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Dictionary reference list used at to the file that was loaded from: and has been extended with definitions of the Monier-Williams dictionary (indicated with an *=) and the ISKCON Vedabase (marked*V) and (partly) adapted to the transliteration used at (see also mwreport.html or the html-version). Transliteration functions: n with ~= J or n'; n with an ´accent is a G; A = aa or â, I = ii or î, U= uu or û, T= th, z=s', M=m/n, H=h (ha), N= n, 4= stressed in pronunciation, S=sh, R= ri (the original list this list began with sometimes spells the s' or z as sh, thus creating confusion on the spelling of the s with a ´above; but this is not so for words from the MW dictionary with a *= behind them). Apart from the transcription of Devanâgarî letters care has to be taken of accents, Udâtta and Svarita, both represented by the digit 4. Furthermore in MW entries the indication of vowel sandhi ("blending of short and long vowels'') by circumflex is represented here by the number 7 if placed above a single vowel and by 9 if spanning two vowels. The (rare) combination of two separate vowels in MW is represented by adding the number 0 to the second vowel. Updated: see bottom of the page (check for regular updates)

A AUM = Primordial Sound OMkaara = the syllable om a = not aa *= from all sides, up to, even, until, up to the limit, not, all over, aa+ghraa = to smell aa+char.h = to practice aa+yaa = to come aa+ruh.h = to climb aaudau = in the beginning

aauM-kaara = the sound AUM aaH = to sit aabda = year aabdaphala = yearly prognostication, also varshhaphala aabhaa* =1 P. {-bhAti} (Impv. 2. sg. {A4-bhAhi} RV.; pf. {-babhau}) to shine or blaze towards RV. AV.; to irradiate, outshine, illumine RV. AV. TB. BhP.; to appear, become visible or apparent BhP. MBh. Hariv. Râjat. &c.; to look like Kathâs. MBh. &c. aa-bhaa* =2 f. splendour, light; a flash; colour, appearance, beauty MBh. Mn. Sus'r. Pañcat. &c.; a reflected image, outline; likeness, resemblance MBh. R.; (mfn.) ifc. like, resembling, appearing R. Kâvya7d. S'is'. &c. (e.g. {hemA7bha}, shining like gold); [cf. Hib. {avibh}, `" likeness, similitude "'; {avibe}, `" neatness, elegance "'; {avibhcal}, `" a spark of fire "' ?] [145,2] aabhri * = P. {-bha4rati} (pf. {A4-jabhAra} RV.; aor. P. sg. {A74bhArSam} RV. &c.) to bring towards or near; to carry or fetch; to effect, produce RV. AV. VS. S'Br. &c.; to fill up, fill, attract (one's attention) BhP aabrahmabhuvanaat.h = up to the Brahmaloka planet aabharaNaM = ornaments aabharaNam.h = (n) ornaments, jewellery aabhaa = color aabhaasaM = the original source * = m. splendour , light R. Veda1ntas. 195 ; colour , appearance R. Sus3r. Bhag. ; semblance , phantom , phantasm of the imagination ; mere appearance , fallacious appearance Veda1ntas. S3a1n3khS3r. ; reflection ; intention , purpose ; (in log.) fallacy , semblance of a reason , sophism , an erroneous though plausible argument (regarded by logicians as of various kind) ; ifc. looking like , having the mere appearance of a thing Gaut. Sa1h. &c. aabhaashya * = 1 mfn. to be addressed, worthy of being spoken to or conversed with MBh. Ragh. \\2 ind. p. having addressed, having spoken to. aabhaasvara* = mfn. (Pân. 3-2, 175) shining, bright L.; m. N. of a class of deities, sixtyfour in number; N. of a particular set of twelve subjects ({AtmA jJAtA damo dAntaH zAntir jJAnaM zamas tapaH kAmaH krodho mado moho dvAdazA7bhAsvarA ime} T.) aabhaata* = mfn. shining, blazing; appearing, visible MBh. Mn. &c. abhi* = ind. (a prefix to verbs and nouns, expressing) to, towards, into, over, upon. (As a prefix to verbs of motion) it expresses the notion or going towards, approaching, &c. (As a prefix to nouns not derived from verbs) it expresses superiority, intensity, &c.; e.g. {abhi-tAmra}, {abhi-nava} q.v. (As a separate adverb or preposition) it expresses (with acc.) to, towards, in the direction of, against; into S'Br. and KâtyS'r.; for, for the sake of; on account of; on, upon, with regard to, by, before, in front of; over. It may even express one after the other, severally Pân. 1-4, 91 e.g. {vRkSaM vRkSam abhi}, tree after tree [cf. Gk. $; Lat. {ob}; Zend &18820[61,1] {aibi}, {aiwi}; Goth. {bi}; Old High Germ. {bî}]. abhii* = 1 mfn. fearless R. Ragh.\\* = 2 ( {i}), {abhy-e4ti} (Imper. 2. sg. {abhI74hi}; impf. 3. pl. {-Ayan}, 3. sg. Â. {Ayata}; ind. p. {abhI74tya}) to come near, approach, go up to or towards (acc.) RV. &c.; (with {sakAzam} or {samIpam} or {pArzve}) id. Pañcat.; to go along or after (acc.) RV. &c.; to enter, join, go over to Mn. Bhathth.; (with a

pr. p.) to begin to, (perf. 3. pl. {abhI7yu4H}) S'Br.; to reach, obtain RV. &c.; to get or fall into (acc.) MBh. &c.; to come to, fall to one's share (with acc.) Bhathth.; (said of the sun) to rise (as if he came nearer; also with {abhitarAm} [q. v.] instead of {abhi}) AitBr., (with {astam}) to set MBh. i, 1797 (cf. {abhy-aya}): Pass. {abhI7yate}, to be perceived, known BhP.: Intens. (1. pl. {-Imahe}) to ask, request RV. i, 24, 3. aabhiikshNa * = mfn. (fr. {abhIkSNa}), repeated, frequent L.; ({am}) n. continued repetition. aabhUka* = mfn. empty, having no contents; powerless. aabhuuta* = mfn. produced, existing. aachar.h = to behave, interact aaca* = m. N. of a man Râjat.; see {Aca-parAca} and {Aco7paca} ss.vv. aacar* = {-carati}, to come near to (acc.), approach RV.; to lead hither (as a path) TS. ii [131,3]; to address, apply to (acc.) Pañcat.; to proceed, manage, behave one's self. RPrât. Mn. ii, 110, &c.; to use, apply Âp. RPrât.; to examine (a witness) Mn. viii, 102, &c.; (with or without {saha}) to have intercourse with ChUp. Mn. xi, 180; to act, undertake, do, exercise, practise, perform MundUp. Mn. (v, 22 impf. {A7carat}, `" has done it "') MBh. &c.; to throw into the fire KâtyS'r. aacaara * = m. (ifc. f. {A} Yâjñ. i, 87, &c.) conduct, manner of action, behaviour, good behaviour, good conduct Mn. MBh. &c.; custom, practice, usage, traditional or immemorial usage (as the foundation of law) ib.; an established rule of conduct, ordinance, institute, precept; a rule or line MBh. iii, 166; = {AcArika} below Sus'r.; (with Buddhists) agreeing with what is taught by the teacher Sarvad.; ({I}) f. the plant Hingtsha Repens L. aacara* = see {dur-Aca4ra}. aacaara* = &c. see {A-car}. acarama * mfn. not last, not least; said of the Maruts RV. v, 58, 5. aacaraNa * = n. approaching, arrival (as of the dawn) RV. i, 48, 3; undertaking, practising, performing Kâd. Sâh.; conduct, behaviour Vedântas., (cf. {sv-Ac-}); a cart, carriage ChUp. (m. Comm.) aacarataH = acting aacarati = he does aacaraan.h = performing aacaaraH = behavior aacaarya = a religious teacher aacaarya(H) = (Masc.nom.S)teacher; preceptor aacaaryaM = the teacher aacaaryaaH = teachers aacaaryaan.h = teachers

aacaaryopaasanaM = approaching a bona fide spiritual master aacchaadakam.h = (n) covering sheet, chaddar aacit* =1 (Impv. 2. sg. {-cikiddhi}; perf. 3. sg. {-ciketa}) to attend to, keep in mind RV.; (Subj. 1. sg. {-ciketam}; perf. 3. sg. {-ciketa}, p. m. nom. {-cikitvA4n}) to comprehend, understand, know RV. AV. v, 1, 2; to invent RV. viii, 9, 7; (Subj. {-cetat} or {-ci4ketat}; perf. Â. 3. pl. {-cikitre} or {-cikitrire}) to appear, become visible, distinguish one's self RV.: Desid. (1. pl. {-cikitsAmas}) to wait for, watch clandestinely, lurk RV. viii, 91, 3. \\ =2 {t} f. attention to (gen.) RV. vii, 65, 1 aadaana = taking aadaara * =N. of a plant that can be substituted for the Soma. aadadi * = mfn. procuring RV. viii, 46, 8, obtaining, recovering RV. i, 127, 6; ii, 24, 13. aadara * = respect, regard, notice; care, trouble Pañcat. Hit. Ragh. Kir. &c.; {AdaraM-} 1. {kR}, to exert or interest one's self for; {AdareNa} and {AdarAt} adv. respectfully; carefully, zealously. aadaraH = (m) respect aadarshaH = (m) ideal aadatte = accepts aadau = First (see aadi) aadhara- * = of the lower position of something, of its foundation mfn. * = ifc. supportable, tenable (cf. %{dur-}); see also adhara aadhaara- m. support, prop, stay, substratum; the power of sustaining, or the support given, aid, patronage AV. xii, 3, 48 MBh. Sus3r. Veda1ntas. &c.; that which contains (a fluid &c.), a vessel, receptacle Ya1jn5. Sus3r. Pan5cat. &c.; a dike, dam Ragh.; a basin round the foot of a tree L.; a reservoir, pond L.; (in phil. and Gr.) comprehension, location, the sense of the locative case; ifc. belonging or relating to; the subject in a sentence (of which qualities &c. are affirmed); N. of a lake; of an author. aaditya* = (Pân. 4-1, 85) mfn. belonging to or coming from Aditi TS. ii, 2, 6, 1 S'Br. &c. [137,2]; m. `" son of Aditi "'; ({As}) m. plN. of seven deities of the heavenly sphere RV. ix, 114, 3, &c. S'Br. iii, 1, 3, 3 (the chief is Varuna, to whom the N. Âditya is especially applicable; the succeeding five are Mitra, Aryaman, Bhaga, Daksha, Ans'a; that of the seventh is probably Sûrya or Savitrii; as a class of deities they are distinct from the {vizve devAH} ChUp.; sometimes their number is supposed to be eight TS. Sây.; and in the period of the Brâhmanas twelve, as representing the sun in the twelve months of the year S'Br. iv, 5, 7, 2, &c.); N. of a god in general, especially of Sûrya (the sun) RV. AV. AitBr. S'Br. S'is'. &c.; N. of Vishnu in his Vâmana or dwarf {avatAra} (as son of Kas'yapa and Aditi) ChUp.; the plant Calotropis Gigantea L.; ({au}) m. du.N. of a constellation, the seventh lunar mansion L.; ({A}) f. (?) the sun VS. iv, 21; ({am}) n. = {au} (cf. {punar-vasu}); N. of a Sâman ChUp. aaDhyaH = wealthy aadhi * =1 m. (for 2. see p. 139, col. 2) a receptacle BhP. xi, 13, 33; place, situation L.; foundation Nyâyam.; a pledge, deposit, pawn, mortgage RV. Mn. Yâjñ. [138, 3]; hire, rent Âp.; an attribute, title, epithet (cf. {upA7dhi}) L. aadhi * =2 m. thought, care, anxious reflection, mental agony, anxiety, pain TS. MBh. Yâjñ. &c.; reflection on religion or duty L.; hope, expectation L.; misfortune L.; a man solicitous for his family's livelihood L.

aadhii * =1 (cf. {A-dhyai}; according to Dhâtup. xxiv, 68 Pân. 6-1, 6, &c., {-dIdhI}), P. (Subj. 3. pl. {A4-dIdhayan}) to mind, care for RV. vii, 7, 6: Â. (Subj. 2. sg. {A4-dIdhIthAs}) to meditate on, think about, care for, wish for AV. viii, 1, 8, &c.; (p. aor. {-dhI4SamANa} mfn. RV. x, 26, 6) to wish for, long for. aadhii * =2 f. (for 1. {A-dhI} see under {A-dhA}), eagerness, longing, care RV. AV. &c. aadhii4 *= 2 f. (for 1. {A-dhI} see under {A-dhA}), eagerness, longing, care RV. AV. &c. aaDi* = f. (= {Ati4} q.v.) N. of an aquatic bird MârkP. aadi*= 1 m. beginning, commencement; a firstling, first-fruits; ifc. beginning with, et caetera, and so on (e.g. % {indrA7dayaH@surAH}, the gods beginning with Indra i.e. Indra &c.; %{gRhA7diyukta}, possessed of houses &c.; % {evamAdIni@vastUni}, such things and others of the same kind: %{zayyA@khaTvA7dih} [Comm. on Pa1n2. 3-3, 99], S3ayya1 means a bed &c.; often with %{-ka} at the end e.g. %{dAnadharmA7dikam} [Hit.], liberality, justice, &c.); % {Adau} ind. in the beginning, at first.\\= 2 mfn. beginning with %{A} Ra1matUp. aadii*= 2. (3. sg. impf. %{A74dIdet} RV. i, 149, 3; 3. sg. aor. %{A4-dIdayat} RV. ii, 4, 3) to shine upon, enlighten. aadii* = 2. (3. sg. impf. {A74dIdet} RV. i, 149, 3; 3. sg. aor. {A4-dIdayat} RV. ii, 4, 3) to shine upon, enlighten. aadiM = the origin aadiH = the origin aadi-s'arIra * = n. the primitive body MBh.; (in phil. = {sUkSma-} L.) aadi-s'Abdika * = [NBD.] m. an old grammarian. aadI7s'vara * = m. N. of a prince. aa-dis'ya * = ind. p. aiming at MBh.; announcing, teaching Ragh. xii, 68; having said L. aa-dis' * = 1 P. {-dide4STi} [Subj. 3. sg. {-didezati} AV. vi, 6, 2, &c.], {-diza4ti} [3. pl. {-dizanti} Impv. 2. sg. {-diza} impf. 1. sg. {A7dizam}, &c.], rarely {-dizate} [BhP. viii, 24, 51] inf. {-di4ze} [RV. ix, 21, 5] and {-deSTum} (aor. 3. sg. {A7dikSat} [Bhathth. iii, 3 see Pân. 3-1, 45] fut. 1. pl. {-dekSyAmaH}, perf. {-dideza}) to aim at, have in view; to threaten RV. ix, 21, 5, &c. AV. [137, 3]; to hit RV. ix, 56, 1; to assign RV. ii, 41, 17, &c. AV. BhP. R. Ragh. &c.; to point out, indicate; to report, announce, teach ChUp. iii, 18, 1 BhP. MBh. R. Ragh. &c.; to determine, specify, denominate S'Br. iii, 5, 8 S'ânkhS'r. Lâthy. BhP. AitBr. &c.; to declare, foretell, Ratnâv. Mâlav. &c.; to order, direct, command Gobh. Âs'vGri. Mn. MBh. BhP. Kathâs. &c.; to refer any one to (loc.); to banish MBh. S'ak. Kathâs. &c.; to undertake, try MBh.; to profess as one's aim or duty RV. Yâjñ.: Caus. {-dezayati}, to show, indicate, announce, Ratnâv. MBh. S'ak. Mriicch.: Intens. (p. {-de4dizAna}) to have in view, aim at (acc.) RV. ix, 70, 5. aa-di4s'* = 2 {k} f. aiming at, design, intention RV. x, 61, 3, &c.; N. of a particular direction or point of the compass (enumerated with {diz}, {pra-}, {vi-}, and {ud-}) VS. vi, 19 (cf. inf. {A-di4ze} = dat.) aadibhiH = by those aadidevaM = the original Lord aadidevaH = the original Supreme God aadiishvara = the primeval lord, a name of Shiva

aadikartre = to the supreme creator aadikeshhu = etc etc aadis'akti * = f. the primeval powerN. of Mâyâ L. aadishhTa = ordered aadishhTavaan.h = (he was)commanded aaditya = a name of Sun, Vishnu is among twelve Aditya-s aadityaH = the Adityas aadityagataM = in the sunshine aadityavat.h = like the rising sun aadityavarNaM = luminous like the sun aadityaan.h = the twelve sons of Aditi aadityaanaaM = of the Adityas aado* = P. {-dA4ti}, {-dya4ti} (Subj. 1. pl. {A4-dyAmasi}, &c.) to reduce to small pieces, to crush AV. aadritaH = having begun aadrita* = mf({A})n. attentive, careful, zealous, diligent R. Pañcat. BhP. Ragh. &c.; respected, honoured, worshipped Mn. Kathâs. &c. aadritya* =1 mf({A})n. venerable, respectable R. Bhathth. \\ =2 ind. p. having respected, having honoured xaadya = earliest aadyaM = original aadhatsva = fix aadhaaya = resigning aadhaaraH = support or base aadhipatyaM = (n) supremacy, ownership, overlordship aadhunika = (adj) modern aadhyaatmikaM = super-natural, spiritual aadrita * = attentive, careful, zealous, diligent

aaGYaa = commandaagachchhet.h = one should come aagaadha * = `" a little deep "' aagama = arrival: * = mf({A})n. coming near, approaching AV. vi, 81, 2; xix, 35, 3; m. (ifc. f. {A}) arrival, coming, approach R. &c.; origin Mn. viii, 401 R. &c.; appearance or reappearance MBh. ii, 547; course (of a fluid), issue (e.g. of blood) Mn. viii, 252 Sus'r.; income, lawful acquisition (of property, {artha}, {dhana}, {vitta}, {draviNa}) Mn. MBh. &c.; reading, studying Pat.; acquisition of knowledge, science MBh. Yâjñ. &c.; a traditional doctrine or precept, collection of such doctrines, sacred work, Brâhmana Mn. xii, 105 MBh. &c.; anything handed down and fixed by tradition (as the reading of a text or a record, title-deed, &c.); addition Nir. i, 4; a grammatical augment, a meaningless syllable or letter inserted in any part of the radical word Prât. Pân. Comm.; N. of a rhetorical figure; ({am}) n. a Tantra or work inculcating the mystical worship of S'iva and S'akti. aagamana = coming aagame = on the arrivalaajaanubaahuM = the one whose arms extend upto his knees aagata * = mfn. come , arrived RV. AV. &c. ; come to or into (acc. [Mn. iii , 113 , &c.] or loc. [Pan5cat. Das3. &c.] or in comp. [Mn. vi , 7 Ragh. iii , 11 , &c.]) ; come from (in comp.) Ya1jn5. ii , 154 ; come into existence , born R. ii , 85 , 19 ; coming from (abl.) Pa1n2. 4-3 , 74 ; returned S3Br. ; (with %{punar}) Mn. xi , 195 and Hit. ; meeting with an obstacle , pushed against (in comp.) Mn. viii , 291 ; occurred , happened , risen Mn. ii , 152 MBh. &c. ; entered (into any state or condition of mind) MBh. R. Katha1s. ; resulting (from calculation) Su1ryas. ; walked through (as a path) S3Br. vi ; m. a new comer , guest S3Br. iii ; (%{am}) n. anything that has taken place or has fallen to one's share (opposed to % {AzA4} , `" anything still expected or hoped for "') S3Br. ii (cf. %{a4n-Agata} and %{sv-Agata}.) aagataH = having attained aagataaH = attained aagraha * = m. insisting on, strong or obstinate inclination for, obstinacy, whim Kathâs. S'ârng.; (= {grahaNa}) seizing, taking L.; favour, affection L., ({At}, {eNa}) abl. instr. ind. obstinately Kathâs. aagrahAyaNaka* = mfn. to be paid (as a debt) on the day of full moon of the month Agrahâyana Pân. 4-3, 50. aagrahAyaNika* = mfn. id. Pân. 4-3, 50; containing a full moon of Agrahâyana (as a month or half a month or a year) Pân. 4-2, 22. aagrahArika* = mfn. one who appropriates to himself an Agra-hâra or an endowment of lands or villages conferred upon Brâhmans L. aagrahAyaNa* = {as}, m.= {agra-hAyaNa} (q.v.) Pân. 5-4, 36 Comm.; ({I}) f. (g. {gaurA7di} q.v.; scil. {paurNamAsI}) the day of full moon in the month Agrahâyana S'ânkhS'r. &c.; (ifc. ind. {-Ni} or {-Nam} Pân. 5-4, 110); a kind of Pâkayajña Gaut. BhavP. i, &c.; N. of the constellation Mriiga-s'iras L. aagrahAyaNa* = &c. see above. aagraha* = m. insisting on, strong or obstinate inclination for, obstinacy, whim Kathâs. S'ârng.; (= {grahaNa}) seizing, taking L.; favour, affection L., ({At}, {eNa}) abl. instr. ind. obstinately Kathâs. aaha = said aaha* =1 ind. an interjection; a particle implying reproof; severity; command; casting; sending L. * =2 perf. 3. sg. of the defect. 1. {ah} q.v.

aahaaramf(%{I})n. ifc. bringing near , procuring ; being about to fetch , going to fetch MBh. ; (%{as}) m. taking [163,1] ; fetching , bringing near Ka1tyS3r. R. ; employing , use Ka1tyS3r. ; taking food ; food [e.g. %{A-hAraM} 1. %{kR} , to take food , eat MBh. &c.] ; livelihood Hit. Pan5cat. R. Mn. Sus3r. &c. aahaarasaMbhava* m. the juice produced by food, chyle, lymph, serum L aahara *= 1 mfn. ifc. bringing , fetching Ragh. ; m. taking , seizing ; accomplishing , offering (a sacrifice) MBh. Ka1d. ; drawing in breath , inhaling ; inhaled air ; breath inspired , inspiration L.//2 (2. sg. Impv. forming irregular Tatpurusha compounds with the following words): aahartri = (m adj.) a performer aahati = striking, hitting; * mfn. struck, beaten, hit, hurt R. Ragh. Kum. Kathâs. VarBri. &c.; fastened, fixed RV. AV.; beaten, caused to sound (as a drum &c.) MBh. Hariv. Ragh. &c.; crushed, rubbed S'is'.; rendered null, destroyed, frustrated BhP. VarBriS.; multiplied VarBriS. [162, 2]; hit, blunted (said of a Visarga, when changed to {o}) Sâh.; uttered falsely L.; known, understood L.; repeated, mentioned L.; m. a drum L.; ({am}) n. old cloth or raiment L.; new cloth or clothes L.; assertion of an impossibility L. aahave = in the fight aaha4nana * = n. the act of striking at, beating KâtyS'r.; killing (an animal) AV.; a stick for beating a drum AV. xx, 133, 1. aaha4nana-prakAra * = mfn. fit for beating ÂpS'r. aahananyA7 * = mfn. (fr. {A-hanana}), being in the act of beating (a drum &c.) VS. xvi, 35. aahana4s * = mfn. to be beaten or pressed out (as Soma); to be skimmed (as milk) RV.; to be beaten (as an unchaste woman); unchaste, wanton; obscene, lascivious, profligate RV. v, 42, 13; x, 10, 6. 8. aahanasya * = n. unchasteness, lasciviousness AitBr.; lascivious words, obscenity S'Br.; ({As}) f. pl. (scil. {Rcas}) verses of a lascivious character; a chapter of the Kuntâpa hymns in the Atharva-veda AitBr. Âs'vS'r. &c.; (with {an-} mfn. chaste, decent S'ânkhGri. HirGri.) aahan * = P. {-hanti} (Impv. {A4-jahi} AV. &c.; pf. {A4-jaghAna} RV. &c.) Â. {-hate} (only if no object follows Pân. 1-3, 28, or if the object is a part of one's own body Kâty.; Pot. 1. sg. {-ghnIya} Pat. on Pân. 1-1, 62 Das'.) to strike at, hit, beat; to attack, assault RV. TS. Âs'vGri. MBh. Kathâs. &c.: (Â.) to strike one's self (or any part of one's body) BhP. Pân. and Comm. Bhathth.; to make away with one's self Das'. 91, 15; to fasten AV. S'Br.; to beat or cause to sound (a drum &c.) TS. S'Br. Kathâs. Bhathth. &c.: Intens. {A4-jaGghanti} RV. vi, 75, 13, to strike at or beat violently. aahna4 * = n. (fr. {ahan}), a series of days, many days S'Br. Pân. aahaara = Diet aahaaraH = eating aahaaraaH = eating aahrita * m= mfn. brought near, fetched, procured Mn. Ragh. Ya1jn5. Ma1rkP. &c.; taken, seized, captivated Katha1s. Ya1jn5. MBh. &c.; taken (as food), eaten R. &c.; uttered, spoken R. BhP. &c. aahuH = are said

ahu* = mfn. only in {paro4-'hu} q.v. aahu* = P. Â. {-juhoti}, {-juhute} (p. {-ju4hvAna}) to sacrifice, offer an oblation; to sprinkle (with butter) RV. AV. TS. Hariv. aahuu* = &c. see {A-hve}. aahuu4* = f. calling, invoking (BRD.) ib. aahuta* = mfn. offered as an oblation, sacrificed RV. AV. S'ânkhS'r.; laid in the fire (as a corpse) RV. x, 16, 5; offering made to men, hospitality (= {manuSya-yajJa} q.v.) L.; nourishment of all created beings (considered as one of the five principal sacrifices of the Hindûs; cf. {bhUta-yajJa}) L. aahuuta* = mfn. called, summoned, invoked, invited. aahri = to eat aaho = or else aaja* = mfn. (fr. 1. {aja4}), coming from or belonging to goats, produced by goats Âs'vGri. R. Sus'r.; m. a vulture L.; a descendant of Aja; ({A4}) f. (only used for the etym. of {ajA4}) = {ajA4}, a shegoat S'Br. iii; ({am}) n. the lunar mansion PûrvaBhâdrapadâ (presided over by Aja Ekapâd) VarBriS.; clarified butter L. aajagara * = belonging to a python, a boa aajaa4na* = n. birth, descent VS. S'Br. iii; birth-place Comm. on VS. xxxiii, 72; ({A}) f. place of conception (as a mother) AitÂr. aajaa4na* = {AjA4ni} see {A-jan}. aajyaM = melted butter aajIvya * affording a livelihood Yâjñ. i, 320 MBh. xiv, 1330; ({am}) n. means of living MBh. iii, 8452 BhP. (cf. {svAj-}.) aakarNa = towards the ear aakarNa\-dhanuraasana = the shooting bow posture aakarshha = attracted aakarshhaNa = attraction aakaa.nkshaa = wish, ambition aakaara = (masc) form, shape aakaarikaa = (f) doorbell aakaarita * = mfn. ifc. having the shape of Vedântas.

aakaasha = ether aakasha* = m. ( {kaS}, `" to rub "'), a touchstone L.; (v.l. for {AkarSa} Pân. 4-4, 9 Siddh. and v, 2, 64 Siddh.) aakaas'a * = m. (Ved.) or (later) n. (ifc. f. {A}) a free or open space, vacuity AitBr. S'Br. MBh. &c. [127,1]; the ether, sky or atmosphere Naigh. S'Br. Mn. &c.; ({am}) n. (in philos.) the subtle and ethereal fluid (supposed to fill and pervade the universe and to be the peculiar vehicle of life and of sound) Vedântas. &c.; Brahma (as identical with ether) L.; = {AkAza-bhASita} below Comm. on S'ak.; ({e}) loc. ind. in the air (a stage direction implying something said by or to a person out of sight) Mriicch. S'ak. &c. aakaashaM = the sky aakaashavaaNii = (f) radio aakaashasthitaH = situated in the sky aakaashaat.h = (abl.S)from space or sky aakhu = mouse aakhyaa (f) name* = 1 P. (impf. {-akhyat}) to behold RV. iv, 2, 18; (fut. p. {-khyAsya4t}; perf. 3. pl. {-cakhyuH}) to tell, communicate, inform, declare, announce S'Br. xiii, xiv Mn. MBh. &c.; to call (with two acc.) Ragh. x, 22: Pass. {khyAyate}, to be named or enumerated S'Br.; to be called S'Br. x, xiv: Caus. P. (2. sg. {-khyApayasi}) to make known, declare MBh. i, 7485: Â. (Pot. {-khyApayeta}) to cause to tell AitBr. S'ânkhS'r. \\ 2 f. (ifc. f. {A} Kathâs. Sânkhyak.) appellation, name Prât. Pân. Mn. vii, 157, &c.; (= {-saMkhyA}) total amount Mn. ii, 134 MBh. iii, 12831 (cf. Hariv. 515) and xv, 671; appearance, aspect R. vii, 60, 12 [129,2]; ({ayA}) instr. ind. `" with the name "', named Kathâs. aakhya = named aakhyaataM = described aakhyaahi = please explain aakritiini = forms aakrita * = mfn. arranged, built (as a house) RV. viii, 10, 1; done (as evil or good) to any one VarBriS. aakrishhTa = (past part. of aa + kR\^ishh) attracted aakram.h = to attack aakramaNam.h = (n) attack, invansion aaksha* = mfn. (fr. 1. {a4kSa}) belonging or referring to terrestrial latitude Comm. on Sûryas.; ({am}) n. (fr. 2. {akSa4}) = {AkSakI} L. aakShepaH = (m) objection

aakshi * = cl. 2. %{-kSeti} (3. pl. %{-kSiya4nti} and impf. %{A74kSiyan} ; Pot. 1. pl. %{-kSiyema}) to abide , dwell in (acc.) , inhabit RV. AV. ; %{-kSeti} , to possess , take possession of (acc.) RV.: cl. 6. %{-kSiya4ti} , to exist AV. x , 5 , 45.

aakSipta* =mfn. cast, thrown down; thrown on the beach (by the sea) Pañcat.; caught, seized, overcome (as the mind, {citta}, {cetas} or {-hridaya}) by beauty, curiosity, &c., charmed, transported BhP. Kâd. Kathâs. &c.; hung out or exposed to view (as flags &c.); put into (loc.) MBh. iii, 3094; pointed or referred to, indicated Sâh. &c.; refused, left (as the right path) Kâm.; insulted, reviled, abused, challenged, called to a dispute (dat.) Kathâs.; caused, effected, produced Kathâs. Comm. on Bâd.; ({am}) n. `" absence of mind "' see {sA7kSiptam} aakula = full of aakulitam.h = sad, worried aakuuta * = intention, purpose, wish VS. S'Br. &c. (see {cittA7kUta4} and {sA7kUta}); incitement to activity, Sânkhyak. aakIrnam * = dense, filled with, covered, brimming, crowded aakuuta * = n. intention, purpose, wish VS. S'Br. &c. (see {cittA7kUta4} and {sA7kUta}); incitement to activity, Sânkhyak. aakula =* confounded, confused, agitated, flurried MBh. &c.; confused (in order), disordered ib.; filled, full, overburdened with (instr. or generally in comp.), eagerly occupied ib.; ({am}) n. a place crowded with people R. iii, 43, 34; `" confusion aalaapa * = m. speaking to, addressing; speech; conversation, communication Pan5cat. Hit. Katha1s. S3ak. &c.; the singing or twittering of birds Katha1s.; statement of the question in an arithmetical or algebraic sum; question; a lesson Jain.; (%{A}) f. (in music) a particular Mu1rcchana1 or melody. aalabdha A: embarrassed *= mfn. touched MBh.; killed, sacrificed; gained, conciliated BhP. aalamba = support aalambate = to recline aalaya = house* = see %{A-lI}.\\m. and n. a house, dwelling; a receptacle, asylum R. Ya1jn5. Katha1s. &c.; (often ifc. e.g. %{himA7laya}, `" the abode of snow. "') aanuupa* = mfn. (fr. {anUpa} g. {kacchA7di} [Pân. 4-2, 133]), belonging to a watery place; wet, watery, marshy Sus'r.; m. any animal frequenting watery or marshy places, as fishes, buffaloes, &c. (cf. {anUpa}) ib.; a descendant of Anûpa; ({am}) n. N. of a Sâman Lâthy. iv, 6, 1. aalasya = idleness aali = maid aalingati = to embrace aalIna * = having come close to Kathâs. Hariv. Ragh.; dwelling or abiding in Kathâs.; crouched, stooped MBh. R. aalochate = to think, to contemplate aalochaya = (verbal stem) consider

aam= yes * =; ind. an interjection of assent or recollection Mriicch. S'ak. Vikr. &c.; (a vocative following this particle is anudâtta Pân. 8-1, 55.) aamarsha* = m. (for {a-marSa} q.v. T., with reference to Pân. 6-3, 137), impatience, anger, wrath L. aamaatya * = m. (= {amAtya} q.v.), a minister, counsellor L. aamanaska = the mind free from desire aama *= 1 mf({A})n. raw, uncooked (opposed to {pakva} q.v.) RV. AV. Mn. Yâjñ. &c.; N. of the cow (considered as the raw material which produces the prepared milk). RV. iii, 30, 14, &c.; unbaked, unannealed AV. MBh. VarBriS. &c.; undressed; unripe, immature Sus'r. &c.; undigested Sus'r.; fine, soft, tender (as a skin) BhP. iii, 31, 27; m. N. of a son of Kriishna VP.; of a son of Ghriita-priishthha BhP. v, 20, 21 [146, 2]; m. or ({am}) n. constipation, passing hard and unhealthy excretions Sus'r.; ({am}) n. state or condition of being raw Sus'r.; grain not yet freed from chaff; [cf. Gk. $; Lat. {amârus}; Hib. {amh}, `" raw, unsodden, &45756[146, 2] crude, unripe "'; Old Germ. {ampher}; Mod. Germ. ({Sauer-ampfer}.] \\*=2 m. (probably identical with 1. {Ama}), sickness, disease L. aamaa*= 2. P. (Pot. {-mimIyAt} Kâthh. xix, 13) to bleat at aamana * 1 n. sickness, disease; (for 2. {Amana} see {A-man}. aamana * 2 n. friendly disposition, inclination, affection TS. ii, 3, 9, 1 and 2 MaitrS.; (for 1. {Amana} see under 2. {Ama}.) aamarsha * = m. (for {a-marSa} q.v. T., with reference to Pân. 6-3, 137), impatience, anger, wrath L. aamaya = disease aamisha * = food, meat, prey, an object of enjoyment, a pleasing or beautiful object, coveting, longing for, lust, desire; a gift, boon aamraphalam.h = (n) mango (the king of fruits) aamla = souraanrta* = untruthful, lying, false. aamnaa* = P. {-manati}, to utter, mention, allege; to cite, quote; to commit to memory, hand down in sacred texts; to celebrate KâtyS'r. Lâthy. BhP. Mâlav. Kum. &c. aamnaaya* = m. sacred tradition, sacred texts handed down by repetition; that which is to be remembered or studied or learnt by heart; a Veda or the Vedas in the aggregate; received doctrine VPrât. Mn. MBh. &c.; traditional usage, family or national customs; advice, instruction in past and present usage; a Tantra; a family, series of families L. aana* = m. (fr. {an}), face [NBD.]; mouth; nose [Sây.] RV. i, 52, 15; exhaling the breath through the nose T.; inhalation, breath inspired, breathing, blowing L. aanaksh * =to approach, obtain, reach, present L. aanana = Face, mouth; the face; entrance, door aananaM = face aananda = happiness

aanandana = happiness aanandamayaH = full of great happiness aanata* = mfn. bending, stooping, bowed Ragh. Katha1s.; humbled, submissive, obedient MBh. &c.; bent or curved inwards (as a bow) S3Br.; flat, sunk (not elevated) MBh. R.; pacified, conciliated; saluted reverently. [140,2] aanaya * = m. leading to T.; leading to a teacher = {upanayana} q.v.) L. aanaaya * = {as}. m. a fishermañs net Pân. aanati* = f. bending , bowing , stooping VS. Katha1s. ; submission , obedience , inferiority Comm. on Ka1tyS3r. &c. ; contentedness T. ; saluting L. aangirasapavitra = n. N. of the verse RV. iv, 40, 5 Âp. aangirasezvaratIrtha = n. N. of a Tirtha S'ivaP. Rev. aangiraa4 = mf({I4})n. descended from or belonging or referring to the Angirases or to Angiras AV. VS. &c.; ({a4s}) m. a descendant of Angiras (as Briihatsâman [AV.], Cyavana [S'Br. iv], Ayâsya [S'Br. xiv], &c.) RV. AV. &c.; especially N. of Briihaspati RV. AV. &c. [131,2]; the planet Briihaspati i.e. Jupiter; ({I}) f. a female descendant of Angiras MBh. i, 6908; iii, 14128. aangIrasa4* = mf({I4})n. descended from the Angirases or from an Angiras TBr. aangla = English aanglabhaashhaa = English language aaNiH = nail aanila * = mf({I})n. (fr. {anila}), proceeding from or produced by wind, windy L.; belonging to Vâyu or Anila T.; m. N. of Hanumat; of Bhîma L.; ({I}) f. and ({am}) n. N. of the constellation Svâti. aaniila * = mf({A})n. darkish Ragh. Vikr.; slightly dark or blue; m. a black horse L.; ({I}) f. a black mare T.; tin L. aanrita* = mf({I})n. (fr. {an-Rta} g. {chattrA7di} Pân. 4-4, 62), untruthful, lying, false. aantaradeshiiya = within the country mainly for transaction?? aanumaanika* = mf({I})n. (fr. {anumAna}), relating to a conclusion, derived from inference, subject to inference, inferable, inferred Âp. S'ânkhS'r.; making conclusions BhP. aanumata* = mf({I})n. belonging to the goddess Anu-mati (q.v.) TBr. aanupuurva* = n. and {I} f. (fr. {anu-pUrva}), order, series, succession MBh. R. &c.; (in law) direct order of the castes Mn. Yâjñ. &c.; (generally only instr. {-eNa} and {-yA}, one after the other, in due order.) aanupuurvya* = n. order, succession KâtyS'r. Mn. Yâjñ. &c.; (generally abl. {-At}, in due order.) aanusUya * = mfn. given by Anu-sûyâ (Atri's wife) Ragh. xiv, 14.

aanuSUka4 * = mfn. (probably fr. {anu-SUka}, `" after-shoot of rice "' [according to native interpretation from {anusU}]), `" in the manner of the after-shoot of rice "' i.e. shot after TS. ii, 3, 4, 2. aanusuka * = mfn. studying or knowing the work Anusû (q.v.) L. aanusUka * = = {AnuSUka} (?) q.v. aa pa* = 1 m. obtaining; (mfn.) ifc. to be obtained (cf. %{dur-}). aa pa* = 2 m. N. of one of the eight demigods called Vasus VP. Hariv. MBh.; (%{I}) f. N. of a constellation L. aa pa* = 3 n. (fr. 2. %{ap} Pa1n2. 4-2, 37), a quantity of water, Mallina1tha on S3is3. iii, 72. aapaa* = 1. P. %{-pibati}, (Impv. 2. du. %{A4pibatam} RV. ii, 36, 6; pf. %{-papau}: Pass. %{-pIyate}, &c.) to drink in, suck in or up; to sip RV. MBh. Ragh.; to drink in with ears or eyes i.e. to hear or see with attention, hang on BhP. Ragh.; to absorb, take away: Caus. %{-pAyayati}, to cause to drink or suck in BhP. aap.h = to obtain aapaada* = 1 m. reward, remuneration ChUp.; arriving at L.; (for 2. {A-pAda} see below.) aapaada* = &c. see under 1. {A-pad} aapadaa* = f. misfortune, calamity L. aapaH = water aapaNaH = (m) shop aapana * = n. obtaining, reaching, coming to BhP.; pepper L. aapaana * = 1 mfn. one who has reached; (for 2. see %{A-} 1. %{pA}.) aapaNa * = m. a market, a shop MBh. R. Katha1s.; waves MBh.; commerce, trade L. aapana * = &c. see under 1. %{Ap}. aapaNikaH = (m) shop-keeper aapad.h = calamity aapadaaM = dangers aapannaM = achieved aapannaaH = gaining aapah = water aapanna * = mfn. entered, got in S'Br. KâtyS'r. &c.; afflicted, unfortunate S'ak. Kathâs. &c.; gained, obtained, acquired; having gained or obtained or acquired.

aapaaDa* = m. (ifc. mf({A})n. L.) compressing, squeezing Sus'r.; giving pain, hurting L.; a chaplet tied on the crown of the head MBh. R. Ragh.; N. of a metre. aapta * = mfn. reached, overtaken, met S'Br.; received, got, gained, obtained S'Br. Mn. Hit. Kathâs.; filled up, taken S'Br.; come to Naish.; reaching to, extending; abundant, full, complete; apt, fit, true, exact, clever, trusted, trustworthy, confidential Mn. R. Ragh. &c.; respected; intimate, related, acquainted MBh. R. Ragh. &c.; appointed; divided Sûryas.; connected L.; accused, prosecuted L.; m. a fit person, a credible or authoritative person, warranter, guarantee; a friend; an Arhat Jain.; N. of a Nâga MBh.; ({A}) f. = {jaTA} q.v. L.; ({am}) n. a quotient; equation of a degree L. aapuurya = covering aapuryamaaNaM = always being filled aapUryamANa * = mfn. becoming full , increasing aaprichchha = take leave of aapoklima = The 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th Houses ApratI * = (%{A-prati-i}) P. (Impv. 2. pl. %{-e4tana} RV. vi, 42, 2) to go towards any one to meet him. iishaM = Lord S'iva aaptuM = afflicts one with aapnuyaaM = may have aapnuvanti = attain aapnoti = achieves aaplutaa = immersed aapsara: = mfn. (fr. {apsaras}), belonging to the Apsaras. aapUryamANa* = mfn. becoming full, increasing. aapya* = 2 mfn. (fr. 2. {ap}), belonging or relating to water, watery, liquid Sus'r.; consisting of water; living in water; m. N. of several asterisms VarBri.; N. of a Vasu; ({As}) m. pl.N. of a class of deities BhP. Hariv.; ({am}) n. N. of a constellation; (for 1. {Apya} see under {Ap}.) aapya* = 3 n. N. of a plant, a kind of Costus L. (cf. {vApya}.) aa-pyAyana * =mfn. causing fulness or stoutness Sus'r.; increasing welfare, gladdening L.; ({I}) f. an umbilical vein MârkP.; ({am}) n. the act of making full or fat Sus'r.; satiating; satisfying, refreshing, pleasing Mn.; increasing, causing to thrive MBh.; causing to swell (the Soma) S'Br. &c.; satiety, satisfaction; advancing; anything which causes corpulency or good condition; strengthening medicine Sus'r.; corpulency, growing or being fat or stout; gladness L. aaraadhita * =mfn. propitiated, pleased, solicited for a boon; worshipped, honoured, revered; accomplished, effected. aaraadhya = pleasable

. commencing resolutely (with a determination to finish). undertaking. pride. (in dram.. {araNya}). of a class of religious and philosophical writings closely connected with the Brâhmanas and called Âranyakas because either composed in forests or studied there. (fr. AV. of an ideal base {Ara} fr.) RV. 20. cf. {A-R}. far from (with abl. Âp. aaraNyaka*= mfn. killing. Ragh. S'ak. (the {AraNyakam parva} of the Mahâ-bhârata is either the whole third book or only the first section of it)..) aarakshakaH = (m) policeman aarakshikaa = (f) policewoman aaraadhanaM = for the worship . N. exertion. beginning Mn. relating to a forest or a forest animal. ({am}) n. heroism Ra1jat. (the Upanishads are considered to be attached to them. m. Bhathth. Megh.h = started aarabdham. wild RV. haste. Kathâs. an enterprising man. courageous man L. a wild animal ChUp. Pan5cat.h = started aarabhamaaNa* = mfn.. speed. aaratii = crying out of desperation for help. 324 and 325. effort. l. wild. an inhabitant of the woods MBh. origin. m. (p. MBh. AV. near Gaut. N. (in dram. aarabhate = begins aarabhyate = is begun aarakta* = mfn. a thing begun. Vikr. beginning. produced in a forest. forest-born. aaraa4t * = ind. &c. Beitr„ge... directly. ({am}) n. (%{I}) f.) the commencement of the action which awakens an interest in the progress of the principal plot Sa1h.) the representation of supernatural and horrible events on the stage. forest-born. being in or relating to a forest. distant. to a distant place.aaraama = (m) garden aaraamaH = from rAma? source? aaraT * P. {-raTat}) to shriek.. screech Kathâs.. forest. red sandal-wood L aarambha = beginning *= m. Ka1tyS3r. Kathâs. &c. of a village L. {Are4}) from a distant place. 131 a. 9) aarambhaH = endeavor aarambhashuura = one who shows active participation in the beginning aarambhikaaH = beginners aaraNya*= mf({A})n. Megh. a forester. commencement S3Br.. Ragh. aarabhaTa* = m. slaughter (erroneous for %{Alambha} see Zachariae. ritual aarabdhat. reddish Sus'r. confidence. boldness. p. (abl. MBh. beginning. KâtyS'r. &c. &c. immediately Prab. ({t}) m.

m. strung (as a bow).. fixed. R. S'Br.. 34. {A4-rIyate}. elevated Kum. N. aarka * = mfn. {arka}). warm. sincerity ChUp. direct. 4-1. rectitude. flaccid Kathâs..v. 2 aardita = parched. ({A4-riNanti} RV. aarhaaH = deserving aarii * = P. praised RV. moist. of Indra (= {arjuna} q.. Mn. to trickle or flow upon. ({am}) n. raised. interposed. not dry. 18) wet. Megh. m.. straight direction Sâh. ({ard} Un. MBh. relating to or coming from the above bee Sus'r.. aarta = intensely troubled . TS. fresh. placed Kâd.... ({Rd}). deposited. of a grandson of Priithu Hariv. Mn. i.. to ascend aarpita* = mfn. belonging or relating to the sun BhP. Sus'r. green (as a plant). 3. straight.. Gaut. ({am}) n. full of feeling. to flow over RV. optionally for {ardha-} (q. MBh. MBh. Âp. tormenting exceedingly T aardha* = in comp. damp RV..aarda * = mf({I} [gana {gaurA7di} Pân. made. straightness. the fourth or sixth Nakshatra or lunar mansion AV. dry aardra = wet * mf({A})n.v. &c. S'Br. aardrachittaa = having emotional mind aardraa = Sixth nakshatra aarghya * = mfn. 6) to pour. straight. & aarjavaM = simplicity aarjava* = mfn. VarBriS. aarita * = mfn. ii. &c. annexed. succulent. 122). aarohaNa = climbing aarohati = to climb. pressing hard. fresh ginger Vishnus. adventitious L. fastened to. charged with. supplied. moisture Hariv. soft. N. of a teacher VP. dampness. Pañcat. 11566. let drop: Â. its honey L. {pRthvAdi} Pân. 41])n. 4. 71. new Kathâs. N. loose. aarogya = health aaropayati = to plant aaropita*= mfn. tender. 101.. 5-1. honesty. (fr. arjavaka* = mfn. accidental.) Kâthh.) Pân. frankness. (fr. ({A}) f. R. Sus'r. AV. dependent on RV. ({am}) n. VP. ix. honest. propriety of act or observance. 7-3. &c. living AV. coming from the plant Calotropis Gigantea VarBriS. N.. &c. m. of the ninth Sarga or creation MBh. fresh. intrusted. Megh. sincere Kathâs. MBh. xii. {Rju} g. aarjuna * = m.

a son of Prajâpati TÂr. {aruNa})N. aartha * = mf({I})n.. aaruDha = The sign which is as distant from the lord as the lord is from the house concerned aaruuDha * = mounted.g. suitable. Irish {Erin}. a son of Manu Sâvarna Hariv. S'ak. son of Aruna Aupaves'i and father of S'veta-ketu) S'Br. &c. p. elevated on high VarBriS. noble R. &c. &c. N. each foot containing four instants. unhappy S'Br.. VS. Kathâs. of Tathâyu Bâlar. a kind of metre of two lines (each line consisting of seven and a half feet. ascended. 339. (mf({A} and {A4rI})n. a respectable. Germ. MBh. behaving like an Âryan. a hog. brought under the cognizance of the senses. P. (with Buddhists [Pâli {ayyo}. fiscal aarthikaniiti = (f) economic policy aaru* = 1 1. {Ehre}.. &c. to cry out VarBriS.aarta * = mfn. {R}). of a good family. {Rt} or even regarded as irreg.) fallen into (misfortune). of Uddâlaka (a renowned Brâhmana teacher. {ard}. the mounting. l. 4) to shout or cry towards. {A4-ruva} RV. ({us}) f. {e7ra}. Hit. (fr. afflicted. AitBr. risen. i. a Buddhist priest. Pañcat. significant (opposed to {zAbda} q. (fr. a friend L. Kathâs. of Auddâlaki (= S'veta-ketu) KathhUp.) MBh. respectable. to roar towards or against RV.. a master. an owner L. and is therefore a single short syllable.) and lives accordingly. S'ak. BhP. injured.. one who is faithful to the religion of his country. [cf. honourable man Pañcat.: Intens. pained. &c... ({Us}) m. arising.. relating to a thing or object. oppressed. 20 ff. wise. {dAsa}). {indriyA7rUDha}. &c. Bhathth. a man highly esteemed. worthy of one. {artha}). {dasyu}. 87]).. reached. material. except the sixth of the second line. favourable to the Âryan people RV. in later times N. ({A}) f. a pitcher L... Mn. of Vainateya MBh.. of the first three castes (opposed to {zUdra}) RV. ({am}) n. brought to (often used in compounds e. S'ak. Pañcat. aarurukshoH = who has just begun yoga aaruhya = having climbed aaruu* = mfn. which contains only one. tawny. MBh. resulting from or based on the possession of a thing Pat.. Hariv.v. Prab. of the race which immigrated from Central Asia into Âryâvarta (opposed to {an-Arya}.) Âryan. aartaH = the distressed aarthika = (adj) economic.. suffering. a respectable or honourable or faithful man. Mod. Old Germ. Ragh.. aarya = wise man* = m. \\* = 2 m. {-roravIti}. undertaken. formation fr.] aaryasamaaja = Aryan group . (fr. {arya4}. hence there are thirty instants in the first line and twenty-seven in the second).... see also Weber in S'Br. of Suparneya. Yâjñ. N. a crab. bestridden (as a horse &c. raised up. Buddha. to praise L. {-rauti} or {-ravIti} (Impv. having reached or attained. (optionally also written {Artta}.. excellent. or {ariyo}]) a man who has thought on the four chief truths of Buddhism (see next col. sick. come into (a state) BhP. honourable. AV. disturbed. &c. the tree Lagerstroemia Regina L. whence erroneously derived fr. a Vais'ya L. an inhabitant of Âryâvarta. R. struck by calamity. Mn. a name of Pârvatî Hariv.) Sâh. S'ak.. 10. N. perceived) BhP. ({R} [Un. TS. tawny (the colour) L aaruuDhasya = of one who has attained aaruuDhaani = being placed aaruudha = house aaruNi * = m. R. i.

168. from or in the proximity. TS. which lie stored up in the mind in the form of mental deposits of merit or demerit. the stomach &c. disposition of mind.. {sAyam-Aza}. MBh. AV. {az}. a receptacle. the will. eating S'Br. meaning. to desire aashaya = (masc) resting place aas'aya * = m. (for 2. encircled. `" the receptacle of blood "' i. of the plant Artocarpus Integrifolia L.g.) MBh. (cf. expectation. property. {AmA7zaya}. KâtyS'r. {az}). region. &c. an asylum. intention Prab. &c.h = to wish. R.v. {AzrayA7za}. an ideal base {Asa}). intent on. immediately proceeding from (acc. space. virtue. fate. {prAtar-Aza}. Ragh. the abdomen Sus'r. R. N. as the daughter-in-law of Manas Prab. wound round. the heart. until they ripen in the individual soul's own experience into rank. the stomach. abode or retreat S'Br. zealously following or pursuing MBh. Kathâs. (fr. S'Br.. mode of thinking. &c. Pañcat.ns. attached to. and enjoyment (Cowell's translation of Sarvad. niggard L. the seat of feelings and thoughts.e. bed..h = (lotus like-)posture-stood aasane = on the seat aasaadaya = (causative of aa+sad) resort to aasaadya = attaining aasha. any vessel of the body (e. . Pañcat. soul Yâjñ.. to hope. heart. aa4sa*=ashes.) aashaa4 *=. for 1. Kathâs.. VarBri. years. posteriors aasaat * = ind. pleasure. attached strongly to. prospect AV.. reaching. seat. 16 ff.. any recipient. &c. dust. aashayasthitaaH = situated within the heart aashaa = desire aasha*= (1. place.. (in Yoga phil. fortune. food.aaryaa = (f) a respected woman aasa*= seat. fixed or fastened to. &c.. &c. following directly. the mind. R. a bow aasaM = exist aasakta = attached\\* = mfn. &c. lying on or upon S'Br. R. (1.) Sus'r. {raktA7zaya}. Kum. obtaining (cf. Hope personified as the wife of a Vasu Hariv. a miser. {AzA4} see {A-zaMs}).. S'ak..). quarter of the heavens RV. accompanied or furnished with. desire.) aa4shaa*. hope. MBh. Kathâs.. {dur-} Aza m. Pañcat. {A4zA} see s. near RV. vice. Pañcat. &c. the lower part of the body behind. &c. thought. resting-place. Bhag. Kathâs. ChUp. aasaktamanaaH = mind attached aasana = seat aasanaM = seat aasanastham. Kathâs. {hutA7za}.) `" stock "' or `" the balance of the fruits of previous works.

) to lie or rest on or round: P.: Impv.] RV. pl..h = with wonder.] i. {Azis} L. aas'ii * =1 f. (impf. {Azis}. 16. leaning aashrayaa = sheltor aashrayet. 3. sg. 9. v. AV. from 1. 37 [perhaps this form is rather a Nom. {A-zayAm} AV. aa-s'ii * =3 Â. 8 [to bestow. {-zerate} Vikr. viii. (irr. = 1.) aas'ii * =2 f.aashaapaasha = entanglements in a network of hope aashaapiNDaM = AshA+pindaM. pl. desire+lump(piNDaM also means rice-ball given aas'i * = 1 f.h = must come upon aashri = to take shelter aashritaM = assuming aashritaH = taking refuge aashritaaH = accepting aashritya = taking shelter of aashleshha = embrace . 21. {A4-zizIhi}) to sharpen [Sây. {-za4ye} [3. {AzI} see 2. sg. 3. (Impv. {AzA}?]: Caus. ix. surprise aashcharyaaNi = all the wonders aashrama = a yoga centre or school aashrayatva = dependence. 1. (for 1. {A74zIzayat}) to lay or put upon R. 6. to make zealous RV. (for 2. 25.) aa-s'i * =2 P.e. eating Kaus'. {Azi4s} L.]. let partake BRD. {Azi} see 2. vii. aashina = old (also heard as aashiina) aashishhati = to give aashirvaad aashu = fast aashcharyaM = surprise aashcharyamayaM = wonderful aashcharyavat. {Aza}. {A7zayan}) to wish BhP. (impf. = 2. 3.

pleasure. intention Prab. seated. any vessel of the body (e. place. aasita* = mfn. directly Sus'r. a recipient..) `" stock "' or `" the balance of the fruits of previous works. rice ripening quickly in the rainy season S'Br. n. Lat. BhP. niggard L. the tenth lunar mansion VarBri. sitting down Sâh. authority. S'is'. place. ({us}. heart. S'Br. {dur--}). having recourse to. Kathâs. seat.) Sus'r. an abode R. a place where one has lived. N. or {u}) m. &c. {-sphoTayati}. Sus'r. a receptacle. Mriicch. &c. shelter R.h = was/existed aasina = by the weapon aasinaM = situated aasinaH = eaters aasiit. joining.. excuse L. business. mode of thinking. the stomach. dwelling. vice. Pañcat. the seat of feelings and thoughts.. which lie stored up in the mind in the form of mental deposits of merit or demerit. ({u}) n. &c. {aquila} and {accipiter}. a horse RV. the stomach &c. soul Yâjñ. power L. $. {raktA7zaya}. &c. crush. of several Sâmans. to move.. aas'raya* = m. the quick one. protection Pañcat. Sus'r. resting-place R. dignity. abode S'ak. the heart. resting-place. thought. Pañcat. MBh. &c. AV.aashleshhaa = Ninth nakshatra aashvaasayaamaasa = encouraged aashvinii = First nakshatra aas'u * = mfn... {s} being inserted). following.. Ragh. way or manner of sitting (cf. L. Megh. the mind. choosing.g. warrant. attaching to. aasit. R. R. N.) aas'aya* = m. one who has sat down.. Bhag.. quick. an asylum. `" the receptacle of blood "' i. seat. being at rest. a seat. place of refuge. MBh.. that to which anything is annexed or with which anything is closely connected or on which anything depends or rests Pân. &c. the will. virtue. R. AV. fr. taking. 3] {o7cissimus}: of the same origin may be the Lat. the abdomen Sus'r. abode or retreat S'Br. bed. to shake MBh. {pada} with {A} prefixed. (cf. KâtyS'r. i. until they ripen in the individual soul's own experience into rank. quick. practising. &c. Ved... one who is seated or dwells Kathâs. &c. Gk. to split open. meaning. fortune. sanction. aas. sitting. 16 ff. affair. Kathâs. 168. ({us}) m. $. depending on. &c. ({am}) n. Mn. disposition of mind. the being inclined or addicted to.). Bhartri. going quickly RV. {acu} in {acupedius}. agitate quickly. Pañcat. of a Sâman. ({u}) ind. authority. aasphuT * = Caus. seat. %{A4-siSAya} RV. any recipient. asylum.. immediately. (pf. Ragh. property. Kathâs. years. &49452[157. help.. . a miser. a plea.. 1). grind Kathâs...e. the person or thing in which any quality or article is inherent or retained or received. 10) to wrap or pack up. N. {az} Un. (in Yoga phil.. and enjoyment (Cowell's translation of Sarvad. (1.h = was aasiita = does remain still aasiinaH = situated aaspada* = n. {AmA7zaya}. assistance. mf[{A}]n. Kathâs. (ifc. fate. x. fast. 28. union. &c. of the plant Artocarpus Integrifolia L.h = to sit aasi* = P.. quickly.. Das'.

&c. {vivAha}). pl. 97. 3. blood. {aSTa-guNA7zraya} see under {aSTa}). {-zRNoti} Â. 40 R. ChUp. KâtyS'r. belief in God. {Astika}). to assign to. appropriate act or one consistent with the character of the agent. AitBr. {-zrAvayati} [but {A4-zravayatam} RV. to perceive (with the ear) RV. 1]. aasu * = to press out (Soma juice). ix. 108. 12]. aaste = remains aasthaaya = following aasteya* = mfn. decorate RV. aor. to procure KâtyS'r. tell RV. to wish to hear. belonging or devoted to evil spirits. S'Br. to admit (a stallion to a mare) RV. depending on. TS. of the plant Sinapis Ramosa L. contiguity. i. AV. 7 and {A4-sotA} RV. {-azuzravus} RV. source. S'Br.attachment. to adorn. Prab.. &c. demoniacal. divine RV. procure. connection. 2..: Desid. 59]. pl. to announce.. aa-suu * = P. aasthitaH = being situated aasthitaaH = situated aastikya* = n. dependance. 6. KâtyS'r. send forth *= = P. 1-3. 56) belonging to something existent. Pân. bring quickly. m. Bhag. spiritual. TUp. Pân. aasrij *V-S evolved. pour in RV. BhP. {A4-sRja}) Â. to cause to hear. {-suvAna4}) to excite towards [161. 4-3. S'Br. to distil aa-su * = 3. applying the actual cautery). Das'. aastikyaM = religiousness aas'ru * = P. &c. Mn. a prince of the warriortribe Asura Pân. AV.. Yâjñ.h = demons aasurii = demoniac qualities aasuriiM = atheistic . 1-4.. 6 Mn. that to which the predicate is annexed. v. belonging or relating to the Asuras RV. ({am}) n. AV. the stars of the southern hemisphere Sûryas. infernal. 5.: Caus. make known. (Impv. to distil RV. {-zuzrUSati} [only P. to hear. MBh. relation. Yâjñ. to throw to. Âs'vS'r. piety. 127. to yield. &c. ChUp. {-suno4ti}. resting on. a form of marriage (in which the bridegroom purchases the bride from her father and paternal kinsmen) Âs'vGri. origin. to accept. ifc. (in Gr. 18. speak to. a believing nature or disposition MBh.. ({I}) f. L. grant RV. P.. 31 (cf.. black salt L. vicinity RPrât. a female demon. faithfulness. {-suno4tA} AV.) the subject. to address. iii. promise Pân. (Pân. x. 2. AV.. sg. 62.. vii. the urethra BhP. aasuraM = demonic * aasura = 1 mf({I})n. N. (pf. xx. AV. pl. S'Br. ({As}) m. {-zRNute}. &c. aasuraH = demoniac aasuranishchayaan. curing by cutting with instruments.. TS. send off towards. to carry near. 6. (Subj.g. to listen. AV. (p. (with Buddhists) the five organs of sense with {manas} or mind (the six together being the recipients of the {Azrita} or objects which enter them by way of their {Alambana} or qualities). endowed or furnished with (e. 94. {asura}). to listen to. an Asura or demon AV. call to (especially at particular rites) RV. VS. 7) to press out (Soma juice). {A4-sasRjire}) to pour out upon. BhP. {A4-suvati} 1. (fr. VS. a division of medicine (surgery. (fr. ix. 52.

belonging to that part of the mouth or face. taking breath. {adhy-Atma4m}). 1). for {Atma4n}.) aas'vaasa * = m... a large umbrella (of silk or leaves) MBh. or %{u}) m. . &c. the Bahuvrîhi compounds {Atma-caturtha}. $. state of rest L. 6-3. relying on Kathâs. {AtapatrAyita} mfn. &c. [but not in a Bahuvrîhi] with ordinals Pân. f.g. Kathâs. mf({A})n. going quickly RV. directly Sus3r. abiding. quick. aasya = (m) mouth aasyaa * = f. of a Sa1man. {acu} in {acupedius}. recovery Sus3r. cheering up.. quick. breathing again or freely. N. abode. [160. consolation. taking breath. e.. (%{us}. aasvaada = tastingaatanka = horror. n. Megh.) aatmaanaM = the mind aatmaani = in the pure state of the soul aatmaasambhavitaaH = self-complacent aatma = of the self * = (in comp. breathing again or freely. Siddh. Lat. 1] aatataayinaH = aggressors aatapa = heat aatapatraM = sunshade* = n.aasuriishhu = demoniac aas'u* = mfn. aasya4 * = n. {aquila} and {accipiter}. AV. (%{u}) ind. &c. &49452[157. fast. &c. (cf. consolation.). Pan5cat.. Kâs'.atattvamasi = Thou art That Not (self + Self are differnt:Duality) aatmanaa* = instr. VS. quickly. in comp.] mouth. %{az} Un2. recovery Sus'r.. sitting Sus'r. terror aazvaasa * = m. (%{u}) n. of {Atman}.. Ved. relying on Katha1s. immediately. Ka1tyS3r. rice ripening quickly in the rainy season S3Br. (%{us}) m.. {A} Megh. belonging to that part of the mouth which is the organ of uttering sounds or letters Pân. AV. $. L. S3Br. jaws RV. (mfn. forming an umbrella (as the branches of a tree) BhP. `" heatprotector "' (ifc. face Yâjñ. &c.. Gk. a horse RV. the quick one. [ifc. 6 (cf. a chapter or section of a book Sa1h. AV. (1.3] {o7cissimus}: of the same origin may be the Lat. also rarely ifc.. cheering up. MBh.) belonging to the mouth or face. {adhy-Atma}.. aatishhTha = be situated aatura = anxious aatta = ready aattha = have spoken aatmaa = soul aatmaa. and {-paJcama}. i. a chapter or section of a book Sâh.

xii. self-executed R. S'Br. knowledge of the soul or supreme spirit Mn.) `" born from or begotten by one's self "'. {AtmanA akarot}.. [cf. {putram AtmanaH spRSTvA nipetatuH}. {an}. xii. {karmA7tman}.g. 990 and 1167. (cf. nature BhP. v. 65. aatma-tattva * = n. Mn. a mirror Ragh. AV. e. 11 S'Br. character. the reasoning faculty L. knowing or versed in the Vedânta doctrines L. xiv.. of the fifth lunar mansion VarYogay. {A} R. {Atman} in the sg.. Mod. belonging to or forming the nature of (gen. (cf... fire L.h = for sense enjoyment .. xv. 1] aatma-krita * = ({Atma4-}) mfn. xii. aatmadaa * = mfn. essence. nature. Germ. 85 and 92 MBh. the soul. makes his own TS. {oedhm}. {Atma4n}] (Ved. granting breath or life RV. aatmadaana * = n. self-knowledge MBh. m. aatmaja * = mfn. (ifc. %{saMkalpA7tmaka}]. &c. gift of self. to breathe.) MBh. &c. N. having or consisting of the nature or character of (in comp. `" he places in himself "'. principle of life and sensation RV. the person or whole body considered as one and opposed to the separate members of the body VS. done of one's self. 97.v.) {dhatte}. having or consisting of the nature or character of (in comp.) ChUp. abstract individual [e.. ii. {AtmAnaM sA hanti}.g.. Vedântas. 121. 12440. essence. the true nature of the soul or of the supreme spirit S'vetUp. 64. ii. loc.) ChUp. knowing one's self MBh.. `" self-shower "'.) RV. intellect. x.. (ifc. `" to lose one's life "' Mn. is used as reflexive pronoun for all three persons and all three genders e.] &42279[135. R. {Athem}. a cock L. aatmata * = f. done or committed against one's self VS. 11. 926.aatmaka* mf({ikA})n. Sax. the highest personal principle of life. 8. self-sacrifice Kathâs.) MBh. MBh. aatmakaM = consisting of aatmaka* = mf(%{ikA})n. {AtmanA vi-yuj}. to blow. $. `" he did it himself "' Kâd. aatmajJa * = mfn. {at}. v S'Br. {âtum}. `" originating from intellect "'. MBh. &c.. &c. Brahma (cf. 2. the individual soul. 23. &c. essence. f. aatmajJAna * = n. the prayers of transcendental activity [with for each of the four a type of priest or below s. 44 VS. to move. [cf. &c. vii.) aatmakaH = possessing or controlling aatmakaaraNaat.. or {karoti}. aatmatva * = n. `" she strikes herself "'. {AtmanA}]. 28. Angl. i. {paramA7tman}) AV. $ (?). `" uttering one's own name "'. 12449. nature Sâh. aatmadars'a * = m. belonging to or forming the nature of (gen. self-originated MBh. (= {dhRti}) firmness L. 13. {tma4n}) the breath RV. [Old Germ. x. {vA}. mind "' see {naSTA7tman}.. 14 RâmatUp. a son Nir.. {Odem}. 926.) aatman * = {A} m. ({Atmatattva}) {-jJa} mfn.. (variously derived fr. viii. {paJcA7tmaka} &c. a son L.g. cf. % {paJcA7tmaka} &c. a daughter MBh. &c. xxxii. consisting or composed of Mn.. effort L. {saMkalpA7tmaka}]. the body Ragh. peculiarity (often ifc. aatmaghosha * = m. `" they two having touched their son fell down "' R. a crow L. x. &c. self. consisting or composed of Mn. knowing the supreme spirit Vedântas. 46. ({A}) f. the sun L. {mandA7-}.) `" the understanding. vii. 46... Gk. xv.

nyama = of controlling the mind aatmasa.aatmaja = son aatmajaH = son aatmajaa = daughter aatmatriptaH = self-illuminated aatman. to train oneself aatmaGYaana = knowledge of self . and {-paJcama}.h = established in the self aatmavinigrahaH = self-control aatmavibhuutayaH = personal opulences aatmavishvaasaH = (m) confidence aatmasa.h = by My internal potency aatmaratiH = taking pleasure in the self aatmavantaM = situated in the self aatmavashyaiH = under one's control aatmavaan. the Bahuvrîhi compounds {Atma-caturtha}. 6-3.h = to imbibe.nstutiH = and praise of himself aatmasa. 6 (cf. [but not in a Bahuvrîhi] with ordinals Pân.h = Soul aatmana = (Masc.instr.nsthaM = placed in transcendence aatmasaat. to make one's own. in comp.sing.) aatmani = in himself aatmabhaava = within their hearts aatmabhuutaatmaa = compassionate aatmamaayayaa = by My internal energy aatmayogaat. of {Atman}.) thro' the self aatmanaH = of the person aatmanaa = by the purified mind * = instr.

the true nature of the soul or of the supreme spirit S'vetUp.. N. ifc. {svatantra}. absorption of the faculties in one wish or idea. ChUp.) (cf. devotedness to an object BhP.. indistinctness of idea. Ka1d. &c. desirous of (Inf. &c.). 2. viii. possession.) aatma-ta * =f. bringing. one of the seven tongues of fire. 1. aavaasya* = mfn. a village. &c. pride. nature BhP. viii AV.) aatyantikaM = supreme aavaasaH = (m) residence. row aavayoH = of ours aaveza *= m. marrying L. full of BhP. (cf. to be inhabited by. ({Atmatattva}) {-jJa} mfn. diseased or pained by (in comp. Pañcat. xiii. sick (in body or mind) RV.. 10. Ragh. Prab... &c. invitation MBh. independent BhP. a treatise on Âryâ metres T.. aavaraNa = a veil aavartaH = (m) whirlpool aavartate = comes back aavartinaH = returning aavartita* = mfn. (Un. of one of the seven winds or bands of air (that which is usually assigned to the {bhuvar-loka} or atmospheric region between the {bhUr-loka} and {svar-loka}) Hariv. aavasatha4 * = m.) depending only on one's self. xi. &c. entrance. iii. living quarters aavaha * =mf({A})n.. joining one's self Ka1tyS3r. R. R. aatura * = mf({A})n. N.. 4399. what bears or conveys Mn. R.. Hit. entering. habitation. wrath Ba1lar. bringing to pass. night's lodging AV. demoniacal frenzy. {an-Atura4}.. arrogance L. lineage Vikr. &c.. aatma-tantra * =n. 6. (%{val} T. a series. BhP. knowing or versed in the Vedânta doctrines L. apoplectic or epileptic giddiness L. Bhag. range. a continuous line. intentness. Prab. stirred round Hariv. Hit... a particular religious observance L. a row. producing. abode. 101. taking possession of MBh. 2] aavaaha * = m. inviting. m.) MBh. the basis of self MBh. dynasty. essence. suffering. 114) dwelling-place. 7 S'Br. ix. (mfn. turned round. a dwelling for pupils and ascetics. of a son of S'vaphalka Hariv aavali * = %{is} and %{I} f. [155. BhP. Mn. &c. anger. .aatmiyataa = the feeling of oneness aatmaiva = the very mind aatmatattva * = n.. aavali = (f) line. S3ak.

MBh. 5) to turn or bring into the possession of.aavi* = {is} and {I4} f. to surround. Das'. BhP. bend Hariv. to deliver. AV.. p. {-vRGkte} (Subj. keep off MBh. Â.e. {A74vRkSam} RV. R. pangs of childbirth Sus'r.. MBh. enclose. Bhag. P. not in vain. {-vezayati}. &c. 5) to tremble. bestow. aor. to hasten near. &c. hem in. to drive on or near RV. enter. to gain one's favour. approach RV. aavrij * =Â.: Intens.. BhP. Vikr.. and for {AvI} f. 16. hiding. procure for.. aavri * =1 1. (for the noun {AvI} see {Avi}. AV.. 24. aavii* = P. AitBr. {-vArayati}. comprehend. to grasp. closing. &c. see {Avya}. be agitated. aavrita = encircled aavritaM = is covered aavritaH = is covered aavritaa = covered aavritaaH = covered aavrittiM = return . 1. pl.: Caus. {A74vRkta} RV. x. to reach. aavriti * = f. to approach. to cover. marutta) avrithA * = ind. suffering Sus'r. Kum. BhP. iii. to turn over. to deliver BhP.: Caus. R. {-vizati}. hide. pl. to cause to enter or approach. {-vRNoti}. S'Br. to turn or bring into one's own possession. ({yas}) f. sg. R. 3. Kathâs. incline. BhP. {-va4rjate} RV. 3. shut. Ragh. VS. Ragh. 90. settle MBh. TS. offer. S'ak. ii. aavishh. to make known RV. {A-vi4zam} RV. having covered &c. MBh. to cover. attract Kathâs. R. BhP. &c.. BhP. viii. to pour out Ragh. 9. give RV. Ragh. S'Br. also P. &c. VarBriS. covering. ii. 6) to go or drive in or towards. 8. aavirbhuutaM = having taken a physical form or incarnation aavishya = entering aavis'* =* = P. Mn. 159. i. favour BhP. S'ak. overcome. 2. obtain. 1. {-ve4ti} (but also {-va4yati} Nigh. &c. to cause to reach or obtain. propitiate. &c. aavritya * =1 ind. enclose. {-te} (inf. to cause to yield. P. S'ak. to be propitiated.. to get or fall into. {-vivAya}..: Caus. profitably L. (Pot. to ward off. (perhaps {vI}).) to undertake. having pierced &c. {A4-vavIran} TS. to keep off MBh.) aavidhya *= ind. &c. MBh. pain. to appropriate RV.h = to be possesed by aavishhTaM = overwhelmed aavishhTaH = overwhelmed aavikshita = descendent of avikshit (i. pf. &c. to sit down. Megh. seize AitUp. 33.. to become RV. conceal. p. {-varjayati}. present. aor. to take possession of RV.

duration of life RV. a living being . restrained. N. stretching. son . iii . ix . Used to convert Tropical positions to Sidereal aayaataH = have come aayaatana = abode. 1 . 1. a particular interval (in music). on the spot. spread over. L. take possession of RV. &c. N. i . 4 . of a king of frogs MBh. 77 . VS. Kirâ aayaH = (m) income.: Intens. quickly S'Br. of fire (as the son of Puru1ravas and Urvas3i1) VS. aayaama *: extending. come. pf. (%{us}) m. extending. a divine personification presiding over life RV. 8) to draw or pull towards one's self . ix . descendant . approaching RV. arrival RV. mingle Ma1nS3r. i . (for 2. aiming at. to seize . ({am}). 1 .aavritya = covering aavrishhthi = (fem) rain aaveshita = fixed aaveshya = establishing aavriyate = is covered aavhayati = to call aavya * =mf({AvI})n. N. ix . aayu* = 1 2. abundance. lengthened. mankind RV. directed towards.// 2 mfn.. AV. aayatana = place. {Ayana} see s. . restraining. ({A}) f. Hariv. TBr. (fr. . woollen Âs'vGri. {ayAna}. Ragh.h = (n) rectangle aayana *= 1 n. quite clear or intelligible R. S3Br. m. vii. 18 MBh. S'is'. resting place aayata * = mfn. (p. &c. 3 . 2) . (cf. &c. . put on (as an arrow). 20. Sus'r. Hariv. 2 .) aayanaa. lineage RV. living beings collectively . (fr. 7 . 88. stretched. offspring . earnings aavyakta* = mfn. coming. . &c. coming. i . family . of several other men MBh. 17 . MBh. S'ak. 582 . x . p. . living . R. and %{yuvAna} S3Br. N. 22. man . of a man persecuted by Indra RV. {avi}). the natural temperament or disposition L. viii. %{-yo4yuvAna} RV. %{-yuyuve4} RV. Kir. future MBh. stopping aayaata * = mfn. to stir up .. without delay. . position aayatam. and ({ayA}) ind.. and Gr2.. ({am}) n. extended. iv . 11) to meddle with. (cf.nsha = Precession of Equinoxes. attained MBh. long. 138 . 4 . produce TS. superabundance. A1. an oblong figure (in geometry). belonging to sheep TS. Kathâs. (%{A4-yuvate} RV. VS.] life . extended. aayuH = [long] life . (%{u}) n. [and (%{us}) m.v aayaana * =n. 1 . arrived. provide . movable RV. 100 . . %{-yuva4mAna} RV. %{Ayus}) . to procure . %{i} Un2.. . agitate .

VP. governor of an arsenal Hariv.. life. a weapon RV. health. MBh. perhaps also $. Pan5cat. 6. melted. aayus* = n. (%{us}) m. N. vital power. ifc. vigour.] RV. TS... gold used for ornaments L. Pañcat. active power.. 90. long life RV. {AyudhA7gArika} m. 10. {-nara} m. $. mixed. [cf. x. 38. VS. S'Br. VS. mingled. = {Ayus}. aayojakaH = (m) organiser. Pañcat.] aayudhaM = weapons aayudhadharmiNI* = f. ({us}) m.aayus * = n. 6.). AV. ifc..] RV.. ({t}) m. 38.). food L. governor of an arsenal Hariv. duration of life S'Br. vital power. of a Sa1man. of a particular ceremony (= {AyuH-SToma} q. VS. TS. the son of Puru1ravas and Urvas3i1 (cf. active power. &c. %{Ayu}) MBh. aayudhapAla* = m. VP. halfmelted butter MaitrS. for {Ayus} below). MBh.. aayush* = (in comp. efficacy RV. the governor of an arsenal Hariv. N. combined with MBh. [cf.. R. AitBr.. AV. ({A4-yutam}) n. BhP. Venis. Ragh. of the eighth lunar mansion.. of a particular ceremony (= %{AyuH-SToma} q. water L. aayudhaanaaM = of all weapons aayur* = (in comp. pl. [149. duration of life.v. MBh. Mn. long life RV. Kaus'. &c. Dor. N. vigour. 90. ({Ani}) n. {Ayu}) MBh. the totality of living beings [food Sây. 5 and vii. Vikr. aayudhabhRt* = mfn. S3Br. aayusha* = n. $. bearing arms. AV.] aayushhkaaraka = Significator of Longevity which is Saturn aayuta * = mfn. a warrior VarBriS. aayudhAgAra* = n. duration of life. implement AV. 2] aayudha* = n. of the eighth lunar mansion. the totality of living beings [food Sa1y. for {Ayus} below). life. Dor. sponsoraasava abandhu = one who does not have any brothers / kinmen abala = helpless (woman) abalaa = (helpless) Woman abuddhayaH = less intelligent persons abodha = Ignorance abda = Season of plenty abdhi = sea . of a Sâman. ii. the son of Purûravas and Urvas'î (cf. Mn. N. 5 and vii. ii. Vikr. arsenal Mn.. efficacy RV.. Mn. &c. MBh. &c. R. an armoury. 18 AitBr.. food L. perhaps also $. health.v. the plant Sesbania AEgyptiaca (commonly called Jayantî) L.

h = will become abhaya = freedom from fear *mf({A})n. N.h = became abraviit. of a river in Krauñcadvîpa BhP. a vocabulary. (cf. peace. telling. speaking. lexicon. (ifc. (compar. {a4bhaya-tama} below). fearless. mischief... m. ({I}) f. of a son of Idhmajihva BhP. inauspicious. security RV. naming.. abrahmaNya = Not kosher abhaktaaya = to one who is not a devotee abhara: see abhr abhavat. unfearful. &c.. a sacrificial hymn recited to obtain personal security Kaus'. ({a4-bhayam}) n. abhayaM = fearlessness abhaye = and fearlessness abhi = preposition abhi+taD.v. Andropogon Muricatum. (applied as proper name to) a child of Dharma and his reign in Plakshadvîpa BhP. not dangerous. undaunted S'Br. abhidhaasyati = explains . of S'iva. ({A}) f. dictionary. xiv. title. manifesting.. sea abhaavaH = changing quality abhaavayataH = of one who is not fixed abhaashhata = began to speak abhadra * = mfn. safety. ({a-bha4ya}) mfn. bringing in close connection VPrât. f.. appellation. of a natural son of Bimbisâra. {-tara}) KaushBr.h = spoke abhavishhyat. the plant Terminalia Chebula. secure. expression.h = having become predominant abhibhuuya = surpassing abhichaara = black magic abhidhaana* = n. `" safety "'. {A}) absence or removal of fear. a kind of symbol procuring security Hcat. putting together. mischievous.h = to strike abhibhavati = transforms abhibhavaat. a name. word. the root of a fragrant grass. speech. (%{am}) n.abdhii = (m) ocean.. see s.

. 4-3. Nir. ii. &c.. consider RV. abhijin.h = surrounded by aristocratic relatives abhijaataH = born of abhijaatasya = of one who is born of abhijaananti = they know abhijaanaati = does know abhijaayate = becomes manifest abhijita = A nakshatra between uttaraashhDhaa and shravaNa mainly centred on the star Vega. {-dIdhaya-}. of a chief L.. iii. called Mn. onset L. N. (%{am}) n.. challenge L... defiance. iii.hmuhuurta = the most auspicious moment abhikrama = in endeavoring abhiikshNa * = mfn. constant. 38. or {prati}) R. {abhy-adhinvan}) to satisfy Kâthh. a name. (impf. adhipatii . 32. 1 and x. &c. ({am}) ind. spoken MBh. S'Br. very. PBr.] of Punarvasu. pl.3]. recollection. &c..v. Â.. spoken to Kum. remembrance.abhidhiiyate = is called abhidhitsA* = f.. (cf.] or of the father [VP. = {abhijJAna-zakuntala} q. iv. abhimanaH = conceit . 1. abhijñaana* = n.v. abhidhii* = (perf.. 141.. N. 25). p. of a Soma sacrifice (part of the great sacrifice Gavâm-ayana) AV. victorious VS. seizing taking hold of. perpetually. at once.. 9) to reflect upon. expression.. a sign or token of remembrance [62. declared. xv. word. robbing. ( %{dhA}). AV. abhiipsita = desired abhijanavaan. &c. {abhIkSNa-}) Râjat.. &c. N.. constantly.. the eighth Muhûrta of the day (about midday) Kaus'. of a son [Hariv. S3Br. for {abhIkSNam} q. desire of expressing or naming Kpr. m. exceedingly (in comp. 4. attack. Sâh. of Vishnu L. 3. abhigraha * = m. of the 20th (or 22nd) Nakshatra AV. For some reason it is not usually included in the 27 nakshatras although it would make 28 if it was. ({t}) m. presently. in comp. (contr. authority L. named. 33. {Abhijita}). repeatedly. knowledge L. {-dI4dhyAna} RV. N. harnessed or put to (as a horse) RV. sg. 36. a vow Jain abhihitaa = described* = mfn. 7. again and again. held forth. Mn.Lord abhijit * = mfn.. of a star (a Lyrae) L. &c. plundering L. born under the constellation Abhijit Pân. of {abhikSaNa} cf. perpetual L. any sign or token serving as a proof for (loc. abhidhi* = 3. said. ascertainment.

) = {abhi-mati}. &c. N. on the idol abhishhekaM = ablution abhisandhaaya = desiring abhitaH = everywhere abhivand * = Â. by pouring water etc. {abhi-rAmam} see s.v. 1.. wish. having the intention to salute Jain. above.) to salute respectfully abhivandaka* = mfn. dear. conception (especially an erroneous one regarding one's self) Sâh. below. so as to be agreeable to (in comp.. beautiful. wished.abhimaana = self-importance * = m. (rarely P. desired. loved. insidiousness KâtyS'r.. imagined. (in Sânkhya phil. id. abhimriSTa* = touched. pleasing. abhi-vandana * n.) abhiraamastrilokaanaaM = the laudable rAma for all the three worlds abhishhi. affection. L. supposed. allowed Âs'vGri. m.) S'âk. high opinion of one's self. saluting respectfully abhiijya* = mfn. longed for.. N. ({am}) n.h = who has been well protected abhiraama * = mf({A}) n. making manifest L.. abhimata * mfn. of Siva. struck abhimukhaaH = towards abhinandatii = praises abhinaya = acting abhinivesha = possessiveness abhipravrittaH = being fully engaged abhipraayaH = (m) opinion abhirataH = following abhirakshantu = should give support abhirakshitaM = perfectly protected abhirakshitam. agreeable. a god L abhivyaJjana * = n. (for 2. intention to injure.nchati = performs' puuja'. haughtiness. desire. delightful. of a Riishi in the sixth Manvantara VP. . ({am}) ind. pride. desire. self-conceit. m.

uneaten.h = resounding abhyarchya = by worshiping abhyaasa* = reaching to. 2-1. approached. repeated reading. discipline. (with {yad} and Pot. arrived from near at hand.) the effort of the mind to remain in its unmodified condition of purity (sattva). Pass. one who has not eaten. 39 Sch.) near Kum. (mfn. near. as) {Agata}. enjoyed or expended. study.abhiyaachanaa = (f) demand abhiyuktaanaaM = fixed in devotion abhivijvalanti = and are blazing abhiyaata * = mfn. PBr. abhuuta* = mfn..) prospect. (in Yoga phil. {abhy-} 2. unused. use. (in arithm. repeated or permanent exercise.. p. or abl. with (a perf. &c. &c. ( {kRS}). reduplication Nir.) R. ({e}) loc. iii. {az} and) 2. custom [77. abhyasanaM = practice abhyasuuyakaaH = envious abhyasuuyati = is envious abhyasuuyantaH = out of envy abhyahanyanta = were simultaneously sounded abhyaasha = outskirts abhyaasa = study abhyaasayoga = by practice abhyaasayogena = by the practice of devotional service . 114. abhyadhikaH = greater abhyanunaadayan. the first syllable of a reduplicated radical Pân.) inculcation of a truth conveyed in sacred writings by means of repeating the same word or the same passage. &c. pervading Yâjñ. & vi. {as}. habit. a striking of the flat of the hand upon the breast in defiance (a practice common to wrestlers and pugilists) MBh. proximity (with gen. abhukta * = mfn. (in Gr. near (with gen. i. vi.]. 74. military practice L. the act of adding anything. at hand AitBr.. &c. 1]. ({At}) abl. unexpended. or abl. 2. attacked..) `" what is prefixed "'. any expected result or consequence ChUp. abhyaakarsha 8 = m. on AitBr. whatever has not been or happened. abhyaasa * = see ({abhy-} 1. (in later Vedânta phil. abhyaasa* = 2 m. xii.) multiplication. 3. ind.. (in poetry) repetition of the last verse of a stanza [Nir. ({am}) ind. &c.] or of the last word of a chapter [Comm..) R. unenjoyed. repetition Mn... S'ulb. 7109... Pân.. in comp. 2 Sch.

acara* = or {a4-carat} [RV. v. 84. commencing (as of darkness. vii. Jaim. acetas* =mfn. 1. poured over abhyutthaanaM = predominance abhyudaya = rise.] or instr. increase. a religious celebration.) R. &c. infatuated RV. happiness. prosperity. assented to Das3. (with %{gRham}) staying in a house VarBr2S. showerd by.. arrived at (acc. sunrise or rise of luminaries (during or with reference to some other occurrence) Ka1tyS3r. imprudent RV. stationary acalaM = unmoving acalaH = immovable acalapratishhThaM = steadily situated acalaa = unflinching acalena = without its being deviated acakshus.). i. [VarBr2S.. insensible. a complimentary gift.. promised Megh. 3592 Ragh. &c. abhyupAyana * = n. abhraM = cloud abhr * = cl.abhyaasaat. P.h = than practice abhyaase = in practice abhyaasena = by practice abhyavarsha: A* heaped with. furnished with (in comp.. {Anabhra}) to error wander about Bhathth. agreed upon. covered with. elevation. 254 R. {abhrati} (perf. senseless. fainting. prosperity * = m. inanimate. acetAna* =mfn. acaraM = and not moving acarasya = and nonmoving acala = (adj) still. abhyupeta* = mfn. thoughtless. festival Mn. approached. 14.. insensible. unconscious. 7.] mfn. immovable. ix.h = one without an eye acaapalaM = determination acetana* = mfn. iii. without consciousness. an inducement BhP. . &c. beginning. 4.) MBh. good result Mn. unconscious..

m. free from deceit. acala * = mf(%{A})n. not-spirit. given unjustly. (the NBD. N. one of the ten degrees which are to be ascended by a Bodhisattva before becoming a Buddha. irreligious. let be done adadat. not moving . `" neglecting the Agnicayana. rock . one who has given nothing AV. of S'iva. adambhitvaM = pridelessness adarshaH = mirror . straightforwardness.. a bolt or pin . aH = (v) to be ad. adatta * = mfn. (%{A}) f. straightforward m. not given. . much.h = without delay/in no time aciraadbhava = in no time from the cycle of birth\&death acireNa = very soon acetasaH = without KRishhNa consciousness acchedyaH = unbreakable achyuta = O infallible one achyutam. (%{A}) f. (%{am}) n. acikara* V: let made.. an unmarried girl. N. `" notknowledge "' Sây. on Ya1jn5.h = gave adambha* = mfn. absence of deceit.h = to eat a-daara * = having no wife adara * = not little. immovable . of S3iva and of the first of the nine deified persons . suggests to take {a-ci4t} as a f. {a-cit} f. a donation which is null and void Comm. a mountain . called `" white Balas "' among the Jainas . acara * or {a4-carat} [RV.h = the who does not slip acit* = mfn. sometimes explains by {ci}. of a Devarshi VP. not given in marriage.. matter Sarvad.] mfn. irreligious). the number seven . without understanding RV. immovable.acintya = inconceivable acintyaM = beyond contemplation acintyaH = inconceivable aciraad. the earth . bad RV.

incantation AV. %{-A7caSTa}) to look at (acc. a low or bad mistress [cf. v. the vilest or worst of men). * in this way. 7. not given in marriage. 127.. extraordinary. a marvel. vii. 21. {infimus}].. lowest. 120. viii. abhicakshya * =mfn. a wonder. N. %{-cakSase} RV... * n= mfn. ({A}) f. adesha = at an unpurified place adhaH = (indeclinable) below adhana = one without money adhama = inferior* = mfn. supernatural. abhivicaksh * =%{-caSTe}. \\ [once {adbhuta4} RV. to call BhP. manifest RV. surprise. truly. to look towards RV. (see 1. to address BhP. manifestly. adbhuta = the sentiment of marvel* =mfn. not given. 9 AV. view. Inf. 3. an unblushing paramour. of the Indra of the ninth Manvantara. see s. adakshiNaM = with no remunerations to the priests adaahyaH = unable to be burned abhicaksh * =%{-caSTe} (2. (see {a4dhara}). 104.) to look at.. ix. ({am}) n.adatta V* assume. abhipracakS * =(Ved. adhamaaM = condemned adhamaadhama = the worst among the inferior adhara = Lip adharaM = lips adharaH = (m) lips . 4. Ved. iii. adbhutaM = wonderful adbhuutaM = wonderfull addhaa * = V: directly. vi. 4] mfn. sg. conjuring. to cast a kind or gracious look upon any one RV. the marvellous (in style). ({A}) f.. %{-cakSase} RV. vilest. ({am}) n. marvellous m. i. 4. worst.) observation (of the sky) AV. 6. 9.) BhP. ii. 10. Lat. 2. 113.v. {at}). as in {narA7dhama}. (%{A}) f. an unmarried girl. given unjustly. %{-ca4kSe}) to see RV. very low or vile or bad (often ifc. wonderful. certainly. one who has given nothing AV. abhicakshaNa* =n. to assail with harsh language RV. a donation which is null and void Comm. i. 55. 8. to speak BhP. on Yâjñ. BhP. perceive RV. (in augury or astron. m. a prodigy. 2. Inf. abhyaacaksh * = (impf.

. pudendum muliebre L. iii. [cf. pl. expresses above. chiefly Ved. 10713. [Lat. not fixed.: Â. x. (with abl. (%{A4t}) abl. as a prefix to verbs and nouns.) Ved. observe.) Ved. a reply.h = from below adhara. adharmaM = irreligion adharmaH = irreligion adharmachaarii = adj. {adhI7yIran} Kaus'. {inferus}] adharma = breach of duty* m. the lip. care for. 3. iv. (with gen.) to mind. 13689. to be desirous of studying Pân. at. upon. instruct: Caus. and AV. foolish.. to know. {-Apipat} Pân. lower. a capricious or bellicose mistress. 4 AV.v. to go over. excitable. i. understand RV. (with acc. Pot. unrighteousness. from the presence of. of an attendant of the sun. a woman in her courses (= {avi} q.) over. movable. {sastri} imperial adhibhih *. teach S'Br. iii. N.* = o the lower position of something *= mfn. &c. low.. learn by heart. confused. (%{asmAt}) abl. inferior. remember. unrighteousness (personified and represented as the bride of death). (%{A}) f. {adhI7SiSati}.v. sexual intercourse Comm.) MBh. after AitUp. 125. i. 1) to study. besides. wickedness. irreligion. 3). below L. adhiraat V= acquired kingdom. vile. on BriÂrUp. deficient in calm self-command. 8-3. imprudent RV. 51: Desid. husband of Hinsâ or Mriishâ). recite: Caus. 11. injustice. the lower region. &c. (%{am}) n. adhIra * = mfn. over. see s. concerning. over. (%{A}) f. and such. long for RV.. x. in comparision with. guilt.. below. As a separable adverb or preposition.) L. over and above. querulous. the lower part. on. x Up. ({is}) f. the lower lip. anxiety.v. Pân. 140. adhii * =. N.adharaat. capricious. from above. to be desirous of teaching Pân. the combination or collection of things adhibhuta = the principle of objective existence adhibhuutaM = the material manifestation adhidaiva = the principle of subjective existence adhidaivaM = governing all the demigods adhidaivataM = called adhidaiva . {adhI7te4} or (more rarely) {adhI7yate} (Mn. lightning. ({A}) f. Mn. {adhy-Apipa-yiSati}. read. ind. to declare. teach. {adhy-Apayati} (aor. 179. 2-4. Up. S'Br. study MBh. or {a4dhy-eti} (exceptionally {adhI7yati} RV. for. silenced. from. of a Prajâpati (son of Brahmâ. 2-4. tending downwards. adhi * = 1 m. (better {Adhi} q. nadir. worsted. to turn the mind towards. 2-3. ind. 72] or acc. to learn from (a teacher's mouth abl. demerit.. m. 61 Sch.etcetetera. (connected with %{adha4s}). a4dhi *=. know by heart TS.). 51) to cause to read or study. 32. instead of RV. impious adharmasya = of irreligion adhaupaasana* = n. Desid. weak-minded. (with loc.

copulation. to be desirous of teaching Pa1n2. %{-gApayati}. P. study. P. excellent. surplus. a topic. studied. reference.) government. notice RV. supernumerary. P. mastery. Subj. P. v. resolve: Caus. approach. {-agISTa}.) Mn. to be desirous of teaching Pân. reading. especially to perform sacrifices with benefit. intercalated. exceedingly. office. the supreme one . more. to attempt. or generally Â. 2. pl. acquisition. P. to cause to go over or teach: Desid. found. {-agISyata} Pân.. adhigam* = to go up to. surpassing (in number or quantity or quality). profit. to attempt. secondary. overtake.h = (m) officer adhimaatra = superior adhimaatraatama = the highest. mercantile return. {-jigApayiSati}. adhigaa* = 1. inferior. later. jurisdiction. P. to cause to go over or teach: Desid. discover. relation. {-gApayati}. to obtain. resolve: Caus. privilege. acquirement. (aor. {-gAta}. government. xi. adhigachchhati = attains adhigaN* to enumerate. superior. acquired. pl. &c. too much. rule. study. P. capability MBh. 63. %{-jigApayiSati}. notice RV. to meet.) to go over. study. study. redundant. {adhi-jigamiSati}. learn. royalty.adhigaa * = 1. P. to obtain. title. ({am}) n. superintendence over (loc. learnt. 2-4. ownership. adhikaM = more adhikaH = greater adhikataraH = very much adhikaaraH = right adhikaariin. marriage. Caus. 1]. and AV. 7. adhigartya* = (5) mfn. (in Gr. {adhi-jigAMsate}. abundance.. or {-gAtana}) to remember. subject. property. claim. adhika = additional* =mfn. a governing-rule (the influence of which over any number of succeeding rules is called anu-vriitti q. and AV. or %{-gAtana}) to remember. a paragraph or minor section. obtained. to be desirous of studying or reading. 62. read. %{-agISTa}. knowledge [21. being on the driver's seat RV. finding. adhigamana* = n. %{-gAta}. to study. 2. to fall in with. abundant. authorization. hyperbole ind. Subj. administration.) adhiikaara* = (= {adhi-kAra}) m. find. authority. %{-agISyata} Pa1n2. Caus. or generally A1. 51. adhigantri* = {tA} m. prerogative. learn. read: Desid. subsequent. read. more numerous. 51. P. to seek. additional. 2-4. (%{-jage}. adhigamya = having gone to adhikaara * = m. (aor. ({-jage}. to value highly BhP. right. rank.v. obtain. Â. gone over. adhigata* = mfn. acquirement. redundancy. one who attains or acquires.) to go over. to approach for sexual intercourse. to accomplish.

government. {iS}).] ind.] or ind. N. (3. uncertain. a position. adhishhThaana = seat. a ruler. adhomukha = face downwards adhomukhashvaanaasana = the dog stretch posture adhruva * = mf({A}) n. instruction given by a teacher solicited for it Pân. regent. power. of Vishn2u or Kr2ishn2a. a basis. adhishhThaaya = being so situated adhiis'vara * = m. town. rule.adhipa = protector * m. an Arhat J adhisari = competent candidate adhiita = studied adhiitaa = studied adhiiyaanaH = studied adhunaa = recently Adhokshaja * = m. base. a benediction Buddh. n. Sch. approach. under the axle. adhipati = lord adhiyaGYa = the principle of sacrifice.. Ved. adhipaa* = {As} m. king.. asked for instruction (as a teacher) Pân. ({as}? or {am}) m. an emperor. authority. residence. separable. commander. not permanent. a supreme lord or king. a settlement. abode. seat. the sign S3ravan2a1. doubtful. under the axle. a ruler. incarnation adhiyaGYaH = the Supersoul adhivaasa = dwelling adhiishtha* = mfn. not fixed. king. abode adhishhThaanaM = sitting place adhishThaana * = n. Adhokshajam * =[Ka1tyS3r. being at hand. the standing-place of the warrior upon the car Sa1mavBr. sovereign. standing or resting upon. a precedent. adhoksheNa * = [As3vS3r. site. standing by. . solicited. standing over.

a road . method . distance . air L. sky . %{as}.h = (m) road. ({a4m}) ind. the zodiac (?) . ifc.). concerning self or individual personality. the plant Mimusops Kauki ({kSIrikA}). without a second. . time Buddh. and Jain. orbit . means . sole. own.h = road adhvaan. (a4m) ind. (%{am}) ind.3]. m.). observable. perceptible to the senses. adhibhUta* = n. a place . belonging to self. (mfn.) = {adhy-Aropa}. resource . the Supreme Spirit. matchless. (in phil. the supreme deity. (%{a4m}) ind.1] adhyayana = study adhyayanaiH = or Vedic study adhyaksheNa = by superintendence adhyaksha* = mf({A})n. way advayam * V: without a second advitiiya * = mfn. % {adhva} . adhyaatmaM = transcendental adhyaatmavidyaa = spiritual knowledge adhyaapayituM = to teach (infinitive of causative of adhi+i. assault (?) . a journey . (2. the divine agent operating in material objects. the spiritual or fine substratum of material or gross objects. a recension of the Vedas and the school upholding it . an inspector. belonging to self. [24. nature. exercising supervision. on material objects (treated of in the Upanishads) S3Br. concerning self or individual personali adhyAtma* = n. superintendent. . path. an eye-witness. way .adhvan * = %{A} m. aditii = the mother of the gods . an appendage RPrât adhyeshhyate = will study adhyopatya = Lordship adhruvaM = temporary adhvan. on the subject of the deity or the divine agent. the Supreme Spirit itself. adhidaiva* = or %{-daivata} n. imposing (as of a foot) Yâjñ. xiv TUp. adhyaatma = the principle of self * = n. {as}). own. the Supreme Spirit. a presiding or tutelary deity. (mfn. unique. to study) adhyaapikaa = (f) lady teacher adhyaasa = a case of mistaken identity * = m. course .. the all penetrating influence of the Supreme Spirit [21.

m. {a-ga}]. luck * = or mfn. unseen .] mfn.aditya = (m) sun adrishhTa = Unseen. a mountain.. unforeseen .h + cha:undeparted life + and (living people) agatvaa = without going (from gam. agaadha *: not shallow. a tree L. invisible . N. unknown . not going L. deep. (especially the merit or demerit attaching to a man's conduct in one state of existence and the corresponding reward or punishment with which he is visited in another) . unforeseen . unsanctioned\\2[S3Br. unable to go m. unfathomable m. m. of one of the five fires at the Svadhâkâra Hariv. a rock. fate: luck . chasm L. invisible . . unknown . a stone for pounding Soma with or grinding it on adrohaH = freedom from envy advaasana = the prone posture advitiiyaH = the inseparable or the non-dual adveshhTaa = nonenvious advaita = non-duality of the universal spirit agaccha* = mfn. of a particular venomous substance or of a species of vermin AV. destiny . unobserved . a mountain L. not experienced . fortune.: a tree [ef. N. (%{am}) n. unforeseen danger or calamity . agastamaasa = month of August agochara = (adj) unknown agni = fire agniH = fire agniparvataH = (m) volcano. a hole. adrishhTapuurvaM = never seen before adya = today adri *= a stone. not experienced . unobserved .. volcanic cone agnipetikaa = (f) matchbox . that which is beyond the reach of observation or consciousness .h) agama = proof of the trustworthiness of a source of knowledge agama * = not going. bad luck. agata = not past agatasuuMscha = agata + asuun. unsanctioned . unseen .

royal donation of land to Brâhmans. subsequently. destroying the best part m. in front.. summit. the tip of an elephant's trunk Vikr. a leader. in front. ({A}) f. the nearest end.. a measure of food given as alms L. called respectively Gârhapatya. beginning about the 12th of November). not to be conceived or perceived or obtained or admitted or trusted.. in the beginning. agraha* = mfn.. the beginning.agnishalaakaa = (f) matchstick agnishhu = in the fires agnitraya: n. agrahasta* = m. sharpness. projecting. finger. drinking first MBh. (said of plants) propagated by cuttings m. chief. propose to read {agra-ha}. agraM = at the tip agretvan* = mf({arI})n. (a4gre) ind. to be rejected. [6. before (in time) AitUp. surface. tip. uppermost part. ({am}) ind. multitude L. agraahya* = mfn. first.) the suñs amplitude. a houseless man i. goal. the fore &1592[6. ahead of. foremost. front. aim. at the head of. in front..up to ({A}) S'Br.e. equal to a pala L. $]. anterior. . a Brahman L. foremost point or part. = {mukhya} (Comm. figuratively. [scil. of a Hindû month ({mArgazIrSa}. 2] part of the hand. &c. being at the top. going in front AV.) S'Br. {aGg} Un. point.3] agrajAti* = m. non acceptance. best L. a viviparous plant. from . Âhavanîya. = {-pANi}. ahead of.. (in astron. agrapA* = mfn. iii. land or village thus given MBh.. before (without or with acc. agrabIja* = mfn. finger R... below (in a book). ({a4greNa}) ind. agraga* = m. the climax or best part. top. a weight.) MBh. and Dakshina agnau = in the fire of consummation agra = (neut in this sense) tip agra* = mfn. agrapeya* = n. or the three sacred fires.e. prominent. [cf. 14189 BR. agrahAra* = m. ({am}) n. agrajyA* = f. first ray S'is'. agrabhU* = mfn. precedence in drinking AitBr. Gk. agrakara* = m. first. supernumerary L. agrahAyaNa* = m. and hence. before. further on. the distance from the extremity of the gnomon-shadow to the line of the equinoctial shadow) Sûryas. `" commencement of the year "'N. a Vânaprastha a Brâhman of the third class L. (fr. {rekhA}] measure of amplitude (i.). sine of the amplitude Sûryas.

{bhadrA7ha4}.) MBh. {try-aha4}. AV.) or n. and {sudinA7ha}). a houseless man i. &c..g. {dvAdazA7ha4}. {ik}. [Zd. nom..). limiting. 24 seqq. 22. {ich}. 13) = {a4Har} q.. certainly RV. Goth. at least S'Br. (as admitting. affirmation.. a word invented for the explanation of {agni4} agrajaH = elder agrataH = (let the two go) before (me) agre = in front of/ahead/beforehand agrya * = mf({A}) n.. {a4hAnAm} RV. pl. &c. gen. 8-1. = {tri-phalA} q. iii. [For the rules of accentuation necessitated in a phrase by the particle {a4ha} cf. agha. Germ. {puNyA7ha4}. = {ahaMkaraNa} q.g. (only Ved. {azem}. topmost...) surely.v. proficient. Gk. indeed. Slav. best. propose to read {agra-ha}. evil-minded aghaM = grievous sins aghaayuH = whose life is full of sins aGYa = the ignorant person aGYaH = a fool who has no knowledge in standard scriptures aGYataa = ignorance aGYaana = ignorance aGYaanaM = nescience aGYaanajaM = due to ignorance aGYaanasambhuutaM = born of ignorance aGYaanaaM = of the foolish aGYaanena = by ignorance aha = said aha* = 1 ind. Mod.. viii. non acceptance. {a4hA} RV. (as explaining.] \\ =2 n. `" I "' RV. agrii* m. = {mukhya} (Comm. ({A}) f. a Vânaprastha a Brâhman of the third class L.agraha* =mfn. S'Br.. a day. certainty. foremost. 14189 BR. {ahamas}.. AV. defining) namely S'Br.) BhP. granted. &c.) it is true. Lith.MmanaH = adj. ({am}) n. (hence declinable gen. ahaM = (pron) I * = nom.v. {SaD-aha4}.e. I grant. {aha4} m. sg. (e.v.MmanaH = (adj) evil-minded agha. pl. &38735[124.v. roof L. $.2] {asz}. . (as a particle implying ascertainment. Pân. &c. well versed in (with loc. see also {ahna} s. an elder or eldest brother L. {az}]. principal. &c. (e. intent closely attentive m. often ifc. destroying the best part m.

conception of one's individuality.g. &c. pride.) the third of the eight producers or sources of creation. id. for {a4han} (or {a4har}). ({ahaMkAra}) {-val} mfn. VS. new S'Br. not beaten (as a drum) AdbhBr. ahanti * = f. {aty-ahna}. Kum.v. unblemished. identification with the body * = m. 'the I-maker' ahankaara = Egoism...ll. xvi. ah(a)na* = only (like {aha4}) ifc. instantly. Nir. especially the eastern of the three fires burning at a sacrifice ahi = on earth ahimsaa = non-violence* = f. unwashed or new clothes "' ahatvaa = not killing ahamahamikaa = (f) competition. selfishness.. self-consciousness ChUp. {pUrvA7hNa4} &c. 11 VS. viz.. ahanA4 * = instr. {aparA7hNa4}. &c. AitBr. &c. ({Aya}) dat. BhP. qq.. unhurt. also personified as the wife of Dharma VâmP. unsoiled BhP.. egotism MBh. (Pass.. id. aharaagame = at the beginning of the day aharnishaM = ahaH and nishaa:day and night Ahavaniya: the fire prepared for receiving oblations. &c. Mn..h = by false ego ahankritaH = of false ego ahanma = * selfhood. not injuring anything.) ChUp. thinking of self. p. security. proud L.ahaH = of daytime ahankara = tendency to identify oneself with external phenomena. xii. 1. ind. formerly Naigh. debate ahaMkaara = false ego. and {a4-hantva} mfn. iv. falsehood ahata * = mfn.] ahanyamAna * = mfn. the conceit or conception of individuality. `" indestructible "' TS. the making of self. speedily MBh.. MaitrS. selfish. harmlessness (one of the cardinal virtues of most Hindû sects.. Kâthh. vv. with an earlier form of accentuation for {a4hnA}. (in Sânkhya phil..) not being struck Âp. q. unbeaten (as clothes in washing). Ragh. ({am}) n. unwashed. haughtiness R. {a4-hantva} mfn. see before. uninjured AV. . safeness S'Br. ignorance ahankaaraM = false ego ahankaaraH = false ego ahankaaravimuuDha = bewildered by false ego ahankaaraat. but particularly of the Buddhists and Jains. individualization. &c. e. 18 [vv.

of a river MBh. v. 124.l.. ({am}) n.) or {a4hani}. {Izitva}. Hariv. 107. 10. {a4han} (Ved. loc. not yet offered (as a sacrificial oblation) AV.) aichchhat. instr. religious meditation. Ragh. the state of being a mighty lord.h = desired airaavata* = m. consisting. 73 seq.v.. ({am}) n.g. of a river (v. or. 7. e. Megh. ahUta* = mfn. i. nine times]. daily RV. the fruit of Artocarpus Lacucha Sus'r. according to others. and {kAmA7vasAyitva}. 29 TândyaBr. opulence {Sad-ais'varya-puurnam. Pushya. 68. 23. a species of fern Sus'r. of the planet Mars T. {vazitva}. the orange tree L.. {a4har}) and pl. {prApti}. vii. 70. 68. one who has not received any sacrifice AV. `" produced from the ocean "'N. lightning L. N. ahita = sorrow (antonym of hita) ahitaaH = enemies ahituNDikaH = (m) a snake charmer ahaitukaM = without cause aho = Oh !. 1. of a Nâga or mythical serpent AV. unsummoned RV. N.. according to some. MBh. unoffered.. cf. ({I}) f. which means also elephant and serpent) MBh. supremacy. 123. how. &c.. 3]. {prAkAmya}. (fr. or {ahni}. power. viii. ({as}. N. qq. dominion Kathâs. xii. xii. 5. of Purûravas (cf. of the following eight: {aNiman}..v. {aiDa4}) Hariv... &c. i. MBh. plenty or abundance of food or refreshment. of a Varsha MBh. otherwise called Brahma-yajña) Mn. and Âs'lesha) VarBriS. ahRta * = mfn. du. are the middle cases of the pl. while the later language forms them fr. xiii MBh. or else ahoraatra = day and night ahuta* = mfn. 4. 9]. ({I}. xiii..]. 53 S'Br. sway S'Br. {A}) f. of a particular portion of the mooñs path. {a4habhis} [RV. viii. uncalled. not captivated or carried away by (instr. of such .v. 2. a species of elephant R. prayer (considered as one of the five great sacraments. ah. [234. superhuman power (either perpetual or transient. {irA-vat}). 3. aishvaraM = divine ais'varya = desire for power. of a form of the sun VP.. dat. (the fire) through or in which no sacrificial oblation has been offered Âp. nom. a4han * = the base of the weak and some other cases of {a4har}. &c. x.) Ragh. {laghiman}. The Lord is full in six opulences] * = n. of Indra's elephant (considered as the prototype of the elephant race and the supporter of the east quarter. N. the tree Artocarpus Lacucha. m. pl. {a4hanI} (see also s. N. the base {a4has} q. N. not obtained by sacrifice AV. &c.v. 9.ahanyA7 * = (4) mfn. a particular number (Buddh. {am}) m.. ii.. ({A}) f. 97. Mn. ({As}) m. i.. vi. {mahiman}. {a4hnA} [once {ahanA4} RV. aikaantikasya = ultimate aikya = unity aila * =a descendant of IlâN.. Mn. a particular portion of the mooñs path (including the lunar mansions Punarvasu. {nAga}. {a4habhyas} [RV. sovereignty. the female of Indra's elephant.. V*: alas. 48. 190. &c. 4]. n. Ragh. a descendant of Irâ-vat. 168. only Ved. 71. the descendants or family of Purûravas MBh. a kind of rainbow MBh.. {a4hne}. {a4hAni}. iii. q. {elA}) Hariv. and {a4hasu} [RV. 3. MBh..

&2547[9. ram [cf. ajaM = unborn ajaH = unborn ajagaraH = (m) python ajaagara * = not awake.).. N. of a river. of Brahmâ. cogitation. the vehicle of Agni.. N. vii. N. beam of the sun (Pûshan). of a lexicographer. (fr. Lith. a he-goat. S'iva.h = knew ajaanataa = without knowing ajaanantaH = without knowing aja = goat* = f. of a friend of Durgâ. destitute of men. {aja4} and 1. Mâyâ or Illusion. and omniscience. a reciter of heterodox works L. unsurpassed. m. of a people RV. traditional instruction. ({A}) f. of Vishnu.N. Brahmâ. ajapaa = involuntary repetition (as with a mantra) ajasraM = the unborn one ajaya * = m. the mantra or formula called hansa (which consists only of a number of inhalations and exhalations). Gk. Kâma. 2] $. of the. a she-goat. the leader of a flock. N. of a mineral substance. a driver. ({a4s}) m. of Prakriiti. a drove. `" the instigator "'. of the sun. and of active powers such as swiftness of thought. and faculty of expatiation Sarvad. ({A}) f. not born. defeat. one who does not repeat prayers. an insignificant person. ({A}) f. existing from all eternity. [10. of a kind of rice. of Vishnu. act of instigating or moving. of Agni.. {iti-ha}). power of assuming forms at will.1] a-jana4* =2 mfn. (mfn. audition. N.v. instigator. of S'iva. N.]. and of Das'aratha's or Dîrghabâhu's father. a she-goat aja * = 1 m. of a class of Riishis MBh. mover. {a-jA}). pl. R aj.. 2.) aitihya* = n. {a-ja}). drive forward ajaa = (f) goat ajaanaM = do not understand ajaanat. and {aja4 e4ka-pAda} AV. $. aja4 * = 2 mfn. of a plant whose bulbs resemble the udder of a goat Sus'r. hemp. invincible. ( {jap}). troop (of Maruts) AV. ({A}) f. first uncreated being RV. of the moon. Mâyâ or Illusion (see also 1. ajapa* = 1 m. m. tradition TÂr. of Prakriiti. ({A4s}) m. Vishnu. of Mâyâ or Illusion see {a-jA} (s. of Kâma (cf. 2. 18. discrimination. N. . of Indra. &c. i. {ajana}). AV. 1 MBh. the sign Aries. ( {aj}). leader. Brahmâ. not wakeful ajana* =1 m. $]. Aj * to propel. of a descendant of Visvâmitra. desert.powers as vision. of one of the Maruts [{aja4 e4ka-pA4} RV. N. 2. of Rudra. ({am}) n. 19. N. unconquered. non-victory..

unexpected. not performing good works. (probably at first the skin of a goat.) intransitive. N. unexpectedly. ajra = (m) field ajman* = {a} n. the second of the Arhats or saints of the present (Jaina) Avasarpini. crime. &c. AV. not related Mn. not faded. akarmabhoga * = m. a particular antidote. of Vishnu. Gk.ajita * = mfn. ajma* = m. (in Gr.. akarmAnvita * = mfn. not working. invincible. (in Gr. march RV. palms cupped in the form of a vessel akutas'cit *V= from nowhere akaanda * = without a trunk T. TS. $]. the attendant of Suvidhi (who is the ninth of those Arhats). disqualified. N. not a kinsman. passage. of a descendant of Priithu VP. improper work. one of the Saptarshis of the fourteenth Manvantara. ({a}) n. unsurpassed. ajñaanakRta* = mfn. covering &c. ignorant. &c. irresistible. absence of work.) intransitive. ajina* = n. [cf. [Lat. . inefficient. m. {aja}). unoccupied. 8.3] ajñaanin* = mfn. battle RV. unknown. (g. ( {jyA}. unsubdued. causelessly. m. unwise. a descendant of Ikshvâku. ajñaataka* = mfn. career. observances. not faint AV. {agmen}]. ({As}) m. usually {jina}). ({e}) ind. 2 2. the hairy skin of a tiger. ajñaati* = m. a4-jIta * = mfn. enjoyment of freedom from action. or ignorance. a kind of venomous rat. x. aJNchalaH = (m) aanchal in Hindi aJNjana = the name of the mother of Hanuman aJNjaneyaasana = the splits aJNjali = (m) folded hands. career. Maitreya or a future Buddha.. ajñaanatA* = f. S'iva. especially a black antelope (which serves the religious student for a couch seat. &2960[10. causeless. wicked RV. done inadvertently. the hairy skin of an antelope. akartaaraM = as the nondoer akarma = inaction akarman * = mfn. not conquered. pl. ( {aj}). a class of deified beings in the first Manvantara. akarmaka * = mfn.).

not committed. ({am}) n. improper. inefficient.akarmaNya * = mfn. incomplete. a daughter who has not been made {putrikA}. or a sharer in the privileges of a son Pân. also all types of long syllable letters akiJNchanaH = (m) a have-not akiirti = infamy akiirtiM = infamy akiirtiH = ill fame akka = mother akriyaaH = without duty akrodha = freedom from anger akrodhaH = freedom from anger akledyaH = insoluble akrita * = mf({A}) n. . ({am}) n. improper to be done. undone.h = by chance akaaraH = the first letter aakaarita * = mfn. ifc. an act never before committed AitBr.. ({A}) f. one who has done no works. akarmakrit. having the shape of Vedântas. not made. a criminal action akaaryaM = what ought not to be done akaarye = and what ought not to be done akhila = entire akhilaM = whole akhilaguru = preceptor for all. akaaro = the letter `a' akaarya = and forbidden activities* = mfn. not to be done.h = without doing something akarmaNaH = than no work akarmaNi = in not doing prescribed duties akalmashhaM = freed from all past sinful reactions akasmaat. unfit for work. unprepared. uncreated.

. Old Germ. or ifc. axis (in this sense also n. and 109. cart. {akSati}. sochal salt. penetrate. 870 elephants. 1] Mod.. of a measure (= 104 angula). blue vitriol (from its cube-like crystals) L. the Eleocarpus Ganitrus. [with the Vedic weak stem {AkS} cf. a person born blind L.) akshayaM = unlimited akshayaH = eternal akshara = Letter aksharaM = indestructible aksharaH = infallible aksharaaNaaM = of letters . N. ({am}) n. aor. an organ of sense. $. {axis}. 5. {AkSIt}. 3.. producing that seed.. knowledge. a lawsuit L. {AcikSat}. or {-tA} f. to accumulate (to from the cube?) L. {akSauhiNI} may be a compound of 2. &c. perf. terrestrial latitude (cf. 350 foot. fr. religious knowledge L. of a son of Râvana. a snake L. Gk.. Lith. [cf. but Â. L.. a cube. aksha* = 1 m. to reach RV. perf... to pass through. a wheel. jealousy.akritabuddhitvaat. {Sati} or {acikSati} L. {Achse}. {-karNa}. 610 horse. p. {ahsa}... {AkSiSTAm} or {ASTAm} L. the beam of a balance or string which holds the pivot of the beam. 3-1. of 1. envious. {I}) for {akSi}]. {akSa}. incompetence. {assis}. Germ. of Garuda L. the temporal bone Yâjñ. {akSNoti} (Pân. car. impatient. an axle. the seed of which is used as a die. N. 870 chariots. (f. 1. {-bhAga}). x. ( 1. pervade. {indrA7kSa}. a seed of which rosaries are made (cf. &c.. 21. the soul L. {-bhA}. {az} Un.) a die for gambling. equal to 16 mâshas.. {akSiSyati} or {akSyati} L. (Since an anikini consists of 27 vâhinis. [only ifc. m. 7-4. fut. or it may possibly be connected with 1.: Desid. du. 75. {AnakSa} [Pân. {akSayati}. the collar-bone S'Br. 22.]. &634[3. aksha* = 3 n. 1. of the number 5. {acikSi}. of a son of Nara.: Caus.. 60 Comm. sensual perception L. to cause to pervade L. a weight called {karSa}. inability (with Inf. an army consisting of ten anikinis. the eye. car. 11.). unable to endure. aksha* = 4 n. {akSa} and {vAhini}. envy. pl. or 21. ({A}) f. impatience. Beleric Myrobalan (Terminalia Belerica). and 27 is the cube of 3. {az}] {AkSANa4}). akshama = (adj) incapable* = mf({A})n. {az}) cl.).] aksha* = 2 m. intolerance. axle. a N. Inf.. Lat. impatience. embrace L.) akSauhiNI* = f. akshaanti* = f. 65. incompetent (with Loc. {rudrA7kSa}). {Az-uH} 3.h = due to unintelligence akritaatmaanaH = those without self-realization akritena = without discharge of duty akritvaa = without doing (from kRi) akritsnavidaaH = persons with a poor fund of knowledge aksh* = (perhaps a kind of old Desid.

nkaaradiiptaM = shining with adornments. removing Kum. and %{akSya4u} AV. hinting Sâh. %{akSNa4s} .. %{a4kSINi} AV. ever fresh. unerring (said of arms) Yâjñ. 10 . Germ. &c. Kum. i. nom. non-dissolution. %{a4kSyau} . {oko} . &c. 14. %{az} Un2. 72 . %{akSan} . du. iii. nom acc. `" shaking about the hands "' or `" turning the hand "' (in pronouncing the Svarita) RPrât. low akuNTha * mfn. gen. {aegh} . vii. fixed. permanence R. %{akSa} is substituted see 4. Gk. [cf. pl. &c.) restless S'is'. du. and AitBr. objection (especially to rectify a statement of one's own) Sus'r.l. transporting Kâd. decorations alankrita = decorated / ornamented alabdhabhuumikatva = the feeling that it is impossible to see reality alabdha * = mfn. . %{akSa4n} (once %{akSiNi}!) . i . of laxmiH) alaya* = m. n. the eye . palpitation Sus'r. . %{a4kSiNI} . instr. gen. A. (see also {AkSepo7pamA} below). 57. not false (said of coins) Yâjñ. . convulsion. the number two . . vii... laying (as a colour) Kum. eternal akurvat. (mfn. %{akSI4bhyAm} . the sun and moon RV. harsh speech BhP. ali = a black bug . &c. substituted for %{akSi} in the weakest cases. Russ. (cf.. Kâvya7d. unobtained. . %{I4}) n. . &c. {sA7kSepam}). vigorous.. (1. 17. %{akSNe} . akushalaM = inauspicious alaM = especially ala. throwing away. fr.h = beyond the infallible akshepa * =m. ifc. acc. Lat. charming.) [instr. 95 Kâd. having no prominence on the forehead TS.).. 71. challenge Kathâs. abuse.aksharaat.. giving up. iv. %{akSNA} dat.. N. ( {lI}).] akula * =not of good family. &842[3. alabhya = Difficult alasaH = lazy alasya = indolence alakshamaana = one who disregards alakshmiH = poverty (alaxmiH is opp. %{akSyo4s} and %{akSo4s} (!) AV. {Auge} . &c.S. {an-aya}). %{akSI4} RV. $ . %{ahSa}] . $ . not blunted. Das'ar. not worn out.h = did akurvata = did they do akuutha* = mf({A})n. . drawing together. Lith. (in rhetoric) pointing to (in comp. loc. reviling. Vedic forms are: abl. applying. %{akSANi} RV. 10 (v. {aki-s}. Goth. S3Br. Sâh. %{akSyo4s} VS. of a man VP akshi = (n) eye * = n.3] {oculos} .: not deceitful. {augo} .

uncommon. trifling Mn. Â.) near. 77. acc.) \\2 the termination {am} in the comparative and other forms used as ind. small. modest MBh. minute. inadequate alpabuddhayaH = the less intelligent alpaka* = mf({ikA})n. m. {emuSa4m} for {emivA4Msam}) to be pernicious or dangerous RV.) until. close by. ({e4}) ind. ({a4m}) ind. supernatural. until.. {pratara4m}. solicitude.g. near. alaukika * see {a-loka} a-laukika antika :* = (with gen. trifling Mn. Subj. alpaM = a few. 10: Caus. am* = n. {svar-Adi} q. ({A4t}) abl. (g. ( {man}).) \\3 {amati}.v.. {cA7di} q. {A4mayat}. not relating to this world. reaching to the nose). aor. near e. AV. aor. ind.. anudhyaana* = n. (compar. render firm TS. not current in the world. p.. proximate L. little. ({am}) n. (with gen. {antikastha}. sg.. from the proximity.v. ({a4m}) ind. {nedIyas}. Andropogon Muricatus). shortly after S'Br. &c. (with gen. VS.. the plants Hedysarum Alhagi and Premna Herbacea L. rare occurrence (of a word) Sâh. (cf. antika * = (fr. (Imper. an elder sister am* = 1 ind. within the presence of. {amISva}. little Naigh. to serve or honour L. shortly after S'Br. the plants Hedysarum Alhagi and Premna Herbacea L. amaanin* = mfn. to sound L. (perf.. a-laukika * = mf({I})n.) near. little alpaka * mf({ikA})n.. commonly called Kaskas. vicinity. close by. &c. viii. or ifc. (with gen. only ifc. or ifc. . {nediSTha}). &c. not proud. ({A4t}) ind. into the presence of. 2. cf.. ({ena}) ind. superl. a(a)ntikA * = f. {Ama4yati} (impf. the root of a fragrant grass (used for tatties or screens.g. e. ind. sg. reaching to the end of. ({a4m}) ind. {a4n-Amayat}). &c.. meditation. (g. or abl. S'Br. religious contemplation. to go L. {AmIt}. quickly.. near to. lasting till. reaching to (e.aliika = (adj) false.. little Naigh.) near.g. proximity. a little. {Amamat}) to be afflicted or sick RV. m. in the proximity or presence of. {abhy-am}) to fix. S'Br. ({A4t}) abl. small. untrue aloluptvaM = freedom from greed alpa = small. to go to or towards L.. {anta}). {nAsA7ntika}. minute. remaining near. unusual (especially said of words). alpamedhasaaM = of those of small intelligence alpavayaskaM = young (small) age alpaayu = Short life between 8 and 32 years alaukikatva * = n.

. (= {a-pramANa}) not an authority. terror RV.). a-maatA putra * = mfn. = {amA-vAsyA4} q. sickness.) at home. &c. humility. Mn. on ChUp. only in comp. fright. aama4-taa * = f. disease Un. power RV... 6. 71 (quoted in S'Br. 3-3. Pân. &c.] amaa*=1 ind. disrespect Hit. time L.\\2 (3. 2.amaanitA* = f. `" a companion (of a king) "'. minister MBh. amaatya * = (4) m. 3-1. not approved of. e. m. on Un. a4-mata * = 2 mfn..] having no jewels SânkhS'r. 1. ( {man}).) [The word is also explained by {prA7Na}. amaara *: non-destruction amaanitvaM = humility amaanana* = n. VS. indignation.. 122. 80 (in a verse quoted from Vyâsa) Comm. or modesty. ( {mRS}).\\=2 mfn. (g. imperishable amarsha * = m. &c. As'vGri. vii. xiv. Kâls'. modesty. on Sûryas.h = pure amara *: undying. dust Comm. `" soul "' cf.. xiv and Âs'vGri. 4-2. xiv. cf. 2. with RV. disease L. death L.) (chiefly Ved. ({A}) f. xiv. passion MBh. unpreparedness Sus'r. Comm. together Pân. amarshaja * = mfn. impatience.) `" having neither mother nor son "'. 104 Sch. belonging to the same house or family RV.. ama*=1 m. amaNiva* = mfn. non-endurance Pân. fr. 3 VS. 2. rawness. humility. violence. KâtyS'r. Comm. amanIbhAva* = m. (Ved.) inmate of the same house. 67. {a4ma} q. {mA}) f. amanyata = believed amarshha = (m) anger amala = without rubbish amalaM = clean amalaan.] n. {amu}) this AV. (fr. {amA4} cf. anger. unacceptable. N. not a standard of action Nyâyam. of a prince VP. the end.v. strength. {kASThA7di} q. 145. on Ragh. R. depriving of sensation.v. (pron... {amAtAputrA7dhyApaka} m. not perceptible by the mind S'Br. 15. springing from impatience or indignation MB amata * = 1 m. AV. also {amA7nta} m. in the house of (gen. instr. amaanitva* = [Bhag. in the house. the state of not having perception or intellect MaitrUp. impetuosity.. not felt. of the {amA} ({-vAsyA4}) night ib.g. immortal. &c.v. 8-1. a teacher who cares for neither mother nor son (on account of being entirely absorbed in his work) Pân. [NBD. v.

({am}). of Nârâyana L. stainless. of a poet. and females in general [Germ. ii.. not cunning. ( {amarA} q. Old Germ. N. Hit.]. AitBr. amani* = f. {amma}. anxiety . spotless. N.] . ind. ({ayA}). Mn. road. excrement KâtyS'r.). an eye L. well mannered sincere * =. N.. S'iva's eye Bâlar.. sin L. ix. {ambA} is corrupted into {ammA}. a nurse. sometimes a mere interjection Âs'vS'r. ({A}) f. . amanI* = (for {a-mana4s} in comp. of a plant. guilelessly. of one of the seven Krittikâs TS. &c. good woman (as a title of respect). {try-ambaka}). the tree Emblica Officinalis Gaertn. copper L. sincerely Mn. &c. absence of delusion or deceit or guile. $. unduplicious. ({am}) n. ambaka * = n.. free from deceit. instr. trouble RV. $ . N. 51 BhP. Them. $ . [cf.. (Ved. nefarious. Mn. %{A4gas} . {ammU7n} aMbaa = mother ambu = water ambudhi = sea ambuvegaaH = waves of the waters ambhas... Kâthh. guileless Bhathth. (cf. talc L. impure.. of a daughter of a king of Kâsi MBh.amala* = mf({A})n.h = (n) water ambhasaa = by the water ambhasi = on the water ambhuruhaM = lotus amedhyaM = untouchable *: mfn. straigh forward.. of the goddess Lakshmî L. 282 Yâjñ.v. a term in astrol.. way Un. shining. . crystal (cf. amani see {am}.. not able or not allowed to sacrifice. N. ambandha = relation / connection ambara = aakaasha ambaraM = sky. the plant Saptalâ L. faeces. pure. In the South Indian languages. ({A}) f. {ammo7n}. with {bhU} and its derivatives). amaanushha = (adj) inhuman. %{agha4} . n.]or {amba} [RV. aMhas* =n. N. $ . (to denote the fourth condition which results from the conjunction of planets?). unholy. ({as}) m. {a4mbe} [VS. in later Sanskrit {amba} only. voc.. TBr. {Amme}. of Durgâ (the wife of S'iva). a mother. L. foul S'Br. clean. cruel amaayaya* straight.. N. &c. not sagacious S'Br.) the umbilical cord L. garment ambaa = mother ambaa * f. of an Apsaras L. not fit for sacrifice. and is often affixed to the names of goddesses. Gk. {amara-ratna}) BhP.

N. shoulder-blade. 2] {ansa}. not vain. 16. illness L. unerring. (with or without {rAtri}) `" the unfalling one "' a poetical N. ({am}) n. xiii. degree of latitude or longitude.. 5. amitavikramaH = and unlimited force amla = (m) sour amogha * = mf({A}) n. immensely RV. amutra = in the next life amuurta * = mfn. &124[1. {ango}] . Terminalia Citrina Roxb. iii. Erycibe Paniculata Roxb. trouble RV. [cf. {humerus}.. 29. ({a4-mogha}. without a certain measure S'Br. of one of the mothers in Kanda's suite MBh. unembodied S3Br. consisting of different parts Su1ryas.. %{AMhaspatya}. ix. Goth. of a spear MBh. not forming one body. 12.. a co-heir L. of Vishnu MBh. power over calamity TS. m. unfailing. a share (for {aMza}). of S'iva. Gk. of the wife of Sântanu.. the not erring. a mystical N. the not failing S'Br. belonging to the dominion of An6haspati (as the intercalary month) Gobh. a gift (also %{aMhatI} f. a share. 2639. formless. iv. Sus'r. 14632. the two shoulders or angles of an altar. N.. cf. . AMhaspatya* =mfn. xiv Up. anxiety . hitting the mark. .. Roxb. Lat. part of. succeeding. $. &c. of a minister of an Asura king at war with Karttikeya SkandaP.aMhasaspati* =[VS. &c. fruitful. productive. of Siva. N. of the night MBh..) L amita * = unmeasured. boundless.) forming part. &c. ({a4-mitam}) ind.. corner of a quadrangle. the shoulder.] aMs'aka* = 1 mf({ikA})n. ) {as} m. of a king. of Skanda MBh. A1pS3r. 16990 and R. potion to cause immortality amritaM = veritable nectar amritattvaaya = for liberation amritabinduu = a drop of nectar amritabhujaH = those who have tasted such nectar amritasya = of the immortal amritodbhavaM = produced from the churning of the ocean amritopamaM = just like nectar\ a4Msa*= *V: expansion. aMhasaspatya* =n. N.. [cf.. $. \\2 m. m. (ifc. ({A}) f. a day L. Bignonia Suaveolens. an intercalary month . iii. distress ... amuuDhaaH = unbewildered . lord of perplexity i.e. of the letter {kS} (being the last one of the alphabet). i. a plant of which the seed is used as a vermifuge. N. infinite RV. shapeless. of Durgâ L. amrita = of ambrosia. {amsa}.] m. trumpet flower. efficacious. of a river L. Lat. ({au}) m. aMhati* = f. du.

3772. base {a}). anaadara = lack of respect anaadi = without beginning anaadiM = without beginning anaaditva = non-beginning anaaditvaat. a princess of that country MBh. anana * =breathing. absence of misfortune or calamity Mn. of a Riishi of the SV. ({aGga}) of a word Pân. poor. complying. not perceived. anaakshit * =mfn. breath. thus. (cf.). unreproached. 10. i. 11. anaamayaM = without miseries anaapad* = {t} f. tried or enjoyed. rounded off.h = (n) pineapple anaanata* mfn. x. anuvritta * = mfn. N. tasted. living ananubhUta* mfn.v.) //2 Nom. apprehended. helpless. 63 Comm. helplessness RV. antaraaya* = m. anubhUta * = mfn. (g. obeying. hindrance ÂpS'r. P. respiration S'Br.h = by nonperformance anaarya = persons who do not know the value of life anaatha * =having no master or protector. resulted. an. {a4n-antaraya}.aanga* = mfn.) relating to the base. (see also the affirmative anubhUta) antaraya* = 1 m. ({a4m}) n. perceived. (fr. understood. a prince of the country Anga. 1-1. followed as a consequeuce. not experienced unknown. ChUp. fatherless. obstacle. . anaanasaphalam. hereby. that has experienced. not residing or resting S'Br. ({I}) f.. want of a protector. not humbled RV. following. unbent. (in Gr. anaa* = ind. impediment. conformity. widowed.h = due to eternity anaakshArita * =mfn. compliance. m. {pailA7di} q. obedience. {-ayati} see {antar-i}. a soft delicate form or body L. ({am}) n. intervention. (%{am}) n. pronom. indeed RV. anaarambhaat.gamejayatva = unsteadiness of the body ana* = m. m.

unfit to be uttered. without respecting. destitute of spirit or mind S'Br. [24. anakshara * =mfn. corporeal. xiv. unable to articulate a syllable. disrespected. regardless. not spiritual. another. p. absence of connection or attachment anabhisneha * = mfn. anaavrita* = mfn. 15. eyeless TS. cold . ii. so as not to interfere with the axle-tree. an-aadrita * = see {an-Adara}. anabhishvangaH = being without association anabhiSaGga* = or %{an-abhiSvaGga} m. without affection . open. not respected. ({an-Atma4n}) mfn. undressed. anaatmanaH = of one who has failed to control the mind anaavrittiM = no return anaashinaH = never to be destroyed anaashritaH = without taking shelter anaahata = unbeaten anaahuta = (adj) un-invited anaadritya * = ind.] or {a4n-akSa-stambham} [S'Br. anaksh* =(nom. unimpassioned anabhisandhaaya = without desiring anabhisnehaH = without affection anaha. 7. blind RV. anala = fire . 2] anakshika * =mfn.anaatman * = not self. an-aadrita * = mfn. a bad eye L.nvaadi = without false ego anahankaaraH = being without false egoism anagha = O sinless one anakshi * = n. anakshasaGgam * =[MaitrS. uncovered S'Br. uninclosed. something different from spirit or soul.] ind. {an-a4k}) mfn.

salutary. &c. anantaM = unlimited anantaH = Ananta anantaraM = after anantaruupa = O unlimited form anantaruupaM = unlimited form anantavijayaM = the conch named Ananta-vijaya anantaviiryaa = unlimited potency anantaaH = unlimited anantaasana = Ananta's posture ananya * = mf({A})n.. no other. the number one. so called because he was made bodiless by a flash from the eye of S'iva. eternal. ({a4m}) n. N. a name of Vishnu* = mf({A})n. the earth. for having attempted to disturb his life of austerity by filling him with love for Pârvatî). a silken cord (tied round the right arm at a particular festival). of one of the Vis'vadevas. not different. of Kâma (god of love. of Pârvatî and of various females. of S'esha (the snake-god). m. not attached or devoted to any one else ananyachetaaH = without deviation of the mind ananyabhaak.h = (n) patent rights ananyaaH = having no other object . of S'iva. bodiless. sole.analaH = fire analena = by the fire anamiiva * = mf({A4})n. identical. not more than one.. atmosphere. the ether. ({am}) n.. N. Talc. salubrious. of the 14th Arhat. air.. well.h = without deviation ananyamanasaH = without deviation of the mind ananyayaa = unalloyed. ({am}) n. N. endless. S'ravana. the plant S'ârivâ. ananta = infinite. happy stat anañga * mf({A}) n. sky L. of Rudra. having no other (object). undeviating ananyayogena = by unalloyed devotional service ananyasvaamyam. of Vishnu. of S'esha's brother Vâsuki. of Kriishna. of his brother Baladeva. a periodic decimal fraction? ({A}) f. the letter {A}. Ved. m. the plant Sinduvâra. Periploca Indica or Asclepias Pseudosarsa or Asthmatica (the root of which supplies a valuable medicine). self. incorporeal. Talc. not having a second. infinite. that which is not the anga. boundless. not another. undistracted. the mind L. unique. good health. Vitex Trifolia. the 23rd lunar asterism. free from disease. the sky. comfortable.

anas'nAna * = mf({A})n. not having overpowered AitBr. of an Apsaras. impartial. not going or passing away. absence of ill-will or envy.ananyena = without division anapades'a* = m. stiff. anas'nantsAGgamana* = m. not eating. not eating RV. unobjectionable.. that few need be enumerated. ({A}) f. anapadhrishya* = ind.h = without eating (having fasted) anas'nat * = mfn. of a daughter of Daksha. anaapad * = %{t} f. i. anati *= not very . evil. haughty. nonsensical. (%{a4n-ape7kSam}) ind. anapeksha H = neutral anapekshya = without considering the consequences anartha* = m. useless. disregard. 20. irrespectively. not too . carelessness. of one of S'akuntalâ's friends. freedom from spite. irreproachable. (mfn. not past -. N. careless. invariable. unfortunate. . anarthaM = purposeless/in vain/danger-productive anas'nataH = abstaining from eating anas'nan. &c. not changed into a lingual consonant RPra1t. p. * = not spiteful. disappointing occurrence. worthless. N. constant in the same state.. non-value. (Words commencing with %{an-ati} are so easily analysed by referring to % {ati} . an invalid argument. regardless. not bent.not in a calamit anapaayin* = mfn. the sacrificial fire in the Sabhâ (which is approached before breakfast) S'Br. carelessly the absence of danger. ({A}) f.)= anatmasa* A= inessential anavadya* = mf({A4})n. (%{A}) f. reverse. bad. irrespective of. anasuyave = to the nonenvious anasuuyaH = not envious anasUya. a worthless or useless object. indifferent. . not bowed down. not envious. nonsense. &c. irrelevant. having not that (but another) meaning. faultless.). anapeksha * = mfn. anasuuyantaH = without envy anata * = mfn. having no meaning. erect.. absence of misfortune or calamity Mn *VB when there is no emergency. 164.

66. bad conduct (gambling. ( {am} Un. a mental organ. body parts a. evil course. the mind L. of the chief sacred texts of the Jainas. the body. pl. successful accomplishment. (in Gr. with Him by these..) an-aya * = 2 m.).v. please. bad management. {puruSa-dravya-sampad}. 2. member. see {aGga-tA}. {ayA7naya} s.. as the six Vedângas. 1-4. viz. how much rather! a4nga* = 2 n. (mfn. of Bengal proper or its inhabitants. a particle implying attention.ngaistushhthuvaa. {vipatti-pratIkAra}.h = not looking anavaaptaM = wanted a-naya * =1 m.nginau = with a. 13 seqq. an expedient. distribution of place and time. {aya}. sg. 1.ngaiH = limbs.). a limb or subdivision of Mantra or counsel (said to be five. &c. {kim aGga}. it may be rendered. anything inferior or secondary. rather quick. 7 (cf. vi.ngasa. whence {mantra} is said to be {paJcA7Gga}). a supplement. especially of a science. hence the number six. a limb of the body. a subordinate division or department.)N.ngaNa = field a. 4. (sg. and sometimes impatience. by well. a limb. 5. assent or desire. indeed. true. (in the drama) the whole of the subordinate characters. without stags RV. m. anything immaterial or unessential. means of commencing operations. {deza-kAla-vibhAga}.. providing men and materials. {kArya-siddhi}.) the base of a word. {karmaNAm Arambho7pAyaH}.N.) anayoH = of them andha = blind andhakaara = darkness anena* = V* by this. contiguous L. counter-action of disaster. but in the strong cases only Pân. adversity (cf.anavalokayaan. ill luck. having members or divisions L. misfortune. angaM = limb(s) . N. 3. of a king of Anga. (in rhetoric) an illustration. or ({As}) m. 1 mfn. or body part anga* = 1 ind. {enI4}) angaM = body aneka = Many anekadhaa = into many anekavachanaM = plural anekaani = many anena = by thisa. any subdivision.nsastanuubhiH = having satisfied with strong limbs? anga = a limb.

of a code of laws. means always foot as well as root. and a star in Ursa Major). the manes of Havishmat. among his daughters are mentioned Sinivâlî. aGghriskandha* =m. aGghrinAman* =n. and of a treatise on astronomy (he is said by some to have been born from Brahmâ's mouth. ix. but the Riicas or Vedic hymns. sucking the foot or toes (as an infant) L. angula = a finger angushhTha = the big toe angushhThaH = (m) thumb anichchhan. of S'raddhâ. &c. VS. {As} m. and Briihaspati. as a teacher of the Brahmavidyâ. said of Agni and of Ushas RV. 83. having the luminous quality of the Angirasas in the highest degree. 4 MBh. priests who by using the magical formulas of those hymns protect the sacrifice against the effects of inauspicious accidents. the plant Hedysarum Lagopodioides. connected with or accompanied by the Angirasas RV.h = without desiring aniishvaraM = with no controller . which he had learnt from Satyavâha. Gk. a4ngira* = m. a tree. an enemy of Vishnu in his incarnation of Paras'urâma. N. Anumati. angirasvat = ind. angirasa4 = m.) &2164[8. and to have been the husband of Smriiti. author of the hymns of RV. aGghripa* =m. like Angiras RV. descendants of Angiras or of Agni (mostly personifications of luminous objects). Utathya. 51. a foot. aGghrivalli* =or f. he is considered as one of the seven Riishis of the first Manvantara. $ and $. aGghriparNI* =or f. %{aMhri}]. pl. the chief is Agni. 4 and iv.angaani = limbs anghri (aGghri) * = m. &c. N. and Akûpârâ. Yâjñ..? ({a4Ggiras-vat}) mfn. = {a4Ggiras} RV. others are Sanvarta.. foot of a seat.2] a4ngiras =. Among his sons.1] [8. the root of a tree [cf. or a synonym of %{aGghri}. (cf. as a Prajâpati. VS. a synonym of %{aGghri}. a descendant of Bharadvâja. the plant Hedysarum Lagopodioides. of two daughters of Maitreya. ({asas}) m. a Sattra sacrifice. i. of a Riishi. the plant Hedysarum Lagopodioides. aGghrivallikA* =f. Râkâ. of Agni MBh. aGghripAna* =mfn. the ancle. Kuhû. In astronomy he is the planet Jupiter. means always foot as well as root. angirastama = ({a4Ggiras-}) mfn. of several daughters of Daksha. and mankind itself are styled his offspring. angirasAmayana = n. (drinking with the foot or root). the hymns of the Atharva-veda TS.. aGghrinAmaka* =m.

a god BhP. m. not winking. one of the fortynine Anilas or winds. the letter {y}. 24. 24. the number forty-nine. 55. paralysis. vigilantly RV. a fish L. N. animishaaksha * =mf({I}) n. vigilant RV. the rope for fastening cattle L. N. ({a4m}) ind. open (as eyes or flowers). anishchayat. indifference. ( {an} cf. looking steadily. not winking. wind as one of the humors or {rasas} of the body. &c. apathy.. ungovernable. the son of Pradyumna (a form of Kâma. Trish {anal}). called Vasus. i. m. not winking. of a king of Ayodhyâ. of an Arhat (contemporary of S'âkyamuni). anirdes'ya* = mfn. air or wind. not winking. &c. animishat * =mfn.. incomparable anitya = uncertain/temporary/ephemeral/transient anityaM = temporary anityaH = nonpermanent anirdeshyaM = indefinite anirviNNachetasa = without deviation aniruddha * = mfn. &c. a fish L. aniiLa* = [RV. open (as eyes or flowers). not winking. N. animisha * = mfn. one whose eyes are fixed. vigil anilaH = (m) wind or air aniiha* = mfn. i. a secret emissary (?). inexplicable. one of the eight demi-gods. N. vigilantly RV. not winking. m. i.. m. undefinable. not winking. of a descendant of Vriishni. m.aniketaH = having no residenc* = or {a-niketana} mfn. looking steadily. and husband of Ushâ). unobstructed. disinclination. listless. x. anila* = m.. anilachulli = (f) gas (LPG) animisha * = mfn.. a fish L. of Briihaspati. houseless. 6] = {a4-nIDa} q. a god BhP. ({A}) f. open (as eyes or flowers).. 6. vigilantly RV. ({a4m}) ind. vigilant RV. 24. 6. ({a4m}) ind. rheumatism. self-willed. ({am}) n.v. indifferent. animishaaksha * =mf({I}) n.. vigilant RV. of a Riishi and other persons. or any affection referred to disorder of the wind. 6. vigil mfn. looking steadily.h = due to non-determination (having not decided) anishhTa = and undesirable . a spy. S'iva. a god BhP.. not winking. one whose eyes are fixed. the god of wind.. animishat * =n. animishaacaarya * =m.

benediction. 32. 92. pigments. (g.nshaH = fragmental particle a. straightforward RV. añjasiina* = mfn. drinking instantly RV.njana = anointment anjana* = ointment for the eyes añjanii* = f. añjali* = m.) L.) L.nshumaan. ( {aJj}). {goSad-Adi} q. equal to a kudava.v. a libation to the Manes (two hands full of water. N. a young mouse L. going straight on. salutation. &c. benediction. having a straight course. sufficient to fill both hands when placed side by side. AitBr. angle a. a woman (fit for the application of ointments. N. a measure of corn.nsha-bhuutaM = has been a part of her a. ({A}) f. of two medicinaI plants. 7. añjanavat* = ind.nkushadhaariNam. a measure of corn... N. of one of Arjuna's arrows MBh. a libation to the Manes (two hands full of water. a mark of supplication).h = radiant a. {am} m. the open hands placed side by side and slightly hollowed (as if by a beggar to receive food. of two medicinaI plants. x. sandal. a mark of supplication). equal to a kudava. false. going straight on. salutation. cheating. añjaspA* = mfn. {udakA7Jjali}) VP. añjalika* = as. a. &c. añjasIna* = mfn. añjanaka* = m. a woman (fit for the application of ointments. añjanI* = f.). sufficient to fill both hands when placed side by side. &c. of a medicinal plant. pigments. ({I}) f. like collyrium.nkusha = a goad (metal stick used to control elephants) a. falsehood. lying. ( {aJj}). hence when raised to the forehead. agriculture .nshena = part anrita = false anrita*=not true. going straight on TS. n. 7.nsha = part.h = bearing the weapon `ankusha' with which the elephant a. añjali* = m.. 32. 2 and 94. N. reverence.. the open hands placed side by side and slightly hollowed (as if by a beggar to receive food. &c.anishhTaM = leading to hell a. portion of a text containing the word {aJjana}. x. añjasayana* = mf({I})n. sandal.. x. 13. straightforward RV. {udakA7Jjali}) VP. hence when raised to the forehead. reverence.

of a king. intermediate space or time. distant. absence. Lat. intervention. king or lord of death AV. Yama. supreme soul. remainder. different from. weak side. {antra-s}. peculiarity. surety. (ifc. ({am}). weakness. proximate. interval. in the interior. term. impediment. period. respect. property. guaranty. (cf. opening. N. a hole. antaraatmanaa = within himself antaraatmaa = the inner self. representation. interior. Lith. &c.g. intimate. residing in the heart antaraaya = (m) obstacle* = m.. opportunity. boundary S3Br. i. sky antare = between antareNa = without . {dezA7ntaram}. obstacle. {anthar}. soul. other.). the contents. Goth. place. 6N. being in the interior. within [cf. exterior. another country. the interior part of a thing. regard. lying adjacent to. m. {a4n-antaraya}. border. causing death. the interior. antakaale = at the end of life antagataM = completely eradicated antara = Sub-period in a Dasha antara * =mf({A}) n. another e. difference. Theme {anthara}. `" the second "'. {alter}]. different. ({am}) n. near. 112. making an end. death. distance. or {-ta4s} ind. heart. related.anta = end antaM = or end antaH = (adv) inside antaHkaraNa = Mind antaHpeTikaa = (f) drawer antaHsthaani = within antaka* = 1 m. hindrance ÂpS'r.) antariksha = (n) space antarikshaM = space.\\2 mfn. antaraaraamaH = actively enjoying within antaradeshiiya = among different countries mainly for transaction?? antaraM = between antaranga = the practices of pranayama and pratyahara antaraya* = 1 m. occasion. of a man favoured by the As3vins RV.

motive. design. disinclination.v. 4. thirst L. inseparable adjunct or sign of anything. {aNu} q. indifference. repentance.).h = from grains aniiha* = mfn. not regulated. not unaccentuated RPra1t. clog. uncontrolled. iii. anubandhaM = of future bondage anubandhiini = bound anubandhe = at the end aNuubhâva * = m.) the junction of fractions. or mfn. an indicatory letter or syllable attached to roots. casual. heat. &c. cause. binding. indifferent.h = perishable antavantaH = perishable antike = near ante = after annaM = (n) food annaat.. not at all minute. an {i} attached to roots.g. commencement. uninterrupted succession. a child or pupil who imitates an example set by a parent or preceptor. . N. anything small or little. of a king of Ayodhyâ. attachment. a part. a small part. (marking some peculiarity in their inflection. unrestricted.nsaM = smaller aNIyas = {an}. e. uncertain. ({I}) f. intention. secondary or symptomatic affection (supervening on the principal disease). anaNIyas * = mfn. encumbrance. not fixed. apathy. vast. aNiiyaa. more minute than usual. irreguIar. effect * = m. hickup L. result. anu = following anubandha = (m) result.) an indispensable element of the Vedânta. mighty S3is3. denotes the insertion of a nasal before their final consonant). the becoming an atom Nir. {as}. aNoH = than the atom anutaapa *= m. (in arithm. consequence. (in phil. m.antarjyotiH = aiming within antaryutakam.. ({A}) f. as (fr.h = (n) vest antarsukhaH = happy from within antavat. aniyata * mfn. sequence. connection. listless. obstacle. beginning.

belief. facilitating by incantations. authority. tasted. experience. anubudh* = to awake. Sâk.. apprehended. anubhUtisvarUpAcArya *= m. resulted. to be useful. followed as a consequeuce. consideration.anubhava* = m. dignity. to communicate. 1 [36. x. regard. understood. assistance. of part of the fourteenth book of the Mahâbhârata (chaps. impression on the mind not derived from memory. anubhuu * = to enclose.) knowledge gained by means of the four Pramânas (perception by the senses. dignity. ({A}) f. the plant Prapaundarika. ({am}) n. consequence. embrace ChUp. perception. 16-92). N. consequence. promoting or furthering a good object. understand. of the eighth or fifth creation VP.h = constantly thinking of anudarshanaM = observing * = n... kindness. that has experienced. S'ânkhS'r. to be after. to attempt. `" an after-song "'N. understanding (ifc. comparison. attain. {-bodhayati}. firm opinion. anuja * mfn. &c. anugraha * = m. favour. tried or enjoyed. obliged. the plant Trâyamâna. understood. favoured. ascertainment. tried or enjoyed anubhUti *= f. result. to remind. &c. aNuubhuu * = to become minute or atomic. perceiving. conferring benefits. anuchaaraya = (causative of anu+car) follow anuchintayan. a younger sister TS. . rear-guard. knowledge from any source but memory. (in phil. inference. anudinaM = daily anuddishya = having targetted or aimed at anudvignamanaaH = without being agitated in mind anudvegakaraM = not agitating anugiitaa* = f. later. 147. of a metrical paraphrase of the twelve principal Upanishads by Vidyâranya-muni. anugrihiita * = mfn. to recollect. anubhUtiprakAza *= m. to experience. followed as a consequeuce.. to turn or incline to RV. perceive. anubhuu * = mfn. sign or indication of a feeling ({bhAva}) by look or gesture Kpr. born after. good resolution. consequence. m. understanding. knowledge derived from personal observation or experiment. apprehension. that has experienced.3]. to learn (by infurmation): Caus. anubhUta* = mfn. and verbal authority). N. a younger brother. equal RV. younger. a cadet. apprehended. N. fruition. tasted. to help S'Br. resulted. of the author of the grammar Sârasvatî-prakriyâ.) anubhuuta *= perceived. showing favour. anubhaava * = m. to notice. perception. perceived.

assented to. to emulate anukaari = like anukûla * = mf(%{A})n. allow. conformable. ind. {upakA7di} q. regular. being of one opinion. ({e}) loc. to entreat. sympathy. with consent of. permission . of a metre. conformable to. a faithful or kind and obliging husband. in regular order S'Br. to request. a woman of a lower caste than that of the mañs with whom she is connected Yâjñ.v.). an ascetic L.anujñaa* = 1 to permit. naturally* = mf({A})n. . assent.. pleasant. anukampana * n. Â. according to the current AV. consent.). perhaps for {tapasvin}) L. m. anukampaarthaM = to show special mercy anukaroti = (1 pp) to follow. to excuse. to take after (one's parents) Ragh. anu-janman * = {A} m. anumati = (f) permission * = f. approbation . successive. to ape. compassion. %{-jijJAsati} or %{-te}. agreeable. agreeable. anulipta = smeared anulepanaM = smeared with anuloma = with the grain. personified as a goddess RV. anujan * = cl. expeditious (explained by {tarasvin}. anu-kampanIya * = mfn. %{-jJApayati}. 1-3. to wish to allow or permit Pa1n2. in a natural direction. bid farewell to. worthy of sympathy m. permission. approbation. anukamp * = to sympathize with. oblation made to this goddess. according to people. younger. &c. to mimic. (mfn. sympathizing with. an order or command. ask for leave to depart. popularly. concurred with. AV.//2 f. to authorize. 4.) ifc. compassionate anukampaka * = m. `" with the hair or grain "' (opposed to {prati-loma} q. ({am}) n. of a king. anu-janam * = ind. to take leave: Desid. to follow in being born or produced or arising. permission. compassionating. mixed castes. N. assent . {-jAyate}. consent. loved. kind. approved. the fifteenth day of the moon's age (on which it rises one digit less than full . Croton Polyandrum. leave to depart. pitiable. anukampita * mfn. in order. a younger brother. . compassionated anukampin * = mfn. forgive. `" sympathizer "'N. anumata* = mfn. ({a4m}) ind. 58. beloved. (in poetry) narrative of calamity leading finally to happiness. also personified as a goddess VP. ({As}) m. dismiss. grant. to allow one to depart. ({A}) f. to behave kindly: Caus. allowance made for faults. . ask permission. (g.. when the gods or manes receive oblations with favour) . (%{A}) f. allowed. favourable.v. following the bank (%{kUla}) or slope or declivity. permitted. pitiable. friendly. anukampya * = mfn. well-disposed. `" descendants of an anulomâ "'. assenting. sympathizing with.. (%{am}) n. &c.

having as an essential or inherent part. possessed of. p. %{a4nv-etavai4}. %{-icchati}. R. the woman who burns with a part of her husband's dress. part.. anvish* = 3. N. 4. search.] RV. endowed with. oblation made to this goddess. reflect: Caus. bank of a river. accompanied by. Caus. (fr.. P. to imitate [Gmn. seek. to drink after or there upon. seek after. (Pot. 44. think of. a watery country Mn. vii. personified as a goddess RV. to be sought after anumRtA * f. seize RV. when the gods or manes receive oblations with favour). to be guided by. {-pAlayati}. anvishtha * = or mfn.. acquired. 5. Ved. {AnUpa}) L. drink at.]. approbation. anumR * to follow in death anumRgyadAzu * = mfn. agreeable. granting all that is sought. linked to. 24. connected as in grammar or construction. to preserve. to follow. i. follow in drinking. sought..h = (ablat. &c. ( {mRg}). a buffalo (cf. to desire. being inferred anupakaariNe = irrespective of return anumodita* = mfn. possessing. 2. anumRj * = to rub lengthways for polishing or cleaning AV. assent.. P. situated near the water. anvi * = to go after or alongside. to go along (with acc. &c. acceptable. %{a4nvetave} to reach or join [BR. keep. Â. Caus. Caus. to fall to one's share RV. %{-iSyati} id. 4. &c. &c. to seek. understood. also personified as a goddess VP. anupaa* = 1 1. %{-eSayati} id. anumRz * =to grasp. x. pleased. {-ma4rmRjAna}. 11. 1. {-te}.)from guessing or induction anumIyamAna* = mfn.: cl. Intens. of a Riishi.. cl.v. with {anu}). 8.. {-pAya4yet}) to cause to drink afterwards S'Br. anuupa* = mfn. [35. expect. anvita * = mfn. 33. Mr2icch. to touch or take hold of for the sake of examining Kâthh. P. {a4p} q. S'Br. delighted. aim. 5. watery L. &c. required. Inf. following. applauded. connected with. anupashyati = one tries to see through authority . 2] \\* = 2 2. &c. attended.) RV. the fifteenth day of the moon's age (on which it rises one digit less than full. reached by the mind. anumRgya * mfn. Pass.anumantaa = permitter anumati* = f. at AV. stretching (the arms) repeatedly towards RV.. iv. &c. gone along with. to wait for. ({a4s}) m. AV. permission.. 142. anumaatuM = to guess anumaana = an inference anumaanaat. vii. teacher of the Sâma-veda. {-marzayati}. joined. pond RV. cherish. to consider. 8.

