected.. if one or both is stuck that will cause it too. A competent shop will know the mods necessary to help this trans. but not Or a guage on the pump pressure port will show line rise as the cable is pulled even at idle. The gov springs can be cut off a little too..3 V6 usually is cheaper to buy and they have the same internal hard parts. I build 8-10 various transmissions a week and do this often If that does not work. A steel pin 1/8 inch in diameter about ... then put softer springs in the govenor. First block the line bias valve in place.I hope . This should raise the shift points..110 for better lube in lock up mode for the rear planet. LOL For Improper Shift Points ==== verify full TV pull at the trans... Sometimes a bigger boost valve and spring will throw the calibrations of the valve body way off (if these were installed) Tony And more from Tony. Start with a spring 1 pound stiffer. opening it up 30% will double the oil flow! A fluid engineer told me this... Make sure they file notches and stake the bushing with loctite! Loctite the seal and use the seal retaining collar to... THe bigger TransGo kits come with a gold ring. What ever the hole size is .. If the line rise is good.890 long fits most of them and fits inside the OEM spring... they are coated and a late type seal has 2 lip seals (oil & dust). I had a staked bushing move last year on a truck that the guy was towing sand buggies in 3rd gear . grind the weights off or install a vette govenor and try that.... The lube hole at the lock up valve should be at least .. also make sure your shop instals a 4L60E bushing. http://purplesagetradingpost. you then have a serious leak! The customer got the trans very hot! I changed lock up to 3rd gear foe him instead of 4th gear only.. if not I can help . This valve blows off main line pressure above 1/2 throttle.html (4 of 5) [4/12/2004 12:10:27 AM] . If the shift points are raised. This is a good shim to use to shorten servo movement and shifts on the 700.ALSO enlarge the hole in the stator/pump cover body too! Many ppl over look this hole for the drain back. The shiming of the 2nd gear servo is important.============== there are several things to do for 2-3 shift improvement.. you need a stiffer spring in the 2-3 shift valve. The bushing will move out and touch the seal .700R4 Info Page 4 A 700 from a does not take much to change the shift point.

A lathe may be needed to trim the drum up a bit to flatten it out. 3. We drag raced a shoe box nova in the early 80's with a 700 trans.html (5 of 5) [4/12/2004 12:10:27 AM] . aftermaket # is 93-1. The aluminum second gear servo has a large spring under the steel cover that the servo pin goes thru. 1. Removing this spring and cover. The gear spacing on a 700 is something I have never liked. 5. Always check band clearance. Thats a big jump in gear ratio.700R4 Info Page 4 there is a new band . The hard turning direction is the band grabing the drum. Kolene steels help to reduce problems from heat build up in the 3-4 clutch pack ( a commom problem). You must have the drum fairly surface flat. Next Page of 700R4 info. shimming up the pin as needed removes the 2-3 shift accumilation from the system.38 gears allowed short use of OD thru the traps. Alto offers a 3-4 clutch kit with red frictions that works very well. Use a 093 vette http://purplesagetradingpost. The drum will chatter in the lathe while machining unless you use a disc brake rotor strap to calm chatter effect. yet it turns fairly easily with the pliers the clearance is OK. One direction is harder to turn than the others.06 first.83 second gear. That may not help drag times. check it with a straight edge. If you need to use channel lock pliers to turn the shaft that direction. about 3/8 inch wider than OEM style units. A rubber bungy strap works too. the output shaft should turn both ways.

2....A good diagnostic tool and also shows rebuild information.More Tech Info on the 700R4 -Reference Books (both these books are worth having): 1..GM Automatic Transmission Over Haul -ISBN #1563921693 -...html (1 of 2) [4/12/2004 12:10:28 AM] .. Haynes Tech Book #10360 -. ATSG THM700R4 Techtran Manual (305) 661-4161 -. It has tons of pictures of the disassembly and the reassemble.........Tells how to overhaul the 350/400 and the 700R4... Transmission Dimensions to Sumner's Home Page -.700R4 Info Page 4 Return to Tech Info Page...

.com/sumner/techinfo/700R4p5.........700R4 Info Page 4 (try these sites): 1....html (2 of 2) [4/12/2004 12:10:28 AM] ..Transmission Dimension Page .................... Return to Tech Info Page http://purplesagetradingpost.......... TCI's Site -...

.......... but I thought maybe some of what I've done might help someone else........ These are Chinese products.... Metal Working Projects Index I have recently (2003) bought a Harbor Freight 12" X 36" metal lathe (Harbor Freight #33274) and an Enco Model 1051145 21" Swing Geared-Head Mill/Drill........ http://purplesagetradingpost.................. c ya.... Enco and Grizzly both sell what appears to be the same lathe as the Harbor Freight lathe and Harbor Freight and Grizzly also seem to sell the same mill/drill as the Enco one I purchased... If you have any feedback or suggestions just e-mail me.. Return to Sumner's Home Page ..html (1 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:10:42 AM] The following are metal working projects that I have done using the above mill/drill and lathe.................... I'm just a beginner at using these........Metal Working Projects Index ......................... Sum .........

...........Metal Working Projects Index ............ 2004 ) .. Page 3 .html (2 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:10:42 AM] ...... Cut-off Tool Holder for Harbor Freight 33274 Lathe (12" X 36") http://purplesagetradingpost......( Feb.. Page 1 ... Page 2 ... Collet Mounted Dial Indicator holder for an Enco Mill or Harbor Freight gear head mill............. Quill Mounted Dial Indicator holder for an Enco Mill or Harbor Freight gear head

. Boring Bar Holder for 4-Way Tool Post on Lathe http://purplesagetradingpost..Metal Working Projects Index Page 4 .html (3 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:10:42 AM] .com/sumner/metalworking/metalworking-index. A Press to Remove Links from a Chain Saw Chain Page 5 ...

.com/sumner/techinfo/tech--body-paint-index... I'm trying to show how a novice might over a course of time repair and paint his specialty car using common inexpensive equipment (relatively inexpensive) in a home garage/shop..Paint & Bodywork Index .... Return to Tech Info Index .............. books...Return to Sumner's Home Page .............Priming.............. but I'm always looking to improve... Sum Bodywork & Painting Guide Pages http://purplesagetradingpost.. The following is what has worked for me....html (1 of 2) [4/12/2004 12:13:48 AM] .... Remember there is usually more than one way to do something and still have it come out fine......Bodywork & Painting Index ..... so I'm open to suggestions.................Go to next Page -............. ............ Blocking.. etc.... I've put these pages on the site to help others who might not have a lot of experience with body work and/or painting............. What I offer here is what I've learned from others........ and on my own.

..............Return to Sumner's Home Page ...... Painting and Bodywork Tips -...... Blocking..Paint & Bodywork Index Page 1 -.. Return to Tech Info Index http://purplesagetradingpost.Setting up and Spraying Instructions .Priming........ ... etc..How I repaired an area with base/clear.... etc. Repairs on 1FATGMC -.... Safety........... etc..Equipment. Bondo.html (2 of 2) [4/12/2004 12:13:48 AM] .Priming....... Blocking...Metal prep and Bondo Appliccation Page 2 -. Harbor Freight HVLP Spray Gun -. ..Go to next Page

Actually different dies can be used and just laid into the bottom angle...........html (1 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:14:07 AM] ......Press Brake Page 1 .. So far I have been using it to bend 20 gauge cold rolled steel in widths up to 4 feet. This is hard to explain......... For a sharper bend use the option die layout I have shown..................... On the plans below I traced actual bends of 20 and 16 gauge steel to give you an idea of the sharpness of the bend.. The 16 gauge was 12 inches long...... Mike's Press Brake Page 2 . I have bent 16 gauge. Keep the pieces above the top http://purplesagetradingpost.......... The part not to be bent would just go straight through the brake....... Also if you made angles (dies) of different lengths and laid them in the bottom angle in such a way as to raise the steel to be bent above the bottom angle you could bend just partially across a piece of steel....... .... More than that and I think you would have to use 2 or 3 jacks although Mike has bent long pieces of 16 gauge with his with a single jack...... Return to Sumner's Home Page . Remember I used the steel I had laying around the shop to build this and you could substitute other pieces at various points in the design.... brake out of steel I had left over from other projects.......................... but if I do it (and I plan to) I'll get some more pictures/drawings up to explain it.... I did provide places for up to 3 jacks.... Sheet Metal Brake Page 1 Press Brake -......... but with the 20 gauge I have been using the one has been adequate..... but I think this is the limit with this design...I built this ......

Sum. but you can bend any angle less than 90. This brake has some limitations. This is especially important if you are making two bends close to one another. Mike's Press Brake If you have any question about the brake or it's construction just e-mail me. See the next page for a similar brake that Mike (Outlaw on RRT) built (Mike has been bending 20 and 16 gauge with his). Have fun bending. Also you can't bend past 90 degrees. If you improve on it send me some pictures/drawings to post for everyone.html (2 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:14:07 AM] . but considering the price (a jack and some steel) it's a deal I think. Also if you bend to 90 it is not to hard to use a hammer to go past 90 as the crease in the metal is there. Brake Page 1 die thin (the 2 pieces of 3/8X1 strap in the drawing) for a ways up above the top die so during a bend you are not hitting the metal to be bent in this area.

....................Press Brake Page 1 Go to Mike's Press Brake Page 2 http://purplesagetradingpost...html (3 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:14:07 AM] ......

.............. It sprays as good as the #38308 gun... Here is some good feedback on the new #43430 gun: Feedback from Doug Cox on the 43430 gun Pictures of the Semi Hood Mike http://purplesagetradingpost...... .... Return to Tech Info Index .................... It seems to respond well to the setup instructions I have below.................. but I haven't used Spray Gun - Please note: The #38308 gun I have is no longer sold by Harbor Freight...... They have replaced it with a similar gun that uses a little more air and it's number is #43430..........HVLP Spray Gun Setup Return to Sumner's Home Page ..............html (1 of 5) [4/12/2004 12:14:08 AM] ...... but some others have and you can go to the next page for feedback on the new gun....

I just like to pass on a good thing when I know one and this is one case where a low cost item has great performance.HVLP Spray Gun Setup Painted The Harbor Freight HVLP gun #38308 and the newer #43430 gun is a great gun to use for primers and will also do an excellent job with base color coats and high build This is not a gun a professional would use for overall paint jobs. No. so I have made up the following instructions http://purplesagetradingpost.html (2 of 5) [4/12/2004 12:14:08 AM] . (the gun comes with a 1. It is a good gun for the part time painter as it puts on enough paint to do a good job.7 Tip Kit for the gun from their service dept. I don't work for Harbor Freight. I spray with a 5 hp single stage compressor. For high build primers (mixed in highest build form) you might want to order their 1. This is probably the bare minimum you can get away with for an overall paint job (car in one piece). but I know a lot of pros use this gun for panel repair and primers. So if you are a part time painter who probably paints his rod in pieces and you need a gun that doesn't consume a lot of air I can recommend this gun. The one bad thing about the gun is that the instructions are not very good.4 tip). but not as much as an expensive production gun does that will get us novices in trouble.

html (3 of 5) [4/12/2004 12:14:08 AM] . Any feed back you have on the gun or these instructions is welcome. Close the valve at the bottom of the handle (on the Note: On my two year old gun they say the maximum pressure is 60 psi. Next set the regulator on the gun handle to 50 psi (what I use for DP40 and K36) with the trigger pulled and leave it set there. not the regulator) and then with the trigger pulled. Sumner Setting up and spraying with the Harbor Freight HVLP gun #38308 and the 43430 Pressure Adjustment: Open your compressor regulator up so there is plenty of air pressure in the line to the gun (I set mine to about 90 psi). I never mess with this after this unless I think it has been changed. Close the fan control down (on the left side of the gun behind the nozzle) so when you spray you only get small round circle. or masking paper) move the gun across http://purplesagetradingpost. With the gun about 6 to 8 inches from a test surface (I use the garage door or better yet some sheet rock. open it to the point where the air volume starts to stay the same (just listen to it) and leave it there (it should be pretty far open at this point). On my new gun it says 40 psi. Fan Adjustment: Next open the fluid volume control about 3 turns for starters (at the back of the gun). Instead of the 50 psi above you might try 40 psi if your gun says 40 psi max.HVLP Spray Gun Setup based on my experiences with the gun.

If you want 5 psi at the cap put 25 at the handle regulator (8 psi = 40 psi. so the fan is horizontal).). Changing the pressure to match spec sheets: Now you're ready to paint and with 50 psi at the handle the gun is spraying about 10 psi at the cap. 7 psi= 35 psi. You can't actually see the pressure at the cap which is what the spec sheets are referring to. Painting: Look at what your painting and the way the paint is going on the surface right behind the gun and adjust from there. You will also have to greatly shut the fluid volume down at the back of the gun (clockwise) at the same time to avoid runs. Some expensive guns have a gauge off the back of the handle that tells you the cap pressure and then they also have a regulator and gauge at the bottom of the handle like this gun that regulates the pressure into the gun. The gun is internally regulating the pressure down based on the inlet pressure. I usually turn the air http://purplesagetradingpost.HVLP Spray Gun Setup the surface (about 6 to 8 inches from the surface) and pull the trigger. etc. For instance if you want to spray some small areas/parts you can turn the fan down to a small round size. As you are moving turn the fan control until you get the desired fan shape/width (about 5-6 inches wide top to bottom oval shape for overall painting) (remember if you are spraying up and down on a surface you can change the nozzle at the front of the gun 90 deg. Fluid Control: Next after getting the fan the right size continue spraying and adjust the fluid volume at the back of the gun for the final adjustment to get the fluid right for the gun speed (how fast you sweep it across the work). but not causing runs at a normal gun sweep speed.html (4 of 5) [4/12/2004 12:14:08 AM] . You want to be laying on the paint at a pretty good

..... The higher pressure will actually mean fewer runs since the atomization is better............. but the above is what works for me............ Note: I'm not a professional painter............. Return to Tech Info Index http://purplesagetradingpost... This is not so critical with the primers........html (5 of 5) [4/12/2004 12:14:08 AM] ... base.HVLP Spray Gun Setup pressure at the regulator on the handle down to around 25 to 35 psi to do spot work like this. Proper Pressure: Remember you need a high air pressure (Set as the spec sheet calls for) so that you get proper atomization and so you can turn the volume up......... Click here for the 43430 Information page . If anyone else has anything they would like to add to the above or comment on please e-mail me......... and clear coats so you get good coverage without runs and with little orange Return to Sumner's Home Page ........ but you really need it with the sealer.

