SCRABBLE ---------------Welcome to my Scrabble game.

In this game you are pitted against a CPU opponent, which you can assign various difficulty levels. PLAYING WORDS -------------------------Once the camera has stopped moving, you can use the mouse to move the pointer around, and grab tiles by holding down the left button, before dragging them ont o the board. Once you are happy with your word, click on the green button to submi t. Text info appears on the right side of the screen. If your word (or any of the joining words) is illegal, you will be told so. If the info box becomes full, yo u can scroll it by using the up/down arrow keys to see the history of entered words. If your move is valid your points will be updated, and the CPU will start thinki ng. Once it has played, it will be your turn again. If it's your move the text 'Play er' will be orange, otherwise the text 'CPU' will be orange. EXCHANGING TILES -----------------------------If you want to use your move to exchange tiles, click the right mouse button ove r each tile. This will select/deselect the tiles, and bring all your tiles back on to the rack. If a tile is darker then it is ready to be exchanged. At this stage, left clicking the green button will replace the selected (darker) tiles with random tiles from the bag, and your move will be over. Note - If you exchange, there is a chance that you will get the tiles you have r ejected back again. This is most likely if there are few tiles left in the bag. Note - If you want to skip your go altogether, right click the green button. If you skip and the CPU immediately skips as well (or vice versa) then the game will be over. SAVING YOUR GAME ------------------------------Pressing S when it is your turn will save the current state of play, and the tex t box on the right will tell you that this has been successful, and let you know the file name 'scr abble001, etc'. USING BLANKS ----------------------If you have a blank tile, you can select which letter you want it to represent b y hitting the corresponding letter key at the same time as you are dragging the tile. The letter will

This allows the CPU to be assigned a large or small vocabulary. all words rated at that level or below will be made available to the computer. Whatever you set as the dictionary size. and you will probably be familiar with 95% of these words. Here are the approximate dictionary sizes Level Words ---------------------0 10000 1 25000 2 40000 3 60000 4 110000 5 170000 The full dictionary has many very large words that are extremely unlikely to fea ture in a game of Scrabble. If you change your mind. no matter what level you set. The default dictionary size is 0. y ou can set it to represent a different letter in the same way. A 'Level 5' word appears only in the l arge dictionary itself. identifying it as a blank. If it appears in all but one of them I rate it as 'Level 1' and so on. If a word appears in all 5 of the small dictionaries I rate it as 'Level 0'. The level of each word is included in the text file. or change settings. If you want to load a file. Of course you will always have access to the full dictionary for your own words. and a random choi ce will decide whether it's you or the CPU to play first. enter its number on the load screen (eg 001 or 1). At the lower . Only 'Level 0' words are included.appear on the tile in red. THE MENU ---------------Clicking on the red button to the left (or pressing M) brings up the menu. Starting a new game will give you random letters from the bag. which you can alter depending on your own level of play to provide a well matched opponent. Note that Settings mode is only available when a game is not already underway (o r if you are watching a demonstration game). so the figure of 170000 is slightly misleading. DICTIONARY SIZES EXPLAINED ---------------------------------------------I've cross-referenced the big dictionary with 5 smaller dictionaries to come up with some estimated word difficulty ratings. Here you can start a new game. load a saved game.

Remember that you can't move around the board while the computer is thinking. and will usually select the move that yields th e best score (with a slight bias towards smaller words). The CPU do esn't use lookahead to determine its move. If this is set OFF. Press Escape at any time. Infinite play mode means that if you submit an illegal word. Naturally the computer never p lays illegal words. and the current player will play their nex t move. . In most cases it probably won't n eed more than 15 seconds. submitting an illegal word will immediately end your turn and play will pass to the computer. unless it is using the very largest dictionary. along with th e less well known larger words. Then you can choose to continue the demonstration by pressing the green button again or alternatively go back to the menu. DEMONSTRATION MODE ------------------------------------Setting Demonstration mode on means that when you click the green button the CPU will begin to play a game against itself (both players using the dictionary leve l you specified). CPU THINKING TIME ------------------------------You can adjust the CPUs maximum thinking time. INFINITE PLAY MODE -------------------------------If you really want to test yourself make sure you set this OFF.levels a decent proportion of obscure 2 and 3 letter words are ruled out. you can keep on try ing until you get a word that is accepted. USING THE 3D VIEW -----------------------------Turn the mouse wheel back and forth to move from a top-down 2D view to a closer 3D view of the board. and back again.

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