Inf. from the first RV. fit . at every sacrifice TBr. practising . %{eNa}) ind. suitability .. anusevin* = mfn. anushaasitaaraM = the controller anushushruma = I have heard by disciplic succession anushochanti = lament anushochituM = to lament anushhajjate = one necessarily engages anushhTup. ({a4m}) ind. (% {am}) n. anurUpa * = mfn. orderly KâtyS'r. v. ifc. like . fond of. suitable . mixed with MBh. (Ved. anusavanam * = ind. observe. from above downwards. pleased. anusev * = to practise . (dat. anuzaMs* = to recite or praise after another TS.anupashyanti = can see anupashyaami = do I foresee anuprapannaaH = following anuprikta: = mfn. &c. conformable . anupUrva* = mf({A})n. anupUrvya* = mfn. (%{am} . ({eNa}) ind. 50. from the beginning. fond of. the second of three verses recited together . beloved. orderly. in successive order from the preceding. regular. habitually addicted to.h = the format's name anushhThana = (n) performance..) %{anu-za4se}) to join in praising RV. anuraadhaa = Seventeenth nakshatra anurajyate = is becoming attached anurata * = a mfn. following the form . anus'am * = to become calm after or in consequence of BhP. attached. adapted to .. m. corresponding . according. &c. attached to. observing . execution anusantataani = extended . conformably . the Antistrophe which has the same metre as the Stotriya or Strophe . from the first. conformity . in regular order or succession. in regular order. 2. anurakta * mfn. according to . constantly BhP. &c. regular.

h = remembering anusmaret. anuvartanIya* = mfn. slander. anusaara = following. following. anu-suucana * = n. consequence of. in every condiment. ( {sUc}). pointing out. regret.) the consequence or result of an act (which clings to it and causes the soul after enjoying the temporary freedom from transmigration to enter other bodies). precept anus'aya m. time after time.n' `M'?) anutishhThanti = regularly perform anuttamaM = the finest anuttamaaM = the highest anusvaara* = m. translation. to be followed. . close connection as with a consequence. indication. anusmara = go on remembering anusmaran. reviling L. hatred. indicative of. following. going after.anusaraNa* = n. anu-suupam * = ind. usage. pointing out. custom. to be supplied from a previous rule. N. to praise.. a passage of the Brâhmanas which explains or illustrates a rule ({vidhi}) previously propounded (such a passage is sometimes called {anuvAdavacana}). instruction. customary(masc) anus'aasana * = n. anu-suucaka * = mf({ikA})n. anuvaaram* = ind.h = always thinks of anusuu * = {Us} m. compliant. anuvaada* = m. ( {svR}). close attachment to any object. aftersound. habit. a boil on the head. a boil or abscess on the upper part. explanatory reference to anything already said. resembling. command. a4 disease of the feet. ({I}) f. Pân Comm. anuvartitva* = n. tracking. recount. direction. ancient or intense enmity. the nasal sound which is marked by a dot above the line. of wk. anusvaaraH = the accompanying sound or letter ( the letter form `. anuvarN* = to mention. the state of being so. and which always belongs to a preceding vowel. repeating by way of explanation. obedient. describe. explanatory repetition or reiteration with corroboration or illustration. repentance. saying after or again. confirmation Nir. anuvartin* = mfn. conformity to.. (in phil.

to roll after or forward. in connection with. pursue. acting suitably to. fine interstice or hole in the strainer used for the Soma juice RV anvA * (for 2. KaushBr. compliance. Â. {-vArayate}. reverting to. anuyaayinaH = followers anuuchaanaM = (teacher?) aNva * = n. imitate. agreeing with. to resemble. &c. the act of continuance. following attending AV. rounded off. 332. to expect. in the sight of Mn. anuvRtta * = mfn. doing or acting in like manner. PBr. result. consequence. imitating. walking after. obedience. anvaya = Family anvayavat * mfn. be supplied from a previous sentence. compliance. anuvartana* = n. 109. complying with. anuvRt * = Â. to obey. conformity. {anu-vA} q. to follow from a previous rule. ({a}) n. to follow up.. anuvRtti * = f. continuance. complying. Caus. want of rain. to hinder. following. to go after. viii. P. to attend. x. obliging. attending. supplying from a previous rule.). obedience. following. anuvartitR* = {tA} m. ({vat}) ind. &c. following. having regard or respect to. respect. following. anuvartana* = &c. ({am}) n. to follow.) continued course or influence of a preceding rule on what follows. a wooer RV. anuvRt * = mfn. (in Pânini's Gr. blowing after TândyaBr. to assent. anuvartate = follows in the footsteps anuvartante = would follow anuvartayati = adopt anuvaadaM = translation anuvaadya = having translated anuvidhiiyate = becomes constantly engaged anuvR * = to cover. belonging to race or family.v. obeying. to supply. {-vartayati}.anuvartman* =mfn. serving or gratifying another. having a connection (as a consequence). following MaitrS. a path previously walked by another BhP. . GopBr. 2. carry out. to surround: Caus. see {anu-vRt}. anaavrishthi* = f. drought. prevent.. concurring.

to keep looking or gazing AV. the one .h = other anyatra = somewhere else anyathaa = other *= ind. Theme {alja} . to keep in view S'Br. meditation BhP. or in comp. another person . a positive and negative proposition.// 2 %{as} . anvashochaH = you are lamenting anvichchha = try for anviiksh* = to follow with one's looks. besides . on Nyâyad. otherwise [cf. connected (as a consequence). different from . anvIkshaa* = f. inaccurately. anvayin * mfn. 1 . meditation BhP. Zd. examining. 3] anviikshaa* = f. Lat. agreement and contrariety. erroneously.h = (n) search. exa mining. in the contrary case. (fr. {aliuta}]. anvayavyaapti * = f. in a different manner (with %{atas}. % {A} . {ail} . and another . logical connection and disconnection. inquiry Comm. one of a number . from another motive. anyayaa = by the other anyaaM = another . inquiry Comm. the other . Lat. [47. on Nyâyad. * gone along with. in another way).). also $]. 4 (cf. or %{tatas} = in a manner different from this. in one way. cf. other . Gk. {anv-IkSA}). inexhaustibleness (as of the milk of cows) AV. anyaM = other anyaH = another anyat. xii . opposed to (abl. [47. other than . attended. an affirmative argument. metaphysics MBh. rule and exception. or exa mining. inquiry Comm. Mn. %{at} .anvayavyatireka * n. untruly. logic. different . {aljis} . belonging to the same family anvayitva * = n. accompanied anveshhaNam. another . $ &13802[45 . 3].. {alius} . %{a4nyA}. %{anya@anya} or %{eka@anya} . on Nyâyad. [47. anviikshitavya* = mfn. the state of being a necessary consequence. Armen. Gaut. to be kept in view or in mind S'Br. anviikshaNa* = n. {anya} . Goth. %{itas}. otherwise. %{anyac@ca} . %{anyathA@anyathA}. &c anvitaaH = absorbed. exploration anya = other person * = 1 (3) n.) . &c. aanviikshikI* = f.2] for $ . moreover [cf. falsely. joined. 3]. logical philosophy. species and difference.

the boundless sea. (in Sânkhya phil.). useless. &c. laid open RV. the bank on this side (of a river) MBh. i.. % {pra}). apaatrebhyaH = to unworthy persons apaartha* = mfn.) `" a bad shore "'.. apaada* = mfn. apaadaa* = 1. to take off or away S'Br. or to heaven and earth. N.. a kind of mental indifference or acquiescence. apaanaM = the air going downward apaane = in the air which acts downward apaapo = without sins apaaraa = one who has no limits apaara* = mfn.. unrestrained. (as a prefix to nouns and verbs. L. that of the five vital airs which goes downwards and out at the anus. not having a shore.. Kaus'. 1. the anus MBh. of a Sa1man PBr. back (opposed to %{u4pa}. useless apaavrita* = mfn. the reverse of mental acquiescence L. &c. m. `" not the opposite bank "'. down (opposed to %{ud}). off. `" the reverse of {pAra} "'. unmeaning BhP. not having an opposite shore TS. . &c. without any object. Â. boundless (applied to the earth. open. expresses) away..) RV. (opposed to %{prA7Na4}). [{ro4dasI}].h = others anyaani = different anyaayena = illegally anye = others anyena = by another anyebhyaH = from others anyaiH = by others anyonya = mutual apa* = ind. viii. %{a4nu}. ({am}) n. ({am}) n.. 57. ventris crepitus L.anyaan. incoherent argument apaarthaka * =mfn. %{sam}. unbounded. not divided into Pâdas not metrical. (in this sense also (%{am}) n. &c. covered L. apaana = one of the vital airs. 2381. self willed apaavritaM = wide open apaaya* = see %{ape7}. controls the elimination of bodily wastes* = m.

lower (opposed to {pa4ra}). misfortune . feint. acquittance of a debt. injury . the second step in a syllogism (i. apamaa = comparison apamaanayoH = and dishonor apanaya* = m. `" sound has not the quality of shape as a jar has. loss . m. later. decay. pretext. apa-karshaka * = mf({ikA})n. different (with abl. (fr.. being in the west of. apanudyaat.. {A} mf. opposite. pointing out Ka1tyS3r. withdrawing. destroying. inferior. no abode AV. the wrong place or time Kathâs. taking away. {aparaM-ca}. having nothing beyond or after. taking away. apades'a *= m..) Sâh.). following.* =2 mf({A})n. apaharaNa = stealing apahartaaraM = the remover]destroyer apahrita = stolen apahritachetasaaM = bewildered in mind apaishunaM = aversion to fault-finding apakri = to harm apalaayanaM = not fleeing apakarsha * = m. anticipation Nyâyam. departure . other. going away . &c. leading away. posterior. contrivance. depression. diminution. destruction . disguise. (mfn. drawing down. calamity.h = can drive away apaNDita = someone who is not a scholar apara = other* = 1 mfn.g. western. death . often in comp.g. quarter L. infamy.apaaya* = m. apa-karsha-sama * = {as}... no place. . pretence. therefore sound and a jar have no qualities in common "').). place. lowering. evil . detraction. having no rival or superior. a butt or mark L. Sometimes {apara} is used as a conjunction to connect words or sentences e. apaayaya *V = to (breast)-feed apaayinaH = disappearing apachii = to decrease apada* = n. bad or wicked conduct. decline. (in poetry) anticipation of a word occurring later. apanayana* = n. footless Pañcat. statement of the reason).). healing.. annihilation .e. detracting (with gen. distant. a sophism in the Nyâya (e. the hind foot of an elephant S'is'. another (opposed to {sva4}). latter (opposed to {pU4rva}. {a4pa}). moreover. assigning. drawing or dragging off or down. inferiority. bad policy.

the west L. ({eka-tra}. to the west of KâtyS'r.v. Pañcat. {Aber-witz}]. S'Br.) aparatva* = n. in one place. = {-tA} q. mistake .) aparaardhya* = mfn. Marsilea Quadrifolia.. m. for the future. in such words as {Aber-mal}. born later VS. in the west of (abl.. fault . &c. offence .) behind. in future.. in the other place Pân. Germ.({A}) f. of a son of Kriishna BhP. in another place. (used in the pl. ({I4}) f. 6-1. ({A}) f. ({eNa}) ind.. aparaM = junior apararaatra = (m) dawn aparaspara = without cause aparaa = lower aparaadha* = m. unlimited in number Âs'vS'r.. KâtyS'r. one of the eleven Rudras Hariv. of a serpent-demon MBh. and the Mod. Clitoria Ternatea. aparatra* = ind. m. aparaaNi = others aparaan. a class of divinities (constituting one portion of the so-called Anuttara divinities of the Jainas). aparaajitaH = who had never been vanquished aparaajiita = Unconquered aparaajita:* = mf({A})n. {afar}. a species of the S'arkari metre (of four lines. (with acc. each containing fourteen syllables). moreover PârGri.h = others apare = others aparigraha = abstention from greed. being seated behind PBr. transgression .. -2. aparasad* = mfn. N. %{aparAdhaM} 1: %{kR} . [50. several plants.. 5] n. the future RV.]) ind. {aber}. aparajana* = sg.. {aparatra}. west. unsurpassed RV. [cf. to offend any one (gen. vi. &c. the hind quarter of an elephant L.. S'iva. a poisonous insect Sus'r. 194 Sch. Goth. again. unconquered. Durgâ. Sesbania AEgyptiaca. without a maximum.] or {apara4m} [RV. the womb L.. 33. ({a4param} [AV.. inhabitants of the west GopBr. Vishnu. (with {diz}) the northeast quarter AitBr...3] aparaja* = mfn. non-possessiveness aparigrahaH = free from the feeling of possessiveness aparimeyaM = immeasurable aparihaarye = of that which is unavoidable .) KâtyS'r. or pl. of a mythical sword Kathâs.) or ({a4m}) [RV. and Old Germ. ({aparam}) ind.

. coming to an end in five days) KâtyS'r.). not clever. and of a Vais'ya with one of the S'ûdra Mn. N. {paJcA7pavarga}. rarely loc.. diseased L. consideration of. superhuman. recourse. dependence on. regard to (in comp. pierced. apashyat. uncouth.aparyaaptaM = immeasurable apasada * = m. . &c. hope * = f. an outcast (often ifc. x. pl. apa-trasta * = mfn. unmanliness. where the wife is not present KâtyS'r.) . apavaada = exceptional apaviddha* = mfn. final beatitude BhP. 2620 seqq. v. absence of road Pân. having retired from. depart . S'ulb.h = to expect apekshaa = (f) expectation.h = read apathu * = mfn. apavighnaH = without obstacles apayaa* = to go away . [57. a-pattra * = mfn. connection of cause with effect or of individual with species.). apa-tras * = (impf. of a Kshatriya with women of the two lower. not having a wife AitBr. 11. removed. exemption from further transmigration. of a plant. refuge. the emancipation of the soul from bodily existence. &c.h = he could see apâs'raya * = 2 m. (ifc. 72. 38. free from (abl. turn away the face.). looking for. x.) apeta* = *V bereft of *= mfn. with regard to (in comp. 5-4. thrown away. see {brAhmaNA7pasada}). 19. an awning spread over a court or yard R. ({A}) f. or with abl. liberation: m. hope. a-patnika * = mfn.. {-atrasan}) to flee from in terror RV. 8 MBh. a-pathin * = {-nthAs} m. MBh. 3. to carry away by violence BhP. superhuman power. donation Âs'vS'r. requirement. but cf. apatya = Progeny apathham.. gone. completion. the upper portion of a bed or couch on which the head rests Das3. restriction (of a rule) Sus'r. sick. ineloqueut. expectation.g.. apa-trap * = to be ashamed or bashful. fleeing or retiring from in terror Pân.. looking round or about. 10 seqq. xiii. %{-yApayati} . gift. to fall off: Caus. reference.) afraid of. dismissed. unmanly. ({ayA}) ind. end (e. the person or thing to which recourse is had for refuge. retire from (abl. 95. awkward. 2-1. and {apadhvaMsa-ja}). leafless. apaurusha* n. need. or in comp.. 1] apavarga = heaven. the children of six degrading marriages (of a Brâhman with the women of the three lower classes. rejected. KâtyS'r. (mfn. departed.. apeksh. escaped.

inscrutable * =immeasurable. approach (also in copulation RV. e. although. p. to go in or near. anywhere. {adyA7pi}. 3 and xii. unfathomable Mn. nevertheless. 43. arguing. a rule which is no standard of action MBh. {yady api}.) Bhartri. to come near. at least e. never at any time: sometimes in the sense of but. nevertheless. notwithstanding S'ak. i. e.aphala = one without fruit aphalaprepsunaa = by one without desire for fruitive result aphalaakaankshibhiH = by those devoid of desire for result api = also. sometimes it is a mere expletive. to be taken away. only. {ko 'pi}..l. &c. not to be kept off . of all the four castes. aprakaashaH = darkness apramatta* = mfn. {na kadAcid api}. &c. &c. {kutrA7pi}. this very day. unlimited. apratigha * = mfn. vigilant S'Br. only a moment. attentive. * = Meaning is often used to express emphasis. something more. ii. {caturNam api varNAnAm}. 28 . have a share in. (in disputation) reasoning. even now. a4pI * = Meaning 2 ( {i}). not to be vanquished Mn. not careless. not careless. apohanaM = forgetfulness apoha* = m. ({ayA}) ind. apiiDA* = f. also.g. &c. {muhUrtam api}. (Ved.\\Meaning may strengthen the original force of the Potential.\\* = Meaning may be affixed to an interrogative to make it indefinite.\\Meaning may be interrogative at the beginning of a sentence. ( %{han}) . or may soften the Imperative. very. although. also another. like the English `" be pleased to "'. or removed. in the sense of even. 2 ind.. (v. not to be proved. {apI74tyA})..\\Meaning imparts to numerals the notion of totality e. 94. pushing away. attentive. (in discussion) a statement of no importance or authority. careful. {tathA7pi}.) {a4py-eti}. to partake. xii . vigilant S'Br.g. apramatta* =m mfn.g. careful. aprameya = the ununderstandable. any one. Sinha7s. even if. id. apo7hana* = mfn.\\Meaning `" even then "'. S'âk. even thus. {anyad api}. or expiated. {yadyapi tathA7pi}. to enter into or upon. not unwillingly. &c apratimaprabhaava = O immeasurable power apratishhThaM = without foundation apratishhThaH = without any position apratiikaaraM = without being resistant apradaaya = without offering apramaaNa * =n. removing. Prab. notwithstanding. denying. aprameyaM = immeasurable .g. to join to pour out (as a river).

BhP. see s. 5 & xii.) and have the faculty of changing their shapes at will. (%{A4}) ind. irresistible RV. 24. 29. &c. above. 163. vi. {R} Un.. connected with water RV.]. relationship. incomprehensible by reason. apya* = 1 mfn..&c. AV. without opponents. being in water. ({am}) n.). 5 AV. 3. f. 29 BhP. {Apya} see p. {a4raNa}. 9)n. alliance. the tree also called Kathphala L. 3) mf({a4pyA}. a foreign or distant land RV. `" going in the waters or between the waters of the clouds "'. N. confederation.. a friend RV. &c.) apyayau = disappearance apyayana * = n.. {a4p} + {sR}). .h = (n) jungle. irresistibly RV. [57. they are fond of the water. 11 and vi. obtainable S'Br. apushhpa = one without flowers apya* = (2. not getting full Ka1tyS3r. 2. of a Sâdhya ib. 1. (fr. (cf... i. 83. 15. or {ap-sarA4} [AV. a class of female divinities (sometimes called `" nymphs "'. 11536. 67. -1. of a teacher (disciple of Priithvidhara). &c.aprameyasya = immeasurable apratarkya * = mfn. {A4pya}). col. 144. (%{I}) n. 434. 1. Rambhâ. not to be discussed L. apsu = in water apuNya = vice apunaraavrittiM = to liberation apUryamANam* .3] aprati* = mfn. i.v. friendship RV. once {a4pI} RV. a wilderness. 3. of a son of the Manu Raivata Hariv. araNyam. they are the wives of the Gandharvas (q. but often visit the earth. union.]. they inhabit the sky. 1. obtained apraapya = failing to attain apraamaamaaNya = Unjustified aprithivyoH = to the earth apriyaM = the unpleasant apriyaH = and the undesirable apsaras* =m {As} [RV. undefinable Mn. ii. vii. vii. forest AV. apravrittiH = inactivity apraaptat. VS. m.v. 10.mfn. (fr. fr. forest araNya* = n. one of their number. coming from water. is said to have been produced at the churning of the ocean). &c. (for 2. copulating L. desert. to be reached. 4 and 99..h = uttained.

) ten millions VS. saluted MBh. {ardha-caturtha}. one part. ({a4m}) n. xiv. polypus Sus3r. a N. x. (%{a4rbuda}).. vii. n..) an equal share of (gen. 1147.. 67. iii. {ardha-tRtIya}. ({ardha}) in comp. ({am}) n. 16. (%{as}. 192. of a people VarBr2S. &c.e. p. 167 ardana * = mfn. {mahISA7rdana}). respected. said to be the author of RV. iii. ardani * = m. fire L. 26 and 27].. 30.g. Ved. 23 Comm. a descendant of Kadru1 therefore called Ka1draveya S3Br. offered with reverence. x. place. having a half for its fourth.m. 5] `" half "'. rubbish. N. ri. party RV. unimportant. i. a forest Yâjñ. &c. Osset. 75 and 89]). {parA7rdha4}). region. a peculiar kind of compound is formed with ordinals [cf. ii. 1 and vii. halved. (%{as}). f.. to give or leave to anybody (acc.. {ardag}]. Mn. ifc. a part. a long round mass (said especially of the shape of the foetus in the second half of the first month [Nir. L. (also m. a swelling. 213 ({an-} neg. 1. 2. a serpent-like demon (conquered by Indra. (%{am}) n.. &c. (ifc. m. the plant Melia Sempervirens L. BhP. pl. 6] or in the second month [Ya1jn5. BhP. annihilating. of a mountain in the west of India (commonly called Abu1. 51. %{am}) m. Pân. (%{a4s}) m. 6 and x.) & 235 Yâjñ. the other part. 3. ind. small. Sâk. 44. 2]. &c. also with an adj. in names of old villages half or entirely gone to ruin arbhaka = small arbuda *= m. RV. ({janA7rdana}) disturbing. n. ({e}) loc.. vi. 5 and vi. often ifc. request L. indicating measure [cf. 33) half. (cf. &c. RV. AitBr. ({a4s}. 3. Pân. 30. 12. with an adj.. 94 RAnukr. destroying BhP. Ved. (m. 1-1. moving restlessly Nir. &c. &c. {abhy-ardha4}.i. 27 "' 18). three and a half. with a subst. {ardha4} RV. means `" the half part of anything "' [cf. distressing. 2-2. ({as}) m. Pân. tumour. honoured. {A}) the half. arbudarogaH = (m) cancer archati = (1 pp) to worship archituM = to worship arcita * = mfn. i. of the above-named hymn RV. containing a half for its third. {ardha4}. worshipped. vi. pl. Pân. excitement Sus'r. `" one part of two "'. {a4py-ardham}.N. or past Pass.. {ort}.id. disease L.) ardhachandraasana = the half-moon posture ardhanavaasana = the half-boat posture ardhanaariinatheshvara = S'iva and his S'akti united as one ardhanaariishvara = S'iva and his S'akti united as one ardhanicholaH = (m) frock .] \\2 mfn. 32. ({A}) f. tormenting R. forming a half [cf. {kR}.. x.) RV. iv. {ardhe} or {ardhas} Pân. [cf. 18. 94 A1s3vS3r. in the middle. {ardha4} (or {ni4ma}. xvii. asking.N. of S'iva MBh. trouble. {a4m}) m. xiii. {ordo}. child. ardha = half* = 1 m. request L. pain. Germ. 1-1. sickness. 5-4. 18.. aratiH = being without attachment araagadveshhataH = without love or hatred arbha*: little.] e.. with 1. side. and celebrated for its Jaina temples). boy // ruins.) RV. two and a half. [Lat. country (cf.araNyaka*= n. a place of pilgrimage of the Jainas. part. Mn iv.

hostile RV... %{pUjA7rha}.) with respect Mn. an enemy RV. ({am}) n. i.h = (n) half-pant. becoming.) a kind of honey L. v. ind. attached to faithful RV.. or in comp. 111. envious. 6. ({a4ris}). having a claim or being entitled to (acc. being required. of a disease argasiM = (f) pleasure argha = value arghya * = mfn. or Inf. destroyed ib. ({i4s}) m. (Pân. tormented.). &c. iii. = 1. instr. ({A}) f. pl. i. (cf.) Pan5cat. 25) water offered at the respectful reception of a guest Âs'vGri. for {arin} below. (in astron. (g.. %{sahasrA7rha}).. {daNDA7di} q. having a claim to. fit (with gen. according to what is due RV. worship ChUp. m.) a hostile planet VarBriS. killed. Ragh. treating any one (gen.. 130 BhP.)the number six (cf. aritaa * = f. 3-3. being entitled to (in comp. begged L. 5-4. Yâjñ... ari * =1 mfn. vii. pained. arhasi = deserve ari = enemies * = m. (probably for {Arghya} q. or (%{ANi}) n. arha = deserving * = mf(%{A})n.). afflicted. arhati = (1 pp) to deserve arhaNa* = mfn.. 1. {arAti}).. injured. ({am}) n. meriting Pân.v. &c. 88. a species of Khadira or Mimosa L. 127. a faithful or devoted or pious man RV. {ari4}. 1 and xiii. %{nindA7rha}). worth (in money)...v. x. Yâjñ. assiduous. obliged. 63. MBh. worship. (%{a}) f. 54 BhP.) BhP. ( {rA}. shortsarjana = obtaining ardita * = asked. ( {R}). belonging to or used at the respectful reception of a guest &c.. 4 and 92. wounded. deserving (praise or blame cf. 29. costing R. m. of Indra L.. (in arithm. honourN. AV. meriting. ({am}) n. worthy of. N. &c. proper. or ifc.. Ved. ({arha4Na}).. allowed (with Inf. a present of honour MBh. N.\\=2 mfn. a N. `" valuable "' see {an-arghya}. honour..l. not liberal.). or enmity ari-bhaava = the sixth house in a Rashi or bhaava chart arishhu = on enemies . requested. &c. deserving. `" {argham-arhati} "') deserving a respectful reception (as a guest) PârGri. worship. of the sixth astrological mansion ib. &c. 7.ardhapadmaasana = the half-lotus posture ardhamatsyendraasana = the half spinal-twist posture ardhashirshhaasana = the half headstand posture ardhasarvaangaasana = the half-shoulderstand posture ardhasalabhaasana = the half-locust posture ardhoruka = (n) half-pant ardhorukam. %{satA7rha}. Gnm. ({is}) m..

hero of the Mahabharata arjunaM = unto Arjuna arjunaH = Arjuna arjunayoH = and Arjuna arka = essence. twelve "' Sûryas. a womañs apartment.). a medical plant L. 4. &c. the soapberry tree. arogita = diseaselessness arpaNa = Offer arpaNaM = contribution . m. N.. fatal. of a man RV. Ved. &c. vi. (= {rUpa}) shape Naigh. RV. {indrasya}. 122. of the river Bâhudâ or Karatoys L.. son of Bali. x.. a particular grass (used as a substitute for the Soma plant) PBr. 6) L. and A. (cf. &c. {Rjra4} and {raj}) white. 22. of Indra VS. a heron L. 24. the lying-in chamber (cf. a bandage Sus'r. ({A}).. a natural phenomenon boding approaching death. 5.arishtha* = mf({A}) n. 9. bawd L.. 66 Sch... slain by Kriishna or Vishnu) Hariv. 72. {palaza4}. i. S'Br. or Pl. 2]. ({-nyau}. 63. one who praises. BriÂrUp. 1. 3596. BhP. Sapindus Detergens Roxb. fire RV. 9. Adbh Br. a peacock L. silver AV.. Azadirachta Indica R. clear (the colour of the day RV. of different other persons... a kind of liquor Sus'r. 94. {gautamasaH}. of a daughter of Daksha and one of the wives of Kas'yapa Hariv. copper L. a singer RV.). &c.. of Indra L. of silver.. a ray. &c. BriÂrUp. and Nir.. disastrous (as a house) R. bad or ill-luck. vi. m. garlic L. a name of Sun * = m. iv. the descendants of Arjuna Pân. 4 S'Br. 50. a religious ceremony S'Br. N.l. 2126. {ariSTagriha} and {-zayyA} below) L. of different Sâmans. of Ushâ (wife of Aniruddha) L. ii... {parNa4}. pl. 42. a crow L. {arkacikitsA} below). ({I}) f. for {deSTa}). below) S'Br. (with {agneH}.) N. xiii.) MBh. 6573. 37. a distilled mixture. good fortune.. &c. N. proof against injury or damage RV. ({As}) m. N. 9. (cf. ( {arc}). unhurt RV.. f. du. cutaneous disease Sây. N.. the only son of his mother L.. n. praise hymn.. 7. 94. 2). ({am}) n. [89. ii. 28. ill-luck.. 6. crystal R. of the milk.. or {-nyas}) f. ii. secure. and AV.. arishhthanemiH = the appelation to Garuda? arisuudana = O killer of the enemies arjanaM = the earning or acquiring or acqusition arjuna * = mfn. viii. &c. boding misfortune (as birds of ill omen.... food Naigh. ii. the white colour "' L. (hence) the number. safe RV. 13 S'Br. i. cf. gold L. misfortune. of Durgâ SkandaP. cf. {arkA7zvamedha} below). v. of the constellation Phalgunî RV. (voc. buttermilk L. a learned man (cf.... vii. a cow MBh. iv. Sunday. 85. (v. Hariv. 49.N. vinous spirit L.. (cf. of the third of the Pindava princes (who was a son of Kriitavîrya who was slain by Paras'urâma) ib. a procuress. xii. 122.. ({am}) n. of a physician BrahmaP. a kind of serpent.. of an Asura (with the shape of an ox. slight inflammation of the conjunctiva or white of the eye Sus'r.. i. an elder brother L. {a4ijuni}) "' AV. the plant Calotropis Gigantea (the larger leaves are used for sacrificial ceremonies.. of the dawn RV. the tree Terminalia Arjuna W. &c.77: 11] arjuna = a disciple of Krishna. {arka-kozI}. made of silver AV. arjuna-anujam A*: emblem [as in 10. ({as}. of a S'âskya (known as a mathematician).. 3. flash of lightning RV. 5 and 9.. {arI STaka}. happiness MBh. song (also said of the roaring of the Maruts and of Indra's thunder) RV. {am}) m. &c. on RV. misfortune (see {ariSTa} n. of a son of Manu Vaivasvata VP. 1. ix. (the fruits of which are used in washing Yâjñ. i 186). N.. of the lightning. (cf.. the sun RV.. membrum viriIe AV. 5. 2-4. RV. N.

) arthaM = wealth arthaH = is meant arthan. personified as the son of Dharma arid Buddhi BhP. object of the senses VarBriS... ii. 42. given back Ragh. notion (cf.] or\\* = [RV. &c. 18 . %{putrA7rthin} . 78. advantage.).. for "').) wealth or meaning arthaarthii = one who desires material gain arthin * = mfn. iii.v. or gen.v. one who supplicates with prayers VarBr2S. and {arthe} ifc. a follower . (in law) lawsuit. viii. causing torments. the mansion of wealth (cf. VS. meaning. of the second mansion. . artha = money *= {as}. a wooer Ya1jn5. a4rtham with {i}. ii. thing. to go to one's business. opulence. &c. 60 Katha1s. Seiryas.. . (Pân. N. kind L. 209 seq. (hence in astron. supplicating or entreating any one (gen. the redblossomed Khadira tree L. see s. on account of.. said of an arrow) Ragh. 62 and 79 Ya1jn5.h = and economic development arthanaipuNa = (n) efficient in polity arthapraaptirbhavati = wealth-attainment becomes arthayate = (10 pp) to request arthavaan. %{balA7rthin}) . `" engraved "' or. one who asks for a girl in marriage . ii .) L. wealth. ind.). &c. 35 and vi. take up one's work RV. i . a servant L. 164. m. 87. companion L. ind.. 67) `" beating or hurting a wound "'. . person asking for something arthiyaM = meant arthe = in meaning arthopaarjanaaya = for earning maney aruNi * = see also aarunîi. for the sake of. property. in behalf of. i . 32. i-ix only n. {sakSAd-Adi} q. i.. cf. substance. use.. [90. one who wants or desires anything (instr. 3]. petitioner . fixed upon (as the eyes or the mind). price (for {argha} q. {artha-zabdau} and {arthAt} s. {sense}. suitor Mn. inserted.] aim.. fixed RV. or gam. . purpose (very often {artham}. xvii. 6-1. (%{I}) m. 3. prosecutor Mn. and thrice m. placed in or upon Ragh.. &c. action.. {arthena}. five "'. prevention L. xi . manner. money.. with {-M-tuda} mf({A})n. . Pân.h = one with money arthasya = (masc. {arthAya}. [in RV. 1 . libidinous R. 79 S'âk.). . {am} m. aru* = m. (hence) the number. cast into (loc. {kR} (g. utility (generally named with kâma and dharma see {tri-varga}. 213. viii . &c. prohibition. painted "') Ragh. ix.. arthinah*A = person in need..arpita = surrendering * = [eight times in RV. SBr. reason Mn. x six times n. or with gen. {AruNi}). a plaintiff . 10. longing for . 48. (cf. needing anything (instr. object (said of the membrum virile S'Br. {dhana}) VarBriS. below. 161. ii. entrusted Yâjñ. wanting. &c. industrious RV. thrown.) N. only in comp. below and {vedatattvA7rthavid}). Kum. 73). concern (Ved. ({At}) abl. 2-3. &c.e. delivered. a beggar ..v. motive. often acc. . n. in later Sanskriit only m. painful Mn. &c.poss. &c. cause. with 1. 48 . xiv).. 164. used in wishing well to another dat.. affair. of a Muni BhP.v. or in comp. 6 .) . for {arus} n. in RV. ({e}) loc.. &c.] mfn. xix. Pân.sing. (cf %{arthe74t} above) . active .. having to do with (instr. the sun L. offered. (said of a document or of a sketch) transferred to (a plate or portrait i. cf.

({u}) ind. uninterruptedly Kir. without obstacle or resistance Hariv. iii. shapeless . 2189. (cf. independent. MBh. 12984 . bad S'Br. want Mn. {a-sAman}). 4-1.. iii . interruption Mn. impracticable. disfavourably S'Br. (%{I}) f.. %{aiya4}) `" master. disgrace. a Vais3ya VS.. not stopped or intercepted by os at (loc. ( = 1.. Pa1n2. MBh. %{a4rya}. true. a woman of the third caste.. Mn. xi. asakta = unattached\\* = mfn. 3. immaterial MBh. %{aryANI}.. missing Ragh. ({am}) ind. Mn. asampraGYaata = unconscious samadhi asammuuDhaH = undeluded .. absence of. &c. 1. favourable RV. unattached or indifferent to (loc.) asaaraM = worthless/without essence asaavaadityaH = asau and AdityaH: this(person) and Sun asa*= not he asadrishhii = unfit asahya* = mf({A})n.\\ 3 m.. xl. asaktaM = without attraction asaktaH = without attachment asaktabuddhiH = having unattached intelligence asaktaatmaa = one who is not attached asaktiH = being without attachment asamarthaH = unable asameta * = mfn. dear RV. not an honest man. impropriety. (in rhetoric) without figure or metaphor . wicked. ix. once 3 RV. attached to. 123. 31 Kâm. 3. on TPrât. xiv. `" not arrived. anything bad. 27. %{arya4}) kind. detached from worldly feelings or passions. 49 Siddh. `" good and evil "') MBh.e. lord Naigh.) Mn. &c. iii. (in the same sense {a-saGga} Ragh. Pa1n2. with {draSTum}. MBh. 63). asaMbhava * = m. the wife of any particular Vais3ya Pa1n2. 4-1. 75.) `" non-happening "'. impossible MBh. asaadhu * = mfn. &c. 103 (cf. favourable RV. 9741 R. at once Das'. (cf.. 7) mfn.. ind. invisible Up. iii. ({u4}) n.. 13 Ragh. lord "'. 1. `" impossible to be seen "' i. literal. impossibility KâtyS'r. 12255 seq. only {-u4nA} instr. excellent L. (used as an interjection of disapproval) bad! shame! Râjat. disfavour. Sânkhyak. a wicked man S'Br. 1602. destruction VS.. &c. immediately. absent "'. (%{a4s}) m. 103 (a1) f. 3-1. free from ties. inconsistent. &c. 6. insuperable SV. non-happening. a master. iv. inconsistence. wrong Comm. insufferable.)\\mf(%{A})n.. `" non-existence "'. the wife of a Vais3ya VS. ( %{R}) kind. impossible. ({u4s}) m. evil S'Br. &c. &c. iii. ii ChUp.aruupaka * = mfn. ii. 160) not good. unbearable.. 3-1. Pa1n2. (Pân. 10. 70. ({sAdhvasAdhu4nI}. 49 Comm. i. devoted. iv. (mfn. 6-2. &c. &c. cessation. aryamaa = Aryama arya* = 1 (2. (= 1.. said of arrows and of a sword) MBh..

({tI}) f. [in RV. nonentity RV. vii.) MBh. bad S'Br. Mn. falsehood RV. 8. [in RV. one who does evil actions L. Kum. asatyasannibha * = mfn. 8 AV. i. falsehood RV. Indra L..asammuuDhaaH = unbewildered asammohaH = freedom from doubt asaMskRta* = mfn. &c. asau = him (from adas. Kum. i. asatkaarya* = n. wrong RV. asat* = mf({a4-satI})n. non-existence. doing injury. evil Ragh. iv. Mn. xii. non-existence.. asa. below. bad or contemptible men MBh. offence MBh.. &c. Indra L. &c.nnyasta = without giving up asa. 6355. bad S'Br. AV. 134. one who (like a Naiyâyika) holds that an effect is nonexistent in its cause before production. 2981. 2766. &c. not consecrated Mn.nshayaM = undoubtedly asa. 104. 10. ({n}) m. 32.v.. nonentity RV. (mfn. ({n}) m. &c.1.. rude (as speech). ({t}) n. 2755 and 2918. ({ntas}) m.. unreal RV. improbable.v. AV. a bad road L. untrue. unreal RV. Yâjñ. evil Ragh.h) . 104.. 12. ({ntas}) m. vii. vii. bad or illicit occupation Mn. see s. Up.) not being on the right path BhP. see s. . asatpatha* = m. 8 AV. not taking notice of (acc. untrue. unadorned Pañcat. badly treated MBh. wrong RV.. having unadorned curls Kâd.. iii. .nshayaH = beyond a doubt asankhyaH = (m) countless asangashastreNa = by the weapon of detachment asapatnaM = without rival asat * = mf({a4-satI})n. pl. pl.. below. not existing. Up. untruth. 8.2. seven times {a4sat} and five times {A4sat} with lengthening of the accentuated vowel] not being. p. unlikely L. ({tI}) f. i. ({t}) n. not prepared S'ânkhGri. 12.nyataa = unbridled asa. asatkrita* = mfn.h = matter asatkaara* = m. iv. bad or contemptible men MBh. vii. asaMskRtAlakin* = mfn. ({am}) n. ({asatkArya}) {-vAdin} m. offence ib. asat. asatkritya* = ind. 134.. untruth. &c.. seven times {a4sat} and five times {A4sat} with lengthening of the accentuated vowel] not being. asatkritya* = mfn. 10. xiii. not existing. unpolished.

iii. &c.1. an unfaithful or unchaste wife MBh. offence ib. accomplish as'aaya: * to reach ashaantasya = of the unpeaceful ashaashvataM = temporary ashaastra = not in the scriptures ashishhya = unteachable (adj) asha. `" {aSa} "' fr.. lying. 173. . absence Nyâyam \\2 mfn. strengthless.. . asattaa* = f. id. untruth. 53. asatkritaM = without respect asatkritaH = dishonored asattva * = n. 5 MBh. v. 1. 1-2. iv. NriisUp. as'ishya * = mfn. 1009 Pañcat. 2755 and 2918. or not capable of being instructed MBh. falsehood Mn. ({am}) n.1. not to be taught (as a person). without energy asatyaM = unreal ash. not deserving to.asaumya = (adj) unpleasant asataH = of the nonexistent asatkrita* = mfn. false. R. &c. non-presence. (compar. ({am}) n.nka = undaunted ashakta = weak ashaktaH = unable ashanam. (a thing) that need not be taught or which it is unnecessary to teach Pân. RV. {az}?) more acceptable RV. non-existence L. asatya* = mfn. 2981. untrue.h = (n) food ashamaH = uncontrollable ashayaat.. badly treated MBh.h = from their source ashastraM = without being fully equipped ashatara* n= mfn. &c.h = to obtain. 4. . i.. asatii* = f. 5. fr.

i. not to be overcome. 4-1. (fr. ({a4-zubha}) n.. of a prince MBh. &c. ({eNa}) ind.. Sus'r.e..h = from ill fortune ashubhaan. &c.. &c. 82. of a lexicographer. a shameful deed. 2] aashaaDha * m. 20. N. without young ones RV. {a-zizu})n. wholly Kum. {ASADhi}). also Ved. entirely. MBh.h = not worthy of lamentation ashoshhyaH = not able to be dried as'ubha = and inauspicious * =azubha = mfn. of two lunar mansions (distinguished as {pinvA and uttara}. invincible RV. &c. disagreeable. VS. not beautiful or agreeable. 120. Kathâs.. or rudeness as'ishthatva * = n. as'ishthataa * = f. misfortune. ii Bhag.. vicious (as thought or speech) MBh.&c. 62. N. 34. asheshhataH = completely asheshhaaNi = all asheshheNa = in detail ashochyaan. VarBriS. of a month (corresponding to part of June and July) in which the full moon is near the constellation Ashâdhâ Sus'r.non-believer as'eshha = total. 8 and iii. born under the Nakshatra Ashâdhâ Pân..N. &c. of a teacher Kâthh. sg. perfect. a staff made of Palâs'a wood (carried by the student during the performance of certain vows) L. `" the former "' and the latter "'. N. (for {a-SADhA} q. 4. 55. [116. all. or pl. a festival (of Indra) Âp. i.] or as the twentieth and twentyfirst [VP. without remainder. but according to Pân. non-remainder KâtyS'r. S'Br. mischief. and reckoned either as the eighteenth and nineteenth [TBr. mf({A})n. of a brick (used for the sacrificial altar) S'Br. rudeness ashishhyaaya = non-disciple'izu * = mf({a4-zizvi}. N. 3077 seq. id.. ({am}) ind. 4-3.) the twenty-first and twenty-second lunar . ({A}) f. 7. v.. 11. the month (generally called) Âshâdha L. i (cf. xix. 5-1. entire. harm. ({A}) f. the Malaya mountain L. sin S'Br. Megh. inauspicious Vet. &c. 110 Kum. childless. &c. VarBriS.. ({A4 or A4s}) f. {a-SADhA})N.]) AV. {a4-SAlha}) mfn. ashubhaat.. i.. bad.h = inauspicious ashuchi = to the unclean ashuchiH = unclean ashuchau = unclean ashubhaM = evil ashushruushhave = to one who is not engaged in devotional service ashaaDha * (or in RV. 6. a staff of the wood of the Palâs'a (carried by an ascetic during certain religious observances in the month Âshâdha) Pân.v. m. m. m.

({I}) f. BhP.. comforted. 12 and 13 AV. (mfn. ({us} m. refreshed &c. &c. vi and once R. x. Pañcat. Germ. encouraged. &c. Lat. Caus.h = (masc) stone ashraddadhaanaH = without faith in revealed scriptures ashraddadhaanaaH = those who are faithless ashraddhayaa = without faith ashraushhaM = have heard ashruupuurNaakula = full of tears as'ru * = n. Mod. revived. 3] Goth. ashnataH = of one who eats ashnan. &35742[114.) belonging to the month Âshâdha VarBriS. only once S'Br. virtueless ashva = a horse ashvatthaM = a banyan tree ashvatthaH = the banyan tree ashvatthaamaa = Asvatthama ashvamedha = a form of sacrifice where a horse is sent around to estiblish supremacy ashvaanaaM = among horses aas'vaasita * mfn. {lacryma} for {dacryma}. [R. Eng. animated. R .mansions (commonly compounded with {pUrva} and {uttara}) L. with {muc}.] to shed tears [supposed to stand for {dazru} fr.) a tear RV. $. {daMz}: cf. MBh.h = eating ashnanti = enjoy ashnaami = accept ashnaasi = you eat ashnute = achieves ashma = stone ashman. or {kR} [MBh. 95. Vait. Gk. {Z„hre}]. the day of full moon in the month Âshâdha KâtyS'r. 12491] or {vRt}. xii. {tear}.. {tagrs}. consoled Das'. as'ru = (n) tears ashlaaghya = adj. //reanimated.

as'ubha* = mfn. i. consolation. a form of bandha poetry ashthadhaa = eightfold ashthaadasha = eighteen ashthaavakra = name of a deformed(at eight places) sage ashthottarii-dashaa = A lunar based Dasha system uses 108 yr cycle and one chooses it according to certain criteria ashhtakavarga = A predictive method of Astrology that uses a system of points based upon planetary positions asi = you are * = m. for {aSTan}). [Lat. dangerous RV. eighty RV. MBh. 23. sin S'Br..) as'ika *=v. {prA7zitra4}. without young ones RV. a chapter or section of a book Sâh. ii Bhag. not beautiful or agreeable. 24. {az}. {ensi-s}.\\^ (in comp for {aSTan}) mfn. pernicious. 6. &c. N. relying on Kathâs. only in comp. not to be taught (as a person). unkind. ({am}) n. m. ashthau = (adj) eight ashthadalakamalabandha = eight-petalled lotus pattern. for {asika} q. a shameful deed. of a river (near Benar2es) Va1mP. N. 6 AV. harm. 5 MBh. ashvini = a mudraa.aas'vaasa * m.v. &c. AV. unimpaired L.) N. vi. &c. i. AV. 120.l. 55. u. food Kâthh. disagreeable. 4-1. 338. but according to Pân.\\ =4 or with the final {A8} blended in comp. mischief. also Ved. of a river (near Benares) MBh. ( {akS}.. with 1.. (cf. vicious (as thought or speech) MBh. 18. VarBriS. &c. 3077 seq. of a lexicographer. a4-s'is'u *=mf({a4-zizvi}. inauspicious Vet. a4-s'iva *=mf({A}) n. &c. Sus'r. bad. \\=3 (in comp. m. x.. as'iiti *=f. {nir-akS}) `" marked. headless Mn. misfortune. ill-luck RV. childless. 62.. envious. see {a4-samaSTa-k-}. cheering up. N. as'itra *= {am}. q. or not capable of being instructed MBh. scimitar. 1. contraction of the anal sphincter muscles ashvinau = the two Asvinis ashtha* = 1 mfn. ii. a-s'iSya *=mfn. (2. breathing again or freely. {a-zizu})n. a-s'iirNa *=mfn. a-s'iras *=mfn.v. knife (used for killing animals) RV.\\2 fr. 53. (a thing) that need not be taught or which it is unnecessary to teach Pân. (cf. 116. 1009 Pañcat. (%{is}) f. &c. ix. %{asI}). not deserving to. cf.. &c. i. branded "'. v. 9560. recovery Sus'r. of a demon causing disease Hariv. 1-2.] asii * = f. 8 and iii. 237. %{as}). . a sword. ({a4-zubha}) n.. taking breath.. (= %{asi} f.

&c... approximate (as a number) Sûryas. p. for {a4stam} SV. Pass. 75. vii S'Br. of the river Akesines (afterwards called Candra-bhâgâ) in the Pañjâb RV. iv. home RV. Âs'vS'r. of a descendant of Kas'yapa (composer of RV. AV. {astaM-nI} [{-nayati}]. and not a compound of {a} and {sita}.].as'sha V: desires.. 3. of the lord of darkness and magic AV. pr. ({a4stam}) ind. a poisonous animal (said to be a kind of mouse) L.) thrown off. at home. 164. R. (once {d} TS. (in astron. especially used with verbs e. appears to have been formed from this word. `" end. benedictions asitaH = Asita asita * = mfn. S'Br. ({a4stam}) ind. which is probably original. 9296) blood RV. asrij = (neut) blood asrij * = {k}. {a4stam-i} [{a4stam e4ti}. p. `" end. m. unbound TS. 4) and gen. blessings. saffron L. perf. death "' see {astasamaya} below. pr. a girl attending in the womeñs apartments (whose hair is not whitened by age) L. iii. {a4siknI})n.. iii. v. &c. an arrow AV. (in rhetoric) indistinct speech. ({A}) f. 37] to go down. or {prA7p} [Kathâs.. ({am}) n. asid. N.. R. 17. setting (as of the sun or of luminaries) VarBriS... iii. {-yAt} Mn.]. setting (as of the sun or of luminaries) VarBriS.. m. besides. cf. anger. x.hdhyoH = and failure asiddhau = failure asparshana = not touching asphutha * = mf({A})n.. {astaM-ya4t} AV. 12472. N. iv. iii. 2] a4sta* =2 n. of an Apsaras MBh. 15. S'Br.. of a man (with the patron. Sûryas. Vârshagana) S'Br.) the seventh lunar mansion VarBri. i 7330.. {a4stamita} see below s. 8. in later language. to lead to setting. Sûryas. {as}). i. &c. p. 20. `" white "'.] or {a4staM-gam} [{a4stam ga4cchati} AV. to go to one's eternal home.] or Asita Devala [MBh..g. the night RV. perish. an indistinct embellishment of speech Sâh. a Mantra (saving from snakes) MBh. S'Br. perf. [for the weak cases see {asa4n}. the indigo plant L. {astam-eSya4t} AV.) S'Br. AV... Ved. {asRjas} (Sus'r. left off. of a son of Bharata R. vii) n. 21] or {astaM-yA} [pr. [122. ({a4siknI}) f.) VP. the western mountain (behind which the sun is supposed to set) MBh. xii. p. ix. ({A4}) f. 91. &c.. `" forming blood "'.] or {a4staM-gam} . fut. asrikkara* = m. (in astron. &c. set RV. cease. 5. &c. indistinct BhP... die S'Br.. a kind of religious abstraction L. home RV. home RV. forms like instr. N.. \\ = 2 n. &c. 4 AV.. &c. fut.) are found]. Kathâs. once in reversed order {gata astaM} R. of a Riishi Buddh. p. ({sita}. 2188. of a wife of Daksha Hariv. 1. 33. cast Ragh. i. p. asrishhTaannaM = without distribution of prasaadam asta = fall (set)1 mfn. especially used with verbs e. &c. m. thrown. only Hariv. {asura} and {sura}). 5-24)..l. hopes.. S'Br. &c. chyle L. i. N. home RV.. the planet Saturn VarBriS. (only in comp. Kathâs. xiv. 25 and ({asiknI4}) x.v. a missile. 8364 Kathâs. ({a4s}) m. of a mountain MBh.. ({a4n-} neg. ({k}) m. perf. p. (perf. a-sphutha-phala * = n. {a4stamita} see below s. a girl attending in the womeñs apartments L. death "' see {asta-samaya} below. `" the dark one "'. cause to set MBh. p. {asRjA} (R. set aside. i. {astaM-ya4t} AV. a vow. xiv. p.. vanish.. approximate result (as the gross area of a triangle &c. not quite correct. darkcoloured. or f. black RV.g.. &c. \\ 2 mf({A}. (m. {astaM-gam} (also Caus. &c. named also Devala [RAnukr.. see {astaM-gamita} below). AV. 2. Hariv. {astaM-gata} MBh. given up (as grief.. wishes. ({a4stA}) ind. 4819 Hariv. &c. the planet Mars... lymph. a black snake AV.) asphuthaa7laMkaara * = m. N. at home.. {a4stam-i} [{a4stam e4ti}. S'Br. viii. {astam-eSya4t} AV.v.) the seventh lunar mansion VarBri. {astam-i}. the western mountain (behind which the sun is supposed to set) MBh. xiv MBh..

. {astaM-gam} (also Caus. xiv MBh. . asmimaana* = m. &c.l. 2] asthA* =with the final {A8} blended in comp.h = I. once in reversed order {gata astaM} R. iii. asmitaa* = f. for {a4stam} SV. cease. v. {astaM-gata} MBh. perf. me asmadiiyaiH = our asmaakaM = us asmaat.[{a4stam ga4cchati} AV.. vanquished astamavelaa = (fem) evening twilight asti = (v) he is astu = there should be* (3. i 7330.h = us asmaabhiH = by us asmi = (v) I am* = `" I am "'. the not being master of one's feelings or passions Kâd. AV. Imper. die S'Br.. dependant. be it so. {astam-i}. &c. to lead to setting. not stealing Mn. see {astaMgamita} below). {-yAt} Mn. 37] to go down. sg. Yâjñ. {astaM-nI} [{-nayati}]. p. &c. self righteousness asmin. ({asvatantra}) {-tA} f. Comm. perish.h = these asmaan. cause to set MBh.).]. egoism Yogas. to go to one's eternal home. 55. ({a4stA}) ind. there must be or should be (implying an order) asteya* = n. let it be. or {prA7p} [Kathâs.h = in this asmindvaye = in this pair asvatantra * = not self-willed. 2 Gaut. 33. [122. set RV. asmitaa = egotism. &c. BhP.. {as} q.. 1. 21] or {astaM-yA} [pr. astra = Weapon asthi = Bone asthipaJNjaram. &c. iv. on S'is'. &c. astaM = destroyed. p. iv. self-conceit L. i.h = (n) skeleton asthiraM = unsteady asmad. subject Mn. vanish. ix.v.

pl. v. viii. x AV.asya = of it asyati = (4 pp) to throw asyaaM = in this asvargyaM = which does not lead to higher planets assi = (v) you (sing) are as'ubha* = mfn. asuraaNaaM = of demons asuraan. P. rarely Â. ({A}) f. (= {citta}) the spirit L. pl. opponent of the gods RV. [In later Sanskriit {sura} has been formed from {asura}. of a warrior-tribe. [S'Br. R. (3.. &c. &c. x. {-yate} (pr. (in later language only {a4savas}) m. iii. KaushBr. iii. pl. life RV.). a N. VS. mischief. barren RV. life RV. &c. f. &c. {-yati}.. be displeased or discontented with (dat. RV. a female demon. (cf.. {AsurI} and {mahA7surI}). = four seconds of sidereal time or one minute of arc Sûryas. the plant Sinapis Ramosa Roxb.N. of Râhu VarBriS.. pl.. {parzv-Adi}. of a Vedic school. N. (ind. a zodiacal sign L..h = demons asuu = to hate. {-ya4t} RV. of a lexicographer. m.. sin S'Br. bad. (1. {asUyiSuH} Râjat. 37. i. &c. barren asu * = m. &c. {asU4m}).. 15. VS.. spiritual. = four seconds of sidereal time or one minute of arc Sûryas. a-suu4 * = mfn. 2 S'Br.v. the wife of an Asura. as {sita} from {asita} q. 4 and vii. 9. supreme spirit (said of Varuna) RV. grief L. iii. 1. (cf. 83. 3077 seq. 217. 15. [121. disagreeable. breath. demon. 30. {asUyayitvA}) to cause to be displeased. &c.. 4. be jealous asuun. x.] asUra * =`" absence of sunlight "'. the sun L. animal life AV. ii Bhag. [MBh. Ved. harm. Mn. (acc. divine RV. and AV.. VarBriS. & asU * = not bringing forth.) `" respiration "'.. {AsUyIt} S'Br. &c. ({asu}) n. q. grief L. Pân. 6). p. 2624 (N.. p. vicious (as thought or speech) MBh. in the night RV. 96. a cloud Naigh.. 5. ghost. AV. 99. viii.) . the vital breaths or airs of the body. [these Asuras are often regarded as the children of Diti by Kas'yapa see {Daitya}. = {prajJA} Naigh. ind. not beautiful or agreeable. ({a4-zubha}) n. a spirit. 1. 217. (2. irritate MBh. &c. {sU})... the vital breaths or airs of the body. L. night L. an evil spirit. m. {as}).] or acc. good spirit.) `" respiration "'. incorporeal. 135.) to murmur at. animal life AV. 3. AV. only ({e4}) loc. ii. ({asu}) n. the chief of the evil spirits RV. (in later language only {a4savas}) m. asukhaM = full of miseries asura = devil* =mfn. inauspicious Vet. a shameful deed.v. x.. f. (= {citta}) the spirit L. life of the spiritual world or departed spirits RV. ({I}) f. = {prajJA} Naigh. AV. ({As}) m. not bringing forth.. (in astron. {a-sva4m}) VS..h = life asuuya = jelousy * 1 Nom. misfortune.]): Caus. 1-4.). (in astron. &c. {as} Un. Sus'r. as such they are demons of the first order in perpetual hostility with the gods. aor. (acc. breath. (g. Mn. iii. life of the spiritual world or departed spirits RV.. and must not be confounded with the Râkshasas or imps who animate dead bodies and disturb sacrifices]. 10. 3] asu: * Ved.

not being firm in itself. an auspicious and inceptive particle (not easily expressed in English). 2775 Bhag. 276 (Hit. envious MBh.. meaning atharvaNvaakyaM = `atharvaNa" word-piece atharvashiirshha = atharva(?) atharvashiirshhaM = 'atharva' heading or head athavaa = or athaataH = atha and ataH: then and therefore . Âp.//see %{asva} asvaasthya * = indisposition.) . rather. displeasure. ({A}) f. 513. aTati = (1 pp) to roam atat = see 'atad' ataH = hence atattvaarthavat.) MBh. Ratna1v. displeased.rH = object. xviii. xiii. 226 MBh. certainly. asuuyitR * = mfn. &c.) asvasa= see aasvaasa asvastha* = mf(%{A})n. "' MBh. &c. jealousy Nir. now. . {a4thA}) ind. asuuyaka * = mfn. %{-zarIra} mfn. 33. pronom. Kathâs. 146) discontented. (Pân. atapaskaaya = to one who is not austere atha = thereupon * =(or Ved. (%{asvastha})%{-tA} f. not in good health . {a-sa}). xii . ii. feeling uneasy Mn. discomfort BhP. else. sick . Mn. MBh. base {a}). ii.h = without knowledge of reality atandritaH = with great care atarka* = m. 3-2. \\" but if. ill Ka1d. &c. displeased. what? how else? &c. sickness. id. (see {an-asuyu}. Mn. indignation (especially at the merits or the happiness of another). v. ({an-} neg. (Pra1kr2it {assatthadA}) . moreover. then. (probably fr. envy. an illogical reasoner. (cf. atad* = not that BhP.) i. envious. bad logic. displeased with (loc. vii . but. 58 atha-shabda = the word atha (prayers are started with words atha or AUM) atha. 5611. calumnious Nir. asuuyu * = mfn. illness .asuuya * 2 grumbling at. 2545.

very round. imposition. the wind blowing strongly MBh. surpassing. neglect. exceedingly. to blow beyond AV.): Compar. 4.Nom. P. violation. 2. determined onset ativaa * = 2. P. iv. atikrama * = m. loc. p. pr. crossing. ind.sing. too. to blow violently. passing beyond.athau = or in other words ati = extremely ati-parichaya = excessive familiarity ati-viiryaM = super power atichaara = Accelerated planetary motion atitaranti = transcend atitaralaM = ati+tarala. a kind of grain or pot-herb. passing over. excessively S'is'. transgression. m. surpassing (with acc. guilty of a pardonable offence. surpassing. very+unstable atithi = (m) guest atithiH = (masc. lapse (of time). overcoming. quite. conquering. ativartana* = n. excessively. ativartula* = mfn.h = adj. very dreadful atidurvritta = of exceedingly bad conduct atirichyate = becomes more ativartate = transcends atishaya = wonderful atishayokti = exaggeration atiitaH = surpassed atiitya = transcending atiindriyaM = transcendental atiiva = very much * = ind. ({ati-vAyati}). excess.)guest (literally undated) atidaaruuNaman. ativartin* = mfn. a pardonable offence or misdemeanour. overstepping. exceedingly. {-vayati}. cl. 25. passing by.: cl. {-vAti}. {atI7va-tarAm} ind. . very.

the sacred syllable of the S3u1dras (see 3. in this place. shaken. intimidated. a devourer. attacking Yâjñ. there. transgression. suffering. overcome. %{ad}). ( %{tras}). fr. a class ChUp. atyaaya* = m. (fr. pronominal base %{a}. of % {kSattra}). atulaniiya = uncomparable.\\2 mfn. in this matter. atura * = mfn.S) the self atra * = 1 (or Ved. here at this time. atuulyaM = uncomparable. atyaayaa* = to pass by RV. passing. guilt. ii. transgression. 2. (for %{at@tra}. getting at. ( {i}). atyushhNa = very hot atyeti = surpasses atra = (m) eater audara: *audara + mfn. omkaara and om) aupamyena = by comparison aushadha = medicine aushhadha = medicine aushhadhaM = medicine . death. (fr.. not rich AV. passing away. x.. vice. aum (AUM) *= ind.Acc. (only for the etym. dismayed. daunted. being in the stomach or belly Suparn. atyajat. gastric (as a disease) Hcat.h = left. a Ra1kshasa. evil. 14. in this respect. (fr. overcoming. then. {udara}).\\ atra 4 n. `" not enjoying or affording protection "' Br2A1rUp. mastering (mentally). (for %{at-tra}). AV. not liberal. %{au}) (see also under pranava. 1 2. 3-1. 101. 141. often used in sense of loc. excess Pân. going beyond RV. lapse. the act of going beyond. {i} with {ati} see {atI7}). atrasat: V* getting frightened A* unsettled. demon RV. sacrifice atyantaM = the highest atyarthaM = highly atyaaginaaM = for those who are not renounced atyaani = surpassing atyaya* = m. perishing. put off. risk. %{a4-trA}) ind.\\3 m. 4) ind. food RV. ({am}. case %{asmin}). 79.atmaanaM = (masc. viii. danger. passage. zeal. v. refresh. sg. vii. {a4vitave} RV. autsukya* = n. 89. 33. autpattika * = mf({I})n. vii. herbs collectively.]. 25 Prec. on VarBri. av* = cl. attain. defend. Ragh. {aviSTam}. {kSatrA4ya}.. &c. du. &c. ({am}) n. I. drug. ({I}) f. 3. Pratâpar. avaap* = ( {Ap}). {A4vaH} see {vR}]. Gk. AitBr.. 44.aushhadham. 2. R.g.. sg. {ut-patti}). 7. Kum. pl. Ved. {svasta4ye}) RV. pungency L. {-Apnoti} (Imper. xviii. 64. KâtyS'r. AV.. 13) to drive. eternal Jaim. Ragh. 3. blame or unpleasantness or pain) promote. 1. pl. herbs used in medicine... p. Inf. devour RV. sg. getting R. iv... (chiefly said of kings or princes) to guard. Ragh. to be obtained Bhag. anxiety. medicine in general Mn. {uSaNa}). sg. reaching. (fr. entertaining (as a belief) L. original. to cause to obtain anything (acc. accept favourably (as sacrifices. obtained. inherent. 2.h = (n) medicine aushhadhasuuchii = (f) syringe. a vessel for herbs. ( {vap}). ({am}) n. one who has attained or reached KathhUp. a quotient Comm.) to satisfy. desire. {oSadhi}). {a4vat} impf. Kathâs.1] ava = protect avaachii = (f) south avaachya = unkind avaaptavyaM = to be gained avaapta* = mfn. of Dâkshâyanî MatsyaP. ix. {Ava}. sg. Ragh. injection aushhadhivana = medicinal garden aushhadhiiH = vegetables aushaNa* = n. to suffer (e. {aveo}?]. {a4 priori}. 2. obtain. obtaining. 2. vii. 2. to get by division (as a quotient) Sûryas. 1. p. 8] or {aviDDh} [six times in RV. avaaptavya* = mfn. avaaptavat* = mfn. &c. Imper. avaapti* = f. {ut-suka}). a medicament.. viii. relating to origin.. govern BhP. avaapita* = mfn.P. {Avayas}) to consume. (fr. {a4vit}.. 2.) Naish. 2.: Caus. perf. 18. protect. {tAt} RV. not sown (as grain. longing for. 2. to lead or bring to (dat. aushadha* = mf({I})n. 2. VS.. {aviSTu}. (only impf. to offer (as a hymn to the gods) "' RV. obtaining. {A4vitha}. 2. (fr. like. natural Lâthy. 3. {ava} sg. {dhAnya}) but planted L. 166. simples. 1.. consisting of herbs S'Br. Mn. {avayat}. sg. (said of the gods) to be pleased with. impatience Sâh. a herb S'Br. sg. {AvyA} RV. {vA4ja-sAtaye}. {aviSTa4nA} RV. . {Apnuhi}) to reach. inborn. &c. {aviDDhi4} [once RV. ind.: {Uta4ye}. prayers or hymns) RV. gain. eagerness. 17. i. 34 Pañcat. regret MBh. {a4vati} (Imper. {avIs} and {aviSas}. got. N. &29765[96. {AvIs}. Ved. i. 5. MBh. (chiefly Ved.: Caus. a mineral W. {A4vaH} [for 2. MBh. BhP. {avyAs}. {Ava4} RV. ii. 1 VarBriS. Ragh. a4vat. &c. viii. sg. &c. aor. S'Br. animate (as a car or horse) RV. [cf. 2. 6.. impel. (in arithm. `" got by division. fervour. get Up. (fr. 18. 3. du. officiousness Pañcat.. viii. &c.) a quotient. $ Lat.

(in Vedânta phil. 11. ({am}) n.. 38. 62. speaking against. 23. knowledge Ragh. faculty of being resolute in judgment or action [Comm. ava-bhaasa-prA7pta * =m. disregarded. neglected. see. having no home AV. intentness Kum. of a world Buddh.. N. &c. [101. shaken off (as evil spirits) VS. appearance (especially ifc. 6.avaaptuM = to achieve avaapnoti = gets avaapya = achieving avaapyate = is achieved avaapsyatha = you will achieve avaapsyasi = will gain avaastu* = mfn. &c. 82.iv. lustre.. expelled. Râjat.. N. 73. becoming manifest Sâh. 2 S3is3. %{jIvitA7vabh-}.] BhP. ix. off from himself worldly feeling and obligation.) illuminating. &c. viis. i4. touched R. perception. (cf. vi. being awake Bhag.. &c. 45. pl. attention.. {zravaNA7vabh-}. N. &c. one who has shaken. v.. rejecting. waking. m... iv..N. 352 (= Hariv. avabhaasa * = m. 125 MBh. %{sA7vadhana}. {avakSuta}) Mn. shaken away BhP. with words expressing a colour) Jain. 4717). repudiating MBh. agitated (especially as plants or the dust by the wind). &c. ava-bhaasa-prabha * ={As} m.) illuminating. 63) m. 17 Kum. shining Bhpr. shaken. reach. 1577. a supplementary sacrifice (see below) cf. of a Nâga demon Buddh. light. vi. Sus'r. phil. discarded. purification or ablution of the sacrificer and sacrificial vessels after a sacrifice RV.) manifestation. (in Vedânta phil. unclean BhP. splendour. avachaya = (m) gathering. 8. excluded MBh. ava-bhaasa-kara * =m. . `" carrying off. fanned MBh.. avabhritha* = (once %{-bhRtha} AV. 3] ava-bhaasana-zikhin * =m. avabodha * = m. removing "'. that upon which anything unclean has been shaken out or off (cf.) avadhiiraNaa = (f) a repulse. &c. speaking Sâh. ix. attentiveness. i. compass. removed. making manifest. of a S'aiva philosopher. of a class of deities Buddh.. ava-bhaasaka * =mfn. xii. xiii. teaching L. repulsion avadhuuta* = mfn. ava-bhASaNa * =n. vii. collection avachinoti = to pluck avachyaH = unblamable avadhaana * = n. (in Ved. rejected Das'. of a Devaputra Lalit. a philosopher ({brahma-vid}) BhP. 5. N. ii.. ava-bhaasana * =n.

vi. remain behind. repudiating MBh. shaken. &c. 82. that upon which anything unclean has been shaken out or off (cf.. inferior RV. ava-dhUta-veSa * =mfn. vi. 18. 101) `" not to be praised "'. &c. or `" having discarded clothes "' BhP.) being beaten or struck by (instr. &c. &c. Râjat. a philosopher ({brahma-vid}) BhP. 62. vi. censure ib. &c.. ava-dhUta-praNipAta* =mf({A})n. blame. 5 and vi. sense. rejecting. {-hanyamAna} Comm. i.. 12 BhP. removed. 125 MBh. to be abandoned avajaananti = deride avajaya* = m. 4717). expelled. touched R. to be excelled. unclean BhP. 15.. anything blamable. overcoming. winning by conquest Ragh. excluded MBh. excluded MBh. (Pân. rejecting an act of homage Vikr. ava-dhUta * = mfn. disgrace RV. rejecting an act of homage Vikr. AV. shame.. removed.. &c. shaken. touched R. low. a philosopher ({brahma-vid}) BhP.. 4717). `" wearing unclean clothes "' or `" wearing the clothes of one who is rejected "'. (a4m) n. avaGYaa = contempt avaGYaataM = without proper attention avagachchha = must know avagam. expelled. disagreeable L. p. avadhuutavesha* = mfn.. shaken away BhP. repudiating MBh. shaken off (as evil spirits) VS.. fanned MBh. unclean BhP. m.h = to comprehend. discarded. 62. iv. 3-1.. v.. 1577. 352 (= Hariv. &c. ({am}) n. v. or `" having discarded clothes "' BhP. want. iv. in Pass. vice RV.. N. {avakSuta}) Mn. blamable. disregarded. 352 (= Hariv. i4. agitated (especially as plants or the dust by the wind).. rejecting. avadhuuta * = mfn. fanned MBh. 1577. i. iv. 125 MBh. 62. off from himself worldly feeling and obligation. one who has shaken..avadhuutapraNipAta* = mf({A})n. xiii. avajaghnat* = mfn. that upon which anything unclean has been shaken out or off (cf. Râjat. &c. of a S'aiva philosopher. &c. shaken off (as evil spirits) VS. avadhyaH = cannot be killed avadya * = mfn. neglected. one who has shaken. agitated (especially as plants or the dust by the wind).) MBh. neglected. ({am}) n.. disregarded. m. &c. of a S'aiva philosopher. (irreg. 82. imperfection. 1424. rejected Das'. xiii. rejected Das'. i4. i. . understand avagamaM = understood avagraha = (m) famine avahaasaarthaM = for joking avahaa* = to be left remaining.. {avakSuta}) Mn. off from himself worldly feeling and obligation. N. `" wearing unclean clothes "' or `" wearing the clothes of one who is rejected "'. discarded. shaken away BhP.

{an. 3-3. illumine S'Br..] or {-jvAl}. 161. neglectful. 55) = 2.].e.. {-jigISat}) to wish to win or recover S'ânkhS'r. ({ayA}) instr. Pass. treat with contempt MBh. 2. also P. 162. deprive of by conquest). {-madhvam} Bhathth. ({ayas}) f. avajita* = mfn. (= {tarpaNa}) satisfaction L. iii. {sA7vAjJam}. treat contemptuous) y Mn. {avanI} see {ava4ni}.avajñaya *V= indifferent. garbage avakarikaa = (f) dustbin. won by conquest R. to drive down RV. xi 80 &c. ind.. (for the explan. 6. dishonour. i. p.. any place on the ground Sûryas. (Pân.. (Pot. Bhag. wish Nir. with disregard. of 2. ii. the earth Naigh. (for 2. (cf.) to disesteem. the plant Ficus Heterophylla L. {-jvalayati} [ÂS'V-S'r. 1. 79 Hit. &c. protection Nir. conquest. 43.. avajval* = Caus. &c.. avajñA* =1 {-jAnAti} (ind.. Pañcat. ({I}) f. ground Megh. N.. win MBh. 226. contempt.: Pass. 444) to despise. 124. avana = protection* = n.)... ep. â Kathâs. have a low opinion of.. (p. {-jajJle} Bhathth. to ward off MBh. {an-} neg.) disrespect contempt Mn. iii. sg. {-manyeta} aor.avana}). Subj. 22. xiii. {e4va}) desire. xvii. f. victory Kir. avajyut* = Caus. (cf. disrespecting. garbage bin avakalana = differentiation avalepa * = m.. contemptuously MBh. treat. to set on fire. despise. {-manyati} fut.. the soil. ignominy MBh. BhP. the fingers Naigh. ointment L. perf. given (as alms) with contempt. to light up or cause a light to shine upon. avajñA* =2 f. avajiti* = is f. p. {-mAnayet}) to despise. joy. avamaana * m. haughty avaman * = 1. pride. Ragh. {ava-jJA} Ragh. avajñaata* = mfn.. bed of a river RV. 10. disrespected. river RV. (Pot.. to excel Kâvya7d. (cf. indifferently Kathâs.: Desid. iv. despised. to repudiate refuse ib. 50. vi.) avani* = f. glutinousness (as of the mouth) Sus'r.. 3]. speed L. 54. (ifc. preservation. of a river Hariv. disrespect (with loc. {-jyotayati}. [103. 2. &c.. disobeying avaji* = (impf.) avalehaH = (m) pickle avalipta = proud. &c. {avA7jayat}. haughtiness BhP. ornament L. {-jJaya}. Mn. [Kaus'. or gen. avajñaana* = n. disesteem. -jitya) to spoil (i. avaaj* = ({aj}) {a4vA7jati}. ii. R. ind.. avanii* = 1 f. the earth R. &c. {-manyate} to be treated contemptuously: Caus. {maMsthAH}. Pañcat. &c. stream. disregarding. &c. . pleasure L. pl. course. to conquer MBh. favour.) avakaranikara = dust. {-maMsyati} MBh. contemned L.

) Gobh. KaushBr. favour. remove S'Br. 3. Pot. 64 Sch. besiege Das'. pl. keep back. .. water for washing (hands [AV. falling down Mriicch. {avA7rodh}) Pân. avapat* = (p.. {-pAtayat}) to throw down Kathâs. to keep anything (acc...P.) avanejana * = mf({I})n.) Bhathth.) AitBr. avaniM = earth avanipaala = of warrior kings avaniitanya = the daughter of the Earth (siita) avapaata* = m. contain RV.. {zastrA7vap-}). x. falling or flying down like (in comp. p. to pour down or over AV. (p. the plant Ficus Heterophylla L. 3.f. Sâh. to fall down. speed L. ii.. a hole or pit for catching game in Ragh.. Â.. (Inf. P. 236 &c. sg..) RV. ix 4. {-pazyate}. {-pAdya}) to cause to glide or go down AV. 33. (= {tarpaNa}) satisfaction L. 97.. {-padAti} RV. 2. {-ru4dham} ib.) chiefly Ved. {-padyai}) to fall. {avA7patat} MBh. Ved. ({am}) n. iv.. sg. {-ruNaddhi}. split Sus'r. Â. 37: Â. be deprived of (abl. 17. Ved. covered VarBriS. 2. {anurudh}) to be attached to. &c. Prec.. {e4va}) desire. restrain R. (Subj. 78 [101. {-patya} see {ava-pAta}. to crack. 3. Â. Subj.) {-pa4das} RV. {-rudhya}) to keep one's self ({AtmAnam}) wrapped up in one's self ({Atmani}) BhP. {-rundhe} (for {-nddhe} AV. pl. sg. viii. meet with an accident AitBr. sg. {-rurutsate}.. like BhP. imprisoned secluded (as in the inner apartments) Yâjñ. pl. {-padyantAm}. p. S'ânkhS'r. {pAdi} RV..19. with {ava-patya} (ind. VS. {avanI} see {ava4ni}. avapas'* = P. 4. ii.. sg. of 2. obtained. enclose. serving for washing (the feet) BhP. 9. AV. 2011.. &c. 1. p. 3-1..) RV. (aor.. P. to shut in. Ved. (ind. {-pAtyate}. p. 17 ind.: Â. PBr. 105. tear into pieces Sus'r. {-patat} RV. washing. p.] or feet [Mn. 1. &c. x. 58. flying down Hit. glide down into (acc. {an. to reach. ({am}) ind. to put into (loc. Ved. si. ({I}) f.) to fly down. 30.. 290. Kâd.) AV. 6) Ved. {-roddhum}) to check. i. {-patsi}. and {-rudham} MaitrS. &c. enclosed Mn. ablution (of hands [SBr. (cf. 13] or feet cf. wish to obtain or gain TS. BhP. {-pazyata}. put aside.) avapad* = {-padyate} (Subj. avaraM = abominable avaruuNaddhi = to obstruct avarohati = to descend avaruddha * = hindered. protection Nir. xi. 1. (aor. {-patsyanti}) to throw down Kâthh. &c. p. {-rorudhas}) to expel from "' (the domimon) R. 3. xvi. impf. {-pAdaya}.). 105. {-nayati}. (Imper. vii. fall down: Caus. to expel Kaus'..: Intens. avapaT* = (ind. p. (cf. obtain. gain: P. (Subj. gained S'Br. 9. ({an-} neg. xviii. 2. shut in. 20. (for 2.. 1... Â. 3. {avA7ruddha} and Pass. {-ru4dhya} ib.]). Pass. 209 BhP. checked. of a river Hariv. descent.). cf. 2. Subj. as one's grief) locked up (in one's bosom acc. R. 104. expelled MBh. {-rundhatI}. (p. {-pazyati} (2. {-padISTa} RV. (impf. wrapped up. stopped. Â. AitBr. {avA7ruNat}) to confine within. {-rudhat}) to obstruct. sg. {-pATya}) to split. &c. ix. pleasure L.. Inf. flaw. 73. to look upon AV. ii. joy.: Caus. to seclude... (Imper. descending upon. ind. P. {-padyeyam}) to drop from (abl. sg. (abl. iii.1]. ind.avanii* = 2 (fut. impf. jump down. avarudh* = P. 1.. disguised Das'. N. 29. {pAdA7van-}).: Desid. avana* = n. (fut. kept back S'ak. {-neSyasi}) to lead or bring down into (water) S'Br. wish Nir. {-pa4zyat}) to look down upon (acc. ShadvBr. ii. 3. sg.A. Inf. &c. preservation. &c.avana}). Sus'r. (for the explan.. {avA7rundha} TS. aor.

1-3. e..) RV. Subj. a house. let behind MBh. Â.) habitation Hcat. &c. {-stkam}) to be separated from or deprived of (abl.). to abide in a state or condition (instr. remain standing Âs'vGri. v.. array Âs'vGri. 272. (perf. (aor. {-atiSThat}. dispirited. 1. a college. P. 2. insubstantiality... 1 845: Pass. {-tasthiva4s}) `" to go down into (acc.) MBh. 3. 8. perf. to be found.. chance avasarpati = to slide (as from a waterslide) avasaadayet.) to remain or continue (doing anything) MBh. sleep. sg. abide. iii. &c. aor. to enter. (cf.. ({am}) n. avasthaatuM = to stay avasthaatrayaH = three states of bodily consciousness (awake. &c. {-tasthe}. be present MBh.] BhP.. x. 5770. ii. (aor. dream) avasthitaM = situated avasthitaH = situated avasthitaaH = situated avasthitaan. xiii. (for {A-vasatha} q. to be kept firm [`" to be separated "' BR. {-sthApyate}. 35. the unreality of matter Kap. to render solid or firm R.) Mn. p. &c. perf. imperfect of vas. set. remaining MBh. exhausted. to live avasannaaH = inadequate avasaraH = (m) opportunity. avasyand* = Â. S'Br. {-sthApya}) to cause to stand or stop (as a carriage or an army &c. (with ind. 17: Â. &c. sg. exist. on Nyâyad. fall into the possession of (dat. a worthless thing Kum. &c. 5. &c. 36. (generally ind. a village L. v.). 5080 BhP. p. to stay. frustrated avasatha * = m. vi. be absorbed in in (loc. to be settled or fixed or chosen S'ak. to go away from (abl.h = arrayed on the battlefield avastu*n = n. left as a remnant . 1 sg.1]. 12502. (p. p.: Pass. stop at any place (loc. {-tasthe}) to fall to. (Pân.). to cause to enter or be absorbed in (loc.h = put into degradation avasAdita * mfn.) MBh.g. 23 BhP. avasthaa = a state of the mind* = P. i. v.v. Caus. iii.) RV. {-tiSThati} (impf. 81 [106. {-sthIyate}. i.) RV.) avashishhyate = remains avashhTabhya = entering into avasaM = automatically avasan.. 27.. Subj. {-syandamAna}) to flow or trickle down BhP. {-sthAta}). 22. made to sink. {-sthAt}. 48.. 53. fix.) RV. %{kathA-mAtrA7v-} and %{nAmamAtrA7v-}. to place upon (loc. school L. to establish (by arguments) Comm. Vedântas. &c.) MBh. to penetrate (as sound or as fame) MBh. 187 (ed. Yâjñ. i . 66. rarely P. Bhag. Bomb. pl. &c.).: Caus. .. 5129 . i.h = III pl. dwelling L.avashaH = helplessly avas'eshita* = mfn.) to take one's stand. xiv. reach down to (acc. Subj.

iii. entrance S'is'. thoughtless . kindly disposed AV. &c. (ifc. {avasyate}) to seek favour or assistance RV. {avistr}]. (= a-vî q. possession. {ovi-s}.. arrogance L. appearing Mâlatîm. Prab. f. absorption of the faculties in one wish or idea. avataara = a divine incarnation particularly of Vishnu. dat. a Tirtha or sacred place L. [cf. rendered current. appearance of any deity upon earth (but more particularly the incarnations of Vishnu in ten principal forms. any new and unexpected appearance Ragh... to be alighted Mriicch. viz. avekSya* = mfn. 12941 seqq. 1. caused to descend. ({is}) m.) Mn. avataarin* = mfn... Goth. 3-3. member. an ewe AV. avibhaktaM = without division avichaarii = adj. 31. to be attended to avi* = mfn. i. Buddha* = m. v. air. entering... {awi-s}.. S3ak. (in rhetoric) attributing to one's own words a sense not originally meant Sâh.. accomplished Râjat. avasya* = Nom P.g. Lat. cf. man lion. &c. taken down. to get down avati = (1 pp) to protect avatishhThati = remains avatishhThate = becomes established avatu = (may the lord) protect avayavaH = A Limb (of the body). dwarf. making a descent in the incarnation of (in comp. a component. and Kalki MBh. also {adhi}) a woman in her courses L.avasyandita* = n. avataarayati = to keep down. vii. 116. translation L. &c. BhP. (Pân. attention to (loc. avatara * = m. a protector. m. x. a constitunt. entrance.v. the woollen Soma strainer RV. making one's appeance see {raGgA7vat-}. wrath Ba1lar. a wall or enclosure L. devotedness to an object BhP.. the two Râmas. 120) descent (especially of a deity from heaven).). part. A part. e. (any distinguished person in the language of respect is called an Avatâra or incarnation of a deity). ( {av}).. &c. Buddha. removed.) RâmatUp. a cover made of the skin of mice L. a mountain L. set a-going. taking possession of MBh. avataritavya* = n. $-s. opportunity Naish. an ingredient avayava * =m.. fetched down from (abl. opportunity of catching any one Buddh. a sheep RV. xii. &c. laid down or aside. pride. 43. a portion. joining one's self Ka1tyS3r. Lith.. ifc. i.). Kriishna. boar. Gk. a member or component part of a logical argument or syllogism Nyâyid.. demoniacal frenzy. sg. 9.. observation. descent. apoplectic or epileptic giddiness L. anger. avataarita* = mfn. ({is}) f.. lord L. the fish tortoise. ({is}) mf. Slav. 36 & v. portion Pân. &c. 23. 8. (mentioned with reference to its wool being used for the Soma strainer) AV. favourable. {A}) a limb.. 24. Das'ar.. 101 R. avekshaa * f. aaves'a *= m. the sun L.. Ka1d. (p. care. intentness. {ovjza}. wind L. impers. indistinctness of idea.

avidyamAna* = mfn. the not being present Comm. 8. ix. &c. unknowingly avidushaH = of one who does not know avidya = lack of education. avidyamAnavat* = ind. ignorance.). xi. a woman in her courses L. ({avidyA}) f.. ( {vI}). (3. avidvaa. Katha1s avinashyantaM = not destroyed avinaasha = undestructible. absent KâtyS'r. 3-1. pr. not present or existent. on BriÂrUp. {-ta} f. Ra1jat. consisting of ignorance. id. pr. avidyamAnatva* = n.nsaH = the ignorant avidhipuurvakaM = in a wrong way aviGYeyaM = unknowable avii* = {Is} f. spiritual ignorance AV. unwise Mn. as if not being present Pân. viii. xl.). 3 Comm. not gaining avipashchitaH = men with a poor fund of knowledge avirati = sensuality avirodha = no opposition . Pass. 72. on Nyayad. {vid}. absent KâtyS'r. Lâthy. {vid}. ignorance * = mfn. (3. Mn.xiv. Pass. Comm. avidyAmaya* = mfn.avidita = without knowledge. undamaged unhurt BhP. 205. unlearned. the not being present Comm. name of Vishnu avinaashi = imperishable avinaashinaM = indestructible avinda *= not finding. p. Lâthy. 23 VS. avidyaa = metaphysical ignorance avidyamaana* = mfn. 1. &c. ignorance together with non-existence Buddh. on Nyayad.. 12-14 S'Br.) illusion (personified as Mâyâ). avikalpena = without division avikaaryaH = unchangeable avilupta*= mfn. (in Vedânta phil. not getting. p. Mn. not present or existent. &c. {-ta} f.

a fool L. an unskilful cutter up or killer (of animals) RV. {avizeSa-zruteS}. undeveloped. &c. of S'iva L. n.. uniformity Kap. ({eNa}) ind. suspected. not differently..) `" the unevolved (Evolver of all things) "'. indistinct. avekshe = let me see avekshya = considering avottaraattaat. speaking indistinctly. equally Comm. Mn. &c. Pân. &c.h = protect me from the northern direction avyaakritaa = not expressed avya * = mfn. unexpounded S'Br. avis'aGkita* = mfn.. doubted L. ({At}) ind. not hesitating MBh. iii.) N.. Hariv. (mfn. unapparent. not confiding Râjat.avis'aGka* = mfn. ({am}) ind. {am}) m. not making a difference between (loc. S'ulb. ({ayA}) instr. imperceptible Up.. avis'vasta* = mfn. N.)without difference. elementary substance from which all things were created. (in alg. pl. uniform BhP. `" no hesitation "'. 162. avyaktaM = nonmanifested . ({as}. KathhaUp. the woollen Soma strainer RV.. 1.) RV.. v. &c. indistinctly. considered as one with the substance of Brahma L. not trusted.. avis'va* = n. of Kâma L. of Vishnu L. avis'eSa* = m. Sânkhyak. Kap.. not having doubts. the primary germ of nature. (said of the woollen Soma strainer) coming from sheep ({a4vi} q. ({am}) n. not hesitating MBh. 154. avyakta = nonmanifested* = mfn. &c. ({A}) f. 25. Comm.. not manifest. ({am}) n.. undoubtingly without hesitation MBh.] Jaim. of the (five) elementary substances (cf. without hesitation R. (in Sânkhya phil. not the universe BhP. {tan-mAtra}).) unknown as quantity or number. on Yâjñ.. 13 Sus'r. {avizSa-} [e. without a special distinction or difference Âp. 2171 and xiii. non-distinction. m. ({ANi}) n. iii. N.] without a special distinction or difference KâtyS'r. xiv BhP. 90. = {a-vizvasa4t} R. &c. 490 BhP.. 50. ({am}) ind.) Yâjñ. {aviseSo7padezAt} KâtyS'r.g. Kathâs. on Nyâyad. having no doubts. ind. ix. of an Upanishad. unapprehensive. 20. iii. i. invisible. avis'vasat* = mfn. avis'astR* = {tA4} m. Gaut.. avyaahataaGYaH = avyAhata+agyaH.v. or in comp. (in Sinkhya phil. not feeling the hit? avyabhichaariNii = without any break avyabhichaariNyaa = without any break avyabhichaareNa = without fail avyaakrita* = mfn. 2747. primordial element or productive principle whence all the phenomena of the material world are developed. non-difference. undeveloped. &c. (= {paramA7tman}) the universal Spirit Mn. = avis'eSavat* = mfn. v.

{jyotiSAmayana}) L. m. [or m. avyaya = without deterioration: 1 or rarely {a4vyaya} [only RV. parsimonious. to worship ayatiH = the unsuccessful transcendentalist ayathaavat.. &c. 97. N. &c. 433. cf. not liable to change. 698. cf. natural disposition or temperament "' L ayaneshhu = in the strategic points . `" not spending "'.. \\2 mf({A})n. ayaata * = mfn. particle Pân. imperfect aatmanepada of yaj. of various periodical sacrificial rites AV. precession Sûryas. {svedA7yana}). ayaana* =n. ({am}) n. 2 and ix. the non-spending.. 10. &c. ({am}) ind. valiant RV. well off MBh. N. a treatise ({zAstra} cf. dexterous. i.) `" course. (= $ Windisch.. way. v.. ({a4vi}) made of sheep's skin (as the woollen Soma strainer) RV. stopping L. walking a road a path RV. progress. i. S'Br. not false.] an indeclinable word. (often ifc. xxii. viii. the suñs road north and south of the equator. imperishable. m... going VS. 97.. agile. ix.g. viii. 2157 (ed. {a4ngirasAm}. 2. {naimiSA7yana}.bhAva}). 34] mfn. {ayA4s} and {ai0A4s} before). {gavAm}. 7 Nir. (with gen [e. {prasamA7yana}. 67 and 68) RV. 86. iii 33. truly BhP. having no uneasiness or unpleasantness.. APrât. not moving "'. the half year Mn. (in Vedânta) a member or corporeal part of an organized body L. {samudrA7yaNa}. the equinoctial and solstitial points VarBriS. &c. avyayaM = immutable. {AdityA4nam}. true. 67. Das'ar.h) ayajanta = third person plur. of a Nâga demon MBh. belonging to or consisting of sheep RV. 1 and 108. V state of affairs avyayaH = inexhaustible avyayasya = of the imperishable avyavasaayinaaM = of those who are not in KRishhNa consciousness ayaama * = not a night-watch. manner S'Br. x. ayaasya * (4) mfn. L. halting. veracious BhP. 44-66 and x. &c. 8 S'Br. undecaying Up. 7 &c.] or ifc. (in astron) advancing. any time during daylight. parsimony. Mn. of Vishnu or S'iva L. place of refuge Mn. xiv. of an Angiras (composer of the hymns RV... Bomb.avyaktaH = invisible avyaktamuurtinaa = by the unmanifested form avyaktaa = toward the unmanifested avyaktaat. (= {sva. {puruSA7yana}. &c. ({am}) n.). of a son of Manu Raivata Hariv. not gone ayaM = him (from idaM. circulation "'N..h = imperfectly ayana*=mfn.h = to the unmanifest avyaktaadiini = in the beginning unmanifested avyaliika * = mfn.

). (1.. 1.). {kASThA7di} q. cf. [{as} m. of an astronomer. baadaraayaNa * = m. a term of praise (see {ayutA7dhyApaka}). AV. %{naDA7di}) N. 801]. 51. setting aside. Sarvad. mfn. (g. written or composed by Ba1dñBa1dara1yan2a Cat. teachers and authors (esp. of a son of Râdhika BhP. suspending. afflicted baadhaka * = mf({ikA})n.v. disease of women L.. 5-1. a partic. ten thousand. `" unjoined. ({-tva} n. oppressing. hindering. harassing. annulling S'ank. ayu4ta * = 2 n. N. S'rS. m. ) IW. xix. g. . iii. baadhate = (1 ap) to obstruct baadhyate = affected.h = (n) a wooden barrel B ba * the third letter of the labial class (often confounded with {va}). extension. %{badara}. a myriad RV.) ayogataH = without devotional service ayojayishhyat. opposing. belonging to or derived from the Bâdhaka tree ShadvBr. prejudicing MBh. injuring. of sev.. of the author of a Dharma-s3a1stra &c. ayuktaH = one who is not in KRishhNa consciousness ayuktasya = of one who is not connected (with KRishhNa consciousness) ayuta * = 1 mfn. only MBh. uncontrolled ayaGYasya = for one who performs no sacrifice ayudha* = m. unimpeded AV. &c. (patr.ayama = length. a non-fighter Pân. in comp. Pur. restraint ayashaH = infamy ayasaH = (m) iron ayase = (v) to go ayata * = mfn. fr. ({-tA} f. {yu}).. mf({I})n. a kind of tree Gobh. 106 &c.h = if one does not join or connect ayobhaaNDam. unbounded "'. of a sage identified with Vya1sa. 121. paining (see {zatru-b-}). unrestrained. said to be the author of the Veda7nta-su1tras.

annulled. N.. {paJca-b-}) Sûryas. &c. baaNa = Arrow baaNaH = (m) arrow baaNa* = or {vANa4} (RV... son of Bali. (S'is') or ({A}) f. later more usually {vANa} q.. oppressing. (also {-bhaTTa}) of a poet (the author of the Kâdambarî. x. n. a brother A. iv... resistance. N. {a-bAdhita}) baahu = arm baahuM = arms baahulya = plentitude baahyasparsheshhu = in external sense pleasure baahyaan..) Veda7ntas. of an Asura (a.. cf. false. harassing (see {zatrub-}). ({I}) f. relation (esp. &c. the versed sine of an arc Ganit. maternal rñrelation)... a reed-shaft. the body Pras'nUp. shaft made of a reed. a female relative Kathâs. f. uneasiness. affliction (also pl. opposing.. pressed. baadhita4 * = * = mfn. the udder of a cow ({vANa4} RV. S'ak.. Pur. m.. of a king Hariv. Pân. (L. absurd. refuting L. of one of Skanda's attendants MBh. friend (ifc.) R. ({A}) f. ({A}) f. the hind part or feathered end of an arrow L.. of the Harsha-carita.h = unnecessary baala = child baalaH = young boy baalakaH = boy baalakavii = young poet baalabuddhii = adj. incompatible (cf. annulment (of a rule &c..baadhana * = mfn. suspending. 24.. Saccharum Sara or a similar species of reed Bhpr. 9) L.) a blue-flowering Barleria. MBh. and perhaps of the Ratna7valî) Cat. {bA4Na} (AV..v..h = from a young age baandhava = brother* = a kinsman. 2. a partic. S'is'..). an arrow RV. &c. childish baalaa = Girl baalaaH = the less intelligent baalikaaH = girl baalonmattavadeva = like a child who has gone mad baalyakaalaat.. the flower of Barleria Kir. RV. music (for {vANa4}) AV.. oppressed &c. oppression. 17 = {kevala}. an enemy of Vishnu and favourite of S'iva) MBh. n. removing. aim BhP.. of the number five (from the 5 arrows of Kâma-deva. part of an arrow L. &c. opposition. Sch.) set aside. pain Nyâyas. (in logic) contradictory. (in gram. â) Mn. trouble. a mark for arrows. &c. of a man of low origin Râjat. molestation.) m. Sâh. .

baaNapaaNiM = with hand holding arrow (and Bow) baashhpasthaalii = (f) pressure cooker baashpa * m.Sing. a kind of pot-herb Vâgbh. Ragh.)in many ways or differently bahuda.nshhTraa = many teeth bahudustaare = fordable with great difficulty bahudhaa = in many ways bahunaa = many bahumataH = in great estimation bahuraashhTriyasaMsthaa = (f) a multinational corporation bahulaaM = various bahulaayaasaM = with great labor bahuvachanaM = plural bahuvidhaaH = various kinds of bahushaakhaaH = having various branches bahusyaaM = may exist as many bahuudaraM = many bellies bahuun. bahavaH = in great numbers bahiH = outside bahu = a lot bahukrita = variously done/made-up bahukritaveshhaH = various make-ups/roles bahujanasukhaaya = (dat. steam. 28) a tear.Sing. of a disciple of Gautama Buda7ha.h = many . Un.. tears MBh. &c. iron L. Kâv.)for the welfare of many bahuDhaa = (indec. iii. N.. (also written {vASpa} cf.) for he happiness of many bahujanahitaaya = (dat. Pañcat. ({I}) f.. vapour R. a kind of plant (= {hiGgu-pattrI}) L..

6. (ifc. bound by the fetters of existence or evil Kap.. Kâd. (esp. ({zatAt}. ibc. {naDA7di}. {madhya-ta4s}). Mcar.. to niake deaf. 6.. cf. see below. m. hung R. visible. attached to.. &c. badhyate = becomes entangled badhU * = f... Kâv. &c. taken up (as an abode) Râjat.) ib. manifested... N.l. &c. ({A}) f. set in MBh. the jujube tree. tied up (as a braid of hair) Megh.h = to trap. Das'. apparent (cf.) inlaid or studded with.) MBh. baddha = caught * =mfn. badhiraya * = Nom. united.... riveted or fixed on (loc. below) conceived. ({I}) f. caught. formed. &c. formed..h = (n) fishing rod badarikaa = the jujube fruit (``bora'' in marathi) badara * = m.. joined. clenched (as the fist) Hariv. imprisoned. deafen. (freedom) from the crowd AV. &c. entertained. Mimosa Octandra L. obstructed. {-yati}. the cotton shrub L. to {drava}) Sus'r. alloyed (as quicksilver) L. girt with S'ânkhS'r. . xii. 2 (v. the kernel of the fruit of the cotton plant L. &c.bahuunaaM = many bahuuni = many bangabhaashhaa = Bengali language baDisham. combined. betrayed. wrongly for {vadhU4} AV.). restrained. checked. 1. {jAta} ibc.. the edible fruit of the jujube (also used as a weight) VS. 14. a species of Dioscorea L. produced ib. badhU* = f. Clitoria Ternatea L. Zizyphus Jujuba L.. constructed (as a bridge) R. built. suppressed MBh.. the connection of the soul with deeds) MW. badhirita * = mfn. P. wrongly for {vadhU4} AV. clotted (as blood.) stopped. embanked (as a river) Râjat.. fastened. hanged.. ({ba4d-}) n. Ragh. S'ak. captured. dried ginger L.. R. `" for a debt of a hundred "' Pân. composed (as verses) R... folded (as the hands) Mriicch. Kâv. made deaf... deafened Das'. 24 Sch. fixed. (with instr. fettered RV. baddhakadambaka* = mfn. 14. or n. contracted (as friendship or enmity) R. viii. opp. ? (with Jainas) that which binds or fetters the embodied spirit (viz. shown. &c. another tree (= {deva-sarSapa}) L. or ifc. 2-3. to pack badhyatas* = ind... viii... tied. confined ib. impeded. of a man g.. congealed. baddhapadma = having bound himself in lotusbaddhahasta\-shirshhaasana = the bound hands headstand posture baddhaaH = being bound badh = to tie up badh. to tie down badhnaati = to tie.. Kâv. Prab. forming groups S'ak. the berry or fruit of the cotton shrub L. bound. chained.

and regarded in the Sânkhya as threefold. variously. divulge ib. contracting. joining (the hollowed hands) Ragh.. 328). {vali}). 411. semi-divine beings. cheat. of a son of Su-tapas Hariv. Kâv..) MBh. fetter RV. Pur. knitting (the brows) Râjat. &c. {vaikArika-}. in many ways or parts or forms or directions. `" 100 Kothis "'. tie. such as grain. BhP. forming. &c. &c. (ifc. 69. N. the crane being regarded as a bird of great cunning and deceit as well as circumspection) bakaH = (m) crane bakulaM = blossom (bakula tree blossom bakulaH = type of tree/shrub bakulaa = (f)pr. tax. a bond. bandii = prisoner.) mundane bondage. eyes.. composition S'atr.) conceiving.. IW. construction or arrangement of words Kâvya7d.. royal revenue Br. (often ifc. Kum. who appeared before him in the form of a Vâmana or dwarf. Sch. the time. multiply MBh. inclosure.). MBh. repeatedly RV.. obtainment (of a body) Ragh. or even 84 L. offering. &c.. much. of a king ib. (in phil.. (esp. or the place of the offering)...) Cat. son of Kas'yapa and Aditi and younger brother of Indra. Kâlid. 18. gift. (ifc. manifoldly. receptacle L.. bridging over (the sea) Vcar.. Pañcat.. Mn. Caur. chain. any configuration or position of the body (esp. putting together.. `" final emancipation "'. impost. it is also called {bhUta-yajJa} and was one of the 5 {mahA-yajJas}. to certain gods. (cf.).. mode of sexual union (there are said to be 16. of a Muni MBh..). imprisonment.. (with {kR}. a disease which prevents the eyelids from quite closing Sus'r. capture. tendon L. and obtained from him the promise of as much land as he could pace in three steps.. to make manifold. (cf. fixing. arrangement of musical sounds. cherishing. feeling. Mn. viz. impeding Jâtakam. 084 "') Br. oblation (in later language always with {hR}) RV. it is made before the daily meal by arranging portions of food in a circle or by throwing them into the air outside the house or into the sacred fire. RTL.. custody Mn. the body L. MBh.badhin * = mfn. a ligature. of Indra in the 8th Manv-antara Pur. spirits. combining. birds. (opp. = connected with. rice &c. {bhR}) tribute. &c. pledge Râjat. and {dakSiNA-b-}).. building (of a bridge &c. &c. &c. connection or intercourse with (comp.. to make public.) injuring. with numerals) a part (cf. a victim (often a goat or buffalo) offered to Durgâ MW. (ifc. BhP.. any offering or propitiatory oblation (esp.. &c.. producing MBh. {paJca-} bandhaM = bondage . Râjat. uniting. shape Kpr. betraying Hariv. of a Daitya (son of Virocana.. {prakRti-}.. bandage Sus'r. tying. arrangement of a stanza in a partic....n bali* = m. = a hypocrite. attachment to this world S'vetUp. Ardea Nivea (often fig. iii. Bhag. combination of sounds (in rhet. bahudhaa* = ind. conducive to MBh. others `" 10.) bata = how strange it is bakabaka = stork * = crane. a border.. a deposit. (ifc. of the hands and feet) Ragh. &c. &c. rogue. &c.. a sinew. household divinities. the handle of a chowrie or fly-flapper Megh. N.. directing (mind. but left him the sovereignty of Pâtâla or the lower regions) MBh. (once m. assumption. to {mukti}. the receiver. &c. 71) MBh. constructing. {mokSa}. with the object. framework. fragments of food at a meal W. damming up (a river) MârkP.) Pañcat. men. (perhaps fr. &c. whereupon the dwarf expanding himself deprived him of heaven and earth in two steps.. detainee bandha = (a form of poetry)//* binding.) a large number. Pur. he was humiliated by Vishnu. cf. or great devotional acts. a partic. badva * n. an offering of portions of food. 000 millions "' BhP. anything deposited ({-dhe-sthA} = to remain deposited) Campak. MBh. Pratâp. arrest. priding himself on his empire over the three worlds. 36.. 421) GriS'rS. other animals and all creatures including even lifeless objects. multitude (Sây. `" the number 13.

.e. Pân. kinship. a kinsman (esp. of a Riishi with the patr.h = strong balavataaM = of the strong balavaan. v. kindred RV. &c. bandhuH = friend bandhuvargaH = relatives bandhushhu = and the relatives or well-wishers bandhuun. Kâv. Gaupâyana or Laupâyana (author of RV. ii. &c. of Manmatha L. (in law. `" being only in name "'.abl. {kSatra-}..) by the person bereft of power or strength balaa = force balaat. with f. 56/57.. (= {bandhUka}). 5660) RAnukr. coming under the head of i. kindred Mn. one subsequent in right of inheritance to the Sa-gotra.sing. iii.. &c. relation. a cognate kinsman in a remote degree. Pentapetes Phoenicea L. of a metre Col. iv. BhP.S) bondage. `" resembling "' Bâlar. 20. association RV. (in astrol. relative. 136. (ifc. a brother L. a friend (opp. &c.. cf.. cf. to become) bala = strength balaM = army balavat. on the mother's side).h = from bondage bandhu = brother* = m.. personal. `" frequented by "' ib. paternal and maternal).h = relatives bandhau = in (towards) relatives babhuuva = became (from bhuu.h = (Nr.. `" favourable for "' ib. connection.bandha\-padmaasana = the bound lotus posture bandhana = restriction ba.ndhanaat. 14). 24 and x. a husband Ragh. tie bandhanaiH = from the bondage bandhaat. to {ripu}) MBh. three kinds are enumerated. {U} = belonging to. 87. reference ({kena bandhunA} `" in what respect? "') S'Br. 6-1.h = by force balaarishhTa = Infant mortality balishhTha = strong . {dvija-b-} &c.h = powerful balahiinena = (instr. respect. v.) of the fourth mansion Var. N.

(fr.) a bullock L. of a class of gods (pl. baTu* = m. a weakllng RV. &c. fair. with the object. happy RV. gracious. good people Mn. MBh. son of Kas'yapa and Aditi and younger brother of Indra. circular lines of light which appear before the closed eye AitÂr.. happily. but left him the sovereignty of Pâtâla or the lower regions) MBh. of a son of Kriishna BhP.. Kathâs. uttering. {bhadra}. N. 10. lad.e. such as grain. kind of elephant R. offerings. 305.) under the third Manu BhP. friendly. and f. a young Brâhman. (prob.Paris'. 328).. skilful in (loc. {bhR}) tribute. of a son of Su-tapas Hariv..e. of one of the 12 sons of Vishnu and one of the Tushita deities in the Svâyambhava Manv-antara BhP.. pl. (cf. of mount Meru L. a form of S'iva (so called from being represented by boys in the rites of the S'âktas) ib. any offering or propitiatory oblation (esp. priding himself on his empire over the three worlds. {-dra-pre7kSaNikaiH}).. 259 (v. {-dre}. Kâv. of Indra in the 8th Manv-antara Pur.balii*V= powerful. royal revenue Br. (with {nRpati} m. in truth. a good or gracious king Yâjñ. excellent. iv. {a4m} and {a4yA} ind. a beautiful lover or husband Pañcat. of a son of Vasu-deva and Devakî (or Pauravî) BhP. {svar-Adi}) an interjection expressing astonishment or regret. generally = ah! oh! alas! (originally placed immediately after the leading word at the beginning of a sentence.). {bhadra}. baTaraka* = n. bata* = 1 ind. &c.) MBh. auspicious. (also N.. men. or only separated from it by {iva}. kind or friendly speech BhP.) a sanctimonious hypocrite Mn. sg. of a world elephant ib. m. of a son of . who appeared before him in the form of a Vâmana or dwarf. 69.. 411. (cf. spirits. bata* = 2 m. birds. or great devotional acts. 21/22. but also contemptuously applied to adult persons) MBh.. Pur. rarely itself in the first place e. and pl.. good i. iii. my dear or my dears. Pur.... N. blessed. semidivine beings. voc.. certainly (Sây. or the place of the offering). kind ib. dear ib. the handle of a chowrie or fly-flapper Megh. Nauclea Cadamba or Tithymalus Antiquorum L. whereupon the dwarf expanding himself deprived him of heaven and earth in two steps. pleasant. 13. 421) GriS'rS. chanting. of a king ib. a water wagtail Var.. household divinities. &c. (perhaps fr. impost. offering.. *= bali *V= saying calling. stromng. Mn. it is also called {bhUta-yajJa} and was one of the 5 {mahA-yajJas}. oblation (in later language always with {hR}) RV. m. of a Daitya (son of Virocana... &c. fortunately.. presentatoons.. youth (esp. fortunate.. with {diz} f. in later language often in the middle of a sentence) RV. (scil. of tribute. stating. g. Pañcat. the receiver... the auspicious quarter i. of a class of priests Cat. &c.. Calosanthes Indica L. the south MBh. he was humiliated by Vishnu. beautiful. fragments of food at a meal W.. ({I}) f. cf. &c.. iii. 71) MBh. &c. the time. &c. of S'iva L. a partic. tax. x.h = (n) peacock feather basti = method for cleaning the intestines baT* = ind.. (often ifc. (esp. calling as such. {-am} with {kR} or {A-car}. (with Jainas) of the third of the 9 white Balas L. with {kAnta} m. &c. MBh.. N..) the month Bhâdra (= {-pada} below) Râjat. rice &c. other animals and all creatures including even lifeless objects. (cf. &c. joyfully RV. a victim (often a goat or buffalo) offered to Durgâ MW. with {vAc} f. lovely.. IW. bhaadra* = m. gift. to certain gods.= {satyam}) RV.l. of a people (pl. Mâlav.g... {tithi}) the day of full moon in the month BhñBhâdra Col. taking //*= asm.. (later usually {vata}. of which it is also the Vriiddhi form in comp. great L.) AV. prosperous. to do well Hit. bali balii = a demon king barham. AV. N. {vali}). stripling. it is made before the daily meal by arranging portions of food in a circle or by throwing them into the air outside the house or into the sacred fire. {-nAman}). good. and obtained from him the promise of as much land as he could pace in three steps. &c. Mn. ix. often in familiar address = my good sir or lady. {-drAH}. bhadra* = mf({A4})n. RTL. (also written {vaTu}) a boy. an offering of portions of food. of a Muni MBh.

) L. O stones! S'ântis'. (g. of a metre Col. a partic. 1]. biDaalaH = (m) cat bindu = dot binduH = (m) point..fears bila = hole (neut) biija = seed biijaM = the seed . 21/22. bless RV. bhasita * = mfn. to vibhIshhaNa bibheti = fears bibheshhi = afraid bibhyati = is afraid. ({A}) f. also 2. of a partic. happiness to you. n. or to fill up a verse... &c. [746... {svar-Adi}) an interjection expressing astonishment or regret. of a goddess Pañcar. N. happiness. *: would carry bibhiishhaNashriidaH = the man who gave `shrI' riches etc. drop binduu = a drop.. n. of various rivers (esp. in comp.g. cf. of an actor Hariv. of a daughter of Soma and wife of Utathya ib. rarely itself in the first place e. of a Sura7nganâ Sinha7s.. prosperity. welfare. of {bhadra}. in comp... {sA7kSAd-Adi}). of a Vidyâ-dharî R.. of various plants (= {anantA}..v. {bhadrAkaraNa}). 73.. bhadraa* = 1 f. of a daughter of S'ruta-kîrti and wife of Kriishna BhP.. g... ({bhadraM tasya} or {tasmai}.. of the 7th movable Karana (s. (with Buddhists) N.. of a lake Hcat. N.. f. {rAsnA} &c. of the 2nd. a partic. -2.. bata * = 1 ind. of the wife of Vais'ravana MBh. of a daughter of Raudrâs'va and the Apsaras Ghriitâcî Hariv.. {jIvantI}.). Mâlav. prosperity to him! Pân. of Dâkshâyanî in Bhadre7s'vara Cat. of a S'akti Hcat. world.. of a form of Durgâ VP. of one described as rising on the northern summit of Meru and flowing through Uttarakuru into the northern ocean) Pur. health. of a friend of Bâna Vâs.Upacârumat Buddh. bhashita * = n. (cf. -1. of a wife of Vasu-devi Hariv. 2-3. a dot bibharti = is maintaining.. iii. Introd. {bhadram} with {kR} and dat.) RV. iron or steel L. or only separated from it by {iva}. good fortune (also pl.. part of a house Nalac. a partic. a cow L.. reduced to ashes BhP. mystic sign AgP. generally = ah! oh! alas! (originally placed immediately after the leading word at the beginning of a sentence. &c. {bhadraM te} or {vaH} often used parenthetically in a sentence = `" if you please "'. (later usually {vata}. to grant welfare to. N. ashes Bhâm. bhadraa* = 2 ind.).. &c. &c.. gold L. barking L. posture in sitting Cat.. a partic. {aparijAtA}. of various Sâmans ÂrshBr. kind of Cyperus (= {-musta}) L. of a Kâkshîvatî and wife of Vyushita7s'va MBh...... Karana L.. in later language often in the middle of a sentence) RV. of a Buddhist deity L. {bhadram upalAh}. {nIlI}. the celestial Ganges L. Pur... of a daughter of Surabhi R. {kRSNA}. 7th and 12th days of the lunar fortnight W. of a daughter of Meru and wife of Bhadra7s'va BhP.

) urging. fortunate lot. %{bhaga}) relating to Bhaga. ({I}) f. N. n. sg. representing) Lâthy. N. baadha4* = 1 m.). the 30th part of a Râs'i or zodiacal sign W. m.. region.e. esp. {tithi}) the day of full moon in the month BhñBhâdra Col. 5. lucky. [752. %{A}) fate.. reward BhP. allotment. a half rupee L. (scil.g.) Sâh. cf. impulse (Naigh. affliction. 44) injury. 2. %{-tara}) MBh. Bhâshâp. good fortune. a quotient MW. %{viMzati} &c. holy. of a Sâman ÂrshBr. ii.. and in {bAhe4} ind.. obstacle. a division of time. assuredly. = {bhadra-padA}N. &c. 63) strong. (fr. a fraction (often with an ordinal number e. sacred.) = %{bhAgika} Pa1n2. Kâv. of {klRp} or {bhAgAn} with {kR}. also = lot. distress. Râjat. divisible (= %{bhajya}) Vop. 61.. pain. Hariv. {aSTamo bhAgaH}. 5 (?). destiny) RV. (scil. certainly.. see {bhUmi-bh-}). (prob. n. 1/100. the numerator of a fraction Col.) good fortune. {bhAgam bhAgam} with Caus. of a river (one of the branches of the Candra-bhâgâ) L. the day of full moon in the month BhñBhâdra KâtyS'r. 1). strongly.. n.) Sûryas. vi. {bhAgavata-p-}). (with %{zata}. ( {bhoj}) a part. Ka1v. i. (cf. yes (generally used as a particle of consent.. &c. relating to Bhaga (as a hymn) Nir. {tri-bh-}). affirmation or confirmation) MBh.e. mfn. of a king (also {bhAgavata}) Pur..g. divine MBh. of a king VP. revolting ) biibhatsakarman.\\2 m. {bhaga-vat}) relating to or coming from Bhagavat i.1]\\2 mfn.. . ({A}) f. annulment (of a rule &c. f. (esp. taking the place of. the eighth part. destiny (resulting from merit or demerit in former existences). {bhadra}. &c. tormentor Hariv. (fr.) Pañcat. Mn. repulsive worker bhaaH = light baaDha* = or {bALha4} mfn. by all means. bhaadrapada* = m. v. du.. Sch. (fr. happiness. so be it. (fr. &c. Pur. luck. 11. (fr. &c. jeopardy (see {prA7Na-}).\\3 mfn. ( {baMh}. ({bADham} or {vADham}) ind.. (ifc. suspension. side (ifc. with a cardinal e. IW. Pân. share.).. really. detriment. of which it is also the Vriiddhi form in comp. Sch. objection. N. %{bha} or %{nakSatra}) the asterism of Bhaga i. ({I}) f. bhaaga * = 2 Vriiddhi form of {bhaga} in com \\1 m. mightily RV. {bhadra-padA}) the month Bhâdra (a rainy month corresponding to the period from about the middle of August to the middle of September) Var. N.. %{bhAga}) entitled to a share g. Vâm.. &c. {zata-bh-}. % {daNDA7di}.. MBh. part i. a follower or worshipper of BhñBhagavati or Vishnu ib. f. fortunately Hit. (also {A}. hurt. molestation. VP. place.. {azIti-bh-} = 1/80) Up. to any whole. cf. 321. indeed. (with %{yuga}) the 12th or last lustrum in Jupiter's cycle of 60 years VarBr2S. (in this sense also n. &c. bhaadra* = m. &c.. danger. to divide in parts). fortunate (compar. or pl. a part (as opp. MBh. {bAdhana}) RV. fortune. damage MBh.biijagaNita = algebra biijapradaH = the seed-giving biijaankuranyaaya = maxim of seed and shoot biibhatsa = the sentiment of disgust (nauseating.h = adj. mighty (only ibc. portion. common to the 3rd and 4th Nakshatras (q.. loudly. (%{ena} ind. a contradiction. welfare MBh. 9= {bala} Sây. R..e. one of the 5 forms of fallacious middle term) Kap.. &c.) the month Bhâdra (= {-pada} below) Râjat. a quarter (see {eka-bh-}. &c. or in comp. ( %{bhaj}) to be shared or divided. absurdity. 5-1. Sus'r. a degree or 360th part of the circumference of a great circle Sûryas. a harasser.. Uttara-Phalguni1 ib. annoyance. 42 Sch.. bhaagavata * = mf({I})n. n. Kâv. inheritance (in Ved. Vishnu or Kriishna. exclusion from (comp. 132.. of a Purâna (cf. 2. part of anything given as interest W. luckily. &c. = {bAdhaka}.. luck. spot. and pl.. trouble RV. Pân v...v. the being excluded by superior proof (in log. bhaagadheya = fortune bhaagya = Blessing * =1 mfn.

distributed. Pâyu. n. MBh. bhaajana* = n. bhaanuu = a name of Sun bhaara = load bhaara * = weight. of a daughter of Kriishna Hariv. of various authors (also with {dIkSita}. &c. &c. N. the planet Mars L. Cat. any fit object or clever or deserving person ib. ( {bhR}) a burden. weight (= 20 Tulâs = 2000 Palas of gold) Hariv. pot. m. prince. {bharad-vAja} g.. battle. &c. of a Yâdava Hariv. of a prince VP. (fr. ( {bhakS}) habitually eating. S'âsa. N.... Caus. fr.h = (n) division bhaajaaM = acquiring peeople bhaajita * = mfn. of supposed authors of hymns.) a vessel. MBh. war. bhaalaM = forehead bhaanu * = m. of Drona. of a son of Vis'va-dhara and father of Harinâtha Cat. a partic.bhaagya-bhaava = Ninth house of Luck bhaagyaM = fortune. of Satya-vâha. trouble. . Sapratha. Kâv..) shared.. &c. of S'iva L. {bidA7di}. lord L... of a pupil of S'ankara7cârya Cat. {bidA7di}. IW. (ifc. load. mf({A})n. &c. of Agastya. manner of beating a drum Sangît. of a people VP.) Col. contest. or ifc. {paNDita}. N.. ifc... of a Deva-gandharva MBh. substitute.. bhaaksha* = mf({I})n... of one of the 7 Riishis.) sharing. bhaakshaalaka* = mfn.. of a son of Briihas-pati &c. labour. Caus. (esp. n.. {bhaTTa} &c. with words meaning `" hair "') Hariv. a handsome wife (= {bhAnumatI}) L. of the chapters of the dictionary of an anonymous author Cat. weight RV. of the father of the 15th Arhat of the present Avasarpinî L.) a divisor (in arithm. S'irimbitha. and of many writers and teachers pl. a recipient. toil. the Âdityas (children of Bhânu) Hariv. of a prince (son of Prati-vyoma) BhP.. &c.) Col. the sun MBh. plate. with f. pl.. &c. master. generous. patr. m... bulk (often in comp.) MBh. Kâv. Nara. measure (= an Âdhaka= 14 Palas) S'ârngS.. his descendants g. Su-hotra q. Caus. the act of representing.. a partic.. a share. coming from or relating to Bharad-vâja S'Br. &c. (fr. pl. a representative. Pur.. load. N.. &c. mass. bhaajanam.. a partic. of various men (esp..) ib. (fr. a large quantity.. of the mother of the Dânava S'akuni &c. or comp. Kâv. of a man. of S'aunya.. portioned W. {chattrA7di}... light or a ray of light. splendour RV. a king. &c. {A}). = {bhAra-yaSTi}. Vasu. 146. (with gen. &c. brightness. Pañcat. a burden. N. weight. of S'ûsha Vâhneya. Caus. receptacle. of Vishnu L. N. of the mother of Devarshabha BhP.. viz. cup. {pAtra}). &c. `" partaker of "'... Garga. heavy work. of a son of Kriishna ib. portion ib. with gen. a skylark Pañcat. N. 161 &c. &c. entitled or relating or belonging to Br. * = m. of a daughter of Daksha (wife of Dharma or Manu and mother of Bhânu and Âditya) Hariv. divided Sûryas. representation ({ena} ind. serving for. of a Vedic school) RAnukr.. VP. GriS. deputy.. of an Âditya RâmatUp. in the place of.) sharing or participating in. relating to or coming from the place Bhakshâlî g.. f. of Riijis'van. task imposed on any one (gen. Kârand.) sharing with others. Kâv. S'unahotra. {dhUmU7di}..v. equivalent to) Br.g. division (in arithm. liberal RV. rise of wealth and belongings bhaajayu* = mfn. lustre.. bhaajaka* = m. gluttonous (= {bhakSA zIlam asya}) g. pl. Sus'r. appearance. (fr. a place or person in which anything is collected or in whom any quality is conspicuous. BhP. but also of others e.. the gods of the 3rd Manv-antara Hariv.. bhaaradvaaja* = mf({I})n. of Sukes'an. (cf. luck bhaagyodaya = prosperity.

the wild cotton shrub L..h = (n) a truck bhaargava* = mf({I})n. N. &c. RAnukr. of a people MBh... of various Sâmans ÂrshBr. Vena.... N.. (Nîlak. N. {bhRgavaH}) Pân.h = to speak bhaashhaNa = speech bhaashhase = speaking bhaashhaa = language bhaashhaayaaM = in the language bhaashhiNi = speaker bhaashhita = speech bhaasaH = effulgence bhaasayate = illuminates bhaasasya = Bhasa's . 145 (v.). MBh.. bhaaryaa = wife bhaaryaa-bhaava = Seventh house of spouse (wife) bhaaryaanuraagaH = attachment to wife bhaashate = (1 ap) to speak bhaashin. n. of Riicîka.. an archer. N. belonging to S'ukra (cf. n. of a place Pân. of the author of RV. Var. MBh. N. of a river MBh. of various Sâmans ÂrshBr. 2-4. pl.. of Paras'u-râma ib. of Dvi-gat. cf.. of Pârvatî L. x. a bone L. {bhRgu} (pl. Soma7huti and Syûma-ras'mi q. ({I}) f. a female descendant of Bhriigu Pân. 2-4. Griitsamada. relating to or coming from Bhriigu Up.v.. of Mârkandeya..h = one who talks bhaashh. &c. S'ukra's daughter R. Hariv. S'rS... below) R. the descendants of Bhriigu (properly called {bhRgavaH}..l. MBh. also {bhA4radvAjI-pu4tra} below). of Dris'âna. Pur.g. of Ithala. viz. but also of many other writers or mythological personages e. of Itha. above) MBh.S)in India or Bharat bhaaravaahakam. of Pramati &c. Kriitnu. Jamad-agni. for {bhar-}). a skylark PârGri. of S'iva MBh.. of S'ukra (regent of the planet Venus and preceptor of the Daityas) R. N. of Lakshmî L.. of various men (esp. Panicum Dactylon and another species L. 4-2.. an elephant L. Kali.e. Nema. Prayogs. VP. 65.({I}) f.) Br. an astrologer L. bhaarata = O descendant of Bharata bhaaratii = Utterance bhaarate = (Loc. a female descendant of Bharad-vâja (with {rAtri}N. cf. of Deva-yâni f. 65. BhP.. 127. fr. supposed authors of hymns. a good bowman (like Paras'u-râma) L. Cyavana.. Bhargava's i.. patr. a potter MBh.

48 Sch. euphem. [754. existing. the latter 33 or 34) Kâv. that which is or exists. (in rhet. wanton sport.g. and {vyabhicArin} or subordinate. bhaava * = becoming.) Pân. Mn. or ifc. appearance S'vetUp..) appearance has been made by (instr. &c. to cessation. said. MBh. the seat of the feelings or affections. sometimes added pleonastically to an abstract noun. ( {bhaT}) wages. MBh. turning or transition into. really. state. Kâv. to make a firm resolution) Mn.) ib. being. occurring. constantly used by commentators at the end of their explanations). rent L. &c. manner of being. any state of mind or body. shining. with a pleased mind) S'vetUp. mind ({parituSTena bhAvena}. speaking as a sign bhaati = light bhaata * = mfn. bhaasin * = mfn. reality (ibc. continuance (opp. opinion. sometimes added pleonastically to an abstract noun e. character bhaava * = m. 6-3. N. vii. {bAlabhAva}.. truly) MBh. rank (with {sthAvira}. for {bhajitavya}). behaviour Kâv.) the fundamental notion of the verb. e.) MBh. {bhAvaM dRDhaM-kR}. or {tva}. Pañcat. &c. {pacyate}.. temperament. the state of being a child.) bhaashitavya * = mfn. with loc. spoken to. MBh. MBh. occurring. to be spoken to or addressed R. hire. &c.. talker (with acc. = {ukta-puMska} (q. the state of thinness.g. temperament. &c.) BhP. as a term for an impersonal passive or neuter verb having neither agent nor object expressed e.. (in gram.) the state or condition of a planet L. continuance. 2].) passion. n.bhaaskra = a name of Sun bhaasvataa = glowing bhaashitapuMska * = mfn. bhaashinah: V: foretelling. true condition or state... place of birth.. being or living creature ({sarva-bhAvAH}. {anyam bhAvam Apadyate}. the state of thinness) Up. of the 8th (42nd) year in Jupiter's cycle of 60 years VarBriS.. MBh. speaking. 34 &c. Sâh. heart. an astrological house or lunar mansion ib. nature. condition. the womb .l. = he dies. (impers. state of being anything. bhaatha * = m. existing. (in astron. ifc.. the {sthAyin} or primary. continuity of the thread of existence through successive births Buddh. {bhAvAH sthAvara-jaGgamAH}.. the state of being a child. language. conjecture. way of thinking or feeling. childhood. birth L. &c. Mâlav. addressed Mn. attachment ({bhAvaM-kR}.. appearance. &c. or comp. a speaker. speech. soul.. ( {bhU}) becoming. Mâlatîm. to be ill disposed against. manner of being. true condition or state.. old age. bhaa4shitR * = mfn.. thing or substance. state. with loc. the sense conveyed by the abstract noun (esp. childhood = {bAlatA}. `" there is cooking "' or `" cooking is going on "') Pân. being. truth. speaking. Kâv. spoken.. meaning. {bhAvam amaGgalaM-kR}.) a discreet or learned man (as a term of address = respected sir) Mriicch. 107 &c. the former are 8 or 9 according as the Rasas or sentiments are taken to be 8 or 9.) MBh. &c. esp. saying. disposition.. (in dram. supposition Mn. bhaashita * = mfn. {bhAvo bhAvaM nigacchati} = birds of a feather flock together) MBh. intention ({yAdRzena bhAvena}. sense ({iti bhAvaH}. turning or transition into (loc. love.v. continuity of the thread of existence through successive births Buddh.. 3-1. a simple or artless nature... &c. Hariv. and {bhAvena} ind. plants and animals) MundUp. &c..) S'Br. all earthly objects.. RPrât. brilliant (see {Urdhva-} and {jyotir-bh-}). appearing &c.v. emotion (2 kinds of Bhâvas are enumerated. = he dies. ({-tva} n. Sâh. 66. Pratâp. &c. MBh. rank (with {sthAvira}.g.. affection. shining. purport. uttered. character ({eko bhAvaH} or {eka-bh-}. {eko7ti-bhAva}. conduct. of the 27th Kalpa (s. manner of acting. old age.. of the author of the Bhâvaprâkas'a (= {mizra-bhAva}) Cat. loquacious (mostly ifc. 3. wrongly translated under {eko7ti-bh-}) MBh... talk i bhaashin* = mfn.. reality. KâtyS'r. (v.. sentiment. condition.. truth. n. Kâv. dalliance L.. to feel an affection for) MBh. with whatever disposition of mind. N. {tanutA-bhAva}. S'rS. `" such is the sense "' = {ity arthaH} or {ity abhiprA7yaH}. state of being anything. euphem. or n. = {prabhAta} L. nature.

bhaDa* = m. advice.) L. AV. n. kind or friendly speech BhP. (in later language often used as fut..) MBh. cf. AshthâvS. 60. &c. v.nom. {-nAman}). {bhaTa}) bhadraM = (Nr. of the 2nd. a good or gracious king Yâjñ. the world.Paris'. Kathâs.. good... of a people (pl. 126..) future.... {-am} with {kR} or {A-car}.)goodness bhadra* = mf({A4})n. N. {jIvantI}.. of a class of gods (pl. (cf. a cow L.. universe L. N. 1 (others `" to be worshipped "'.) a sanctimonious hypocrite Mn.. with {kAnta} m. of mount Meru L. (cf.1]. of an actor Hariv. easy to guess or understand Vâm. tense of {bhU}.. &c. ({A}) f. to be (or being) argued or demonstrated or admitted or approved Yâjñ. {-samanvita}).e. cf. the south MBh. with {vAc} f.. (cf. m. [746. of a king (= {bhAvya-ratha} or {bhAnu-ratha}) VP. excellent. fortunate. great L.. and f.L. contemplation. {bhU} or its Caus. &c. skilful in (loc. instruction L. to be convicted Mn. about to be or what ought to be or become RV. of a friend of Bâna Vâs. {bhadrA- .. of a partic.) under the third Manu BhP. (with Buddhists) N. viii. a water wagtail Var. kind of elephant R. often in familiar address = my good sir or lady. mixed caste Cat. voc.. {kRSNA}. (with {nRpati} m.. of a son of Kriishna BhP. {rAsnA} &c. {bhadra}. the auspicious quarter i. meditation L.. also 2.. with {diz} f. the Supreme Being L. pleasant.. &c. of a son of Upacârumat Buddh. Kâv.. N.. (with Jainas) of the third of the 9 white Balas L.. {bhAvin}).. of a son of Vasu-deva and Devakî (or Pauravî) BhP. {aparijAtA}. (fr.l. {-drAH}. of a metre Col. gracious.) RV. of a partic.. bhaava = House and is also used to indicate the chart that uses Porphyry's Cusps bhaavaM = nature bhaavaH = endurance bhaavanaa = fixed mind (in happiness) bhaavaya = deem/consider/visualise/imagine bhaavayataa = having pleased bhaavayantaH = pleasing one another bhaavayantu = will please bhaavasamanvitaH = with great attention bhaavaaH = natures bhaavitaaH = remembering bhaavaiH = by the states of beingbhaaveshhu = natures cintyah bhaavya4* = mfn.e.. N. 305. (also N. happy RV. of the 7th movable Karana (s.. (impers. others `" future "'). of a world elephant ib. and pl. Nauclea Cadamba or Tithymalus Antiquorum L. ) Mn.. &c.. prosperous. Introd. 259 (v. {-dre}. ix. (prob. fortunately. 150. world.v.) it is to be by (instr. {-dra-pre7kSaNikaiH}). sg. {dur-bh-}). a beautiful lover or husband Pañcat. it should be understood Mriicch. good i. blessed. Sch. to do well Hit. dear ib. auspicious. to be apprehended or perceived Kathâs.) AV. good people Mn. + acc. lovely... of a man (= {bhAvayavya} Nir.. to be effected or accomplished or performed Kum. m....) a bullock L. MBh. joyfully RV. i. iv.). N. an organ of sense L. of one of the 12 sons of Vishnu and one of the Tushita deities in the Svâyambhava Manv-antara BhP. 7th and 12th days of the lunar fortnight W. beautiful. a partic. superhuman power L. my dear or my dears. BhP. to be (or being) imagined or conceived. m. happily.. of various plants (= {anantA}. {a4m} and {a4yA} ind.sing. of S'iva L. {nIlI}. (cf. kind ib. friendly. fair....

mystic sign AgP. to grant welfare to. of Dâkshâyanî in Bhadre7s'vara Cat. welfare. N. MBh. distinction. &c.. health. beauty.. esp. on VarBriS. (for 1.. of a Sura7nganâ Sinha7s. of a daughter of Raudrâs'va and the Apsaras Ghriitâcî Hariv. checked.. (ifc.. defeated. {bogu8}. n. bhadraa* =1 f. f. 8-3. bhagna * =.2]. Br. demigods. of a Vidyâ-dharî R. happiness to you. {dharma}. {bhadram upalAh}. {bhagavatI} m. disappointed Mn. prosperous. Sch. {yazas}. m. a partic. of a lake Hcat. bhadrapada* = n. prosperity RV. 3] Slav.) bhadrapAda* = mfn. frustrated. [Cf.. {dharma-bh-} for {bhagna-grIva}. &c. 17] f.) love.). KâtyS'r. {bhagavantaH}..). AV.. vulva Mn. n. sg. split. &c.. iron or steel L. in comp. (also n. viii. of a S'akti Hcat. majesty. Gk. AV. (cf. of a metre Col. of a daughter of S'ruta-kîrti and wife of Kriishna BhP.. a partic. AV. of a Rudra MBh. Br. curved R. &c. n. &c. see below. gold L.. {bhagavas}. and fig. Lith. m. vi. like a vulva Vishn. regent of the Nakshatra Uttara-Phalgunî.. (cf. {vairAgya}. venerable AV.karaNa}). bha4ga-vat * = 2 mfn. Pur. BhP.. {naba4gas}.. prosperity to him! Pân.. ifc. gracious lord. f. {mokSa}. according to a later legend his eyes were destroyed by Rudra) ib. (n. loveliness RV. N. of S'iva Kathâs.. to Savitrii) RV. 23). {A}) the female organs. of a daughter of Soma and wife of Utathya ib. good fortune (also pl. 1 Vârtt. {A} and {I} g. MBh. -2.. 81. 73. 2 Pat.. see under {bha4ga}) possessing fortune. posture in sitting Cat. and viii. {bahv-Adi}) `" dispenser "'.). {grIvA-bhagna}. also `" one who has broken a limb "' BhP. L. GriS.. sexual passion. happy RV. 146.. bless RV.. Br. {kIrti}. of the 3rd and 4th lunar asterisms Var. of a form of Durgâ VP. and saints ae a term of address. BhP. bhagavat. torn... {-dA-yoga} m.. &226046[743. -2. in comp. of {bhadra}. (ifc. the perinaeum of males L. affection.. GriS. the Nakshatra UñUttara-PhñPhalgunî MBh. a partic. `" the divine or adorable one "'N. {baga}. {jJAna}. n. (g. (also n. [746.. ({I}) f. N. happiness.. of various rivers (esp. BhP. N. bhagavad.). {bhagavan}. pudendum muliebre. 148. shattered. bhaga * m.. of a daughter of Surabhi R. ({A}) f. (sometimes forming the first instead of the second part of a comp. ({bhadraM tasya} or {tasmai}. with 3..\\2 ind.) RV.. kind of Cyperus (= {-musta}) L.]. with Buddhists often prefixed to the titles of their sacred writings). {bago4tas}. [743. s'rî L. {-dharma}. {bhadram} with {kR} and dat.. &c. illustrious. pl. broken (lit. ({A}) f. prosperity. disturbed. f. = {yatna}.h = God bhagavat * = ind. 3. {bogatu8}. of one described as rising on the northern summit of Meru and flowing through Uttarakuru into the northern ocean) Pur. {bhagos} [cf. {A}) dignity. MWB.. either in voc.h = god's . glorious. part of a house Nalac. of a Kâkshîvatî and wife of Vyushita7s'va MBh. of a wife of Vasu-devi Hariv. &c. of ch. {bagha = Old Pers.. iii. bent. N. good fortune. -1. of the wife of Vais'ravana MBh. in {bhagA-nAmnI} below. of a Buddhist deity L. 3].. the celestial Ganges L. {prayatna}. patron (applied to gods. of a daughter of Meru and wife of Bhadra7s'va BhP.g. of Bhaththo7tpala's Comm. Yâska enumerates him among the divinities of the highest sphere. excellence. 7-3. of a goddess Pañcar. BhP. Muhûrta Cat. divine. brother of the Dawn. dalliance RV. O stones! S'ântis'. or in nom. of the verb. of Vishnu-Kriishna Bhag. a partic. N.. f.. the moon L.. Karana L. the sun ib. $. BhP. happiness. AV. Zd. {sA7kSAd-Adi}). bhadraaH = goodness bhadraasana = the auspicious posture. Yâjñ. {mukti}.. L.. {icchA}. of an Âditya (bestowing wealth and presiding over love and marriage. lost Mn. born under the Nakshatra Bhadra-padâ Pân. fortunate. of various Sâmans ÂrshBr. e. 2-3.. of a Buddha or a Bodhi-sattva or a Jina Buddh. amorous pleasure. AV. the fracture of a leg Sus'r. &c. welfare. holy (applied to gods. 18 Sch... &c. adorable. Pân. or to fill up a verse. {bhadraM te} or {vaH} often used parenthetically in a sentence = `" if you please "'.. a partic.

shattered. of a prince VP. possession of BhP. bhajanIya* = mfn. rAma bhagna * = mfn. (also {-tA} f. pl. a representative. deputy. his descendants g.. m. a worshipper MW. a partic. N. disappointed Mn. viii. division (in arithm. Sch.h = to practice / incur bhaja = worship bhajaka* = m.g. MBh.. {-nA7nanda} m. {-vArika} m. of an author Cat. {bidA7di}.h = O Personality of Godhead bhagavaana = holy bhaginii = sister bhagneshakaarmukaH = the man who broke the bow of Isha(shiva) i. split. Cân.). possession ib. (sometimes forming the first instead of the second part of a comp. torn. bhajaka = worshippers bhajataaM = in rendering devotional service bhajati = (1 pp) to divide. N. official in a Buddhist monastery L.) sharing. the act of representing. bhaaJanaloka* = m. n.. with gen. defeated. (fr. broken (lit. to allocate bhajate = renders transcendental loving service bhaajana* = n. lost Mn. (ifc. to be loved or revered or waited upon.) Col. bhajana* = m. bent. (with gen. {dharma-bh-} for {bhagna-grIva}.) a vessel. &c. mf({A})n. Kâv. cup. apportioner (see {civara-bh-}). and fig. plate. 148. any fit object or clever or deserving person ib. disturbed. curved R. {pAtra})..v. a place or person in which anything is collected or in whom any quality is conspicuous.) sharing or participating in. &c.. (with Buddhists) the world of inanimate things (opp. with f. n.) the being a vessel for. in the place of. of wk. 89. (ifc. frustrated. adoration Prab. {-nA7mRta} n. or ifc. serving for. BhP. receptacle. measure (= an Âdhaka= 14 Palas) S'ârngS. substitute. &c. pot. representation ({ena} ind. a recipient.e.). entitled or relating or belonging to Br. also `" one who has broken a limb "' BhP.h = O Supreme bhagavaan. equivalent to) Br. a distributer. GriS. . MBh. venerable MBh. ifc.. a partic. to {sattva-l-} q. (cf. checked.....bhagavad. e. bhairava = terrible. n.. {grIvA-bhagna}. {-dharma}. {A}). worship. the fracture of a leg Sus'r. `" partaker of "'. Dharmas.hgiitaa = the dialogues between Krishna and Arjuna bhagavan. with loc. of a man. N. bhaajanatA* = f. Caus.). &c.). the act of sharing W. (ifc. &c. N. one of the forms of Shiva bhaikshyaM = by begging bhaj.) reverence. (esp.

bhajanti = render service bhajante = render services bhajasva = be engaged in loving service bhajaami = reward bhaje = I worship bhajaina = (f) where to your erection bhakataH = devotee bhakta = devotee bhaktaH = devotee bhaktaaH = devotees bhaktaanukaMpinaaM = compassionate to the devotees bhakti = devotion. {-nA7mRta} n... the act of sharing W. Nir. eating. chewing L. (ifc. (also {-tA} f. Sch. n. MBh.)..) Mn.. (ifc.. adoration Prab. Cân.. to devour bhakshaNa* = mfn. &c. official in a Buddhist monastery L. worship.bhaajanIbhUta* = mfn. n. {pApa-bh-}). bhajana = a hymn* = m. the act of eating. {-vArika} m.) one who has become a vessel for or who has obtained Kathâs.h = devotee bhaktiyogena = by devotional service bhakteshhu = amongst devotees bhaktyaa = in full devotion bhaktyupahritaM = offered in devotion bhaksha = Food bhakshayati = (10 up) to eat. Lalit. a partic. N. R. the being eaten by (instr.) reverence. with loc. eating what excites thirst L. {dADima-}.. {-nA7nanda} m. . of an author Cat. drinking. worship bhaktiM = devotional service bhaktiH = in devotional service bhaktimaan. of wk. possession ib. feeding S'rS. N. N.. of a prince VP. one who eats (cf.. ({bha4-}) a drinking vessel RV.

l. auspicious. Kâv. &c. 6-3. breakable. of the mother of the Dânava S'akuni &c. Pân. enjoyer MBh. f.l.. a verse spoken while drinking Soma S'ânkhS'r. baker L. lord L. a king. an arrow-head of a partic. drinking or eating. enjoyed TS. of the mother of Devarshabha BhP. of a daughter of Kriishna Hariv. (cf. bhakshaalii* = f.. of a son of Vis'va-dhara and father of Harinâtha Cat. of a place SkandaP. {paNDita}. an eater. of S'iva (cf. {bhala}) MantraBr. brightness. Âs'vS'r. drink or (in later language) food RV. xxxii. of the chapters of the dictionary of an anonymous author Cat. {bhalluka}. master. edible MBh. of a son of Kriishna ib. {A}. {dhUmA7di} (not in Kâs'.... 10. (v. &c. Sch. and n. having anything for food or beverage. prince. bhaNóDu* = g.. splendour RV.) bhaksha* = m. bhakshayitR* = m.r. transient bhaNT* = cl. {-tA} f.. 2. {bhaNTayati}. a bear Hit.). of S'iva L. &c. {-kAra} m. bhallatakaH = (m) cashewnut bhallukaH = (m) bear bhaMbhaM = (v) to fuck up the ass bha. of a prince (son of Prati-vyoma) BhP. ({I}) f.. {-MkRta} ({-kSa4M-}) mfn. N.) ib. {suvAstv-Adi}. a kind of arrow or missile with a point of a partic. {bhallUka}). the gods of the 3rd Manv-antara Hariv. furnishing food MaitrS.bhakshaNIya* = mfn... ({I}) f. m. the prayer muttered while drinking Soma Âs'vS'r. appearance.. VP.. {-bIja} w.. a kind of pace Sangît. {bhaTTa} &c.. cf. betel-pepper (the leaf of which serves for food) L... Semecarpus Anacardium Bhpr. 2 Pat. Calosanthes Indica L.nga = (masc) break bhangura V: perishable.) N. (cf. 114. of a pupil of S'ankara7cârya Cat. shape MBh. a term used in addressing the Sun (only dat. Gobh. bhalla * = mfn. N. {-japa} m. drinking. of a place g. light or a ray of light. N. N. (often ifc. 50 Vop. Pañcat.. (also {I} f. &c. {-pattrI} f. &c.. of a people Pân. part of an arrow MBh. 53. peculiar to the sun L. bhakshayitavya* = mfn. a partic. &c. .. of various authors (also with {dIkSita}. bhaanava* = mfn. living upon).. to be eaten or devoured. {-M-kAra4} mfn.. (v. favourable (= {bhadra} or {ziva}) L. bhaanu4* = m..). drunk or eaten. shape S'ârngP. the Âdityas (children of Bhânu) Hariv. eating. `" food-maker "'. Pur... the sun MBh. of the father of the 15th Arhat of the present Avasarpinî L. of a daughter of Daksha (wife of Dharma or Manu and mother of Bhânu and Âditya) Hariv. 72 Vârtt. pl. a cook. (pl. n. lustre. bhakshaTaka* = m. {-mantra} m. for {bhakSya-b-}. to deceive Dhâtup. bhandhuka* = or {-dhruka} m. a variety of Asteracantha Longifolia L. to be (or being) eaten Pañcat. N. BhP... bhaNTuka* = m.. Kâv. of a Deva-gandharva MBh..... P. of a Yâdava Hariv.. with f. {malla}). of an Âditya RâmatUp. to be lost. {accha-bhalla}. a handsome wife (= {bhAnumatI}) L. above). eatableness S'ârngP. N. {bhaNDuka}).