.. but still not bad for what you get................................ What a street engine! http://purplesagetradingpost..........................html (1 of 7) [4/12/2004 12:15:29 AM] ..... A number of these engines have been build and it sounds like the owners are happy..Small Block Chevy Should Have Built Return to Tech Info Page............. which should even give a better engine...........Return to Sumner's Home Page ..500/.... The cam used is Comp Cams 12-420-8 (270HR -.500 lift)....... I've priced it out from the different suppliers and it looks to me that it is going to cost between $4000 and $4500 to build not $2995 as stated................. ................ but I've never found one to talk to. I checked with AFR and they said Hot Rod had the heads laying around from a project (I believe a 305) they never got to and that AFR would recommend larger valves in the same heads..Hyd Roller with 215/215 at 350 Chevy Should Have Built This is a very interesting engine that Hot Rod built which I believe has a lot of good ideas.050 and ... Be sure and check out the very wide torque range of this engine (over 400 from from 2800 to 5200).... ..

Small Block Chevy Should Have Built http://purplesagetradingpost.html (2 of 7) [4/12/2004 12:15:29 AM] .com/sumner/techinfo/350%20chevy%20engine.

Small Block Chevy Should Have Built http://purplesagetradingpost.html (3 of 7) [4/12/2004 12:15:29 AM] .com/sumner/techinfo/350%20chevy%20engine.

........html (4 of 7) [4/12/2004 12:15:29 AM] http://purplesagetradingpost......Small Block Chevy Should Have Built ...

com/sumner/techinfo/350%20chevy%20engine.Small Block Chevy Should Have Built http://purplesagetradingpost.html (5 of 7) [4/12/2004 12:15:29 AM] .

html (6 of 7) [4/12/2004 12:15:29 AM] .com/sumner/techinfo/350%20chevy%20engine.Small Block Chevy Should Have Built http://purplesagetradingpost.

.........................Small Block Chevy Should Have Built ..................html (7 of 7) [4/12/2004 12:15:29 AM] http://purplesagetradingpost...................

.. but they should be close... so we are not necessarily comparing apples to apples..500 of an inch and above mean nothing to you....... Thanks...... A special thanks to Paul Shufelt for helping me with some of the numbers below. For the flow remember bigger is not always best..SBC Cylinder Head Info Return to Sumner's Home Page ... Finally I need help filling in some of the blank spaces in the charts.. The flow figures below are from a couple different If you have any of this missing info or some of this is wrong please e-mail me.SBC Cylinder Head Info I've compiled the following information on SBC Cylinder heads to help compare them.AFR Race 210cc http://purplesagetradingpost... Return to Tech Info Index ... Some of the heads with large flows and big runners are not going to be good street heads.. Also if you have a cam with less than ....400 for a street motor as that is the lift you will see for a good part of the cam duration...html (1 of 7) [4/12/2004 12:15:33 AM] ....500 inches of lift then the flows at . since they will have slow flow through the runners at street rpm. A lot of people recommend looking at the flows around ....AFR 190cc -. Sum AFR 180cc -.

200 Aluminum Trick Flow 23 Deg.Edelbrock Victor Jr.60 AFR Race 210cc Aluminum 2.GM LT1 372 Holley System Max Pro Top Line (Lightning) 180's -.GM L98 Vette -.World Sportsman Manufacturer & Head Type Valve Sizes I/E 2.GM 462 -. Edelbrock E-Tec 170 -.Brodix Track 1 Canfield Aluminum Dart Conquest 200 -.08/1.02/1.60 AFR Street 180cc Aluminum AFR Street 190cc Aluminum 2.Pro Top Line (Lightning) 200's -.60 Edelbrock RPM .GM Vortec 855 -.02/1.Trick Flow Twisted World SR Torquers -. .GM LT4 GM LS1 -.Dart Iron Eagle Edelbrock RPM -.GM 441 -.GM 882 -.html (2 of 7) [4/12/2004 12:15:33 AM] . Edelbrock 23 deg Cylinder Head Info Brodix 8 Pro -.Edelbrock 23 deg -. -.Edelbrock E-Tec 200 -Edelbrock Performer GM Fast Burn -.

400 0.100 0.94/ 0.600 0.50 Edelbrock E-Tec 200 Aluminum 2.100 0.700 ?/? 129/108 195/156 240/178 255/190 260/194 135/112 197/145 245/185 273/205 282/215 285/220 134/105 188/140 224/160 233/172 233/179 Manufacturer & Head Type Valve Sizes Edelbrock Victor Jr.700 67/64 123/111 173/145 219/180 255/198 275/206 284/? http://purplesagetradingpost.SBC Cylinder Head Info Chamber Size Intake Runner Exhaust Runner Flow Int/Exh @ 74cc & 68cc 180cc 64cc *10 74cc & 68cc 190cc & 195cc 64cc *10 ?/? 129/108 195/156 240/178 260/190 262/194 76cc 210cc 80cc *10 64cc & 70cc 170cc 60cc *4 72/61 71cc 212cc 60cc *4 78/69 140/116 200/158 242/195 270/213 275/224 See footnotes: 0.html (3 of 7) [4/12/2004 12:15:33 AM] .200 0.600 0.200 0.500 0.60 64cc 200cc 78cc *9 67/57 122/110 175/153 223/182 252/196 259/204 265/207 Edelbrock Performer Chamber Size Intake Runner Exhaust Runner Flow Int/Exh @ 70cc 215cc 60cc *1 64cc 170cc 70cc *9 64/54 130/104 186/140 220/169 232/183 238/190 70cc 170cc 60cc *2 66/55 135/103 186/135 215/151 220/165 222/169 See Footnotes: 0.300 0.02/1. Edelbrock E-Tec 170 Aluminum 1.300 0.400 0.

200 0.200 0.SBC Cylinder Head Info Manufacturer & Head Type Valve Size Chamber Size Intake Runner Exhaust Runner Flow Int/Exh @ *1 See Footnotes: (4 of 7) [4/12/2004 12:15:33 AM] .500 0.300 0.100 0.60 67 & 76cc 170cc Dart Conquest 200 Dart Iron Eagle Canfield Aluminum 64 & 72cc 180 to 230cc *3 and *6 67/55 128/104 179/140 205/156 221/166 225/170 *1 *1 *1 126/105 171/133 217/162 252/179 274/188 268/? 129/112 182/139 226/166 258/178 255/186 ?/187 141/107 201/143 247/175 258/190 257/200 Brodix Track 1 69cc 215cc Holley System Max Trick Flow 23 Deg.600 0.700 Manufacturer & Head Type Valve Size Chamber Size Intake Runner Exhaust Runner Flow Int/Exh @ *1 See Footnotes: 0.300 125/94 177/123 Brodix 8 Pro 132/102 187/131 225/150 240/164 243/162 64 & 72cc 200cc World Sportsman World SR Torquers Iron 2.400 0.100 0. Aluminum 64cc Trick Flow Twisted Aluminum 67 190 82 *1 60/50 130/103 178/142 *1 *8 51/58 *1 130/92 184/122 136/98 191/136 127/116 186/155 http://purplesagetradingpost.

50 56cc 170cc http://purplesagetradingpost.600 0.94/ 0.94/1.400 0.html (5 of 7) [4/12/2004 12:15:33 AM] .600 0.700 62/55 136/104 187/133 232/158 266/180 275/193 62cc 210cc 78cc GM Fast Burn GM Vortec 855 Cast Iron 194.00/1.500 0.500 0.94/1.100 0.50 76cc 155cc GM 462 Cast-Iron 1.700 220/144 254/164 226/170 223166 256175 259/183 222/148 242/172 252/187 230/163 253/177 254/190 227/183 254/204 265/213 Manufacturer & Head Type Valve Size Chamber Size Intake Runner Exhaust Runner Flow Int/Exh @ *2 See Footnotes: 0.200 0.400 0.55 65cc 204cc 194.150 ?/? 58cc ? *6 and *7 70/49 139/105 190/137 227/151 239/160 229/162 *3 55/52 120/104 160/133 186/151 196/170 *1 *6 83/62 147/114 197/141 230/167 250/180 243/185 134/104 189/136 222/165 240/179 252/185 Manufacturer & GM 882 Head Type Cast-Iron Valve Size Chamber Size Intake Runner Exhaust Runner 76cc 151cc GM 441 Cast-Iron 1.SBC Cylinder Head Info 0.50 62cc 156cc GM LT1 372 1.150 64cc 170cc GM L98 Vette GM LS1 GM LT4 2.

600 0.200 0.300 0.055/1.100 0.400 0.500 *13 *13 71/57 146/101 204/157 250/177 260/186 58/49 -----74/57 69/57 113/93 -151/101 163/125 207/157 203/151 243/177 231/170 258/186 134/101 192/157 236/177 261/186 http://purplesagetradingpost.) 2. Heads 2.html (6 of 7) [4/12/2004 12:15:33 AM] .com/sumner/techinfo/heads1.300 0.100 0.400 0.SBC Cylinder Head Info Flow Int/Exh @ 28 in.02/1. *12 ------.*13 See Footnotes: 0.60 Pro Top Line Pro Lightning 200 Alum.500 0.700 Pro Top Line Pro Lightning 180 Iron Heads (same casting as Alum.60 180cc 70/58 125/108 175/135 204/141 205/142 206/142 *6 55/45 110/83 160/118 194/133 201/146 203/148 *6 50/54 119/91 167/121 198/134 212/139 218/142 *6 72/53 129/101 180/136 213/155 214/165 215/171 Manufacturer & Head Type Valve Size Pro Top Line Pro Lightning 200 Iron Heads 2. *5 See Footnotes: 0.055/1.60 50cc/64cc/72cc 200cc Chamber Size Intake Runner Exhaust Runner 50cc/64cc/72cc 50cc/64cc/72cc 200cc Flow Int/Exh @ 28 in.200 0.

Chevy High Performance Feb..These flow numbers come from misc.From Trick Flow (Flow numbers) *9 -.From Paul Shufelt *7 -...From Air Flow Research Site *11 -..Tested at Westech with SuperFlow 600 Flowbench @28-in H2O *13 -.These flow numbers come from Edelbrock *5 -.600 0....From Chevy High Performance Feb..... 2001 *8 -.....'s Internet Site Return to Sumner's Home Page .. *3 -.SBC Cylinder Head Info 0..Jan 2001 *6 -.700 247/177 263/190 247/182 270/194 269/190 278/195 269/190 276/195 Footnotes: *1 -.These flow numbers come from Chevy High Performance Magazine Data......From Jim Scottt *12 -. *4 -...Pro Topline Ltd. Return to Tech Info Index http://purplesagetradingpost.From Edelbrock's Site *10 (7 of 7) [4/12/2004 12:15:33 AM] ... '04 -... *2 -....These flow numbers come from Car Craft .These flow numbers come from Pace GM Parts....... sources. I would strongly recommend getting one and carrying it with you.1 Wire Alternator Tech Page Return to Sumner's Home Page ... If you want to get the parts that will probably fix 90% of your problems then have your parts house order the following parts if they don't stock them....html (1 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:15:34 AM] ... For the following parts check: Transpo Electronics the d10se 12 will convert a 7127 alternator to a one wire alternator http://purplesagetradingpost. If you have a 1 wire alternator in you street rod..... custom or daily driver are you aware that parts for these are not stocked in most parts houses? I found this out last year when mine quit in Prescott. Return to Tech Info Index One Wire Alternator Info Thanks to Wayne Petty for most of this info.... Arizona while I was on a trip and couldn't find the parts I needed in a town with over 10 parts houses........ Most parts houses don't stock the self-energizing voltage regulator. If you have one you can put it in a 3 wire alternator that you can buy almost anywhere and convert it into a 1 wire or if yours goes bad in your 1 wire alternator you can replace it. Herein lies the problem....... The 1 wire is basically a 3 wire GM alternator (Delco) with a selfenergizing voltage regulator. They only cost about $6-$8 and take up almost no space..

.3 volt regulator.. d528 is a quality diode trio..1 Wire Alternator Tech Page you might also change out the lower parts. d10se12 is a internal one wire regulator... The Following are all ACE part numbers -...1 volt regulator ($4 to $6)... the d713L will convert your alternator to a one wire alternator. that what most rebuilders put in..Salt Lake City warehouse (801) 972-3796 & (800)451-1396 -.the 713 just plugs in and stays there. The one to get if you only get one is the VR1770SE: VR1770SE (alternate part number is D10SE12)--Self energizing 14.8 to 15.html (2 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:15:34 AM] ... the D7014 will also convert your alternator.. as these are better. If you run a Delco sealed top battery it will accept the higher voltage and you ($2) S1375L--Rectifier Bridge with 200v 50 Amp diodes ($6 to $8) Second Choice for the volt regulator is: VR1786SE--Self energizing 14.Phoenix warehouse (602)272-3800 & (800)742-8400. but it uses a box that must be attached to the back of the alternator. S1390--Diode Trios for most normal size Alts. I usually tell my customers to buy a cheap rebuilt 7127 and tear it apart and install the new componants...... Works best with average battery. dr5042 is a heavyduty rectifier bridge.

.... but if your bracket only fits a small gm alt it can be done. by just hooking up the correct wire ... one wire regulators are available for most alts.. E-mail me at wayne@servsite...Wayne Petty Return to Sumner's Home Page ... with 50amp @200volt diodes instead of 25A@100volters only a buck more .1 Wire Alternator Tech Page headlights will be gauge.. these small delcos are hard to do anything too with out replacing many parts..... I do recommend that you use 10 gauge or larger wire (10.. Return to Tech Info Index http://purplesagetradingpost. even the new cs delco units. I have all kinds of alternator books and starter books so I can give people parts info for hot rodding most alternators.. ace VR1770SE voltage regulator (try to get the ace version ) ace S-1375L rectifier bridge long with a description or the alt or starter and original app or numbers what ever you have.....) from the back of the alt to the battery.html (3 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:15:34 AM] ....... ace S-1390 diode trio the VR-1770SE regulators are self energizing and will control the alt light... but may not last as long If you get a 7127 10si alternator these are the parts that you will need to built it to a one wire alt.6...8......

............................ Return to Tech Info Index Dream Truck Top Chop From a 1950's Rod & Custom Article That was reprinted in Dec..Top Chop Page Return to Sumner's Home Page ............ (1 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:15:49 AM] ...... '88 Rod & Custom This is what I used for instructions in chopping my GMC .

...........Top Chop Page .............html (2 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:15:49 AM] http://purplesagetradingpost..

.html (3 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:15:49 AM] Chop Page Return to Sumner's Home Page . Return to Tech Info Index http://purplesagetradingpost.....

" POWER TRAIN SET UP: "Having a little information at the beginning of your street rod project can make setting up power train angles one of the simplest steps in the building process.Powertrain Guides Driveshafts for Hydraulics: "Driveshaft surprises are part of every hydraulics" DRIVE SHAFT ANGLES RE-VISITED: "Drive train set up continues to be a baffling and controversial subject.html (1 of 2) [4/12/2004 12:16:20 AM] ." http://www.iedls.

" HOME | The Critical Link | Driveshafts | Yokes | Bearings | Measure/Order | Set-Up Guide | Links Copyright ©2002 Inland Empire Driveline Service." UNEXPECTED RESULTS: "Anyone who has ever bolted a modified part on a car knows that some surprises can be Inc.Powertrain Guides OVERDRIVE VIBRATIONS: "If you already have or plan to install an overdrive transmission. http://www. Web design and hosting by ULTIMATE Internet Access. there are a few things you should know.html (2 of 2) [4/12/2004 12:16:20 AM] . Inc.

