Materials Needed

Dark Purple and Green felt Fiberfill Green Thread (I used 438 DMC Thread) Needle Scissors Glue Using the pattern from page 2, cut the body of the eggplant out of dark purple felt and the topper and button bottom out of green felt. Start by arranging 2 pieces of the eggplant body together. Using a sewing machine, sew down one side of the pieces you have arranged together. Make sure to leave ¼ of an inch open from the top. Continue arranging the remaining sides of eggplant body together, sewing each new side together. Conclude by sewing the last sides together, closing the eggplant. When all sides have been sewed together, carefully turn your eggplant right side out. Generously stuff your eggplant with fiberfill. Hand sew the top of your eggplant closed. Do not worry about technique. This will be covered and additionally sealed with the stem. Grab the topper piece, the sewn and stuffed body of the eggplant and green thread and needle. Pinch the center of the topper. Sew around the area you pinched, developing the shape of a stem as you go. As you are sewing the stem, use a few stitches to attach the topper to the top of the eggplant as well. Sew down the leaves, creating a dimple at the top and a dimple at the bottom of each leaf. There is also enough excess in the topper that you can fold over where the leaves meet the topper, to create puckers and folds along the top. Apply a dab of glue to the bottom center of the eggplant then place the button bottom onto the glue. Stand back and admire, you are done!


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