. &c. S'rS. {nakAni}. N.). of S'iva MBh. du. a female descendant of Bhriigu Pân. RAnukr. of Bhpr. {sundhyuH} and {saindhukSitAni}N. of AV..)... Bârhaspatya.. Prayogs. {-prAdur-bhAva} m. of 2 Sâmans ÂrshBr.. N. 12. {prizninI}. battle. support one's self Hit. &c.). fried Sus'r. cf. Bhargava's i.. of Dris'âna. Caus. Var. N. the race or family of Bharad-vâja RV. 2-4. of S'ukra (regent of the planet Venus and preceptor of the Daityas) R. bhar = (v) to bear. supporting (mostly ifc. in full measure. {bRhat}. n. Nema. Pur.. a burden. pl. (acc.e. x. an archer. N... carry bhara * = mf({A})n.. of a district Pân. Kâv. bharaNi = jewel bharaNii = Second nakshatra bharata = Bharat bharatarshhabha = O chief amongst the descendants of Bharata bharatava. {vAjam-bh-} and c.. raising the voice. {vAja-karmIyam}. of a divine being S'ânkhGri. supposed authors of hymns. {deham-}. (Nîlak... Kali. Hariv. L.. ii.. {-sUtra} n.). N. of Riicîka.). of Deva-yâni f.. N. N. bringing. of a Riishi (with the patr. {prAsAham}. `" bearing "' speed or strength (of flight) "'. Soma7huti and Syûma-ras'mi q. mass. BhP.. f. weight (also a partic.) Hariv. booty RV. bulk. but also of many other writers or mythological personages e. multitude. with {kR}. {-saMhitA} f. {viSamANi}.v. of various authors Cat. of an Arhat Buddh. abundance. below) R. &c.bhaargava* = mf({I})n. {lomanI}. destroyed.) roasted. BhñBharad is also considered as one of the 7 sages and the author of a law-book) RV. {-zikSA} f.. Cyavana. N. Panicum Dactylon and another species L. Vena. MBh.. of an Agni MBh. 137.. 4-2. to place one's weight. Kriitnu. {-gArga-pariNaya-pratiSedha-vAdA7rtha} m. &c. {yajJA7yajJIyam}. cf. a potter MBh. {vAja-bhRt}. {upahavau}. of wk. of wks. 37-43. of Lakshmî L. 65. 65. (with {indrasya}. viz. AV. of various men (esp. load. annihilated bhartaa = sustainer . &c. 67. {bhRgu} (pl... 2-4. a large quantity. {Rtam-}. m. an astrologer L. (fr.v. MBh. supposed author of RV. Jamad-agni. carrying. patr. Kathâs. ix. contest ib.g. of Paras'u-râma ib. vi.nditaH = the who has been saluted by Bharata bharatashreshhTha = O chief of the Bharatas bharatasattama = O best of the Bharatas bharataagraja = the one going before Bharata (elder of bharata) bharjanaM = nourisher? bharjayati = to fry bharjita * = mfn. of ch. {kulam-}.) Br. {maukSe}.. bestowing. with whom he is perhaps identical. or {vasiSThasya}) N. of Itha. n. measure of weight = {bhAra} q. granting. a skylark R. carrying away or what is carried away. of Ithala. gain. S'ukra's daughter R. (ifc. &c. 53-74. Griitsamada. an elephant L. pl. {-smRti} f. {bhRgavaH}) Pân. {gAdham}. {-dhanvantari} m. of Pârvatî L.. the descendants of Bhriigu (properly called {bhRgavaH}.. of Mârkandeya. {vratam}.. {arkau}. a good bowman (like Paras'u-râma) L. belonging to S'ukra (cf. of Dvi-gat. of Pramati &c. ({-jasya a-dAra-sRt} and {a-dAra-sRtau}. excess Kâv. war. 1.. fr. relating to or coming from Bhriigu Up. above) MBh. bharadvaaja* = ({bhara4d-}) m.. ( {bhR}) bearing. prize. great number.. {A}) the act of bearing or carrying &c. 145. with all one's might Kâd. and Purohita of Diva-dâsa. of various Sâmans ÂrshBr. ({bhareNa} and {-rAt} ind.. MBh. of a people MBh. N. of Sâmans ArshBr. maintaining. {-pravraska} n. shout or song of praise RV. 1-3. 1-30. ({I}) f. N.

v. {A}) = {bhartR}. Hcar. supported W. (fr. {bha4rtR}) a bearer [cf. (MBh. = {ambara} L. impression made on the mind. vulture (L. of AV. bhartRka * =ifc. and Avanti. ({bha4rtR}) m.. {mRta-}. a preserver. {gRdhra} &c. {bhASa}).. &c. brightness (often ifc. corn. MBh. of a partic. n. TBr. bhasha* = mf({I})n. &c. protector.. of a man Râjat. Yâjñ. definition Bhag. ({I}) f. bhashhati = to bark bhastrikaa = the bellows breath bhasma = ash bhasmaM = ashes bhasmasaat. MBh. {bhaTTa}. 703) Cat.. plaint Dhûrtas. Pân.. married W. earthy PañcavBr. a red-flowering Punar-navâ L. complaint. {pro7Sita-}. yelping. grain Âpast. Var. a species of plant L. KâtyS'r. cf.. 1. pl. m... falling on Tuesday Vet. g. {fertor}]. of the planet Mars (whose day is Tuesday) ib. fancy MW. of the 27th Muhûrta L.) masterhood.). S'rS. (f. lustre. a bird of prey.. (fr. description. = {arya-bhaTa} (cf. as opp. (only ifc. of a daughter of Prâdhâ MBh. N.) MBh. Mâhârâshthri.bhartR * =m. common or vernacular speech. 58. of the Daitya Naraka MBh. the planet Mars) relating to the plñplanet Mars or to his day. husbandship.. &c. one who bears or carries or maintains (with gen. a humpback Gal.) RV. N. maintained. or ifc. to Vedic or in later times to Sanskriit) Nir. m. = {zakunta}. of a ch. Kathâs.. a cowshed L. {bhaDa}.) floor. &c. chief. MBh. ({A}) f. also called Pañca-vidhâ Bhâshâ.. dust of the earth (pl. Kâv. a husband RV.) L. Kaus'. language (esp. of a dramatic poet (also called Bhâsaka) Mâlav. Âpast. or n. metron. &c. (in music) of a Râgini. light.. bhaumacAra* = m.. (in law) accusation.. &c. slave Kâvya7d.. m. coloquintida. master RV. of a Sâman Br. N.. &c.. (w.. (with {naraka} m.. relating or dedicated to the earth. a servant.. `" the course of the planet Mars "'. bhaasa* = m. hired soldier. Sch. of a mountain MBh. warrior. of Sitâ L. of Atri RAnukr. produced or coming from the earth. chiding VS. charge. ({A}) f. {svA7dhIna-bh-}).. Mn. {bhaNDa}.). group of 5 of them (viz.) N. &c. `" produced from the earth "'N. subject. S'auraseni. story MBh. S'Br.. N. of a serpent-demon Buddh. bhaashaa* = f. of a degraded tribe L. p. Hariv. barking.) MBh. N. of the mother of the vultures (a daughter of Tâmrâ) MBh. . Mâgadhi. {bhauma}.. R... bhauma* = mf({I})n.h = to burn to ashes bhasmaavasheshhaM = ashes+remains bhaTTakavaara = Sunday bhatha * = m. = hell on earth MBh.r. below). &c.. MBh. ({I}) f. consisting or made of earth. {-tAMgata} mfn. terrestrial VS. TBr.. Prâcyâ. of Sarasvati L. ({trI4} f.. &c. ({I}) f.. with {brahman} n. speech. coming from the land (as revenue &c. &c. MBh. xii.) AdbhBr. Pur. a female supporter or nourisher. of Bhaththo7tpala's Comm. (once in S'Br. nourished. Lat... (m.. a mother AV. 7 Mn. Hariv. Pur. {kukkuTa}. N. bhartrima * =(?) mfn. combatant MBh. earthly. of a Dânava ib. any Prâkriit dialect or a partic. maintainer. of a son of a minister of king Candra-prabha Kathâs. according to some `" a person whose father is a Brâhman and whose mother is a Nathî "'). lord.. bhartR4-tva * =n.. on VarBriS. (cf. a bitch L. under {prAkRta}. {bhRta}) a mercenary. earth-deity GriS. a dog L. (cf. a husband (cf.. {pacA7di}). VP. N. Hariv. n. N. = the Veda ib.

or N. and as such of the number 11 or of the 11th lunar mansion Gol. phenomenon in the sky Var. annihilation of wñworldly exñexistence.... `" Mars-day "'. N. 102). {bhAvana} L.. becoming.. turning into (comp. Sch. Kâv.) Kâv. MBh. of a deity attending on Rudra and frequently connected with S'arva (later N. bhava4-jala * n. [749. birth. or N.r. of a Rudra. of a son of Pratihartrii VP.. birth. production. &c. &c. bhav. 1]. 1) AV. of a king MBh. W. ( {bhU}) coming info existence.. of Viloman ib. n. acquisition (= {Apti}. being.. w. bhava4-bhaGga * m. birth\&death+ocean bhavaH = birth bhava* = m.h = to be bhava * = m. of a man Cat. state of being. Var. 1]... ( {bhU}) coming info existence.. Pur. Kâv. &c. of the 1st and 4th Kalpa Cat. being.. 2. turning into (comp.. N. {-vratavidhi} m. origin (= {bhAva} Vop. {bhAvana} L. = {bhavya}.. Kâv. a god. the world (= {saMsAra} L. existence.. deity. of a rich man Buddh. of the 1st and 4th Kalpa Cat.. Vâm. of a king MBh. N. becoming.. any animal living in the earth AdbhBr.. of a deity attending on Rudra and frequently connected with S'arva (later N.) MBh. 42 (MWB.. state of being. being in. Vâm.) Kâthh. for {bhauvana}). well-being..... (prob. of a Rudra. the fruit of Dillenia Speciosa L. the water (or ocean) of worldly existence Kâv. {bhavau} = Bhava i. of wk. 102). existence. Sch.. cf. {bhavA7ntara}). production. bhavaa in comp. Var. life (= {sat-tA} L. worldly existence. a god.. before {d} for {bhavat}. Kâv. the fruit of Dillenia Speciosa L. origin (= {bhAva} Vop. N. of S'iva or a form of S'iva. {prA7pti}) L. welfare. obtaining. relating to) Yâjñ. delivery from births or transmigration Hcat. ifc.) S'ârngP. consisting of or produced from S'iva MBh. of an author Cat. {bhaviSya}... {bhavau} = Bhava i. (cf. of Agni S'Br. N. welfare. {A} = arising or produced from. {A} = arising or produced from. deity.. = {bhavya}.h = you bhavaaya = for the sake of the world bhavaarNava = bhava+arNava. bhavaketu * m.. &c. with f. excellence (= {zreyas} L. bhaumaka* = m. &c. being in. (with Buddhists) continuity of becoming (a link in the twelvefold chain of causation) Dharmas. well-being. Tuesday KâtyS'r. bhavaami = I become bhavaan. life (= {sat-tA} L.. of Vis'va-karman MBh. [749. 1) AV. relating to) Yâjñ. of S'iva or a form of S'iva. MBh. &c. v. 42 (MWB. {bhavA7ntara}). Sch. prosperity. {prA7pti}) L.) S'ârngP. n. the world (= {saMsAra} L.) Kâv. v. S'iva and his wife Bhavânî BhP. &c. of a Sâdhya VP. bhaumana* = m. of a partic. acquisition (= {Apti}. .) Kâthh. and as such of the number 11 or of the 11th lunar mansion Gol... obtaining. Pur. bhavacandra * m. S'iva and his wife Bhavânî BhP. of a son of Pratihartrii VP. (cf. of a rich man Buddh. ifc. of an author Cat.e.. of a Sâdhya VP. excellence (= {zreyas} L. {bhaviSya}.. cf.. N. of Viloman ib. worldly existence. prosperity. 2. of Agni S'Br.bhaumavAra* = m. bhava4-maya * mf({I})n. (with Buddhists) continuity of becoming (a link in the twelvefold chain of causation) Dharmas.. bhavadiya: A* given by your.. du.) MBh. W. &c. with f..e.. du.

pron. you (lit. %{bhavAn@dadAtu}. bhavat * = mf(%{antI})n. Mn.. (%{atI}) f.g. bhava4-vyaya * m. `" your honour is an authority "') S3Br. a partic. `" let your highness give "'. %{-vati}. cessation of worldly acts Kir. %{bha4vAn}. %{bhavantaH@pramANam}. &c. your lordship or ladyship. birth and dissolution Bhag bhavabiijaanaaM = the birth-seeds bhavasaagaraM = the ocean of births and deaths bhavi = future bhavitaa = will come to be bhavishya = future. to express greater courtesy e.f... 49) your honour. residence. your worship. ii.bhavana = home. the present tense Pat. of the verb e. delight in wñworldly exñexistence Sinha7s.kind of poisoned arrow L. %{bhavan} or %{bhos} q. du. m.ntu = let them be or become bhava4-rasa * m. cf.g.. f..v. (%{antI}) f. sometimes in pl. &c. place bhavaneshhu = in the homes of bhavantaM = You bhavantaH = you bhavanti = grow bhava. of future bhavishhya = future bhavishhyataaM = of future manifestations bhavishhyati = it will increase in the future . used respectfully for the 2nd pers. liberation from the world. cf. present RV. being. `" the gentleman or lady present "'. voc. bhavataH = Thy bhavataraNe = for crossing the ocean of births \& deaths bhavati = becomes bhavatii = you bhavatu = let there be bhava4-viti * f. %{-vatI}. &c. but properly with the 3rd and only exceptionally with the 2nd pers. (nom. %{atra-} and %{tatra-bh-}.

of a teacher Buddh. {bhayaM-kR} with abl. f. or comp.h = would be bhavya* = mfn.. disease L. pron. `" to have fear of "'. on the point of becoming (see {dhenu-} and {dhenumbhavyA}). your lordship or ladyship . but properly with the 3rd and only exceptionally with the 2nd pers... %{bha4vAn} .. or n. pleasant MBh. excellent Kâv. of a Riishi in the 9th Manv-antara VP. Kâv. for {cavyA}). of Umâ (Pârvatî) L. `" to cause fear.. . (pl.) a partic. favourable (= {prasanna}) R. N. BhP. &c. bhayaM = fear bhayanaka = that which causes fear bhayaat. beautiful. future (= {bhAvin}) MârkP. &c. w. m. distress.. one division of the poetical Rasas or sentiments W.. . good. cf. &c. of the verb e. and {A} f... true L. 928 v. prosperity Ragh. present RV. (nom. the fruit of Averrhoa Carambola or of Dillenia Indica L. n.r.. gen. Mn. what ought to be. `" the gentleman or lady present "' . &c. being . to be about to be or become. %{bhavan} or %{bhos} q.) good result. a son of Nir-riiti or Ni-kriiti. used respectfully for the 2nd pers. &c... pious Vcar. Piper Chaba (prob. a prince of the Yavanas and husband of the daughter of Time) Pur. &c. ( {bhI}) fear. dismay.. future time (see {bhavadbhUta-bhavya}). Pur. fit.. and pl. %{-vati} . terror. &c. Dhûrtan. ({bhayAt} ind.) ib. the blossom of Trapa Bispinosa L. voc.bhavishhyanti = will be bhavishhyaaNi = future bhavishhyaamaH = shall exist bhavet. &c. &c. righteous.. . iv. danger. likely to be..) or for (comp.. fear of (abl. handsome. fortunate Ragh..) or to. {bhayaM-dA}. m. of a poet Cat. or comp.h = out of fear bhayaanaka = the sentiment of fear... fruit. (esp. terror bhayaanakaani = very fearful bhayaavahaH = dangerous bhayena = out of fear bhaujya = enjoyment (of kingship) bhautika = material bhauma = A name for the planet Mars bhavaan: see bhavat bhavat *= mf(%{antI})n. that which is or exists (= {yad bhavati}) RV. ii . ({A}) f. m.. %{-vatI} . present RV. bhaya = fear* = n.l. N. your worship . alarm dread apprehension. existing. Kathâs. {bhAvya}).) RV. reward. the being present AV. gracious. (comp. Fear personifled (as a Vasu. &c. as a daughter of Kâla or Vaivasvata. a bone L. &c. %{atra-} and %{tatra-bh-} .v. and wife of the Râkshasa Heti). (also for the future tense of {bhU} MBh.f . 49) your honour . sickness. `" let your highness give "' . you (lit. Averrhoa Carambola MBh. Pañcar. being. &c. class of gods under Manu Câkshusha Pur. `" from fear "'. sometimes in . peril. danger from (abl.. %{bhavAn@dadAtu} . existing. proper. right. terrify "'). of a son of Priyavrata Pur. result. being. m. auspicious. suitable.g. (also n. cf... of a son of Dhruva (the polar star) Hariv. sg.

breaking open. sprouting Kâlid. bursting forth or out. du. Bâlar. of a man AV. %{bhavantaH@pramANam} . rupture.. pudendum muliebre) RV. antidote. schism. gaping. {bhiSaj}) curing. separation. {eDa}. species. or = {pro7tsAhana}. N. Yâjñ. piercing (also pass. {kukSi-bh-}).h = to break bhidA* = f. bursting asunder. Sa1h. change. Râjat..) the hypothenuse of a right-angled triangle.. {upA7ya}) Mn. cure* = mf({I})n. medicine. ( {bhid}) breaking. to express greater courtesy e. drug. carry\\ S. difference. also difference * = m. S'ak. 12. blossoming. destroying. chasm (cf. division. Kâv. seduction Kâm. contraction (cf. disunion. Sâh. n. divulging. {zilA-bh-}. &c.G: assume. expanding. (in astron. a ram L. fissure. dissension between (instr. (% {antI}) f. (pr. shooting pain (in the limbs).. remedy against (gen. distinction. of {bhR}) bearing. interruption. Pur. splitting. breach.. a remedy. sort. crossing or conjunction of the planets.) MBh. disturbance... a raft. &c. bhedaM = the differences bhedana = breaking through... {ardhabh-}) Sus'r. separation (see %{-bhRt}). (%{atI}) f. Nigella Indica W. BhP.) KâtyS'r. modification MBh. %{dur-bhida}).. coriander L.. medicament. the present tense Pat. AV.. AitBr. parting asunder BhP. evacuation (of the bowels) S'ârngS. splitting. or comp.. healing.. paralysis (cf. part. bheka = a frog bheDa* = m.. bear. MBh. difference Ka1v. of one of the Mâtriis attending on Skanda MBh... shooting out. pl. &c. of a lexicographer and a physician Cat. portion Kâv. a cleft. ..2]. {bheDra} and {bheNDa}). alteration. a kind or species. Up.kind of poisoned arrow L. Var. opening. float L.) = {saMhati-bhedana}.. i.. destruction Ka1v. maintain (and perpetuate) bibhrat* = mfn. (cf. distinction. variety S'rS. dissolution RPrât. violation. & bhid. cleaving. (in math. bhiNDiH = (f) ladies-finger. ({I}) f. a ewe L.) RV. a spell or charm (for curative purposes (generally from Atharva-veda) S'rS. Kathâs. {rahasya-bh-}). Sus'r. accept. pierce.. (in dram. `" your honour is an authority "') S3Br. . okra bhitaaH = out of fear bhittiH = (m) walls . N. {bhela}). Yâjñ. hurt. one of the ways in which an eclipse ends (cf. disuniting. &c. (fr.). (in phil. (cf. N. disclosing. betrayal (of a secret cf.g. the being broken &c. comp. assume. of a people RV. &c. partition. (cf. rending. MBh.) a partic. tearing. duality (cf.) dualism.. of a Riishi L. sanative RV.) or in (comp. {bhrUbh-}) [766. &c. KâtyS'r. injury.p. 1. carrying RV. Sâh. a partic. water Naigh. piercing bhedaaGYaanaM = difference/otherness/duality bheruNDa = terrible bheruNDaasana = the formidable posture bheryaH = large drums bheshaja = medicine. bibharshi * V: manifest. kind. bheda4 = break. bursting. winning over to one's side by sowing dissension (cf. N. Kâm.

Kathâs. a shadow L.. a bullock's gall-stone L. 2-1. Asparagus Racemosus L. n.. N. of Rudra-S'iva Âs'vGri... of a form of Durgâ Hariv. of a district Râjat... Buddha L. pl. of an Upanishad (cf. a beggar.. voc.h = (n) begging bowl bhikshukaH = (m) beggar bhikshu* = m. Hariv. {bhikSuko7paniSad}). 3].. Sch. &c. of one of the 8 forms of S'iva Pur. bhikshucaryA* = f.. m.. . 53)..bhinnaa = separated bhilla = tribal bhiiru * = mf({U8})n. a partic.. Solanum Jacquini L. fearful. bhiimakarmaa = one who performs herculean tasks bhiimaarjuna = to Bhima and Arjuna bhiishhma = by Grandfather Bhishma bhiishhmaM = unto Grandfather Bhishma bhiishhmaH = Grandfather Bhishma bhikshaapaatram. 117) RAnukr.. terrible awful formidable. of sev.. n.. `" a mendicant's course of life "'. (ibc. timid.. a Brâhman in the fourth Âs'rama or period of his life. (cf. N. RTL. of sev. &c. of a poet Cat. Kâv.).. a timid woman (esp. (with {paratra}) dreading the beyond or the hereafter Yâjñ. strength and appetite) MBh. when he subsists entirely on alms) Mn. &c. fearful. Lalit. he was only the reputed son of PñPându. m. a whip L. {pheru}). ({A}) f. &c. of the second son of Pându (also called) Bhima-sena and Vriiko7dara. &c. and was noted for his size. [758. `" O timid one! "') Kâv. begging BhP. MBh. of a son of the Râkshasa Kumbhakarna Cat. MWB. of one of the 11 Rudras Pur. Rumex Vesicarius L. x..) RV. rivers MBh. silver L bhiitaM = fearful bhiitabhiitaH = fearful bhiitaani = out of fear bhiiti = fear bhiitiM = fear bhiitiH = fear bhiima = terrible* = mf({A})n.... of a son of Bhoja Râjat. `" {bhIru} "'. afraid of (abl... a species of plant L. a kind of sugarcane L. of a Dânava ib. Sphaerantus Mollis L. MBh. of an Apsaras R. 55 n. Asteracantha Longifolia L... Un. tremendous RV. N. a Buddhist mendicant or monk Kathâs. a jackal L.. of a Devagandharva MBh.. of one of the Devas called Vajñamush ib. a centipede L. the race of Bhima MBh. being really the son of his wife Priithâ or Kuntî by the wind-god Vâyu. (ifc. religious mñmendicant (esp. (cf. terrific. Sch.. on Pân. other men AitBr. or comp. mendicant. N. fearfully &c.. 1).. Pur. a she-goat L. various kinds of fish L.. of a town Buddh.. 55). a tiger L. &c. (cf... cowardly. expressive of blame Ganar. f. &c. of an Ângirasa (author of RV. of a Vidyâdhara Kathâs..

&c. rule.) one who enjoys or eats. bhoutikashaastram. N. Pân. 1. bhogadA* = f. but there is occasional confusion of these forms. 17 &c. prince Inscr. property. Yâjñ. ruler of a land. see below. MBh.). use of a deposit &c. advantage. a festival &c. wealth.. fruition. the latter form also in pause cf. MBh. kind of military array Kâm. {bhavas} voc. a snake Suparn.. feeling. {bhuj} R. any object of enjoyment (as food.. the expanded hood of a snake Hariv. 8-3. king. MBh.. (in astron. a partic. &c. sway MârkP. curvedness Kâm.). usufruct. bhikshukI* = f. `" granting enjñenjoyments "'N. eater. {bhogin}.) a female mendicant MBh. before hard consonants {bhos} and {bhoH}. a particle of sorrow and of interrogation). for 1. mendicant. coil (of a serpent) RV.. &c. of {bhavat} q. ({I}) f. MBh. as opp. a beggar. Pañcat. MBh. GriS'rS.. wages (esp.\\2 m. bhikshuNI* = f. &c. possession. (1. to {upa-bhoga}. (MWB. revenue Mn. a Buddhist female mendicant or nun Lalit. &c. (of prec. experiencing.. {-bhASya-vArttika} n. particle commonly used in addressing another person or several persons = O! Ho! Hallo l.. Mn.. &c.h = physics bhoktavya = should be used. enjoyer. enjoyed bhoktaa = the enjoyer bhoktR* = m. the body L. a collection of rules or precepts for mendicants Pân. enjñenjoyment of the earth or of a country i.. on prec. Mn. q.) the passing through a . esp. bhikshukasatI* = f. DivyA7v. a virtuous female mendicant L.e. of 3. feeding on RV.. R. bhogatva* = n. {bhikSu}) GriS. in later literature.. pleasure. a possessor. lover L. (RTL.. &c.v. 110. use. perception (of pleasure or pain) Mn. eating.. 86). delight RV. of a Comm. ({trI} f.v. bhikshuka* = m. R. (also as fut. 4-3. feeler. before vowels and soft consonants {bho}. a Brâhman of the mñmendicant order (cf. often also {bhobhoH}. of prostitution) L. &c. &c. {bhuj}) enjoyment. utility. bhogi* = in comp. (with Jainas `" enjoying once "'.bhikshusUtra* = n. sexual enjoyment Mn. profit. 386). [767. in soliloquies = alas! S'Br. the state of being curved or winding.. hire. bho = exclamatory word for addressing a person bho-bhoh * = see bhos* n (fr. &c. &c. an interjection or voc.3 bhoktaaraM = the beneficiary bhoktiaa = one who enjoys bhoktuM = to enjoy life bhoktritve = in enjoyment bhoga = enjoyment bhoga* = 1 m.). &c. &c. sufferer MaitrUp.. experiencer. {bhuj}) any winding or curve. Kâm. a husband. of the goddess of the Pingalas Cat. (according to L. application S'Br.) MBh. (3. &c. &c.

Yâjñ.. using. ib. a circle Âryabh.. `" causing (scil.). cheat L. unsteadiness bhraamayan. roaming about... for {bhogya} or {bhAgya}. 3) furnished with windings or curves or rings.constellation VarBriS. rolling (as of the eyes) Râjat. iii.. a gimlet or auger L. wealthy. a serpent or sñserpent-demon MBh. a whirling flame RV. ({At}) ind. possessing MW. bhaaama* = m.. eddy Prab.. a barber L.. a grindstone (see comp.. by an error or mistake Gît.. false R. `" turning round (scil. m... &c. experiencing.. giddiness. eating MârkP.. whirling round.. expenditure W. curved. with {dA} = to swing) MBh.. mistake (ifc..) causing error. 161. m. a spring. (for 1.. the head man of a village L. a whirlpool. bhogarataH = indulging in worldly pleasures bhogaaH = material enjoyment bhogaan. m. deceitful.. having or offering enjoyments. BhP.. Sch.l. ({akA}) f... a species of plant L.. (for 2. Prasang. turning round. (v..) affected with vertigo or epilepsy Mn. of a teacher Cat. a potter's wheel Sânkhyak. w.) the numerator of a fraction (?) W. a voluptuary MW. suffering. see col.. mistaking anything for) Hariv. a king L. n. N. Kâv. confusion.. meaning hood) bhogii = the enjoyer bhogin* = 1 mfn. (ifc. moving about. {A}) wandering or roaming about.. iron) to turn round "'. ({A}) f. a serpent nymph R. &c. revolving W. of a Sura7nganâ Sinha7s. (in arithm.. Caus. heliotrope L. Râjat. see col. towards the sun?) "'. roving over or through (comp. bhojanaM = eating bhojanashaalaa = (f) dining room bhojaneshhu = or while eating together bhojotsavaH = (m) feast bhokshyase = you enjoy bhrama* = m. rotation (acc. a deceiver. a kind of heroine Bhar.r.. ringed (as a serpent) R. m. bhraamarin vmfn. a kind of shrub L. the part of the ecliptic occupied by each of the 27 lunar mansions Sûryas.. N. devoted to enjñenjoyments. perplexity. bhraamaka * = mf({ikA})n. unsteadiness Gît. &c. {-mi}). prec. (fr. N. m. fountain. n. a person who accumulates money for a partic. = {vaiyAvRtti-kara} (?) L. opulent MBh.) L. Kâv. of a prince VP. the concubine of a king or a wife not regularly consecrated with him L. Sûryas.. a sunflower. revolving. ({inI}) f. undergoing Kap. a magnet (also {-kA7dri}. made of honey. f. bhraama * = roaming about. Var..h = enjoyable things bhogaiH = enjoyment bhogi = serpent (that has bhoga. (fr.h = causing to travel . watercourse L. dizziness Sus'r.. \\2 mfn.. ({inI}) f. error.) Kathâs. Hcat. &c. 2) enjoying...

fallen from the sky i. 1. enemy AV. decayed. broken down.bhrashtha* = mfn. 6-4. n. banished to the earth Kathâs. fled or escaped from. (with {indrasya}) N. col. rival. vehemence. {bAbhrASTi} ib. {bAbhrAzyate}. 68. a father's brother's son. 4-3. a fallen or unchaste woman MW. p. 1. {bruoder}. dropped.) most (very) powerful or strong or vehement Pat. {broter-e7lis}. bhraatri * = m. belonging or relating to a brother W. Kâv. {divaH}). bhras'iman* = m. strayed or separated from. Lat. 6-4. {ababhrAzat}.: Intens. on Pân. {a-} and {sa-bh-}).) a hostile cousin. pf. VS. brotherhood. xix. {bratru7}. 766.] bhraatrika * = (ifc. &234074[770. bhraas'* = (v. coming from or belonging to a brother. vicious. {babhrAze} and {bhreze} Pân. {bhlAz}) cl. fraternity RV. 161. 125. to shine. with f. 144.. Goth.. 4. {bhrAs}. ib. = prec. {bhrAzayati} (aor. Eng. S'ukas. strength g. bhraatreya * = m. glitter Dhâtup. Slav. cf. Br. 1. 78 Sch. xix.) AV. a backslider W. adversary. R. {bhrAziSyate}. 769. {A}) = {bhrAtR}.l. {brothar}. fraternal Pân. fut. or comp. Â. depraved. Kâv. 4.. Gk. 1. &c. 3-1. m. 1-2. bhras'iman* = {bhraziSTha}. {bibhrAziSate} ib. {-zIyas} see p. {bhrAzate}. Â. {bhrAzayati} (aor.. gone MBh. {bhrAzate}. {abhrAziSTa}). esp. 769. &c. {abhrAziSTa}).. fallen. glitter Dhâtup. bhraa4s'ya* = mfn. &c. {brother}. {-zitA} aor. {brâtar}. bhras'iiyas* = mfn.: Desid. {-zIyas} see p. {bibhrAziSate} ib.l. {Bruder}. brother and sister Pân. (connection with {bhR} doubtful) a brother (often used to designate a near relative or an intimate friend.: Intens. mf({I})n. {-zitA} aor. fallen down or from or off (abl. {dviSa4t} &c. Zd. brotherly. deprived of (abl. bhras'iman* = {bhraziSTha}.. bhras'* = see {bhraMz}. mfn. 76: Caus. 6-4.) MBh. {-zyate} Pân. {bAbhrAzyate}. {babhrAze} and {bhreze} Pân... disappeared. 1. fut. or {abibhrazat}) Gr. (fr. (mostly with {a4-priya}. bhraatrIya * = m. Germ. 2] {frater}. Râjat. col. col.. 4-1. {bAbhrASTi} ib. {ababhrAzat}.. ruined. bhraas'* = (v.: Desid. 766. 76: Caus. potency. fraternal.) to be struck down or overthrown RV. &c. of a Sâman ÂrshBr. 1. {dRDhA7di}. cf. BhP. (cf.. &c. n. &c. {bhrAziSyate}. (superl.. cousin AV. bhraatra * = m. col. [Cf. or comp.e. a brother Kâlid. a brother (see {mAtur-bh-}). Caus. nephew Pân.) more (very) powerful &c. bhras'* = see {bhraMz}. bhras'ishtha* = mfn. {bhrAs}. to shine. rid of (abl. du. a (father's) brother's son. (with or scil.. or {abibhrazat}) Gr. 3-1. 70 ({-zyati} Naigh. (compar. Lith. {bhlAz}) cl. Bh bhraataH = (m) brother bhraatarau = the two brothers . bhraa4trivya * = m. ({A}) f. lost. p. {-zyate} Pân.) Kathâs. 70 ({-zyati} Naigh. 125. pf. as a term of friendly address) RV. $ &c.

bhramarAya * = Nom.. reeling. n.) Kathâs.v. wandering about.. bhramaórita * = mfn. Sûryas. bhramati = (1 pp) to roam. bhramAya * = (accord. to cause to spin like a humming-top Bâlar.) to begin turning round or revolving.. (v. bhramat * = mfn.). roaming MBh. a potter's wheel Sânkhyak. Hcat.. a gimlet or auger L. ({At}) ind. impers.). Â.. to g. a species of thorn-apple L. 1] bhraanta* = mfn. `" bee-enemy "' = {bhramara-mArI} (q. {bhramarA7laka}).. a wñwandering glance BhP. a bee L. wandering or roaming about MBh.. Â. erroneousness. {bhrizA7di} fr... `" it has been wandering about by "') S'ârngP.. an elephant in rut L. Kâv. watercourse L. Râjat. perplexity.. bhramarA7ri * = m. honey of the large black bee L.. {-yate}. roving over or through (comp.. to roam about. error. &c. to wander bhramatva * = n. (ifc.) Kathâs. ({ikA}) f. moving to and fro Kâv. a circle Âryabh.). to resemble a bee Subh. a ball for playing with L. {-yate}. with {dA} = to swing) MBh. wandering in all directions ({-dRSTi} f. m. moving about unsteadily.. by an error or mistake Gît. bhramaraka * = m.. perplexed. having wandered about or through (with acc. rolling. bhramara-ja * = mfn. whirling MBh.. a spring. Kâv.. Pañcat. a grindstone (see comp. bhraanta* = bhrikuTi = upper part of the eye-lashes and lower part of the forehead BhriguH = Bhrigu bhrijjati = to bake .) L. (cf. revolving. mode of fighting Hariv. error. a partic..) the being an error. {-mi}). n. f. produced by bees (as honey) L. (in phil. eddy Prab. roaming about. mistaking anything for) Hariv. {bhramat}) Nom. a humming-top ({bhrAmam} with Caus. {A}) wandering or roaming about. Kathâs. covered with bees Naish.. a whirlpool. rotation (acc.. with instr.l. mistake Cân.. wandered about or through (n.bhraataa = brother bhraatri = brother bhraatrikaaraka = Significator of Brother which is Mars bhraatrin. rolling (as of the eyes) Râjat. (prob...h = brothers bhraanta = lost bhraanti = confusion bhraantidarshana = a delusion bhrama*=m. turning round. &c. dizziness Sus'r. Kâv. n. being in doubt or error ib. [770. a whirling flame RV. moving about. confusion. m. confused. a whirlpool L.. giddiness. a curl on the forehead L. mistake (ifc. fountain. Sus'r. p. of {bhram}.

h = one who carries bhrit * = mfn. ib. hire. care of(cf. a turtle. acquired Kathâs. {-cArin}). bringing..) bhrittva* = n. bhritin* = see {saMvatsara-bhRtin}. cf. &c. collecting. study of the Veda. &c. MBh. to practise chñchastity.. {vas}. nursing. hired. supporting. `" one who receives board and wages "'. bhritya* = mfn. having.h = (n) a top (spun using a thread) bhramarii = the bee breath bhramiH = a screw bhrita * = mfn. Hariv. full of.. servant (also the sñservant of a king. with {grah}. (see prec. {tva} n. procuring. receiving wages. &c. practising chñchastity Âpast. a hireling. tortoise L. chastity Hariv. L. {kSIra-bh-}). Â. continence. bearing. the period of unmarried religious studentship MBh. a dependent.. {iSu-}. (acc. {-vrata} n. carrying. (ifc. wages &c. .) filled. see {zastrA7stra-bhRt-tva}. bhritvan* = mfn. Sch. ({bhakta-venayor bhRtaH}. borne. &c. the unmarried state. mfn.) filled. bhramara = a large bee bhramarakam. m. paid (as a servant) Mn. `" one who receives board and wages "'. a state of continence and chastity (also {A} f. the state of an unmarried religious student. bhritaka* = mfn. &c. 764 bhritya = servant bhrisha = (adv) ample brahmacarya * = n. hired. hired servant or labourer. mercenary Yâjñ. [765. {-yate}. Sch. one who is to be mñmaintained. bhrita* = mfn.. offering. fetched (see {drAg-bh-}). acquired Kathâs. BeahmaP.bhrit. borne. {kumAra-bhRtyA}).. MBh.. {vaMza-bhRt} &c. MBh.. maintenance. maintaining (only ifc. servant Mn. bhrita* = {bhRtya} &c. MBh. ({ikA}) f. {dharma-}. (?) Siddh. {kSiti-}. cf. carried &c.) m. possessing. to be nourished or maintained. (see prec. Mn. {car}. gained.). ({bhakta-venayor bhRtaH}.. m. {-vat} mfn.). ib. &c. cf. bhrityAya* = Nom. {kSIra-bh-}). a vow of chñchastity. (ifc... oblation (of Soma) RV. full of. paid (as a servant) Mn. gained.) AV. hired. accumulating AV. deviating from chñchastity MW. (= {bhRti}). MBh. see p. {A-gam}. leading the life of an unmarried religious student. carried &c. support. {-skhalana} n. {-ryA7zrama} m. bhritha* = (prob. wages DivyA7v. ({A}) f. brought. a hireling. bhritra* = m. {upa-i}.. a minister) GriS. a hired labourer. cf.1]. m. to behave like a servant Kathâs. nourishing. hired servant or labourer. wearing. mercenary Yâjñ. m.

. abide. &c.. pf. bhu* =mfn. to be frequently.). p. % {bhavet}. %{bhUyAsam}.). Br. $.. AV. saturate. &c. 1. produce. %{bhI}. 1. 3-3. words ending in %{I} or %{U} cf. Angl. xxxiv. to want to get on. %{bhu4vat}. violently. pl.2] {bu4ti}. die MBh. be (with nom. alone Lalit. % {iticed@bhavet}. honour MBh. rarely as an independent word. Sus3r. Ka1v. col. % {bhavati@bhavAn@yAjayiSyati}.: Desid. abundant (often ibc. %{bo4bhavIti}. cf. 7-4. aor. %{-bhve4}. 2. the A1. strive after. cf. (often used with participles and other verbal nouns to make periphrastical verbal forms.g. with % {manasi} or %{cetasi} and gen. Dha1tup.. be successful or fortunate TS.e. p. Hit. devote one's self to (with loc. 2. frequent. admitted Ka1s3. come into being. %{bobhavati}. `" with gen. to cause to be or become. [Cf. (with %{tiraH}). with a fut. %{bhavatu} id. 1) %{bha4vati} (rarely A1. Slav. also %{-te} and 2.. %{-bha4vam} Br. %{bhAvayati} (rarely %{-te}. %{bhAvitum} R.) RV. with gen. %{bhavitum}. %{bhuve4}.. excessively. to Vop. to fall to the share or become the property of. severely ChUp. to keep aloof. S3a1rn3gP. &c. %{kRSNI-bhU} &c. with %{iha@na}. 9. Eng. (with %{phalAya}.) RV. fut.. the fut. %{-tos} Br. (Dha1tup. %{babhUyAs}. 80 Sch.2]. 84 Kum. to bear fruit Ka1m.). to fall into a hundred pieces MBh... strive to prosper or succeed TS. you will have done MBh. sg. %{abIbhavat} Gr. with %{dUrataH}.g. % {bhavitA} Br. e. to become. MBh. also with %{pari} or %{prati} and preceding acc. 66. m. animate. %{bibhUyate}. %{-Uvan}.. ibc and({am}) ind. with %{zata-dhA}. %{-U4tha} or %{-Uvitha} cf. very much Mn...). &c. %{as} and 1. %{agni-}.. [760. Lith. bhruvoH = the eyebrows bhruuH = brow bhuu *= to turn into an inauspicious omen Naish. 7-2.). esteem. TS. %{-yAs} ib. % {bhuvAni} ib. assist (with gen.. to be occupied with or engaged in. Sax. create Pur.. tense. what is to become of this. %{abhAvi}) sometimes used impers. %{-bhU4yam}. Sa1h. 1): Desid. it is quite useless TBr. = a fut.. enliven. 181. Bhat2t2. granted. below.. %{bhUyAt} AV. 54. ep. mighty. 64. e. of %{bhU} with a pf.. perfume Kaus3. to addict or devote one's self to. in a superior manner L. exist. {subhRta}) Mn.) = 2. %{-yA4r}. %{-Syadhvam}. 37) to obtain Jaim. (with %{kSipram}).. %{pra-bhu} &c. iii.. %{bhUyate} (or %{-ti} Up. 146 Sch. know. cause. quickly. &c. HYog. happen. MBh. to purify BhP.. exhibit. &231127[760. Lat. consider. to wish to cause to be &c. MBh. 114.g. encourage. Zd.. MBh. vehemently. p. obtain Br. p. or indecl. %{abhaviSta}. &c. belong to (cf. below. %{-te}. i.: Intens.) secret S3Br. %{bhAvyate} &c. to subdue. frequently R. it is possible that. Sch.] 4 . Gk. = to be going or about to e. to manifest. (cf.: Caus.. Hariv.. good. produced (cf.. %{bhUSa4Ni} RV. 1301 (cf. %{kRtavAn@bhaviSyasi}. on P. ix. show. harshly. %{bu4bhUSati} (%{-te}). %{babhUva} after the syllable %{Am} is put for the pf.. (ifc. to cherish. {beo4}. tend or conduce to (with dat. tutelary deity VarBri.. &c.. cl. live. the pf. {fuit}. Gr. cf.) MBh. of verbs of the 10..: Pass. betray MBh. Pass. 37) to fall. may be.. strongly. xxxiv. to want to take revenge BhP. {bim}. be found. to strive to be quickly possessed MBh. aor. {bhraz}) strong. to be on the side of. %{-bhU4ya} RV. $. rarely dat. % {bhUtvI4} RV. &c. recognize as or take for (two acc. %{yair@bhaviSyate}. %{bhUyiSThAs} BhP. mix. practise (acc.. if this question should be asked Mn. aor. &c. accord. not to be born on earth MBh. %{babhU4va}. aor.) MBh. or adv. eminently. Impv.. Dha1tup. to mingle. x.). promote. MBh. 755. %{bodhi4} [cf. refresh. {fuat} &c. arise. he is going to recite S3Br. to be in the habit of BhP. MBh. %{bhaviSISta}. id. P.. %{bhaviSya4ti}. of thing) RV. e. 2. or %{-tas}) MBh. Ka1v..g. %{bobhoti}. to occur to the mind of any one Ka1d. Das3. to be transformed into (acc. occur RV. %{budh}].). %{anuvakSyan@bhavati}. xiv. % {a4bhUt}. powerful.. often. 48 Sch. or get into. inf. pers. %{bhUtvA4}. iii. foster. {bim}. %{babhUtu} RV. to wish or strive to become or be RV.. `" esse alicujus. &c. enough of this Ka1v.. %{babhUve} or %{bubhUve} Vop. soak. Pa1n2. [cf. {be}. with %{na} = to cease to exist. &c. (also A1. 3. to serve for.bhris'a* = mfn. %{bhUtu} RV. Br. perish. vehement.. call into existence or life. Ka1m.) MBh.. to present to the mind. &c. to want to have. Br... becoming being existing. well.. Germ.. %{kR}]. %{kva@tad@bhavati}. succeed RV. or loc. %{bhAvita}. appears in this meaning S3is3. turn out well. (also A1. ind. originate.. &c. iii. control R.. {byti}.) bhuu *= 1 cl.. %{a4bhuvat}. to keep anything (instr. &c. Pa1n2. attain to. A1. inf.).. &c. P.. think about. %{bibhAvayiSati} (Pa1n2. by whom it will be existed i.. Ka1v. to be of consequence or useful Mn. care for. observe also %{bhavati} with a fut. to thrive or prosper in (instr. who will be Ra1jat. greatly. it is possible that you will cause a sacrifice to be performed Pa1n2. (with %{ida4m}) to obtain it i.. stay. pf. 46. without hesitation MBh.. or impf. Prec. %{bhaviSAt} [?] AitBr. further AitUp..e. {bu1}. (perhaps the original meaning may be `" falling heavily "' cf. &c. a partic... of Caus.

(ifc. {bhujA7ntara}). %{bhUr}. 2.) RV. &c. earth (as a substance).. (cf... Kâv. the thing eaten or enjoyed. 760 and 763).) bhuja = arm or shoulder * m.. spot. AV. see col. 2-2. bhuktvaa = enjoying bhunkte = enjoys . pavement Megh. a branch. a term for the letter %{l} Ra1matUp. the thing eaten or enjoyed.. &c. 13 Sch. a bending. m. (ifc. a sacrificial fire L. the side of any geometrical figure. a branch. possessed &c.bhU 2 mfn. MBh. consuming. 1509 (Ni1lak. Sch. {A}) the arm MBh. {bhukta-pIta}).. enjoyment. Pracand. ({A}) f. Sus'r. made use of. fruition. the place where any person has eaten R. (ifc. and therefore a symbolical N.. (cf. f. space. becoming. soil. %{citta-}. see comp. curve. (cf. Kâv. Hcat. eaten. f. 2-2. %{bhukta-pIta}).gaasana = the cobra posture bhujaasana = the arm posture bhujau = upper arms bhukta* = mfn... &c. eaten. a bending. &c. cf. a winding. %{pakSa-bh-}). 2. object. of an Eka7ha S3rS. 13 Sch. &c. 61. victuals Ka1v. coil (of a serpent. bough BhP.. the base of a shadow ib. usufruct Mn. coil (of a serpent. 61. the side of any geometrical figure KâtyS'r.) the daily motion of a planet Su1ryas. the side of any geometrical figure. arising (ifc. N. the base of a triangle Sûryas. Ra1jat. 15736. %{padmabhU} &c.) bhukti = The Sub-period in a Dasha. being. coil (of a snake) BhP. the act of eating L. bhujaa * =f. possessed &c. see col. the act of becoming or arising Pa1n2. floor. the trunk of an elephant MBh. enjoyed. a limit MW. %{giri-}. iii. comp. the hand Pân. Aryabh. Pân. the trunk of an elephant MBh.. Aryabh. n. Ka1v.) Kaus'.. the base of a shadow ib.. pp. curve.1]. the place where any person has eaten R. (in astron... piece of ground RV. iii. a place. xii. Hcat. made use of. {A}) the arm MBh. eating.. the hand Pân. &c. of Vishn2u MBh.. 7-3. the base of any geometrical figure A1ryabh. (cf.). lauded property ib.). bough BhP. the place of being.. matter (see %{vivAdasaMvAdabhU}). comp.).. existing. for the number `" one "') Mn. possession.. the arm or hand. feeding or living on Pan5cat. the earth (as constituting one of the 3 worlds. ground. the supplement of 2 or 4 right angles or the complement of 3 right angles MW. one who has eaten a meal (= {bhukta-vat} Siddh. the act of eating L. food. one who has eaten a meal (= %{bhuktavat} Siddh..nga = snake bhujanga = snake bhujan. cf. Also known as the Antara * = f.. Ka1v.. ({bhujayor antaram}. a winding. the breast Bhartri. {bhujA7ntara}). (ifc... bhuja * = m. feeding or living on Pañcat. 15736. ({bhujayor antaram}.). f. cf. n. below). (cf. Pan5cat.. 1-4. bhujaa*= f. food MBh. (cf. the base of a triangle Sûryas. the arm or hand. below). the breast Bhartri. see comp. bhukta * = mfn. enjoyed. Kâv. Ya1jn5.. curve.. 31.. MBh. [761. Pa1n2. the supplement of 2 or 4 right angles or the complement of 3 right angles MW. Pracand.). A1s3Gr2. 7-3. food MBh. one of the three Vya1hr2itis (see %{bhu4vas}. %{akSi-}. MBh. world or universe (also pl.) Kaus3.). springing. land. &c. ({A}) f. bhuja. Sus3r. (cf. coil (of a snake) BhP. the side of any geometrical figure KâtyS'r. curve. Sch.

v. 2. &c. hell L. &c. $. P. 3. Gk. {bhu4vas}) VS. frequently ib. ({bhU4ri kR4tvas}.] &230993[760. (prob. abundantly..).)was there bhudaana = the donation of land bhunaktu = (may) eat or enjoy bhumiH = the earth bhumikatva = firm ground bhumii = the object of meditation bhumau = on the earth bhuvaH = the upper world bhur* = (prob.. {furere}. the atmosphere. palpitate. numerous. to move rapidly or convulsively. {ja4rbhurIti} (p.bhunkshva = enjoy bhuj. (Mahîdh. appear bhuud. quiver.h = was bhuuH = become bhuuri* = mfn. (Cf. {-te}. voc. of Agni VS. of .) = {bhuvas}. stir. often. Lat. of 2. mighty RV. bhuvana = home bhuvi = in this world bhushuNDii = (f) rifle.). $. N.. = next Hariv. `" the earth "' (the first of the 7 upper worlds. many times..1] bhuva* = {-vat}. bhûr* = ind. struggle (in swimming) RV. great.Â. (orig. see cols. {ja4rbhurat}. frequent. m. 18. {bhura4ti}.. = {bhUs} nom. {bhU}) one of the 3 Vyâhriitis (q. ({I}) ind. cf. much. {-vana} &c. a mushroom L. gun bhuu = (v) to become. to flicker (as fire) ib.h = to eat bhuJNjate = enjoy bhuJNjaanaM = enjoying bhuJNjiiya = one has to enjoy bhutaH = (past part. strong. greatly. N. important. &c.) Kaus'. abundant. 4). much.: Intens. n.. &c. many. * = bhuva* = m. {-rANa}). repeatedly RV. a secondary form of {bhri} not in Dhâtup. iii. of a son of Pratihartrii VP.

. for {bhRta}.. but also a subtle elñelement = {tan-mAtra} q. bhuuta = happened. (?). human. (with . might.) N. any living being (divine. one of the 5 elements (esp. existence. of S'iva L.. being L. intellect Lalit.). above) that which is or exists. a son. {ittham-}.. gone. &c. Kathâs. of a woman HParis'. Up.) the 14th day of the dark half of the lunar month SkandaP. Pur. a spirit (good or evil). well-being. out of adv. the spirits.v. also m. &c. RTL. power.. goblin (also m. m.. &c.. ashes Kâv. attendants of S'iva* = mf({A})n. {tathA-bh-}).. thriving. true. present Kan. existing. wealth. &c. Hariv. (also to form adj. N. {evam-}. bhuutagaNaan. Pâli {bhUrI}) reason.. proper L. Mn.. Veda7ntas. f. welfare.. ground AitBr. of an heretical sect (with Jainas. wellbeing. N. fried meat L. prosperity. {mahA-bh-} and {pAJcabhautika}). &c. (cf. consisting of. &c.. of a priest of the gods L. &c.g. 241).r.. reality) Yâjñ. m. a class of the Vyantaras) L. (L..v. a great devotee or ascetic L. AitBr. n..Brahmâ or Vishnu or S'iva L. &c. the past) RV. ({A} f. often w. fact. purified L.. the ghost of a deceased person. with Buddhists there are only 4 elñelement) Up. e.. of a son of Soma-datta (king of the Bâlhikas) MBh. (ifc. superhuman power (as attainable by the practice of austerity and magical rites) W. (cf. the dead... Mn. fit.h = the maintainer of all living entities bhuutala = on the surface of the earth bhuutasargau = created living beings bhuutasthaH = in the cosmic manifestation bhuutasya = of forms bhuutaanaaM = of living entities bhuutaani = living entities (that are born) bhuutaanii = all that are created bhuutiH = exceptional power bhuuti * = f. animal. of a Yaksha Cat. ornament. a gross elñelement = {mahA-bh-} q. fortune RV.. real (n. child L. the world (in these senses also m. an element. R. matter of fact. become. &c. mixed or joined with Prât. N. &c. been. a demon. an actual occurrence.). obtained L.. prosperity VS. 19..) being or being like anything. earth... (Sây.h = ghosts bhuutagraamaM = all the cosmic manifestations bhuutagraamaH = the aggregate of all living entities bhuutabhartri = the maintainer of all living entities bhuutabhaavana = O origin of everything bhuutabhaavanaH = the source of all manifestations bhuutabhaavodbhavakaraH = producing the material bodies of the living entities bhuutabhrit. (cf. of a son-in-law of Daksha and father of numerous Rudras ib. n. gold L. TS. Sânkhyak. imp.. past (n.. decoration Megh. and even vegetable).) GriS. actually happened. Up. = {bhUmi}. of the number `" five "' (cf. (pl. of a son of Vasu-deva and Pauravî BhP. Welfare personified (= {lakSmI}) BhP..) RV..

in the plural) L. (pl. degree. unlimited bhuuyaH = repeatedly bhuuyo = again bhuuri = much. attitude MBh. of the father of Manu Bhautya MârkP. {bhU4mI} gen. great.{marutAm}) N. 18.. 45. subject.. N. the earth. N.. m. many. greatly. f. N. &c. ground RV. of the wife of Ruci or Kavi and the mother of Manu Bhautya Hariv. the pl. the terrestrial globe Cân. m. (ifc. Pâli {bhUrI}) reason. Kâv. a being (pl) the aggregate of all existing things RV. VP. &c.) L. Pur. (also {-tI}). bhuushanaM = ornament (Nr. &c. a collection. important... opulence. story Megh. m... {bhAjana}). of various plants (Andropogon Schoenanthus or = {rohiSa} &c. object. repeatedly RV. a territory. mighty RV. abl... Pur. 4).. chart bhuupati = lord of the earth (king) bhuubhrit. {bhUmi-traya}). `" earth-circle "'. (cf. of a Sâman ÂrshBr. {-myAm}) the earth. generally. plentifully.. (ifc. iii. orbis terrarum... country. plenty. numerous. of a son or grandson of Yuyudhâna and father of Yugandhara Hariv..) a step. a territory.. great* = mfn. &c. bhuumiH = earth* f. Kathâs. abundantly. also nom. AV. (Ved. &c. much. strong. ({bhU4ri kR4tvas}. the part or personification (played by an actor) Kathâs. cf.e. bhuumiti = geometry bhuumiisuta = A name for the planet Mars bhuumnaa= m*V= supreme. often. of a son of Soma-datta (king of the Bâlhikas) MBh.. much. multitude. posture. gold L.. &c. Hariv. n. limit Kir. frequently ib. divisions of the world. the circumference or circuit of the earth Sûryas. stage Yogas.. m. abundantly RV. of Kriishna BhP. bhUmaNDala* = n. position.nom. the. the tongue L. and {pAtra}. f. fit object or person for (cf. the area S'ulbas.).. &c. abundant. wealth.. abundance. {-myAs} loc. Râjat.. (metaph. of Vishnu MBh. country.. {sneha-bh-} &c.h = mountain bhUman * = n. extent.sing. of a Brâhman L. ({I}) ind. situation S'Br. the base of any geometrical figure Col. intellect Lalit. of Brahmâ or Vishnu or S'iva L. many times. a place. 46). majority RV. Kathâs. receptacle i. ({bhUma4n}) m.. assembly S'ânkhBr. {vizvAsa-}.. &c. number ({bhUmni}.. a class of deceased ancestors MârkP. bhuutejyaaH = worshipers of ghosts and spirits bhuutesha = O Lord of everything bhuuteshhu = living entities bhuutvaa = having come into being bhuupa = king bhuupaTaH = (m) map. usually Kâv. floor of a house. &c. filled with Mcar.) a matter. N. (with Buddhists there are 10 or 13 stages of existence or perfection Dharmas.. &c.. world RV..) . VP. district Âs'vGri. district ib. {bhUnA4} ind.. soil. of S'iva L. {bhUmnA} ind. frequent..

{-karman} mfn. n. mark like a dot made in cauterizing Sus'r. {-tA} f. Desid. m. (once n. in later language mostly written {vindu}) a detached particle. a spot or mark of coloured paint on the body of an elephant Kum. detestableness MBh. envious... detesting L. 5 (cf. (ifc. MârkP. a coloured mark made on the forehead between the eyebrows L. {Atma-} &c biibhatasa* = mf({A})n. to be enlightened or instructed Kathâs. ({A4}) f. {a4-b-}). MBh. Desid. expands and furnishes an important element in the plot) Sâh. to be made known Veda7ntas. (fr. of {bhrajj}) wishing to parch or destroy Bhathth. (with rasa) the sentiment of disgust (one of the 8 Rasas q.... ({A4}) f. (ifc. abhorrence VS. {-phala}). bibhrakSu * = mfn. S'rS. wicked L. N. (ifc. doing loathsome or wicked things (as an abusive word) Mcar. detesting L. doing loathsome or wicked things (as an abusive word) Mcar. (fr. (with rasa) the sentiment of disgust (one of the 8 Rasas q.. spot AV. loathsomeness.. &c. of a man g. resembling fire ib..p.. prab... &c. globule. &c. &c. cruel... bibhakSaóyiSu * =mfn. cruel. m. a hñhideous sight Mâlatîm. loathing. (in manuscripts put over an erased word to show that it ought not to be erased = `" stet "' Naish. loathsomeness. mouthed VarBriS. hungry.. anything loathsome or hideous. having teeth dñdesirous of eñeating "'. &c. BhP. MBh.. pl. (fr. drop. abhorrence. loathing.). revolting. of a warrior tribe g. abhorrence.. envious.. `" that which wishes to destroy "'. like a drop of oil in water. a drop of water taken as a measure L. of {bAdh}) loathsome. 30) Anukr. {a4-b-}). of {bhaN}) desirous of speaking S'îl. Sâh.. of Arjuna L. prab. .. changed or estranged in mind L. biibhatsa * =mf({A})n. a zero or cypher R. (= {agni-tulya} Sch.v. to be regarded or recognized as (nom.. Sâh.. 83. N. fire Bhathth. of the author of a Rasa-paddhati Cat. wicked L.. BhP. bindu * = m.. a mark made by the teeth of a lover on the lips of his mistress L. disgust. Desid. (cf. Kathâs.) the sudden development of a secondary incident (which.. (with {hiraNyaya}) a pearl AV. N. m. {-karman} mfn. {-daMSTrin} mfn. (cf.) becoming. -. detestableness MBh. bibhrajjiSu * = m... hideous S'ânkhBr. also {-ka}). disgusting.. boddhavyaM = should be understood bodhayantaH = preaching bodhi = supreme knowledge bodhita = having been taught/enlightened bodhya * = to be known or understood. of Arjuna L. (in dram. a hñhideous sight Mâlatîm. carrying RV. bibhaNiSu * =mfn. m. of {bhR}) bearing. viii. being (see {amutra-}. N. fire W. Desid..) Veda7ntas. of {bAdh}) loathsome. abhorrence VS. changed or estranged in mind L.. (pr. n.. N. {-prakhya} mfn. disgusting. {bidA7di}. desirous of eating MBh. hideous S'ânkhBr. &c. anything loathsome or hideous.) Das'ar. of an Ângirasa (author of RV. MBh. loathing. 30. also {-ka}) the dot over a letter representing the Anusvâra (supposed to be connected with Siva and of great mystical importance) MBh. S'rS.. &c. xix.) Das'ar. Sâh. loathing. a partic. bibhakSayiSA * = f. m. revolting. {dAmany-Adi}.) bibhrat * = mfn. disgust. of a Riishi MBh. {-tA} f.. ix.bhuushhaNa = ornament bhuushhita = adorned bhuuya* = n. Desid. of {bhaj}) a desire of eating or enjoying Nyâyam.v. dot.. (fr. (fr..

befitting or becoming a BrñBrâhman. the Bra1hman2a portion of the Veda (as distinct from its Mantra and Upanishad portion) and consisting of a class of works called Bra1hman2as (they contain rules for the employment of the Mantras or hymns at various sacrifices. 59 &c. belonging to an inhabitant of Brahmâ's world Jâtakam. sometimes called A1s3vala1yana. Brâhmanical AV. of Nârada L. they are said by Sâyana to contain two parts: 1. = %{brAhmaNAcchaMsin} Ka1tyS3r. they are said by Sa1yan2a to contain two parts: 1. patr. braahmaNaH = )Masc. Gr2S3rS. TBr. of the 28th lunar mansion L. {tIrtha} n. see {brAhmaNI}.. explanatory remarks. (with or scil. MBh. (%{I}) f. A1s3vGr2. MBh.. ({-Na4}) m. has one BrñBra1hman2a called Go-patha) Nir. of a form of marriage (in which the bride is bestowed on the bridegroom without requiring anything from him) Mn. has one BrñBrâhmana called Gopatha) Nir. but often in the present day a layman engaged in non-priestly occupations although the name is strictly only applicable to one who knows and repeats the Veda) RV.. explanatory remarks. 21 &c. &c. viz. Âs'vGri. vii.... that of the RV. relating to or given by a Bra1hman. %{vidhi}. for the use of the Brâhmans in their sacrifices) Br. Bra1hmanical AV. that of the RV.. = {brAhmaNAcchaMsin} KâtyS'r. a man belonging to the 1st of the 3 twice-born classes and of the 4 original divisions of the Hindû body (generally a priest. (fr. each Veda has its own Bra1hman2a. holy. the white Yajur-veda has the S3ata-patha-BrñBra1hman2a. sacred or dñdivine power ib.. braahmaNaaH = brâhmanas . &c. sometimes called Âs'valâyana. relating to or given by a Brâhman. the best known of which are the Praudha or Pañca-vins'a and the Shadvins'a. scriptural Mn. a Bra1hman. has 8 BrñBra1hman2a. &c. the SV. a conclave W. and the Kaushîtaki or S'ânkhâyana-BrñBrâhmana. one who has divine knowledge (sometimes applied to Agni).. sacred or dñdivine power ib. a man belonging to the 1st of the 3 twice-born classes and of the 4 original divisions of the Hindu1 body (generally a priest. sacred. the Aitareya.. (with {nidhi} m. {vidhi}. the Aitareya. and the Kaushi1taki or S3a1n3kha1yana-BrñBra1hman2a.. knower of Brahma (brahmaM jaanaati iti) * = mfn. study of the Veda BhP.. explanations of sacred knowledge or doctrine (esp.) relating to Brahma8 or Brahmâ. each Veda has its own Brâhmana.braahma * = mf({I})n.. ({I}) f... explanations of sacred knowledge or doctrine (esp. for which it is also the Vriiddhi form in comp. MBh. {artha-vAda}. sacred study.Nom. Brâhmanical explanation. rules or directions for rites. {tIrtha}) see above. a Brâhman in the second stage (between Mâtra and S'rotriya) Hcat.. ({I}) f.... TBr. a conclave W. braahmaNa = Brahmin.. that which is divine. a society or assemblage of Brâhmans. see % {brAhmaNI}. the SV. of a man (son of Kriishna and father of Mahe7s'vara) Cat. that which is divine. the part of the hand situated at the root of the thumb). the Soma vessel of the Brahman priest RV. of Ûrdhva-nâbhan and Raksho-han RAnukr. the AV. (with or scil.. viz. the black Yajur-veda has the Taittiri1ya-BrñBra1hman2a which differs little from the text of its Sam2hita1. Bra1hmanical explanation. the Soma vessel of the Brahman priest RV. &c.S) the Brahmin braahmaNasya = of the man who knows the Supreme Brahman braahmaNaa = sacrificial formulae1 * = mfn. the best known of which are the Praud2ha or Pan5ca-vin6s3a and the Shad2vins3a.. N.. AV. money bestowed on the sacerdotal class Mn. is preserved in 2 works. &c. 2. a society or assemblage of Bra1hmans. priest. of Kavi MBh.. n. 741. a Bra1hman in the second stage (between Ma1tra and S3rotriya) Hcat. &c.. the Brâhmana portion of the Veda (as distinct from its Mantra and Upanishad portion) and consisting of a class of works called Brâhmanas (they contain rules for the employment of the Mantras or hymns at various sacrifices. has 8 BrñBrâhmana. {vivAha}) N. for the use of the Bra1hmans in their sacrifices) Br. N.. ii. divine AV.. %{artha-vAda}. 2. AV. see {brAhmI}. &c. a Brâhman. of the 28th lunar mansion L. the black Yajurveda has the Taittirîya-BrñBrâhmana which differs little from the text of its Sanhitâ. sacred to the Veda (with or scil. relating to sacred knowledge. the AV. n. (%{-Na4}) m. but often in the present day a layman engaged in non-priestly occupations although the name is strictly only applicable to one who knows and repeats the Veda) RV. relating or belonging to the Brâhmans or the sacerdotal class peculiar or favourable to or consisting of Brâhmans Brahmanical Mn. braahma* = {brAhmaNa} &c. befitting or becoming a BrñBra1hman. see p.. &c. n. the divine AV. {brahman}. is preserved in 2 works. with detailed explanations of their origin and meaning and numerous old legends. prescribed by the Veda. rules or directions for rites. &c. one who has divine knowledge (sometimes applied to Agni).. 89). 150 &c. GriS'rS.. the divine AV. ii. iii. the white Yajur-veda has the S'ata-patha-BrñBrâhmana. N. with detailed explanations of their origin and meaning and numerous old legends. m.

continence. study of the Veda. leading the life of an unmarried religious student. {car}. the state of an unmarried religious student. `" Brahmâ's egg "'.Observe that in the following derivatives the nom. {-vrata} n. IW. the unmarried state.. brahmaaNDa* = n. {-kalpa} m. the interior of the vessel-like egg of Brahmâ MW. cf. {-bhANDo7dara} n. {-yAmale paJcamI-sAdhana} n. MBh. {ku-}. the universe.. . a state of continence and chastity (also {A} f.) Hariv. to practise chñchastity. {-ryA7zrama} m. (also {-kaTAha} m. 514. &c. (Brahma8) is used for the impersonal Spirit and the nom. {-kapAla} m. brahma * = 2 in comp. n.e Universe . brahmaM = (Acc. N. Sûryas. N. chastity Hariv. {-cArin}). with {grah}. N. the skull or hemisphere of the world. the one self-existent Spirit. Pur. of one of the 18 Purânas (so called as revealed by Brahmâ and containing an account of the egg of Brahmâ and the future Kalpas. {upa-i}. 521). the Absolute R. Âryabh. of Tântric wks. {mahAbr-}). deviating from chñchastity MW. n. {A-gam}. world (also pl. {-jJAna-mahArAja-tantra} n.S) the big egg i. [740.. a vow of chñchastity.instr. (Brahmâ) for the personal god. m. sing.h = celebates.. the inhabited earth Hcar.. Hariv. the period of unmarried religious studentship MBh.braahmaNaan. {vas}. of a Purâna and an Upapurâna. {-purANa} n.. Sch. cf.God brahmatejobalaM = the power or might arising out of the effulgence of Brahman brahmadaNDena = (Nr.S)the great self brahmacharya = control of sexual impulses brahmacarya * = n.3].). N. established in (the persuit of) Brahma brahmachaarivrate = in the vow of celibacy brahmajiGYaasaa = desire to know or understand Brahman brahmaNaH = gen. for {brahman}. of brahman brahmaNaa = by the spirit soul brahmaNi = Brahman.h. {tva} n. &c. and {-tantra} n. {-vat} mfn. brahmacharyaM = celibacy brahmacharyaasana = the posterior stretch posture brahmachaariNau = (2)bachelors brahmachaarin. BeahmaP. (acc. of wk. practising chñchastity Âpast. {-skhalana} n.h = Brahmins braahmaNe = in the brâhmana braahmii = spiritual braM = (root) to wander bra4hma = cosmos * = 1 m.) AV. a priest (see {asura-}.

brahmadvaara = the door where kundalini enters the spine brahman.h = one who knows the Supreme perfectly brahmavidaH = who know the Absolute brahmasa. masc brahmaaNaM = Lord Brahma brahmaaNDapraaNa = cosmic breath brahmaadiinaamapi = even of Brahma and others brahmaadyaacharaNaM = practises this brahma science brahmaasi = are Brahma brahmaasmi = brahmA and asmi: Brahma and am braviimi = I am speaking braviishhi = You are explaining .h = the preceptor brahmanirvaaNaM = the spiritual kingdom of God brahmabhuH = the earth brahmabhuyaaya = elevated to the Brahman platform brahmabhuutaM = liberation by identification with the Absolute brahmabhuutaH = being self-realized brahmabhuuyaaya = for self-realization brahmamayaH = full of Brahma (Ananda) i.nsparshaM = being in constant touch with the Supreme brahmasamaaja = Brahmasamaj.bliss brahmapadaM = the state/position of Brahma/god-realised state brahmayoga = by concentration in Brahman brahmavaadinaaM = of the transcendentalists brahmavit.e. a movement in 19-20th century near Calcutta brahmasuutra = of the Vedanta brahmaa = non. sing of brahman.

loud (said of sounds) ib. pr. briMhaNatva* = n. massy. (with %{anyathA}) to speak or decide or judge wrongly Mn. cherished. {bharad-vAjasya}... to be nourished or strengthened Sus'r.. &c. on high RV. {bRh}. also %{bravIhi}. see s. stem. of thing and acc. N. to proclaim predict Var. ib. A1. greatly. or {vRSI}) a roll of twisted grass. Pa1n2. the quality of making fat or strong Sus'r. (in later language usually written {vRhat}) lofty. ({a4t}) ind. xxiv.. (A1. &c. [736. old RV. xvii. ({tI}) f... brightly ib. or loc. m.. briMhita* =1 mfn. dat. of a son of Su-hotra and father of Aja-midha Hariv. sky) RV. \\=2 n. or with acc.. (fr. 2..p. large. %{bruvadhvam}. tall. Subj.) bri^ihatsaama = the Braahat-sama bri^ihaspatiM = Brhaspati bri^ihaspatiH = the teacher of the Devas called "Brihaspati" literally bri^ihaspatirdadhaatu = Brihaspadi may give us bri^ihaspatii = A name of the planet Jupiter bri^ihaspatii-varshha = The Jovian or Jupiter Year. with %{punar} or trans. pl. (?) speech ({-tAm pati} = {bRhaspati}) S'is'.. w. rarely P. P. or n. the act of making big &c. strengthening.) to call or profess one's self to be (nom. Hariv.. (Dha1tup.. {bRMhila}).r.. rarely with % ... mighty RV. say. fattening. 35 Sch. a kind of sweetmeat W.. increased MBh. ep. %{brUte4} (only pr. n. grown. impf. N. of Brahman. %{brUhi}. to answer (either intrans. S'rs. of one of the Mâtriis attendant on Skanda MBh. %{brUtAt} Pa1n2. 7-i. strong. solid. Ka1v. with two acc.) making big or fat or strong.) the seat of a religious student or of an ascetic. high. see 2. tell (either intrans. full-grown.. Bhp. nutritious Sus'r. to speak. Impv. gen. 8-2 Sch. pad. abundant.. or %{adhikRtya}) Mn. %{abruvam} for %{abravam} Up.. cushion.. see under 4. &c. MBh. (for 1. %{brUyAsta} Nal. ({A}) f. Cycle of 60 years which starts with the first New Moon in Tropical Aries. {vRsI}. vast. 36.. 53. {bRh}) strengthened. nourished. briMhayitavya* = mfn. {bhAradvAjam}. (v.. 35) %{bra4vIti}. far and wide. great. see under 2. N... 4. with %{praznam}.briMh* = {bRnhaNa} &c. {vAmadevyam}. 2. Mundane Astrology term bri^ihaspatiivaara = Thursday brisii * = f. %{-vat} RV. 1]. prob. aloud ib. wide.v. m. to be fattened or nourished Pân. briMhaNIya* = mfn. MBh. Prec. to speak about any person or thing (acc. 26.l. brihat * mf({atI4})n. Kâv. Pan5cat. `" a question "') Mn. call) RV.. with or without %{prati}.. MBh. m. clear. {bRh}) the roar or noise made by elephants MBh. briMhayitR* = mfn. a means for making strong or firm RPrât. %{bruvamANa} for %{bruvANa}. of person = to tell or relate anything to. of various Sâmans composed in the metrical form Briihatî (also with {Aneyam}. bruu = to speak * = cl. (for 2.. or with acc.. Caus. compact. firmly. N. extended or bright (as a luminous body) ib. height (also= heaven. (esp. ii. 2-4. &c. %{bra4vas}. much ib.. of a prince MBh. also = declare or pronounce to be. n. (also {atA4} AV. of the Veda ib. &c. or thing.. &c.. briMhaNa* = mfn. of a Marut Hariv. A1. %{brUmi} for %{bravImi} R. {sauram}) ÂrshBr. nourishing Sus'r. &c.. for %{brUyAs@tat}). of pers. ep. (also written {briSI}. compactly ib.. MBh. the quality of making solid or firm Hariv. the other forms are supplied by %{vac} cf. increasing L. &c.

89 Va1rtt.hdhyaa = by intelligence bud. 3.h = on the strength of KRishhNa consciousness . {mru1}. (A1. 136. awakened. n. reckoning previous Kalpa.h = and from loss of intelligence buddhibhedaM = disruption of intelligence buddhimataaM = of the intelligent buddhimaan. {buddhi}). usually instr. prob. &c. MBh. sometimes he is regarded as the 9th incarnation of Vishnu Hariv. 2-2. learnt.. while that of Gautama was taken from the race to which his family belonged..). expanded.. Kâv.. understood Âpast. (B. 23.hbudaaH = (m) bubbles buddha = Buddha* mfn. 19 &c. conscious. he is said to have died when he was 80 years of age. awake MBh. choose AitBr. or by 24. 12. Kâv. (esp. he was preceded by 3 mythical Buddhas of the present Kalpa.. knowledge BhP. hence he belonged to the Kshatriya caste and his original name S'âkya-muni or S'âkya-sinha was really his family name. of the S'âkya tribe or family. or according to others by 6 principal Buddhas ib. S'uddhodana.h = is intelligent buddhiyuktaH = one who is engaged in devotional service buddhiyuktaaH = being engaged in devotional service buddhiyogaM = real intelligence buddhiyogaat. a wise or learned man. Mâyâ-devî. ib.. (A1. his father.. [Cf. Var.) to be told by itself tell itself (tell its tale) Pa1n2. 67 Sch. but also gen. (`" by "'.C. Br. sage W. wise (opp. 1 Pat.) to designate for one's self. MBh.).hdhvaa = knowing bud. and his mother. according to Pân. Zd. (with Buddhists) a fully enlightened man who has achieved perfect knowledge of the truth and thereby is liberated from all existence and before his own attainment of Nirvâna reveals the method of obtaining it. known. 3-1. clever. blown SâmavBr. buddhagataM = having gone to Buddhaor due to Buddha buddhayaH = intelligence buddhi = intelligence buddhiM = intelligence buddhiH = intellect buddhinaashaH = loss of intelligence buddhinaashaat. intelligent. for his other names see ib. being the Râja of that district.] [742. to {mUDha}) MBh. 1.2] bruuhi = tell bud. about 420 B. 49 n.) the principal Buddha of the present age (born at Kapila-vastu about the year 500 B..{iti}) RV. m. &c.C. being the daughter of Râja Su-prabuddha MWB.

`" sacrificing. {iva}. m. {iti} may form an adverbial compound with the name of an author (e.nyogaM = revival of consciousness buddhii = Intelligence buddheH = more than the intelligence buddhau = in such consciousness budha = wise budhaH = the intelligent person budhakaushika = the person budhakaushika budhakaushikaH = budhakaushikaH (the author of this hymn) budhavaara = Wednesday budhaaH = those who know budhaadityayoga = Combination for learning budhiH = mind C ca* = 1 and. 12. 5648.) {iti} is sometimes followed by {evam}. patience. et caetera).g. &c. in this manner. is not to be despised. `" he is a mortal "'. of a man S'Br. why? (In the S'atapatha-brâhmana {ti} occurs for {iti}. though a child. . 3. &c. conditions. thus). wherefore. {i}). pronominal base 3. and identity. {bAlo 'pi nA7vamantavyo manuSya iti bhUmipaH}. {cakra4}) carried on (a battle) with the discus Hariv. ix. {tAm brUyAd bhavatI7ty evam}. and placed thus at the end of a speech it serves the purpose of inverted commas ({ity uktvA}.g.g. 928. belonging to a wheel W. It is used by native commentators after quoting a rule to express `" according to such a rule "' (e. "' Sometimes {iti} is used to include under one head a number of separate objects aggregated together (e. self-restraint.g.. cf. iti ca* = 2 ind. truth. supposed to be known to him).. It may also express the act of calling attention (lo! behold!) It may have some other significations e. thus according to Pânini). 19 and 45 Dhûrtas.buddhisa. In quotations of every kind {iti} means that the preceding words are the very words which some person has or might have spoken.) In dram. order. studying. (fr. this course of conduct.g.g. having so considered. absence of desire "'. arrangement specific or distinctive. {iti-pANini}. {iti kRtvA}. accordingly (introducing quotations) Mn. {iti tathA karoti} means `" after these words he acts thus. in the Brâhmanas it is often equivalent to `" as you know "'. circular W. likewise. her he may call `" lady "'. {kim iti} = {kim}. thus (in its original signification {iti} refers to something that has been said or thought. It may often have reference merely to what is passing in the mind e. the Âtmane-pada takes place). or lays stress on what precedes. according to the rule of Pânini i. reminding the hearer or reader of certain customs. xii. having so decided). Hit. liberality. {ijyA7dhyayanadAnAni tapaH satyaM kSamA damaH} {alobha iti mArgo 'yam}. (Gr. something additional (as in {ityAdi}. {anudAttaGita ity Atmanepadam bhavati}. N. (fr. saying to one's self.) caakra4 * = mfn. a king. Prâkriit {ti} and {tti}. or a demonstrative pronoun pleonastically (e. penance. having so said.

) MBh. ({vI}) f. m. of the 2nd spring month (its full moon standing in the constellation Citrâ cf. pl. m. beautiful. Caus. N.. 9. 1039 and 1442 VarBriS. MBh. beloved. ii. N.. going. vii.caapaala * = N. practising MBh. 151 & 228 MBh. 5. (fr. fickleness. or loc... image L. n. 22. Pân. swiftness Ragh.l. 6-2. i. Mn. caitraka* = m. (%{car} cf. pleasing. m. (v. AV. (in music) a particular {vAsaka}. agreeably (with dat. 814. Yâjñ. (v. n. (%{A}) f. BhP. 28. 353. %{A}). &c. (Lat. 44 MBh.. a sanctuary near a village Âs'vGri. ind. reputation Hariv.. Hibiscus mutabilis Npr.) `" pasturing.. iii. of a Caitya DivyA7v. n. imagined Veda7ntas. Sch. on Kâthh. 4-2. 5. unsteadiness. N. relating to a funeral pile or mound ({citA}) Âs'vGri. {cap-} g. iii TBr.. 2.. motion. `" son of Citrâ "'N. R. ix. caitya* =2 mfn. 7/8 Sch. 12. v. iii. for {vAra}). 4. iii. splendour L. ({I}) f. sacred tree (esp. n. x.. course (of asterisms VarBriS. 1. i. a wandering actor or singer Mn. iv Pan5cat. 5 MBh. 21 AV.. S'ak. i. a sanctuary L. 10204 Nal. ii.l.. caitaki* = m. 12 and 18. Caurap. a Buddh. ii. &c. conduct R. Pân. a funeral monument or Stûpa (q. xiv. Lâthy.) RV. for {citra} (B) or {jaitra} (Sch. for {vara}) saffron L. of a Cakra-vartin Buddh. 7 and 86. Buchanania latifolia Bhpr. 1410. 50 Pân. 2. 2 KâtyS'r. 17 TS. (with or without {paurNamAsI}) the day of full moon in month Caitra.. ix. Prab. agitation. belonging to thought ({citta4}).. the 6th year in the cycle of Jupiter VarBriS. xiv.xiii Lâthy. R. 5604 R. pretty RV. {cetaka}) N. a factitious poison L.. caitya* = 1 m. n. ({I}) f. ii. 2-3. 182 MBh. xix. xii. intelligence L. 13. sacrifice offered on that day S'ânkhS'r. L. m. vii. iii. inconsiderateness. a sepulchre L.. caarma: made of skin. caittika* = mfn. 9. 23) S'ânkhBr.. 1.. 12 Parâs'. 26. viii. 3 KâtyS'r. 16. of a family Pravar. mfn. a Jain or Buddh. {yuvA7di}) mobility. {cit} or 2. (fr. v. (not in Kâs'. 19 Sarvad. &c. on Sânkhyak. vii. esteemed. of a Marut Hariv. N. mâdar. a kind of process applied to mercury. ({I}) f.. Mriicch. manner of acting. one of the seven ranges of mountains (dividing the continent into Varshas) L. 61. 28. iii. of the person) RV. = {caitya}. of a warrior tribe Pân.. 23 MBh... a bond. iv. xii. Gît. tending "' see {go-}. mental. 6699 BhP.v. 198f. caapala * = n. of Kubera's wife L. leather caaru* = mf({us})n. 1. 72. VS. of Briihaspati L. caaraNa* = mfn. of a son of Budha and grand father of Su-ratha BrahmaP. a spy BhP. with Buddh. dear (with dat.) {carus}.. 5 and 7 Prab. ({car}) = {cara}. endeared. iii. the tamarind tree L. 12 Vârtt. BhP. {can}) agreeable. a religious fig-tree) growing on a mound. (ifc. N. caitra* = m. depending on a Vedic school ({caraNa}) Âp. 2. of a son of Kriishna Hariv. peculiar observance. 76. 4-2. (fr. good character. 12 Bâlar. &c. Pañcat. 12) ChUp. for any man (like Deva-datta). so as to please. insolence Gaut. = {-tyaka}.. vii. 8-1. belonging to thought W. 42 BhP. xxxv. good conduct. ix. Kathâs. pl. beautifully Hariv. 1. hide. hall or temple or place of worship (esp. ii. (`" life in accordance with the 5 great vows "' Jain.. i.x Pân.) or pyramidal column containing the ashes of deceased persons. a common N. %{zAmitra}) `" moving "'N. caitta* = mfn. iii. 14.. m. {citi}) the individual soul BhP. xxxix. a spy Mn. ix MBh. xii. 6 Griihyâs. (2. wandering about. a prison L. &c. caara * = m.. Gaudap. i.. of two Riishis VP. 21/22 ff. vii. = {-trika} L.) Gaut. f. travelling W. 9 SânkhS'r. = {caitriyAyaNa4} Anukr. a female celestial singer Bâlar. fetter L. `" proceeding "' see {kAma-}. progression. a trap. or Jain religious mendicant L. and Jain.). v. 20. ( {car}. approved. a particular step (in dancing). 29 Sch. iii. and generally containing a monument). Sch.. a celestial singer MBh. a beautiful woman L. 18 Sch. a ceremony Buddh. vii. peculiarity of customs or conditions W. &c. 2.). moonlight L.. 5 R.. 34 Kâs . ii. snare HParis'. lovely. &c. n. caaritra* =m. 11547.. (= %{car-}) proceeding. belonging to the same Vedic school (`" reading the scripture "' W. 8. 31.

Angl. {sa-}. 265 MBh. 11.. lxxii. iv. {kR} Pân. vii. Sax. ill-mannered Mn. x. 1. {ca4rat}. of a prince MBh. {svA7dhiSThAna}. the fruit of a variety of the plantain L. of a relation of the Jaina Meru-tunga. vii. the goddess Lakshmi or fortune (cf. {kAla-}. ix ({-krA7valI}. a circle or a similar instrument (used in astron. fickle. xiii. (g. a discus or sharp circular missile weapon (esp. Engl. {mAtR-}. {ro4dha-}. xiv.. {zauNDA7di}. 640) BhP. (g. i. Sus'r. v. a whirlpool L. (du. R. car * =. 33. 1. of a man. lx.. {cakrikA}) L. &c. R. of one of Skanda's attendants MBh. 6481 & 7697. province. passionate. the wheel of a monarch's chariot rolling over his dominions. iii.. {cariSyati}. {car}?. a mystical circle or diagram. 127.. Hit. cf. 78.. {daNDa-}. (g. (ifc. ({kalA7pa-}.. 19. (fig. fluctuating.. an astronomical circle (e.) N. {cere} BhP. incense L. the letter or sound {ca}. {kU-}. (pl.. a particular part of the bread-fruit W. a circle R. quickly Das'. {uccA-}. a circle or depression of the body (for mystical or chiromantic purposes. Pañcat.) a troop. R. v.. a sprout. xx VarBri. the convolutions or spiral marks of the S'âla-grâma or ammonite W. n. tremulous motion cala * = mf({A})n. 57.. to drive in a carriage S'Br.. a troop of soldiers.. {circus}.) campaka * =: m. 352. 58 Kathâs. {sapta4-}. N. the umbilical region. ({kamp}. the tongue L. {puMzcalI}.. 119. perishable ib. N.) Sarvad. also. expeditious Hariv. violent. {-kriyau}) Kâthh. &c.].) the wheel (of a carriage.. {dharma-}. i. N. 231. {ca4rati}. f. sovereignty. 2. 15 Kathâs. a kind of Cyperus or another plant L. one above the other. {cAla}.cakra = Circle. 4. wind L. of the Suñs chariot [RV. of a country Buddh. {dik-}. fut. the particle {ca} Pân. 9562. 4. lxxvii. lightning L. &c. of a man Râjat. 85 MBh.]. &c. {cerur}. {-ratur} S'Br. N. {maNi-pUra}. {wheel}. `" agitation. {hiraNya-}. cf.. iii. circular flight (of a bird) Pañcat. shaking. 20. impetuous. 20.. &c. iv. quicksilver L. and +not capala * = mf({A})n. the whole number of (in comp. ({A}) f. ix Cân.g. 3 pl. 23..) range. 6. iii. a potter's wheel S'Br. a kind of perfume VarBriS. inconsiderate. 12 Kâs'. 2147.. unsteady. `" the circle of a peacock's tail "' Riitus. {azvA7di}) N. {mahA-}.. 7. of a demon causing diseases Hariv. {rAzi-}. the Goddess of Fortune Kathâs. of two metres (cf. 144. 1. cycle of years or of seasons Hariv. 2-48]. of a town. trembling. ix.. {-kri4yA}.. {tri-} and {sucakra4}. {vAka4}) MBh. vi. long pepper L.. 2539 and 2542. (pl. 14). 28. viii. ii. MBh. i. {-kryo4s}) RV. {mahA-}). swift. aor. &c.. shoot Gal. ix. ({A}) f.. quick.]. a cycle. JaimBhâr. momentary. 3. the fontenelle or union of the coronal and sagittal sutures. multitude MBh. various faculties and divinities are supposed to be present in these hollows). 3 Ashtha7ng. a metre of 4 x 18 syllables (cf. whore L.v. Michelia Campaka(bearing a yellow fragrant flower) MBh. 164. 20 Gol.. the root of the nose. shaking. 2 sg.. m. the pit of the stomach or epigastrium. cruel. xi. (in music) the 5th note personified. ix. of a metre (= {-pAta}).. of a people MBh. iii. canda*= fierce. called after its cries. the parts about the pubis.. BhP.. du. a wheel (instr. vf. 40 S'ârngP. Â. v. xiii BhP. wheel. {AjJA7khya}. {anAhata}.. a kind of perfume ({coraka}) L. spirituous liquor (esp. &c.. Tantr. liv.. gen. m.. 7. g. &c. Sûryas. 13 a/b. $. xi. wind (in med. {viSNu-}. angr y cana = cha(?)+na. ii. {e4ka-}.) Ashtha7ng. 16... shaking "' see {bhUmi-}... department VarBriS. perf. a kind of mouse Sus'r. N. Sûryas. BhP. 38.. psychic centre in humans* = n.. pl. {hveohl}. Lat. Laghuj. `" a form of military array (in a circle) "' see {-vyUha}.. 72 Kâs' calataa * = f. of a medicinal plant or drug Sus'r. {-te}. 6. n. 1251. 420 f. confused ib. * m. 1. fr. xi Yâjñ. xxx. 6 in number.. 19. ({I4}) f. vi. vii. 1. x. q. {priyA7di}) a disloyal wife. a number of villages. ardent with passion... g. {acArIt} [S'Br. a fish L. of Time [i. the flower of the Campaka tree MBh. 32 VP. i. a kind of metal (mentioned with quicksilver). {vizuddha}. {niz-}. ({A}) f. n. &c.v. {mUlA7dhAra}. xiii. instantaneous Subh. (Ved. 1 Sch.. 10 ff. wanton. of another man Kathâs. a kind of stone L.). m. {cacA4ra} [AV. [cf. water Gal. unsteady. xii. {-bhrama} &c. rarely {-te} (Subj. {cacartha} BhP. 177 MBh. lvi. vi) RV.) the winding of a river L. ({am}) ind.. viz. that of Vishnu) MBh. 5. trembling. {zreNy-Adi} and {vispaSTA7di}) moving to and fro. L. N. 1. of a mountain BhP. the wind Gal. {ardharcA7di}. 6-1. {pacA7di}) moving. of a Tîrtha BhP. an oil-mill Mn. 4104. ({A}) f. xxix.) Hariv.) Laghuj. realm Yâjñ. {aSTA4-}. shaking. 52. iv.] cakaara * m. host MBh. army. disturbed.. (also m. 652. 443 Bâlar. {a-}. wavering MBh. rarely m. a particular constellation in the form of a hexagon VarBriS.. of a Nâga MBh. the hollow between the frontal sinuses. i. xiv &c. sg. a crooked or fraudulent device (cf.. BriArUp. &c. {-kra4M-car}. {a-}. Sâh. district L. Sus'r. the zodiac) VarBriS. 2-3. lightning Gît. i. 146 (cf.. thoughtless. that made from hemp) L.. quicksilver L. the ruddy goose or Brâhmany duck (Anas Casarca. loose MBh. {ca4rAn} RV. . 3861) L. inconstant ib.. = {-bandha} q. black mustard L. {A}. hot.

x. 277 Bâdar. ii. custom. &c. n. {caraTi}) L. {carA4yai} [vii. `" to be engaged in a sacrifice "' S'Br. ifc. (with a p. `" to put a hindrance "' MBh. x Sâh. {ca4ritum} [ii MBh. movable. (in astron. also ifc. {A} Hariv. vii. 28 (aor. 7. 12850] Pass. 3]. 5). leg RV. practising (generally ifc. {tapaz-} [{tapasaz c-} Mn. {dvi-}. VS. &c. 34. viii. ii. 7-4. S'rut. 1. v. 9. go along. to exercise one's organs with penance MBh. S'ânkhS'r. {ardharcA7di}) a foot Gobh. 122 Hariv. xiv. ships. ifc. the planet Mars L. {adhaz-}.. = {caraTa} L.) MBh.. vi: Intens. 1 S'Br. 71.) to practise or perform (with acc. iii. Ved. iii R. {ap-}. to cause to copulate Mn. (= {cara}) a wagtail L.. 1]. 106. MBh. 7 R. 6 S'Br. 324 Pañcat. 10. {an-Alokita-} id. %{cAr-}). 8 Lâthy.. S'vetUp. [cf.. p.) RV. (ifc.. S'ânkhS'r. 2. 10316 R. 44. xii. ii. &c. Lîl.. `" not seen before "' Kathâs. unsteady W. the small shell Cypraea moneta L. &c. [389. the root (of a tree) L. xx. wandering. 87f. {caJcUryate} ({-curIti} and {-cUrti} Pân. 5]. or rarely [MBh.. 3. vi. set about. MBh. motion.. xii..) ascensional difference Gol. course RV. iii BhP. move. (ifc. to act wantonly or coquettishly Bhathth. {ciraTI}. 1. 75. {car} q. practise.). BhP. to behave. xii R. v]. {ciraNTI}) a woman married or single who after maturity resides in her father's house L. i. v.. {a-dRSTa-} or {nadRSTa-}. iii. {arcantaz cerur}. 1. roam about (in loc. f.) VPrât. {caritvA4} S'Br. m. caraTa * m. 8. VP. subdivision Bhpr. nature. to undertake. ({catuz-} q. {bhaikSa-}) Gobh. {cicarSat}) [389.v. {antarikSa-}. xiv R.] or without [S'Br. 117. p. to pasture MBh.. act. vv. {AdAya-}. 16). behaving. let us make the king keep his word "' R. to cause any one (acc. iv. {cara4dhyai} [RV. xx. caritra* = n. to hunt "' MBh. 14 MaitrS. &c. Kaus'. vi... xii. iii. x. 6 and 139. (Pân. xiii R. ChUp.. AV. 24 Sch.) to walk through (acc. live. $. good or moral conduct Kaus'. to be engaged in a lawsuit "' Mn. the venerable (N.. 17 Pân. . rarely m. n. p. AV. xxx. 19 (cf.. animals. 177 and 192.] or {cartum} [MBh. vi. 3.. 19. or as the Karanas in astrol.) to eat Bâdar. {vighnaM c-}. 4 MBh. caraNa* = m. i. 14. (in astron. xiii Pañcat.g. {sambandhAMz c}. {cicariSati}. conduct of life KâtyS'r. {ratha-}). the tamarind tree L. `" he made a way with arrows "' R. 5. xiv BhP. iii. 24. or loc. to try to have intercourse with (instr. acting. &c. pl. {a4cIcarat}) S'ânkhBr. wander (said of men. (ifc. 75]. R. a particular high number Buddh. n. {anta-}. 12 Kaus3. {carcarIti} Â. {A}. viii. ii.) MBh. 7.. effect. water. see {anu-} and {sahacarI}. observe. behaviour. to cause (any animal acc. xv R. 2. supor Hariv. have to do with (instr. {-rA4yai} inf. 9 and v. iv. (in music) N. 184. &c. i. shaking. 13. law as based on custom Na1r. i. a dactyl. 5. 4]. to drive away from (abl. iii.). 16.. % {A} Pan5cat. L. &c. living. `" he may go on despising his master "' Hit. conduct one's self. or adv..) RV.) AV. 10 f. locomotive (as animals opposed to plants. 5 Sch. a game played with dice (similar to backgammon) L. vi. 3-2. 61.) RV. iv. v. or adj. deeds. Sch. xiii. going round or about. 3914 Mâlav.v. qq. (cf. 3-2. 12944. 136. 5 AV. {I}) having been formerly (e. walk about. a 4th part (pâda) VarBri. xxx. to doubt (cf. 24). adventures. vi. (= {saMcArin}) forming the retinue of any one BhP. walking.. to cause any one (acc. observance AV. x. x Subh. ii. 14. {vivAdaM c-} "'. iii. iv. be diffused (as fire) VarBriS. N. x. 58] Sarvad. xiii. 174. {mArgaM cacAra bANaiH}. {yajJe4na c-}.g. a Pâda or line of a stanza. xxxiii.. 2... (%{A}) f. p. habit. ix. iii.) MBh. &c. treat (with instr.. {udake-}. i. 1 AitBr. ({I}) f. 18 Mn.g. acting. follow Mn. disposition W. vii. Hit. pervade. f. &c. to try to go S'ânkhBr. 23. eat (with acc. to make or render (with double acc.g. {-cUryat} Hariv.g. {ca4ritave} [113. to send. a young woman (cf.. make (e. {bhikSA-}.. cf. 22. 107. {ca4rat}) to move one's self. graze Yâjñ. x. BhP. {devadatta-}. ind. 12 Nal. of a Mûrchanâ. iii. Sarvad.. 362. air BhP. 4643. 12]. move MBh. {-cUrya} R.. `" they continued worshipping "' S'Br. to consume. 47. 4. 19: Caus. (with [S'Br. 29. iii. {duz-}. {gaurA7di}. ii. (cf. 40. direct. p. f. {cArayati}. `" to enter into connections "' Mn. KâtyS'r. `" passage "' see {a-}. x. 19.). the wind. 77. a school or branch of the Veda Nir. ({I}) f. (g.. occupied or busy with (instr e. $ &c.) RV. iii. {ADhya-}. 8 (p. &c. xii. e. 19. 3-1. stir. dat. to spread. exploits Mn. 127. practising (e. xiii. once P. {vratA4ni} `" to observe vows "' AV. grazing W. Mn. {pacA7di}) moving. 3602) to move quickly or repeatedly. 495. iv. vii. 53 f. 7]. practice. dealing. &c. 5. v. 544) RV. = {digambaraprasiddhA} g. AV. 2]. (g. to ascertain (as through a spy instr... {caritos} [AitÂr.. {svAminam avajJAya caret}. {bhaikSaM c-} `" to beg "' Mn. ) MBh. 49. &c.) `" the feet of "'. under go.] cara * = mfn. 15 MBh.). going VS. a pillar. {nare4ndraM satya-sthaM carAma} "'. AV. secret emissary or agent Mn. i. 4. go. {vi-}) Dhâtup. eating L.. a cowrie W. 71: Desid. ind. Pân. irr. acts. 5-3. (= {-raNTI}.) to be in any asterism or conjunction VarBriS. to move or travel through. to wish to act or conduct one's self S'Br. iv. {mRgayAM c-}. [once f. {cara4se} [92. a section.. ii. xiv] {mithuna4m}) to have intercourse with.inf.. {tapasA indriyANi c-}. &c. stars. 29. ix.g. (Pa1n2. being. 11. (liturgical) performance. 113. cf. xi. i. lx. ix. going. &c. iv ChUp.) Mn. do or act in general. {cartvA} MBh. xix.. xi. iii. vii. vii. managing. {cIrtvA}. AV. consuming.).. VS. 16) a foot. i. n. 54/55). Bâlar. roam about. turn.) to continue performing or being (e. 35. behaviour. {puraz-}.. 20. 3044 Lalit. or ind. to cause to move or walk about AV. to be engaged in. ({A4}) f. MBh. Pân. walk. 3790. 67 MBh. a spy.

twist. (ifc. {bhaikSya-}). (ifc. i. cruise. 32 &c. xiii R. iii. (heart-)captivator Kathâs. 100) to be practised or performed Mn. roam. active W ceshtha * = m. n. (g. i. manner of life Mn. iv. traipse. 1. iv. a female thief. vi. translatable as adj. Yâjñ. endeavour. {a-}. xi. fork. behaviour. pot RV. and Vis'van. MBh. {kavi-}. perambulate. walking or roaming about. 19) MBh. AitBr. of a poet (cf. xi Yâjñ. peregrinate. 1 & 7 KâtyS'r. activity. usage W... (g.. driving (in a carriage. saucepan. practising. . 51 VarBriS. xii. {niz-}. gesture Mn. moveable Sus'r. i S'Br. knock around. 6 TS.) S'Br. moving the limbs.e.. c(h)arina A* = wandering. 7. {cora}) S'ârngP. rambling. action. (in music) a kind of composition. sprangle. wandering. 5939. playingamble. ({I}) f. = %{-ritra}. {ratha-} MBh. (Pân. percolate. `" a plagiarist "') Ganar. doing. iii.. 43). performing. &c. lymph. 114. spread-eagle. grow. conduct L. destruction of the world L. 6) Naigh. vc. {bhikSA-}.. cf. ceshthaanirUpaNa * = n. (ifc.) Hariv.. 19. of Durgâ Gal. an oblation (of rice. of a family Pravar. i. vii. pl. ix. N. viii Âs'vS'r. [390. carma: a shield carmasAra* = m. diverge. usurper Pañcat. knock about. {bhImA7di}) a kind of vessel (in which a particular oblation is prepared). 0/1. Yâjñ. vii. ix.. [Gaut. 4 Mn. ceshthaka * =mfn.. clamber. a dishonest or unfair dealer. exertion Âs'vS'r. 1 Lâthy. deportment. ii. Yâjñ. vi ff. gad. travel aimlessly. iv. rove. m. get sidetracked. BhP. conduct S'Br. behaving. sc ramble. catvaraH = (adj) four caura* = mfn. turn. 9 (ifc. staying cha = and ceratah *= wandering. 5. 7125. ix. 63. a (heart-) captivator Hariv. i. ({cur}) thievish HParis'. 298). ceasing of every motion L. RV. xi (ifc. the perfume Coraka L. engaging in (instr.) &c. {prajJA7di}. bat around. (cf. {brahma-}. trickery Hariv. `" moving "'. 65 Bhag. bum around.g. drift. iii. R. N. digress. {naSTa-}. (ifc. a kind of fish (= {-Ta}) L. performing Mn. xiv Âs'vGri. xxix. i. making effort or exertion W. {chattrA7di}) a thief. 15163 f. &c. iii. 2] carya* = mfn.. effort. a kind of coitus. robber Mn. (Pân. a religious mendicant's life L. ({al}). 4215. 7 Mn. `" plagiarist "'N. gallivant. 9981 and 9994. {brAhmaNA7di}) = {-ra-karman} Mn.. m. &c. 194 KapS. stroll. 3-1. serum L. &c. 72 Mriicch. due observance of all rites and customs Sarvad. spread. 12) moving any limb. &c. branch off. ifc. snake. barley and pulse) boiled with butter and milk for presentation to the gods or manes VS. trail. (= {cara}) the small shell Cypraea moneta L. 2-3.. 7. 10. i. divagate. ii. a cloud (cf. i. 111 MBh. climb. visiting. f. stray. 16. 7 (Kâty.).. ii. full of activity... n. = {-ra-karman} L. going about. meander. 23..). driving (in a carriage) MBh. behaviour. 5. viii. with {zulka}) defraudation Pañcat.] or generally in comp. AV. 54. worthy of effort W ceshthaavat * = mfn. `" skin-essence "'. Kaus'.. Ragh. (often ifc. 168. occupation with. manner of life Hariv. range. caru* = m. i. a kind of fish ({tapasvin}) L. i. 11/12 and 18/19 (also in comp. 65. promenade. ({A}) f. straddle. Mn. S'Br. walk ceshthaanaaza * m.. 170 (= {cora4} g. (pl. vii f. gesture Mn.carItra* = n. xiii KâtyS'r.) proceeding. ii.) Mn. caurya* = n. observing any one's actions W ceshthaarha * =({-TA7r-}) mfn. &c. 8. straggle. i S'vetUp. viii. 5. g. behaviour. extend. civ. excurse. 1. sprawl. depart. saunter.

. [f. an intelligent being. vii. cetanAcetana* = pl. understanding. xiv Sânkhyak. id. 5. reasonable Nir. aor. 221. &c. 7. (%{I}) f. exertion W. 60. a revenger RV. understanding. pl. 91 Katha1s. 120 MBh. a female servant R. i.. intelligence. iii. consciousness. see {cit}.ceshthana * = n. 62 S'ak. iv. i.. xii. id. . 1181. ({I}) f. 4. xii. having consciousness.. intelligent Kat2hUp. cetanatA* = f. %{vi-}. Sus3r. xii. 8. (often ifc. ifc. the state of a sentient or conscious being. 127 (ifc. i. 3. a servant. cetana* = mf(%{I4})n. 11. xxi. 17. cetu* = m. 100 Sch. the state of a sentient or conscious being. MBh. iv. one who sets in motion MBh. vi. &c. cetanatva* =n. BhP. cetanatva* = n. Tattvas. Sus'r. "' &c. knowing. 81. = {-tas}. = %{-TI} Katha1s. xii.. ix. cetaH* = in comp. 38. a servant. iii. slave Bhartr2. 13 S3vetUp. sense. excellent RV. conscious. a female servant R.) Sa1h. grief L. 17 and 20. effort. sentient and unsentient beings Megh. making effort W. cetanAvat* =mfn.) (cf. ii. intelligence Ya1jn5. 11 and 170. 39 Sch. motion Mn. 3587 KapS.\\ = 2 see {ce74d}. 8. ceTa* = m. cetR* = 1 m. conspicuous. Sarvad. 109. 38. a kind of fish Âp. {tati}. xiv Sa1m2khyak. Katha1s.xii. distinguished. &c. xv. 127 (ifc. iii. cet* = 1 Nom. percipient. ii. ii. 2. intelligence. 39 Sch. 5. cetanikA* = f. i. {ce4tas}) {-tati} (Vop. KapS. 91. man Sarvad. 4. a paramour L. having consciousness. %{sa-}. sentient. 175 MBh. a kind of fish A1p. vi. cetanAvat* = mfn. cetR* = 2 m. performing KapS. vii. AV. an observer S'vetUp. %{niz-}. 17. cetaH-pIDA * = f. slave Mr2icch. 55. 91. cetanatA* = f. ix. %{A}] Mn. 3. KapS. {acetiSur}) to recover consciousness Bhathth. vi and lxxi (ifc. vi. mind R. v. "' &c. 8 Kum. ix.. 8 Kum. knowing. 62 S3ak. %{a-}.. cet* = Nom. (fr. 21. ceTa* = m.i. reasonable Nir. 3. Kathâs. 67 MBh. Sarvad. ceTaka * = m. vi. 100 Sch. %{puru-ce4t-}. lii. 3. (%{A}) f. 13 Hariv. soul. m. vii. mind L. heedfulness RV.. 13. n. slave Mriicch. 6363 R. vii. visible. xii. MBh.i. Terminalia Chebula L. soul.) Sâh. i. a servant. conspicuousness RV. (%{ikA}) f. understanding. %{su4-}). iii. cetti* = {ce4tya} see {cit}. ceshthayitR * mfn.) Hit.

ix. 8. Mn. vi. KapS. cetanA7cetana* = pl. 81. Kat2hUp. 8 Kum. (irreg.i. ce4tya * = mfn. pl. "' &c. guardian. for {-na}. RY. % {laghu-}. 5. vii. 3 TBr. cetanI-kri * = to cause to perceive or become conscious BhP. 127 (ifc. {-tas} Vop. ce4tana-tva * = n. 9) consciousness. 89.) Sâh. 7. %{dabhra4-}. xxxiv. vii. perceivable RV. ix. fr. 1] cetaniiyaa * = f. (fr. 39 Sch. x. vi. cetasam * = ind. = {tu4} (?). cetu4 * = m. viii R. 84. 62 S'ak. cetayitavya * = mfn. (ifc. Bâdar. 1.. Terminalia Chebula L. 109. xii S'vetUp. cetanI * = ind. in comp. ce4ttR * = mfn. intelligence. (fr. vii.) having sense.. understanding. 4. [398. 14. id. cetasaka * = m. 17. ce4tana-bhAva * = m. viii. 65. N. p. thinking soul. knowing. 1. ifc. iii. xii. heedfulness RV.vii. Kathâs. cetayaana * = mfn. 46. splendour RV. %{sa4-}. attentive. vi. v. cetas *= n. cetayitR * = mfn. 3. ii. xiv Sânkhyak. i. ({A4}) f. heart. sentient and unsentient beings Megh. ii. cetanikA * = f. to be perceived Pras'nUp. vi. iv and vi ({cettR4}) TS. 5. 116. 15. 9 and 128. Mn. iii. {ce4ttR}) most attentive (with gen. cetanA7STaka * = n. {citra4}) most conspicuous. &c. 21. cetanI-bhU * = to become conscious ib.iii. %{su-ce4tas}. cetI-kR * = Vop.&c. 1. %{vi4-}. viii. Sus'r. intelligence. iii. mind VS. Sarvad. ceTa * = m. x. cf. 6 Sch. xii MBh. cetanA-vat * = mfn. of a people MBh. 1. {cit}) AV. 100 Sch. 3 AV. a kind of fish Âp. %{a-ceta4s}. a female servant R. of wk. 91. the state of a sentient or conscious being. %{pra4-}. x. pr. 128. 7. for {-tas}. Sch. 2095. 62. xxvii. reasonable MBh. id. MBh. slave Mriicch. cetI * = ind. 9 Sch. if. ({I}) f. = {-ya} MBh. ii. the medicinal herb {Rddhi} L.). i.v.ce4tana-tA * = f. 20 VS. reasonable Nir. N. v. 38. a servant. having consciousness.) RV. 9 (see also s. 7. . will AV. (Naigh. 1. cetishthha* = mfn.

11. v S'Br. endowed with consciousness. ceto-hara * = mf({A})n. 46. 10. ix. 25 Sch. living MBh. vi. ix.. i. of a place Kshiti7s'. one whose mouth is intelligence. to be piled up TS. toffee chaalakaH = (m) driver chaandoga* = mfn. disturbed in mind Sus'r. a revenger RV. Mn.nom. vi. = {cayanIya} Vop. for {-tas}. Vcar.ndramaa = (Fem. 13. 60. ce4tti * = {ce4tya} see {cit}. vii.cetuyA * = N. iii. ceto-vikAra * = m. ceto * = in comp. cha. and+in any other place+only one chaapaM = the bow chaapabaaNadharo = bearing bow\&arrow chaapalya = (from chapala) rashness chaasmi = as I am chaapi = also . 4. 4. ceto-bhava * = m. chaandramasaM = the moon planet chaanyatraika = cha+anyatra+ekaH. i. vii. 64 Bhathth. an observer S'vetUp. 1.ndramaaH = the Moon god chakaara = did (past perfect tense of kRi+kar to do) chaakalehaH = (m) chocolate candy. MândUp. Mâlatim. Bâlar. 94. ceto-bhU * = m.S)the moon cha. 5. captivating the heart Bhâm.. `" relating to the Chando-gas "'. ceto-vikArin * = mfn. 3. disturbance of mind Sus'r. xxvi. cetR * = 1 m. = {citta-ja} L. in comp. cetR4 * = 2 m. ceto-mat * = mfn. 5.xi. ceto-mukha * = mfn. 8676. iii. cetavya4 * = mfn.

) Hariv.. unfixed MBh. 1/2 (v. a form of bandha poetry chakram. tremulous. 3 Hit. being on the march (an army) L. fortune. disordered (the mind. 11. iii. cycle. `" he started off "' Pañcat.).h = (n) wheel. one who has moved on MBh. 5669 R. senses. gone.chaariNau = blowing chaataka = the ever thirsty chaataka bird that lives only on raindrops chaaturvarNyaM = the four divisions of human society chakaastu = let it be shining chakra: see cakra chakraM = cycle chakrabandha = wheel pattern. chamasaH = (m) spoon chamuuM = military force . calita mfn. walked Vet. i.l. &c. Gît. i.. Sûryas. unsteady motion (of eyes) Bhartri. 360 Bhag. 37.. departed (e. &c.h = to walk chala = moving chalaM = flickering chalachchitra = movie chalati = (1pp) to walk chalita = deviated. vi. iii. {sa calitaH}. &c. iii.). n.g. moved from one's usual course. shaking. turned off from (abl. 4.) Yâjñ. disturbed. caused to deviate.h = eye chal. circle chakravaataH = (m) cyclone chakrahastaM = disc in hand chakraaakaara = (bauvriihi) wheel-shaped chakraasana = the wheel posture chakriNaM = with discs chakshu = eye chakshuH = eyes chakshus.

6 TS.. pleasing. 12296. iii. N. xxvii. 1) taking the form of hymns. v. {-gA7hnika-paddhati} f. 2.. 12284 BhP. 5. delight.. peculiar or relating or belonging to the Veda. desire. 2. will Yâjñ. or ifc. praising ({cha4nda} Naigh.). 2. charming VarBriS.). inviting RV. ii. appearance. N. 32 S'Br. N. 5-2. v.. Kâty. supposed to consist of 3 or 7 typical forms [AV. "'] chandana = sandal chandoga* = m. of S'âkya-muni's charioteer ({chandaka}) Lalit. 6. 7096 Hariv. ({A4}) f. according to the wish of (gen. `" to step. 71 and 4. will MBh. xii. ind. Mn. 3. 140 Vârtt. predilection. Parâs'. vi. of wk.) MBh. `" involuntarily "' R. metrical. = {chAndogya-br-} AitBr. having the sacred text of the Veda ({cha4ndas}) as (its) subject. of wk. 114 Sch. familiar with it Kathâs. 3. {-brAhmaNa} n. look. of a prince W. lxii. 7. {indra-}. 5/111. g. Kaus'. ix. 4-3. Pân. deceit Un. (f. Vedic Kaus'. {-vRSo7tsargatattva} n. {paddhati} f. shape Hariv. {-sopAna} n. S'rut. as distinguished from those of RV. 8359 ff.). Paris'. chandaka * = 1 n. 5. m. iii. scan. various kinds of pearl-ornaments. m. 18 Sây. purport W. of the work Yajña-pârs'va (YajurV. [404. (with {I4STakA}) N. 44 Kull. 18] according to one's own wish Mn. Gobh... chandaka* = mfn. `" tradition of the Chandogas "'. 1249 R.. Mn. cf. S'Br. {sva-}. 6. appetite. viii. cf.. of a teacher VBr.. &c. metre (in general. (Pân. N. 7017) or {Atma-} MBh. 11. i. viii. 5. {khasUcy-Adi} Ganar. ifc.) studying the holy text of the Vedic hymns. 26. {madhu-cch-}. = {-do-grantha} Nyâyam. {-zrAddha-tattva-pramANa} n. {-zAkhA} f. made or done according to one's wish Pân. of S'âkya-muni's charioteer DivyA7v. viii. `" roof "' see {bRha4c-}. and YajurV. 3] cha4ndas * = n. viii. 36. VPrât. N. N. {-zruti} f. 4-4. cxviii.. {-pariziSTa} n. chanter'of the SV. 2). by Râma-kriishna. 16) RV. x. 6. 15 R.. 3 Âs'vGri. {A}) = {-das}. 84 Kâs'. 3. ({a-cch-} neg. 195 MBh. 2887 Pañcat. (quoted in a work on S'râddhas). Pân. xiii R. 11. xi. {prati} and {vi-cch-}. viii. 4-3. 16). xv DivyA7v. {manojJA7di} Pân. ({At}) abl. by Raghu-nandana. xxvii. 83. viii. of a sacrificial brick S'Br. Hariv.. 42. Sch. 113. chandasya4 * = mfn. ({ena}) instr. the sacred text of the Vedic hymns S'Br.] to which Virâj is added as the 8th [S'Br.. 158 Lalit. (g. xxiii. x S'ânkhS'r. (once {-nda} BhavP. 93 Kâs'. {-mAhaki} m. `" originating from one's own wish "'. i. N. iii. ({a-cch-} neg. viii MBh. i. 3542. v.. i. 25. Lat. 93 Kâs'. 92.. {cha4ndas} opposed to {gAyatri4} and {triSTu4bh} RV. {deva} and {vijaya-}. 11. 7376 Pân. ind. {scando}. {kalA7pa-}. 61. 2 f. desire. cha4nda-ja * = mfn. 14. cf.. 4-4. 176 Nal. relating to metre RAnukr. 7. with {sva-} (Hariv. 5 MBh. Used in India much like we use the Sun sign system in the West chandra-lagna = Ascendant using the Natal lunar position chandrabimba = moon disc .. 7097. [cf. &c. xv Caran. 6 Sch. 3. vii.) MBh. Udgâtrii priest AitBr. 1224 Ragh. archaistic Sarvad. chAndasa * = mf({I})n. &c. ix. VS. &c. (ifc. [also with {svena}. 5 and 8 Sch. 1. of wk. ({gai}) `" singer in metre "'. relating to or fit for hymns RV. iii. i. i). `" charming "' see {sarva-}. N. SV. longing for..'s supplement on Gobh. 93. self-produced (gods) Hariv. 11. 6]. alluring. the SV. chandaska * = ifc. x AV. a branch of the SV. chandana * = mfn. of wk. ix. 4. pleasure. civ. metre Nyâyam. ii. ii. 159. metrical science MundUp. ii. 71 Pat.. liking. iv. {-nda4}. a sacred hymn (of AV. v. intention. chandra = Name for the Moon chandra-kuNDalii = Chart where the Ascendant or lagna is the sign of the natal moon chandra-raashi = Natal Moon sign. vi. incantation-hymn RV. according to the wish of (in comp. poison L.chanda* =mfn. `" against the wish of "') 7098 and 8557.

(ifc.h = to wander chara = moving chara-raashi = Moveable signs charaM = moving charaNa = foot charaNaH = (m) foot charataaM = while roaming charati = (1 pp) to move. secret. iii. ({e}) loc. unstable chapalaM = fickle-minded char. 12 ff. (in comp. BhP. covered over MBh. v BhP. Das'. i. ({am}) ind. to sing) privately. 170). Megh.. i f.h = acting upon charanti = move or travel or wander charaacharaM = moving and nonmoving charita = nature charitaM = story. R. disguised MBh. Pân. only + iti:thus . 2699 Sûryas. covered. iii f. 10 and 22. ind. ix. Kathâs. 800 R. 6-2. character charitra = life charitraaNi = tales of valour charaiveti = chara:moving (things) +eva:alone. 8686. 98 and 100 Mriicch. ii. to roam charan. &c. 467. 1. secretly Mn. hidden. Râjat.chandramasi = in the moon chandrika = moonlight chandrodaya = moon-rise channa* = mfn. cf. chaJNchalaM = flickering chaJNchalatvaat. iii. {-nna-}) Râjat. secretly Hariv. v.).h = due to being restless chapala = fickle. unnoticed by (dat. clandestine.. (with {gai}. obscured (the moon) MBh. iv.. in a low voice Lâthy.

h = (n) frame (of a photograph or a picture) chaturtha = fourth chaturthyaaM = during the (auspicious)4th day (from New Moon.h = (n) selection.charchaa = discussion charpaTa = torn/tattered cloth charman. 3544.h = (neu) skin. v. . enthusiasm chattragRha * = n. full moon) chaturbhujena = four-handed chaturvidhaM = the four kinds chaturvidhaaH = four kinds of chaturhastaM = who has four hands chatushhpaada-raashi = Quadrupedal signs chatus. choice chaitanya = energy. leather charyaa = practise / observance chashhakaH = (m) glass chashhakaadhaanii = (f) saucer chaTakaH = (m) sparrow chatuH = four chaturaH = capable / skiled/ clever chaturastraH = (m) square chaturastrakam. the room in which the parasol (or badge of royalty) is kept MBh.h = four chatussaagaraparya.ntaM = till or upto the four oceans chatvaaraH = four chatvaari = four chaya = (m) a heap chayanam.

i. 739 Hariv. break by cutting . {purohitA7di}. Sinha7s. a house Un. xxiii. furnished with a parasol MBh. 6348.h = (n) mushroom chhadiH = (m) roof chhadmachaariNaH = those who wander by adopting tricks such as becoming chhandasaaM = of all poetry chhandaa. 0/1 chattra-yukti * = f. the officer watching over the royal parasol. a barber L. 1.) MBh. i.nsi = the Vedic hymns chhandobhiH = by Vedic hymns chhalayataaM = of all cheats chhavii = picture. iii. of a town ({ahi-cchattra} Sch. 10. a bower ib chailaajina = of soft cloth and deerskin chha.h = (n) umbrella chhatraakam. m. 14205 R. N. chattrika * = m. chattrin * = mfn. i. chattvara * = m. of a chapter of Bhoja's Yukti-kalpa-taru.h = to cut.chattra-cakra * = n. furnished with a parasol Sus'r. 1. portrait chhaatraaH = students chhaadana = covering chhaayaa = shade chhittva = cutting chhittvaa = cutting off chhid. iii.) a kind of diagram. "' use of the parasol "'N.nda = Hobby chha. chattra-pati * = m.ndaH = metre (poetic) chhatra = umbrella chhatram. (in astrol.= {-ttra-dhara} g. ({tI}) f. xiii. chattra-vat * = mfn.

dasii chet. cut chhinatti = to tear. to attempt cheshhTasya = of one who works for maintenance chikitsaka = remedy chikitsaalayam.h = mind chetasaH = their hearts chetasaa = by consciousness chetasaaM = of those whose minds chetaaH = in heart cheshhTaH = the endeavorscheshhTate = (1 ap) to try.h = (n) hospital chikiirshhavaH = wishing chikiirshhuH = desiring to lead chikroDaH = (m) squirrel chit.h = pure consciousness chitaa = funeral pyre .chhidra = (neut in this sense) hole.h = if chetanaa = the living force chetas. to break chhindanti = can cut to pieces chhinna = having torn off chhurikaa = (f) knife chhettaa = remover chhettuM = to dispel chhedana = cutting chekitaanaH = Cekitana cheTii = (f) maid.

iii. pl. xiii. facetious conversation. 5. = {-ga}) R. 2]. f. of a king (with the patr. vii. 64). ({a4m}) n. N. 248 Das'. viii. i.. 65. ii. Croton polyandrum or Tiglium L. a metre of 4 X 16 syllabic instants. division W. Ricinus communis L. a brilliant ornament. TândyaBr. a kind of stringed instrument. {vi-}. spotted. 12. 71. 18 ({ci4tra}). chitti * = f. vi. Kuval. 20. on KâtyS'r.. 43. xix. xviii. manifold Mn. the ether.. 15652 Kathâs. vii. 9. ii. xvii. f.. i. of a king RV. ix. iv. vii. &c. another of 4 x 15 syllables. of a daughter of Gada (or Kriishna v. (Un2. (to execute) with different tortures Das'. hostile L. sketch. %{chatt-}) roguish L. chitra = strange// citra *= mf({A4})n. ii. 281. anything bright or coloured which strikes the eyes RV... Gângyâyani) KaushUp. a spot MBh. TS. {dA4nu-}. iii. various modes of writing or arranging verses in the shape of mathematical or other fanciful figures (syllables which occur repeatedly being left out or words being represented in a shortened form) Sarasv. 16 Kpr. 380. Hariv.. xxi. xxiii. vii Râjat. a kind of cucumber L. &c. the grass Gandadûrvâ L. &c. Kathâs. 23 and ShadvBr. 1)N.and. 3. 227. 57. distraction chittavritti = a mode of behaviour chittaa = mind chittaatmaa = mind and intelligence chittvara * = mfn.. of a Dravida king. 13 S'Br. xii. 1. 21. (execution) having different varieties (of tortures) Mn... clear. sky L. [Pân. riddle. 9062 S'ak. 1.. 4.. artist . {citraM badhiro vyAkaraNam adhyeSyate} `" it would be strange if a deaf man should learn grammar "' Kâs'.) Car. of a rock BhP. speckled (with instr. vii. 34 Vârtt. ii S'ak. 359] or fut. the 12th (in later reckoning the 14th) lunar mansion AV. unreality L. agitated (as the sea.. a bright or extraordinary appearance. of an Apsaras L. 14/v Pratâpar. 1 (v. bright. i. various. cf. 287 MBh. vii. containing the word {citra4} S'Br. curious (e.. 8 R.v.. 2605. 12 (= {dravanti}) Sus'r. of a son of Dhritarâshthra MBh. 3-3. {-trA7kSa}). Rubia Munjista L. 1952. in different ways R. {caitra}. vi.. 9194. &c. excellent. i.. Mriicch. (ifc.g. iv. delineation MBh. 248 Yâjñ. bright-coloured RV. Pañcat.. illusion. 7.) Nal.. distinguished RV. i. xxx. VS. 1) fit for cutting off. (cf.. Plumbago zeylanica L. 150 f.. i S'Br.. 24 KâtyS'r.. of Arjuna's wife (sister of Kriishna = {subhadrA} L.. wonder. a picture. of a plant (Salvinia cucullata L. Pongamia glabra L. the Myrobalan tree L.. Sch. ({a4s}) m. (with {yadi} [S'ak. 8 Sâh. xiii.]) strange. VarBriS. variety of colour L.. variegated. iv. Padma P. 9. ({A4}) f. chitraM = surprising chitrakaH = (m) a leopard chitrakaara = (m) painter. KaushBr.l. ({a4m}) ind. clear (a sound) RV.. {A} Megh. Ricinus communis L. i. iv. `" born under the asterism Citrâ (Pân.. ix. a form of Yama Tithyâd. 3 TS. or in comp. punning in the form of question and answer. ii. strange! Hariv. Spica virginis. i. Gaus'râyani). a kind of Mûrchanâ (in music). wonderful Râjat.).. variety of colour L. a. = {kuSTha} L. of a Gandharva Gal.l. of a Jâbâla-griihapati (with the patr. 39..) Hariv. Cucumis maderaspatanus L. ix. 8. 2.chitta = mind chittaM = mind chittaH = mind chittalayaH = absorbed mind chittavikshepa = confusion. 17. 14.) [396. 9/10] or {yad} [Hariv. 92. N. a sectarial mark on the forehead L. xi. {su-citra4}. ii. the asterism Citrâ VarBriS.. conspicuous. another of 4 x 16 syllables. a kind of snake L. xviii. so as to be bright RV. S'Br. a forest ({vana} for {dhana}?) of variegated appearance Sch. 4532 ({sa-} mfn.. strange. 10. opposed to {sama}) R. of a river DivyA7v. L. v. different. vii TBr. S'ak. Bhartri. ornament RV. iii. Jonesia As'oka L.

h = (n) movie theatre chitrarathaH = Citraratha chitraraasabhaH = (m) zebra chitraveshhTiH = (m) lungi chitraa = Fourteenth nakshatra chitrinii = a fine cord within the spine chitroshhTraH = (m) giraffe chinoti = to collect.h = to think chintaya = (causative of cit) to think chintayati = (10 up) to think chintayantaH = concentrating chintayet. permanent chiraat. everpresent. to gather chint.span (`chira' actually means permanent cf.h = should think of chintaa = worrying chintaaM = fears and anxieties chintaamaNi = the gem that gives you anything you can think about chintita = something one has thought about chinmayaH = full of the `mind' or consciousness chira = permanently chirakaala = always. chiranjIvI) chihna = sign chii = to increase .chitrapatangaH = (m) butterfly chitramandiram.h = after a long time chiraaya = for long chiraayuH = long-life.

38. trouble VarBr2S. reflection. cintita * = mfn. iii. xii. cintayAna* = mfn. 12929 Pañcat. 4 Hit. Pañcat. of a woman Râjat. cf. 105). intention R. 8. cintanIya* = mfn. x.g. loc. thought of. 98 MBh. iii. longed for ChUp. imagining. vii. {upari}. 21. i. found out. iv. attending. thinking. considering W. wish RV. xii. N. 6 ff. 65. care. (% {su-}). TBr. {graha-}.. (irr.v. &c. reflecting upon. 48 f. thought.) Mn. observing ({tira4z cittA4ni}. `" by mere thinking of "' VP. care. 5.. ifc. &c..2]. N. 13. i. 50). 3453. VS. anxious thought Mn. &c. a form of bandha poetry chulli = (f) cooking fire chuurNam. VS. vi. Vet. 5 MBh. 1748. mind TS. i. xii. {megha-}. Hariv.h = (n) fine powder chuurNayati = to grind (as wheat to flour) chuurNitaiH = with smashed chodanaa = the impetus chodhitakaraNa = tested or awakened senses chorayati = (10 up) to steal. thought. vv. = {-para} W. cintaavat* = mfn. 3-3. 12. thinking of. Râjat. 9) the heart. xii f. consideration Sarvad. AV. 37 Pañcat. imagined Pan5cat.. viii. 31 Yâjñ. an overseer DivyA7v. 59. (%{A}) f. vii. Madhus. n. see %{caintita}. to be thought of or investigated VarBriS. S'Br.. n. treated of. to rob chorah = (m) thief chyavanti = fall down cintaka* = mfn.. 1. pr. i S'vetUp. m. 1/2.) Gaut... (Pân. 3. 205 Sâh. `" noticed "' see {a-ci4tta}. or in comp. consideration Sarvad. cintaa* = f. intention. Kathâs. ({-tayA} instr. xliii. considered W.. anxiety. 24 Dhu1rtas. (Naigh. {daiva-}. `" appeared "'. familiar with (e. `" so as to remain unnoticed "'). p. Mn. reflecting.. cintana* = n. thought. {kArya-}. `" aimed at "'. xix. one who thinks or reflects upon. {vaMza-}.chiira = dress made of bark? chuTati = to pinch chubukasamarpitajaanu = face dedicated to(huddled up between) the knees chumbati = to kiss churikaabandha = pattern of sword. i. 121 MBh. ii. reflecting.vii. visible RV. of the 23rd Kalpa period VâyuP. considering MBh. thinking. anxious thought about (gen. investigated Nal. 5 . citta* = mfn. [398. aim.) reflecting. iii BhP. qq. R. &c.. 14/15.. ix. thought RV.. viii.

. 14/v Pratâpar. the ether. pl. or in comp. Plumbago zeylanica L. coDakarNa* = m. ({a4m}) n.) promoting devotion RV. 54.. Padma P. 10. &c. a kind of cucumber L. 8. 4-3. i.MBh.. a ball to play with L. `" born under the asterism Citrâ (Pân..) = {parigraha} q. a metre of 4 X 16 syllabic instants. 20. various. {RSi-}. variety of colour L. vii TBr. p. ({A4}) f. ii.. Sch. 71. ii.. {su-citra4}. i. 21. {eka-}... ix. 248 Yâjñ. i. &c. invitation KâtyS'r. 10 Nyâyam. (with {yadi} [S'ak. 3 TS. xxi. xix. ix. iv. of a plant(v. impelling.. cf. 3-3. xxiii.. vii. 287 MBh. 2]. 8. strange! Hariv. variety of colour L. strange. iii. xviii. iv. i. iv. ii.. xviii. vii. a kind of stringed instrument. unreality L. 92. 54 Veda7ntas. &c. direction. Kuval. another of 4 x 16 syllables. 34 Vârtt. i S'Br. xiii..) the 9th mansion VarYogay. [Pân. 3. 57. = {-ga}) R. Mn. a. distinguished RV. i. iii. codanAguDa* = m. intelligence. 1. 81. {brahma-}. ({A}. 2. 14.g. 71.. in different ways R. Bhartri. lxix. 2605. 9.: 174. 227. 281. VS. iv. impelling MBh. {A} Pañcat. the asterism Citrâ VarBriS. of a king (with the patr. 4532 ({sa-} mfn. Caus. {caitra}. 248 Das'. asker. Gângyâyani) KaushUp. (fr. f. speckled (with instr. {sthira-}. 21. .). i. of an Apsaras L. another of 4 x 15 syllables. a picture. ix. bright. pl. 6. of a king RV. f. of a daughter of Gada (or Kriishna v. of a plant (Salvinia cucullata L. TândyaBr. codana* = mfn.. memory W. opposed to {sama}) R. 16 Kpr. cf. i. N. v. of a son of Dhritarâshthra MBh. {dA4nu-}. 19.v. (in astrol. impelling AV. i. viii.. a brilliant ornament. 1 (cf. {su-}. so as to be bright RV. to be criticised Bâdar. agitated (as the sea. (ifc. 7 RPrât. 23 and ShadvBr. iv. Gaus'râyani). 11.2]. 1. = {kuSTha} L. 7. codayitavya* = mfn. reproof (as in Pâli) DivyA7v. {cud}. {radhra-co4d-}). 9. objectioner. &c. {-da4yat}. VarBriS. the Myrobalan tree L. vii Râjat. 9062 S'ak. clear. sky L. direction.v. 4. 359] or fut.) [396. N. (ifc. `" projecting-ear "'N. i. anything bright or coloured which strikes the eyes RV. vii. containing the word {citra4} S'Br. &c. a bright or extraordinary appearance. xiii. RPrât. {cala-}. {iha-}. &c. 116. {prA4yaz-}. {A} Megh. 15652 Kathâs. a spot MBh. ii. ({i}). xiii. various modes of writing or arranging verses in the shape of mathematical or other fanciful figures (syllables which occur repeatedly being left out or words being represented in a shortened form) Sarasv. bright-coloured RV. one who impels or animates or promotes RV.. 64). Hariv. Ricinus communis L. sketch. {kIri-}. 14.l. Spica virginis. N. (to execute) with different tortures Das'. on KâtyS'r. 1. reason KapS. 6. vii. facetious conversation. ii. x. xxx. xvii. m. vi. 164. 9194. codaayani* = m.. 1 (v. of a river DivyA7v. 18 ({ci4tra}). codayitR* = mf({trI4})n. of a man Kathâs.l. of a family Pravar. N.. 150 f. {citraM badhiro vyAkaraNam adhyeSyate} `" it would be strange if a deaf man should learn grammar "' Kâs'. KaushBr. vii. of a Gandharva Gal.. for {rodanI}) L. 10 [400. Lâthy. a kind of Mûrchanâ (in music).. punning in the form of question and answer. KâtyS'r. invitation. Croton polyandrum or Tiglium L. iv. ornament RV..l. ii. 17. 3. (in Gr. 8. xii. the grass Gandadûrvâ L. viii. {laghu-}. of a Dravida king. v. vi. illusion. a form of Yama Tithyâd.]) strange. a forest ({vana} for {dhana}?) of variegated appearance Sch. Sch. of a Jâbâla-griihapati (with the patr.. precept VS. ii S'ak. ({a4s}) m.. Ricinus communis L. 8 Sâh. f.and. S'Br. the 12th (in later reckoning the 14th) lunar mansion AV. {-trA7kSa}). x. 39. a sectarial mark on the forehead L. 8 R. Jonesia As'oka L. Cucumis maderaspatanus L. of Arjuna's wife (sister of Kriishna = {subhadrA} L. Pañcat.. exalted by the inspiring (draught of Soma). 46. Rubia Munjista L.) Car. ii. Sch. vii. ({a4m}) ind. S'ak. pupil Jain. 37.) Hariv. 13 S'Br.) Nal. wonder. i.. xi. S'ânkhS'r. different. i.. i. 12.. manifold Mn. variegated. {am}) fn.). citra * = conspicuous. a kind of snake L. xxix. spotted. clear (a sound) RV..f. riddle. codas* = see {a-coda4s}. TS.. ({A}) f. vii. 12 (= {dravanti}) Sus'r. iii... excellent. delineation MBh. codapravRddha* = ({-da4-}) mfn. of a rock BhP. codaka* = Meaning* = mfn. 6 Kum. 24 KâtyS'r. i. xi. 380.. 9/10] or {yad} [Hariv. 59 Yogas. rule. wonderful Râjat. codayanmati* = mfn. 1)N. curious (e. {pU4rva-}. Mriicch. 5. (execution) having different varieties (of tortures) Mn. Kathâs.. {vi-}. 65. 1952.

cyuuta* = v. plume. promoting.. coda* = {-daka}. single lock or tuft left on the crown of the head after tonsure Ragh. a top-room (of a house) L. only in {dISva} VS. xiv. P. to cut q. goad or whip. inquired after. 10/11] and fig.coDaka* = {-colaka}. or ifc. a sort of protuberance on a brick TS. Hariv. {kU4Ta}) a sort of protuberance on a sacrificial brick S'Br. as speech from the mouth) Mn. 13. informed. 3. 2. {-dana}. inspiring. cf. {bhidA7di}) the hair on the top of the head. 4. = {-Daka} SaddhP. 65 Bhathth. m. see {cud}. touched closely or softly Mâlatîm. the summit Hit. v. 5. 5. cyuta* = 1 mfn. fallen from. $ $]. (cf. moved. * =6 f. 59.) MBh. sg. 541. ({a-} neg.) Pañcat. (with abl.. vi. purifying L. of a people L. 11105 and 11188]). m. N. protection. 1 (ifc. 1]. .) deviated from (lit. ix. {-Do7panayana}) Ragh. 10. of a plant L. the anus W. v. 9. caused to move quickly RV. coda* = m. 23. 4-1.. (in math. carried on (a business). vanished Hariv.. S'ânkhS'r. 15. cf. (said of arrows) failing an aim (abl. {ha4sta-}. impelled.) KâtyS'r. {cUla}. xii. 28. 365: g. 3. for {cUta}. 50 (ifc. viii. apprised W. codita * = mfn.l. 45. m. {dya4ti} (cf. i. xiii. 72. id. fallen MBh. free of (in comp. ii f. {bAhvAdi} ({-DAlA} Kâs'. xxxv. vii. {cola}). 56. fixed. iii. R.. i. flying away from (abl. {-cU4Da}. the being enjoined Jaim. destitute of. animating. 15. driven.. (in astrol. see {ghRta-}. (also ifc. 92. vi.). 70 ff. 143. 26 Kathâs. 6.v. 2439 R. 178. shaken AV. 8088 R. 27 and 72. v. iii Sâh. Mn. i. N. enjoined. i-iii BhP. Ragh. 3.) L. xiii. iii. ifc. to bind.. 418.) standing in the $ Laghuj. ii. expelled from. 3. gone away from (abl. a kind of bracelet L. of a man (with the patr. iv.. * =5 For {de} q. 3 [cf. iii. [Mn. [Pañcat. * =4 cl.. the top (of a column) Vcar. xiv. = {-DA-karaNa} Yâjñ. &c. * =7 For {dai} q. sunk (morally) Kum. fallen from any divine existence for being re-born as a man Buddh. BP. iii. disappeared. iii BhP. 1. 9 and 30. incited MBh. 2183 R. 2. viii. {dA}). 16. x. dropped from. vii. l 01. or in comp. Bhâgavitti) S'Br. xiii. xxvii. D daa = (v) to give daa* = 3 For {do}. diadem W. {A}). coditatva * n. ordered MBh. {candra-}. come forth from. {madhu-}.) coDa* = m. of a metre. 7 Sarvad. ( {de}). 5. * =8 f. Bhathth.. 13. or n. a small well L.) divided Bijag. i. 132 MBh. cuuta: *V= species of mango tree. a jacket DivyA7v. ({-da4}) mfn. f.). defence L. abandoned by (in comp.. KâtyS'r. deprived of (abl. 52. appointed. ({A}) f. ix. [401. of a woman g. (v. any crest. directed..v.. {caula} {uc-}. said of missile weapons) MBh.) Parâs'. {tAmra-}.. {a4-}.. = {-DA-karaNa} (cf.. the crest of a cock or peacock L. invited. cuuDa * = mfn. N. {svarNa-}. Jain.) R. 175 Vârtt. 21 ({a-} neg. an implement for driving horses. {A-} 4.. 18. 3. 99 f. xxxviii. the head L. {radhracoda4}. v.v. and fig. i.. 28 Smriitit.) VarBriS. 5. lx. viii MBh. {coDa}. xii. ix. 81. 7. i. {paMca-} and {mahA-cUDA}.\\ 2 mfn. 11173 Ragh. (B) iii. pl. iii. 9. ii. 17 f.). a prince of that people Pân. stupid (?) Divya7v. 61. ( {das}) cleansing. (beginning a Gana of Ganar. 71. viii and KâtyS'r. iii Bhathth. i. N. &c.l.xviii. kissed S'ak. streaming forth from (lit. ({A}) f. 6 cumbita * m= mfn. 6 (cf. 4610 Hariv.

{a4dadat} AV.. to fix the eyes on (loc. {At-} {khedAya}. 200. command. {dattvA4ya} [Pân. Yâjñ. lxiv. &c. i. to utter a curse MBh..] Cân. iv. p. 19. S'ak. iii. 76 Kâs'. {yuddham}. preserve RV.. 1. 10. 2. {da4dat} pl. 66 Kâs'. 2. ix MârkP. ix. {saMketakam}. VP. 6 MBh.. `" to give room or space. 7.. 8 Vârtt. {dAsISTa}. Pot. {zApam}. sg. v AV. {-tta4m} RV.] Bhartri. v. to sacrifice ({AtmAnam}. $. ii. x. 86. 4. 16. to give up. {dA4tos}. Â. 23 MBh. 7-4. {-na4}. v. {-dAte}. vi. Impv.) S'ak. 18. a giver RV. i. {-data} Sinha7s. allow to pass "') viii. of the price). {dadmi} MBh. ii. {a4dur}. AV. 26 (nom. iv. lxxiv. {-datur}. {jhampam}. iv. {-tave}. &c. call out Vet. {daddhi4} RV.. {niy-}.) MBh. {da4dAta} RV. 85. Impv. allow (with inf. Pot.) Mn. to give an order. v. to propose an agreement Kathâs. 276 Mriicch. sg. 6-4. to compare with [gen. to rest the cheek on the hand Kârand. to give back.) MBh. viii. &c. sg. to make a noise. 15) to wish to give. 151. Râjat. xviii. 1. v.) Mn.). R. {-det} Parâs'. sg. 1. {dadyA4} AV. xlii. {dadu4Sas} RV. S'Br. xxii. be ready to bestow RV. {aded-} fr. p. 11. to grant a boon "' S'Br. v. 2-4. `" to spare any one's life "' MBh. &c. to proclaim with the drum Kathâs. 139. 36. {da4damAna} RV. &c. listen S'ak. 3. 77]. xviii. to make an appointment Pañcat. 6. iii Pañcat.. 20. xii Hariv. to direct the mind to (loc. to give information Kathâs. {RNam}. Lat. {-ttva} AV.daa*1 cl. iv.. put.. ii. 24 AV. &c. to accomplish a vow Hariv. {-dahu}. 2. 7. viii MBh. 62) cl. apply (in med.] S'ak. {-ttana i}. p.. 1. vi.1]. -Â. 2. 15782 Yâjñ. {dIyate} [Pân. vii. Ragh. 4. 94. {AliGganane}. i Nal. 10 [cf. R. i. i. speak ({satyaM vacas}. 5 Sûryas. 3/4 {samayam}. gen. Pot. &c. 2/3. Â. hold. x AV.). 41. 5724: Desid. 53. {-canam}. 6-4. {vratakam}.!). {-divA4Msam}. Pot. 69] RV. 36. acc. 2526. 2. impf. Impv. {dadati}. {-da}.. sg. 96. {-du4r}. {a4dAt} [Pân. {a4dattam} RV. to embrace. pl. to accompany Kathâs.. v. Dhûrtas. &c. {prANAn} or {jIvitam}. to fence in Mn. {-dasva} MBh.. 64. 47 Kâs'.] RV. inf. to draw a bolt.. [cf. iii f. cede ({Asanam}. {dA4tavai4} [Pân.3]. 200 Siddh. 148. {dedIyate} Pân. 6 AV. Subj. {dadau4}. {gAIh}. 209 Gît.. 137. {di4tsati} (Pân. {-danti}.] daa*2 m. 12. {da4dAna}. {prayogam}. to beat time with the hands MBh. {a4dadanta} RV. 57. 17. 74. viii. 1 (dat. to carry. 13422. 2. {-dati} RV. 8. 0/1 {tAlam}. xviii. 11. 8 VS. 1. vii. 6/7 {ghoSaNAm}. 2. {dA4ti} (RV. viii Yâjñ. i Bhathth. grant. 21 S'ânkhS'r. (with {haste}) Kathâs. v. {-dvA4n}. {datte} Pañcat. 9. pf.. to perform a Srâddha MBh. ix Yâjñ. i. impart. 6-4. give (answer. sg. x. p. 11. R. bar Kathâs. to move a chess-man Das'. pl. &c. 1.. "' Kathâs. MBh. {kanyAm}) in marriage Mn. viii. viii. iii. vi. to address a speech to [dat. Hariv. teach. 73 [474. 38. cause to bestow or present or give up.) RV. {-tana} x.. Kathâs. vi. {talam} or {-lAn}. {zrAddham}. xiii R. 54 and 58.) MBh. {dApayati} (Pân. 80 (with acc.: Intens. 30]. {deSma} VS. to permit sexual intercourse S'Br. viii. [473. {a4dadur} RV. 25 SS'ankar. {zabdam}. 10 MBh. nom. 8 Mn. Prec. 275 and R. 33 Kâs'. {da4dAti} (pl. to make a sign Mriicch. 2. 3.) to give. to wish to give in marriage MBh. `" to give up the road. Bhartri. {adadiSTa}. vii. VS. 21 VarBriS. iv.... 24.. {adAyi} Pân. xiii. xviii f. i i AV. {-dAvan} AV. &c. pl. allow to enter Yâjñ. 186 & 234. 3. {zoham}. {do}. {-tas} RV. Â. {-dA4ya} [Pân. {-dA4}... &c. xii. x. 3. 57). {jAnu}.. 33. 4. {azva-}. 34 & 37 AV. ii. a debt "'. p. xiv. {didAsitha} AitBr. &c. xiv R. {AjJAm} {Adezam}. aor. iii. ii. i. pl. ii. {de4}). 7-1. i.. to pay ({daNDam}. {a4dadAt}. cf. to tread upon [loc. 33. ix. to give (a daughter. Vop. MârkP. vii. 9. 7. sg. 4. 40. vi. {da4dAtu} pl. to give battle. {-das} vii f. 54. if. to cause to place or advance. &c. {dAsya4t} AV. to cause to utter or speak Hariv. S'riingârat. 4. 222 f. {manas}. {saMgrAmam}. MBh. {deyAt} Pân. 4. 4. iii. R. ii. iii f. to set on fire. 4. v. MârkP. 31. xiv. 35 VS. 12. 168. xvii. R. make restore VS.. {parirambhaNam}. 12/13 {vRtim}. i. 2. pf. {zAram}.) Mn.. viii. {karNam}. 3. 71. Hariv. {dAyis-}. Hit. {argalam}. . {du4r} &c. Pân.. 36. &c. granting "' see {an-azva-}. {darzanam}.i. vii. 1.] RV. 1 and 58 Kâs'. 41. 8. xiv. ii. ii. 32. {diz} RV. 16. Â. to permit. i. viii. MBh. 1. present.. ix Hariv. 2. sg. du. &c. to demand from (abl. to give a dramatic representation Mâlav. viii. {padam}. &c. &c. xvi. impf. {nigaDAni} to put on or apply fetters Mriicch.. to add Pañcat. to kneel upon (gen. to slap with the palms of the hands MBh. 2.).vi. v.. x. giving. ii.. Kathâs. 1 p. 67. ii. 7. vii. to give one's self up to grief "'. ix. Pass {-de4}. viii f. {-tum}. &c. {-tu}. xii. to show SV. to hand over Mn. 1 [cf. 62].. 9. or loc. 7 (aor. 21. 14. pl. {dat}. {-sye} MBh. vii-ix AV. {a4n-AzIr-}. 15. 9. 240 Kull. &c.. {dAva4ne} RV.. 6-4. {-SAm} vi.. Naigh. {upamAm}. 275. {saMdezam}. 4. to sell (with instr. {garam} id. fight with MBh.. iv. to direct the steps Amar. xii f. 16. ii. Yâjñ. x AV. {-dire} Pân. 133]. {dAsathas} RV. {datta4} 51. v. 20. to cause to perform. 47. id. vi. {-tseyam} RV. pl.. i f.. {di4tsat}. 7 AV. 6-4. {anuyAtram}. Prec. Sâh. VarBriS. {-ya4mAna} AV. 2. 5). {Atma-}. iv. {da4dat} ii. ifc. {dA4s}). xii. the truth. v.. 357.) to cause to give or be given.. i S'ak. to show one's self Prab.. 34. yâjñ. vi. {saMjJAm}. &c. offer to (dat. {praty-uttaram} Nal. {adIdapat}. nom.. cf. 24. xviii.. bestow.. to strike with the palm Pañcat. impf. &c. 6/7 {pAvakam}. vi. oblige to pay. ({panthAnam} or {mArgam}. 35. 6. Hariv.. 1.. 8. 15741.. {kars} {kapolam}. xxvi. {-datAm} RV. to offer (an oblation &c. to poison Pañcar.. Vet. to jump Hit. iii. AV. {-do4} RV. lxxiii. &c.: ind. X. 6.): Caus. {vacam}. {AziSas} S'ak. du. 3. {paTaham}. to cause to be made known Kathâs. {viSam}. vii f. vi. 45). iii.. du. yield. 6 Kathâs. {a4dadAta} x. i. {prati-vacas}. xi KâtyS'r. iv-vii. Subj. 3 Pat.. {-syante}. MBh. 119] RV. 5. i. iv.: Pass. to place. 6-1. to give ear. v. Laghuj. 6-4. 132.. with {varam} "'. 5. x. {dehi4} [Pân. &c. {-dante}. to communicate. Impv. {-syate}. {a-bhikSa-}. 16 (with gen. ii. 112 to cause to be put on (loc. 0/1 {dRSTim} {dRzam} {akSi} {caksus}. keep. 2. vii-ix AV. iii. `" one's seat "') Mn. 160. viii. aor. {di4dAsat} RV. `" one's self. &c. 19/20 12. 6. 139. 161. 7-3. {agnIn} to consume by fire Mn. 227. 126 Kâs'. p. {avakAzam}. {dadade}. vi. m. 22. {da4date} RV. VP. R. 26. Kathâs.) MBh. v. pl. aor. fut. `" a fine "' Mn. p. i BrahmaP. utter (blessings. {-da4thur}. to cause grief "'. ii. {-dan} AV. x. {-la-prahAram}. in later language also gen. 33. 7 Subh. 197. &c.

imparting. pasture. purification L. {havir-})... daana = the act of giving daana* = 1 n.vii. bribery Mn. 2. N. S'Br. S'Br. 1. a donor. 8. {dambha}) deceitful. share. (fr. liberality (cf. to bestow a gñgift Mn... ii. {da4kSiNA} f. {upA7ya}). brilliance daakshyaM = resourcefulness daakshiNa * = nif({I})n. {damya}) Râjat..daaH = giving daakiNii = the goddess in mulaadhaara chakra daaDimaphalam. iv. R. daal: thick lentil soup daama = garland (like) daambha* = mf({I})n. the southern country i. 27. MBh. anaar daaDhaa* = f. (only in RV. a collection of sacrificial fees (g. 4. broken in. addition (VarBriS. donation.\\* = 2 mf({I})n. 9. N. desire L. n. {Atma-}. MBh. the act of giving RV. gift Lat.. daana* = 3 n. &c. {udaka-}. dividing L. daana* = 2 n. relating to the south W. vii. communicating. dispenser RV. Hariv. &c. ({-naMdA}. ({dAna4}) m.. distributor. oblation (cf.\\= 3 mfn.. 198 (cf. teaching (cf. giving up (cf. mild. tusk L. pl. to offer a gñgift Mn. {brakma-}). meadow RV. 1425. of a son of Bhîma Nal. part. ( {dam}) tamed. imparting. restoring Mn. {vasu-}) distribution of food or of a sacrificial meal. 295. {-ja}). of a Kânda of TS. i. cutting off. &c. ({A}) f. m. giving in marriage (cf. {prANa-}. ii). patient Br. fr.e. number. a tamed ox or steer (cf..) belonging or relating to a sacrificial fee S'Br. daanaiH = by charity daanaM = charity daanava = a demon daanavaH = the demons ..). {bhikSA7di}). &c. ({A}) f. &c.. xiii. {-nam prayam}. Hit. subdued. {zarIra-} Pañc. {dAna}). liberality. (fr.h = (n) pomegranate. Yâjñ. %{daMSTrA}) large tooth. 432. splitting. ending in {dA}. of a school of the AV. possession. 234). restrained. giver W. adding. Sus'r. {donum}] RV. Ficus Indica or = {damanaka} L. of an Apsaras MBh. MânGr.. {kanyA-}). Yâjñ. honesty. {danta}) made of ivory MBh. communicating. rut-fluid (which flows from an elephant's temples) MBh. Mn. the Deccan (see below. v. wish. (= and prob. (fr. S'ânkhS'r.. hypocritical Nalac daamyati = (4 pp) to tame daanta* = 1 mfn. liberal L. multitude daadhaara = holds daakshya = cleverness. pl. xvi. paying back. 18 Gobh... 16. but cf. of a bull Kathâs.

horror MBh. severe. ( {dRR}) tearing up. infidel (also {dA4sa}.. ii) and n.sing.h = disciple+am+I daasya* = n. N.g. (probably not connected with s. rarely m. ifc. the being a staff (g.. S'ak. g. &c. . of certain evil beings conquered by Indra (e. (Pañc. daasa* = 2 m. Sus'r. &c.. Mn. m. vii. Sch. a knower of the universal spirit L. once {I})n. &c. harshness. to {Arya}. N. barbarian. R. (scil. harlot L. S'ambara.. {udara-}. (in comp. a partic. rending (cf. take to wife. xxii. Pân. MBh. vi. 4) a wife (wives) GriS. daantau = with good teeth? daara* =1 Inf({I})n. {mRdu}) S'Br. {dasyu}). esp. a knowing man. marry MBh. 20 Vârtt. Namuci. Mn. cf. m. ({A}) f. Plumbago Zeylanica L. {a-dAra-sRt}). daaru = (neut) tree. pitiless. sg. Mn.. servitude. of S'ûdras and Kâya-sthas (but cf. {kASThA7di}). nom. pl. {kAka-jaGghA}. &c. for {dAza}). or {-am} before a vb. 3. {daNDa}.) RV. xv. {zivA7di}). Pañc. violent Mn. n. hard. of a plant (= {nilA} or {pItA jhintI}. hole TândyaBr. cruel. savage. harshness (of sound. ({-An} {kR} or {pra-kR}. {-Nya} n. of a river L. 24 Gaut. daaraa = woman daaridrya = poverty daars'a* = mf(%{I})n. Sch. one to whom gifts may be made W. &c. intense. 4-2. to express excellence or superiority cf.) servant daasosmyaham. service S'Br. (g.. 3-3. slavery. of names. {bhU-}). slave. dreadful. esp. daasharathiH = dasharatha's son daasaH = (male. Sus'r. 10). ({dA4sa}) mf({I})n. opp. 14.. daane = in charity daanena = by charity daaneshhu = in giving charities daanika * = mfn. ii. impious RV. 7 (cf. Pipru. relating to a gift.. fr. cleft. fiendish. a s'ûdra L. 29) f. cf. {dAra} and {dRR}. rent. (Âp. relating to a stick or to punishment W. %{adhyayana-}. sharp.. a fisherman (v.. demon.daaNDa* = 1 mf({I})n. ({I}) f. cf. i.. harsh (opp. rough. i. daara* =2 m. also {kAli-}).l. AV. {pRthv-Adi}). sg. multitude of staff-bearers. MBh.. 450). severity.. ({I}) f. 164 Sch. frightful. n. 14. (only ifc. of a disease of the roots of the hair Sus'r. N. % {yajJa}) the nñnew moon sñsacrifice Mn. Varcin &c. (fr. S'Br. MBh. id. an altar L. m. {kRta-}). 9. %{udaka-}.. patr. m. game with sticks Pân. N. Mn. TPrat. &c. a female servant or slave AV.. 4. %{darza}) relating to the new moon or the nñnew mñmoon sacrifice Kaus3. pl. 57 Kâs'. {-Naka} n. barbarous.. MBh.. (BhP. but cf. fiend. {karbu-}.) L. 24 .. servant RV. {nIlA7mlANa} &c. wood daaruNa * = mf({A}. daarvaaghaaTaH = (m) woodpecker daasa* = 1 m. vi . demoniacal. %{vara-}).