Air check that switch. it should zero out if you have a good connection.htm (1 of 2) [4/12/2004 12:18:55 AM] . be careful!! Got compressed air? Check the pressure switch "A" like this picture shows. Use 50 psi or less!! Some oil will come out of the little hole near the connector. Page 4 This is Hook an ohm meter to this swtich. http://www. Only a "squirt" will come out of a good switch. if you get a continous flow or lots of oil replace the switch.

highperformancecars. Page 4 Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 E-mail Transmission home page http://www.Air check that (2 of 2) [4/12/2004 12:18:55 AM] .

com/crosley/lockup2.highperformancecars. Notice the double wire connector is now hooked onto the pressure switch "A" and the cut off wire at the case connector "B".htm (1 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:19:46 AM] . The silver switch is a GM part # is 8642473 http://www.700/4L60 lockup. page 2 Pay attention Here is the modified & relocated wires attached as needed.

The pressure switch "A" inside is a self grounding switch.700/4L60 lockup.htm (2 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:19:46 AM] .com/crosley/lockup2. page 2 Here is the case connector that you see on the outside. the rear outer position is where you would attach the ground wire through a switch to lock up the converter in 2nd or 3rd gears if you wish. You DO NOT need a ground wire here for 4th gear lockup. Page 3 Page 1 http://www.highperformancecars. The front outer position is for "12 volts" .

htm (3 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:19:46 AM] page 2 Tranz page E-Mail http://www.700/4L60 lockup.

html (1 of 4) [4/12/2004 12:26:23 AM] .......... .............HVLP Spray Gun 2 Return to Sumner's Home Page ........................ Spray Gun #43430 This information on the 43430 gun is from Douglas Cox... Thanks Doug and if anyone else has any information on this gun they would like to share please e-mail me. Return to Tech Info Index .............

it was a full cup job. I just "eyeballed" the thinning. but I am getting great results even with the compressor 'kicking in' a lot.8 CFM. I know that Harbor Freight states that you need 9..again I was surprised.. and uniform. That is. many parts and used very little paint. but they are well worth the $65 they are selling for now. With two coats. Well. but it looked like new after clean-up. sags. The coats went on smooth. and still no runs.html (2 of 4) [4/12/2004 12:26:23 AM] . I am using about the same as you with a 20 gal.HVLP Spray Gun 2 I have used my 43430 2 or 3 times and it works GREAT (setup and used as per Sumner's instructions on the old gun -previous page). Clean-up was a Snap. I needed to paint some old car parts and I used a thinned High Gloss Rustoliem@ paint. Someone would really have to be out in left field to mess up a paint job using this gun !!!! I sprayed many. The mixture was not the same either time. I expected the paint cup to be stained black. In regards to my air compressor.. I only had one run and I knowingly did that to get paint behind a joint. single stage with a 60 gal tank--Sum).5-14. the bottom line is that I was totally amazed each time I used the gun. but again not exactly as before. The air pressure was close. after all these were just old car parts that needed painting. I don't think they will ever be on sale again. tank (mine is a 5 hp. even. I did not have any "orange peel" nor sags. So far the largest thing that I have painted is a car frame.

..... . http://purplesagetradingpost.. . I made a gun holder from several pieces of 1/4 inch plywood..... just behind the nozzle and in front of the trigger.HVLP Spray Gun 2 drips or orange peel............ The notches are about 1 inch wide and about 2 inches The gun rest in the front piece of plywood which is taller of the two. The gun is cradled in an upright position and filling the paint cup is very easy this way......... The second piece of plywood (shorter) also attaches to the 1X6 and the gun's lower finger guard/rest sets in it's notch...............html (3 of 4) [4/12/2004 12:26:23 AM] ........ As a side bar.... Two pieces of plywood have a "U" shaped notch in them and fixed to a one foot piece of 1X6...

.............. Doug ....... Return to Tech Info Index http://purplesagetradingpost................. I am able to walk around.....HVLP Spray Gun 2 I also installed a water filter and a 2 foot extension air hose at the gun end. I made a wire loop for the water filter that hooks to my belt..............Return To Previous Page............... paint and ensure that I have dry air to the (4 of 4) [4/12/2004 12:26:23 AM] ........Next Page Return to Sumner's Home Page ...............

com/crosley/lockup3. When in doubt.Lock page 3? when will it end? Pay Attention Here is a picture of a "loop" you can do for lockup in 4th gear only "if" your wire setup is like shown here.highperformancecars. Do not email me asking " how do I tell if my wires are like that?" Take the damn pan off and find out or try the wire looping.htm (1 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:29:59 AM] . take the pan off and look! This setup MUST have a silver Normally Open pressure switch! The switch is a GM part # is 8642473 http://www. If you try it and it burns something up don't blame me for your stoopidity.

com/crosley/lockup3.htm (2 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:29:59 AM] .highperformancecars. The wire that comes from nowhere is "12 volts" when the car is running.Lock page 3? when will it end? The loop connects the grounds needed. http://www. page 3? when will it end? Page 1 Page 2 Tranz page E-mail http://www.htm (3 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:29:59 AM] .

Copyright © 2000-2003 Bowtie Overdrives 700r4 2004r 4l80e converters crossmembers tv system tv cable cooling lines overdrive gm automatic torque converter transmission http://www. Check Ball Locations [Case Body] This section will show you the locations of the check balls in your case Get detailed instructions.Bowtie Overdrives BTO Links Frequently Asked Questions Technical Articles Technical Articles Get answers to the most common questions about 700R4 transmissions. Lockup Wiring Take a look at our Wiring Made Ez systems for your overdrive. why you need it and why you cant trust a vacuum modulator. Check Ball Locations [Valve Body] This section will show you the locations of the check balls in your valve body. diagrams and information about how lockup works.shtml [4/12/2004 12:33:48 AM] . Torque Converter Clutch Explanation We've written an in-depth article explaining the torque converter and it's functions as well as discussing the importance of lockup Vs non-lockup converters.700r4. conversions and lockup.

Product: Electronic Ratio Adapter Price: $145. set the DIP switches according to the calibration table included with your order. we have you (1 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:34:42 AM] . you simply hook up four wires. With the ERA. 25 Hope to see you there! Cable X http://www.35 Since General Moters no longer has this part in their supply system. The Electronic Ratio Adapter (ERA) is designed to correct this problem. Space #'s 21. If you are in need of a new speedometer sleeve for a 2004R. and you are ready to go Articles About BTO Car Craft Street Roder Rod & Custom Show Schedule Pomona Swap Meet March 7th April 25th June 6th July 18th August 29th October 17th December 5th For all events we'll be located at Road 16. we were forced to design and manufacture our own. 23.Bowtie Overdrives BTO Links Main Page About Us Contact Us Online Catalog Customer Login Hot New Products 700R4 Transmissions 2004R Transmissions 4L80E Transmissions Extreme Duty Parts TV System Cooling Lines Electronic Ratio Adapter 2004R Speedometer Sleeve Product: 2004R Speedometer Sleeve Price: $13.00 Any change in a vehicle's tire size or rear axle ratio will cause the speedometer reading to be inaccurate.

Can normally be installed with the transmission in the vehicle. http://www. 30% more holding power over the stock servo. The Cable X is basically an adapter that will pick up the electronic speedometer signal and will operate the cable driven speedometer to the corresponding speed. Early Corvette Radiator Product: 63-67 Corvette Radiator Price: $495. Billet Servo Product: Billet aluminum red 200R4 4th Gear Servo Price: $69.00 This modern highly efficient all aluminum radiator has a heat exchanger for automatic transmissions built into the exit side tank. The Cable X is accurate plus or minus 2% on most vehicle's OEM electronic speed signal.bowtieoverdrives. This along with our Lines Made Ez makes connecting up a modern temperature control system for automatic transmissions a (2 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:34:42 AM] .00 Custom billet 4th gear servo. Price: $293.99 The Cable X is an easy way to operate a mechanical speedometer without having to deal with long messy cables and the hours of downtime installing drive gears in a transmission.Bowtie Overdrives BTO Affiliates Wise Transmissions Hat Racing Race Street Rally Product: Mechanical Speedometer to Electronic Speedometer Conversion Kit.

30% more holding power over the stock servo.00 Custom billet 4th gear servo.Bowtie Overdrives Product: Billet aluminum blue 700R4 4th Gear Servo Price: $49. Can normally be installed with the transmission in the (3 of 3) [4/12/2004 12:34:42 AM] . Copyright © 2000-2003 Bowtie Overdrives 700r4 2004r 4l80e converters crossmembers tv system tv cable cooling lines overdrive gm automatic torque converter transmission http://www.

Screws Extreme-duty Components TCC Lock-up Flexplates Installation Tools Dipsticks Cooling Lines Inspection Covers TV Systems Torque Converter Crossmembers Gauges Overdrives Articles About BTO Car Craft Street Rodder Rod & Custom Installers Kit $67.php?Action=GETSUBCAT&CATID=S (1 of 2) [4/12/2004 12:34:50 AM] .bowtieoverdrives.Sub categories BTO Links Filters Catalog Sections Installation Tools · Filters · Gauges Hot New Products 700R4 Transmission 2004R Transmission Speedometer Gears Shifters Nuts .Bolts .00 Part #:INSTALLKIT Installation Tools .

25 Hope to see you there! BTO Affiliates Wise Transmissions Hat Racing Race Street Rally Copyright © 2000-2003 Bowtie Overdrives 700r4 2004r 4l80e converters crossmembers tv system tv cable cooling lines overdrive gm automatic torque converter transmission http://www.php?Action=GETSUBCAT&CATID=S (2 of 2) [4/12/2004 12:34:50 AM] .com/catalog/catalog.bowtieoverdrives. Space #'s 21.Bowtie Overdrives Show Schedule Pomona Swap Meet April 25th June 6th July 18th August 29th October 17th December 5th For all events we'll be located at Road 16. 23.

Screws Extreme-duty Components TCC Lock-up Flexplates Installation Tools Dipsticks Cooling Lines Inspection Covers TV Systems Torque Converter Crossmembers http://www.php?Action=GETSUBCAT&CATID=D (1 of 2) [4/12/2004 12:34:53 AM] .bowtieoverdrives.Bolts .Sub categories 2004R Gear Sets 700R4 Gear Sets BTO Links Catalog Sections Speedometer Gears · 2004R Gear Sets · 700R4 Gear Sets Hot New Products 700R4 Transmission 2004R Transmission Speedometer Gears Shifters Nuts .com/catalog/catalog.Bowtie Overdrives Articles About BTO Car Craft Street Rodder Rod & Custom Speedometer Gears .

com/catalog/catalog.bowtieoverdrives. 23. 25 Hope to see you there! BTO Affiliates Wise Transmissions Hat Racing Race Street Rally Copyright © 2000-2003 Bowtie Overdrives 700r4 2004r 4l80e converters crossmembers tv system tv cable cooling lines overdrive gm automatic torque converter transmission http://www.php?Action=GETSUBCAT&CATID=D (2 of 2) [4/12/2004 12:34:53 AM] . Space #'s 21.Bowtie Overdrives Show Schedule Pomona Swap Meet April 25th June 6th July 18th August 29th October 17th December 5th For all events we'll be located at Road 16.

Bowtie Overdrives Articles About BTO Car Craft Street Rodder Rod & Custom Cooling Lines .php?Action=GETSUBCAT&CATID=U (1 of 2) [4/12/2004 12:34:56 AM] .Screws Extreme-duty Components TCC Lock-up Flexplates Installation Tools Dipsticks Cooling Lines Inspection Covers TV Systems Torque Converter Crossmembers http://www.Sub categories 700R4 Cooling Lines TH-350 Cooling Lines 2004R Cooling Lines TH-400 Cooling Lines 4L60E Cooling Lines Power Glide Cooling Lines BTO Links Catalog Sections Cooling Lines · 700R4 Cooling Lines · 2004R Cooling Lines · 4L60E Cooling Lines · TH-350 Cooling Lines · TH-400 Cooling Lines · Power Glide Cooling Lines Hot New Products 700R4 Transmission 2004R Transmission Speedometer Gears Shifters Nuts .

php?Action=GETSUBCAT&CATID=U (2 of 2) [4/12/2004 12:34:56 AM] .Bowtie Overdrives Show Schedule Pomona Swap Meet April 25th June 6th July 18th August 29th October 17th December 5th For all events we'll be located at Road 16. Space #'s 21. 23. 25 Hope to see you there! BTO Affiliates Wise Transmissions Hat Racing Race Street Rally Copyright © 2000-2003 Bowtie Overdrives 700r4 2004r 4l80e converters crossmembers tv system tv cable cooling lines overdrive gm automatic torque converter transmission

However when they try the procedure the transmission doesn't behave the way they know it should. all Th-700R4 and Th-2004R transmissions should perform the following downshifts: r Fourth gear to third gear r Fourth gear to second gear r Fourth gear to first gear r Third gear to second gear r Third gear to first gear They shouldn't shuttle back and forth from 4th (overdrive to third) while just trying to maintain the appropriate highway speed. http://www. The same articles offer little in the way of a reasonable solution concerning how to set up the TV system between a performance aftermarket carburetor and the transmission. We find a very large percentage of people who have installed these overdrives have no idea how they should behave or what they're actually capable of doing.Bowtie Overdrives q A typical 700R4/2004R installation costs between $1000 to $2500. let us offer you the following: ______________________ q q q q q q Up shift at the appropriate time when using light throttle. The results is most of these folks become so intimidated by this "mystery" system that they readily accept terrible transmission behavior because they fear ruining their new transmission by not getting it right! We at Bow Tie Overdrives have always felt these wonderful overdrive automatic transmissions should be the very centerpiece a high performance vehicle and not have their potential performance compromised in any way! This whole section of your web site is devoted to helping folks get these wonderful transmissions operating properly so they can enjoy their new overdrive transmission to its fullest! The subsequent sections will offer a comprehensive explanation of this complex system. Shift firmness and delay should increase proportionally to the amount of throttle applied. skinned knuckles and no small amount of thought. Under specific conditions. Wide open Throttle upshift points should feel firm and occur at the correct RPM. With that thought in mind. ingenuity and fabrication skills. requires many hours of labor.tvmadeez.Throttle Valve Made Ez .com/ (1 of 2) [4/12/2004 12:35:53 AM] . Most Hot Rodders have read a number of articles emphasizing how "critical" the set up of the TV cable system is to these nifty overdrive transmissions. These articles usually offer impossible to understand diagrams of how the TV system cable needs to be pulled or a procedure to try. simple tools and how to use them so you can maximize the performance of your Th-700R4 or Th-2004R with absolute confidence you will not do something to damage it in the process. Shift with a moderate firmness at light throttle.

