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100 Most Disgusting Things on the Planet

100 Most Disgusting Things on the Planet

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Published by: VictorBMF on Oct 14, 2011
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DamP anD DeliCious

Black mould just loves growing
in damp places. That’s why it
appears in cellars, in bathrooms,
and often on wet windowsills,
where condensation runs down
windowpanes and collects at the
bottom. The mould has roots that
reach deep into tile mortar, brick,
or plaster, making it very difficult
to remove.

siCKly sPores

Mould is a type of fungus, related
to mushrooms – and, like
mushrooms, it releases tiny,
seed-like spores. Mould spores
float in the air and can cause
allergies and asthma. Mould can
also release poisonous chemicals
that can be deadly, but you would
have to have an extremely mouldy
house for it to get that bad.

When you see something black and patchy growing in circles on a
bathroom ceiling, in a shower stall, or in a damp cellar, that’s black
mould. It looks disgusting and dirty, but it’s worse than that. It can
be a killer!

This damp, dirty bathroom corner
is a perfect home for black mould.

This mould has grown and grown to
form a large, yucky clump.

Mould might not seem like a
big problem, but it can be
really revolting.

yuCk faCtor!

toP tiP! You can
avoid mould if you keep
surfaces dry and let fresh
air into your house.

DiD you know?

occasionally, mould spores

can settle inside peopleÕs

throats and lungs and

collect there! yuck!

90dIsgustIng Humans


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