16 Mriicch.x BrahmaP. 3-1. the son of a Nishâda by a woman of the Âyogava caste Mn. 139. a forest MBh. present. n.. cii. &c. 171 Va1rtt. irony L. game. &c. (of {-ka} Pân.. R. of a locality S'ivaP. Mit. ii.h = one who gives daava * = conflagration. = fold cf. 1. daayinii = giver dadati = give. (Pân.S) the giver daataaraM = the giver daataaram.\\1 mfn.) a female imp attending Kâlî (feeding on human flesh) BhP. &c. dismembering. division. {su-}). site L. (always connected with fire) Ragh. a house L. esp. n. servant. obtained through inheritance. cviii f. destruction L. MBh. \\2 m. 46. play Pañcad. {zata4-}). n. 38. m. &c. {go-}). 141) giving. 18. dadhatamurujaTaa = bearing. mariner VS. %{ilA-}. nuptial fee L. 408. female slave L. head adornments dadhaatu = let them give( us welfare) dadhaami = create . part (ifc. m. heat. 165. inheritance RV. Hariv. i. a forest conflagration S'Br. 139) `" giving "' see %{iDA-}. confer upon dadau = gave (from daa: to give) dadha* = mfn. (2. xxx. x. 34. i. (cf. Daakinii * = f.. fire. 51 Pat.) (cf. daaya* =1 mfn. \\dAza * =3 the Vriiddhi form of 2.. sacrificing daas'a * =(written also {dAsa}) m. Kathâs. {dAyam upai9ti pitus}. slave L.) Vop. MârkP... 3) `" giving "' RV. delivery Mn. {zata-}. (iii. fisherman. portion. donation MBh. ({dAyAd upA7gata}. 8.). 4-2. {daza} in comp.daas'u * =worshipping. x.. place. donate dadadaH = (n) a thunder dadaami = I give dadaasi = you give..Nom. gift. share. viii. daasyante = will award daasyaami = I shall give charity daatavya = shouold be given daatavyaM = worth giving daataa = (masc. {zAk-}). presenting (cf. fisherwoman.. he obtains his father's inheritance Br. viii. TS. ferryman.. distress L. ({DAginI}. gift at the ceremony of initiation W. ({I}) f. preserving (with acc. N. 9 MBh. handing over.

{-lati} [pf. 15 Bhâm. da.dadhichii = a sage who gave his bones to the gods to make a thunderbolt dadhmuH = blew dadhmau = blew dagdha = burned. 1 Kathâs. pl. dry. Gît. a water-Râkshasa DivyA7v.: Caus. 2]. {dadAla}] Bhathth.h = to bite da. 4 Amar. ii. dakalaavaNika* = mfn. [471. xv) to. cii. 16 Sis'. aor. 58. 262 ff. lviii. {dAlayati}. split. {vi-}. open (as a bud) Sus'r. consumed by grief or hunger. Dhûrtas.: {dal-} id. miserable.. insipid. distressed. 8. to expel Mâlatîm. Bhathth. prepared with water and salt L.nDaH = punishment da. execrable daghibaaga = (f) Chinese take-out dah. inauspicious.nsh. viii. Usually it is caused by the malefic conjunctions of house lords with the lords of the 6th. fly open. ix.ntii = the tusked one da. 8th or 12th houses daiva = destiny daivaM = in worshiping the demigods daivaH = godly daivii = transcendental daiviiM = divine dal* = (= {dRR}) cl. {adAliSur}. tormented. 8 Sch. viii. pained. i. to pain Daitya = a demon son of Diti DaityaanaaM = of the demons dainyayoga = Combination of planets (Yoga) which give rise to poverty. cf. i.nshhTra = tooth da.h = to burn dahat. fang dakaraakSasa* = m.nshhTraa = (fem) tooth. {ud-}. xiv. crack. l. {ava-}. to cause to burst Sus'r. . Gît.h = one that burns dahati = (1 pp) to burn. Anargh.

4-2. father of 24 daughters by Pra-sûti VP. iii. father of Kriittikâ S'ântik. a fee or present to the officiating priest (consisting originally of a cow cf. 18 f. {su-da4kSa}. the south Nal. fitness. S'atr. $.). reward RV. he omitted. &c. 390. Pârvati S'Br. Lat. of a son of Us'i-nara BhP. 112). the right (hand or arm) RV. 23. &c. 104. ix. strength of will. {mArga-dakSaka}. daka* = n. Kularn. water Phetk. {dina4-}. {taiksvs}. or son of Pra-cetas or of the of 10 Pra-cetasas. viii. ii.Dakaara* = m. viii). 12212 [identified with Vishnu] ff.. with the disapproval of Dadhîca. ii. cf. and Soma. to the right R. iv. Mn. iv. N. 2. i. the righthand or higher doctrine of the S'âktas Kula7rn. the unborn "' BhP. of the disciples of a partic. when denoting relative position [`" right "' or. i. x.. v. the winter solstice and sacrifice then performed Mn. 64. clever. m. demons. i... S'ak. BhP. iv. = BrahmaP. iv. forming the lunar asterisms.) or to Dâkshi (Pân. n. 27. 20. 4. ind. and 13 [or 17 BhP. iv. ix. xii. iii R. energy. ii. dakhiNa = right side daksha = a lord of created beings dakshaH = expert* = mf({A})n. {prA7Na-}) Mn. situated to the south. iv. 13.. or n. 7. ({-NAm A-} {diz}. school (see {kumArI-d-}). &c.. xii. of one of the Prajâpatis (MBh. v. ix. VâyuP. dexterous. 107 RAnukr. strong. vii. i. to place any one on the right side as a mark of respect "'.. &c. 12. (with {AmnAya}) the southern sacred text (of the Tântrikas). (scil. Donation to the priest (personified along with brâhmanaspati. right (not left) RV. sincere. or 44 Hariv. 5 and 22. of a man with the patr. or n. ix. dexterous Pân. i. 7. m. the letter {D} TPrât. ind. &c. 12. Daaka* = m. 10. (scil. on the right or south (35). Indra. vii. southern. 34 Kâs'. of a sacrifice "' Mn. 5 Mn. 4. southern "'] KâtyS'r. {dakS-}]).. ability. the suñs progress towards sñsouth. &c. heightening or strengthening the intellectual faculties (Soma). 13.l. i.. 8 Kâs'îKh. iv. candid. 38 Sch.).. (offered to the Guru) MBh. i.. {abhaya-}. VS. 3597. m. while 10 are married to Dharma Mn. to invite Siva. 1. a gift. 20 Kathâs. 1. of a plant L. pl. of one of the 5 Kânyakubja Brâhmans from whom the Bengal Brâhmansare said to have sprung Kshiti7s'. 11542 VâyuP. 61 36 R. i LingaP. from the south. 8. of an Âditya (identified with Prajâ-pati TS. 1 1521 ff. MatsyaP. viii. Siva's bull L.. {a-tUta-}. N. &c. VP. i. [Hcat] &c.). ii-v S'ivaP.. Briihasp.. a figure of Durgâ having the right side prominent W. to earn thanks. {diz}) the south. l. a particular form of temple Hcat. Pân. cf. {-maMkR}. VS. pl. except Hariv: 12390) able. fit. southward ib. &c. As'vGri. {dagA7rgala}. clever. passable (the Ganges) MBh. ({A}) f. iii S'Br. RV. v Ragh. 44 Bhartri. Deccan L. S'ak. i. iv. the horse on the. Rc.. 16. 1. mental power.i. 15. 7. dwelling in the south SS'ankar. cf. m. 1-1. ind. 88 Sch. AV. i. xv Lâthy. N. Hariv. 35 Pratâpar. from or on the right side Pân. south. ii. 92. xii f. industrious. VS. wife of Sacrifice [Ragh. a prolific cow. an imp attending Kâlî Kâlac. i. xiii. named among the Vis've-devâs Hariv. evil disposition RV. 7534 Hariv. the letter or sound {d}. BrahmaP. 17 ff. 6. x TS. ix. a cock Car. 139.. viii. 8. vi.. sg. i. adroit. Kâty S'r. donation (cf. VP. m. ii. 128f. AV. 63] and nom. 10 [v. n.. S'iva. 167 R. 22 MatsyaP. 1844.. lxxxvii ff. of a law-giver Yâjñ. v. &c. turned or directed southward AV. v. ix f. good milch-cow RV.. i. N. i. {dex-ter}. {dakSa}) relating to Daksha (Hariv. 4 f. expert.. the south (in {-SasyA7yana} n.. i). 4. talent (cf. a general lover W. 5-3. i. of 50 [or 60 MBh. 13 and 41. pleasing. cvl. 38. intelligent RV. and animals. xvii. m. vi.. if. Goth. 21. Caus. fire L. ({A}) f. [{-Ne} KâtyS'r. but not necessarily in abl. iii. on the right side Hemac. and loc. 15 KûrmaP. xiii VâmP..iv. N. dakaara* = m. vi. xii. 23 R. ix. right side of the pole of a carriage.) mf({A})n. i. 1. ({At}) abl. right (opposed to left) RâmatUp. Hariv.] daughters of whom 27 become the Mooñs wives. dakshiNa = South * = (also {-Na4} S'Br. 6. 103.. completion of any rite ({pra-tiSThA}) L. `" N. straightforward. 25. 18 Sâh. 47. celebrating a great sacrifice [hence {dakSa sya4yana}. iii. iv.. (fr. (declined as a pron. MBh. i. ({am}) ind. or from A-ja "'. {dAkSAya4n}.. 93 f. becoming by this latter the mothers of gods. ii. 5. vii.) RV. to thank "' DivyA7v. ii. 31 BhP. 4 BhP. 2 ). on the right side of . 1-1. ({-NaM parI7}. 7537ff. x. able to calve and give milk "'. {go}). men. xi. of a son of Garuda MBh. 8. the earth L.iii. dAkSa* = mf({I})n. compliant MBh. disposition RV. or 8 R. (ifc. who ordered Vira-bhadra to spoil the sacrifice Hariv. ii. iii. whence called Prâcetasa MBh. to walk round a person with the right side towards him "' BhP. 6. {-kratu4}). coming from south (wind) Sus'r. 34. 101 VP. 7.. southern (as being on the right side of a person looking eastward). = {ud-}. x Nir.] those of Kas'yapa.. both being children of Ruci and Akûti. 22 Phetk. Ragh. able. AV. m. ({ena}) instr. suitable BhP. 18. iv. i. authoress of x.. {samAna4}. 10] to obtain a son. ({e}) loc. xii Hariv. 3. x VS. 2I. VP. 30. ii. 24. born from Brahmâ's right thumb MBh.

KâtyS'r. violence Mn. parasol &c. {zivA7di} and {zaunakA7di}) N. 6. &c. sauce-pan. to the right Kaus'. an elephant's tusk. 1. army ({koza-}. the peak or ridge of a mountain.. vii. {-vyuha}) L. ii. {-mat}) to sound (as a drum) Prab. 28. 4-2. the stick with which a lute is played L. vii Ragh. ix Mriicch. daNDaM = stick(walking) daNDaasana = the staff posture daNDii = Dandii dala = leaf dalam. . {gupta4} & {gUDha-}) [466. the staff of a banner. &) = {da4t} RV. {khara-}) MBh. 1. 82. &c. ii. MBh. of an attendant of the Sun.. `" trunk "' see {zuNDA-}. vii. 62. chastisement and imprisonment. = {-tikA} Sus'r. {vAg-}. 4. (p. pole. place near Calcutta danta* = m. {ikSu-}] g. 11 AV. MBh. P. xiv. of a planet "' (L. 4-1. vi. (g. Laghuj.. vi. restraint (cf. iv. N. {de4szine7} f. 21. Aupara MaitrS. of a prince slain by Arjuna (brother of {-dhara}. 3]... xvii.3]. 1 Mn. (fr. application of power. (staff given at investiture with the sacred thread S'Br.. x. of a Rakshas R. 4. and fiscal. 198. iv. `" a mast "' see {mahAdaNDa-dhara}.. a horse L. m. &c. the point (of an arrow? {atharI4}) RV. 40. the number 32 Ganit. 9. l).. Ghath. {nyasta-}). of a measure of time (= 60 Vi-kalâs) BrahmaP. power over (gen. ({A}) f. R. {-DA7hata}) L. iii. N. patr. 9 MârkP. relating to a stick or to punishment W. ifc. {bAhu-}.. {tri-daNDin}) Subh. ({A}) f. stem (of a tree. the steam of a plough L. daNDa = a staff. 55). BhavP. {pRthv-Adi}). a staff or sceptre as a symbol of power and sovereignty (cf. multitude of staff-bearers. n. {kuDmala-} and {krUra-a-dantI} &c. 75. {-bhAsa}) VarBriS. {zivA7di}).il.. &c. ({ais}) instr. Haravij. fine) TândyaBr. {al} [Kathâs. iv. 294 MBh. if. of a staff-like appearance in the sky (`" N. see {oDaka}. 32 Dharmas'arm. 3. 77.. the right hand. ({i}) f... {ibha-dantA}. 31) S'Br. a pin used in playing a lute. (g. N. ii VarP. or in comp.. 2390. of a constellation. a churning-stick (cf. xvii. 9. iii.] or {I} [MBh. identified with the Asura Krodha-hantrii) MBh. du `" treasure and army "' Mn. viii. fr. {ikSu-}. fly-flap. 57 Kâs'. &c. 8. 5.. also monetary punishment for wrong doing\\* = ( = $ -v. 115 (n. iii. &c.. 2079. `" tusk "' see {daMSTrA-}). cudgel. 1. 27 MârkP.or southward from (acc. cf. 2 VarBri. a partic. ix. 12) Mn. embodied power. xxi Caurap. xvii. (cf. {ardharcA7di}) a stick. VarBriS. Punishment (son of Dharma and Kriyâ VP. {mano-}. cf. [468.). 8). 2.. 7. Hedysaruni lagopodioides. `" arm "' or `" leg "' see {dor-}. iv. to place or leave on the right BhP.. game with sticks Pân. {daNDa}. &c. 8. staff. {-pAta}). club RV. vi. = {-DakA7sana} BriNârP. {kAya-} [{karma-} MârkP. xli.. 13 VarBriS. (n. "'] dakshiNaattaat. R. a line (cf. [cf. Lith. v. the being a staff (g. of a composition. i. xi. (n. m.. reprimand. 32. a stalk.] Pân. Kir. ind. control. Haravij. `" penis [with {vaitasa4}] "'.) AitBr. 7 TS. 5. verbal. the rod as a symbol of judicial authority and punishment. 164 Sch. MBh. the handle (of a ladle. (with {kR}. ii. vi. of a man with the patr. (in music) N. xx. S'iva MBh.). Npr dANDa* = 1 mf({I})n. Yama L. [cf. 14. i. S'Br. 10361. xxxi.. a pole as a measure of length (= 4 Hastas) VarBriS.h = from the southern direction dakshiNaayanaM = when the sun passes on the southern side dakshiNe = in the southern direction dakshiNeshvara = Dakshineshvar. vii f. pride L. the cross-bar of a lute which holds the strings S'ânkhS'r. an arbour S'is'. punishment (corporal. {ud-}. 22].. ivory MBh. rod. cf.h = (n) flower petal Dam* = cl. 39.xxiv. a form of military array (cf. xii. hence cognate with {dâ4ru} and {dRR}) m. N.

sg. N. 56. Hedysaruni lagopodioides. {zi4zur da4n} `" a child of the house "'. 62. 120.) PadmaP. P. 7-3..iv. 2390. overpower RV.) AitBr. [cf. 22]. &c. vii 198. N. pl. of a prince ({darbha} AgP.) = {da4m-patis}. of a constellation. N. 8. Â.. 5.] dama = self-control damaH = control of the senses damayataaM = of all means of suppression dambha = of pride* m. {damAm}).. MBh. Laghuj. 7 (gen. (n.). ({A}) f. {-bhAsa}) VarBriS. {domare} &c.. vi. 74. and fiscal. cudgel. L. of a Rakshas R. 1 Mn. Pân. xvii. RV. Kir. fly-flap. 74. {pa4ti da4n} = {da4m-patI}. a pole as a measure of length (= 4 Hastas) VarBriS.). (? Subj. of an attendant of the Sun. {mano-}. 153. viii.: cl. {ikSu-}] g.] dam* =2 a house RV. viii.. staff. irreg. 294 MBh.. a line (cf. a stalk. Râjat. embodied power. 2. {rambha} VP. 1. a staff or sceptre as a symbol of power and sovereignty (cf. of a prince slain by Arjuna (brother of {-dhara}.. pride L. x. i. $... feigning. a form of military array (cf. {nyasta-}). 1-3. N. 2... 105. i. N. {damitvA}) Bhathth. 37) to be tamed or tranquillised S'Br. parasol &c. 3. m. or in comp. &c. of a planet "' (L. iii. 9. 39. 8. ind. xvii. {ardharcA7di}) a stick. 163 MBh. an ivory worker R. Aupara MaitrS. 46. l). reprimand. vii. `" trunk "' see {zuNDA-}. the handle (of a ladle. `" penis [with {vaitasa4}] "'.. 2) Prab. pole.ii.4. 27 MârkP. see {-oDaka}. 39.xxiv. {pa4tir da4n} (gen. Npr danDadiipa = (m) tubelight danDayati = (10 up) to punish dantaH = (m) tooth dantapaalii = (f) gums dantacAla* = m. identified with the Asura Krodha-hantrii) MBh. 2079. {tri-daNDin}) Subh. 34 Kâs'.. 2: Caus. cf. {da4nas}) id. the stick with which a lute is played L. 6. $ &c. BhavP.3]. x. 5 AV. {-ma4yat}. Desid. {damayati} (p. xv. verbal. of a man Râjat. 6. vii Ragh. conquer MBh. 4 (ind. xiv. xiv. hypocrisy Mn. {khara-}) MBh. p. 1 MBh. {gupta4} & {gUDha-}) [466. sauce-pan. 4. chastisement and imprisonment. 174. {vAg-}. fine) TândyaBr. S'iva. &c. S'iva MBh. xxxi. 61. N. {-DA7hata}) L. i. the rod as a symbol of judicial authority and punishment. 2379 and BhP. 2. 4. hence cognate with {dâ4ru} and {dRR}) m. 8. 1. vii. of a staff-like appearance in the sky (`" N. ii. xx. 89) to subdue. control. 9.dam* =1 cl. Indra's thunder bolt L. stem (of a tree. `" tusk "' see {daMSTrA-}). . 12) Mn. violence Mn. p.. &c.v. {adami}. $. 5.. a churning-stick (cf.iv. Deceit (son of A-dharma and Mriishâ BhP. {kAya-} [{karma-} MârkP. deceit. iii. the staff of a banner. iii. {zivA7di} and {zaunakA7di}) N. MBh.. 2 VarBri. (g. of a man with the patr. {ikSu-}. the steam of a plough L. 2 (Impv. (staff given at investiture with the sacred thread S'Br. a horse L. {ud-}. rod. Punishment (son of Dharma and Kriyâ VP. 20. 10361. 2. fraud. = {-DakA7sana} BriNârP. {dA4myata}). aor.. {-vyuha}) L. iv. {dAntvA} and {damitvA}. {-mit} Bhathth. 115 (n.. {dAmyati} (Pân. to tame. du `" treasure and army "' Mn. 9 MârkP. xvii. 2. 20. sg.. `" a mast "' see {mahAdaNDa-dhara}. {bAhu-}. 149. ii. application of power. see {dAn}. `" arm "' or `" leg "' see {dor-}. dantakAra* = m. army ({koza-}. 3. {-pAta}). of a weapon Buddh. 1135. vii. ({A}) f. xi. S'Br. ii VarP. N. power over (gen. the cross-bar of a lute which holds the strings S'ânkhS'r. ix. 1. of a measure of time (= 60 Vi-kalâs) BrahmaP. Yama L. Pass. if. xii. 7 TS. &c. * m.. dambhaH = pride dambhena = out of pride daNDa* = ( = $ -v. ii. cf. subdue. [cf.. looseness of the teeth Sus'r. iv. punishment (corporal. xli. 7. [cf. 6. restraint (cf. 99. Lat. x. (cf. club RV.

xi. &c. x . iv Yâjñ. the navel Gal. {sama-}. (Pân. viii. 25 MBh. iii. of an insect Npr. halfmonthly sacrifice performed on that day AV. ({I}) f. a hole in the ground. intention (cf.. 8. %{Adinava-} . {danta-}) Bhartri. i. looking at (see {tulya-}. Darshan . ifc. iii. colour L. i. {karNA7di} dantapattra* = n. a little Bhartri. v. Ragh.. Saccharum cylindricum W. a kind of ear-ring dara* = (Pân. 74 Yâjñ. 6 Prab. N. m. n.. 4622. (parox. n. tearing asunder daridrataa = poverty. 1285 Hit. vi. i. foreseeing Ragh. `" knowing see {dharma-}.) N.). 11. the becoming visible or known. vi. 27. 53 Kâm. observing. viii. = {dharma} L. 102. TBr. 18 .. showing (cf. 10. vi. dars'ana = seeing * =darzana mf({I})n. audience. v. {dRbh}) a tuft or bunch of grass (esp. &c. i. fear MBh. 8. 3 . BhP. i.. xiv. &c. 2700. xii. Sch. 18. 6/7 discernment. seeing. iii. 47 MBh. ocular perception Sus'r. [Pûrva-] Mîmânsâ by Jaim. 84 Kathâs.) Lalit. of Kr2ishn2a . i. aspect.. the root of a tooth g. 38. with or without {saha} Vet. g. N. 43. %{dur-} . doctrine. cave MBh. &c. 6. 131. &c. Yoga by Pat. semblance Mn. 10238. inspection. ii . {pApa-}) R. ii. viz. presence Âs'vGri. {dhara}) L. meeting (with gen. 328 Hariv. looking. cleaving. 93. xii. ({I}) f. N. 7 Mn. 9 and 23. %{prity-} . = %{pUrNamAsa4} TS. 116. xvii.l. 5-2. 14206) . {deva-}. 57. 25/26 Râjat. 24.) Ragh. iii. Pân. 191. 18 and 44) R. i. 41.. 26 Dhûrtas. teaching MBh. Kum. &c. 35/11 a mirror L. S'r. noticing. vi. ii. &c. judgment S'ak. MBh. {a-}. dream Hariv. breaking see {puraM-dara4}. v. ix Bâdar. opening. (g. `" stream "' see {asRg-}. xii. 11045 f. 17. 14 . appearance. ii. ({am}) ind. 23 S'Br. a conch-shell BhP. xiv S'ânkhGri. viii. ii. `" of a prince "' see {dambha}. 5 . {uJchA7du}) = {-rI} R. (2. ii. 3. instr. the being mentioned (in any authoritative text) Kâty.) MBh. perception RV. Hariv. ifc. Kâty. A1s3vGr2. 101. . 96. 58) mfn. philosophical system (6 in number. cf. {bhagaM-}. of Kus'a grass. appearance (before the judge) Mn. 4. 8 S'ak. exhibiting.. viewing "' see %{avasAna-} .. vii.. a sacrifice L. (g. &c.. iii. 1. 5/6. understanding. 6. shortage darpa = pride (masc) darpaM = pride darpaH = arrogance darpaNa = Mirror darpaNaH = (m) mirror darbha = a sweet-smelling dried grass dars'a * = mfn. {kurv-Adi} v. Cân.l. ii. poison (v. apprehension. 89 Sus'r. & S3Br.. vi . 6) . 5 MBh. intellect Mn. i. view. experiencing BhP. Durgâ Hariv. `" showing "' see %{Atma-} . 5460. i. x Kramadîp. visiting Yâjñ. the eye-sight. v. 3-3. day of new moon . Nyâya by Gotama Vais'eshika by Kana7da Sânkhya by Kap. iii. 71.) TS. examination Yâjñ. of a Sa1dhya Va1yuP. used for sacrificial purposes) RV.. du. seeing. ( %{dris}) ifc.. 13/14 Kâm. i. 60 S'ak. % {tattva-} . 25.. iv.. {ardharcA7di}. ( {dRR}) ifc. darshanaM = sight. 4. {su-}. % {pacA7di}) the moon when just become visible . 0/1. v. ii. i. 58. the eye Sus'r. R. Ragh. of a grass (different from Kus'a and Kâs'a Sus'r. and %{vadhU-darza4} . Uttara-Mîmânsâ by Bâdar. s. m.. (Day of) New Moon (son of Dha1tr2i BhP. iii . `" appearance "' see %{ca4dir-darza4} . of a man Pravar. opinion Mâlav. i. 170 MBh. `" looking at . contemplating Mn. ii. xxvi Lâthy. i.. a vision. 61 . (n. 8 Bhag. [471.dantajAha* = n. v.. (Nal.. darbha * = m. iv. ix Kaus3. m. 3 AV. 3. ii. 158 Yâjñ. 583 BhP. vf. 1]. in comp.. showing. observation. dari // daari *: splitting. iii. 1 (Âs'vGri.

the mind L. {nir-}) and in comp. ii. aspect or position of the planets (at birth &c. ( {daMz}?) the fringe of a garment. &c. Megh. Also means the actual Major planetary period itself. a demon. i. Others are ashhTottari (108).. for {-zan} ({as}) f. pl.). 1. Shatatri.nshottarii or 120 year cycle system. iii. 6. Dwadashottari (112). 2. each. das'a = (adj) ten* =1 ifc. These are lunar based. cf.darshanakaankshiNaH = aspiring to see darshanaaya = for seeing darshaniiya = handsome darshanena = at the sight of darshaya = show darshayaamaasa = showed darshitaM = shown darshinaH = seers darshibhiH = by the seers darvii = (f) serving spoon. state or condition of life. Laghuj. VarBri. 30 Bhartri. the fate of men as depending on the position of the planets. id.. viii. for {-zA} ({ajpa-}. {tRNA7di}. ({tri-}. {dvi-}. circumstances R. ladle Dasa* = mfn. a wick Gobh. 32 ({kSauma-}) Kum. of 10 Jain texts ({upA7saka-}. 5 Mn. dasa* = m. 12. manhood. g. vi. {vastra-}. 11. &c. &c. condition. skirt or hem KâtyS'r. loose ends of any piece of cloth. sthira. kaala chakra and kendraadi dashas etc . Dwisaptatisama (72).) VarBriS. i.) consisting of 10 chs. teeth+bereft dashanaantareshhu = between the teeth dashamukhaantakaH = the finisher (destroyer) of the ten-faced one (rAvaNa) dasharatha = dasharatha's dasharathatanayaM = the son of dasharatha dasharathasyaitau = dasharathasya+etaau.. `" Decads "'N. Shodashottari (116). Then there are Rashi (sign) based systems: chara. 22 Kaus'. {udag-} &c. dasharatha's+this pair dashaa = Planetary period or system of directions. Pañcat.nshatsama (36). Chatursheetisama (84). Panchottari (105). {daza}.. There are many of these the most used being vi. iv. dashati = (1 pp) to bite dashanavihiinaM = dashana+vihInaM.) \\=2 ifc. das'aa * =f. &c. iv. period of life (youth. 21. S'ânkhGri. iv. ShashhTisama (60). Yogini (30). 17 ({UrNA}) Lâthy.

. (Buddha). not accepted as a witness. {-ha4n-tama} mfn. or {an-A4s} `" ugly-faced "'. ( {das}) enemy of the gods (e. 2 (Light) Hariv. . {So-Da}. \\*=5 = {da4t} cf. 6-1. S'Br. vi. dauraatmya* = n. violence to the DñDasyu (N.. `" giving any desired object "' Pañcat. carried by a sling L. {a4dhara}.h = things given daurbalyaM = weakness daurmanasya = despair daur * = Vriiddhi of {dur} for {dus}.dashaa. {a-yajJa4}..nsha = One of the varga-s or harmonic divisions of a sign. 63) a tooth RV. {a4-pRnat}...g. id. barbarian (called {a-nA4s}. {dac-chada} [cf. 47. (Pân. heat. often ifc. any outcast or Hindû who has become so by neglect of the essential rites Mn. {ma4nas}. submarine fire L. daur-ita4 * =n. n. effecting. MBh. {garbha-}. `" promoting the welfare of elephants and horses "' VarBriS. 36. VS. This is the 10th division dashaanana = Another name for Ravana dashaavataara = the ten avataara-s of Vishnu dashaikaM = eleven dashhTa = bite dasyu* = m.). wicked. {manyu4}. {akarma4n}). 51. promised. {-myaka} mfn. {cu4muri}. {a-panna-}.. m. {panna-}. &c. {da-}) ifc. see {anala-}. da *=1 the 3rd cerebral consonant (pronounced like {d} in {drum} by slightly turning the tip of the tongue upwards [430. i. {dens} &c. 3. {-hA4} instr. {da4m-patI}) L. the act of cutting off L. dasyuhan* = m. {dhu4ni}. {a-vrata4}. impious man (called {a-zraddha4}. a wife (derived fr. offering. {dA}) ifc. {za4mbara}.). L. Âs'vGri. (taking the form {da4nta} in the strong cases Pân. ({A}) f.2].. x. daur-gatya * =n. &c. depravity MBh. \\ *=6 m. {da4syave sa4has} n. {artha-}.. 5-4. distress. wickedness. cf. vi. 15 and viii. {janma-} &c. \\ *=3 mfn.. 66. {jIva-}. of Turvîti). {anya-vrata}. x. inhuman "'). {a4-yajyu}. ({A}) f. harm S'Br. Indra's gift.. misery. robber (called {dhani4n}) RV. ({A}) f. {gaja-vAji-vRddhi-}. 18).. iv. (cf. n. {agni-}. &c. of a man RV. {abhI7STa-}. ii. 3) giving. viii. Siva L. xviii. Agni. 5) Mn. &c. \\*=2 mf({A})n. Lat. $. 3-2. \\*=1 the 3rd and soft letter of the 4th or dental class. producing (e. and often in Bengal like a hard {r}). 39.g..] dattaM = given dattvaa V= granted. a basket &c. inferior "'. n. 8-2. evil (deed) R.. (nom. 83.. 2. m. (4. {traso4-} ({da4syave vR4ka} m.\\ *=2 m. mischief. AV. {a-doma-da4}. 2) AV. x.. `" wolf to the Dasyu "'N. 4. a sound L. * resumption to give dattaan. &c. (superl. 115. 16. a gift L. {-ghnA4})fn. 17 Kâs'.) most destructive to the Dasyus. id. all conquered by Indra. Kâv. badheartedness. 141-145) see {a-} &c. {a-dat-ka}. destroying the Dasyus (Indra i. Pân.2]. viii [473. see {Rzya-da4}. 55 f. a kind of drum W. a Dâkinî L. 16. ({A}) f. \\ *=4 mfn. ( {do}) ifc. 10). 8 (Agni). {da4n}. cf. 50. (Pân. (1. (nom. viii. pain L dat * = m. {zu4SNa}. fear L. BhP. L. poverty MBh. granting. a mountain L. {anna-}. 170. {a4-mAnuSa}.

dayaa = mercy* = f. (fr. S'ârng P. 2]. {du}) a wood on fire BhP. viii. 751. daurgya * = n. Vop. 8. {dUta}) the state or function of a messenger. xiv Hit. id. cf. shape. form. cf. {nir-}. ({-haMdhAraya}. mission dava * = (see also daava). `" to fake pity on "' [loc. to support the body i. per. dayaaluH = the kind-hearted dayita = dear Dayate = to fly deha = body: * = m. metron. `" horse "'). heat Car. vii. 13. and {sadaya}. 42. v.. daurudhara * = mfn. ill conduct VS. daur-hArda * = n. N.. wickedness. MBh. a forest L. 6. 14035. appearance. fever W. daur-mitri * =m. manifestation ifc. daurbhikSa * =n. gen.) Hariv. i. Hit. daurmadya * =n. {dAva}. bulk (as of a cloud. difficulty. having the appearance of ({saMdeha-} Bâlar. i. 8486. Sch. burning. badness of mind. (in a triad with {manas} and {vAc}) Mn. `" descendant of Dur-gaha "' patr. inaccessibility W. Mn. g. disobedience. rampart. n. {A}) Var. pity for (loc.. {dur-mitrA} (g. daur-vratya * = ({dau4r-}) n.. ill-will. 41 ) S'Br. mould. in comp. of the serpent-priest Timirgha ib. brawl. iv. gen. . MBh. {durudharA}) Var. daurezruta * = m. surrounding wall RV. f. enmity.daur-gaha4 * = m. mound. xiv &c. 43/44). 2. ifc. 1. individual Subh. fight L. fr. mass. envy. exist Nal. 104 &c. patr. consisting of bad people (company) Nalac. to plaster. MBh. {a-daya4}. daur-mukhi * = m. (fr. bank.). sympathy. BhP. 49 f. {bAhv-Adi}). relating to Dur-vâsas Madhus. dauhitra = (m) grandson (daughter's son) dauhitri = (m) granddaughter (daughter's daughter) dautya * n... iv. Hariv. fire L. Bhartri. fashion) the body TÂr. i. (2. KâtyS'r.]).. {dur-mukha} MBh. compassion. MBh. (fr. RV. famine TândyaBr. depravity [499. 7. wrong Hit. villain Nîlak. {dUre-zruta}) patr. {-nya} n. Sch. m. {yuvA7di}. fr.. evil. of a country L. ({-yAM} {kR}. iii. 20. son. [470. Pity (daughter of Daksha and mother of A-bhaya BhP.1]... R. 6. ( {dih}. daur-jana * = mf({I})n.e. message. Pañcat. wickedness. daur-hRda * = n. morbid longing of pregnant women L. of Puru-kutsa (Naigh. &c. &c. ({I4}) f. 7008 &c. i. daur-vAsa * = or mf({I})n..

h = man dehinaM = of the embodied dehinaaM = of the embodied dehii = the self dehiinaM = the living entity dehiinaH = of the embodied dehe = in the body dehe. all the gods RV. (cf. {pitR-d-}. [cf.3]. xiii. priest RV. N. S'Br. existence dehatrayaH = the three forms of bodies (corporal or physical. the gods as the heavenly or shining ones. [cf. {bhU-d-}). (cf.asmin. a god on earth or among men. VS. the image of a god.g. the wives of the gods RV. {devR} and {devara}) W. viz. 11 &c. {vyantara}. 4. {AcArya-d-}.&c. f. 4 &c. 3.. &c. astral and causal dehabhrit. {nara-}. (according to Pân. 48) Kâv.. 41. &c. divine (also said of terrestrial things of high excellence) RV. {mAtR-d-}]. m.. 5 TS. 22.).g. a cloud L. Br. {div}) heavenly. (pl. i. and in names as {puruSo7ttama-d-} [lit. &c. (with Jainas) the 22nd Arhat of the future Ut-sarpinî. or king. an idol Vishn. king S'rî-hñharsha or VikrñVikrama7nka.. and {vaimAnika}. {tri-daza}]. {devA4nAm pa4tnyas}. e. 11 Rudras. N. cf.. {zrI-harSa-d-}. prince (as a title of honour. m. AV. {devi-tamA}. dolt L. class of deities [see under {vi4zva}]. of Indra as the god of the sky and giver of rain MBh. cf. or a partic. (rarely applied to) evil demons AV. &c.. 16)... or 8 Vasus. with Jainas 4 classes. 3 &c.. having Vishnu as one's deity. 3. {jyotiSka}. ii. `" your majesty "' or `" your honour "'. rarely preceding the name e. 15.. often reckoned as 33. {deva-caNDamahAsena} Kathâs. a fool. {kSiti-}. either Brâhman. {vikramA7Gka-d-}. {vi4zve devA4s}. esp. a child L. VS. and 12 Âdityas [to which the 2 As'vins must be added] Br. iii. a husband's brother (cf. iv. {bhavanA7dhI7za}. 68. also DivyA7v. (superl. 139..h = in this body deheshhu = bodies deva = God* = mf({i})n. {deva4-tama} RV. a man following any .dehaM = body.h = the embodied dehabhritaa = by the embodied dehabhritaaM = of the embodied dehali = doorstep dehavadbhiH = by the embodied dehaaH = material bodies dehaantara = of transference of the body dehaapaaye = when life departs the body dehin. of the number 33 (see above) Ganit. AV. R. {deva-patnI} below]) [492. 5. god RV. (fr. {atithi-d-}. either 11 for each of the 3 worlds RV. 120 {de4va}) a deity. ii. 3-3. Pañc. 1. in the voc. also ifc. iii.

a saint of the celestial class. dimin. play L.partic. 781 {sapta saptarSayaH} for {sñsapta devarS-}) R..nom. 16. 8. line or business L. f. MBh.) god. {-ya4t} = {-vaya4t}. {-tva} n. which causes yawning devadattaM = the conchshell named Devadatta devadaasii = God's (female) servant (word degenerated to a temple prostitute) devadeva = O Lord of all demigods devadevasyadevaH = (masc. Atri &c. 1.4 Sch. Lat. &c. of Nârada. {dîvus}. ({I4}). Maitr. 1259.h = the pleasures of the gods devadevasya = of the Supreme Personality of Godhead devadatta = one of the vital airs. the deeds of dñdivine sages MBh. (xiv. and KapS. {-carita} n. of men VP. 2. Hibiscus Mutabilis or Marsilia Quadrifolia. only p. ({A}) f. 1 (cf. 192. sesamum Gal. devabhogaan. emulation.] devaaH = demigods devaalayaH = (m) temple devaan..sing. (cf. `" a Riishi among the gods "'N. iii. xii. lancer L. see s.. {-varya} m. xiii.) an organ of sense MundUp. {deiwas}. 3. of S'iva MBh. Kâthh. devalaH = Devala . N. state or rank of a dñdivine sñsages BhP.h = demigods devaanaaM = of the demigods devaaya = Divine* = Nom.. devarshi* = m. L.. a sword Gal. ({deva} + {RSi}) a Riishi. {brahmarSi} and {rAjarSi}). wish to excel or overcome L. P. chief of sages MW. for {devadatta} Pân. sport. {pitR-vallabha} m. Lit.. [Cf.. {-varSi}). 8. 7663. Old Pruss. a spearman. {deus}. 83 Vârtt.. as Nârada. N. (n. {de14vas}. Pur. 5-3. 7. demi-god devahitaM = that which is healthy or `pro' or good for the Devas devaM = God devataa = goddess devataaH = the demigods devarshiH = the sage among the demigods devarshiiNaaM = of all the sages amongst the demigods devarishi* = m. i.. of a disciple of Nâga7rjuna MWB.v.

. {dadhva4s}. {a4-}). 2. {-bhaTTa}) Madhus. {dadhA4the}. 75. Hariv. i. 17. of the character in which Sanskriit is usually written (prob.. the wife of S'iva MBh. 1. = {dhatte4} RV.. v. 1. {dadhe4} [at once 3. devaya* = Nom. pl. {da4dhIta} RV. du. pl. Â. i. devavara = O great one amongst the demigods devavrataaH = worshipers of demigods devayajaH = the worshipers of the demigods devayaa* = mfn. or {-tana}. divine or shining (?) BhP. pf. 8. 149. ix. his descendants) Hariv. worship. 1. {deva4}) a female deity. religious RV. &c. of the husband of Eka-parnâ Hariv. Impv.. the 4 goddesses of Buddhists are Rocanî. impf. (cf. Pândurâ and Târâ Dharmas. {a4dhatta} or {a4dadhAta} RV. a kind of bird (= {zyAmA}) L. Medicago Esculenta &c. 2. of a son of Kriis'âs'va by Dhishanâ BhP. Mâmaki. a virtuous or pious man Un. {dadhma4si} or {-ma4s}. 96 Kâs'. 8. longing for them RV. {dadhati}. vii. pl. 36.. supernatural power (= {kuNDalinI}) Cat. 34. v.. from its having originated in some city) Col. of a man mentioned with AñAsita. p.h = to be given desha = country deshe = land dhaa * = 1 cl. {-dhidhve4} [cf.. &c.. of an Apsaras MBh. Impv. Ushas RV. 2. only p. 2. Kâv.]. the wife of Brahmâ MBh. pl. 1.. 152.. 66. 3. 5 &c. {-tas}. 13. of a son of Pratyûsha MBh. Kâv. 2. {da4dhase}. iii. 2. (cf. devanAgarii* = f. heat = (water) deyaM = is to be given deyam. of plants (colocynth. pl.. v...devala* = 1 m. of the grandfather of Pân. sg. queen. sg. Subj. Pân. P. {dhatte4} RV. 45 Sch. 5. 6 [Pân. iv). Pot.]. 10. {dhaddhvam} [Pân. {-dhatu}.). {da4dhat} or {-dhAt} [Pân. (P. 108 Sch. 40. {-te} .]. iii. `" divine city writing "'N. 8-2. of Asita or a son of AñAsita MBh. {dhatsva}. Prav.. 3. {-dhas}. 2. a partic. 38]. pl. but also any woman of high rank) MBh. 40. 7. {-dhan}. sg. N. {dAdhAtu} pl. Sarasvatî. 87. 22. 1. pl. MBh. a species of cyperus.. &c. 20. 3-4.] or {dadhidhvam} RV. Pot. going to the gods. iii. 20. 32. Â. of a son of Vis'vâ-mitra (pl.. Durgâ.. loving or serving the gods. of an astronomer Var. goddess RV. 41. {a4dhatta}. fire. i. Pân. {da4dhat}. an attendant upon an idol (who subsists on the offerings made to it. 7. p. and= pf. {dhatta4}. Subj. 6-4. &c. i.. 15. 64. 3. rarely cl. du.g. N. {dha4tse}. devi = Goddess devii = Goddess * = f. {dadhatAm} AV. 180 MBh. 70 Kâs'. Â. 7-3. P. Sâvitrî... {dhattha4s}. 32. &c. AitBr. {dhehi4} [fr. {-dhA4te}. i.. x. 5 &c. vii. {dAdhati}. Col. sg. 4. {dadhyA4t}. {-ti} m. burning. iii. 33. P. 3. 4818. viii.]. of a legislator (also.. cf. {da4dhAta}. {da4dhate} RV. {dhatta4s} [Pân.]. vii.Â. Pur. of a descendant of Kas'yapa and one of the authors of RV. impf.) L devesha = O Lord of all lords deveshhu = amongst the demigodsdava *= a wood on fire B. {dhattana}. {-tthAs}. 66. 2 or {dadhiSva}. {-dhatas}. reverence W. 119] or {dhattAt} RV. (e. Hariv. sg. 13 [cf. 2. vii. {a4dadhAt} pl. 85. 8-2. 38 Kâs'. oftener {-laka} Mn. i. {dhaddhi}. (with Jainas) the mother of 18th Arhat of present Ava-sarpinî L. 3. {-dhur}. {da4dhAna}). {da4dhAti}. {dhattha4}.. of an elder brother of Dhaumya MBh. x. &c. viii. viii. v. princess lady (the consecrated wife or daughter of a king. N. of the father of Sannati (the wife of Brahma-datta) ib. Kull. {-ya4t}. 41. 2 or {dadhIta4}. 2. 7-1. 5 or {dhatse4} AV. 2. MWB. pl. of nymph beloved by the Sun L.

) Veda7ntas. effect. exhibit. du.. Br. P. to bid defiance ib.] dhaanya = grain dhaa4na * = mfn. {dâ}. keeping in remembrance. 64). &158945[513. having (ifc. {dhitvA4} Br. m. wearing. or {dhire}. coriander L. R. MBh. pr. 33 Kâs'. {dheyAm}. {dhAsISTa} or {dhAyiSISTa} [vi.). i. sg.). receptacle. seat (cf. P.. {dhAmahe} RV. pl. {dadhe4} [cf.P. Sax. 2. Hit. to take pleasure or delight in [loc.etc.. get. {rajju-} &c. strive after (p.. BhP.: BhP. [Pân. have. MBh. 66. MBh. Pass. generate.]. 82.]) RV. 6-4.. {dhAsyati}. fut. {dhimahe}... Mn. (Â. 1.: immovable concentration of the mind upon (loc. Class. with {tatpadavyAm padam}. Pur. holding.).. AV. &c. bud. 155. 42]. bearing. R. {de4ti}. 3]. 2. {samAdhim} &c. 2. i. Mn. 4. P. 6. 6-4. to make. to destine for. vii.) to direct or fix the mind or attention ({cintAm}. also {-tave}. set. ({I}) f. aor. x. 114. v. iii. produce. {tuan}. present or impart to (loc. 3. 73. supporting. iii. the two female breasts L. to render (with double acc. corn. dhaaraNaa* = f. retaining. {dhiya4dhyai} RV. memory TÂr. {do7n}. {dadhiSe4} or {dhiSe} RV. Ved. to be given or granted. {dhA4tu} [cf. col. GriS. or dat. iv. (aor. having composed one's self R. BhP. {dhAyIs} RV. P. with {pUrayAm}. incur. pl. {-thAs}. 82. 18.. or dat. [P.. Br. Prec. {dhu4r} RV. &c. Pot. to wish to give or present RV. {di4dhiSati}. &c. and once cl. (Class.] lot or share RV. wearing (see {liGga-}). (pf. perform. 2. 2. Kâv. pr. 11. {adhItAm}.). bearing. {dhAyeta} MaitrUp.. {adhImahi}.]. 166. holding (cf.h = (n) lustre dhaaraNa* = mf({I})n..e. establish. {dadaiti}. {zvAsa-}). MBh. BhP. 28. put on (clothes) RV. resembling MBh.. Pot. MBh. 3. 7. {varayAm} &c. {-te} (Pân. to seize.. restraining (cf. 6. {-NAM gataH}. {-dhA4ya} and {-dhA4m} AV. 31. {dhA4s}. {da4dhAna} [cf. equal Kâvya7d.. {adhita}. Old Sax. N. intellect Yâjñ. to inflict punishment on [with loc. AV. ii. {dhA4ta} or {tana}. 12 Bhartri. MWB. Pot. {kSura-}. to put one's foot in another's footstep i. bearing &c.).. to take or bring or help to (loc. {-te} or {dhAtA} Br. {di4dhiSANa}. {dhAntu} RV. {uda-}). 7-3..) to accept.: Caus. cause. ({A} and {I}) f.) upon. with {Are4}. p. 2. assuming the shape of (gen. {dhitsyate}. acc.. Impv. aor. dat. ind. MBh. {didhiSu4}): Intens. {hitvA} [Pân. to exercise concentration Yâjñ. (cf. sg. AitBr. shoot L. {dhA}. show. &c. pl. firmness. 3] Lith. containing. . ii. {dhaithe}. with {prati} or a sentence closed with {iti}) RV. Angl. Slav. create. 3). hold. {-dhur} RV. (Pass. &c. TBr.. take (with {o4kas} or {ca4nas}. 739. imitate. {dedhIyate} Pân. 8 Vârtt. Hariv. 56. possessing. 158. {didhiSA4yya}. {mantrayAm}. Pân. S'Br. undergo RV. enduring R. conceive (esp. &c. 7 (cf. keeping back (also in remembrance). cf. {adhiSi}. 7-3. (with {daNDam}.v.) RV. (cf. = {pUrayAm} &c. &c. {dadhau4}. take hold of..: with {avadya4m}. 62]) to put.) RV. 81. Â. {gopAla-}. {dhAsur} Subj.. i. understanding. see {dhAraNA} and {-NI}. (Â. x.) TÂr. (Â. {cakAra}). coriander L. {duan}.. {ahita}. {dhe4the} RV..) to wish to gain. Impv. 6). {-tos}.. or with gen. N. &c. maintaining MBh. iii. 3. inf.v. or dat. 7-4. ({dhA4raNa}) n.xiii. 36 (see {antar-dhA}. bear.. 45].. {-Sata} Br. &c. {a4dhAt}. {zrad-dhA} &c.e. {aGgAra-}. {a4dhAyi}. fix or resolve upon (loc. {dhat} RV. to appoint. P. Engl. case. &c. Mn. {dhiSIya} ib. {-dhatur}. or gen. keeping back i. pl.. [Pân. Hariv. 4. {-sathas} and {-satha} RV. 7. {agni-}. [Cf. Yâjñ. to assume. keeping (in remembrance). Kâv. fall to one's [dat. of a prince of the Candravatsas ib. the site of a habitation L.): Desid. = n. {dhIya4te} RV. 5. = womb or bosom of the night RV. to wish to put in or lay on (loc. protecting. {-nam akto4s} prob. to remove) RV. {thun}.) RV. 54). 18. {do7n}. only thrice cl.. 7-4.. of S'iva MBh. Â. {-dhApayati} Pân. {diti}. {-dhA4tha}. &c. also {-dhitum}. {tavai4}. Kâv. possess. a good memory KathhUp. 1075. i. Kâv. {dhA4yi} RV. &c. dhaanaaq4 * = f.RV. Subj. in the womb).. {do}. &c. p. Zd. Â. {-Na}. vii. 3. {dhImahi}. dhaama = one who has the abode dhaaman. with gen. obtain. support. TÂr. 6-i. 239 ({-NAM-dhR}. suffering. 67. 10 &c.. {-dhimA84}. MBh. {dedja}. S'vetUp. place. constitute RV. see s. {dhetana} RV. Gk. Sus'r. du. {adhat} SV. n. {dadhidhve4} [cf. dat. pr. wear. 66].) RV. execute RV. &c. {manas}. MBh. {-dhA4te}. 7]. AV. {adhu4r}. bestow on.. {dheSIya} MaitrS. {dhitsya} see s.. {dhiSvA84}. {tuon}... but usually = fried barley or rice or any grain fried and reduced to powder) RV. {dadhA4the}. 147. of a river L. {hita} AV. of a son of Kas'yapa ib. 3 Pat.. i.]. maintaining.. 5.. the act of holding.. 1) ib. preserving. think of (loc. 4. {-te}. {dhA4tum} Br. {dhi4tsati}.]. lay in or on (loc. {dadhire4}. {matim}... grain (originally the grains of seed from their being `" laid "' into and `" conceived "' by the earth cf. {dhA4t}. &c.. i. Â. retention. {dadhre}. {dedu4}. v. 1) the act of holding. TBr. {rAja-} &c. S'Br..]. vi. Sus'r. ({A4}) f. Germ. {dhA4ti} RV. S'Br. {dhIya4mAna} RV.: Pass. pronouncing imperfectly Prât. 2 [513. {-yur}... collection or concentration of the mind (joined with the retention of breath) Mn. $. MBh.

&c. [cf. vii..). (usually reckoned as 5. 145. element of words i.e. {tejas}. {tri-dhA4tu}. fat. or the 7 fluids or secretions. are (esp. chyle. &c. dhaataa = supporter dhaataaraM = the maintainer dhaataaram. {-garbha}]). marrow. iv. midwife Hit. cf.steadfastness. mother Yâjñ. [and in RV. sinews BhP. s. {hRdaya} and {koSTha} are mentioned as the 5 dhñdhâtu of the human body born from the either] and the 5 properties of the elements perceived by them. xxv. skin. {rUpa}.g. wind and bile BhP. a nurse MBh. (some derive it fr.v. \\3 n. 82. 181). primitive matter (= {mahA-bhUta} L. or the 18 elementary spheres [{dhAtu-loka}] ib. Kaus'. certainty Mn. S'Br. `" female supporter "'. = {dhenu}. {triviSTi-}. iii. (with {rauhiNa}) N. stratum KâtyS'r.. a mineral of a red colour) Mn. \\2 mfn.. &c. lviii. \\2 mf({I})n. and MBh. a constituent element or essential ingredient of the body (distinct from the 5 mentioned above and conceived either as 3 humours [called also {doSa}] phlegm. dhaatrii = (f) nurse dhaatrI* = f. {rasA7di} or {rasaraktA7di}. threefold &c. MBh. semen Sus'r.. relics L..2] dhaatra* = 1 n. TS. the earth Var.h = the creator dhaatu = verb dhaatu * = 1 m. {indriyANi}. or {vijJAna} Buddh. Prât. (with the southern Buddhists {dhAtu} means either the 6 elements [see above] Dharmas.) MBh. righteousness L. metal. {sapta-}. MBh. [514. ( {dhe}) to be sucked in or drunk ({havis}) RV. {gandha}. 3 f. the above 7 and hair.. Sus'r. 3-2. {bhU}. the 8th to the 11th day in the light half of month Jyaishthha Var. ChândUp. {jala}. iii. [cf. xii.e. &c. MBh. mineral.]). to which is added {brahma} Yâjñ. pl. constituent part. or as the 5 organs of sense. element. 44. of a Sâman ÂrshBr.. 61. MBh. ingredient (esp. {Asya}. where {zrotra}. &c. 5. 6842. primary element of the earth i.h = considering dhaarayaami = sustain dhaaraa = (fem) rain dhaariNi = wearer dhaartaraashhTrasya = for the son of Dhritarashtra dhaartaraashhTraaH = the sons of Dhritarashtra dhaartaraashhTraaNaaM = of the sons of Dhritarashtra . 5. {purISa}. {dhAyas} and Pân. Hariv. fixed preceptor settled rule. where often= `" fold "' e. Emblica Officinalis Var. dhaaraNaa = concentration dhaarayate = one sustains dhaarayan. grammatical or verbal root or stem Nir. Kâv. vessel L. Hariv. layer. bone. or the ashes of the body.. of which sometimes 10 are given. {manas}. &c. flesh. 9. receptacle. {anila}. {sparza} and {zabda} L. viz. {dhe} cf. milch cow Lâthy. vi. {rasa}.[cf. {mAMsa}. blood. belonging to Dhâtrii S'Br. v. only] ifc. 1]. {kha} or {AkAza}. {su-}) RV. [L. {ghrANa}..

dhamani = a layer within a nadi allowing for the passage of energy dhana = money * = n. a proposed prize or contest. m.. Mn. to {RNa}. [510.. 5th. words &c. by way of position aspect or conjunction. capital (opp. which the native will get eventually in the related major or sub-periods dhanaani = wealth . (movable) property. e. treasure. Sinha7s. a running match. 3886. (esp. to carry off the prize or booty) RV. a partic. a Bodhi-sattva L. conformable to justice (mind. ii. of a merchant HParis'.. 9th and 11th are Wealth producing houses. (arithm. resting on right. %{dharma}) relating to justice or virtue S3Br. melting (of ore). {bhikSA7di} (iv.h = the sons of Dhritarashtra dhaarma* = 1 mf(%{I})n.h = the religious one dhaaryate = is utilized or exploited dhaava* = mfn. to {vRddhi} interest) Yâjñ.\\Vr2iddhi form of %{dharma} in comp. 58. race. blowing i. high number Buddh. judge L. dhaarmiNa* = n. dhanaM = wealth dhanakaaraka = Significator for Wealth which is Jupiter dhanaJNjaya = O conqueror of wealth dhanaJNjayaH = Dhananjaya (Arjuna. the more wealth is promised in the birth chart. any valued object. MBh. N. {asi-}.) the affirmative quantity or plus (opp. will produce money. The more strongly they are inter-related. dhaav. money. {hAni}). booty. AV. {dhanaM-ji}. prey ({dhanam-bhR} Â. m. gift RV. (fr. .h = to run dhairya = courage dhamana *V = dispeller. Azadirachta Indica L..) R. the prize of a contest or the contest itself (lit.) wealth. 1]. = {go-dhana} Hariv. {kSaya}.. see {danta-}. dhaarmikam. a bigot Kâd.. reed Bhpr. cruel L. to win the pñprize or the fight) RV. 38).. just Up. belonging to Dharma (god of justice) MBh. pious. m. {vyaya}.dhaartaraashhTraan. 2. dhaarmika* = mf({I})n. Any inter-relation of their lords. &c. N. juggler Ratn. washing.. virtuous.. n. &c. subduer * dhamana blowing with a bellows L. cleansing (ifc.. cf. an assemblage of virtuous men g. &c. m. the winner of wealth) dhanapati = kubera (Lord of the wealth) dhanabhaava = Second house ruling over Wealth dhanamaana = of wealth and false prestige dhanayoga = The 2nd. m. {mAyA-}). of the 2nd mansion Var.... {hita4M} {dhA7nam}.. riches. scaring away (cf. righteous.. or the thing raced for. or n. {caila-}).

(to 1. holding. MBh. . of a town (the residence of Bhoja) Cat. Ava-sarpinî) L. cf. N. of a country. a bow RV. {tri-}. ({A}) f. of arrows. supporting (scil.. the pace of horse S'is'. the quickest pace Kathâs. above) MBh. R. fig. {-nus}. Kâv. Ardea Nivea L.. with {paramA}... {kSipra-} &c. observing (cf. dhaara* = 3 m. a waste RV. gush. of a partic. Vâm. dhaa4raa* = 1 f.. one of the 8 forms of Sarasvatî id.. {dhanu}... ( {dhR}) holding. boundary L.. preserving. custom. bearing. sustaining. 132 &c.) dry soil. the world. line of a family L.. {chattra-}. the fence or hedge of a garden L.. blade (esp. wearing. {dhArA}). hypocrite Mn. cf. 2. a flock of cotton L. 232 (v. S'Br. id.. of the king of the tortoises L. (2. N.] and {toya-}). jet. cf. {taila-} [add. mfn. supporter "'. said of Kriishna and S'iva) MBh.. drop (of any liquid). Bhpr.). %{baka}). i.) MBh. stream or current of water. {dhorita}. {va4sor dh-}. &c. shore ({samudasya}. m. &c. {tulA-} &c. m. {vana-}). of Agni's wife BhP. 5-4.dhanishhThaa = Twenty-third nakshatra dhanu = The Zodiacal sign Sagittarius dhanuH = (m) a bow dhanuraasana = the bow posture dhanurdharaH = the carrier of the bow and arrow dhanushha = The Zodiacal sign Sagittarius dhanushhaM = bow dhanushhaa = thro'bow dhanvan * n. of one of the wives of Kas'yapa (mother of the land and water-birds. N. {ut-te7rita}. v.) dhanyaH = are praiseworthy dhara* = mf({A})n. {asthi-}.l. of Vishnu L. 67). {recita} for the two latter L. ifc. supporting. N. of a sacred bathing-place MBh. S'Br. of a sacred bathing-place (also with {mAhezvarI} cf. libation to Agni AV... (esp. xv. m.. {kulaM-} &c. of a follower of the Pândavas ib. applied to the flame of fire) RV. deep place. xxxi.. n. &c. a vein or tubular vessel of the body L.. {karNa-}.). and Pân. or n. {bhU-} &c. v. sameness (as of flowing water?) L. &c. a cheat . marrow L. depth W. flood. `" bearer. continuous line or series (cf. {sahasra-}).l. {dhAra}?). viz. Kâv. dhaara* = 1 mf({I})n. 15. of the father of Padma-prabha (6th Arhat of pres. flowers. {zata-}.. the sign of the zodiac Sagittarius Jyot. prob.. the earth Mn.. . ( {dhR}) bearing. knife. coming down in a stream or as rain Sus'r. dhaa4raa* = 2 f. (Cf. (1. 12 (cf. rain-bow MânGri. xiii.. ifc.. keeping (also in memory). fig. a sword Gal.. {aMzu-}. Hariv. having. uniformity. of a Vasu MBh. {kSiti-}. {dara}) daambhika * = mf(%{I})n. (cf.. m. {dhAv}) margin.. N. a desert. &c.).. possessing. edge. (cf.. BhP. a mountain Kir. &c. usage W.. 2. poison L. 39). shower. {pluta}. {valgita}. or {A-skandita}. Alhagi Maurorum L. {irA}). {akSa-}. a leak or hole in a pitcher &c. {ugra-}. a frivolous or dissolute man (= {viTa}) L. MBh. 60 (5 enumerated. MBh. . the rim of a wheel Ragh. (v. dhaara* = 2 m. {dhAv}) stream. (also m. = the Earth) Hariv. the edge of a mountain L. L. the uterus or womb Bhpr. rim. carrying. `" source of goodN. 4. of a sword. {ut-tejita}.. (cf... {dvi-}.. &c. a sort of stone L. MBh. a mass of gold or heap of valuables (representing the earth and given to Brâhmans) W. {dhanu}).. &c. containing (ifc.. rain (also fig. sharp edge. debt L. gush (cf.

the older form of the RV. an Upanishad L. Law or Justice personified (as Indra S3Br. Das3a-bhu1mi7s3vara . the act of bearing. m. a dike or bank L. Saddharma-pun2d2arika ..v. as a Dove Katha1s. . or n. 678 . as one of the attendants of the Sun L. . of Mitra-Varun2a) . xiv . below . . &c.\\3 in comp. of a son of Anu and father of Ghr2ita Hariv. col. associating with the virtuous L. viii . dharmaM = doctrines dharman* = m. for %{man} q. (rarely n. customary observance or prescribed conduct . TÂr. rightly . bringing.asi = are the bearer or support dharma = religion * = 1 m. practice . . see s. g. P. above) .v. Lalita-vistara . prop. [Cf. duty . . . . religious abstraction .. N. the world L.. peculiar condition or essential quality .) that which is established or firm . of a sñson of Pr2ithu-s3ravas and of Us3anas ib.. dharmadeva * = m. Samadhira1ja . in later language mostly ifc. property . . %{daza-dh-gata} S3Br.h = bears dharitri = earth dhartaa. the tertium comparationis Pa1n2. of a king of Kas3mi1ra . Gan2d2a-vyu1ha . the ninth mansion Var. rice-corn L. Tathagata-guhyaka . will . .. arranger RV. morality .. according to right or rule .. holding. = %{upamA} L... Ra1j. nature . . the sun L. Kâv. . as Yama MBh. . Var. Yâjñ. = 1/10 Pala.) . %{ardharcA7di} . a partic. 61) .. as a Bull Mn. statute . further dharma and from the %{vinaya} or `" discipline . bearer . . holding to the law . . &c. . turmeric L. Va1yup. {savana}. 16 . &c. as Praja1-pati and son-in-law of Daksha Hariv.v. of a king of the Nâgas S'atr. highest point. %{mesthita} mfn. a partic. night L. the law or doctrine of Buddhism (as distinguished from the %{saJgha} or monastic order MWB. {pRtkivI-}..ib. Lith. = 1 silver Purâna.) . viz. according to the nature of anything .the van of an army L. a sort of weight variously reckoned as= 10 Palas. justly . character . as distinguished from the %{abhi-dharma} or . 2-1 . = 19 Nishpâva. of a sñson of Ga1ndha1ra and fñfather of Dhr2ita Pur. . vii . good works (%{dha4rmeNa} or %{-mAt} ind. N. 2623 . (older than %{dha4rma} q. {dhamana}. the female breast L. ({I}) f. 70) . . supporter . Sus'r. 510 . of another man ib. (% {dhA7rman}) n. supporting VS.. (cf. peculiarity (= %{sva-bhAva} L. these three constituting the canon of Southern BñBuddhism MWB. {derme4}. high number Buddh.]\\ 2 Nom. 55 Sch. right . = 24Raktikâ Mn. support. . Prajn5a1-pa1ramita1 . %{upamAno7pameyayor@dh-} . . to become . ordinance . iv . Lan3ka7vata1ra . as Vishn2u Hariv. is %{dha4rman} q. = 1/10 S'atamâna. m. established order of things . N. Suvarn2a-prabha1sa . (cf. &c. dhara = earth dharaM = wearing dharaNa* = mf({I})n. as born from the right breast of Yama and father of S3ama . 2. stay (cf. of the 15th Arhat of the present Ava-sarpin2i1 L.). of a lexicographer &c. = 2/5 Karsha. justice (often as a synonym of punishment) . of a sñson of Di1rgha-tapas . hold RV.\\ see p. procuring (cf. steadfast decree . sacrifice L. . law . cf. %{-bhaTTa} and %{zAstrin}) Cat. &c. any arrangement or disposition . cf. law Vop. . the law of Northern BñBuddhism (in 9 canonical scriptures . = 16 silver Mâshakas. &c. Lat. doing one's duty) AV. mark . (cf. devotion L. ceremony MBh. Mn. {kAma-}). {firmus} . excellence L. dharaNi = earth dharati = to wear dharayet. . bearing. a Soma-drinker L. below) support . &c. 89 .. of a sñson of Haihaya and fñfather of Netra BhP. virtue . esp. %{-mati} . (also %{-paNDita} . {dhamara}). summit (cf. . VS. religion . 85 . 3. . prop . cf. the ethical precepts of Buddhism (or the principal %{dharma} called % {sUsra} . of a son of Br2ihad-ra1ja and father of Kr2itam2-jaya VP. %{dharma-sUtra}) . vii . usage . the god of justice MBh. . {-rA7dhirUDha}) glory. of a sñson of Su-vrata VP. a bow Dharmas3. steadfast decree (of a god . the tip of the ear L. 69) .v. Ka1ma and Harsha ib. . . . n. &c. religious merit . &c.

for {dhArmika}. {-tA7va-} {ccheda} m. dharmika* = w.. Pur. DevîbhP.]) RV. a kind of perfume L. %{-mabhis} . %{dasyu-} [add. . . suitable to (gen. {-tA7vacchedaka-pratyAsatti} f.) very virtuous or righteous. {-tti-nirUpaNa} n. justice. %{vinAza-}. Pur. thing Kap. life-code. legitimate . N. &c. legal . MBh. dharmitA* = f.) following the laws or duties of. VS. N.. 13 (cf. (cf. righteous Mr2icch. mode . (cf. 1] dharmitva* = n. virtuous.) more virtuous &c.) Var. Kâv. &c. Kâvya7d. completely lawful or legal Mn. (ifc. . %{tad-}) . R. W.) Pa1n2. ii .. (superl. m. customary Mn. 47 . Ka1v.duty dharmapatnii = respectable address for wife. %{phala-} . ix .. ifc. the being endowed with or obnoxious to Sus'r. pious. endowed with any characteristic mark or peculiar property Hariv. quality . of a Da1nava Katha1s. faithful to duty. %{kSatra-} .nom.. dharmasaadhanaM = the means for doing one's duty dharmasya = occupation dharmakshetre = in the place of pilgrimage dharmaatmaa = righteous dharmaarthaM = For the sake of dharma dharmaaviruddhaH = not against religious principles dharme = religion dharmeNahiinaaH = bereft of dharma or duty dharmin* = mfn. delighting in or devoted to virtue A1past. (inî) f. {-tA7vacchedaka-vAda} m. knowing or obeying the law. %{svAya@dhar@maNe} at one's own pleasure . {-tA7vacchedakatA-vAda} and {-vAdA7rtha}. %{dharmaNi} with the permission of . (cf. .) the being obliged to Gaut. %{an-ucchitti-}) MBh.)(roughly)religion.. `" propertied "' Kat2hUp. having anything as a characteristic mark. %{cid-dh-} [add. faithfulness to duty Kâm. 4-4 .. the being endowed with any chñcharacteristic mñmark or añattribute (ifc. practice . %{uJcha-} [add. MBh. subject to any state or condition Mn. having the rights or attributes or peculiarities of. (cf.) nature . duty . . {dhArmiNeya}). of a woman (cf.. dharmaH = (masc. [513.. N. {tA7vacchedaka-rahasya} n.pleasure . virtuous . MBh. of a man(cf %{-dhArmyAyaNa}) . . of a king VP. naturally . object. MBh. virtuousness.. manner (%{dha4rmaNA} . (cf. below) Sâh. %{phena}.) Sarvad. m. m. dharmIyas* = mfn. characteristic mark or attribute S3Br. 65. (cf. very pious or moral &c. % {a4dhi@dh-} against the will of [gen. N. (esp. &c. wife from prescribed vedic rituals dharmaruci * = mfn. %{-maNas@pa4ri} in regular order .r.. dharmya * = mfn. law . rule .sing. Kâv. usual .]) Kap. (ifc. 5 . AV. Kâv. 2 . just . a customary donation .] . of wks. N. n. way of good living. of a man Buddh. dharmiSTha* = mfn. vi . custom . of a god of the Bodhi tree Lalit. (compar. of the 14th Vyâsa. endowed with qualities or properties . the bearer of any characteristic mark or attribute. just Gaut.]) Ka1v.).

) RV. n.10\\ He impregnates.. dhenu = a cow dhenuunaaM = of cows dhii * = 1 cl. (prob.26\\accept. a eunuch ib. (cf. SB 5. 3 Pañc.13\\gives.. S'is'. rogue.4. disposition. (esp. 3]. {dhIyate}. for {dI}. (2. of the 5th house from the Lagna Var. SB 7. SB 7.) to perceive. SB 11. mind. intelligence. arrogance MBh. dhii * 4 = 2 f. insult.17. SB 10. ({I}) f. ( {dhRS}) boldness. destroyed Kâlid. bold (Pass.. {-dhiyur} or {-dhyur}. MBh. design (ifc. dhasaJNjaya = a vital air that stays in the body after death dhaTa * = m. (cf. SB 8. 3. Bhpr.1. desire: Intens.14\\accepts. 3.2. SB 3.).36\\ executes. {dIdhIte}. bright. think. overpowered.. iii. \\2 m.. the sign of the zodiac Libra Jyot. reflect. Grislea Tomentosa or Anogeissus Latifolia AV. willingly lit.6. to slight.1. washing Sinha7s. SB 11. 20. {tulA-}).. insolence.5\\takes upon Himself.31\\she inflicts. meditation. N. of 1. {-dhire} RV. notion. {dIdhaya}. &c.45\\He performs. Br.51\\ possesses. SB 3. SB 6. SB 1. SB 1. removed. a piece of cloth worn over the privities L. RV. illtreated MBh. to propitiate (?) Dhâtup.. of a Vasu (w. shining MBh.22. old cloth or raiment. SB 3.. ordeal by the bñbalance Mit. wrong.) a man Naigh. impatience W. the taking for (comp. said by some to be fr.8. \\ 4 f. Â. cheat L. id.5. rendering weak or impotent ib.. wish.. Â. Sus'r. a husband BhP.46\\ (the devotee) places. SB 8. n. &c. {dhA}?). devotion. contumely. an unchaste woman L.41\\ one possesses. washed off. {dhU}. opinion.) religious thought.10. pf.32-33\\ accepts. ({I}) f. restraint ib.22\\ dhatte &emdash. vi... (cf. SB 4. {vi-dha4vA} q. 14952. intention. AV..22\\ he assumes. violation (of a woman) ib. such is thy will RV.3\\ manifests. SB 2. &c. {dhA}. {dur-}).35\\ take place. knowledge. splendour RV. paralysing. polished.25\\ eternally accepts. (cf. i.16\\assumes its position.27. 3.13\\He accepts. below). irreligious dharsha* n= m. 109. wisdom (personified as the wife of Rudra-Manyu BhP.1. purified TândBr.23\\ is manifested. &c. white.17\\gives. CC Antya 1. ii.. reflection. SB 6.2. SB 1.14.8. {dhAv}) washed. Cân.24\\ has taken.150 dhauta = white* = mfn. Sus'r. violated.).15. 16. thought. SB 11. i.dharmyaM = as a religious duty dharmyaaNi = religious (used in plural ) dharmyaat. understanding. 7040 (cf. xxvi. lord. 34. SB 8. SB 7. cleansed.13\\ He assumes. \\ 3 cl. according to thy wisdom or will. the forms {dhImahi} and {a4dhAyi} belong rather to 1. Hariv. fr. possessor Hariv. silver L. {dhUta4}) [520.19. ({A}) f. &c. injury. ii. dharshita* = mfn. science. ({ya4thA dhiyA4} or {dhiyA4 na4}.87.). {bhR}) a balance or the scale of a bñbalance Hcat. SB 1. {dIdhI}. prayer (pl. Kâv. {itthA4 dhiyA4} or {dhi4yaH}. accepts the forms of incarnations.10. {dhri} like {bhaTa} fr. to contain.15. (accent. Kâv. but more probably a secondary formation fr. dhatu = element dhatte V* accepts.24.. 37. Bhathth.h = for religious principles dharmvirahiita = adj.4.r.5. dhavala = white dhava* = 1 m. N. 5. insolence W. {-dhima}. for {dhara}?) VP.74. .. only Naigh. Holy Thoughts personified) RV. copulation ib. &c. art. SB 10. disregard. Pur. {dedhyat} TS. intent upon Kâv.v.

. used as a prefix or as an interj. &c. {adhinvIt} Br. Br. (not always. dull (as sound) Kâlid. place. and the {mArjAlIya}) Br. of a woman Cat. 89. ii. m. Kâv. 1. ({A}) f. or {tava} [also with {astu}] shame upon you!) dhik. site. 3. -1. energetic. {didhinva}. N. {zveta-vacA}. 9.] belonging to the {hotR}. L. of sev. low. well-bred L. VP. (n. 113). viz. 114. m. {dhA}. the orb of an asterism (on which its light seems to centre) MBh. esp. besides the {AgnIdhrIya} [in the Âgnîdhra] those in the Sadas [see s. the {maitrA-varuNa} or {pra-zastR}. an intoxicating beverage L. {dheSyati} &c. of Bali L. 3. mindful.. S'rS. medic.h = to be condemned dhikbalaM = dhik... x. 6. menace or displeasure = fie! shame! out upon! what a pity! &c. firmly &c. ( {dhR} or {dhA}? cf. steadily. gentle. iv. clever. xxviii.. mfn. {aho dhik}. devout. satiate. f.... in comp. (compar.) to nourish. a woman who keeps down all expression of resentment or jealousy Sâh. dhiira* = 2 mf({A})n. Kâv. {dhinviSyati}. 6.. please Kâv. benevolent. dhik * = ind. calm.e. or nom. MBh. dhiiraM = patient dhiiraH = the sober dhiirataa = courage dhiivara = (m) a fisherman dhi * =1 cl. of Us'anas i. &c. {agni}) a fire so placed VS.. only MBh. Un. hymn). ({am}) ind. the planet Venus L. cf. {dhIra}). &c. skilful.. of sev. dhyati .. P. wise.). 7944) a sort of subordinate or side-altar (generally a heap of earth covered with sand on which the fire is placed. separable from 1. steadfast dhiira* = 1 mf({I4} or {A})n. fut.) \\ 3 or {dhinv} cl. N.. P.. N. m.h:fie upon it + balam:power or strength dhisa-naramdhisha*= watching or heeding men (?) "'N. region. (also {dhig dhik}. the {potR}. MBh. brave. courageous. firm. Pur. well-conducted. N. star. {hA8 hA dhik} &c.. &c. {klRpta-}) &c. (with acc. sea (as an image of constancy?). {ambu-}. &c. n. resolute. the ocean. 4 &c. self-possessed. soft L. grave Hariv. Prob.) RV. intelligent. house MBh.v.. abstracted fr.&c. v. TS. dhiya: see dhI. N..) to hold (Dhâtup. asterism (looking like the fire on the side altars) Var.. (with or scil. i. Amar. &c. versed in (loc. to delight. strength L. {neSTR} and {acchA-vAka}. composed.. pf. a meteor Var. liberal (As'vins) RV. of other men Râjat. {medA}.h = learned man dhiimataa = very intelligent dhiimataaM = of those who are endowed with great wisdom dhiimahi = V* upon meditate d dhiira = courageous. i. {dhiSaNa}). (f. \\ 2 m.. Pur. 5. deep. {dhinoti} (aor. {hA dhik kaSTam}. &c. 2. Lâthy. of a Buddha L. pious (voice.e.) Up. 7272).. {mahA-jyotiSmatI}. receptacle (only ifc. Rosa Glandulifera) Bhpr. {iSu-} &c. voc.dhiimat. S'ataparneya S'Br. the seat of a god i. attentive. rarely gen. constant. {dhinvitA} Gr. {A} only RV.. plants ({kAkolI}. Kâv. power. familiar with.. 24) steady. men with the patr. {dhiyati} ({didhAya}. n. {hA dhik}. placed upon a mound of earth serving as an altar AV. of reproach. of which it is the weak form. abode. m.. n. (cf. {kSIra-kAk-}.. a quarter of the sky VP. the {brAhmaNAcchaMsin}. saffron L... {dhI4ra-tara} AV. {dhik tvAm}. R. (cf. satisfy Br. of Vishnu V dhishnya * = mfn. and of which 8 are enumerated.

{dhArteya}).. 5. a post. dhritaraashhTrasya = of Dhritarashtra dhriti = with determination . the earth. turned towards or fixed upon.... 2. quoted. for ever Hariv.. 45.. ifc. 6 (with % {juhU} & %{upabhRt}) VS. 2. = %{pApa} L. of an astrol. the polar star (personified as son of Utta1na-pa1da and grandson of Manu) Gr2S.. &c. surely Mn. vii.... of a descendant of Druhyu and son of Dharma Pur. 21. opposing.) MBh. immovable. %{dhR}. with %{diz} f... %{vRtti}) a partic. {tulayA}) MBh. of the syllable Om Ra1matUp... water-bird ib. the largest of the 3 sacrificial ladles AV. [519.. the unchangeable longitude of fixed stars.. 67. permanent. borne. keeping. &c.. N. the fixed point (from which a departure takes place) Pa1n2. settled. (in music) the introductory verse of a song (recurring as a kind of burthen) or a partic.. stake L. certain.... 4/5. with %{smRti} f. S3Br. joy MBh. 30. 1-4. with %{svA7Gga} n. lasting. a knot VS. Ya1jn5. tip of the nose (?) L. celestial pole Su1ryas. to keep ground or stand still MBh.l. 4. atmosphere L.. Pur. the remaining (i.. %{strI}) a virtuous woman L. 1. unchangeable. &c. %{dhru} and %{dhruv}) fixed. Kâv. N.. vii. Sanseviera Zeylanica L. the enduring sound (supposed to be heard after the Abhinidha1na) RPra1t. (scil. Vait. to fix the mind on Mn. xviii. any epoch to which a computation of dates is referred W. v. slowly Pañc. {drva}.. a pillar. harming dhruva*= mf(%{A4})n. the point of the heavens directly under the feet [reckoned among the quarters of the sky cf. of a son of Nahusha MBh.) L. cited by (comp. of sev. n. any offering or sacrifice W. prolonged (in pronunciation) Prât. R. being ib... with %{dhenu} f. 3]. certainly. supported kept. holding. 47). supporting (cf. Yoga. iv. ({-tiM-kR}. or dat.. a cow which stands quiet when milked AV. 101. &c. &c.. &c. seizing.] dhmaati = to blow air into.) or as a S'akti (Hcat.. of a mythical garden Gol. resolution. a partic. staying with (loc. shoes. observed RV.. &c. (v. held..) Mn. content. 4540. satisfaction. of an A1n3girasa (supposed author of RV. &c. [Cf. xii. Br. the Indian fig-tree L. worn (as clothes.. Hariv. (scil. TA1r. firmness. a constant arc ib. iv. of the numeral 18 Var. m. firm. dhrita = ghee * dhrita * = mfn. sure Mn. (with {antare}) deposited as surety. mode of life Baudh. Pur. Resolution or Satisfaction personified as a daughter of Daksha and wife of Dharma (MBh. drawn tight (reins) S'ak. {carSaNI-}. to find pleasure or satisfaction Ratn. will. Ka1v..). of a son of Babhru L. [521.. of a preceptor Cat. 173) Anukr. an inseparable member of the body Pa1n2. of a follower of the Pa1n2d2us ib. a mountain. Pur. possessed.3]. {-tim-bandh}. N.. above). cf. practised. air. of a son of Vîta-havya and father of Bahula7s'va Pur. {vi-})... ready or prepared for. ({am} ind. (prob.. of a son of Vasu-deva and Rohin2i1 BhP. of a son of Ranti-na1ra (or Ranti-bha1ra) Pur. Kâv. 12. constancy. evening oblations at the as'vamedha S'Br. of S3iva S3ivag.... weighed (with or scil. Desmodium Gangeticum L. m. v.. measured. x. MBh. solemnly. of a goddess (daughter of a Kalâ of Prakriiti and wife of Kapila) ib. 6-2.. {bhRtha}). n. of the son of Vijaya and father of Dhriita-vrata Hariv.. ix. manner of fighting Hariv. m. but cf. of a son of the 13th Manu Hariv.. Ka1v. of a serpent supporting the earth Gr2S. of one of the astrol.. to show firmness Amar. existing. resolved on (loc. % {diz}] AV. a vow &c. preserved) Graha which having been drawn in the morning is not offered till evening S3Br. (%{A}) f. Ganit.. N. wish {kSatrasya} = {kSatradh-} Lâthy. to inflate dhri = to bear dhriti* = f. constant. (%{Aya}) ind. of a Varsha in Kus'a-dvîpa VP.. of partic. a strong or retentive memory ChUp. &c. time or measure (%{tAla-vizeSa})... command RV.) RV. also under %{karaNa} and % {nakSatra}).. 31/32.. 72/73). (%{am}) ind. Hariv.g.. of Brahma1 L.e. &c.. iii. MBh. 177.dhiyati= dhi dhruk*= unworthy. &c. by the hand) Hit. of a Vasu MBh. kept back. of one of the 16 Kalâs of the moon Pur. &c. firmly. 26. eternal RV. 24. Zd. constantly. fr. a partic. MBh. L. a kind of house Gal. of one of the Vis've Devâs MBh. continuing.. beard. (cf. &c. kinds of metre and of a class of metres consisting of 4 X 18 syllables Col. detained ({kare}. MBh. pledged ib. of Vishn2u MBh. of the 13th of the 16 Mâtriikâs L. of the wife of Rudra-Manu ib. (e. killing. Yogas. used. (in music) the introductory verse (cf. maintained.

. immovable. Tattvas.. valid Mn.. certainly. the remaining (i. Yâjñ. of an Ângirasa (supposed author of RV. a partic. observation Sânkhyak. used S'ak. an inseparable member of the body Pân. {strI}) a virtuous woman L.) RV..... = {pApa} L. with {svA7Gga} n. ({Aya}) ind. tip of the nose (?) L. the point of the heavens directly under the feet [reckoned among the quarters of the sky cf. experienced. surely Mn. {dhru} and {dhruv}) fixed. visible. [Cf. a cow which stands quiet when milked AV. &c.. (in music) the introductory verse of a song (recurring as a kind of burthen) or a partic.. seen. of a follower of the Pândus ib. the fixed point (from which a departure takes place) Pân. found. 3]. &c. 2. 4. perceived. sure Mn.. a post. (prob. with {diz} f. regarded. {bhaya}) a real or obvious danger. appeared. 401/402.g. MBh... 6 (with {juhU} & {upabhRt}) VS. constant. the earth. Kâv. {diz}] AV. N. Sanseviera Zeylanica L. a vow &c. time or measure ({tAla-vizeSa}). 7 Pañc. Vait. n. decided. celebrated BhP. 662. 1-4. xii. dhrishhTaketuH = Dhrishtaketu dhrishhTadyumnaH = Dhristadyumna (the son of King Drupada) dhruvaM = certainly * = mf({A4})n. stake L. of Vishnu MBh. known.. 1. visible. Hit.. a knot VS. any epoch to which a computation of dates is referred W. Kâv. MBh. (scil.. noticed Mn. a kind of house Gal.. understood MBh. allotted. ix.. 101. (scil. beheld. [521. &c. MBh.. {vRtti}) a partic. the Indian fig-tree L.. imagined MBh. famous. &c. mode of life Baudh. cf. settled.. atmosphere L.. L. preserved) Graha which having been drawn in the morning is not offered till evening S'Br. fixed. n.dhritiM = steadiness dhritiH = firmness dhritigrihiitayaa = carried by conviction dhriteH = of steadiness dhritya = by determination dhrityaa = determination drishtha4 * = mfn. fr. vii. manifested.. water-bird ib. with {dhenu} f. of Brahmâ L. ib... 1.. &c. real Kâv. {dhR}. devised.. with {smRti} f. a strong or retentive memory ChUp. R. for ever Hariv.. settled. of an astrol. Yâjñ. celestial pole Sûryas. the largest of the 3 sacrificial ladles AV.. ({A}) f. but cf. {drva}.. drishtha * = mfn... perception. xviii. iii. id. &c. (scil. a pillar. &c..] dhruvaH = a fact dhruvaa = certain dhutavastra = Washed garment dhuka* = m. the polar star (personified as son of Uttâna-pâda and grandson of Manu) GriS. Pur.. acknowledged. seen in the mind. MBh.e.). a constant arc ib. a kind of plant (commonly Bhuyabora or Rânabora). the enduring sound (supposed to be heard after the Abhinidhâna) RPrât. eternal RV. lasting. occurring. ({am}) ind. v... also under {karaNa} and {nakSatra}). constantly. considered. firmly. learnt. 5. (e. destined ib. Kâv. existing. certain. TÂr.. &c. the unchangeable longitude of fixed stars. Zd. above).. VS. 177. {-TAnta} see p. unchangeable. permanent. of a serpent supporting the earth GriS. treated. MBh. Hariv. of a son of Ranti-nâra (or Ranti-bhâra) Pur. of the syllable Om RâmatUp. of a Vasu MBh. Kâv. staying with (loc. . i. Br. 26.. 21. Desmodium Gangeticum L. col. S'Br. 12. 24.. apparent AV. looked at. Pañc. Yoga. firm. &c. beheld. m. of a son of Nahusha MBh.. 2. (= {pra-khyAta} Sch. 30. 173) Anukr. air. conspicuous. 6-2. a mountain. 45. ({A}) f. of S'iva S'ivag. ifc. (in music) the introductory verse (cf. of a son of Vasu-deva and Rohinî BhP. x..

iv. incensed. a flag-staff W.h = (n) amplifier.). (cf. {puM-}. {dhvaj}) a banner. next). the sign of any trade (esp. a skull carried on a staff (as a penance for the murder of a Brâhman W. 9245 and g. (cf. Mimusops Elengi Car. = {-saka} MBh. spluttering Nir. male or female) Sus'r. perfumed MBh. Kathâs. pride. N. {A}) RV.. flag.. suffering pain or fatigue L.. emblem. `" having matted locks like a burden "'.h = (n) microphone dhvanivardhakam.g. time L. {vRSabha-} &c.. of a distillery or tavern) and the business there carried on Mn. 109 Sch.). xiii.. dhuuma = smoke dhuumaH = (m) smoke dhuumaketuH = (m) comet dhuumanirgamaH = (m) chimney dhuumapaana = smoking dhuumena = by smoke dhuupita * = mfn. arrogance. of an attendant of S'iva Kathâs. ruin R. R. 2. attribute of a deity (cf.) the ornament of (e. as a mark of ascetics and Yogis MW.. &c. N. a distiller or vendor of spirituous liquors L. fr. loud-speaker dhvanii = sound .) an iambic... only Hariv. of a poet (also {-rAja}) Cat. of Rudra-S'iva MBh. mark. f. N. 4-2. {dakSA7dhvara-}). dhvajaH = (m) flag * = m. &c.) a partic. clever dhuusaraH = grey dhUrjaTa * = m. ({-Tin} MBh. N. {strI-}). hypocrisy L. (cf. {makara-}. N. dhvani = sound dhvanigraahakam. of a Grâma Pân.dhumaH = smoke dhunvan *V: waving dhuraa = (f) yoke. Hit. kind of Krama-pâthha: (in astrol. of a Yoga. n. ensign. BhP. ii. Hariv. responsibility dhuriNa = awakened/aroused? dhuuka* = m. dhuurta = adj. rogue L.) N. 9. standard (ifc. 7510). characteristic. wind L. the organ of generation (of any animal. L. sign MBh.. 85.. &c. dhUr-jaTi * = m. of a tree (= {-vRkSa}) Cat. (in pros. a place prepared in a peculiar way for building L. {kula-dhvaja}) L. dhvaMsana * = mfn.. destruction. {ardharcA7di}.. (in Gr. (ifc. (n.

to indulge in rñreligious mñmeditation) ChUp. complete resignation or restriction to. Mn.. dulness Bhpr. mental representation of the personal attributes of a deity W. 209 Dharmas. {zRGgAra}. O. Got. dedication. 9) m. Hariv.h = meditation dhyaanayogaparaH = absorbed in trance dhyaanaat.. 25. lxxii.. or comp. &c. VS. {deinan} . undertaking religious observances for a partic.)diinajanaaya = to the poor (humble state) people . Kâv.. preparation or consecration for a religious ceremony. (ifc.. %{ardharcA7di} . initiation (personified as the wife of Soma RV. of a partic. ({nam Apad}.h = wishing to show diikinaaH = (m) a happy homosexual diikshaa* = f.nti = meditate or think dhyaayataH = while contemplating dhyaayati = meditates dhyaayantaH = meditating dhyaayed. 26. sg. {dr2ni1}. . cf. Lit.Pr. acc. fallen. (g. [Cf. 347. insensibility. lost Br. Slav. purpose and the observances themselves AV.) profound and abstract religious meditation. Pan5cat. f. ({-na4}) m. MBh. &c. {sin-teins} .] diti = mother of the Daityas demons didarshayishhan.. Lat. {viraha-}. but also into 3 ib. also in Vedic texts) ifc. N. destroyed. &c. Br.. exclusive occupation with (comp. n. Ragh. {A-sthA} or {-naM-gam}. any serious preparation (as for battle) MBh. only occurring as n. scattered or covered with (instr. of Rudra Ugra or RñRudra Vâmadeva Pur. Kâv. reflection.) a day Mn. thought. personification MaitrS. obscured Var. {zAka-}. Kâv. meditation.. {peren-dinus} . i . &c. %{A} Ra1jat.dhvaniifita = audio cassette dhvasta* = mfn. eclipsed. dhyaatvaa = having meditated dhyaana = contemplation * n. S'rS.). {nUndinus} &c. (with Buddhists divided into 4 stages MWB. selfdevotion to a person or god. perished. (esp.h = than meditation dhyaanena = by meditation dhyaaya. of the 11th day of the light half in Brahma's month dhyaanam. &c.) MBh. and o.h = may we meditate dhyeyaM = is to be meditated digbala = Directional strength dina* =3 (accented only Naigh. {de0na} . cix). i .

of the author of the wk. distress . and Siddha7nta-mukta7valî. procrastinates diirghaH = (adj) long diirghasuutrii = procrastinating diirghaa = (adj) long dik * = in comp. Tabernamontana Coronaria L. {-d-divasa} m. on S'is'. N. N.. N. afflicted . the female of a mouse or shrew L. = {-kartR} MBh. (scil... for 2. `" son of the sun "'. Sunday ib. diip.h = to adorn. (fr. &c..diina* = mfn. of other men. of a poet. {-suta} m. . {-rIya} n. (%{A}) f. {-ra-bhaTTa} m. {-rA7tmaja} m. to grace diipa = light diipaH = lamp diipaka = Lamp diipena = with the lamp diipta = blazing diiptaM = glowing diiptaanala = blazing fire diipti = light diiptimantaM = glowing diiptaiH = shining diiyate = is given diirgha = Long diirgha-suutra = one who works slowly. miserably S3iksh. scanty RV. {-ro4ddyota} m. of a Comm. of an author. of the Yamunâ.. N. di4na-kRt * = m. sadly . . wretchedness Hariv. . N. %{di}?) scarce . (%{am}) ind. {TIkA}) N. his wk. sad . ({mizra-d-}). of a Sch. depressed . {diz}. 3. {-ra-TppanI} f. {ra-deva} m. Pan5c. ({I}) f. &c. . m. `" daughter of the sun "' patr. . on the Bhâshsp. {-TIya} n. of Comm. making day or light. Candra7rkî. timid . = {-karatanaya} VarYogay. MBh. VarBriS. the planet Saturn Var. miserable .. &c. of wks. 35 .. the sun Kâv. wretched Mn. see dis' dina = Day dinadarshikaa = (f) calendar dinakara * = mf({I})n. {-ra-tanaya} m. n. of an Âditya RâmatUp. Ka1v.

Râjat. {adikSat} S'Br. {dakSiNA}. accomplish Kir. E. 13. Introd. S'Br. 103. and even a 9th. destiny AV. 4. {dis}.. 3. place. id. pf. xxxii. the whole world e. E. 3. 7. {dizo dizas}. 34 MBh. south. 8.] dis' * = 2 f. {dezayati}. dis' * = 3 a vulgar form for {dRz}. 28: Pass. east. i. MBh. {didize4}. country. $.. ii. `" day-lord "'. {a4diSTa} RV. assignment. MBh. vi..) to point out. 6. AV. below). {pratici}. foreign country.e. grant. to show. {dhruvA} AV. to pay (tribute) Hariv. ix. iv. assigned ({diSTA gatis}. 5.sing. darkness L. {UrdhvA} AV. and a 7th. esp. effect. 2. Sûryas. {prAcI}. 15 S'Br. di4na-pati * = m. cardinal point RV. 1. 16 MBh. 327..e... but oftener 8 are given i. ix. 40. {digbhyas}. bid (inf. ii.: Intens. 15. N. appointed. aor. death R. to promote. 121. the numeral 10 (cf. or = Rudra VS. 729. {-te} [later the only Pres. 2. 16. direction. decree. H.g. 15. to order.. 17). 28.. of a natural phenomenon) Sâh. and N. $ O. 3] {in-dricare} &c.) during the day i. 4/5 {di4so 'ntAt}. 8). by day and night MârkP. inf.. stem]. to direct. {-te}. 9... {tiryak} or {adhas} and {Urdhvam} S'Br. Goth. {adikSi}. looking into the qñquarter of the sky i. {-zatIs}) to show. iv. a hint. 2 &c. {dizyate} MBh. 116/117. of a river MBh. {de4diSTe}. and a 6th. allotment. a description according to space and time (i. viz. ii. 8 [480. order. bestow upon (dat. {dik-pati}) below] = Soma RV. aor. in all directions. 2. the regent of a week-day Âryabh. di4na-caryA * = f. xiii. {di4deSTi} (Imper. ii. l S'Br. 3. {vy-adhvA} AV. iii. {deSTum} MBh. 2. manifest RV. fixed. of a son of Manu Vaivasvata Pur. dinayaaminyau = dina+yAminI. shown. quarter. Ganit... space (beside {kAla}) Kap. {dekSyati}. bidden RV. executing an order or acting according to fate BhP. Lat. communicate. ix. direction. west. the appointed way "' i.: Desid. i. R. 1 Vârtt. to produce.... S. cl. 11. hither and thither Pañc.. AV. {-zate}. &c. di4na-gaNa * = m. 27. day and night VarBriS. Z. {adIdizat}.e. (p. a sort of Curcuma L. v. 2. 4. Sâh. to show or approve one's self. O. Mn. viii. example Sus'r. manner RV. tell. 2]. iv. {dizi}. 2. command ib. quarter or region pointed at. 6). {teihan}.. {didikSati}. {dedizyate}. to assign. and {udIcI}. Gk. mark of a bite L. {dizAm pati} [cf. into the air Ratn. rarely eg. Râjat. daily-work Kathâs. 14278. loc. 13 Pat. command BhP. command ib. pl. from every qñquarter BhP. 8 &c. 11 &c.e day-by-day dis' * = 1 cl. 13 [cf.e. north AV. {zeiga} (see also {dizA})]. vi. {-te}. iv. 1 Âs'vGri. order. directed. of wk. di4na-niz * = f. &c. RV. {di4ze} RV. .N. i. inform confess Buddh.. dishtha * = mfn. {di4deSTu} RV. du. &149116[479.: Pass. 10. f. di4na-pa * = m. everywhere Bhartri. 3. i. the sun Bhartri.: Caus. `" day-hair "'. pointed out. i.E. part (pl. i. to order. time L. di4na-naktam * = ind.. settled. 2. {diza4ti}. x. xiv. 1 S'Br. 2. exhibit RV. Sch. 17 AV. 28). 82. and 10th. [Cf. aim. (four in number. the 4 cardinal and the 4 intermediate quarters. {-te} [{deSTA} Siddh. reference. 18. bring forward (as a witness in a court of justice) Mn. to wish to show &c. from the extremities of the world ib.. above) S'rutab. exhibit. 16061. ii. iii. etc. iii. N. R.. i. n. [cf. 12. {te4on} (fr. xv. assign MBh. 41. 3.xvi..]. fut. 1843. pl.G. {dig-Agata} and {-lAbha}. iv.W. dishtha4-kArin * =mfn. = {ahar-} Ganit. goal TBr. teach. precept.viii. {dîco}. gen.. point out. {upa-}]. show. iii. R. fate. {dide4za}. m. 113. P. S. W. 1.di4na-kesara * = (also written {-zara}) m. Sometimes a 5th. abroad (cf. v. &c. 5. 2. {dizi}. xiv. &c. order.) Kir. AV. VS. {ti4han}). appointed place ChUp. {-Nita} n. to see Pân. 9. v. N. {dizo'valokya}. command. 6. instance.. 86. day + night dinaankaH = (m) date dine = (Loc. region. direction.

dishthi * =f. &c. destiny. dishtha4-bhuj * =mfn. instr. a sort of Curcuma L. v. Sch. 4529.. congratulation Kâd.e. reaping the appointed results of one's works BhP. 13. pointed out. settled. relying on fate. 39.. direction. 22. appointed . shown. you are fortunate) MBh. 21. assigned. death MBh. appointed. a kind of measure of length Kaus'. `" appointed state "' i. &c. good fortune. directed. `" appointed end "' i. order. vii.e. fatalist MBh. death MBh.e. auspicious juncture. divaM = to heaven divangataH = died divasa = day divasakritaM = day-time-done divasasya = of days divase = on the day divaakara = sun divi = in heaven divya = divine divyaM = transcendental divyaaH = divine divyaan.. of a son of Manu Vaivasvata Pur. dishtha4-para * =mfn. dishthi-vRddhi * =f. command mfn. dishtha4-bhAva * =m. N. Kâv. 18. direction.dishtha4-dRz * =mfn. fixed.h = celestial divyaanaaM = of the divine divyaani = divine divyaayudhaH = the man with divine weapons divyau = transcendenta diSTa * =fate. Sr. 1214. happiness (esp. Hcar. bidden. dishthA7nta * =m. iv. the appointed way "' i. n. death. prescription. R. TândyaBr. iii. looking at fate or at one's lot BhP. {TyA}. thank heaven! I congratulate you on your good luck! often with {vardhase}. on Kâty. xxv.

affection. in the evening. 6. 13. cf. decree. inconvenience. dosha * = 1 m. evening. applied also to the humours themselves) Sus'r.h: to milk ) dodhayati = to explain doraka = (m) rope. SrS. 11. MBh. see next. and {zleSman}.place. MBh. harm. deficiency. \\2 m. Nis'itha [!] or Midnight and Vyushtha or Day-break) BhP. 2. ( {duS}) fault.. badness. {ko'tra d-}. (also {-Saka}) a calf L. dishaH = on all sides dishati = (6 pp) to show dishaa = directions dishaaM = direction dishi = in all directions dogdhi = milks (from duh. darkness (only BhP. &c. Mn. reproach ({-SaMkR} or {-SeNa-gam} with acc. see 1. {tridoSa} and {dhAtu}]. night RV. &c. viz. 1 [cf. {svar-Adi}] ind. Kâv. &c. guilt. goal. morbid element. {doSa4s}. aim. {prati-doSam}) 1. (for 1. MBh. of the 3 humours of the body. ({A4}) f.. (fr. AV. Mn. doshaa* = 2 f.. alteration. what does it matter?) Mn.. detrimental effect ({nai9Sa doSaH}. {pazcA-doSa}.h = as an evil doshhaaH = the faults doshhena = with fault doshhaiH = by such faults drAva * = m. sinfulness Mn. offence. 8 Vasus and husband of Night. disadvantage Up. 3]. &c.e. accusation. of a natural phenomenon) Sâh. iv. 14 (cf. crime (acc. doshaiH = by faults doshha = Blemish doshhaM = fault doshhavat. rarely n... fusing. {doSa}) the arm L. vice. Kâv. want. to incur guilt). v. damage. speed. a description according to space and time (i. darkness. 13. flight. {pra-doSa}. assignment. heat L. g. %{dru}) going quickly. R. liquefaction. ({A4m} & {A4} [instr. wickedness. vi. at night). disease (esp. string dolaa = swing doshaa * = 1^ f. at dusk. BhP. 14).. . there is no harm. Night personified (and regarded with Prabhs as wife of Pushpa7rna and mother of Pradosha or Evening. to accuse) R. with {R} or {labh}. allotment. bad consequence. where personified as one of the.. transgression. {vAyu}.. [498. {pitta}.

Â. gum.. viz. m. {jIva}. maintain. P. (Gr. brass L.) to hold.. {dadhartu} AV. 2.. {pudgala}. tree-like or corresponding to a tree S'ânkhBr.draavya* = mfn. Â.. Paipp. Pass.). P.) Kârand. &c. {dharati}. {dhareran} ÂpS'r. strength.) to (dat.h = of material possessions dravyayaGYaaH = sacrificing one's possessions dravyeNa = (instr. MBh. have. (fr. 40. AV. iv. {dhariSyati}. x. 6 with Jainas.. &c. fut. bestow or confer on (loc. preserve. movable property (as opp. keep down. use. 3.. juice. {dhartum} Kâv. v. stream or gush of (comp. bellmetal.. pl. Mn.. R. practise.. n. melted W. keep. [{dIdhar}. object Up. wealth. viz "' {pRthivI}. undergo RV.: to place or fix in. dravyamayaat... pl. &c.. {eka-}). substance. {deham}.) MBh. %{dru}) running (as a horse) RV. "'. destine for (dat. pl. Br. {-dha4rtha} [Impv. Pân. {-rata} S'Br.. Hariv. gold R. essence. dropping. {dhRthAs} AV. play. to direct or turn (attention. liquefiable. {dhariSyati} MBh. N. [{dharta4ri} see under {-Tri}]..) single object or person. Yâjñ. vii.]. {zarIram} &c. possess. &c. &c. {adharma}.. dripping.. 3. but more commonly in the same sense the Caus. medicinal substance or drug Sus'r. bear (also bring forth). fluidity Bha1sha1p. {AkAza}).. {ap}.) Ka1t2h. {didhRtam}. {dhRtvA}. 1. power RV. cf. of a Sâman ArshBr. liquefied. {dadhre4}. Kâv.. AV. {a4dIdharat} RV. {adArSIt} Gr. aor. individual (cf.. trickling or overflowing with (comp. (esp. stop. 35). also to be destined for or belong to) RV. (fr. {jIvitam}. MBh.. {tejas}. &c.. Mn. MBh. Ka1v. &c.) RV. trickling.. to be ready or prepared for S'Br. {kAla}. MBh. Â. {-dhrire4} RV. the inhabitants of a Varsha in Krauñca-dvîpa ib. 4-3. {A-}.. quick motion. &c.. a wager W.. {dhartA} BhP. of a mountain ib. 2. dravya* = n. Sa1h... p. Â.S) money or riches or wealth drashhTaa = consciousness. restrain. 14. &c. {dharma}. going. MBh. (dram.. resist Br. &c. to owe anything (acc. BhP. Kâv. N. or dat. fit object or person (cf. Â. {-dhRtya} Br. or gen. Hcat "' dravaNa = melting dravati = (1 pp) to melt dravanti = glide draviNa* = n. &c. of one of the Vis3ve Deva1s. R. xxii. lac. 2. {diz}.. fix or resolve upon (loc. thing. survive MBh. suppress. MBh.. of a son of Vasu Dhara (or Dhava) MBh.. to hold back.]. S'Br.) elementary substance (9 in the Nyâya. 34 Sch. {manas}. object of possession. (phil. employ. {-te} (perf. {adhAram} R. spirituous liquour L. fusible. flowing. fut. {-Sye4} AV. fluid. the ingredients or materials of anything MBh. form {dhArayati}. {Atman}. to house and field). Yâjñ. a substance. a stake.. {prANAn}. VP. inf.). 3. goods. money RV. ' also a statesman with insight drashhTuM = to be seen drakshyasi = you will see draakshaa = (f) grapes dhR * =. fused. 1-4. &c. money Mn. below). distilling. (with or scil {AtmAnam}. {adhRta}. &c. {-te} (Dhâtup. ointment L. {vAyu}. Mn. substantiality.. Â. AV.. drava = liquid * = mfn. {dru}) derived from or relating to a tree Pân. sport Ja1takam. P.) to preserve soul or body. {AkAza kAla}. Pot. goods (m. {dA8dhA4ra}. 4. 161.) Up. to be made to run or put to flight W. wealth. decoction. dravya* = 2 mfn. {-ta} RV. mind. of a son of Priithu BhP.) the flying out against one's superior Das3ar. to . essence. m. (cf. 12).. N.) Ka1v. ind.) towards.. resin L. {-tavai} Br. the 'witness. &c. present to (gen. continue living.. carry. flight Hariv.

{a4-d-} and {a-dRpita4}).. exist. resolve upon. &160659[519. (with {vrata4m}) to observe or keep a vow RV.) MBh. fasten. {fre1-tus}. (with {dharamam}) to fulfil a duty R.. weigh. remain Br. S'Br. 5. keep steady RV. to quote. &c. [Cf.) AV. RPrât.. (with {samaye}) to hold to an agreement. {dhriya4te} (ep. (with or scil.. to begin. or {zmazru}) to let the hair or beard grow MBh. recollect. undertake (dat.. (wit. bear firmly. R. BhP. MBh. 2] {fre1-num}. &c. 125/126 (B. arrogant ({-tara}. measure MBh. {adhAri}) to be borne &c.]) to draw the reins tight. (with {daNDam}) to inflict punishment on (loc.. {dar} [519. pl. observing or outlook drishhTvaa = having seen . aor.). (with {garbham}) to conceive. honour highly Kâv. 65) to hold fast.. (with {dhAraNAm}) to practise self-control Yâjñ.) and {dAdharti} (3. {didhArayiSati}. honoured driDha = unrelenting driDhaM = strongly driDhataa = firmness.: Caus. 30: Intens. (cf. Pân.. &c.. Zd. &c. i. mad. {dhAra4yati}. {dRSTvA} for {dhRtvA}): Pass. &c. ChUp. continue living. Kâv. Lat. so be firm. cause to make a compact Pañc. drishau = eyes drishh = (pashyati) to see drishaH = eyes drishhTaH = observed drishhTavaan. {didhariSate} Pân.. (also {damam}). $.. compar. proud. {ipas}) to perform penance BhP. (with {mUrdhnA} or {-dhni}. {zirasA} or {-si}) to bear on the head. {manasA}) to bear in mind. be pregnant (older {-bhambhR}) MBh.... cite L. (with or scil. &c..] or {praharAn} [S'ak. cf. wild. {-dhrati} TS. {-te} see above: Desid.] dRta *= respected. {tulayA}) to hold in a balance.) MBh. remember ib. &c. 7-2. also {-yati}. Kâv. Kâv. {da4rdharti} (RV. strength driDhanishchayaH = with determination driDhavrataaH = with determination driDhaasana = the side relaxation posture driDhena = strong dRpta* = mfn. pf. = Â. acc. {dadhre4} &c. to wish to keep up or preserve ({AtmAnam}) Gobh. {didhIrSati} (see {-SA}).. Kâv. 2]. 75. (also {dhAryate} R.h = seeing drishhTavaanasi = as you have seen drishhTiM = vision drishhTii = Sight drishhTiibheda = difference in seeing. (with {razmIn} [ib. Gk. or inf.prolong (in pronunciation) AitBr. 7-4. (with {kezAn}. &c. iii.

N. to be a foe or rival Kâvya7d. of a son of Yayâti and brother of Yadu &c. {drohiSyati} Pân. {druj}. a son L.. to be injured S3Br. seek to harm. {yaskA7di} (also v.] druh4: * 2 mfn. {druh}. ii. Zd.. Ra1jat. of a people RV. MBh. {dudrohiSati}. tree-like or corresponding to a tree S'ânkhBr. Hit. [R.). harm . adrukshas AitBr.) elementary substance (9 in the Nyâya. 2 sg. for the next Hariv. aor. 1. {dhruk} or {dhruT} Pân. 3 pl. ii. gum. MBh.l. Yâjñ.. offence RV. {druhitvA} Gr. drudha = robust drupadaH = Drupada . MBh. {jIva}. {kAla}. treachery . or comp. (nom. AV.. N. &c. goods. druhyu * = m.. a lake L.. (w. drogdhR* = m. N.r. bellmetal. R. draupadeyaaH = the sons of Draupadi dravya * = n. {gethroc}. N. drogdhovya* = &c.] druha * = m. id. hostile to (gen. &c. Zd. a wager W. his descendants. Gr "' Subj. 161. 2 sg. 23 Hit. MBh. MBh. fut. 18. druhiNa * = m.. {zivA7di} pl. 8-2. liquefiable. see above. injury . spirituous liquour L. dravya * = 2 mfn. AV. {drogdhavai} Kâthh.) to hurt. a stake. pl. rarely gen. medicinal substance or drug Sus'r. {dudruh-} Gr.drikshyati = see draavya * = mfn.. {adruhat}. {druhas} MBh. Mn. inf. vii. (pf. fit object or person (cf. P. "'.. druhvan * = mfn. injurer. mischief. g. offence Mn. {Atman}. druh: * =1 cl.. 7-2.. ii. {triogan}. of Brahmâ L. drogdhavya* = mfn. cf. 4-3.) Mn. {adharma}. {eka-}). 33. and metr "' also Â. wealth... {dru4hyati} (ep. f.. foe. cf. {druj}.. {vAyu}. money Mn. [Cf. absol. harm. MBh. [Orig. (cf. m. Kâthh. {draha}). {AkAza kAla}. ind.. MBh. g. {diz}. {droDhA} or {drohitA} Gr. injuring RV. {druhan} [with {mA}] RV. R.. {drugdhvA}. 6 with Jainas. lac. {dhrugh} [502. {tejas}. 144]). {-hitha} AV.r.l. fiend.. hurting. ii. to be made to run or put to flight W. be hostile to (dat. of S'iva or Vishnu Hariv. (either fr. 4. thing.. 99. {-te}) Br. ill-wisher MBh. (Gr. &c. (fr. Pur.f. {ap}. {ni4drA-}. object Up. [BhP. 45. object of possession. gold R. or = {dru-ghaNa}) N. {drohayati}: Desid. {-druhya} MaitrS. {druhya}) Pur. 21] or acc "' [Mn. (v. wrong .. {AkAza}). {trûgen}. {dudrbha} RV. druhya* = m. 2. resin L. individual (cf. injury. a substance. &c. a daughter L. Germ. to bear malice or hatred MBh. {dharma}. sg. R. droha *= m. {dru}) derived from or relating to a tree Pân. iv. {A-}. {drochitvA}. {gidrog}. injurer . {pudgala}. {drogdhA}. perfidy . ointment L.. brass L. n. {dhrokSyati} MaitrS. 34 Sch. 4. {du4hyu}) Hariv. hurtful. the ingredients or materials of anything MBh. Râjat. {-hina}). ({I}) f. (cf. Germ. 3]. p. {dudrukSat} Kâthh.) druhaNa * =m. 61: Caus. (w. viz.. 2. {manas}. wrongly {druk}..) single object or person. {abhi-} and {dudhrukSu}).. x.. (phil. fusible.) injuring. of a man. viz "' {pRthivI}. 121] loc. demon RV.

6. pain. MBh. 38 Bhag. uncomfortable. {druNa} and {druma}) L. 218 MBh. Subhâsh. melted. quickly. droNa = the teacher Drona droNaM = Drona droNaH = Dronacarya droNii = (f) bucket druma = tree druta * = quick. vii. &c. dissolved. mischief. n. R. R. ({am}) ind. {duHkham} . to pain SaddhP.. without delay.\\2 Nom. 6).). without delay. or nom.{kR}. {su-kha4}].{as}. perfidy. to cause or feel pain Yâjñ. melted.. 5298. ({am}) ind. ({-tA} f.. Kull. Mn.... ({am}) ind.. MBh. (according to grammarians properly written {duS-kha} and said to be from {dus} and {kha} [cf. rapidly. . ii. ({A}) f. iv..v. flown. fluid Kâv. quickly or indistinctly spoken Gît. Pur. {-citta} mfn. R. (personified as the son of Naraka and Vedanâ VP. sorrow. fluid Kâv. quick. a tree (cf.. R. harm. a partic. duHshcharita = adj. difficult R. m. bad-hearted. N. a tree (cf. with difficulty. 19/20. trouble... unpleasant.drupadaputreNa = by the son of Drupada druta* = mfn. badly disposed. speedy. Mn. but more probably a Prâkritized form for {duH-stha} q. Pur. dreshhkaaNa = A Varga.. {-tara} MBh. {druNa} and {druma}) L. duHkhaM = distress duHkhataraM = more painful duHkhasa. {A}) uneasiness. rapidly. run away or asunder Kâv. 7. xiv. Hariv. MBh. wrong. (compar. a scorpion L. Also known as Dreshkana droha * = m. xii.). difficulty S'Br. offence Mn. swift MBh. duhitaH = (f) daughter duhitaa = (f) daughter duHs'Ila * = mfn. R. This is a subdivision of one third or a sign. MBh.nyoga = of the miseries of material contact duHkhahaa = diminishing pains duHkhaanaaM = material miseries duHkhaalayaM = place of miseries . treachery. v. &c. 2. a partic. (ifc. impers. a scorpion L.with an acc. to be sad or uneasy Ratn.. n.. of a woman Kathâs. quickly. dissolved. faulty pronunciation of vowels Pat. R.. bad blooded duHkha = sorrow * = 1 mfn. n. 15 Mn. speedy. {khati}. &c.) uneasy. it is difficult to or to be (inf. quickly or indistinctly spoken Gît. &c. P.). scarcely. hardly (also {at} and {ena}) MBh. f. run away or asunder Kâv. flown. m.. ill-behaved MBh. faulty pronunciation of vowels Pat. injury. &c. R. swift MBh.

MBh. xii. N. 5. having bad expectations Prab. didifficult to be attained or approached. &c. {-tA} f. Subhâsh. 71.. {-citta} mfn. afflicted. 53. DukriJNkaraNa = grammatic formula ``DukRi. difficult to be seen or met with KathhUp. 4880. &c. duraasada *= dñdifficult or dangerous to be approached MBh.nkaraNa'' DukriJNkaraNe = the grammatical formula ``DukRi. a false concord (in gram. inaccessible S3Br.iii..... R. Kâv.) \\ * = 2 m. {-atikrama} KathhUp. ill-behaved MBh..nkaraNe'' dura * = 1 = 1. bad-tempered dukhanda = hot iron dugdha = milk duHs'iila* = mfn. bad-hearted. {dur} only in {zata-} (q. unheard of. viii. distressed. bad expectation.. &c. &c. Hariv. dñdifficult to be found or met with. a consequence wrongly deduced from given premises MW duraapa* = mfn. R.) RV. 5. dñdifficult to be accomplished or performed MBh. {-yA7nukramaNa} mfn.h = evil natured. inscrutable. duraatman. of S'iva.). despair Râjat. x. Hariv. pained. {-yate}. of a Da1nava Hariv. dur-bhraatri = bad brother duratyayaa = very difficult to overcome * = mfn. inaccessible MBh.. Kull. difficult to be passed along (road) R. Bh duranvaya * = mfn. (perhaps {dRR}) `" one who opens or unlocks "'. Â. unparalleled MBh. ({A}) f. Mn. 14 MBh. 6203. R. &c. MBh. m. unhappy Mn. {-zatAya} Nom. vain hope. badly disposed. ({A}) f. durdars'a * = mfn.). ({-tA} f. Pur. R.l.. xiii.. iii. grieved in mind MW duHshiila = adj. 35. {-saha}).. vi. i. N. MBh. whose ways are past finding out (God) MW. 2. not corresponding or suitable BhP. giver.duHkhe = and distress duHkhena = by miseries duHkheshhu = in the threefold miseries duHkhaiH = the distresses duHkhita *= mfn. iii. Âpast. disagreeable or painful to the sight MBh. m. unfathomable R. mystical N. m. 3. N. 861. of a sword MBh. of a woman Kathâs.v. difficult to be accomplished (v. vile duraasadaM = formidable duraas'a* = mfn. ii. 15 BhP. R. 84. to have a bad or disgusting appearance MW. &c. durga = fort . %{-citta} mfn. 92. MBh. 14. dñdifficult to be found out or fathomed R. granter (= {dAtR} Sây.

drunken. hardly visible Das3. a bad aim Ratn. {-tA7ri} f. N. i. 28. m. of a son of Dhriita-râshthra MBh.. 147. Hariv.. 16. AV. iii .) RV. Mimosa Suma L. {-tA7tman} mfn. {-tA7rNava} m. evil-minded. infatuated by (comp. Kâv. difficult. durgaa = Goddess Durga durgaaNi = impediments durghaTanaa = (f) calamity.. N. drinker.. durjana = wicked person durjanaM = bad person durnigrahaM = difficult to curb durniriikshyaM = difficult to see durnivaara = hard to correct durbala = weak durbuddhi = stupid person. of dñdifficult access and issue Pañc. N.. {-da-vIra-mAnin} mfn. m. &c. {-dA7ndha} mfn. unattainable MBh. disaster durita * = ({du4r-} RV. 427.h = (n) fort durgama* = mfn. sinful L. Kâv. . 2 durmada * = mad conception or illusion.durgati = bad state. mad. of a son of Dhriita (father of Pracetas). of a king Kautukar.. of Dhriita ib. 7) n. 17. of a man ib. `" ocean of sins "'N. idiot durbuddheH = evil-minded durbhiksha = famine durlabha = ungettable durlabhaM = rare (thing) durlabhataraM = very rare durlakSya* = mfn. foolish pride or arrogance Pur. &c.. danger. ({-ma4da}) mfn. bad course. iii. of a Jaina goddess. `" blinded by mad illusion "'. a dñdifficult situation. {-din} m. bad AV.. of a Comm. n. of a son of Bhadra-sena (father of Dhanaka). {-damanI} f. besotted. destruction of sin BhP. impassable. v.. of a son of Vasu-deva and Pauravi VP. of a son of Vasu-deva and Rohini or Pauravî Pur. Hariv. &c. MBh. . drunkard Pat. 125. i. {durgamA7zu-bodhinI} f. difficulty. `" enemy of sin "'N. inaccessible. difficult to be traversed or travelled over. {-kSaya} m. evil... {-mArga-nirgama} mfn. foolishly fancying (one's self) a hero BhP. fierce. defeat durgatiM = to degradation durgam. discomfort. sin (also personified) RV. 12. i. or n.. m. N. Ra1jat. wicked. mfn. malicious Subh. xii. 28. 2.

restive MBh. ({taka} id.) before vowels and soft consonants. rarely {duH} before {k}. MBh. difficult. {kh}. of a sage (associated with Durvâsas &c. R. {p}. xlviii. before {z}.v. to {su}). 63. declared evil dushhkritaaM = of the miscreants dushhkritinaH = miscreants dushhTagraha = Aspected (Aspecting) Planet dushhTabuddhii = adj. i. 2]. m. of a son of Dhriita-râshthra MBh.). {tuz-}. {ph}. dushkirtii = adj. {duS}.]. `" dñdifficult to be pervaded or approached "'N. remains unchanged before {t}.G. 126 &c.) VarBriS. &c. obstinate. often = Engl. Goth. {dus}. evil-minded durmedhaa = unintelligent duryodhanaH = King Duryodhana durvachana = wicked statements durvaadalashyaamaM = black as the'durvA' (flower)petal durvidagdha = foolishly puffed up. {dh}.) before {c}. xii. Kâv. {in-} or {un-} [cf. hard [488.). vain durviniita * = mfn.v. 3. {ch}. {dU} (q. bad. rarely {duz}. badly educated. {dush-}. inferior &c. dñdifficult to be borne or supported. durvitarkya * = mfn. {s}. evil spirited dushhTaasu = being so polluted dustyajya * mfn. slight. 9). hardly. difficult to be relinquished or quitted . xii. m. 2-1. of S'iva MBh. Zd. N.). {duS}. 2. impracticable MBh. badly. N.v. {duz} (q. (opp. durvisha* = m.v. 10431.. which become {D}. mean. undisciplined. 104 durvishaha* = mfn. 2 Pat. BhP.durmatiH = foolish durmanaH = (adj) evil-minded durmanaH = adj.) implying evil. a prefix to nouns and rarely to verbs or adverbs (Pân. R. {S}. of S'iva MBh. xx. $. difficult to be discussed or understood BhP durvritta = those having wickedness durvrittaM = bad deed dush*= ind. irresistible. of a prince. 6. ill-conducted. Gk. {STh}).v. 2. {Dh}. {duH} (q. O.H. intolerable. ({Sahya} id. {n}.) before {r} and sometimes before {d}. wicked. {zur}. It becomes {dur} (q. becomes {duS} (q. {th} (in older language however {ST}. Kathâs. 18 Vârtt. iii. {N}.

(scil.. or badness. Kâv. 1. 24. unconquerable. 128. MBh. {dUrAd-Agata}. 2-1. MBh. duuradarshakam. Mn. (Pân. ({eNa}) ind. faulty. let it be far i. sin. superl. 1. S'Br. {-M-karaNa} mf({i})n. offence. dushthataa* = f. xii. {bhUmi}) one of the 10 stages in the life of a S'râvaka L.e. xvii.. m. rogue.. far from (abl. from afar. 39.. making far or distant. by far MBh. {-M-gama4} mfn. removing Vop.). RV. wickedness dushthara* = mfn. invincible MBh. &c. far. {S-T-}) difficult to be passed or overcome. remoteness (in space and time). Costus Speciosus or Arabicus L. or abl. ({At}) ind. going far away VS. dushtha* = mfn. Kâv. {zruti-}). ({A}) f. &c dussthaana = An evil position (6. (cf. AV. difficult to be passed or overcome or endured. id. difficult to be relinquished or quitted MBh. to be far away or gone off Kathâs.h = (n) television duuradarshii = one with far-sight especially a statesman . &c. u.5(opp. 144 Kâs'. 2. far away RV. 3. Kâv. 1. far. far. guilty. {dUre-bhU} or {gam}. iii. defective. long (way). a long way off or a long period back RV.. remote. irresistible. guilt Hariv.) from a distance. (Pân.e.. ii. n. {karma} {mano-}. AV. AV. R. dustara* = mfn. a long way S'Br. a long way back or from a remote period. culpable S'rS. far i. ({e}) ind. distance.. {daviSTha}. 36 Kâs'. false reasoning. xi. Ts'Up. (also {dUrA4d dUra4m} AV.. dustyajya * = mfn. 3 (opp. Pân. from afar RV. ({A}) f. Yâjñ. iii. 33. = {-ra-g-} Sank. compar. spoilt. S'Br. x. xxxiv. {yoni-}. xii. founded on it MW. 101/102) or below ({ambhasi} Kathâs. a villain. false. 21. MBh. &c. bad.) distant. hut see Un. e. 2-3. 2. 7. ({a4m}) ind.. excellent RV. some way from (abl. &c. {-M-gata} mfn. 37. iv. &c. unconquerable. 26. 67. far from (gen. a kind of noxious animal Vishn. 9. wrong. never mind Kathâs.) Mn. offensive. 9. Vet. sinning through or defiled with (cf. 34 Kâs'. inimical. vi.) Mn. vi. (cf. 21/22. {a4nti}) and c AV. {-ta4rItu} mfn. Sus'r. 151. fr. 8.dushhpuuraM = insatiable dushhpuureNa = never to be satisfied dushhpraapaH = difficult to obtain dustara = hard to cross dustarka* = m. 18.vv. corrupted. far above ({ut-patati} Hit. qq. to surpass. 14). of a man S'Br. iii.h = (n) telescope duuradarshana = television duuradarshanam. wrong argument BhP.g. crime. compar. {da4vIyas}. (v. 12 Houses) duuta = messenger duura = far duura4 * = mf({A})n. malignant. compar. 2-3. &c. (Pân. l. xii. {dUre-kR}. to discard Amar. {-ra-tare}. MBh.). i. iv. (prob. {dUraM-kR}. 2. N. 2. {-re tiSThatu}. {du}. {antike}) Mn. TS. {vAg-}). (cf. 2-3. with a pp. incomparable. come from afar Pân. in comp. &c.. {dus-t-}). 1. 130. much in a high degree ({dUram un-mani-kRta} Prab. exceed Ragh. i. {-ra-tareNa} VP.. 4. ib. 35) far. a bad or unchaste woman L.) in a distant place. wicked. let it be unmentioned.. R. {-mUla} mfn. 29).

{dva4yos}) two RV. vi. {du}. 113.) or in two numbers (sing. of a myth. iii.. boundless (heaven and earth) RV. i. duureartha* = ({-re4-}) mfn. ({ikA} f. 400. 2). {tva} &c. form of Agni TS. id. &c.. 65. duure* = loc. whose aim is far off RV.. gate MBh. m.duuradhvanii = telephone duuravaaNiivinimayakendram. occasioned or caused by S'ank. [Cf. being MBh.) Gr. or {dvau4} fn. abl. bad expectation. 14. distant Pân.v. $ and $= $. TS. and pl. BhP. duurvaa. `" many-gated "'N. &c. {duo18} and {bi} = {dvi}. du. evildoer. `" the age with the number two "'N. criminal RV. MBh. (nom. instr.) in comp. vain hope. dvaara = entry (neut) dvaaraka* n. {dvayos} in two genders (masc. duurebhaa* = ({-re4-}) mfn. n. {dvA} and {dvi}. L. both (with {api} Ragh. {du8va}. ({akA}) f. pl. dat. ifc. the YñYugas itself = 2000. {tvai}. 10. N. malignant. whose arrows fly to a distance PârGri. of the 3rd of the 4 Yugas or ages of the world (comprising 2400 years.v. Hariv. %{-cchandas} n. Slav. duurena = discard it at a long distance dureva* = mfn. before other numerals dvaapara * = m. 2713.iii. 4.nkuraiH = with the bud of `dUrva' dva * =original stem of {dvi} q. duureanta* = mfn. substituted for {dvi} in comp. uncertainty L. {dva}. dvaaraM = door dvandva = couple dvandvaM = tha pair dvandvaH = the dual . acc. {dvi}. du. being far off. ill-disposed. supposed to have been submerged by the sea) MBh. 55. 63. a partic. of Stomas ib. shining to a distance RV. m. loc.. &c. MBh. AV. &155939[503. 104 Vârtt.h = (n) telephone exchange duurasthaM = far away durAza* = mfn. 1. RTL. having bad expectations Prab. doubt. {dve4}. {dvA4bhyAm} gen.] dvaa * =old nom. ({A}) f. Zd.. &c. {dva4}. Pur. Goth. i. and fem. of {dUra} (q. door. AV. xii. 111. 2] $. the Die personified Nal. vii. that die or side of a die which is marked with two spots VS. 93). % {-stoma} m. duuretya* = mfn. Ka1t2h. ending in the remote distance.. Comm. 1. Lith. duureheti* = ({-re4-}) mfn. despair Râjat. of {dva}. Mn. Gk. Lat. a partic. 4-2. of the capital of Kriishna (on the western point of Gûjarât. 5. and each twilight = 200 years. loc. RTL. 1 Pat. L. it is also personified as a god) AitBr. 433. pl. class of metre Nida1nas. m.

(ifc. drinking twice. %{--pA7ri} m. f. .. m. %{-pati} m. Piper Aurantiacum Bhpr. N. 1. {-tA} and {-tva}) [507..dvandvaiH = from the dualities dvayaM = twin dvaadashamaJNjarikaabhiH = by the bouquet consisting of 12 flowers (12 dvaidhaaH = duality dvau = (adj) two dve = two dvesha = haterd dveshha = hatred dveshhaH = hatred dveshhau = also detachment dveshhTi = envies dveshhya = the envious dveshhyaH = hateful dvi = two. `" foe of elephants "'. the rut-fluid of an elephant Ragh. R. {-jA4} and {-jati})... {pAlaGkI} L. % {A}). dvijottama = O best of the brâhmanas dvipa = elephant\\m. a. MBh. dvishaa * = f. %{-mada} m. Mn. Clerodendrum Siphonantus L. foe. {upa-nayana}) AV. %{-dAna} n. Bhartri. tooth dvijaa* = mfn.) a Brâhman (re-born through investiture with the sacred thread cf. (n. hating (cf. a bird or any oviparous animal (appearing first as an egg) Mn.. cardamoms dviguNa = twice dvichakrikaa = (f) bicycle dvija = brahmin. Mesua Ferrea L. twice-born. (cf... (ifc. 1]. = %{-dAna} L. BhP. (esp. 31).. a man of any one of the first 3 classes. &c. a tooth (as growing twice) Sus'r. Var. MBh. twice-born RV dvija* = mfn. enemy L. sc. of the number 8 Gan2it. hateful or unpleasant to Hariv. elephant (lit. coriander seed or Xantboxylum Alatum L. a large eñelephants Ratn.) hostile. &c. ({A}) f.. MBh. any Âryan. both dvisha * = mfn... ii. m. with his trunk and with his mouth) Mn. &c. `" prince of elephants "'.

half of (gen. &c. (fr.]. Indra-dvipa. ii. brightness. shelter. majesty.. with dice. of a Riishi under Manu Merusâvarna Hariv. AV. Sâh. 97) an island. splendour (as a goddess Hariv. MBh. ii. the prize or booty won in battle ib. 3966. N. Ta1mra-varn2a. contest for (comp. {tithi}) the 2nd day of a half-month Râtn. 29). Ketu-mlla. 3037 &c. % {--pe7ndradAna} n. MBh. m. 5-3. &c.] or 4 [Bhadra7s3va. MBh. 604 &c. 2.) Pân. having an eñelephant's face "'N. sandbank RV. Varun2a and Bha1rata. gambling (esp. iv. cf. (m. vi. ib... of Gan2e7s3a L. {vibhakti}) the 2nd case. the 2nd in a family (i. protection or protector MBh. of a son of Manu Tâmasa ib. Mn.. i. peninsula. 16. 74. &c. dviipaH = (m) island * = m. vii. companion. &c. Pân. Kâv. and separated from each other by distinct concentric circumambient oceans. a-. vii.. S'rS. MBh.. {dyuna}. furnished with (cf. vii. m. ix. &c.. AitBr. 31) play. cf. for the second time KathhUp. Pân. or {dyUna}). decl "' i. 5 or = %{bhArata-dv-} VP. dyUta* = n. 7). 2119. place of refuge. the rut-fluid of a large eñelephants Var. 3. (fr. as forming Bha1rata-varsha] or 18 [among which the Upa-dvipas are said to be included Naish. a division of the terrestrial world (either 7 [Jambu. &c.. 54. vi. 2-4... cf. %{-pA7sya} m.) MBh. only MBh. %{-sambhava}). 3 Pat. (v. but also with any inanimate object). the half (at the beginning or end of a comp. 3. 5-2. Gabhasti-mat. wife (a second self) L.e. viz. 1. 24 &c. v. S3Br. a tiger's skin L.. lustre. Pur. S3a1lmali1. with {bhAga} m. vi.l. 2/3.. %{ayaM@dvIpaH} = %{jambu-dv-} BhP. they are situated round the mountain Meru. 33. = %{-pa-pati} Ragh. 208 Hariv. Saumya. Ga1ndharva. doubled or accompanied by. n. m. 5 Sch. ii. {dhanur-} &c. Jambu-dvipa and Uttara1h2 Kuravah2 MBh. 36 Vârtt.) battle or fight. iii. which are enumerated VP. Malatim. dvividhaa = two kinds of dyaamutemaaM = sky dyutaM = gambling dyuta* = n. 3. of the 7th mansion (= $) Var..) a threatening attitude Das'ar. (fig. xcviii.. 3.. dignity. Kraun5ca. %{-pe7zvara} m.).) Mn. MBh. 2-1. female companion or friend Kâthh.. &c. n. dyuti (dyoti)= gleam* = f.. ({am}) ind. iv. ifc.e. 115) second RV. Var. 49) forming the 2nd part or half of anything. cf. Mn. ({A}) f.lion BhP. %{--pe7ndra} m. Ka1ran2d2. the surd aspirate Prât. 3 Kâs'. {dvi} Pân. 14035). S3a1ka and Pushkara MBh. %{dvi} + %{ap} Pa1n2. 760. &c. ii. &c.. (cf. (Pân. (sc. N. cubebs L. Na1ga-dvipa... ({dvi4tIya}) mfn. dvipaada = two feet dvirdvaadashaa = 2nd and 12th house from each other dvishhataH = envious dvisvabhaavaraashi = Common Signs dvitiiya* = mf({A})n. Kus3a. fellow (friend or foe) S'Br. 5-4. Kaseru1-mat. 7. Plaksha or Go-medaka. Ka1v. (sc. Dharmas. the 2nd letter of a Varga i. the accusative or its terminations Pân. gaming. (dram. 1 &c. {chAyA-}. dyutiM = the sunshine dyau = from outer space E . a son L.. cxx] or 13 [the latter four + 9. = %{-pe4udra}. 6. &c. Hariv.

bless BhP. Angl. Sax. grown L. (mfn. kindling see {agny-edha}.) increased. 3 AV. BhP. 86.] edhaa. ({indh}). to be increased or enlarged.) ifc. fuel and wate r edhatu * =1 (for 2. VS. edhavat * =mfn. become happy. fuel RV. 158. Hib.ebhiH = by them ebhyaH = to these demigods edh* =cl. 158.] eka = one ekaM = one ekaH = (adj) one ekatvaM = in oneness ekatvena = in oneness ekada. 86. 1. prosperity.1]. increase. extend. &c. Hib.) ifc. man Un. filled up edhitR * = mfn. {a7d}. $. 4. grow strong RV. see p. hating those who have become insolent or impious (through prosperity) edhate = (1 ap) to grow edhita * = mfn. happiness RV. Gk. one who increases edhanIya * mfn. {eit}. AV. grown. i. {edhitA}. 1].. {edhAM-cakre}. fuel RV. to prosper. S'Br. S'Br..nsi = firewood edhamAnadviS * = mfn. 4. to cause to prosper or increase. {edhiSyate}. 18 VS. edhas * =1 {as} n. Ragh. [cf. H. to become intense. {a7d}. O. {edhayati}. made to spread. $. 1).1] {aodh}. [cf. i. become insolent. Kum. 90 Bhathth.ntaaya = to the one-tusked ekamaksharaM = pranava . kept up with fuel (as fire) edhodaka * =n. made big. &72394[232. G. 1] {aodh}. Â. ({indh}). col. &c. (mfn. 79. &c. 232. vi. $. {e4dhate} (rarely P. edha* = m. fuel edha * =m. i. Mn. x. spread. prosperity\\ 2 n. viii. {-ti}). increased. to swell. kindling see {agny-edha}. happiness. {aidhiSTa}. {us} mf. [232. (mfn. Gk. x. H. $. Ragh. G. &72394[232. wish for the welfare or happiness (of any one). Angl. to grow big with self-importance. enlarged. O. [232.: Caus. ({us}) m. Sax.ntaM = one who has a single tusk ekada. S'Br. {eit}. 86. gain ground (as fire or passions) MBh.. 18 VS. S'Br. rise (as waters) BhP.

in a lonely or solitary place. %{-tas} ind. %{-bhUta} mfn. part. partial comprehension Car.. lonely. privately) MBh..). %{-rAj} m. %{-sthita} mfn. R.. qq. devotedness to only one object MBh. wholly charitable Hit. wandering alone. (with Jainas) N. &c. absoluteness.. alone... solely. %{-grahaNa} n. Sus3r. %{At}) ind. %{-mati} mfn. Mn. %{-vihArin} mfn. v. exclusive worship BhP.v. %{-karuNa} mfn. %{-tva} n. (%{e} ind. &c. devotion to one object. the state of being a part or portion Pat.. solely. of two spokes in the wheel of time (the first of Avasarpin2i1 and the sixth of Utsarpin2i1. absolutely. of wk. monotheistic doctrine MBh. the only end or aim. a single part. exclusively. of a Bodhi-sattva. fond of loneliness MBh. `" containing only bad years "'. %{-tA} f. BhP..ahaM = I the one single being enaM = this . Kap. having the mind fixed on one object. necessarily. staying or remaining alone or apart. portion Pat. alone. worship of one Being. S3ak. %{-rahasya} n. by all means. %{-zIla} mfn. only. Megh. invariably. necessity R. invariably MBh. &c.... &c. `" containing only good years "'. %{ena}.. wholly and solely compassionate..h = in one ekaaH = one ekaakini = solitary woman ekaakii = alone ekaagra = one-pointed ekaagraM = with one attention ekaagreNa = with full attention ekaantaM = overly ekaaksharaM = the one syllable eke = in one ekena = alone ekaikaM = one by one ekaikamaksharaM = each and every word eko.. one who is alone or solitary BhP. ekayaa = by one ekavachanaM = singular ekasthaM = in one place ekasmin. in every respect. (with Jainas) N. comprehending partially ib. qq. exclusively.. (%{am}. of two spokes in the wheel of time (the sixth of the Avasarpin2i1 and the first of the Utsarpin2i1. a lonely or retired or secret place. N.. N. Bhartr2. %{-suSamA} f. exclusiveness. (mfn.) directed towards or devoted to only one object or person BhP. %{-bhAva} m. &c.ekamevaadvitiiyaM = one without a second ekaanta *= m. apart.). %{-grAhin} mfn. %{-duHSamA} f.

an iron or steel probe Sus'r.. Pân. MBh. 4. so great. ardent desire BhP. 45) R. S'Br.). {iS}) ifc. so many. seeking for. vii.. &c. 57. ({am}) n. m. seeking with. 1] sinful. i.)\\* = 3 mfn. (with Jainas) right behaviour when begging food Sarvad. Hit. [cf. AitBr. blame L. {A} n. probing Sus'r. viii. eSa* = 1 mfn. of such extent. in such a degree. enasya * = mfn. produced by sin. \\* = 2 (nom. vi. x. S'Br. ( {i} Un. Hit. N. i. $]. censure. ({eSa4}). the latter generally following. of such quality or kind RV. VP. calamity RV. &c. so much. [cf.h = all these etaani = all these etaavan* = (by Sandhi for {etA4vat}) etaavat. &72437[232. Râjat. wish. ({am}) n. running. AV.. m. sin. himself. [cf. a man is of such measure as [i. Gk. \\* = 2 mfn. BhP.enas * = {as} n.v. thus RV. a sinner RV. &c. the act of seeking. mischief. (cf. {ae7sha}. 3 S'Br. solicitation. impulse. of such a measure or compass. 180. 2154. {aenaGh}. a species of plant. Zd. 197. (often in connection with a relative clause. $. Zd.. gliding. 2. so far. request S'Br. S'Br. &c. option RV. N. misfortune. 3 S'Br. the act of seeking or going after RV. evil. seeking S'Br. Mn. a kind of grass of emollient and diluent properties MBh. thus far. made complete by] his wife. Gk. offence. 3. desire. wicked. ({at}) ind.. 9.] eshhaH = this eshhaa = this eshhaaM = of them eshhyati = comes eshhyasi = you will attain etat. wishing Nir. xiii. wicked... . {svaI7Sa4}). iv.h = this etayoH = of these two etasya = of this etaaM = this etaan. hastening RV. 39. of a Nâga MBh. O. ({I}) f. ix. ({A}) f. ({A}) f..e. begging. Bhpr. a woollen carpet (Buddh. (fr. &c. ({A}) f.h = this much * = mfn. begging. a goldsmith's scale L. AV. AV. 115..] enasvin * = mfn. and his progeny Mn. medical examination. 7. &c. unhappiness. an iron arrow L. 9. solicitation MBh. counted a sin or crime. H. {etAvAn eva puruSo yaj jAyA7tmA prajA}. sinful AV. of a river.. f.. so far. 1] ({I}) f. &72471[232.. so much. {e1râ}. eraka * = m.. G. {in} BRD. wish L. m. 48. crime.) eSaNa* = 1 {am}. of {eta4d} q. Mn. fault RV.h = it etan.

e. here . xv. according to native authorities {eva} implies emphasis.g. i. 206) . {e7u}. truly. 1-1 . this here i. even without having eaten.g. but sometimes the neuter sing. I . this very person here) or with omission of those pronouns (e. thou alone art a charioteer. AV. {e4va}).) RV. {cai9va}. &c. 152. {hi}) RV. merely. {e7o}. this arrow here in my hand . this world here below) . Sax. 178. exactly so. for this [scil. (sometimes. {na cirAd eva}.]. (Gr. already. g. detraction. very. restrainment). &72584[232.g. way or manner of acting or proceeding. {eva} is a mere expletive without any exact meaning and not translatable e. in connection with other adverbs. Osk. 91. so . &c. 158. world VS. &c. x. he while still living. this is the important law . even. % {na4@vA4@u@eta4n@mriyase} . `" law "'. %{sarvA7di} Pa1n2. 223 .. going. thou dost not die in this manner or by that RV. {aita} . esp. pl. % {eSa@kAlaH} . conduct. . {abhuktvai9va}. it refers also to that which follows . custom RV. {tv eva}.e. %{etad@guruSu@vRttiH} .. 27) this . {apaH spRSTvai9va}. &c. which I will proclaim to you MBh. when connected with %{idam} . at this time . {io}. Armen. Old Germ. so.. {eva} must be variously rendered by such adverbs as) just. iii . thus . same.. {tAn eva}. {eva ca}. indeed. i.) RV. no other is on earth. now . I standing here will convey thee to heaven . m. way (generally instr. {aeva}.]. 5 [Mahîdh. Mod. %{eSa@yAti@panthAH} . Goth. MBh.nvidhaH = like this . command. exactly so (in the sense of the later {evam}) RV. still. O. {je}. [cf.. 162 . now (e.g. {tvam eva yantA nA7nyo 'sti pRthivyAm}. {aivs}. habit. (in its most frequent use of strengthening the idea expressed by any word.] e4va * = 2 mfn.) RV. sometimes used to give emphasis to the personal pronouns (e. {eo}. speedy. ({As}) m. in no long time at all. ii . iii Un. i . exactly. %{eSa@bANaH} . Germ. Zd. Germ. (e.G {e7wa} and Angl. {aid} . {tenai9va mantreNa}. here (especially as pointing to what is nearest to the speaker e. {tAvatIm eva rAtrim}.. course. % {eSa@cai9va@gurur@dharmo@yam@pravakSyAmy@ahaM@tava} . {sa jIvann eva}. the earth. as {id}. arrival. esp. &c.. ({i} Un. (%{a4d}) ind. %{etau@praviSTau@svaH} . {evam} {eva} or {tathai9va}. %{eSa@tvAM@svargaM@nayAmi} . affirmation. alone. at the very moment of saying so. but this following may be considered a secondary rule Mn.g. usage. really (often at the beginning of a verse in conjunction with other particles. `" custom "'. this before-mentioned is the principal rule .e. when connected with a relative clause (e. pronom. 21) AV.H. {eiso}. diminution. this here .g. just so long as a night. thou art the best charioteer MBh. 2825. here i. 2] {aevu-m}. this is the custom among Gurus Mn. %{etad} generally refers to what precedes . esp. 147) . is the time . base {e} BRD.g. quick TBr. immediately on.] evaM = thus eva. [cf. $.g.) . . probably connected with 2. fr. just so. ete = they etena = by this eteshhaaM = of the Pandavas etaiH = all these etaiH = all these eva = ( used to put emphasis ) eva * = 1 (in the Sanhitâ also {evA4}) ind. i. Gk. &c. &c.] eti = attain * = f. {japyenai9va}. cow] is my only wealth MBh. Goth. here passes the way . pl. %{eSa@vai@prathamaH@kalpaH} %{anukalpas@tv@ayaM@jJeyaH} . Lat. in this manner . we two here have entered) . $. Old Pers.etad * = mfn. the latter then referring to what follows (e. in this manner only. remains (e. 2.. %{eSo'ham} . 4. {ehe}. {iti vadann eva}. 3 [Sây. moving. in the same manner as above. by sole repetition.g. %{etad} . by merely touching water. a horse RV. %{etad@eva@hi@me@dhanam} .g. {aiv}. ({i}). approach RV. with the same Mantra as above. VS. {ae7ta} . as the subject of a sentence it agrees in gender and number with the predicate without reference to the noun to be supplied (e. [cf. iii. 4. only. Zd. &c. these very persons.