Bowtie Overdrives If you would like more information on the TV If you are in the need for a solution to your behavior system it's self. This is a 3 part series covering many / fuel injection setups.Throttle Valve Made Ez . http://www. topics. check out our article entitled. check out our precisly engineered systems that we have available for most of the popular carurators System 101" (2 of 2) [4/12/2004 12:35:53 AM] . "TV problems.

Take a look at the descriptions below to see which kit you need. http://www. "Everything". all required terminals and fuse adapters! This kit taps into your vehicles existing brake light circuit to disable converter clutch lock up whenever the brakes are applied. When we say "everything included".Bolts . everything you will need to get the required automatic lock up (engagement) the torque converter clutch whenever the transmission is in its four gear (overdrive) position.php?Action=GETSUBCAT&CATID=O (1 of 2) [4/12/2004 12:35:58 AM] . includes the necessary wiring.Screws Extreme-duty Components TCC Lock-up Flexplates Installation Tools Dipsticks Cooling Lines Inspection Covers TV Systems Torque Converter Crossmembers Complete Relay style kit This is our most popular kit since it will work on any vehicle that has electric brake lights! This is a complete kit which includes both the internal and external wiring harness and all other necessary components to quickly and easily gain total control of this wonderful feature. that is exactly what we mean. This kit will automatically unlock (disengage) the torque converter clutch anytime the transmission leaves fourth (overdrive) for any reason. Most vehicles that came from the factory with 700R4/2004R transmissions typically used a computer to control the 12v circuit that controls the engagement of the torque converter clutch. Our optional manual switch control allows the converter clutch to also be engaged in second or third gears whenever the driver chooses by the simple activation of the on/off switch. Our wiring kits provide automatic fourth gear only converter clutch lock up (engagement) and automatic unlock (disengagement) whenever the transmission is not in the overdrive (4th) gear position. Click here to see our 'Complete relay style kit' for the 2004R ·Click here to see the wiring instructions for this kit. This built in safety feature prevents stalling the engine at highway speeds if you should skid the rear tires while in lock up! Click here to see our 'Complete relay style kit' for the 700R4 ·Click here to see the wiring instuctions for this kit. control relay. Using one of our wiring kits it completely eliminates the need to use a computer when installing one of these wonderful overdrive automatics into a non stock application.Bowtie Overdrives Articles About BTO Car Craft Street Rodder Rod & Custom Torque Converter Clutch Lockup Wiring Our Wiring Made Ez kits offer an easy solution for re establishing the critical torque converter clutch lock up function in custom non computer controlled installations. This kit contains every item required to convert any computer controlled Th-700R4 to non computer control and gives you features not offered by factory set ups. Torque converter clutch engagement is the only function controlled by a computer on Th-700R4 and Th-2004R q BTO Links Catalog Sections TCC Lock-up · 700R4 · 2004R Hot New Products 700R4 Transmission 2004R Transmission Speedometer Gears Shifters Nuts . fuse protection. Each of our kits can be installed in under an hour.

Bowtie Overdrives Show Schedule Pomona Swap Meet April 25th June 6th July 18th August 29th October 17th December 5th For all events we'll be located at Road 16.php?Action=GETSUBCAT&CATID=O (2 of 2) [4/12/2004 12:35:58 AM] . This kit taps into your vehicles existing brake light circuit to disable converter clutch lock up whenever the brakes are applied. Since this is the major source of heat input into the transmissions 23.Sub categories 700R4 2004R Copyright © 2000-2003 Bowtie Overdrives 700r4 2004r 4l80e converters crossmembers tv system tv cable cooling lines overdrive gm automatic torque converter transmission http://www. our GM brake switch kit is simpler and easier to install than the universal Relay Style kit. This inexpensive and easy to install switch allows the driver the ability to engage (lock up) the torque converter clutch whenever he/she chooses by simply activating the switch. This is also a very important tool to control the extreme heat build up with high stall converters. This built in safety feature prevents stalling the engine at highway speeds if you should skid the rear tires while in lock up! Click here to see our 'External relay style kit' q Complete GM Plunger Style Brake light switch kit If the vehicle you're installing the Th-700R4 or Th-2004R into is a General Motors vehicle that's already equipped with a factory plunger style brake light switch similar to the one shown here. you can minimize the possibility of overheating your transmission. Connect the simple single red wire circuit provided in this kit. q Optional manual switch kit to allow for engaging the torque converter clutch in 2nd and 3rd gears in addition to the automatic overdrive feature. eliminating completely the converter as a heat source! Click here to see our 'Optional manual lockup kit' ·Click here to see the wiring instuctions for the relay manual lockup ·Click here to see the wiring instructions for the Plunger style manual lockup TCC Lock-up . You simply remove the existing brake light switch and install the one provided in our kit into the same bracket. Space #'s 21. 25 Hope to see you there! q External wiring only Relay style kit If the builder of your transmission has already provided the required 4th gear pressure switch and self grounding solenoid. through the new brake light switch to a keyed on 12 volts source and you're all set up! BTO Affiliates Wise Transmissions Hat Racing Race Street Rally Click here to see our 'Brake relay style kit' for the 700R4 Click here to see our 'Brake relay style kit' for the 2004R ·Click here to see the wiring diagram for these two kits. This kit can quickly be added to either the Relay Style kit or the GM Brake light switch kit. you will simply need our external wiring harness to complete the set up. Engaging the torque converter completely eliminates work heat from developing inside the converter. This kit includes everything necessary on the exterior of the transmission. Once engaged. the converter provides a direct mechanical drive to the transmissions input shaft. This is a wonderful method of eliminating overheating the fluid inside the torque converter while towing in 2nd or 3rd gear.

Screws Extreme-duty Components TCC Lock-up Flexplates Installation Tools Dipsticks Cooling Lines Inspection Covers TV Systems Torque Converter Crossmembers categories B&M Gennie Shiftworks Kugel Components BTO Links Catalog Sections Shifters · B&M · Shiftworks · Kugel Components · Gennie Hot New Products 700R4 Transmission 2004R Transmission Speedometer Gears Shifters Nuts .php?Action=GETSUBCAT&CATID=L (1 of 2) [4/12/2004 12:36:00 AM] .Bolts .Bowtie Overdrives Articles About BTO Car Craft Street Rodder Rod & Custom Shifters .

25 Hope to see you there! BTO Affiliates Wise Transmissions Hat Racing Race Street Rally Copyright © 2000-2003 Bowtie Overdrives 700r4 2004r 4l80e converters crossmembers tv system tv cable cooling lines overdrive gm automatic torque converter transmission http://www.Bowtie Overdrives Show Schedule Pomona Swap Meet April 25th June 6th July 18th August 29th October 17th December 5th For all events we'll be located at Road 16. 23. Space #'s 21.php?Action=GETSUBCAT&CATID=L (2 of 2) [4/12/2004 12:36:00 AM]

Screws Extreme-duty Components TCC Lock-up Flexplates Installation Tools Dipsticks Cooling Lines Inspection Covers TV Systems Torque Converter Crossmembers .bowtieoverdrives.Sub categories 700R4 Crossmembers 2004R Crossmembers BTO Links Catalog Sections Crossmembers · 700R4 Crossmembers · 2004R Crossmembers Hot New Products 700R4 Transmission 2004R Transmission Speedometer Gears Shifters Nuts .php?Action=GETSUBCAT&CATID=Y (1 of 2) [4/12/2004 12:36:03 AM] .Bowtie Overdrives Articles About BTO Car Craft Street Rodder Rod & Custom Crossmembers .

bowtieoverdrives.php?Action=GETSUBCAT&CATID=Y (2 of 2) [4/12/2004 12:36:03 AM] . 25 Hope to see you there! BTO Affiliates Wise Transmissions Hat Racing Race Street Rally Copyright © 2000-2003 Bowtie Overdrives 700r4 2004r 4l80e converters crossmembers tv system tv cable cooling lines overdrive gm automatic torque converter transmission 23.Bowtie Overdrives Show Schedule Pomona Swap Meet April 25th June 6th July 18th August 29th October 17th December 5th For all events we'll be located at Road 16. Space #'s 21.

Bolts .Screws Extreme-duty Components TCC Lock-up Flexplates Installation Tools Dipsticks Cooling Lines Inspection Covers TV Systems Torque Converter Crossmembers http://www.bowtieoverdrives.Sub categories 700R4 Converters 2004R Converters BTO Links Catalog Sections Torque Converter · 700R4 Converters · 2004R Converters Hot New Products 700R4 Transmission 2004R Transmission Speedometer Gears Shifters Nuts .com/catalog/catalog.php?Action=GETSUBCAT&CATID=X (1 of 2) [4/12/2004 12:36:05 AM] .Bowtie Overdrives Articles About BTO Car Craft Street Rodder Rod & Custom Torque Converter .

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what effects will this have on my car? Copyright © 2000-2003 Bowtie Overdrives 700r4 2004r 4l80e converters crossmembers tv system tv cable cooling lines overdrive gm automatic torque converter transmission http://www. and if so. Is this true.700r4.Bowtie Overdrives What kind of mileage increase should I expect? I’ve heard that the first gear ratio is lower then either the TH350 or TH-400.shtml (2 of 2) [4/12/2004 12:36:53 AM] .com/faq/faq.

but you may wish one if you feel direct driving during a race would be beneficial. you certainly don't need a lock up converter.700r4.Bowtie Overdrives BTO Links Torque Converter Explaination Converter Explaination TCC Wiring [Index] [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] Notice: The following information and the opinions expressed here are directed at regularly driven street vehicles. not race cars! If you have a race only application. If you have a race car disguised as a street (1 of 2) [4/12/2004 12:37:18 AM] . you definitely need a lock up converter! http://www.

If other sources don't have the same success with their converter clutches. We have tried to set up this section to allow the visitor to access any single part listed below for clarification of only certain areas that they may not fully understand.Describes why lock up is needed.Bowtie Overdrives Let me state up front. we feel that not using a lock up converter has inherent negative effects that are undeniable and will lead to a shortened transmission life. q q q q Part 3 . believe very strongly all street applications will benefit tremendously by using the lock up converter feature. we as a company. We have heard lots of arguments why a lock up converter shouldn't be used but never heard one that makes sense to us. In our opinion. q q Part 1 . These downsides are easy to demonstrate and will be explained in detail in the following sections. how to control it and when it should be used. a correctly understood and properly used lock up converter clutch offers tremendous benefits and has no downsides (other than possibly a small weight savings and some possible cost differences). Part 5 . The purpose of this technical write up is to help our customers understand what the torque converter "lock up" clutch function is.shtml (2 of 2) [4/12/2004 12:37:18 AM] . This Torque Converter section of our web site is in seven parts. just wish to purchase a system to control it.Describes only the mechanical components used for converter clutch lock up. Furthermore.Describes all the major torque converter components.An explanation of the electrical and hydraulic control circuits. Part 2 . maybe they should find the problem and correct it instead of advising their customers to eliminate one of the greatest features available in automatic transmissions since the development of the torque converter itself.Step by step wiring installation instructions and schematic drawings. If you don't necessarily want an in depth understanding of this lock up system. We have been building and installing only Th-700R4 and Th-2004R transmissions for over seven years and consider these converter clutch mechanisms to be almost bullet proof if built and used correctly. please feel free to go directly to the seventh part and just order the system you need. There is a lot of companies that will tell people these clutch mechanisms are weak and prone to failure. Part 6 .Describes the two complete electrical wiring methods we offer and how to choose the one right for your application. Our kits come with complete wiring instructions plus we have a step by step installation guide and schematics for on line viewing in part six. how it works and why it is so essential to the overall efficiency and longevity of these overdrives. Feel free to start with part one and go through this whole explanation from beginning to end.700r4. Click here for our wiring section * Purchase wiring kits * Installation instructions * Wiring diagrams q Copyright © 2000-2003 Bowtie Overdrives 700r4 2004r 4l80e converters crossmembers tv system tv cable cooling lines overdrive gm automatic torque converter transmission http://www. I would advise you to go to part 4 so you will at least understand why it's so important and how to properly use the system. Part 4 .com/tech/tc_article/index.

com/tech/tcc/index.700r4.Bowtie Overdrives BTO Links Torque Converter Clutch Wiring Installation Relay style wiring kit q TCC Wiring q q q Purchase kit / More information Installation instructions Wiring diagram Installation instructions for towing option Brake switch style wiring kit q q q q Purchase kit / More information Installation instructions Wiring diagram Installation instructions for towing option Internal wiring kit 2004r Installation instructions 700R4 Installation instructions Wiring diagram q q q Copyright © 2000-2003 Bowtie Overdrives 700r4 2004r 4l80e converters crossmembers tv system tv cable cooling lines overdrive gm automatic torque converter transmission http://www.shtml [4/12/2004 12:37:52 AM] .

