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100 Most Disgusting Things on the Planet

100 Most Disgusting Things on the Planet

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Published by: VictorBMF on Oct 14, 2011
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Ugh! Out of all the disgusting creatures in this book, the head louse
is probably one you’ve been closest to. Head lice spend their whole
lives on human heads – very often children’s heads. They feed
by biting your scalp and sucking your blood – which makes you
incredibly itchy. In fact, you’re probably feeling itchy just thinking
about it.…

stuCK on you

Head lice can’t fly, jump, or even
walk very well – their curled feet
are designed for holding onto
hairs. So they’re happy to stay on
your head, laying eggs that hatch
into new lice. They only spread to
another person if your heads brush
together, and they can wriggle
onto the other person’s hair.


Nits are head lice eggs. The
female lays each egg close to a
hair root, using a special glue to
stick it to the hair. As soon as
the larva (baby) hatches, it starts
biting you and sucking your blood.
When they bite, lice inject a
chemical into your blood to stop
it from clotting and scabbing over.
Then they slurp it up!

Head louse eggs, or nits, glued to
human hair.

DiD you know?

scientists have found that

head lice prefer to live

in girlsÕ hair!

dIsgustIng nature51


Eyelash mites are revolting if you
think about them too much – but
they’re pretty harmless.

yuCk faCtor!

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