{Uhya-} gaathazravas * = ({-tha4-}) mfn. singing.. but to the epic poetry of legends or Âkhyânas. epic songs and particularly those in praise of men or heroes MaitrS. 92. 30 Ratna7v. &c. gaathA-kAra * = m. 2. Râjat. any metre not enumerated in the regular treatises on prosody (cf. 5. i. i. {Uha-}. ({ikA}) f. i. nor Sâman. 11. 1 and viii. famous through (epic) songs (Indra). {Rg-gAthA}. a song RV. iii. of the fourth Kalpa or period of the world. S'Br. nor Yajus. gaathaka * = m. 11.nvidhaaH = like this evaapi = also G gaa = (v) to come gaana* = n. gaathA-nArAzaMsI4 * = f. leading a song or a choir RV. 54. a verse.. stanza (especially one which is neither Riic. 1-1.) gaathAnI * = mfn. ii. (cf. 5/6. pl. 11793 Sis'. vii Hariv. id. Lâthy. author of (epic) songs or verses Pân. a sound L. an epic song Yâjñ. {yajJa-gAthA}.. 5. 6. {araNya-}. of the Âryâ metre. du. 4 SV. viii.) AV. ix.) gaaM = the planets gaanga = of the ganga river gaaNDiivaM = the bow of Arjuna gaatraaNi = limbs of the body gaana = singing gaayakaH = (m) singer gaayati = (1 pp) to sing gaayatrii = the Gayatri hymns gaayikaa = (f) singer gaahate = (1 ap) to plunge . 190. TS. song KâtyS'r. i. 2. (Pân. vii. 45 MBh. gaatha * = m. such as the S'unahs'epa-Âkhyâna or the Suparn. N. 38. 8 (cf. S'Br. {riju-gAtha}. {nArAzaMsI4}. 3-2. gaathA7ntara * = m. 23.eva. xi. 146) a singer (chanter of the Purânas) Pân. RV. 934. ({gA4thA}) f. 3-1. a singer. N. i.. the metrical part of a Sûtra Buddh. a verse not belonging to the Vedas. reciter W. TBr. 167. 34 Kâs'. id. f. 6 and ix. 85.

bludgeon MBh. the earth Gal. of a son of Manu Bhautya or of Rambha VP. i.. 51. commonly Garha or Garha Mandala) L.. mysterious RV. 7.. solemn. ({gambh-}. a series of sentences RâmatUp. 10. `" inexhaustible "'. grave. 11. ditch L. dense. {a-gada4}.h = going gachchhanti = they reach gada * = m.N. family. ({A}) f. an impediment L. the plant Embelia Ribes L. 24. &c. 4. 1388. for {kakSa}). xiii. on 19. of a son of Vasu-deva and younger brother of Kriishna MBh. not to be penetrated or investigated or explored. BhP. iii. ({I}) f. uninterrupted (time) BhP. gachati = to go gaccha* = m. a cave.. depth "' (`" water "' Naigh. {payo-g-}. v.) gadati = (1 pp) to say gadinaM = with maces gahanaa = very difficult gahvara: deep.) gaDa * = m. Sch. ix. v. ({A}) f. [346.. a cave. an impenetrable secret.. `" an abyss. BhP. wood AV.. 20 and Sch. 3]. N. 39 and 41. i. ii. a deep sigh L. {a4-vijJAta-g-}. a screen. (Naigh. deepsounding. disease. R. lxi. 1 Riitus.. bower L.) Prab. sagacious. an arbour. hollow-toned RV. pl. of another son of Vasu-deva by a different mother. &c. cavern L. impervious. 53 MBh. 10 signs from Jupiter. ({As}) m. 5. (cf. impenetrable TS. ii. secret. m. 17.) see {-re-STha4}. hypocrisy L.h = (may the two)go gachchhati = goes gachchhan. of a musical instrument. &c. viii. 3. 2. serious. Bignonia suaveolens L. Ragh. n. (in music) a kind of Râginî (cf. R. Laghuj. a mace. ({gambh-} MBh. iv.. 8. 85.. iii). 4. covering. ix. ({A}) f. {tRNa-g-}. the period (number of terms) of a progression Âryabh. v Hariv. gaja = Elephant gajaH = elephant gajakeshariyoga = Yoga in which the Moon is in an angular position (Kendra) or 1.. of a district (part of Malva.. 38. 11) deep in sound. iv. gachchhataam.. 1787. 24). 5. 2. impervious BhP.gaahamaana = (present participle) swimming or floating gaganayaatrikaH = (m) astronaut gabhiira* = mf({A4})n. Hariv. Abrus precatorius (?) L. club. a moat. ({gam}) a tree L. 24. of a people (v. Nir.. a hiding-place. N. N. confused (in mind) Kathâs. 43 BhP. cavern L. v.. riddle MBh. Good Yoga for Wealth and Power based on strength and other factors in the chart gajendraaNaaM = of lordly elephants . Cyprinus Garra) L. poison L. deep (opposed to {gAdha} and {dIna}) RV. 3.l. race Jain. a sentence MBh. m. fence L. ({gambh-} R... i... 5. inscrutable. &c. of a constellation VarBri. profound.l. xii. N.. 15 Sâh. 12. for {gadhA} TS. a kind of gold-fish (the young of the Ophiocephalus Lata or another species... thicket.. ({am}) n. sickness Sus'r. v.. &c. AV.

sg. perf. {gamyAs} RV. R. set out. p. in the course of time) R.). sg. to go against with hostile intentions.g. make a bow R. 187. to visit RV. p. march. {jaganti} (Naigh. {game4ma} RV. vi. Pot.. i: Intens. 98 Kâs'. cl. i. {ganma}. 2. i.) Caurap.. sg. ind. {ga4madhyai} RV. `" to go to the earth with the knees "'. with prepositions {-gamya} or {-gatya} Pân. or {gahi} see {adhi-}.e. 14. to fall to the share of (acc. x) to wish to go. 3] or {gacchAsi} [AV. 1.. riding on (in comp. 5.) L. i. {jagAma}. cl. denote Pân. to go to or towards. {jagmu4SI} RV. {gadhi} see {A-}. [Pân... observe. iii. 65].). 63. Goth. 6-4. and 3. 2. 14. 6 Mn. {mitratAM gacchati}. &c. iii. {ga4cchAn} RV. Class. 6. Ved.). die Cân. {ja4Gganti} (Naigh. ii. AV. 2. {come}. gamaH = take to gamana = Going . 5. xiii. undergo. inf. sg. {ga4cchati} (cf. {gamAma}. {a4gacchat}.. {aganIgan}). to send away Pân. {qvam}. course Pân. 5-2.. Subj. 1 (p. partake of. to decease. 11. lead or conduct towards.. x. attack L. &c. 7-2. 6): cl. &c.. Sch. {kAma-}. Pân. {araM-}. {jaGgamIti} or {jaGgamyate} (Pân. 38) to go. 6. (Pân. 6): cl. 10 Kâs'. 3. 4. 935 Pañcat. 2.. {gatvI4}. sg. kneel down MBh. impf. [2. iii. viii. [347. iii. 2-4.. or loc. 3-2. i. {a4ganma} [RV. Subj. Ragh.) Mn. 2. Bîjag. pl. decampment VarYogay. 41. {jaganva4s} [RV. {gantum}: Ved. 179. 7-3. participate in. 13. &c. p.]. sg.. &c. {gma4t}. aor. (without {ma4nasA}) to observe. going away from (abl. sg. flightiness. 11. cf. Megh. 2. &c. P. {ajagan}. 2.].. xiv. P. xi. 10]. {gamayati} (Pân..]. {gamyA4s} RV. 58) ifc. iv. {kAle gacchati}. pl. p. i. ind. R. {doSeNa} or {doSato-gam}. {gamam}. Prec. Ved. L. 293. 3-3. cf. 16. not care about Bâlar. AV. {gA7cchAti} RV. 3. 1-2. {gacchAta} RV. {gacchet}. pl. Lat. Pân. 8-2. approach (with acc.) Mn.g. p. [MBh. v. sg. 1st fut. with substitution of {gacch} [= $] for {gam}. perceive RV. vi. 12] or {prati} [MBh. with prepositions cf. ii.) RV. impf.. {tiryag-}. 6 VS. 58] RV. 3. 7-2. 3.. 2. 1-4. have sexual intercourse with (acc. Class. 46. 52] or loc. {venio} for {gvemio}. (especially Pass. `" to go to the earth with the head "'. 21. Pân. going (e. (causal of the causal) to cause a person (acc. iii. sg. {dharaNIM mUrdhnA-gam}.) to cause to go (Pân. sg.gaJNjiiphaa = playing cards gakaaraH = beginning with the letter `ga' gala = neck galita = (adj) dropped off galitaM = weakened gam * =1 Ved. 11290 VarBriS. 154. &c. perf. {ajigAMsat} S'Br. to spend time S'ak. 85 Kâs'. for Â. pl. explain MBh.. $. m. Ragh. impf. {ga4mat} [{gamAtas}.). {gacchAs} [RV. 52 Kâs'. {ajaganta} or {-tana} RV. to approach with an accusation. {gamayA4M cakAra} AV. &c.. &c. Pot. {jagamyAm}. grant MBh. x. cause to become TS. 7 (impf. du... xii. viii. `" to let go "'. Ragh. Pot. pl. {a4gan} [RV. 6]. make clear or intelligible. 16 Siddh. 55 Yâjñ.) Hcat.. P.. 3. {ji4gamiSati} Pân. to cause to go to any condition. Sch.) Âs'vGri. 52 Kâs'. {gatvAya}.) MBh.. {gamiSyati} AV. cf.. to impart. {gamyate}. {gaman} RV. 2. x. 1. bring to a place (acc. {agamat} Pân. 718. 2. &c. 8-1..: Desid. {prakA4zam}) TS. Pân. to strive to obtain S'Br. 38. Naish. 10. {gma4n} RV. pl.. Kâs'. {upA7-}]. {ga4ntave}.). [cf.]) RV. 1].. xvi. and L. 1-4. 3: Caus. send to (dat.): Ved. 68 f. &c. time going on. 60 Kâs'. v.. 19.]. MBh. to excel Prasannar. (also Â. AV. a game played with dice and men (as backgammon &c. 2nd fut. 3. &c. 1. {jagmu4r} RV. Subj. 7-4..) to go by means of {jigamiSati} another Pân. `" he goes to friendship "' i. move. 3. 35. to go with the mind. 5. ii. Pot. understand. {abhy-A-}. &c. 3-1. {ga4ntavai4}. xxiii. &c. and Class. 1.. a similar reading in two texts Jain. {gamayatAt} AitBr. 7. 79. {gamAtha} AV. hasty perusal W. or dat. x ChUp. 77. 7. go away. 10/11. pl. Eng. to convey an idea or meaning.. pr. Nal. v. 2108. &c.] gama*= mf({A})n. pl. S'Br.. Impv.. intercourse with a woman (in comp. 2-3. superficiality L. going. {gantu}. P.. ii. MBh. {-yAt} RV.) removal (as of fractions). {gamayA} or {gAmaya} [RV. sg. to approach carnally. to go to any state or condition. receive. {a4gman} RV. he becomes friendly) RV.) or come. pl. Hit. {ga4cchat} RV. {ga4ntA} [Pân. Impv.. {ma4nasA-gam}. Megh. 4322 and 7455 R. 6-4. to cause to understand. 58. ascribe guilt to a person (acc. 2-4. inf. 2. {ga4nti} (Naigh. guess MBh.] or {jagmivas} Pân. or {jigAMsate} Pân. {kha-}. v. 30. 80 Kâs'. &c.. `" to be understood or meant "') Pân. iv. 3. to go or pass (as time e. 1. (in math. {gatvA4} [AV. 22. {ga4nigmat}) VS. AV. 1-4.. 55.] 1. come RV. {A-}. {jAnubhyAm avanIM-gam}. Pân. to wish to bring (to light. pr.. {ga4ntA} or {gantana} RV. {ga4mati} (Naigh. obtain (e. 7. &c. a road L. impf. 3..g. Subj. {jagamA} [RV. {jagmathur}. be going Lâthy. 15. and 3. [or aor.. inf. &c.

(in arithm. {-cchandas}). the g. 11. and {vida-gaNa4}. ({A}) f.g. of an author. (in Gr. i. a sect in philosophy or religion W. tribe. N.. Vis'vas. Râjat. Anilas. Âbhâsvaras.gamanaM = going gamyate = one can attain gaNa* = m. that of the men. of one of the mothers in Skanda's retinue MBh.e. {maru4d-}.. {sa4rva-}. i. a single attendant of S'iva VarBriS. series. AV.) ga. pl. {ad-Adi}. Yâjñ.h = to count. a flock.) a series of roots or words following the same rule and called after the first word of the series (e. a company. or the whole series of roots of the 2nd class. 291.) a number L. troop. {-devatA}) Mn. {sapta4-}. {sa4-}. a series or group of asterisms or lunar mansions classed under three heads (that of the gods. Hit.. 2645 (cf. any assemblage or association of men formed for the attainment of the same aims Mn. a kind of perfume L. &c. = {vAc} (i..n = the letter or sound `ga. Sâdhyas. `" a series of verses "') Naigh. or the series of words commencing with {garga}). N. a small body of troops (= 3 Gulmas or 27 chariots and as many elephants. {mahA-}. {ad} &c. the g.h = smellsgariimaa = (f) superiority gangaa = river Ganga gangaasaagara = the sea of Ganga (banks of the Ganges) gaN. {garga} &c. {gargA7di}. cf.. 270. 6. Vasus.. the 9 assemblies of Riishis under the Arhat Mahâvîra Jain.. 81 horses. Lalit. Kathâs. {deva-}. N. {ahar-}. and that of the Râkshasas) W. &c. Yâjñ. troops of deities who generally appear in classes (Âdityas. body of followers or attendants RV.. iii. number. and 135 foot) MBh. and Rudras) gaNakarishhiH = the rishi of this stotra is gaNaka gaNanaa = consideration gaNapataye = to gaNapati . Tushitas. 7. (in metre) a foot or four instants (cf. a particular group of Sâmans Lâthy. {vR4Sa-}. multitude. viii. ix.n gantavyaM = to be reached gantaasi = you shall go gandha = smell (masc) gandhaH = fragrance gandharva = of the Gandharvas gandharvaaNaaM = of the citizens of the Gandharva planet gandhaan. Mahârâjikas.. i. class (of animate or inanimate beings). of Gane7s'a W. 5 VarYogay. troops or classes of inferior deities (especially certain troops of demi-gods considered as S'iva's attendants and under the special superintendence of the god Gane7s'a. to consider gaNa = Number gaNadevatA* = {As} f.

containing.] garbhaM = pregnancy garbhaH = embryo garbhapiNDa = an embryo garbhaasana = the foetus posture garbhiNii = (f) a pregnant woman garda = Dark shade gardabha = donkey gardabhaH = (m) donkey Garhapatya: the fire from which sacrificial fires are lighted. censuring. &c. AV. middle. calyx (as of a lotus) MBh. iii. the inside. 152) the womb RV. 86 MBh. `" having in the interior. AV. &c.. %{amRta-}. %{ardha-}. 305) R. after which the Ti1ra or proper bank begins. %{gRR} Un2. on the fourteenth day of the dark half of the month Bha1dra or in the height of the rains (the Garbha extends to this point. Germ. id. {-NAM-yA}. of a R2ishi (called Pra1ja1patya) Ka1t2h. censure. fire L. {cilfin}. i. iv. 68 and 79. VarBr2S. lxxxiii. n. N. the bed of a river (esp. Hib.. containing a blame (as a question) Kathâs. an inner apartment.. %{A}. also $. 174 and 190. filled with "' S3a1n3khS3r. and extends for 150 cubits. garhaNIya* = mfn. 9153 R. iii. 50. ix. garhaNa* = mfn. %{kRSNa-}. [350. 80. 3888. ii. {hrif}. interior of anything. xii. of the Ganges) when fullest i. union L.gaNapati = gaNaanaaM pathiH or lord of groups (of devas) gaNapatiM = Ganesh gaNapatirdevataa = the god of this stotra gaNapatii = god of luck and wisdom gaNayati = (10 up) to count gaNita = mathematics gaNeshavidyaa = the knowledge of gaNeshha gaNDa = the cheek garbha = womb * = m. blamable Yâjñ.. 3 VarBr2S. (%{grabh} = %{grah}. cf. 36 Sa1h. blame. [cf. the rough coat of the Jaka fruit L. %{hiraNya-}. VarBr2S. a foetus or embryo. `" to conceive "'. adytum or sanctuary of a temple &c. brood or offspring (of birds) RV.) Sâh. RPra1t. 1.e. f. ({A}) f. (ifc. the fogs and vapour drawn upwards by the rays of the sun during eight months and sent down again in the rainy season (cf. `" offspring of the sky "' i.) [349. iv.3]. 3604. p. `" the belly "'.e. vi. Sarvad...3] . Mn. i. MBh. (in rhet. Sax. a woman's courses Vishn2. MBh. sleepingroom L. child. 27.. vi. iii. %{mUDha-}. &c. to meet with reproach Mn. 1283.. 2. {calf}. &c. to be blamed. reproach MBh. viii. % {vizva-}. Angl. i. joining. {kalb}: Engl. this space being holy ground). the situation in a drama when the complication of the plot has reached its height Das3ar. RTL. 445. any interior chamber. Ba1lar.

&c. 119. spread abroad. i. spread everywhere Nal. vii. 36 MBh. xvii. iii. x KâtyS'r. 4 AV.) L. in comp gariiyaH = better gariiyase = who are better gariiyaan. 1. walked (a path). come to. 283) TUp. disappeared (often in comp.S)having gone or the person who has gone gataM = reached (past part. position of a householder. ix. or m. connected with (e. celebrated MBh. understood "'. 85. 47. Lâthy. household RV. i. (Pân. one of the three sacred fires. {kuru-g-}. {sarva-g-}. manner of going MBh. gone to destruction. or loc. ii. `" domestic "'.) R. 5. come. xiii.. 14) RV. 225 MBh. cavity garuDa = eagle garuDaasana = the eagle posture garva = vanity garvaM = arrogance/haughtiness gata = gone. 57. {tvad-g-}. x. 5. contained in (acc. 180. Kum.. `" come to an assembly "' Mn. {kSayaM} or {-ye g-}. 402 MBh. &c. vii. diffusion. gone by Mn. n. situated in. 297 R. last place. iii. celebration ChUp. x. or loc. deceased. 3. ii. vii. {gRha4}). event W. 364) AV. `" known.sneha}. &c. 1-3. m. 4 AV. 4-4.g. fourth. {ratha-g-}. &c. {kAnyakubje g-}. gone away. iii R.. of the father or mother of a family Gaut. arrived at. the place where any one has gone Pân.) gArhapatya* = mfn. S'Br. (fr. v TândyaBr. or in comp. e. censure. or in comp. fallen into (acc.. n. m. xiv. trench. vii. belonging to thee).h = thundering sound garta = (m) pit..) Mn. approached. being that from which sacrificial fires are lighted RTL. of a class of manes MBh. (cf. domestic affairs MBh. ix. 27 and 36. past (as time). referring to. departed from the world. the being gone or having disappeared Cân. = {-sthAna} S'Br. (fr. 3 R. (fr. ix. 19.). fallen into misfortune Mn. {turya-g-}.. 15. {putra-g. taking the first. gaarha* = mfn. household. Mn. VS. extension. or abl. departed. {azvapaty-Adi}) the position and dignity of a householder S'Br. Kâs'. disgust exhibited in speech Sâh. ii. gArhasthya* = (sometimes wrongly spelt {-stha}) mfn. 12 KâtyS'r.. i. the government of a family. 10. come forth from (in comp.N. pl. 32 S'Br. iv. sitting or standing in a carriage R. garhaa* = f.g. 56.. {Adya-g-}. 10 Kathâs. &c. iii. {Apad-g-}.g. -* gata. gone to any state or condition. going. &c. viii. Pân.gArhapata* = n. 1. or n. 90) the householder's fire (received from his father and transmitted to his descendants. 95. 162 BhP. relating to. &c. the order or estate of a householder. 1. being in.. 7 Vikr.h = to thunder garjanam. &c. having walked (a path acc.h = glorious garj. 12. 2. 21 Vârtt.. dead RV. iv. visited RV.) . {gRha4-pati} g. motion. fit for or incumbent on a householder MBh. e. vi. n. gata(H) = (Masc. abuse MBh. {sabhAM g-}. manner Pân. 462. {gRha-stha}). iii. love directed towards the son R. with {agnI}. frequented. S'ak. 11. i. ii. having the meaning of (loc.. {antya-g-}.. viii. i. iii. Pañcat. anything past or done. 15.. 105. 6. gone to Kânyakubja Pañcat.. v.Nom. gone. vii.

iii. mode of existence KathhUp. motion in general RV. &c. 43.) Âp. resource Mn. i. {anyatarAM gatiM-gam}. expedient. and 139. manner Âs'vGri.gataH = returned gatachintaa = thinking of gatarasaM = tasteless gatavati = while gone gatavyathaaH = freed from all distress gatasangasya = of one unattached to the modes of material nature gataa = became gataaH = having achieved gataagataM = death and birth gataasuun. `" to go the last way "'. vi Megh. 2. gati* = f. going.. 2). an opening for ventilation gaurava = glory gata . i. 20.. situation. 93. `" to go either way "'. path gatiH = entrance gatra = body gatvaa = attaining gavaakshaH = (m) window.. iii. `" Motion "' (personified as a daughter of Kardama and wife of Pulaha) BhP. method of acting. the going or flying of missile weapons R. possibility. to die. 64. going away Yâjñ.. viii. a certain division of the mooñs path and the position of the planet in it (the diurnal motion of a planet in its orbit?) VarBriS. the being understood or meant Pat. happiness MBh. &c. v. a happy issue... loc. 29. obtaining (with gen. or ifc. i Sch. TS. condition of a person undergoing this migration Mn...) S'Br. way or art. position. 1-4. proportion. origin. procession. Vet. 260. means Yâjñ. progress. RTL. the course of the soul through numerous forms of life. MBh. the progress or course of a poem R. running wound or sore Sus'r. 3.h:departed life (dead people) gati = the movement. 3. &c. vi. manner or power of going. &c. obeisance towards (loc. procedure. iv. 60 ff.. {karmapravacanIya}) Pân.g. 1. march. moving. progress. {astra-g-}. a means of success. 110 R. Kathâs. the position (of a child at birth) Sus'r. Pañcat. 84 R. ii. deportment. v. a particular high number Buddh.) when immediately connected with the tenses of a verb or with verbal derivatives (cf. i. issue Bhag. gait. (in gram. 70 f. path... Mudr. way. 345 R.h = gata + asuun. gatiM = progress. Mn. state.) a term for prepositions and some other adverbial prefixes (such as {alam} &c. iii. viii. passage...) R. vi. N.g. reason ChUp. {parAM gatiM-gam}. Yâjñ. 8. way. V*= destination. 170. i. p. i. course (e. 4 f. 2. condition. 17398.. Bhag. {daiva-g-}. &c. stratagem R.. v. arriving at. i Mâlav. m. acting accordingly. iii. metempsychosis. to recover or die Âs'vS'r. 3 VS. a kind of rhetorical figure Sarasv. 13 f. refuge. cf. 11 Bhag. place of issue. ix MBh.. 49 ff. 1. iv. of a son of Anala Hariv. movement (e. i. &c. {kAvyasya g-}. the course of fate R.. i.

or {go-matI}) MBh. of a legislator Yâjñ. departed from the world. 3 R. of a Râkshasî L. of S'aradvat Hariv. &c. 3-4. R. disappeared (often in comp. (= {got-}) N. frequented. n.. Gautama's family Hariv. N. 225 MBh. 95. Ka1s3. compassion. last place. departed.g.) Mn. Mn. i. relating to. vii. fr. iv. gone away. viii. xv) MBh. 68 BhP.mfn. (Pân.. 1-3. iv. 1788 Pravar.. of Mahâ-prajâpatî Lalit. 2073).). `" bone "') L. or loc. % {ratha-g-}. fallen into misfortune Mn. gone by Mn. diffusion. spread everywhere Nal. of several Sâmans ÂrshBr. 41. singer of (gen. xiii. of a Nâga (also {-maka}) DivyA7v. `" known. deceased. vi. come. &c. 4 AV. 15. %{tvad-g-}. {AzIr-}. 283) TUp. i. 5. ix.. iii.) L. gavi = in the cow geya = that which can be sung * = mfn.. ghRNa = heat. ardour. 27. vii. Bhathth. come forth from (in comp.g. Megh. 5. come to.) to be sung. manner Pa1n2. walked (a path). `" come to an assembly "' Mn. 3-4. the bile-stone of cattle ({go-rocanA}) L. x.) R. sunshine. a song. 17 ff. 105. a kind of cucumber ghanadhAtu* = m. situated in. of Durgâ Hariv. 57. 8/9). i. 56. vii. being sung or praised in song Lâthy. %{Apad-g-}..) Pân. of Kriipî Hariv. contempt. 16. ib. Âs'vS'r. Kum. %{putrag-@sneha}. S3ak. fat (cf. cf. Gotama (N. n. fallen into (acc. of a Sâman). manner of going MBh. dead RV. or in comp. of a grammarian TPrât. singing MBh. a kind of poison L. v. event W.. patr. of a river (= {godAvarI}. ii. 2. 7 Vikr..N. arrived at. Âs'vGri. disgust. v. S'ak. Hariv. Dvita. 6. tenderness. contained in (acc. %{sarva-g-}. = {rAjanI} L. 297 R. &c. the father of Ekata. %{kAnyakubje@g-}. taking the first. belonging to thee). viii. 97 Kâs'. 10. vii. gone to destruction. [with the epithet {sthavira}]. going. pl. approached. (said of the flies) humming Pañcat. having walked (a path acc. ii.. i. or loc. v. 68. %{antya-g-}. %{sabhAM@g-}. of the first pupil of the last Jina (one of the three Kevalins). gone. %{Adya-g-}. &c. of S'âkya-muni. 14) RV. through heat or sunshine. %{kSayaM} or %{-ye@g-}. 30 VP.. BhP. connected with (e. extension.. horror.. e. Mriicch.. iv. ii. id. geyaM = is to be sung gehe = in the house gehenardin * = mfn.. pl. the being gone or having disappeared Ca1n2. the place where any one has gone Pa1n2. 5. celebrated MBh. lymph L ghaTa = pot ghaTaH = (m) earthen pot ghaTaka = component ghaTi = Hour ghataH = (m) earthen pot . m. sitting or standing in a carriage R. xiii. Lâthy. or in comp. vii. 119. ({gau4tamI}) f. 402 MBh. relating to Gotama (with {pada-stobha} m. or abl. 10236. Aruna S'Br... 32 S3Br. e.g. gauravaM = respect gautama* = mf({I})n. m. aversion. having the meaning of (loc. N. anything past or done. ix. of S'ata7nanda L. Uddâlaka. singing. x. `" inspissated element of the body "'. &c. Lâthy. visited RV. celebration ChUp.. of Nodhas and Vâma-deva RAnukr. of a teacher of ritual Lâthy. spread abroad.. being in. `" shouting defiance at home "'. gone to any state or condition. Pân. love directed towards the son R. 1. 4 AV. 21 Va1rtt. 7647 R. of Kus'ri. i. motion. N. fourth.. iii. 11. a warm feeling towards others.. referring to. and Trita MBh. (ganas {gaurA7di} and {zArGgaravA7di}) a female descendant of Gotama (N. past (as time). understood "'. {prAtar-}. gone to Ka1nyakubja Pan5cat... {bhAradvAja}. n. 10 Katha1s. %{turya-g-}. &c. &c. 3-1..

a house in a cow-pen L. S'Br... v. a place where cows are kept Ganar. a kind of mythical weapon MBh. {karman} n. cow-house.. 386. v. vehement (as pains. p. iii. N. 3491. {go-}. 9426. N. N. 6547 (= 9953). 325). ({I}) f. 254. xiii. vii.nom.3].. {dhIra} and {gaura}). of a cucurbitaceous plant L. {han} q. {parNaya-ghna4} (cf. removing Mn. `" horrible action "'. S) ghee. malicious or censorious person L. ghrita = purified butter. {-SThA7dhyakSa} m.. 34. the Angiras. association. {kAsa-}. killer. discourse. conversation. i.. (n. TS. (cf.. (cf. (scil. watch ghana = dark. dreadful.. destroying Mn. of a son of Angiras S'ânkhBr. viii. iii.v. sublime (gods. a kind of hawk Gal. pr. ghana also means cloud ghanasama = Like cloud ghanishha = well-built ghaatayati = causes to hurt ghaatukaH = (m) butcher ghna * = mf({A} MBh. {stha} Pân. 36 Gobh. 97) an abode for cattle. 2397 Hariv. xiii.. clarified butter gheparaida = (m) a celebration of homosexuality ghoshhaH = vibration . 3 Sch. {kASTA7di}. ({I}) f. ghore = ghastly ghoshha = noise ghoshthha* =m.. S'ânkhS'r. R. venerableness VS. {-ja} m. 13.. ix. AV. 127 Yâjñ. {gara-}. {jvara-}. {-SThA7gAra} m. `" the terrible "'. meeting. ii. of 2. awfulness. {I} f. &c. {palady-Adi} (Kâs'. an assembly. BhP. multiplied by VarBriS.. {-cara} m. of a female attendant of Durgâ W. `" born in a cow-pen "'N. ifc. 218 Hariv. of one of the 7 stations of the planet Mercury VarBriS. a rite relating to the cow-stable Kaus'. poison L. meeting-place. (fr. iv. a water-vessel AV. {-SThA7STamI} f. {artha-}. of a Sâman TândyaBr. 32.. striking with Mn. one who stays at home and slanders his neighbours. S'iva MBh. frightful.. MBh.ghatii = (f) clock. 19. ({am}) ind. a kind of dramatic entertainment in one act Sâh. id.. 2. killing. `" killing "' see {a4hi-}. (cf. see s. v. Hindi ghee ghritaM = (Nr. i BhP. xxx. iv. very much g.)n. 6 Âs'vS'r. {-SThe-kSveDin} &c. N. society. xiv. xii. {-ghoratara}). `" refuge (of men) "'. n. {gati}) N. the Riishis) RV. (in comp. 4. {zva4n}) `" a dog in a cow-pen which barks at every one "'. 5-2. ifc. {gopA7ST-}). i. ii.v. 13. violent. 1 ChUp. 3) MBh. AV. L. {kRmi-}. 4148. 29 Vârtt. xiii. VS. {guru-}. 8 [379. {kuSTha-}. 1.. saffron L.. {kASThA7di}). N. xii. ({a4m}) n. magic formulas or charms RV. {-pati} m. {apA4M g-}. {kRta-}. of a village g.. of a festive day (cf. ii S'Br. of an author Buddh. a kind of crow Npr. terrific. ii. 14 Âs'vS'r. m. diseases. terrible. 8.. {kula-}. {-SThe}. {ghur}) venerable. 1536) &c. `" dreadfully "'. partnership. murderer. {-zva} m.. horror AV. 138 R. fold for cattle RV. awful. n. 34. = {-SThI-zrAddha} Kull. AV. xii &c. family connections (esp. dialogue Pañcat. 8-3. (f. the dependent or junior branches). on Mn. &c. Ganar. vi.. stable or station of animals (in general Pân. vii. + acc. ix Kaus'. fellowship MBh. Kâd. 56 Sch. a chief herdsman L. n. cow-pen. {I}). fr. xi. ({A}) f. ({A}) f. 58. {arzo-}. {-gocara} m. (metrically {-SThi}. 274. 8 and 11.) ghna4t * = mfn. ) VS. 9426 Sus'r. g. ghora = horrible * = mf({A4})n. S'iva L. {-kukkuTa} m. N. with {aGgirasAm}N. ib. li. 39 Sûryas. 232 MBh. of a Brâhman PhithS. {puruSa-}. the night L. R. x. {han} q. = {-STha-pati} L. 198. &c. viii..

2. Sch. of water. (g. {a-gh-}) RPrât. 16. {j}.h = language giraH = words giraaM = of vibrations gira* = 1 ifc. gir117s'a * =m. N. N. {dh}. of a son of Daksha's daughter Lambâ Hariv. {n}. {bh}. singing in the ear [S'Br.) MBh. the sound of the recital of prayers MBh. 120. 1. a particular form of a temple Hcat. N. the sound of words spoken at a distance S'Br. 2. {v}. {G}. of a daughter of Kakshîvat RV. of a carriage. x. {r}. any cry or sound.) the inhabitants of a station of herdsmen MBh. 5 f. Anethum Sowa L. confused cries of a multitude. 6-2. &c. tumult. {uccair-}. {Dh}. AV. of a conchshell. ii].. 9423 (v. 6348 Kum. a common N. x. N. 34. Pân. {m}. {Atma-}.) RV. gi4riis'a * m. Sus'r. {gh}. 1334]. of an Arhat Buddh. R. cries of woe or distress. &c. `" the vehicle of speech "' = {gir-Iza} L. a sound (of speech) ChUp. (= {-rI7ndra}) a high mountain. of thunder... for a Kâya-stha or one of the writer caste W. xiv. `" mountain-lord "'. pl. 389. Hariv. 1. of a people or country VarBriS. of Rudra-S'iva VS. xxv. Sus'r. and Anusvâra which with the Yamas of the first 10 of the soft consonants make up altogether 40 sounds (cf. the vowels. &c. ({A}) f. one of the 11 Rudras Yâjñ. the whizzing or whir of a bow-string [TBr. 148 and 12480. x. crackling of fire [MBh. &c. (pl. of an Asura Kâthh. ii. i.. N. of a prince of the Kânva dynasty BhP. Mriicch. N. xii. xiii. {giri-zA}). 5. the roaring of a storm. Sch. 5. ii. announce ghnataH = being killed ghnii = destroying ghraaNaM = smelling power giiratha* = m. R. cf. a musquito L. 7.. 1-1.. {ghuS}). giri = mountain girikandara = (neut) ravine girijaa = paarvati girish = God of mountain attributed to Lord Shiva giri4s'a * =m. (g. 9424 (cf. 122. `" lord of &110071[355. &c. 12. i. 40. {N}. Kum. APrât. {lomA7di}) `" inhabiting mountains "'.. 117. 33. {jh}. of a man (Sây. iv.. 4 (voc. {gi4r}. of the Soma stones. xiv]. N. of S'iva MBh.ghosha * = m. speech. of the Himavat L. = {karkaTazRGgI} L.. m. of a Rudra RâmatUp.. {dhUmA7di}) N. 46. xvi. of Durgâ Hariv. the soft sound heard in the articulation of the sonant consonants ({g}. AV. {D}. L. 10386. battle-cry. = {-zAyikA} Sus'r.) ghoshhayati = (10 up) to proclaim. 1152. ({A}) f. iv. n. 5 (cf. {ajA7di} Ganar. x. 8. AV. RV. ix. 8.l. (ifc. {guhasya jananI}). 41 Sch. cries of victory. xiii. a station of herdsmen MBh. {indra-}. Ragh. (g. m. S'iva MBh. &c. roar of animals RV. gila * = swallowing gir. the sound of a drum. 102/103. Luffa foetida or a similar plant L. = 1... 1. {d}. 85). indistinct noise. rumour.. ix. of Durgâ Hariv. an ornament that makes a tinkling sound BhP. of Briihaspati (regent of the planet Jupiter) L . Pân. a proclamation SaddhP. {J}. 1] speech "'N. 14. 22. 1.. xxxii. 5 (? Impv. ({A}) f..) RV. brass.. &c. RV. {b}. {l}. Megh. voice VarBriS.) id. i. N. ({A}) f. {y}. bellmetal L. {h}). report (also personified KâtyS'r. 9 Sch. xii.

(hence) the number `" nine "' Jyot. i. 113 BhP. {gA4vau}. {gA4vA} [Ved. i. Agastyagñgîta4. of Gaurî Gal.. religious doctrines declared in metrical form by an inspired sage (cf... VarBri. an organ of sense BhP. giitanRtya* = n. [cf. 57] {go4nAm} loc. i.). sg. iii. sinew (RV. of a certain . Old Germ. R. N. xxiii. du.. the hairs of the body L. R. 25. on VarBriS. ii. {gavAM vrata}N.. 22. iii. cxvii. Pân. Sch. iii. $. of four hymns addressed to Kriishna. or f. seeking food like a cow BhP. 2/3.v. bow-string. 14. v. [RTL. iii. RV. viii. {go4bhyas}. skin. vi Âp.. (Naigh. i. hide. the arrangement of a song W. of the wife [or of a daughter-in-law BhP. 42 MBh. {gavAM tIrtha} see {go t-}. 25] of S'uka (a daughter of the manes called Sukâlas) Hariv. 51 and 59 ({ikA}) f. Germ.. &c.. a mother L. a stanza composed in the Gîti metre Kathâs. vii.]. giitajJa* = mfn. 1506 R. xl f. i. {gA4m} instr. 9.. 36 (also f.. 22 AV. xvii. i. 15 S'Br. a cow. 113] the inhabitants of that place) BhP.. {bos}. m. ii. on RV. Bomb. Goth. 116. kine. `" fat "' Gmn.) cattle. cf. `" anything coming from or belonging to an ox or cow "'. 9/10 &c. iii. {gAM} ss. ix. 50). m. a short song or hymn MBh. 1601. i. (pl. {gA4vas} acc. Sûryas. v Cân. xvi] and Mâyûka). 70. ii. 3) RV. 36. strap of leather. Pân. &c. a region of the sky L. 4. 5). acquainted with songs Yâjñ. a metre of 4 X 20 syllables. 1. qq. Un. hymn Yâjñ. VarBriS. a singer. a song. R.). Mod. the sign Taurus VarBriS.) AitBr. 23. {chuo}. cf. &c. 52. iii Hariv. 5. N. of two Riishis of the SV. 2. xxx TBr. 71. 1. ( {gai}) sung..) W. 986 MatsyaP. xi. song VS. 24. Sarasvatî (goddess of speech) MBh. vv. (cf. = {go-vIthI} Sch. of a Sâman. 30. MBh.].. 36. of a daughter of Kakut-stha and wife of Yayâti Hariv. 27. (with the patr. 7. 14) Kathâs. {go4s} loc. a herd of kine MBh. 8173 ({gAthikA} ed. ix. iv. {daza-gItikA}.gilati = to swallow giita = (n) song* = mfn. a village or tract on the Yamunâ (residence of Nanda and of Kriishna during his youth BhP.) giitaM = described giitaa = Shrimad. {ga4vAm} [once at the end of a Pâda RV. xi. N.h gItA glaaniH = discrepancies glaayati = (1 pp) to fade go = cow / bull * = {gau4s} (acc. pl. &c. milk (generally pl. xii MBh. an ox f. i. the moon L. S'iva-gñgîta4). i. {gA4s} [rarely {gA4vas} TBr. Bhagavad-gñgîta4 [often called Gîtâ Prab. to set out for a battle [to conquer cows] RV. iv. 21. ii. iii. ix. ii. &c.). 121. 16. Germ. ii. 45. pl. the sun (cf. 2943 R. the eye Kuval. ({A}) f. {Kuh}. a song. 16. (Naigh. i. {gohw}. 5. at the end of Pâdas only cf. civ. song and dance R. n. flesh (only pl. iii TUp. mf.. gen. note (fr. of a man (who with Pushkara is said to be the {balA7dhyakSa} of the sons and grandsons of Varuna) MBh. 6-1. 1 ff. 6. f. 11) speech. 122 ff. Ângirasa [TândyaBr. 4 (perhaps VS. `" a goer "'.vv.. 10. also {gavAm}. 6 and 14. abl. 18.]) rays of light (regarded as the herds of the sky.h Bhagavad.. 19] and [in RV. v. 109 (with reference to 65 f. iv. 154. giitakrama* = m. {cow}. (Sâh. {gA}) Sây. {ga4ve}. an offering in the shape of a cow (= {dhenu} q. versed in the art of singing. Eng. x. on RV. the sky Naigh. 30. {gai}) Naigh.) `" the herds of the sky "'. Laghuj.. abl. a cow-house or station ib.. 68). before vowels [cf. {gavi}. praiser (fr. {ga4vi}. 7-1. a kind of metre ({narkuTaka}) VarBriS. 1. p. {gava}. {go4Su-gam}. (in comp.v. herd of cattle RV. sacred song or poem. 48). xxiii. water BhP. 8.] {gav}. v Ragh. iii S'Br. a billion TândyaBr. 31. 9 and iv.. &c. 7. iv. giitaka* = n. (m. 29 gokula* = n. vii. (pl. (?) the suñs ray called Sushumna Nir. = {varNa} L. a particular dance. N. = {go4-SToma} (q. i. vi. 7. [also f.) (cf. a kind of medicinal plant ({RSabha}) L. $. nom. chanted. also $. {go4Su}) m. {-putra}) Nir.. 6 and vii. Râma-gñgîta4. leather. {gavi} and Mod. horse (fr. {Gau}. N. the thunderbolt Sây. Lett. of a metre. Lat. the stars RV. viii VP.] gocaryaa * = f. melody (seven in number) MârkP. N... x. iv.. 7. for which Indra fights with Vriitra) MBh. iii.. praised in songs Mn. 2. {go4bhis} dat. 381 (cf. voice. {ga4vA} dat. ii] instr. xiii ( also {goAyu4s}). gen. singing. N. 1) the earth (as the milk-cow of kings) Mn. 28). {gai}) S'is'.

v. N. ii. g.. i. {-zAlA} f. ({sA} = {san} Kâs'. on Pân. iii. ({I}) f.. of part of SkandaP. on Mn. id. of Durgâ L. {pAtresamitA7di} and {yuktA7rohy-Adi}. {-nI-sava} m. ({sto4ma} Pân. (Pân. that which is not visible gosa* = m. N. 2. of a poem. {-zrAddha} n.) strings L. of one of the mothers attending on Skanda MBh. 23. 4. vii Lâthy. sleeping in a cow-stable Yâjñ. AitBr. a kind of wine Npr. . ix. (in Prâkriit Hâl. 105 Kâs'. boasting coward g.. 14.v. 2. 3195 (cf. 3. N. 2621. a kind of fort. 8-3. myrrh L.2] goshthhika* = mfn. xvi. meeting for conversation Kâd. `" clever in a cow-pen "'. 305). vi. xiii. 95. {-nA7kAra} mfn. p. iv. gomukha = musical instrument resembling a cow's face gomukhaaH = horns gomukhaasana = the cow-faced posture gotra = family. 4. ib. relating to an assemblage or society Pañcat. shaped like cow's dug Sus'r. {-yAna} m. `" lord of the Gokula "'N.) an Eka7ha ceremony forming part of the Abhiplava which lasts 6 days (also called {go4} q. v. iv. {-zaya} mfn. 15 and {-stoma}.. 20. nosegay W. goshthhya* = ({go4-}) mfn. N.) gosa* =2 m. 254 (RTL. [367. {pAtresamitA7di} and {yuktA7rohy-Adi}. i. ix. a boasting coward. `" courageous in a cow-pen "'. v. of {-STha4} q. goshaa* = mfn. 2. 263. ({so}) = {-visarga} L. {-le7za} m. of the author of the Rasa-maha7rnava. a cow's dug MBh. the chief person or president of an assembly W.. Tantr. v. {-stha} m. 108. 3-2. goshthhaana* = mfn. 4. {-lo7dbhavA} f. 32. 44. {-jit} m. goshthhe* = loc. gostana* = m. 105 Kâs'. 3994 (cf. 108 = {-Sa4Ni} RV. 825. {-kSveDin} mfn. ({e}) loc. RTL. ix. {-bandha} m. `" cow-world "'. N. of part of the Sadâ-siva-sanhitâ. 3347) Hariv. 3899) R. gostoma* = m.. ii BrahmaP. 10. 16. {go-ze}) at day-break L. of the author of the Padavâkya-ratna7kara. ind. pl. `" bellowing in a cow-pen "'. 25. ({sth-}) serving as an abode for cows VS.). {-zUra} m.. a part of heaven. 118 and 291) Kriishna's heaven MBh. 6. a pearl necklace consisting of 4 (or of 34 W. of {-STha4} q. iii.. a hero in a cow-pen. N. iii. {-varNana} n. being in a cow-stable VS. a cluster of blossoms.. (n. x (cf. a kind of S'râddha ceremony Kull. `" victorious in a cow-pen "' id. v.. a kind of red grape Bhpr. {-paNDita} mfn. goshthoma* = ({go4-}) m. {-lA7STaka} n. or (in later mythol.sanctuary or holy place Râjat.) 1. {-nAtha} m. 5. 3. vi Bhpr.. {-paTu} mfn. Sch. race gopa = cover. ib. of a Vaishnava sect.v.) = {-SToma} Âs'vS'r.. x.. {-vijitin} mfn. (v. 61. a vain boaster ib. of Kriishna Gal. {-pati} m. {pragalbha} mfn. goshthhI* = f.l. 67 and viii.) TS. gola = globe goloka * = m. 8-3. of BrahmaP.N. 1.. a meeting-room. of an author of the 17th century. a boasting coward ib. a society-carriage Mriicch.

(fr. see s. 65) the descendants of the Riishi Gotama RV. {-STha}) {-SThate}.gosthaana* = n. fiction. Âs'vS'r. a water-vessel AV. {-mI-putra} m. {stha} Pân. 9. a kind of crow Npr. N. = {-SThI-zrAddha} Kull. 274. {-mA7nvaya} m.C. ({I}) f. of a Brâhman PhithS. 51 (cf. a kind of poison Gal. ib. pp. ? MBh. f. 12 [{ur-} MSS. 3397 (cf. {hasta-}). with {aGgirasAm}N. 13. of a Sâman TândyaBr. the handle (of a sword &c. receiving Yâjñ. {-SThe-kSveDin} &c.. N. Ganar. {-pRcchA} f. 51 R.. or A.. L. association. N. conception. ({am}) ind. N.. N. &c. RTL.. a chief herdsman L. {-stoma} m. paralysis (of the thigh. `" lord of cows "'. an assembly. xii. {Uru-grAha4} AV. 2-4. malicious or censorious person L. `" son of Gotamî "'N. {-SThe}.. Kâd. m. {gaurA7di}. {-pati} m. the master or possessor of a cow or of cows KâtyS'r. gorakshaasana = the cowherd posture gotama* = ({go4-}) m. {-me7zvara-tIrtha} n.. seizure. N. one who stays at home and slanders his neighbours. of a Jain work. (metrically {-SThi}. {-zva} m. 231 VarBriS. 10 Lâthy. a rite relating to the cow-stable Kaus'. VS. n. 73 ff.h = (n) village graaha * =(Pân. a kind of dramatic entertainment in one act Sâh. "' Naish. AV. N.. viii. {-SThA7gAra} m. family connections (esp. of a festive day (cf. of the founder of the Nyâya phil. = {-STha-pati} L. (n. go4shthha* =goSTha* = Nom. 5. vi. {pANi-}. 198. graahakaH = (m) customer graahaya = (verbal stem) to cause to be caught graahaan.. stable or station of animals (in general Pân.. {-SThA7STamI} f. xvii. `" refuge (of men) "'.v. VâyuP. for {gaut-} in g. govinda = Lord KRishna govindaM = Govinda graamam. or hippopotamus) Mn. {-kukkuTa} m. fr. xiii.. a prisoner L.. partnership. collect Dhâtup. 4. 74-93) RV. cow-pen Hariv. vi. see s.. 19. AV. 82..) Gal. 1. for {graha}). shark. `" born in a cow-pen "'N. disease S'Br. 142. of a mountain peak in the middle of the Hima7laya W. ii). MatsyaP. i. of a village g.. of a son of Karnika Buddh. (superl. ({I}) f. xii. holding. on Mn. also affixed as a honorary title to proper names e. water elephant. id. ii.h = things . {dhanur-}. 3-1. v. {gautama4}). 97) an abode for cattle. 135. &c. iv. S'ânkhS'r. Mn... {-ja} m. 2024 and vi. cow-house. Kriishna W. a rapacious animal living in fresh or sea water. {-mi-sthAna} n. {gila-}. of the chief disciple of Mahâ-vîra. 3) MBh. meeting-place. v. 6547 (= 9953). gosvaamin* = m. iii. vi. {A}. Gangetic alligator... xiii. N. catching. 78 MBh. Â. {palady-Adi} (Kâs'. taking (a wife) Yâjñ.) Inscr. pl. S'iva MBh. 4490 (cf. m.g. ifc. 6 and 9. 56 Sch.) Vajracch. iv. 75. cow-pen. {-cara} m. morbid affection.) N. 19. a place where cows are kept Ganar. v. ({A}) f. laying hold of Pañcat. fold for cattle RV. {zva4n}) `" a dog in a cow-pen which barks at every one "'. n. 41. {-SThA7dhyakSa} m. 8-3. dialogue Pañcat. = {gaura-gotama}. v. xvii. {karman} n. the white Gotama Ganar. 89 Sch. {-svAmin} m. notion of (in comp.l. of an author Buddh. (ifc.. any large fish or marine animal (crocodile. 29 Vârtt. a house in a cow-pen L. iii. whim Bhag. Râhû-gana (author of RV.D. of a lawyer (cf. 1536) &c. the dependent or junior branches). S'Br. of a Tîrtha S'ivaP. xiii. `" the largest ox "' and `" N. S'Br. {gopA7ST-}). `" questions of (Mahâ-vîra's pupil) Gotama (put forth in a discussion with Pârs'va's pupil Kes'in) "'N. (for {gaut-}) N. 2017. 325). 1. 38. of S'âkya-muni L. (cf. 2.. conversation. ii. xvi R.) goshthha* = m. 5-2. society.. a religious mendicant (commonly {gosAin} cf.] MBh. viii. seizing. {-SThA4na}. 143) mf({I})n. a female marine animal or crocodile R. 1. a kind of hawk Gal. Mahâ-vîra's pupil Gotama. {apA4M g-}. xi. i.. (fr. xiv ShadvBr.. of the founder of Nyâya phil. 5680).l.. {pArSNi-}. &c.. ({I}) f. {-dama}). 1). a station for cattle. 1 (v. (Pân. meeting. xiv. 10. `" mentioning "' see {nAma-}. {-gocara} m. fellowship MBh. discourse. of an Eka7ha sacrifice Âs'vS'r. of a Riishi belonging to the family of Angiras with the patr. {karNa-}. 87. serpent. n. {vandi-}. i. {-gaura} m. xi. to assemble. xi. {vyAla-}. grasping.. of a king (50 B. {vopadeva-g-}). 254..

5091. v. &c. vii. holding BhP. `" to become a prisoner "' Kâm. i. 142 (ifc. to be taken or accepted.. (cf. &c. Mercury. x. one from whom anything may be received MBh. 5. {dhanur-}. &c. also the polar star is called a Graha.. sensual pleasure. lxxiv. 6-2. archery exercise Gal. xii. `" a flock. [cf. iv. &c.. xii. xxii Sch. relating to a musical scale W. iv. spoonful (esp. (cf.. any ladle or vessel employed for taking up a portion of fluid (esp. VS.. to be admitted in evidence Mn. cultivated (a plant. &c. `" wild "') RV. vii. 217. 7 MBh. x. collection or number (in general) cf. iii. a planet (as seizing or influencing the destinies of men in a supernatural manner. 913. = {-ma-ja-niSpAvI} L. m. with Jainas they constitute one of the 5 classes of the Jyotishkas). Sch. &c.) L. x. i.). VS. {bhUta-}. 721/722. seizing. 30 (cf. 4-2. food prepared in a village MBh. vi. {dur-}.. 6. 43 MârkP. vii. {gramaisg}. ib. race RV. 58. xiii BhP. ({A}) f. R. (= {gRha}) a house R. vi.. 120. = {-ma-kola} W. v. ii. xxiii. m. 146. iii.). 8 AV. prepared in a village (as food) S'Br. 43. = {indriya-} Jain. a domesticated animal see {-mAMsa}.. BhP. allowed in a village.) R.. are divided into 9 classes according to the number of planets Sus'r. {sad-}. 40. 36. to be received in a friendly or hospitable manner. ii. 3 Sch. 8/9. 4 Hcat. ix BrahmaP. 90. laying hold of (often ifc. vi...) to be observed VarBriS. Hib. i. N. {pApa-} VarBriS. viz. {saM-}. keeping back.e. vii. laying hold of. 15 Pân.. the Prâkriit and the other dialects of India as contra-distinguished from the Sanskriit W. i.. of Soma) out of a larger vessel Mn. n. {-druma} and {-pati}). {a-}). 7. ii. ifc. xiv. x. the place of a planet in the fixed zodiac W.. viii. the middle of a bow or that part which is grasped when the bow is used MBh. MBh. 116 Yâjñ.e. Venus. i. viii. &c. xii Mn. to be attended to or obeyed.. graha = Planet * =(Pân. `" the mob "'. of partic. the number `" nine "'. 1326). 31. scale. to be perceived or recognised or understood Mn. {a-}. 84) a multitude. imprisoning. Yâjñ. obtaining... to be received or accepted or gained Mn. 4. 5. g. 1351 ({su-}. an inhabited place.. to be seized or taken or held RV. gamut Pañcat. of soldiers) RV. Sch. and Saturn MBh.). "'] graamya4* = mfn. xvi. to be clasped or spanned Kathâs. n. to be undertaken or followed (a vow) Kathâs. 7. 52. m. the hands and the voice) S'Br. v AitBr. or inauspicious {krUra-}. any state which proceeds from magical influences and takes possession of the whole man BhP. those who esp. the 5 organs of sense with Manas. vi [374. 78 Yâjñ. 7. opposed to {vanya} or {araNya}. 127. (cf. {vRSA7di}) mfn. {gramasgar}. relating to villages Mn. 3. BhP. iv. x. sometimes 5 are enumerated. (cf. to be understood in a particular sense. 1175] and moon with the 7 preceding Yâjñ. ii. an eclipsed globe (sun or moon) Sûryas. 20. Hit. to be considered R. pl. recognising.. the sun [cf. (Jyot. 3 Mn. Pân. xvii. {suhha-}. AitBr. to be overpowered Prab. ii. i. &c. Garg. ({a-} neg. TS. as much as can be taken with a ladle or spoon out of a larger vessel. of Soma) RV. the planets are either auspicious {zubha-}. &c. lxi. 19.) MBh. to be put (as confidence) in (loc. troop (esp. &c. booty MBh. to be captured or imprisoned Yâjñ.. `" anything seized "'. 33. 15.). acceptable MBh. 13 &c.e. village. to be chosen or taken account of Râjat. ifc. any number of men associated together. i. vii VarBriS. N. 12. lviii. &c. i. seize children and cause convulsions &c. xii. m. a villager Yâjñ. ii. `" seizer (eclipser) "'. of particular evil demons or spirits who seize or exercise a bad influence on the body and mind of man (causing insanity &c.. Mars. of the 8 organs of perception (viz. rustic or homely speech W. 5636. people RV. 83.) Kaus'. class. to be insisted upon Kathâs.. 166 MBh. S'Br. spoil. S'Br. a number of tones. grasp.. hamlet RV. ladleful. {A}) R. {indriya-}. 2270 BhP. meant Vop. 29. vulgar (speech) Vâm. 1. f. perceiving. (cf.) R. to be taken in marriage. 16. imprisonment ({-haM-gam}. also 7 i. 19. community. 22. 9 Vârtt. seizure (by demons causing . to be accepted as a rule or law. iv. 295 MBh. iii f. 3637 KâtyS'r. inhabitants. ix. 4069 R. xiv NriisUp. 5 Sch. cf. 10 MBh. &c. (Pân. N. 41. also 9 i. 35 (cf. vii. v. v. {-hA7luJcana}). (B) iii. 2. {khara-}.. 2 Ragh. 1]. m. the old women of a family PârGri. poison (NBD. ii.graaheNa = with endeavor graahya = what is to be grasped * = mfn. R. {-gRhya} and Pân. the preceding with Râhu and Ketu MBh. viii. {aGkuza-}. iii. 1 AV. 58. rustic. 7. 3-3. multitude. 267 & 283 MBh. 48 VarBriS.. 11461 (cf. 7. 1 and 5 MBh. the collective inhabitants of a place. tame (an animal). 38. `" a present "' BRD. 4. {a-pratig-}). 114. 2. 3. 612. (iii. 5 VS.. it falls within the province of medical science to expel these demons. xiii. vi. i. to be acknowledged or assented to. sexual intercourse MBh. 5 S'Br. graahyaM = accessible graama* = m. {zUra-}. iv. {svayaM-}. &c. i. living (in villages i.. {ariSTa-}. n. 6282. a village R. 1) seizing. iv. ii. 57.. 4566 f. = {-miNI} L. 1 Kaus'.. a crocodile MBh.. &c. relating to the sensual pleasures of a village MBh. Râhu or the dragoñs head MBh. MBh. 94) used or produced in a village TS. x AV. xiii. 182. x AV.) graahya * mfn. (see {-tA} and {-tva}). (in astron. MBh. iv. the objects of sensual perception Yogas. 9. the beginning of any piece of music. vcii. iii.. obstructing Sus'r. ({A}) f. iv. ii. domesticated. Jupiter. to be picked or gathered R.) among men. Grahas TBr.. 109. {mahA-}.. &c. Yâjñ. 1. iv. iv f. {guNa-}. i.

effort Hit. 12. acceptation. inarticulate pronunciation of the vowels Pat. seized W. i. taking S'Br.. vi. {guda-}. xix. xvii. granthaalayaH = (m) library granthiH = (m) knot granthii = a knot. apprehension. 6.. grastaM = having been caught/seized gRhIta * = mfn. vii. service BhP. 317 MBh. {kara-}. 7 and 10 VarBriS. 41. A1s3vGr2.. spasm of the limbs) Sus'r. robbing Mn. iii. putting on (clothes) MBh. seizure. 21. ind. iii. and Kâs'.. receiving instruction. Kathâs. made to accept or take (a seat &c.diseases e. 0/1 Das3. Kâs'.. an imaginary organ supposed to lie between the stomach and the intestines (the small intestines or that part of the alimentary canal where the bile assists digestion and from which vital warmth is said to be diffused) Sus'r. 7-1... laid hold of ChUp. perceived. (G) i. xci. v. vi.g.. Sch. xiv Devîm. Vârtt. reception Mn. taking or drawing up (any fluid) S'Br. 2667 R. an organ of sense Yogas. Ragh. . ii. seizing. n. &c. &c. possessed (by a demon) Das'. 11 Yâjñ. 136.. {pANi-}. &c. 5.) Vikr. 173 MBh. seizure (as by a demon causing diseases). accepting gifts W. a kind of partial eclipse of the sun or moon.. 12 Sâh. undertaking. obtaining. 180 S'riingâr. meaning Pân. Râjat.) grAhita * = mfn. receiving.l.) BhP. 14. seizure of the sun or moon. received hospitably (as a guest) BhP. a prisoner MBh.. caught. xiv Ragh. `" taken on one's self "' see % {-mauna}.) ógraaha * =m. mentioning. echo W. eclipse Âp. on Vârtt. 226. 11. perceiving. ii. seized. devoting one's self to (in comp. jaws grasamaanaH = devouring grasishhNu = devouring grasta* = mfn. iii. {nAma-}. BhP. obtained. iii. insisting upon. 130 MBh. i. Sâh. acknowledgment Sus'r. 7292 R. ({Aya}) dat. vi. and Kâs'. made to undertake or to be occupied with (instr.. 201. 24 Pañcat. 14. [372. ix..) Mudr. mentioned Pan5cat.. ii. taking up (any fluid). gained. 8 Hcat. accepted. {punar-}.. li. iii. a spittoon L. xiii. slurred RPrât. vii. seizure of the sun and moon. `" studied "'. acquirement of any science Mn. mentioning with praise. 245 Pañcat. 6 Ka1s3. xiii. `" favour "' see {-nigraha}. 71. understanding Bhâshâp. 271 Pân. mentioning. a word mentioned or employed (e. i. ({a-} neg. i.. 11 Naish. S'. holding Hariv. catching. VPrât. = {gRhItvA} see {grah} (cf. 4458. iv. 50. taken. 21. devouring. demoniacal possession Hcat. perception.) R. tenacity. (%{grah}. 2-3.) 35 Pat. {ziro-}. iii. the mouth. {aGga-}. but see %{gRbhAya}) grasped. 83.. taking. obstruction in the chitrini grasate = (1 pp) to swallow grasana * = swallowing. on Pân. and Siddh. receiving.. 840 Ragh.. including Pân. marrying.. and KapS. ({I}) f. surrounded or absorbed Sus'r. iv KâtyS'r.. (v. 12 Kathâs. 69 MBh. Kâr. (RV. {hRd-}. &c. 76. ifc. choosing MBh. swallowed. on Jaim. involved in MBh. 37. vii. understood S3ak. {vacana-}..g. Pân. inarticulately pronounced. Prab. 3]. made to take or seize W. gaining. 68 Vârtt. stealing. Kâs'.. purchasing Pañcat. 0/1. i. attraction Megh.. i. i. eclipse AV. agreement W. seizing. 7. 1. resounding in (?) S'ak. 5/6... tormented. 2. 7 (cf. perseverance in (loc. viii. 277 MBh. n. taught MBh.. received. 5 Pat. employing (a word) Mn. understanding. employing (a word or expression) KâtyS'r. held.. assent. 218 VarBriS. iii. or in comp. Pân. Râjat. 18. grahaNa * =mfn. ix. 2051. vi. iii. 2 Amar.) R. the taking up of sound. {hanu-}. but not successfully) Pa1n2. &c. acceptance R. 9.. iii. &c. 13. eclipsed MBh. 2734.. iv Hit.) ChUp. received completely into one's mind (opposed to %{adhI7ta}. v.. Pat. {garbha-}.. Sâh.. taken. 205. 22 Pañcat. assuming (a shape) Yâjñ. viii. Introd. 19. 266 Katha1s. `" the word {vacana} "') Pat. ii. seizing.. {cakSur-}. choosing Sânkhyak. 1-1. 3. v. the hand L. xii. {keza-}. holding. affected by Yâjñ. taking captive Mn. = {-NIgada} Ashtha7ng. 18 Pañcat. Lâthy.. xiv Mn. taking by the hand. 1044. BhP. eaten Pañcat. 12195. comprehension. viii. Lâthy. 44. &c. Sarvad.

call out to. 2. gridhraH = (m) eagle griha = house grihagodhikaa = (f) house lizard grihapaaThaH = (m) homework grihasthaaH = householders grihaadishhu = home. xxxiii. to make known. 15. $. Old Germ. 4. `" to drink "'.h = accepting grihNaati = to catch .. pl. 13. perf. 3. P. invoke RV. received completely into one's mind (opposed to {adhI7ta}. `" seizing. %{gRNISa4Ni} RV. 2. &c. {glu-tio}. 27. learned W. {gerbu}. Sus3r. % {garan} RV. 9. vii. sg. {kara-}). A1. {gerru}. {kara-}) Hcar.. Hib. {gallus} ?]\\2 cl. % {gal}.l. one who has grasped &c. taking anything to mean or understanding by anything. 5. 6 and viii. 9 Gan2it. %{gRNAna4} RV. grihiitavidya*= mfn. %{-NIte4} (1. &c. accepted. {goirim}. Subj.. iii. 2-3. to relate. to emit or eject from the mouth MBh. received. 16. 8-2. 21) %{gilati} (S3Br. perception Bâdar. {z8ora}. `" studied "'. Russ. 12. 163. 4. mentioned Pañcat. praise. %{gArayate}. %{jegilyate} Pa1n2. 4.. Lat. 5. 2. vi. Impv. xi. `" taken on one's self "' see {mauna}. P. Pass. 1. teach in verses. vii. AV. (v.. proclaim RV. i. 23 Sch.h = (n) carrot griNanti = are offering prayers griNaami = I hold gRR\\1 cl. Sax. ({grah}. Slav. 3. %{girati} or (cf. 5). i. i. extol RV. 14. iii. p. 23. 2. but not successfully) Pân. recite MBh.). i MBh. pl. & Pass. P. {gr-lo}. taking "' (the hand. ep. and `" levying "' (taxes. understood S'ak. eat RV.]\\ = 3 (= 3. 12. %{gRNA4ti}.. 6. 2. 7: Intens. 12872: Caus. iv. grihiitri*= mfn. grihiitin*= mfn. perceived. %{gRNe4} RV. 135.. (for {grah-}) one who seizes L. 6 Kâs'. %{jagAra} RV. teach ib.) Mudr. obtained. inf. Âs'vGri. gained. {iSTA7di}. also A1.. BhP. vi. one who has acquired knowledge. %{gRNISe4} RV. {gale}. sg. 9. held. {quir}. &c.. received hospitably (as a guest) BhP. grihiitacetas*= mfn. aor. 19. to pronounce. BhP. %{ajIgar}) to swallow RV. g. taken. {quar}. Lith. %{gRNa4t} RV. %{kRR}) cl. to announce. sg. devour. Angl. %{gRNa4tA} AV. S3Br. $. 19).. Ved. sg. 2. grihNan. {Nachtigal}. viii. 41 Bhat2t2. {gula}. [cf. to know Dha1tup. A1. 18. %{gIrNa4}. 1.griJNjanakam. seized. vi. 2. sg. xi. i. but see {gRbhAya}) grasped. [cf. 33. %{jigariSati}. and 3. BhP. %{gi4rAmi} AV. i. one whose mind or heart is captivated BhP. Lat. 75. 77. viii. 1754 Ragh. &c.). A1. 21. laid hold of ChUp. P. to swallow. (aor. 2 %{gir}. A1. anything (loc. grihiiti*= f. Old Pruss. etc grihiitvaa = holding the grihiita*= mfn. A1. `" to speak "'. 3. %{girate} (1. to call. 158. iv Bhag. 1. 10. 2. 38. 20: Desid. v. %{gila}. to mention with praise. Germ.. caught. xii.

5. in a hiding-place. xxv. 27. 5. xiii Hariv. vii. of Vishnu W. (g. to be acknowledged or admitted W. &c. ii.). &c. m. v.. births &c. &c. being outside (of a town or village. v.) the heart S'vetUp. S'Br.. vi. the Myrobalan tree L.. 2. 8 Mn. gulma * = m. of S'iva MBh.. {azmA7di}) `" reared in a secret place "'N. AV. belonging to persons of the writer caste W. xii. `" mystery "' see {tathAgata-g-}. n. domesticated (as animals) L. (fr.v. a domestic rule or affair BhP. 19.. (said of a series of ceremonies relating to family or domestic affairs. and {hasta-gR4hya}. living in houses. MBh. xii BhP. xi. 3-1. 25 Hcat. body of troops. ({A}) f.. ii f. (fr. 13. `" to conceal.). (identified with Yakshas MBh. 254 Kir. a chronic enlargement of the spleen or any glandular enlargement in the abdomen (as that of the mesenteric gland &c. x BhP. 1263. xxi.. 10. (ifc. 290. Ghath "' see {-tara-paNya}. adhering to the party of (Kâs'. iii.). cf. v MaitrS.. an army) Kâs'. f. 9 Gobh. pl. in secret. a fort. 5 &c. (rarely n. Ved. the spleen L. Ved. . entrenchment W. grihyaka*= mfn. a suburb L. 3-1. a horse (`" a swift horse "' W. p. pl. xiii. iv. xv. from living in mountain caverns) Mn. 3].. vi. iii. 4 S'ânkhGri. Desmodium gangeticum L. &c. 7480 Megh.. 119) `" to be taken together with "' (in comp. 24. cavern VS. 2. VarBri. {gu4hA}).. 20. Yâjñ. i MBh. ifc. xxvi. domestic (said of an Agni) TS. shrub VS..) Sus'r. N. i. viii. m. (ganas {vRSA7di} and {bhidA7di}) a hiding-place.) S'Br. a tent L.. 8 Kathâs. to be adopted or trusted or relied on W. 7559 [360. {prati-g-}). xiii. for {guhya} (anus) L.. q. = {ava-} Vop. 3-1. 7. the master of curbing ignorance guDaakeshena = by Arjuna guha * m. AitBr. vii. 61. ii. 9 chariots. ii. ({A}) f. and 27 elephants L. (fig. and especially with {dhA}. 20.) Bhathth. the domestic Agni S'ânkhGri. ii. grihya*=1 ind. x) a cluster or clump of trees. i. {kR}.. 61. i. xxx.. {haste-}. guhyaka* = m. bush. the inmates of a house. 1 (cf. cf... n. and 9 elephants MBh.. `" seizing by "' see {karNa-}. vi.grihyate = can be so controlled grihyavat*= m mfn. = {-sUtra}. i. jujube L. v. 5270) Mn. a cluster or clump of trees L. {gRha4}) belonging to a house. m. v. vi Mcar.. xii. xiii. ({a-} neg. of a people in the south of India MBh. {pAda-}. of a class of demi-gods who like the Yakshas are attendants of Kubera (the god of wealth) and guardians of his treasures (they may have received their N. (2. &c. Hemionitis cordifolia Sus'r. cave.). of Skanda (the god. (Pân. \\*=3 mfn. domesticated (as animals) Pân. `" a wharf or stairs. 16 TBr. 8.. v. Kum. disciplining an army W. having many adherents or partisans TândyaBr. 27 chariots. viii. instr. division of an army (consisting of 45 foot. \\*=2 mfn. 13 Sch. being in close relation to (as the lotus to the moon) Kâvya7d. MBh. (Pân. of Kubera L. Kârttikeya) MBh. {ni-dhA}. {grah}) to be grasped or taken AV. 20 MBh. secretly (opposed to {Avi4s}. domestics S'Br. and treated of in the Griihya-sûtras. xii KâtyS'r. ({a4-} neg. griivaM = neck gu = darkness guDa = jaggery guDaH = (m) jaggery guDaakesha = O Arjuna guDaakeshaH = Arjuna.) L. 119) ifc. ix.. dependent. thicket. ({I}) f. 9. {gu4hA}) f. a domesticated animal L.. 7 and 10). x. (3. not free. perceptible S'vetUp. 81 horse.N. or of 135 foot. 5 Bhathth.. i f. v. the number `" eleven "' Sûryas. N. 60/7. remove "') RV.. xiv. {A} Hcat. of a king of the Nishâdas (friend of Râma) R. a troop or guard of soldiers. domestic rites and the rules relating to them Griihyâs. ind. 27 horse. &c. Hariv. such as marriages. 47 MBh. 11. 119 Kâs'. 179 Das'. small cardamoms L. N. as {senA}. m. m. N.. PârGri.. ix MBh. a domestic rite Gaut. 10478 Sus'r.

in Gr..v. 23. peace. times "' (see {ca4tur-}. {sparza}. 6 Pân. iii. chief quality of all existing beings (viz. {sa-}. co-efficient (in alg. 40. 85] AV. pain. iv. 13. good quality. halt. iic.) an ingredient or constituent of Prakriiti. side-dish Mn.. Ragh. 41 f. tangibility. {sneha}. {adharma}. shape. ({A}) f. {-kAra}) L. savour. the plant {mAMsarohiNI} L. severalty. 9.. cf. `" reaching to all subordinate parts "'. x. rice or the chief dish). Kum. 3. Sânkhyak. iii. a multiplier.v. with the addition of its own peculiar Guna of smell.. {saMskAra}. a garland W. 51 Sch. {nir-}. dimension... earth has the preceding Gunas. 21. Sanseviera Roxburghiana L. denoting the 4 ways of conquering an enemy) R. i. 12. fluidity. v. ix. 11. 15.. an epithet KâtyS'r. 16. fire or light has shape or colour. 1. kind (e. xii. {tri-g-} q. hence `" valid throughout "' KâtyS'r. and the eye for its organs. 19.). ii. RTL.] and the 3 accents) Kâs'. R. on Pân. {vi-}. 1-1. 1 BhP. aversion. march. the peculiar properties of the letters (11 in number. xiii f. 224 ff.e satvaH. &c. {icchA}.h = praising guNanam. chord S'is'. a quality. 47 Kâs'. vii. 54 Riitus. (f. {saMyoga}.. 509. 4. [{guNa} = {bhAga}] Pân. subordinate or unessential part of any action (e. water has flavour. 18. {zabda}. 33. a cook (cf. {gandha}. 5. an auxiliary act S'ânkhBr. odour. colour. the first gradation of a vowel. a secondary element. of a princess Râjat. virtue. 2. 57: ifc. 160 Yâjñ. {dvi4-}.. S'ânkhGri.v. 41. i. goodness.. pp. 22. rajaH \&tamaH guNan. and the nose for its organ) Mn. {gurutva}. effort.h = man with good qualities guNakathanapuNyena = through the merit from praising Thy glories guNakarma = of works under material influence guNakarmasu = in material activities guNataH = by the modes of material nature guNatrayaH = three qualities i. number. Bhag. 5. i. v. 16 ({cApa-}) Ragh. viscidity. weight.. demerit. the 6 subdivisions of action for a king in foreign politics (viz. {sukha}. desire. 8. {viziSTo dazabhir guNaiH}. the vowels {a} (with {ar}.) the secondary or less immediate object of an action Pân. a secondary dish (opposed to {anna} i. and {tamas} i. iii. xii. war. merit. {parimANa}.h = (n) multiplication . viz. 6847). 155. iii.g. 14. ix. {duHkha}. 1-4. S'ak. peculiarity. 695 (cf. 346 MBh. 1. and ignorance. {tri-}. {e}.). attribute or property Lâthy.. 1-1. Bhîma-sena (cf. rope TS. ether has {zabda}. Hit.) guNaiH = by the qualities gunavat. {-mAtra}). &c. Âs'vS'r. {-kAra}) L. or virtue. N. an attribute of the 5 elements (each of which has its own peculiar quality or qualities as well as organ of sense. {aparatva}. 24. sound. i.) S'ânkhS'r. 8. {prayatna}. 20 and 76-78 MBh.e. KâtyS'r. 15649 Hariv. a property or characteristic of all created things (in Nyâya phil. iii. understanding or knowledge. `" of ten times higher value "' Mn. disjunction. &c.. and recourse to the protection of a mightier king) Mn. ii. 20. = {upA7ya} (q. 71. pleasure.) a single thread or strand of a cord or twine (e. and the tongue for its organ.guna = character guNa = qualities * = m. {rasa}. 5. (in geom. the 8 {bAhya-prayatnAs} [q.. 35.) Kâvya7d. merit or virtue. string or thread. subdivision. iv. 1. vii Mriicch. MBh. x. xi. {dveSa}. {pRthaktva}. twenty-four Gunas are enumerated. and sound for its Gunas. {paJca-}. 10. 6. 81..). the string of a musical instrument. conjunction. 17 RPrât. 51). the merit of composition (consistency.e. shape. {sarva-g-} mfn. and sound for its Gunas. stratagem. or sound for its Guna and the ear for its organ. {buddhi} or {jJAna}. {A}) with numerals `" fold. 31. {daza-}. viz. species. (= {-karman}. viii. iii. Mn. 6846 ff. tangibility. xii. 17. 163) Mn. a bow-string R. {vibhAga}. 36. thus 1. 43 MBh. ( {grah} Un. {gauNa}. the self-reproductive quality).g. an organ of sense L. 24 ff. i. {o} Nir. proximity. and darkness. {rUpa}. `" requisite "' see {-No7pe7ta}. {saMkhyA}. the air has tangibility and sound for its Gunas and the skin for its organ.g. {dravatva}. (hence) the number `" three "' VarBriS. {gandhasya guNAH}. 7. {sattva}. {paratva}. (in S'ânkhya phil. 2. passion. rarely the numeral stands by itself along with {guNa4} [e.. foulness. tangibility. {dharma}. 4. elegance of expression. {rajas}. 3. 9 and 50 (cf. xxvi. 4. viii Sâh.) a sinew. 5-2.g. remoteness. excellence Mn. the different kinds of smell MBh. Kpr. {al} Pân.

&c. &c. vi. once {-yas-tara}..guNanidhiM = the stock-pile of good qualities guNabhedataH = in terms of different modes of material nature guNabhoktri = master of the gunas guNamayii = consisting of the three modes of material nature guNamayaiH = consisting of the gunas guNavaan. venerable. of a S'âkya princess Buddh.. 17.) heavy. hidden. difficult to digest MBh..) ind. ii. vv. secretly. (a vowel long both by nature and by position is called {garIyas} RPrât. long Yâjñ. 1-4. guarded.. {ga4rIyas}.nkhyaane = in terms of different modes guNasangaH = the association with the modes of nature guNaGYa = one who knows qualities (one who is a patron of good qualities) guNaaH = senses guNaatiitaH = transcendental to the material modes of nature guNaan. (see {kratu}) Bhartri. in a hidden place Kathâs. (Pân. especially of the founder of the renowned Gupta dynasty in which the names of the sovereigns generally end in {gupta} (cf. 26. ({su-}) Pañcat. (in prosody) long by nature or position (a vowel) Prât. xviii. 30 ({guru} = {garIyas}) &c. Kathâs. heavy in the stomach (food). excessive. iv. 39. valuable. hard RV. RTL.. or any relative older than one's self) Gobh. grievous Megh. iv. momentous MBh. guptaasana = the hidden posture guru = (adj) heavy * = mf({vI})n. {samudra-}. &c. weighty (opposed to {laghu4}) RV.. &c. 80. superl. a spiritual parent or preceptor (from whom a youth receives the initiatory Mantra or prayer. {gariSTha}.. secret Bhartri. gupta mfn. {gUDha-d-}).h = the three modes of nature guNaanvitaM = under the spell of the modes of material nature guNebhyaH = to the modes of nature guNeshhu = in sense gratification gup.. highly prized Yâjñ..h = a man with good qualities guNasa.h = guard. 20) Pân. {guru-tara}. hide gupta = secret. preserved AV. 3 and iv. any venerable or respectable person (father.. serious. 121 Sch. m. i. 46. (with {daNDa}.. fine secretly imposed or exacted Hit. 358). {zauNDA7di} Ganar. &c. 6 AV. ({am}. (g. a secret fine. ({e}) loc. cf. {skanda-}. of several men belonging to the Vais'ya caste (PârGri. ({A}) f. 101). (cf. 4-1. privately Kathâs. 205 Kâs'. Mucuna pruritus Sus'r. N. high in degree. vehement. violent. 33. ind. Mn. &c. = {saMgata} (? joined. proud (speech) Pañcat. S'ânkhGri. Pañcat. a married woman who withdraws from her lover's endearments L. extended. who instructs him in the S'âstras and conducts the . i. MBh. 6-1. 21 ({-pta}). great. 5. {gurutama} see ss. in names of the Vais'ya class). comp. protected. kept secret. difficult. i. concealed. 3334 Sus'r. lxxv. ({gopA} Kâs'. of a woman Pân. in comp.). &c. cf. {giri4}. {a-} Hcat.. p. haughty. {candra-}. 11 and 12. combined) W. {gupta} is also often found ifc. m. large. important. mother. respectable.) N.

secretly Das3. 2 du. a mother Âp. of a son of Sankriiti BhP. ({vI}) f.. (%{A}) f. is also put in the pl.. `" Pându-teacher "'.necessary ceremonies up to that of investiture which is performed by the Âcârya Yâjñ. 68. ix. vii. pill gulma = the spleen guhaa = (fem) cave guhyaM = confidential subject guhyatamaM = the most confidential guhyataraM = still more confidential guhyaat. m. 17311 [361. iv Vikr. N.weeightiness gurutvaaakarshhaNa = gravitational attraction gurun. Âs'vGri. Mn. Jain Hit. a secret place or mystery Kat2hUp.. $. N.h = than confidential guhyaanaaM = of secrets guuna* = mfn. 44 Vârtt. VarBriS. 1. Bhartri. &c. (%{e}) loc. one of the S3abda7lam2ka1ras Sarasv.) mfn. 10 Kathâs. 29. 34) RPrât. concealed. disguised Mn. guudha* = (%{gULha4} RV. invisible. `" venerable woman "'.. 21. i. 50. ix. 16. [cf.. covered. secret.). (with S'âktas) author of a Mantra. or in comp. 157. ix. xi. parents and other venerable persons Mn.. Prabhâ-kara (celebrated teacher of the Mîmânsâ. 19. {kauriths}. iii. weighty gurucharaNaambuja = the lotus feet of the teacher/guru guruNaapi = even though very difficult gurutvaM = (abstract noun)greatness. i. v.1]. 248 Ra1jat. the 9th astrological mansion VarBriS. voided (as ordure) Pân. Mucuna pruritus L. 9. 21. 186. (hence) the planet Jupiter Jyot.] guruH = teacher. &c. secretly Mn. Ragh. Lith. a pregnant woman L. 261 MBh. i. Briihaspati Mn. vii.. xv. Goth. GYa = one who knows (suffix) GYanakaaraka = Significator of knowledge which is Jupiter . of a S3ruti Gal.. `" preceptor of the gods "'.. (= {dharma}) `" venerable "'. i. private RV. the chief of (gen. long syllables as against short(laghuu) gulikaa = (f) tablet. ii.) Cân. PârGri. n. preceptor. Drona L. `" great (with child) "'. 170. the wife of a teacher W. hidden.h = the superiors guruvaara = Thrusday guruu = teacher. a honorific appellation of a preceptor (whose N. Lat. 268. {gie4ras}. v. {gravis}. ii. vi. pregnant. usually mentioned with Kumârila) SS'ankar. &c. ind. 2.. pl. (% {am}) ind. parents MBh. 8-2..

Sing.)full of knowledge GYaanamayo = full of Gyana or knowledge GYaanayaGYaH = sacrifice in knowledge GYaanayaGYaaH = sacrifice in advancement of transcendental knowledge GYaanayaGYena = by cultivation of knowledge GYaanayogena = by the linking process of knowledge GYaanavataaM = of the wise GYaanavaan.GYaa = to know GYaatachara = (adj) known GYaatavyaM = knowable GYaati = community (people of the same caste etc.ntaM = Knowledge and Infinity or Absoluteness GYaanamayaH = (Masc.) GYaatuM = to know GYaate = in the realised state GYaatena = by knowing GYaatvaa = knowing well GYaana = knowledge GYaanaM = knowledge GYaanaH = whose knowledge GYaanagamyaM = to be approached by knowledge GYaanachakshushhaH = those who have the eyes of knowledge GYaanachakshushhaa = by the vision of knowledge GYaanadiipite = because of the urge for self-realization GYaanaplavena = by the boat of transcendental knowledge GYaanamana. Nom.h = learned GYaanavihinaH = (but)bereft of knowledge of the Self .

h = than knowledge GYaanaanaaM = of all knowledge GYaanaavasthita = situated in transcendence GYaaninaH = of the knower GYaanibhyaH = than the wise GYaanii = one who is in knowledge GYaane = in knowledge GYaanena = with knowledge GYaanenaiva = GYAnena + eva:thro' knowledge alone GYaanendriya = an organ of knowledge. satisfaction &c. (= ah! alas! oh! ha! often before or after a voc. {hahA} above. astonishment. 1. case.&c. Kâv.GYaanashabdayoH = of knowledge and sound GYaanasya = of knowledge GYaanaaH = knowledge GYaanaagniH = the fire of knowledge GYaanaat. anger.e. esp. or followed by other particles. i. {dhik}. .) MBh. also repeated {hA-hA} cf. the five senses GYaayate = known GYaayase = can to be known GYaasyasi = you can know GYeyaM = be known GYeyaH = should be known GYeyosi = You can be known H haa * = Meaning 1 ind. an exclamation expressive of pain. {kaSTam} &c. {hanta}.

c. water. 3. calling to the sound of a lute.).. {jAheti} Gr. to get rid of. MBh. paradise.. {ajIhapat}. &c. {jahati} 3. {jehIyate}. see {dur-} and {su-hA4rd}. also {hIyati}. {-hA4ya} Br. &c.. Vishnu. fail (also in a lawsuit). ({A}) f. `" life "') Hariv. mfn. want. delight. {hAsyate} Br. renounce. &c.: Desid. neglect Mn. 3. {hIya4te} or {hI4yate} (ep. &c.: Caus. to be subtracted VarBriS. `" to cause to break wind "') Vop. blood. {hAsiSTa} ib. &c. 3. to be overtaken by (instr.. {ahAsIt} Gr. {hAyate} (aor. `" risen "') VS. to fall short of.) RV.. to put away. {hA}) cl.. (Dhâtup. inf. {deham}. {hA4ya} RV.) MBh. Mn. {jahyAt} AV.. &c. {nakulI7za}). escaping..: Pass. {jahu4H} RV. &c. and = {hRd}).) laughter. BhP.l. rarely from {dh} or {bh}). a physician. 117]. to be deficient or wanting.e. but is mostly derived from an older {gh}. {a4hAsi} AV. MBh. (v. take off.: Caus. to be excluded from or bereft of (abl. Mn. to cause to emit (with {zardham}. to leave.. escape from Up. {hApayati} (aor. fall short of (abl.. quit.: Pass. abstain or refrain from Mn. Ha Meaning 1 the thirty-third and last consonant of the Nâgarî alphabet (in Pânini's system belonging to the guttural class. Pot. {ahAs} RV. shun. to omit...haa * = Meaning 2 (not always separable fr.) MBh. lack Kap. {-jIhipaH} RV. 2]. p. with {prA7NaiH}.. to give up ({asUn}. emit ib. battle. Â. &c. wane. {jihAsate} ib. resign. 3. P. {jahire4} AV. haa * = Meaning 2 (only L.. {hAsyati}. come to an end ChUp. to wish to reject or disdain Prab.: Desid. {-hAtum} ib.) m.) haana 1 mfn. R.. lay aside. to lose ({kAlam}. also {-te} aor. coition. to become detached from (with abl. be deprived of.. Cân. meditation. {hitvA4}. give way to (dat. Sch.. 1.: Intens.0. {jahe} Br. horripilation.].. Bhartri. to wish to escape Sarvad. ind.] RV. knowledge. 7) {ji4hIte} (p. {ji4hAna} [q.30. {hAtA} Gr. {prA7NAn}. cause.. pf. &c. aor. pride. {hitvI4} {-tvA4ya} RV. (Dhâtup. {hAtA} Gr. to lose. &c. to be left or abandoned or deserted &c. to fall or come into any state Kir. x. war. haani = damage haaniH = destruction haara = Garland haariNii = remover haard * = (fr. to discharge. bound away. xxv. (also {A} f.. fear.). &c. 6-4. fall out (as hair) BhP. p.).. `" to die "') KathhUp. fut. or instr. = {zuSka}. {-te} AV. {jahAyate}. neglect ib.. Kâm. = {pApa-haraNa}..). pleasure. du. to wish to leave or abandon Das'. and usually pronounced like the English {h} in {hard}. {ahAyi}) Gr..). {asUn}. relinquish (with {zarIram}. {-hItvA} Gr... motive. sky. {jAhAti}. xxv. This page was generated by SFgate 4. to abandon ({pratijJAm}. calling.l..: Intens. [q.. &c. be wanting in (acc.. drunk. the act of abandoning. a horse.) Nalo7d. [1296... cessation ib. decline. &c. . IndSt. or instr. (in {sa4MhAna}. HParis'. relinquishing.. to disregard. to cause to leave or abandon &c. to be left behind.v. decrease. {jAhAti}. it is not an original letter. {jAheti} ib. auspiciousness.. {ahAyi}). .) = {aham} (?). sg. {jahiSyati} MBh. haa * = Meaning 3 cl.. a weapon. haakiNii = the goddess in aGYaa chakra haalaahala = poison haana * 2 n. MBh. getting rid of Gaut. S'ank. MBh. to weigh less (at the ordeal of the balance) Yâjñ. {ahAt} ib."' to die "') RV... {jihAsati}. gone or departed &c. {jahItAt} AV. `" time "') Kâm. 5. inf. = {sakopa-vAraNa}. {ajIhapat}) ib. to start or spring forward. ind. mad. avoid. aor. remove.. fut... heaven.. give up. &c. abandon. {hI4yam} TS. {jahi4hi} For {jahAhi} Pân. Sarvad. MBh. {hApayati} (m.. a cipher (i. {jvitam} &c. giving up. {ahAsta} RV.v. aor.. 49. to be given up or avoided Bhartri. MBh. {jahltaH} Impv.. a form of S'iva or Bhairava (cf. a lute ({am}) n. the moon. &c. 8) {ja4hAti} (rarely cl. desert. the sparkling of a gem. {hAtum} ib.. to go or depart or betake one's self to have recourse to (acc..) RV.. {hAtvA} Gr. `" a thesis "') Jâtakam. {jahau}. dying.. to spring or leap upon (?) RV. (v. the arithmetical figure which symbolizes o). forsake. &c. pf. suffer loss or injury.. the Supreme Spirit. (ind.

drunk. {hA}) abandoning. auspiciousness. esp. having an affection for (loc. having a cause or reason. patr. orig. BhP. heretic ({I} f. haardin * =mfn. with {tv eva}. {zatruha} &c. calling to the sound of a lute. pleasure. delight. abandoned BhP ha = the sun ha * = Meaning1 the thirty-third and last consonant of the Nâgarî alphabet (in Pânini's system belonging to the guttural class. BhP. water.) mfn.) mfn. &c. avoiding (ifc. `" what then? "' sometimes with impf. mad. comfort VarBriS. IndSt. founded on some motive (in {a-h-}) Bhag. a horse.) caused by. mfn.. dependent on MBh.. (often with other particles e. = {sakopa-vAraNa}.) or (vS. sky. haituka* = mf({I})n. the heart or interior of the body (also applied to the intestines) RV.. or pf. ha * = Meaning 3 ind. `" when indeed "'. and usually pronounced like the English {h} in {hard}. esp. horripilation. n. destroying.. of course. having an affection for (loc. ease. haardikA * =see {yama-h-}.. &c.g. hearty. dying. Yâjñ. (also {A} f. Vishnu. {yad dha}. the Supreme Spirit. (ind.. = {pApa-haraNa}. MBh. verily. deserting. {vRtra-}. see {an-oka-} and {vApI-ha}). feeling affection for (loc. a follower of the Mîmânsâ doctrines W. abandonment. haardikya * =m. it is not an original letter. paradise. the arithmetical figure which symbolizes o).. a form of S'iva or Bhairava (cf. but is mostly derived from an older {gh}. see {arAti-}. {nakulI7za}). Pân. 3. [cf.) haasa = laughter haasya = the sentiment of humor haata * = mfn. removing (only ifc. {vai} &c. pride. if it begins a sentence closely connected with another. heaven.. knowledge. {gha}. cordial. coition. assuredly. {na ha}.) m. then &c. {u}. 116]. meditation. friendship R.. (fr. the sparkling of a gem.haa4rdi * = m. haardivan * =(TÂr. rationalist. ({A}) f.. hearty. motive. `" not indeed "'. battle. and used as a particle for emphasizing a preceding word. ha * = Meaning 2 (only L. in later language very commonly used as a mere expletive. {han}) killing. = {zuSka}. sceptic.e. blood.) haardvan * =(vS. hala = a plough halaasana = the plough posture halaahala = poison . a physician. contentment. war. (ifc. ({A}) f. cordial. ha * = Meaning 4 mf({A})n. desertion L. rarely from {dh} or {bh}).) Mn. given up. a reasoner. a cipher (i. a weapon. {sma}. identical with 2.) ha * = Meaning 5 mf({A})n. and often translatable by) indeed. the heart AV.g.) laughter.) = {aham} (?). (fr. very frequent in the Brâhmanas and Sûtras. m. the moon. fear. a lute ({am}) n. {kad dha}. cause. 3-2. &c. of Kriita-varman MBh. at the end of a verse) RV. Hariv. calling.) MârkP. (prob. also with interrogatives and relatives e.

to hurt.. m.. BhP. (in astron.. pf. {jaghA4na}.. sense MundUp. hammer (acc. to ward off. {ja4Gghanti} (RV. MBh. only f. a kind of snake. &388667[1287. an exclamation of applause or approbation MBh. haalahala* = {hAlAhala}. slaughter (see {su-hana}).. killing. Hariv. destroy (evil. {hata4H}. m.) Cat.) N.. {-tavai4}. {haMsyati} ib. halahalaa* = ind. to dispel (darkness). &c. R. also transferred to Vishnu-Kriishna) MBh. ploughing making furrows L. to strike. [Cf.) hana * mf({I})n. {jaghnu4H} Br. BhP. Ved.) n. give up. Pañcat. {halAhala}) Kâv. a kind of small mouse L. {-te} AV.. {ghnanti}. hinder Râjat.v. xxiv.. {-ghnI} q. du.: Intens..). halaayudha * m. {de-fendere}.l. to obstruct. to notify a persoñs death ({kaMsaM ghAtayati} = {kaMsa-vadham AcaSTe}) Pân.\\* = m.. 1293. {-toH}. Impv. to be struck or killed RV. slay. produced at she churning of the ocean (cf. {-te} (properly a Nom.): Desid.. &c. the above poison. also {jighnate}. Sus'r. {ajIghatat} or {ajIghanat}).. 6 Pat. {jighAMsIyat} MBh. &c.. also {-tvI4}. slay. {a4han}.] han* =2 mf({ghnI})n. impf. n. {gi4ti}. kill ib. col. ii.. of a poet. inf. the above poison. {tamo-han} &c. fut. to mar.. 3. come into contact VarBriS.. &c. Pot. (also with {bhatTa}. {hAhala} &c. and ep.) and n. goose ha. {hantA} MBh. rarely Â. &c. p. [cf. destroy MBh. {-te} (Pot. of Agni or Indra or Rudra TS. also {ahanat}. &c. {hanya4te} (ep. also {jaghanvas}. {-hatya}. Hit.. {handhi4}. 3-1. pl. aor.. punish Mn. ha. haalahala* = (Jâtakam. slayer (only ifc. {-cchAndogya} (?) and {-stava} m.nsa = (masc) swan.. a Jaina or Bauddha sage. {jaGghanyate} (with pass. {gu8nati}. id. haalahaala* = (L.. ind. {ja4Gghnat} or {gha4nighnat}). (v. wound MundUp.and ep.. {hate}. injure.). a panic. {-hanya} MBh. 7-4. Pañcat. (Dhâtup.. fr. to cause to be slain or killed. to repress. of Bala-râma (see above. aor. upon (loc.. {vadh}]. killer of Makha "'N. impf. move Naigh. to slay. &c. or acc. to put to death. p. harm) ib. and cl. {-tvAya}.halahala* = mfn. Ved.). Sea p. see {ari-}. of the author of the Purâna-sarvasva &c.. {ghAta} q. kill. haMsaH = (m) swan han* = mfn. to strike off Kathâs. 26 Vârtt. and BhP. {jeghnIyate} (Pân. P. to hurt. 1. {hanati}.) to touch.. {hatvA4}. {avadhi} or {aghAni}). put to death. han* =1 cl.: Caus. (rarely m. (see {vIra-haNa}). beat (also a drum). destroy ib. {jaGghanat}. hit. {aghnanta}. Ved. `" plough-weaponed "'N. {mizra} &c. {ghnIta}. pl. {jahi4} TÂr.. 3. abandon (anger. killing.) RV. a killer. Lit. haalaahala* = m.. (only L. also {ha4ntave}. kill. a kind of lizard L. &c.) RV. a deadly poison prepared from the roots of the above plant accord. spirituous liquor L. of the author of the Abhidhâna-ratnamâls. also {jaghne}. aor. N. wound (the heart) R. poisonous plant (the seed of which is said to resemble a cow's teat) Bhpr. (?) to go. (see {dur-ha4NA}). 2) {hanti} (3. {ghAtayati}. {-ghA4tam} Br. 31). {haniSya4ti}. {jagha4nat} RV. to hurl (a dart) upon (gen. mar.nsaasana = the swan posture . cause to be executed Mn. ({A}) f. to smite. {ha4ntum}.). {hanyAt} Br.. halaahala* = m. {genu}. Ved. sorrow &c. 2. to wish to kill or destroy RV. {jaghnat}..) a kind of lizard. Lat. n. p. {jaghniva4s}. of wks.. {ahanan}. a kind of spider L. {-ti}. also {ha4nIta}. p. ({A}) f. {ghnamAna} MBh. $. {ahAnIt} JaimBr.) Kâv. {ghnate}. strike &c. also {-ti}. &c. a kind of deadly poison (prodoced at the churning of the ocean by gods and demons) Kâv.v. {ji4ghAMsati}. avert MBh. Gk. to R. {-nire} Subj. Ved. 2] {of-fendere}. Slav. 2. to strike = tread upon (loc. ({I}) f... of various writers (esp.) RV. 14: Pass.. {ajighAMsIH} S'Br.). pound.

pity. haste. joy.h = (n) cabbage . {hA hanta}.g. hantaaraM = the killer hanti = kills hantuM = to kill hantri = desirous of killing hanyate = is killed hanyamaane = being killed hanyuH = may kill har.h = to steal hara = shankara haraH = shiva harati = (1pp) to take (away) haranti = throw harasi = you remove hari = vishnu hariH = the Supreme Personality of Godhead. {hanta tarhi}) RV. &c. &c. son of Anjana and Vayu hanumaanaasana = the splits hanta = O !. KRishhNa hariNa = deer harita = green haritam. benediction &c. and often translatable by `" come on! "' `" here! "' `" look! "' `" see! "' in later language also expressive of grief. Alas !* ind. and translatable by `" alas! "' `" ah! "' `" oh! "' &c.hanana = killing hanishhye = I shall kill hanumatprabhuH = the lord of Hanuman hanumaana = a monkey chief.. often repeated or joined with other particles e. an exclamation or inceptive particle (expressive of an exhortation to do anything or asking attention. {hanta hanta}.

%{zrI-harSa}). a lion MBh.. of a son of Kr2ishn2a BhP.. of the hair in a thrill of rapture or delight) MBh. of an Asura BhP. Ka1v. gone. mfn. `" -less "') RV. fr. struck. killed. one who rides the elephant hastairbibhraaNaM = bearing in the hands hata* =mfn.. &c. yelloweyed VS. lost (often ibc. cf. the zodiacal sign Leo Cat.3]. happy.h = (n) handwriting hastini = in the elephant hastipakaH = (m) mahout.. erection (esp.. lustfulness Sus3r. N.. hasati = (1pp) to laugh hasta = hand hastaM = hand hastaghaTii = (f) wristwatch hasta\-paadangushhThaasana = the hand-to-big-toe posture hastaat. N. delighted W. erection of the sexual organ. ended. marred. of an Asura Katha1s. (also with %{dIkSita}. &c. joy. . of a son of Priithu ib.haridraa = (f) turmeric (haldii) hariiH = VishNu hareH = of Lord KRishhNa hartaa. %{sUri} &c. of various authors &c. R. `" bereft of "'. %{hRS}) bristling. harshha = from happiness harshhaM = cheerfulness harshhashokaanvitaH = subject to joy and sorrow haryaksha * = mfn. [113.. &c. smitten. happiness (also personified as a son of Dharma) Kat2hUp.. %{A}.1]\\ mfn. = `" destitute of "'. destroyed... a monkey R. heaten (also said of a drum). MBh... [1292. i. hary-aksha * = hary-akSa haryaksha * = {hary-aGga} &c. col. ardent desire MBh. pleasure. of Kubera L.. sexual excitement.asi = are the usurper harmya = building harsha = (masc) joy * = m. (ifc. of S'iva MW. see above.. of a demon causing diseases PârGri. m. &c.h = from the hand hastaaksharam. hurt.. f. MBh. slain. %{mizra}. struck by lightning Ka1t2h. injured.

(% {am}) n.. 2037. $. &c. and fig. {hetu} also = `" having as a cause or motive "'.) MBh. struggling with. motive. "'] haTa* = force.) touched. striking.) touched.. come into contact VarBriS.. KâtyS'r. $... gone. deprived of. &c. of the author of RV.. Hariv.)having been killed hataiH = having been killed hatvaa = by killing haviH = butter havirdhaana* = m. x. MBh.. or gen. &c. the earth (as the depository of oblñoblation) AV. defective Sa1h. e.) Ka1v. (in arithm. {mama hetoH} or {mad-dhetoH}. `" for this reason "'.by lightning. hurting W. killing.) MBh. or comp. ({am}) n. (in astron. of the mythical cow Surabhi or Kâma-dhenu ib. come into contact VarBr2S. reason for (loc. worthless..) Mn. &388690[1287. &c. smitten.. or comp. wretched (of persons and things..) MBh. deceived Kuval. (with {prajApateH}) N. slain. N. &c. violated (sexually.. &388690[1287. raised (as dust) S3ak. as a woman) MBh. visited or afflicted or tormented by.. and fig.. worthless. hopeless. (in astron. viii.. Gk. lost (often ibc. useless ib. VS. `" for a cause or reason "'. `" impulse "'.wounded (lit. {hetave}. a place of sacrifice MBh. or comp. (in arithm. cheated... a despised girl unfit for marriage L. cause.... du. MBh. whirled up. `" caused or . {mRtyu-hetave}. multiplication ib. `" on account of "' [with gen. the vehicle in which the Soma plants are couveyed to be pressed (generally in du. of a son of Antar-dhana (cf. struggling with. multiplication ib. hit by (instr. `" a supernatural cause "'. knocked out (as an eye) ib. 2] `" slain. = `" destitute of "'. a violated woman (see above).. lapsed from ({-tas} or comp. `" -less "') RV. miserable. Kathâs... raised (as dust) S'ak. [Cf.. [Cf. {hetoH}. 23 Pat. `" oblation-receptacle "'. lapsed from (%{-tas} or comp. `" in order to kill "'. struck . undone.. hit by (instr.. undone. knocked out (as an eye) ib.. of the wife of Havir-dhâna ib. `" wherefore? "' `" why? "' Pân. viii.) S3Br. killed. R. R. 11-15 Anukr.. marred.) S'Br. wretched (of persons and things. cheated. comp. `" bereft of "'.) Kâv. `" by reason of "'. &c. {hetau}. of two Sâmans ÂrshBr.. (%{A}) f.. ({A}) f.. S'Br. {yato hetoH}. ifc.. wounded (lit. or comp. havishhaa = offerings haya = horse hayaiH = horses hetavaH = causes hetu = intention * = m. destroyed. miserable. comp. MBh.. suffering from (instr. against one's will * =mfn. struck off (as a head) R. ruined. defective Sâh. {hetunA}. {hetur alaukikaH}. cause of. violated (sexually. hurting W. Katha1s. `" because "'. hurt. as a woman) MBh.) multiplied Âryabh. useless ib. 2037. {anena hetunA} or {iti hetoH}. Kathâs.. heaten (also said of a drum). a violated woman (see above). "'] haTayoga = union with the supreme via discipline hataM = killed hataH = being killed hataan...h = already killed hataani = (past. or comp.) MBh.. injured. struck off (as a head) R. hopeless. deprived of.2] `" slain..) AV. ruined. a shed for the Soma vehicles ib.) Mn. visited or afflicted or tormented by.. suffering from (instr.. N. cf. ended.g. whirled up. `" on account of me "']. Gk. ({am}) n. Katha1s.part. deceived Kuval. ({I}) f... killing. {kaM hetum} or {ko heTuH}.) multiplied A1ryabh. striking. 2-2. ChUp. rarely dat.. {havir-dhAman}) BhP. MBh. a despised girl unfit for marriage L. cf. ({e}). ChUp.

(with Pas'upatas) that which causes the bondage of the soul i.. 11) {hino4ti} (Ved.) the agent of the causal verb Pân. because.. manner ({hetubhiH} ifc. {ahaiSIt} Br. just. Sâh. {hIyate} (aor. 5. indeed.) RV. procure ib.. g. applied to the second member or Avayava of the five-membered syllogism see {nyAya}) Nyâyad. {ahAyi}) Gr. for (cf. {hIhI} Hariv. `" for your honour is the authority "'. `" according to "') ib. 49) RV.effected or actuated or attracted or impelled by "' e. {na4 hi4} or {nahI4} "'. P. for not "'. fut. bring. (used as a particle [cf..g. 496. {te}. {pasyAmo hi}. sense] Bhathth. {jeghayIti}. impel. sense] RV. {hinvAna4} [with aet. to avoid a hiatus. TS. {ahyam} [?].) RV. hi4* =Meaning 2 ind. do (with an Impv. `" hurry "' &c. `" by means of "') MBh. to gladden.) Bhar. hurl. {jighISati} ib. {mAMsa-hetu}. {jihApayiSati} ib. ii. sometimes repeated in the same sentence. a logical reason or dedaction or argument. `" impelled by [the expectation of] the consequences of any act "' BhP. x. 49. to {pratyaya} q. surely.... {bkavAn hi pramANam}. inf. {hiSe} RV. `" for example "'.. price. and pass... to discharge. {heSyati} MBh.. aor. {hi}) &c. `" attracted by [the smell of] flesh "' MBh. {-hye4} RV. hetuH = aim (Here: cause) hetunaa = for the reason hetumadbhiH = with cause and effect hetoH = in exchange heman.. 1: sg. abandon. `" most assuredly "'. cast. `" contempt "'..) ib. S'Br. `" indeed-but "'.) = {kAvya-liGga} (q.. to convey. 61. &c. {karma-phala-hetu}. 1-4. {hi-tu} or {hi-punar}. &c..nsaa = violence hi.v.h = gold hemanta = (masc) winter hi = really hi * =Meaning 1 i (cf. to forsake.g. Kpr. also intrans. often a mere expletive. so. e. hasten on (Â. xv.nsaaM = and distress to others ...v. &c.. {hiyAna4} [with pass... xxvii. i. {hetA} Gr.: Caus. {jighyuH} Br.. emphatically. b.. {hi} is also said to be an interjection of `" envy "'. (Dhâtup. sense] RV. cost Râjat. `" caused by the acts [of a former existence] "' Mn. {jighAya}. 71. `" accordingly "'. {sa4rvo hi4 pR4tanA jigISati}. (with Buddhists) primary cause (as opp. {karma-hetu}. to send forth set in motion.) Sarvad. (an exclamation of surprise or astonishment or horror or sorrow or hilarity or satisfaction.e. (it is sometimes repeated cf. get rid of Bhathth. 2. of Caus. {ha} and {gha}] and usually denoting) for. urge on. a means ({hetubhiH} ifc. ({hinvati}). {hAyuyati} (aor. (in rhet. the reason for an inference (esp. assuredly. {hay}) cl.: Desid. {jeghIyate}. `" we will just see "') ib. {a4hema} {a4hema}. `" for everybody wishes to win battles "'. 47. delight Dhâtup. &c. on account of (never standing first in a sentence. condition MBh. shoot RV. IW.). (also said to be so used in giving a reason or cause. {jighye} [with pass. {heta} p.. hii* = ind. pf.. 82: Pass. &c.. logic (in general see {hetuvidyA}). (in gram. but generally after the first word and used enclitically. sometimes with Indic. Bhathth.nsati = kills hi. v. also {hinute4}. or Pot.) ib. p. to assist or help to (dat. AV. {ajIhayat}) ib.. e. {ha4yat} RV.. &c. S'Br. hi. sometimes after pronouns. 55 &c.: Inteus. {jegheti} ib. pray. usually translatable by) ah! oh! alas l &c. {hi4nvati} and {hinva4ti}. the external world and the senses ib. Sus'r. {ahyan}. Yâjñ. of course. and translatable by) therefore. certainly ({hi4 vai4}. to stimulate or incite to (dat.: Desid. {aheSata} RV. {a4hait} AV. esp. `" not at all "') RV.. because. mode... {tahA hi}. KâtyS'r.

hostile RV. sound (in a phonetical sense) Pat. &c. noise L. detriment Mn. shortening. &c. N. killed by Vishnu hiraNyagarbha = Effulgent. wrong (said to be of three kinds. MBh. hiraNmaya* = mf({I}) n. mischief. Hariv. Yâjñ. harm (to life or property). of a serpentdemon MBh. hiMsa* = mfn. hraasa * = m. sound. hiMsA* = f.nsaatmakaH = always envious hita = benefit hitaM = beneficial hitakaamyayaa = for your benefit hite = in welfare work hitaishhin. 1. mental as `" bearing malice "'. to resemble the Hima7laya Dhûrtas.. 2.. {-yati}. Pur. Used for determining Wealth amongst other things hraada * = m. scarcity MBh.hi.. roar (of thunder) ChUp. 3.&c. P. diminution. as `" acts of violence "') Mn. hitvaa = having given up/abandoned hinasti = degrade hima = snow himaalayaH = the Himalayan mountains = * Nom. see below. MBh. Kir. (for {hiraNya-maya}) golden. m. injuring. mischievous. Injury or Mischief personified (as the wife of Adharnia and daughter of Lobha and Nishkriiti) Pur.. as "' abusive language. Ya1jn5. of Brahmâ. injury. Hitâ4vat mfn.n.. paucity. The Division of a sign into Solar and Lunar or Division into halves. hurt. N. one who has put away or hidden his property RV.. a name of Sun hiraNyagarbhaH = the Golden Embryo of life and form hiinau = bereft.h = one who wishes good hitaaya * = Nom. . Â. m. deterioration. gold-coloured TS. &c. ({A}) f. personal. noise.. injurious. see varsha and {zveta}) Pur. &c. verbal. one of the 9 Varshas or divisions of the continent (said to be between the mountainous ranges S'veta and S'riinga-vat. decrease. having lost horaa = A Varga.. (see {hiraNyagarbha}) L.. {-yate}. of a son of Agnidhra and ruler of a Varsha BhP. be of use or advantage Vâs... to avail. Asteracantha Longifolia L.. sound. of a son of Hiranyakas'ipu Hariv. of a Riishi MBh. hiraNyakashyapu = a demon king.

pool (rarely applied to the sea.: Desid. lake. ({A}) f. {jihrISati} Gr. (with {prajApateH}) N.. true or divine knowledge MW. {jehrayIti}. the heart or interior of the body RV. {ajihripat}). (once n.hrada * = 1 m.). {hrAd}.. with {gAGga}. see {a-hr-}. {jehrIyate} (p. pf. {A}. {hrIyAt} ib.h = heart (neut) hridaya = heart* = n.. shame. {ahraiSIt} ib. `" to take to heart "'). for 2. to be greatly ashamed ib. 1307) a large or deep piece of water. hrada * =2 m. (Dhâtup. to make ashamed. hrasvaa = (adj) short hriiH = modesty hrii* = 1 cl.. 1306. = `" surpass.. mind (as the seat of mental operations. p. blush..). &c. of a son of Hrâda Hariv. going to the heart BhâgP. MBh. &c. &c.) or anything (abl... timidity (also personified as daughter of Daksha and wife of Dharma) VS. noise L. of a Sâman IndSt. {hrepayati} (aor. `" fickleminded "') RV. 3) sound.) Kâv. m. f. a ram L.) hridayaM = heart hridayasthaM = heart-stationed hridayaani = hearts hridayii = in my heart hridayeshhu = in the hearts of hridi = in the heart hriddeshe = in the location of the heart . &c. aor. {hretA}. for 1.. 3. (ifc. {hreSyati} Gr. put to shame (also fig. be bashful or modest... N. {hrayANa}.. 3) {jihreti} ({ji4hriyat} MaitrS. excel "') ib.. the incense tree L. constraint of bashfulness hriyate = is attracted hri = to steal hrita = deprived of hritat.. (ifc. but cf...: Caus. {-yamANa} SaddhP. ifc. a partic. &c. of a mare Hariv. ({I}) f. N. ({A}) f.. {gaurA7di}. modesty. fut. {jehreti}. g. the heart or centre or core or essence or best or dearest or most secret part of anything AV. {hrada} see p. P. see p. to feel shame. {capala-hRdaya}. science ib. cause to blush. Gr. Sunday BhavP. Kathâs. (fr. &c. f. mfn. confound. \\2 f. torment of shñshame. & hriiyantraNA * f. col. &c. Prec. TBr. {A}) the heart (or region of the heart as the seat of feelings and sensations. `" the water of the Ganges "') RV. be ashamed of any one (gen. a ray of light (see {zata-hr-}).h = heart hritsthaM = situated in the heart hrid. {jihrayAM-cakAra}. AV. shyness.. xxv. the Veda ib. f. {jihrAya} Ragh. {A} rather to be connected with {hlAd}.: Intens. {-yAm-Asa}. soul.. {hRd} + {aya} Sch. {hRdaye-kR}.

%{jaharSa}. aor. xxvi...: Caus.. seizing &c. and m. %{jahRSe}. only p. MBh. inf. bristle (said of the hairs of the body &c.. &c. &c. be anxious or impatient for (dat. forms %{jarhRSanta}. %{ajIhRSat}. A1. be glad or pleased Pa1rGr2. standing on end (said of the hairs of the body) MBh.) bringing. &c.. Mn. %{-hRSya} MBh. carrying away. {hRSI-vat} above) id. (see %{bali-}.) RV.. surprised. of a Tîrtha Cat.. rejoiced. &c. %{ha4rSat}). %{ahRSat} ib. become on edge (like the teeth) MBh. P. c.. blunted (cf. &c.] hrishhitaH = gladdened hrishhiikesha = O master of all senses hrishiikes'a* = m.. ind.. %{-te} fr. of the tenth month VarBriS.. 1. hrishhiikeshaM = unto Lord KRishhNa hrishhiikeshaH = Hrishîkes'a (KRishhNa. rejoice in the prospect of.).hridyaaH = pleasing to the heart hrish* = cl. carrying.) MBh. merry Mn. %{harSitum} ib. ({-tva} n. huta = offerings (usually made to a fire) hutaM = offered hutabhuk.. %{jahRSuH}. erect. %{jiharSiSati} Gr. pf. %{ha4rSati}. R. %{jarharSTi} &c. 4. %{pApa}.. MBh. astonished ib. rigid. P. %{hRSyate} (aor. to thrill with rapture. to excite. (only ifc.. (Ved. %{-te} (aor. %{harSitA}. bristling. rejoice. pleased. also %{-te}.) RV. 59.: Pass. (Dha1tup.. &c. of a man Cat. to excite violently RV. [Cf. %{taila-}. 119) %{hRSyati} (ep. cl. &c.. to become erect or stiff or rigid. N. or %{ajaharSat}). be glad Mn. p. to become sexually excited Sus3r. fut. % {aharSi}) Gr. A1s3vS3r. lord of the senses (said of Manas) BhP. %{harSiSyati} Gr. {-zA7zrama} m. MBh. thrilling with rapture. lie Dha1tup. exult.: Desid... for %{hRd}. %{bhayahRt} &c.)// 2 in comp. glad. %{-Sire} MBh. %{ja4rhRSANa} and %{jAhRSANa4}). N.). {horreo} for {horseo}. {hRSita}) Pat. make impatient or eager for (victory &c. BhP. to rejoice. VS. %{harSa4yati}. (perhaps = {hRSI-keza} cf. % {jarIhRSyate}.h = fire (one who eats offerings) hutaashavaktraM = fire coming out of Your mouth hyaH = yesterday I . &c. stiff Hariv. xvii. of a poet ib. hrit *= hRt mfn.. to speak or affirm falsely. to be impatient or excited RV.: Intens. Lat. P. to cause to bristle Cat. Hariv. to be excited or impatient. the Lord who directs the senses of the devotees) hrishhTaromaa = with his bodily hairs standing on end due to his great ecstasy hrishhyati = takes pleasure hrishhyaami = I am enjoying hrishtha * = mfn.

{a4sya}. and perhaps also {avo4s}. 11. {zrutvai9tad idam UcuH}. {-mAtR} m. here and there. 8). {enA4}.h = to wish ichchha = the will ichchhati = (6 up) to wish ichchhan. 1. and a personal pronoun. 1-1. this speech here following [165. having heard that they said this). 67. one whose mother is here and there i. 3]. here we are. and have no peculiar stress laid upon them). {tad idaM vAkyam}.e. whereas {etad} points to what precedes (e. {ime smaH}. in RV. has in a few instances the irregular accentuation {a4smai}. {A4bhis}. and {idem}]. idam* = 2 ind. 224.ichchh. 25. 4. only RV. and in a few instances in classical Sanskriit] here. partly to point out anything more distinctly and emphatically.) {idam} often refers to something immediately following. everywhere RV. this here. 5 [BRD.g. ii. 39. vi. {ima4sya}.. referring to something near the speaker.g. known.. in this manner R.: the forms derived fr. AitBr. this Vidûshaka here). loc. g. {so 'yaM vidUSakaH}. . 59. now. {idam} occurs connected with {yad}. 202. with these words RV. a gen. {ayA4} [used in general adverbially]. base 3. S'Br. {id} Un. du. (opposed to {adas} e. {a} are used enclitically if they take the place of the third personal pronoun. (v. 67. do not stand at the beginning of a verse or period. {sarvA7di} Pân. the regular forms are partly derived from the pronom. the base {ima}. the Veda exhibits various irregular formations e. 132. vii. present. an inst. {ayaM lokaH} or {idaM vizvam} or {idaM sarvam}. AV. 5. iv. idaaniiM = now idrik..h = as it is iDaa = the channel on the left of the spine iDyaM = worshipable iidrishhaM = like this iha = here ihaiva = in the present bodyijyate = is performed iheha *= ind. to this place. the lightning: so also {idam} or {iyam} alone sometimes signifies `" this earth "'. there. vi. partly pleonastically (e. [Ved. the RV.. repeatedly.. and gen. {tad}. even. to wish ichchhantaH = desiring ichchhasi = you wish ichchhaa = desire ichchhaami = do I wish idaM = this* = 1 {aya4m}. {is}.g. just. 31 S'ak. see Gr. {i} with {am} [cf. Lat. 27 Vop. pronom.l. base {a}. 156. for {iti} in {kim iti joSam Asyate}. &c. {iya4m}. vi. x. 15. 2. 53. sing. that fire in the sky. now and then. but {asAv agniH}. {etad}. this fire which burns on the earth. 5.g. a kind of neut. &c. {ea}. {ida4m} (fr.h = present participle of ishh. &c. {kim}. {id}. this.]. v. fr. {ayo4s}. of the pronom. this earthly world. ChUp. iv. {ayam agniH}. e. fr. base {a}. this universe. i.

R. desired. Kathâs. and m. Ragh.h = to see iikshaNa = seeing iikshaNaM = eyes iips* = (Desid. desire or wish to obtain MBh. of {antarikSa}). to be seen or perceived. Kathâs. beholder S'Br. iikshate = (1 ap) to see iiksha* = mf({I})n. asking. wished. Ragh. caring for Mn. desiring or wishing to obtain L.h = to wish iihate = he aspires iihante = they desire iihaa = wish iiksh. desired. ({am}) n. Âs'vGri. &c. ifc. iipsana* = n. a spectator. iikshaNika* = {as}. aspect sight KâtyS'r. iipsitatama* = mfn. sought. S'ak. most desired. immediately aimed at (as the object of an action) Pân. eye MBh. iikshamaaNa* = mfn. {A} mf. a fortune-teller VarBriS. looking after. desirous of (with acc. R. iipsita* = mfn. . anything seen S'Br. a looker into the future. vii. a look. Sus'r. R. looking at. wished. one of the eight attributes of S3iva MBh. &c. wishing to get or obtain.. to wish to obtain. effort Hit. iipsuyajJa* = m. Lâthy. of {Ap} q. ({am}) n. regarding. a particular Soma sacrifice KâtyS'r. 1. Prab. 2. considering BhP. looking. R. iis'itaa *= f. desire. view. Gobh. iikshaNiiya* = mfn. desire. seeing. 49. attempted. {vadhv-IkSa}). iikshaka* = m. viewing.) Mn. iipsu* = mfn. Kathâs. a looker into the future.v. ({am}) n. a fortune-teller VarBriS. BhP iikshaNa* = n. &c. MBh. sight. wish MBh. wish. &c. 23 (merely for the etym. ({A}) f. supremacy . iipsaa* = f. request. surveying VS. iih.). or superiority . striven for. R. striving to obtain.. iikshaNiika* = m..Ihita * mfn. 1-4. Pañcat. Nyâyad. visiting (see {tiryag-IkSa}. Ratnâv.

of Durga1. AitBr. viii. .. a husband MBh. iii. iis'a * m. Hit. capable of (with gen. prince. of S'iva as regent of the north-east quarter MBh. ({A} or {I}) f. 17. of the Âdityas. of a prince. {divo} 3.iirma = (m) arm iirsha = jelousy iis'a4 * = mfn. viii. the number `" eleven "'. a husband MBh. du.). the god of love... N.. the double or fork-shaped pole RV.. KâtyS'r. possessing.. Yâjñ. lord Mn. &c. S'Br. TS. S'Br. Sus3r. du. of several plants L. one of the eight attributes of S3iva MBh.. N. the month Âs'vina see {iSa}. S'Br. able to do. mistress. 5. board VarBriS. the Supreme Being Mn. queen AV.. supremacy. ({as}. iii. one who is completely master of anything. 6. 29 AV. 9 S'Br. Sus'r. 53. iishvaraM = the Supersoul iishvaraH = the Supreme Lord iishvarapraaNidhaana = attentiveness to god iis'itaa* = f. i. viii. Mn. exchanged for a little L. master. &c. S'iva. lord. iishaa* = f. {divA}. 23. 53. board VarBriS. king. R. ({e}) f. iishaa* = f. &c. supremacy. S'ulb. 1. N. of a prince. S'ulb. 8. m. the pole or shafts of a carriage or plough. exposed to AV. the number `" eleven "'. faculty. Hit. &c.) iis'itaa * = f. of any other of the S3aktis or female energies of the deities. of Vedic inf. supreme. Kum. of any other of the S'aktis or female energies of the deities.. S3iva. S3Br. xi. S'ak. exposed to AV. AitBr.. see under {diva4s}. 3. capable of (with gen. N. 5. (said to be fr. or with common inf. &c.. a particular measure. iishannimayamfn. a ruler. BhP. N. 8. KâtyS'r. {IS}). the supreme soul (%{Atman}). dominion AV. of several plants L. xi. master. the number `" eleven "' (as there are eleven Rudras). the pole or shafts of a carriage or plough. a Rudra. &c. (%{as}. 2. or superiority.. TS. m. 17. iis'vara* = mfn.. liable. of Vedic inf. {divi4}. lord in lord in heaven pl. one of the Rudras. king. &c. one of the eight attributes of S'iva MBh. N. ({e}) f. the capable (here)* * = mfn. MBh. liable. powerful. God. iisha* = m. queen AV. m. {dyu4}. of Lakshmî. the double or fork-shaped pole RV. 3.. a son of the third Manu.). power. 29 AV. or superiority. &c. of Kuvera. (%{A} or %{I}) f. a plank. of Lakshmi1. or with common inf. &c. a son of the third Manu. a servant of S'iva. {I}) mf.. {IS}). owning. of S'iva. a plank. MBh. able to do. Ya1jn5. a servant of S'iva. master. Hariv. lord. VS. 1. iishaavaasyaM = inhabited or manifested by the Master iishvara = lord. ({A4}) f. Kum. of Durgâ. N. a husband L. BhP. the month Âs'vina see {iSa}. N. %{I}) mf. one of the Rudras. Ragh. iisha = God iisha* = m. Mn. &c. a particular measure. N. God. 9 S'Br. the Supreme Being Mn. 23.. MBh. Kum. the supreme soul ({Atman}). (For other comp. sharing. capable of (with gen. viii.. S3Br. prince. S'Br.). mistress. Ragh. (said to be fr. the god of love. Vasu and Rudra Hcat.

queen AV. BhP. &c. able to do. Mn. nom. N. imaaH = all these imaan. AitBr.. ({as}.. &c. Sus'r. 66. proprietor. supremacy. infectious disease MBh. superiority. of pervading or far-reaching sight RV. {iyakS}) q. irregular gen. (acc. 6. of several plants L. ({Iya} fr. BhP. {ima4m} f. &c. viii. sojourning L. &c. one of the eight attributes of S'iva MBh. one of the eight attributes of S'iva MBh. travelling in foreign countries. S'Br. plague. 1]. Kum. or with common inf. master. the supreme soul ({Atman}).). owner. the number `" eleven "'.).iis'itva* = n. supremacy. mistress. iiyakSamANa * = = {i4yakSamANa} (fr. of Vedic inf. an affray L. {i}). 13.. m. {I}?). ii. m. Ragh. of Lakshmî. TS. iiti * = 1 f. {I}) mf. m.. foreign invasion. Vedântas iis'vara* = mfn.. MaitrS. of a prince. one of the Rudras. distress. swarm of rats. sg. iis'itA* = f. iis'itavya* = mfn.. 10. any calamity of the season (as drought. liable. iis'itR* = {tA} m. or superiority. S'Br. iiya-cakSas * = fn. of any other of the S'aktis or female energies of the deities. the god of love.. sg. Husband of Goddess Lakshmi indu = moon indugopa = a centipede commonly seen during rainy season . God. capable of (with gen.v.. R. one of the eight attributes of S'iva MBh. Prab. 21 [once]). Yâjñ. supremacy. to be reigned or ruled over BhP. prince. BhP. {ima4sya} RV. (fr. excessive rain. v. &c. superiority. 4. of Durgâ. 6. exposed to AV. iis'varapraNidhaana* = n. a king S'vetUp. ijyayaa = by worship ikshuH = sugarcane ikshvaakave = unto King IksvakuimaM = (from idaM) this ima* = * the base of some cases of the demonstrative pronoun {ida4m} q. N. pl. {ime4}. iis'itva* = n.h = these ime = these imau = these ingate = waver indiraa = Goddess Lakshmi indiraaramaNa = Vishnu. lord. &c. a master. a husband MBh. the Supreme Being Mn. devotion to God. N. S'iva. ({A} or {I}) f. Sus'r.v. {imA4m} [168. Hit. king.

&c. m. AV. the Hindûs enumerate five organs of action. 107. the skin by the Wind. ({am}) n. nose. the anus by Mitra. x. {karme7ndriyANi} i. VS. 27. Mn. S'Br. VS. `" Indra's place "'N.) indriyaH = senses indriyagocharaaH = the objects of the senses indriyagraamaM = the full set of senses indriyajaya = mastery of the senses by controlling the desires indriyasya = of the senses indriyasyaarthe = in the sense objects indriyaaNaaM = of the senses indriyaaNi = the senses indriyaaraamaH = satisfied in sense gratification indriyaarthaan. indrapraharaNa* = n. hand. VS. i. power. VP. N. the eye by the Sun. thus. TS. caused or impelled by Indra RV. larynx. indriya = organ of sense or action* = mfn. power of the senses. the Jainas divide the whole creation into five sections. i. the ear with Ether. 1. (In addition to the five organs of perception. the skin with Air. AV. the quality which belongs especially to the mighty Indra RV. in the Nyâya philosophy each organ is connected with its own peculiar element. the eye with Light or Fire. a pupil of Paila and author of some verses of the Riig-veda RAnukr. Sus'r. virile power AV. 66. sense. the residence of the Pândavas) MBh. AitBr. each being presided over by its own ruler or {niyantR}.. the number five as symbolical of the five senses. powerful act RV. in the Vedânta. of a man. BhP. considered as an eleventh organ. of a city (now called Delhi. {buddhI7ndriyANi} or {jJAne7ndriyANi}.h = sense objects . the tongue with Water. S'Br. KâtyS'r. 2. faculty of sense. and parts of generation. the parts of generation by Prajâpati. according to the number of organs attributed to each being. bodily power. organ of sense AV. {buddhi}.e.. Indra's weapon. indraprasUta* = ({i4ndra-}) mfn. foot. VS. exhibition of power.. Kir. semen virile VS. the foot by Vishnu. Ragh. fit for or belonging to or agreeable to Indra RV. eye. ahankâra by S'iva. the thunderbolt L. citta by Vishnu as Acyuta. indrapramada* = m. between these ten organs and the soul or {Atman} stands {manas} or mind.e. anus.. the voice by Fire. tongue. a companion of Indra(?) RV. {manas}. MBh. the tongue by Pracetas. so that according to this reckoning the organs are fourteen in number. the nose by the two As'vins. buddhi by Brahman.indraH = the god Indra indrachaapa = (m) rainbow indradhanuH = (m) rainbow indrapramati* = m. xix.. {antar-indriyANi}. the nose with the Earth. {ahaMkAra}. 2 AV. the ear by the Quarters of the world. force. the hand by Indra. indraprastha* = n.. &c. and skin. manas by the Moon. ear. AgP. and {citta} form the four inner or internal organs.

the chief (of any class of objects. of a Riishi BhP.h = desired ishthikaa = (f) brick ishthvaa = worshiping . cf. and connected with {indu} above). {ra} preceded by inserted {d}. and he was therefore addressed in prayers and hymns more than any other deity. {rAje7ndra}. ({I}) f. Sûryas. {indra} was not originally lord of the gods of the sky. Sus'r. cf. &c. 4 Un. 28. 8 Sây.] ishat. AV. but remained the chief of all other deities in the popular mind) RV. S'Br. fertile RV. a prince. S'ak.. conquer "' [166. but his deeds were most useful to mankind. ({A}) f. 2]. N. well-fed. according to BRD.. more probably from {ind}. juicy. Mn. &c. meaning `" to subdue. MBh. T... {sure7ndra}. {syand}. [According to Dayânanda {iSu} may mean `" ray of light "'. according to Muir. sappy. VS. &52843[168.. one of the nine divisions of Jambu-dvîpa or the known continent L. $ Pegasi. (in mathematics) a versed sine. the plant Wrightia Antidysenterica (see {kuTaja}) L. `" to drop "'. Sus'r. the portion of spirit residing in the body. ishu * = {us} mf. (he is also regent of the east quarter. i. &c. m.. v. and is in general a symbol of generous heroism. night L. seeking (see {gav-iSa}). 119. xii. the first.. ifc. VP. of a plant L. x. S. of a particular constellation VarBri. the Indian Jupiter Pluvius or lord of rain (who in Vedic mythology reigns over the deities of the intermediate region or atmosphere. AV. 7. {in} = {inv} with suff. excellent. as given by native authorities see Nir.h = a little ishhubhiH = with arrows ishtha = of all desirable things ishthaM = leading to heaven ishthaaH = palatable ishthaan. N. and S'iva. {parvate7ndra}. Ragh. Gk. MBh.. the Yoga star in the twenty-sixth Nakshatra. N. fr.. possessing sap and strength. of a physician. &c. the number five Sâh. S'Br. {ishu}. he fights against and conquers with his thunder-bolt [{vajra}] the demons of darkness. \\=2 mfn. for {sindra} fr. N. $.indriyaarthebhyaH = from the sense objects indriyaartheshhu = in sense gratification indriyebhyaH = more than the senses indriyaiH = by the senses indro = the Lord Indra indra * = m. N. R.. N. the human soul. and ultimately superseded the more lofty and spiritual Varuna. of a Soma ceremony KâtyS'r. a vegetable poison L.. on RV. of an attendant of Devî. in the Vedânta he is identified with the supreme being. `" to drop "' q...m. 3] Zd. and considered one of the twelve Âdityas) Mn. 3. &c. best. ii.. Vishnu. the god of the atmosphere and sky. R. an arrow RV. September-October) VS. (for etym. strong.v. N. the wife of Indra see {indrANI}. Hit.) Mn. of the month Âs'vina. the twentysixth Yoga or division of a circle on the plane of the ecliptic. BriÂrUp.. the pupil of the right eye (that of the left being called Indrânî or Indra's wife) S'Br. the number fourteen. in the later mythology {indra} is subordinated to the triad Brahman. of a grammarian. indhana = fuel isha* = 1 mfn.

S'Br. rejected L.that. AitBr. another. wish. ishthAvat* = mfn.. the plant Ricinus Communis L. S'Br. one who has spoken the sacrificial verses VS. it sometimes. on the other hand. sacrificing. Lat. hurry. i4taratas* = ind. ({am}) n. going according to desire RV. invitation. the left hand.. {yaj}. order. m. otherwise than. (mfn. VS. cf. R. favourite god. the other (of two). TS. m. different from. S'ak. however. agreeable. this . ishthArtha* = m. a N. ({itazce7taratazca}. reverenced. a euphemistic name of certain beings who appear to be considered as spirits of darkness (Kuvera belongs to them) AV.. one particularly worshipped (cf. 14. ordinary. Ragh. fruits. 25. ishthadevataa* = f. ({am}) n. going after RV. a chosen tutelary deity. 3. Ya1jn5. Mn. &c. &c. Hib. sacrifice. a desideratum.the other. (pl. favourite god. sacred rite. Ragh.\\* =2 f. KâtyS'r. ({As}) m. impulse. {iter}). e. ishthakaa* = f. (with abl. forms a Tat-purusha compound with another word to express the one idea implied in the contrary of that word.] RV. itaH = besides this i4tara = Other* == mf({A})n. Mn. liked. opposed to the sacrifice of an animal or Soma RV.. {abhI7STa-devatA}). an ordinary man S'ârng.g.g.. (L. {iterum}. 3. ({A}) f.. a brick used in building the sacrificial altar VS. {sukhe7tareSu} [S'vetUp. ishthi* =1 f. on KâtyS'r. valid. GopBr. low. of the mother of Aitareya.) i4taratra* = ind. `" other men "'.). to victory or defeat. &c. ) the rest. TS. ({ad}) ind.. seeking. comparative form of pronom. respected.. S'Br. &c. cherished RV.] in Ved. {iSTa4} see col. ix. 15.]. ishthakaavat* = mfn. of a plant L.. KâtyS'r. hither and thither R. 9. that by which good ({iSTa}) works ({vrata}) succeed [Sây. 88.. zealous or active for a desired object. &c.\\* =3 f. 26.\\2 mfn. ({A}) f.v. &c. ({am}) ind. request. in happiness and distress. xiii. {dakSiNe7tara}.) different from RV. x.) one who has obtained a desired object MBh. see s. a lover. common-place. sought S'Br. Sânkhyak. S'Br. (for 2. possessed of bricks Pân. any desired object. a brick in general. fr. {i}. VS. vile Kâd. MaitrS. 2 S3Br.. R. AitBr. but {am} [{ad} S'Br. iii. whilst Subh. expelled. Pañcat. xviii. MBh. sacrament L. ishthayajus* = ({iSTa4-}) mfn. {rtho7dyukta} mfn. 83 c. the one .p. . Mn. desire RV. Mn. (p. ishthayaaman* = ({iSTa4-}) mfn.) i4tarajana* = m..ishtha* = 1 mfn. a desired rule. wished. i4tarajaatiiya* = mfn. 2) sacrificed. from or to another direction KâtyS'r. R. for 1.. ({itara} connected antithetically with a preceding word often signifies the contrary idea e. desired. KâtyS'r. anything desired or agreeable. ishthavrata* = mfn. voluntarily. 59. applied to the statement of grammarians who are considered as authoritative. regarded as good. {vijayAya itarAya vA} [MBh. {abhI7STa-devatA}). endeavouring to obtain. whereas. i. acceleration. so in Dvandva compounds. said to be a N. AitBr. &c. a husband S'ak.. sacrifice MârkP. approved Mn. else Yogas. S'Br. 169. 166. ishthakRt* = mfn. desire RV. AV. (the neuter is {ad} in classical Sanskriit. worshipped with sacrifices VS.. despatch RV. Pân. {itara}. 20 [perhaps and belonging to 2. sacrifice. base 3. an oblation consisting of butter. Mriicch. {iSTa}].) or a chosen tutelary deity. S3ak. sacrificing. N. Hit. beloved. {itara}. A1s3vS3r. elsewhere BhP. AV. &c. possessing a desired object (?) AV. ishthadeva* = m...]. pl.. performing a sacrifice Comm. one particularly worshipped (cf. wish. 7-1.

reminding the hearer or reader of certain customs. pl. In quotations of every kind {iti} means that the preceding words are the very words which some person has or might have spoken. cf. truth. iv. {i4yakSat}) Â. 928. 50. a king.g. x. It may often have reference merely to what is passing in the mind e. or lays stress on what precedes.) In dram.) see {i} above. S'is'. (p. having so decided). {i4yakSati} (Subj. supposed to be known to him). {tAm brUyAd bhavatI7ty evam}. &c.g. though a child. thus+ these ityevaM = knowing thus iyaM = this iyakS * = (anom. Ved. It is used by native commentators after quoting a rule to express `" according to such a rule "' (e. in the Brâhmanas it is often equivalent to `" as you know "'.g. 266.g.) itihaasa = history itihaasa(H) = history.g. {iti kRtvA}. (fr. saying to one's self. and placed thus at the end of a speech it serves the purpose of inverted commas ({ity uktvA}. (for 2. order. 3. being a means to another. ancillary to another Sâh. &c. thus). each-other itastataH = (indecl) here and there iti= like that* =1 f. seek RV. {iti-pANini}. her he may call `" lady "'. {i4yakSAn} RV. xvii. {i4yakSamANa} RV. self-restraint. 10 VS. to long for. why? (In the S'atapatha-brâhmana {ti} occurs for {iti}. something additional (as in {ityAdi}. {iti tathA karoti} means `" after these words he acts thus. absence of desire "'. approach. thus according to Pânini). Desid. (Gr. {bAlo 'pi nA7vamantavyo manuSya iti bhUmipaH}. 7. thus (in its original signification {iti} refers to something that has been said or thought.) {iti} is sometimes followed by {evam}.) \\ 2 ind. {kim iti} = {kim}. 123. is not to be despised. seeking to gain RV. longing for. 12. having so considered. else S'Br. conditions. in a contrary manner. endeavour to gain.itarathaa* = ind. itaraH = common itaretara = mutual. 3. pronominal base 3. liberality. 69) to go towards. studying. to request. {ijyA7dhyayanadAnAni tapaH satyaM kSamA damaH} {alobha iti mArgo 'yam}. {iti} see s. penance. patience. on the other hand. and identity. &c. wherefore. perversely. KâtyS'r. x. . `" sacrificing. {iti} may form an adverbial compound with the name of an author (e. "' Sometimes {iti} is used to include under one head a number of separate objects aggregated together (e. Prâkriit {ti} and {tti}. {i}). 4.g. of {yaj}) P. having so said. the left hand Âs'vGri. It may also express the act of calling attention (lo! behold!) It may have some other significations e. i. {iva}. itarapaaNi* = m. v. 13. et caetera). p. in another manner. in this manner. this course of conduct. or a demonstrative pronoun pleonastically (e. {anudAttaGita ity Atmanepadam bhavati}. iyakSu4 * = mfn. `" he is a mortal "'. {ityai4} (dat. VS. epic itthaM = like that ityuta = thus it is said ityetaani = iti+etAni. itarAGga* = mfn. arrangement specific or distinctive. 3. 1. according to the rule of Pânini i. the Âtmane-pada takes place).

so large. {gulpha-}. Pañcat. to vanish S'Br. {akSi-}. so little RV. quantity. of such extent RV. {i}). i. {quotiens}.Imp. i4yat--c-ciram * = ({iyacciram}) ind.i4yat * = mfn. AitBr. to relax. fixed measure or quantity. {bhrU-}.v. shrunk S'Br.PP) Wake up. so much Ragh. ({Asya-}). so much. {karNadi}) the root or point of issue of certain parts of the body cf. iyattaa * = f. {priSTha-}. {mukha-}. ({a4m}) n. such a time Kathâs. {toties}. iyasaa4 * = * = f. is seen. Intens. sg. (g. [cf. Ragh. {oSTha-}. shrinking ib. iya4m * = f. seems. {nakha-}. so small. {quoties}. shrinking S'Br. {danta-}. 11. is perceived. {pAda-}. only so large. TS. awake jaagrataavasthaa = complete awareness of the state of the mind jaagrati = are awake jaaha * =n. weaken. of the demonstrative pronoun {ida4m}.. so long. &c iva = just like or as if Jaa jaaDya = laziness. i4yat-taka4 * = ({iyat-}) mf({ikA})n. iyasita4 * = mfn. lassitude. 15.. Ka1d. (fr. inability to identify/appreciate good qualities (here) jaagarti = is wakeful jaagri = to stay awake jaagrita = alert jaagrata = (Vr. {karNa-}. 191. of such extent.IIP. jaahnavii = the River Ganges jaala = net jaalam.] iyate V*: it appears like. &c. the syllable {iens}. only so much. iyasya * = aning (anom.Pl. of {yas}) Â. q. or {ies} in such Lat. {keza-}. 2. nom. words as {totiens}. S'Br. and in numeral adverbs as {quinquies}. or the state of being. is spent.h = (n) net . {iyasyate}. is mistaken as. ifc. pronominal base 3.

grown. or created)*= mfn.] jaataM = having become jaataH = of all beings jaataka = Nativity. individuality. 379. 25. the son jaambavadaashrayaH = he who gave refuge to jhambava(the bear-chieftain of jaa4na * = 1 n. 2. kind. 1.) RV. rarely of gods) RV. a son RV.. 170) see {mAsa-}.vv.h = even if he knows jaanaati = knows jaaniite = know jaaniimaH = know jaanu = (n) knee jaanu\-shirshhaasana = the head-knee posture jaanunii = knees jaane = I know jaapyasameta = with chanting of the names of the lord jaata = born. 3. [cf. 3]. 171) born. ({A}) f. &c. x. 62. {Kind}. lii.. possessed of (instr. viii. `" son of Vijânâ "' Sch. `" anything or everything included under the name pleasure "' Gît. 5 Kâs'. v. 36 Vârtt. xiv Pañcat. 6 S'Br. 3] \\ * = 2 m. iii. &c. 4. of Vriis'a (= {vaijAna}. 2. (fr. 1. 170 f. belonging to (gen. iv. 36 Vârtt. viii.g.) Sâh.. vii. of a son of Brahmâ PadmaP. origin.fem. 2-2. 6. 3 AV. g. instead of in comp. i.) it turned out or happened that Râjat. Lith. 2.S)is born . {AhitA7gny-Adi}) e.) RV. 10. 94. 76.. appeared ib. 5. turning to (dat.) MBh. 20. Pân. the whole aggregate of actions "' Mn. &c. race. 3.. v. appearing on or in VarBriS. ix MBh. &c.. 39.. VS. engendered by (instr. 2. ifc. Germ. ii. {danta-}. xiii.. &c. birth. {kiNa-}. {gentis}. iv. 5 ff. arisen. viii. birth place RV. {ja4na}) patr. ix. $. = {-karman} NârS. 2-2.. vi. manifest TS. 31. creature RV.) RV. (Pân.h = he who scored a victory over jAmadagni (ParashurAm. i..g. iii. 37. become. with double instr. [418. N. 15. birth. 156. 12. literally means one who is born jaatasya = of one who has taken his birth jaataa = (part. ii. i... or abl. 364 [417.) TândyaBr. 3) Mn. vi. &c.. {karma-} "'. become (from jan. 61/62 {sukha-}. 3 Arsh jaanakaaraaH = knowledgeable jaanakiivallabhaH = the darling of jAnaki (sItA) jaanan. apparent. caused. ( {jan}. x AV. 40. 1. 1. 9. 2 and 163.nom. vii. to be born. class. 1 AV. m. v. 83. specific condition ({vyakta}) L. 2. 6 AV. 6-2. present. (impers. origin. species. x.. 9 and 95. xi. a living being (said of men. 5 S'Br. qq. produced. n.. iii. happened. often ifc.h. {saptA7ha-}. 58/59. (Pân.jaamadagnyajit. sort. brought into existence by (loc. 2. ready at hand Pañcat. xviii VS. a living being... destined for (dat. a daughter W.). a multitude or collection of things forming a class (chiefly ifc. 36. e. ifc. v. iv. 16.

people. cold. 17 Kârand. ifc. m. xiv. 5 and 10). the form of existence (as man. 1 ff. AV. vi. 2. = {-ti} q. universe R. heaven and the lower world Kir. (cf. i. KâtySr. lifeless. Lat. Pân.. xvii. 164. 130. the god Brahmâ.. a class of metres R. cf. 1. men and animals. species (opposed to individual). Pras'nUp. water (= {jala}) S'ârngP. movable. frigid Pañcat. of a Sâman see . rank. 68 S'ak. `" too stupid for "'. kind. idiocy W... Yogas. (Kir. vii. iv... MârkP. Sarvad. x. x. 193. 69. locomotive. stunning. jaDa mf({A})n.. 178 Vârtt. 456). (g. i. people. (Subh. f. apathetic. 148 f. apathy W. genus (opposed to species). Sch. = {-tI-phalA} L. 2 (ifc. `" within everybody's sight "' R. Veda7ntas. reduction of fractions to a common denominator. 110 Sus'r. m. 10 and 34 Prab. stupid. m. iii. 394 (also {a-} neg. &c. ({ja4gatI}) f. (= {jA4gata}) composed in the Jagatî metre RV. 164. that which moves or is alive. BhP. {eka-}. 4 Lâthy. people. n. i. any metre of 4 X 12 syllables. 98. ii MBh. 3) moving. (ifc. N. 494. xii. v.. du. 3) RV.. (once {-tI} ifc. the world. 62. a selfconfuting reply (founded merely on similarity or dissimilarity) Nyâyad.. Mn. ii. ( {gam} redupl. caste. n. female companion. unintelligent KapS.. the worlds (= {-gat-traya}) Prab.). stiff. senseless. the generic properties (opposed to the specific ones) Sarvad. {A}). 23 ShadvBr. n. dumb "' Mn. in the world?+here jagat* mfn. {antya-}. the site of a house L. xi. 39 Mn. re-birth R. of Sumati (who simulated stupidity) cf. mankind Râjat. lineage KâtyS'r.) a particular figure of speech Sarasv. animal. race. 20. natural disposition to Car. 72. air. i. AitBr.. MBh... stupefying S'ak. (ifc. ii. i. ii. wind L. 2]. Jasminum grandiflorum Hariv. men (Naigh. inanimate "'. class Lâthy. 2549). genuine or true state of anything Yâjñ. &c.).).) Kathâs. &c. &c. &c. 5o NriisUp. Lith. Mn. stunned. . i.{sAman}. the plants (or flour as coming from plants) VS. 97. 7 Sch. ii. production AitBr. i. xv Mn.. i. `" being in a lotus "'. v. MBh. Pân. ({A}) f. mace. nutmeg Sus'r. the number 48 Lâthy. i. xxii. strii ja = Born jabhU* = m. the world. &c. 5 AV. 50/51 (Sâh.. torpid. vi.. &c. 2. i. of a plant ( = {jaTA}. ii. 9. x Amar. 11. ii. viii. 5. 4. 10. living RV. &c. n. 21 S'Br.. {gens}. this world. 6. 2. [418.. ii. a female animal RV. i. ii. birth. and Kuval. ix Kâty.[cf. {azvA7di}) N.) fixed by birth Mn. xix S'Br.. 146. a fire-place L. {ja4lhu}) cold. (C) iii.. iii. matter (opposed to {cetana}). family. N. 9. the earth Îs'Up. i. (in rhet. 8.) Car.. i. iv. 4 Kâvya7d. the Jagati metre RV. i. xviii. a cow Naigh.) &c. the character of a species. spouse.jaataaH = born jaati = circumstances of life to which one is born jaati* = f. paralysed Ragh. inanimate. xiii f. Mucuna pruritus. frost W. 25. 246 MBh. 41. 157. pl. viii. 13. &c. 100 MBh. AV. {dvi-} . 11. 6 Kâvya7d. iv. mankind L. mankind Kpr. = {kampilla} L. Sarvad. Jasminum grandiflorum L. lead L. 437) &c. 3-2. ({-tI} MBh. {pri-gentis}] jaatii * = f. pl. earth S'Br. 4. 1. a sacrificial brick named after the Jagatî metre S'Br. nutmeg Sus'r. VarBriS jaatidharmaaH = community projects jaatu = at any time jaayate = (4 ap) to be born jaayante = develop jaayaa = Wife. 11 a metre of 4 x 12 syllables RV. 148) Yâjñ. dull Mn. dulness. jagajaitra = jagaje?+atra. 7891 Bhartri. xxiii. 12. animals as opposed to men. Yâjñ. vi. motionless.v. x.. position assigned by birth. a field planted with Jambû L. esp. void of life. (= {-tI}) mace. 5334. (also {-tI}. ii.. II. vi. i.. Flacourtia cataphracta L. viii KâtyS'r. 34 Râjat. a manner of singing Hariv. ({-to madhye}. 1.

nom + acc. This became the basis for another system of Astrology in India jajñi* = mfn. 25. &c. 2.). (3. SB 6. 75. pudenda. mons veneris (ifc. v. m. form of {han} AitBr.jagat. Pân. 61. jaghanya = of abominable jaghni * mfn. 1. caught. [RV. jaghnivat * mfn.7. 13] n. containing an Intens.took up. 3-2. so as to turn the back towards S3a1n3khGr2.) Siddh. ii.) RV. ind. see s.h = universe jagataH = of the world jagataaM = of the Universe jagatpate = O Lord of the entire universe jagan. 5. xiii.7. iii. {hA}) see {zardham-}.. ii. He seized. vi. of a plant L. buttock. hip and loins.h = (Nr.)world jagannivaasa = O refuge of the worlds jaghana * = (%{janh}) m. 61. 4-1. [AV. the hinder part of an altar Sulbas. (%{ena}) instr. took.] the hinder part. ({A4}) ind.sing. rear-guard MBh. ii.] MBh. f. i. 1. r. 3] or acc. ({jan} redupl. killing Un. seized. a weapon L. 171 and Vârtt. kept. He seized. jaghnu * mfn. Megh. . i f. 3. shooting TS. v f. 36 TS. iii. ({A}) f. vii.v. SB 8.ii TBr. N. once [vii. caught hold of. 52. accepted. i. 28. i. leave/give up+here(in this world) jahnu = name of an ancient king who adopted the ganga river jahnusutaa = ganga jaiminii = Maharishi Jaimini a sage who wrote an elucidation of sections of Maharishi Parashara's work. 4] preceding).4 took.h = awakened jagrataH = or one who keeps night watch too much jagraaha V*= took up. caught. 3-2. (Pân. [ChUp. 2. 171) striking (with acc. 24. jahaati = can get rid of jahan jahi = conquer *= see jahan jahiihi = jahi+iha. 20. behind (with gen.xiv. grasped. 3) germinating. f.9. vii. 3-2. ix. iv. xi] following. took hold of. seed (Pân. 171 (?) Kâs'. 2. striking. ix. [S3Br. assumed the responsibility for. 22. jaha * = mfn. 12 jagrat. %{A} [Pa1n2. 56 Ka1s3. 5324 R. 20. brought under her control.