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Shown in the two red circles are the locations for the check balls in the 700R4 transmissions.700r4.Bowtie Overdrives BTO Links Technical Articles Valve Body Technical Articles Top-Left: Valve Body Top View. Copyright © 2000-2003 Bowtie Overdrives 700r4 2004r 4l80e converters crossmembers tv system tv cable cooling lines overdrive gm automatic torque converter transmission http://www.shtml [4/12/2004 12:38:38 AM] . Bottom-Left: Close up of the Valve Body. The red arrows are pointing to the check balls sitting in their proper

20 1.62 1.46 1.html (1 of 26) [4/12/2004 12:46:29 AM] .com only until we can contact Steve to get his site back up in operation.00 0.00 0.44 2.70 n/a Final Drive ratios http://www.95 1.06 1.34 1.00 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 2.48 1.94 1.52 1.00 n/a 2.28 1.00 0.00 n/a 3.00 n/a 2.63 Borg-Warner T-5 (GM Close Ratio) 2.52 1.88 1. M-22) GM Muncie (M-20) GM Powerglide GM Turbo Hydra-Matic 350 GM Turbo Hydra-Matic 400 GM Turbo Hydra-Matic 200-R4 GM Turbo Hydra-Matic 700-R4 2.61 1.00 n/a 2.75 1.00 0.52 1.34 1.Drivetrain Tech ATTENTION: These pages were created & copyrighted by Steve Parker.94 1.74 1.74 1.64 1.76 1.48 1.74 Borg-Warner T-10 2nd Design Borg-Warner T-10 2nd Design Borg-Warner T-10 2nd Design GM Muncie (M-21. Transmission Ratios GM Transmission Ratios TRANSMISSION 1ST 2ND 3RD 4TH 5TH Borg-Warner T-5 (GM Applications) 2.64 1.28 1.33 1.67 n/a 3.00 n/a 2.00 n/a 2.montecarloss.00 n/a 1.57 1.23 1.46 1. They reside here on MonteCarloSS.

wiring/TCC solenoid. I am NOT Art Carr or Mike Kurtz or Level 10 or ?. As I have stated before. As you disassemble the main drive pieces. I’m always open for new ways. separator plate. http://www.42:1 gearing. Turn wire to get it under the housing and pull it out(kinda crude but works for One thing to note is the input drum teeth to direct clutch drum notches. Remove everything from bottom of trans (filter. Same with removing the center support(exposed outer area of the support). hub up .06 3rd -> 3.html (2 of 26) [4/12/2004 12:46:29 AM] .. Just a hobbyist who likes to do things himself whenever possible.73 4th -> 2.install pump and the rest of the main drive in the order that it came out of the case). For example. Average about 6 large cans. Final drive ratios for TH350 and TH400 with 3. some may not. 3-4 accumulator and check balls)..49 Using the 350 1st -> 8.).85 3rd -> 3.governor/cover. Clean/inspect everything thoroughly one section at a time.19 3rd -> 3. Although there is a special puller for removing the pump.1-2 accumulator housing/backing plate..82 3rd -> 3. on the floor. I would like to know. Foamy Brite works good on the case/valvebody for removing grime and clutch dust(although if possible take the case to a machine shop and have it hot-tanked.41 2nd -> 6. valvebody. Pretty straightforward for disassembly. I use a brass drift/hammer(lightly) on the exposed portion of the rear pump body. Mark both drums as to their mating for reassembly (can be seen after dropping the pan). Some modifications are for VERY hard shifts and are not necessary for a mild rebuild(items are noted). there are a lot of torrington bearings that MUST be installed a certain way (some not the way you would think the are to be installed) and clearances that MUST be set correctly or it will break (trust me I know. For the low/reverse clutch housing. Remove front pump bolts.42 Final drive ratios for TH200R4 and TH700-4R with 3.. idea’s and methods. Some people may disagree.). Carb cleaner works great for removing all the clutch dust in the drums/housings and valves.61 2nd -> 5.montecarloss.48 2nd -> 5.68 Using the 400 1st -> 8. Any other things that I have missed or people do different.. Assemble with new clutches/bearings(if needed) and re-assemble outside case.73 4th -> 2. I use a piece of #6 solid copper wire bent in a "L" shape inserted between the output shaft and the housing.22 2nd -> 5. assemble them back together(I use the converter..73:1 gearing. TH200R4 rebuild info These are modifications that I do to the TH200R4 when I Rebuild them.Drivetrain Tech Using the 200 1st -> 10. but it is what has worked for me(so far).42 Using the 700 1st -> 11. One thing I must mention is that you need a shop manual and/or someone who is VERY familiar with these transmissions. Disassembly.

This will line the pump halves up(and will eliminate the requirement for a special tool). I personally don’t like using the spacers for the accumulators.-20x1/2" allen screw with red loctite in the passage to block it off.. First drill the front seal area drain hole(angled passage viewed from the front of the pump with the seal removed)to a &frac14..html (3 of 26) [4/12/2004 12:46:29 AM] . I use Art Carr’s Super rebuild kit and Mike Kurtz/Art Carr shift kits. I have burned up the 2nd gear band because there was not enough clearance between the band and the direct drum. A friend gave me the instructions from this kit and this is the only modification I use from them.) although I use 10 vane pumps. All the other transmissions did not have these pieces. I use Art Carr’s valve although Mike Kutrz’s is the same. This will help front seal drainback to the pan and will keep from blowing the front seal out. In my personal cars. you can install the pump upsidedown in the case and torque the bolts for the two pump halves. Although some people like the B&M shift kit..Drivetrain Tech Inspection -Most of the problem spots are: 4th clutch is usually burned or hot spots on the steels/backing plate. Perform the same modification to the 1-2 accumulator housing. Install a &frac14.00. Pump converter bushing worn/galled. Re-assemble pump slide and pressure relief with stock springs. Trans-go kit installs a . Tap the passage that feeds the 3-4 accumulator with &frac14. Drill the intersecting passage and mating passage in rear pump half to 5/16". Direct clutch and Forward clutch have same problem... Some of the modifications are from a Trans-go kit(front pump seal drain hole) but I have never installed one of these kits. It may have the large cover/piston/accumulator already).com/SSThunder/drivetrain. They are not too expensive(around 55. Most shim/change the line bias valve http://www. Re-assembly -Start with the front pump modifications. Rebuild kits/Shift kits This section I am biased on what to use. then you can change the pin in the car(although a cat converter makes it fun. The piston is larger than other pistons and allows for more fluid area to apply the band for 2nd.. These pins are identified by the number of rings on the pin tip that fits in the band. I would rather use a stiffer spring. Main item here is the pump vane rings. It’s best to assemble the servo with the original apply pin. Be warned though. I also change (if it’s not a Grand National trans) the servo cover. Trans-go kit installs a washer between the 3rd accumulator and the apply pin..".030" washer under the 3rd accumulator spring. I get them from a transmission warehouse). If on a budget re-use stock 7 vane pump(here comes the flaming responses.-20 tap.) Valve Body -Install the springs supplied with the shift kit your using. I would rather use the next size apply pin. Once finished. servo piston and 3rd accumulator to a Grand National servo setup. Front pump -A few modifications in this area. Install hardened steel pump vane rings. but all three work well.. Rear pump body grooved from pump rotor(requires replacement of pump assembly) Stator support splines chewed up/worn.montecarloss.(not necessary for mild rebuild) The objective of most shift kits is to limit the travel of the accumulators either by stiffer springs or spacers(plus a few valvebody mods and pump operating pressures). Broken 1-2 accumulator spring. Replace existing pressure regulator valve/spring in rear pump body with new design valve/spring. Stock ones are cast and if the haven’t failed consider yourself fortunate. Remove stock stator support from rear pump body and install new hardened spline stator support. but I have found no difference with or without it. Transmission Case.(haven’t done one in a Monte Carlo yet. The only accumulator left in the oil circuits is the 3rd accumulator which is needed to "push off" the 2nd gear band. I also step up one size in the servo apply pin. I eliminate the accumulators completely so that all the oil is directed to the clutches. Sometimes 2nd gear band burned/pitted(from broken 1-2 accumulator spring). If the 1-2 shift is not "hard" enough for your taste.

Install the rear output shaft into the case and into the yoke. Some kits remove the throttle valve modulator downshift spring.crude method but it works for me. install new roller thrust bearing in rear carrier roller clutch(see parts listing). When this happens you have NOTHING(forward or reverse). Some rear carriers have a plastic thrust washer instead of a bearing. Original retainer uses 16 springs for piston return.006-. If not within this clearance (usually is with original washer) then rear selective washer must be changed to bring clearance within tolerance. Some kits change the 2-3 valve shift spring.Get a bearing if you can. Remove yoke setup once snap ring is installed and check rear unit endplay.. I remove 6 springs from the retainer so that the piston does not have to overcome so much spring pressure to apply. I install a new wave plate from GM (see part number listing). Assemble main drive to snap ring on output shaft.004-. I install a new backing plate from GM(backing plate is usually burned or hot spotted). Original setup uses 6 clutches and 6 steels with 1 backing plate. Set the depth of the yoke in the rear of the trans so that the rear internal gear(on the output shaft)teeth are centered with the parking pawl.This clutch is not too much of a problem spot although the housing/splined shaft is in higher horsepower applications.) This will hold the output shaft/rear internal gear in the correct place for re-assembly of the lo/reverse clutch. I also modify the retainer/spring assembly. Most drill the "RND4D3" orifice. 2nd oil feed(next to 1-2 shift valve check ball) and "RND4" orifice to 1/8" (shown in the factory or ASTG manual). What-ever kit you use. I use a new driveshaft yoke installed in the rear of the transmission.. New setup also uses same amount. Tie off the yoke ends with a piece of bailing wire to the outside of the trans to secure it in place(I know.. Forward clutch. 3 installed 2 http://www. it’s time to install the main drive assembly. Main drive/assembly in case -Now for the fun part. After new rear bushing/seals are installed. Mike Kurtz also drills the 3rd clutch(direct) orifice and the throttle valve orifice to 1/8" also(which is what I use).montecarloss. I install a new backing plate from GM(backing plate is usually burned or hot spotted). Lo/reverse clutch. He was experimenting with heat treating the spline/shaft.This clutch is usually burned and is a problem spot. 1 removed.more durable. Setup retainer springs so that there are 3 springs (starting with the center of the three over the check ball in the piston) 2 removed.025". front internal gear and rear selective thrust washer and snap See part number listing.. go with their instructions. The separator plate mods are usually the same. 2 installed.). Pick up transmission and set down on output shaft. I try to set it at . Read dial indicator(should be . clutch housing. Last year I was talking to Mike Kurtz at the GS nationals. Although the special "J" tools make it easier. Also install a copper thrust washer on the back of the input drum(original is plastic except for GN’s)..Also if not already provided.Original setup uses 6 clutches and 7 steels with 1 wave plate.Drivetrain Tech spring so that it stays closed from exhaust. this method has worked for me. I have broken the shaft right out of the housing and broken the splines off the end of the shaft. He was TIG welding the splines to the shaft but still suffered failures.. Which ever kit you use. rear carrier. New setup uses same amount. I don’t know if he had success or not with it.html (4 of 26) [4/12/2004 12:46:29 AM] . front carrier. See part number listing. For higher horsepower applications I install a new housing from GM and have not had a problem(so far. 3 steels. Original setup uses 4 clutches. install what the require. Direct clutch. input drum.012"). New setup was 7 clutches (now has gone to 8) 7 steels (also gone to 8 using Art Carr’s super rebuild kit) and 1 backing plate. with 1 wave plate and 1 backing plate. Set up dial indicator(I use an old brake drum and set the tail shaft in the center to allow the output shaft to hang freely) with clamp and set to "0". Some kits change the Throttle valve spring to a stiffer spring.

. just passing it on. some converters have weak springs in the lock-up clutch and can break (although I have not had this problem..... If a firmer torque converter clutch lock-up is desired.. Bolt the front pump in with o-ring and gasket installed and new bolt washers and your done!!! (whew. accumulator housing. Check front unit endplay ..026-. Assemble forward clutch into direct clutch.. This clearance is VERY important!!! If set too loose the overrun carrier will thrust back into the overdrive internal gear and hammer the thrust bearing until it fails (Trust me.) till you "feel the snap ring on the end of the input shaft hit the bottom of the overrun carrier(I usually see about ..028") then "0 dial indicator. Overrun pulling up on forward clutch shaft and read dial indicator ( I use a small pair of vise grips on the spline end to pull it up. Original setup uses 2 clutches 2 steels 1 backing plate. Stand up trans on end and set dial indicator to read tip of input shaft. Try the 3 lbs force/20 lbs force a couple of times till you get a feel for the snap ring hitting the overrun carrier and the overrun clearance. I install a new backing plate from GM (backing plate is usually burned or hot spotted)..022-.Drivetrain Tech will). If not within specifications..another selective washer to change. They don’t need to be SUPER tight (spline damage) just enough to pick it up) (BTW.) and read clearance.This is also where Art Carr has improved over stock.004-. Just pull the pump and change the overdrive washer on the back of the stator support. Another trick is to JB weld the edges of the filter where the metal is crimped to the plastic..030").... Install center support and bolt in place. 2 installed and 1 removed. Another warning.(Just kidding..(last one.027" clearance(I set to . Pull up (3 lbs of force.. Install new shorter piston(supplied in rebuild kit).).) at least with the main drive.Nothing special here. If not within specifications. See part number listing.. You have to tear down the maindrive all the way down to the rear output shaft.. Pull up harder(20 Lbs.024-. Also trash the little orange filter ring on the filter tube and use 2 o-rings..051" (I set at .. remove the check ball in the end of the input shaft. lining teeth from input drum into direct clutch drum (indicator mark from disassembly). New setup uses same amount.. On hard acceleration. modified separator plate... I install a new backing plate from GM (backing plate is usually burned or hot spotted). Should be . Install spring retainer and snap ring(I use one large screwdriver to push the spring retainer down and work the snap ring in the snap ring groove working in a circle).) from the fast apply of the clutch. (this is the fun part. If you are a picky as I am you will do this 4-5 times to get the clearance you want (also helps to have all 15 front selective washers. the oil goes to the back of the pan and the pump will suck air from the leaks at the front of the crimp on the filter. Install dial indicator on spline tip of forward clutch shaft and "0". See part number listing. Start with the original one and work from there.012"). I recommend that you wrap the shaft with something to save the splines but won't slipTom)..006-.. This offers a better seal around the filter http://www.) you have to tear the main drive all the way down to the output shaft and change the front selective washer. governor and (5 of 26) [4/12/2004 12:46:29 AM] . I use petrolatum jelly to retain the washer to the back of the stator support to bring clearance within specifications. guess what. finally..Are we having fun yet???). and wiring. Stand trans on end of output shaft. See part number listing.. Fourth clutch..). Front unit endplay should be .montecarloss. Original setup uses 2 clutches and 3 steels with 1 backing plate. I install a new backing plate from GM (backing plate is usually burned or hot spotted). Install pump without o-ring and gasket to check the overdrive unit endplay. Assemble valvebody and related parts(check balls installed per instructions (use petrolatum to hold in place). This allows the lock-up clutch to apply faster due to no restriction for exhaust of the oil (If you notice the check ball has a small hole the allows oil to pass by the check ball at a certain rate).