{jAjamat} consuming continually MBh... S'Br. vi. many people R.jala = Water jalaM = (Nr. these persons "'. ii. {uJchA7di}) talk. {citra-}. (g. ix.h = (n) lemon jambuukaH = fox ja.h = to to be born or produced jana = man: * = mf({I})n. Kâvya7d. + acc.S)water jaladhi = sea/ ocean jalandhara = bandha where the chin rests in the notch between the collar bones jalapatanasaham. insects jangamaM = moving jan.) living beings. I. i. {ayaM} {janaH}. 6. {bahu-}.. cf. {ja4mati}.vii. vv. 14. N. 16. {eSa j-}. 168. iv. BhP. xiv Sch. ii. jambaala = (masc) mud jambiiram. the person nearest to the speaker (also with {ayam} or {asau}. 97 Das'. 42 and 47. xiii. 41. iii. iii. Car.) RV. flashing (Gmn. Madhus. ii. n. with names of peoples VarBriS. this my lover "' Kâvya7d. p. &c.. xiii. 14 Nir. 5066 (C) R. race ({pa4Jca ja4nAs} "'. x. 75) RV. P. 2. xiii. i. gossip. 22 and v. ii. speech. 7110 R. living being.g.nghe = ankle jañj* = cl. f. 4322 Pân.) MBh. iii. [410. 709 Hariv. viii. of a Rishi MatsyaP. person. 69. {vRSA7di}) creature "'. ii. . m.x.. &c. {dai4vya} or {divyA4 j-} "'. used collectively e. discourse (also pl.g. to eat Dhâtup. {preSya-}. `" generating "' see {puraM-}. = {abhibhavantI} Sây. man. pond jalp. iii. denoting one person or a number of persons collectively. {mahat j-}. ja. {ja4JjatI}. 101. 7. e. 28: Intens. (pl. Mâlav. often ifc. id..ntuunaaM = (Nr. One of many used in Varshaphal and similar in idea to Arabic parts jalapaataH = (m) waterfall jalabandhaH = (m) dam jalalava = water drop jalaashaya = lake.h = to babble jalpa * m. I. the five races "' = {p kRSTa4yas} RV. glittering. p. for {-lpya} MBh.) chatter. 1.= {jaj} Dhâtup. a kind of disputation (overbearing reply and disputed rejoinder) Nyâyad. subjects (the sg. 60. 24/25) Nal.. MBh. ({-na4}) m. people. the world beyond the Mahar-loka BhP.h = Sensitive point relating to going on a voyage. `" this person. {sakhI-} &c.non. 11. 74.Poss.. one of the people Kir. 8 Sarvad. 4-4. 13. the gods collectively RV. a common person. 2]. divine race "'. 47. 2 S'ak. 271 Ratna7v. 14160). jam* = (derived fr. 10 S'ak. we MBh. {bandhu-}. (g. iii. i. ii.. 4495. (g. {jama4d-agni}) cl. to go Naigh. viii ff. 29 SkandaP.

nom. S'ârkara7kshya) S'Br.)birth. a region ({deza}) Sus'r. 38. Yama BhP. a number of men Sâh.h = causal form from jan. i.h meaning ``should generate'' janasa.) janmakarmaphalapradaaM = resulting in good birth and other fruitive reactions janman. x ChUp. Nârâyana BhP. 6 BhP.. 16.h = birth . NriisUp. {janas}. `" world of men "'.{azvA7di}) N.. the unborn "'. 2. 139. {a-jana}. cf.janma:(Nr. `" man-destroyer "'. janaanta* = m. ({A}) f. vi. 1.nsadi = to people in general janaaH = persons janaadhipaH = kings janaanaaM = of the persons janaardana = O maintainer of all living entities jantavaH = the living entities jantoH = of living beings janma = birth. the 5th Loka or next above Mahar-loka (residence of the sons of Brahmâ and other godly men). i.Sing. 8. janaH = people janaka = father janakaatmajaa = janakA's daughter janakaadayaaH = Janaka and other kings Janaloka * = m. 46. of a man (with the patr. SkandaP. incarnation janmaH = (Mas. 5. 3. vi. ArunUp. MârkP. `" birth "'. janana = birth\ jananaM = birth jananii = mother janapadam.h = (n) district janapadeshhu = in the society (janapada really meaning a village ) janayet. x.

N. Nardostachys Jathâmânsî L. %{jajApa} . xiii . 16137) &c. each pair of words being repeated thrice and one repetition being in inverted order) Caran. %{pya4mAna}) to whisper repeatedly (implying blame . i. jaThara = Intestine . metrically for {-TA} Hariv. i: Intens. 6 Mn. Nir. p. 7-4 . 9551. m.. multitude L. jatha *= mfn. 24) S3Br. of an aquatic animal (cf. %{jaJjapyate} . 27 for %{japa} . 5 GopBr.nDitam. 29 BhavP. repeating in a murmuring tone passages from scripture or charms or names of a deity . {tri-}. &c.. ( %{jap}) `" whispering "' see %{karNa-} .. 4 MBh... 2. i . 61 .) in a low voice MBh. (= {-Ti}) the waved-leaf fig-tree L. ({I}) f. {jhaSa4}) AV. `" muttering . N. ii S3a1n3khS3r. xi R. 25 TS. 5 . %{ja4pati} (rarely A1. and persons in mourning) PârGri.) to utter in a low voice . the hair twisted together (as worn by ascetics.1] . %{-pitvA} Mn. mumble japannityaM = japan+nityaM. muttered prayer or spell AitBr. xi . du. (R. xiii . Ficus infectoria L. 750 . (Pa1n2.janmanaaM = repeated births and deaths janmabandha = from the bondage of birth and death janmaraashi = Sign occupied by the Moon at birth janmasu = in births janmaani = births jap * = cl. japa = Recitation1 \\ * = mfn. S3a1n3khS3r. twisted hair L. 6 . vi. i . xi. %{pIti} (Pa1n2.\\ japA = f. p. to pray to any one (acc. &c. . 7 . (ifc. % {uJchA7di}) muttering prayers . 5. m.. ii . 14\\jApa * = m... g. see also %{jApya}). wearing twisted locks of hair g.) Sus'r. iii . ii . 3-3 . pf. Kaus3. 51 . = {rudra-jaTA} L. 2. ii. a mass. ind. whispering "' see %{karNeku-} . a muttered prayer L. to invoke or call upon in a low voice BhP. . 1 . 111 S'ângS. N. root (in general) Bhpr. v. 1.. 3. oxyt. {arza-Adi}. %{jepatur} R. 38 S3Br. Ka1tyS3r. of a Pâthha or arrangement of the Vedic text (still more artificial than the Krama. v f. mutter (esp. iii. 6 MBh. iii . {kRSNa-jaTA} "' jathaamukuTama. xi Vet. 46 and 58. cf. ({A}) f. La1t2y. Flacourtia cataphracta L. % {japitum} MBh. iii . Mucuna pruritus L. a fibrous root. of several plants (= {TA-vatI} L. {mahA-}. whisper . i . f. %{-ptvA} Mn. chanting+ever japayaGYaH = chanting japtvaa = having chanted jaraa = old age jarjara = old/digested (by disease etc) jasha* m. &c. = {-TA-mUlA} L. {vi-}. iv . 86 [412. {A}. muttering prayers L. ii. 5 . Mn. prayers or incantations) AitBr. (= %{javA}) the China rose VarBr2S.h = adorned by locks of hair forming a crown jathilaH = with knotted hair jathi* =m f. 7336 . xxviii . v. 38 S3Br. by Siva. japati = (1 pp) to mutter. xii ... 10. inf.

Past IIIP pl. pl. 71. speedily. 5 BhP. quickest. 112. Hariv.h = (n) yawning ji. Megh. i. R. 1. 8. 21. 111. 5 VS.nvhaa = tongue jigishhataaM = of those who seek victory jighrati = (1 pp) to smell jighran. x. S'Br.h = smelling jijiivishhaamaH = we would want to live jita = having conquered jitaH = conquered jitaatmanaH = of one who has conquered his mind . = {japA} MBh. Pân. 7. iv. xix. i. 3.. 4 and 57) speed. xi AitBr. xii. 15. impulse (of the mind) RV. velocity. ( {ju}. at once Kathâs.PP) took birth. xi jaya = victory jayaH = victory jayate = becomes victorious. 3 S'Br. Vartt. 56. 188 Vcar. 9. fleetest RV. 3-3.jaThara\-parivartanaasana = the belly-turning posture jaThare = in the stomach java * = mfn. javaa* = f. ind. 9 VS. 36. &c. (parox. or {jU}) swift AV. lxiii. x. 2. xxxiv. vi.h = victory that is auspicious jayaajayau = both victory and defeat jayema = we may conquer jayeyuH = they conquer jaGYire = (Verb. saffron L javanikaa = (f) towel javishthha* = mfn. wins jayama. m. were born jetaasi = you will conquer jhashhaaNaaM = of all fish jhrimbaNam. ({At}) abl. AV. swiftness RV.ngalam.

N.). {bandhu-}. {nir-}. N. S'vetUp. ({A}) f. revenge jii = to live jiirNa = very old. Vait. alive RV. = {jyA}) the chord of an arc. (in geom.. 39.3]. 22 f. a bow-string L.. life. {khSudra-jivA}.. 3. Briihaspati (regent of Jupiter) VarBriS. {jagaj-}. the tinkling of ornaments L. torn jiirNaani = old and useless jiiv. n. {a-}. of a metre RPrât. jiivakoza* = m.. x.) VarBriS. any living being. {quick}. {dRg-gati-}. N. the living or personal soul (as distinguished from the universal soul see {jIvA7tman}) RV. {-jala}). {pApa-}. Sûryas. N. an enemy L. ifc. Karna L. 164. viii. N. dilapidated.. iv. n. . causing to live. Hib. viii. anything living RV. the sine of an arc Sûryas. Mn. {ciraM-}. {rUpa-}). vital breath.jitaatmaa = having control of the mind jitendriyaM = the conqueror of senses jitendriyaH = having conquered the senses jitvaa = by conquering jivadhaaraNakaari = responsible for life's existence jivabhuutaaM = comprising the living entities jivyate = remain alive jivhaa = (f) tongue jivhaaM = tongue jiGYaasuH = inquisitive jighaamsaa * = wish or intention to strike or slay or destroy. born-alive ChUp. of a particular formula Kaus'. pl.. vi Hariv. f. &c. of a plant ({jIvantI} or {vacA} L. {gIvas}. N. N. vi.. Lat. 74. &c. the 3rd lustrum in the 60 years "' Briihaspati cycle VarBriS. {ati-}. jiivaMjIva* = m. m. {A} Kathâs. a case (or sheath) enveloping the personal soul BhP.. {putra-}. living by (see {jala-cara-}. existence MBh..h = to live jiiva* = mf({A4})n. {lamba-} and {zaGku-jIvA}). the principle of life. jiivadeva* = m.. 4 [422. {tri-}. jiivaja* = mfn. 30 ChUp. Eng. of a man.. Pras'nUp. {bi4os}. {kumAra-}. of one of the 8 Maruts Yâjñ. &c. Kâs'îKh. ii.. {qvius}. [cf. existing. of a plant L.] jiivada* = m. {dur-}. {yAvaj-jIvam}. healthy (blood) Car. {sa-}. the earth L. {su-}. 57 (cf. malice. Lith. {vivus}. `" life-cutter "'. life L. living. 102/103 39. iii. 1. Goth. ii.. m. vivifying (see. cf. {upa-} and {saM-jIva4}. of a tree L. (ifc. {tri-bha} "'. {beo}. 26. i. Laghuj. the Greek partridge L. xvii.. 6. &c. = {-j-} L.. iv. a mythical bird with two heads Buddh.

63. %{-da} m. the vital principle Tarkas. = %{-vantI} L. a living husband. the state of the individual soul KapS.1. . the state of life Ra1matUp. 13. the state of life RâmatUp.jiivaMjIvaka* = m. (%{A}) f.1. jiivanetrii* = f. the living or personal or individual soul (as distinct from the %{paramA7t-} q. 24. 14. .S) of life jiivaatman. (nom. Kâd. = {-vantI} L. 8-2. BhP. jiivasya = (masc. viii Sarvad. Sus'r. `" life-giver "'.. ( {jJA} Desid. 19. {-da} m. i.poss. ({A}) f. . jiivapati* = m. the state of the individual soul KapS. i. 4. -2. vi. 63. iii Hariv. vi. vii.v.. -2. iv.) {-su} W. Is the soul within the human sphere jiivaatmaa = the individual soul jiivita = life jiivitena = living jiivemaH = may we live jijñaasaka* = mfn. jiivanas'* = mfn.). = {-jIva} MBh. vi. a physician L. Kas'. 6957 Lalit.) [a sacrifice] in which living beings are killed MaitrS. jiivatva * = n.h = Also spelt Jeevatman. = jiiva = life jiiva-loka = the mortal world jiivaH = life jiivati = while living(without earning) jiivana = life jiivanaM = life jiivanmuktiH = salvation+freedom from bondage of birth jiivabhuutaH = the conditioned living entity jiivamaana = one who lives jiivaloke = in the world of conditional life jiivaatman* = m. also {-nak} [= {jivasya nAza}] Pân. MârkP. a kind of pepper L. vi. jiivatva* = n. 57. {-na4T}. 63. 14. `" life-giver "'. i. a physician L.

i. Pañcar. 5. knowing. an organ of sensation BhP. satiated with i.. jñaana = * n. teacher. becoming acquainted with. BhP. vi. {-ghana4} m. investigated.. R. &c. desirous of knowing. MBh.. = {-sana} MBh. {-nA7nanda}. id. and Sch. m. under {ghana4}).. tell. concealing the understanding BhP. testing MBh.jijñaasanIya* = mfn. and {-ne7ndra} m. jñaanakIrti * =N. = {-sitavya} W.) the higher knowledge (derived from meditation on the one Universal Spirit) S'ânkhS'r. a monument. jijñaasya* = mfn. examining. of a scholar ib. 10 Vârtt. engaging in (gen. of a S'akti Rasik.xiv. Pat.. inquired BhP. {tRpta} mfn. jñaana-ghana * m. n. 3. {-kumuda-candrikA} f. Pân. knowledge. jijñaasu* = mfn. jijñaasaaprastaava* = m.e. attainable by the understanding (S'iva). {sambandhin}). 5.. Pratâpar. 1-3. {sarpiSas} "'. ix. 10. in sacrifice with clarified butter "') Pân. a distinctive mark. 21 Vârtt. wisdom. N. jñaana-gUha *= mf({A})n. xiii.N. &c. Sch. 160. jñaana-gamya *=mfn. conscience MBh. wise L. cf. &c. any mark or sign or characteristic AV. jñapayata `V*: communicate. nothing but knowledge S'Br... jijñaasaa* = f.g. memorial S'Br.. cxiii. 2-2. jñaana-ketu*= `" having marks of intelligence "'N. xiii. e. token of recognition. &c. inquiring into. iii. 932.xiii Gobh... full of knñknowledge MBh. to be investigated Sarvad. {-nA7cArya}. (cf. 44 TBr. 26. tested MBh. 156. kinsman RV. R. of a Bodhi-sattva Buddh. iii. AV. of wk. {-saMtati} f. of a Buddh. pure or mere knowledge or intellect. ii. 3. 2]. N. of part of S'ivaP. xi. L. = {-sitavya} BhP. i &c. xii. knowingly or ignorantly. 233). (esp. on S'Br. 5. jñaana-khaNDa * N.] Kathâs. 9 Sarvad. ({kRta-jijJAsa} mfn. jijñaasita* = mfn. ix. {nA7zrama}. xiii Hariv. 8.. a near relation (`" paternal relation "' L. knowledge. of a tea jñânendrya*= n. easily known AV. N. 3f. viii. &c. Sây. jñaa4na * mf({I})n. {kno1di}). jñapta * (2. R. 36 RâmatUp. Goth. having put to the proof any one [gen.. a train of thought Tattvas. prudent. intelligence. {-dhvaja} m. 23. [659. 27) instructed jñatva *=intelligence . Mn. `" knowledge-organ "'. of a Devaputra. of a man Lalit. knowledge about anything cognizance "' see {-tas} and {ajJAnAd} {a-jJAnAd} {vA}. = {-ne7ndriya} KathhUp.. of wk. i. N. of authors Cat.. ii f. 2. iii. 90 Sch. jijñaasitavya* = mfn. 12. N. jñaana-garbha * `" filled with knowledge "'N. announce jñaati * =`" intimately acquainted "' (cf. 30 Râmapûjâs'. 78). &c. discrimination AV. ({A}) f.

xxiii. 18 Mn. {-SAte}.. and in later language Pa1n2.. v. . pf. 7. {jo4SiSat}. {ju4joSati} (Subj. 42. 5. {-Sa4mANa}) cl.). obliged. p. p. and p. frequented. {jo4Si}. the full moon in month Jyaishthha VarBriS. the full moon standing in the constellation Jyeshthhâ) Lâthy. N.) pleased.joshhayet. 1. the remnants of a meal L. 6. 71. {ajuSata}. RV. {juSANa4}. irr. ii.... 42. afflicted by (instr. disgusting MBh. R. ii. on Pân. P. BhP. jushhTaM = practiced by jushtha * = mfn. vi. greater jyaayasi = better jyaayaaH = better jyaishthha* = m. impf. possessed of (instr. 188 Ka1r. {mahA-jyaiSThI}). Pa1n2. (also {karma-} id. inhabited MBh. {-Sa4tAm}. P. (%{-STa4} RV. 3-2. abhorring anything (abl.) Vop. detested. 2 AV. or gen. 1 (cf. Pot. 15. or in comp. iv. jyeshhThaa = Eighteenth nakshatra jyotiH = light jyotirdhyaana = luminous contemplation jyotishha = The study of Illuminated bodies.. Â. {-Serata} RV. juhosi = you offer juhvati = offer jush * = 1 cl. with dat. 35. 209f. p. 3.. welcome. practised W. n. ind. 61. pl. sg. pl. {-Se4ta}. The study of Astrology and Astronomy which were one science in the past jyotishhii = An Astrologer jyotii = inner light jyotiishhaaM = of all luminaries jyotsna = moonlight jyotsnaa = (f) moonlight jugupsita* =mfn. {-juSe4}. see {jyeSThI}...) R. iii BhP. [{-Sa4t}. sg. {ju4joSat}. sing.) Sus3r. &c. ix. i. Impv. 4.. 7828 KâtyS'r. generally {-SANa4}. 2. 7. n. swept over (by the wind) Hariv. 1. AV. %{a4-}. visited.. agreeable.. liked. 3. 6984. {jo4Sat}. Sch. cf.aor. 2. 245 Hariv. 3. 3. 21. {joSati} (Subj. Impv. sg. i. 37. 94 and 97]. = {-psA} Sarvad. {jujo4Sa}. 3-1. Pân. iii. {-Sa4te} (also P. &c. disliked. {a4juSe} AV. cf. 87 Vârtt. propitious RV. served. 6-1. 42). viii. R. x. ix. p. i.) to be pleased or satisfied or . {ajuSran}. worshipped W. usual (cf. loved. of a month (May-June. wished. {a4juSat}] MBh. i. 3. pl. furnished with.. ii. &c. Subj. 2. censured W. {-juSTana} RV. Kâs'. 270. {juSTvI4} RV. 5. {-juSva4s}. 2. rarely cl. 1 [cf. 34 and 4. S3Br.h = he should dovetail jrimbhate = to yawn jyaayasaH = gen. rarely instr.. or in comp. a disgusting or horrible deed BhP. ({I}) f.. of jyaayas. 7-3.) RV.

$. xiv.2] {quid}. iii. 44. xv. ka* = 2 {kas}. viii. iii MBh. 5l. to delight in visiting. but {iti} may be omitted and the sentence lose its direct interrogative character (e. enjoy RV. {katham}. vi. which of them? cf. 6. {kiM vilambena}. iii: Caus.) MBh. or gen. When {kim} is connected with the inst. who can possibly hear? {ko nAma jAnAti}. Kathâs. acc. 7.g.) VS. approaching BhP.. 25. is this? {kiM nu . {katama}. {kim}. $. {kati}. Sax. Zd. 5 S'Br. 112. what can this be? {ka u zravat}. {hwâ}. c. x. {kad}. 8. similar Hcar. Lith. 20 Bhathth. 7. (see {kim} and 2. cf. {zaoSa}.] jush * = 2 mfn. who is there? {kAn kAn}. `" whose son is he? "'). {kA7}. 1. {sa-}. sing.) $. devoted to (once with acc. enter (a carriage &c. cherish RV. {gus-tus}. 54). Introd. which book is to be read by whom? Gram. to delight in. what is the use of wealth to him who does not give? with inst. `" to be delighted "'.g. {kas} {ka4}.). Hib. &c. 25 Madhus. {karhi}. 3) AV. x. who? which? what? In its declension {ka} follows the pronoun {tad} except in nom. sg. iii. 7. 14. $. fond of. 169. Angl.). undergo. v. (e.) RV. what is the use of medicine to the healthy?) {ka} is often followed by the particles {iva}. {kaH ko 'tra}..g. choose S'Br. vii. {keSAM kiM zAstram adhyayanIyam}. {vA}. dwelling in Hcar. $. {hwaet}. {gus}. cf. [cf. what is gained by delay? {kim bahunA}. {who}. pray. 8. Lat. of a noun or with the indecl. &c. &c. (with {tanvAm} or {-va4s}. ifc. {nIrujaH kim auSadhaiH}. to like. some of which serve merely to generalize the interrogation (e. and gen. $.g. 5. Goth. 2. vii. Inf. to give pleasure to (loc. practise. {kim iva etad}. to have pleasure in granting anything (acc.. i. {a}). {hvo7}. vi S'Br.). 4.g. i. [cf.). xiv. 25 Sinha7s. {nu}. 227). visiting.. {kasya sa putro na jJAyate}. but the old form {kad} is found in the Veda (see Gram. what is the use of more words? {dhanena kiM yo na dadAti}. resolve to (Ved. suffer BhP. to choose for (dat.g. interrog. {kA}. 6.g.). cf. xvii. 26. visit. (e. Zd. iv. 95. {nAma}. xxxiv. &75137[240. 1. {katara}. {ko 'yam AyAti}. what power have we to rescue you?) {ka} is often connected with a demonstrative pron. participle it may express `" what is gained by doing so. Â. be fond of delight in (acc.? "' (= {ko'rthas}) [240. you. BhP. iii.) RV. {joSa4yAse}) to like. 7. and cf. (Subj. who. 836. {kasya sa putra iti kathyatAm}. Goth. 8. 17.3].) to (loc.. {hvas}. {kiusu}. Bhartri. approve of(acc. 2. it is not known whose son he is). {ko7}. (Ion. {kat}.). {kadA}.). 24. {svid}. Gk. iii. liking. jusha=jushkaka jvara = fever jvala = flame jvalati = (1 pp) to glow jvaladbhiH = blazing jvalanaM = a fire K ka* = 1 the first consonant of the alphabet. pron. 4. xiv Bhathth. and the first guttural letter (corresponding in sound to {k} in {keep} or {king}). behave kindly towards (acc.g. the following words in which the interrogative base {ka} appears.. {as} may express `" how is it possible that? "' `" what power have I.favourable RV. 4 Kuval. who comes here?) or with the potential (e. {quis}. Lat. {hva}.g. 42 TS. {ka} with or without 1. 105. 6. Dhâtup. 1. what can the other archers do against me? {ke AvAm paritrAtum}. iii.] The interrogative sentence introduced by {ka} is often terminated by {iti} (e.? "' (e. frequent. AV. who indeed knows? {ko nv ayam}. &c. {ko hariM nindet}.e. Gram. {ka}. ix. 167. {nikRtiM-}) BhP. inhabit. where {kim} has taken the place of {kad} or {kat} in classical Sanskriit.. who will blame Hari?) {ka} is sometimes repeated (e. to have pleasure in (dat. $. 28) Bhag. iv. neut. whom? whom? i. {what}. love. having. and the repetition is often due to a kind of attraction (e. {kA}. Sântis'. (P. ii. to devote one's self to (acc. ii. {u}. v. &c. they. to afflict MBh. {ke mama dhanvino'nye}. showing Bâlar. Eng. let it be said. 1289.

nothing whatever). and dat. a head of hair L.. imitation of the cry of the ass BhP. {cAka4t}) to please. black. {ko7SNa}. at the beginning of a compound.others. ({am}) n. {yaH kazcid}. of Yama L. {cake}. &c. joy. 104 Vop.h = (n) paper kaaka = crow kaakaasana = the crow posture kaakiNii = the goddess in anaahata chakra kaakutsthaM = kAkutsthaH is another family name for rAma(kakutstha's kaakutsthaH = descendant of `kakutstha' kAla 1 mf(%{I} Pa1n2. cf. {yasmAd indrAd Rte kiMcana}. 1 (cf. {saM-} 3. {ku} in comp. wealth L. {vA}. \\3 = {kan} (perf. 10. be satisfied with (loc. of Garuda.) RV. 20 TS. 10. some.. time L. {na kiMcid api}. Pân. like 2. {yasmin kasmin vA deze}. (fr.. &c. 12. pleasure ChUp. {na kimapi}.. dark-blue MBh.g. anything whatsoever). 10. how does he kill any one?) Generally.. but the negative sense is generally dropped (e. yearn. the soul Tattvas. (according to native authorities) N. to seek..g. &c. the head. the body L. satisfy RV. {kApuruSa}.g. &c. fire L. {na kasya ko vallabhaH}. of a dark colour. however. 42)n. 19. 20. {putraka}. but the latter is often found in classical Sanskriit (e. sound L. a black or dark-blue colour L. {nA7nyo jAnAti kaH}. (also regarded as ind.. 5 Nir. the resin of the plant Shorea robusta L.) ka* = 4 a Taddhita affix (much used in forming adjectives. 4-1.. or similarity e. splendour. 4. see {kA4yamAna} s. {na ko 'pi}. {kA7kSa}. a particular comet VarBriS. {kA-patha}. happiness. i.. kaa* = 1 onomat. the sun L. what is to be done? {ko vA devAd anyaH}. of Daksha BhP.. any one. and {a4pi}... any persons whatsoever.. nothing whatsoever.. the black part of the eye Sus3r. {cid}. a little son. air L.. some .. (p.. qq. of what person is there no heart?) {ka} is occasionally used alone as an indefinite pronoun. {yat kiMcana}. light L. be sought after. i. {na kazcid}.. iv. a bad horse or like a horse). without which Indra there is nothing). {yasyai kasyai ca devatAyai}. deterioration. {azvaka}. &c. water MaitrS. being composed of {ca} and {na}. {cakAna4}. {vA} and {api} are not so common. to express depreciation e.) RV.g. the plant Cassia Sophora L. 32 BhP.kAryam}. x Yâjñ. the poisonous serpent Coluber Na1ga (= % {kAlasarpa}) Vet. it may also be added to nouns to express diminution...g. the Indian cuckoo L. {ka} may sometimes be used. any one whatsoever. 1.v. xii. {kad}. {anu-}. 15. of Prajâpati or of a Prajâpati VS. \\2 = 2. Examples of {cid} with the interrogative are common. no one else knows. m. to like. no one is a favourite of any one. a peacock L. {kazcid}. a red kind of Plumbago L. any friends whatsoever. no one). {kam}. {kecid}. be wished for. who possibly other than a god? {kasya svid hRdayaM nA7sti}. {na kazcana}. {kA}.) kaa = who kaaJNchana = gold kaaJNchanaH = gold kaagadam. any one.). {cana4}. ix. {yAni kAni ca mitrANi}.. %{kal}?). properly gives a negative force to the pronoun (e. i S'Br. vv. {kAti}. of Vishnu L. in any country whatsoever. see {ka-pUya}. enjoy. hair. 29. 6-3. = {kAma-granthi} (?). in which case {ka} may sometimes be preceded by the relative {ya} (e. ka* = 3 m. to any deity whatsoever. 10 S'Br.. especially in negative sentences (e.g. xxii.g. {kazcana}. and a relative is sometimes connected with it (e.: Intens. {ye ke ca}. {ka} is only made indefinite when connected with the particles {ca}. 51.. or inst. x. gen. The particle {cana}.. {ka4d} and 1. desire. R. 3. iii.. xx. whatever). no one. 10. {A-}. {kathaM sa ghAtayati kam}. a king L. no one. the .. 30.. 93. vi. x. 13. {yat kiMca}. of Brahman MBh.g. {kecit} {kecit}.. love (with acc.

%{abhyadhAvata@prajAH@kAla@ivA7ntakaH}. (%{At}) abl. after a long time R.). %{kAlena@mahatA} or %{bahunA} id. 3. dat.2]. of an author of Mantras (= As3va-ghosha) Buddh. time (in general) AV. x. time of the world (= %{yuga}) Ra1jat. 2. L. the fruit of the Ka1la1 g. %{kasya-cit@kAlasya}.. ind... or even identified with him: hence %{kAlam-i} or %{kAlaM-kR}. hence %{ubhau@kAlau}.. of a country near the Hima7laya and of the people inhabiting it MBh. Ipomoea Turpethum L. loc. the proper time or season for (gen. %{A} RPra1t. inf. mfn. %{harItaky-Adi}. 279.. 11552. N... %{a-kAle}). of a female evil spirit (mother of the Ka1lakeyas) Hariv. prosody Pra1t. a family of Asuras) MBh.. seasonably RV. i. 23. or without %{anna} e.. of a brother of king Prasena-jit Buddh. 7. 2. 1680 Ragh. `" one who eats only at the sixth meal-time. a section... xi..\\* = m. "'] kaalakuutha* = m. id.. iii.g. one of the Ma1tr2is or divine mothers L. 1152 BhP. of a %{zakti} Hcat.2].. destiny. `" death and everything terrible. a poison (produced at the churning of the ocean.g. a period of time. a kind of clay L. 168 Ka1s3. (1. the plant Ka1la7n5jani1 L. death by age Sus3r. death. (3. of a Rakshas R. a worm or animalcule generated in the acetous fermentation of milk (= %{kSIra-kITa} or %{kSAra-kITa}) L. of Rudra BhP.planet Saturn. 4 kAla 2 m. circumstance MBh. i. 2520 Hariv. % {kAlasya@dIrghasya} or %{mahataH} id. N. col. %{kAlo@yad@bhuJjIta@bhavAn}. %{kAle@kAle}. VP. viii. 2585 Hariv. time for departure. time of death (often personified and represented with the attributes of Yama. during a long time MBh. of a daughter of Daksha (the mother of the Ka1leyas or Ka1lakeyas. .. of a mountain R. i. during a long time Mn.) S3Br. with %{gacchatA} id. of a river. a fixed or right point of time. i. %{mRtyu} e... ink or blacking L. (perhaps) Ipomoea atropurpurea Sus3r. fate MBh.)\\ 3 {As} m.. %{dIrgheNa@kAlena}. 246 MBh. 12. xix. xi... always Mn. of several plants (Indigofera tinctoria L. always in time MBh. meal-time (twice a day.. 277. &c.e.. one of the sixteen Vidya1-devi1s L. %{mahAntaM@kAlam}. who passes five meals without eating and has no meal till the evening of the third day "' Mn. VP. i. of Durga1 L. (%{ena}) instr. the causes of which are imperceptible to the mind of man). col. Ruellia longifolia L. `" to calculate or enumerate "').. time for action Sus3r. see p. constantly.. %{kal}. 1.. black colour. iv. vi.. censure. N. Kum. a row or succession of black clouds L. defamation L. 21 Ka1ran2d2.. 69.. 9 S3Br. abuse. measure of time. 42. (for 1. %{kAla} in this sense is frequently connected with %{antaka}. Physalis flexuosa L.. 6.. 2950 Mr2icch. or Pot. &c. 10. the end ChUp. swallowed by S'iva and causing the blueness of his neck) MBh. 4623. ii. Hariv.. 109). (cf.. this is not the time to delay Nal. N. in the course of time Mn. (%{e4}) loc.. 195 Hariv. ind. N. a mystical N. in comp. [ifc. and p. L. and 3. of the prince Ka1la-yavana BhP... [cf. in the course of time Mn. iii. 9. (%{am}) n. according to other legends Ka1li1 is the wife of Bhi1masena and mother of Sarvagata BhP. Piper longum L. a black kind of Agallochum L. 540 Pañcat. of a son of Hrada Hariv. (n. %{caturtha-kAlam}.. of the letter %{m}. %{kAlaH@prasthAnasya} or %{-nAya} or %{-ne}. %{kAla} personified is also a Devarshi in Indra's court. Rubia Munjista L. {calen-doe}: Hib. after some time. %{SaSThA7nna-kAla}. iron L. %{nA7yaM@kAlo@vilambitum}. 4. %{kriyA-kAla}. i. `" in the morning and in the evening "' MBh.). of a Na1ga-ra1ja Buddh.. i. %{kAle@gacchati}. and bore to him Dhr2ita-ra1sht2ra and Pa1n2d2u MBh.]. (%{I}) f. {kalak-})N. &c. (with or without %{gaGgA}) N. 44. &c. 53 & 54 S3Br. %{dIrgha-k-}.) a poison (contained in a bulbous root or tube) MBh. N.. `" in the evening of the third day "' MBh.. f. viii. of a future Buddha. iii. regent of the dead.. &c...). of an enemy of S3iva L. 12. cf. of S3iva. 45.) [278. i. MBh.. 5299 Hariv..g. &c. Pa1n2.. ix. % {SaSThe@kAle}. 40. %{nitya-k-}. wife of king S3a1ntanu and mother of Vya1sa or Kr2ishn2a-dvaipa1yana (after her marriage she had a son Vicitra-vi1rya. Nigella indica L.. a space of time.e. ind...g. {palady-Adi}.). fr.. time (as destroying all things). occasion. time (as leading to events. 145. of Satyavati1. $. iii. `" at the fourth meal-time i.. 2. ind. (%{am}) acc. Lat.. after some time MBh. R. of one of the nine treasures Jain. Bignonia suaveolens L.. % {kAle@yAte}. 200. `" to die "' MBh. 58 and 73.. (%{A}) f. `" at the sixth hour of the day.. at noon "' Vikr. i. &c. &c. season R. whose widows were married by Kr2ishn2a-dvaipa1yana. [277. in the course of time. 12. iii. hour (hence %{SaSThe@kAle@'hnaH}. a form of Durga1 MBh. Bignonia suaveolens Bhpr. poison (in general) BhP. `" he attacked the people like Time the destroyer "' R. for a long time Pan5cat. a kind of perfume (%{kakkolaka}) L.e. Mn.. % {kAlA7ntaka}. and a son of Dhruva MBh. xii. with % {yad} e. 251. pl. i.. relating to that country g. at the evening of the second day "' Mn. night L. iv. 189. iv. part VPra1t.. MBh. for a certain time (e. {ceal}. it is time for you to eat Pa1n2. 3-3. in time. one of the seven tongues or flames of fire Mun2d2Up.

1 S'ântis'. 200. a fixed or right point of time. 109). 20 Sch. to have a desire for (only ifc. 168 Ka1s3. with %{yad} e. [ifc... ii. to one's liking.]. a species of heron (Ardea jaculator) L. 15 Âs'vS'r. R.). prosody Pra1t. purpose.. 9 Mn. 35). VS.. v.g. i. `" to calculate or enumerate "'). a section. 10 Âs'vGri. time of the world (= %{yuga}) Ra1jat. kaaM = which kaamya * = Nom. % {kAlo@yad@bhuJjIta@bhavAn}. Bhathth. i. `" wish for dominion. to have a desire for children) Pân. 30 S'ântis'. of 1. xi. kaamya * = 2 mf({A})n. 25. kaalikaa* =1 (f.v. 40. at the evening of the second day "' Mn. desire. this is not the time to delay Nal. longing for or striving after (gen. xii. 13. `" in the evening of the third day "' MBh. a period of time. providence = * 2 m. %{nA7yaM@kAlo@vilambitum}. ii.. or Pot. 108. the end ChUp. 7. iv. vi. monthly MBh. in comp. desirable. (v. time for departure. %{SaSThe@kAle}.e. hence %{ubhau@kAlau}.. xi. beautiful.. at noon "' Vikr. instr. {khshathro1-kâmya}. ii. MBh. Pa1n2. a space of time. i. e. {-yati}. iv. 59. meal-time (twice a day.e.. on Pân. [cf. 38 and 39 Vop. `" with which intention "' S'Br. who passes five meals without eating and has no meal till the evening of the third day "' Mn. `" in the morning and in the evening "' MBh. 9. agreeable RV. time (in general) AV. Zd. ii. &c.g. or without %{anna} e. iii. done from desire of benefit or from interested motives KâtyS'r. {kAlaka} q. {Asanna-k-}. xix. (often ifc. 2 MBh. i. 5. iii. through desire for a son R. 1 S'ânkhS'r.e. ix. the causes of which are . {putra-kAmyati}.g. intention (e.. 8-3. will. lovely. v.. %{kAlaH@prasthAnasya} or %{-nAya} or %{-ne}. ii. of several women VP. hour (hence %{SaSThe@kAle@'hnaH}.g. `" at the sixth hour of the day. % {SaSThA7nna-kAla}. 2. time (as leading to events. agreeable to one's wish KâtyS'r.) S3Br. {kAlIka}). 4820 Hariv.. part VPra1t. 5-1. 868. fit for any particular season. seasonable MBh. the proper time or season for (gen. 43. of a king of the Nâgas Lalit. iii. xii. season R. 3-3.). 36 Ragh.. P. iii. 5-4. 2080).kaalika* =1 m.. %{A} RPra1t.) kaalika* =2 mf({I} Pân.g.. impending Pân. inf. e. N. 7 Bhartri. 2950 Mr2icch. of a prince Pañcad. 108)n. ({A}) f.nchanamaashraya. relating to or connected with or depending on time Bhâshâp. optional (opposed to {nitya} or indispensable observance).. wish. MBh. 5 Âs'vGri. loc. (3. {putra-kAmyayA}.. 4) Mn. &c. measure of time. i. `" at the fourth mealtime i. time for action Sus3r. 5-1. relating to a time near at hand. Ragh. 3-1. &c. i...l. xxi. amiable. "'] kaankshati = desires kaankshantaH = desiring kaankshitaM = is desired kaankshe = do I desire kaa.. %{kriyAkAla}. {mAsa-k-}. 53 & 54 S3Br. N. f. &c. e. 5 ChUp. 9 Comm. iii. it is time for you to eat Pa1n2. kaamyaa * = f.. irreg. %{caturtha-kAlam}. circumstance MBh. {yat-kAmyA4}. or in comp. `" one who eats only at the sixth meal-time. who+your kaadaMbarii = name of a girl or title of a novel kaadambaH = (m) duck kaala = Time.g. dat. of an Apsasas MBh. occasion. %{kal}.. 3. death by age Sus3r. lasting a long time Pân. 13 Ragh. R. 4623. 6.nti = take refuge in gold or money kaate = kA+te. 11. performed through the desire of some object or personal advantage (as a religious ceremony &c. 9. 6 Kaus'. &c.

(with or without %{gaGgA}) N.. the Indian cuckoo L.. 69. N. a row or succession of black clouds L. black colour... (%{e4}) loc. N. of Satyavati1. a form of Durga1 MBh. 21 Ka1ran2d2. R. 9. N. 6. $. i. in the course of time Mn. of A1ra1d2a (a teacher of S3a1kya-muni) Buddh. seasonably RV. %{kasya-cit@kAlasya}. in time.. 5299 Hariv. Ruellia longifolia L. iii. Hariv. with %{gacchatA} id. N. &c. viii. i. %{kAla} in this sense is frequently connected with %{antaka}. whose widows were married by Kr2ishn2advaipa1yana.. the poisonous serpent Coluber Na1ga (= %{kAlasarpa}) Vet. %{mahAntaM@kAlam}. &c. censure. defamation L. `" death and everything terrible. always Mn. the fruit of the Ka1la1 g. of a Na1ga-ra1ja Buddh. the plant Ka1la7n5jani1 L.. 2. of the letter %{m}. %{kAla} personified is also a Devarshi in Indra's court. N. a kind of clay L.. 44. a kind of perfume (%{kakkolaka}) L.). i. a mystical N. %{harItaky-Adi}. VP. 11552. a worm or animalcule generated in the acetous fermentation of milk (= %{kSIra-kITa} or %{kSAra-kITa}) L. of a %{zakti} Hcat.. Physalis flexuosa L. %{kAle@kAle}. a black kind of Agallochum L. `" to die "' MBh. one of the Ma1tr2is or divine mothers L. %{kAlena@mahatA} or %{bahunA} id... of one of the nine treasures Jain. constantly.. (%{I}) f. death. 12. `" he attacked the people like Time the destroyer "' R.imperceptible to the mind of man). wife of king S3a1ntanu and mother of Vya1sa or Kr2ishn2a-dvaipa1yana (after her marriage she had a son Vicitra-vi1rya. 145. iii.l. a red kind of Plumbago L. a demon. VP.. 2520 Hariv. in the course of time Mn. Piper longum L. 42)n... vi. Mn.. MBh. ind. %{kAlA7ntaka}. {ceal}. (cf. {calen-doe}: Hib. 12. (%{At}) abl. one of the seven tongues or flames of fire Mun2d2Up. of a Rakshas R. 58 and 73... 2585 Hariv. % {mRtyu} e. a black or dark-blue colour L.. i. and a son of Dhruva MBh. imp or goblin L. Ipomoea Turpethum L. black. during a long time MBh.. obsolete kaalabhairavaasana = Lord Kalabhairava's posture . ii.. (%{As}) m. N...dat. of a mountain R. a family of Asuras) MBh. 42. 12.. time of death (often personified and represented with the attributes of Yama. ix. N. m. during a long time Mn. night L. i.. of a female evil spirit (mother of the Ka1lakeyas) Hariv.. regent of the dead. %{kal}?).. (%{am}) acc.). abuse. of Rudra BhP.. after a long time R. %{kAlasya@dIrghasya} or %{mahataH} id. fate MBh. &c. of an enemy of S3iva L. Lat. 40. 7. %{kAle@gacchati}.. viii. iv.. ii... 246 MBh. past and future) kaalapurushha = Universal Prototypal Human. of the prince Ka1la-yavana BhP. kaalaM = time kaalaanala = the fire of death kaalaapa * = m. and bore to him Dhr2ita-ra1sht2ra and Pa1n2d2u MBh. the planet Saturn. %{kalA7pa}). 9 S3Br. of a future Buddha. i. Rubia Munjista L. %{kalApin}) a pupil of Kala1pin Pa1n2.. of Durga1 L.. the resin of the plant Shorea robusta L. MBh. after some time.. 4. 10. %{kAle@yAte}.. of a dark colour. for a certain time (e. Nigella indica L. of S3iva. ind.. dark-blue MBh. (fr. Bignonia suaveolens Bhpr. Spirit of Time kaalabala = Temporal strength of planets used in Shad bala kaalabaahyam. (fr. time (as destroying all things). of a river. 113. (perhaps) Ipomoea atropurpurea Sus3r. % {nitya-k-}. (v. 195 Hariv.g. of a daughter of Daksha (the mother of the Ka1leyas or Ka1lakeyas. the black part of the eye Sus3r.. &c. a student of the Kala1pa grammar L. iii. (%{ena}) instr. (fr. of several plants (Indigofera tinctoria L. cf. ind.. the school of Kala1pin (often named together with the Kat2has q.h = (adj) outdated. 3. according to other legends Ka1li1 is the wife of Bhi1masena and mother of Sarvagata BhP. 3.. iv. or even identified with him: hence %{kAlam-i} or %{kAlaM-kR}. iv. of a brother of king Prasena-jit Buddh. [cf. 189. x. % {kAlAma}). "'] //* 2 1 mf(%{I} Pa1n2. 1680 Ragh.. of an author of Mantras (= As3va-ghosha) Buddh. of a son of Hrada Hariv. destiny. (%{am}) n. a serpent's hood L.... (%{A}) f. after some time MBh. iron L. Kum.).) kaalaaya = (masc..g. in the course of time. always in time MBh. ink or blacking L.. %{dIrgha-k-}. 251.. 4-1. R.. %{dIrgheNa@kAlena}. %{a-kAle}).) [278.. Bignonia suaveolens L. %{abhy-adhAvata@prajAH@kAla@ivA7ntakaH}.. for a long time Pan5cat. pl. the plant Cassia Sophora L. &c. one of the sixteen Vidya1-devi1s L.2]. ind.S)to the (Lord of) Time kaalaH = Master Time kaalatraya = three states of time(present.v. 45.

iii.. MBh. AV. %{ka4lpa}).) desirous of. {kAma-deva}). pleasure. ChUp. {go-k-}. a stake in gambling Nâr. passion. 25. of a daughter of Priithus'ravas and wife of Ayuta-nâyin MBh. N. kaamaatman* = mfn. 5047.. wishing for W. for one's own pleasure.).. ix. a species of mango tree (= {mahA-rAjacUta}) L. {-tma-tA} f. 3774.) kaamaaH = desires kaamaat. of one's own accord. PârGri. or loc. 6. object of desire or of love or of pleasure RV. longing after (gen. N. 2 R.l. R. see s. iii. desire for. {kAla} q. xxxv. ii. in {tu} cf. N.v. 8. {kAmayA} q.v. or sometimes of Sankalpa BhP. cf. (ifc. 3-3. 3 AV. of Agni SV. kaama = lust* = m. (fr. semen virile L. ii. love. of the god of love AV. of Baladeva (cf. of one's own free will. wishing. KâtyS'r. {kAma-pAla}) L.. consisting of desire. P. or {e}) ind. ix. of a Tîrtha MBh.h = (the hymn which) gives (grants) all desires . of a metre consisting of four lines of two long syllables each. a particular form of temple Hcat. of 1. 60). ({A}) f. TS. love-sick. according to desire. AV. indulging one's desires. `" whose very essence is desire "'. 57. intentionally Mn. of a man Pañcat. wish. lust Mn.v. vi. 129. 2596 ff. vii.. N.. or dat. Love or Desire personified AV... dat. {dharma-k-}. TS. licentious MBh.) kaaliimaatuH = Mother Kali's kaale = time kaalena = in the course of time kaaleshhu = times kaalii* = (f. 2. sensual.) kaalpa* = mfn.. of Vishnu Gal. ({am}) ind. x. desiring. 11. `" wish. i. affected by love or desire.. ii. R.. of several men. desire.. 153). xix (cf. my wish is that you should eat Pân. 1]. N. S'Br. or as a son of Brahmâ VP. xii. agreeably to the wishes of.. preceptive. out of love for (gen. an interjection used in calling out to another L. kaamabhogeshhu = to sense gratification kaamadhenu = the heavenly cow kaamadaam. willingly. m. ({kAma4}) mfn. S'Br. S'ânkhS'r. 10. frequently with inf. ({At}) ind. relating to a period called Kalpa W. especially sexual love or sensuality. (represented as son of Dharma and husband of Rati [MBh. N. RV. desire "' (only instr. 1 MBh.]. desiring. 21. i. xvi. to show or announce the time Dhâtup. ({Aya}. {-yati}. kaam * = ind. N. 2.h = from desire kaamaatmaanaH = desirous of sense gratification kaamaan. 4) VS. given to lust. the plant Curcuma Zerumbet L. Lalit. love. longing ({kAmo me bhuJjIta bhavAn}. 9. 27 [273. 19.. &c. ritual W. 28 (v. ({ena}) ind.h = desiring kaamaatura* = mfn. desiring RV. ({am}) n.. xx. VS. once {kAma4} VS. TS. object of desire L.) RV. (fr.. enjoyment..kaalasarpayoga = Planets on one side of the Nodal Axis of Rahu-Ketu kaalaya * = Nom. a kind of bean L.. 113. {tyaktu-k-}. Mn. out of affection or love for. Hariv. having a desire or intention (cf. VP.). m.. affection. {kam}.

of the author of the Prâyas'citta-paddhati. `" wishing wishes "' . i. following the dictates of passion TA1r. {kamaTha}). N. of a Tîrtha. N. BhP. preserves. kaamadhuk. son of Sahishnu and Yas'o-dharâ VP.kaamadeva* = m. . wish for kaamavikaaraH = sensual/sexual attraction kaamaiH = by desires kaamepsunaa = by one with desires for fruitive results kaamebhyaH = material sense gratification kaameshvara = lord of desires kaamakAmin* = mfn. kaamaThaka* = m. i.).Pr. {maya} mfn. of a king of Jayantî-purî. 11256 Bhag.. representing the god of love AgP. peculiar or belonging to the tortoise R. 18.IP. the god of love (see {kAma} above. having various desires or wishes . of S'iva L.h = kaamadhenu: the cow who can milk out anything you wish kaamaH = desire kaamahaitukaM = it is due to lust only kaamakaama = desirer of desires (kaamaan kaamayati iti aN) kaamakaamaaH = desiring sense enjoyments kaamakaamii = one who desires to fulfill desires kaamakaarataH = acting whimsically in lust kaamakaareNa = for enjoying the result of work kaamaM = desire kaamamadhiite = desire. 1 MBh. of a Nâga MBh. kaamaye = (Vr. iii . v. 15). reads kaamapri = son of kaamapra kaamaruupaM = in the form of lust kaamaruupeNa = in the form of lust kaamatIrtha* = n. the being the god of love Kathâs. N.S. {-tva} n.AP)desire. of Vishnu (as the god who creates. of a poet. 10 (cf.. 45. or destroys at will) Vishn. xcviii. i . (fr. according to some. 30. 31 . 2157. kaamaTha* = mfn. N.

a bone of the arms or legs. Sus3r. 126. . Mn. on Pân. a private place. switch MBh. {a-kANDa}) L. 117. quantity (ifc. wealth . . Mn. gold Naigh. blind of one eye Comm. {bilvA7di}.. . %{kAJcate} . of several edible plants (Mesua ferrea L.. or with %{saha} or %{sA7rdham}) RV. of S3iva L. the plant Curcuma aromatica L. property W. . ii. 265 Hit. a stalk. 19. the filament of the lotus L. money . . f. low Pân. vi . doubtful. fond .e. 10 . {kANDa-bhagna} and {pucchakANDa4}) Sus'r. Michelia Champaca L. the ruddy goose (%{cakra-vAka}) L. the part of the trunk of a tree whence the branches proceed W. S'Br. kaaminI * = (f. S3ak.. xii. R. amorous . . gallant . N. ({I}) f. 89. {khaNDa}. Nal. N. vii]. vii. . .) kaaJcana * = n. (%{I}) f. on Pân. AV. {tri-k-}). MBh.. {kaDArA7di}) one-eyed. 5. . {as}. .. kaandarpa*= m. a form of Devi1 Hcat. 4-2. Sus'r. of a son of Na1ra1yan2a (author of the play Dhanan5jayavijaya) . any distinct portion or division of an action or of a sacrificial rite (as that belonging to the gods or to the manes) AV. . impassioned . . Pañcat. in love with (acc. a pigeon L. ii. such as a bamboo or reed or cane (i. a cluster. of the fifth Buddha L. R. Pañcat. Ragh. g. f. m. Sus'r. x. .kaamin * = mfn. . a crow L.v. a separate department or subject (e. {karma-kANDa}. . of a prince (cf. Saccharum Sara ({zara}) L. a kind of square measure Pân. &c. i . %{kac} . a cane. bundle W.) Pân. water L.) . (mf(%{I})n. 2 Mn. Hit. a kind of Asclepias (%{svarNakSIrI}) L. flattery L. (ifc. . (ifc.g. % {kAJcana-prabha}) . a kind af yellow pigment. on Pân. R.. . 46. perforated (as a cowrie perforated or broken by insects) Comm. 4-2. N..3] .. kaaNDa* = [or {kANDa4} TS. made or consisting of gold MBh. 20) RV. 3 TS. implying depreciation) vile. {takSazilA7di}. pierced. . anxious husband . Megh. Megh.. monoculous ({akSNA kANaH}. kaanana * = a forest. Ficus glomerata L. {am} m. N. `" having only one loop or ring "' and `" one-eyed "' Pañcat.) . {A} R. S3ak. Ragh. section. 30 and 3. . heap. opportunity. any part or portion. R. a spirituous liquor L. 1. {bidA7di}. m.. a loving or affectionate woman Mn. 4-1. 55. . kaamyaanaaM = with desire kaaNa* = mf({A})n. BhP. of %{kAmin} q. viii . Nal.. Bauhinia variegata L. a lover . Ya1jn5. %{kaJc}. xiii. 155.. (= Hit. &c. privacy L. a particular form of temple Hcat. . Ragh. the plant Areca Triandra L. Rottleria tinctoria L. 51 Kâs'. 2-3. . n. S3a1n3khS3r. 5. 7 Mn. stem. long bone (cf. the plant Vanda Roxburghii L. TS. chapter. . 4. turmeric L. to shine Dha1tup. division of a work or book (cf.) . praise. Datura fastuosa L. (ifc. {A}. .). 6-2. a multitude. the department of the Veda treating of sacrificial rites Kâs'. 20 Hit. Bhartri. vii. (%{I}) m. the portion from one knot to another cf. descended from or relating to Kandarpa g.) golden . a plant akin to the Premna spinosa L. (cf. 1 AV. 23 Vop. a covenant binding for the whole life Ka1m. TS. with which in some of its senses {kANDa} is confounded] a single joint of the stalk or stem of a plant. (etym. (%{inI}) f. a house L. loving . occasion (cf. = {kANDasyA7vayavo vikAro vA7} g. Hariv.. a rudder (?) R. branch. or in comp. 48 Kaus'. MBh. an arrow MBh.) kaamita = something one has wished for kaamopabhoga = sense gratification kaaMsa * = mf({I})n. or {I}) [cf. kaamIna* = or m. reed. enamoured . N. a woman in general L. desirous . 112 R. 51) AV. [268. 2-1. VS. born in Kansa g. . A1. 1.. iii.. a sparrow L. . wanton . grove (sometimes in connection with {vana}) R. a timid woman L. i. Ardea Sibirica L. longing after (acc.. a little stalk or stem Râjat. to bind ib. kaanana = forest kaañc* = cl. {tri-k-}).

brightness (especially of the moon) Kathâs. dear. {nimitta-k-}). a heap of snow or a mountain covered with it L.. female beauty. {eva-k-}. killing. a magnet Buddh. of Kriishna L. {sUrya-k-}. 2. a stone (cf.. {asamavA7yi-k-}.. exertion L. wife.v... N. the part of a lute below the neck (for deadening the sound) L. a father W. 14631. i. loved... principle. kaaraka = Planetary Significator which remain the same for all houses kaarakaiH = which are causes kaaraNa = reason kaaraNa * = * = 1 n. loveliness. {puruSa-k-}).. ({A}) f. (2. of Kriishna L. 33.) Prât. beauty.. affliction L. a battle song RV. a beloved or lovely woman. of Lakshmî BhP. kaara * = 4 m. a female worker in gold L. the body L. 3. N. a kind of bird L. Megh. of a plant (= {kArikA}. personal decoration or embellishment Nal. a prison Vikr. Sus'r. the spring L. pleasing. Mn. iron L... binding. 33.. {kAryA} &c. cxii. of a metre of four lines of seventeen syllables each. bringing down.. loved... toll. N. (fr.. lovely... 14631. large cardamoms L. 29. of a son of Dharma-netra Hariv. doer (ifc.g.. a cause (in phil. N.. a kind of house L.. a kind of musical instrument L. (ifc.. 22 &c. (in rhetoric) beauty enhanced by love Vâm. the word {eva}. condition Kathâs. of Skanda MBh. see {kumbha-k-}. Pañcat. xxii. (fr. -kaara * m.g. mistress Kathâs.. a kind of iron L. a maker. {phUt-k-} q. elementary matter Yâjñ. 2. pain. confinement g. S'ak. kaantaa = wife kaanti = splendourkaa-purushha = contemptible fellow* = f. agency. 22. Mn. kaara *= 2 m. {yajJa k-}. (ifc. the origin or plot of a play or poem Sâh.. a female messenger L. ({A}) f. also often loc. pleasing.) L. i. a charming wife L. xviii. saffron L. mistress Kathâs. {a-k-}.. slaughter L. or f.. 10.. a lover. lovely. a song or hymn of praise RV. 23).) L. 178. iii. wickedness. {kam}). (mfn. N. a kind of S'ruti. Kathâs. opposition. beautiful. 3. royal revenue Pân.. the earth L. a husband. dear. husband.. the cause of anything (gen. a stone (cf. i. {I}) Caurap. a deity W. a charming wife L. the plant Barringtonia Acutangula L. iii. an organ of sense Ragh. that which is invariably antecedent to some product cf. large cardamoms L. ({am}) n. master.e. &c. desired. (1.. MBh.. motive origin. document) Mn. instrument. 14 Sâh.. means. `" cause of creation "'. wrong. determination L. lord L.. song of praise Divyâv. religious austerity L.) an act. {bhidA7di}. any one beloved.. act of worship. reason. effort. agreeable. m. 148 Bhag. 12070. wife. an action MBh. iron L. glowing * = mf({A})n. xii. (2. a kind of S'ruti. m. cause. a kind of iron L. 65. 13.. making.. &c. wish L.. x.. an element. kaara * =1 mf({I})n. offence.. the spring L. the earth L.. an author (e. MBh.. that on which an opinion or judgment is founded (a sign. injury MBh... 3-2. desired. contradiction W. {vArttika-k-}). ({am}) n. doing. iii. iii. &c. m..) produced by hail Sus'r. 6-3.. a kind of perfume ({reNukA}. a number of scribes or Kâyasthas W.. Kâv.. desire. vv. splendour. the moon L.. mark.kaanta * 1 mf({A})n. agreeable. &c... saffron L. a legal instrument. Piper aurantiacum) L. a kind of perfume ({reNukA}. ({I}) f. 5419. N.. (= 2. Piper aurantiacum) L. a kind of hou kaantaM = lovely. N.. a proof. &c. a lovely or desirable woman personified as wife of the moon Hariv. {kam}). of certain plants L. of certain plants L. kaaraa * =f. any one beloved. ({as} or {A}) m. = next Gal. {kR}). &c. `" the cause of being "'. of Skanda MBh. humiliation. beautiful. {samavA7yi-k-}. xvi. {suvarNa-k-}). the term used in designating a letter or sound or indeclinable word (e. of a metre of four lines of seventeen syllables each..) KâtyS'r. {kRR}). husband...) L. (1. the moon L. N. Das'.. qq. kaara * =3 m. agony . 1... {sUrya-k-}. a lovely colour. {kR} Pân. a lover. pain. a magnet Buddh. of a son of Dharma-netra Hariv.. action (see {kAma-k-}. {kara}) tax. ({A}) f... {ka-k-}.. of Durgâ DevîP. the plant Barringtonia Acutangula L. f. working. instrumentality. a beloved or lovely woman. a sort of song L. {kR}?). malice W..

h = causing to be done kaaraagriham.h = reason kaaraNaani = causes kaarayan. relating to or proceeding from a work or action W. because. for my sake R.v. of a son of S'iva and Pârvatî (popularly regarded as god of war.] \\ 2 n.. 4-2. made of mud. from what cause? {mama-kAraNAt}. kaaaraNa* = n. iii. kaaraNa n. %{kardama}). {yena kAraNena}. place of work .h = (n) prison.Das'. he is also called Kumâra. 6. 13 Mn. [{kAraNAt}. slaughter L. 5-4. kaarya = work kaaryaM = work kaaryakartaa = worker. &c. 213. from which motive. and these offering their six breasts to the child he became six-headed. slaughter L. Kârttikeya may be derived from his foster mothers or from the month Kârttika as the best for warfare: in the Mriicch. 2 Ka1s3. {a-kAraNena}. wrechedness incarnate kaaruNyaruupaM = the personification of compassion kaartikeya = the god of war. 16 Pa1n2. whence he is sometimes described as son of Agni and Gangâ. injury L. v. when born he was fostered by the six Kriittikâs q. active participant in an organization kaaryate = is forced to do kaaryaalayaH = (m) office. the generative energy of S'iva being cast into the fire and then received by the Ganges. finishing a work W. and Subrahmanya. kaarpaNya = of miserliness kaarpaNyavaadii = adj. ii. from some cause or reason. viii. ({am}) n. accord. 36 Râjat. sorcery. N. killing. was reared by the Pleiades kaarttikeya* = m. 355. 24. because he leads the Ganas or hosts of S'iva against the demon hosts see RTL. magic. {yasmin kAraNe}. an astronomical period W. witchcraft Pân... muddy. performing anything by means of magic. 234. belonging to Praja1pati Kardama BhP. filled or covered with mud R. (fr. iii. without a reason Yâjñ. killing. {kasmAt kAraNAt}. jail kaardama * = mf(%{I})n. kaaraNaM = the means kaaraNam. wherefore. and elsewhere he is regarded as presiding over thieves) MBh. Rprât.. his N. &c. to one legend he was son of S'iva without the intervention of Pârvatî.. 27. Skanda. killing.. p. kaari = causing kaarmana* = mf({I})n.

4356 R. N. iv. as one of Yama's attendants) Kaus'. together with the Kus'a grass. %{--SThA7dhirohaNa} Pan5cad.v. L. m. shrinking. roofs. 3-2 . N. of a prince (the son of Suhotra and father of Kâsi-râja) Hariv. Kum. {I}) f. doubtful. L. {kad}). ({am}) n. kaasate = to cough kaasaaraH = lake kaatara * = (etym. bearer of wood Katha1s. of a son of Kâs'a or Kâs'i Hariv. xi. id. only in {sa-k-} q. used for mats. &c. 42. kASThabhArika * = mfn. timidity. kaas'a* =1 m. a prefix implying contempt (cf. confused.. 65 .. `" uncertain as to which of the two "' BRD. kASThabhRt * = see s.. 6-2 . embarrassed. &c. of a man g. 117. appearance "'. discouraged. N. only in comp. kaashate = (1 ap) to shine kaazaya* = m. a species of grass (Saccharum spontaneum. on Un. one who has become wood or stands stock still (as an ascetic) R. Curcuma Zedoaria L. despairing. ({A}.v. i . kASThabheda * = m. vi . `" the becoming visible. 2. 4 .. id. cowardly. 144 Ka1s3. 1734. agitation. perplexed. afraid of. of a demon who causes diseases Hariv. timid. %{kA4SThA}.kaarye = work kaars'a* = m. " kaat * =ind. agitated. cleaving of wood Pa1n2. branch kaashhTha = (neut) piece of wood kASThabhakSaNa * = n. despair.). kASThabhRt * = mfn. kASThabhUta * = mfn. a wood-carrier . kASThabhid * = mfn. with . 3 . R. also personified. i . a particular weight of wood Hariv. cleaving wood Pa1n2. kASThabhAra * = m. disheartened. 61 Ka1s3. faint-hearted. 21. `" devouring of wood (of the funeral pile) "' . kaashiraajaH = Kasiraja kaashyaH = the King of Kasi (Varanasi) kaashhaaya = saffron cloth kaashhTa = wood. of the country of the Kâs'is Comm. VP. {azvA7di}. 9559.v. leading to a mark or aim S3Br..\\kaas'a* =2 wrongly spelt for {kAsa} q. frightened.

Lords of 4th and 9th houses should be in Kendras from each other and the lord of Lagna should be strongly disposed kaiH = by whom kailaasa = a Himalayan mountain. perfect isolation. gambling L.h = whether kachchhapa = (masc) tortoise kadaliphalam. 2163 Nal. deceitful Hariv. abstraction.. kaavya = poetr kaaya * =1 mf({I})n. of Ulûka MBh. S'Br. (fr. {ka} Pân. part of the hand sacred to Prajâ-pati. neut) kaayaM = the body kaayaa = body kaayikaa = pertaining to the body kaayena = with the body ka = what( use) is the kachchit. beryl L. the body KâtyS'r. kaaya = body (masc. 41). 121) VS.h = never kadaachana = at any time kadaachit. capital Nâr. collection. a house. 19 Kum. ii.N. the trunk of a tree R. 3. one of the eight modes of marriage (= Prâjâpatya see {vivAha}) Mn. 3-3. detachment of the soul from matter or further . {ke4vala}). &c. Briih. Bhartri. i. habitation L. natural temperament L.. see {RNa4-kAti} and {kA4ma-kAti} cf. 60. multitude SaddhP. i. home of Shiva kaitava * = mf({I})n. desiring "' (only in comp. the stake in a game MBh.. &c.kaati * = mfn. deceit. deceit Bâlar. TS. ({am}) n. the root of the little finger Mn. {RNa-ci4t}). \\ 2 m. roguery R. fraud. kaivalya = spiritual independence and freedom * = n. iii. m. (fr. ({I}) f. any object to be attained L. pl. 86. cheating. absolute unity Veda7ntas.h = at any time (past. 58 and 59.... v. 3. patr. ({am}) n. fraud. isolation Vâm. of a school. (fr.. a butt. 10... ({ci} Pân.. {kA}). relating or devoted to the god Ka (Prajâ-pati RV.. Mn.. assemblage. 7002. 4-2. {kit-}). &c. principal. BhP. ii. 7095.h = (n) banana kadaachan... detachment from all other connections. 25). present or future) kadaapi = at any time kahalayoga = Stubborness (Ranjan says laziness). m. mark L. 38 Yâjñ. xxvi. the body of a lute (the whole except the wires) L. ({ayas}) m. (fr.. x. `" wishing.

%{takSaNam}. a quiver with arrows. %{prahelikA}. any mechanical or fine art (sixty-four are enumerated in the S3aivatantra [T.. %{puSpa-zakaTikA-nimitta-jJAnam}. totality. %{kAvya-samasyA-pUraNam}. seconds. a bundle of arrows.transmigrations. %{Alekhyam}. %{keza-mArjana-kauzalam}. %{bASpa}. take the place of phlegm. &c. see also Va1tsy. %{kalana}). %{keza-zekharA7pIDayojanam}. N. on VP. a symbolical expression for the number sixteen Hcat. fr. of a grammar also called Ka1tantra (supposed to be revealed by Ka1rttikeya to S3arvavarman). fat.] xiv. [ed. %{maNi-bhUmikA-karma}. and bile) Sus3r. a division of time (said to be 1/900 of a day or 1-6 minutes Mn. `" marrow "'.. 1101. bile. ignorance. %{indrajAlam}. any practical art. %{saMpATyam}.). %{dyUta-vizeSaH}.. Mn. %{maNi-rAga-jJAnam}. `" chyle "'.. &c. %{mantra}. KapS. Vikr. 89. %{tarkUkarmANi}. R. %{udaka-vAdyam}. the following is a list of them: %{gItam}. %{durvacakayogAH}. any single part or portion of a whole. %{mAnasI@kAvya-kriyA}. a class of manes MBh. low. (scil. and semen. &c. %{hastalAghavam}. %{vizeSaka-cchedyam}. but according to Hemacandra. therefore in all 18090). see %{kalA} below. for {vaikalya} Râjat. Katha1s. 11454). %{sUcIvApa-karma}.. %{kriyA-vikalpAH}. 32. or 2 minutes and 26 54/201 seconds Sus3r. (in prosody) a syllabic instant. 17 TS. %{asthi}. of a village (cf.. of a grammatical commentary.. (%{A}) f. 1149. S3Br... %{razanA-k-}) MBh... %{nepathya-yogAH}. % {vainAyikInAM@vidyANAM@jJAnam}.. %{puSpA7staranam}. %{paTTikA-vetrabANa-vikalpAH}. %{dazanavasanA7GgarAgAH}. kajjala = lamp black kaJNchukaH = blouse kaH = who kakudi = hump of an ox kala=* mf(%{A})n.. &c.. m. (%{am}) n. i. %{mAlya-granthana-vikalpAH}. a term for the seven substrata of the elements or Dha1tus of the human body (viz..].2].. %{dhAraNamAtRkA}. 3. a sixteenth part RV.) L. doubtful) indistinct. i. or 8 seconds BhavP. a string of bells (worn by women round the waist) L. %{bhUSaNa-yojanam}. a peacock's tail MBh. % {nATakA7khyAyikA-darzanam}. Pan5cat. semen virile L. ix.. %{rUpya-ratna-parIkSA}. (etym. &c. %{rasa}. a digit or one-sixteenth of the moon's diameter Hit. the menstrual discharge L. the rope round an elephant's neck L. %{kaucumAra-yogAH}. %{meSa-kukkuTa-lAvaka-yuddha-vidhiH}. 47. %{karNapattra-bhaGgAH}. (etym. %{jaTA-k-}. %{akSara-muSTikA-kathanam}. an embryo shortly after conception (cf. (once n.) leading to eternal happiness or emancipation MBh. `" bone "'. not counting the %{rasa}. 17) R. &c. %{chalitakayogAH}. a designation of the three constituent parts of a sacrifice (viz. %{pratimA}.. %{citrazAkA7pUpa-bhakSya-vikAra-kriyA}. N.. a kind of faulty pronunciation of vowels Pat. Bhartr2. %{yantra-mAtRkA}. Bomb. %{AkarSaNa-krIDA}. pl. skill.. %{svara}) a low or soft and inarticulate tone (as humming. vii. %{gandha-yuktiH}. %{Ap}) m. viii. %{taNDula-kusuma-balivikArAH}. given to Da1ksha1yan2i1 in the region near the river Candrabha1ga1 MatsyaP. doubtful) a small part of anything. an atom (there are 3015 Kala1s or atoms in every one of the six Dha1tus. a low and sweet tone Ba1lar. buzzing &c.. kalaapa* = (%{kalA7pa}. &c. a N.). weak. %{utsAdanam}. (ifc. N. the sixtieth part of one-thirtieth of a zodiacal sign. %{vAdyam}. &c.. and %{majjan}. %{nAtyam}. or 1 minute and 35 205/301. % {vINA-Dama-ruka-sUtra-krIDA}. %{dhAtu-vAdaH}. Sânkhyak. emitting a soft tone.. %{vastra-gopanAni}. %{pAnaka-rasarAgA7sava-yojanam}.. a clever and intelligent man L. R.. an ornament in general Ma1lav.2]. %{kriyA-k-}. %{nRtyam}.. (%{As}) m. cf. Kum. %{vaijayikInAM@vidyAnAM@jJAnam} [261. Zizyphus Jujuba. % {Akara-jJAnam}... undigested L. a bundle. Pan5cat. %{deza-bhASA-jJAnam}. and %{zraddhA} Ni1lak. blood. %{vRkSA7yur-veda-yogAH}. crude.). . Shorea robusta L.. band (cf.. `" that which holds single parts together "'. BhP. %{kalApa-grAma}) VP. ingenuity. interest on a capital (considered as a certain part of it) S3is3. or %{azru} preceding) indistinct or inarticulate (on account of tears) MBh. soft (as a tone). quiver MBh. %{pustaka-vAcanam}. % {muktA-k-}. %{zuka-sArikApralApanam}. flesh. esp. kalaa = Art= *f. melodious (as a voice or throat) R. (mf({A})n. on MBh.. dumb Br2A1rUp. urine. 64 Hariv. %{udaka-ghAtaH}. ChUp. ifc.. beatitude MBh.. a zone. (with Pa1s3upatas) the elements of the gross or material world Sarvad. phlegm. %{abhidhAna-koSacchando-jJAnam}. MBh. %{vAstu-vidyA}. &c. urine.. or 1/1800 of a day or 0-8 minutes Comm. iii. %{bAlaka-krIDanakAni}. the moon L. (in poetry) time equal to four Ma1tras or instants W. 3). % {citrA@yogAH}. whole body or collection of a number of separate things (esp. a boat L. (personified as a daughter of Kardama and wife of Mari1ci BhP. %{zayana-racanam}.. %{mlechitakavikalpAH}. [260. xiii. %{dravya}. a minute of a degree Su1ryas.

4-1. kalaaya * = m. VP. kalatra* = n.. the Indian cuckoo L.. Hit.. (in astron. kalaya * = 1 Nom.. %{kalAyakhaJja}) Bhpr.) the seventh lunar mansion VarBri. pl. %{kapAla-ziras}) R. (in astron. 10378. kalakala* = m. v. a bundle of grass Ka1tyS3r. in bundles. a sort of pea or pulse MBh. (fr. %{-varman} m. &c. ({A}) f.. &c.. consort MBh. %{-cchanda} m... a stronghold or fastness W.//2 &c. consort MBh. bundle by bundle MBh. Bhartri.) the seventh lunar mansion VarBri. Vitus's dance.. %{-dvIpa} m. a confused noise Bhartri. A1s3vS3r. kalaGka* = m. a stronghold or fastness W. 21.. defamation... a sort of pea or pulse MBh. 173... a particular disease (said to be St. %{-tattvA7rNava} m. a royal citadel. a species of Dûrvâ-grass L. the murmuring of a crowd &c. rattling Amar.. &c. pudendum muliebre L.. a confused noise Pañcat. mark. see %{kalA}. Sus'r. (etym. ({A}) f. xiii. {-le7zvaratIrtha} n.. Sus'r. of a warrior-tribe Pân. blame Kathâs. kala-tva* = n. kalakattaanagaraM = Calcutta kalakala = a sort of sound imitation (dhvnyanukaraNa) like a river flow kalakuutha* = {As} m. on Pân.. &c. the resinous exudation of Shorea robusta L.l. of a Tîrtha. 21. a low sweet tone Bhartri. the poison: see kaalakuutha kalatrakaaraka = Significator of marriage partner which is Venus: kalatra *= a wife. a cock Bhpr. 21. of a man (v.. tinkling. xiii. kala-rava* = m. a species of Dûrvâ-grass L. v. of a village Hariv.) Mriicch. the hip and loins L. of a man Ka1d. a royal citadel. to take hold of the die called Kali Kâs'. a kind of plant with darkcoloured flowers S'is'. Bhartri. xiii. spot. the female of an animal Vikr. %{-grAma} m..N. {-rava} m. Hit.. N. S'ivP. Mriicch.. &c. a wife. {-vat} mfn. music W. P.. soil. Ratnâv.l. xii. kalayataaM = of subduers kalaha = fight/discord/argument kalau = during the kali age kaldaspaagheti = (m) left-overs . 3-1.. the hip and loins L. N. {-lA7rava} m. an ornament of pearls consisting of twenty-four strings L. of a commentary on the grammar called Kala1pa. kalaanaatha = moon (??? I may be wrong here) kalaayaH = (m) groundnut kalaaya * m. (%{I}) f. kalaja* = m.l. BhP. for %{kalApa-grAma} above. `" having a sweet voice "'. %{-zas} ind. N. the female of an animal Vikr. N. any confused noise (as a tinkling or rattling sound. of S'iva MBh. {kali}) {kalayati}. doubtful) a stain. %{-ziras} m.a poem written in one metre W. a kind of plant with darkcoloured flowers S'is'.. N. a pigeon L. pudendum muliebre L. S'is'. %{-khaJja} m.. a N. &c. melody.

(cf. wicked W.. a kind of artificial verse (cf. {kal}). {bhaya}. &c. of a man RV. &c. a particular hell L. iii. MBh. of a Nâga MBh. symbolical expression for the number 1. 18. {kal} Un. divided.) kalikaa* = f. meanness.. of S'iva MBh. `" Death "' BhP. x. a form of Agni Hariv.C. Ragh. &c. of a class of mythic beings (related to the Gandharvas. 30 &c. 1192. Hit. wrist and elbow kalmashhaH = all material contamination kalmasha * = n.).kalevara = (neut) body kalevaraM = the body kali = Budkali * = m. darkness. foul. 4-1. N.. 363. inclusive of the two dawns. the pomegranate kalkiikR * to knead.) sinful. `" Fear "'. contention (personified as the son of {krodha}. a curlew W. of an attendant on the Sun (identified with Yama) L.. 3. turbid.. Terminalia Bellerica L.). &c.. iii. made. 43 = {karmaSa} fr. the sixteenth part of the moon Bhartri. 41) variegated. N. 8-2. 1]. an unblown flower. S'Br. 86. 18) stain. 22. the worst of a class or number of objects MBh. furnished or provided with Vikr. N. meanness. (the Kali age contains. spotted. {kalmaSa}. iv. sounded indistinctly. a Rakshas L. and {hiMsA}.. Olibanum L. 4) MBh. impurity. Terminalia Bellerica (the nuts of which in older times were used as dice) L. N. impure.. ({as} m. sin MBh. {zUra}. strife. stained L. pleasure-loving age kalilaM = dense forest kalita * mfn. N. 1 S'Br.. and supposed by some to be fond of gambling. mf({A})n. or {zara}) L. having sediment. 260... 1. the losing die AV. N. a variegated colour (partly black. `" Injury "'. on medicine. dirty. L. 81.. `" destroying virtuous action "' Kâs'. (Pân. &c... i. (cf. 8. formed S'is'. discord. 301 f. xii.. Mn. ({is}. &c. \\ * = m. 7... (1. Yâjñ. 109. dregs. ifc. sinful L. m. a hero (or an arrow. of the die or side of a die marked with one dot. vii. ix. Bhpr. bud S'ak.. settlings (cf. a kind of tenacious paste Sus'r. = {kalki} abov kalkuSI * = f. {jala-k-}). "' two children. render doughy kalkana * = n. {karma} + {so}. 10. 4-1. the wax of the ear. kalmaa4sha * =mf({I})n. {I}) f. on Un. the present age. viz. ({I}) m. wicked L. moral stain. N.. m. 40). ({am}) n. or n. driven &c. xii. of several metres. xiii.. of an Upanishad (= {kalisaMtaraNa}). viii. wickedness kalkin * mfn. iv. kalika* = m. filth. see {yuga}). hypocrisy. kalkaphala * = m. {gaurA7di} Pân. (3.v. (personified as an evil genius in the episode of Nala). Mn.. N. &c. dirt. iv. sin MBh... (mfn. on Pân. 117)N. and {mRtyu}. an unblown flower. dirt. at the end of this Yuga the world is to be destroyed. partly white) L. `" Anger "'. age of vice AitBr. separated L.. a division of time (= {kalA} q. R. {kAnta-k-}). and as generating with his sister {durukti}. of the last and worst of the four Yugas or ages. 000 years of men. Hariv. bud L. dirty W. a kind of . in epic poetry Kali is held to be the fifteenth of the Deva-Gandharvas or children of the Munis) AV. ({i4s}) m. 3102 B. BhP. MBh. BhP. [262.. speckled with black VS. TS.. deceit. a species of fragrant rice L. f. {kaluSa}. faeces L. {kal} Comm.. 3. of wk. falsehood. du. quarrel. black L.200 years of the gods or 432. {ki4lbiSa}. `" Calumny. and begins the eighteenth of February. ordure. or ({am}) n. a viscous sediment deposited by oily substances when ground. Âs'vGri. 13 MBh. {A} Bhag. BhP. (n. the bottom or peg of the Indian lute (made of cane) L. impelled. N.. 361. murmured W. the hand below the wrist L. kaliyuga = the current. 40 g. iv..

kalpataru = (m) The heavenly tree giving whatever one desires * = m. three hundred and twenty millions of years of mortals. % {svakarmaNi@na@kalpaH}. 8-1. almost impenetrable. %{mRta-k-}. pl. cutting. N.. practice (esp. 6.. hence %{kalpa} is said to be equal to %{kalpA7nta} below L. according to native grammarians.. 3. kalmashhaaH = of sinful reactions kalpa (see also kaalpa) * = 1 mf(%{A})n. &c. &c. conforming to a settled rule or standard BhP. %{kalpanI}. feigning. of a son of Dhruva and Bhrami BhP. and we are now in the %{zvetavArAha-kalpa} of the fifty-first. manner of acting. &c. &c.. of Mantras which contain a form of %{klRp} TS.3].. (in medic. assuming anything to be real. settling. 128. N. a kind of Curcuma (commonly %{karcUra}) L. 1. at the end of a Kalpa the world is annihilated.. almost (e.. %{prabhAta-k-}. 31 [263. ({am}) n. Lith. and final %{I} and %{U} shortened Pa1n2. and one hundred such years his lifetime. %{nyAya}). ii. the tree of paradise. (%{prathamaH@kalpaH}. like but with a degree of inferiority. i.. with Buddhists the Kalpas are not of equal duration) VP. one of the five trees (cf. (%{A}) f. ix. 147 MBh. Ra1jat. ({I}) f. [TBr... resolve. he cooks pretty well Ka1s3. {saMkalpa-viSaya}). before which a final %{s} is left unchanged. 7 AV. 10. law. creating in the mind. inventing "'. composition of a poem Prab. ix. {pralaya}). kalpana * = n. 11. v S3Br. according to the MBh. practice Car. an alternative (= %{pakSa}. cf. 7. {paJca-vRkSa}) of Svarga or Indra's paradise fabled to fulfil all desires (cf. caparisoning an elephant Das3. 6-11 MBh. 4. forming. 9. N. %{etena@kalpena}. a sacred precept. &c... 1. that prescribed by the Vedas) RV. a kind of intoxicating liquor (incorrect for %{kalya}) L. a kind of dance. working with edge-tools VarBr2S.. a period of four thousand. or ifc.. of a Sâman. arranging Mn. (%{klRp}).. 67]. 6360.. tree of plenty Hit. %{dharmasya@kalpaH}. of S'âkya-muni in a former birth. (cf. %{pacati-kalpam}.). first duty Mn. proper. not competent for his own work. a pair of scissors or shears L. inf. vi. %{abhedya-kalpa}. &c. able. 10368. ii. fit. performing L. manufacturing. rule. kalpaadau = in the beginning of the millennium kalpaanta* = m. a barber (cf. % {vikalpa}) Sarvad... clipping. N. 4 [263. fiction KapS. N. %{yadA@na@zAsituM@kalpaH}. fixing.... loc. competent for duty. ordinance (= %{vidhi}. a rite. %{-bhava} and % {kalpA7tIta} below). (%{I}) f. a deed. 116 Ya1jn5. (with Jainas) a particular abode of deities (cf. e. i. 10. R.N. {kerpikas}) L. act Mr2icch. 8. N. research Comm.1]. {-sthAyin} mfn. similar to. 4 of doubtful meaning Comm. work. on Sa1m2khyak. (ifc. practicable.g. of a religious ceremony. adopting Hariv.g. ix. xiii. one side of an argument. fashioning. i. form. iii. a stain S'Br. if he is not able to rule) BhP. cf.deer T. (%{am}) n. iii. 2784. xii.. making. a month of Brahma1 is supposed to contain thirty such Kalpas. iv. 5-3. anything put on for ornament MBh. of the first astrological mansion VarBr2S. N. m. %{kalpa} so used is an accentless affix [Pa1n2. of S3iva MBh. possible S3Br. Vop. the speckled cow (of Jamad-agni. 10. the end of a Kalpa. of a class of deities among the Jaina kalpa-druma = kalpa-vRiksha: the tree that will give you anything you can kalpaka* = mfn. fifty years of Brahma1's are supposed to have elapsed.) treatment of the sick. 9. ceremony MBh. %{pazu-k-}. twelve months of Brahma1 constitute his year. on Pa1n2. the most complete of the six Veda1n3gas (that which prescribes the ritual and gives rules for ceremonial or sacrificial acts) Mun2d2Up.. resembling. preparing Sus3r. {-vAsin} mfn. shape. determination MW. kalpaantara* = n. equal to (with gen. the art of preparing medicine. Pa1n2. m.) having the manner or form of anything. 3. the doctrine of poisons and antidotes Sus3r. kalpaatiita* ={As} m. . one of two cases.. pharmacy Car.. BhP. ix. 3. making. `" forming in the imagination.. of a river (the Yamunâ) MBh. 18. xx. 2]. a fabulous period of time (a day of Brahma1 or one thousand Yugas. i. 1. a rule to be observed before any other rule. feasible. living at the end of a Kalpa R. proceeding. may be also connected with a verb e.. viii. cf. granting all desires) MBh. %{kaplaka}]. another Kalpa.. manner of curing Sus3r.. image. lasting to the end of time Hit. hypothesis Nya1yam. BhP. measuring the duration of the world. ii. the wishing tree. 50 BhP.. = %{-taru} below L. 57) [262.. competent.g. dissolution of all things L.. investigation. %{kalpam} ind.. in this way.

MBh.. Ragh. 18) to be formed from (inst. {kam} is also used as an enclitic with the particles {nu}. kalpena* = he imagines kalpetara * = mf({A})n. an elephant armed or caparisoned for war W. 1.] kamaniiyakaraM = desired hands . to be performed. i. MBh. ix. Armen. also P. in this connection {kam} has no accent but once AV. {caMkamyate}. viii. `" I save. 21. any productive or bountiful source BhP. regulated... with the loss of the initial. Nigh.. AV.. a particular kind of mixture Bhpr. TS. xxvi. S'Br. {caemh} "'.h = one who is engaged in auspicious activities kaM = whom kam * = 1 ind. 17. supposed.: Caus.. TS. protect "'. e. and is generally placed at the end of the Pâda. to be substituted W. kalpya* = mfn. 3-3. assumed. desire. 110 Vop. e. 10 to wish. 2. xvii. vi.. iv. [cf. regulated. artificial. ability. Â. well arranged Ya1jn5. be in love with. x. {acakamata} Dhâtup. 125. an elephant armed or caparisoned for war W. {kAmayAM-cakre}. ({A}) f.. composed. made. inferred. Ragh. 117. assumed. to cause any one to love Riitus. N. like {kim} and {kad}. prepared. 166. `" a friend. 75. of wk. {kamim}. {kamitA}. (%{A}) f. supposed... to be conceived or imagined VarBriS. kalpate = is considered eligible kalpavrikshaaNaaM = the kalpa(imagined) vR^iksha trees (wish-yielding) kalpakshaye = at the end of the millennium kalpita = imagined * = mfn. a kind of allegory Va1m. x. 52. to love. v. (fig. {kAmaye bhuJjIta bhavAn}. thou didst create the plants for actual food RV. fitness. having a particular rank or order MBh. performed. be in love with. 5 S'Br.g. 1]. xii. 2. Mn. {-parimala} m. a kind of allegory Vâm. {-ti}. (not used in the conjugational tenses) {cakame}. having a particular rank or order MBh. desire. {cikamiSate} and {cikAmayiSate}: Intens. {comis}. &78525[251. 3] ill "') TS. $) well (opposed to {a-kam}. also {amo}. v.. AV. fabricated. i. desire. 3. long for (with acc. to be prescribed. artificial.). 157.g. I wish to give Kâs'. 1) RV. m. 2 AV. invented. happiness. 83. I wish your worship may eat. &c. a particle of interrogation (like {kad} and {kim}) RV. {su}. {cA7-rus} for {cam-rus}: Hib. relating to ritual W. it is often found attached to a dat.. 124. &c.. caparisoned (as an elephant) L. {caomhaim}. 36.. inferred. giving to that case a stronger meaning. invented. {a4jIjana o4SadhIr bho4janAya ka4m}. kalyaaNa = well being (of others) kalyaaNakrit.. {kAmaye dAtum}. have sexual intercourse with RV. 1. 5. a particle placed after the word to which it belongs with an affirmative sense. spare. v. &c. fine. Â. ix. AV. 110. have sexual intercourse with S'Br. and {hi} (but is treated in the Pada-pâthha as a separate word.. water Nir. (with {bahu} or {aty-artham}) to rate or value highly R. (ep. composed. {caomhach}. (sometimes. to love. xi.. food Nir. long for RV. Lat. well arranged Yâjñ.) {kAmayate}. having or requiring a different kind of treatment kalpita * = mfn. `" well "' (but this sense is generally so weak that Indian grammarians are perhaps right in enumerating {kam} among the expletives Nir.. handsome. bliss L.. 2. (Gk. Vop.Pañcat. 10) RV. 52. 166. head L. pleasant "'. caparisoned (as an elephant) L. \\ * = 2 cl.) RV.. N. xix. to be settled or arranged VarBriS. to wish. Pân.: Desid. or inf. made. m. 3 S'Br. performed.) a generous person MW. 26. {-rasa} m. or Pot. at the beginning of compounds) marking the strange or unusual character of anything or expressing reproach L. &c. `" yes "'. for {camo}.) Naish. 2. iv. kalpataa* = f. &c. competency BhP. of various works. love. Mn. 3-1.. {acIkamata}. 1. xi BhP. companion "'. [252. x. {kamiSyate}. 3. fabricated. case. (in that sense P. prepared. (Pân.

he is usually called the uncle.58-60//SB 10. N. ({A}) f. drinking vessel. {mahIk-}.. 10. &c. {kaNa}. a spark (of fire) Pañcat. n. BhP.52. a female tortoise. bell-metal.. brass. Pañcat. 11. a water-jar (esp. (cf. fr. 93. trembling. a girl. related to {kanA}. a porcupine L.). Sus'r. &c. = one Âdhaka L.. &c. {kanyA}. i. SB 11. N. VP.. 3. 62). as he was ultimately slain by Kriishna. ({am}) n. (substituted for {alpa}. small "'.. according to Gmn. a grain. goblet AV.20//yam kañcit &emdash. {ayas-kaMsa}. 248. and used by ascetics) L. BhP. long pepper Sus'r. be bright or merry "'. a kind of time (in mus. xi. tutanag or white copper. a vessel made of metal. ({kam} Un. (a noun ending in {as} followed by {kaMsa} in a compound does not change its final cf. some .7. trembling motion. kaNa = small bit* = m. a grain. tremulous or thrilling pronunciation (a modification of the Svarita accent which may take place if the Svarita syllable is followed by an Udâtta syllable) Nir. {takSazilA7di} Pân.. {kanIyas}. a minute particle. ({as} or {am}) m. of a Muni.. a drop (of water) S'ak. the latter receives epithets like {kaMsa-jit}. a particular measure (= two Âdhakas Car. SB 6. vi. atom Prab.. 5 KâtyS'r. {kan}.. in forming its comparative and superlative see below. x. a grain or particle (of dust) Ragh.41. N. a bamboo L. {am} m. and became his implacable enemy because it had been prophesied to Kansa that he would be killed by a child of Devakî. one made of a hollow gourd or cocoa-nut. &c. 85 Vikr. 5 AitBr. of a place g. 61. SB 10.kamala = Lotus kamalapatra = Lotus leaf kamalapatraaksha = O lotus-eyed one kamalaa = saraswati kamalaasanasthaM = sitting on the lotus flower kamaTha* = m. as the foe of the deity he is identified with the Asura nemi. ({I}) f.25// any. originally meaning `" young. kanaa* = f. single seed AV. kampate = (1 ap) to shake kampayati = to shake kampiutaH = (m) Sanskrit hi-tech kaMsa * = {as}. x.13. of a sister of Kansa Hariv. of a king MBh. &c. `" little. N. cummin seed L.. 26. tremor. 3. &c. {kaniSTha}. i. of a king of Mathurâ (son of Ugra-sena and cousin of the Devakî who was mother of Kriishna [Ugrasena being brother of Devaka. ({I}) f.).30// for some. &c. 9.. flake (of snow) Amar. BhP. maid RV. 4-3. kanaka = gold kañcit VB = for a few days. (Un. 60 a Megh... 8-. single seed Kathâs. &c. 102) a tortoise BhP. drop. a metal. of a man.1. (Nir. SB 12. in all of which smallness is implied BRD. who was father of Devakî]. S'Br. youthful "'). conqueror of Kansa. and... a kind of fly (= {kumbhIra-makSikA}) L.. N. 21. `" to shine.). Pân. a small one S'ântis'. kanaa* = see p. &c. 10. but was really a cousin of Kriishna. VP. {kaniSTha}.. earthquake (cf..18. cup. SB 11.14//someone. 5.. of a Daitya. &c. x. m. Mn.26//a certain. 46). any minute particle. the spark or facet of a gem. kampa * = m. ({A}) f. S'ântis'.32// a certain. grain of corn. 3. = {kaNikA} below L.1. shaking MBh. iii. 30. cf.).) MBh.) kana* = mfn. atom. {bhUmi-kampa}. or n. col.. SB 1.

G. kaNDolaH = (m) a wooden basket kaNDuuyati = to scratch kanda = a knot. 258. [cf. to bind .) a kind of time. a bulb MBh. A1. garlic L. {kaM-darpa}. Bhag. [cf.. {am} m. Lat. an affection of the female organ (considered as a fleshy excrescence. Sus'r.) a kind of time.{as}.).. ({kan} Comm. of Kâma (q. {am} m.).3] {hnUtr}. or `" of great wantonness "')N. {ka}. 98). Sus'r. {cingere}. one of the divine women attending on the fifteenth Arhat (Jain. {kam} ind. O. Gk. (in mus. kanTha = throat kanti = brightness. [cf. (in mus. %{kaJcate} . (in mus. N. to shine Dha1tup. H. 138. {hnUta}]. 1. a lump. i. 98). $.3].v. ({kan} Comm.. a bulb MBh. %{kaJcitA} . $.. H. of a metre (of four lines of thirteen syllables each). knot Sus'r.. but apparently prolapsus uteri W. ({A}) f. on Un. n. the place where the three main nadis join kandaH = (m) root kanda* = {as}.v. ({I}) f.). %{cakaJce} . n. of a metre (of four lines of thirteen syllables each).) a particular Râga (q. the bulbous root of Amorphophallus Campanulatus L.). . knot Sus'r. but apparently prolapsus uteri W. {hnUta}]. $. membrum virile L. 9 [249. 9 . love. lust MBh. see {mAMsa-k-}. ({I}) f. a lump.. $. a bulbous or tuberous root. &c. BhP. N. &c. `" inflamer even of a god "' see 3. %{kakSa} . &c. swelling.) kandaasana = the upward ankle-twist posture kanduka = (m) a ball kandha = neck kanishhThikaa = (f) little finger kaniinikaa = (f) eyeball ka. lustre kanthaH = throated man . &77847[249. (etym. 9 [249. swelling. N. i.kañc * = cl. G. a kind of time. 5-2. 1. kandarpaH = Cupid kandarpa* = m. BhP.). vi . an affection of the female organ (considered as a fleshy excrescence. Sus'r. doubtful. Gk. O.. according to some fr. (fr.nchna = anyone (or someone) kanta * mfn.3]. iv. garlic L..nkana = bracelet ka. &77847[249. %{kac} and % {kAJc} . of a man Kathâs. 258. &c. on Un. see {mAMsa-k-}.] kanda* .. a bulbous or tuberous root. happy Pân.3] {hnUtr}. iv. the bulbous root of Amorphophallus Campanulatus L.

[{as} m. viii. Caus. N. Mn. [cf. the smallest (opposed to {uttama} and {madhyama}) Hcat. each of them containing four long syllables). marry Mn. to give one's daughter in marriage Mn. {cain}. i. of a people VarBriS. ix. ({A4}) f.. {tri-kaNTa}.nthaa = rags? ka. Zd. TS. Hib. &c. 111). Gk. ix). g. &c. smelling like a carcase S'Br. Sus'r.. learned by heart kaNThahaaraH = (m) necklace kuNapa * = n. MBh. S'Br.. kapaTika = cunning. a girl. N. {bahukaNTa}. &c.. of a metre (of four lines. 7 (cf. mouldering. ku4Napa-gandha4 * = m. a small bird (Maina or Salik cf. 302. pl.. (said contemptuously of) the living body BhP. of a tuberous plant growing in Kas'mîra Sus'r. undefiled. ({As}) m. R. ({I}) f.. 2. `" having dead testicles "'N. &c. {ardharcA7di}] a dead body. dung.nsya = bronze kaNikaapiitaa = a little droplet. "'] kanyaa4 * = f. {kainin}. see {kanyA4} below. (thought by some to be for original {karnta}. scheming kapaala = forehead kapaalaH = (m) human skull kapaalabhati = a process to clear the sinuses . the female of any animal Mriicch. corpse AV. N.h = (n) thorns kaNTha = throat kaNThaH = (m) throat.ka. kuNapA7zana * = mfn. the sign of the zodiac Virgo VarBri. Aloe Perfoliata L. {kRt}) a thorn BhP. a spear MBh. m. of Durgâ MBh. 8 ff. {viT-sArikA}). virgin. the boundary of a village L. ix. daughter RV.. drunk kaNTa * = m. neck kaNThabhuushhaa = (f) necklace kaNThasthiikaraNiiya = (adj) that which must be memorized.). [cf.. AV.nThe = in yhe neck ka. fr. ({kanyAM} {dA} or {pra-dA} or {prayam} or {upa-pad}. {kanyAM prati-grah} or {hR} or {vah}.nThaM = neck ka.N. ( {kan} Un. `" chaste.. kanya * mf({A})n. &c. $ $ $?] kaNTakam. to receive a girl in marriage.. kuNapANDya * = m. 3. and BriS. iii. iv. iv. 8115. several other plants L. the smell of a dead body S'Br.. eating dead bodies S'ak. ({kuNa4pa}) mfn. of a man.

.. the mind. &c. a measure (the breadth of twenty-four thumbs). 40.). {ISatkara}. {kintughna}. 3. 1) m. {valava}. on RPrât.. {catuSpada}. tax. moonbeam R. i. sunbeam. MBh.. rhythm. 13. deed RV.. on Pân. (in arithm. document. a field L. (in Gr. {su-k-}. karaM = the cause of karakushalavastuu = (n) handicraft. xii. Pañcat. ifc. (in mus. 154. causer.) the means or instrument by which an action is effected. 51. 92. {bhayaM-k-}. i. two being equal to a lunar day. promoting RV. time Kum. companion AV. i. &c. `" the doer "'. i. 3-1. 7) mf({I})n doing. an astrological division of the day (these Karanas are eleven. 3) mf({I}. the first seven are called {a-dhruvANi} or movable. {vaNija}. Pañcat. {antaH-karaNa}).. the hand RV. Kâd. 42. (ed. dove kapotaasana = the dove posture kapolaH = (m) cheek kara = Hand* * = 1 (for 2. tribute. an organ of sense or of speech VPrât. . 2446. accounts &c. x. 3. 18. {zakuni}. articulation. see p. xv. Megh.. the four others are {dhruvANi} or fixed. 119. surd root. on KâtyS'r. {sampat-k-}. royal revenue. m. xix. &c. cf. 57. &c. e. 116. {duS-k-}.g. MBh. 46. in this sense usually n.. helping. causing. &c. (in Gr. on VS. an act. clever. body Megh. APrât. the act of making. an astronomical one) VarBriS. iii. 6 MBh. x. pronunciation. making.) a sound or word as an independent part of speech. i.. ifc. or the son of a S'ûdra woman by a Vais'ya Yâjñ. 5. &c.) i. a ray of light. making. Comm. {kR}). 45. Yâjñ.. Comm. (cf. &c. doing. separated from its context Pân. a particular position of the fingers. a religious one) Yâjñ. 253. {viSTi}.. N. the space from the second half of the first day in the mooñs increase to the first half of the fourteenth day in its wane. Megh.kapaalnala = fire in the forehead (??? again perhaps wrong) kapi = monkey kapiH = (m) monkey kapidhvajaH = he whose flag was marked with Hanuman kapota = pigeon. and occupy the four half-days from the second half of the fourteenth day in the wane of the moon to the first half of the first day in its increase) VarBriS. Pañcat. ({karaNa} may be used in this way like {kAra} e. viii. i. &c. cf. causing (esp. 19. see p. effecting S'Br. &c. {karaNa-prayoga}). the act of doing. a doer. of a work belonging to the S'iva-dars'ana. symbolical expression for the number two. the special business of any tribe or caste L. 52. eight times repeated. the lunar mansion Hasta VarBriS. and fill.) a writer. a particular measure Comm. a calculation (esp. or the son of a Vais'ya woman by a Kshatriya MBh. duty Mn. {iti-karaNa} S'ânkhS'r. col. 95. hail L. scribe W. charm Kathâs. 67. Kum. cf. heart W. doing. the idea expressed by the instrumental case. a helper. 7. ii. 1-6. (with {sutA}) an adopted daughter R. instrumentality Pân. means of action S'vetUp.. {uSNaM-k-}.. Gorr. an elephant's trunk MBh. `" creator "') AV. {muSTi-k-}. col. m. {taitila}.. Lat..) Kâs'. toll.. cf. &c. 2 Mn. vi. &c. Kâs'. grain W. the occupation of this class is writing. Sus'r. 41 Pat.. PârGri. Yâjñ. a posture in sexual intercourse. (ifc. (very often ifc. 119.. kara = * 2 (for 1. ({I}) f. 4521. skilful RV. vi. 2.. and {nAga}. hand-made objects of art karaNaM = the means karaNa * = (once {karaNa4} RV. {virUpa-k-}). 1-4. viz. {kaulava}.. i. the side of a square S'ulbas. {vava}. of a treatise of Varâha-mihira on the motion of the planets. producing.g.) R. a woman of the above mixed tribe Yâjñ. ({kRR}). the claws of a crab Hit. 250 R. a man of a mixed class (the son of an outcast Kshatriya Mn.. effecting. {cerus}. 2. (1. 22.) a kind of time Kum. producing (esp. {duHkhakara}.. the posture of an ascetic. (in Gr... ({am}) n. bond Mn. &c. making &c. {antakaraNa}. 9. maker. {gara}. (cf. an action (esp.) a sound or word as an independent part of speech (or as separated from the context. a spell. Mn.. 254.). 2.. cause (= {kAraNa}). instrument.) a surd or irrational number.. rarely {A})n. (in law) an instrument.

(%{I}) f. a kind of rice Sus3r. of a Praja1pati (born from the shadow of Brahma1.. a kind of poisonous bulb. mire. N. 1561. kariyaadaH = (m) hippopotamus karishhyati = can do karishhyasi = perform karishhye = I shall execute karoti = does karomi = I do karosi = you do karau = hands (lower arms) karka = The Zodiacal sign Cancer . sin Comm. filth MBh.h = (n) palm karadiipaH = (m) torch. husband of Devahu1ti and father of Kapila) MBh. i. (Un2. Ya1jn5.. &c. shadow (in Veda according to BrahmaP.. (%{am}) n.. flesh L. Civet L. flashlight karabhoru = fair-limbed karalaM = terrible karavaala = sword karavaavahai = may we do karasthaaH = obtaining(literally standing) in his very hands karaaMshukam. slime. dirt.karaNaaya = to do karaNiiyaM = to be done karatalabhikshaa = alms in the palms karatalam. filthy Sus3r. dirty. iv.. a species of jasmine.) covered with mud or mire or dirt. shade.h = (n) full-sleeved shirt karaala = dreadful karaalaM = horrible karaalaani = terrible kardama * = m. on Un2.). of Pulaka (a son of Praja1pati) VP. 84) mud.. N.. (mfn. of a Na1ga MBh. Ragh. clay.

`" he leaves the wicked "') . obligation (frequently ifc. viz. when an undesired object is abandoned e. %{candraM@pazyati} . and %{gamana} . fate (as the certain consequence of acts in a previous life) Pan5cat.karkaTi = (f) cucumber karma = Action or activity (see karman) karma-bhaava = The 10th house of Careers and Work karmajaM = due to fruitive activities karmajaa = from fruitive work karmajaan. or of the form only e. . qq. `" he goes to the village "' . b. &c. `" he makes a mat "' [258. %{kaTaM@karoti} . [in passive construction] . action consisting in motion (as the third among the seven categories of the Nya1ya philosophy . Buddh. of these motions there are five . %{grAmaM@gacchati} . %{pazu-k-}] or a specification of the action [e. %{rAja-k-} . activity (as opposed to rest . RPra1t. . %{prazAnti}) Hit. %{prIti-k-}]) S3Br. performance . . work . any religious act or rite (as sacrifice . . action . (it is of four kinds . vv. %{zaurya-k-} . opposed to %{kartR} the subject) Pa1n2. xiv (or of action see %{karme7ndriya}) . special duty . % {putraM@prasUte} .g. esp. Ragh.) the object (it stands either in the acc. business RV. . %{prasAraNa} . Hit. 144) . %{avakSepaNa} . viz. when any desired object is attained e. [in active construction] . medical attendance Car. [in connection with a noun of action] .g. office .g. result . %{prApya} .) .) Bha1sha1p. %{vikArya} . 49 ff. when anything new is produced e. effect Mn. . %{kASThaM@bhasma@karoti} . &c. L. AV. &c. d. VS. . `" she bears a son "' . % {anIpsita} . % {karma-pAka} and %{-vipAka}) . %{vaNik-k-}] or the person or thing for or towards whom the action is performed [e. %{pApaM@tyajati} .h = work karmaphala = the result of an action karmaphalaM = the results of all activities karmaphalatyaagaH = renunciation of the results of fruitive action karmaphalaasangaM = attachment for fruitive results karmaphale = in fruitive action .g. a. . the tenth lunar mansion VarBr2S. act . . (in Gr. (cf. labour . `" he reduces fuel to ashes "' . physicking . product . as originating in the hope of future recompense and as opposed to speculative religion or knowledge of spirit) RV. calculation Su1ryas. karmaNaH = than fruitive action karmaNaa = by work karmaNaaM = of prescribed duties karmaNi = in action karman. 1-4 . when change is implied either of the substance and form e. MBh. oblation &c. Tarkas.3] . . . iv . or in the nom. occupation . AV. organ of sense S3Br. c. % {nirvartya} . (%{A} m.g. &c.g. xii . S3Br. Mn. Bhartr2. or in the gen. `" he fashions gold into an ear-ring "' . %{ut-kSepaNa} . % {suvarNaM@kuNDalaM@karoti} . the first member of the compound being either the person who performs the action [e. (%{kR} Un2. %{A-kuJcana} . 98 Sus3r. `" he sees the moon "' .g. former act as leading to inevitable results .h = born of work karman * = %{a} n.g. &c.

the hands or feet karmendriyaaNi = the five working sense organs karmendriyaiH = by the active sense organs karNa = ear. e.karmabandhaM = bondage of reaction karmabandhanaH = bondage by work karmabhiH = from the bondage of the law of fruitive actions karmayoga = unselfish actions karmayogaM = devotion karmayogaH = work in devotion karmayogeNa = by the linking process of devotion karmasa.h = in comparison to the renunciation of fruitive work karmasanginaaM = who are attached to fruitive work karmasangishhu = in the association of those engaged in fruitive activities karmasangena = by association with fruitive activity karmasu = in all activities karmaaNaM = the fruits of actions karmaaNaaM = whose work karmaaNi = deeds karmibhyaH = than the fruitive workers karmendriya = an action organ.nnyaasaat. also KarNa from Mahabharata karNaM = Karna karNaH = Karna karNapiDaasana = the ear-press posture karNikaara = Himalayan tree karNebhiH = through the ears karpura = camphor .g.

agriculture Âp. to pull karshhayantaH = tormenting karzita* = mfn. &c. Sus'r. &c. a boat L. `" one who ploughs "'. ({as}. ({kRz}). causing emaciation Car. xiii. husbandman DivyA7v.. n. rendering lean. Kum.karshha = attracted. kartayati = to cut kartarii = (f) scissors kartavya = should be done kartavyaM = prescribed duty kartavyaani = should be done as duty kartaa = doer.. turmeric plant L. dragging Pân. see {gomayak-}. 217. in common use 8 Rettis are given to the Mâsha. (with and without {halasya}) ploughing. thin R. karzana* = mfn. VarBriS. troubling..v. {am}) m. the act of drawing.. kaarsha * = m. karzya* = m.) L. 1]. 6307 (cf. a weight of gold or silver (= 16 Mâshas = 80 Rettis = 1/4 Pala = 1/400 of a Tulâ = about 176 grains troy. emaciated. the act of rendering lean. attenuating. ({am}) n. g. also attributed to main person in a household kartaa. contacted karsha * =m. karshhaka = farmer karshhati = (1 pp) to draw. `" anything scratched off "' see {kSAma-karSa-mizra4}. causing emaciation Sus'r. a peasant. Terminalia Bellerica (also called {akSa} q. {chattrA7di}). and the Karsha is then about 280 grains troy) Sus'r. [260. Yâjñ. ({I}) f. {karSaNa}). hurting MBh.asi = are the doer kartaaraM = the father kartuM = to perform kartritvaM = proprietorship kartritve = in the matter of creation kartumarhasi = kartuM + arhasi:to do + deserve (You are entitled or you should)karuNaH = kindly karuNaa = the sentiment of sorrow . Ragh. ii. ({kRS}). ({kRS}.

v. pain. grievous. Pañcat. &c. pusillanimity MBh. weariness. impure Dhûrtas.. i. forced. 4-3.). (cf. 188.. 19) a whip RV. mournful. holy work RV. (abl. &c. BhP.karuNa * mf({A})n. ({am}) n. kasmaat* = ind. ah! woe! aIas! MBh... a species of rodent animal VS. Pañcat. AV. painful Sus'r. Das'. a whip. xiii. {ka4} AV. 26. 7-2. 100. boding evil Comm. 2. i. Pañcat. uneasiness. of a man "' see {kASTAyana}. of an Asura Hariv. fr. 47). dangerous (= {kRcchra}) Pân.) kas'aa* = f. ix. i. vii. pernicious. xii. S'ak. Pañcat.) where from? whence? why? wherefore? MBh. on Pân. {kaSTena} or {kaSTAt}. MBh. one of the Rasas or sentiments of a poem. sin L. the sentiment of compassion (cf. n.. (Naigh. `" causing pity or compassion "'. 6. N. or {I})n. (cf. &c. quality L. on Pân. {kazIkA4}). Ragh. 16. 3].).h = why kasmala* = for {kazmala} q. 7-2. wrong. inquietude (mental or bodily) R. f. (1. who+yourkasmaat. xii. mournfully. difficult. lamenting MBh. or {kaSTataram}. bridle S'is'.. with great difficulty Pañcat. m. {am}) m. . the pathetic sentiment Sâh. toil. in distress MBh. {kaSAya}). [266. compassion BhP. (also written {kaSA} R. {kaSTAtkaSTam}. {A}) consternation. of a preceptor Kâs'.). flogging W. MBh.. 7 AV. pity. 22 Nal. a bad state of things. 106 (v. karuNaakara. mouth L. [255. ill. R. 6-2.. compassionate BhP. 3-2. R. troublesome Mn. bad R. &c.. evil. wofully. kas'aaya* = m. BhP. 186 and 210. TS. trouble. 53. of a people BhP. N. {prakaza4}). {kRR} Un. labour. &c.. despair MBh. ({as}. &c.. {akasmAt}. bodily exertion. misery. ii.. evil. above) L. iii. hardship. Bomb..N. iii. timid. impurity.) kas'mala * =mf({A}. Sus'r. 47 TS. pusillanimous. Vet. a rein. Mriicch. worst Mn.. kasheruH = (m) spine. ({I}) f. spinal chord kashchana = cerain kashchit. (ed. R. S'ak. kasmai = to `Ka' kashtha* = mfn.h = someone kashmalaM = dirtiness kashhaaya = (m) astringent kaste = kaH+te. ({am}) ind. vii. &c. difficulty. but in some of its meanings fr. suffering. severe. inaccessible (= {gahana}) Pân. on Pân. worse than the worst. ({am}) ind. 22. one of the four Brahma-vihâras (Buddh. dirt. stupefaction. injurious Sus'r.p.\\kas'aa* = &c.. an action. S'Br. 1. faintheartedness. miserable Mn. Citrus Decumana L. 50 and 51. rope. a Buddha L. of {kaS} Pân. weakness. (cf. 111 Kâs'. Kathâs. thong MBh. 29 Bhartri. ({A}) f. miserable. unnatural.l.. wretchedness. fatigue.. `" N. ({am}) n. an exclamation of grief or sorrow.. ({As}) m. a string. a particular plant L. (ifc. 22 Vop.. dejection of mind. 11 Nir.. thong L. foul.. wrong Mn. m. Hit. a particular tone (in mus.. 3. (perhaps p.n = the one induces compassion karuNaarNavaM = the ocean of `karuna' (compassion) kashaa = (f) a whip kas'a* = m. pl. (in rhetoric) offending the ear Vâm. 78 Yâjñ. {kR}). ({am}) n. face. 7-2. &c. R. pitifully. noxious. dirty.. whipping.1]. 1. strain. filth Subh. see {kaz}.

screen. 1. In the sense of `" several "'. to which of these two?) . for several or some days). 236) . cf. `" some "'. (superlative of 2.g. `" excessively good-looking "' (cf. confused. to rain.3] . Gk. agitated.g.g. %{katamaH@kaThaH} . much or often praised) RV. hence it may occasionally be used for `" who or which of two? "' (e.] \\kati * 2 (for 1.g. {kaTati}. (e. &c. %{at} mfn. N. shrinking. how many gods? {kati vyApAdayati kati vA tADayati}.) kathaH = (m) carpet kathaaksha = glance kathi = hip kathiH = waist kathikaasana = the front-stretching posture kathivastram. when followed by %{ca} and preceded %{yatama} an indefinite expression is formed equivalent to `" any whosoever "' . cowardly. 1.h = which kath* = 1 cl. {cakATa}. how many? {quot}? several (e. `" any whatsoever "' . voc. it is often a mere strengthened substitute for %{ka} . \\2 cl. [cf. {ka} declined in pl. %{yatamad@eva@katamac@ca@vidyAt} he may know anything whatsoever). the hip. P. none at all (e. perplexed. and acc. %{katamena@pathA@yAtAs@te} . for 2. all the cases except the nom. 3.g. in addition to the above uses % {katama} is said to mean `" best "' . {katicit stutaH}. it may be used as an adverb with {cid} in the sense of `" oftentimes "'. 33. embarrassed. ix. which Kat2ha out of many?) . disheartened. katama * = %{as} . only. of a sage (son of Vis'vâ-mitra and ancestor of Kâtyâyana) Hariv. {cat}. 227 {a}. lecher katarat. frightened. {I} f. cover. see above) m. to go Dhâtup. it may optionally be compounded with the word to which it refers (e. {kati} is generally followed by {cid} or {api} (e. {kati devAH}. timid.g. `" much "'. faint-hearted. {kad} above). %{ka} . 3] Lat. Lat. Gram. % {na@katamaccanA7haH} . declined as a pronom. .g. in many ways "' (e. {kaTitA}.h = anyone's kat * =(in comp.kasya = whose kasyachit.g. {katicid ahAni}. $. by which road have they gone?) . &c. {tati} and &76993[246. 6 (cf. . or %{katama-kaThaH} . katara* = who or which of many kaatara = uncertain as to which of the two. afraid o kataara* = libidinous man. &c. {kaTati} or {kaNTati}. %{tayoH@katamasmai} .h = (n) underwear kathii = waist kathi * = * {is}. who or which of many? (e. to surround. ix. {tot}. whereas the correlative {iti} has become fixed as an indeclinable adverb). not even on a single day . the superlative affix imparting emphasis . {caiti}. some he kills and some he strikes). {quot}. &c. discouraged. 2. P. %{ka}) RV. In negative sentences %{katama} with %{cana} or %{katama} with %{api} = not even one . to divide Dhâtup. Zd. Sk. buttock kati * = 1 (fr. taking terminations. %{A} . to encompass.. on no day at all) [246. Gram. despairing.

3) f. pl. N.. a pupil or follower of Kathha (esp. 3. &c. the act of telling. for {katha4m} Pân.. kathha* = 2 m. see col. does Indra hear? RV. kaaththha* = mf({I})n.). speech.v. talk. m. how much more many? Kathâs. kathaa* = (for 2. narration. 1. to tell kathayate = (10 up) to narrate. talking together Âs'vGri. m. and sometimes with {prati}).. AV. Bhartri. Story (personified) Kathâs. informing Sus'r. {i4ndraH}. of a sage (a pupil of Vais'ampâyana and founder of a branch of the Yajur-veda. iv. on Pân.. 7).kathu = (m) pungent. 53 a). (Ved. {am} n. see col. or more commonly with loc.g.\\2 (for 1. tale. {eko 'pi kRcchrAd varteta bhUyasAM tu kathai9va kA}. conversation. 16 TS. 123. &c kathanta = howness kathaya = describe kathayataH = speaking kathayati = (10 up) to narrate. even one person would live with difficulty. telling. what should one say of many? i. in any way whatsoever S'Br. iv. 1. disputation Sarvad. viii.. stone L. (in log. what should one say of? how should one speak of? e. sometimes merely a particle of interrogation (e. ii.. ({am}) n. Pañcat... whether-or? TS. iv).e. MBh. talkative W. 26) how? whence? why? RV. fable MBh. 5-3. &c. what necessity for fitting the arrow? S'ak. a feigned story. proceeding from or composed by Kathha Pân. 107 Kâs'. Hit. mention. distress (?). ({kA kathA} [with gen.h = to tell kathaM = tell kathana * mfn. hot kathhina = tough katipaya = Some kath. a female pupil or follower of Kathha Comm.).. Mn. the wife of a Brâhman L. {kathA4 zRNoti}. what mention of fitting the arrow? i. called after him) MBh.g.) discussion. kathaamrita = Gospel kathaamritaM = Gospel . R. 4-3. 1) ind. tale (as one. ({yathA4 kathA4 ca}. &c. see s. 567 Kâvya7d. {kA kathA bANa-saMdhAne}. 6. 23. a Brâhman L. to tell kathayantaH = talking kathayishhyanti = will speak kathayishhyaami = I shall speak kathaa = story kathha* = 1 (for 2. {kathA4-kathA4}. a rock.. ({I}) f. &c. of the species of poetical composition) Sâh. relating.e. story..

m. of a Nâga (these beings are supposed to eat human flesh) kaunteya = O son of Kunti kaunteyaH = the son of Kunti kaupiina = slenderloin cloth that covers genitals kaumaaraM = boyhood kaumaarya = childhood kaumudii = (f) moonlight kaushalaM = art kausalyeyo = kausalyA's (son) kaustubha = one of Vishnu's jewels* = {as}. 26. interest in anything. sport. of wk. 49. praising MBh. song. m. {kut-}. or in comp. {A}) &c. Ragh. Sus'r.. as a relaxation W. 223. out of curiosity or interest Kathâs. ({am}) n. `" feeding upon corpses "'. season of enjoyment L. Hariv.. kautuka * n. pleasure. dance.. (fr.). Jyot. prosperity BhP. Hit.. interest in anything. curiosity. happiness. gaiety. kautUhala * = n. 37 Sch. ii. 48. {yuvA7di}). 19. the ceremony with the marriage-thread or necklace preceding a marriage) Kum. of nine particular substances Hcat. any unusual phenomenon Megh. pastime L. kautuka = (neut) curiosity. i.. 10. g. BhP. boasting. the marriagethread or necklace Kathâs. a wash for cleansing the mouth.) MBh. Vet. eagerness kauNapa * =. of a celebrated jewel (obtained with thirteen other precious things at the churning of the ocean and suspended on the breast of Kriishna or Vishnu) MBh. ({am}) n. a morsel MBh. g. the act of boasting MBh. li. eagerness.. R.. a kind of fish (commonly Baliya) L. 110. solemn ceremony (esp. spectacle L. (ifc. R. civility L. R. wonder Pañcat. Das'. 8. {am} m. ind. kavaliikrita = (adj) swallowed . Bhartri. Kathâs. kind or friendly greeting. id. Kathâs.. &c. ({At}) abl. f... kavayaH = the intelligent kavayitrii = (f) poetess kavala: ) a mouthful (as of water &c.. festivity.. R. i. 17. {kust-})N. Mn. a kind of oil ({sarSapo7dbhava}) KâtyS'r.. any singular or surprising object. on Bhathth. R. N. %{yuvA7di}). (cf.. a manner of joining the fingers Tantras.. show. Comm. anything causing curiosity or admiration or interest. (fr. or acc. or inf. festival. curiosity. i. a Râkshasa or goblin. vehemence impatience Pañcat. N. vehement desire for (loc. 7918 DivyA7v.kathita = told katthana * = mfn. for amusement. i. with % {prati}. i.. public diversion L. show. anything causing curiosity. %{kut-}. coming from corpses.. &c. = {kiMtughna} AV. vehement desire for (loc. ({A}) f. a festival MBh.. N...). Bhartri. n. gargle Sus'r. &c.

of S'iva as worshipped in the Hima7laya. 26. N. 8. a basin for water round the root of a tree L. ({is}) f. a lecturer L. 4-1. [cf.. &c. iv. (Pân. intermingled. sourness. N. 357 Mriicch.. kedaara * = m. L.. S'is'. 5) RV. m. bow well down the haughtiness of everyone RV. viii.. a bed in a garden or field W. Zd.. 15. 427 NandiP. Armen.. {ui}. 42) the plant Ocimum gratissimum L. ({am}) n.. {I}) m. 129. every one (e. pastime.g.] kayaa *=in what manner? ke = who kechit. 8159. 19. every one. (3. salt L. acidity L. plain. xviii. N. Gît. ({am}) n. amusement Mn. 27.({A})n. with. {ni4 SU4 namA74timatiM ka4yasya cit}. 5. ({I}) f. for 2. {mataGgasya k-}. Traditionally a sign of great misery and mental instability kes'a = hair . only gen.h = by somebody kendre = (adv) at the centre kemadruma = No planet flanking the Moon sign.. according to a Sch. of a Râga (in music).] \\ ka4ya* = (Ved. variegated S'is'.. {ku} Un. kena = by what kenachit.kavara * = mf. Sâh. disguise. ({I}) f.) a field or meadow. (in the Hima7laya) S'ivaP. amorous sport. ix. `" Kapila's field "'N. fillet of hair BhP. of a Tîrtha MBh. &c. 4 Sch. the earth L. of a plant L. v. part of the Hima7laya mountains W. ({A}) f. (n. (Sch. area KâtyS'r. `" Matanga's field "'.. {ka}. f. iii. R. 4-1. of a Tîrtha MatsyaP. of a Linga ib. N. vi. m. Armen. {kaya}. keli * = play.. 154) mixed. Zd.) MBh. another Tîrtha. kavi = poet kaviM = the one who knows everything kaviH = poet kavitaa = poetry kavitaashaakhaaM = the poetry-branch (of a tree) kaviinaaM = of all great thinkers kavya = poetry kaya *= only gen. concealment Gal. 38 & 44 MBh. on Pân. iv.. of a Râginî. i. 25. 6042 ff. = {kekara} L..) a braid. especially one under water Mn.. bow well down the haughtiness of everyone [cf. {kaya}. also n. N. id. sg. {kapilasya k-}. of a particular constellation VarBri. of the author of a work entitled Abdhi. L.h = some of them kedara * = mfn. sport. Acacia arabica or another plant Npr. ({as}. with {cid}).. sg... i. 42 Vop.. {ui}. of a mountain country (the modern Kedâr. viii.

and Mesua ferrea MBh.. 26. Vikr. a variety of Moringa with red .. kesaravat * = ({ke4s-}) mfn. {am}) mf. ({A}) f. (?). of Vishnu or Kriishna MBh. f. known by his hair. kes'a-cUDa * =mfn.. Bhartri. ({I}) m. of a town Vâsant. gold L. 2] kes'adhara * ={As} m. 2-2. xiii. the root of the hair g. KâtyS'r. the plants Rottleria tinctoria. of a mountain MBh. id. `" hairground "'.. kes'avasya = of KRishhNa keshinishuudana = O killer of the Kesi demon keshhu = in which kesara* = n. Angl. Asa foetida L. N... kes'abhUmi * =f. of an aquatic bird Car. of the father of Govinda and Rucikara. (Pân. &c. sulphate of iron L. {hair}. m. a horse TBr. Sax. Pañcat. or n. m. Sus'r. S'ak. [310. &c. Sus' kes'ava * mfn. (in classical literature usually {kezara}) m. 26. N. ({am}) n. Megh. {Haar}.. Lalit. 23 S'Br. i.. {A}).. &c. the hair (of the brow) VS. m. ({am}) n. Sus'r.. of the author of the Dvaita-paris'ishtha. the skull on which hair grows Jain. one who has dressed his hair in a top-knot Pân. Sch. 11. the filament of a lotus or of any vegetable R. R. saffron L. Hariv. of a metre (of 4 x 18 syllables). n.. ({as} L. 5042 R.. Kum. tuft MBh. a citron tree L. n. {karNA7di}. ({as}. kes'apaas'a * = m. N. of the son of Vis'va-dhara and brother of Kari-nâtha. Lat. ({I}) f. kes'abhU* =f. kes'a-jAha * =n. 13 Pat. the plant Mesua ferrea L. &c. xiv. 14. the flower of those plants L. vi. having a mane MBh. having a mane S'Br. (hence) of the month Mârgas'îrsha VarBriS. i. viii. Mimusops Elengi. &c. the tail of the Bos grunniens (used as a fan for driving away flies) L. kes'acaitya * =n. 23. of the father of Vopadeva. `" destroying the hair "'. 24 Vârtt. 1]. of a village Kshiti7s'. ke4sara-pura * = n. vi. kesaravarNaH = orange colour kesarin * = mfn. kes'a-caNa * =mfn. Rottleria tinctoria L. Eng. N. falling of the hair L. 5-2. ({kes-}). Riitus. N. of a people VarBriS. {eoesaries}.. of the author of a lexicon called Kalpa-dru. S'ak. much or ornamented hair.. ({am}) n.] ke4sara-grAma * = m. of the father of Brâhma and uncle of Mahes'vara. a lock of hair hanging down from the top of the head L. [311. the mane (of a horse or lion) R. {am}) m. Kum. 109) having long or much or handsome hair AV. head L. {haer}... xix. pl. morbid baldness. Germ. KâtyS'r. 5-2. 27. of a Caitya W. N. 91. the plant Rottleria tinctoria L.N. {A}. N..kes'aghna * = n. N. having fine hair Pân. cv. a fibre (as of a Mango fruit) Sus'r. 6.. (ifc. ke4sara-vara * = n. [cf. iii. a lion MBh.

AV. as the body of the demon Sainhikeya [son of Sinhikâ] which was severed from the head or Râhu by Vishnu at the churning of the ocean.) Mn. a class of spirits (a kind of sacrificial fire is called after them {AruNaketuka} q.. the highest possible knowledge (= {kevala-jJAna}) Jain. torn . clearness. 3 AV. iii. 10. S'riingâr. decidedly L. the dragoñs tail or descending node (considered in astron. `" the whole of a philosophical system "' see {pAzaka-k-}. falling star AdbhBr. kevalaM = (adv) merely kevalaiH = purified keyuura = armlet (bracelet worn on upper arm) kha = sky. lxx. N. &c. 9 S3a1n3khS3r. cavern . The Dragoñs tail in English ketu * = m.l. 921 . ii. pond S3Br..l. Pan5cat. ({am}) n.) AV. of a locality (v. but was rendered immortal by having tasted the Amriita) Hariv. (Naigh. see Pân. N. pure * = m.. xi. Vâjya) VBr. an excavation . &c. an enemy L. envious L.. for {-lA} q. tumbler Gal. of a monkey (husband of the mother of Hanumat) MBh. BhP. and in mythol. 7. S3Br.. N. 49) exclusively one's own (not common to others) RV. wholly. torch ib. intellect.. (with the patr. moat . leader. simple. entirely. ({I}) f.v. `" rays of light "') RV. .but not. rent W. iv. brightness (often pl. PârGri. the doctrine of the absolute unity of spirit. v. absolute [310. 23) a ditch . AV. 1 f. .. x. khaM = ether khaga = one traversing in the sky. MBh. not connected with anything else. 2-1. of a son of Agni (author of RV. N. Hcar. judgment. 30.1]. any unusual or striking phenomenon. `" red apparitions "'. &c. x. 4 AV. (in comp. {-lI}). 10 (v. vi. entire.. ix. of a locality MBh.. lamp. 12. Râjat. 34. uncompounded. and 7 TÂr. &c. . abstract.{api}. kevala = whole. of a mountain VP. id.). (cf. %{sUcI-kh-}. iii. 18 Ragh. day-time S'ânkhBr. 1. buried MBh. 4-1. (Pa1n2.l. only . 11193 R. S'Br. merely. 9) f. of a Dânava Hariv.. of a son (of Riishabha BhP. of a country (v. ii. {cit}). disease L. kesava = O killer of the demon Kesi (KRishhNa) ketakii = a fragrant flower ketuu = The south Lunar Node also known as Cauda Draconis in latin. %{sama-kh-} . one. 3 . 198. meteor. mark. 4 . excluding others RV.. i . MBh. Pân. N. 9) apparition. alone. ({am}) ind. &c. MBh. sole. form. m. fosse . 156) RAnukr. pl. well . {e} RV. %{deva-kh-} . VS.)3 khaatha * = m. Mn. unmingled S'Br. an artificial pond L. 2.. {kerala}) MBh. xii. ix . aakaasha khaata* = mfn. but Kâd. (%{I}) f. only. . 33 BhP. 3089 . (Naigh. iii &c. ensign. (= {nirNItam}) certainly. m. ({iNI}) f. `" a pigmy race "' see {-gaNa} below. excavated RV. 66. flag. &c. a name of Sun.. discernment (?) RV. digging a hole W.. all Mn. &c. {aruNA4H keta4vaH}.. only. not only-but also Ragh. a lioness Kathâs. Das'. whole. cot or bedstead on which dead bodies are conveyed to the pyre L. L.. absolutely R. 3 . flame. R. (= %{khaTTi}) a bier . banner RV. x.. x.. VP. of a prince BhP. 27). {kevalam-na tu}. 51.. Gal. ({I} RV. 'khah' meaning sky .. N.. 254. (nom. 26. 10.. (fr.. 42) dug . comet. 6-4 . %{viSama-kh-} . v. iii. 102. eminent person RV. a chief.. of the 4th Manu. 2. iv . iii . N. digged into the earth . pure. 30)n. (= {kelaka}) a dancer. N... 73. 4259 R. 4.v. 50 . 6 AV. 87. bright appearance. &c. . isolated. i. (%{A}) f. {A} Mn. AV. sign. id. 9.. viii. 23. TS. a ditch Hcat. 28.. shape RV. of a prince Lalit. 38 VarBriS. MBh. . mere. 4. AV. (%{A}) (= {rakta-zigru}) L. as the 9th planet. also birds khagaH = bird (literally the sky-goer. BhP. selfish. ({A}) f. n. dug up . VP.. solely ({na kevalam} . xiii .

of a daughter of Raudra7s'va Hariv. place.. khalayoga = The Yoga of a swindler or confidence trickster khalu = (indec. 20.. of a king of the solar line MBh. 37. 70). sediment or dregs of oil Pañcat. N. ii. site L. ii. * (n. 53. Hariv. 98. 19.. now then. the thorn-apple L. {-dhAra} m. iv. now further RV. by no means. N. &c.. m. {kh.. {atqui} TBr.vai4}. baldness khathvaanga* = ({-vA7G}) m.) indeed * =ind. 5 [also {-tam}] Pân. (as a particle in syllogistic speech) but now.. S'Br. (= {khaDa}) butter-milk boiled with acid vegetables and spices Sus'r. contest. {na khalu}. i. it is frequently combined with other particles. 3-4. 2109 VP. lame khaDga = sword khaDgii = with sword khaNDa = (masc. g. VâyuP. id. 18 S'is'. injuring. thus {a4tha kh-}. N. x.e. of an attendant in the retinue of Devî.l. S'ânkhS'r. Mâlatîm. (= Dilîpa) Hariv. in later Sanskriit {khalu} frequently does little more than lay stress on the word by which it is preceded. &c. and is sometimes merely expletive. the back-bone Gal. and inquiry L.. x. soil L.. of a river Hariv. 5329.. TBr. granary RV. not at all. [{khalu} is only exceptionally found at the beginning of a phrase. . Nir. &c. 7 AV. VarBriS. {vai4 kh-}. 48.. {ardharcA7di}) a threshing-floor. truly R. or of endearment. Pañcat. 808 and BhP. `" a club shaped like the foot of a bedstead "' i. ix. i. sediment or deposit of oil Car.. N. indeed not R. a mischievous man Mriicch.. &c. {u kh-}. v. verily. certainly. = now then. &c. ii.h = astronomy khangaH = (m) sword khangamrigaH = (m) rhinoceros khaJNjaH = (m) a handicapped person.] khalvaaTaH = (m) pate. p. cut into pieces. battle Naigh.. mould.. of a plant Gal. ({I}) f. conciliation.. 14 TS. `" desist from doing that "'] Nir. a club or staff with a skull at the top (considered as the weapon of S'iva and carried by ascetics and Yogins) Gaut. the sun L. (as a continuative particle) now... xi. N.khagolashaastram. now further TS. ii. &c. BhP. vi. wood from a funeral pile W.. a mischievous woman Amar.. S'Br. 122. `" staff-bearer "'N. earth. ii. {khaTvA7Ggada}) BhP. n. hurting khaNDapiTaasana = the ankle-twist posture khaNDayati = to grate (as in grating a coconut) khaNDashaskritaH = made into pieces khanati = (1 up) to dig khara = sharp kharadhva. [{khalu kRtvA}. neut) piece khaNDana = to pound. Cân. of a plant ib. m. of S'iva BhP. S'ak. 4 Kathâs. (as a particle of asseveration) indeed. 34. &c. ({I}) f. (v. it is also a particle of prohibition (in which case it may be joined with the ind. = Lat.nsii = he who smashed (killed) khara (a Râkshasa) khala = rouge. {-dhara} m. ({A}) f. i. Bhartri. Xanthochymus pictorius ({tamAla}) L.

an ant-hill L. (%{am}) n. = %{bandha} Comm. peg . N. . N.. sweetmeats MBh. f. .. pain. 135. {ki4yat}. N. of S'iva L. on Vârtt. . . . &c. the moon. n. Introd.) for %{kheTa}.10680. (= %{kIna}) . &c. sugarplums. {ku}. 8. {kis}. post in a cowhouse to which cows are fastened . 77. of the inner syllables of a Mantra Ra1matUp. pin L. 8. a minute particle L. i. flame . of a locality Ra1jat. kiila * = m. x. 3 TÂr. Hariv.. . lambent flame L. ({khe4dA}) f. depression R. 3. {am} m. {kI4vat}. N. in the words {ki4m}. a village Jain. affliction. of a locality Râjat. 135. a post . (%{A}) f. {kI-dR4z}. pentinent. bearing the weapons called {kh-} and {zUla} Hcat. 116. pillar L. stake . khaadat. . 72. %{A}) . . N. 4171. {kI-dRza}. a kind of tumour (having the form of a stake) Sus3r. brace Sus3r. D. distress Pan5cat. an instrument for splitting (belonging to Indra) RV. on Va1rtt. \\ki* = m. a position of the foetus impeding delivery Sus3r. distress Pañcat. %{azvA7di} Ka1s3. N. sexual passion Pat. {-nAmikA} f. sugar-candy. depression R. a minute particle L. name of Indra khinna = sad khe = in the sky khecharii = mudra where the tongue is inserted in the upper cavity kheda * = m. an instrument for splitting (belonging to Indra) RV. wedge . BhP. 4. {zUlin} mfn. fame khrista = Christ khristaabde = A. of a forest in Kuru-kshetra (sacred to Indra and burnt by the god of fire aided by Arjuna and Kriishna MBh. exhaustion. . bolt . one who bears the {khaTvA7Gga} staff Mn. {cike4ti}. MBh. pin . 15. a blow with the elbow (= %{kilA}) L. ii. lassitude. the elbow L. 1. 116. . . i. ({t}) m. a stake . xiii R. 3. pain. . 72. N. n. 8 Kathâs. 105 Sch. 77. a gnomon L. {-vana} n.. calendar year khristi = Christian ki* = 2 cl. the elbow VP. kheDa * = (g. {ka4} and 1.. of a town built by Sudars'ana L. like 2. (%{khe4dA}) f. xi. 3. vii. . a blow with the elbow (or `" a blow in copulation "') Va1tsya1y. ii . &c. . a weapon L. xxv. affliction. viii. %{gandha-kh-}.. sexual passion Pat. lassitude. P. 4. x. khyaata = famous khyaatii = an outlook of knowledge. of Vi7ta-ra1ga Mahe7s3a (= %{kIle7zvara}) . on VS. exhaustion. flesh Gal. khANDava * = {as}. ii. a sharp piece of wood . handle . (ifc. see {ci}. 1.. Introd. {kI-dRkSa}. . 34 . \\ 1 a pronominal base. {-bhRt} mfn. . flame L. (cf.) TândyaBr. &c. `" named after the {khaTvA7Gga} "'N.) khethaH = (m) shield kheda = sorrow * = kheda m... of a forest Hariv. . N. . a weapon L. &c.h = one who eats khaadati = (1 pp) to eat khidira: * a pauper. &c. of a plant (resembling Plectranthus) L. an ascetic. . ({I}) f. viii.

a kind of tumour (having the form of a stake) Sus'r. R. L. and `" reason. a weapon L.. N. 2] kilaatha * =m.. trifling L. N. (or of explanation) namely S'Br. peg.kiilaa4la * =m. 14 Pañcat. to rub themselves against..) a worm. Bhpr. of certain Ketus ib.. iv. {A} Hcat.. = {bandha} Comm. 7. N. (= {kIna}).h = to tell kilakila * = m. flame. flesh Gal. VS. ii. ({A}) f... a kind of tumour (having the form of a pin) L. wedge Pañcat.) an expression of contempt (cf. of the forty-second year of the sixty years "' cycle of Jupiter VarBriS. (cf. pin L. a blow with the elbow (or `" a blow in copulation "') Vâtsyây. {kilAda}) Sus'r.... xii. lambent flame L. kiilaka * =m. a worm. of a man Pravar. (ifc. kiirtayantaH = chanting kiirtiM = reputation kiirtiH = fame kiirtii = fame kiitha* = m. a splint (for confining a broken bone) Sus'r. Hcat. and may imply `" probably "'. ({I}) f.. pillar L. according to native lexicographers {kila} may be used in communicating intelligence. id. a blow with the elbow (= {kilA}) L. (a particle of asseveration or emphasis) indeed. to raise sounds expressing joy Bhathth. Â. lxxxix. {-yate}.. wedge. Bâlar.. give a shriek Kârand. &c. a minute particle L. AV.. f. kiidrishii = how kiila * = m. a pin. `" so said "' `" so reported "'. Mcar. `" possibly "'. flesh L. &c. play. of S'iva MBh. ({I}) f. N. on VS. Kaus'. and occurs very rarely at the beginning of a sentence or verse [R. {zUra-k-}) Mcar. `" falsehood "'. &c. Naigh.. id.. xiv Âs'vS'r. (an onomatopoetic word). staking. ({am}) n. pin.. a weapon L. pl. 102 Kârand.N. handle. brace Sus'r.N. of a Yavana tribe VP. bolt. pl.. to cry. N. bolt Pañcat. (cf. kilbishaM = sinful reactions . of Vi7ta-râga Mahe7s'a (= {kIle7zvara}). a gnomon L... bolt.l. ({A}) f. water L. ({a4m}) n. {kIra}.. blood Prab. 34. {kilikila}).... verily. the elbow L. the elbow VP. insect S'Br. (v. `" agreement "'.. "') kila * =3 m... a position of the foetus impeding delivery Sus'r. [284. ({As}) m. {A}). a pin. id. {-yati}. ({am}) n.. a sharp piece of wood. assuredly RV. \\2 ind. insect L. f. kila * =1 m. Kâd. flame L. vii. the food of the gods) AV. (= {zivaka}) a kind of pillar for cows &c. pretendedly VarBriS.. &c. MBh.. ({As}) m. (ifc. [285.. or the expression of joy by any sound or cry MBh. P. 14. a stake. the scorpion in the zodiac VarBriS. kiilana * =n. 3]. (ifc.. N. (= {kiTTa}) feces L.. or one to which they are tied L. a minute particle L.. inspissated milk Hariv. sounds or cries expressing joy. Hit. stake. a sweet beverage (also a heavenly drink similar to Amriita. `" inaccuracy "'. ({am}) n. L. ii. 10365.) kiirt. kiina* = n. of the inner syllables of a Mantra. ({kila} is preceded by the word on which it lays stress. &c. a post. ({ikA}) f. kilakilaaya * =Nom. post in a cow-house to which cows are fastened. of the inner syllables of a Mantra RâmatUp... 4]. fastening. `" dislike "'.

Kathâs. 6.. (with a negation) in no way.. an insect found in wood L. Bhartri. kiikatha * = m. v... (cf.. vi. still further S'ak. why? Kathâs. 44). a corn.. 6132. niggard MBh. R. a kind of Râkshasa L. {uta4}.. ({kliz} Un. xxx. {atha kim} see {a4tha}... moreover. for {ki4m}). xxvi. or (often a mere particle of interrogation).g.. a bad king Pân. kiM* = 1 (in comp. {kiM-tu}. how then? but. ix. why? S'ak. {kiM vyAdhA vane 'smin saMcaranti}. somewhat. poor L. cicatrix Bhpr.. &c. of a son of Riishabha BhP. {kiM-cana} (originally {-ca na}.: Hcar. 3-3. {mA4-kIm}.. pl. {kiM-nu}. a little Kathâs. he reads badly Pân. R. to a considerable extent. a scar. what more (expressing impatience) S'ak. of a son of Sankatha BhP. 70). {kiM tarhi}. &c. &c. Bhag.. &c. 4. {kim punar}. xvi. see {A4-kIm}. whether-or-or R. MBh.. S'Br..) kiim* = ind. i. generally retains its accent after {kim} Pân. {kim iti}. however Bâlar. N. 2-2. &c. a little MBh.. of a people not belonging to the Âryan race RV.g.. 57. 10. 633 and 639... i. {ki4M svid}. iv. Pañcat. however Pân. whether? or whether? S'ak. (mfn. negative = `" in no way "'). {kiM nu khalu}. a stronger interrogative than {kim} alone RV. To this sense may be referred the {kim} expressing inferiority. 56) a cultivator of the soil RV. Megh.. Kathâs. 6.) {kim-uta}. 4. 8 VS.) kiinaara* = m. 163. also the {kim} prefixed to verbs with a similar meaning (e.. {ki4m-u} or {ki4m-uta4} how much more? how much less? RV. 53. {kim api}. `" do hunters roam about in this wood? "' In an interrogation the verb. or {kim-uta-vA} or {kim-athavA-uta}. Kum. &c. {an}. but ib. iii. how much more? how much less? R. not at all MBh. what for? S'is'. sometimes translatable by `" whether? "' but oftener serving only like a note of interrogation to mark a question (e.] RV. to a certain degree. 14 BhP.still kiM tu* = still. 4 Pat. how possibly? (a still stronger interrogative) S'ak.. &c. flesh L.. &c. wherefore then? RV.. Kathâs. callosity MBh. id.g.e. killing animals (or `" killing secretly "') L. as follows: {ki4m aGga4}. 1. x. 64. v. S'ak.). MBh. Kas'. further Pañcat. whether indeed? (a stronger interrogative than {kim} alone) MBh. much more.) \\= is very frequently connected with other particles. nevertheless (bearing the same relation to {tu} that {kiM-ca} bears to {ca}) MBh. rather. &c. &c. Das. 33 &c.. {kiM-rAjan}. kiNa* = m. kiNavat* = mfn. . S'ak. 8-1. 75. 106. {kiM kila}. 75 Bâlar. kiM tu* = or though . but.). {num}. avaricious L. 31. however. Pañcat. Mriicch. 8-1. nevertheless kiMkartavyataamuuDhaH = (m) confused. bewildered kiina* = n. 11 AV. {kim-adhI7te}. what a pity! (expressing dissatisfaction) Pân. 146. (perhaps = {kInA4za}) a cultivator of the soil [`" a vile man "' Sây.. {kim-iva}. N. (cf. R. {kiM-cid}. how much more? how much less? Bhag. (= {kIza}) a kind of monkey L. kiinaas'a* = m. kim* = (in comp. ({As}) m. &c. BhP. a horse (perhaps originally a horse of the Kîkathas) L. {kiM vA}. {kIra}. iv..N. (mfn. at the beginning of compounds (e. deficiency. vi. 2-1. 10. &c. iv. if uncompounded with a preposition. 44 Kâs'.kilbishhaH = all of whose sins kilbishhaiH = from sins kim = what* = is much used as a particle of interrogation like the Lat. {kiM-ca}. somewhat. v.. MBh. of Yama Naish. what sort of king? i. 35.

(= {matta}) a crazy person L. vi. ii. of a people MBh. N.) kindhin* = {I} m. a scar.. for {kilkin}). {utkarA7di}.. 3 Megh. callosity MBh. (also ifc. of a man g.h = Arjuna kiriiTinaM = with helmets kitava *= m. i. cicatrix Bhpr. BhP. &c. of an attendant of Skanda MBh. iv.h = a few.h = (n) crown kiriTi + {i} n. but not in Kâs'. gambler RV. a cheat. killing animals (or `" killing secretly "') L. (g.). on Kum. 150. MânS'r. {zauNDA7di} [also {vyAghrA7di}. something. kintu = but kimuu = how come ? kiriithin * mfn. viii. at all.. xxx. (v. v. (cf. N.kiinaasha* = m. 2573. Das.. vii.]. of Yama Naish. &c. decorated with a diadem MBh.]) a gamester. 765. ix. 53 Kâs'. drug or seed used to produce fermentation in the manufacture of spirits from sugar. kiNa* = m. {dhUrta} and {unmatta}) L.. xiii. niggard MBh. iv. thorn-apple (cf. (for {kRta-kiNa}) callous MBh. e.). &c. 8 VS. Âp. Mriicch.. a horse L.. xiv. ({I}) m. kinaatha* = n. anything on which an insect has fallen Kapishthh. {yAjJika-k-} Pân. {tikA7di}. fraudulent man BhP. a female gambler Âs'vGri.: Hcar. a corn. {taNDula-k-}). a horse L. 53 kiNva* = [{as} m. nothing. an insect found in wood L. N. of an attendant of S'iva Comm. 95.]. ({As}) m. i.. kiriiTin. 2-1. of Arjuna MBh. ({I}) f. {keza-kITA7vapatita}. the fruit of the marshy date tree (Phoenix paludosa) L. a kind of Râkshasa L. (= {kIza}) a kind of monkey L. some... {azvA7di}. for {kilkin}) kishora = son .. Bhag. 11 AV. a kind of perfume (commonly Rocana) Bhpr. &c. (cf. 75 Bâlar. 57. 1832. anything. (v. Kathâs. (mfn. the inner part of a tree S'Br... 326 Sus'r. S'ak. of Nara [according to the Comm. and Ganar. N. Pañcat. Mn. ({am}) n. very little. VS.] MBh. kiNakrita* = mfn. viii. sin Un. &c. bassia. kinkiNii = (f) ghungroo kiñchana = any kiñchit.. kiithaavapanna* = mfn.g. ferment. Amar. 56) a cultivator of the soil RV. kindhin* = {I} m. L] n. 1525. ({kliz} Un. AV. of Indra MBh. i.. whatever. 20. kiraNa = ray kirati = (6 pp) to scatter kiriTam.

wrath. &c. kledayanti = moistens kles'a = (masc) distress kles'aH = trouble * = m.. of a son of Dharma-netra VP. 5-2 . slander.). ii Sus3r. of small value (often in comp. 1 AV. care. xii. x. dirt L. (in music) a particular measure or time. %{kiyad@api} . pain. 13 S3Br. in how long a time? how soon? S3ak. renown. kitha* = m. %{kiyad@dUre} . how large or how far soever Pan5cat. how far? how much? how? RV. BhP. 97. 4 . 10 million see also arbuda . adultery]. `" ignorance "'. a little Pan5cat. &c. viii . weakness. what is the use of my weeping? Ka1d. five Kles'as are named.. of what importance is this to (gen. unmanliness. 30 .. klaibyaM = impotence ko. %{kiyad@asubhis} . 2]. %{ki4yAti} with following %{A4} . {a-vidyA}. the Buddhists reckon ten. ii . Mn.. [285. lustre L. 1. how great? how large? how far? how much? of what extent? of what qualities? RV.. worldly occupation. of what qualities soever AV. little . distress. &c. impotence TS. 1 . Fame (personified as daughter of Daksha and wife of Dharma) MBh. a little bent Comm. 22) . %{kiyac@cireNa} . 86. anguish S'vetUp. . four of speech [lying. pain from disease. Hit. 3 . 90) . 13 .) Katha1s. unimportant . expansion L. tenacity of mundane existence "' Yogas. making mention of. egotism "'. 3-3. malice. TUp. %{tena@kiyAn@arthah} . %{ki} Pa1n2. 49 . anger L. (in Yoga phil.. N. the neuter gender W. 10 . what is the use of living? BhP.. %{kiyad-vakra} . a kind of ape kiyat * = mfn.kishorii = daughter kîrti * = f. Prab. {rAga}. cowardice MBh. viz. extension. .. 113 . vi . 766 . (fr. %{kiyaty@adhvani} . viz. three of the mind [covetousness. 54. % {kiyac@ciram} ind. {kRR}). on Ya1jn5. Mn. what profit arises from that? BhP. of one of the Mâtriikâs (or personified divine energies of Kriishna) L. fr. %{yA4vat@ki4yac@ca} .. Hariv. Hit. %{kiyad@rodimi} . weakness (as of a lotus leaf) Ragh. Sarvad. MBh. how far? Pan5cat. {dveSa}. . R. . `" desire "'. trouble (= {vyavasAya}) L. AV. Sarvad. at what distance? how far off? MBh. 40 . xiv .. affliction. &c.. i . (fr. S'Br. e.ahaM = who am I koustubha = gem named Kostubha kokila = the cuckoo koTi = (fem) extreme corner/edge koTibhaaga = (masc) edge portion koTii = 1 crore. . speech. fame. (Ved. scepticism] Buddh. 7 . . good report. ({is}) m. AV. lii . report RV. (%{ki4yat}) ind.) . loc. abuse. S'Br. i . `" aversion "'.. theft. %{kiyad@etad} . how long? Katha1s. N. unprofitable conversation].g. {asmi-tA}. iii . how large or how much soever . and {abhiniveza}. {kR}) mention. timidity. Hit. 2. klinna = wet klaibya* = n. small . . (Pân. . glory AV. = {prasAda} (favour) or {prAsAda} (a palace) L.api = whosoever ko. three of the body [murder. VP. S3Br. 1. how long ago? since what time? RV. Yâjñ.

the eye-ball R. a dictionary. Mâlatîm. order. &c. a cask. VarBri. [cf. AV.. an iron ploughshare ib. 2. MBh. forming the {sthUla-zarIra} or `" gross frame "') Veda7ntas. koNaH = (m) angle. trunk RV. Yâjñ. in class. TUp. jewellery. a case. iii. lexicon or vocabulary. 28). 95. 14316. 13 Sâh. to rage (as a passion) kopita = angered kolaahala = (masc) uproar kosha = body or sheath kos'a * = m... bucket RV. 9. vessel for holding liquids. the water used at an ordeal or judicial trial (the defendant drinks thrice of it after some idol has been washed in it) Yâjñ..) MBh.] koshhaH = (m) pocket krakachaH = (m) a saw krama * m.. &c. Var Yogay..k-}. 1 S'Br.. MârkP. the {Ananda-maya k-} or `" sheath of pleasure "'. the way R. 3.. 8. pod. the beard of corn L. ({A}) f. viii. going..g.) a term for the three sheaths or succession of cases which make up the various frames of the body enveloping the soul (these are. Kâvya7d.. excellence Pañcat. (ifc. 47. &c. . (if there are two) `" alternative "' see {-dvaya} below. VarBriS. 75.. {sUtra-}.. {kuz} or {kuS}?. a box.. &c.) a ball or globe (e. a Krore or ten millions) Mn. the foot MBh.. flower-cup.) a kind of bandage Sus'r. an oath Râjat. the cocoon of a silkworm Yâjñ. &c. the curved end of a bow or of claws. a drinking-vessel.. as plate. (with Buddh... Medicago esculenta L. 2. N. iii.. v. wrought or unwrought. Bhathth.. horns or cusps (of the moon) MBh. 8. a position taken (by an animal &c.. x. L.koTi * = f.) of a collection of Gâthâ verses Kârand. 25 ff. treasure. ii. {-yate}. &c. Sarvad. related to {kukSi4} and {koSTha}?). MBh. `" a point or side in an argument or disputation "'. literature {koza}. a ball of thread L. BhP. Hit. the complement of an arc to 90 degrees. R. vi. a treasury. (in surg. `" a bud "' see {arka-}. {ko4kkos}.. ii. or {koSa}. i. of the 2nd astrological mansion. 1. the highest point.. TS. {bIja-}) R. a cup used in the ratification of a treaty of peace ({-zaM-pA}. `" the sheath of nourishment "'. a poetical collection. iii. N.. Ragh. viii. 5. course (cf. Dhûrtas. {kAla-k-}) Mriicch. Pañcat. the penis W. vii. store-room. BhP. 23 AV. 283. of a courtesan HParis'.. corner of a room koNe = (adv) in the corner kona = an angle kopa = anger kopavatii = when angry kopaaya 8 = Nom. an egg L. 9. MBh... 1733. the {anna-m. sandal L. ({I}) f. cupboard. Â. 79. collection of sentences &c. fr. forming the {sUkSma-zarIra} or `" subtile frame "'.. accumulated wealth (gold or silver. the sheath or integument of a plant. a bud. a step AV.. a shoe... the vulva L. proceeding. 72. cover AV. end or top of anything. {netra-}. a sheath. vi.. `" the sheath of intellect or will or life "'. regular arrangement. succession (e. edge or point (of a sword).. 34.. of a conjunction of planets VarBriS. Sus'r. ChUp. series. nut-shell MârkP. uninterrupted or regular progress. (ifc.. store. (n. MundUp. iii MBh. apartment where money or plate is kept. scabbard. xix.g. to drink from that cup) Râjat. 25. a pail. of a river MBh. cup L. 325. ii. the interior or inner part of a carriage RV. a kind of perfume Gal. a seedvessel L. 460 and 493. forming the {kAraNa-zarIra} or `" causal frame "'. the inner part of the fruit of Artocarpus integrifolia and of similar fruits L. Hcar. (metaphorically) cloud RV. a testicle or the scrotum Sus'r. a nutmeg L. seed-vessel (cf. the highest number in the older system of numbers (viz. 147 Veda7ntas. Ratna7v. (in Veda7nta phil. the perpendicular side of a right-angled triangle Sûryas. covering.k-}. provisions Mn... PârGri. &c. the {vijJAna-maya} or {buddhim-} or {mano-m-} or {prA7Na-m... drawer. VarBriS..) before making a spring or attacking Pañcat. viii. the membrane covering an egg (in the womb) Sus'r.) ib. eminence.

. (superl.nchapati = kArtikeya krauJNcha = a heron krauJNchaasana = the heron posture kri = to do krichchhara = difficult kRcchrataa * = f. &c. ({kramaM} 1. so as to go on following him Hit.] RV. ({eNa}. occasion. viii. rule sanctioned by tradition MârkP. ind.. 14 VS.. a store-room VS. viii. amourous play kRD * =v. (in rhet. diet Car. strength L. 41. having short ears (as a sort of imp) AV. 8. hereditary descent Yâjñ. {tadanusaraNa-krameNa}. the words or letters themselves when combined or arranged in the said manner ib. and so on. to others `" noticing of any one's affection "') Das'ar. 17. {At}) instr. 12. xxiii.. anusement. custom. ii. kridhuka * =mfn. Pañcat. power. &c. or ifc. hearing badly RV.) attainment of the object desired (or accord. 1 (Nir. 13. 2 (v. krau. kridhu4 * =mfn. 119. Un. 9. {yena krameNa}. lamenting. kri4dara * =n. 9..]) Prât. 25. vi. `" progressing step by step "'. {kR}. 36 f.. iii. {kradhiSTha} and compar. for 1. cause (with gen. 121. Sâh. crying out. = {kRdhu4} Naigh. x. vi. 380 Hit. 112. either word or letter. Pratâpar. weeping Pañcat. 5. i.. this manner of reading in relation to words is called {pada-} [TPrât. ii. gradually. 26. ({am}) n. sacrifices kratuH = Vedic ritual kraamati = to cross krandas * = {as} n.) . m. 24 and ix. battle-cry RV.{varNa-krameNa}. kridhu4-ka4rNa * =mfn. challenging L. manner (e.) Kathâs. 7. by degrees R. method. kratavaH = good deeds. a peculiar manner or method of reading and writing Vedic texts (so called because the reading proceeds from the 1st member. according to order or rank or series Mn. (in dram. a cat L.g. calling. viii. 3. `" to follow that rule "') Nyâyam. mutilated.. 5 KâtyS'r. iii. in regular course.l. 38.v. then the 2nd is repeated and connected with the 3rd. v. 12]. 5. {kUD} q. 10 RPrât.) a kind of simile (in which the comparisons exhibited correspond to each other in regular succession) Vâm. 20. xviii. R. in which manner R. Hit. painful or dangerous state (especially in disease) Sus'r. ({asI}) du.l. kriDa(ti) = (1 pp) to play. 28. in relation to conjunct consonants {varNa-} [ib. iv. `" in the order of the castes "' Mn. xv. krandana * = m. 20). xi. xxiii. 85) AV.. id. shortened. 6.ncha = a mountain said to be pierced by Kartikeya krau. {kradhIyas}) Kâthh. ii. small. to sport. x. mutual daring or defiance. 4. to the 2nd. Ragh. `" crier "'. 27.). 1. deficient RV. Ragh. ii. &c. the 3rd repeated and connected with the 4 h.. two contending armies shouting defiance [`" heaven and earth "' Sây. iv. 7 and 10. xxix. abl.

(ganas {zreNyAdi} and {sukhA7di} Pân. of an Asura (brother of Râvana) L. (Pân. of a river MBh. {I}) Pân. {vaurms}. vi. Â. cutting off. a sort of despised caste W.) inclined to grieve..) a sword Das'.. chameleon MaitrS. attended with pain or labour. ({kRpa4Nam}) n.. N. 185 &c. of Bhajamâna Hariv. (fr. poor. f. 3. ({am}) ind.) S'ak. Lith. with difficulty. Pañcat.) kriNva. iv. 74.v. `" miserably. scarcely krikara = one of the vital airs.] krimii * = f. {vermi-s} for {quermi-s}. one of the twelve kinds of sons acknowledged by the ancient Hindû law) Mn. hardship causing trouble or pain. wicked. &c. wretched. (v. N. niggard Pañcat. kripaNa * = 1 mf({A4}. m. wretchedness. purchased S'Br. S'Br.. Prab. 50. 6. miserably. evil.. 7-2. {kram} Un. a worm. ifc. won by (instr. pain. of a son (of Us'înara Hariv. pitiful. BhP. trouble. cutting. austerity. feeble S'Br. &c.. Mn. [cf. S'Br. danger of life. labour. pitiable.. TS. 28. Russ. 46 (cf. 4-1. Mn. 2. bought. miserable. in a miserable situation. kricchra*= diffculty. vi. VS. 1676 ff. dividing BhP. ({am}) n.ntaH = that person who is doing kripaalu* = mfn. krikalaasa * m. Goth. x. pitiably "'). hardship. {pryv}. &c. ii. painfully. causes coughing and sneezing krimi * = or {kri4mi} m. AV. (cf. of the wife of Us'înara = {kRmi} q. {c8ervj}. iii. %{ziraH-}. a bargain Comm. insect VS. desire RV. xi. 18 Pat. {kirminis}. iii (v. {ajAkRpANIya}. Hit.. hardly... knife Kâd. also {A}) Siddh. a shieldlouse L. bodily mortification. a pair of scissors. with great exertion. Cambro-Brit.. vii. 160. with difficulty.. (cf. {kirmele}. a worm L. ix. ({a4s}) m. of the wife of Us'înara and mother of Kriimi Hariv. (3. resulting from tears AV. Das'. ({As}) m.. stingy Pañcat. 8.. of a man MaitrS. ({I}) f. compassionate (with gen. L. penance. 2.) . 9 AitBr. {I} g. 8-2. 30. pl.) kripaNa * = 12 Nom.. a sacrificial knife W. pitiably MBh. a scraper. 99. 13 S'ânkhS'r. pl. 2. {cruimh}. a silk-worm L. lac (red dye caused by insects) L. 18 Pat. kripaaNa * = 1m. 2002)... 151.. vile W. dagger. in difficulties. ({is}) f. N. on Yâjñ. calamity. %{tantu-}.).. kriiDati = plays kriiDaa = play kriiDaanaka = (n) a toy kriiDaaluH = (m) sportsman kriita* = mfn.l. N. purchased from his natural parents (as a son. N. {kArpaNya}. iv.l. 6. of a Nâga-râja Buddh. Das'. Mn. `" a spider "' (see {-tantu-jAla}). a particular kind of religious penance. painful. &c. 1675 and VP. {kRmI}).) MBh. being in a difficult or painful situation. xiv MBh. S'ântis'. {kRpa4Nanta}) to long for. 28 and vi. low. S'ârngP. 17. misery RV. Lat. (with the purchaseprice. painfully. Hib.. danger. simply {kRt}). (f. miserably.krid-anta * =m. N. an ant L. ({sa-kRpaNam}. miserly. bad. of a man VP. {bahv-Adi})n.. xi. a poor man VarBriS. a lizard.. krintati = (6 pp) to cut krintana * = n. a word ending with a Kriit affix (such a word would be called by Pân. the difficulties of living in a forest..). x. 9.

l. 3. x.] Nal. plough RV. {ajAkRpANIya}. {pleszau}. &c. to obtain by ploughing AV. overpower Mn.. `" to plough "' see {karSita}: Intens. TS. 6 Lâthy. became one of the council at Hastinâpura. 1. to draw into one's power. 9 AitBr. {kArpaNya}. ({sa-kRpaNam}. dagger. to pity [with loc. 99.. {acarkRSur}) to plough RV. N. 18 Pat. 8. kripaNa = adj.v. Â. &c.) R. {kRSiSy-} DivyA7v. P. feeble S'Br. (pr. and VP. {kRSa4ti}. (ganas {zreNyAdi} and {sukhA7di} Pân. {kRpa4Nanta}) to long for. {karszu}. of the son and daughter of the sage S'aradvat (who performed severe penance. 16021: Caus. 119. 215 MBh. 8-2. poor. 28.) a sword Das'. to draw or tear out MBh. Kriipa = Vyâsa or = a son of Kriishna) MBh. (Â. protection krish * = 1 cl.apaare = out of boundless compassion kripaa = compassion kripaachhaayaa = care. Russ... {c8eshu}. sometimes S'âradvata. 12 and 4. {-Sitha} Pân. 7-2. drag away. who were found by king S'ântanu and out of pity [{kRpA}] taken home and reared. {bhidA7di}) pity. the son. according to others. {karIk-}. m. &c. the daughter.. a poor man VarBriS. or loc. (g. of a man VP. {-te} (perf. 64. drag. plough RV.. v. wretched. {cakarSa}. ({am}) ind. to take away anything (acc. 7-2. compassion (with gen. S'ârngP. 22. kripaa* = f. knife Kâd. (3. 4. {rUpA}) VP. {kraSTum}).. (ind. torment Mn. [cf.) Vop.] krisha = weak krishaH = (adj) thin krishati = (6 pp) to plough . a sacrificial knife W. to obtain Mn. 6. S'Br. wretchedness. N. 1.. Hit. {-te} (p. but without success. AV. inf. viii. 1. 62 Kâs'. Lith. miserable... 10 Kâs'. {akRkSat} [or {akArkSIt}] or {akrAkSIt}.. {carIkRSyate} or Ved. to plough repeatedly Pân. to bend (a bow) Ragh. cause pain. xvii. Â.. 20 R. 2. tenderness. however.. fut.. ({kRpa4Nam}) n. draw to one's self. pl. {karkSyati} or {krakSy-}. drag RV. pitiable. a pair of scissors. x. xii.. MBh. vile W. Pañcat. Kriipa.) \\ kRpaNa Nom. {kRSa4t}). niggardly kRpaNa * = 1 mf({A4}. pitiably MBh. a scraper. miserly. to pull to and fro. 3. and is sometimes called Gautama. a worm L. iii. P. 7.) kripaNaaH = misers kripayaa = please kripayaa. Goth.. of a river (v. to travel over MBh. iii. {karSTA} or {kraSTA} Pân. {kRSTvA}): cl. 12 BhP. Kriipa and Kriipî were only distant descendants of S'aradvat. and Subj. miserably. the jealous Indra therefore sent a nymph to tempt him. {ca4rkRSat}. 7-2. {karSayati}. {kRpAM-kR}. (Pân. pull. to lead or conduct (as an army) MBh. to draw. {acikRSam}) R.. Prab.. v. pl. m. low. misery RV.. {ka4rSati}. twin sons were born to the sage in a clump of grass [{zara-stambe}]. resulting from tears AV. v. 185 &c. 1. iv. sg. 2. niggard Pañcat. ii. rarely Â. N. &c. aor. xi. sg. xvii R. xiv MBh..) inclined to grieve. see s. stingy Pañcat. {I} g. married Drona. below. to draw or make furrows. p. N. 3. 4 Vait. Mriicch. to draw.... Kriipî. Lat.kripaH = Krpa kripa* = m. iii. `" miserably. 13 S'ânkhS'r. (cf. &c. impf. Â. to draw or make furrows. iv. and had by him a son called As'vatthâman. 16. of a man (described as a friend of Indra) RV. and ({I}) f. torture. &c. AV. desire kRpaaNa* m. S'Br. (cf. 66. xi. 2. AV. iii. 7-4. p. Das'. ({A}) f. pitiably "'). iii. sg.) MBh. S'ântis'.) from any one (acc. {bahv-Adi})n. ({I}) f. 8. Pañcat. 11 (aor. {verro}. 2307. become master of. 18 Pat. tear RV. {falh}. vii. 50. according to Hariv. 44 Vârtt. {vello}.. viii. Mn.

4356. &c. Mn. ii. ind. injured. 45.. {-mukha} n. 5. of one of the Vis've Devâs MBh. 23 S'ak.krishhakaH = (m) farmer krishhi = plowing krishhiivalaH = (m) farmer Krishna = 1. 1.. {k. gained... result L. (cf. enough of joking ib. id. AV. &c. Vikr. Euphorbia antiquorum L. {kIrNa}.g. %{-prajJa} (MBh.. v.) `" done with "'. S'Br. Dalbergia Sissoo L.. R. deceived MBh. depraved in mind. ({A}) f. sorcery SâmavBr. &c. {kRtaM saMdehena}. 1080 BhP. x. prize or booty gained in battle ib. 17... 1692 Pañcat. dismissed W. (n) the Cause of All Causes krishhNa = the eighth incarnation of Vishnu i. for me) Yâjñ. 80. wicked ib. {kRta-jJa} and {-ghna}) MBh. i. (with or without {mRga}) the spotted antelope Mn. away with. on my account.. for the sake of. xxx. of a son of Jaya and father of Haryavana BhP. offended.. black and white (as the eye). killed L.. ({am}) n.. action RV. AV. {mama kRte} or {matkRte}. an abyss RV. N. (hence) the number `" four "' VarBriS. %{-ti}). Comm. iv. MBh. %{-mati} (BhP. deed. of a son of Sannati and pupil of Hiranya-nâbha Hariv. AV. accomplished. x.) f. also known as vadyapaksha krishhNaM = unto KRishhNa krishhNaH = the fortnight of the dark moon krishNa-saara* = mf({I})n. aim Vop. stake at a game RV. v. 186. N. 000 years of men).. no need of. 35.. 114. made ready ib.. relating or referring to Yâjñ. made.. &c. service done. humiliated.). &c. ind.h = the man who did (the destruction of raakshasa kula) krita = Done*=1 mfn. 24. of a son of Cyavana and father of Upari-cara VâyuP. ii.. n. xii. 2. placed at hand AV. R.. ii. obtained. brought down. (n) the Supreme Personality of Godhead Krishna = 2.e. ({e}) loc.. e. m. 28). i. 10. the eyeball Nyâyad. injured. ({a4m}) n. lowering. Hariv. (with {saha} or with instr. 30 (v. ({ena}) instr. magic. i. tricked.. 18 TS. done. 5. consequence.. for (with gen. away with doubt S'ak. base. of the first of the four ages of the world (also called {satya} or `" the golden age "'. well done. chiefly black. (also the collective N. Sûryas. &c.\\mfn. good S'Br.h = from KRishhNa krishhNaasana = the Krishna posture krishhNe = and darkness krit. ii. 6 and vi. (e. Megh. Krishna krishhNa-paksha = Dark half of lunar month.\\*=2 mfn. of a son of Vasudeva BhP. low. of a particular position of the hand PSarv. performed RV. proper.g. on Mn. N. prepared.parihAsena}. comprehending together with the morning and evening dawn 4800 years of men [Mn. 17. Hcat. spotted black Nal. 6. on VS. appointed (as a duty) Yâjñ. 76. . removed. humiliation Bhartr2. cultivated Mn. N. krishhNaajinaambarau = )two) persons wearing the deer-skin as clothes krishhNaat. of the die or of the side of a die marked with four points or dots (this is the lucky or winning die) VS. iii. the past tense AitBr. ii. R... 24. of a son of Kriitaratha and father of Vibudha VP. xiii.. ix. S'vetUp. work. set aside. &c. humbling. enough of. acquired. Euphorbia antiquorum L. 2. of the four dice in opposition to the fifth die called {kali} Comm. 69] 4800 years of the gods or 1. 728. benefit (cf.l. ix.. 210. or ifc.] or according to the later conception [BhP. 85. i.) mfn. MBh. on account of. Dalbergia Sissoo L. kind action. 216 MBh. R. &c.). m. Acacia Catechu L. &c.

{mati} (BhP.). an abyss RV. (Pân. 3-3. {-prajJa} (MBh. occupation with (in comp. offended. exercise of the limbs L. {-ti}). doing. (borrowed fr. performance. \\ see 2. humiliation Bhartri.$. 1. 30 (v... %{kR} kritya = Deed krityaiH = that which was done kritvaa = after doing kritsnaM = whole kritsnakarmakrit. n. verb Kâs'. Gk. &c. kritakrityaH = the most perfect in his endeavors kritadhiyaaM = of sanes (stable-minded) kritaGYa = Grateful kritaGYataa = gratitude kritaaJNjaliH = with folded hands kritaante = in the conclusion kriti = Direction kritena = by discharge of duty krittikaa = Third nakshatra kritvaa* = ind. depraved in mind. set aside. wicked ib. R. base. dismissed W. 1 &c. i. 1-3.) the sign &99331[320.. p.h = one who is in factual knowledge kritsnasya = all-inclusive kriya = action kriya* = m. {kRt}. act. 100). humbling.3] Aries VarBri. Ganit. ókrita*= mfn. on Pân. brought down. activity. humiliated.kritaM = done kritaa*= f. Yâjñ.l.h = as all in all kritsnavit. business. injured. xvii. Horâs'. having done see s. work.h = although engaged in all activities kritsnavat. &c. x. action. bodily action. KâtyS'r. kriyaa* = f. (according to later grammarians a verb is of two . low. removed.v.) mfn. ii. labour. ii. (in Gr. performing. undertaking. deceived MBh. 5. Mn. lowering..) action (as the general idea expressed by any verb). tricked. 35. iii..).

ii f. on Yâjñ. MBh. a literary work Vikr. documents.). active devotion) Yogas. iv. vii. Pân. vii. rites performed immediately after death. kriyaH = and activities kriyate = is done kriyante = are done kriyamaaNa = someone in the process of doing kriyamaaNaani = being done kriyaa = Purificationary rite. vi. 14 Kâr. 3. religious ceremony kriyaaH = performances kriyaabhiH = by pious activities kriyaavisheshha = pompous ceremonies kriyaayoga* = m.. worship BhP. N. purificatory rites (as ablution &c. as by various ordeals) Comm. 3026 R. ({am}) n. . i. a religious rite or ceremony. iv.. with {caramA}. &c. iii. `" active "'.. or by superhuman means. &c.. 1-1.. MBh. (fr. sacrifice Mn. cure (see {sama-kriya-tva} and {viSama-k-}) Sus'r. 69 Sus'r. religious action.. 12452 BhP.h = from anger kroshati = (1 pp) to cry kshaatra* = mf({I})n. means. Yâjñ.. v. the practical form of the Yoga philosophy (union with the deity by due performance of the duties of every day life. the employment of expedients or instruments MBh. {kSatra4}). iii. 96. 1 BhP. as by witnesses. atonement L. the connection with an action or verb APrât.. or as a daughter of Kardama and wife of Kratu BhP. disquisition L. {sakarma-kriyA}. Religious Action (personified as a daughter of Daksha and wife of Dharma MBh. {-sAra} m.. sacrificial act. study L. 87 Yâjñ. expedient L.kinds. 13.h = mischievous krodha = anger krodhaM = anger krodhaH = and anger krodhaat. medical treatment or practice. &c. and {akarma-k-}. obsequies. 14. ii.. judicial investigation (by human means. of wk. 834 R.) MBh. 10. `" intransitive "'). `" the last ceremony "'.. 5097 and xiii. 2578 Hariv.. the dignity of a ruler or governor MBh. a section of the PadmaP. belonging or relating or peculiar to the second caste Mn.. a noun of action W. 39 RâmatUp... applying a remedy. kriiNaati = to buy kruura = cruel kruura-graha = Malefic planet kruuraan.

&c. i. or (in astron. middle L.. {azvA7di}. {kSama}). the earth L. %{kRta-kSaNa}). %{kSaNe@kSaNe}. S3ak. twinkling of an eye. vi. 2 Sây. (Pân. some forms of 2. v. every instant. xii. ind. ind. or 4/5 or 24/35 seconds BhP.ksha* = 1 (fr. enduring Un. Ragh. or 2.. {kSam}. kshaantiH = tolerance kshaamaye = ask forgiveness kshaara = salty kshaatraM = of a ksatriya kshamaa = forgivance kshamii = forgiving kshana = to invite kshana = quick. endurance. kshaanta * =1 mfn. patient Mn. kshaantIya * =mfn. of a S'ruti. R. cf. 35 BrahmaP. S3ak.) Sarvad. 36 S3a1ntis3. opportunity (%{kSaNaM-kR}. 4. destruction.\\2 %{-Natu}. of a man g. Vet. (%{am}) n. xviii. 188 Kâr. &c.1]. kshaa* = f. {kSa4m}) the earth. the ground kshaalayati = (10 pp) to wash kshaanti * =f. iii. that moment Ra1jat. ({A}) f. N. change of the moon. iv.. {utkarA7di}. Pañcat. fr. v. m. . peasant L. a moment regarded as a measure of time (equal to thirty Kala1s or four minutes L.. {-ta} g. kshaanta * = 2 see 1. &c. in a moment Ragh. % {tataH@kSaNAt} (= %{tat-kSaNAt} q. {kSi}) see {tuvikSa4}. a field L. 19. kshaa4nta * =1 mfn. %{-Nana}.. 158 Yâjñ. (g. R. immediately upon that Katha1s. wait patiently for MBh. to have leisure for. 3-2. ({am}) n. an instant. dependence L. Das3. Ragh. 92. vi.. 3. kshaantu * =mfn. (cf. (%{At}) abl. moment Bhartr2. 1 Nir.. 3.. ii. &c. indulgence R. the state of saintly abstraction DivyA7v. [325. patience. (derived fr... xxiii. `" the patient one "'. &c. a festival Megh. killing (= ma1ran2a) Gal. at once Mn. immediately. vi. 21. (%{eSu}) loc. lightning L. 666. %{kSaNaM-kR}. leisure (e. {priyA7di}) borne. R. in this moment . 11. at once R. &c. {kSam} kshaa= the earth. ind. the centre. &c. i. the fourth incarnation of Vishnu (as the manlion or nara-sinha) L. 7 and 8). immediately. BhP.) enduring. \\ = see 1.. %{datta-kSaNa} and %{labdha-kS-}). 107 MBh. %{kSaNAt-kSaNAt}.. the protector or cultivator of a field. a quick measure of time =* kshaNa = 1 m. 32 and 33. (compar. 1206. ({us}) m. to give an opportunity. (fr. indulgence Mn. for an instant R. iii.v. 34. \\2 mfn. a certain day of the fortnight (as the full moon. {utkarA7di}) N. 55. of a river VP.g. (= Subh. after an instant. destruction of the world L.. cf. any instantaneous point of time. %{tat-kSaNam}). L. every moment Ra1jat.. ind. patient. &c. (g. (%{eNa}) instr. patient waiting for anything Vop.. loss L. instant. forbearance. m. ending with the letter {kSa} RâmatUp. ground Naigh.. of a hunter Hariv. a father.). see %{kSan}.) to 48 minutes VarBr2S. 898... {-tara}). MBh. endured ({soDha}) L. vacant time. {kSi}) see {dyukSa4}.\\2 m. a demon or Rakshas L.). R. a leisure moment.. a fit or suitable moment. patience. viii. pardoned MBh.) acc. of S'iva (cf. in a moment Nal. 1.. v. (in music) N. m. (%{am}. moment Nal. 165 and 337.

kshatriya = the caste of princes and warriors kshatriyabalaM = the power or might of the kshatriyas or kings kshatriyasya = of the ksatriya kshatriyaaH = the members of the royal order kshatta: person born from a male sudra with a ksatriya female: For instance. wealth Naigh.. ii. (in music) N. governing body RV. a suta of a brâhmana woman. a member of the military or second order or caste. &c. as represented by the Vedic hymns. &c. the rank of a member of the reigning or military order..kshaanti * = f. 17 TBr. ii. 138). and pl. ii. xviii. 2 BhP. Mn. VS. &c. building of a particular form W. PârGri. patience. 53). A sudra begets an ayogava of a vaisya woman. authority of the second caste AitBr. dominion. especially applied to the power of Varuna-Mitra and Indra) RV. i. a woman of the second caste L. the body L. S'Br. iii. {am}) m. Tabernaemontana coronaria (v. 10. made of linen. = {aTTa} (an airy room on the top of a house. AV. A vaisya begets a magadha of a kshatriya woman. a vaidehaka of a brâhmana woman. AV. one who intends to efface or do penance for 2: destroying kshara = prone to end. {chattra}) L. when the difference between Brahman and Kshatra or the priestly and civil authorities became more distinct. a parasava or a nisada of a sudra woman... covered with linen W. x. ({am}) n. linseed Sus'r. destructible ksharaM = to the fallible ksharaH = constantly changing kshatra * = n. power.). vi. g. TS. ({as}.e. apartment on the roof.. linen Lâthy. AV. Gobh. ii.l. the state of saintly abstraction DivyA7v. = {kSoma} Un. (fr. VS. kshaNaM = one second kshaNaprabhaa = (f) lightning kshaNaviyoga = momentary separation kshaNaviikshita = glance kshapayishNu * = 1 mfn. xiii. supremacy. endurance. N... forbearance. cf. 107 MBh. linen cloth or garment KâtyS'r. were generally called Râjanya. back of an edifice. xiii. {kSoma}) L. ({I}) f. [325. (also = {dukUla} L. 5. one who pardons or bears patiently MBh. not Kshatriya. `" a preserver from injury "' Ragh. of a river VP. viii. (fancifully derived fr. of a S'ruti. prepared from linseed (as oil) Sus'r. i. flax (Linum usitatissimum) L. A kshatriya begets an ugra of a sudra woman. might (whether human or supernatural. and pl.. afterwards. patient waiting for anything Vop. ({I}) f. the flower of flax L. government. xii. kshauma * mf({I})n. 1. a brâhmana begets an ambastha of a vaisya woman. indulgence Mn. water. ix. Gaut. a ksatta of a kshatriya woman and a chandala of a brâhmana woman. R. {trai} i. fortified place in front of a building. 3. {kSi}?. {kSatAt tra} fr. xxiii. {ardharcA7di}) sg. the military or reigning order (the members of which in the earliest times. v. 4873. kshantiH = tolerance kshantR * = mfn. &c. {kSumA}. warrior Mn. applied to the second or reigning or military caste) VS. 5 S'Br.. n. MBh. xi. (1.. sg. &c. 2]. 12. .

harbour Comm. iii. (on RV. kshaya* = 3 m. {-raM}. abode in Yama's dominion Comm..g. i. 11569. {bhrAtRvya-}. kshaya* = see 1.h = the destroyer kshayati = (1 pp) to decay kshayaat.. of a Sûtra of the SV. {divikSaya4}) RV.) Cân. x AV.. {jIvita-kSaye}. wane.= {mantra} Sây. kshaya* = 2 mfn. foundation VS. dwelling-place. 12. (2.. m. to destroy R. 4. 38 TS. {yAtudhAna-}.. phthisis pulmonalis Sus'r. 1. 105. 201) loss. ii. Amar.h = (from) consunption/destruction kshayaaya = for destruction kshemaM = protection kshema * mf({A})n. 123. kshaya* = 1 m. xiii KapS. Michelia Campaka MBh. {kSudra} and {-drA}). minus Âryabh. 258.2] kshayakrit. (Pân. ({am}) n.) a negative quantity. = {-mAsa} Jyot. m. &c. kshaya = loss. v. `" the fall and rise in the price of commodities "') Yâjñ. residing. kshayaja* = mfn. vii.. 36. Ragh. (fr. 46. be diminished. m. the house of Yama (cf. N.) Mn. shaving the head. 10. of a prince VP. a razor W. dispersing "' see {arAya-}. on TS. destruction. dwelling. end. BhP. opposed to {vRddhi} e.. shaving in general ({-raM} 1. basis. kshaudra * m. ifc. scaricity kshayaM = destruction kshayas* = see {aurukSayasa}. the destruction of the universe Pañcat. on RPrât. sickness in general L. iic. Caus.] VS. VS. N. N.. {kSayaMnI}. come to an end. 12. of a mixed caste (son of a Vaideha and a Mâgadhî) MBh. xviii. 3. VarBriS. iii. xvi. 4 S'Br. 1. `" shaving "') VarBriS. {yA}. consumption. race RV.. Pân.kshaura* = mfn. 46. produced by consumption (as cough) Sus'r. 699 R. iv. honey. (= {kSiti4}) family. 11. smallness. {vaivasvata-kS-}). ({am}) n. ({A}) f. (ed. v. or {upai}. `" destroying. 6. {nidrA-kS-}. ({kSa4yaNa}) TS. waste. a dwelling place Nir.. {pizAca-}. kshayaNa* = 1 mfn... fall (as of prices. seat. 109.g. a bay. xiii. vi. {pRthvAdi}. house (cf. Bomb. ({am}) n. {AyuSaH kS-} id. decay. Hcat. prosperous. i. wasting or wearing away (often ifc. habitable [? m. 43. 1. vi. species of honey L. (fr. 2584. diminution. {kSayo vRddhiz ca paNyAnAm}. i. Sus'r. MBh.. {kSayaM} {gam}.. minuteness g..) ii. safe W. to have one's self shaved Hit. 14. termination (e. 1. an abode.. ({kSeNa4}) MaitrS. = {kSayA7ha} Ganit. {kSi}) habitable. R. N. to shave Hit. [328. i. driving away. and 4. at ease. at the end of life Das'. Das'. residing RV. . of the last year in the sixty years "' Briihaspati cycle VarBriS. 51). to become less. iv. abiding at ease RV. iii. weakening. ({am}) n. of a Yogini Hcat. m.. {kSi}. {yama-kS-}.. perish Nal.. 1 and iv. 6-1. 64. {sadAnvA-} and {sapatna-kSa4yaNa}. ({I}) f. giving rest or ease or security MBh. at the end of day MBh. performed with a razor (with {karman}. kshayaNa* = 2 mfn. 2. go to destruction. {rAtha-}. on R. resting. water L. {kSura4}). {kR}. the end of sleep R. 2). `" a place with tranquil water "' Comm. (in alg. viii. 2. {i}.. {kR}. MBh. ({as}). {uru-} and {su-kSa4ya}. R.. 7 AV. annihilating. 13. {dina-kSaye}.. R. N. removal W. xiii. {asura-}. `" dominion "' Sây. Hit.

Megh. 14 PârGri. xi. often ifc.. {dharma-kS-}.. 3. and {kSe4trANAm pa4ti}. iii. ({A}) f. {sv-alpa-kS-}. [cf. of one of the seven Varshas in Jambû-dvîpa BhP. {a4-kS-}. of an Apsaras MBh. 54. id. peace. N. {haithjo}. 51). {anya-} and {kuru-kSetra4}.. Pañcat.) VarBriS. ii. Mn.v. (in Sânkhya phil. 33.) enclosed by lines. Germ. only dat.. land. ({I4}) f. of a prince VP. happiness RV. cf. AV. Mriicch. kshe4ma-vat * = mfn. du. 12. {sure7zvarI-kS-}. superficies (e.. ii. ii. final emancipation L.. `" the lord of the soil "'N. any figure considered as having geometrical dimensions Gol. {sasya-kS-}) RV.. an enclosed plot of ground. a field (e. 2701 DivyA7v. N.. 5.. 4 Sus'r. N. i. ({An}) m.. an astrological mansion VarBriS.. 178 Bhag. Ease or Prosperity (personified as a son of Dharma and S'ânti VP. 127]. of a woman Buddh. ii.. viii. longing for rest RV. ix. iii.g. 186. {kSemA7rcis}). i. ({atI}) f. iii. `" to cultivate a field "' Mn. kshemataraM = better kshepaNaastraH = (m) missile kshepaNii = (f) rocket kshetra = fieldk* = n. 1. kshemajit * = m. ({kSe4ma} & {yo4ga} [or {pra-yu4j}]. 5. &c. ({ais}) instr. of a prince MBh. &c. Vet.. (ifc. soil ({kSe4trasya pa4ti}. 46. {siddha-kS-}. 3 TS. MBh. 126 R. 10. the fertile womb. AV. {Heide}. a kind of perfume (= {caNDA}) L. {karma-kS-}. iv. of another deity (= {kSemaM-karI}) DevîP. wife Mn. only m. 18). 77. {su-kS-}.27. N.. country RV. of a small circuit Yâjñ. 156). (vv. viii. S'ak. {ardharcA7di}). place of pilgrimage (as Benares &c.. BhP. 127 MBh. ii. 4). in security. 28. {kSema-yoga} and {yoga-kS-}. weal. a planetary orbit Ganit. any secure or easy or comfortable state. of a prince MatsyaP. portion of space. ii.. N. {kSatrau9jas}. 12. rest. circle. MBh. tranquillity. place where anything is found Yogas. BhP. the body (considered as the field of the indwelling soul) Yâjñ. &c. xviii. vii Sus'r. of a locality. iii. 18). security. 94. {kSi}) landed property. rest and exertion. also Goth. ({as}. a sacred spot or district. with {yathA} R. also {kSe4trasya pa4tnI}. of a kind of tutelary deity RV.) a plane figure (as a triangle.) BrahmaP. 6.. sphere of action MBh. rest and exertion AitBr. 22. attended with tranquillity and security. Them. `" peace or security may be to thee "' [this is also the polite address to a Vais'ya. 1. ii. i. ii.. ({am}) n. {am}) m. &c. MBh. lxviii. {raNa-kS-}. (in chiromancy) certain portions marked out on the palm VarBriS. as a son of Titikshâ BhP. a kind of perfume (= {kASTha-guggula}. kshe4ma-yoga * = {au} m. region. xxx. enjoying and acquiring RV.) Tattvas. m. BhP. VS.ll. 1) TBr. (Ved. {-traM-kR}. xiii. 4818. of Durgâ L. ii. a zodiacal sign Sûryas. n. `" soil of merit "'. Yâjñ. Siddh. vi. S'ântis'. AV. 1519. N. {deva-kS-}. 8.g. R. ind. N. xiv. at ease. a diagram W. ({eNa}) instr. g. department. ii. `" lord of the soil "'N. 1 VS. of a kind of college ({maTha}) Râjat. kshemakAma * = ({kSe4ma-}) mfn.. VS. a Buddha or any holy person DivyA7v. 1 and 2 Kum... or {coraka} Comm. xiii. {kSemaM te}. `" fertile soil "'. {triyai4} for {-triyA4t} (AV. safety. of tutelary deities AV. 3081. 20. cf. (in geom. {haithi}. place.. asking him whether his property is secure Mn. a town L. cf.] kshetraM = the field kshetraGYa = and the knower of the body kshetraGYaM = the knower of the field kshetraGYaH = the knower of the field kshetraGYayoH = and the knower of the field . Yâjñ. v. pl. VarBri. vi. 158. 1. xiii. 12. x. a house L. safely R. prosperous Pân. ind. xvi.. ii.. `" mistress of the soil "'. (2. of a son of S'uci and father of Su-vrata BhP.) = {a-vyakta} (q. place of origin.

14 BrahmaP. ii. to skip or pass over (a day. (%{kSi4pA}) f. a kind of net L. pr.) to add Gol. to cause to descend into (loc. cast away. ep. 10 and 20 Mn. %{cikSipas}) to hurt. = %{adhvaryu} L.1] kshipaami = I put kshipati = (6 pp) to throw kshipa* = mfn. `" an archer "'. or (%{u4}) n. (aor. ? Pa1n2. x.kshetrii = the soul kshetreshhu = in bodily fields kshiti = earth kshitipaala = (m) protector of the earth. = %{mantra} L. 4. x. MBh. (%{us}) m. ib. pl. xcii.. cf. v. 2. is formed fr. 1-3. (only used in nom.).. `" throwing. %{kSi4p}. on L. 75.). %{kSipa4t}.]\\2 %{pas} f. 45 Va1rtt.. also %{cikSipe}.) Sarvad. pour on. 69 Katha1s. a missile weapon Un2. (Pass. iii. to throw. {sipo}. iv. iii. iii. fragrant L. send.. 7-2. the instr. Pa1n2. [329. 1126) &c. 121. (for %{kSapA4}) night Comm. air. despatch AV.. {dissipo}. xiii. to excel. kshipaka* = m. wind Un2. 5.v. injure RV. 6. 3. 57) `" the movable ones "'. &c. pl. cast. to utter abusive words. quick kshipraM = soon kshii = to dimnish kshiiNakalmashhaaH = who are devoid of all sins . iii. %{kSipa4ti} A1. % {kAlakSepa}) R. (in math. i.) Car. beat. 230 Bhag. ii. destroy BhP. %{kSapAm}) ib.) kshipaNu* = m. MBh. cf. P. cl. %{kAlam}. to lose (time. %{-pAbhis} see 2. g. BhP. lvi. to throw into R. kshipakin* = mfn. kshipta = neglected or distracted kshipra = sudden. %{kSapAm}) Katha1s.. %{kSepayat} s.. get rid of Bhartr2. Subj. insult.. Mr2icch. %{bhidA7di}. to strike down. for {xipo}.. only instr. perf. go to ruin "' Pot. an oar Comm. 10 Siddh. sending. king kship = (root) to throw * = 1 cl. fr. &c. to lay (the blame) on (loc. %{kSi}).. [cf. &c. ix. %{kSipyati}. gallop [NBD. only Bhat2t2. to pass or while away (the time or night. 76. outvie BhP. fix or attach to (loc. 51 Sch. (%{A}) f. inf. 2nd %{kSepsyati} MBh.) Ya1jn5. Subj. 7-3. 94. to strike or hit (with a weapon) RV. `" moving speedily "'. what may be sent or scattered. &c... a thrower W. on L. i. i. 58. casting g. 8. %{kSi4pA} RV.. diffusive. scatter. 14. 160. kshipaNi* = f. spring Un2. %{cikSepa} MBh. also %{-te}. ep. 36. (%{A}) f. an archer L. %{kSiperan} MBh. Subj.. (also %{-NI} f. ix (Naigh. iv. to put or place anything on or in (loc. (%{us}) m. 4. %{dinam}. to direct (the thoughts) upon (loc. 1094). i. to throw a glance (as the eye) Bhartr2. kSipaNyu* = mfn. p. to cause to cast or throw into (%{antar}) Katha1s. 1. %{pre7kSA7di}. 16. 17. to move hastily (the arms or legs) Mr2icch.. throwing. Lat.. % {kSeptum}. % {kSepayati}. lxxv.) Hit. 59.) Katha1s. P. 1 (cf. &c. 1. `" to destroy one another. %{kAlam}.e. vi. %{kSipate} (MBh. the fingers RV.. m. `" a missile weapon "' RV. 6. 84.. 2. 14. revile. % {kSipyat}. ix.] RV. pl. ii. lv. the body L. fut. %{pre7kSA7di}. 154. (A1. %{-kA} g. 24 and 15. casting "' see %{giri-kS-}. 5). 182. P. to pass or while away (the night. abuse Mn. vii. 40.. 16. ruin. to throw away.. vi.. 80. 3. `" to disdain "' i. sg. iv.: Caus.

kshiira = milk kshiirodaka* = m. {a4-}. small kshudraM = petty kshudh = hunger kshudhaa = hunger kshudhaarta = hungry kshudhyati = (4 pp) to be hungry kshubhyati = (4 pp) to tremble kshud* = 1 cl. settlements. 81. weakened. vii. races of men. Sch. kshnana = to annihilate kshouti = to sneeze kshobhaM = disturbance kSobha* = m. 46 &c. 4. expended. {akSuNat}. (cf.. 85. {kSotsyati} Pân. feeble Mn. the number `" one "' Bijag. Megh. 166 Sus'r. poor. P. {uru-} and {su-kSiti4}. ii. lost. &c. injured. MBh. 58. decaying BhP. of a tree Hcar.) kshIyamaaNa* = mfn. {a4}. (Naigh. fut. offence against the customs Pân. MundUp. 104. destruction L.. iv. destroyed. R. broken. Vikr. (Pass. ksiirodIya* = Nom.. 20. 471 and 480 (cf. i. &c. {samara-}. 9 Hit. the period of the destruction of the universe. (g.. worn away. S'vetUp. {kSuntte} (impf. also {uru-} and {su-kSiti4}. of a disease of the pudenda muliebria Gal. tossing. habitation. house (cf. ruin. 10 . to behave like the ocean of milk Sâh. wasting away. 22. destruction AV. on Pân.) RV.) an emotion that is the cause of any harsh speeches or reproaches Sa1h. an abode. cf. v..) perishing. delicate.. vii. ({am}) n. estates Râjat. waste. p. agitation. be agitated or shaken RV. 7. Â.) MBh. P. 14). waning (as the moon) S'Br. {kRSTi4}) RV. colonies. Gît. emotion MBh. {dhruva4}.. aor. torn. emaciated.. iv. perishing. nations (of which five are named. R. wasted. 3. trembling. 2. shake RV. {a4sura-}. Ragh. disturbance. kshiti * = 1 is f. {kSuNatti}. 61 & viii. v. 16 and 32. N. v. Mn. wane. dominion (Comm. vii. {bhidA7di}) loss. %{bala-kS-}. 60 and ii. miserable Pañcat. 21 Naish. slender S'ak. soil of the earth Mn. (said of the families of the gods) iii. shaking.) kshi4ti * = 3 f. 1. 7-2. ({a4yas}) f. 1) the earth. (in dram. &c. {dhruva4-}. 1 (Naigh. dwelling. 8-1. {akSautsur}.kshiiNe = spent-up/weakened state of kshiina* =mfn.. to move. Kâs'. xiii.. Â. {kSo4dati}.) kshiyaa* = f. to strike against. end of the world L. 76. kshiti4 * = 2 f. {bhava-}. {raNa-}.) kshudra = insignificant. 6-4. (cf. diminished. {dhAraya4t-}. P. 109 (cf. 6: cl. 10. N. pl.

{kSulika}). . to stamp or trample upon Bhathth. only in comp. indigent L. indigent L. qq. Yâjñ. iv. "'] kSullaka * = mf({A})n. a base or despicable woman Pân. from the cry of a cock . (g. wicked. Â. ii. harlot L. 1. Pers.. as a separate word {ku} occurs only in the lengthened form 3. (%{am}) n. $. v. {kUdikis}. S'Br. xxxv.: Caus. or cl. &c. deficiency. juggler MBh. pulverise Sus'r... {kSudra4}) to reduce. rogue . of several plants (Solanum Jacquini. vile L. {ku4ha}. Pat. Coix barbata. There are some more details and it is best to learn more about this before delineating marital relationships . 6.. i. Sus3r. 2] $ Lith. gnat L. a fly. 5 TS. \\ =2 f. 2) little. originally perhaps {ku} signified `" how (strange!) "'. Ka1m. m. i BhP. 309 MBh. 133 Kâs'. {kokUyate} (Nir. xviii. sneezing MârkP.v.l.v. contempt. iii. ({am}) n. [cf. 1. \\3 {Us} f. . `" small a boy. to move Naigh. and as a prefix implying deterioration. a sort of play or game (= {muSTi-dyUta}) L. 2. N..] &92760[299. {kauti} (Ved. distressed L. . Ragh. a small shell L. diminish Bhathth. 26. a maimed or crippled woman ib. xxviii. littleness. {a4kSodayat}). * = mf({A})n. a small particle of rice L.. vii. little. xiv. a quarrelsome woman L. (%{A}) f. 27 Yâjñ. {kSodIyas}. youngest L. Gk. (Nom. 8th or 12th houses. P.. low. 30 TBr.. {kavate} (Dhâtup. 32. pound. &c. to cry aloud Bhathth. a kind of frog Sus3r. 7-2 . trickery Hit. vile Mn.) Sus'r. of a Na1ga prince BhP. {ku4tra}. i. kuja = Mars kujadoshha = Affliction caused by Mars occupying the 2nd. Pân. reproach. tiny.). {-diSTha}. to shake or agitate by stamping RV. id. hard L. pl. (1. deception . 24. Bhathth. BhP. (Un2. VarBri. [cf. juggling . Lith.. ii. 6 and viii. 74. BhP. . {kSodayati} (impf. N. 1. {kU8nAti}. meal RV.. kshura = (masc) knife kshurakriyaa = (fem) shaving. 129. diminutive. 108).. 4-3. the ground or base of a triangle or other plane figure. ({a4m}) n. {kuvi4d}.). an impostor A1p. 6-3. 131. avaricious L.. {kuvate} (ib. cry (as a bird). &c... 3. $. `" an infant "'. 7-4..v. Nardostachys Jathâ-mânsî) L. the number `" one. [cf. wicked (said in joke) Mâlav. {kavIti} Pân. m. base appearing in {ku4tas}. {kU4} q. Oxalis pusilla. 3].: cl.//2 ind. = {-roga} (q. moan. BhP.h = (n) blade kshut* = 1 {t} f.. . {ku}) Ved. P. flour. &c. a particle of dust. onomat. of a prince VP. P. (= {kva4}) where? RV. fr. {kva4}. poor. low. (Pân. also another variety of Solanum. pained. (v. a dancing girl L. $ for $. 14: Intens. Â. iii S'Br. %{tArakA7di}) hungry ChUp. 4. $ &102340[330. vi. a whore. N. 1. superl. {skausti}?] kshudhita 8 = mfn.. to crush. the earth Âryabh. mean.) P.. {ka4vate}.. 4-1. to sound. guilt. trifling AV. ku * =1 a pronom. poor.. 1] \\2 ind. MBh.. 49. R. ChUp. MBh.. Gk. 42. (Naigh. hindrance. kshudra V*= petty.) L. cruel L.. {kU8nAte} (perf. 38) a cheat . make any noise. 5461. small AV. hum (as a bee) &c. cry out. ({A}) f. cutting with a knife kshurapatram. $ {kUdak}. hungered Pa1n2. 19. abandoned L. 63 Kâs'.) minute. a sneeze. a female Pis'âca or goblin L. = {-panasa} (q. kshuudra = weak (here) kshveli*= see keli kuumanas* = mfn. 54).. ii . 4.vv. kuhaka * = 1 m.. 4th. depreciation. "' kU * = 1 or {ku} cl. 95). $. Comm on Âryabh.. {cukuvur} Bhathth.). very small.Siddh. want. malicious. VarBriS. wicked-minded Pân. Â. 9. [330. Â. AitUp. niggardly. 7-3. 119) a kind of bee Bhpr. v . or cl. or cl. xxii. coo. (compar. 52 . 7th. VS. . {kokavIti} and {cokUyate} (Pân.

the body L. a race. community. of a man R.. 11. N. set. of a locality g. {A} MBh.. a swarm of bees S'is'. or half-month Tantras. seat of a community. a gang of thieves) Pân. {A}) a herd. guard. [cf. xiv.. the residence of a family.ntaarau = family+destroyers (2 persons) kulavinaasha = the destroyer of the kula(dynasty. &c. 47. 119) [294. Tantras. forepart W. {dhUmA7di}.... kU4la * = n. a declivity. of the 4th and 8th and 12th and 14th day in a {pakSa}. = {kula-nakSatra} q. &c. f. ({I}) f. a pond or pool L. troop. `" a principal day "'N. 121. {anu-kUla}. v. `" chief.). company (e. Mn. vii.. the caste of the Brâhmans BhP. a herd of cows R. principal "' cf.. assemblage.kula * = n. on Mn. 247). a herd of female buffaloes Riitus.. tribe. a heap. (ifc. back part of anything "'... {ali-k-}.. m. a shore. also Hib. infantry Râjat. a house. the rear of an army L. Tantras. `" custody. 1163). insects. the plant Solanum Jacquini or Solanum longum L. {ut-k-} &c. 6-3.. = {kula-vAra} q. N. {alaka-k-}. mound. f. of S'akti and of the rites observed in her worship (cf.g. caste. tope Car. 3]. {brAhmaNa-k-}. {collis}?] kulaM = family kulaghnaanaaM = for those who are killers of the family kulajanaa = of noble people kuladharmaaH = the family traditions kuladharmaaNaaM = of those who have the family traditions kulaniha.). 43. slope RV. (ifc. Lat. a wife's elder sister L. vii. 2. flock. (of quadrupeds. {padAtInAM kula}. `" an impediment "'. 6-2.) a lot.. lineage) of (Râkshasaas) kulastriyaH = family ladies kulasya = for the family kulakshaya = in the destruction of a dynasty kulakshaye = in destroying the family kulaani = lineages kulaalaH = (m) potter kuliina = from a good family kuliiraH = (m) a crab kule = in the family kulyaa = (f) canal (carrying water for irrigation) . or of inanimate objects e.. family. {aja-kUlA}. &c. (with S'âktas) N. {col}. birds. a multitude of curls BhP. number. the chief of a corporation or guild L. {caurasya-k-}. sg. MBh. {go-kula}. {kula-giri}. &c. &c.v. {mahiSIk-}. {kaula}). a blue stone L. 21 Kâs'. viii. inhabited country (as much ground as can be ploughed by two ploughs each drawn by six bulls Comm. a noble or eminent family or race Mn.v.. 129 & 135. (ifc. the front. Pân. gang (e. cf.. multitude. &c..g.g. &c. ({A}) f. abode MBh. bank S'Br.. Gît. with a gen.. high station (in comp. defence. xiv Nir. {cul}.

the number `" nine "' W. a bad counsellor BhP. of a son of Dhriita-râshthra MBh. kunda *m.]. pit.. N. 136. L... one of Kubera's nine treasures (N. of certain mystical figures. fragrant oleander (Nerium odorum. the body as the dwellingplace of the soul AV. nest (of a bird). N. of a mountain BhP.. 4828. 15. a bowlshaped vessel.. R. &c.) N. i. pitcher. 16 &c.) L. 10. {agni-kuNDa}). ({ami}) n. (in later language also {as} m. a vessel for coals R. S'Br. &c. &c. of Vishnu MBh. a round hole in the ground (for receiving and preserving water or fire cf. {aindrA7gna-k-}. (see. of S'iva MBh. a bad advice BhP. a clump of Darbha grass) Pân. Prasannar. ( {kuND}) mutilation Pân. an adulterine. &c. {karavIra}) L.. TS. {gola} and {-golaka} below). 21 Vârtt. of a Nâga MBh.njaraH = (Masc. of a particular Eka7ha (cf. the jasmine flower. home AV.) a woven texture. angry MaitrS. (with {agneH} Vait... ring kuNDali = The Wheel or Horoscope Chart kuNDalinii = a coiled female snake. iv. the latent energy at the base of the spine ku. 13 kumaara = (m) boy. a place. of Durgâ L. xiii. 4-1. xii. Olibanum (the resin of the plant Boswellia thurifera) L. ifc. N.. the kennel or resting-place of a dog Pân. v. N. 10358. of slow intellect kumantra * = m. of a {guhyaka} Gal. iii. ({A}) f. water-pot KâtyS'r.g. a clump (e. S'Br.nom. Âs'vS'r. a particular measure L. a particular appearance of the moon (surrounded by a circle) VarBriS. spot in general L. or with {indrA7gnyoH} TândyaBr. a bad charm Kathâs. 174. i.S)elephant ku-pariikshaka = one who cannot judge value correctly kukuTaasana = the cockerel (rooster) posture kukkuTa = rooster kukkuTaH = (m) cock kukkuTii = (f) hen kukkuraH = (m) dog kunmalaH = (m) button kula = family. 20. &c. basin. web.. pitcher. young . m. xiv BhP. 42) a bowl.. 1-3. pot Hcat. spring or basin of water (especially consecrated to some holy purpose or person) MBh. 6-2. ({I}) f. son of a woman by another man than her husband while the husband is alive Mn. ({am}) n. pot.) kumaniishin * = mfn. case or investing integument. 101) a kind of jasmine (Jasminum multiflorum or pubescens) MBh. dynasty kulaaya * = n. bowl. well. kumanas * = ({ku4-}) mfn. v. 3-3.. {darbha-k-}. MBh.. 4550. receptacle.kuNDa = starting place of kundalini* n. 10. (Un.. Pañcat. (Pân. iv. a turner's lathe L. kumantrin * = m... &c.. 4. 7036. kuNDala = coil of rope. [{as} m. displeased.. 103 Kâs'. iv. 2.

7.. 2558] or of Vishnu [BhP. another plant (commonly Kathphala) L. of one of the mothers in Skanda's retinue MBh. of a confidant of king Unmatta7vanti Râjat. a form of Durgâ BhP. ifc. kumuda * = n.. [{as} m. 3 Pat kumbha = The Zodiacal sign of Aquarius kumbhaka = holding the breath:* = m..v. Bignonia suaveolens L. N. N... kumaarii = (f) girl. Veda7ntas. ({I}) f. foolish kuntibhojaH = Kuntibhoja kuntiiputraH = the son of Kunti kunda = night lily kupita = angered* = mfn.. the plant Pistia Stratiotes L. of a Nâga MBh. stupid. of a pupil of Pathya BhP. a small pot or pitcher Kathâs. xii. 6-3. of a poet.. of the elephant of the south-west or southern quarter L... the prominence on the upper part of an elephant's forehead MBh... angry. the plant Myrica sapida Bhpr. ix..controls blinking kurmaasana = the tortoise (leg-lock) posture kuranga = deer . x. ix.. `" exciting what joy "'. 9193. Sarvad.. incensed. ({am}) n. 34. m. Ragh. a measure (of grain.. L. kunchikaa = (f) key kuntaH = (m) spear kuNthha* = * = mfn. provoked.].. the red lotus (Nymphaea rubra) L. of a mountain BhP. the plant Grislea tomentosa L. i. {am}) m. ({A}) f. R..].) desirous of a daughter Pân. VP. 1-4. lazy. N. Pân. a disease of the eyes (= {kumbhIkA}). one of the vital airs . the plant Kathphala (Myrica sapida). vi. &c. (g. the plant Pistia Stratiotes L. camphor L. stopping the breath by shutting the mouth and closing the nostrils with the fingers of the right hand (a religious exercise) BhP. cf. &c. 63). the plant Desmodium gangeticum L. 2. S'ak... a small shrub (= {droNapuSpI}) L. the esculent white water-lily (Nymphaea esculenta) AV. 41. (mfn. kupitaM = angry kupyati = (4 pp) to be angry kupyasi = you get angry kurma = a tortoise. 1178 R... young* = f. silver L. of a Dhruvaka... 2633. a pot Kathâs. (in music) N.. of one of the smaller Dvîpas VP. dull MBh. indolent. 4280. the base of a column Buddh. offended. of an attendant of Skanda MBh. of a particular comet VarBriS. of a son of Gada by Briihatî Hariv. &c.) Jyot... iv. of a monkey-hero MBh.kumaaraH = boy kumaarikaa = (f) girl kumaari * = (shortened for {-rI} q. ({as}. camphor Bhpr. ({ikA}) f. m... of {-ra4} q. 5 Sus'r.. &c. xii. of a Daitya L. n. 2.v. 2577. 12 MatsyaP. ix. of an attendant of Skanda [MBh. the plant Gmelina arborea L. {kaDArA7di}) blunt.

{kuzIlava}) Hariv.h = must do kurva. {ka4zA}) L. S'ânkhS'r. a horse's bridle (cf. &c. one of the great Dvîpas or divisions of the universe (surrounded by the sea of liquified butter) BhP.PP)do. Ragh..nti = (Vr.kuru = do kurute = does (from kRi) kurunandana = O beloved child of the Kurus kurupraviira = O best among the Kuru warriors kuruvriddhaH = the grandsire of the Kuru dynasty (Bhishma) kurushreshhTha = O best of the Kurus kurushhva = do kurusattama = O best amongst the Kurus kurukshetre = in the place named Kuruksetra kuruun. ({I4}) f.. (Pân. ix. of a son of Vasu Uparicara Hariv. 822 BhP. 8-3.h = doing anything kurvanti = do (from kRi) kurvantu = may do kurvannapi = although engaged in work kurvavadhaanaM = pay attention kurvaaNa = one who does kurvaaNaH = performing kurvaan. act kurvan. 1. {ka4zA}) L.IIIP Pl. of a son of Suhotra (cf.. of a son of Balâka7s'va (grandson of Balâka. xvi.h = doing kus'a * = m. 32 VP.. ii.Pr. of the founder of Kus'athalî SkandaP.. of a son of Râma (cf. a rope (made of Kus'a grass) used for connecting the yoke of a plough with the pole L. {kAza}) BhP. i.. grass S'Br. of a plant (commonly Madhu-karkathikâ) L. 6. of and son of Lava (king of Kas'mira) Râjat.h = the members of the Kuru dynasty kuryaaM = I perform kuryaat. ({A}) f. N. N. [297. ( = {kuzA}) a small pin (used as a mark in . of a son of Vidarbha ib. father of Kus'âmba or Kus'anâbha) R. 1]. v. 4. 88.. a cord (cf. MBh. (the Brâhmanas commonly call it {darbha4}).. a grass with long pointed stalks) Mn. 19. 1806. Âs'vGri. BhP. the sacred grass used at certain religious ceremonies (Poa cynosuroides.. 1 and 4. KâtyS'r. 72. 46) a small pin or piece of wood (used as a mark in recitation) Lâthy. Yâjñ.

14 ff. pl. Mn. N. kushiida* = mfn. lazy. fruit L. {kuzala-}).. kusIda* = mfn. and {zramaNA7di}) right.. N.l. to consider good. happiness TUp. ii.. ({As}) m. (also in comp. cheerfully. Pa1n2. usurer L. cf. [Pân.. 9560 (v.. m.v. usury TS. of a prince VP. Pân. (cf.]. ({am}) n. of Durgâ Hariv. &c.. red sandal wood L. i S'Br. healthy. Gaut. Gaut. N. a pod of cotton L. red sandal wood L. N. well-being. `" hail to thee! "' (used as a salutation..) g.. ({A}) f. 10245 (v. ({am}) n. ({As}) m. 2]. `" to be well "') BhP. &c.) L. 6236 ff..g. xiii. any loan or thing lent to be repaid with interest. 25. (%{am}) n.. properly ChUp. ({ena}) ind. (fr. 10465. {bAhv-Adi}. . of a grammarian (author of the Pañjikâpradîpa). vii. MBh. in good condition. {ku} and {sad}?.recitation and consisting of wood [MaitrS. 22. Kâthh. to say `" how do you do? "' Mn. kusidaayii* = f. false conception (?). lazy.. (with {As}. ({kUzm-}) MBh. {kuSIda}). {kUSm-}). vi. kus'ala * =mf({A})n. cf. indifferent. iii]. proper. MBh. of an attendant of the sixth Arhat of the present Avasarpinî L. 4364 ({kUzm-} ed. g. 20. & Ratnâv. a flower. &c. of a woman g. to ask after another's welfare. 359. in due order Gobh. apathetic W. iii Gobh. 2-3. the wife of a usurer Vop..) wicked. Pa1n2. x VP. (ifc. mad. (see {kUSm-}) L. {kuzalaM} {man}.. iv. a particular disease of the eyes L. iv] or of metal [TBr.v. ({am}) n. xi. 4-1. 1. &c. indifferent. the plant {kSudrA7mlikA} L. 37. %{kuSIda}). of the verses VS. lending money upon interest. {A}) Mâlav. N. for {kusIda} q. cleverness. kushalaM = welfare kuSIda* = mfn. approve AitBr. % {A}) mf. (%{am}) n. usury TS. ({kUSm-}) Kathâs. %{ku} and %{sad}?. (Pân. inert (?) TS. {kumbhA7NDa}) BhP. kusida* = m. {kUSm-}) a kind of pumpkin-gourd (Beninkasa cerifera) MBh. &c.. &c. 37.l. id. [gana {zauNDA7di}. ({I}) f. inebriate L. in a proper manner. especially in greeting a Brâhman) MBh. N. a money-lender. of S'iva. ({am}) n. fit for. pl. 70 R. xx. Bomb. the plant Oxalis Corniculata (= {azmantaka}) L. [298. of the shorter sections of Deves'vara's Kavi-kalpa-latâ (the longer chapters being called {stabaka}). f.]). 2-3. 5. 4-1. L. benevolence R. 73). N. (%{as}. well. kusuma = flower * = (fr. N. competent. a money-lender. the menstrual discharge L.). 181] inf. Gaut Mn. any loan or thing lent to be repaid with interest.N.) Sus'r. m.] gen. well. ({am}) ind.. N. 1. xiii. a class of demons (or of demi-gods attached to S'iva. skilful. a ploughshare L. ({as}. of a Varsha governed by Kus'ala VP. 40 Yâjñ. water. kusida* = m. competence. welfare. for %{kusIda} q. &c. of the Brâhmans in Kus'advîpa BhP. kusIdaayii* = f. usurer L... prosperous condition.. vii. 14 ff. id. {zreNy-Adi}. &c. conversant with (loc.. [Pân. m.. the gourd Beninkasa Cerifera L.. lending money upon interest. Âp. &c. or in comp. clever.. ({kUzm-} ed. xx. of a prince Buddh. depraved L. blossom Mn. (ganas {sidhmA7di}.]. [MBh. a form of fire Hariv. N. kushale = in the auspicious kushahasta = holding kusha grass in hand kushmâNDa * = m. ({I}) f. the wife of a money-lender L. Pân. 40 ChUp. {kus} Un. ability Pañcat. TÂr.. 37) id. ii. iii Gobh.. kusiida* = mfn. of the verses VS. (in comp.. N. suitable. {kUSm-}). = {bhrUNA7ntara} (a state of the womb in gestation W. 2-3. x. ({am}) n. Gaut.). of a people MBh. able. cf. {ardharcA7di}). (fr. Bomb. virtue L. 16. 4-1. {A}) mf. {vispaSTA7di}. 34. {kuzalaM te} (optionally with dat. good (e. (mfn.. [{kuzalam-pracch}.. happily. prosperous R. Pân.. apathetic W. v. of a demon causing disease Hariv. L. inert (?) TS.. S'ânkhS'r.

g.ntaM = making the `coo'ing sound kuujat.. a hammer. nefarious kuTuMbakaM = small family kuTumba = family kuTumbaka = family kuTTati = to grind. {azvA7di} and {kurv-Adi} [also RV. to pound kutaH = from where kutha * = {as} or {am} m. 46. a fort. i. ({I}) f. to Gmn. mallet for breaking small stones. family (cf. pitcher L. attrocious. accord. i.. 46.h = the singing (chirping) one kuuTasthaM = unchanging kuuTasthaH = spiritually situated kuupaH = (m) well kuupii = (f) bottle kuurchikaa = (f) paint brush. 24]. drawing brush kuurdati = to jump kuurparaH = (m) elbow kuurmaH = tortoise . kutra = where kutsya = despicable kuuja. ax L.. to hug kuTiichaka = the hut-builder kuTiilbuddhii = adj. 47). 4 [?= {kRta} Nir. a water-pot. N. 4.]. v.. n.. of one of the eighteen attendants of the sun (identified with the god of the ocean) L. {kuTi}) RV. a mountain L. stronghold L. a house. a tree L. m. kuta * = m. heinous. {gaurA7di} (Ganar. of a man g.kusumaakaraH = spring kusumita = blooming kusyati = (4 pp) to embrace. N.

an iron mallet MBh. Katha1s. a kind of hall (= {maNDapa}) Hcat.. a kind of vessel or implement Kaus'. . acquisition . (in prosody) shortness of a vowel or syllable (opp. (see {kuSm-}). part of a plough. xx. Mâlav. {Ani}) n. {kuTaja}) L. Yâjñ.N. Yâjñ. vi. Ping. of a particular constellation VarBri. BhP... 3 TS. falsehood L. rapidity. 4. &c.. any prominence or projection (e. smallness R. n. .v.. {am}) m. id.. iii..) L. ({am}. enigma BhP. (fr. Kâv. lack of weight or consequence. base (as coins) Yâjñ. 6. untrue. Kâv. VarBr2S. body of a plough L. summit. N. illusion. &c. profit Mn.. ({yas}) f. ploughshare. ({I}) f. BhP. the highest. a kind of plant L.. 9. a puzzling question. . BhP. xvi. dexterity. ({as}. ({as}. shortness of expression. id. slight. 4 AV. speed MBh.kuushmâNDa * = v. 4. apprehension . 3.. S'Br. a water-jar Hcar.. how much L laabha = acquirement. &c. ({A}) f. ({kUta4}) mf({A4})n. kuutha * = n.. of Durgâ. R.. x. N. 19. inconsiderateness.g.. (also %{-sthAna} .h = at any time. derogation of dignity...l. ease. . of the 11th astrological house or lunar mansion VarBr2S. Cat) laabhaM = gain laabhaalaabhau = both profit and loss laaghava = sweetness. &c. ({am}) n. laaghavaM = with ease or lightness laajaiH = with the roasted rice. {laghu}) * = swiftness. ii. wheat flakes laakiNii = the goddess in manipuraka .. N. vv. x. 16. m. a trap for catching deer. thoughtlessness. &c. n. summit. . conquest Hariv. to {gaurava}). kindness. a multitude of clouds) MBh. of the verses VS. of Agastya (cf.. false. unimportance. {aMsa-k-}. Sa1h. first BhP. m. gain . acquisition* = m. Gaut. rashness R. MârkP. deceitful Mn. levity.. {kuTa} and {kuTI}) L. uniform substance (as the etherial element. Kathâs.). &c. lightness (also of heart).. trick. counterfeited objects (of a merchant) VarBri. 10 and 29.e. an ox whose horns are broken L. sometimes. horn RV..g. AitBr. &c. 14-16 (spoken in a certain rite for penance or expiation) Yâjñ. 106. i Kâthh. xii. the bone of the forehead with its projections or prominences. versatility. perception . xii. insignificance. ({as} L. peak or summit of a mountain MBh. disrespect MBh. 102. lightness n. brevity. 8 and 16. capture . most excellent. of an enemy of Vishnu R. {I}) mf.. {am}) m. xiv. a mystical N. 5. 241. n. Pañcat. relief Mn. enjoying MW. a heap. {am}) m. conciseness Sarvad. {abhra-k-}. attaining . fraud. multitude (e. Mn. meeting with .. qq. finding Mn. 304. Sch. pl. skill MBh. Kâty. obtaining . knowledge S3am2k. kva = where kvachit. ({as}. a house. concealed weapon (as a dagger in a wooden case. a subdivision of Graha-yuddha Sûryas. Kathâs. alacrity. &c. dwelling (cf. at that time kvathati = to boil kyAn *V: of what extent.. for {kuSm-} q. of the letter {kSa} RâmatUp. and pl. getting . {akSi-k-}.. head i. not horned or cornuted (as an animal with incomplete continuations of the bone of the forehead) AV.. swordstick. viii. untruth. sg. R. Sus'r. ii. N. MBh.) R.

soliciting. seized. {lAbaka}. Sâh. and ({A}) f. 2. 905. &c. of {las}) eagerly longing for. Sch.).h = gains labhya = Easy labhyaH = can be achievedlaguDa = a club. Bâlar.h = to pamper laalasa* =mf({A})n. a patr. Sus3r. m. Intens. (cf. a stick lac = a one hundred thoausand ladduka = laddoo. sorrow. salt.. cutting off. (ifc. labdha* = m mfn. gathering Ragh. laavaNa =* mf(%{I})n.. taken. cutting to pieces. salted. dalliance "'). for {lAba}. \\2 {lAvaka} w. killing Bhathth. also `" regret.. laal. got at. (L. asking. {lakSmaNa}) relating to the plant Lakshmanâ Vâgbh. cooked or dressed with salt Hariv. m. ardently desirous of.) cutting. {labdhi}). a kind of metre Ping. a sweet-ball lagna = The Ascendant or 1st house lagnadhipati = Ascendant lord . (fr. reaping. a woman whose husband or lover is faithless W.h = to obtain (see also laabha) labhate = (1 ap) to get. to obtain labhante = do achieve labhasva = gain labhe = I obtain labhet.) Bhartri. heroine L. met with. laava* =1 {lAvaka} &c. ({A}) f. arrived (as a moment) Kathâs. found &c. (fr. {lakSmaNa} Sanskârak. of a partic. caught. Kâv. labdhaM = gained labdhaa = regained labdhvaa = having achieved labh. destroying. {lakSaNa}) relating to or acquainted with characteristic signs or marks APrât.laakshaNa* = mf({I})n. see p. longing or ardent desire. fr. ({A}) f. N.. %{lavaNa}) saline. the longing of a pregnant woman.) MBh. (fr. devoted or totally given up to (loc. of the salt sea which surrounds Jambudvi1pa L. obtained (as a quotient in division) Col. or comp.. fond attachment or devotion to (loc. delighting or absorbed in. ({-tA} f.r. (fr. N. col. laakshmaNa * = mf({I})n. plucking.. Sch. \\* = mf({I})n.

= `" taking the form of "'. p. prosodial shortness VarBr2S. seeing W.. favourable sign GriS'rS. humbleness. = `" concerning "'. embarrassed. see.) as (acc. understand. levity. 2-3. Hariv. quality (ifc. bashfulness. opportunity R. xxxiii. ({A}) f. &c. (oratio recta with {iti}) MBh. elliptical expression. look like (nom. {-lakSya}). 2303. Kathâs. to consider or regard any one (acc. Ardea Sibirica L. MBh. seem. embarrassment (also Shame personified as the wife of Dharma and mother of Vinaya) MBh. expressing indirectly Veda7ntas. mean Kâs'. object (ifc. agility. = {kaccha}. definition.. MBh..) or that &c. lajjyate = (1 ap) to be ashamed. i. species.. &c. Â. N. BhP. a tail. Â. scope. to suppose of any one (acc. settled rate.. N. the female of the Ardea Sibirica (= {lakSmaNA}) Sus'r. laghvaashii = eating a small quantity lajjaa = modesty\\* = f. a sexual organ MBh. accurate description. m. cl. Yâjñ. (only L. recognise by (instr. token. the sensitive plant.: Pass. influence ib. the state of being a mark or aim MW. on Pân.. 5. (Dhâtup. illustration Mn. smallness. effect. appear. Pan5cat. Kpr. viii. see below. see {lilakSayiSita}.. {-te} (aor. Sâh. Bhâshâp. `" appearing as "') Mn. {-ti}). his descendants Vop... R2itus. have in view. cause. aim. shame. fñfeeling of bodily freshness Ka1ran2d2. sight. lakshaNa* = mfn. see s. {A}) a mark. to be named or called (with double nom. = {paGgu}. attribute. &c. {lakSmaNa}).. Ra1jat. wantonness R... promptness. observe BhP. 84. reference. `" relating to "'.. (P. iii.) an adulteress. [892. indirect or figurative sense of a word (one of its three Arthas. n.laghu = small / inferior / light laghuH = light laghuDa = club. to recognise MBh. a form. 2-3. use of a word for another word with a cognate meaning (as of `" head "' for `" intellect "'). inf. (only L. Kâv. kind. GriS'rS. S3is3. view Hariv. {lakSayitum}. Sus'r. {lakSayitvA}. insignificance MBh. to mark. lajja* =m. to be marked &c. {lakSate}. dexterity MBh. sign MBh. light-mindedness. it (as to aim an arrow at any object). BhP. quotation Pân.. N. lakshataa * = f. xiii. object. pl. a goose Un. sort (ifc. Mn. laJja* = m. appellation.) or as (acc. of an Apsaras MBh. = `" named "'. 406. 23.. observe.. occasion. 7 Sch. fixed tariff Mn. modesty. Kâv. N. ({A}) f. 62 &c. xxxii. Pur. Das'. of a man Râjat. iii. direct towards. designate indirectly S'ank..) that he will &c. sign. . disrespect Ka1v. f. {lakSyate}. aim. aiming at. littleness. facility Sus3r. of a man. symbol. name (ifc. Mn. to notice. 10375. line (esp.. (often confounded with. MBh. ease.. the other two being {abhidhA} or proper sense. quickness.) BhP. Ma1rkP. S'ank. and {vyaJjanA} or suggestive sñsense.. {lakSa} below) {lakSayati}. Kâv. operation. goal. &c. the placing of a word in its figurative sense in apposition to another in its proper sñsense) Sâh. &c. (ifc. a symptom or indication of disease.. view MaitrUp.. Cat. Hariv. {-ta}. lightness. define (in Comms. `" called "') Mn. ({A}) f. a designation. `" possessed of "') Mn.. indication. with or without {iva}) MBh. Sarvad. on Pân. observation. stick laghutvaM = lightness laghutaa * = f. of Lakshmî. a spoon (?) DivyA7v. a stroke. thoughtlessness. lakshaNA* = f. Kâv. indicating. MBh. perceive. 2]. fr.: Desid. sleep. characteristic. the act of aiming at. 37 &c. to be meant or intended Kâs'. to indicate. disregard.)... (oratio recta with {iti}) MBh. to know.v.. `" coming within the scope of "') APrât. a lucky mark. 14 &c. with or without {iva}) MBh. 10. Sarvad.. &c.. Pur. with {sA7ropA}. a current. MBh. to be perceived or seen. 1. to aim. 1. Mimosa Pudica L. rather Nom... meanness. laksh * = cl. feeling of ease. ind. to characterize.) a foot.. P.. Kpr. {alalakSat}. want of rank or dignity. = `" marked or characterized by "'.. to perceive. 1-4. those drawn on the sacrificial ground) S'Br. &c.

. indication. an object aimed at. (often v. a lac or one hundred thousand Râjat.. Kâm. {sUri} &c. &c. aspect. {lakSyam-bandh} with loc.. with m. iii. (cf. of a son of Das'a-ratha by his wife Sumitrâ (he was younger brother and companion of Râma during his travels and adventures... &c. prize MBh. N.) Kpr. {bhaTTa}. laksha = Lakh. to {lakSaNa}) A. Dhûrtas.. token MBh.. observable...) an aim. Kâlid. endowed with auspicious signs or marks. of various authors and other persons (also with {AcArya}. R.l.. having marks or signs or characteristics TS. visible MBh. fortunate L.. recognisable by (instr...) Hariv. {dvivedin}. elegant. often v. wife of Vishnu lakshmii = wealth lakSya * mfn. a son of Kriishna) BhP.. to be indicated. q. goal Up. (exceptionally also n. goal lakshyamaatravyaapakaH = lakshyam + atra + vyApakaH:goal or target + here + manifested lalaaTa = the forehead lalaaTaka = (n) forehead lalita = lovely. 2].l... lakshmaNapuurvajaM = the (earlier-born)elder of LakshmaNa lakshmaNaanucharo = having LakshmaNa as the follower lakshmaNo = laksshmaNaH lakshmaNopetaM = having Lakshmana nearby lakshmi = goddess of wealth. {lakSaNa}).. lakshyam. lucky.) Cat. or comp. Kâv.. `" to fix or direct the aim at "'. beautiful.) S'is'.. n. R. as v. {zAstrin}.v. Sch. N. 000 in number. a name L.. ({lakSyaM-labh}. to attain an object. disguise Ragh. 100.. of the mother of the 8th Arhat of the present Avasarpinî L. with {AkAze} = {AkAze lakSam-bandh} see under {lakSa}) [893. indicating. of a Buddhist Devî Kâlac.. Pur. of various other plants (Hemionitis Cordifolia. one hundred thousand Pañcar. the thing defined (opp. sham. butt. Ardea Sibirica Âpast. Gaut. N. Kap. N. a lac. {-supta}). or w. a mark. of a Vâsishthha g. to be marked or characterized or defined. a pretence. {zubhrA7di}. target. m.. N..h = (n) aim. to be recognised or known. characteristics lakshmaNa * = mf({A4})n.l. of a wife of Kriishna Hariv. of a magical formula or spell recited over weapons R. Uraria Lagopodioides. mark. a kind of potherb Car. perceptible. of two men Râjat. = {lakSA7dhI7za} Kâv.r. {dezika}. for {lakSa} and {lakSman}..lakshes'a * = m. &c. but LñLakshmana4 alone is usually called Saumitri.. = {putra-kandA} and a white-flowering Kanthaka7ri). Kâm. a goose Un. an example. he so attached himself to Râma as to be called RñRâma's second self. Pur. of an Apsaras Hariv. hinting at. n. Veda7ntas.. also sight lakshaNaM = symptom. (to be) kept in view or observed VarBriS. {paNDita}. the female of the Ardea Sibirica MBh. of a daughter of Dur-yodhana (carried off by Sâmbha. sign. indirectly denoted or expressed Sâh. N. beauty and luck.. L. to be regarded as or taken for (nom. graceful .. expressing indirectly or elliptically or by metonymy Sâh. n. ({A}) f. illustration (?) Sâh. m. have success. MBh. an indirect or secondary meaning (that derived from {lakSaNA}. 7 Sch. Hit. LñLakshmana4 and S'atrughna were both sons of Su-mitrâ. Kathâs. &c. whereas S'atru-ghna attached himself to Bharata) R. lakshaka * = mfn. {kavi}.

of a son of Râmacandra and Sîtâ (he and his twin-brother Kus'a were brought up by the sage Vâlmîki and taught by him to repeat his Râmâyana at assemblies. n. a little (cf.. n... a tendon. half a second. a persoñs ordinary occupation BhP. Pur. Anona Reticulata L. the act of cutting. common. (in alg. n. covetous. %{nandy-Adi}. to `" the learned. Ceylon or Sri Lanka la. laampaTya * = n. lewdness.laMbodaraM = having a long stomach laMbodaraaya = to the long-stomached lampaTa * = mf({A})n. men in general. hair Mn. reaping (of corn).) a degree Gol.). particle. &c. the juice of the sugar-cane L. sickle. {lavam api}.. Uttarar. {laukiheSu} ind. knife &c.) Inscr. dissoluteness Nalac. MârkP. people. men of the world Uttarar.) the numerator of a fraction Col. MBh. Kâv. dissolute person. not sacred (as opp. {kuzI-lava}) R. (%{I}) f. plucking or gathering (of flowers &c. {padAti-l-}). reaping. {ArSa}. Ka1tyS3r. loss.. mowing. bit.. opp. belonging to or occurring in ordinary life. wool. {lU}) the act of cutting. personification L. the 60th of a twinkling. piece. (see %{darbha-l-}). dissoluteness. (only L. {loka}) worldly. serrum &c..). the root of Andropogon Muricatus.ngh. that which is cut or shorn off. lavana=* mfn.h = (n) garlic lasatbhiH = glowing lasiikaa* = f. (fr. Sarvad. = {loke} `" in ordinary or popular speech "'. lecher. sport L. initiated "' &c. little piece ({am} ind. Nalo7d... customary. greediness.) S'rS.) belonging to the world of(ct. usual. Das. (fr. w. usage S'ak. to {vaidikeSu} Nir.h = to climb lashunam.. a cutter. Car. lava = Piece * = m. (cf. men familiar with the ways of the world.. lustfulness.. reaper g. mankind MBh.) nutmeg. temporal. terrestrial.. vine laulikii = a movement of the abdominal muscles and organs laukika * = mf({I})n.... {zAstrIya} [909. watery humour in the body.. greedy. cloves. destruction L. Kaus3. one who cuts &c. the space of 2 Kâshthhâs L. a section. common or ordinary men (as opp. mowing &c. (cf. . Ragh. anything cut off. anything occurring in the world.. Ragh.. &c. m. lymph. lasitaM = beautified lata = creeper lataa = (f) creeper. Bhpr. Kâv. muscle L. desirous of or addicted to (loc.. lampaTa-tA * = n. N. {lala}). lankaa = the kingdon of Ravana. (1. (ifc. cf. of a king of Kas'mîra (father of Kus'a) Râjat. m. {lampaTa}) lasciviousness.) S'ank. a moment (accord. a partic. Perdix Chinensis W. a libertine. a little. (in astron. 3]. ({A}) f. Mn. general custom.. or comp. Pur. lustful. m.. a minute division of time. a shorn fleece. fragment. even a little) MBh. to {vaidika}. {brahma-l-}). to others 1/4000 or 1/5400 or 1/20250 of a Muhûrta) ib. an implement for cutting.

IW. %{lAvaNya}). (cf. to be written down or numbered among (loc. Pur. &c. (in law) any written document (esp. saline taste W. 420. to be portrayed. (%{A}) f. favourable to the gods (said of Vishnu) Vishn. (% {I}) f.. for %{lambana}) Hariv. Sâh. manuscript Kâm. &c. or %{kRtya} g.h = (n) salt lavana = mineral layaM = tranquillity or the lull after destruction or the Deluge layayoga = yoga using the latent power of kundalini lekhya * = 2 mfn. Cardiospermum Halicacabum L. n. w. the sea of salt water (in MBh. m. of a hell VP.) S3atr.). grace. article lekhanii = (f) pencil lekhaphalakam. beauty L. oversalted food L. of a river L.. grace (ifc. of a son of Ra1ma (= %{lava} q.lavaNa=*mf(%{A})n. of a river Ma1lati1m. &c.. n. copying. (derivation doubtful) saline. 236 &c. Yâjñ. brinish S3Br. beautiful W. Mbh.h = (n) slate lekhaani = writings lepa = smearing lepakaaraH = (m) person who builds houses lelihyase = You are licking lesha = little-bit. lustre. delineation... a writing. (cf. (g. ({gaNanA-}) a catalogue. and %{A} f. drawing.. of a Ra1kshasa or Daitya MBh. painted BhP.v. but also factitious salt or salt obtained from saline earth) AV.. graceful. salt. seasalt. see. N. to be scratched or scraped or scarified Sus'r.. lekha = writings. slight lihanta: * licking .. (%{NaM@kRtvA}. beauty. MârkP. &c. rock or fossil salt.. a painted figure BhP. to be drawn or painted Yâjñ. the act or the art of writing... %{gaurA7di}) N.. %{nir-l-} and %{lava-NA7kara}). lustre. a partic. (according to some also m. N. of a king belonging to the family of Haris3candra Cat..) salt (esp. xiii. mode of fighting (prob. saltness. one of the seven oceans which surround the Dvi1pas in concentric belts) IW. R. Kathâs.r. %{savana}). handsome..... %{sAkSA7di}). an inscription MBh..l. list of Ragh.) Kâvya7d. painting ib. letter. transcribing VarBriS. of various rivers L. 293). 6330.. a written accusation or defence) Vishn. (Sch. tasteful. Hariv. (v. to be written or transcribed Yâjñ. lavanga = clove lavangaH = (m) cloves lavaNa = (m) salty lavaNam. vi. briny.. = %{bala} and %{asthi-deva} L.. charm.

evidence Kan2. corpus delicti Ya1jn5. Maha1-ka1la at Ujjayini1. grace. organ of generation Mn.. sham Kâv.g.) a maideñs playful imitation of her lover. ifc. MBh. f.h = to write likhati = wrote likhitavaan. gender (in gram. pretence. Kathâs. Ka1tyS3r.. any assumed or false badge or mark. 30. &c. (in Sa1m2khya) = %{prakRti} or %{pradhAna}. lobha = greed lobhaM = greed .. cupidity.) Mn.v.. loc. `" having anything for a mark or sign "') Up.. a proof. 90) MBh. token.. R. `" the eternal procreative germ "' L. spot. ease or facility in doing anything ib. disguise MBh. the order of the religious student W.. mark of disease W. but the number of Lin3gas in India is estimated at 30 millions IW. diversion. Hariv. q. Sch. Pur. disguise. impatience. of which the best known are Soma-na1tha in Gnjara1t. Dalar. cf. %{puM-l-}). RTL.. (in rhet. &c. anything having an origin and therefore liable to be destroyed again Kap. cf. easily. cf. mere appearance. the crude base or uninflected stem of a noun (shortened into %{li}) Vop. RTL. in the passage %{kupito@makara-dhvajaH} the word % {kupita} restricts the meaning of %{makara-dhvaja} to `" Ka1ma "') = %{linga-purANa} BhP. Ka1v. child's play. Sarvad. sign. fr. covetousness. MBh. = %{tal-liGga}. 78. = %{lingazarIra} (in Vedanta). = %{AkAza} Ka1ran2d2. mere sport or play. &c. charm. %{A}. an idol VarBr2S. beauty.. Sch. reason (cf. a sign of guilt. perplexity. (in logic) = %{vyApya}.. %{I} only in %{viSNu-liGgI}. IW. %{lakSa}. %{kAvya-l-}). Pur. smoke is the %{liGga}..likh.. and is set up in temples dedicated to S3iva. &c. that of S3iva worshipped in the form of a stone or marble column which generally rises out of a %{yoni}. Kathâs. lingaM = gender lingaanaaM = genders lingaani = genders lingaiH = symptoms lip = to smear lipyate = is affected lobha* = m. 3]. confusion (see {a-l-}).. conclusion. = % {prAtipadika}.. formerly 12 principal S3iva-lin3gas existed. a kind of metre (4 times $) Col. 1. semblance. the image of a god. feignedly). sportively. guise. Prst.. amusement. in Nr2isUp. 62). emblem.. limpati = (6 pp) to anoint limpanti = do affect lin´ga*= n. for mere diversion. N. e. (in rhet. of a Yogini HParis'.1]. the male organ or Phallus (esp. the invariable mark which proves the existence of anything in an object (as in the proposition `" there is fire because there is smoke "'. [902. as a mere joke [903. Sâh.) an indication (word that serves to fix the meaning of another word. a symptom. prob.. %{lag}. &c. badge. = %{vyakta} L. Pa1n2. Vis3ve7s3vara at Benares &c. Kâv. (ibc.. characteristic (ifc. (once m. (derivation doubtful) play. elegance. % {lakSaNa}) a mark. or comp. avarice (personified as a son of Pushthi or of Dambha and Mâyâ) ib. inference. cf. in sport. sport. the sign of gender or sex.. pastime MBh... lovelniess Kâlid. Pratâp. &c. 322 n.. also = {lIlayA} ind.. eager desire for or longing after (gen.h = wrote liilaa * = f. Râjat..

the 7 above.) the inhabitants of the world. `" on the whole earth "'). Lat.v. to make room grant freedom "'. country. 420. N. or. {u}. ÂS'vS'r. (acc. [Cf. but {u} may be a prefixed vowel and {uloka4}.. Mn. (pl. a field. place.on BriÂrUp. Hariv. the earth.).. a clearing of a forest "'. Talâtñtala. and 7 lower regions called in the order of their descent below the earth. a tract. `" in worldly matters "'. free or open space. {lau4kas}. Siddhas &c. viz. Tapar-lñloka. the faculty of seeing. Mahâ-tñtala. region. intermediate space Kaus'. viz. = the particle 3. to {vede}. and Pâtâla. middle region. opp. N.. &c.. to others {u-loka} is abridged from {uru-} or {ava-loka}).. {asau4} or {pa4ro loka4H}. `" the sky or heaven "'. 102 n. and the atmosphere or lower regions. Kathâs. Vi-tñtala. {loke} with gen.) men (as opp. community (of ten ifc. earth. heaven. Janar-lñloka. but a fuller classification gives 7 worlds. Sank. MBh. ({loke} either `" in ordinary life "'. {-pakSa-nirAsa} m.people lokatraye = in the three planetary systems lokaya = (verbal stem) to see lokayaanam. &c. scope. Indra's heaven above the sun or between it and the polar star. Sch. &c. {para-loke} &c. Nir. mankind. sometimes 14 worlds are mentioned.h = eyes loha = iron lohamaargaH = (m) railway track loka = this world * = m.. {lûsus}. accord. inhñinhabited by deified Vairâgins. which accord. province S'Br. RTL. esp. that or the other world "'. folk. worldly affairs. elsewhere these 7 worlds are described as earth. mansion of the blest. sometimes only the first two. inhabited by Brahmâ's son Sanat-kumâra &c. AV. `" instead of "'). common practice or usage GriS. the wide space or world (either `" the universe "' or. of wk. to {para-tra}. Hit. of the number `" seven "' (cf. heaven. Vas. Br. of Sâmans ÂrshBr.. 435. to the Padap. Bhûlñloka. with {kR} or {dA} or {anu-} {nI}. 3 Lokas are commonly enumerated. Satya-lñloka or Brahma-lñloka. &c.. sky. Mahar-lñloka. Lith. as opp. above) VarBriS. in common language.A-tala. (connected with {roka}. people (sometimes opp. district. abode of Brahmâ. and abode of truth. this world "'.. {chandasi}). id. in popular speech "'. 1) AV... a collateral dialectic form of {loka}. &c. cf. originally. translation to which exempts from rebirth [906.h = (n) car .. 2]. a region above the polar star and inhabited by Bhriigo and other saints who survive the destruction of the 3 lower worlds. loke or {iha} {loke}. Su-tñtala.N. in the oldest texts {loka} is generally preceded by {u}. viz.lobhaH = greed lobhaviraha = greedless lobhaavishhTa = (adj) greedy lochana = eye lochanam. to `" king "') Mn. any division of it "'.] lokaayatika* = m. place of re-births. lokaH = world lokaM = world. the earth or world of human beings &c. `" here on earth "'. Rasâtñtala. Mn. &c. and {lokAnAM vratAni} pl. 1. 1 IW. ({aya4M loka4H}. Svar-lñloka. Bhuvar-lñloka "' the space between the earth and sun inhabited by Munis. {lokAnAM sAmanI} du. ordinary life. sight (only in {ca4kSur-l-} q. free motion RV. to `" women "') Vet. and Pras'nUp. (perhaps) a man experienced in the ways of the world MBh. MBh. {kRtsne} {loke}. a company. (also pl. &c. room. to form collectives) Kâv.

lokayaatraa* f. eager desire.). (fr. lokasa. (prob. appetite... {lup}) very destructive. longing for (loc. lolupatva * = n. ordinary actions Mn. the business and traffic of men.. cupidity. N. ({A}) f. MBh. lust. Kâv Pur. greediness.. loshhTa = clay loshhTra = pebbles luJNchhitakesha = hair cut here and there lupta = stopped lubdhaH = greedy lubdhaka = (m) hunter lubhyati = (4 pp) to covet lumpati = (6 pp) to break M maa = Do not .) MBh. Intens. &c.h = to heaven lokaapavaada = general infamy lokaabhiraamaM = the laudable one of the people loke = in the world lokeshhu = planetary systemsloma = hair lola = swinging lolaasana = the swing posture lolupa * = mf({A})n. Kâv. of 1. corrupted fr.) MBh. worldly affairs. ardently longing for (loc.. career in life Mâlav. or comp.ngrahaM = the people in general lokasya = of the people lokaaH = all the world lokaat. &c. Kâv. eager desire or longing for (comp. support of life Hit. destroying MW. worldly existence.h = from people lokaan. of a Yoginî Hcat. Sus'r. conduct of men. {lolubha}) very desirous or eager or covetous.

4-4. weight. long pepper L. exhilaration. Pan5car. = April-May) TS. a cow L.. N. &c. see below. {mahI}.. he is the professional bard or panegyrist of a king. MBh. a princess of the Magadhas PadmaP. of one of the seven sages in the 14th Manv-antara Hariv. anise. maahaatmyaM = glories . maahaa * = f... dill.. &c. measure. ({I}) f. maadhavaH = KRishhNa (the husband of the Goddess of Fortune) maadhurya = Sweetness maadhyam. of the hero of Bhava-bhu1ti's drama Ma1lati1-ma1dhava. pl. Phaseolus Mungo L.) a partic. (long pepper. often associated with {suta} and {bandin} MBh. {madhyama}) relating to the middle. {gandha-} and {sadha-m-}). central (also applied to the composers of the middle portion of the Riig-veda i. R. a son or descendant of Madhu. the language of the MñMagadhas (one of the Prakriit dialects) Sâh. of one of the 7 sages under Manu Bhautya Ma1rkP. {diz}) the east L. krishhna * = mf(%{I})n. {mad}) drunkenness.. (pl. N. &c. (cf. maagaa = mA+gaa. platform maadhyama* = mfn. of a river (= {zoNA}) R. passion. of Kr2ishn2a-Vishn2u or of Paras3u-ra1ma as an incarnation of this god. maa4ghona * =bountifulness. {madana}). representing Kr2ishna (as a picture) Hcat. Pat. of a son of the third Manu Hariv. esp.e. cf. m. a female bard Kâd. &c. (scil... of the warriorcaste in S'âka-dvi0pa VP.Paris'. {bhASA}). also an unmarried womañs son who lives by running messages or who cleans wells or dirty clothes &c. accord. of a mythicâ weapon. of a son of Yadu ib. Hit. quantity W. of a mixed caste AV.r. relating to or born in or living in or customary among the Magadhas or the Magadha country AV.. vernal Hariv. %{vaidya}. intoxication. belonging or peculiar to the descendants of Madhu i... spring Ka1v.). N. R. the Ya1davas Hariv.. m. \\ 2 Vriiddhi form of {mahA}.. 11 the son of a Kshatriya mother and a Vais'ya father. Caryota Urens L. (fr. 129 Sch. n.. intoxicating Sus'r.. a king of the MñMagadha MBh.. Katha1s. ({I}) f. (2. of Indra Pan5cat. Hariv. in comp. cf. &c. R. a man of the race of Yadu (sg. also opprobrious N.. f. (w. the daughter of a Kshatriya mother and a Vais'ya father MBh... N.. a species of cardamoms grown in Gujarat. Vet..) relating to spring. (fr. &c. &c. the god of love L. of a people (= {magadhAH}) AV. of a race Pravar. a kind of spice Sus'r. white cumin L. %{sarasvatI} &c. white cumin. of a dynasty ib. Bassia Latifolia L. sweetness L. (%{I}) f. N.... maadana* = mfn.. (also {maDA-druma}. middleborn W... intoxicating drink L. &c. ({I}) f... maadyati = (4 pp) to be glad maadhava = vishnu. Latifolia L.. delight. exhilaration L. of various scholars and poets (also with %{paNDita}. and called the Bhâts W. to others one who informs a Râja of what occurs in bazaars. pl. {madya-d-}).. m.e. maddening. %{A} only in %{mAdhavA} [= %{madhavyA}] % {tanUH} Pa1n2. {ardha-m-})... Kâv. the Ya1davas or Vr2ishn2is) MBh. Lalit... GriS. of two plants (= {mAkandI} and {vijayA}) L. %{yogin}. M. (accord to Mn.l. of books ii-vii) S'ânkhBr. ({A}) f. Hariv.) N. for %{vAsava}?). N.h = (n) medium. Vanguiera Spinosa L. %{bhaTTa} %{mizra}. BhP. N. fighting war Sây. the thorn-apple L. %{madhu}.. %{mAdhavA7cArya}). refined sugar L.). (also m. `" stupefier "'N. (cf. N..Paris'. Doñt+go maagadha4 * = mf({I})n. maada * = m. (v.maaDa* = m. delighting RV. middlemost. a princess of the MñMagadhas MBh. of S3iva S3ivag. liberality RV. x. (with or scil.. exhilarating. of a tribe still numerous in GujarSt. &c. a kind of metre VarBriS. n. Jasminum Auriculatum L. Vikr. stupor L. {mahA}. of various other men Katha1s. {mAheyI}).... L.. of the second month of spring (more usually called Vais3a1kha.. (cf..

{mAnayati}. mfn. Ka1v. 433) . m. of which {mAnayati} is the Caus. a wreath. (fr. {maukha}). formularies VS. a work giving an account of the merits of any holy place or object W. respect Dhâtup. maamikaaM = My maan * = cl.) n. &c.. n. highmindedness MBh. {mAnati}.) maahaaraajya = being the great king maahaaraajika* = mf({I})n. N. (cf. the equation of the apsis) Sûryas. P. TS.l.) maanda * = 1 mf({A})n. patr.).. n. \\2 mfn. maakha * =(prob. a flower L. {pRthv-Adi}. (fr. the one with garland maalya = garlands: * =m. of water in partic. {manda}) relating to the higher apsis of a planet's course ({-daM karma}. . Corniculata L. {-dam phalam}. ({A}) f. Kâthh. chaplet GriS'rS. of a people VarBriS.. the peculiar efficacy or virtue of any divinity or sacred shrine &c. the process of correction for the apsis. relating or belonging to a Makara or sea-monster (with {Akara} m. 1. Sanskârak. (cf. maaNikya = perl . {man}. W. 36 (cf. the sea Nalo7d. PañcavBr. = {makara-saptamI} W. relating to a garland W. %{mahA7tman}) magnanimity .. posture in sitting Cat. maala = a wreath maalaa = Garland maalaakaara = (m) gardener maalaakaarii = (f) a woman selling flowers and garlands maalaasana = the garland posture maalikaa = Garland maalinii = shining. xxxiv. maaM = me maam. dignity ib. with {Acana} n. mine of MñMakara. pl. to honour. form of military array Hariv.h = me maamakaM = from Me maamakaaH = my party (sons). also maalinii metre. (also pl. Mn. = {mAndya} g. (fr. (1. with {saptamI} f. garland. 4-2. a partic. (fr. a partic. &c. maakara* = mf({I})n. with {vyUha} m.. Up.. {mabha}) any relationship based upon an oblation offered in common Hariv. Trigonella. RTL. {mand}) `" gladdening "'N. {mahA-rAja}) attached or devoted to the reigning prince Pân. 35. %{devI-m-} &c.. . exalted state or position .maahaatmya * = n.). majesty . (v. 10.

the family of Mâna) RV. measure (see {tiryan-m-})..= fold see {zata4-m-}). (fr. (in astron. Hariv.) proof. (cf. measure. produced by love. = {mAndya} g.) consideration. height. the process of correction for the apsis. {Atma-m-}). pride KaushUp.. ({mAna4}) a preparation.. conception. 5. an altar Âpast. MWB. maantra * = mf(%{I})n. sulking Kâv. (with Buddhists one of the 6 evil feelings Dharmas. appearance RV. &c. x. caprice.. purpose. design AitBr. form. {manda}) relating to the higher apsis of a planet's course ({-daM karma}. maa. %{mantra}) proper or peculiar to Vedic or magical texts MW. house..maanda * = 2 mfn. ({I}) f. maana = 2: *= m. means of proof (= {pra-mANa}. maanushhaM = human maanushhiiM = in a human form maanushhe = in human society . 100 Mânas= 5 Palas or Panas). in women). Sâh. respect.ngalika = auspicious maa. of the father of Agastya (perhaps also of AñAgastya himself Pân.. filled with love &c. &c. standard RV. belonging to the god of lñlove Vcar. of the tenth house VarBriS. prescribed behavior for humans maanavaaH = human beings maanavii = (adj) done by human maanasa = mind maanasaM = of the mind maanasaH = within the mind maanasaaH = from the mind maanasika = of the mind maanmatha: *= mf(%{I})n. {mA}) a building. a barbarian "'). &c. measure or weight (= {kRSNata} or {raktikA}.) N. accord.nsaavasaadi = mAmsau+Adi. idea Tattvas. q. flesh+etc maana =1: Respect * = m. Mn. n. 144. the equation of the apsis) Sûryas. Ka1v. (W. (in phil. {pRthv-Adi}. %{manmatha}) relating to or concerning love. length (in space and time).v.... a partic. to Sch.. a wounded sense of honour. Das'ar. self-conceit. on TS. MBh. decoction(?) RV. dimension. meting out KâtyS'r. arrogance. resemblance S'is'. measure "' (= 2 Añjalis) L. 67. dwelling RV. or one of the 10 fetters to be got rid of. (fr. measuring-cord. regard. wish. &c. (fr. N. honour Mn. anger or indignation excited by jealousy (esp. 127). demonstration. a partic. {-dam phalam}. weight ib. 2]. (also n... size. n. and KatyS'r. ( {man}) opinion. also a blockhead [809.. (ifc. measuring.) maanava = human maanavaH = a man maanavadharma = humanity based ideology. likeness. &c. an agent. (3. notion.

fr. 1. (cf. a means.. investigate maargashiirshhaH = the month of November-December maargaachala = mountain coming in the way maarjana = cleaning maarjanaM = correcting. inquiry. (fr. `" the son of Manyma1na "').. Hanuman+whose maashha = (m) a gold coin maasa = month . road. having any of the properties or qualities of an eñemerald. rubbing maarjaara = cat maarsha * m. maaruta = wind maarutaH = wind maarutatulyavegam. path. maapanadaNDaH = (m) ruler. of Maitrâvaruni (author of RV. &c. Pur. {mAriSa}) an honourable man.viii.. 14. 20 (lit. m. ({mAnya4}) m. N. to be respected or honoured. MBh. (fr. 67) RAnukr. maartya * = n. %{manyamAna} see %{man}) the proud one RV. respectable person Buddh. scale maapikaa = (f) scale. (fr. `" the son of the proud "' Sa1y. i.maanya* = mfn. Amaranthus Oleraceus Bhpr. respectable. search. &c.h = with the speed equal to that of wind-god(his father maarutiryasya = mArutiH+yasya. {mA4na} RV. maanyamaana* = m. maardavaM = gentleness maarga = way (masc) maargaH = a way. venerable Mn. ruler maaraya = (verbal stem) to kill maarakata*= of the color or nature of emerald maaraatmaka = habitual killer maarakata * = mf({I})n. Kâv.. {martya}) the corporeal part (of man). patr. worthy of honour. (with {dhAtu}) an emerald MBh. 163. {marakata}) belonging to an emerald. mortality BhP. 18. coloured like an eñemerald MBh. vii.

%{aGgula-mAtram} . under 2. (sg. accurate knowledge L. measure of any kind (whether of height . size . (%{A}) f. see s. ..maasa* = m. measure.\\* = 2 nom. of {mAtR}. see p. see below. `" fr. depth . time or number e. breadth . 804 and 806) ifc. .) maataa* = 1. which is the most usual and consists of 30 Tithis. duration . {sAvana}. mother "'.acc. %{zata-mAtram} . 2. in a mñmonth = after the lapse of a mñmonth). ({I}) f. 179. . a month or the 12th part of the Hindû year (there are 4 kinds of months. a symbolical N. (for 1. the dark moon a new moon maasaanaaM = of months maata = mother matha* = m. {cA7ndra}. a hundred in number Katha1s. a partic.v. pl. maata* = 2 m.. R. . Pân. in later times = Phaseolus Radiatus. MaitrS. 3. {mAsam ekam}. and 2.) the moon (see {pUrNa-m-}). 173 n. (with or scil. {mAse}. a certain sum of money ib. %{kroza}. for a month. at the distance of a Kos Hit.)mother maataa = mother maataamaha = (m) grandfather (mother's father) maataamahi = (f) grandmother (mother's mother) maati * =f.. weight of gold (= 5 Kriishnalas= 1/10 Suvârna. quantity . {man} "'. {deva-mAta}). cf. maataa* = 1 f. 804. the plant. only by birth Hcat. {nAkSatra}. . 2) metron. p. in a month La1t2y. maasI= relating to the black. mail L. ({I4}) f. in comp maata. (ifc. for one month. 806 and 807) formed. to soot. and the lunar. {mati4}. IW. viz. in {vA4n mAtI} TS. a valued kind of pulse having seeds marked with black and grey spots). the latter. the fruit. armour. see pp. see pp. a fool. (n. maata* = 1 mfn. and 3. blockhead L. 807. %{mAtre} . ({mAsam}. = {mAtR} (see {kAka-} and {vizva-m-}). 3) RV.e. a partic. part of the body L. n. the stellar. &c. the whole or . Hariv. in the course of a month. distance . maasha* = m. a cutaneous eruption resembling beans L. ({mAtyA4} VS. g. maatra * = m.. being itself of two kinds as reckoned from the new or full moon cf.. ix. to whom RV. 4-1. col. 2 {mAtA-duhitR} &c. {bAhv-Adi}. the solar. 1-10 is ascribed) RAnukr. v. the full or simple measure of anything . for the names of the months see ib. &c. a Bra1hman of the lowest order i. see col. maata* = (for 1. (or n. 14 Pat. cf. the weight in common use is said to be about 17 grains troy) Mn. 45. col. 86. maathi * =f. = {mAtR} Pân. elementary matter BhP. for 3. {mAtR}. 1 Pat.g.) measure .3] . [804. 6 (others. composed (?) RV. &c. darkening. &c.Sing. {ardharcA7di}) a bean RV. {akRSTAH}) `" wild beans "'N. N. pl. {mAsena}. (for 2. the natural.) . sum . %{artha-mAtram} . 85 Vârtt. made. .. 6-1. an element . others. fr. Yâjñ. of a man g. a finger's breadth Pan5cat. after a proper N. of a Riishigans (the children of S'u-rabhi. {mAtA}. for {mRta}) the son of a Vais'ya and a Kuthi L. {saura}.nga = Matang maataraM = (fem. (Prâkr. length . Siddh. for the number `" twelve "' Sûryas. %{mAsa-mAtre} .

moment Sus'r. = scarcely . often = nothing but .g. measure of any kind (whether of height. after a pp.. %{kRSTa-m-} . foot VarBr2S. %{manuSya-m-} . matter . ({ikA}) f. ({bhUyasyA mAtrayA}. {artha-mAtram}. the one thing and no more .g. unit of time . = {mAtrA}. (ifc. {padAti-}. entirely . length. a Brâhman of the lowest order i. {tri-m-}). just e.g. {prA7Na-yAsrika-m-}). (only once ifc. = {-tA} Veda7ntas. merely ploughed Ka1tyS3r. depth. at the distance of a Kos Hit. [804. % {tavan-} . only by a sound S3ak. SârngS.) . property . as soon as. merely . a finger's breadth Pañcat.. = scarcely. {mAsa-mAtre}. .). quantity. only by birth Hcat. all that may be called danger .). and a prolated vowel 3) Pra1t. often = nothing but. &c.. maatratA* = f. just e.). Possessing (only) as much as or no more than (cf.. . %{zabda-mAtreNa} . see s. measure (of any kind) .v.. particle . sum. ornament Ka1d. . Possessing (only) as much as or no more than (cf. MBh. right or correct measure . Kâv. an element (5 in number) BhP.) the being as much as. nothing but sensuality Mn. a mora or prosodial instant i. breadth. unit of measure. scarcely or just born Mn. a minute portion . duration . {jAta-m-}. mf(%{A} and %{I})n. ifc. wealth . materials . Sa1rn3gS.. as large or high or long or broad or deep or far or much or many (cf..) maatrA* = f. a little Gan2ar.totality . in a month Lâthy. measure (of any kind). quantity . moment Sus3r. %{bhaya-m-} . an ear-ring . . 7125 . containing a partic. %{etavan} mñmany) . {bhukta-mAtre}. maatratva* = n. {mAtre}. a mora or prosodial instant i. size . a prosodial instant RPrât. . livelihood (alsopl. {kRSTa-m-}. . being nothing but . threefold MârkP. order RV. only by a sound S'ak. simply or merely (cf. maatratraya* = mfn. (a metre) regulated by morae L. &c.e. the full or simple measure of anything. foot VarBriS.. amounting (only) to (pleonastically after numerals.. ifc. Sus3r. entirely. in slight measure . &c. (ifc. an element. &c. &c. {tavan-}.) = {mAtra} MBh. merely ploughed KâtyS'r. {zata-mAtram}. {mAtrika}). after a pp. goods . household . &c. {bhUmi-STha-m-}). . (ifc. the whole or totality. furniture . any danger VarBr2S. no more nor less than anything S'ankar. number . in a higher degree Lalit.e. {rAja-mAtram}. {aGguSTha-}. elementary matter BhP. %{yava-} . . measure KâtyS'r. nothing but sensuality Mn. immediately after eating Mn. unit of measure . %{aGguSTha-} . quantity. a mirror Vishn2. = lasting so many moments Gaut. (cf. {aGgula-mAtram}. scarcely or just born Mn. {rati-m-}. (= {nimeSa} VP. simply or merely (cf. . n. maatraka* = (ifc. ind. = lasting so many moments Gaut. the upper or horizontal limb of the Na1gari1 characters W. being nothing but.e. maatrAkRta* = mfn. RV. {tAla-}. of a poet Cat. . only (e. maatra* = m. {manuSya-m-}. the length of time required to pronounce a short vowel (a long vowel contains 2 Ma1tra1s . {bhaya-m-}. distance. of what account is a king? a king is a mere trifle Pan5cat.. . immediately after eating Mn. . . (% {bhUyasyA@mAtrayA} . duration.g. as soon as . in small portions . mf({A} and {I})n. cf. %{jAta-m-} .3]. duration. Mn.). (= %{nimeSa} VP.) from the first moment of (cf. . size. Sus'r.) . in a higher degree Lalit. .) maatraa * = f. time or number e.e.) having the measure of i. %{kA@mAtrA@samudrasya} . musical unit of time (3 in number) Pan5cat. %{AyAm} ind. the one thing and no more. moderately Das3. substance .e.. (ifc.) having the measure of i. ChUp. as large or high or long or broad or deep or far or much or many (cf. %{rati-m-} . merely. &c. &c.. size. RV. jewel . the whole class of kings S'ânkhSr. the length of time required to . trifle S3Br. money . {bAhu-}. . a certain sum of money ib. maatratas* = ind.) . % {rAje7ti@kiyatI@mAtrA} . . %{tAla-} . cf. unit of time. %{prA7Na-yAsrika-m-}) .) measure. what is the importance of the sea? the sea will easily be managed ib. only (e. %{tri-m-}) . %{bAhu-} . degree &c. {etavan} mñmany). degree &c. any danger VarBriS. maatrarAja* = m. amounting (only) to (pleonastically after numerals .. % {padAti-} . . metrical unit . metrical unit.g. {kroza}. (ifc. atom . {yava-}. (%{ayA} . the whole class of kings S3a1n3khSr. all that may be called danger. MBh.. .) Vas. ({A}) f. BhP. %{bhukta-mAtre} . a hundred in number Kathâs. (with {anaGgaharSa}) N. maatrAvat* = mfn. the material world MaitrUp. %{rAja-mAtram} . number.) the full measure of anything (= %{mAtra}) Hariv. {zabda-mAtreNa}.

distance. {rAja-mAtram}. metrical unit. maayaa * = f. a minute portion. moderately Das'..). {bAhu-}.. {zabda-mAtreNa}. materials. ornament Kâd. the one thing and no more. what is the importance of the sea? the sea will easily be managed ib... &c. {rati-m-}. nothing but sensuality Mn. in a month Lâthy. {aGguSTha-}.) measure. a Brâhman of the lowest order i.. {kA mAtrA samudrasya}. RV..pronounce a short vowel (a long vowel contains 2 Mâtrâs. at the distance of a Kos Hit. the upper or horizontal limb of the Nâgarî characters W. right or correct measure. {prA7Na-yAsrika-m-}).) Vas. and a prolated vowel 3) Prât. {rAje7ti kiyatI mAtrA}. n. moderately Das'. quantity. {AyAm} ind. length. Mn. a mora or prosodial instant i.) having the measure of i. breadth. as large or high or long or broad or deep or far or much or many (cf. matter.g.. 804. {padAti-}.. in slight measure. number. only (e..) the full measure of anything (= {mAtra}) Hariv. the material world MaitrUp. a minute portion. &c.e. an ear-ring.. an unreal or illusory image. property. measure (of any kind). order RV.. substance. materials. a mirror Vishn... MBh. {kroza}. particle.g. a hundred in number Kathâs. in small portions. &c. property. foot VarBriS. trick. after a pp. 2. &c. Sus'r. the whole class of kings S'ânkhSr. depth. money. livelihood (alsopl. the upper or horizontal limb of the Nâgarî characters W.) Vas. wisdom.. what is the importance of the sea? the sea will easily be managed ib. duration. measure of any kind (whether of height. musical unit of time (3 in number) Pañcat.g. household. (= {nimeSa} VP. &c. ({bhUyasyA mAtrayA}. = scarcely. (only once ifc. particle. 7125. SârngS. Mn. size. a certain sum of money ib. {AyAm} ind.. a mirror Vishn. wealth. {rAje7ti kiyatI mAtrA}. &c. only by a sound S'ak. furniture.. atom.. &c. see p. furniture. the length of time required to pronounce a short vowel (a long vowel contains 2 Mâtrâs.. {kRSTa-m-}.e. MBh. household. {bhaya-m-}. scarcely or just born Mn. the whole or totality.). {etavan} mñmany). .). an element (5 in number) BhP. goods. all that may be called danger. time or number e. ornament Kâd. wealth. an ear-ring. matter. an element (5 in number) BhP. {mAsa-mAtre}. moment Sus'r. apparition ib. {aGgula-mAtram}. mf({A} and {I})n. in a higher degree Lalit. sorcery. see s.) maa4traa * = f... 3]. in small portions. maatri = mother maatri-bhaava = The 4th house of Mother maatra = only maatra* = m. duration. being nothing but. deception. Sus'r. ifc..) the full measure of anything (= {mAtra}) Hariv. fraud. ind. art. money. {tAla-}. &c. (ifc.. any danger VarBriS. jewel.. the material world MaitrUp. quantity. {bhukta-mAtre}. order RV. merely ploughed KâtyS'r. trifle S'Br. as soon as. &c. of what account is a king? a king is a mere trifle Pañcat.. unit of measure. immediately after eating Mn. witchcraft magic RV. unit of time. of what account is a king? a king is a mere trifle Pañcat. MBh.v. degree &c... {tri-m-}). right or correct measure. ChUp. size. creating illusions (said of Vishnu) MBh. in slight measure. a little Ganar. (3. {jAta-m-}. atom. {tavan-}. (only once ifc. trifle S'Br... &c. often = nothing but.. {kA mAtrA samudrasya}. 3. ({A}) f.e. BhP. {artha-mAtram}. {mA}) measuring (see {dhAnya-m-}). just e.. extraordinary or supernatural power (only in the earlier language). merely. ({A}) f.. 7125. elementary matter BhP. phantom. cols.. {manuSya-m-}.. {yava-}. see below.. [804. an element. MBh. livelihood (alsopl. maatra* = {-traka} &c. entirely. a little Ganar. only by birth Hcat. = lasting so many moments Gaut. the full or simple measure of anything. maatraasparshaH = sensory perception maatula = maternal uncle maatulaaH = maternal uncles maatulaan. illusion. simply or merely (cf.h = maternal uncles maaya * = mfn.. (ifc. ({ayA}. Possessing (only) as much as or no more than (cf. unreality. and a prolated vowel 3) Prât. BhP. {zata-mAtram}. ChUp. sum... {mAtre}. musical unit of time (3 in number) Pañcat. goods. amounting (only) to (pleonastically after numerals. ind. cf. a finger's breadth Pañcat..). ({ayA}. jewel. substance..

inspiration. du. {A}) sexual desire or enjoyment.. presumption. m. pl. maayayaa = by the illusory energy maayaa = Unreality....) Illusion (identified in the Sânkhya with Prakriiti or Pradhâna and in that system.. sect Sarvad. moderate TS. or comp. rut (esp. ({A}) f. N... sympathy L. wantonness. 108.. of a city Cat.(esp. a partic. N. of an elephant) MBh. {madhyaime gulme}. N. &c. middling. Buddh. duplicity (with Buddhists one of the 24 minor evil passions) Dharmas. of a servant of S'iva BhP. a central blossom W. of {ma4dhya}) middle (used like Lat. the middle finger Kaus'.. maayaavaada* = m. Mûrchanâ Sangît. Sus'r. Kâv.. of the 7th astrol. (du. any beautiful object L. &c. compassion. of the mother of Gautama Buddha MWB.hbhaavaM = transcendental love for Me mad. &c. intermediate.. (in gram.. S'riingâr.. a kind of metre L. standing between two persons or parties. neutral MBh.. ruttishness. the fluid or juice that exudes from a rutting elephant's temples MBh. lust. the middlemost of the 3 scales ib.. unreal. the womb TBr... &c.. n. &c. Kâv. Intoxication or Insanity personified (as a monster created by Cyavana) MBh.).g. pride. &c.. comp. conceit of or about (gen. mediocrity. middlemost. &c.. ({-na-TippaNI} f... defectiveness. of wks. as well as in the Veda7nta. cf... N. a kind of antelope L. (in music) a partic.. (with Buddhists) N.hbhaktaH = My devotee mad. the middlemost prince (whose territory lies between that of a king seeking conquest and that of his foe) Mn. semen virile L. the midland country (= {madhya-deza}) L. wine. ({I}) f. hilarity. of 2 Sâmans ÂrshBr. 69 (in phil. N. `" in the midst of the troop "') MBh... vii.. Soma RV.hvyapaashrayaH = under My protection madhyama* = mf({A})n. any agricultural implement (as a plough &c. relating to the meridian ib.. f... R.. of a middle kind or size or quality. &c. 83. R. (in music) the 4th or 5th note Sangît. {khaNDa-vivaraNa} n. f.). &c..) MBh... (in astron. (superl. central RV. sometimes regarded as a daughter of Anriita and Nirriiti or Nikriiti and mother of Mriityu. midnight L.. (with Vaishnavas) one of the 9 S'aktis or energies of Vishnu L.. mada = Intoxication * = m. impartial. (ifc. N. or as a daughter of Adharma) Pur. Kâv. regarded as the source of the visible universe) IW. spirituous liquor..) Cat. the middle character in plays IW. of 2 Sâmans ArshBr. {-na-TIkA} f. the doctrine affirming the world to be illusion (applied to the doctrine of the Vedânta and of Buddhism) Cat.) L. N. of the 12th (14th) Kânda of the S'Br.. ibc= false. Convolvulus Turpethum L.. a girl arrived at puberty L. waist MBh. {-khaNDana} n. {medius} e. &c... Illusion personified (sometimes identified with Durgâ. rapture. {madhya}) Sûryas.). of a Dânava Hariv. 155. the governor of a province L. MW. a river L.. the middle APrât. of a partic. (ifc.) ib.. of Lakshmî W. honey Ragh. ({mAye indrasya}) N. (with S'aivas) one of the 4 Pâs'as or snares which entangle the soul Sarvad. 473. Râga ib. middleborn (neither youngest nor oldest). mansion Var. n. arrogance. any exhilarating or intoxicating drink.. musk L.. m.v.... a class of gods S'ânkhSr..) the 2nd person (= {puruSa}) Pân.. being or placed in the middle. the middle of the body. prakRitii maayaametaaM = this illusory energy machchittaH = in consciousness of Me machchittaaH = their minds fully engaged in Me mad. 24. &c. of a son of Brahmâ VP. (in astron. {A}). madaM = illusion . of 2 metres Col. wite {madasya}N.. ardent passion for (comp. illusion.) mean (cf. illusory. Venis. excitement.. {-saMdUSaNI} f. of the 18th Kalpa (s. &c.hbhaktiM = My devotional service mad.. n.. intoxication RV. the pericarp of a lotus L.) the meridian ecliptic point Sûryas. of 2 Sâmans ÂrshBr.

(scil. Cupid madanugrahaaya = just to show me favor madarthaM = for My sake madarthe = for my sake madaandha = blind from lust madaanvitaaH = absorbed in the conceit madaashrayaH = in consciousness of Me (KRishhNa consciousness) madira = (f) wine madiiya = Mine madgatapraaNaaH = their lives devoted to Me madgatena = abiding in Me. n. (in astrol. (in music) a kind of measure Sangît. the act of intoxicating or exhilarating MW..) N. ({I}) f. (?) bees-wax (see {paTTikA}).. ({A}) f.madana = manmatha (god of Love)* = m. spirituous liquor L. always thinking of Me madbhaktaH = engaged in My devotional service madbhaavaM = My nature madbhaavaaH = born of Me madbhaavaaya = to My nature madbandhanasamudbhava* = mfn. {-bhavati}.g. Vanguiera Spinosa Sus'r. to become I ib madya = liqour madyaajii = My worshiper . Kâv. below) Râjat.. a bee L. of a plant (= {atimukta}) L. = {mandra4} Nir.. madbhakta* = mfn. of the 7th mansion Var.. Cat. a kind of embrace L. cf. of various men and authors (also with {AcArya}. bees-wax L. the season of spring L.e.. L.. Acacia Catechu &c. N. Inscr. {sarasvatI} &c. (ifc. the civet-cat L... a thorn-apple and various other plants (e. any intoxicating drink. by my bondage ib. of a mythical weapon R. {bhaTTa}.) L. f.. devoted to me ib.. mfn. {A}) passion.. {mAdana}). id.. madanaM = god of love. {astra})N... my essence ib. (v. Phaseolus Radiatus. madbhAva* = m.. madbhU* = P. N. love or the god of love MBh. a bird L. musk L. &c... causel by the binding of me i.l.

) the race of Madhu (= the Yâdavas or Mâthuras) MBh. N. mead &c.. m.. a kind of metre Col. honey (said to possess intoxicating qualities and to be of 8 kinds. {medu4s}. milk or anything produced from milk (as butter. if liquid)..) RV.. bitter or pungent L. loc. water L. pleasant.. Eng. Jonesia Asoka L.. &c. wine or spirituous liquor Kâv. &c. the other by S'atru-ghna) MBh. Gk.. pyrites Bhpr. plant (= {jIvA} or {jIvantI}) L. AV..] madhukara = bee madhukarii = bee madhukarkaTi = (f) papaya madhukoshaH = (m) beehive madhumakshikaa = (f) bee madhumehaH = diabetes madhura = sweet madhuraM = sweet madhuratva = sweetness madhuraaksharam. (gen. $. Kshitti7s of a teacher (= {madhva} or {ananda-tIrtha}) Col. {medu8}. {ma4dhau}) sweet. instr. Soma (also {somyam madhu}) RV.h = sweet letter(s) madhusuudana = O killer of the demon Madhu (KRishhNa) madhusuudanaH = the killer of Madhu madhusphiitaa = sweet madhya = middle madhyaM = middle madhyama = medium madhyamaruupaM = having this form in the middle madhyastha = mediators between belligerents madhyaani = in the middle . {madhuno leha} m. of a mountain MârkP.. dat. [779. {ma4dhos}.. (pl. Pur. TS. Bassia Latifolia L. licker of honey a bee W. BhP.. sugar L.. 3]. VS. Slav. of a son of Bhaththanârâyana. the juice or nectar of flowers. of Deva-kshatra. [Cf. {ma4dhvas}. &c. Var. 3] {midu4s}. ghee &c. N.. &c. a partic. of two Asuras (the one killed by Vishnu... of a Brâhmana S'Br. anything sweet (esp. of various princes (of a son of Vriisha. Ved. Kâlid... March-April) S'Br. Germ.. RV. Hariv.) RV. the season of spring Var. GriS'rS. n. N. ({u}) f.. {ma4dhune}.. delicious. TBr. Sâh.. charming. &236803[779.. {mead}.. delightful RV. or {ma4dhunas}. of Bindu-mat. of S'iva MBh. liquorice L. of the first month of the year (= Caitra. Pur. {meth}.. Hariv. n. any sweet intoxicating drink.madhu = Sweet * = mf({U8} or {vI})n. {ma4dhvA}. Lith. of one of the 7 sages under Manu Câkshusha MârkP. $. of a son of the third Manu Hariv. of Arjuna Kârtavirya) Hariv..

N. for {mahat} (in RV. 794. festival MBh. sg... long pepper Sus'r. ii. lustre. (MW. (= {meru-parvata} Nîlak. 49. grñgreat luck. ({A}) f. the possessing of the 8 cardinal virtues... virtuous in a high degree. a cow L.) high excellence.. ({A}) f. n. (W. part of itihas (history) mahaabandha = types of mudraa mahaabalau = (two)great powerful persons mahaabhuutaanii = the great elements mahaadeva = the great god .. magna = (adj) immersed maghaa = Also known as makka. col.. 23. &c.. (cf. highly fortunate.) or {-tva} n. Hariv. 1 used for {mahat} as an independent word in acc. the town of the MñMagadhas L. great deeds RV.. illustrious. {makha}. the country of the Magadhas. Eka7ha S'ânkhS'r. see p. Var. in madhyonnatakaachaH = (m) magnifying lens magadha * = m. brilliance L. N. Hariv... {mahA4m} = {mahAntam}). m. {-tA} f..Shiva mahaadhaatu* = m. mahaa * = in comp. of S'iva MBh. of Dâkshâyanî in Maha7laya Cat. of a king VP. prosperity MW. mahaa = Big mahaabhaaga * = mf({A})n. grñgreat good fortune. highly distinguished (mostly of persons and frequently in address) Mn. South Behâr (pl. mahaa * = {mahA-kaGkara} &c. &c... ({A}) f. 1 and iii. a sacrifice L. maha * = 2 in comp. a partic. wrongs mahaajanaH = great man . m. for {mahA} before {R} and before {r} for {R}. a buffalo L. pl.. lymph L. `" great metal or element "'. 22. eminent in the highest degree. strong. mighty. exalted station or merit. holy W... one to whom a grñgreat portion or lot has fallen. 3. 2]. Ichnocarpus Frutescens L. pure. light. gold L. N. abundant RV. mahaabaahuH = mighty-armed mahaabaaho = O mighty-armed one mahaabhaarataH = epic Mahabharat.) mahaadoshhaat. the festival of spring S'is'. {magha}) a feast.. [794. great.madhyaayu = Medium span of life 32-75 years madhye = among. MBh.h = from the great defects. &c. a minstrel who sings the praises of a chief's ancestry L. Tenth nakshatra maha * = 1 mfn. the people of that country) AV.

grñgreat soul of the universe MaitrUp.h = from the great sins mahaapaapmaa = greatly sinful mahaapurushhayoga = Combination for an extraordinary personality.v. `" the grñgreat principle "'. mahaatman. w. the Supreme Spirit . %{-tmya} mfn. . Pur. the grñgreat principle i.h = great mahaanadyaaM = in the great river mahaanubhavaan. Sus3r. a great cycle of time MBh. having a grñgreat or noble nature . %{-ma-vat} mfn. MBh. of one of Durga1's attendants W. for %{mAhAtmya} (q. %{gaNa})N. highly gifted . . see {mahat}). m. (%{A}) f. (scil. &c. . . (= %{divya-bhUSaNa} Sch. of one of Durgâ's attendants W. eminent . Intellect (see above) BhPn. Mn. N. powerful . . `" the grñgreat principle "'. R. Buddh. distinguished MBh. exceedingly wise Pan5cat. N.r. of a class of deceased ancestors Ma1rkP. Das3.h = great man mahaatman* = (%{-hA7t-}) mfn. Pan5cat. Intellect (second of the Sa1m2khya Tattvas. magnanimous MW. (in music) a kind of measure Sam2gi1t mahaashankhaM = the terrific conchshell mahaashanaH = all-devouring mahaatattva * = n. n. see %{mahat}). `" high-souled "' . `" high-souled "' . // mahatattvam * = n. of S3iva MBh. mighty . very long poem mahaakalpa* = m. . Intellect (second of the Sânkhya Tattvas. . Intellect BhP. N.) mahaamudraa = types of mudraa mahaan.mahaakaavya = epic poem.h = great souls mahaapaataka = great sins mahaapaapaat.e. noble Mn.) PadmaP. . Usually a planet is in Exaltation and in a Kendra (Angular sign or house) mahaarathaH = great fighter mahaarathaaH = great chariot fighters mahaaraashhtra = Indian state mahaarha = great (those that deserve to be called great) mahaasanni * = m. high-minded . R. . `" the great principle "'. . of a son of Dhi1-mat VP. very wise Ka1m. mahaatmanaH = the great souls mahaatmaa = Great man . magnanimous . ({A}) f. highly gifted .

&c. Tretâ.. grñgreat soul of the universe MaitrUp. mahaayogeshvaraH = the most powerful mystic mahaayuga * = n. (IW. (see {pAtAla}) ÂrunUp. Pur. (one of the 8 cold hells Dharmas. of a class of deceased ancestors MârkP. N. Lîl. 178). of one of Durgâ's attendants W. 320. Pañcat. RâmatUp. a white lotus flower L. magnanimous MW. of the 6th of the 7 lower worlds or regions under the earth inhabited by the Nâgas &c.. Sus'r.. Intellect BhP. powerful. of a city on the right bank of the Ganges MBh. 432). 000 Mahâ-yugas) Sûryas. &c. (?) N. {gaNa})N. N. highly gifted. of a son of NñNanda Buddh.. of a Dânava Hariv. the Supreme Spirit.. MBh. n. N. of one of the 8 tñtreasure connected with the Padmini magical art MârkP. very wise Kâm. for {mAhAtmya} (q.) PadmaP. of the southernmost of the elephants that support the earth MBh.. eminent. the 6th day of a lunation MBh mahaatman* = ({-hA7t-}) mfn. mighty.. 431 n. &c. m. N.. `" high-souled "'. `" high-souled "'. a grñgreat Yuga or YñYuga of the gods (= 4 Yugas of mortals or the aggregate of the Kriita. high-minded. high number MBh. a Kin-nara or attendant on Kubera MW. a partic. N.. see {mahat}). (IW... of Nanda Pur. m.. magnanimous. N. noble Mn. mahaatithi* = f. m. Mn.mahaatmaanaH = the great souls mahaatala* = n. a day and a night of Brahmâ comprise 2.v... of a son of Dhî-mat VP. highly gifted. compound of oil Car. {-saras} or {-salila} n. distinguished MBh. 000 years.) or n.r. the figure of a whñwhite lñlotus flñflower Kathâs. R. Dvâpara and Kali Yugas = 4. (scil. R. MârkP. 1)... of Nanda BhP. ({A}) f. n. of one of the 9 treasures of Kubera Cat. the great lunar day. (L. having a grñgreat or noble nature. exceedingly wise Pañcat. 122).e. `" the grñgreat principle "'.. the grñgreat principle i. {-tmya} mfn... L.. w.. of a lake Râjat. Intellect (second of the Sânkhya Tattvas. the Intellect mahaatattva* = n. R. treasure inhabited by a Nâga L. a kind of serpent Sus'r. {-ma-vat} mfn. VP. of a partic. of a Nâga dwelling in the Mahâ-padma treasure mentioned above Hariv. R. of a Kâvya.. a partic. Das'. (with Jainas) N. {-pati} m. a species of esculent root L. of a hell DivyA7v. mahaavighnaat...h = from the great obstacles mahat. mahataH = from very great mahataa = great mahati = in a great mahatiiM = great mahadavadhaanaM = great care \& attention mahadyoniH = source of birth in the material substance mahaniiya = great person mahaapadma* = m. `" proprietor of millions "'N. .. (IW. or n.h = great man mahat-tattva: *= "the great principle.

70. N. ind. MBh. of a class of gods (the inhabitants of the lowest heaven) MWB. 34 ten Maharshis were created by Manu Svâyambhuva. army ib. 6 &c. of a poet Cat. Bhriigu. i.v. 159. of a river MBh. 56. n. (for {mahas}) the fourth of the seven worlds which rise one above the other (supposed to be the abode of those saints who survive a destruction of the world Pur.. heaven and earth RV. ii. (Naigh. {-deva} pl. Nârada. v. vii.. a kind of metre Col. mahipaala = (m) king mahimaa = Glory mahimaanaM = glories mahimnaH = of greatness mahisha = he . 11). {ma4h}). of Buddha L. a great Riishi. the earth. f. Manu. Veda7ntas. 11). Atri. m. 55 n. v. Vasishthha.. 12. Gautama. ii.. 206. Vibhândaka &c.mahaaraajika* = m. (cf. the great world "'. (in later language also = ground. 2. of the number `" one "' Ganit. Hariv. cf. (in comp. Naigh. great RV. q. the base of a triangle or other plane figure Col. greatness BhP. VS. also called the 10 Prajâpatis. a cow RV. iii. Marîci. pl. Hingtsha Repens L. Pracetas. any great sage or saint (accord. Kratu. {mahi4n} q. AV. waters. greatly. country).. (with Buddhists) N. much ib. the planets. 11. some restrict the number to 7.) = {maha4t}. (only nom. N... maharshi* = m. &c. 5 &c. 13. du. maharshhi = great sages maharshhiiNaaM = of the great sages mahaaviira = Mahavir mahi *V= the land. iii.) mahii * = 1 f. the earth (cf. 44.. Dharma. (IW.buffalo mahishha = (m) buffalo mahishhaH = demon mahishhaasurasya = of demon mahisha mahishhaasureNa = by the demon mahishasura mahiiM = the world .) Mn. 2. IW. 3 &c. 1 &c. iii. 93. cf. of a divine being (associated with Idâ and Sarasvatî RV. 9 Sây.. VS.. streams RV. not always separable from 1. 11. 1). N. earth (as a substance) Mn. soil. acc. 206 n. S'ânkhS'r. Pulaha. 1. 2)..v.. space RV. &c. i. = 1. the glory mahi * = 1 mfn.. {pRthivI}) RV. of Vishnu MBh. 30). {urvI}. sg. i. Vâlmîki. {mahI4} the earth L.. Vyâsa. m. n.. &c. 80. i. to Mn. intellect ib. very. a host. (Naigh.. Angiras. 2 maharshhayaH = great sages mahar* = ind. 2. Pulastya. Kanva.. = {mahat}. land. and some add Daksha. 45. exceedingly. viz. of S'iva S'ivag. vii.

. marrow L.. immersion. overwhelming ib. of one of Siva's attendants L. {-vipulA} f. maJjA* = f. N. N.. majjA4* = f. maJNchaH = (m) bed makara = crocodile makaara* = m..h = one who takes a dip majjati = (6 pp) to sink. a cluster of blossoms &c. {nirmajja}). drowning. of a demon causing sickness or fever Hariv. Hariv. of ch. (with {niraye}).. under water). N. {-rA7disahasranAman} n. MBh. the letter or sound {ma} S'ânkhBr. n. id. &c. L. bathing. majjat. see {audamajji}).. = {majjan}. sinking. diving (in {uda-majja}. sinking (esp. god of gods maheshvaraM = the Supreme Lord maheshvaraH = the Supreme Lord maheshvaasaaH = mighty bowmen mahodadhi = ocean mahyam. sinking into hell MBh.. S'Br. a she-goat L. to drown majja* = 1 mfn. \\ m. (cf.mahiikrite = for the sake of the earth mahiipate = O King mahiikshitaaM = chiefs of the world mahendra = Indra. . the foot called molossus.Paris' &c. of a metre Ping. = {ajA}. ablution GriS'rS. majja* = 2 in comp. = {maJarI}. {-paJcaka} n. AV. = {paJca-makAra} W. MaitrUp. for {majjan}.h = Mine maitraH = friendly maitrii = friendship maithuna = sacramental intercourse majina = deer skin? majjana * = m. of the Rudra-yâmala (containing 1000 names of Râma beginning with {m}). Sch.. diving.

. slightly. pith. in {makhasya ziraH}.. Also Auspiciousness and well-being . &c.. connected with 1. (only L. S3veUp. VS. (cf. see %{nau-maNDa4}.. sick Ma1lav. conjunction L. = %{kRpaNa}) MBh. MBh. any occasion of joy or festivity RV. sacrificial oblation S'Br. %{saMkrAnti}) a partic. + accc. of a mythical being (esp.) makhatraataa = the protector. %{A}) the scum of boiled rice (or any grain) Nir. softly (also %{manda} ibc. the end of the world (= %{pralaya}) L. the spirituous part of wine &c. an ear-ring shaped like a MñMa4kara BhP. idle. (%{A}) f. (Naigh. regarded as the emblem of Kâma-deva [cf. loitering. shark. saviour of makha (Indra) ma.api = mandaH + api:though dull or slow ma. vigorous.). %{mandra}. (cf. foolish Kat2hUp. %{maNDUka}). %{mRga-manda}). (ifc. iii..e.. a feast.. a stupid or slow elephant L. &c.) MBh. f. decoration. gradually. stupid. cream. Uttarar. Sus3r. slowly. drunken.. %{bhadra-manda}. Hariv. active.. dull. &c. the (upper) apsis of a planet's course or (according to some) its anomalistic motion Su1ryas. (%{am}) ind. a partic. N..nsyante = they will consider mangala = Mars. a kind of sea-monster (sometimes confounded with the crocodile.. N. S'Br. tardy.ngalaM = (Nr. a pot. or comp. the emblic myrobalan tree L. also `" foam or froth.ntreNa = thro' the mantra ma. low (as a voice). (cf. of Yama L. of the 10th sign of the zodiac (Capricornus) Sûryas. = %{-mandra} L. N.ntrasya = mantra's ma. dull-witted.makara* = m. Hariv. feeble (as the digestive faculty) ib. the 10th arc of 30 degrees in any circle L. (prob. cheerful... `" Makha's head "') RV. indifferent to (dat.. &c. festival.. m. weak i.) Ricinus Communis. (cf. m.. n. represented as an ornament on gates or on head-dresses) VS. apathetic.. dolphin &c..ndira = temple ma. ill. of a mountain BhP.ndo. of Da1ksha1yan2i1 Cat. wicked Ma1rkP.. the head "'). S'ânkhGri. species of insect or other small animal Sus'r... a frog (cf. one of the 8 magical treasures called Padminî MârkP. silly. slack (as a bow). weak. MBh. 17). faint (as light). {mah} or {maMh}) jocund. &c. bad. ma. the female of the sea-monster MñMa4kara Pañcat.) MBh.. nom. Ka1v. faintly. an army of troops in the form of a MñMa4kara Mn. n. astron. vessel. essence. slight. and %{mandam@mandam}) MBh. slow. the second change which takes place in warm milk when mixed with Takra L. moving slowly or softly. indulgent to (loc. tolerant.. a species of potherb.. magical spell recited over weapons R. (scil. {mokara-ketana} &c. N. Ka1v. vii.) N. gentle (as rain or wind). Br. inkstand L... &c.nda = Dull maNDa* = m. also comp.... n. below] or as a symbol of the 9th Arhat of the present Avasarpinî.. tardily. the thick part of milk. a sacrifice. m.. makaraH = crocodile makaraasana = the crocodile posture makha * mfn. addicted to intoxication L.. (%{A}) f. ({I}) f. the planet Saturn Var.S)auspiciousness ma. miserable (L. 187. &c. lazy. the hands folded in the form of a MñMa4kara Cat. (prob. N. phlegmatic. a partic. sprightly. (in music) N.. ornament.. one of the 9 treasures of Kubera L. Var. spirituous or vinous liquor. unhappy. of a river MBh. %{dadhi-m-}). of a S3ruti Sam2gi1t.. &c. a measure of weight (= 5 Ma1shas). {makarakuNDala}). restless (said of the Maruts and other gods) RV.. sluggish in (loc. manda * = mf(%{A}) n. languid. brandy L. (W. R. &c.

N.. the Man par excellence or the representative man and father of the human race (regarded in the RV. (also as opp.. son of {Tuisto} [TM]. Eng. Light.. ix. {man}.mangalavaara = Tuesday maNi = gem * = pearl (also fig. is regarded as the progenitor of the present race of living beings.. mentioned by Tacitus. clitoris maNigaNaaH = pearls maNipura = a chakra near or at the navel maNibandhaH = (m) wrist maNDala = circle maNDita = shining maNDuka = a frog maNDukaasana = the frog posture makha4-kriyA *= f.] makhas *= see next apd {sa4dma-makhas}. iii. 10-12. %{satya-vrata}. described as dividing his possessions among some of his sons to the exclusion of one called Na1bha1nedisht2ha q. the sons of man. the Self-existent.. mankind RV. IW. 344. TA1r. i. as the first to have instituted sacrifices and religious ceremonies. 63 and in later wks. who commenced his work by producing 10 Praja1patis or Maharshis. and two ancient Su1tra works on Kalpa and Gr2ihya i. to this Manu is ascribed the celebrated `" code of Manu "' see % {manu-saMhitA}. called Sa1m2varan2a as author of RV. 101. makha4-vat *= ({makha4-}) mfn. {man}. N. of the jewel-lotus prayer. a sacred text. son of the Moon. as son of Pra-cetas. . Angl. 34 as a sort of secondary creator.e. thought (= % {manas}) TS. AitBr. {Mannus}. man. and said. m. 7-9. f. 8. a magnet.. he is also called Hairan2yagarbha as son of Hiran2ya-garbha. the 9th Daksha-sa1varn2i. as the author of RV. the next 5 Manus are called Sva1rocisha. loadstone p. N. crystal. Sax. and described in Mn. spell (= %{mantra}) Ra1matUp. the first is called Sva1yambhuva as sprung from %{svayam-bhU}. Prata1p. of Kr2is3a7s3va BhP. xi. and as father of Ila1 who married Budha. and VS. of an Agni MBh. to VP. any ornament or amulet. A1psava as author of ib. the two great solar and lunar races being thus nearly related to each other see IW. Auttami. thinking. 27-31. 2. 3).) the mental Powers BhP. 12.v. a sacrificer manu * = mfn. Germ. to have been preserved from a great flood by Vishn2u or Brahma1 in the form of a fish: he is also variously described as one of the 12 A1dityas. as the brother of Yama. like the Noah of the Old Testament. 66 as father of men even identified with Prajs-pati. viii. viii. the 13th Raucya or Deva-sñsa1varn2i.. iii. the 8th Manu or first of the future Manus accord. applied to 14 successive mythical progenitors and sovereigns of the earth. {mann}. 208 n. globule. companion of Makha (a word used to explain {magha4vat} q. {man}. of an astronomer Cat. [784.v. in his wk. wise. called %{vaivasvata}. described Mn. intelligent VS. the 14th Bhautya or Indra-sñsa1varn2i). Sun-born. v. the 12th Rudra-sñsa1varn2i. VS. glans penis. {manna}. to evil spirits RV. as the founder and first king of Ayodhya1. will be Sa1varn2i. and associated with the R2ishis Kan2va and Atri. 1. Ca1kshusha cf.3].. sacrificial and domestic rites. Trigonella Corniculata L. {Germania}. Raivata. Pan5car. 98. the 7th Manu. in Naigh. of a Rudra Pur. who as a son of he Sun is also called Vaivasvata. incantation. but the name Manu is esp. or from his piety. Ta1masa. in the AitBr. of whom the first was %{marIci}.. Br. Manu's wife (= %{manAvI}) L.. 60. [Cf. as creating and supporting this world through successive Antaras or long periods of time see %{manv-antara} below. Goth. S3Br. of the number `" fourteen "' (on account of the 14 Manus) Su1ryas. as the mythical ancestor of the West-Germans. a sacrificial rite L. 6 he is numbered among the 31 divine beings of the upper sphere. the R2ibhus are called %{manor@na4pAtaH}. (pl. i. and Pra1cetasa.) S'Br.).. 130. 373. 106... `" the thinking creature(?) "'. prayer. 6 &c.

connected with 1. with or without {iva}. {manmanyate}. makhasyu4 *= mfn. of a mythical being (esp. or gen. man * cl.. {mine4ti}. {mene} Br.v. cheerful. 9.. Ved.. 67) {manute4}. leam.). investigate AV.. {-te}. AV. [cf.) makha *= 2 m. aor. {maMsISTa}. vigorous. {a4manmahi} Subj. 1. 8. {manitvA} Gr. &237786[783.. in {makhasya ziraH}.. $]. P. {mimaniSate} Gr. {amImanat}. and opp. &c. cf. to think one's self or be thought to be. ({manye}. {-manya} MBh. (= {mardana}. pf. A. {ma4ntos} Br. &c. {mah} or {maMh}) jocund. Vop.. {man}. or n. {amImAMsiSThAs} S'Br. festival. {mean}.. {manta}. {maNati}. {mananta}. 3. xxxiv. {mAMsta} AV. 3) {mImAMsate} (rarely {-ti}.e. also {-te}. to cali in question. {maMsate} Prec. also with {iva}) ib. ind. p. &c. Goth. I make light of it = {laghu} {man}. {-matya} Br... pass for (nom. pers.. or `" mention. xiii. present MBh. invent "') RV. makha4 *= 1 mfn. or `" excogitate. {matvA4} Up. I think.h = (n) wrestling maN * cl. $. [Cf.] . &c. to express contempt [cf. xxiii. the long cucumber L. also gen. iii. appear as. methinks. or adv.. rubbish malana* = m. 5. (Â. n. is in later language often inserted in a sentence without affecting the construction.. &c.. Slav. &c. exuberant ib. 4. {-tavai} RV. {manAmahe}. understand. Pass. xxv. &c. observe. {maMsyate} Br. {cA7di} and Pân. {maniSyate} RV. think fit or right MBh.: Desid. to be of opinion. to think of (in prayer &c. (Dhâtup. P. c. also comp. {garvake} ib. {bahu} and {sAdhu}) AV. $. to offer. RV. {manAna4} q. to set the heart or mind on. (prob.) {stavibhe} Dhâtup. {-nA4ts} RV. {manmanti} ib. xxxiii. {manitA} Gr. {manvate4} RV.. {-stAdm} TÂr.. cf. a sacrifice. Br. &c. {mInAMsya4te} AV.. a feast. m. any occasion of joy or festivity RV.makhasya *= Nom. consider. to honour. &c.. xxx..) ib. esteem (with {nau}.. to be cheerful or sprightly RV. 35. murmur Dhâtup. fut.. {-sya4ti}. makshikaa = bee mala = dirt.) as (acc. Â. 17]....: Desid.. esteem. {a4mata}. (?) the city of Mecca Kâlac. value highly (also with {uru}. suppose.. (Naigh. examine. comprehend (acc. 36) {mAnayati} (ep. {mad}. &c. {mandhvam} Br. `" Makha's head "') RV.). {mantum} MBh.. approve) ib. restless (said of the Maruts and other gods) RV. &c. 2-3. {meminisse}. Eng.. S'Br. (Dhâtup. S'ânkhGri.. doubt (`" with regard to "' loc. {ga-munan}. grinding L. m. {mAnyate}). {amaMsta} Subj. or {sAdhu} {man}.). 17). {ma4nyate} (ep.. &c.) MBh. &c.: Caus. 4-1. &c. of Desid. aor. {meinen}. believe. g. man * in comp. &c. also {-ti}. cheerful. to think.. {amaniSTa} Gr. conjecture RV. (cf.. praise. Br. {maMsi}. to reflect upon. pl. declare "'. sprightly. Zd. to perceive. hope or wish for (acc. 106). 1. in later language also dat. p.: Intens. to think much or well of. to regard or consider any one or anything (acc. sprightly. `" I value empire at a straw "' i. often in {-vat}... and Lith. ({A}) f. to agree or be of the same opinion with (acc. {masIya} ib. {pari-mala}) malaya = malaya mountain malayaja = arising out of mount malaya malena = by dust mallaH = (m) wrestler mallayuddham. RV. Pân. imagine. to {bahu}. {mamnA4the}. disdain). {-ti} MBh. e g. know. (prob. inf. a tent L. either `" to remember.. 1] Lat. to sound. (Dhâtup. sacrificial oblation S'Br. &c.. {ma4ntave}. {rAjyaM tRNaya} {manye}.. crushing. Gk. for 1. Kâv. meditate on "'. &c. {mimaMsate}. Germ. {monere}.) RV. active. VS. {mimAmiSate} Gr...) N. honour.