31mm)) GM #8628088 Plate(forward clutch waved) GM #8628085 Plate(Direct clutch backing(4.. Andy just e-mailed me.) Drill (3/8 variable speed) . Tools Required. your friendly (unfriendly?) GM dealer should be able to cross reference them." drive set has to be used for Making the 200-4R "bullet-proof" Updated by George Dumpit (4/97) The TH700R4 is a stronger tranny.#27 Torx bit(stator support change). (Art Carr or Mike Kurtz) Pressure regulator valve. Torque wrench (3/8" preferred). 10 vane pump(optional) (Art Carr or Mike Kurtz) Hardened pump rings (TransGo . 13mm socket.008 gauge for a lip seal tool but lip seal tool is preferred) . Misc.. Feeler gauges(I use a . a disadvantage is slightly higher ratios for all gears (except 3rd of http://www. When you open the rebuild box and look at all those rubber parts/seals and think "What the hell am I doing?" It’s no too bad just TAKE YOUR TIME and READ the shop manual before and while your doing the rebuild.. GM #8628962(if required) Bearing(Thrust Rear carrier to lo/reverse roller clutch) GM #8648389 (if plastic washer installed) Plate(lo/reverse clutch waved) GM #8633371 Washer(input drum to housing copper) GM #8626372 Bearing(front carrier to sun gear) GM #8633875(if required) Bearing(internal gear to carrier) GM #8628202(if required). (Art Carr or Mike Kurtz) Transmission drain plug(now’s the time to install it) Hardened stator support (Art Carr or Mike Kurtz). Sockets (seal drivers.... Hopefully the rebuild box will be empty except for a few Teflon accumulator rings.. Brass drift Hammer (Ford wrench. Parts List Rebuild kit . That &frac34.Drivetrain Tech tube to the pump inlet.50mm)) GM #8632570 Bearing(overdrive carrier to internal gear) GM #8634035 (if required) Bearing(overdrive carrier to sun gear thrust) GM #8634035 (if required) Plate(overrun clutch backing) GM #8634864 Plate(4th clutch backing) GM #8634866 Screen(pump solenoid) GM #8627509 Thanks to Art Carr. These transmissions are NOT for the novice!! If you have any questions or something is not clear you can E-mail me at Drive shaft yoke. Plate(forward clutch backing(6.) Screwdrivers. Bushing drivers. He's going to email the new numbers to me and I will post them. Level 10.Art Carr or Mike Kurtz) 2nd gear band (kevlar preferred.and drill bits. Meanwhile. Mike Kurtz.. Art Carr or Mike Kurtz) if not use GM #8634919 Bearing(sun gear to internal gear). and let me know that some of the part numbers have changed. Dial indicator with clamp and 8" adjustment rod.html (6 of 26) [4/12/2004 12:46:29 AM] . 10mm socket.Press..(Art Carr or Mike Kurtz) Shift kit. and TransGo for the painstaking research to cure the TH 200 R4's problems.montecarloss. That’s It. Snap ring pliers. and parting with their latest high tech fixes! Many tranny guys don't want to tell you anything unless you hand them a pile of cash...

and progressively later (higher speed) upshifts at higher throttle settings. For more good info on building up the TH200-4R's.. but incorrect line pressure. The Kevlar band is a VERY good band so long as the band clearance is not too tight.. instead of having a vacuum modulator to sense engine load. the throttle valve also adjusts main line pressure in the transmission. In addition to providing forced downshifts (kickdown).Drivetrain Tech course) I say "disadvantage" for those of us who want to get a little more gas mileage out of it. the cable is "pulled" progressively with throttle position. TH200-4R build-up parts list: q q q q q q q q q q Hardened stator support 10 vane pump Hardened chrome pump rings (stock are cast rings and break. the 700R4 is an easy Add the extra clutches to the direct (3rd gear) and overdrive(4th) clutches as well as the hardened forward clutch housing shaft B&M Stage II shift kit (Transpak) Proven neck snapping shifts good to roughly 450HP. http://www.montecarloss. can. What this means. Good u-joints are a must. Aftermarket 700r4's can be found for around $1550. :) GM Throttle Valve (TV) Cable Adjustment GM has a number of automatic transmissions that. attached to the throttle linkage. GN servo cover.html (7 of 26) [4/12/2004 12:46:29 AM] . use a Throttle Valve Cable. Operating a transmission with the TV cable out of adjustment. not only produce early. Traction bars are a plus. another cause of failure) The newest re-designed pressure regulator valve (it's been re-designed about 4 times so far) Opening up the front pump seal drainback hole to at least 5/16" to keep from blowing the front seal out. Change the servo apply pin to a 3 ring or 0 ring (longest) pin to apply the band around the direct drum. The TH350's and TH400's are good trannys as well but the SS's love 4th gear. and will eventually "burn" the transmission clutches. piston and 3rd accumulator piston. is that TV pressure that is too low. will produce main line pressure that is also too low. For full race. in simple terms. talk to a GN owner. as well. When the throttle is depressed. (estimated) A higher stall converter along with a nice strong limited-slip rear is also recommended. or late upshifts.

Drivetrain Tech

Before a transmission is test driven (after installation) a preliminary adjustment must be made, and then "fine tuned" during the test drive. Adjust the cable so that it will be pulled all the way, when the throttle is simultaneously opened all of the way (with the engine turned off, of course). Make sure that the cable returns (with no binding) when the throttle is released. This preliminary adjustment will frequently be too "high", and the throttle pressure will have to be reduced, to attain proper shift points. I prefer to start with an adjustment that is "too high", and then work down, rather than "too low" and work up.

How to adjust your Throttle Cable
To raise throttle pressure (raise shift points, and makes "kickdown" more responsive) move the cable housing towards the firewall (away from the throttle linkage), as you simultaneously depress the 'D' shaped button on the cable housing. Move the cable housing adjustment a small amount at a time (one "click"); a small adjustment can often make a world of difference. Naturally, to lower the pressure (lower shift points, and make "kickdown" less sensitive) move the cable housing towards the throttle linkage.

200-4R vs. 700-R4
From: Jim Dobravec ( For those who are still debating between the 200-R4 and 700R4.... there is an article in the March 1995 Hot Rod issue where they do a tranny comparo between the two. They basically asked the "experts" at Art Carr and TCI about the two trannys. Some of the highlights were: 200-4R comes with a universal bolt pattern bellhousing (fits Chev Buick Olds Pontiac engines) - 700-R4 is a Chev only pattern. - 200-4R offers full-throttle upshift into overdrive, while only the 91 and later Corvette 700-R4s offer this feature. - a few years ago GM ghanged the 700-R4 designation to 4L60 same tranny except 4L60-E is computer controlled. - Most tranny companies agree that the early 700-R4s had some durability problems and must be highly modified to make good performance engines.(didn't say what the mods are) - the early 82-84 700-R4 units had a smaller 27-slpine input shaft and should be avoided. the 85-87 700-R4s can be upgraded but both companies recommended starting with an 88-93 700-R4 - as for the 200-4R, the best are the ones used in the turbo Buick T-Types and Grand Nationals, but any of the 86-88 gearboxes are good cores. - Art Carr claims both are equally durable and both can handle up to 600 lbs-ft of torque and around 700hp (not stock I'm sure!!) - Art Carr has been adapting the 200-4R for use in automatic equipped Mustangs. (sounds like putting chevy engines into a Ford again :) ) Bottom Line: both TCI and Art Carr also agree that HOW you use the tranny is a big factor in selecting the correct performance automatic. If blasting 9's on the dragsrip is your plan of attack a performance built Turbo 400 or powerglide is the best choice. Both the 200-4R and the 700-R4 will live on the dragstrip behind some pretty powerful engines. However keep in mind the quicker the car runs the more abuse the tranny has to endure, which in turn will reduce its life expectancy. --- From: J Gray ( I know this subject has already been discussed, but as I was digging though my old HOT ROD magazines and I found this interesting article "THE GREAT DEBATE (700-R4 vs. 200-R4) Which is the Better Overdrive? "HOT ROD MARCH 1995" Here are a few highlights that I copyed straight for the (8 of 26) [4/12/2004 12:46:29 AM]

Drivetrain Tech

article. All 200-R4s offer full-throttle upshifts into overdrive while only the '91 and later Corvette 700-R4s offer this feature. The early '82-'84 700-R4s units had a smaller, 27-spline input shaft and should be avoided. The '85-'87 700-R4s can be upgraded, but most companies recommend starting with an '88-'93 700R4. These transmissions offer a number of advantages that enhance durability. The best 200-R4s are between '86-88. While the 700-R4 offers the deepest first-grear ratio, this does not necessarily make it the best choice. Note that the 700-R4's first-to-second-gear drop is far greater than the 200-R4's. This will hurt acceleration. 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 200-R4 2.74 1.57 1.00 .67 700-R4 3.06 1.62 1.00 .70 "The key is that the 200-R4 is as durable as the 700-R4"

700R4 Overhaul Tips
The 700r4 (or 4L60 as it is now called) is a fully automatic 4-speed transmission with a lock-up torque converter. It was first introduced in 1982, and came mainly in the General Motors pick-up truck line. Later, the transmission started showing up in almost all of the rear-wheel drive automobiles in the Chevrolet and GMC line, until 1993 when it was discontinued (The 4L60E and the 4L80E replaced the 4L60). During the 11 years of production, there have been a multitude of changes; Some worked . . . and some didn't, but overall, the transmission has become a reliable gearbox after overhaul, as long as the proper "updates" have been made, and a little care is taken. In the early days of the 4L60 transmission (back when they called it the 700r4), there were LOTS of week points. The technicians hated them. The backyard mechanics hated them. People were putting TH350's and 400's in place of the 700r4. It seemed that every one that was overhauled, came right back....blown up.(Not every one, but it sure seemed that way!) Actually, the TH350 was that way when it first came out; The HEI ignition system (GM electronic ignition) was that way too; people were putting Powerglides in the place of the "unreliable 350's"; They took out the HEI, and put "point-style ignition" in it's place; And lots of backyard mechanics have been known to disable the self-adjusters on drum brakes, claiming that they , too, are unreliable. Well, now, as with all the other examples, we have learned what works....and what doesn't, and are able to build a 700r4 that is reliable.

Overhaul Tips
I have been overhauling 700's for about 10 years now, and during that time I have learned alot. (Why do I always have to learn the hard way?) I now overhaul, on the average, about two a week (that's average; some weeks more and some weeks less.) I picked up some "tricks" along the way, and have found this unit to be both, a reliable and a desireable transmission after a few modifications. As with all the other late-model generation of transmissions, this trans must be clean and care must be taken during inspection and assembly. Follow torque specifications closely. (9 of 26) [4/12/2004 12:46:29 AM]

Drivetrain Tech

There are basically 3 major versions of the 700r4. From '82 until '84 there was a small-input-shaft unit with the same spline as the 200c transmission. It took an RPM part# C-21 (gas) or C-37 (diesel) torque converter*. Make sure not to use the later torque converter. It will install just fine, but the vehicle will not move when you are finished! From '85 to '87 there was a large input shaft version, which has the same spline as a 350 trans. It takes an RPM part # C-40 (gas) and a C-39 (diesel) torque converter*. The early torque converter ('82-'84) will not install, so there is no danger of using the early torque converter on the large shaft. From '87 1/2 up, the large shaft is still used, but GM incorporated an auxilary valve body to cushion engagement into drive. There are some interchange problems that arise. There have been many changes to the 700r4 trans since it's first production. Obviously, input shafts (and the drums that connect to them) are different. Reverse input drums come in three different varietys ('82-early '87, which has a square oil orifice, and a steel piston, '87'92, which has a smaller round oil orifice, and an aluminum piston, and '93, which has an aluminum piston and a larger square orifice (similar to the early drum). Pump stator supports, and their respective pump halves have changed through the years. There are, as you may have guessed, small shaft, large shaft, and '87 1/2 up auxilary valve body versions. There is an early ('82 to '84) sprag assembly that has gold thrust washers, and uses the plastic washer between it and the front planet; And the later version of the sprag assembly, that has silver thrust washers and Does not use the plastic washer between it and the front planet....put a washer there and you will eliminate all thrust end-clearance, and the unit will fry (I told you, I have to learn everything the hard way....Oh well, at least this way, I never forget this detail!). Always replace the valve body separater plate with the same code stamped on the plate. Watch the checkball location. Different years take different locations. Prior to '87 1/2, there are (5) 1/4" check balls in the case and (3) 1/4" check balls in the valve body. Later years take (4) and in rare cases (5) in the case and (2) in the valve body and (1) in the auxilary valve body. During overhaul, I grind two flat spots on the Pressure regulater valve (GM has an updated valve which essentially does the same thing), and I replace the TV Boost valve with GM part #8634940. Replace the check ball capsule (GM# 8634400)in the case (the one that extends into the servo area). I remove it by threading a 3/8 coarse long bolt into the capsule, and "slide hammering" it out. Install using an old PR valve, and align the holes in the capsule with the opening in the servo area. I also remove the check ball that is in the capsule at the rear of the case (the one that feeds the low/reverse piston) on later units that have the ball (the early units don't have the ball). I drill four holes in the separater plate; 3/4 release hole to .078", 2nd band apply to .110", 2/3 apply to .110" and T.V. balance hole to .055". Also, make sure that the gaskets do not cover the hole in separater plate.(see photo). I install GM part # (8642970) lock-up valve on the early (10 of 26) [4/12/2004 12:46:29 AM]

Drivetrain Tech

transmissions that don't have computer controlled lockup circuits, shortening the spring by one coil with a set of side cutters for the gas rigs, and installing the valve with the spring unaltered for the diesels. I put washers between the TV plunger and the TV valve spring to effectively make the spring longer (one washer for the gas rigs and two washers for the diesels). Put new iron vane rings (RPM #54222A) in the pump assembly (the early ones were prone to breakage). Loctite the pump seal with red #271 Loctite. Check to make sure that the rear ringgear is the updated GM version that comes as standard equipment on (I think) '85 and newer (it will have 3 lines stamped in the side of the park teeth). If not, replace with GM part # 8667055. Replace the early accumulator pistons (again I'm only guessing) '85 and older, with later pistons with rubber rings rather than teflon. On '87 and later models, I discard the 3/4 release springs and drill the 3/4 release hole in the separater plate (see photo). I install solid type teflon rings on the input shaft with a special tool (RPM # J29569). Set up the end clearance (.005-.036); The #70 selective washer seems to work 80% of the time. On the 6 cylinder versions (S10 and camaro) I replace the 3/4 apply "fingers" in the aluminum drum with the V8 version, which is lower, allowing one more clutch and steel than the original. In addition, on the 6 cylinders, I remove the aluminum plate and top overrun steel plate from the forward clutch line-up and replace with a V8 version apply pressure plate, allowing one more forward clutch and steel plate. On the same application, I replace the reverse input piston with a V8 version, which is shorter, and will accept one more clutch and steel. On the later ('87 1/2 up) reverse input drum pistons (the later drum comes with an aluminum piston.), I reduce the size of the bleed-off orifice in the piston by installing Fitzall part#77761C cup plug. On the earlier ('82-'84) 700's, I also replace the 1-2 shift valve spring with one that is a little stiffer (the gil-younger shift kit has the right spring); the early versions shifted into 2nd gear way too early. 90% of the time I replace the governor gear; they are always worn out. This transmission is equipped with a lockup torque converter; Make sure that it is working (11 of 26) [4/12/2004 12:46:29 AM]

Drivetrain Tech

correctly on the test drive; If not, fix it.....don't ignore it, unless you like working on the same transmission, over, and over, and over and........... Check the sungear shell, carefully, for cracks around the splined area; They break occasionally. (If it seems that I am jumping around alot, I'm sorry, I am doing this all from memory as I go.) Well that's all there is to it. I may have left something out, but I will update if I think of something else. Let me know if you have a "trick" that is not listed here. I will have the pictures up as soon as I take them (Now what the heck did I do with my Poloroid?) * There are other part #'s, as well, but these are the most common