. Uttarar. (only L. MBh. of a S'ruti Sangît. conjunction L. {ardharcA7di}. f. anything round (but in Hcat. slight. astron. essence. Sus'r. silly. moving slowly or softly.. (ifc. miserable (L. brandy L. low (as a voice). S'veUp. dull-witted. drunken. {saMkrAnti}) a partic. {dadhi-m-}). . n.. n. = {-mandra} L. see {nau-maNDa4}. &c. the end of the world (= {pralaya}) L.. idle. Hariv. &c. (W. ({A}) f. Kâv. addicted to intoxication L. a circle (instr. ball. gentle (as rain or wind). of the sun or moon). `" in a circle "'.. MBh. ornament. (scil.. R... a species of potherb. circumference... the head "'). bad.) Ricinus sluggish in (loc. cf. languid. Kâv. slack (as a bow). faint (as light).. sick Mâlav. (cf. n. loitering. manda * = mf({A}) n. softly (also {manda} ibc. foolish KathhUp. {maNDalaka}). wheel S'Br.. or comp..) MBh. &c. also applied to anything triangular.) MBh. tolerant... circular. and f. weak. of Dâkshâyanî Cat. orb. ring. {mRga-manda}). also `" the charmed cñcircle of a conjuror "'). N. the emblic myrobalan tree L. vessel. indifferent to (dat.h = to think mana = Mind manaH = heart manaHprasaadaH = satisfaction of the mind manana = Reflection manapravaaha = Stream of thought manavaH = Manus manave = unto the father of mankind (of the name Vaivasvata) manas.h = lazy to understand self-realization mandaara = mountain used by the gods to stir the cosmic ocean maNDa * = m. &c. m. globe. a pot..... a stupid or slow elephant L. unhappy.). slow. phlegmatic. (rarely m. {I} g. a measure of weight (= 5 Mâshas). {A}) the scum of boiled rice (or any grain) Nir. faintly.. the (upper) apsis of a planet's course or (according to some) its anomalistic motion Sûryas. &c. dull. feeble (as the digestive faculty) ib.h = mind manasaM = whose mind manasaH = more than the mind manasaa = by the mind manasi = in the mind mandaakinii = the ganges mandaan. the spirituous part of wine &c. cream. pith. and {mandam mandam}) MBh. ({am}) ind. &c. g. (cf. = {kRpaNa}) MBh.. wicked MârkP. {mandra}. {bhadra-manda}. gradually.e. tardy.. the thick part of milk. tardily. maNDala* = mf({A})n. {ganrA7di}) a disk (esp. the planet Saturn Var.. slowly. slightly. m. {maNDUka}). n. the second change which takes place in warm milk when mixed with Takra L. N. decoration. weak i.. spirituous or vinous liquor. Hariv. ({A}) f. a frog (cf. stupid. (in music) N. ill. also `" foam or froth. apathetic. lazy. round VarBriS. of Yama L. inkstand L. indulgent to (loc.

KâtyS'r. of a man KâtyS'r. Mn. of a Buddha Lalit. Kâv.. maNDita* = mfn. L. ({I}) f. company Yâjñ.. highly esteeming or honouring (see f.. according to the authorship of the hymns. the smell of jasmine L.Paris'. cf. Coro-mandal coast) Inscr.. {paNDita-m-} &c.. or with the 11 additional hymns into 1028 Su7ktas or hymns. BhP. &c... N..3]. {gaurA7di}.r. the body L.. a good omen. welfare..). a ball for playing MBh. {mandurA}). of a chief of the Câlukyas ib. 70 fr. a division or book of the Riig-veda (of which there are 10. g. highly honoured or esteemed ib. lucky Hcat.) the wife of (see {madhu-mAninI} lit. applying a measure. camp &c. {A}) Mn. m. m. n.. a good work MBh. decorated MBh.. N. a prayer. ifc. Used in Electional Astrology or Muhurtha mandira = abode* = n. below) Kaus'.. these are divided into 85 Anuvâkas or lessons. m. MBh. a partic. dwelling in) MBh. province. of the capital of Udyâna Buddh... m. {mAnindha}. proud towards ({pratI}) or of ({-tas}) MBh.. &c. of a snake-demon MBh. of Dakshsyani (as worshipped in Gayâ) Cat. is into Ashthakas. (fr.) RPrât. MBh.. mAnin* = 1 mfn. &c. &c. Kâv. f. the other more mechanical division. of Umâ Hcat. group. a stable for horses L. or n. a circular array of troops MBh. Sch. territory. &c.. mandi = A mathematical point that arises every day a certain number of hours after sunset. house. a halo round the sun or moon VarBriS. of Agni Griihyâs..). of one of the 11 Gan2sdhipas L. MBh. of a daughter of Vidûrastha and wife of Râjya-vardhana MârkP. (ifc. ({inI}) f.. a good old custom PârGri. turmeric L. vii.) N. a disdainful or sulky woman Kâv. 154 &c..g.. `" highly esteeming her husband "'). high-minded. (in music) a partic.. attitude in shooting L. the sea L. ({I}) f. `" jewel-chief.. AV. Hariv. &c. for {mAlinI}). {maGgIra}). {mAna}) thinking.and blue-flowering Dûrvâ grass L.. Kâm. measurable VP.... one's self) to be or have. mandire = in the temple mangala = auspicious * =maGgala n. m. (ifc. (prob.. of a sacred bathing-place MBh. whole body. maNiniryaatana* = n. composition Sangît.. measuring. of an Apsaras VP.) a sort of cutaneous eruption or leprosy with circular spot ib. the circle of a king's near and distant neighbours (with whom he must maintain political and diplomatic relations. habitation. temple. . 1. Unguis Odoratus L. a district. w.... of a Gandharva L. dwelling. (?) N. MBh.. a sort of Karañja L. to Un.) Yâjñ. v. (v. N. N.. {man} or fr. (prob..) on the body Lâthy. w. being of opinion KathhUp. Ka1v. haughty.. mandiira* = m. 4 or 6 or 10 or even 12 such neighbouring princes are enumerated) Mn. &c. (ifc.l. appearing as or passing for (see {darzanIya-}.the path or orbit of a heavenly body Sûryas... any waiting or abiding-place. arrondissement. mangalaM = auspiciousness maNinaaga* = m..) thinking (esp. MBh. m. cf. a surrounding district or neighbouring state. the restitution of a jewel R. Cocculus Cordifolius Bhpr. Panicum Dactylon L. oblation or sacrifice L. (accord. a kind of snake L.. for {maJjIra}. of an astronomer (v. a faithful wife L. Adhyâyas and Vargas q. a festival or any solemn ceremony on important occasions &c.... benediction. auspicious ornament or amulet.. a dog L. maNiindra* = m.r. auspicious. N.. &c. N. anything auspicious or tending to a lucky issue (e.g. (with Jainas) N. a kind of metre W. of a king belonging to the race of Manu Cat.. a circular bandage (in surgery) Sus'r.. mfn. adorned . mf({A})n. "' a diamond Pañcar. a multitude. maaniindha* = m. n. collection. town. {maNittha}). bliss (also pl.. palace. Kâv. Marsilia Dentata L. of the mother of the 5th Arhat of the present Avasarpinî. [788. having the scent of jasmine L. Aglaia Odorata L. . Kâv. country (often at the end of modern names e..v. the hollow or back of the knee L. of a poet Cat.. (also n.l. a round mole or mark (caused by a finger-nail &c. N. ({A}) f. maanin* = 2 mfn. the white. and these agan into 1017. &c. a partic. band. (esp. (cf. pl. of the planet Mars L. {maGg}) happiness. society. felicity. Briih.

{Urdhva-m-}). sacred text or speech. agitating Bhathth. plan. S'rS.. charm. `" instrument of thought "'. (rarely n. &c. that portion of the Veda which contains the texts called %{Rc} or %{yajus} or %{sAman} (q.v. 147. Katha1s. a butter-vat L.g. (i. 4) A1s3vS3r. %{A}). a prayer or song of praise RV. Sus3r.. 5 &c. of one of the Mâtriis attending on Skanda MBh.. shaking.maniish = lord of the mind maniishhiNaH = great sages or devotees maniishhiNaaM = even for the great souls maniishitaa* = wisdom maniishhita = (n) a wish maniishita * = mfn. &c. design. m. advice. secret RV.) as opp. sweet manogataan. cousultation. spell (esp. [786.. AV. a mystical verse or magical formula (sometimes personified). 197-202) RV.. of S3iva MBh.h = of mental concoction manojavaM = having the speed of mind manobhiH = and mind manomani = samadhi manoraJNjana = entertainment. Mn. resolution. ({inI}) f. N. semen virile (cf. speech.1].. wished mañju: * = pleasing charming. in modern times employed by the S3a1ktas to acquire superhuman powers. paining. Gr2S3rS.) Br. (in astrol.. %{om} %{zivAya} %{namaH}) RTL.. Soma-juice with meal mixed in it by stirring RV.. ifc. desired. mantra = spel * = m. of Vishn2u Vishn2. to the Bra1hmana and Upanishad portion (see IW.. incantation. f. 61. afflicting W. pleasant to mind manoratha = wish manorathaM = according to my desires manorame = another appellation to PArvati here meaning `pleasing to the mind' manohara = beautiful mantavyaH = is to be considered manthin* = mfn. the primary Mantras being held to be 70 millions in number and the secondary innumerable RTL. TS. Br. &c. a Vedic hymn or sacrificial formula. a sacred formula addressed to any individual deity (e. TS. mantraH = transcendental chant mantrayate = (10 ap) to consult .) the fifth mansion VarYogay. counsel. N.

ardour. (l) the middle of an elephant's goad L. (either an intens. vi. %{man} = %{manas} + %{matha}.) ma4nyaa* = f. manyate = (4 ap) to think. to believe manyante = think manyase = you so think manye = think manyeta = thinks manyu * = m... &c. %{math}. the 29th (3rd) year in a 60 years "' cycle of Jupiter VarBr2S.. (also personified. {manyuM} {kR}. indignation ib. `" agitating "'. sacrifice Nalac. mind. as Agni or Kâma or as a Rudra. (%{A}) f.. distress. (only ifc. mettle (as of horses) RV. the back or the nape of the neck (musculus cucullaris or trapezius) AV. du. 84. Ka1v.. m. (with {tApasa})N. or fr. ix.. &c. VS.. Pân. rage. be angry with "'). also f. manmanaaH = always thinking of Me manmayaa = fully in Me manu = father of the human race manuH = the father of mankind manushhya = man manushhyaloke = in the world of human society manushhyaaH = all men manushhyaaNaaM = of such men manushhyeshhu = in human society manya* = mfn. mama = mine mamaapi = even my . (with {vAsiSTha})N. with loc. anger. &c. fury. grief. and pl. {-ta4s} ind. 10-12. f.mantrahiinaM = with no chanting of the Vedic hymns manthati = to churn (as in to get butter from curds) manmatha= god of love. N. of Da1ksha1yan2i1 ib. amorous passion or desire (ifc. (L. &c. cf. Sus'r.) thinking one's self to be. `" to vent one's anger on. esp. of the author of RV.) spirit. N. of a king (son of Vitatha) BhP. Br. 3-2. 97. Kâv.. x. affliction MBh. sorrow. high spirit or temper. wrath. TS. appearing as (see {kAlim-}. N. in a rage AV. or acc. 83. %{mandeha} and %{mandhAtR}) love or the god of love. {dhanyam-}. with {prati}. 83. mood. from anger. 3.. Cupid*= m.. {naram-m} &c. %{A}) MBh. cf. of a physician and various other men Cat. zeal.. passing for. 68 Sch. passion RV. of the author of RV. form fr. Feronia Elephantum L.

mortal Br. &c. breath (also applied to the five winds in the body) Kâv. $. death (see {putra-martyA}). iii. a mortal. and described as armed with golden weapons i. Lat. n. Trigonella Corniculata L. &c. wind. a species of plant Bhpr. pl. person RV. $) the storm-gods (Indra's &239948[790.. as riding in golden cars drawn by ruddy horses sometimes called Priishatîh q. (cf. xii. &c. on Pân. &c. ( {mRS}) patience. &c. N. as residing in the north. 5 among the gods of the middle sphere.. comp.h = (adj) garlanded with rays. and in RV.. marut. Lat. of various kings Br. i. Kaus'. 2.e. the body BhP. either seven or seven times seven in number. or the children of heaven or of ocean.2] companions and sometimes e. Pañcat. the earth L. viii. 4) m. maraNa = death maraNaM = death maraNaat. S'ânkhS'r. beauty ib..v.. = {Rtvij} Naigh. wind. .. Pur. 96. a kind of fragrant substance (= {granthi-parNa}) L. ({A}) f. Gk. 1-4. who or what must die. &c.). endurance L. cf.. {marIci} and Gk. 18. air. of the prince Briihad-ratha MaitrUp. the `" flashing or shining ones "'. [Cf..h = than death mariicha = a name of Sun mariichi = rays mariichiH = Marici mariichikaa = (f) chillies mariichimaalin. marsha * m.maunaM = silence mauni = silent mJNjushhaa = (f) a box marakata* = n. the world of mortals. an emerald R. {smaragdus}. maru = desert marut* = m. &c. Gk. [Cf. an emerald R. Var. {a-} and {dur-marSa}). that which is mortal. Râjat. f. 58. the gods or deities in general. &c.v. a gale (?) W.. of a Sâdhya Hariv. they are reckoned in Naigh. Ragh. to Pat. sun marakata * n. dying. martya * = mfn. v. said in the Veda to be the sons of Rudra and Priis'ni q. 59 Vârtt. $. 8 are held to be three times sixty in number. gold ib. m.h = wind marutaH = the forty-nine Maruts (demigods of the wind) marutta * = (= {marud-datta} accord. and are sometimes said to be led by Mâtaris'van) RV. iii. Pañcat. Var.. man. (prob. as having iron teeth and roaring like lions... the god of the wind (father of Hanumat and regent of the north-west quarter of the sky) Kir. lightnings and thunderbolts. in the later literature they are the children of Diti. n. {smaragdus}.g. (cf. 7. 101 = {devAH}. N.

purposely. wish. thought. to give up the idea of.. with loc. believed. Sax.l. hymn. MBh. thought. the mind. mataM = injunctions mataH = (f) mother mataa = is considered mataaH = are considered mati * = (in S'Br.. {Ahita-mati} ifc.. resolve. Angl. idea. or as the wife of Viveka) MBh. sanction L. Mn.. also {ma4ti}) f. respected. &c. mata= Opinion* = mfn. col. perception. N.. &c.. p.. sacred utterance RV. sentiment. `" under the idea of its being a tiger "'). {mind}. commendation. intention. determination. remembrance L. Pân. {matiM} {kR} or {dhA} or {dhR} or {A-dhA} or {samA-dhA} or {A-sthA} or {sam-AsthA}. Kâm. determine. to set the heart on. &c. VS. liked (with gen. MBh. weight W. sense. {mens}. &c.. knowledge W. approved Yâjñ. conviction. {mana}). taken or passing for (nom. &c... esteemed. small fly mashakaH = (m) mosquito mashakajaalaH = (m) mosquito net mashii = (f) ink mat. or regarded as a daughter of Daksha and wife of Soma. desire (with loc. {vinivRtta-mati} with abl. intention. Prab. belief. or inf. knowingly. intelligence. (in RV. Kâm. 783. approbation. dat. opinion.) Mn. or adv. -having resolved upon. intended R. creed S'rS. purpose. applied to Aditi.g. devotion. &c. opinion. understanding. thought fit or right. = having desisted from). inclination. a thought. Eng.. regard Kir..h = upon Me (KRishhNa) mata* = {mataM-ga} &c. doctrine MBh. &c. understood RV. view. judgment S'Br. `" under the idea of "' e.. &c. Kâv. memory. worship. supposed. {vyAghra-m-}.] . esteem. ({matyA} ind. mindful. mashaka = gnat. N. agallochum L. also `" that which is sensible "'. (v. {matim} with Caus. Lat.. of a son of S'ambara Hariv. belief. wittingly. ({matyA} ind. [Cf. Kâv. notion. Opinion personified (and identified with Subala7tmajâ as one of the mothers of the five sons of Pându.marutaaM = in the air or thoro' the air marubhuumiH = (m) desert. Indra and Agni). 1. &c. regarded or considered as. view. BhP. of a king Buddh.. with {prati}. wish MBh. 188) Ragh. of {ni-vRt} and abl. design. design. dat. acc. ifc. a kind of vegetable or pot-herb L. idea. at will. make up one's mind. imagined. barren land marjaaraH = (m) cat martya = mortal martyalokaM = to the mortal earth martyeshhu = among those subject to death masa* = m. Hariv. honoured. desired.. of a verbal noun. n. prayer. intelligent. see under {man}. resolution. or {artham} ifc. m. respect. 3-2. {ge-mynd}. m. measure.) RV.

nsthaaM = the spiritual sky (the kingdom of God) matsara = Anger. thought. Jealousy. Envy. khatamal matparaM = subordinate to Me matparaH = in relationship with Me matparamaH = considering Me the Supreme matparamaaH = taking Me. the Supreme Lord. as everything matparaaH = being attached to Me matparaayaNaH = devoted to Me matprasaadaat. Hostility matsthaani = in Me matsya = a fish matsyaNDii = (n) molasses matsyaasana = the fish posture matsyendraasana = the posture of Matsyendra .h = engaged in doing My work matkuNa = bed-bug matkuNaH = (m) bedbug.h = by My mercy matri = mother matsa. opinion matiraapaneyaa = matiH + ApaneyA:mind + to be led matirbhinnaH = mind +different (different opinions or views) matirmama = my opinion mate = in the opinion matkarma = My work matkarmakrit.matiM = intellect matiH = intellect.

(prob. a ruttish or furious elephant L. a mule L. ({maunaM} with {kR}. {mA}) refreshment. spirituous or vinous liquor L. maturaa = the city of mathura matvaa = having thought. hold one's tongue). (1. overjoyed. Âs'vS'r. 2] \\3 m. excited with joy. made of.. drunk]. m.mattaH = (VB) beyond Me. medical treatment L.. affected by mayi = in myself mayuraasana = the peacock posture mayuura = a peacock mayuuraH = (m) peacock mayyasahishhNu = mayi+asahishhNuH. Mn. situated in.. N. ({I}) f. fr. furious. excited by sexual passion or desire. (%{A}) f. &c.. of an astronomer and a poet) Cat.. delighted.. [cf. mayata= prasmayata. of a Ra1kshasa R. Sch. giving pleasure VS. of the 15th day in the dark half of the month Phâlguna (when a partic.. to observe silence.. pervaded by. [837. a camel L. intoxicated (lit. ruttish (as an elephant) MBh. delight RV. [789. fr. or {vi-dhA} or {sam-Acar}. (prob. ma4yas-kara4 * mfn. {mattus}. injuring W.. 1]. causing enjoyment. consisting. a drunkard L. consisting or made of orpiment Kum. TBr. ({A}) f. &c. the Indian cuckoo L. N. maya * = mf({I})n.) AV. {mA}) N. {mA}) a horse VS. N. VS. astronomy and military science) MBh. of an Asura (the artificer or architect of the Daityas. and fig. of a dynasty VP.prasada= grace maye: V*: consists of. of various teachers and authors (esp. MBh. filled with. pleasure. R.. fully engaged in. in me+intolerant me = mine megha = cloud medaH = (neu) fat . &c.. than me* = mfn.. pl. ({I}) f. n.. a mare Lâthy. taciturnity ChUp. MBh. full of. made of... mayaa = by me. the office or position of a Muni or holy sage S'Br. &c.. any intoxicating drink. form of ablution is performed in silence) Col. of a metre Col. a thornapple L. {mI}) hurting. Lat. also versed in magic. maya * = 1 m. (3. in rut. V: magic mayaH = full of mayaM = full of/completely filled V* possessing. a buffalo L. 2.. sum total mayas * n. (fr. 3. drunk. N. silence. from me. enjoyment. mad.. in the form of. N. a madman L. &c.. \\ = 2 m. {muni}) a patr.. Kâv. insane ib. thinking that mauna* = m.

mita4 *fixed. lymph (as one of the 7 Dhâtus. profound thought or reflection or Consideration. (%{uSI}) f. {me4zI}) a ewe RV. sheep (in the older language applied also to a fleece or anything woollen) RV. strong (see comp.r. f. Nardostachys Jatamansi L. a girdle. that of a Vais'ya. to Mn. liberal R. the cords or lines drawn round an altar (on the four sides of the hole or receptacle in which the sacrificial fire is deposited) BhP. `" examination of the Vedic text "'N.instr. of the river Narma-dâ (prob. cast. excessive fatness. intellectual medhaavii = intelligent mekhala* =m. V.. {sAgara-m-}). a partic. q. marrow. that worn by the men of the first three man. but esp.. &c. set up. nom.W. (cf. a mystical term for the letter {v} Up.S)intellect medhaa = (f) memory. part of the firereceptacle Hcat. under the pretext of) Kâv. AV.. a sword-knot or string fastened to the hilt L. &c. &c. belt. theory (cf... &c. p. Kaus'.). {A}) anything girding or surrounding (cf.. p... m. misha :*. a sword-belt. SânkhS'r.... {miS}) a ram. bountiful. w. BhP. 98 &c. &c. false appearance. ability to remember things medhaavaan.. %{mIDhu4Se-} or % {mILhu4Se} &c. and the Uttara-mimânsâ or Brahma-mñmimânsâ or S'ârîraka-mñmimânsâ by Bâdarâyana. the girth of a horse Kathâs. VS. of a people VarBriS... (prob... emulation L. fat.. belt R. baldric L. w. viz.. the Pûrva-mînânsâ or Karma-mîmânsâ by Jamini. (cf.h = well.. N. &c. a species of plant Sus'r. 240) AV. I. (ifc. TÂr... ({A}) f. {nejam-}). Introd. corpulence S'ârngS. ({I}) f. the slope of a mountain (cf. N. &c... .).. to ii.medas* = n. deceit ({miSeNa} or {miSAt} or {-tas} or ifc.v. meshhaH = (m) sheep miiDhvas * = mf(%{u4Si})n. of various women Viddh. Kathâs. for {mekala}). a girdle.. that of a Kshatriya. zone (as worm by men or women. 169 = {yajJo7pavIta} q. N. N. bestowing richly. of a place (?) Vâs. Hemionitis Cordifolia L.. ii. small cardamoms L.. the sign of the zodiac Aries or the first arc of 30 degrees in a circle Sûryas. investigation. discussion S'Br. fraud. demon L. {netamba}) Kâlid. Var. Dalbergia Ougeinensis L. &c. %{mIDhvas} dat. established RV. concerning itself chiefly with the correct incalled the Mimânsâ. its proper seat is said to be the abdomen) RV. of a partic. %{mIDhvan} voc. of {mUrvA}. Râjat. examination. of one of the 3 great divisions of orthodox Hindû philosophy (divided into 2 systems. firm. of {zaNa} or hemp. (2. commonly styled the Veda7nta and dealing chiefly with the nature of Brahma8 or the one universal Spirit) IW. Kathâs. 46. meruH = Meru merudaNDa = the spinal column meshha = First Zodiacal sign Aries mesha * = m.. miimaaMsaa* = f. 42 that of a Brâhman ought to be of {muJja} [accord. n. {kAvya-m-}). pl.r. of Devi1 (the wife of I1s3a1na) A1pGr2. medhayaa = (fem..v. founded. see below mekhalaa* = f. the son of a Kshatriya and a low woman L. or n. investiture with the girdle and the ceremony connected with it VarBriS. rivalry. for {mekalA}) L.]. a band or fillet L. ({A}) f. accord. thrown.. scattered W. the hips (as the place of the girdle) L. (declined like a pf.

) ?or ({mitra4-}) f. (orig.. of an A1ditya (generally invoked together with Varun2a cf. a companion to = resemblance of (gen. investigated. P.) RPrât.) or ({mitra4-}) f.)..) through false knowledge mithyaishhaH = this is all false . vii. Pañcat. Mn. N. Bharthr... Inscr.. AV.. m. (W. The Zodiacal sign Gemini miththyaachaaraNi = adj. S'Br. (v. &c. (ib. of a Marut Hariv. N.. of the mother of Maitreya and Maitreyi1 S3am2k. mitradrohe = in quarreling with friends mitre = in (towards) the friend mithuna = Sexual union.) a covenant or contract of friendship. measured or limited by i. %{medin}) a friend. of the god Mitra (enumerated among the 10 fires) MBh. %{I}). like) Ba1lar. scanty. &c. frugal. &c. Kâv. {loka}). %{mitrA-v-}. short. %{citrA}).v. mitrabheda* = m. &c. measured. breach of friendship MBh. and often associated with Aryaman q.) ?or n. known (see. of the mother of S3atru-ghna (= %{su-mitrA}) L. (ib. N. (VS. iii.).mita * = measured. in later times he is considered as the deity of the constellation Anura1dha1. mitra = (neut) friend *= 1 m. likeness with (comp) Vcar. BhP.. measure i. (cf.. = resembling. Vcar. 158 &c. friendship TS. (VS. of the first book of the Pañcatantra. measured i.. of a divine being (associated with Sammita) Yâjñ. moderate. a friend. Mitra is extolled alone in RV. a partic.l. 59. mitradhita* = ({mitra4-}) n. an ally (a prince whose territory adjoins that of an immediate neighbour who is called %{ari}.. cf.. companion. n.. N.. meted out.S)false.. consisting of (acc. comp. unreal mithyaachaaraH = pretender mithyaaGYaanena = (instr. = %{mitra4-varuNa} RV. Kâm. containing a partic. (RV. ifc. Pañcat.f.. mitrapati* = m. brief. (in later language mostly n. and there described as calling men to activity. the sun Ka1v. companion (cf. &c.) a covenant or contract of friendship. one whd has become a friend) MBh. &c. little.. of a son of Vasisht2ha and various other men Pur.e. friendship RV. mitratva* = n. of an Apsaras MBh. (v. (with %{aurasa}) a friend connected by blood-relationship Hit. %{mitrati}. in this meaning also applied to planets VarBr2S. %{mit-tra}. N. and father of Utsarga) RV. equalness. %{mith} or %{mid}. associate RV. equal to (instr. N.). &c.l.. lord of friends or of friendship RV. Mn.nom. mitradheya* = n.e. sustaining earth and sky and beholding all creatures with unwinking eye.). separation of frñfriend. &c. (%{A}). mitra * = 2 Nom. m. friendship ({-tam samprA7ptaH}. or comp. (B. fr. S'Br. of a Riishi in the third Manv-antara VP.) Sûryas. enemy. mode of fighting Hariv.. du.. adherent to improper philosophy mithyaa = (fem. BhP. of the third Muhu1rta L. for %{bhinna}). living in the falsehood miththyaavaadii = adj. VarBriS. above) TS. to act in a friendly manner S3at mitrataa* = f. &c. measuring. on ChUp.e.

mogha* = (or {mogha4} MaitrS.. (in music) a kind of measure Sangît. to be happy modishhye = I shall rejoice moha = temptation* = m. {kR} A. &c..) mf({A})n. to say anything that leads to error. meet mis'raM = mixed. folly AV. below). Sch. combined RV. barbarism Nyâyam. of various authors and other men (also abbreviation for some names ending in {mizra} e. 1]. mishrayati = to mix mihira = sun miina = The Zodiacal sign Pisces mle. cf. a wicked or bad man. for Madana-. f. &c. Kâv. often also in sg. {muh}) vain. &c. and rarely ibc. ifc. delusion. m.. a kind of elephant L. {-dhana}).. a Iost {miz} cf. ({I} f. barbarian. 93. fainting. {Arya-mizrAH}. &c. . and {am} ind. ({vacAMsi mizrA} 1... a swoon MBh. unsuccessful. sinner L. a person who lives by agriculture or by making weapons L.mimaaM = this mimaa. ifc. distraction.g. mingled. accompanied by (instr. x. &c. &c. blended. ({A}) f. in vain. ({moham-brU}. &c. non-Aryan. e. fr.. a species of radish L. &c. (prob. with proper names by way of respect cf. &c. {mohAt} ind. principal and interest Lalit. infatuation. {dhAnyam-}). {kRSNa-}. copper L.g. {mohaM-yA}.. adulterating: (cf. Mitra-. left. bewilderment. abandoned MBh. {A}) loss of consciousness. n. to mingle words. manifold. N.. 1) [818. moghakarmaaNaH = baffled in fruitive activities moghaM = uselessly moghaGYaanaaH = baffled in knowledge moghaashaaH = baffled in their hopes mochaya = (verbal stem) to make free modaka = with the sweetened rice-balls modate = (1ap) to rejoice. to fall into error. Vâcaspati-mñis'ra) Cat. ignorance of Sanskriit. {muh}.nchchha = adj. vermilion L. after honorific epithets = &c. diverse. Embelia Ribes L. mixing. perplexity. {mizra-vAta}) VS.. &c. any person who does not speak Sanskriit and does not conform to the usual Hindû institutions S'Br. (ifc. hedge L. &c. error.. (cf. m. without cause) RV.nsaa = one of the schools (systems) of Indian philosophy milati = ( 6 pp) to join. man of an outcast race. &c. or comp. uselessly. Bignonia Suaveolens L. (1. (in phil.. {-kRNute}. respectable or honourable people &c. rarely {mizra} ibc. various TS.. through folly or ignorance)..) darkness or delusion of mind (preventing the discernment of truth and leading men to believe in the reality of worldly objects). stupefaction. a fence.. n. {madhu-m} and comp. fruitlets. with or without {samam} gen.. pl.. &c. useless.. barbarian mleccha* = m. under {mikS}) mixed. talk together RV.).* = mf({A4})n. unprofitable (ibc. mixed or connected or furnished with. a foreigner. (1. idle ib.

musk-deer RV. VarBriS. wonder. the spots on the disk supposed to resemble those of an antelope as well as a hare). the deer or antelope in the moon (i. a magical art employed to bewilder an enemy (= {mohana}) Cat. m. mohaM = infatuation mohaH = illusion mohanaM = the delusion mohayasi = You are bewildering mohaat. the dñdisk or antñantelope in the sky (either the Nakshatra Mriiga-s'iras or the sign of the zodiac Capricorn.. stag. mridaa * = f. &c. N. antelope. an elephant with partic. loam.. &c...) a deer. mriga = animal* = m. &c.(with Buddhists) ignorance (one of the three roots of vice Dharmas. of S'iva S'ivag. 139).. gracious Kâthh. Âs'vGri. game of any kind. also in general the 10th arc of 30 degrees in a circle) Sûryas. ({A} or {I}) f. N.h = by illusion mohaaddaasyati = out of infatuation+ will give mohaaveshaM = infatuated state(moha+AveshaM-seizure) mohitaM = deluded mohitaaH = are bewildered mohiniiM = bewildering mohena = by the illusion mohau = and illusion moksha = emancipation of the soul from rebirth mokshaM = the liberation mokshakaankshibhiH = by those who actually desire liberation mokshayishhyaami = will deliver mokshaaya = for the purpose of liberation mokshyase = you will be liberated mriyate = dies mriDa * mfn. marks (accord. (esp. of Pârvati L. amazement L. `" rover "') a forest animal or wild beast. clay.. to L. of Agni at the Pûrna7huti Griihyâs.e. Infatuation personified (as the offspring of Brahmâ) VP. `" ranger "'. `" one the secondary marks of whose body are small . gazelle. showing compassion or mercy.. fawn. (prob. earth S'vetUp.

&c. (for 2. asking. doe Hariv.. besmeared with (instr.. prepared. polished. 182. &c.. R. agreeable MBh... ({I}) f. a partic. a partic. to be striven after or aimed at ({a-m-}). see p. {miSTa}). to consider false or untrue. to feign. smeared. i.poss. of the mythical progenitress of antelopes MBh. n... Hcat. 1. col.. lyingly AV...S) death's mrida. untruthfulness is to be avoided by the wise). fabely. i. musk (= {mRga-nAbhi} or {mada}) VarBriS. {maga})... mrigendraH = the lion mriNaala = soft mriSTa* = mfn. of a demon or Vriitra in the form of a deer slain by Indra ib. epilepsy L. of the district in S'aka-dvîpa inhabited principally by Brâhdvipa themselves VP. gait of a dancing girl Sangît. sweet. mrita = Dead mritaM = dead mritasya = of the dead mritaasana = the corpse posture mrittikaa = mud mrityu = of death mrityu-bhaava = House of Death or the 8th mrityuM = death mrityuH = death mrityuu = death mrityoH = (masc. questionable. 831. of a celestial being (occupying a partic. pure (lit. place in an astrol. requesting L. &c.. a large soaring bird RV. to no purpose RV. 7 &c. &c. Var. Kâv.. search.nga = drum . &c.) washed. cleansed. class of women L. R.) RV... &c. with {jJA} or {man}. N. class of men whose conduct in coitus resembles that of the roebuck L.) R. to be hunted after or sought for or found out Kâv. = {mRga-vIthI} L. of a partic. demoniacal possession. (cf. N. that is wrong. &c."') R. uncertain Vâm.. (with {kR}. in vain. dressed. Aja-pâia sacrifice L. 80. pleasant.. pepper L. Naish. mriga-trishhNikaa = mirage mrigaaNaaM = of animals mrige. {mRSai9va} {tat}. ({A}) f. and fig. a partic.ndrataa = the nature of the king of animals mrigya* = mfn. Pur. to be investigated. 7 &c. Hariv. {varanIyam mRSA budhaiH}. uselessly. dainty R. seeking. of a horse of the Moou VP.. &c. Kum. feignedly.. wrongly. a kind of metre Col. clean. house divided into 81 compartments) VarBriS. Var.. savoury. mrishaa* ind. `" Untruth "' personified as the wife of A-dharma BhP. (v. Pur. a female deer or antelope.l.

a partic.. (cf. RTL.mridanga = Drum mriduu = soft mriyate = (6 ap) to die mriishati = (6 pp) to ponder. bewildered. 406).. type for printing or instrument for lithographing L. to reflectmauna = silence muchyante = get relief mucuTI * f.. attractive or charming (from youthfulness). Sarvad.. muJNchati = (6 pp) to loosen mukulam. mudra* = mfn. calling things by their right names Kuval.) mudita = delight mudgara = hammer. badge. an image. branch of education (`" reckoning by the fingers "') DivyA7v. Bhpr. postures especially with hands and face * = f. mallet mudgaraH = (m) hammer mudraNa = printing. N. or comp. rupee. a mystery Cat. of partic... piece of money. &c. a stamped coin. young. lost. passport (as given by a seal) Mudr. (fr.) the natural expression of things by words. {aGguli-m-}). foolish. stopper. 192. snapping the fingers L. the stamp or impression made by a seal &c. lovely.. Râjat. a young and beautiful female muhu *= or ind. Kârand. any ring MBh. joy. ignorant. Kâv. sign. (in rhet. glad AV. (also {-Ti}) a closed hand. ({A}). innocent. silly. authorization. closing (as of the eyes or lips gen. tender.. {mucalinda} and {mucilind mudaa* = pleasure. any stamp or print or mark or impression MBh. commonly practised in religious worship. (v. medal L. see {mudrA} below..l.. a pair of forceps Vâgbh. to no purpose MBh. mugdha* = gone astray. 204. token (esp. a token or mark of divine attributes impressed upon the body) Kâv. f. suddenly. and supposed to possess an occult meaning and magical efficacy Das'. shutting. Kâv. &c.. parched or fried grain (as used in the S'âkta or Tântrik ceremonial) RTL. a lock.h = (n) a bud mukta = liberated muktaM = liberated . wrongly. muculinda * m. signet-ring (cf. bung Amar. cash.) Kâv. inexperienced.. Kâv. uselessly. a kind of big orange L. a pass. perplexed.. beautiful. S3Br. publication mudraa = a seal. artless. positions or intertwinings of the fingers (24 in number. in a moment RV... {mudra} see above) a seal or any instrument used for sealing or stamping. a seal-ring.. joyous. falsely. Bhaflri. &c. gladness mudhaa* = ind. (in music) a dance accordant with tradition Sangît. simple. ( {muh}) in vain. fist L. Pur.

of a tutelary deity (presiding over one of the 81 or 63 divisions or Padas of an astrological house) VarBriS. = the first or best or chief among. a class of gods under Manu Sâvarni Pur. an essential rite W. N. &c. being at the head or at the beginning..v. ({A}) f. m..) TS. &c.. (prob.h = (n) the main entrance gate (of a house) mukhapuTalekhaH = (m) cover story mukhaani = faces mukhe = through the mouth mukhyaM = the chief mukhya * = mf({A})n. of the residence of Varuna VP. being in or coming from or belonging to the mouth or face AV.. or {mulAli} f.. reading or teaching the Vedas ib. rarely = {mukha} or {Adi} q. guide Kâm..) a species of edible lotus AV. chief.. Hcat.. N. &c.. a leader. n. first. pl. the month reckoned from new moon to new moon ib. eminent (ifc. moustache Gal.muktaH = released mukta\-hasta\-shirshhaasana = the freehand headstand posture muktasangaH = liberated from association muktasya = of the liberated muktaanaaM = pearls or released muktaasana = the liberated posture muktiM = salvation/freedom muktvaa = quitting mukha = mouth mukhaM = mouth mukhadvaaram. mulaalin* = m. &c. muNDaM = head muNDii = shaven head munayaH = the sages muniH = a sage muniinaaM = of the sages muneH = sage . principal.

muraare = Oh Mura's enemy!(KrishhNa) murchhaa = mind-fainting muru * = m. of wk.) Cat. Yoga or division of the mooñs path MW. ({A}) f..... `" enemy of Mura "'N. of an author Cat. and {-vyAkhyA-pUrNa-sarasvatI} f. MBh. a species of plant (in explanation of {maurvI}) PârGri. constellation VarBriS. murabhit. a partic. Sch. {cakra-m-}).. N. the clapper of a bell Kathâs. of the author of the Mura7ri-nâthaka or Anargha-râghava. plundered. ) RV. {-vljaya} n. captivated. carried off RV. VP.. of a country MBh. naked S'Br. see under 1... Pur. N.. (cf. {-mizrIya} n. see 2. N.Lord Vishnu muralii = flute muraliidhara = one who holds flute attribute to Krishna muraari = the enemy of `Mura' (Lord Krishna)murAri * = m. Kâv.. N. on it). &c. Hariv. surgical instrument Sus'r. f.. of a Daitya slain by Kriishna MBh. {nATaka} n. surpassed. (cf. N..h = one who has killed Mura . BhP. Curculigo Orclnoides L. ravished. obscured MBh. {-zrI-pati} m. {mura}. N. &c. Anargha-râghava ({-vyAkhyA}. cf. {muru}). n. m.. N. Kathâs. of a son of Vis'âmitra MBh. a mace. &c.) a wooden pestle used for cleaning rice AV. (esp. {mizra} &c. {mura}. annihilated Ratna7v.. ({I}) f. a species of fragrant plant (named after the Daitya) Bhpr.. &c. a kind of iron L. ({U}) f.. (C. Salvinia Cucullata L. 108 Sch.. N. encompassing.) a pestle. musala = pestle* = m. an alligator L. cheated Ratna7v. gave up mura * = 1 n. (also with {pA7Thaka}. &c. free from (acc. deceived. &c. removed. {bhaTTa}. Un... surrounding L.mumukshubhiH = who attained liberation mumocha = left. enraptured MBh. (in music) a kind of dance Sangît. said to be the N. of Kriishna or Vishnu Kâv. destroyed. a house-lizard L.. of Comms. Kathâs. (often spelt {muzala} or {muSala}. seized.. of a disciple of Caitanya Cat. ({A}) f. excelled Kâvya7d. blinded. of the wife of Nanda and mother of Caudragupta VP. bereft or deprived of.... of a Daitya (= {mura}) MBh. the 22nd astron. i. mushhTiH = (m) fist mushita* = mfn. {-gupta} m.. {maru}) Hariv. on the Kâtantra grammar and other authors &c.. Mura7ri's drama i. GriS. made fun of Râjat. \\2 m.. stolen. (with {sAvabhauma}) N. a partic. n. of a drama by Kriishna-kavi (son of Nrii-sinha).e. BhP. robbed. club Mn. stripped. of a Sch. muslima = Muslim muhurmuhuH = repeatedly muhyati = (4 pp) to faint muhyanti = are bewildered mukshiya = release (Verb) muuka = dumb ..

f. g.. Kâv. dull TS. Kâv. statue Kâv. of the first astrological house VarBriS. but also fig. (in Sânkhya) N. i. form. perplexing. silly. a root AV. foolish. air. = {muSita}. an image. any solid body or material form. robbed. material elements. {A} or {I}... &c. perplexed. uncertain or at a loss about (loc. ifc. 1... N. a fool.. impetuous (said of Indra's horses) RV. pl. on Pân. bewildered. \\= 2 mfn.h = head muurdhni = on the head muushita* = mfn. stupid. (pl. plundered L muulaani = roots muulaashinau = roots-eaters (2 persons) muula = Also spelt Moola. stolen. foolish. fire. &c. R.. indolent L. muurkha = fool* = mf({A4})n. stupid. &c.. confused. 6 (Sây. gone astray or adrift As'vGri. = consisting or formed of) Up. 3. idol. inexperienced in (loc. {mU4ra} see above) "' firmly fixed "'. (or m. personification TBr. The nineteenth nakshatra\\* = n. figure. 18) = {mUla}. simple Mn. &c. also fr. of a poet Cat. (fr. MBh... Mn. dolt MBh.. solid particles. of the elements Tattvas.. m. = {mAraka}). MBh. muurdhajaa = hair (from the head) muurdhan. PañcavBr.) Kathâs. out of the right place (as the fetus in delivery) Sus'r. embodiment. (esp. &c. swooned. (either = {mUDha} or fr. N.. blockhead Bhartri. incarnation. anything which has definite shape or limits (in phil. see col. silly. 2 muura4 * = 1 mf({A})n. {ardharcA7di}. of a son of Vasishthha VP.. water. 1. ether IW. of a Riishi under the 10th Manu ib. &c. confounding VP.. confusion of mind Sarvad. 28. \\ = 3 n. m..). a fool. = {gayatrIrahita} or {sA7rtha-gAyatrI-rahita} L. foolish RV. foolish mind! muuDhayonishhu = in animal species muuDhaa = fools muuDhaaH = foolish men muudha = foolish man muuDha * = mfn. not clear. {mRR}) dull. muuDha * = {mUDha-garbha} &c. stupefied. {mU} and meaning `" something firm and fixed "' cf. driven out of its course (as a ship) R. a root (of any plant or tree. stupid. beauty Pañcat. of S'iva Hcat. wrong. n. of a daughter of Daksha and wife of Dharma BhP. &c. for 3. not to be ascertained. Kâs'. dull. or comp.) AV. Mn. prob. (prob.. 1).&c.. appearance MBh.muuDha = foolish person muuDhaH = the fool muuDhamate = O... {mU} = {mIv}) rushing. indistinct Âpast.. iii 43. the foot or lowest part or bottom of . manifestation. m. a person. Mn. muurtayaH = forms muurti = idol* = f. as mind and the 4 elements earth. N. 52 n. 8-2. MBh. Phaseolus Radiatus L. ifc. but not {AkAza}..

vii. also m.. viii.... on the lower side TBr. and of Costus Speciosus or Arabicus) L. Asparagus Racemosus L. = {-guNa-jAti} above MW.. `" the fact that the Veda is the original source of all knowledge "'. (mfn. {mUlaM} {kramataz ca}. from the begñbeginning. ({mUlaM} {kR} or {bandh}. to the rightful) owner Mn. foundation. 184. an old or hereditary servant. original.. N. thoroughly. thicket L. a plant growing from a rñroot (as a lotus) W.. first Cat.3] muulya = value.. origin. an original text (as opp. commencement. herbs for horses.) = {nAbhi}. MBh. position of the fingers (= {mUta-bandha}) Pañcar. from the bottom. beginning ({mUlAd Arabhya} or {A} {mUlAt}. growing from a rñroot L. ({I}) f. basis. `" the being founded upon the S'âstras "') Kâm. Sus'r. a copse.. a partic. 202. on the root. of Sadâ-s'iva Cat. = {nija}.. formed at the roots of trees MBh. central point (cf. from the rñroot upwards Riitus. m. (ibc. ifc. the square root Sûryas. a species of small house-lizard L. Kathâs. nave. right through from beginning DivyA7v. {su-n-} &c. muulajAti* = f. {veda-mUlatva}. . proper. preparing rñroot (for magical uses) AV. &c..) Mn.= chief principal cf. worth muulyaankaH = (m) postage stamp muushhakaH = (m) mouse muushhakadhvajam. [826. muulakRt* = mfn. of S'iva MBh. the state of being a root or foundation or source. {A} mñmagical. to the commentary or gloss) R. to `" interest "') SâmavBr. based upon. N. (cf. m. capital (as opp. &c... {mUlAt}. `" the king is the stem of his subjects through their being his root "'. cause. of Arum Campanulatum..). Specially favourable sign positions for planets. muulatrikona = Root trine. Kaus'. &c. &c. {vajra-n-}.. the having a fñfoundation ({tan-mUlatvAt} {prajAnAM rAjA skandhaH}. own. Almost as good as Exaltation muulatva* = n. {abja-nAbha}. n.anything) RV. ({A}) f. N. peculiar L.. {tan-m-}). a king's original or proper territory Mn. chief or principal origin L. a native inhabitant MW. &c. food DivyA7v. a radish or the root of various other plants (esp. of a son of S'ruta and father of Sindhudvîpa BhP. the edge (of the horizon) Megh. below. Prab..... {zAstra-m-}.. green ginger L. from the beginning Kathâs. a temporary (as opp. navel. a chief or principal city ib. of long pepper.. derived from). immediate neighbourhood ({mama mUtam} = to my side) R. = rooted in. `" rñroot-born "'. muulabandhaasana = the ankle-twist posture muulaja* = mfn. m. to take or strike root). muulaM = rooted muulashodhana = cleansing the rectum muulatas* = ind. mfn. and ({A}) f. of the 17th (or 19th) lunar mansion AV.h = having the mouse as the flag muuLa = Nineteenth nakshatra N naabhiM = navel naabha * ifc. &c..

( {nad}) a loud sound. 20 Âkriiti. any sound or tone Prât. &c. n. (fr. of a serpent-demon VâyuP. sidereal Lâthy. (= {zabda} L. sky naakshatra* = mf({I})n. &c. crying RV.. iii. a month computed by the mooñs passage through the 27 mansions. 3 Âs'raya-. astronomer. or of 30 days of 60 Ghathîs each W. m. R. appearing in the sky Var. {naDa}) = {nAla}. a form of poetry naagavalli = the paan (betel leaf) naagaanaaM = of the manyhooded serpents naagaashana = peacock (whose food is snakes) naagendra = elephant naa4husha* = 1 mf({I})n.. {na4huSa}) neighbouring. a hollow stalk L. &c. navel+region/country naaDii = a channel within the subtle body naaDiishodhana = the purification of the nadis naada = Sound naaDa* = n. roaring. astrologer MBh.naabhasa* = mf({I})n. starry.and 7 Sankhyâ-yogas). m. verse Vait. \\* = 2 m. (fr.). N. of Yayâti MBh. (fr. R &c. relating to the Nakshatras. naalaH = (m) tap naalikaa = (f) pipe . {nabhas}) celestial. kinsman RV. &c.. viz. (fr. {na4huSa}) patron. 16. heavenly. naadaH = the sound naadabrahma = Blissful tone naaga = snake naagaphaNii = cactus naagabandha = cobra pattern. (according to Bhaththo7pala 2. of certain constellations ib. divided into 4 classes. (with {yoga}) N. kindred. of a partic. neighbour. naada* = m.. (in the Yoga) the nasal sound repressented by a semicircle and used as an abbreviation in mystical words BhP. Var. naaka = heaven. a praiser (= {stotR}) Naigh. naabhijaanaati = does not know naabhipedaasana = the upward ankle-twist posture naabhiideshaM = nAbhI+deshaM. N. 2 Dala-.. ({A}) f. bellowing..

rarely mfn. hellish. {-vinA}.. different.Vishnu naara4 * = relating to or proceeding from men. &c. dry ginger L..] esp. MBh. hell AV. abl. `" the Universe is not distinct from S'ñS'ambhunâ "' Vop..) Pân. {nArISu nAnAsu} Pañcar. e. a calf L. &c.) water (also sg.naama = Name naaman. n. in comp. i.g. difference.h = multifarious situations naanaavidhaani = variegated naanritaM = na + anR\^itaM: not untruth naantaM = no end naanyaM = na+anyaM. n. naa4ra * = ka mf({I})n. 27. &c. = {nArAyaNa} L. {naraka}) relating to hell. of a man (also {-bhaTTa}) Cat. a multitude of men L. N. see {nArI}. {svarAdi}) differently. no other naanyagaaminaa = without their being deviated naaNakam. distinctly. spiritual (?) W. naanaabhaavaan. variety. 2-3.h = (exceept) through/from rememberance of the lord's name naana * = m. (Pân. (fr. ({I}) f. naanaatva* = n. coin (= = {nANaka}) Hcat. and {A} f. 32. of wk. below) RV. mortal Mn. (with {loka4}) m.. m. human. N.).) Mn.l. Kâv. ({A}) f. (v. or acc.h = (n) orange naaradaH = Narada naarasi. {-vAda-tattva} n. naanaa = many * = 1 ind. separately. g. invented to explain {nArAyaNa}). (pl. variously. inhabitant of hell Pur. m. e.h = (n) coin naarangaphalam. 10 (prob.. manifoldness Br. VS. cf.g.. {vizvaM na} {nAnA} {zambhunA}.. (often used as an adj.nhii = pertaining to Narasimha naaraayaNaH = Lord Narayana naaraayaaNa = the supporter of life .. . a man TÂr.. distinct from [with instr.. (also {nAraka4} m. L. = various. infernal.). 5-2.h = name naamabhiH = the names of rAma naamabhirdivyaiH = by the divine `nAmAs'(names) naamayati = to bend naamasmaraNaat. without (with instr.

Mn. S'ânkhS'r. MBh. 90. {paNDina}. of the letter {A} Up. the Apsaras Urvas'î is said to have sprung from his thigh Hariv. said to have been composed by NñNârâyana4) S' men. (with {cUrNa}) a partic. below... &c. 11 with Vishnu or Kriishna TÂr. {cakra-cUDAmaNi}. {bhiSaj}.h = destroyer naashayati = destroys naashayaami = dispel naashaaya = for destruction naashitaM = is destroyed naashha = destruction . {kavi}. 147). {dharmA7dhikArin}. {bhaTTa} [cf.. {gArgya}. {bhAratI}. x. [537.. pl.v... {bhaTTA7raDa}. 4601. the Purusha-hymn (Ry. &c.. (patr.. {paNDita}.g. fr. medicinal powder Bhpr. and with Jainas as the 8th of the 9 black Vâsudevas). elsewhere he is regarded as a Kas'yapa or Angirasa. 1]. of sev.naaraayaNa * = m. of a son of Nara-hari Kshiti7s'. n. relating or belonging to Nârâyana or Kriishna MBh. {sArvabhauma}). he is identified with Brahmâ ib. {sarva-jJa}. N. 10. (with {taila}) a medic. {yati}. a mystical N.) the son of the original Man (with whom he is generally associated e. {parivrAj}.v. {yatI7vara}. ({I}) f.) women naathaka = (m) a play. i. {rAya}. of the 2nd month (reckoning from Mârgas'îrsha) Var. also as chief of the Sâdhyas.. iv. {bhaTTA7cArya}. {daiva-vid}. naarikela = coconut naarikelaH = (m) coconut naarikelam. see s. {vAdI7zvara}. and {bhaTTa-n-}]. oil expressed from various plants ib. mf({I})n. {muni}. {vidyA-vinoda}. of the ground on the banks of the Ganges for a distance of 4 cubits from he water L. (with {kSetra}) N. {zarman}. {na4ra} q. authors and commentators (also with {AcArya}. of a son of Ajâ-mila BhP. drama naath = lord naatha = Protector naathaaya = to the protector or lord naasha = destruction naashaH = loss naashanaM = the destroyer naashanam. {vandya}. {sarasvatI}. (m.nom. {dharmA7dkikAriG} {paNDitA7cArya}. (as synonym of Vishnu) N. of a son of Bhu-mitra or Bhûmi-mitra (a prince of the dynasty of the Kanvlyanas) Pur.h = (n) coconut naarii = female naariiNaaM = of women naaryaH = (fem. the warriors of KñKriishna. {vaiSNava-muni}.

that not. leader.iv.g. ({A4}) f. ( %{nI}) a leader . fetter. 98 Nal.. Vâm. ({ikA}) f. {uta4}. N. x. unvexed. for fear lest (with Pot. N. 5 Sch. means . e. &c. 34.e. 8-1. as. {cA7pi}. ascertainment L. 1. of Buddha. Sa1y. %{go-}) . [Cf. i. = 1. * = 2 ind. a kind of musk L. {no}. 2. ({nA}. {nA7daNDyo 'sti}. ) MBh.. gift L. 15 \\2 m. principal MBh. 97. with another {na} or an {a} priv. deity L. (with or scil. {nu}) a shout of joy or triumph RV. chief. &c. 1] {ne8-}. v. RV. [cf. (cf. {api vA}. {ha} [cf. Sch. knowledge L. &c. Lat. &c. 14. requesting and commanding. . knowledge. 11 (pr. of Gautama Buddha Buddh. \\ 2 = {nau}. a guide. esp. vacant. except in prohibition before an Impv. it may also. direction L. 46 . war. often joined with other particles. na = not nabha * = the sky* = m. {ekayA na viMzati}. id.v. at the second place or further on in the sentence e. spare. `" although not being "'] a thirsty deer. certainty. 24 . 8) &c.. = {nirvRti} (invented for the etymology of {kriSNa}. a husband BhP. of an author (also {bhaTTa-n-}) Cat. N. {vA7pi} or {atha vA} RV. atmosphere (= {nabhas}) L. like {a}. 99. = {prastuta}. the central gem of a necklace (implying also `" a general "' cf. below]).. 9 Nal. {nah} `" connecting "'.). a. {api}. not. ii. ( -4. not there naava * = 1 m. the navel. {khalu} q. scil. of one of 7 sages of the 6th Manv-antara ib. . naayaka * =m... {gauro na tRSitaH piba}. 31] &c.) the lover or hero. 9. lest. {nabhas}) Hariv. form compounds Vâm. lord. ornament L. 24. viii. band. (in dram. 1. Angl. {api ca}. {nAyakAya} and {mahA-nAyaka}).. f. Das'.. of a demon (son of Vipra-citti by Sinhikâ) ib. nor. 70. of the city of the sun W. 1. (as well in simple negation as in wishing. of a son of Nala (Nishadha) and father of Pundarîka (cf.. m.. a ship (in comp. a boat.. 395 ib. in successive sentences or clauses either simply repeated e. (rather fr. R.) MBh. {dvi-n-} Pân.e. {paJcabhir na catvAri zatAni}. {ne7yaM na vakSyati}. {cA7di} and Pân. it is not so "' Bâdar.v. a bad man L.. iii. the month S'râvana Car. {ardha-n-}. {akA} cf. 5-4. {tv eva tu}. 1-39). in this sense it does not coalesce metrically with a following vowel). a musical instrument. na \\3 (L.. guide RV.i. `" not "'.g. {nabh} denoting `" bursting forth "' or `" expanding "' than fr.. Sax. naavaasana = the boat posture naava = a boat naaya* = m. a spitting-pot (?) L. pearl. $. as Mn.. Kâv.] -2. %{azva-} . N. subject to conversion into $ Pân. a paradigm or example (in gram. N. 34. &161835[523. g. before round or collective numbers and after any numeral in the instr. by {u} [cf. {sainyasya}. beside those mentioned above esp. &c. {ce7d} q.g. {mA}].. unbroken.. 100). 8-4. f. welfare.. ifc. identical. a water-house L. N. drink like [lit. neither RV. 8. 170. 9] e.. cf. N. expedient Bhat2t2. = {dviraNDa} (?). of a Brâhman Râjat. empty. Eng. ({A}) f. thin. policy . heaven and earth) the sky. no. 35 Sarvad. it expresses deficiency e. {vA}.. &c. guidance .. naayakaaH = captains Na * = 1: no. v. Mn. ii. 151. iii. `" not "' i. not 20 by 1 i. VP. BhP. alone.. &c. of S'iva or of a Buddh. . of a son of Manu Svârocisha or of the 3rd MñManu (together with Nabhasya) Hariv. na * =or not-but * =1 the dental nasal (found at the beginning of words and before or after dental consonants as well as between vowels. gift. or n. {tv eva}. it may even be replaced by {ca}. of Gane7s'a. {nAyaka}). the sound of negation L. {-tva} n. Gk.naasaabhyantara = within the nostrils naasikaa = nose naasti = na+asti. or an augmentless aor. a. it generally forms a strong affirmation [cf. or strengthened by another particle.. ({A}) f.ii. leadership R. 19 S'Br. as it were (only in Veda and later artificial language. 13 [cf. he must certainly be punished Mn. {ne}. vi .. commander. jewel. or abl. a general. she will most certainly declare S'ak.. like. m.) mfn.g. 10 . see {nAyikA}. v. {vA}.g. {no7}].. 335. with a following {tu}. {nAyikA-cUrNa}).. i.

(rather fr. 72.) to bind. v.: Desid.. of a Dânava ib. (cf. 101 Anukr. Arundo Tibialis or Karka RV.) to put on (as armour &c. Pa1n2. i. atmosphere L.. &c. nabhastala = sky Nactan' = 'nigth nada = The Universal Sound. [Prob. a mountain (ifc. %{naddhvA} Gr. %{nehe}. {sa-naga}) AV. fasten. cf. p. cf. N.. a serpent L. {rabhasa} and {razmisa}). p. 240).. Kâv. of a son of Nala (Nishadha) and father of Pundarîka (cf. RV. VP. atmosphere (= {nabhas}) L.. AV. 32. of a serpent-demon MBh. %{nahyate}. = {naDa}. 34]. of a man. N... the ocean L. %{-nahet} MBh. %{anaddha} Vop. {nah} `" connecting "'. 12. crier. `" not moving "' (cf. 60. the rainy season L. any tree or plant MBh. %{-na4hya} Br. but cf. {a4-ga}). (L. 2 (beginning with {nadam}) S'Br. viii. (as a cloud.. %{akSA-na4h}) a bond. %{nAnahyate}. of a son of Nala. %{nahyur} AitBr. of a demon (son of Vipra-citti by Sinhikâ) ib. 30 he is a son of Ambarisha and father of Nabhâga). misty AV. viii. &c..) N. BhP. %{ninatsati}. S'ânkhS'r.) a species of reed. ib. &c. A1. 119. 11. Vp. the sun L. bind on or round or together.. {nadI}) Mn. % {na4hyamAna} [also with pass. tie. ind. 30 and ii. 3] nahyati = (4 pp) to bind naiH* = Vriiddhi form of {niH} (for {nis}) in comp. pf. horse. 4) RV. m. according to R. 11] and father of Yayâti.l. of the city of the sun W. 8. {kula-giri}) Sûryas. &c. naH = by us nah* = 1 cl.. N. &c. of one of 7 sages of the 6th Manv-antara ib.: Intens. 6.&c. cf. {-nadam}. &c. inf. sky. ix. 4. nahi = No. fut. see {nadI4}.. meaning] RV. bellower..nabha * m. nabhaHsprishaM = touching the sky nabhasa* = mfn. %{-te} Gr. 57) %{na4hyati}. Vibration naDa* = or m.. of Vishnu-Kriishna MBh. of RV. aor.. a spitting-pot (?) L.. MBh. &c. vii.. {nabhas}) Hariv. S'Br. {A}. 8-2. 27. A1. vapoury. %{-hyamAna} (see above): Caus. of a son of Manu Svârocisha or of the 3rd MñManu (together with Nabhasya) Hariv. a river (if thought of as male ifc. &c.. Bhst2t2. 6. nadi = (f) river nadiinaaM = of the rivers naga = the vital air that causes burping* = m. Hariv. %{naddhum} Ka1v.. cf. never nahusha * = m. ({I}) f. a man. arm one's self. met. (A1. a roarer. {nectere}. i. x.). Lat. Germ.]\\2 (only in %{na4dbihyas} RV. the month S'râvana Car. %{anAtsIt}. ({A}) f.. reed RV. neigher &c.. ind. %{anInahat} Gr.= {na4hus} RV. %{natsyati}. N. (Dha1tup. 46. also n. 41 MBh.. [532. f..) to cause to bind together BhavP. {Nestel} (?).. i. R. xxvi. %{naddhA} Siddh. 179. {nabh} denoting `" bursting forth "' or `" expanding "' than fr.. (prob. [cf.. tie. (v. of a son of Manu and author of RV. %{nanAha}. 58. P. thunderer. i. . he took possession of Indra's throne but was afterwards deposed and changed into a serpent Mn. p. bull. %{-te} (Pot. %{nAnaddhi}. for %{nagh}. %{nAhayati} (aor.. the number 7 (because of the 7 principal mountains.: Pass. nada* = m. i. of a Marut Hariv. RV. of a Rishi of the 10th Manv-antara Hariv. scil. 31.. of an ancient king (son of Âyu or Âyus [cf. RTL. heaven and earth) the sky.. 31.

i. 72. Hariv. he took possession of Indra's throne but was afterwards deposed and changed into a serpent Mn. (cf. RTL.) naishkarmyaM = freedom from reaction naishkarmyakarma = actionless action naishkarmyasiddhiM = the perfection of nonreaction naishkritikaH = expert in insulting others naishthhika* = (or {naiH-}. indifference Jâtakam. v. complete MBh. 31. put off DivyA7v. {ni-SThA}) mf({i})n. &c. R. ix.. last MBh. non-expectancy. highest. despair at ({prati} or comp. (prob. 119. non-expectancy. belonging to the character or office of a perpetual student W.) Var. (fr.. a perpetual religious student or Brâhman who observes the vow of chastity Râjat. transgressions punished with the confiscation of something belonging to the transgressor Buddh.. hopelessness. v. final. R.) MBh. nairaas'ya* = n. 46. ({-sundara} mfn. absence of love or affection Mn. poverty Var. of a man. of a son of Manu and author of RV. of a Marut Hariv. naiHspRhya* = n. perfect. 240). firm MBh. 15. naishaa = na + eshA:no + this(fem. (fr. absence of longing for anything Kâv. perfectly beautiful Kum.. naiHsaGgya* = n. naishthhikiiM = unflinching . i. ix. vii. naihaara* = mfn. naiHsnehya* = n. 88) MBh. (fr.. naiHsvabhAvya* = n. {nI-hAra}) produced by mist or fog BhP. Ragh. Pur. &c.. of Vishnu-Kriishna MBh. 3] naihara * =produced by mist or fog naitika = (adj) ethical naiva = never is it so naisargikabala = Natural strength and a part of Shad Bala or Six strength calculation method of planetary weighting naiHzreyasa* = mf({i})n. Kâv. 30 he is a son of Ambarisha and father of Nabhâga). hopelessness. destitution.. of a serpent-demon MBh. cast off. of a wood in the world of Vishnu BhP. naiHsvya* = n. viii.= {na4hus} RV. 11. ({-sika}. m. &c. naiHsargika* = mfn. of partic. completely versed in or familiar with (comp. 62). R. Yâjñ. N. RV.nahusha* = m. 6. 11] and father of Yayâti. nairaas'ya * =nairAzya n. xii. 31. {nih-sva}) absence of property. absence of attachment. Hariv.. of an ancient king (son of Âyu or Âyus [cf. definitive. i. fixed. 101 Anukr.. 27. BhP. N. R. leading to happiness or future beatitude Mn.) MBh.) N. 30 and ii. 41 MBh. 12. according to R. see 2. {niH-svabhAva}) L. despair at ({prati} or comp. forming the end. [532. n.

on RV. {nakS} cf.) a star or any heavenly body. &c. 33. Pûrva7shâdhâ. Mûla. Ârdrâ. Uttara-phalgunî. i. n. Anurâdhâ. Hasta. Jyeshthha. Revatî. fr. Uttara-bhñbhâdrapâda. 6. Pûrva-bhâdrapâda. only RV. S'ravishthhâ or Dhanishthhâ. (27. Uttara-bhâdrapâda and Uttara7shâdha are called {dhruvANi}. Each Division is ruled by a planet and is further divided into Padas or quarters. Pushya or Sidhya. Abhijit. Punarvasû or Yâmakau. Rohinî or Brâhmî. (m. &c. according to Jainas the sun. Hariv. Maghâ. The nakshatra contains 9 navaa. 14 &c. nakshatram. &c. fixed.h = (n) constellation nakshatraaNaaM = of the stars nandana* = rejoicing. later 28. prob. As'vinî. according to VarBriS. Pûrva-phalgunî. Kriittikâ. 50. Uttara7shñâdhâ. in the Vedas the Nakshatras are considered as abodes of the gods or of pious persons after death Sây. S'ata-bhishaj. a lunar mansion AV. Uttara-phñphalgunî. i. Âs'leshâ... sg. &c. 1 RV.ncharaantakam. S'ravana. lotus+petal+reached/gone nam. gladdening nalinii = lotus naliniidalagata = nalinI+dala+gata.nakulaH = (m) a mongoose nakta. vii. 86.h = to salute namaH = a salute namati = to bow namaskaara = Salutation namaskaaraniichamanii = Salutation to evil minded namaskuru = offer obeisances namaskritvaa = offering obeisances namaste = offering my respects unto You namasyantaH = offering obeisances namasyanti = are offering respects namaami = I bow . Svâtî. vi. a pearl L. viz.nshas and forms the base position for lunar Dasha systems\\* = n. Revatî. later as wives of the moon and daughters of Daksha MBh. an asterism or constellation through which the moon passes. also applied to the sun. There were originally 28 parts but one seems to have been dropped. &c. moon. Nakshatras and Târâs form the Jyotishkas). {nakS dyAm}. Grahas. Vis'âkhâ or Râdhâ. 67. 2. Citrâ. Bharanî. Mriiga-s'iras or Âgrahâyanî.g.h = the finisher(destroyer) of the nakra = a crocodile nakha = nail nakshatra = A division of the Zodiac into 27 parts. sometimes collectively `" the stars "' e.

. in ep.). hell. nanu = really nandaH = nanda nandati = revels nandatyeva = nandati+eva. N.. a woman (= {nArI}) L. {tata4}). 85 (cf. of a sñson of Bhavan-manyu (Manyu) and fñfather of Sankriiti ib. a kind of fragrant grass. (cf. of Bhâradvâja (author of RV.. of one of the 10 horses of the Moon L.. {nara4ka} TÂr. a male.h = namAmi+ahaM. hero VarBriS. Hariv.. haunting Prâg-jyotisha and slain by Kriishna) MBh. revels alone/revels indeed nandana = child napu. Pur.. `" son of the prñprimeval man "' [529. &c. a person (pl. Pur. 56. ix. of a sñson of Vis'vâmitra Hariv. (cf.namaamyaham. 44 Vârtt. of a demon (son of Vishnu and Bhûmi or the Earth. the primeval Man or eternal Spirit pervading the universe (always associated with Nârâyana. N.. a carriage drawn by men naraH = a man naraka = hell * = (Nir. &c. narayaaNa * = or n. place of torment Mn. {-sUnu}) MBh. (v.. (distinguished from {pAtAla} q. 3-1. iv. m. person. Pur..l. Pur.. {tApasau} &c. beings allied to the Gandharvas and Kin-naras MBh. MBh. n. vi. men. L. i. m.. on Pân. and Kriishna with Nârâyana) Mn. fam.. poetry they are the son.h = they should offer proper obeisances namo = salutation namya = (adj) bendable nanaa * = f. there are many different hells.. Râjat. viii. people) TS. {-yantra}).. generally 21 Mn.nsakaM = neuter nara = Man a man. the pin or gnomon of a sun-dial Sûryas. 31 Bâlar. 35 and 36) Anukr.. 7-3. 4 Pat.. a man or piece at chess or draughts &c. ({I}) f. of a sñson of Gaya and father of Virâj VP. 3 (cf. &c. {RSI}. 2. or n.) a class of myth.v.) m. iv. 112. personified as a son of Anriita and Nirriiti or Nirkriiti MârkP. ({ikA}) f. of a son of Vipra-citti VP. &c. or n. = {deva-rAtriprabheda} (?) L. 76... of a sñson of Su-dhriiti and fñfather of Kevala Pur. expression for `" mother "' RV. &c. of Dharma by Mûrti or A-hinsâ and emanations of Vishnu.. {puruSa}). personal termination Kâs'. Pân. both are considered either as gods or sages and accordingly called {devau}. 1]. = {vAc} Naigh. narakasya = of hell narakaaya = for the hell narake = in hell narajanma = human birh . {anaraka}).. bow+I nameran.. Arjuna being identified with Nara. N.. of 2 kings of Kas'mîra Râjat. ix. 11. of a place of pilgrimage MBh. (pl. husband Mn. and therefore called Bhauma. 88-90 Yâjñ. of a son of Manu Tâmasa BhP.

. {-yantra}). 76. `" son of the prñprimeval man "' [529. a sternutatory. Pur. of Bhâradvâja (author of RV. ({A}) f. or n.. of a son of Vipra-citti VP.. 3) RV.. =. narka = Hell Naraka* =(Nir. L. 7-3. people) TS. MBh. fourth incarnation of Vishnu naraaNaaM = among human beings naraadhamaaH = lowest among mankind naraadhamaan. haunting Prâg-jyotisha and slain by Kriishna) MBh. 35 and 36) Anukr. {sUnu}) MBh.h = the lowest of mankind naraadhipaM = the king naraiH = by men nara * m. corrupted. i. wasted. of a demon (son of Vishnu and Bhûmi or the Earth.v. 4. in ep. nashyati = (4 pp) to perish. (cf.. 3-1. 1]. of a sñson of Gaya and father of Virâj VP. person. &c. of Dharma by Mûrti or A-hinsâ and emanations of Vishnu.. snuff L. both are considered either as gods or sages and accordingly called {devau}.. 56. place of torment Mn. = {deva-rAtriprabheda} (?) L.. a woman (= {nArI}) L. &c. destroyed.nha = the man-lion. Yâjñ. ix. viii.) R. 31 Bâlar. &c. {puruSa}). &c. Pân. 8890 Yâjñ. ({I}) f. vi. fled (impers. N. of a sñson of Vis'vâmitra Hariv..."'. Pur. a female dancer nashtha* = mfn. husband Mn. n. m. there are many different hells. Hariv. one who has lost a lawsuit Mriicch. beings allied to the Gandharvas and Kin-naras MBh. 4 Pat nartakii = (f) danseuse. a man or piece at chess or draughts &c. a kind of fragrant grass.. on Pân.narapungavaH = hero in human society nararaakshasa = adj. without "'. damaged. unsuccessful. iv.). 14. or n.. of a son of Manu Tâmasa BhP.. escaped (also {-vat} mfn. generally 21 Mn. Ratn. and therefore called Bhauma. {anaraka}). Pur. &c. MBh.. a male. Arjuna being identified with Nara. {nR}) a man. run away from (abl. ({ikA}) f. hell.. Pur... (cf. deprived of(instr. to be destroyed nashyaatsu = being annihilated nashvara = Temporary . 18 (in comp. disappeared. the nose L. and Kriishna with Nârâyana) Mn.. lost sight of invisible.). fruitless. m. N. a person (pl. &c. (cf. devil incarnate naralokaviiraaH = kings of human society narasi. N. ii. Râjat. ix. n. a hole bored through the septum of the nñnose L. {RSI}.. see below). poetry they are the son. (distinguished from {pAtAla} q. the pin or gnomon of a sun-dial Sûryas. of a sñson of Sudhriiti and fñfather of Kevala Pur. hero VarBriS. (pl. &c.. personified as a son of Anriita and Nirriiti or Nirkriiti MârkP. iv. in vain Mn. (v. of a sñson of Bhavan-manyu (Manyu) and fñfather of Sankriiti ib.. nasta* = m. of a place of pilgrimage MBh. with instr.l. {nara4ka} TÂr.. MBh. of subj. spoiled.). men.. of 2 kings of Kas'mîra Râjat..) a class of myth. 85 (cf. 44 Vârtt.. &c. {tApasau} &c. perished. lost. personal termination Kâs'. `" -less "'. `" un. of one of the 10 horses of the Moon L.) m. the primeval Man or eternal Spirit pervading the universe (always associated with Nârâyana..

n. A method of calculating the Chart when one has missing data nashhTaH = scattered nashhTaan. Eng. in comp. S. {no8vu8}. &c. below). [Cf. {navA7nna} cf. [531. &c. of a son of Us'înara and Navâ Hariv. celebration L. &c. or with a pp.. a young monk.\\ = 4 in {tri-Nava} q. Lat. nartana = Dance nathaH = (m) actor. heroine nata = Bowed nataraaja = Lord of the dancers. a red-flowered Punar-navâ L.v. (2.. filmstar nathi = Actress nathii = (f) actress. 2-1. Angl. = {-van}. Pur. a name of Shiva nataraajaasana = the Lord of the Dance posture nataaH = bowed down nayaka * = mfn. N. modern (opp. young. a novice Buddh. {purANa}) RV. Kaus. {new}. a crow L. {niuwe}.g. e. nayana = eye nayanaM = eyes nayet. recent. {su}) praise. HGerm. &c.. $ for $. perishing.nashhTa = Destroyed or missing birth data. \\ = 3 m. {neu}. with a subst. fresh. mischievous W. Goth. 2]\\ navaM = a boat navakamaladala = newly blossomed lotus petal (another meaning for `nava' is navadvaare = in the place where there are nine gates navami = Ninth Tithi of the Moon . Pân. new grain. 3] {novus}. m. L. {nu4}) new. 49. Lith. {niujis}.]\\2 m...h = must bring under nava = (adj) nine nava* = 1 mf({A})n. (prob. (5. Slav. {nu}) sneezing Car. perishahle. Gk. transitory Kâv. Zd. just. to {sana}. in the sense of `" newly. fr. N. {niuwi}. {navo7dita}.h = all ruined nashhTe = being destroyed nas'vara* = mf({I})n.. of a son of Viloman VP. 1. {ni7we}. &164066[530. ({A}) f. {nau4jas}. of a woman (see above) Hariv.g. {nava}. clever in policy.. (often in comp. lately "' e. destructive.

sometimes w. wisdom. system. leading thought. plan. Sch. into. {ni}. direction L. guide. Kâv. reason ({naya} ibc. {nieder}. 46. {upa-rama}. {mokSa} &c. recent. fresh.. {go-}). {azva-}. Used with the Rashi. Sâh.navavastu = New article navaa. Zd. x. Bhâshâp. for {nis}). 10. [Cf. 7 always prefixed either to verbs or to nouns. behaviour. &166432[538. ( {nI}) a leader. neshate: * to go to move netaa = (m) leader neti = not so netiyoga = cleansing of the nostrils netra = eye netraM = eyes neyaM = is to be lead/taken ni = down * =1 ind.. $.nsha = A Varga. good management. fit. BhP. {ni-dar}. down. method. expedient Bhathth. N. maxim. Sax. {ni-zu}. proper L. {ni-ther}. `" down-hearted "' = heartless].. (esp. within (except AV.. it may also express {kSepa}. cf. conductor L. Kathâs. right. principle. ne = not nesh. The Ninth divisional harmonic.. (1. in the latter case it has also the meaning of negation or privation [cf. {nI})leading (of an army) R.h = (adj) new nava * new. back.. N. policy. guidance.. means. {be-neath}. 3] Germ..h = to tell . vi. a kind of game and a sort of dice or men for playing it L. &c. in. polity. naaya* = m.. Used for reading the delineations of the Spouse navaani = new garments naviinam.h = (n) anchor nauli = an abdominal exercise (lauliki) nava naya* = m. Sarvad. {ne-ther}. Pañc. 11 (pr. Slav. mfn. L.] ni+vid. or {nayeSu}. young. in a prudent manner MBh. Sây. doctrine R.) R. Gk. civil and military government MBh.. Chandra and bhaava charts to determine a basic delineation. {ni-der}. design MBh. of a son of 13th Manu Hariv.r.) prudent cñconduct or bñbehaviour. guide RV. {A-zraya}. 24. {dAna}. prudence.. conduct. of a son of Dharma and Kriyâ Pur. Eng. modern nau = us naukaa = Boat naukiilakam. Angl. 8.

l.. (prob. S'ântis'.. {-saMjanana} n.. {-caura} m. MBh. stealer of sñsleep Mriicch. for {ni-cita}). asleep Pañc. `" producing sñsleep "'..g. nibiDa * = or {ni-viDa} mf({A})n. 2. destruction. destroying. or n.. sloth RV. N.. similar (ifc.. close. destroying. nibaddha = tied down (from bandh) nibaddhaH = conditioned nibadhnanti = bind nibadhnaati = binds nibadhyate = becomes affected nibadh{}nanti = do bind nibandhaaya = for bondage. with a synonym e. &c. {--lasa} ({-drA7l-}) mf({A})n. m. R. languid Cat. {-bhaGga} m. {--ndha} ({-drA7n-}) mfn. n. m light sleep.. the budding state of a flower (hence {-drAMtyaj}. &c. sleep. slumber.). ( {bhA}) resembling. `" like a lotus-leaf "' ib. destruction. &c. sleepiness. abl. fr. n.)having been enlightened nibhrita = are served nichridgaayatriichchha. 32 Kâs' nibodha = just take note of. {biDa} = {bila}.. {-kara} mfn. {-vaza} mfn. v. 11 (v. n. e. `" handsome-faced "' Hariv.. removing MBh. Kathâs. 460.. low Kâd. {naga-nibho7pama}. {cArunibhA7nana}. disturbing sñsleep. consisting in sñsleep Hariv. &c. 32 Kâs'. subdued by sñsleep. {--lasya} ({-drA7l-}) n.sing. a mystic.. Das'. overpowered by sleep Vet. to deprive of sñsleep Kpr.. nidraabhiH = and sleep . annihilation ib.g. cf.h = to go away nibha* = mf({A})n. `" mountain-like "' MBh. awaking W. thick. m. making sleepy Hariv. 5-2. {--gama} ({-drA7g-}). dense. vi. a state of such deep meditation as to resemble sleep ib. {dhruk} Pân.. the phlegmatic humour L. 5-2. {yoganidrA}). 88). of a poet Cat. R. blind with sleep. suffering from want of sleep Vcar. {ni-khila}) without spaces or interstices. be informed nibodhita(H) = (masc.).. R. or comp.. {-maya} mf({I})n.. slothful from drowsiness. to bloom) S'ârngP.. {--ntarita} ({-drA7nt-}). 8-2.. cf. m. {--tura} ({-drA7t-}) mfn. long sleeping MBh. Sus'r. or n. {-daridra} mfn. (sometimes pleonast. nibarhaNa* =crushing. fast asleep Hit.) Hariv. &c. sleeping Sus'r. rousing from sñsleep. instr. darkness L.. {-druh} (mfn. {vRkSa} m. full of abounding in (instr. sleepy. {-daridrI-kR}. N. `" sleep-plant "'. a moment of sleep BhP.. pretext (only ifc.. like.. {padma-pattrA7bha-nibha}. mfn. approach or time of sñsleep. annihilation ib. 37.ndaH = the prosody form is `nichR\^it. ( doze L. Kâv. nom. or comp... a hole. N. after adj. {-yoga} m.. {--bhibhUta} ({-drA7bh-}) mfn. vii. S'ak. crooked-nosed Pân.. phlegm. of the letter {bh} Up. Var. removing MBh. fast asleep MBh. firm MBh. crooked-nosedness Pân.h gAyatrii' nicholaH = (m) skirt nididhyaasana = meditation and contemplation nidraa = sleep * = f. sleepiness. Kâv. dead asleep. of a mountain MBh..Nom. crushing. compact.) MBh. Vâm. appearance. {-kSaNa} m.

receptacle AV. destruction. MBh. above) S'rS. m.. {I}. loss. domicile. N. {-nI-kR}. ... 3) having no property. Pur. nigachchhati = attains nigaDaH = (m) handcuffs nigaDa* = m. {-latA} f. N. ({I}) f. N. instruction in. causing death. assurance L. &c. m. cf. anything laid up. city. hoard. N. {-tattvasAra} m. Sus'r. depositing.) the heel chains for an elephant or a noose for catching the feet and throwing an animal down.. a store.. Jâtakam. Ragh. TândBr. {ardharcA7di}) settling down.. 19 (Kull... {kAma} n. reciting. {-vyAkhyAta} mfn. {garbhan-}) RV. Pur. {-bhUta} mfn. insertion (esp. {ardharcA7di}) and n. of the Vedas) where a word occurs or the actual word quoted from such a passage Nir. lord of the end or of destruction TÂr. a funeral ceremony Hariv. N.. doctrine. {-sUtra-vRtti} f..). MBh. N.. destroying W. &c. of sev. nidhanaani = when vanquished nidhaanaM = resting place nidhaanikaa = (f) cupboard. {-din} mfn. of the name of a deity into a liturgical formula) S'rS. &c. the place or passage (esp. explained i. speech. = {pariziSTa} Cat. `" lord of treasure "'. N. death. of a teacher ({-kSveDana} n. mfn.. market-place Âpast.) in itself TÂr.. Car. place of insertion (cf. &c.. mention. the tñtreasure or Kubera) Mn. g. any finile AV. poor L.). Pân. {-kalpa-sAra} m. a town.. mfn.. placing (the sacrificial fire) KâtyS'r. mentioning Bâdar. familiar with the holy texts Var. N. {A}) R. preserving KâtyS'r. verses or formulas Kaus'. &c. Var. conclusion. laying aside (cf. a road L. traffic W. `" derived from "') ib. trade. {-no7ttama} m. having a finale VS.. &c. &c. Kâv. putting or laying down.. a partic. 4846. BhP.. of wks. {-ne7za} m. a place of cessation or rest W. {-sUtra} n. {-kalpa-latA} f. hence ifc. nigAda* = m. iv.. audible recitation. S'rS... iv. reciting.. almariah nidhi = reservoir.. {-kriyA} f... (m. f. (for 2... {-pariziSTa} n. (in music) the concluding passage of a Sâman which is sung in chorus. ÂpS'r.. end. family L. a Yaksha S'atr. recitation L. the root (as the source from which a word comes. treasure (esp. of wk. Lâthy. or n.nidhanaM = destruction nidhana* = 1 mfn... {-kArin} mfn. a partic. place for depositing anything.. see col. the words of a god or holy man MBh. of the 8th mansion Var. &c. speaking Sus'r. certainty. of wks. pl. keeping. ({-tA} f.. (in music) forming a finale Lâthy. see col. a pot or jar containing a treasure Sâh. annihilation Mn. TS.. Mriicch. &c. &c. N. ifc. number Buddh. bound or fettered on the feet Mn.. N. Lalit. residence or place of rñresidence. (g.. N. 210.) Bâlar. treasure nigama * =m.. discourse W. {-kalpa-druma} m. {-sthAna} n.. clear by mere mentioning Nir. 2) n.). a sacred precept. n. f. {gaD} = {gal}?) an iron chain for the feet... the head of a family W.. any fetter or shackle Hariv. {-sAra} m. {-kumbha} m. of a formula TBr. to pile up Hcar.. (csp. only Hariv.. Br. {vat} ({-dha4na-}) mfn. 2. ({A}) f. of wk.. (fr.e. {-jJa} mfn. the Veda or the Vedic text Hariv. telling. {daNDan-}). art of (comp. receptacle (rarely m. nigada* = m. any work auxiliary to and explanatory of the Vedas Mn.. nidhAna* = n. race. potion Car. of wks. {-pati} m.. of S'iva R. nidha4na* = (for 1. Sâmans TândBr. a prayer or sacrificial formula recited aloud Br. Das'. &c.. of partic. a caravan or company of merchants (ifc. containing anything (gen. {-mA7khya-koza} and {-mA7ntA7rtha-ratnA7kara} m.

Pur. of S'iva and VishnuKriishna MBh. whose design is cñconcealed MBh. 2]. born to a lowly family nihataaH = killed nihatya = by killing nihan. ({ni4-gULha}) &c. market-place A1past. %{-jJa} mfn.. {A}) Sus'r. {-kArya} mfn. seizing. MBh. a caravan or company of merchants (ifc.. {-nizcaya} mfn.). traffic W.h = destroy niH = without niHsheshha = remainderless niHshreNikaa = (f) ladder niHshreyasakarau = leading to the path of liberation . a sacred precept. niguuDhaa = cast in nigrihiitaani = so curbed down nigrihNaami = withhold nigrahaM = subduing nigrahaH = repression * = m. 260. defeat. chastisement Bhathth. hidden.. disgust L. a place or occasion for being caught hold of. obscure (lit. restraining. N. place of insertion (cf. the root (as the source from which a word comes.) RV. abstruse.. confinement..) the position of being unfit to carry on an argument from impossibility of agreeing about first principles. walking concealed or in disguise Mn.. f. {-sAdhana} and {-stotra} n. privately. ni. keeping down or back. `" derived from "') ib.. art of (comp... (in phil. a road L. suppression of an illness i. Pa1n2. having cñconcealed hair Sus'r. {-sthAna} n. a boundary. 19 (Kull. %{-sAra} m. &c... a handle (ifc. city. {-roman} mfn... Pañc... a town. coercion. N. &c. and fig. {ni-grAhas te bhUyAt}. &c. of wks. (esp.HkrishThkuliinaH = adj. %{-tattvasAra} m. of the name of a deity into a liturgical formula) S3rS. {-cArin} mfn. assurance L.. subjugation Mn.e. of wks.. %{-kalpa-druma} m. well cñconcealed or hidden Pañc. hence ifc..) niguuDha* = mfn. limit L. the Veda or the Vedic text Hariv. Lalit.g. the place or passage (esp. any punishment or chastisement Mn. %{-pariziSTa} n. of wks nigraaha * = m. overthrow. in Nyâya phil.. concealed. trade. of the Vedas) where a word occurs or the actual word quoted from such a passage Nir. dislike. familiar with the holy texts Var.. R. (esp..) Ba1lar. 3-3. ({am}) ind.).. 45 Kâs'. ({vadhanigt-}.. the words of a god or holy man MBh. used in imprecations e. number Buddh. {-DhA7rthadI}. occult. a weak point in an argument or fault in a syllogism (cf. %{-latA} f.nigama* = m. %{-sthAna} n. ix.. %{-kalpa-sAra} m. = %{pariziSTa} Cat. %{-mA7khya-koza} and %{-mA7ntA7rtha-ratnA7kara} m. Pur. {-sthAna}) [546. secret in operation MW. {-sthAna-sUtra-TIkA} f. confusion seize thee Pân. pain of death Kathâs. n. Das3. N. &c. reprimand.. insertion (esp. R. %{A}) R. binding... blame L. iv. holding fast MBh.. ill-will. secret. {pikA} and {-DhA7rtha-maJjUSikA} f. any work auxiliary to and explanatory of the Vedas Mn. imprisonment. f.. above) S3rS. {-DhA7rtha} mfn. instruction in. secretly Kathâs. cure Sus'r.. N.) an occasion for refutation. Car. N. {-hA7STaka} n. of wks. doctrine. MBh. punishment. aversion. {-tara} mfn.. &c. arresting.. having a hidden or mysterious sense.. a partic. of wks. certainty. %{-kalpa-latA} f. anything for catching hold of. suppression. &c. N. destruction Kâv. catching. healing.

Vâm. any dark substance S'Br.. m. n. short.. MBh. = {ni-zrayNI} Gal. A combination whereby a debilitated planet by virtue of its placement and association of relevant planets can reverse and bestow great wealth and power niichamanii = Evil minded niiDa = (masc. the wild date tree L. &c. of a dark colour. R. niilalohitaH = navy blue colour niilaabja = blue lotus ... blue vitriol L.. KaushUp. R. (v. N. cf. ({A}) f. N. 38.) the two arteries in front of the neck L. a species of Boerhavia with blue blossoms L. N. Hariv. faith L.) the lowest point of a planet (= $).. the Indian fig-tree (= {vaTa}) L... of a goddess W. the sapphire L. N. 2 Pat. = niHzreyasa* = mf({I})n. most excellent MBh..1] niHsprihaH = desireless niHsvana = silent (without sound) nii = to take niica* = mf({A})n... 48)n. Pân. black cumin L. (with {maNi} R.. `" having no better "'. a black and blue mark on the skin L. iii.. of a son of Bhuvana-râja Râjat. MBh. short (hair.. the best i. Mn. nails) Sus'r. a kind of grass L. conferring final happiness or emancipation W. below. an ox or bull of a dark colour L.. Var.. {nIlI}). dyed with indigo Pân. a ladder Dharmas'arm.. = {nIla-vRkSa} L.. = {tAlI-pattra} and {tAlI7za} L.. not high.. indigo Yâjñ... best..niHzreNi* = f. Blyxa Octandra. n. neut) nest niila = (adj) blue * = ({A} or {I}. (cf.. ({ni} +2. {ny-aJc}). deep. mean (as a man or action or thought) Var. {-NikA} f. &c. a species of thorn-apple L.e. of a son of Aja-mîdha BhP. black salt L.. (in music) of a Râgini (personified as wife of Mallâra). Sus'r. Hariv. niHzreyaNI* = f. darkness TS.. deep. a species of blue fly L. of an historian of Kas'mîra ib.. (esp. niicaa* = ind. of sev.. low.l.. m. authors (also {-bhaTTa}) Cat. Râjat. niicha = the inferior man niichaM = low niichabhanga = neechabhanga Raja Yoga. 26). the indigo plant (Indigofera Tinctoria) L. a kind of disease L. of the prince of Mâhishmatî MBh.. a species of bird the blue or hill Maina L. {nAlA}). of a river MBh. AV. belief. a partic. L.. n. a kind of metre Col. {-NipuSpaka} m.. {nIlA7dri}) MBh. of a son of Yadu Hariv. position in dancing L. 2. dark (the colour). Kâv. MBh. poison L. = {ni-zreNI} L... {-kara} mfn.l. v. of Siva L. apprehension. (v. dwarfish Mn. &c. 42 Vârtt.. of one of the monkey-chiefs attending on Râma (said to be a son of Agni) MBh. 4-1... m. iii. (du. the 7th house from the culminating point Var. (in astrol. cf. the indigo plant or dye Mn. or knowledge that brings it KaushUp.. &c. {tikA7di}. &c. the mountain Nîla or the blue mñmountain (immediately north of Ila7vriita or the central division.. {nalinI} and {nIlinI})... N. lowered (voice) Prât. down... base. antimony L.. a kind of perfume (= {coraka}) L. final beatitude. of Mañjus'rî L. &c. vile. downwards RV. Pur. inferior (socially or morally). &c. of a Nâga MBh. {aJc}) low. a species of blue fly L.. 4-2. (cf. conception L. of a man g. &c. [539..) dñdark-blue or dñdarkgreen or black RV. ChUp. of the wife of Aja-mîdha MBh. ultimate bliss. 2.. ({I}) f. depressed (navel) Pañc. one of the 9 Nidhis or divine treasures of Kubera L.. 2 Vârtt. 58.

{-cikIrskati}. MBh. N. {-yati} and {-te}.) TS. Mn. (dat. 5). {ni-v-}).. to bring down.. (cf. niivara * = m. well-behaved. {ni4-kartave} RV. %{nI7}) led. {a-kh-}). massacre KâtyS'r..: Desid. (ifc. brought &c. cunning move nikrit * 1. P. indifferent (= {virata}) L. the plant. m. of a hell MârkP. f.. RV. cut away.. the grains) VS. overcome RV. massacring.l. subdue. the neck &c. S'Br. -1. all. an onion L. {A}) wild rice (sg. cut up MBh. MBh. an instrument for cutting (cf. &c. destroying (ifc. nikhila * V expansive.) a trader. pl. 78. &c. whole. nija = one's own nijakarma = nija+karma. obtained W. Â. &c.\\%{nIti} &c. R. {-karoti}... nikritta * mfn. P.. [545. R. S'Br. entire Up. 3]. not delighting in.l. R. guided. for {nivArA} (see under {ni-vR}). (also) to cut one's self (or one's nails &c. cut off. inf. Pân. totally MBh. to cut or hew down.) KâtyS'r. water L. Â. temple. AV.e with niirata* = mfn. niivaa4ra * = m. to begin to become blue or dark-coloured Kâd. to cause to cut or cut down SânkhS'r. one's+duty(normal work) nikaH = rays niketana * = n. = %{nava-nIta} A1pS3r. &c. P. correct. 13 niilotpalashyaamaM = bearing the bluish black color of blue lilies niita = take * = 1 mfn. gained.niilaaya* = Nom. of a river MBh. Mn. Un. ( {nI}?. * complete.: Caus.. see 4. VP. ({ena}) ind.Â. mud. n. S'Br. {-kRntati}. cutting off (hair. see %{nI} niitiH = morality niiraja = (n) lotus niiradaabham. cut up by the roots Sus' nikRntana * = mf({I})n. cut or chop off. n. {-te}. {-kurute}. entered. to wish to overcome AV. grain L. ({A}) f. viii. N. &c. AV. R. {-te}.. n. mansion. nikritii = (f) falsehood. humiliate. gone or come to (% {mRtyorantikam}) RV. {-kartayati}. cut through or or to pieces. (v. destruction (of enemies) MBh. &c. {nakha-}) . Sus'r. an inhabitant. MBh. a beggar. VS.. m. modest ib. wealth. habitation. a house.. cutting down or off. {-mUla} mfn. &c.) MBh. Â. nikR * 1. (cf. MBh. cf. MBh. cutting.\\mfn.h = bearing a resemblance to rain-bearing cloud i. (for 2. iii. niiruja = free from disease niire = water niivaaraa * = v. completely. corn. 3-1.

). den. nikshipati = to throw in nikshepaNaya = for putting down (the next step) nilaya* = m. the operative or material cause) Veda7ntas. {dur-n-}). Yâjñ. low. {-sundara} m. TS. {-bhUta} mfn. of a Sâman ÂrshBr. base-minded ({-ya-tA} f. Kâv. to be borne down by the stream of a river MBh. S'Br. (aor. {-krAmati}. ground. {-kRSyate}. 23 Pat. MBh.) AV. (Sch. {-TI-} {kR}. inhabiting. nikram * =P. nest. to cry from above (as a bird on a tree) Nir. to {upA7dAna}. (in all oblique cases = because of.. nilimpa = a pictured one: a god nimajjati = to drown nimbaarka * = m. abode (often ifc. {Adeza}. of a man Cat. vile. {A}] = living in. omen Mn. residence. {-ttaMyA}. Bhâshâp. 2.) MBh. tearing asunder (ifc. despised. {-TpA7dhi} mfn. {-TA7zaya} mfn. {parvan} L. nikRSTa * =mfn. to draw or drag down TS. lair. P.Paipp. AV. to enter (loc. Pân. 2. on account of cf.) instrumental or efficient cause (opp. Sanhito7p. putting down the feet. (in phil. to put down the feet. sign. 3616. outcast MBh. {a-nil-}). 16. {-karavIrA7rcanavrata} n. to be the cause of anything Kâd.. vow and of ch. x. Var. = {Agantu}. near n. cause. 102. P. nikrID * =Caus. to surpass. {ny-akrandIt}). id. sport. &c. nearness Kathâs. {krandayati}. = {vi-} {ram}).. excel Kâv. to plough in ({phalaM kSetreSu}) AV.nikrishhTa = inferior nikRntin * =mfn. with {marutAm}N. {deha}.. ii. place of refuge AV. to cause to roar RV. (possibly connected with {ni-mA} above) a butt. 5.. having something inferior as a condition ({-dhitA} f. resting-place (cf..) Veda7ntas. 2-3. 4: Caus. (aor. TS. footstep. {-kRSati}. Sus'r. appearing low or small in comparison with (gen. target MBh.. mfn. Var. caused or occasioned by. nilaaya* = m. play.) RV. {nyakramIt}).or dwelling-place. footfall RV. {-krandati}. house.. {-karSati}. motive. mark. nikrand * =cl.. nikrIDa * = m. Kâv. of a partic.: Pass. (cf. [f. Kâs'ikh. reason Up. rest..). i. &c. Mn. cried or roared (said of a faulty recitation). debased. nikramaNa * =n.) Das'. nikrandita * =mfn. tread down (acc.. inhabited by) MBh. of BhavP.. N.h = closing nimitta* n. {-krIDayati} to cease or finish (playing) ShadvBr. hiding. iv. nimittamaatraM = just the cause nimittaani = causes nimishhan. 1. Kap. &c. MBh. nimiilita = closed . ifc. 37 Sch. ix. Kâv.. &c. N. nikRS * =1.

) irregular form. Caus. (fr. 31 and g. v. alighting (lit.] gen. [Kâv. [Var.... (in gram. Pân. &c. Sch. killing. 3]. putting down as an irregularity... (with {daNDa} m. descending MBh..) nirabhibhava* =mfn. 6-2. perfect. a particle (all adverbs including conjunctions and interjections) Nir. {daNDa-n-}). a sin MBh. = {pAtaka}. {zauNDA7di}]. 2-1. of wk. Âs'vS'r. but also infin. 15. precisely R. to be caused to fall. destroying.) accidental mention or use of a word. skilled in. the state of being a particle MW. falling. Prât.. conversant with. inexpressible Sarvad.h = (f) a woman who cañt get enough ninaada = sound nind. &c. ruin. completely. and {-Nena} MBh. (cf. (% {a4m}) ind. 57.] loc. 145. MBh. falling from (abl. descending. absolute (as purity. li. ii. unutterable. {-pratIkAra} m.) into or upon (comp. causing to descend or fall. letting drop or sink Mn. and fig. {para-}. `" punishment must be inflicted) "' Sâh. [549. acute Mn. . Kâv. touching with (comp. the repelling of assaults ib..) casting. Yâjñ. nipaata*= m.h = to condemn nindati = (1 pp) to blame nindantaH = while vilifying nindaa = in defamation niNya* = mfn. a secret . . delicate. ({am}) ind. concealed . 31]). 29] or instr. attacking (comp. 24. destruction. (fr. 43). (in gram.. nirabhilapya* = mfn. Hariv. nipaatana*= mfn. in a clever or delicate manner MBh. iii. MBh. capable of (mostly comp. perfectly. v. {-tva} n. [Vop. knocking out (an eye) MBh. BhP. discharging Kum. overthrowing. or {prati} Pân. R. falling down.) Sus'r.) Mn. falling down (of a fire-brand) Yâjñ. MBh. hidden . an irregular form or exception Prât. decay.. tender Jâtakam. 2-1. not subject to humiliation or disgrace Bhartr2. devotion &c. Pân. flying MBh. accidental occurrence or mention Nir. pl. falling down. (also {nipuNa} ibc. applying (as a knife). skilful. = {ni-patana}. (said to be from a {puN}). %{ni} . [cf. rushing upon. BhP. mysteriously ib. N. kind or friendly towards (loc. nipaana = (n) a pond nipaataka*= ifc.nimeshhaat. n. i. ({garbhiNyAgarbhasya}) the lying-in of a pregnant woman VarBriS. hurling. killing Mn. adroit. secretly . %{ni-Ni4k}) interior . death ib. {-tA7vyayo7pasarga} m. 2-3. Pân. {pUrva-}). n.) Mn. 4053. exactly. mysterious RV. absolutely.. sharp.). irregularity... Vop. Pân. 35. exception (cf. 1-4.). putting on.) throwing down. clever. alighting (said of a bird) Pañc. not to be surpassed MW. (from the Caus. Kâv. throwing down. Sus'r. destroying. 56.h = in the twinkling of the eye nimnagaa = (f) river nimba = neem niMbhuminyak. nipatana*= n. . a bad deed. cf. nipaatanIya*= mfn.. nipuNa* = mf({A})n. complete. mystery ib. [Pân.

(Kathâs.. unconscious ib. MBh. having or yielding no income . {mahA-n-}). free from egoistic designs Sam2k. removed.). {-tva} n. disregarded Das'. Sa1m2khyas. deprived of light . independence. whose fortune has given up rising) Amar. refusing calculation) Dhananj. indifferent. dropping or leaving out (considered a fault in pronunciation) Pat.). free from pride BhP. absence of design.) S3ak. free from falsehood nirahankaaraH = without false ego niraaloka*= mfn. . 3) [553. tree-less .2]..) {-tA} f. indifferent.. S'Br. -1. niraamaya = (adj) healthy. banished. Kâv. vomited L. . also {-asita}) mfn. destroyed S'Br. indifferent to (comp.. MBh.nirabhilASa* =mfn. n. {-kSya} mfn. emasculated. identical MW. nirabhimAna* =mfn.. not to be regarded Bhartri. (RâmatUp. ({A}) f. (cf. having all difference removed. &c. . expelled. investigating . careless. {-saMkhya} mfn. nirabhisaMdhAna* =n. (also {-ka} BhP. deprived of vigour RV. purposeless Katha1s. or comp. not looking about R. nirastapaadapa = (adj) barren. accidentally MBh. having neither income nor expenditure . ii. disease-free niraalamba = unsupported niraashiiH = without desire for profit niraashrayaH = without any shelter niraahaarasya = by negative restrictions niraaya * = mfn. (R. pronounced hurriedly or dropped in pronouncing ({a-n-} ChUp.. ({am}) ind. ifc. not desirous of. refuted. independent MBh. looking at. %{-vyaya-vat} m. niraJNjana = pure...). 22. %{Atma-n-}) MBh nirapavaadaH = free from blemish nirapeksha* = mf({A})n. nirarthakaM = needlessly nirasta = removed nirashtha* = ( {akS}).) disregard. = %{-abhim-} MBh. {-kSita} mfn. disinterested Mn. independent of (loc. nirabhiprAya* =mfn. nirabhImAna* =mfn. %{-saMdhin} mfn. {-rAga} mfn. desireless. {-sukho7daya} mf({A})n. &c. {-bheda} mfn. cast out or off. one who has abandoned worldly desires or has devoted himself to religious penance ib. nirasta* = (R. {-kSin} mfn. Ma1lati1m.. Das'. shot off (as an arrow) L.. regardless Prab. indifferent to. Sch.. spit out. rejected. Mn. scrutinizing (cf. dark or blind MBh. an idler who lives from hand to mouth W. Ka1m. hopelessly unfortunate (lit. regardlessly.. indifference. regardless of.. innumerable (lit. profitless W.

v. hard. {-vat} mfn.1] nirata* = mfn. Pur. niratiyasha = (adj) unsurpassed. %{nir} + %{aya} `" without happiness "') Niraya or Hell (personified as a child of fear and death BhP. perhaps w. perfect niraya * = m. for {nibhaTa} = {ni-bhRta} q. pleased. Pañc. &c. nirayana = Sidereal or fixed Zodiac without precession nirbhara = dependent nirbarhana: see nibarhana nirbhrta= nirbhaata:*nirbhAta mfn. Kâv. abused Kathâs. instr. &c.) Var..) Mn. delighting in. r. (either fr. or comp. attached or devoted to. deeply engaged in or occupied with (loc. sc. quite intent upon. menaced. delighting in.r. satisfied. from earthly life . &c. nirbhartsita * = mfn. (v. %{nis} + %{i} = egression . Kâv. firm L. {nirvaha}.) Mn. threatened. shone or shining forth.nirataH = engaged nirati* = f. appeared. Var. to point out nirdeshaH = indication nirdeshakaH = (m) director nirdoshhaM = flawless nirdvandvaH = without duality nirdhana = poor nirdhanayoga = Combinations for poverty nirdhuuta = cleansed . arisen MBh. nirbhata * nirbhaTa mfn. nirata* = {-ti} see {ni-ram}. [553. MBh. 1. reviled. Ka1v. attachment to (comp. or fr.) niriiha = the desireless person niriihataa = Lack of desire niriikshe = may look upon nirdaalana = Destruction nirdishati = to indicate. MBh.

cessation. (law) fixed.. eradicate..) Veda7ntas. having no qñqualities MBh. created. 42.. Damayantîk. Pañc. deliverance from (abl. 14. without envy or jealousy....) complete unselfishness or indifference (see {ni4s}). Kâv. an uprooter.. Sus'r. MBh. {-lana} m. Pur.. Mn. {-laya}.) ib. pl.. having no epithet. celebrated R.. escaping from (abl. baselessness Prab. extirpating Bhartri. viciousness MBh. indifferent to (loc. {-tva} mfn. instr. Kathâs.. nirmuulana = uprootment nirmUla* = mfn. &c. vicious MBh. unselfish.. baseless. or {dAna} Sch. (with Buddhists) a class of deities Lalit. setting out. n. nirmitavataH = of the author nirmuktaaH = free from nirmukti* = ({ni4r-}) f. 46. Av. vanishing. want of good qñqualities. x. regardless of.h = due to being transcendental nirguNa* mf({A})n.. R.).) out of (abl... rootless (as a tree) MBh. free from selfishness. unfounded BhP. {tva} n.h = being purest in the material world nirmatsara* = mfn.. separated. &c. nirmita = made * = ({ni4r-}) mfn.. {-la-tA} f. BhP. N. m. Sch. issue. nirmohatvaM = non-infatuated state/clearheadedness . having no good qualities or virtues.. ix. Nom P.. rootlessness. built. &c. unselfish Râjat. formed.. to uproot. nirlipta = unstainedness nirmaa = to create nirmaaMsa* = mfn. {-tva} n. of S'iva S'ivag. Kiv. worthless. 1. {-tattva} n. fashioned. emaciated MBh. bad. {-ka} mfn.) free from all worldly connections MBh. KatyS'r. annihilate Kâd. m.. end MBh. &c. of bad or vicious mind Kâv. having no cord or string. nirmala = clear nirmalaM = purified nirmalatvaat. a door L. isolated (= {nir-UDha}) Âs'vS'r.. {-yati}. or comp. indifferent Kull.. R. {-NA7masa} mfn. on BhP. &c. absence of qualities or properties. nirmamaH = without a sense of proprietorship nirmama* = mf({A})n. going forth.) S'Br.. fleshless.nirgama* = came out. &c. (Ksv. settled Mn. eradicated W. 18. of wk. (with Jainas) N. Kâv. export-place (of goods). (esp. 2. disappearing. N. (Pur. devoid of all qualities or properties Up. {-tA} f. departure Var. MBh. (sacrificial animal) put apart. made by (instr.). {NA7tmaka} mfn. outlet R. &c. R. {-tA} f. of 15th Arhat of the future Ut-sarpinî. constructed. or comp. having no qualities RâmatUp.. exit. (said of the Supreme Being) W. (ceremony) performed. nirguNaM = without material qualities nirguNatvaat. or comp. 17. disinterested. wickedness. uprooting. R. liberation. (B) i.

(in logic) the inherence of any property in the term implying it (as of redness in the word `" red "' &c.. bathing of an elephant L. ascertained. tamed (cf. m. 178.v.. in the open country Pân.. explanation or etymological interpretation of a word ChUp. (with Buddhists and Jainas) absolute extinction or annihilation (= {zUnya} L. or vanished Kum. niruudhha * = mfn. ascertained. 53. 1316. ii. of one of the regular Havir-yajñas Gaut. mfn. quieted.) Dâyabh.. nearly extinguished).. of a Comm. offering oblations to the dead Râjat. {-kara} m. the state of having been discussed or ascertained Hcat. nirodha = control or restraint niruddhaM = being restrained from matter nirudhya = confining nirukta* n= mfn. of a class of deities under the 11th Manu BhP. ({nir-} 2. instructing in sciences L. or n. Up. not to keep one's promise). 4. comp.nirNiita* = mfn. of wk. drawn out. N. {-mantra} n. Sus'r. eviscerated (cf... defined Kâv.. {-vaNa}). = {-vana}. explicitly mentioned or enjoined Âs'vGri.. mfn. of wks. of an Upanishad. 3.. N. {-yoga-paTalastotra} and {-yogo7ttara} n. {-da} mfn. cessation. N.. of a grammarian Cat. Skandap.. N. blowing out.) of individual existence or of all desires and passions MWB. distinct. conventional.. the post to which an elephant is tied Gal. ({-dha-prayoga}. of sev. ( {vac}) uttered.. n. of wk. &c. loud (opp. death or final emancipation from matter and re-union with the Supreme Spirit MBh. {Uh}) logic. v.. {-dha-maitrAvaruNa-prayoga}.. settled. deceased (lit. `" delighting in final beatitude "'N.. immersed.. to {yaugika} q.) the force or application of words according to their natural or received meanings W. disappearance ({-NaM-kR}. N... viii..) MBh. ascertainment ib. purged Car.) ib. niruuha* = 2 m. with the head laid apart S'Br. liberation. of wk. shot off BhP. {nirmANa-rati}). N.. of wks. perfect calm or repose or happiness. lost.. 2 niruudhha * = mfn. offering oblations (for 1.. {-dIkSita} m.. observed. N. chosen BhP.) the secondary use of a word which is based not on the particular intention of the speaker but on its accepted and popular usage. pointed against. &c. {-purANa} n. seen. 3) mfn. N. &c. N. extinction. 2. 863 (cf. set (as the sun). to make away with anything i.. {nir-UDha}. highest bliss or beatitude MBh. expressed. {-maNDapa} m. viii. ix. grown up BhP. or n. of wk. {-SaTka} .. Sarvad. decided MBh. n. wks. 5 Kâs'. accomplished (as a word) MBh. n. to {upA7Mzu}) S'Br. appointed. {nir-vApaNa} ?) L.. {-ziras} ({ni4r-}) mfn. {dhAtu} m. determined. N. nirvaaNa* = mfn. &c. plunged L.. (cf. &c.. explained.). accepted (as a word or its meaning.). 137139 &c. MBh. Kârand. (in rhet. weighed.. esp. {-dazaka} n.. nirvana* = mfn. dead. the region of Nirvâna Vajracch. of a temple. opp. Kâv. on the Nighanthus by Yâska. setting. `" causing extinction of all sense of individuality "'.. vi.e.. N. blown or put out.. become manifest. having no wood. Pañc. {-maya} mf({I})n.. {-prakaraNa} n. (in rhet. extinguished (as a lamp or fire).. {-lakSaNA} f.. 266 &c.. &c. dissolution. &c. interpreted i.. {anirv-}). elected. bestowing final beatitude MBh. deliverance W. i.. discovered.. = {niz-cita} L. firmly rooted BhP. nirvaNa* = m. 540. {-bhUyiSTha} mfn... {-kANDa} m. Samâdhi Kârand. N. nirupita A* relative to * = nirUpita mfn. {-mastaka} m. declared for (nom.. Kâv. full of bliss VP. &c. a partic. {-pazupaddhati} f. {-mUla} mfn. {-tantra} see {bRhan-nirvANat-} and {mahAn-}. niruudhha * = (cf. Pur. calmed. ({-Ne}) ind. {-pazu-bandha} m. {-lakSaNa} mfn.e. fulfilled. vanishing. extinction of the flame of life. pl. immovable L. being out of a wñwood or in the open country MBh. certainty. `" the offering of an eviscerated animal "' or `" separate offñoffering of an añanimal "'N. put aside. having the fire of life extinguished). disappeared MBh. {-priyA} f. separate Gaut.. disputation W. of a mystical formula Cat. considered. of a Gandharvî Kârand. having complete bliss as its characteristic mark MW. 3 MBh. {-dha-hautraprayoga} m. traced out. a country without forests L. defined Br. containing the name of a god (as a verse) S'ânkhBr. unmarried W. pronounced. col. p. {-ruci} m.

wickless Kâd. meek. glue niryaata * gone out or forth. niryaatana * =. or comp. &c. completely familiar or conversant with (loc. hearty.. depressed. v. &c. %{vAda} and %{-vicAra} m. (either = ) not offending. free from enmity. completion.. worship. not feeling pain or uneasiness. Up. (or =) easy. Ratna7v. nirvartana* = n. {niv-}). terminated. a partic. (%{-kam} or %{-ka-tas}) ind. Buddh.l. willingly BhP.. service BhP. sincere. donation L. concord MBh. nirvartya* = mfn. extinguished. niryaasaH = (m) gum. with a willing or easy heart or mind MBh. R. adoration ib. &c. gen. (wrongly {-vinna}. performing. n. Pân. peaceable. 2.. to be uttered or pronounced VPrât..l.. N. %{kena@cetasA} or %{hRdA}. (v. at rest Mn. to be performed (in Prâkr. N. certain ib. known.) despondent.) Das'ar. mfn. to be brought about or accomplished or effected ({-tva} n. not causing pain. (or %{-pana} L. tranquil. Pat. admitting no doubt. loathing.. n. Sûtras. Kârand. Ven. satisfied. revenge. of an Upanishad. observing (ifc. Tejob. nirviNNa* = mfn. free from change or differences. ({am}) ind. gift. Hariv. MBh. carrying off. {-sUtra} n. degraded. happy.). nirvyalIka* = mfn. Kâv. of a hunter Hariv. willingly done (as a gift) MBh. Caus. R. absence of enmity.. 8-4. emancipated W. &c. for {niv-} nirvikalpa * = mfn. loc. Sch. exercising. {-saMcodana} m.. Veda7ntas.) S'ak. (fr. nirvartin* = mfn. without hesitation or reflection Pan5c. depressed in mind. v. 1 Pat.) MBh.. slaughter L. nirvrita * = mfn. see under {nir-vRt}. Samâdhi.. 1 MârkP.). sorrowful.. giving back. not wavering Bhartr2. exercising. abused. issued. ceased. returning... Râjat. 29 Vârtt. {-tA} f. ({A}) f. practice.) not admitting an alternative. nirvarti* = mfn. N.. or comp. delivery of a deposit. (also {-riNa} Tarkas. for {niv-}. of a Stotra. payment of a debt (with gen. &c.. %{vaira-}) Hariv. execution Sank. without enmity R.... (%{am}) ind. &c. v. niryogakshemaH = free from ideas of gain and protection niSeva *= practising. accomplishing (ifc. {-No7paniSad} f. resigned Bhag.) MBh. or comp. N.l. instr.. use. peaceably. disgusted with (abl. willing. harmless (as a word) BhP. afraid. nirvartaka* = mfn. killing. amicable Var. Kathâs. nirvartaka* = {nir-vartana}. nirvaira* = n.... m.. accomplishing. nirvartitavya* = mfn. humble W. undissembling MBh. Sank. laid aside (as money) MBh. cf.. sincerely. of wks. pur. 20/21 (v... of partic. vi. {nir-jAta}). cf. . MBh.n.. finishing Sank. removing (ifc.) Lalit. l. %{preta-}. &c. %{mRta-}). {-cetas} mfn. restoring. replacing anything lost. at ease. ready.. cf. bearing away. employment ib. Bh. a house W. niryaataka * =mfn.) bringing about. N.

loc. settled. immovable. {-la-dAsa-svAmin} m. MBh. decided Up. decidedly. &c. `" firm-limbed.) nishchitaM = confidently nishchitaaH = having ascertained nishchitya = ascertaining nishkarshhaH = (m) conclusion. ascertained. determined to. Kâv. or comp. &c. Ardea Nivea L.. one who has formed a certain opinion about (loc. invariable... ascertained* = mfn. motionless. N. a rock. to take off nishkoshhayati = to peel nishthhaa = faith . fixed. design R.) MBh. (B. of authors. Kathâs... {-la-kara} and. {-lA7Gga} m. resolute upon (dat.nishaa = Night nishaachara = animals who roam around in the dark or night nishaacharachamuu = the army of the night-wanderers(demons) nishita = sharpened nishiitha = night nisheka = Coital Chart nis'cala* = mf({A})n.. nishchaya = determination nishchayaM = certainty nishchayaH = in certainty nishchayena = with firm determination nishchalatattvaM = tranquillity/imperturbability nishchalati = becomes verily agitated nishchalaa = unmoved nishchaayakapramaaNena = thro'confirmation and proof nis'cita = determined.. unchangeable MBh. result nishkaasayati = to remove. one who has come to a conclusion or formed a certain opinion. judging rightly (compar. &c.. (superl. steady. {-tara}) R. Kâv. ({A}) f. n. mountain L. {artham} ifc. Desmodiuni Gangeticum L. {-tama}) R. {-tA7rtha} mfn. of a river MBh. certainty. ({am}) ind. resolution... N. determined. Sus'r. decision. firm. ({A}) f. Pañc. VP. positively Kâv. the earth L.).

in a low tone. to make fruitless. 51. culminating or extreme point Mn.nishthhaa* = ( {sthA}. Iv. impotent W. learned (with loc. 114. {-loka} m.) Râjat.. {A}) state. a class of Buddh. to render fruitless Kull..) the end or catastrophe W.. (v. suffix) downwards TBr. Kâv.. certain knowledge of (loc. deciding AitBr. familiarity with. or ifc.. vii.. Mâlatim. (in gram. Kâv.. (in some senses = or w. begging L. by all means. nishthhaa* = f. &c. MBh.. to give forth. agreed upon Yâjñ. &c. judgment Gaut.r. servants Râjat. nishthhaa* = (Padap. Var. nishthha* = mfn. application. `" ending with "') MBh. Pur. unfruitfulness.. devotion. death (ifc. {-laya} Nom. 2. especially. v.. pl..) MBh. effecting (dat. completely. vain Mn. x. gone to or attaining perfection. {-tva} n... at all events. ({A}) f. {-cArin} mfn. distress L.. completion. conclusion MBh. excelling. grounded or resting on. depending on. skill in. disinterested.. end.. {ny-atiSThipat}) to fix in (loc. v. (cf.l.l.. clever. skilful. Pur.. S'ânkh. decisive sentence. nishNAta* = mfn. MBh. nitaM = has been led nitya = always . {-zUnya} mfn. Âp.. &c.) S'Br. fruitless. MBh.) MBh. complete. dependent people i. {-nta} ({-ThA7nta}) m. iv. {-yati}. {dharma-}. acting without interest or selfishness MârkP. explicitly Kull. {diSTA7nta}). f. uselessness Mriicch. successless.) Bâlar. barren. skill in. resultless.e. unselfish S'Br. [563. &c. &c. v. wholly. m.. attachment. {ni-tasthau} Vop. desireless.. irresolute. perfection. {-va} mfn. {niS-kalA}) L.p. ({ni} with the compar. bearing no fruit. neglect Mriicch. nishpiiDayati = to squeeze nishkaama* = ({ni4S-}) mfn. concluding. situated on.l. Br. 29. (in dram. {satya-}). Kâv. for {niH} + {stha}) being in or on. perfect. Kâv. devoted to ib. firmness. deities Lalit. a species of Momordica L. deeply versed in. devoid of firmness. Âp. consummate R. 85. Mn. pl. emit. conducive to. decision about (gen. {lI} {kR}. nishthhiivati = to spit nishpaavaH = (m) peas nishphala* = mf({A})n. {niH-SThA}) mfn. nistraiguNyaH = transcendental to the three modes of material nature nisprihaH = devoid of desire nissangatvaM = aloneness/non-attachment/detachment nisspriha = one who has no desire nita = to bend nitaram * = nd. termination. 1.. useless. trouble.. steadiness. eminent RV. conclusion. position Bhag.2]. (aor. {-vat} mfn. familiarity with ({prati}) Kull.. a woman past childbearing or menstruation (also {I}. (ifc. {-tva} n. {-gata} mfn. end. entirely. yield HParis'. for {niS-kulI-} {kR} VarBriS.) N. intent on. 9. Mâlatîm. condition. unsteady.. in a high degree Kâv. affixes {ta} and {tavat}. of the p. relating or referring to (usually ifc. aor {ny-aSThAt} pf.): Caus. asking.) Mn. seedless. P. BhP. Pur.

infidel. .nityaM = daily/always nityaH = eternal nityajaataM = always born nityatvaM = constancy nityam. not having the Vedas.nte = return (Verb Pr.III P. unscriptural W.h = ever nityamadhiiyataaM = daily. plural PP) nivartate = he ceases from nivartanti = they come back nivartante = come back nivartituM = to cease nivasati = lives/dwells nivasishhyasi = you will live nirvaachana = (m ?) election nirvaaNa = freedom of the personal soul from the physical world nirvaaNaparamaaM = cessation of material existence nirvaata = (adj) windless nirvaapayati = to douse nirveda* = mfn. may be studied nityayuktaH = always engaged nityayuktaaH = perpetually engaged nityavairiNa = by the eternal enemy nityashaH = regularly nityasattvasthaH = in a pure state of spiritual existence nityasya = eternal in existence nityaaH = in eternity nivarta.

asking . id.// =f. salvation nirvedaM = callousness nivahena = by carrying . dedicating MBh. despondent. (fr. deities Lalit. and 2 see p. nivedaka* = {-dana} &c. non-performance. nivedita* = mfn. . completion . depending on . (in gram.. &c. concluding . % {satya-}) . Desid. {-duH-saham} ind. offering. gone to or attaining perfection . (ifc. announcing. see p. and {nir-vid} nishthhaa* = ( %{sthA} . disregard of worldly objects S'Br. Râjat. attachment . firmness . {ni-vid}.r. end . (fr.l. . made known.. to be put or placed S3am2k. v . servants Ra1jat.) Ra1jat. told. %{-gata} mfn. .p. conclusion MBh. conclusion . entrusting. culminating or extreme point Mn. (cf. death (ifc. intent on . information ({Atma-niv-}. . communicating. R. irresolute .) the end or catastrophe W.2] . MBh. devotion . eminent RV. dependent people i. 542. nivedayiSu* = mfn. an offering of food for an idol (for {naivedya}) Râjat.) Ba1lar. %{diSTA7nta}) . &c. . devoid of firmness . distress L. offering. Ma1latim. deciding AitBr. complete . nivedana* = mfn. n. 2.// (Padap. communication. %{niH-SThA}) mfn. presentation or introduction of one's self) MBh. `" ending with "') MBh. (in dram.e. [563. Ka1v. n. of the p.) N. . {vived-}). %{-loka} m. A1p. BhP. . 51 .) Mn. position Bhag. f. aor %{ny-aSThAt} pf.) S3Br. . . disgust for (loc. .. begging L. nives'ayitavya * = mfn. a class of Buddh. making known. nivedaka* = mf({ikA})n. conducive to .. %{A}) state . entrusted. excelling . N. nirveda* =1. presented.) MBh. in a despairingly insupportable manner Mâlatîm. R. indifferent Pañc. to be communicated or related or presented or delivered MBh. certain knowledge of (loc. (in dram. steadiness . &c. decisive sentence . pl. . &c. (in some senses = or w. MBh. relating MBh. 114. effecting (dat. affixes %{ta} and %{tavat} . aware of (comp. 3) m. %{ny-atiSThipat}) to fix in (loc. %{dharma-} . %{-nta} (%{ThA7nta}) m. gen. of Caus. emit . represented. Caus. (B. 542. pl.): Caus. col. perfection . announcement. R. publishing.. %{-va} mfn. for %{niH} + %{stha}) being in or on .) the reminding a person of a neglected duty Sâh. condition . nivedya* = mfn. to give forth . MBh. nishthha* =mfn. given MBh. loathing. decision about (gen. consummate R.nirveda* = (for 1.) MBh.. see 1. &c. Pur. or comp.. delivering. Kathâs.. &c. complete indifference. {-vat} mfn. vii . announced. proclaiming Hariv. Râjat. A1p.. . resigned.. BhP. 1. R. %{ni-tasthau} Vop. of S'iva MBh. nivedin* = mfn.) wishing to report or to relate about (acc. skill in . yield HParis3. release from bondage. &c. nirvikaaraH = without change nirvichaara = non-investigational meditation nirvitarka = non-inspectional meditation nirvisheshha = Ordinary nirvritiM = non-engagement. unsteady .. %{-vat} mfn. trouble . Ka1v. judgment Gaut. perfect . relating or referring to (usually ifc.) Mâlatîm. familiarity with . m. knowing. Up. (aor. 2. termination . grounded or resting on . Hcat.) MBh. application . end . situated on .) communicating. %{-zUnya} mfn. devoted to ib. (v. reporting MBh. m. . col. presenting BhP.

.. R. 25. an edifice Mriicch. unmarried girl Pân. keeping off. place of residence S'ârngP. or loc.. nivad * = Caus. of a Stûpa erected at the spot where the charioteer of Buddha returned.) RV. crowd. to be kept back or detained R. . R. desisting from fighting only in death MBh.nivanaa * = ind. protection or a protector RV. retreating. {-racanA} f. v. nivaatasthaH = in a place without wind nivaasa = residence* = m. night-quarters MBh. [559. {-vAdayate}. desisting from work. inactivity (opp. (v. see {ni-vR}. {-bhUya} n.).) MBh. to {pra-vartana}) Kâm. clothing. xii. {dur-niv-}).r. impediment (cf. kill MBh. ceasing MW. dress (ifc. causing to cease. {vAhyate}). 14/15 (w.. {-rAjan} m. Â. averting or keeping back from (abl. reforming. covering. 41. 1] nivadh * = (aor.) Veda7ntas. `" dwelling tree "'. making retreat equivalent to death i. nivahaH = (m) group. to lead down.. AV. causing to turn back RV. {-bhUmi} f. nivartanIya* = mfn. desisting or abstaining from (abl. a tree on which a bird has its nest Vikr. nivartaka* = mf({ikA})n. ceasing. abolishing. `" a preventer. N. 48 Sch. downhill RV.. {-bhavana} n. habitation or inhabiting W. = prec.) Hariv. vi. herd nivarta* = mfn. habitation.. flying ({a-niv-}) Hariv. causing to return. {-avadhIt}). {-vAhayati} (Pass. a virgin. turning the back i. Sank. ({tva} n. sleeping-room Kathâs. nivartayitavya* = mfn. {nIv-}). N. Hariv. support (see below): Caus.e. stopping. fleeing AV. {nir-v-}). hurl down upon (loc.. ({A}) f. viii. a means of returning RV. MBh. obstructer "'). downwards.. abode. &c. v. house. to make resound (as a drum &c. not happening or occurring.) ni-óvaara * =m. w. (fr. {ni} + {vara}. the shooting off and bringing back of weapons) MBh.) MBh. nivaha = flow nivah * = P. {ni-vatA}). to flow MBh.. Kâv. 93.) RV. nivaasaH = living nirvairaH = without an enemy nivara * = &c. nivartana* = mfn. &c. hindering. BhP. `" having no husband "' W. to be prevented or hindered MBh. to be brought back Mâlav. to carry. * = m. Â. 4.l. 10318. {kRtvA mRtyu-niv-}). turning back. returning.. &c. 4/5. {-vahati}. passing the night. vii. to strike down. ni-vaara * =m. (cf. bringing back (esp. ({mRtyuM kRtvA nivartanam}. iii. turning back. residing. of a river MBh. 15 (Sây.e. dwelling. living. causing to turn back RV. lead or bring to (dat. desisting from. ({A}) f. iv.r. &c. iii.. dwelling-place. VP. 3-3.000 Hastas square) Hcat. {-te}. turning back (the hair) KâtyS'r.. {-stUpa} m. {-vRkSa} m. n. repenting W... removing MBh. to fix in. to set in motion Hariv. 23. the king of the country in which one dwells Yâjñ. S'Br.. being prevented MBh.. a measure of land (20 rods or 200 cubits or 40.

) R. or %{tatra}) ib. to bring to an end i. Kathâs. fleeing (mostly {a-niv-} q. announcement. remove.r.). to return from (abl. for which there are no words) TUp. to be ineffective or useless MBh. repose (opp.) MBh. to desist from (abl. Katha1s. prevented. Ka1v.. destruction. rarely P.). in a despairingly insupportable manner Mâlatîm. accomplish (a sacrifice &c.. nivedaka* =mf({ikA})n.. MBh. BhP. &c. Ka1v.nivartita* = mfn. held back. Up.) ib. given up.. abandoned. %{-vartate} (ind.. to give up. offering... to turn back. MBh.. to turn away.) citation of an example Sa1h. MBh.. to lead or bring back. gen. to be omitted. one who has turned away before MW.). ceasing. presentation or introduction of one's self) MBh. entrusted. (B.. &c. w. or n. escaping from (abl. id. to annul. of Caus. communication. [560. aor. escape. %{-avRtat} ib. retreat. bestow Hariv. let sink (the head) TBr..) MBh.. one who has abstained from all food BhP.. nivartya* = mfn. enclosed L. e. Pot. presented. 87 (w. %{-vartitum} MBh. Desid.. nivrita* ({ni4-}) mfn. nivedayiSu * = mfn.. inactivity.. stop (trans. to procure. surrounded. turned or brought back. causing to turn back RV. mantle. nivedaka * ={-dana} &c. 1]. to be turned upon (loc. prevention ib. for {nir-v-} q.) MBh.r. withheld RV. disappearance S3rS. making known. information ({Atma-niv-}. R. return. &c. rebound R. given MBh.) Pan5c. get rid of (abl. N. m. withhold.. delivering. Prab. S3Br. Râjat. be born again MBh. reconduct. {-duH-saham} ind. to pass over to (loc. &c.. wrapper L. flee. pf. to turn away. nivarta* = mfn.. &c. disregard of worldly objects S'Br. fut.r. Mn. to be wanting. of S'iva MBh..). %{-te} (A1. Pur. resigned. disgust for (loc.. nirveda* = (for 1. = next L. Ka1v. {ni-vid} nivedita* = mfn. for %{nir-v-}) returning. abstaining or desisting from (abl.. shorten (the hair) Br. &c.e.g. infin. nivRtti* = f. Caus. (in dram. abstaining from (comp. indifferent Pañc. (fr. loathing.. denial. &c . &c. n... abstain or desist from.. entrusting. see p.. ii. cessation. %{-vRtya} AV. %{-vartat} RV. %{-vartet} MBh. ceasing from worldly acts. infidel. %{-vartyate} Ragh.) wishing to report or to relate about (acc. unscriptural W. abandon. to turn downwards.. R.. %{-vartiSyati} MBh.) Mn. deny.. p. %{-vAvRtur} ib. dedicating MBh. to be withheld from.. %{vartayati}. 3) m. or dat. impf. abolition. Up. Pot.. perform. to leave off (%{sAmi}. averted. revive. refuse. MBh. made known. with or without %{prati}. avert or keep back from (abl. proclaiming Hariv. relating MBh. %{-vartsyan} Bhat2t2. %{-ttaH}).. and intrans. Pur.. end. BhP.) MBh. to fall back. {-vat} mfn.) MBh.). publishing. rest. %{-vartayIta} A1s3vS3r. suppressed. to be turned back (see {dur-niv-}). leaving off. removed MBh. suspension.. declared to be invalid Pat.. MBh. perdition Ra1matUp. ceasing to be valid (as of a rule) Pa1n2. Kâv. destroy Mn. nirveda* = mfn.. not having the Vedas. not to exist (%{yato@vAco@nivartante}.. MlBh. Bhartr2. col. Ma1rkP. to turn back i. refusal W. told.. nivedana * = mfn. or subj. {vived-}). to return into life. annulled. (= {ni-vIta}) a veil. allowing or causing to return ({a-niv-}) Hariv. (often w. turning back.. not belong to (abl. or comp... nivrittiM = not acting improperly nivRt* = A1.. nivartin* = mfn. Sch. n.) RV. vanish TS. or f. retreating. return AV. 542. &c.) communicating..v.) the reminding a person of a neglected duty Sâh. cease. to %{pra-vRtti}) Bhag.. m.) to (acc. in the midst or when anything is half finished S3Br. {-tA7khilA7hAra} mfn.v. Pass. &c. {-pUrva} mfn. Hariv. &c.) MBh.e. represented. (in dram.: Caus. announced. suppress. (fr.). see 1. Ragh. not to occur La1t2y. complete indifference. announcing. R. Up. &c. R. despondent.. disappear.

niyamya * = mfn. Kâs'. {-pAla} m. a sailor.) TÂr. grant. a simile which expressly states that something can be compared only with something else Kâv. suppress.) to stop (intrans. present (rain. a partic. (in Mîm.. of Nimba7rka Cat.. invariably. {-sthiti} f.) a common-place. niyata = Discipline . &c.r. restriction ({ena} ind. contract. 2]. to be founded (as a town) Hariv.. to destroy. with the Anudâtta RPrât. observing fixed rules. to quicksilver w.. {-hetu} m. {-yamayati}. to {sRj}) BhP. (in gram. practising religious observances MBh... w. any act of voluntary penance or meritorious piety (esp. definition GriS'rS. boatman (cf. R.. {-para} mfn. of a sage (from whom the Nepalese derive the N. 59.. state of selfrestraint. as a rule. the voice.) to fail.) to lower.. checking. {-pattra} n. {-vat} mfn. restrict MBh. = {niyama} Pân. be wanting ib. (in rhet. {-yamo7pamA} f. govern. reduction or restriction to (with loc. {-yamA7nanda} m. 3-3. limitation.. BhP. to hold over.. to hold in.). rigid observance of prescribed rites MW. ii. MBh. pronounce low i. a written agreement or stipulation ib. ib. necessarily.. under certain conditions Car. R. any fixed rule or law. &c. agreement. holding back. below). to hold downwards (the hand) TS. {-laGghana} n. necessity..) [552. bind up (hair &c. &c. 1]. 19.. {-dharma} m. control. annihilate (opp. trangression of a fixed rule or obligation. controlling Mn. having restrained or checked or bound &c. any conventional expression or usual comparison. 66. to restrain. &c.). MBh. ascetism L.).) ib. a woman in her monthly courses Sus'r. (Â. for {nirv-} (see {nir-viz}). a law prescribing restraints Mn. {-bhaGga} m. (Â. &c. breach of a stipulation or contract MW. Nepâl).. MBh. to suppress or conceal (one's nature) Mn. curb. establish Sarvad. keep down... restraint of the mind (the 2nd of the 8 steps of meditation in Yoga). process applied to minerals (esp. to stop (trans. AV.. to bring near. x. [552. a regulating cause Sarvad. restrain. hold back. determine. Sus'r. to be (or being) limited or restricted or defined S'ank. Kâv. Kâp. &c. settle.. Prât. detain with (loc. preventing. bestow...e. promise.). MBh. refuse.) RV. Râjat..h eva) niyamya = regulating niyama * = m. to fix upon. &c. to restrict (food &c.. 2. extend ({zarma}) AV. performing five positive duties MWB.. next and {nir-yAma}) niyantaa = controller niyantraNa = (n) control niyantrayati = (10 pp) to control niyam * P. cf.. Kathâs. phil. to fasten. determination. niyaama * = m. ii. gifts &c. regulate (as breath. surely) Var. MBh.: Caus. {-yacchati}.. niyama = self-purification through discipline niyamaM = regulations niyamaadeva = control alone(niyamAt. 3. N. offer. on Pân. or {prati}).) a rule or precept (laying down or specifying something otherwise optional). `" observer of vows "'N. restraining. Mn.) Mn. {-niSThA} f. with restrictions i. {-yAma}) Cat. keeping down.. vow R. to be restrained &c. to keep back. lowering (as the voice) RPrât. obligation ({ena} and {At} ind. tie to (loc.r. Kâv..e. to be married (as a man) MBh.v. relating to or corroborative of a rule W. of Vishnu MBh. &c. niyamya * = ind. another N. &c.niveshaya = apply nives'ya * = mfn. stay. Kathâs.. the organs of sense &c. procure.. 239. Necessity or Law personified as a son of Dharma and Dhriiti Pur. 2-3. a lesser vow or minor observance dependent on external conditions and not so obligatory as {yama} q. remain RV. Br. ({I}) f. check. 63.

settled. always. 79. Â. &c. xviii. to inform any one (gen. {jJAp-} (Pass. iii. {-yatA7nupUrvya} mfn. {-nItat}. MBh. 5864. {-yatA7Jjali} mfn. `" to consider as untrue "' Ratna7v. {-sta} Pass. to engage in (gen. xi.g. {-yate7ndriya} mfn. sure. 1. 65.. tied to (loc. ii. 59 f. rarely gen. {jJeyas} = {$} RV. restrained. abstaining from cohabitation R. iii. xiv.) SânkhS'r. pf. become acquainted with (acc. 68 [425. pl. 56: Caus. vii. ({am}) ind. &c. {jAnA4ti}. on Pân. {-bhojana} mfn. constant. n.) Mn. established. e. {-viSayavartin} mfn. 1-3. &c. 15. take possession of SaddhP. steadily abiding in one's own sphere MW. `" to acknowledge. {psyamAna}). irr. [fr. 1 &c. know or perceive that. {jJAsyati}. to recognise as one's own. teach anything MBh. Mn. ii. P. &c. 4493. to remember (with gen. 3. fut. (in Sânkhya) the organs of sense. i. invariable.). ask ChUp. 1-3. suppressed. [Pân. vi. fixed. {sarpiSo}. connected with. usual (cf. Â. 44. Râjat. 2476.. {-nIhi4}.3]. abstemious. {-jJe} [Pass. {-yatA7tman} mfn. {-mAnasa} mfn. Desid. 44 Sch. v. {jJapayati}. ii. {ajJAsIt}. (in gram. 5169. 49 & 4. cl. `" to make an oblation with clarified butter "') Pân. {-vrata} mfn. experience. ii.. eating only dog's flesh R. standing always in the same case Pân. {jJApyate}) to make known. 7095). 13. 2. 84. 1-2. sg. 70. 6-4. 3. xii Kâty. 15416). quite concentrated upon or devoted to (loc. {a-n-} MBh. p... (in dram. Â. limited in time. xxii. decidedly. m. to know as. ascertain. of the Sandhi of {As} before sonants ib. {jijJAsate} (Pân. ii. = {-ta-bhojana} Yâjñ. 5. &c. 2397... curbed. to teach any one (acc.) Kathâs. iii. allow VS. {jJa} BhP. constant in the observance of vows. once irr. 18) Mn. 7-2. 2154 Hariv. pl. 481]. pious. abstemious in food. sg. {-namAna} [MBh.. regular. constantly. fastened. 25.. 46.. x. v Das'. inf. ii. 2. {-jJu4r} RV. xiii.niyataM = always niyatamanasaH = with a regulated mind niyatasya = prescribed niyataaH = controlled niyataatmabhiH = by the self-controlled niyata * {ni4-}) mfn. contained or joined in (loc... {-yatA7pti} f.. inevitably. perceive.) sure expectation of attaining an object by overcoming a partic.) pronounced with the Anudâtta RPrât. {-nite4} (cf. Pân. investigate. {jajJau}. temperate R. [cf. restricted. and Pat. 1-3. limited as to the use of words Nir. 1-4. with {mRSA}. definite GriS'rS. understand (also with inf. to conjecture AV. 15. id. 10. regard or consider as (with double acc. {-nat}.. {-te}. {jJAyAt} or {jJey-} Pân. ii. 3. 4 S'Br. 1 ({jJap-}) MBh.). 3. surely. {-jJAna4} RV. x. {na4t}.) that (double acc. dependent on (loc..g. {-nAna4} irr. temperate. limited as to the order of words Nir. 51: Caus. {-nata}. e. xii. announce. to request. R. have knowledge. 13 MBh. 9.) and {jJIpsati} (cf. i. checked. {tasya mAM tanayAM jAnIta} "'. ({zva-mAMsa-n-}. limited in number Ratna7v.) to wish to know or become acquainted with or learn. MBh.) MBh. 5. {jijJapayiSati} (also {-jJAp-} Siddh. sg.. to wish to make known or inform Pân.) R. N. of subdued mind or spirit W. temporary Kâs'.] {jijAhi} MBh. to visit as a friend AV. {maithuna} mfn. held back or in. 19 S'Br. 45. Pot. Mn. iii. 6. recognise. limited as to case. i. {-vibhaktika} mfn.]. aor. {jJAtum}) to know. to wish for information about (acc.] . irr. 2.. i. apprehend. religious MBh.. xviii. putting the joined hands to the forehead R. Subj. selfrestrained Mn.. iv. examine Mn. Impv. {-yatA7zin} mfn. x. {yatA7hAra} mfn.. obstacle Sâh. controlled Mn. 89. pl. iii. having the passions subdued or restrained Mn. also P.) RV.. p. customary. {-kAla} mfn. self-controlled. approve. steady. 5.) MBh. 2.xv. &c. 2. ep. MBh.. investigate RV. ii. &c. Kâv. positive. iii. know me to be his daughter "' MBh. AV. xi. 65] MBh. 1. MBh.) MBh.. xiv. ix. {a4jJAyi}. put together (hands) R. 76. Â. {-nase} DivyA7v. $ &c. self-governed. {-vAc} mfn. 8762 ({jJAp-}): Desid. 57. disciplined.. 14. niyojaya = (verbal stem) make ready niyojayasi = You are engaging niyojitaH = engaged niyokshyati = will engage jñaa* = 1 cl. regular in observances. 3-4. 256.

Laghuj. no = nor nri = man nrityati = (6 pp) to dance nripa = (m) king nripatva = The title of king nriloke = in this material world nrisha. &c. familiar with (chiefly in comp. 160. intelligence Nyâyad. so now. 3-2. 3. {-nA7cArya}..iii. 26. VarBri. 163 Pat. 2. the intellectual faculty Bâdar. 1. 44 TBr. (Pân. 27) instructed S'Br.. 25) S'Br. familiar with "' see {Rta-}. 3168. jñaka*= mf({akA} or {ikA})n. cf. `" having marks of intelligence "'N. Bâdar. Pân. of a Devaputra. surely RV. 23. where often = {nu4} + {u}). {a4-saM-}. 20 Sch. 534. jñaanagamya*= mfn. at the beginning of a verse. still. now. `" knowing. m. of a woman Pân. xi. (2. 6-4. iii. Sch.N. Pras'nUp. ii. vii. {pada} and {pra-jiJA4}. and Sch. teacher. xiv. 121 Sch. 135) knowing. ind.. 2.. VarBri. of a teacher W. kindred sentiments Hcar. 5. 163 Pat. BhP. 7-3. kinsman RV. 3. 156. jñaanagUha*= mf({A})n. the planet Mars L. N. &c. cf. 3 Mn.. 7. a near relation (`" paternal relation "' L. Sandhi after {e} and {o}) MBh. &c. 5. N. indeed. jñaana-ghana*= m. 91. having a soul. dimin. MBh. 5-1. having Jñâ as deity Pân. jñazakti*= f. esp. vii. viii. 8. attainable by the understanding (S'iva). Goth. 127) affinity. intelligent. xiii. Br. ix. 6-4. Brahmâ L. concealing the understanding BhP. jñatva*= n. {kno1di}). ({A}) f. [cf. {-dhvaja} m. at once. or loc. 47.] jJaa* =3 f. Up. wise.. AV.nsa = wicked nrishhu = in men nu = of course* = 1 (in RV. ifc. fr. 12. 2. 5. jñaanaketu*= m. `" intimately acquainted "' (cf. jñapta*= mfn. 12028 R. (often connected .. rarely gen. i. {sam-bandhin}). iii. certainly. iii. just. the thinking soul (= {puruSa}) Sânkhyak. {jJa4} Pân. 9.. (m. {mali-} and {beni-gnu-s}. (iii. jñaati*= m. jñaa4* = mfn. m. of a man Lalit. i. AV. N. pure or mere knowledge or intellect. jñaateya*= n. 16308. 8ff. now then RV. Lat. jñaanakIrti*= m. also {nU4}. the planet Mercury VarBriS. of a Buddh.. Nyâyad.jña * = 2 mf({A})n.) a wise and learned man S'vetUp. for {A-j-} (by irr. Sûryas. 2.. xii.. i &c. xii.

esp. {-lopa} m. {nUna4m}. impressing.: Caus. at present. also {na4vate}. never. consigning or intrusting anything to the mind W. {nû}. &c.. being (or that which is) a deposit MBh. nyaasad *= P. &c. 3 {nava}).l. {nunUSati} ib. {nu kam} &c. {navate} ({nauti} with {apa}). &c. {yathAnyAsam}) Pat. 8] or in the second place and further replaced by {svid}. * = 3 cl.). delivering. 14: Caus. Â. {nuva4t}.. 1]. {pAda-}. wasting a dñdeposit ib. {-zataka} n. {ha nu}. pronoun or particle. putting away. inf. {anAvit}.. to sound. P. esp. {-prakaraNa} n. never more. (cf. 2] $. also {nU4}. 8-2. for the future. (pres. often also {gha nu}. {nonumas} (impf. P. {atha vA} &c. and strengthened by {vA}. (esp. wks.) [Cf. taking off. {a4nUSi}. {nunAva} Kâv. &c. Pân. a ship BhP. {nuv-} Bhathth. {anaviSTa} RV. . now then RV. often also {gha nu}. inserting. {-khaNDa} m. just. and is then often connected with {khalu} RV. the author of the Comm.: Intens. {-dhAraka} or {-rin} m. {-so7ddyota} m. {nonoti} Gr. otherwise. MBh. {na4vat} Â. eulogium L. called Nyâsa i. so also {nU} alone RV. {nu}. BhP. {nû}. {-tilaka} m. {lavitum} v. {-ti} RV. {in nu}... Up. &c. N. BhP. AV. repudiation of a dñdeposit MW.. N. forthwith "' or. {pada-}. {nU4tana}. nunna = nutta = *nutta pushed or driven away AV.) RV. {nu}. {nu}. mental appropriation or assignment of various parts of the body to tutelary deities RTL. so also {nU} alone RV. it is also employed in questions. on Kâs'. * = 5 m. esp. xxiv. a weapon L. either `" for ever. = -cunque or -soever. (cf. {-vidyA-vilAsa} m. now.. {-tUlikA} f. 205 &c. resigning Up. 121 Sch.: Pass. depositing. {-nutya}.Sax. remove ShadvBr.. {anUnavat} Gr. vi. {nonuvur} RV.) certainly.. Zd. {-hara} m. {nonUyate}. Br. 1]. &174536[567. {anuvIt} Gr. of wks. still. praise...] where {nu} is either always repeated [S'ak. xxviii. N. written or literal text (cf. of sev. now. abandoning. so now. at once.. {mA4 nu4}. of wk. {nun}. sent. to sound loudly. {nAvayati}. it is also employed in questions. {nun-c}. in sentences of two or more clauses [cf. of wk. {nAvayati}. {-bhUta} mfn. {nUyate} MBh. introducing (cf. an interr. {nUna4m}.) = {nau}. Lat. 2]. {-Sata}. {no4navIti}. immediately. with negatives e. 3-2. vii.. {-nAvam} Br. {na4kir nu4}. {-kAra} or {-kRt} m. laying aside MBh. at the beginning of a verse. when indeed?. {anauSit}. 1. Eng. to move from the place. `" by no means "'. Kâv.. {nAvayati} aor. `" in order that surely not "' [567. or n. {-vizeSa} m. any deposit or pledge Mn. {naviSyati}. {-sIdati} (pf. no one or nothing at all "'.g. [{nU4 cit}. {nahi4 nu4}. {nun-c}. surely RV. esp. {-sasAda} ind. Zd. or n. praise.. {nuv-}. intrusting. {a4nUnot}.