TH700R4 conversion tips
Installing a 700 in a "non-700" application, is not too difficult, and is even easier if the vehicle is GM made and happens to already have an automatic transmission. It is impossible for me to include every detail that you may need to know for your intended project, but the following details apply to most installations. I have installed 700's in many different types of vehicles, ranging from a '34 Ford Coupe, '40 Ford pickup, numerous 50's Chevy pickups, and my own '57 Studebaker 2dr wagon, to late model Camaros, GM two, and four-wheel drives, and plenty of other applications, and have used these following suggestions, repeatedly, to produce what I think is a "sanitary" installation. Keep in mind, as you perform a conversion of any type, what your overall goals are. I am reminded of a story about a person that wanted to improve his Jeep truck (he loved to fourwheel), by installing a V8 in place of the original 6 cylinder engine. Nearing completion of the conversion, he noticed that the front driveshaft would not easily fit in it's original location; It was interfering with the engine oil pan, so he left the front drive line out, and can no-longer go fourwheeling! Some improvement!! Generally, what I want, in any type of conversion, is to IMPROVE the vehicle. I also happen to have great respect for the engineers that originally designed the vehicle. For the most part, they did a great job designing the vehicle, making the vehicle safe, reliable, and delivering satisfactory performance, for most normal applications, and it would seem to me, to be arrogant, on my part, to think that I can, so easily, improve on what a team of engineers, and plenty of research and development funds were able to do. With this in mind, do your conversion meticulously;


Make cooler lines out of New 5/16" (in most cases) steel line, and bend the lines carefully (with a tube bender), and double flare the ends. Don't use copper line, or fuel hose! Use a new, factory type transmission mount, and make a crossmember (if your installation requires it) that is as close to factory style, as possible. q Make sure the TV cable is in good condition, and use the factory TV cable brackets (at the (12 of 26) [4/12/2004 12:46:29 AM]

Drivetrain Tech

carburetor), as well as a factory TV hookup on the Carburetor. Make sure that it is adjusted properly. q Use an original type dipstick tube, and matching stick. If you don't have the original "stuff", buy a new tube and stick at your local GM dealer. q Use a torque converter cover. If you don't have one, go out and buy one, again, at the dealer. q Use a factory type manual control linkage, and hook it up, and adjust it properly. q Install new U-joints....good ones. I prefer Spicer....And make the driveshaft the proper length; don't settle for a driveshaft that is "good enough for a test drive, and I will have one made later...." q Make sure that the flywheel is not bent, and the teeth are in good shape. q Don't install a shift kit in any 700R4. (This is my own "gut felt recommendation"; some people like to use shift kits in 700's) q Make sure the wiring to the TCC(Torque Converter Clutch) circuit is properly done, and verify that the torque converter does lock-up properly during the test drive. q Install new torque converter bolts, and use #242 locktite on the threads (the threads are 10mm X 1.5, don't use the standard 3/8-16 bolts that may have been in your previous transmission's torque converter) q Make sure the dowels, in the engine block, extend into the transmission case adequately, and that the engine block mating surface is clean. q Take pride in your installation One question that I am frequently asked: How long is the 700?, and did they make one that would fit a Buick, Pontiac, Olds (B.P.O.), Cadillac? The 700 is approximately the same length as a "medium shaft" 350 (6" long tail housing), which came as standard equipment in many GM trucks in the '70's, which is about 3" longer than the common "short shaft" 350 that came in many GM Cars, and trucks, and the output shaft on the 700 is the same spline as the 350, as well as the 200 transmission, and the yokes are interchangeable, making for an easy installation in most GM vehicles. The 700 is only available in the Chevrolet version, and I do not recommend the "adapter plate" that converts the chevy to the B.P.O. bolt pattern.

Wiring the TCC(Torque Converter Clutch) controls
There are two main controls governing TCC application. First, there are hydraulic controls, that control lockup timing, and application, and Second, there are electrical devices that control, and override the hydraulic controls. The electrical controls include, a lock-up solenoid, pressure switches, low-vacuum switch, and a brakecancel switch. The following is my recommendations for wiring the lockup circuit in an earlier conversion. (13 of 26) [4/12/2004 12:46:29 AM]

Drivetrain Tech

I recommend running an accessory hot wire (hot only when the key is on), through a normally open brake cancel switch. This switch will allow current flow, only when it is depressed; The brake pedal depresses the switch, normally, and releases the switch when the brake is applied. This switch works exactly opposite the brake light switch, whereas the brake light switch allows current, only when the brake pedal is depressed, the cancel switch interrupts current when the brake pedal is depressed, thereby unlocking the torque converter clutch in a panic stop. From the brake cancel switch, power is routed through the low-vacuum switch (GM part#14014519 interrupting power when the vacuum is low, such as heavy throttle), and connected to the transmission. Inside the transmission, I normally route power through a 4/3 switch (GM part# 8642346 normally closed), and then to the solenoid. I use an internally grounded solenoid (GM part#8654123), so there is no need to run a separate ground circuit. There are other ways to accomplish the same thing, but I feel this is the easiest way to do it RIGHT!!

Torque Converter Clutch Schematic (14 of 26) [4/12/2004 12:46:29 AM]

Drivetrain Tech

Here's how I interpret the circuit:
q q q q

(Upper left)Ckt 39-pink/black wire goes to from +12V (Gauges fuse) to switch on brake pedal Ckt 420-Purple goes from brake switch to hot side of TCC Solenoid Ckt 422-Tan/Black from gnd side of TCC Solenoid to ECM and pin F of ALDL connector In addition, a 4th gear switch and overtemp sensor inside the transmission provide a ground to force a lockup if in 4th gear and trany fluid temp is over 260F

TCC Disable switch HOW-2 Locate the the switch near the top of the brake pedal arm. It should have a pink/black wire and a purple wire connected to the switch. Follow the Purple wire and select a good place to splice a (12v) switch into it. When this switch is in the "off" condition the TCC will not engange at all. TCC Engaged light HOW-2 Connect a (12v) light between pin "F" on your ALDL connector and the purple wire running from the Brake pedal switch. (15 of 26) [4/12/2004 12:46:29 AM]

or a rotation in the opposite direction. connect a switch between pins "A" and "F" on your ALDL conector. Planetary Gearsets Planetary gearsets have been in use since the earliest automatic transmissions. My switch lamp was connected to terminal #3 and terminal #4. When one gear is held stationary. and another gear is rotated. Connect the other end of the purple wire (A) to terminal #1 and place a jumper wire from terminal #1 to terminal #5 3. If you use an LED #3 is positive. and a If you would like all three options wired then you can do the following: First you need to find the correct switch. A planetary carrier and planets. In Operation when the switch is "Up" TCC engagement is normal. constantly in mesh. #4 is neg. Today's automatic transmissions are actually using "compound planetary gearsets" because they are basically two planetary sets that have common parts. Planetary gearsets are made up of three components. Connect a wire from terminal #6 to pin "A" on the ALDL connector 5. A sungear. Connect a wire from terminal #4 to pin "F" on the ALDL connector 4.montecarloss. or an increase in speed. the third is driven at either a reduction . Cut the purple wire from the brake switch and connect the switch end of the purple wire (B) to terminal #3 2. 1. When the switch is in the center "OFF" position the TCC is DISENGAGED When the switch is "Down" the TCC is FORCED ENGAGED The light comes on whenever TCC is engaged.Drivetrain Tech TCC Forced Engage switch HOW-2 This one is easy. forced or not.html (16 of 26) [4/12/2004 12:46:29 AM] . http://www. You want a LIGHTED DPDT switch with a center "off" position rated at 12v 3a These are tough to find! The one I used was an automotive type switch that came with a small mounting bezel.

and Vacuum Modulator. and bleeds off the excess pressure. and helps the spring "push" on the valve. One-way clutches. These sprags allow the planetary gear to be held under acceleration. two planetary carriers. TH350. is directed to the pressure regulator valve. The valve body uses this information to adjust the hydraulic pressure. caused by both the spring and the throttle pressure helping the spring. For reverse. as the transmission is shifted into drive. Automatic transmissions monitor engine load with a TV valve or modulator to get information for shift timing.montecarloss. This makes the spring seem stiffer. hydraulic pressure increases with engine load. but to freewheel under deceleration. like the freewheel on ratchet wrench. and freewheel in the other. and one-way clutches (sprags or roller clutches) are what does the "holding". the forward clutch is still engaged (to move forward). Shift Valves. use two ringgears. Controlling Shift Quality In automatic transmissions. this hydraulic pressure is commonly referred to as "Main Line Pressure". and the one-way clutch freewheels. and 2nd gear) a reverse. and which gears are "held". and bands. To shift into second gear. very little hydraulic pressure is needed to apply the bands and clutches. higher hydraulic pressure is needed to apply the bands and clutches to change gears. the front. we get two different gear reductions (1st gear. the valve moves.) By changing which gears are rotated. and the low one-way clutch holds. the forward clutch is disengaged. The pressure regulator valve has a spring "pushing" on one end of the valve. the forward clutch is engaged. These clutches and bands are used to "hold" the different components of the compound planetary gearset. to overcome the increased pressure. or intermediate band is applied. from transmission to transmission. Let's use a typical 3 speed automatic transmission(A TH400. the Governor. helps the pressure regulator valve. This pressure coming from the modulator. First. and the one-way clutch is still freewheeling. and hydraulic pressure "pushing" on the other end of the valve. to compensate for varying engine loads. etc. and it varies. allowing different combinations of gears. You have 1st gear. Devices. hold in only one direction. but the direct clutch is engaged and the reverse band is applied. known as clutches. When the hydraulic pressure is high enough to overcome the spring pressure. In this way. the forward clutch engages. By the way.Drivetrain Tech Typical 3 speed transmissions. but long enough to mesh with both planetary carriers. As load increases. "gear" and a 1:1 ratio (third gear). work in unison to select the proper gear. before the valve can bleed off the excess pressure. In light throttle conditions.) to illustrate what happens as the trans goes through the the direct clutch engages and the band is released. and a common sungear (all one piece. giving us third gear. giving you second gear.html (17 of 26) [4/12/2004 12:46:29 AM] . hydraulic pressure must be higher. The Throttle Pressure Valve. or modulator. by varying fluid pressure depending on engine load. but tends to be around http://www. When shifting to third gear.

When a shift is commanded. and "absorbing" some of the hydraulic pressure that is also acting on the friction component needed to create the desired gear change. One way. opposite the spring). and on to the cooler passage. before exiting through the hub. as simple as a piston with a spring on one side. or transmission input shaft speed. where it is "dumped" in behind the spring steel clutch. http://www. that mates with a corresponding "flat spot" on the inside of the torque converter housing. before applying the friction component. "turbine". This acts to "slow" down the application of the friction component. similar to "pinching" a garden hose.html (18 of 26) [4/12/2004 12:46:29 AM] .or orifice. and keeping the converter "unlocked".montecarloss. which is then splined to the input shaft). inbetween the clutch.Drivetrain Tech 50 or 60 PSI at an idle. An accumulator can be. leaking past the "gap" between the clutch. To further cushion the shift. There are other ways. with clutch lining on the outer diameter of one face. to improve shift quality. It is made up of a spring steel. commonly used in conjunction with main line pressure "altering".com/SSThunder/drivetrain. and may go as high as 250 PSI under certain highload conditions. to "slow down" the application of the friction components. and "stator". so it is obvious that the converter housing turns at exactly engine speed. in line. engineers often incorporate Accumulators. in neutral. and the converter cover. so it is also obvious that the clutch turns at exactly turbine. The fluid must pass through a small hole. acting on one side of the piston (the side of the piston. to slow water flow. This hydraulic pressure "pushes" on the piston. creating a highpressure area behind the clutch. is to provide a restriction. compressing the spring (on the other side of the piston). hydraulic pressure is routed through an orifice and into a chamber. This accounts for some of the shift-quality-improving characteristics of a modern automatic transmission. and the cover and does its normal job within the "pump". The spring steel clutch is splined to input shaft (it is actually splined to the turbine. thereby filling a bucket with water more slowly. forcing the clutch to spring away from the converter cover. The torque converter housing is directly bolted to the engine flexplate (some people call it the flywheel). and make the gear change less harsh. Torque Converter Clutch Application The clutch in a lockup torque converter is quite a bit different from any "typical" clutch seen in other applications. and smooth the application. Fluid then enters the rest of the converter. Fluid enters the torque converter through the input shaft.

Example ...montecarloss. Proper setup requires patience. and then take it to our shop to let one of our technicians "set it up" so it won't make noise. allowing no slippage between the two. Setting Up a Differential Ring & Pinion Intro Setting up a differential is probably one of the most under-rated jobs that a mechanic can tackle. . becomes "one" with the converter cover. by the lockup valve.012" Drive / Coast The drive side of the ring gear is the side of the tooth that is contacted when the vehicle is accelerating / The coast side is the side of the tooth on the ring gear that is contacted when the vehicle is decelerating (during engine-braking). The clutch. fluid is reversed. forcing the clutch against the converter cover. which in-turn drives the ring gear at a reduced rate and at a 90 degree angle from the driveshaft. involves so much more than merely replacing parts.Drivetrain Tech When conditions are right for a "lockup" to occur. and creates a high pressure area on the opposite side of the clutch. which is splined to the input shaft. "turbine". and "stator". I have seen many mechanics "slap new bearings in" or "throw a new gear-set in" a rearend. Backlash This is the term used to describe the "clearance" between the ring & pinion gears and is usually measured in thousandths-of-an-inch by a dial indicator. The clutch material "grabs" the converter cover.or lockup. The ring gear is basically connected to the wheels. Some Terms Relating to Differentials Ring & Pinion gears The driveshaft is connected to and drives the pinion gear.008-.html (19 of 26) [4/12/2004 12:46:29 AM] . Fluid enters the converter through the hub area. cleanliness. does it's job within the "pump". and attention to detail. http://www. "Setting up" a rearend.. and installing them without any regard to the tolerances that the "parts" must be held

Preload The Pinion bearings and Carrier bearings run a little tight. or so) Pullers and/or Press for removing and installing pinion and differential bearings q Spanner Wrench (for many drop-out carriers) q Compressed Air. to determine how the gearset contact has been running.html (20 of 26) [4/12/2004 12:46:29 AM] . Where the Ring gear and the Pinion gear "Rub" together. Crush Sleeve A piece of "pipe" that is used to hold the pinion bearings apart and offer some resistance for the pinion nut.Lb. until proper pinion preload adjustment is achieved.Drivetrain Tech Pattern This refers to the tooth contact area of the gearset. Lb. Example 15 to 25 in.montecarloss.lbs. and 1/2" Impact wrench is helpful q q Differential Overhaul Before removing the differential carrier from the housing. crushing the crush sleeve. making them a little "hard to turn". This is measured by checking the torque required to turn the bearings with a dial torque wrench. Extra Tools Needed For Proper Differential Overhaul Dial Indicator q Ft. The pinion nut must be tightened down. a pattern must be taken if the original gearset is to be used over again. Torque Wrench (0-50 In. In other words. This is accomplished by painting Pinion Depth This is set with "pinion shims" and controls how the pinion contacts the ring gear in relation to the axle center. Torque Wrench q Dial In. similar to the way a wheel bearing should be "loaded". The tapered bearings are adjusted to eliminate any play and then they are set a little tighter.

If the gearset shows a pattern tending towards the "desirable pattern".montecarloss. but keep in mind that the pinion nut will install with roughly 200 or 250 check for burrs on the carrier that might keep the bearing from being driven all the way on. check for burrs on both mating surfaces where the ringgear contacts the differential carrier (I always run a flat wetstone over both surfaces to remove any burrs) and reinstall the ringgear. but the original pattern must be adhered to. Mark the position of the differential bearing caps with a center punch or letter stamp set to insure proper location and orientation during reassembly. of torque). Install the pinion bearing on the pinion gear and don't forget any applicable pinion shim/s. Torque the ringgear bolts to specification (you need a manual here. If the carrier of the pinion gear are found to be damaged. Install the bearing races into housing with any applicable pinion shim/s. Install the pinion gear temporarily with the old crush sleeve (tap on the side of the crush sleeve while it is on the pinion gear to make it "longer" or "uncrushed"). try the library. Remove the pinion bearing races from the rear-end housing. through the painted area of the ringgear. Then have a friend "load" the carrier by prying between the differential carrier and the rearend housing. although I have heard of people making a tool to hold the pinion yoke. Are there any signs of the races spinning or fitting loose? How about on the bearing caps? Check the differential carrier and the pinion gear for signs of loose fitting bearings or spinning bearings. Note the position of any shims and their location. If the rear-end housing does not check out. A desirable pattern will be at the same height (or distance from the Toe) on both the drive and the coast side. Install the bearings onto the differential carrier. a replacement should be found. the gearset may be reinstalled. and slightly closer to the Toe than the Heal side (see photo). Put some motor oil or gear oil on the bearings. but only as long as the final pattern has plenty of contact surface. Put some motor oil on the pinion nut and tighten down until a preload of the proper specification is achieved (I stay on the http://www. Then turn the pinion yoke with a ratchet slowly and evenly. check backlash with a dial indicator and note the reading. Remove the pinion nut (a 1/2" impact wrench is real handy for this. This will show you where the gear teeth are touching each other. but make sure that there are no burrs in the housing that might hold the bearing races up off of the bottom of the machined bore (sometimes burrs are made when removing the old races). minor changes may be made to pinion depth and/or backlash to enhance the pattern. If the ringgear was removed. a replacement should be found or the housing may be repaired by a reputable shop such as Lincoln Welding in Sacramento. and tap the pinion out of the housing (protect the threads on the pinion. and again. Inspect the rear-end housing closely in the area where the pinion bearing races are pressed in and where the differential bearing races are "clamped in" by the bearing caps. The gearset will "wear" a pattern that may or may not be serviceable.). first in one direction and then the other.html (21 of 26) [4/12/2004 12:46:29 AM] . Remove the differential carrier from the housing (it may be a tight fit due to carrier bearing preload). or e-mail me and I will try to find out the specifications for your particular application.Drivetrain Tech a number of teeth on the ringgear (both the drive and the coast side) with a nondrying paint compound such as Persian blue or regular artist's paint in a tube (that's what I use). lbs. Install the outer pinion bearing and the pinion yoke (don't install the new pinion seal at this time). Remove the carrier bearings from the differential carrier and the pinion bearings from the pinion gear. If the gears are determined to reusable. Consult the manual for your application and compare with recommended specifications. and while your at it put some Loctite 271(RED) or 242(BLUE) on the bolts just to make sure. they can be easily ruined). making the pinion yoke hard to turn.

and consult the picture for what changes to make to your setup. Pattern check one last time (hopefully). tap the rear cover surface flat (if yours has one). reinstall with a gasket painted with "brush-on" Aviation Permatex and snug cover bolts moderately. and reassemble (don't forget the new pinion seal). consult the picture for what changes to make to your check backlash one last time. a cheap chrome one). but no overdrive. so don't overlook these items when chasing excessive noises. TH700R4 and TH2004R. Remove the pinion nut and clean threads on pinion gear and new pinion nut with carburetor cleaner. Keep at it until you are satisfied. install with no gasket and use Permatex Ultra-Black. If your pattern comes out "desirable". After you are satisfied with the pattern. .montecarloss. Note that all gears make an acceptable amount of noise. Art Carr says that a high tech rebuilt 200-4R can take 625 hp. you're almost done. Make those changes and reinstall and pattern check.html (22 of 26) [4/12/2004 12:46:29 AM] . Check the backlash and adjust to specification if necessary. If you insist on using regular silicone glue with a gasket (Lord knows why). Make those changes and reinstall and pattern check. This will give you a comfortable RPM on the highway with plenty of gear for a standing start. It is up to the rubber engine. and install nut with Loctite 271(red) or 242(blue) and tighten down until proper pinion preload is obtained. . You have to have patience. or caulking around household windows. . Otherwise. Now. The main advantage is that the TH350 http://www. and let somebody else work on your car! Transmissions/Converters Transmission. A TH350c is a TH350 which is actually a little stronger and has a lockup converter for gas mileage on the highway. Remember how you pattern checked the gears when you first started? Well. and torque the bearing caps to specifications. your done with the setup.Drivetrain Tech loose side of the specifications.e. i. Install the differential carrier. If the pattern looks good. With a primarily street car with 500 hp or less (including any nitrous use) I recommend the 700 R4 with overdrive and using a lockup converter. and torque the differential bearing caps (it wouldn't hurt to install Loctite on the cap bolts). . now you get to do it again. A TH200-4R can also be used but I would say it's safety limit is roughly 425hp with a good rebuild as described below. . disassemble the rearend and install a new crush sleeve. transmission. I use 15). Reinstall the old pinion nut with motor oil and tighten until all play is eliminated in the pinion gear (but not preloaded yet). . Install the differential carrier (it should also be preloaded to specification. install bath-tubs. Rearends. . Install the axles. to make sure that you reinstalled everything properly. 15-25 inch pound spec. A TH350 can also be used up to 450 hp. . If within specification. if your cover is flimsy (or worse . If not. than there wont be any excessive noise. spring.The TH400 and 4L80E are the most durable. so it will have to be tapped in). Transmissions and Engines all make noise. if your cover is a heavy duty one with stiffening ribs. followed by the TH350. well you get the idea. and body mounts to insulate those noises from the passengers . and blame the gear noise on a "noisy set of gears". and consult the picture for what changes to make . This is the place where most people fall short of proper setup.

The parts for this cost about $150 plus converter and are available through Darryl Young. Very streetable.Drivetrain Tech is lighter in both recriprocating mass and overall weight and consequently will give you a little quicker time in the drags. such as a pump assembly or shims. Art Carr. and be patient! http://www. wiring harness) (what Art Carr sell's 'em for) + $250-550 for a custom converter. the 4LE80-E (WAY heavier that a TH 400.html (23 of 26) [4/12/2004 12:46:29 AM] . converter ($250 for 12 in. and the input shaft. If you need more. Also.$450 + $200 for 11 in. Many of the NHRA Stock Eliminator drivers use a TH350 over the TH400 when they can.$550 + $200 for 11 in. or if any of you know please e-mail me. faster shifts and increased reliability.250+ lbs with converter) is overdriven and has a lockup and is strong as hell but is costly and must have a computer to run it. These trannys don't need any high tech rebuild like all the other automatics to be run with 4-600 hp without exploding). For heavy cars.. TH400 . Gasket and they told me that the ACCEL (aka) Hurst transmission controller has been discontinued. a good rebuild would be highly recommended. Level 10. The TH400 is virtually unbreakable but weighs right up there with a ton of bricks. I recommend that you acquire a good transmission manual (the ATSG is a good one). I don't know who has chips for the GM diesel controller. and nitrous use this is the way to go. (a non performance rebuilt price varies widely based on core charge and the fact that most tranny shops start tacking on lots of bills when they hear the word overdrive. but max stall speed available for a switch pitch converter is about 3200 rpm's in high stall mode. I was planning to do this swap myself with the Hurst controller. TCI.all performance rebuilt-if you pay to have it done You can do a LOT better if you do the work yourself. feeler gauges. (with this tranny either the GM diesel controller or the Motec engine control computer is needed. There are good books on rebuilding that go beyond the factory manual available for the TH400 and TH350 that go deeper in depth in explaning how the rebuild is done. but it is no more.montecarloss. converter-add $150 for the switch pitch conversion TH350 . Newsflash! I just got off the phone with Mr.. A TH400 can be converted to "switch pitch" which is a torque converter that has two different stall speeds depending on the position of the switch. and an infinite amount of patience. and B&M are good sources for hopup parts.$1100 + $150-350 for 12 inch lockup converter. The TH400's spinoff. get used to a lot of slippage as your only choice is an inefficient 10 inch or smaller converter on the street. a pump puller (this you can make) an inch-pounds torque wrench.better to have a large amount of quality tools.$2500 (with computer preprogrammed. saving much time and money over the factory.) Rebuilding transmissions. Usually. lockup converter 4LE80-E . but I'll find out and let you know. Average cost with converter. plus whatever deal you can find pricewise on the tranny in the junkyard. the front pump. The parts needed are the torque converter.a local tranny shop is usually willing to help you find parts. But it can be done at home. Try to go when thay aren't busy.a dial indicator. these books detail some hopups for harder.. $550 for 9 in..lockup) TH700R4 and TH200-4R . lots of power. More than this.

since every TH700R4 The TH350 and TH400 use a vacuum modulator for part throttle shift timing and quality regulation. Bellhousing to mount 19 &frac12. Strength improvements. especially one that is manually shifted often. on the TH200-4R. Art Carr has a rebuild kit for the TH200-4R that increases the clutch pack count and should be considered mandatory in a performance application.Drivetrain Tech Another good gamble is to purchase complete trannys straight out of the core pile at your friendly local junkyard. The driveshaft may be a little short. the trans will last about 30 miles before it blows up. but the correct angle and pull distance must be maintained or the tranny will fail. TCI sells a bracket and cable which works well. For a indicator dial that shows OD. housing 15 &frac14. With TH200-4R's the years to look for are 86-89. the intermediate sprag is the weak link in the transmission. Also. remember that newer is better in case of the overdrive trannies. it's a little more complicated.On the TH 400. When shopping in the junkyard for a core. check before driving (1/2 inch difference or less). A stock cable can be adapted.the higher the HP rating. In the TH350.Not as hard as you might think. Furthermore. where the TH 200. the horsepower rating that the tranny was originally built for matters. but is pricey. so with a TH400 crossmember and a little relocation they fit like a glove. on the 67-72 A bodies the stock frame is drilled in different places so just slide the crossmember back and drill new holes . even in a stock application. On the TH700R4 and TH200-4R. TH200-4R's are about the same length as a TH350. Use the original TH350 or TH400 driveshaft with a TH350 yoke. you should upgrade to a 10 vane unit. You can get lucky and end up with the parts you need for as little as $20-30. the stock pump vanes are brittle and easily break under load.It will fit most Chevy consoles with a little trimming. the better the tranny.montecarloss. the stock converter spline support is too soft and will eventually fail. failing at about 500! hp. and needs to be shortened. Transmission Length Powerglide (short tail) Case to ext. The driveshaft will be too long in any case.html (24 of 26) [4/12/2004 12:46:29 AM] . the main weak point is the intermediate sprag race.) Also. and with TH700R4's the years are 88-91. which often bites the big one even in a stock tranny. order a 85-88 Monte Carlo SS indicator. Converting an old Chevy to overdrive. Art also sells the converter spline support that is made of tougher heat treated steel that will not wear like the stock one. http://www. This helps the tranny live by providing a steadier flow of fluid under pressure.if it is not adjusted right or you don't use one at all. If you have a TH350 or the old Super Turbine 300 2-speed that you want to dump. A pump kit is available that upgrades the vanes to better material and should include a new pump slide spring and if your stock pump is only a 7 vane unit. The TH200-4R mount is farther towards the rear of the car than a TH400. This cable is very critical. With the TH700R4's. Overall length 24 &frac14. you may need a special u-joint with smaller cups that is made by Lakewood for rear axle swaps.4R and TH700R4 use a TV cable. The sprag is about $50-60 and usually requires an early (64-70) drum. I have only seen those fail when a 4000+ rpm converter and a trans brake is used with slicks. most older Chevys had a TH400 option at one time where you can get the crossmember from and you will be on your way (Camaros/Firebirds). The trans mount is closer to the front of the car than a TH400 and the crossmember will have to be moved forward and possibly the mounting pad on the crossmember cut off and rewelded to mount facing forward rather than the back (as is the case with 67-9 Firebirds with the TH400 option.

350C (long tail) THM 400 (short tail) THM 400 (long tail) 200R4 700R4. not enough to foam. Pat at Level 10 says TH200-4R's are good through the 10's. Mike Kurtz recommends using O2 sensor safe rtv. And the filter plugs up faster as sediment doesn’t sit on the bottom of the pan and now gets sucked into the filter. 28 26 7/8 22 3/8 30. front planetary hub... 23 3/8 ? 27 &frac12. but some factory applications have a 1 ft.38 TH200-4R notes of interest q q q q TCI..5 · speedo cable interchanges with TH350.5 20 &frac12. longer extension cable· cable shifter bracket is GM 10026014 · convertor bolts are M10x1. no separate tail shaft housing. they say most TH200-4R failures are input shaft. 4L60E 4L80-E 15 &frac14. 27 5/8 21 5/8 21 5/8 21 5/8 24 3/8 24 3/8 27 &frac34. This problem only seems to be apparent on higher HP cars. big "boat" pan CC Sep 95 · says stock TH200-4R good for about 275 ft-lb · slightly modified versions can take 350370 ft-lb Art Carr says. T200 is one piece case. 34 27 & The rubber mount bolts are M10x1. 350C (short tail) THM 350. 27 5/8 27 5/8 27 5/8 30 5/8 28 &frac14. IE: the ridges are smaller on some brands of filters.TH200-4R's are good to 625 hp. but enough to keep the filter submerged.montecarloss.. 200C (the 3 speed) THM 250 THM 350.. cast iron splines..html (25 of 26) [4/12/2004 12:46:29 AM] . and running a bead around the crimp of the filter as this crimp sometimes leaks where the metal crimps around the plastic.5 x 15mm · use the TH700R4 filter (with the pickup on the bottom of the filter) and two O-rings on the neck of the filter as the filter is prone to drawing air on a hard launch. Stock SS File Emissions Legal SBC GM Vehicle Codes Street/Strip SBC Engine Tech Useful Formulas Small Block Info How To's Drivetrain Tech Engine Swaps Suspension Tech Tires & Wheels Bracket Racing Big Blocks http://www. 20 1/8 20 3/8 20 3/8 20 3/8 26 &frac34. 30 &frac34.. 4L60.Drivetrain Tech Powerglide (long tail) THM 200. you have to snug the bolts in the pan to get it to fit correctly. Mike also recommends running the tranny 1 pint over full. faster needs the TH 400. then the trans self destructs due to total loss of fluid pressure. The filter is a tight fit. Mike said the danger of the TH700R4 filter is if the clearance between the opening and the pan bottom is too small. 31.

com/SSThunder/drivetrain.montecarloss.html (26 of 26) [4/12/2004 12:46:29 AM] .Drivetrain Tech http://www.

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